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Heat exchange March listing by industry category 03/11

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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110073273 - Heat exchanger for vehicular air conditioning apparatus: In an evaporator that constitutes part of a vehicular air conditioning apparatus, first fins having louvers therein are arranged between first and second tubes. Together therewith, a second fin, which does not have any louvers therein, is provided at a boundary portion between a first cooling section, which faces toward... Agent: Keihin Corporation

20110073275 - Geothermal system and tubing therefor: A geothermal heat pump has a pump. A tubing conveys a fluid from the pump and adapted to transfer energy between the fluid and the ambient environment as the fluid travels through the tubing. The tubing has a high thermal conductivity.... Agent: Ipl, Inc.

20110073274 - Modular climate change tarp system: A heat transfer system having a flexible surface member having a first side and a second side, forming a heat transfer surface, and two or more thermal conduits, spaced apart and extending across a portion of the heat transfer surface, the two or more thermal conduits adapted to receive a... Agent: Ics Group Inc.

20110073276 - Heat dissipation system: A heat dissipation system includes a computer case has a base plate and a back plate perpendicularly to the base plate, a heat sink, a first fan and an air duct. The heat sink is positioned in the computer case in contact with a first heat source. The first heat... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110073277 - Adapter for heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes a first manifold, a second manifold and a plurality of tubes extending between the first manifold and the second manifold. An adapter is mounted to the first manifold, and the adapter includes a plurality of engagement features engageable by a forming machine to form the heat... Agent:

20110073279 - Electrical control cabinet: An electrical control cabinet includes a casing, a plurality of heat elements, a heat exchanger, and two fans. The casing includes a first receiving portion and a second receiving portion. The first receiving portion communicates outside of the casing through the heat exchanger. The fans are received in the second... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110073278 - Heat sink for notebook computer: The present invention is able to guide the wind produced by a fan interior of a heat sink when rotating to the interior of a computer, and discharge heat energy from the interior of the computer. Moreover, a user can easily adjust and fix air outlets of fan assemblies to... Agent:

20110073280 - Heat-dissipating fan having dust-proof structure: A heat-dissipating fan having a dust-proof structure includes a stator and a rotor. The stator includes a shaft and a bearing disposed in a shaft hole of the shaft. The rotor includes an axle inserted in the bearing. The axle of the rotor has an inner end connected with an... Agent:

20110073281 - Heat exchanger for vehicular air conditioning apparatus: In an evaporator that constitutes part of a vehicular air conditioning apparatus, a sensor is provided, which is capable of detecting the temperature in the evaporator. In the evaporator, the sensor is installed on a back surface side thereof facing a downstream side, and on a first cooling section, through... Agent: Keihin Corporation

20110073282 - Method for cooling microwave plasma and system for the selective destruction of chemical molecules using said method: The invention relates to a method for cooling a plasma processing system for processing a mixture of particularly gaseous fluids, which comprises a means for coupling a source of microwave power to a mixture of particularly gaseous fluids flowing in a dielectric tube at the level of the coupling means... Agent:

20110073284 - Evaporator for loop heat pipe system: An evaporator for a loop heat pipe (LHP) system. The evaporator an evaporator body for accommodating a sintered wick formed by sintering metal powders, a discharging hole for discharging a working fluid filled into voids formed between particles of the sintered wick and changed into a vapor due to being... Agent:

20110073283 - Heat dissipation device: A heat dissipation device comprises a substrate, a fin assembly located above the substrate and at least one heat pipe connecting the substrate with the fin assembly together. The fin assembly comprises a plurality of fins stacked one above another along a bottom to top direction and space from each... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110073285 - Multi-zone heat exchanger for use in a vehicle cooling system: A multi-zone cooling system and method of operation employs a multi-zone heat exchanger that is used to cool fluids in multiple cooling loops in a vehicle. The multi-zone heat exchanger has a zone that can be used by one or the other of the cooling loops when needed during peak... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110073286 - Water-cooled heat dissipation system and water tank thereof: A water tank includes a box, an air valve body, a valve core, a cap, and an elastic element. The box defines an accommodating space and a vent communicating with the accommodating space. The air valve body is extended out from the box and adjacent to the vent. The valve... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110073288 - Cooling system including dual air routing zones: In a vehicle in which a front end of a hood is formed so as to extend forward from an upper portion of radiator in side view, and to be partly vertically aligned and overlapped with cooling fins of the radiator, in a first area of the radiator where the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110073287 - Heat dissipating device: A heat dissipating device includes a heat sink and a heat sink cover. The heat sink includes a base and a plurality of fins extending from the base. Each of the plurality of fins includes a corner projection. The heat sink cover covers the corner projections of the heat sink.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110073289 - Low profile blower radial heatsink: A cooling device, such as for cooling a chip and socket may have a centrifugal blower outside of a radial heatsink. In addition, supports for coupling the blower to a center motor may comprise overhead fan blades effectively creating a radial fan in series with the blower to maximize airflow... Agent:

