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Gas separation: processes

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08/07/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140216249 - Cyclic adsorption process using pulsation controlled compressors: The present invention relates generally to a cyclic adsorption process for separating components of a gas stream with at least one adsorber vessel containing at least one adsorber bed undergoing the steps of at least pressurization and depressurization such that the steps are driven by at least one compressor, the... Agent:

20140216250 - Degassing module for a controlled compliant flow path: A degassing module for removal of air and other gases during operation of a medical therapy device that delivers any one of hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration and hemofiltration. The degassing module has a flow-through first chamber that has a hydrophobic vent membrane that has an exterior and interior side forming a portion... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140216251 - Air-conditioner and controlling method thereof: Provided are an air-conditioner and a controlling method thereof. The air-conditioner includes a blower fan forcibly generating a flow of air, a filter disposed on a flow path of the air that forcibly flows by the blower fan, and a vibration actuator disposed on a side of the filter. The... Agent:

20140216252 - Arrangement for removing carbon dioxide from an extracorporeal flow of blood by means of inert gases: The invention relates to an arrangement (10, 100, 200) for removing carbon dioxide from an extracorporeal flow of blood. The arrangement (10, 100, 200) comprises a filter (12) which has a membrane (16) that separates a blood region (14) from a gas region (18). The extracorporeal flow of blood is... Agent: Maquet Vertrieb Und Service Deutschland Gmbh

20140216253 - Co2 scrubber: CO2 is extracted from the atmosphere by concentrating atmospheric air to form a first volume of the atmospheric air of increased level of CO2 and a second volume of reduced level of CO2, discharging the second volume back into the atmosphere and injecting the first volume into underground formations. The... Agent: Climate Strategy Inc.

20140216254 - Apparatus and systems having a rotary valve assembly and swing adsorption processes related thereto: Provided are apparatus and systems having a rotary valve assembly integrated with a reciprocating valve assembly to perform swing adsorption processes. The rotary valve assembly is utilized with the reciprocating valve assembly to manage the flow of streams through the system in an enhanced manner.... Agent:

20140216255 - Phased energy accumulation by keeping production from otherwise wasted energy resources: Systems and methods are described for maximizing energy available for sale from a power plant during a peak demand period. An acid gas removal unit can include a lean solvent storage tank, a rich solvent storage tank, a stripper, and an acid gas compressor, which are fluidly coupled to an... Agent:

20140216256 - Desanding apparatus and a method of using same: A desanding system has an elongated vessel that is tilted at a non-zero inclination angle. The vessel has an upper end that tilts downwardly towards a distal end and has a diverging bounding wall so as to define a top wall having a first inclination angle and a bottom wall... Agent: Specialized Desanders Inc.

20140216257 - Air contaminant filtration system for a cabin: An air contaminant filtration system (10) for a cabin (12) comprising an external air drawing system (14) for drawing air from an atmosphere surrounding the cabin (12), an internal air extraction system (16) for drawing air from an atmosphere within the cabin (12), a main filtration system (18), and a... Agent:

07/31/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140202329 - Enhanced fly ash collection: A process of enhancing fly ash collection without adding SO3 to a flue gas can include providing a flue gas that includes fly ash and combustion gases from a coal fired boiler; injecting into the flue gas a particulate resistivity aid; and then collecting the fly ash and particulate resistivity... Agent: Novinda Corporation

20140202330 - Modular, high-throughput air treatment system: Air treatment modules, systems and methods for removing contaminants from indoor air are provided. Device embodiments may include one or more air inlets, one or more air outlets and a plurality of inserts which each include at least one adsorbent material. The inserts may be arranged separate from each other... Agent: Enverid Systems, Inc.

20140202331 - Bubble removal method and bubble removal device: A bubble removal method removes a bubble from liquid whose viscosity is reduced when shear occurs. A vessel whose volumetric capacity is variable is used. The interior of the vessel is depressurized and pressurized by increasing and decreasing the volumetric capacity of the vessel from a plurality of locations. As... Agent: Nagoya Institute Of Technology

20140202332 - Method and device for precipitating overspray and installation provided therewith: A method for precipitating overspray from the overspray-laden booth exhaust air of coating installations, in particular from painting installations, the overspray is carried by an air stream to a precipitation device, where a majority at least of the solid material is precipitated from the overspray. The overspray-laden booth exhaust air... Agent: Eisenmann Ag

20140202333 - Three-phase separation system for drilling fluids and drill cuttings: Systems and methods to improve the separation of drill cuttings from drilling fluids using cyclone devices are described. Specifically, a system for separating three phases of a gas/liquid/solid mixture is described. The system includes a cyclone for separating the gas/liquid/solid mixture into a solids component and a gas/liquid mixture; a... Agent: Fp Marangoni Inc.

07/17/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140196604 - Method and device for purging bubbles in the pipeline of substrate coater and corresponding substrate coater: The present invention provides a method for purging bubbles in the pipeline of a substrate coater, which at least comprises: activating an injection pump for a first time, the injection pump injecting a photoresist into the pipeline of the substrate coater from a storage container; driving the photoresist to flow... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140196605 - Dual-stage cyclonic air separator: A dual-stage cyclonic separator is provided for separating debris from air in a bagless surface cleaning apparatus, along with a bagless surface cleaning apparatus incorporating such a cyclonic separator. A debris collection device used with a bagless surface cleaning apparatus is also provided, along with a method of separating debris... Agent: Techtronic Floor Care Technology Limited

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