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Gas separation: processes

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10/02/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140290478 - High performance cross-linked polyimide asymmetric flat sheet membranes: The present invention discloses high performance cross-linked polyimide asymmetric flat sheet membranes and a process of using such membranes. The cross-linked polyimide asymmetric flat sheet membranes have shown CO2 permeance higher than 80 GPU and CO2/CH4 selectivity higher than 20 at 50° C. under 6996 kPa of a feed gas... Agent: Uop LLC

20140290479 - Gas separation apparatus, membrane reactor, and hydrogen production apparatus: In a gas separation apparatus that separates carbon dioxide and water vapor from a first mixture gas containing at least carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor, the energy utilization efficiency thereof is improved. The gas separation apparatus is constructed to include a first separation membrane 33 and a second separation... Agent: Renaissance Energy Research Corporation

20140290480 - Process and apparatus for dedusting a vapor gas mixture: A process for dedusting a dust laden vapor gas mixture (VGM) obtained by pyrolysis of a material containing hydrocarbons includes treating the dust laden VGM in a dry electrostatic precipitator at a temperature in a range from 380 to 480° C. so as to separate dust from the VGM. Then,... Agent: Enefit Outotec Technology O&#xdc

20140290481 - Vacuum system for nail salon work station: A system for ridding the working area of a nail salon work station of fumes and nail dust. The system is self-contained within the particular work station and has a vacuum system that draws air in from the area surrounding and proximate the working area to remove the fumes and... Agent:

20140290482 - Composite electrode for electrolytically producing alkaline water, apparatus comprising the same and use of the alkaline water produced: The present invention provides a permanent and cost-effective composite electrode for electrolytically producing alkaline water, comprising an electrode core made of steel, a filler densely packed around the electrode core, said filler capable of creating a mildly aqueous and alkaline environment to motivate formation of a layer of magnetite over... Agent: Ecospec Global Technology Pte Ltd

20140290483 - Method for eliminating acidic compounds from a gaseous effluent using an absorbent solution made from dihydroxyalkylamines having a severe steric encumbrance of the nitrogen atom: The method for eliminating acidic compounds contained in a gaseous effluent consists of placing into contact, in column C1, a gaseous effluent 1 with an absorbent solution 4 comprising an aqueous solution of one or a plurality of dihydroxyalkylamines having one of the formulas (I) and (II).... Agent:

20140290484 - System and method for treating a saline feed stream to an electro-chlorination unit: A system to reduce scaling within or downstream of an electrolytic cell includes sulfate removal membranes located upstream of one or more electrolytic cells which are arranged to receive a permeate feed stream from the sulfate removal membranes. The membranes can be nanofiltration membranes. The saline feed stream, permeate feed... Agent: Cameron Solutions, Inc.

20140290485 - Configurations and methods for gas-liquid separators: Contemplated gas-liquid separators and especially subsea gas-liquid separators have a main pipe with a plurality of descending branch pipes that are fluidly coupled to the main pipe and each other such as to allow disengagement of the gas into the main pipe while liquid and sand descend into the lower... Agent: Fluor Technologies Corporation

20140290486 - Liquid depth-operated valve assembly for use in a zero gravity environment and method: A liquid depth-operated valve assembly for use in a zero gravity environment includes a Pitot pump disposed within a centrifugal separator configured to separate an air and a liquid from one another. Also included is a Pitot opening disposed at a first radial location relative to a substantially central location... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Space Systems International, Inc.

20140290487 - Device and method for filtering untreated air, beverage bottling and/or beverage container production system and use of at least one pressure differential value measured by means of a pressure at one filter element of filter elements that are connected in: A device for filtering untreated air in an air supply of a clean room of a beverage treatment system, having more than one filter element and a pressure differential measuring assembly, in which the filter elements are connected to the pressure differential measuring assembly for pressure measurement such that a... Agent: Krones Ag