20110073290 - Heat exchanger for dehumidifier using liquid desiccant and dehumidifier using liquid desiccant having the same: Disclosed are a heat exchanger for a dehumidifier using a liquid desiccant and a dehumidifier using a liquid desiccant having the same. The heat exchanger for a dehumidifier using a liquid desiccant, comprises: a plurality of plate-type heat exchanger bodies to which a heat transfer medium flows through flow paths... Agent:

20110073291 - Cooling module for a vehicle: A cooling module for a vehicle includes a combo cooler associated with a vehicle. A heat rejecter includes tubes arranged in a planar configuration. A low temperature radiator is associated with the heat rejecter and includes low temperature radiator tubes arranged in a planar configuration. Manifolds are independently configured to... Agent:

20110073292 - Fabrication of high surface area, high aspect ratio mini-channels and their application in liquid cooling systems: The present invention provides methods and apparatuses which achieve high heat transfer in a fluid cooling system, and which do so with a small pressure drop across the system. The present invention teaches the use of wall features on the fins of a heat exchanger to cool fluid in a... Agent:

20110073294 - System, method and apparatus of cool touch housings: A system, apparatus and method for cool touch housings are described. The apparatus may include a housing arranged to at least partially enclose at least one internal component of a mobile device. A portion of the housing may include an exterior surface spreader, a thin active heat pump with a... Agent:

20110073293 - Thermal wick cooling for vibroacoustic transducers: A soft thermally-conductive wick is provided to be connected between the metallic components on a transducer and onto a thermal sink. Beryllia ceramic is provided to improve heat flux within the transducer while maintaining electrical insulation. The wick provides adequate heat flux and such that the mass and stiffness of... Agent:

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110067836 - Cooling fan module: A cooling fan module includes a first cooling fan pivotally connected with a second cooling fan. The second cooling fan is rotatable relative to the first cooling fan between a first state and a second state. The second cooling fan is located on the first cooling fan in the first... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110067837 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes a bundle of tubes, which can be inserted into a tubular housing. Exhaust gas can flow through the tubes. A coolant duct can be arranged between the tubes. The bundle of tubes can have at least one grid-like securing structure which supports the bundle in the... Agent:

20110067838 - Chilled aircraft passenger service device: An aircraft passenger service device (10) for receiving goods for cold storage to be supplied to aircraft passengers comprises a receiving device (12) which comprises a viewing apparatus, a coolant inlet (14) for feeding a coolant into the receiving device (12) and a coolant outlet (18) for discharging the coolant... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20110067839 - System and method for rejecting heat from equipment via endothermic isomerization: A system for rejecting heat from equipment using endothermic isomerization. includes a heat exchanger configured to receive an elevated-temperature process fluid and an isomerization compound capable of endothermic isomerization. When the system is in operation, heat from the elevated temperature process fluid is transferred to the isomerization compound and the... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20110067840 - Personal cooling device: A personal cooling device for reducing the temperature within an area immediately surrounding a person. The personal cooling device includes at least one heat exchanger that is connected to a supply of water within a home or building. When desired, the water supply flows through the heat exchanger to cool... Agent:

20110067841 - Heat sink systems and devices: A heat sink is provided for that eliminates inefficient coolant bypass channels. The heat sink comprises a coolant cavity that is defined by a cover and a body portion. The thermally conductive cover includes a first plurality of substantially uniformly dispersed pin fins that extend at an angle from the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110067842 - Fluid encapsulated heat transfer vessel and method: A heat transfer vessel is provided which facilitates heating of a substance when disposed therein. The vessel is a partially hollow structure which includes a chamber formed between an outer shell and an inner shell, in base and sidewall portions of the vessel. A heat transfer fluid is disposed within... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110067843 - Heat exchange device made of polymeric material: The invention refers to a heat exchange pipe comprising a capillary pulsating heat pipe (1) substantially shaped so as to form substantially a closed loop wherein a working fluid (2) is introduced wherein at least a portion of said pulsating heat pipe (1) consists of polymeric material.... Agent:

