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Glass manufacturing

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05/21/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150135770 - Method for producing silicon for solar cells by metallurgical refining process: In order to produce metallurgical grade silicon and solar cell grade polysilicon in batches, a method of the present invention comprises: a step of reduction in an arc furnace, consisting of removing C and CO in a silicon reduction atmosphere using silica stone and carbon black by an arc so... Agent: Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology

20150135771 - Method of manufacturing glass molded product and lower die for molding glass: A method of manufacturing a glass molded product includes the steps of preparing a lower die including a lower die surface and a space forming surface formed to extend downward away from an outer edge end portion of the lower die surface with the outer edge end portion being defined... Agent:

20150135772 - Furnace for sintering silica soot bodies: An apparatus and method are provided for sintering a hollow cylindrical body of porous synthetic silica. The apparatus comprises a hollow mandrel for supporting the body in a horizontal position, and the mandrel is housed within a vacuum furnace having heating elements arranged to surround the body circumferentially along its... Agent:

20150135773 - Process and device for manufacturing a hollow glass body: aligning a plunger with a non-rotationally symmetrical plunger head with a guide device disposed thereon , which interacts with a positioning device provided in the assembled condition on, or in, the inner jacket surface of the guide tube such that the non-rotationally symmetrical outer contour of the plunger head passes... Agent:

20150135774 - Glass microspheres made from a redox active glass, and methods of producing glass microspheres: A glass melter system for manufacturing glass used for the manufacture of hollow glass microspheres, comprising a melting zone capable of melting a batch into a first glass melt, a processing zone capable of processing the first glass melt, and a discharge zone capable of discharging the first glass melt... Agent:

20150135775 - Methods of using a submerged combustion melter to produce glass products: A method comprises flowing an oxidant and a fuel into a submerged combustion burner in a glass tank furnace, the glass tank furnace receiving a feed of glass forming material and producing molten glass, the burner and furnace comprising a melting system. The melting system has a variable system vibration... Agent:

05/14/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150128645 - Glass microspheres made from a redox active glass and methods of producing glass microspheres: A method of producing hollow glass microspheres comprising melting a batch into a first glass melt, processing the first glass melt into a second glass comprising adding at least one component selected from a group consisting of a liquid, a solid, a gas, an aerosol and a combination thereof to... Agent:

20150128646 - Process for producing a highly transparent impact-resistant glass ceramic: The process for producing a transparent lithium aluminosilicate glass ceramic plate includes ceramicizing a green glass body of the Li2O—Al2O—SiO2 system using a ceramization program, which includes heating it, for the purpose of nucleation, to a temperature of 750° C.±20° C. and maintaining the temperature for 20±15 minutes, further heating... Agent:

20150128647 - Glass furnace forehearth heating: Described are a burner and its method of operation that are useful in providing heat within an enclosure such as the forehearth associated with a glassmelting furnace.... Agent:

20150128648 - Composite isopipe: A fusion down-draw method for making a glass sheet using a forming body comprising an upper part (101) made of a first material and a lower part (103) made of a second material, where the first material has lower creep rate than the second material at the normal operating temperature... Agent:

20150128649 - Methods and apparatuses for forming optical preforms from glass soot: Methods and apparatuses for forming optical preforms from silica glass soot are disclosed. According to one embodiment, a method for forming an optical preform may include loading silica glass soot in a mold cavity of a mold body. The mold body may be rotated at a rotational speed sufficient to... Agent:

20150128650 - Method for producing glass particulate deposit and method for producing glass preform: A production method for a glass particulate deposit which includes a deposition step in which, at least two liquid source material ejecting ports 31a for a glass source material 23 jetting out from a burner 22 are provided per one burner 22, the area of at least one liquid source... Agent:

05/07/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150121963 - Glass product manufacturing method and glass product manufacturing apparatus: A glass product manufacturing method that includes a step of disposing a workpiece configured of a glass material between two mutually-opposing punches, a step of starting to apply a pulsed current to the workpiece, and a step of starting to apply pressure to the workpiece using the two punches. The... Agent:

20150121961 - Laser processing method and laser processing apparatus: The present invention provides a laser processing method in which a modified layer is formed inside a workpiece by irradiating the workpiece with a laser beam having such a wavelength as to be transmitted through the workpiece with the focal point of the laser beam positioned inside the workpiece. In... Agent:

20150121962 - Laser processing system using broad band pulsed lasers: A laser material processing system which includes a pulsed fiber laser source having a continuous wavelength bandwidth of larger than 100 nm and pulse width of from 100 femtosecond to 1 microsecond, a broad band laser emitted from one core of an optical fiber, where the broad band laser is... Agent:

20150121964 - Method for manufacturing columnar curved tempered glass: The present invention discloses a device for processing columnar curved tempered glass. The device mainly comprises a glass heating furnace, a glass bending mechanism and a glass tempering mechanism connected sequentially, wherein the arrangement of each supporting roller in the rollers supporting the high temperature flat glass is changed from... Agent: Luoy-ang Landglass Technology Co., Ltd.

20150121965 - High speed and high power laser scribing methods and systems: A method of scribing a graphic on a material is provided, in which laser output is applied to the material. The laser output is moved relative to the material at a high speed greater than 10 m per second, and at a high power greater than 500 W, to scribe... Agent:

04/30/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150114040 - Manufacturing method for si02-ti02 based glass, manufacturing method for plate-shaped member made of si02-ti02 based glass, manufacturing device, and manufacturing device for si02-ti02 based glass: A method for manufacturing an SiO2—TiO2 based glass upon a target by a direct method, includes a first process of preheating the target and a second process of growing an SiO2—TiO2 based glass ingot to a predetermined length upon the target which has been preheated, wherein the target is heated... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20150114041 - Method of making a cover glass: A method of making a strengthened glass article includes providing a flat glass article having a select contour and a glass surface covered by a protective coating layer. The protective coating layer is removed from the glass surface without touching the glass surface with any solid object. Immediately after the... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20150114042 - Method of reforming glass: A method of reforming glass includes placing a glass sheet on a mold having a shaping surface for forming the glass sheet into a shaped glass article. A target starting mold forming temperature and temperature window are selected for the mold. A target starting mold forming temperature and temperature window... Agent:

20150114043 - Mold, process and apparatus for laser-assisted glass forming: An apparatus is provided that heats the glass of a primary glass product to be formed. The apparatus includes a laser that emits light at a wavelength for which the glass of the primary glass product is at most partly transparent, such that the light is absorbed at least partially... Agent:

20150114044 - Method for processing glass plate: A method for processing a glass sheet includes a scribing step of heating a part of a glass sheet with laser light which is transmitted through the glass sheet from a first main surface of the glass sheet to a second main surface of the glass sheet, and moving an... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

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