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Gas separation: processes

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12/18/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140366719 - Air quality controlled air filtering system: The present invention provides an air filtering system and method that continuously monitors and samples the air to measure the amount or concentration of suspended particulate matter in an area. Based on the information collected the air filtering system determines the need for and the amount and volume of air... Agent:

20140366720 - Method and system for removing carbon dioxide from flue gases: A method and system for removing carbon dioxide from flue gas emitted by a fossil fuel operated power plant. In the method and system, carbon dioxide is removed from the flue gas by an absorption process using a scrubbing liquid. The charged scrubbing liquid is regenerated in a desorption process.... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Gmbh

20140366721 - Self-regulating filtration system for weld smoke: A process and system for ventilation of welding smoke including an air passage configured to receive smoke from a welding environment, wherein said air passage has an inlet and an outlet and said inlet is positioned adjacent to said welding environment. The system also includes a filter coupled to the... Agent:

20140366722 - Particulate filter overheat protection: A thermal fuse is installed in the exhaust flow path in or from a diesel particulate filter (DPF) of a combustion engine. At a temperature corresponding to overheating, or imminent overheating, of the DPF, the thermal fuse is activated to generate a signal initiating steps to avoid overheating of the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140366723 - Method and a device for liquid treatment when compressing a well flow: A device for separating liquid from gas in a well flow when compressing the well flow comprises a liquid separator (1′) having an inlet (13) for the well flow, an outlet (5) for gas and an outlet (4) for liquid. According to the invention separated liquid from the liquid separator... Agent:

20140366724 - Membrane loop process for separating carbon dioxide for use in gaseous form from flue gas: The invention is a process involving membrane-based gas separation for separating and recovering carbon dioxide emissions from combustion processes in partially concentrated form, and then transporting the carbon dioxide and using or storing it in a confined manner without concentrating it to high purity. The process of the invention involves... Agent: Membrane Technology And Research, Inc.

20140366725 - Thermally integrated adsorption-desorption systems and methods: High volumetric-efficiency thermally integrated systems for capturing a target gas from a process gas stream include a monolithic body and a distribution system. The monolithic body includes a first plurality of channels and a second plurality of channels each having sorbent surfaces that reversibly adsorb the target gas. The channels... Agent:

20140366726 - Regenerative adsorption process for removal of silicon-containing contaminants from process gas using a neutral adsorbent media: A natural gas-containing stream such as biogas from landfills and sewage treatment plants is freed of siloxane contaminants by passing the biogas through a bed containing an adsorbent having a neutral surface, which adsorbs the siloxanes. When the bed of neutral adsorbent is filled to capacity, the adsorbent bed is... Agent: Guild Associates, Inc.

20140366727 - Vent gas absorption system and method for recovery vocs: The present invention relates to a vent gas adsorption system and a method of recovering volatile organic compounds (VOCs), more particularly to a vent gas adsorption system devised to effectively adsorb VOCs included in the vent gas and reduce VOC content of the vent gas, and a method of recovering... Agent:

20140366728 - Process and apparatus for separating metal carbonyls from gas mixtures: The invention relates to a process and an apparatus for separating metal carbonyls from a gas mixture (1) by gas scrubbing with a physically acting scrubbing medium (6), where scrubbing medium (8) loaded with metal carbonyls in the scrub (W) is regenerated and is subsequently reused for separating off metal... Agent: Linde Aktiengesellschaft

20140366729 - Method for recovering ethylene during the process for producing vac and a device thereof: The present invention discloses a method and a device for recovering ethylene during the process for producing vinyl acetate, wherein a double solvent absorption method composed of an absorbent solution and deionized water is adopted. The method is as follows: introducing an outlet stream as an absorbent solution from the... Agent: Tianjin University

20140366730 - Methods for vacuum evacuation of waste foam/gas from an electrocoagulation unit during effluent treatment: Apparatus and method are disclosed for integrated waste foam/gas evacuation from an electrocoagulation unit. The electrocoagulation unit has a primary electrocoagulation reaction chamber with processing electrodes maintained therein. A flotation chamber is integrated above the reaction chamber and a vacuum hood is affixed over the flotation chamber. A vacuum nozzle... Agent: Rockwater Resource, LLC

20140366731 - Method and device for degassing liquid sulpher: Embodiments of the invention include a method for degassing liquid sulphur in a container, a first area of the container being flooded with liquid sulphur and a second area of the container being flooded with a gas, and a gas flow being injected into the first area, wherein liquid sulphur... Agent:

20140366732 - Filter media and elements: Fibrous filter medium that includes a melt-blown filter layer comprising melt-blown fibers and a high-efficiency glass-containing filter layer comprising glass fibers.... Agent:

12/11/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140360361 - Method and a device for separating a multiphasic liquid: A cyclone type liquid/gas or liquid/liquid separator having separation properties that are stabilized, even when the flow rate and the proportions of the liquid phases for separation vary, by means of a platform situated in the low portion of a cylindrical separation chamber that is fed at its top end... Agent:

20140360362 - Method and systems for particle separation in an exhaust gas recirculation system: Various methods and systems are provided for separating particles within a gas flow traveling through a gas flow passage of an engine. In one embodiment, a particle separator includes a plurality of vanes positioned across a gas flow passage through which gas flow passes, the plurality of vanes angled with... Agent:

20140360363 - Air purification system and method using an ultrasonic wave: An air purification system comprises a chamber having an air inlet and an air outlet, a plurality of flexible wires hanging from a ceiling of the chamber, a spray mechanism configured to spray droplets in the chamber, and a sound wave generator configured to generate a standing sound wave in... Agent:

20140360364 - Heat of compression dryer system: A gas compressing system includes a compressor that provides a flow of compressed gas, a first desiccant tower, and a second desiccant tower separate from the first tower. The system also includes a first separator, a second separator separate from the first separator, an outlet, a first set and second... Agent:

20140360366 - Azide crosslinked and physically crosslinked polymers for membrane separation: The present invention appreciates that compounds comprising ester linkages and nitrogen-containing moieties that are at least divalent (e.g., urea, urethane, amide, etc.) can be crosslinked with azides to form membranes that are resistant to C02 plasticization, that are selective for acid gases relative to nonpolar gases such as hydrocarbons, and... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140360367 - Organopolysiloxanes including silicon-bonded trialkylsilyl-substituted organic groups: This invention relates to organopolysiloxane compounds. In some embodiments, the organopolysiloxane compound includes a siloxane unit having at least one trialkylsilyl pendant group attached thereto through an organic group spacer. The present invention also relates to methods of making the organopolysiloxane, a hydrosilylation-curable silicone composition including the organopolysiloxane, a cured... Agent:

20140360365 - Parallel feed gas separation membrane element assembly: A gas-separation membrane module assembly and a gas-separation process using the assembly. The assembly includes sets of manifolds, between which are mounted arrays of membrane modules, the manifolds and membrane modules forming a stack within a pressure vessel or housing. The stacked, manifolded arrangement enables many membrane elements to be... Agent: Membrane Technology And Research, Inc

20140360368 - Method and device for separating hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen production system using the same: The system includes adsorbent-packed towers 11 and 21 filled with H2S adsorbent which triethanolamine is supported by activated carbon. Mixed gas derived from a synthesis gas containing CO2 and H2S at about 40° C. is supplied to the adsorbent-packed towers 11 and 21 through a line. Valves 12 and 13... Agent:

20140360369 - Process for the asborption of co2 from a gas mixture with an absorption medium comprising amines: e

20140360370 - Moisture separation system for high efficiency filtration: An air treatment system and method that uses inertial moisture separators in two stages for removing moisture present in intake air entering the air treatment system, thereby increasing the effectiveness and lifespan of high efficiency filters that otherwise may become clogged by accumulating moisture.... Agent: Bha Altair, LLC

20140360371 - Portable dust collector: A portable dust collector comprises a rectangular box-shaped housing containing a rectangular box shaped filter chamber having a dust collection volume in a lower portion thereof and providing plenums for operative gas circulation in a compact environment. The filter chamber shares a portion of the floor with the housing and... Agent:

12/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140352529 - Deaeration apparatus and method: The present invention provides an apparatus (1) for deaerating a feed fluid, the apparatus comprising a chamber (3) for separating said feed fluid into a first component (11) substantially comprising froth or gas and a second component (12) substantially comprising deaerated liquid or sludge; an opening (6) for fluid flow... Agent:

20140352530 - Method of controlling a gas cleaning system by measuring a parameter of an absorbent material: A gas cleaning system for removing gaseous pollutants from a hot process gas comprises a vessel for bringing the hot process gas into contact with an absorbent material, and a separating device for separating at least a portion of the absorbent material from the hot process gas to form a... Agent:

20140352531 - Methods of preparing an impurity-depleted hydrogen stream, methods of analyzing content of an impurity-depleted hydrogen stream, and pressure swing adsorption apparatuses: Methods of preparing an impurity-depleted hydrogen stream, methods of analyzing content of an impurity-depleted hydrogen stream from a pressure swing adsorption process, and pressure swing adsorption apparatuses are provided herein. In an embodiment, a method of analyzing content of an impurity-depleted hydrogen stream from a pressure swing adsorption process includes... Agent: Uop LLC

