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Glass manufacturing

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07/10/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140190210 - Method for bonding substrates: The method for bonding a first substrate to a second substrate includes dispensing a paste directly onto a first substrate, the paste including a glass powder, a thermoplastic, and a first solvent, evaporating the first solvent to form a thickened paste, placing a second substrate on the thickened paste to... Agent: Lilliputian Systems, Inc.

20140190211 - System and method for forming fused quartz glass: A method of forming fused quartz glass is provided. The method includes the steps of: (a) providing a starting body made of fused quartz glass; (b) positioning the fused quartz glass starting body on a base plate; (c) inserting a first insert device into an interior cavity of the starting... Agent: Heraeus Quartz America LLC

20140190212 - Mirror elements for euv lithography and production methods therefor: A method for the production of a mirror element (10) that has a reflective coating (10a) for the EUV wavelength range and a substrate (10b). The substrate (10b) is pre-compacted by hot isostatic pressing, and the reflective coating (10a) is applied to the pre-compacted substrate (10b). In the method, either... Agent: Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

20140190213 - Method and apparatus for pressure control of glass-making thickness-control zone: Managing pressure within a thickness-control-zone (muffle door) housing (20) relative to pressures in a glass-making machine enclosure (60) and an upper chamber (40)—that is disposed outside the enclosure—so as to minimize or control undesired airflows that would adversely affect thickness (9) of glass ribbon (8). According to one pressure-management technique,... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140190214 - Submerged combustion glass manufacturing system and method: Submerged combustion glass manufacturing systems include a melter having a floor, a roof, a wall structure connecting the floor and roof, and an exhaust passage through the roof. One or more submerged combustion burners are mounted in the floor and/or wall structure discharging combustion products under a level of material... Agent: Johns Manville

07/03/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140182334 - Porous waste glass membrane: The present invention disclosed in this application relates to a method for producing glass membranes for filtration purposes. The disclosed method for producing cost effective glass membranes utilizes recycled waste glass, has shorter sintering periods and has lower sintering temperatures.... Agent: Ngee Ann Polytechnic

20140182335 - Method of cutting chemically toughened glass: A method of cutting chemically toughened glass which is chemically toughened in a chemical toughening process of creating compressive stress in the surface of glass by exchanging first alkali ions in the glass with second alkali ions. The method includes the steps of applying a paste on a portion of... Agent: Samsung Corning Precision Materials Co., Ltd.

20140182336 - Ion transport membranes in float glass manufacturing: Ion transport membranes are integrated with a glass melting furnace and a float glass bath. Only feeds of air, steam and hydrocarbon are necessary for producing hot oxygen for the melting furnace and a mixture of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen for the float glass bath.... Agent: Air Liquide, Societe Anonyme Pour Etude Et Exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude

20140182337 - Coatings for enhancing glass strength: Methods of manufacturing and coating a glass container by applying an aminofunctional silane coating composition to an exterior surface of the glass container, and then curing the silane coating composition to form a crosslinked siloxane coating on the exterior surface of the glass container.... Agent: Owens-brockway Glass Container Inc.

20140182338 - Method for low energy separation of a glass ribbon: Disclosed is a method of separating a glass sheet from a moving glass ribbon, wherein the glass ribbon comprises thickened bead portions. The method comprises weakening the bead portions of the ribbon using laser-initiated ablation at the bead portions to overcome the potential for uncontrolled cracking through the bead portion.... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140182339 - Glass float chamber: A chamber for floating glass on a bath of molten metal including: an upstream wall, a downstream wall, and two lateral walls; rolls for driving the glass in a direction of travel from upstream to downstream; a lateral wall including a shoulder resulting in a reduction in width of the... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20140182340 - Traversable and pivotable platform system: A platform system including a guide establishing a platform translation axis and having upper and lower surfaces, a carriage translatably coupled to the guide along the platform translation axis and engaged with the upper and lower surfaces of the guide, a platform coupled to the carriage and including at least... Agent: Owens-brockway Glass Container Inc.

06/26/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140174126 - Glaze composition, method for manufacturing the glaze composition and methods of glazing: The invention provides a glass ceramic glaze composition manufactured using conventional raw material and one or more waste materials, wherein the waste materials are capable of producing glass forming oxides and glass modifying oxides. The waste materials are selected from a group that includes cullet, pozzolanic waste and fly ash.... Agent: King Abdul Aziz City For Science And Technology

20140174127 - Method of producing glass products from glass product material and an assembly for performing said method: The invention is related to a method of producing glass products from glass product material. Said method comprises the steps of heating the glass product material, shaping the heated glass product material into a glass product, cooling the shaped glass product, and inspecting the shaped glass products by means of... Agent:

20140174128 - Method to weld together piecess that contain substratum using a focused laser beam: A method of welding together pieces that contain substratum includes focusing a laser beam to their common surface between them so the focal point energy melts material in both pieces at the same time. The focused laser beam is set to move in relation of the pieces that do not... Agent:

20140174129 - Support holder for quartz dip stick in directional solidification system furnaces: A support fixture for use in a directional solidification system for the production of multi-crystalline ingots having a housing with a passage that extends into an inner assembly having a crucible includes a collar, an alignment bracket, and an arm. The collar has a mounting structure for attaching the collar... Agent: Memc Singapore, Pte. Ltd (uen200614797d)

20140174130 - Float bath and glass manufacturing apparatus including the same: Disclosed is a float bath which allows easy temperature control according to an internal position, and a glass manufacturing apparatus and glass manufacturing method including the float bath. The float bath includes a plurality of heaters provided at an upper portion of the float bath to supply heat into the... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140174131 - Cutting method for reinforced glass plate and reinforced glass plate cutting device: The invention relates to a method for cutting a strengthened glass sheet 10, and the strengthened glass sheet 10 including a front surface layer 13 and a rear surface layer 15 which have a residual compressive stress, and an intermediate layer 17 which is formed between the front surface layer... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20140174132 - Roller pairs for processing glass ribbons and draw apparatuses incorporating the same: Roller pairs and draw apparatus for processing glass ribbons are disclosed. The roller pairs applying force to a glass ribbon moving through the draw apparatus. The roller pairs include a first roller assembly and a second roller assembly positioned along opposite sides of the glass ribbon. A shaft of the... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140174133 - Methods for forming optical fiber preforms with selective diffusion layers: Methods for forming optical fiber preforms are disclosed. According to one embodiment, a method for forming an optical fiber preform includes forming a preform core portion from silica-based glass soot. The silica-based glass soot may include at least one dopant species for altering an index of refraction of the preform... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140174134 - System and method for fabricating optical fiber preform and optical fiber: A method of manufacturing an optical fiber preform or an optical fiber is provided. The method includes the steps of: (a) providing a glass tube and a glass core rod; (b) inserting the glass core rod into the glass tube to form an assembled body; (c) heating the assembled body... Agent: Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140174135 - Glass fine particle synthesis burner, glass fine particle deposition body manufacturing method, and glass fine particle deposition apparatus: A glass fine particle synthesis burner comprising a glass raw material gas emission path for emitting glass raw material; a ring-shaped combustible gas emission path for emitting combustible gas arranged outside the glass raw material emission path; a ring-shaped combustion aiding gas emission path for emitting combustion aiding gas arranged... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20140174136 - Apparatus and method for applying traction to an elongate element produced by fusing a preform of glass material and usable in a process for producing an optical fibre: Apparatus for applying traction to an elongate cylindrical element produced by fusion of an end portion of a preform of glass material, in which a traction device is capable of being connected to a portion of the elongate cylindrical element to provide traction of the elongate cylindrical element along an... Agent: Prysmian Cavi E Sistemi Energia S.r.l.

06/19/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140165652 - Cutting method for reinforced glass plate and reinforced glass plate cutting device: The invention relates to a method for cutting a strengthened glass sheet in which, when a strengthened glass sheet 10 including a front surface layer 13 and a rear surface layer 15 which have a residual compressive stress, and an intermediate layer 17 which has an inside residual tensile stress,... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20140165653 - Bending device for shaping glass for use in aircraft transparencies: A sheet bending device includes a sheet shaping rail having a stationary shaping rail portion mounted on a support member and an articulating shaping rail portion pivotally mounted on the support member for movement from a non-shaping position to a shaping position. A retention member limits movement of a sheet... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20140165654 - Bulk annealing of glass sheets: Surface modification layers and associated heat treatments, that may be provided on a sheet, a carrier, or both, to control both room-temperature van der Waals (and/or hydrogen) bonding and high temperature covalent bonding between the thin sheet and carrier. The room-temperature bonding is controlled so as to be sufficient to... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140165655 - Method for manufacturing glass molding: A method for manufacturing a glass molding by using a molding device (100), the method including the steps of: supplying molten glass (82) from an outflow nozzle (12) onto an upper surface of a holding member (20), with an opening/closing portion (25) closed, and thereby forming a glass gob on... Agent:

20140165656 - Method of fabricating an optical fiber preform and a burner therefor: A method of fabricating an optical fiber preform, capable of depositing glass particles with high deposition rate without reducing deposition efficiency and fabricating an optical fiber preform having little bubbles using a burner having a simple structure, is provided. In the invention, a mixed gas of a glass raw material... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20140165657 - Fusion splicer: A fusion splicer includes a pair of holder installation parts for mutually butting optical fibers in a first direction, and a fusion splicing part for mutually fusing and splicing the optical fibers by a pair of electrodes opposed along a second direction, and the holder installation part includes a base... Agent: Sei Optifrontier Co., Ltd.

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