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Games using tangible projectile

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11/13/2014 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140335965 - Systems and methods for measuring and/or analyzing swing information: In a first aspect, a system for monitoring a swing is provided that includes (1) a swing measurement device adapted to couple to a swinging object and to output a signal indicative of a characteristic of the swinging object; (2) a wireless transmitter coupled to the swing measurement device and... Agent:

20140335966 - Variable length shaft and grip: A variable length shaft assembly comprising a shaft, a shaft adapter, a grip sleeve, an actuator screw, a grip, and a screw is disclosed herein. The grip is bonded to the grip sleeve, the shaft adapter is bonded to the shaft, and the shaft adapter comprises a keyed portion that... Agent:

20140335967 - Weighted sports training equipment: An apparatus for sports training includes a weighted body portion having a handle at a first end of the weighted body. A sports equipment portion is attached to a second end of the weighted body. The sports equipment portion corresponds to actual sport equipment.... Agent:

20140335968 - Golf swing training device: A golf training aid having a base and a plurality of flexible flappers is provided. The base may include a first side, a second side, and a length (l) having a first end and a second end. The plurality of flexible flappers may each include a rear end and a... Agent:

20140335969 - Golf swing training device: A training aid with a substantially flat body is provided. The body includes a front end, a rear end, a first side, and a second side. The present invention may further include a protrusion extending from the front end of at least one of the first side and the second... Agent:

20140335971 - Lightweight grip for sports equipment: A lightweight grip assembly is disclosed herein. The lightweight grip assembly comprises a rigid support structure comprising a hollow portion and a grip portion comprising a substantially uniform thickness, wherein the grip portion is disposed on an external surface of the rigid support structure. The lightweight grip assembly may be... Agent:

20140335970 - Variable length golf club shaft: A variable length shaft assembly comprising at least one spacer, a shaft portion, and a threaded fastener, wherein the threaded fastener removably connects the spacer to the lower shaft, is disclosed herein. The variable length shaft assembly may further comprise at least two spacers that are stackable on a butt... Agent:

20140335972 - Golf club head: A golf club head includes a primary component and a secondary component, wherein the secondary component is rotatably or pivotally associated with the rear surface of the primary component. The secondary component is adjustable between a first orientation and a second orientation relative to the primary component such that the... Agent: Dunlop Sports Co., Ltd.

20140335973 - Iron type golf club head: An iron type golf club head includes: a main body portion having a face surface and a sole surface; a backward bulging section provided at a lower back section of the main body portion, the bulging section including: an upper surface side recess formed to extend downward from the upper... Agent: Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd.

20140335974 - Multi-piece solid golf ball: A multi-piece solid golf ball has a core, an envelope layer encasing the core, an intermediate layer encasing the envelope layer, and an outer layer which encases the envelope layer and has formed on a surface thereof a plurality of dimples. The core is made of an elastomer. The envelope... Agent: Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd.

20140335975 - Golf balls having dual cores made of polybutadiene rubber / ionomer blends: A multi-piece golf ball comprising at least one component made of a polybutadiene rubber/ionomer resin blend is provided. The ball preferably contains a dual-core comprising an inner core and surrounding outer core layer. Preferably, the polybutadiene rubber/ionomer resin blend is used to form the outer core layer. The center hardness... Agent: Acushnet Company

20140335976 - Training system for skill development: A training system for skill development may include a device that includes a casing having an internal housing and an outside surface. A plurality of number displays may be enclosed within the internal housing of the casing. A circuit board may be enclosed within the internal housing of the casing... Agent:

20140335977 - Baseball/softball training aid: A collapsible seating device is provided for support of a catcher in a crouched position while catching balls from a pitcher. The seating device is collapsible from an as-used supporting configuration to a planar collapsed configuration for transport. Wheels on one end of the frame allow for rolling of the... Agent:

20140335978 - Systems and methods for measuring and/or analyzing swing information: In a first aspect, a system for monitoring a swing is provided that includes a wireless device adapted to couple to a swinging object and to provide information indicative of a characteristic of the swinging object. The wireless device is a cellular telephone or personal digital assistant (PDA). Numerous other... Agent:

20140335979 - Racquet having elongated grommet barrels with improved damping characteristics: A sports racquet with enhanced string vibration damping has grommets with elongated barrels on many of the cross strings. The internal diameter of the barrels is selected so as to preserve a minimum clearance between the cross string and its enclosing barrel, thereby mitigating vibration. The barrel lengths vary as... Agent: Ef Composite Technologies, L.p.

