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Gas separation: processes

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05/21/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150135947 - Systems and methods for managing turbine intake filters: Certain embodiments herein relate to systems and methods for managing turbine intake filters. In one embodiment, a system can include at least one memory configured to store computer-executable instructions and at least one control device configured to access the at least one memory and execute the computer-executable instructions. The instructions... Agent:

20150135948 - Systems and methods for managing turbine intake filters: Certain embodiments herein relate to systems and methods for managing turbine intake filters. In one embodiment, a system can include at least one memory configured to store computer-executable instructions and at least one controller configured to access the at least one memory and execute the computer-executable instructions. The instructions may... Agent:

20150135949 - Wet electrostatic precipitator and flue gas treatment method: A wet electrostatic precipitator includes an electric field forming unit including a first electrode and a second electrode which form an alternating electric field. The first electrode is a flat plate, and has a plurality of discharge electrodes on a surface that opposes the second electrode. The second electrode includes... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavey Industries Mechatronics Systems, Ltd.

20150135950 - Carbon safe vapor recovery system: An apparatus for recovering volatile liquid vapor from an air-volatile liquid vapor mixture includes a vapor blower unit having a first inlet and a first outlet. In addition the apparatus includes a vapor adsorption unit including a second inlet and a second outlet and a solid adsorbent adsorption unit including... Agent: Jordan Technologies, Inc.

20150135951 - Method of using a structured adsorbent bed for capture of co2 from low pressure and low pressure concentration sources:

20150135952 - Rtsa method using adsorbent structure for co2 capture from low pressure and low concentration sources: A Temperature Swing Adsorption method for separating a first component, comprising a more adsorbable component, from a feed stream comprising more than 50 mol % of a second component, comprising a less adsorbable component, is provided. The method includes providing an adsorbent structure suitable for adsorbing the first component, the... Agent: L'air Liquide Societe Anonyme Pour I'etude Et I'exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude

20150135953 - Particulate matter and methods of obtaining same from a kraft waste reclamation: The present invention relates in general to a method of producing activated carbon. Dregs are removed from a pulp mill green liquor clarifier and washed with an acid to produce an activated carbon. The activated carbon slurry can be used to remove mercury from a waste gas stream.... Agent: S&s Lime, Inc.

20150135954 - Method and apparatus for circulating a glycol stream, and method of producing a natural gas product stream: The methods apparatuses described herein involve recovering of glycol from an aqueous phase to form a stream of recovered glycol and a glycol recovery system. The aqueous phase is fed to the top of a lower theoretical stage in a distillation column. An overhead vapour stream is drawn from the... Agent:

20150135955 - Method and apparatus for extracting process air loaded with overspray and plant for coating objects: A method for extracting process air loaded with overspray from a coating plant, which includes leading overspray picked up by an air stream as process air along a flow path to a conditioning device. The process air is led on the flow path through at least one replaceable flow module... Agent:

05/14/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150128799 - Airbag inflation systems and methods: An airbag assembly may include an airbag and an inflator in fluid communication with the airbag. The inflator may have a gas source chamber containing a gas source and a centrifugal flow chamber into which the gas flows from the gas source chamber through a centrifugal flow barrier. As the... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20150128800 - Oxygen separator and method of generating oxygen: The invention relates to an oxygen separation device (12, 14), comprising a gas inlet (29, 31) at a primary side for guiding a flow of oxygen comprising gas into the oxygen separation device (12, 14) and having a gas outlet (33, 35) at a secondary side for guiding a flow... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150128801 - Oxygen separator and method of generating oxygen: The invention relates to a method of separating oxygen from an oxygen comprising gas, the method comprising the steps of: performing at least a first and a second period of oxygen separation, the first and the second period of oxygen separation each comprising the steps of guiding an oxygen comprising... Agent:

20150128802 - System and method for natural gas dehydration: A natural gas dehydration system and method includes a contactor, a flash tank, and a still interconnected by a desiccant circulation system. A reboiler is coupled to the still and the flash tank to burn the flash gas from the flash tank and heat the desiccant. A secondary burner is... Agent:

20150128803 - Assembly and method for a bag filter: The present application provides a filtration unit for filtering a flow. The filtration unit may include one or more first layers and a second layer. The one or more first layers may include a prefilter layer and a wave layer.... Agent: Bha Altair, LLC

05/07/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150122120 - Hydrogen sulfide control in biodigestion processes: Systems and methods for removing hydrogen sulfide from biogas resulting from anaerobic digestion of biodegradable waste utilize scrubbing vessels with pressure release devices to vent biogas when necessary to avoid over pressurization of the digesters. Use of iron containing sulfide scavengers in the digesters is avoided which avoids the disposal... Agent:

20150122121 - Crosslinked polymer compositions, gas separation membranes of such crosslinked polymer compositions, methods of making such membranes, and methods of separating gases using such membranes: Gas separation membrane compositions including at least one crosslinked polymer, gas separation membranes made of such compositions, methods for making such gas separation membranes, and methods of using such membranes to separate gases are described. In one embodiment, the crosslinked polymer includes polyarylene ethers (PAE).... Agent:

