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Gas separation: processes

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01/22/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150020682 - Process and apparatus for treatment of volatile organic compounds: A process and apparatus for treatment of volatile organic compounds and the process comprises an untreated airflow dew point temperature sensing step of sensing a dew point temperature of the untreated airflow as a reference temperature, a humidification and condensation processing step of spraying water mist all over the exhaust... Agent:

20150020683 - Method and apparatus for extracting carbon dioxide from air: A method and apparatus for extracting CO2 from air comprising an anion exchange material formed in a matrix exposed to a flow of the air, and for delivering that extracted CO2 to controlled environments. The present invention contemplates the extraction of CO2 from air using conventional extraction methods or by... Agent: Kilimanjaro Energy, Inc.

20150020684 - Open top liquid/gas cyclone separator tube and process for same: Open top liquid/gas cyclone separator tube with a dual purpose single separator tube with both liquid and gas separation zones, an open top discharge vent to provide a for humid air to be discharged into the atmosphere, a means to prevent splashing out the open top of the separator tube,... Agent:

01/15/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150013536 - Gas removal system for offshore and onshore oil and liquid product pipelines: Provided herein are methods and devices for removing gas from pipelines, including offshore and/or onshore pipelines at pipeline locations where gases have a tendency to accumulate. In an aspect the pipeline contains a hydrocarbon-containing liquid containing undissolved and/or non-condensable gases which tend to form corrosive gases that adversely affect pipeline... Agent:

20150013537 - Microencapsulated immobilized liquid membrane for carbon dioxide capture and associated methods: A method for manufacturing an immobilized liquid membrane using a water solution and a hexane solution is provided. The method may include producing a plurality of particles having a distribution of sizes from the water solution, covering the plurality of particles in the hexane solution, creating a plurality of microcapsules... Agent: Triext, LLC

20150013538 - Electric dust collector apparatus in electrostatic precipitator system and method for electrostatic precipitation thereby: Disclosed are an electric dust collector apparatus in an electrostatic precipitator system and a method for electrostatic precipitation thereby. The electric dust collector apparatus includes a flow liquid dust collector part collecting charged dust in a liquid flowing to its one side surface, and a counter unit located opposite to... Agent:

20150013539 - Offshore processing method and system: A method for removal of a compound from a crude hydrocarbon gas stream to be obtained from a sub-sea well is disclosed. The method comprises bringing the crude hydrocarbon gas stream in contact with a treatment solution comprising an absorbent at least partly selective to the compound to be removed,... Agent:

20150013540 - System and process for treating an anaerobically-processed liquid: A system for treating an anaerobically-processed liquid, comprising: a solid-liquid separator provided with a filter submerged in the anaerobically-processed liquid; a gas-liquid separator retaining a filtrate passed through the filter, and having a gas-phase part which contains a gas and is positioned over the filtrate; a filtrate-flow passage connected to... Agent:

01/08/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150007719 - Method for treating impurities contained in exhaust gases of ships, ship with exhaust gas scrubber, and purification unit: Method for treating impurities contained in exhaust gases of ships to reduce sulphur oxide and other emissions. In order for the method to purify wash water exiting from an exhaust gas scrubber sufficiently enough to be directly dischargeable to sea, and in order for a purification unit used to be... Agent: Oy Langh Tech Ab

20150007720 - Coalescing media cleaning system and method: A filter assembly and method of operating the filter assembly includes a hinge attached to a first end of a filter while a lifting mechanism is attached to a second end of the filter. The lifting mechanism lifts and releases the second end of the filter causing an impact such... Agent: Bha Altair, LLC

20150007721 - Hydrophobic or oleophobic microporous polymer membrane with structurally induced beading effect: The present invention relates to a hydrophobic or oleophobic microporous polymer membrane having a structurally induced drip-off effect, to methods for producing the membrane according to the invention, to the use of the membrane in the sterile filtration of gaseous fluids, and to the use of the membrane as a... Agent: Sartorius Stedim Biotech Gmbh

20150007722 - Adsorber with horizontal axial bed and clearing system of packing: Installation for treating a fluid comprising, in a section of a horizontal shell ring (1) a first particulate material filling a volume (V2), a deflector comprising 2 volumes V3 delimited by the internal shell of the shell ring and on the other hand by lower surfaces S3a and S3b making... Agent:

20150007723 - Adsorption bed structure and process: An adsorbent bed structure and process is disclosed for use in an adsorption based gas separation process. A conventional adsorbent bed in a gas separation process is replaced with a one or more modular compact adsorbent bed units which are connected to make an adsorbent bed structure. The modular design... Agent:

