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Hazardous or toxic waste destruction or containment

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12/18/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
12/11/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140364673 - Container, device and method for encapsulating a fuel rod or a fuel rod portion in a gas-tight manner: A container, a device, and a method encapsulate a fuel rod or a fuel rod portion in a gas-tight manner. The container has a hollow cylindrical container part which is closed at the free ends of the container part in a fluid-tight manner by a respective single-piece closure stopper. The... Agent:

20140364674 - Methods and products for solidification and disposal of fluid medical waste: Methods and products for cleanup of fluid medical waste. In one illustrative embodiment, a product may include coconut coir in a loose granulated grade, a compressed pellet grade, or mixture thereof allowing users to choose between grades more ideal for their application while achieving the same results of absorbing and... Agent:

20140364675 - Methods and products for solidification of waste paint: Methods and products for hardening/solidifying waste paint for disposal, which are ideal for use with water-based paints, acrylic paints, latex paints and oil-based paints using a single product which is both safe to use and safe for landfill disposal. In one illustrative embodiment, the product may comprise coconut coir, manufactured... Agent:

20140364676 - System and method for hydrothermal reaction: A system for hydrothermal reaction comprises a heater (3) including a circulating component for fluid flowing across and a heat source for heating fluid, and a reactor (4, 5) including a heat preserving container in communication with the circulating component via pipes. A method for hydrothermal reaction comprises heating the... Agent: Tongii University

12/04/2014 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140357928 - Degradation of phosphate esters by high oxidation state molybdenum complexes: Degradation of phosphate esters, particularly neurotoxins and pesticides, is performed using high oxidative state molybdenum complexes, more particularly molybdenum(VI) complexes. A molybdenum(VI) complex is dissolved in water and then reacted with a phosphate ester. The phosphate esters can include, but are not limited to, VX, VE, VG, VM, GB, GD,... Agent: Lewis & Clark College

20140357929 - Method and system for hydrocarbon release management: Method and system is described to enhance operations for managing the hydrocarbon release. The system utilizes remote controlled devices equipped with herder delivery components. The system may utilize herders to perform in-situ burning of the oil slick. This method may provide dedicated remote control device for each response vessel to... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140350320 - Processing of chlorine-containing carbon-based radioactive waste: A system and method for processing of carbon-based radioactive waste, comprise at least: a) soaking in an acid solution, and b) a heat treatment, of a thermal shock type, said acid solution recovering radioactive material resulting from said waste at least after the implementation of step b).... Agent:

20140350321 - Process and apparatus for safe disposal of used ionic liquid catalyst: We provide a process and apparatus for preparing a used ionic liquid catalyst for safe disposal, comprising hydrolyzing the used ionic liquid catalyst comprising an anhydrous metal halide with a basic solution at a temperature from −20° C. to 90° C. to produce a hydrolyzed product, evolve a hydrogen halide... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

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