20150122122 - Method and system for removing carbon dioxide from hydrocarbons: The present disclosure relates to a method for removing carbon dioxide from hydrocarbons, the method comprising the steps of: (a) contacting a feed stream comprising hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide with one or more gas-separation membranes to produce a hydrocarbon-rich retentate gas stream and a permeate gas stream rich in carbon... Agent:

20150122123 - Method and apparatus for separating solvent: An electrode is arranged on one wall surface of a flow path of an exhaust atmosphere in a solvent separating apparatus, an electric field is applied to vaporized solvent in the exhaust atmosphere so as to concentrate only the solvent in the exhaust atmosphere in the direction toward the electric... Agent:

20150122124 - Carbon dioxide gas adsorbent including chabazite zeolite, methods for preparing the same, and methods of separating carbon dioxide using the same: A carbon dioxide adsorbent may include a chabazite zeolite containing an alkali metal ion or alkaline earth metal ion. The chabazite zeolite may have a Si/Al mole ratio of about 1 to about 9.9 and mesopores. The carbon dioxide adsorbent may be included in a carbon dioxide capture module. The... Agent: Inha-industry Partnership Institute

20150122125 - Method of improving a process for the selective absorption of hydrogen sulfide: An absorbent composition that is useful in the selective removal of hydrogen sulfide relative to carbon dioxide from gaseous mixtures that comprise both hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide and the use thereof. The absorbent composition includes an amine mixture of an amination reaction product of tert-butylamine with a polydispersed polyethylene... Agent:

20150122126 - Deaerator and method for deaeration: A system for deaeration of a liquid comprises a heater for heating the liquid to a well-defined temperature, means for pressurizing the liquid, a first piping for guiding the heated liquid to a separation vessel, a vacuum pump for evacuating deaerated gases from the separation vessel, and a second piping... Agent: Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.a.

20150122127 - Multilayer filter media: A filter media is disclosed for removing particles from an air stream. The filter media, in an embodiment, includes a porous membrane layer and a pre-filter layer including a downstream surface and an upstream surface. The pre-filter layer is arranged with the downstream surface adjacent an upstream side of the... Agent: Camfil Ab

04/30/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150114221 - Gas turbine inlet air filter cleaning control: A gas turbine inlet air filter house control system may obtain geospatial data for an area in which a gas turbine is located. The gas turbine inlet air filter house control system may determine filter cleaning parameters for the gas turbine based on the geospatial data and control the initiation... Agent: Bha Altair, LLC

20150114222 - Micro fluid device and method of separating air bubbles in liquid: g

20150114223 - Air dryer: An air dryer with a rotor and desiccant positioned within an interior chamber of the rotor. The desiccant is positioned within the interior chamber of the rotor between the inlet and the outlet. The desiccant is configured to adsorb at least some of the water contained within air flowing from... Agent: Haldex Brake Products Corporation

20150114224 - Cross-linked rubbery polyurethane-ether membranes for separations: Cross-linked rubbery polyurethane-ether polymeric membranes are made from cross-linked rubbery polyurethane-ether polymers that are synthesized from a diisocyanate-terminated polyether and a tetrol with four hydroxyl functional groups. The hydroxyl groups on the tetrol react with the isocyanate groups on the diisocyanate-terminated polyether to form urethane bonds. The cross-linked rubbery polyurethane-ether... Agent: Uop LLC

20150114225 - Method for the purification of flue gas, filter system therefor, and retrofit unit: A flue gas is cleaned by feeding same to a filtering separator. The filtering separator is accommodated in a housing, and the housing has a pre-filter side ahead of the filtering separator and a clean side following the filtering separator in the flue gas flow direction. A filter element has... Agent:

20150114226 - High performance hydrophobic solvent, carbon dioxide capture: Methods and compositions useful, for example, for physical solvent carbon capture. A method comprising: contacting at least one first composition comprising carbon dioxide with at least one second composition to at least partially dissolve the carbon dioxide of the first composition in the second composition, wherein the second composition comprises... Agent:

20150114227 - Gas/liquid separator: A gas/liquid separator (120) is provided. The gas/liquid separator (120) includes a separator shell (121) forming an internal chamber (125), a neck (128) formed in an end of the separator shell (121), a separator tube (126) extending into the separator shell (121), with a proximal end (131) forming an output... Agent: Norgren Limited

20150114228 - Use of a filter element having a fine porous coating: A filter element for the filtration of the incoming cabin air of vehicles is disclosed. The filter element can be readily regenerated and reused in a dust-loaded environment. The filer element includes a main body formed from at least one filter medium. The main body has an inflow side and... Agent:

20150114229 - Method and system for online replacement of gas turbine inlet air filter elements: A method and system for online filter element replacement are provided. The system includes a filter chamber and a tubesheet dividing the filter chamber into a dirty air compartment and a clean air compartment, the tubesheet including a plurality of apertures therethrough. The system also includes a plurality of filter... Agent: Bha Altair, LLC

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