20150007724 - Nitrogen-enriched gas manufacturing method, gas separation method and nitrogen-enriched gas manufacturing apparatus: A nitrogen-enriched gas manufacturing method and a nitrogen-enriched gas manufacturing apparatus which minimize variations in the compressor load in order to ensure satisfactory utilization of the performance of the compressor. Specifically, a nitrogen-enriched gas manufacturing method for separating a nitrogen-enriched gas from a raw material air containing nitrogen gas using... Agent: Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation

20150007725 - Rotary moving bed for co2 separation and use of same: A rotary moving bed and process for separating a carbon dioxide from a gas stream is disclosed. The rotary moving bed can have a rotational assembly rotating on a vertical axis, and a plurality of sorbent cells positioned horizontally to the axis of rotation that fills a vertical space in... Agent:

20150007727 - Carbon dioxide separation using adsorption with steam regeneration: A process for separating a carbon dioxide from a gas stream is disclosed. The process can include passing the gas stream over a sorbent that adsorbs the carbon dioxide by concentration swing adsorption and adsorptive displacement. The sorbent can be regenerated and the carbon dioxide recaptured by desorbing the carbon... Agent:

20150007726 - Simulated moving bed system for co2 separation, and method of same: A system and method for separating and/or purification of CO2 gas from a CO2 feed stream is described. The system and method include a plurality of fixed sorbent beds, adsorption zones and desorption zones, where the sorbent beds are connected via valve and lines to create a simulated moving bed... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20150007728 - Aqueous solution which efficiently absorbs and recovers carbon dioxide in exhaust gas, and method for recovering carbon dioxide using same: s

01/01/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150000517 - Solution treatment apparatus and solution treatment method: A solution treatment apparatus connected to a supply nozzle that supplies a treatment solution to a substrate, includes: a supply pipeline connecting a treatment solution storage container and the supply nozzle; a filter apparatus provided in the supply pipeline; a pump on a secondary side of the filter apparatus; a... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150000518 - Network enabled replacement air filter with pleated filter media advance: The invention is directed to a direct replacement filter within an air flow channel having a housing with an at least one exposure slot. An at least one filter media storage area is within the housing having unexposed filter media stored therein. The unexposed filter media being pleated, folded, and... Agent:

20150000519 - High hydrocarbon resistant chemically cross-linked aromatic polyimide membrane for separations: This invention relates to high hydrocarbon resistant chemically cross-linked aromatic polyimide polymers, membranes and methods for making and using these polymers and membranes. The high hydrocarbon resistant chemically cross-linked aromatic polyimide membrane described in the present invention comprises a plurality of repeating units of a first aromatic polyimide comprising hydroxyl... Agent:

20150000521 - Cover with gas permeable layer: A holding tank cover includes a gas permeable insulating membrane and a gas impermeable cover layer sized to overlay and conceal the gas permeable membrane. Together, the gas permeable membrane and the gas impermeable cover layer facilitate a controlled transmission of gas between an interior of the holding tank and... Agent:

20150000520 - Fluid degassing module with helical membrane: A degassing module is adapted for degassing a liquidous fluid at relatively high throughput flow rates. The degassing module includes a tubular separation membrane that is helically wound within an interior chamber of a degassing module housing. The helically wound tubular separation membrane is disposed in an axial flow gap... Agent:

20150000522 - High free volume siloxane compositions useful as membranes: The present invention relates to hydrosilylation-curable silicone compositions that include an alkenyl-functional trialkylsilane compound. The present invention relates to a membrane including a cured product of the hydrosilylation-curable silicone composition. The present invention also relates to a method of making the membrane, and a method of separating components in a... Agent:

20150000523 - Aircraft fuel tank flammability reduction methods and systems: An aircraft fuel tank flammability reduction method includes feeding pressurized air into an air separation module containing an oxygen separation membrane. The method includes contacting the separation membrane with the air feed, permeating oxygen from the air feed through the separation membrane, and producing nitrogen-enriched air from the air separation... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150000524 - Vapor-liquid contacting apparatuses and methods for removing contaminants from gas streams: Vapor-liquid contacting apparatuses and methods for removing contaminants from gas streams are provided. In an embodiment, a vapor-liquid contacting apparatus includes a vortex contacting stage having a contacting zone bound by a wall and defining an axis, a radially inner region surrounding the axis, and a radially outer region adjacent... Agent:

20150000525 - Apparatuses and methods for removing acid gas from sour gas: Embodiments of apparatuses and methods for removing acid gas from sour gas are provided. In one example, an apparatus comprises an absorption zone. The absorption zone is configured for contacting the sour gas with an absorbent solvent that is at a first predetermined temperature of less than about 0° C.... Agent:

20150000526 - Exhaust substance removal: In one implementation, a substance removal apparatus may include a collection unit and a removal unit. The collection unit may have a structure forming a channel and an inlet to receive an exhaust from a print system. The removal unit may separate a substance from the exhaust and transfer heat... Agent:

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