20110067844 - Planar heat pipe: The planar heat pipe includes a metallic tube composed of two flat extensions and a shrinked intermediate structure, a wick structure, a working fluid and a support element. The flat extensions are separately located at two ends of the metallic tube. The intermediate structure connects between the flat extensions. The... Agent: Celsia Technologies Taiwan, Inc.

20110067845 - Fan shroud assembly: A fan shroud assembly for use with a cooling system of a vehicle, the cooling system comprising at least one of a radiator and a fan, the fan shroud assembly comprising: a shroud having a first surface, a second surface, and a sidewall extending therebetween, the first surface connected to... Agent:

20110067847 - Device and method for transporting heat: It is a purpose for the invention to provide a rotating device (107) to generate heat, cold and pressure from the outlet at the rotation axis, by centrifugation pressurized fluid in that it include at least two under-supported U-channel structures (107) where one of the channels (104, 105) from each... Agent: Rotoboost As

20110067846 - Heat conducting structure with coplanar heated portion manufacturing method thereof and heat sink therewith: A heat conducting structure, a heat sink with the heat conducting structure, and a manufacturing method of the heat conducting structure are disclosed. The manufacturing method includes the steps of providing a first mold (20) and a second mold (30) having different concave cambers (211, 211a, 221, 221a), using the... Agent:

20110067848 - Method for producing a split louver heat exchanger fin: A method of manufacturing serpentine fins for assembly between tubes in a heat exchanger core. The method includes providing a flat metal strip and forming in the strip, multiple rows of split louvers. Each row of split louvers has louvers formed in pairs of adjacent, spaced louver banks extending across... Agent: Centrum Equities Acquisition, LLC

20110067849 - Fin tube type heat exchanger: A fin tube type heat exchanger includes heat transfer fins spaced apart from each other along plate thickness directions and heat transfer tubes inserted into the heat transfer fins in directions substantially orthogonal to a gas current flow direction. Each heat transfer fin includes cut and raised parts lined up... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20110067850 - Buckling device with cooling function: A buckling device for electronic heating element, inter-assembled with a thermally conductive body, includes a cooling plate, a pair of fixing legs bent-and-extended from the cooling plate and formed under the cooling plate and a fixing arm bent-and-extended from the cooling plate and formed under the cooling plate. On the... Agent:

20110067851 - Bypass humidifier with damper control: An improved humidifier system for adding humidity to an air stream of an HVAC system. The humidifier system includes an air path that is configured to accept air from a first HVAC duct and return air to a second HVAC duct. A damper is disposed in the air path to... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110067852 - Temperature controlled cargo containers: Temperature controlled cargo containers may include thermal masses conditioned to temperatures above and/or below a target temperature. Example thermal masses may include plates including phase change materials, such as eutectic materials. One or more fans may be selectively operated to circulate air in the cargo container across one or more... Agent:

20110067853 - Fluid cooling device for a motor vehicle: A fluid cooling device for a motor vehicle includes a fluid inlet tank and a fluid outlet tank. A plurality of heat transfer tubes provide constant fluid communication between the inlet tank and the outlet tank. A bypass arrangement selectively provides additional fluid communication between the fluid inlet tank and... Agent:

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110061831 - System and method for non-contact sensing to minimize leakage between process streams in an air preheater: A rotary air preheater 10 includes a housing 12 having a rotor 14. The rotor 14 has opposing ends 20,24 and is divided into sections by diaphragms 48. Sector plates 28 include one sector plate 28 in sealing relation with one of opposing ends 20,24 of the rotor 14. The... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20110061832 - Ground-to-air heat pump system: A ground to air heat pump unit operable to receive a first working fluid and transfer heat between the first working fluid and a second working fluid. The ground to air heat pump unit is operable to return the first working fluid to a channel and further operable to return... Agent:

20110061833 - Stationary engine coolant circuit: The present invention has a waste heat recovery device (37) that supplies engine waste heat by way of engine coolant; a radiator (18) that dissipates engine waste heat by way of engine coolant; an exhaust gas heat exchanger (33) that supplies engine waste heat from exhaust gas to engine coolant;... Agent: Yanmar Co., Ltd.