20140352532 - Continuously stirred tank reactor absorber and flash tank stripper system: The invention relates to a process for separation or purification of gaseous streams by removal of acid gases using a liquid amine solution. The process involves the steps of—contacting the gaseous stream with liquid lean amine solution in at least one continuous flow stirred-tank reactor (10; 10a, 10b; 10c); —removing... Agent: Statoil Petroleum As

20140352534 - Gas separation composite membrane, method of producing the same, gas separating module using the same, and gas separation apparatus and gas separation method: A gas separation composite membrane, containing: a gas-permeable supporting layer; and a gas separating layer containing a crosslinked polyimide resin, over the gas-permeable supporting layer, in which the crosslinked polyimide resin is composed of a polyimide compound having been crosslinked through an ester linking group, in which the polyimide compound... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140352533 - Seeded-gel synthesis of high flux and high selectivity sapo-34 membranes for co2/ch4 separations: The invention provides methods for making silicoaluminophosphate-34 (SAPO-34) membranes comprising interlocking SAPO-34 crystals. In the methods of the invention, the SAPO-34 membranes are formed through in situ crystallization on a porous support using a synthesis mixture initially including a SAPO-34 forming gel and a plurality of SAPO-34 crystals dispersed in... Agent:

20140352535 - Electronic fine dust separator: A method and to a device for the electrostatic separation of fine dust particles from gases that flow through a housing (1) containing perforated plates (6) and electrodes (4, 5). An electric field is created between the electrode (4) on the inflow opening side and the electrode or electrodes (5)... Agent:

20140352536 - Water adsorption device: The present invention relates to a device for adsorbing water from gas using water adsorption material and a method of adsorbing water from gas.... Agent: Airwatergreen Ab

20140352537 - Air purification system for a vehicle: A method for purifying air in the cabin of a vehicle, including filtering the air through a filter system, wherein the vehicle includes an air conditioning circuit containing a fluorinated refrigerant compound, and the filter system includes a filtering material which is adapted for removing hydrogen fluoride from a gas... Agent: Arkema France

20140352538 - Spherical separation device and method for separation: The present invention relates to an apparatus for separation of high volume flows of mixtures provided with at least two immiscible phases, especially for the first separation steps of flows of water/oil/gas/sand mixture that enter the apparatus as a wellstream mixture. The invention also relates to a method for separation... Agent: Advanced Technologies & Innovations B. V.

20140352539 - Oil mist separator for a crankcase ventilation for separating particles and corresponding method: Oil mist separator (1) for a crankcase ventilation for separating particles (2) from a fluid (3) guided from a first fluid line (14) to a deflector body device (20), with a device (10) for actively accelerating the fluid (3) in the first fluid line (14).... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

11/27/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140345456 - Gas separation composite membrane and method of producing the same, and gas separating module, gas separation apparatus and gas separation method using the same: A gas separation composite membrane, containing a gas-permeable supporting layer and a gas separating layer containing a crosslinked organic-inorganic hybrid resin over the gas-permeable supporting layer, in which the crosslinked organic-inorganic hybrid resin has a structure in which a polymer incorporating therein an oxanthrene unit, or a polyimide compound has... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140345457 - Method for separating gases: The invention relates to a special apparatus, in particular linkage of gas separation membrane modules, and a special method for separating gas mixtures containing helium.... Agent: Evonik Fibres Gmbh

20140345458 - Reducing nitrosamine content of amine compositions: The present invention provides strategies for reducing the nitrosamine content of amine compositions that are contaminated with one or more nitrosamines. The present invention is based apart upon the appreciation that irradiating contaminated amine compositions with a suitable fluence of electromagnetic energy, such as ultraviolet energy, is able to selectively... Agent:

20140345459 - Removal device: The present invention relates to a removal device for removing gas bubbles and/or dirt particles from a liquid in a liquid conduit system or for removing a second liquid from a first liquid in the conduit system. The removal device includes a main channel for a main flow, the main... Agent:

20140345460 - Contact and separation column and tray: A contact and separation column (1) encasing a stack of one or more contact and separation cells (3). Each cell comprises: —a tray (4) with gas flow openings (6) opening into contact and separation units (7); —a downcomer (16) defining a liquid discharge; and —a liquid supply (17). Each contact... Agent:

20140345461 - Filter units, filtration methods, and filtration systems: A filter unit, system and method for removing grease, oil and other particulates from air. The filter unit includes a housing having upstream and downstream walls and a cavity therebetween. The upstream wall has an entrance opening aligned with a downstream wall portion, and the downstream wall has first and... Agent:

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