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Gas separation: processes

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02/05/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150033942 - Regenerative air purification system and method: A system and method for regenerative air purification technology use in residential or commercial HVAC systems that includes a set of gas sensors and processor, a set of filters including the pre-particles filter; HEAP particles filters and the adsorption gas filters with TiO2 (or TiO2 mixed activated carbon material) coated... Agent:

20150033943 - Regeneration of diesel particle filter: Regeneration of a diesel particle filter of an internal combustion engine of a vehicle is controlled according to soot mass loading and the vehicle operating condition. Regeneration modes include active regeneration and forced passive regeneration, and operating conditions include highway, town and off-road driving. One strategy may determine initiation of... Agent: Jaguar Land Rover Limited

20150033944 - Method and arrangement for waste-gas purification in vacuum steel treatment processes: A method for waste gas purification in dust separation plants making use of a device (16) for generating a negative pressure, in particular by means of steam jet ejector pumps or mechanical vacuum pumps, wherein the waste gas coming from a vacuum chamber (15) is conducted into a cyclone separator... Agent:

01/29/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150027304 - Carbon nanotube composite membrane: A composite membrane for separations includes a fabric with a non-woven array of intermingled carbon nanotubes, and a dopant incorporated with the fabric to form a non-porous, permeable composite. The composite membrane may be used to separate a target gas from a liquid by mounting the composite membrane in a... Agent:

20150027305 - Gas separation systems and methods using membranes: A gas separation method includes contacting a membrane filter with gas feed, permeating the gas from the gas feed through the membrane, and producing filtered gas from the filter. The filtered gas is produced from the filter as a result of the membrane removing any hydrocarbons containing six or more... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150027306 - Gas-selective polymer derived ceramic membranes, gas separation systems, and methods: There is provided polymer derived ceramic materials, to make porous polymeric derived ceramic membranes. These polymeric derived ceramic membranes are useful for separating gas and in particular for the generation of hydrogen. Hydrogen separation devices and power generation devices use the present polymeric derived ceramic membranes.... Agent:

20150027307 - Method for preparing hydrogen separation membrane and device for prepariing hydrogen separation membrane: Furthermore, the present invention relates to a device for preparing a hydrogen separation membrane, and in particular, relates to a device for preparing a hydrogen separation membrane capable of stably growing a composite membrane for hydrogen gas separation as a plating solution grows from the top of a porous support... Agent:

20150027308 - System and method for removing carbon dioxide from an atmosphere and global thermostat using the same: A system for removing carbon dioxide from an atmosphere to reduce global warming including an air extraction system that collects carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through a medium and removes carbon dioxide from the medium; a sequestration system that isolates the removed carbon dioxide to a location for at least... Agent:

20150027309 - Selective adsorbent: Embodiments include selective adsorbents having a structure of Formula (I) where a connection to X represents a connection to a structure of Formula (II), and a connection to Y represents a connection to a structure of Formula (III), where each R1 is independently selected from the group consisting of fluorine,... Agent: Northwestern University

20150027310 - Ammonia stripper for a carbon capture system for reduction of energy consumption: A carbon capture system, such as a chilled ammonia process, is provided that includes with a cooling system, a carbon dioxide absorption system and an ammonia absorption system. The ammonia absorption system includes an absorber column to receive carbon dioxide lean gas stream having ammonia and to receive an absorbent,... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20150027311 - Air intake system for a work vehicle: An air intake system for a work vehicle may include a filter assembly having a pre-cleaner and an air filter. The filter assembly may define at least one outlet port. The air intake system may also include an air valve movable between an opened position and a closed position and... Agent:

20150027312 - Process equipment contaminant removal: An apparatus, method and system remove contaminants from a vapor. In an embodiment, a contaminant removal apparatus includes a vacuum box. The vacuum box is a vessel. The apparatus also includes a demister pad disposed in the vacuum box. A vapor is introduced to the vacuum box on an opposing... Agent: Global Vapor Control, Inc.

01/22/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150020682 - Process and apparatus for treatment of volatile organic compounds: A process and apparatus for treatment of volatile organic compounds and the process comprises an untreated airflow dew point temperature sensing step of sensing a dew point temperature of the untreated airflow as a reference temperature, a humidification and condensation processing step of spraying water mist all over the exhaust... Agent:

20150020683 - Method and apparatus for extracting carbon dioxide from air: A method and apparatus for extracting CO2 from air comprising an anion exchange material formed in a matrix exposed to a flow of the air, and for delivering that extracted CO2 to controlled environments. The present invention contemplates the extraction of CO2 from air using conventional extraction methods or by... Agent: Kilimanjaro Energy, Inc.

20150020684 - Open top liquid/gas cyclone separator tube and process for same: Open top liquid/gas cyclone separator tube with a dual purpose single separator tube with both liquid and gas separation zones, an open top discharge vent to provide a for humid air to be discharged into the atmosphere, a means to prevent splashing out the open top of the separator tube,... Agent:

01/15/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150013536 - Gas removal system for offshore and onshore oil and liquid product pipelines: Provided herein are methods and devices for removing gas from pipelines, including offshore and/or onshore pipelines at pipeline locations where gases have a tendency to accumulate. In an aspect the pipeline contains a hydrocarbon-containing liquid containing undissolved and/or non-condensable gases which tend to form corrosive gases that adversely affect pipeline... Agent:

20150013537 - Microencapsulated immobilized liquid membrane for carbon dioxide capture and associated methods: A method for manufacturing an immobilized liquid membrane using a water solution and a hexane solution is provided. The method may include producing a plurality of particles having a distribution of sizes from the water solution, covering the plurality of particles in the hexane solution, creating a plurality of microcapsules... Agent: Triext, LLC

20150013538 - Electric dust collector apparatus in electrostatic precipitator system and method for electrostatic precipitation thereby: Disclosed are an electric dust collector apparatus in an electrostatic precipitator system and a method for electrostatic precipitation thereby. The electric dust collector apparatus includes a flow liquid dust collector part collecting charged dust in a liquid flowing to its one side surface, and a counter unit located opposite to... Agent:

20150013539 - Offshore processing method and system: A method for removal of a compound from a crude hydrocarbon gas stream to be obtained from a sub-sea well is disclosed. The method comprises bringing the crude hydrocarbon gas stream in contact with a treatment solution comprising an absorbent at least partly selective to the compound to be removed,... Agent:

20150013540 - System and process for treating an anaerobically-processed liquid: A system for treating an anaerobically-processed liquid, comprising: a solid-liquid separator provided with a filter submerged in the anaerobically-processed liquid; a gas-liquid separator retaining a filtrate passed through the filter, and having a gas-phase part which contains a gas and is positioned over the filtrate; a filtrate-flow passage connected to... Agent:

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