20110061834 - Cooled base plate for electric components: A cooled base plate is provided for electric components. A first side of the cooled base plate is provided for attaching exothermal electric components thereto. On a second side of the base plate, opposite to the first side, there is embedded a cooling channel system having a cooling fluid inlet... Agent: Abb Oy

20110061835 - Heat exchanger system: A heat exchanger system through which a liquid can flow, including a heat exchanger including a liquid inlet and a liquid outlet, a bypass valve including a liquid inlet and a liquid outlet, and a self-cleaning filter including a liquid inlet and two liquid outlets, one being an outlet for... Agent: Snecma

20110061836 - Compressor and/or expander device: Systems and methods for operating a hydraulically actuated device/system are described herein. For example, systems and methods for the compression and/or expansion of gas can include at least one pressure vessel defining an interior region for retaining at least one of a volume of liquid or a volume of gas... Agent:

20110061837 - Systems and methods of thermal energy storage: Systems and methods of energy storage and release comprise at least one storage vessel and a combined conveyor and heat transfer device linked to the at least one storage vessel by at least one discharge device. The combined conveyor and heat transfer device includes a rotatable conveyor drum and at... Agent: Us Solar Holdings LLC

20110061838 - Human remains cooling pad and cooling system: The present invention relates to a human remains cooling pad and cooling system to supply chilled fluid to a cooling pad.... Agent:

20110061839 - Portable heating pad: A portable heating system used to heat a person while in cold environments. A heating unit containing a fuel combustion chamber and a heat exchanger oxidizes a fuel to produce heat. The heat from the oxidation process is transferred to the fluid using the heat exchanger. The fluid either boils... Agent:

20110061840 - Apparatus for cooling an exerciser having convenient centralized control of air outlets built into a stationary exercise device: An apparatus for convenient centralized control of a personal cooling environment of an exerciser by the exerciser while exercising includes a plurality of air outlets and a control center. Each air outlet is capable of being in airflow communication with a cooling air source providing a flow of cooling air.... Agent:

20110061842 - Fabric structure: A fabric structure includes a first fabric layer, a second fabric layer, a plurality of conductive yarns, and a plurality of connecting yarns. A yarn coverage ratio of the first fabric layer ranges from about 90% to about 100%. A yarn coverage ratio of the second fabric layer ranges from... Agent: Taiwan Textile Research Institute

20110061841 - Temperature insenstive mass flow controller: A temperature insensitive mass flow controller comprising a main flow line, a capillary tube coupled to the main flow line across a bypass a thermal sensing element coupled to the capillary tube and a mass flow controller housing adapted to at least cover the capillary tube. A first heat sink... Agent: Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

20110061843 - Heat recovery method and system therefore: Disclosed is a method for recovering heat from household waste hot water. The method comprises sending the waste hot water through a heat exchanger. In the heat exchanger the waste hot water transfers heat to a clean cold water and produces clean warm water. The invention also includes a heat... Agent:

20110061844 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger is disclosed, which comprises an inlet header defining a refrigerant chamber therein; an outlet header spaced apart from the inlet header; a plurality of tubes, two ends of each tube being connected to and communicating with the inlet and outlet headers respectively; a plurality of fins, each... Agent: Danfoss Sanhua (hangzhou) Micro Channel Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd.

20110061845 - Heat exchanger: The invention is directed to a heat exchanger with optimal performance and a method of optimizing the performance of a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger has a first manifold, a second manifold and tubes extending therebetween. The tubes have at least one opening which extends through the entire length of... Agent: Alcoil, Inc.

