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06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150143848 - Method for producing a coated component of transparent or opaque fused silica: A method for producing a coated component consisting of transparent or opaque fused silica comprises a method step in which a SiO2 granulation layer is applied to a coating surface of a substrate, which in the area of the free surface has a relatively great granulation fine fraction. Starting from... Agent:

20150143849 - Method and system of laser cutting a sheet material: A method of cutting a sheet material includes mounting the sheet material on a support and forming a porous barrier between the sheet material and the support by interposing at least one sheet of porous material between the sheet material and the support. The method includes focusing a laser beam... Agent:

20150143850 - Systems and methods for glass manufacturing: Submerged combustion systems and methods of use to produce glass. One system includes a submerged combustion melter having a roof, a floor, a wall structure connecting the roof and floor, and an outlet, the melter producing an initial foamy molten glass. One or more non-submerged auxiliary burners are positioned in... Agent:

20150143851 - Method for producing a cylindrical component from synthetic quartz glass containing fluorine: The following method steps are known for producing cylindrical components from synthetic quartz glass containing fluorine: producing a SiO2 soot body, removing hydroxyl groups from the soot body, loading the soot body with fluorine, post-chlorinating the soot body loaded with fluorine, and vitrifying the soot body to form the cylindrical... Agent: Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150143852 - Method for reducing processing time for optical fiber preforms: A method for forming an optical glass preform from a soot preform is provided. The method includes forming a soot preform, placing the soot preform in a furnace, and applying a vacuum through a centerline hole of the soot preform.... Agent:

20150143853 - Bushing assembly comprising a distribution manifold: The present invention concerns a bushing assembly comprising: (a) a liquid glass feeding unit arranged upstream of and in fluid communication with, (b) a first and second tip plate assemblies (1A, 1B) extending along a longitudinal direction, arranged side by side, and each surrounded by side walls and end walls... Agent: 3b-fibreglass Sprl

05/21/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150135770 - Method for producing silicon for solar cells by metallurgical refining process: In order to produce metallurgical grade silicon and solar cell grade polysilicon in batches, a method of the present invention comprises: a step of reduction in an arc furnace, consisting of removing C and CO in a silicon reduction atmosphere using silica stone and carbon black by an arc so... Agent: Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology

20150135771 - Method of manufacturing glass molded product and lower die for molding glass: A method of manufacturing a glass molded product includes the steps of preparing a lower die including a lower die surface and a space forming surface formed to extend downward away from an outer edge end portion of the lower die surface with the outer edge end portion being defined... Agent:

20150135772 - Furnace for sintering silica soot bodies: An apparatus and method are provided for sintering a hollow cylindrical body of porous synthetic silica. The apparatus comprises a hollow mandrel for supporting the body in a horizontal position, and the mandrel is housed within a vacuum furnace having heating elements arranged to surround the body circumferentially along its... Agent:

20150135773 - Process and device for manufacturing a hollow glass body: aligning a plunger with a non-rotationally symmetrical plunger head with a guide device disposed thereon , which interacts with a positioning device provided in the assembled condition on, or in, the inner jacket surface of the guide tube such that the non-rotationally symmetrical outer contour of the plunger head passes... Agent:

20150135774 - Glass microspheres made from a redox active glass, and methods of producing glass microspheres: A glass melter system for manufacturing glass used for the manufacture of hollow glass microspheres, comprising a melting zone capable of melting a batch into a first glass melt, a processing zone capable of processing the first glass melt, and a discharge zone capable of discharging the first glass melt... Agent:

20150135775 - Methods of using a submerged combustion melter to produce glass products: A method comprises flowing an oxidant and a fuel into a submerged combustion burner in a glass tank furnace, the glass tank furnace receiving a feed of glass forming material and producing molten glass, the burner and furnace comprising a melting system. The melting system has a variable system vibration... Agent:

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