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Glass manufacturing

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12/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140352355 - Vapor deposition systems and processes for the protection of glass sheets: A method of coating a surface of a glass ribbon during a drawing process using atmospheric vapor deposition is provided. The method includes forming a glass ribbon in a viscoelastic state, desirably with a fusion draw. The glass ribbon is drawn in the viscoelastic state. The glass ribbon is cooled... Agent:

20140352356 - Glass forming apparatus and methods of forming glass ribbons: Methods of forming a glass ribbon with a glass forming apparatus including a first glass roll device are disclosed. The methods include a step (I) of drawing the glass ribbon along a draw direction with the glass forming apparatus. Also included is a step (II) of adjusting a first roll... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140352357 - Heating and shaping system using microwave focused beam heating: A furnace for shaping glass sheets for aircraft transparencies using the cut-to-size method includes a preheat and cooling furnace defined as a first furnace, and a shaping furnace. A conveyor geared for reciprocating movement moves a bending iron supporting a glass sheet through the first furnace set to a preheat... Agent:

20140352358 - Laser-scribing of chemically strengthened glass: A method is disclosed for scribing a contained crack or vent in a chemically strengthened glass sheet. The glass has shallow surface regions under compressive stress, bounding a central region under tensile stress. The vent is formed by rapidly bulk-heating the glass, using radiation from a carbon monoxide laser, to... Agent: Coherent, Inc.

20140352359 - Composite glass forming system: A composite glass forming system applied in the process of producing sheet glass mainly comprises a slotted nozzle downdraw glass forming device and an overflow downdraw glass forming device. The slotted nozzle downdraw glass forming device possesses a nozzle and the overflow downdraw glass forming device is located below the... Agent: Fortune Technology Corp.

20140352360 - Thermo-mechanical reforming method and system and mechanical reforming tool: A reformable area and a non-reformable area of a sheet of glass material are heated to a first temperature corresponding to a first viscosity. The reformable area is subsequently locally heated to a second temperature corresponding to a second viscosity, where the second viscosity is lower than the first viscosity.... Agent:

20140352361 - Method for making low bend loss optical fiber preforms: A method of making an optical fiber preform comprising in order: (i) manufacturing a glass preform with at least one porous layer; (ii) exposing the glass preform with at least one porous layer to a fluorine precursor at temperature below 1295° C. to make a fluorine treated preform, and (iii)... Agent: Corning Incorporated

11/27/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140345325 - Double ion exchange process: A method for optimizing ion exchange of glass. The glass is ion exchanged in a series of two ion exchange baths. The first ion exchange bath contains an amount of a poisoning ion or salt and the second ion exchange bath contains an amount of the poisoning ion or salt... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140345326 - Systems and methods for processing lead-containing glass: Systems and methods for processing lead-containing glass are generally described. In certain embodiments, at least a portion of the lead within the bulk of the lead-containing glass is removed from the lead-containing glass and transferred to a liquid leaching medium. Removal of lead from the bulk of the lead-containing glass,... Agent: Greene Lyon Group, Inc.

20140345327 - Plate glass production device, and plate glass production method: Provided is an apparatus for producing a sheet glass, including: a forming device that forms a glass ribbon by allowing molten glass continuously supplied onto molten metal in a bath to flow on the molten metal; a rotary roll disposed in an outer vicinity of the bath and configured to... Agent:

20140345328 - Method of producing glass-ceramic: A method of producing glass-ceramic includes providing a glass made from a glass composition comprising LiO2, Al2O3, SiO2, and at least one nucleating agent. The glass is disposed in a microwave processing chamber. Microwaves are then selectively delivered into the microwave processing chamber at varying frequencies to induce different distributions... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140345329 - Method for performing a frit firing cycle in the manufacturing of a vacuum solar thermal panel: The present application relates to a method for manufacturing a vacuum solar thermal panel which comprises at least a tempered glass plate and a metal frame attached to said plate, the method comprising a fit firing cycle to form a glass-metal seal, the fit firing cycle comprising a first heating... Agent: Tvp Solar Sa

20140345330 - Method for heating glass sheets, and glass tempering furnace: The invention relates to a method for heating glass sheets, and a glass tempering furnace. The glass sheets are heated by feeding them through a tempering furnace whereby the glass sheets are heated from above and below in the tempering furnace. The glass sheets are heated with blowing channels arranged... Agent:

20140345331 - Glass tempering furnace: A glass tempering furnace for heating glass sheets (5). The glass sheet (5) is led in the glass tempering furnace (1), and the glass sheet (5) is heated in the glass tempering furnace (1) by blowing heating air on the surface of the glass sheet (5) with at least two... Agent:

20140345332 - Apparatus for sintering a glass preform for an optical fiber and sintering method thereof: The present invention provides an apparatus for sintering a glass preform for an optical fiber, wherein the glass preform for the optical fiber is received in a muffle tube and is heated in an atmospheric gas while being suspended on a shaft and supported thereon, the apparatus comprising: a first... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

11/20/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140338399 - Cellular ceramic plates with asymmetrical cell structure and manufacturing method thereof: A method for the continuous production of a cellular ceramic plate having asymmetric cells comprising thermally treating ceramic particles and a blowing agent in a foaming furnace while conveying said ceramic particles and said blowing agent at a first speed thereby forming a cellular ceramic plate, and annealing said cellular... Agent: Pittsburgh Corning Europe Nv

20140338400 - Method for manufacturing soot glass deposit body and burner for manufacturing soot glass deposit body: A soot glass deposit body is manufactured by placing a starting rod and a burner 22 for producing glass particulates in a reaction container, introducing a source material gas to the burner 22 through a supplying pipe 26, producing glass particulates by a pyrolytic oxidation reaction of the source material... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331716 - Compensated molds for manufacturing ion exchange strengthened, 3d glass covers: Methods for compensating for the warp exhibited by three-dimensional glass covers as a result of ion exchange strengthening are provided. The methods use a computer-implemented model to predict/estimate changes to a target three-dimensional shape for the 3D glass cover as a result of ion exchange strengthening. The model includes the... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140331717 - Plate glass production device, and plate glass production method: Provided is an apparatus for producing a sheet glass, including a bath for storing molten metal, the apparatus configured to form a glass ribbon by allowing molten glass that is continuously supplied on said molten metal to flow on said molten metal, in which said bath is formed of carbon... Agent:

20140331718 - Bonded refractory ceramic and metal article: A method is disclosed for mechanically bonding a metal component to a ceramic material, comprising providing a metal component comprising an anchor material attached to at least a first portion of one surface of the metal component; providing a ceramic material having a first surface and a second surface, wherein... Agent:

20140331719 - Multi-electrode system with vibrating electrodes: A multi-electrode system includes a fiber holder that holds at least one optical fiber, a plurality of electrodes arranged to generate a heated field to heat the at least one optical fiber, and a vibration mechanism that causes at least one of the electrodes from the plurality of electrodes to... Agent:

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