20110061846 - Method of producing a very light weight finned tube heat exchanger: A method and apparatus for producing a finned tube comprises the step of securing a tube to a tube clamping device. The method also comprises the step of arranging a plurality of cutters within the cutter head, wherein the cutters rotate with the cutter head. The method also comprises a... Agent:

20110061851 - Cooling arrangement for an electrical connector for a superconductor: A cooling arrangement for an electrical connector for a superconductor including at least one superconductor arranged in a container and the container is arranged in a vacuum chamber. A cryocooler is thermally connected to the container to cool the container and the contents of the container including the superconductor. The... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20110061849 - Device for cooling semi-conductors: The device serves for cooling electronic structural elements and has a cooling body and a metal base plate constructed as a part of the support of the structural element. The cooling body is arranged adjacent the base plate. A connecting element is arranged at least over areas between the base... Agent: Esw Gmbh

20110061847 - Heat dissipation device: A heat dissipation apparatus includes a heat conductive plate, a heat-dissipating fin set and a fastener. The heat-dissipating fin set has a bottom surface attached to a top surface of the heat conductive plate. The fastener includes a curled section and two legs joined to opposite ends of the curled... Agent:

20110061848 - Heat dissipation module and the manufacturing method thereof: The present invention discloses a heat dissipation module and a manufacturing method thereof. The heat dissipation module comprises a metal base, a porous metal layer and a metal plate member. The porous metal layer is disposed on one side of the metal base and includes a plurality of micropores. Parts... Agent: Chenming Mold Ind. Corp.

20110061852 - Heat radiation sheet and heat radiation device: A heat radiation sheet having high heat-radiation property and excellent handleability and having sheet properties permitting the sheet to cope with changes in use temperature thereof. Also provided is a heat radiation device using the sheet. The heat radiation sheet comprises: a binder component comprising: (A) a thermoplastic rubber component;... Agent:

20110061850 - Soldering work piece, soldering method and heat exchanger: The invention relates to a soldering work piece made of aluminium and/or aluminium compounds, to a soldering method, in addition to a heat exchanger soldered in said manner. One surface of the soldering work piece is provided with an artificially applied oxide layer.... Agent: Behr Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110061853 - Mounting structure for sensor attached to heat exchanger: A mounting structure is provided, for a sensor which is attached to a heat exchanger. An evaporator that is utilized in a vehicular air conditioning apparatus is equipped with a detection sensor, which is capable of detecting the surface temperature of the evaporator. In the detection sensor, a main body... Agent: Keihin Corporation

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110056650 - Heat sink: There is provided a heat sink capable of keeping a heating element at a desired temperature without using a unit other than the heat sink. The heat sink of the present invention includes: closed container 3 covered with heat insulation material 2; heat transfer member 12 constructed of heat transfer... Agent:

20110056651 - Integrated computer equipment container and cooling unit: A shipping container having an interior and a plurality of electronic equipment modules disposed within the interior of the container is cooled by an air conditioning unit adapted to be disposed within the interior of the container. The electronic equipment may include computing equipment and electronic data storage equipment.... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20110056652 - Heat exchanger: The invention relates to a heat exchanger, especially for cooling exhaust gases. Said heat exchanger comprises at least one first flow channel for a first medium, at least one second flow channel for a second medium, at least one bottom (1, 20, 121) that can be connected to the housing... Agent: Behr Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110056653 - Shell-and-tube heat exchanger: A shell-and-tube heat exchanger including a casing tube and at least one inner tube for treating liquid food products, optionally also with a product/product flow guidance, and having at least one thermal-expansion compensating device for the casing and/or inner tube, with the compensating device having a surface which can be... Agent: Krones Ag

20110056654 - Heat exchanger having flow diverter and method of operating the same: A heat exchanger including a tank with first and second ends defining a length and a cross-sectional area transverse to the length. An inlet orifice defined at the first end through which fluid flows in a first direction into the tank, the inlet orifice having a cross-sectional area transverse to... Agent:

20110056655 - Dual-fluid heat exhanger: An integrated circuit dual-fluid heat exchanger has a housing containing first and second immiscible fluids. A heat-introducing base element contacts the first fluid. A heat-receiving surface on the base element is configured for interfacial contact with a heat-radiating surface of an integrated circuit device. A heat-removing condenser element contacts the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110056656 - Method for producing a latent heat storage material and dialkyl ether as a latent heat storage material: The invention relates to a method for producing latent heat storage material from linear alcohols by dehydrating to dialkyl ethers or to olefins, and hydrating to paraffins and dialkyl ether as a latent heat storage material.... Agent:

20110056657 - Fixing assembly for heat-absorbing surfaces of juxtaposed heat pipes and heat sink having the same: A heat sink includes a fixing base, a plurality of heat pipes and a fixing body. The bottom surface of the fixing base is provided with a connecting plane and extends upwards to form a fixing arm. The fixing arm is provided with a plurality of first grooves. The fixing... Agent:

20110056659 - Heat dissipating module: A heat dissipating module includes a housing having a bottom wall and a peripheral wall interconnected to a periphery of the bottom wall. The peripheral wall defines a compartment and includes an air inlet in communication with the compartment and an air outlet in communication with the compartment. A stator... Agent:

20110056658 - Heat pipe assembly and heat dissipation device having the same: A heat pipe assembly includes a number of heat pipes and a fixing seat. Each of the heat pipes includes an evaporating section and at least a condensing section. A bottom of the evaporating section of each of the heat pipes is flat and has a flat heat absorbing surface.... Agent:

20110056660 - Front-to-back cooling system for modular systems with orthogonal midplane configuration: A front-to-back cooling system allows cooling of an apparatus containing two orthogonal sets of modules. Each set of modules is independently cooled. A vertical set of modules is cooled with vertical air flow across the modules that enters from a front of the apparatus and exhausts from a back of... Agent: Juniper Networks, Inc.

20110056661 - Thermal block assemblies and instruments providing low thermal non-uniformity for rapid thermal cycling: The present teachings disclose various embodiments of a thermal block assembly having low thermal non-uniformity throughout the thermal block assembly. Accordingly, various embodiments of thermal block assemblies having such low thermal non-uniformity provide for desired performance of bioanalysis instrumentation utilizing such thermal block assemblies.... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20110056662 - Refrigerant cooling apparatus: A refrigerant cooling apparatus is provided, in which a circulating refrigerant may be cooled to a prescribed temperature efficiently in a stable condition even when the cooling temperature of the circulating refrigerant is near the freezing point of the circulating refrigerant. This apparatus is one which cools the circulating refrigerant... Agent: Tsiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation

20110056663 - Shell-and-tube heat exchanger: A shell-and-tube heat exchanger for the treatment of juices and juice-type foodstuff products with medium to high viscosity, with at least one jacket tube containing at least one inner tube, whereby the inner tube and/or the jacket tube is or are formed as a swirl tube with multi-start spirals running... Agent: Krones Ag

20110056664 - Vapor compression system: A distributor for use in a vapor compression system including an enclosure configured to be positioned in a heat exchanger having a tube bundle comprising a plurality of tubes extending substantially horizontally in the heat exchanger. A plurality of distribution devices are formed in the enclosure, the plurality of distribution... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20110056665 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger comprises a stack of mutually spaced apart plates. The plates are separated by respective spacings therebetween. Alternate spacings respectively provide a flow path for a first fluid and a second fluid. The heat exchanger further comprises a first header for inflow of the first fluid and a... Agent: Hiflux Limited

20110056666 - Modular panel for the formation of systems for ambient cooling or heating: The invention concerns a modular panel for the construction of fluid circulation systems for ambient cooling or heating. It comprises a metal body (11) with a length by choice and having a basically flat front surface (13) defined in width by two opposite longitudinal sides (12), at least one rear... Agent:

20110056667 - Integrated multi-circuit microchannel heat exchanger: A microchannel heat exchanger has at least two manifolds, with the at least two manifolds communicating with a respective one of a first and second plurality of heat exchange tube banks. The first and second plurality of heat exchange tube banks are intertwined within a single microchannel heat exchanger core.... Agent:

20110056668 - Modular heat exchanger: A modular multi-channel tube heat exchanger includes a plurality of aluminum heat exchanger modules selectively connected in fluid communication by interconnecting tubing. Each heat exchanger module includes an aluminum inlet header, an aluminum outlet header and a plurality of aluminum heat exchange tubes extending longitudinally therebetween. Each of the plurality... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20110056670 - Heat sink: A heat sink includes a frame, a vapor chamber fixed to the frame, and a heat-dissipating plate adhered to one surface of the vapor chamber. The heat-dissipating plate has a first heat-dissipating fins region and a second heat-dissipating fins region. The first heat-dissipating fins region and the second heat-dissipating fins... Agent:

20110056672 - Heat spreader having single layer of diamond particles and associated methods: A heat spreader is presented which can provide effective thermal management in a cost effective manner. The heat spreader includes a plurality of diamond particles arranged in a single layer surrounded by a metallic mass. The metallic mass cements the diamond particles together. The layer of diamond particles is a... Agent:

20110056669 - Heat transfer device: According to one embodiment, a heat transfer device includes an array of elongated pins coupled between a base plate and a cover plate. Each pin has a cross-sectional shape with a major width and a minor width that is perpendicular to the major width, in which the length of the... Agent: Raytheon Company

20110056671 - Solid type heat dissipation device: Provided is a solid type heat dissipation device for electronic communication appliances. The solid type heat dissipation device includes a graphite thin plate horizontally transferring heat, a plurality of metal fillers passing through the graphite thin plate to vertically transfer heat, and a plurality of metal thin plates attached to... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110056673 - Air conditioner and controlling method thereof: An air conditioner and a controlling method thereof are provided. The controlling method may include determining an initial operation temperature based on a received external input or setting, cooling or heating a room at the determined initial operation temperature for a preset initial operation time period, and thereafter increasing or... Agent:

20110056674 - System and method for facilitating parallel cooling of liquid-cooled electronics racks: A cooling system and method are provided for facilitating cooling of multiple liquid-cooled electronics racks. The cooling system includes a main system coolant supply loop with a plurality of system coolant supply branch lines for facilitating supply of cooled system coolant to the electronics racks, and a main system coolant... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110056675 - Apparatus and method for adjusting coolant flow resistance through liquid-cooled electronics rack(s): Apparatuses and methods are presented for adjusting coolant flow resistance through one or more liquid-cooled electronics racks. Flow restrictors are employed in association with multiple heat exchange tube sections of a heat exchange assembly, or in association with a plurality of coolant supply lines or coolant return lines feeding multiple... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

03/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110048670 - Method for the temperature-dependent setting of a sealing gap in a regenerative heat exchange, and the respective actuating apparatus: The invention relates to a method for temperature-dependent setting of a sealing gap between an adjustable seal and a revolving rotor of a regenerative heat exchanger by means of at least one actuating apparatus which comprises at least one rod body which is thermally influenced in an alternating manner and... Agent:

20110048671 - Air conditioner for vehicle: In an air conditioner for a vehicle with an equipment controlled in accordance with a traveling state of the vehicle, a first heater is disposed to heat air to be blown into a vehicle compartment by using a coolant of the equipment as a heat source, and a second heater... Agent:

20110048672 - Thermal ground plane for cooling a computer: A cooling device for cooling a computer includes: a flexible and conformal fluid heat-exchanger coupled to a surface of the computer; a liquid coolant material circulated through the fluid heat-exchanger to convey heat from the fluid to an external cooling apparatus; an enclosure defined when the fluid heat-exchanger is placed... Agent:

20110048673 - Air-conditioner for vehicle: An air-conditioner for a vehicle may include a casing including an internal space therein, wherein the internal space communicates with an upper outlet formed in a side of the casing, an evaporator and a heating member installed in the casing, a partition wall partitioning a portion of the internal space... Agent:

20110048674 - Holding module for heat exchanger tubes: A holding module for heat exchanger tubes, a rack with such holding modules as well as a method for setting up such a rack, where the holding module includes a lower module half which comprises several recesses into each of which one heat exchanger tube can be placed, an upper... Agent:

20110048675 - Heat sink: A heat sink includes a plurality of first fins and a plurality of second fins. Each first fin and each second fin includes an inner end and an outer end opposite to the inner end, respectively. Each of the second fins is sandwiched between two respective adjacent first fins. The... Agent:

20110048676 - Cooling system and electronic apparatus applying the same therein: A cooling system applying a thermo siphon therein, being superior in energy saving and/or ecology, with an effective cooling, and also an electronic apparatus applying that therein, in particular, for cooling a CPU 200 mounted on a printed circuit board 100 within a housing thereof, comprises a heat-receiving jacket 310,... Agent:

20110048678 - Heat dissipation device: A heat dissipation device includes a heat sink, a fan having a flange and a plurality of brackets mounting the fan on the heat sink. Each of the brackets includes two pair of spaced buckles extending from a top thereof toward the fan. A bottom of each bracket is fixed... Agent:

20110048679 - Heat dissipation device: A heat dissipation apparatus includes a flat heat pipe and a plurality of fins stacked together. Each fin defines a substantially rectangular-shaped receiving hole therein for receiving a condenser section of the flat heat pipe and a small-sized accommodating hole therein for accommodating a solder paste. A combining sidewall extends... Agent:

20110048681 - Heat dissipation device: An exemplary heat dissipation device includes a connecting plate, a first heat sink, a second heat sink, and a second flattened heat pipe. The first heat sink includes a substrate mounted on a bottom of the connecting plate and a plurality of cylindrical pins inserted in the connecting plate and... Agent:

20110048682 - Heat dissipation device: A heat dissipation device includes a heat pipe and a heat sink. The heat sink defines a through hole with a diameter slightly smaller then an outer diameter of the heat pipe. The heat pipe is fixedly engaging in the through hole of the heat sink via interference fit. The... Agent:

20110048680 - Heat dissipation module: A heat dissipation module includes a centrifugal fan, a fin assembly and a heat pipe. The centrifugal fan defines an air outlet and a cutout at the air outlet of the centrifugal fan. The fin assembly includes a plurality of fins arranged together and is located at the air outlet... Agent:

20110048683 - Heat pipe with composite wick structure: An exemplary heat pipe includes an elongated casing, a wick, an artery mesh, and working medium filled in the casing. The casing includes an evaporating section and a condensing section. The wick is disposed within an inner wall of the evaporating section of the casing. The artery mesh includes a... Agent:

20110048677 - Heat-conducting assembly for heat pipes of different diameters and heat sink having the same: In a heat-conducting assembly for heat pipes of different diameters and a heat sink having such assembly, the heat-conducting assembly includes a heat-conducting base, a set of first heat pipes and a set of second heat pipes. A heat-conducting surface of the heat-conducting base is provided with a plurality of... Agent:

20110048684 - Indoor unit of air conditioner: An air filter (30) intermittently rotates by a predetermined rotation angle at each time, while being in contact with a bristle portion (51b) of a rotating brush (51). Accordingly, dust on the air filter (30) is scraped by the bristle portion (51b). The brush member (51) rotates about an axial... Agent:

20110048685 - radiator assemblies: An on-off valve (30) is for use in a radiator assembly (10). The on-off valve comprises a valve member (46) movable between on and off positions. The on-off valve further includes radiator connecting means (38) to connect the on-off valve to a radiator, and control valve connecting means (36) to... Agent:

20110048686 - Pressurized-gas cooler for a compressor: A pressurized-gas cooler has a housing having a cylindrical side wall centered on an axis, an axially open outer end, and an axially closed inner end. A cover fitted to and closing the open outer end carries a bundle of tubes inside the housing between the housing ends. The tubes... Agent:

20110048687 - Apparatus and method for equalizing hot fluid exit plane plate temperatures in heat exchangers: An apparatus and method for minimizing cold spots on plates of a plate-type fluid-to-fluid heat exchanger averages the plate temperature at a hot-fluid exit plane of the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger matrix is constructed to internally vary the flow patterns of opposing hot and cold fluid streams so that... Agent:

20110048689 - Architecture for gas cooled parallel microchannel array cooler: Effective utilization of a parallel flow air-cooled microchannel array at the micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) scale is prohibited by unfavorable flow patterns in simple rectangular arrays. The primary problem encountered is the inability of the flow stream to penetrate a sufficient depth into the fin core to achieve the... Agent:

20110048688 - Heat exchanger assembly: A heat exchanger assembly including first and second manifolds for transferring heat between a coolant and a flow of air. Tubes extend between the manifolds for conveying the coolant therebetween. Air fins are disposed between adjacent tubes, and each air fin has a cross-section presenting a legs extending between the... Agent:

20110048690 - Article for magnetic heat exchange and method for manufacturing an article for magnetic heat exchange: An article (1) for magnetic heat exchange extends in a first direction (3) and in a second direction (5) generally axially perpendicular to said first direction (3). The article (1) comprises at least one magnetocalorically active phase (2). The average thermal conductivity of the article (1) is anisotropic.... Agent:

20110048691 - Fail-safe air flap control apparatus for vehicle: A fail-safe air flap control apparatus for a vehicle includes a coolant temperature sensor, a control unit, an actuator, a movable unit, a flap unit, an elastic member and a solenoid unit. The coolant temperature sensor measures the temperature of a coolant. The control unit compares a value measured by... Agent:

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