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Hans-Peter Bossmann patents

Recent bibliographic sampling of Hans-Peter Bossmann patents listed/published in the public domain by the USPTO (USPTO Patent Application #,Title):

03/26/15 - 20150084245 - Method for producing means with thermal resist for applying at a surface of a heat exposed component
cooling the ceramic body and causing micro-cracking during heating and or/sintering and/or cooling to obtain the means with thermal resist. The forming is performed such that a first mixture forming a first layer onto which a second mixture is applied forming a second layer differs in porosity from that first...
Inventors: Michael Stuer, Hans-peter Bossmann (Alstom Technology Ltd)

03/26/15 - 20150083305 - Method for applying heat resistant protection components onto a surface of a heat exposed component
The invention refers to a method for applying heat resistant protection components onto the surface of a heat exposed component. The method including providing at least two separate heat protection components, and joining the at least two separate heat protection components onto their top surface and/or bottom surface and/or at...
Inventors: Hans-peter Bossmann, Michael Stuer, Daniel Renusch (Alstom Technology Ltd)

11/06/14 - 20140328672 - Stator component with segmented inner ring for a turbomachine
A stator component of a turbomachine is composed substantially of at least one axially extending outer ring (10) which serves as a frame of an inner ring composed of partial segments (20). The partial segments are arranged on one another such that, on the rotor side, they form a coherent...
Inventors: Herbert Brandl, Hans-peter Bossmann

10/16/14 - 20140308539 - Configuration for joining a ceramic thermal insulating material to a metallic structure
A configuration for joining a ceramic layer has a thermal insulating material to a metallic layer. The configuration includes an interface layer made of metallic material located between the ceramic layer and the metallic layer, which includes a plurality of interlocking elements on one of its sides, facing the ceramic...
Inventors: Gregoire Etienne Witz, Matthias Hoebel, Hans-peter Bossmann

10/16/14 - 20140308116 - Gas turbine thermal shroud with improved durability
Shroud device thermally protecting a gas turbine blade, having a ceramic layer and a metallic layer, the metallic layer being thermally protected by the ceramic layer, the ceramic layer being mechanically joined to the metallic layer by a fixation device having a plurality of protrusions located in the metallic layer...
Inventors: Gregoire Etienne Witz, Mathieu Esquerre, Michael Stuer, Daniel Renusch, Hans-peter Bossmann (Alstom Technology Ltd)

08/28/14 - 20140242411 - High temperature thermal barrier coating
with x ranging from 0.1 to 0.5, v ranging from −0.1 to 0.2 and z ranging from 0.15 to 0.25....
Inventors: Gregoire Etienne Witz, Hans-peter Bossmann, Anup Bhattacharya, Valery Shklover

08/28/14 - 20140242408 - Method for manufacturing a metal-ceramic composite structure and metal-ceramic composite structure
The invention relates to a method for manufacturing a metal-ceramic composite structure intended to be exposed to high temperatures. The composite structure includes a base metal structure or component, which is on at least one side covered and permanently joined with one or more ceramic tiles....
Inventors: Herbert Brandl, Hans-peter Bossmann

08/16/12 - 20120206717 - Methods of using laser optical devices
In a method of spatially detecting the chemical composition of nonmetallic components on a surface which is subsequently to be coated with a metallic and/or ceramic and/or organic layer, a laser optical device is provided. The turbine part is irradiated with monochromatic irradiation at a first wavelength (λin) with the...
Inventors: Gregoire Witz, Hans-peter Bossmann

03/15/12 - 20120063911 - Dual brazing alloy element, process for producing it and uses thereof
A dual brazing alloy element for a materially integral connection of a ceramic surface to a metallic surface includes a first layer having a Ni-based brazing alloy with a Ni content of at least 50% by weight and having at least one component configured to lower a melting point of...
Inventors: Hans-peter Bossmann, Alexander Schnell (Alstom Technology Ltd)

12/08/11 - 20110300357 - Thermal barrier coating system, components coated therewith and method for applying a thermal barrier coating system to components
A thermal barrier coating system on a base material includes a bond coat layer with a lower face in direct contact with the base material and an upper face, a first ceramic layer in direct contact with the upper face of the bond coating layer and a second ceramic layer...
Inventors: Gregoire Witz, Markus Schaudinn, Hans-peter Bossmann, Matthieu Esquerre (Alstom Technology Ltd)

03/10/11 - 20110058953 - Turbine blade
A turbine blade is provided having an airfoil and a platform manufactured in two separate pieces, which are joined together. The blade includes a seal, which is a mechanically decoupled seal, interposed between the airfoil and platform in a position closer to a hot gases path than a joint....
Inventors: Carlos Simon-delgado, Hans-peter Bossmann, Herbert Brandl (Alstom Technology Ltd)

09/30/10 - 20100247953 - Multilayer thermal protection system and method for making same
A multilayer thermal protection system includes a metallic substrate; a first ceramic layer; a bond coat layer attaching the first ceramic layer to the metallic substrate, wherein the first ceramic layer is applied by plasma spraying; at least one second ceramic layer attached to the first ceramic layer, wherein the...
Inventors: Hans-peter Bossmann, Sharath Bachegowda, Matthieu Esquerre, Rico Iten (Alstom Technology Ltd)

06/17/10 - 20100150727 - Rotor blade for a gas turbine
A rotor blade (10) for a gas turbine includes a blade airfoil (11), a blade tip (15), a blade root (14), and a platform (12) which is formed between the blade tip (15) and the blade root (14), and is assembled from a plurality of individual sections (16, 17, 18),...
Inventors: Herbert Brandl, Sven Schofer, Claus Paul Gerdes, Hans-peter Bossmann

05/20/10 - 20100124502 - Rotor blade arrangement and gas turbine
A rotor blade arrangement (20), especially for a gas turbine, which can be fastened on a blade carrier (19) and includes in each case a blade aerofoil element (10) and a platform element (14), wherein the platform elements (14) of a blade row form a continuous inner shroud. With such...
Inventors: Herbert Brandl, Hans-peter Bossmann, Philipp Indlekofer

12/31/09 - 20090324989 - Multilayer thermal barrier coating
Components (1) have a thermal barrier coating (2-6) on the surface thereof, wherein the thermal barrier coating includes at least one layer (3) having chemically stabilized zirconia, and wherein at least indirectly adjacent to the layer (3) with chemically stabilized zirconia and on its surface facing side, there is provided...
Inventors: Gregoire Etienne Witz, Hans-peter Bossmann, Valery Shklover, Sharath Bachegowda

03/05/09 - 20090061530 - Method for designating a component having a heat insulation layer and for determining its operating time
A method for designating a component, coated with a heat insulation layer including zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) stabilized with yttrium oxide (Y2O3) [YSZ], and for determining its operating time or operating temperature is provided. The method includes doping the heat insulation layer and marking the doped heat insulation layer, with at...
Inventors: Hans-peter Bossmann, Dietrich Eckardt (Alstom Technology, Ltd.)

Alstom Technology Ltd, Alstom Technology, Ltd.

(*May have duplicates - we are upgrading our archive.)

20120063911 - Dual brazing alloy element, process for producing it and uses thereof


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