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Gas separation: processes

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09/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140238233 - Flame detection system for particulate filter regeneration: A flame detection system is disclosed. The system may have a flame chamber and a filter, wherein the filter includes filter media configured to collect matter from an engine exhaust. Additionally, the filter may be disposed downstream of the flame chamber. An ignition device may be disposed in the flame... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140238234 - Aircraft cabin air entrainment filtration with condensation drain: An aircraft has a ventilation system that employs a plurality of nozzles positioned in a cavity between a sidewall of the aircraft cabin and a section of the aircraft fuselage. The nozzles receive a supply of ventilation air and direct jets of air from the nozzles, through the cavity and... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140238235 - Membrane device and process for mass exchange, separation, and filtration: A membrane device and processes for fabrication and for using are disclosed. The membrane device may include a number of porous metal membranes that provide a high membrane surface area per unit volume. The membrane device provides various operation modes that enhance throughput and selectivity for mass exchange, mass transfer,... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20140238236 - Cogeneration system concept for co2 recovery plant: A CO2 recovery system and a CO2 recovery method include an absorption apparatus that causes CO2 in an exhaust gas to be absorbed by CO2 absorption liquid, a regeneration apparatus that heats the CO2 absorption liquid to separate CO2; a CO2 compression mechanism of a first turbine driving mechanism that... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140238237 - Device comprising a centrifugal separator and a method for cleaning of a gas: A device including a centrifugal separator for cleaning of a gas, especially a gas containing impurities in the form of solid and/or liquid particles, includes a stationary casing enclosing a separation space, an inlet channel, a rotating member in the separation space for separating at least a main part of... Agent: Alfa Laval Corporate Ab

20140238238 - A method and device for blowing off gaseous contaminants from crude water in the production of drinking water: The invention relates to a method for blowing off gaseous contaminants from crude water in the production of drinking water, comprising the step of introducing the water to be treated to the top of a shielded aerator and letting it pass through stacks of tubular elements interspersed with perforated sheets,... Agent: Microdrop Aqua Aps

20140238239 - Method and device for purifying fluid media by removal of contaminating multicomponent ingredients: The group of inventions relates to the technology for purifying liquids and gases by removal of contaminating multicomponent ingredients. The device comprises a housing comprising at least one hollow spiral element with a conical shape, with separation openings being formed in at least some of the turns of the spiral... Agent:

20140238240 - Downflow dust collectors having dirty air channels: Dust collectors having one or more dirty air channels and a clean air plenum having upper and lower clean air chambers are described herein along with related methods.... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20140238241 - Flame retardant for filter systems and method for improving flame resistance in filter systems: A method for improving flame resistance in filter systems in which an air flow charged with flammable aerosols is fed to a filter. The filter prevents a least a substantial portion of the flammable aerosol from reaching the air flow exiting the filter. A granular flame retardant material is fed... Agent:

20140238242 - Ceramic partial wall-flow filter with low deep bed: A partial wall-flow filter, having a honeycomb structure including an inlet end, an outlet end, and parallel channels disposed and configured to flow fluid from the inlet end to the outlet end. The channels are defined by a plurality of intersecting porous walls. The partial wall-flow filter has a filtration... Agent: Corning Incorporated

08/21/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140230647 - Method of controlling a wet scrubber useful for removing sulphur dioxide from a process gas: A wet scrubber (1) for cleaning a process gas containing sulphur dioxide comprises an absorption vessel (2) for contacting the process gas with an absorption liquid to absorb sulphur dioxide from the process gas, a sulphite sensor (68, 74) for measuring a sulphite concentration in the absorption liquid, and a... Agent:

20140230648 - Particulate removal: Embodiments provide methods, apparatuses, and articles of manufacture for filtering particulates from an airflow directed at a heat exchanger. A blade may gather the filtered particulates. The gathered particulates may then be exhausted.... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L. P.

20140230649 - Counter-flow gas separation modules and methods: A gas separation method includes flowing a gas feed along a feed flow path within a housing directionally from a product end to a feed end of a gas separation membrane. After the feed flow path, the gas feed flows along a membrane flow path defined by the membrane from... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140230650 - Method to retrofit system with enhanced capacity for removing mercury from a produced hydrocarbon fluid.: A method for retrofitting a system for removing mercury and water from a gas stream is disclosed. A system is provided including a first water removal unit and a second mercury removal unit in fluid communication with the first water removal unit. The first water removal unit has a fixed... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140230651 - Hot gas filtration system: A filtration system particularly suited for removing a particulate material from a hot gas includes a housing, a collection system including an array of collection elements, a cleaning system to clean the collected particulate material from the collection elements, and a removal system for removing the collected particulate material from... Agent: Cambridge International Inc.

08/14/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140224118 - Process for floating liquified natural gas pretreatment: A method of pretreating a natural gas stream for a floating liquefied natural gas plant is described. A natural gas feed stream is introduced into an amine absorption unit and a temperature swing adsorption unit located on a ship. The temperature swing adsorption unit has a dehydration cycle and a... Agent: Uop LLC

20140224119 - Method of removing absorbates from gases or gas mixtures containing absorbate utilizing miscibility gaps: The present invention relates to a method of removing an absorbate from gases or gas mixtures containing absorbate, in which the gas or gas mixture is contacted by a liquid mixture of absorption agent and absorbate or of liquid absorbate-free absorption agent, wherein the absorbate is absorbed at least partially... Agent: Uhde Inventa-fischer Gmbh

20140224120 - Adsorbent: This object can be achieved by an adsorbent material comprising a composition comprising a metal complex (A) and an elastomer (B), the metal complex (A) containing an anionic ligand and at least one metal ion selected from ions of metals belonging to Groups 1 to 13 of the periodic table,... Agent: Kuraray Co., Ltd.

20140224121 - Enhanced sorbent formulationf or removal of mercury from flue gas: A mercury sorbent and method for enhancing mercury removal performance of activated carbon from flue gas by the addition of non-halogen nitrogen-containing to the flue gas stream are provided herein. Such compositions and methods provide improved mercury adsorption at reduced sorbent injection rates.... Agent: Calgon Carbon Corporation

20140224122 - Monolithic contactor and associated system and method for collecting carbon dioxide: A monolithic contactor for collecting target molecules, the monolithic contactor may include a monolithic body having an inlet end and a longitudinally opposed outlet end and a plurality of cells extending from proximate the inlet end to proximate the outlet end, wherein the target molecules are adsorbed to a surface... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140224123 - Dust collector with spark arrester: A spark arrestor and dust arrestor for same are provided. In one embodiment, the spark arrestor includes a housing having an inlet and an outlet, wherein the outlet is positioned on a dust arrestor mounting side of the housing, and a turn baffle disposed in the housing in a position... Agent: Camfil Farr, Inc.

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