09/25/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140283682 - Filter replacement lifetime prediction: Methods and systems for predicting a filter lifetime include building a filter effectiveness history based on contaminant sensor information associated with a filter; determining a rate of filter consumption with a processor based on the filter effectiveness history; and determining a remaining filter lifetime based on the determined rate of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140283683 - Fluid separation apparatus and method of selectively separating mixed fluid: A fluid separation apparatus is described, including a casing and a separation module. The casing includes a mixed fluid inlet, a separated fluid outlet through which a selectively separated fluid is discharged, and a residual fluid outlet. The separation module has a set of serially arranged separation elements disposed therein... Agent: Jgc Corporation

20140283684 - Method and apparatus for treating fluids to reduce microbubbles: Versions of the invention include methods for reducing microbubbles in liquids treated by heat or mass exchange devices. The exchange devices may be conditioned by having gases in crevices and surfaces displaced by a liquid. The methods can be used to prepare liquids with reduced numbers of microbubbles.... Agent: Entegris, Inc.

20140283685 - Gas separation membrane: A membrane suitable for separating a gas from a gas mixture comprising a non cross-linked PVAm having a molecular weight of at least Mw 100,000 carried on a support wherein after casting onto the support, said PVAm has been heated to a temperature in the range 50 to 150° C.,... Agent:

20140283686 - Vane electrostatic precipitator: Methods using vane electrostatic precipitators collect charged and uncharged particles with vane assemblies that are physically arranged to reduce the air flow rate to at or below 1.0 ft/sec (0.305 m/sec). In preferred embodiments, the main entrained air is divided into smaller proportions by using a plurality of vane assemblies... Agent:

20140283687 - Process and device for improving the capture of so2 in electrolytic cell gases: A method and device for capturing SO2 present in gases originating from cells for the industrial production of aluminum by igneous electrolysis, implemented over a group of at least two reactors passed through in parallel by a gas stream and supplied with a powdered sorption agent capable of adsorbing effluents... Agent:

20140283688 - Self cleaning gas-liquid separator for serial or parallel collection of liquid fractions: An apparatus, process, and system are disclosed that effectively provide separation of a combined gas/liquid flow stream into its separated gas and liquid factions. The invention is primarily directed to the fields of preparative supercritical fluid chromatography [SFC] and supercritical fluid extraction [SFE], but will have other utilization and applicability... Agent:

20140283689 - Method and device for the decantation of oil contained in a gas stream: In this process, a gas stream containing the oil to be separated is circulated between an inlet zone and an outlet zone, and a calm vacuum zone is created where the oil is recovered and evacuated, after having been captured. According to the invention, the gas stream is passed in... Agent: Mgi Coutier

09/18/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
09/11/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140251127 - Method and device for influencing the smell which comes from shaft openings of underground sewers: Said spraying device comprises a pressure vessel (3) containing water and a nozzle (4) having one or more fine openings through which water can escape from the pressure vessel (3), the pressure vessel (3) being subject to a hydrostatic pressure which is by at least 2 bars greater than the... Agent:

20140251128 - Process for obtaining highly pure methane from biogas, and plant for carrying out the process: A process and a plant for obtaining highly pure methane from biogas where biogas coming from a fermenter is compressed and fed to at least one membrane unit having a selectively permeable membrane, which provides a product gas stream containing an elevated proportion of methane and a gas stream containing... Agent: Eisenmann Ag

20140251129 - Automatic coalescer replacement system and method: An inlet air treatment system and method comprises a used coalescer having intake air passing therethrough and an unused coalescer not having intake air passing therethrough. A mechanism automatically adjusts the inlet air treatment system such that the used coalescer is no longer in the airflow and the unused coalescer... Agent: Bha Altair, LLC

20140251130 - Product gas concentrator and method associated therewith: Various equipment and methods associated with providing a concentrated product gas are provided. In one embodiment, the equipment includes an input device first and second sieve tanks, a variable restrictor, and a controller. In one embodiment, the method includes: a) selecting a desired output setting for the concentrated product gas... Agent: Invacare Corporation

20140251131 - Palladium-alloyed membranes and methods of making and using the same: This disclosure relates to palladium-alloyed membranes, and more specifically to palladium-alloyed membranes for high temperature applications and to methods for making and using the same.... Agent:

20140251132 - Process and apparatus for winning oil from a vapor gas mixture: A process for winning oil from a vapor gas mixture (VGM) containing a plurality of oil fractions obtained by the pyrolysis of a hydrocarbon containing material includes dedusting and cooling the VGM. The dedusted and cooled VGM are fractionated in at least two electrostatic precipitator stages at respective temperatures corresponding... Agent: Enefit Outotec Technology O&#xdc

20140251133 - Machine tool mounted mist collector with filter clamp: A system for removing cooling liquid from a mist. The system includes an intake, where the intake is configured to receive the cooling mist and a baffle filter including a plurality of overlapping and offset layers of baffles, the baffle filter configured to collect and output cooling liquid from the... Agent: Industrial Tool & Die Co., Inc.

20140251134 - Superadsorbent material system for improved filtration applications: The present invention involves the use of nanoporous carbons derived from partially or fully demetalized metal carbides in personal protection equipment for the irreversible absorption/adsorption of both broad and specific targeted gases. These materials have been specifically processed to provide enhanced effective loadings against specific harmful volatile organic compounds.... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

20140251135 - Carbon dioxide adsorbent including zeolite and methods for preparing the same: A carbon dioxide adsorbent may include a chabazite zeolite containing an alkali metal ion or an alkaline earth metal ion. The chabazite zeolite may have a Si/Al mole ratio of about 1 to about 9.9. The carbon dioxide adsorbent may be included in a carbon dioxide capture module. The carbon... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140251136 - Carbon dioxide capture systems: Disclosed is a carbon dioxide capture system which includes a first carbon dioxide adsorption/desorption section including a first carbon dioxide adsorption section, a first carbon dioxide desorption section connected to the first carbon dioxide adsorption section, and a first carbon dioxide adsorbent circulating through the first carbon dioxide adsorption section... Agent: Korea Research Institute Of Chemical Technology

20140251137 - Method of mass transfer and mass transfer apparatus for a small liquid load: A method of mass transfer includes the steps of: supplying a first fluid and a second fluid into a mass transfer apparatus, wherein the mass transfer apparatus includes a vessel which has a head region, a base region and a mass transfer region, wherein the first fluid is brought into... Agent: Sulzer Chemtech Ag

20140251138 - Method for carrying out a mass-transfer process in a column: m

20140251139 - Method for processing wastewater and exhaust gas condensates from the polymerization of vinyl acetate and ethylene in an aqueous medium: A method for processing wastewater and exhaust gas condensates from the polymerization of vinyl acetate and ethylene and optionally other comonomers in an aqueous medium by suspension or emulsion polymerization employs relieving pressure after completion of the polymerization of the polymerization batch and discharging the polymer dispersion. During the relieving,... Agent: Wacker Chemie Ag

20140251140 - Methods to reduce gas carry-under for cyclonic separators: A system and process for an improvement to a gas-liquid cylindrical cyclone (“GLCC”) separator to reduce gas carry-under to the liquid outlet of the separator is described. The means for reducing gas carry-under is arranged within the interior space of the separator and below the inclined inlet of the separator... Agent: Cameron Solutions, Inc.

20140251141 - Device and method for removing gas from a mixture of biomaterials: A device and method for removing gas from a mixture of biomaterials includes a vacuum pump movably positioned within a cavity of a syringe at least partially defining a vacuum chamber. The vacuum pump has a pump body with proximal and distal portions, a stopper connected to the distal portion,... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20140251142 - Gas-liquid separation method and separator therefor: Methods and separator suitable for separating a gas from a liquid within a gas-liquid mixture. The separator includes a tank having a sidewall and oppositely-disposed endwalls that enclose an interior of the tank. An inlet to the tank directs a gas-liquid mixture against the sidewall of the tank within a... Agent: Vanair Manufacturing, Inc.

20140251143 - Filtration system for a gas turbine air intake and methods: A gas turbine air filter system includes a housing having an interior, an inlet arrangement, and an outlet hood having an outlet arrangement. The inlet arrangement defines an inlet flow face for taking in unfiltered air. The outlet arrangement defines an outlet flow face for exiting filtered air. The inlet... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

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