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Gas separation: processes

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11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331857 - On board inert gas generation system: An on board inert gas generation system for an aircraft receives air from a relatively low pressure source such as low pressure engine bleed air or ram air and passes it to a positive displacement compressor to increase the pressure thereof to be suitable for supply to an air separation... Agent: Eaton Limited

20140331858 - Method for controlling regeneration of diesel particulate filter in construction machinery: The present disclosure relates to a method for controlling regeneration of diesel particulate filter in construction machinery. The regeneration controlling method for the diesel particulate filter of construction machinery according to the present disclosure includes: a first active generation operation of actively regenerating a diesel particulate filter (DPF) according to... Agent:

20140331859 - Method of filtering air: A method for filtering air of about 1 to about 10 microns particles at a greater than 40% filtering efficiency is provided. The method includes providing an air filtering device comprising a base, a fan functionally attached to the base, an air filter releasably attached to the base, and a... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140331860 - Ceramic separation membrane and dehydration method: There is disclosed a ceramic separation membrane. This ceramic separation membrane includes a porous substrate, and a separation layer formed on the substrate. The separation layer is a laminate having an outermost layer positioned on the most surface side, and a base layer positioned in a lower layer than the... Agent:

20140331861 - Mass spectrometer vacuum interface method and apparatus: A method of preparing or operating a mass spectrometer vacuum interface comprising a skimmer apparatus having a skimmer aperture and an internal surface of the skimmer apparatus, comprising disposing an adsorbent or getter material on the internal surface. The internal surface has a deposition region where matter from plasma flows... Agent: Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

20140331862 - Separating impurities from a gas stream using a vertically oriented co-current contacting system: A vertically oriented co-current contacting system and methods for separating impurities from a gas stream including a vertically oriented co-current contactor (VOCC) located in-line within a pipe, a vertically oriented mixer (VOM) including an annular support ring configured to maintain the VOM within the pipe, a number of radial blades... Agent:

11/06/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140326133 - Climate control system having multiple adsorbers and a method of control: A climate control system and a method of control. The climate control system may have first and second adsorbers and a door that controls airflow through the first and second adsorbers. The first adsorber adsorbs moisture from the airflow and the second adsorber desorbs moisture when the door is in... Agent:

20140326134 - End of service life indicating systems for layered filter cartridges: Layered filtered cartridge systems with an End of Service Life Indicating system include a filter cartridge that includes filter media. The filter media includes a multi-layer construction, of a first sorbent layer, a second sorbent layer, and a sensing element adjacent to the first and second sorbent layers such that... Agent:

20140326135 - On board inert gas generation system: An on board inert gas generation system for an aircraft receives air from a relatively low pressure source such as low pressure engine bleed air or ram air and passes it to a positive displacement compressor to increase the pressure thereof to be suitable for supply to an air separation... Agent: Eaton Limited

20140326136 - Temperature swing adsorption systems and methods for purifying fluids using the same: A temperature swing adsorption system includes a first adsorption bed configured to receive a feed stream and adsorb a contaminant from the feed stream to produce a product stream, a second adsorption bed configured to receive a portion of the product stream and a cooling stream to reduce a temperature... Agent:

20140326137 - Negative pressure vapor recovery system: A vapor recovery system includes a product handling circuit and a control circuit. The control circuit maintains a negative pressure in the product handling circuit in order to prevent undesirable fugitive vapor emissions.... Agent: Jordan Technologies, LLC

20140326139 - Method for producing nitrogen gas, method for separating gas and device for producing nitrogen gas: A method for producing nitrogen gas from a raw material gas using a PSA system, the method including using a second adsorbent, which is packed in an auxiliary adsorption tank provided in a line connecting two main adsorption tanks packed with a first adsorbent, to reduce the oxygen concentration within... Agent: Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation

20140326138 - Pressure swing adsorption method: The invention describes a method for enriching at least one component from a gaseous mixture of substances, comprising the steps of (i) contacting a flow of a first gaseous mixture of substances which contains at least one component to be enriched, with a composite material at a first pressure p1... Agent: Clariant Produkte (deutschland) Gmbh

20140326140 - Systems and methods for multi-celled gas processing: Systems and methods for gas processing are described that utilize two or more cells that are fluidly coupled to one another by a common liquid space. Via the common liquid space, each of the cells can be coupled to a fluid outlet. The cells can each include an absorber and/or... Agent: Fluor Technologies Corporation

20140326141 - Process for removing hydrocarbons and noxious gasses from reactors and media-packed equipment: A process for quickly removing hydrocarbon contaminants and noxious gases in a safe and effective manner from catalytic reactors, other media packed process vessels and associated equipment in the vapor phase without using steam. The cleaning agent contains one or more solvents, such as terpenes or other organic solvents. The... Agent:

10/30/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140318368 - Discontinuous regime membrane separation process: P

20140318369 - Dehumidification apparatus, and air conditioning apparatus and air conditioning system having the same: Disclosed are a dehumidification apparatus, and an air conditioning apparatus and system having the same. The dehumidification apparatus includes: a desiccant rotor having a desiccant for adsorbing moisture; and a regeneration unit disposed at one side of the desiccant rotor, for desorbing the moisture adsorbed to the desiccant. The regeneration... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20140318370 - Mixtures of physical absorption solvents and ionic liquids for gas separation: The invention comprises an absorbent composition and process for purification of gaseous mixtures. The composition comprises a mixture of a physical absorption solvent and an ionic liquid. It was found that the mixtures provided improved absorption of a gas component, such as carbon dioxide, when compared physical absorption solvents.... Agent: Uop LLC

20140318371 - Substance detection device utilizing a cyclone particle separator: A substance detection device, including a chemical substance analyzer, including an ion mobility spectrometer (IMS), a desorber, a conduit, and a membrane. The membrane extends across a cross-section of the conduit, and the membrane is positioned to have a desorber side in gas communication with the desorber and an analysis... Agent: Smiths Detection-watford Limited

10/23/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140311339 - Air purification system: An air purification system including a Particle Phase Pollutant (PPP) treatment section (9) having an air inlet (14) and an air outlet (15), a particle removal filter, (11) and a blower (12) to draw air from the air inlet (14) of the PPP treatment section (9) to pass through the... Agent: Akos Advanced Technology Ltd.

20140311340 - Method for processing air: A method and apparatus for processing air. The apparatus comprises an air separation module, a first input, a first output, a second output, and a flow control system. The air separation module is configured to generate an inert gas. The first input for the air separation module is configured to... Agent:

20140311341 - Sorbent compositions, sorbent articles, methods for preparing sorbent articles, and methods for capturing target gases using the sorbent articles: Articles for capturing or separating a target gas from a gas stream may include a porous substrate such as a flexible sheet or mat, or a rigid ceramic monolith impregnated or coated with a sorbent composition. The sorbent composition may include a polyamine and a coexistent polymer chemically bonded to... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140311342 - Method for eliminating acid compounds from a gaseous effluent with an absorbent solution made from bis(amino-3-propyl)ethers: The method of removing acid compounds contained in a gaseous effluent consists in contacting in column C1 a gaseous effluent with an absorbent solution 4 made up of an aqueous solution of one or more diamines belonging to the bis(amino-3-propyl)ether or (amino-2-ethyl)-(amino-3-propyl)ether family.... Agent:

20140311343 - Oil and gas well primary separation device: A primary separation apparatus for separating natural gas from high pressure, high velocity production streams comprising a liquid dispersion of water, sand, natural gas, and isolation plug cuttings.... Agent:

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