20140335980 - Shuttlecock and manufacturing method thereof: A shuttlecock includes: a set of feather units, a shuttlecock head, and a connecting arrangement which including a feather planting arrangement. The feather planting arrangement includes a set of feather planting members of the same number as the number of the feather units, each feather planting member has a feather... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140329611 - Golf putting practice device: The present invention relates to a golf practice putting device comprised of a lower section and an upper section being rotatably attached via hinge means. Panel inserts have a felt material or other turf like material thereon, and are mountable on the sections. Openings are formed in the upper section... Agent:

20140329612 - Golf club swing aid: Described is a golf club swing aid, comprising a golf club having an elongated shaft and a club head disposed on one end of the shaft. The club head has an interior cavity, a face, and one or more light sources mounted in said interior cavity and flush with the... Agent:

20140329613 - Golf data collection system with rfid in golf club: A golf data collection system can use a near field communication system in a data processing application to record golf club identifiers and golf strokes, taken (with the identified club) at GPS identified positions.... Agent: Radar Corporation

20140329614 - Progressive iron set: The present invention is direct to a set of golf clubs comprising long irons, mid-irons and short irons. The long irons have a first center of gravity positioned horizontally from the face center by a first distance. The mid-irons have a second center of gravity positioned horizontally from the face... Agent: Acushnet Company

20140329615 - Muscle-back, with insert, iron type golf club head: A muscle-back iron golf club head includes a blade-like upper mass, a muscle-like lower mass, a planar front surface, a top surface, a sole surface, a heel surface, a toe surface, and a rear surface having a first contour. A recess is in the rear surface, the recess having a... Agent:

20140329616 - Golf club heads with ribs and related methods: Golf club heads with ribs are described herein. Other embodiments and related methods are also disclosed herein.... Agent: Karsten Manufacturing Corporation

20140329617 - Golf club head with undercut: A golf club head having a translucent insert disclosed. The club head includes a body defining a striking face, a top line, a sole, a back, a heel, and a toe. The back contains a cavity that extends in a direction substantially perpendicular to the face. A recess is provided... Agent:

20140329618 - Golf balls having electronically - detectable inserts: Golf ball with a central cavity (6, 23) having an RFID/electronic tag (4, 24) located therein. The tag is immersed in a medium (5) which, in response to striking of the ball, flows around the tag to damp transitional movement and vibration. For retro-fit of an already-manufactured standard ball, entry... Agent:

20140329619 - Golf tee: A golf tee contains a fixing nail, a spring, a plurality of fitting loops, a seat, and a cap. The fixing nail has a holding portion, the holding portion has a notch, and the notch communicates with a first groove. The spring is retained in the notch and has a... Agent:

20140329620 - Digital compass ball marker: The present invention extends to a digital compass ball marker that can be used to provide timely information to assist the golfer in determining a direction and force for a golf shot on a green. The digital compass ball marker can output this information using minimal information input by the... Agent:

20140329621 - Golf putting method: Golf putting method for striking a golf ball with a putter toward a hole, comprising the steps of taking a golf putter club comprising a shaft and a head extending itself at a lower end of the shaft, said head having a face to strike the ball; grasping the shaft,... Agent:

20140329622 - Tethered ball trainer: A tethered ball trainer includes a body harness having a primary belt, primary support arm, and secondary support structure. Both the primary belt and secondary support structure are attached to a user and the primary support arm. A tether is attached to the primary support arm opposite the primary belt... Agent:

20140329623 - String for sports racquet and sports racquet with improved string: In accordance with the embodiments of the present invention, a resilient and elastic single-filament string for a sports racquet, and an accompanying complete sports racquet is provided. The string includes a central body with ridges that extend axially along the length of said central body, where the ridges and central... Agent: Diadem Sports, LLC

20140329625 - Arrow tip mounting apparatus and method: An interface component for engaging an arrow tip to the leading end of an arrow shaft. The device directs impact forces axially and eliminates the shearing and wall collapse of arrow shafts caused by conventional collared arrow head engagement devices which tend to collapse and cut the leading edge of... Agent:

20140329624 - Throwing dart: A throwing dart having a handle that provides a user with tactile biofeedback. The handle includes a handle body having an exterior body surface defined by a first octant, a second octant, a third octant, a fourth octant, a fifth octant, a sixth octant, a seventh octant, and an eighth... Agent:

20140329626 - Streamer ball: The invention relates to a streamer ball 10 for use in tennis-type bat and bouncing ball games played with bats having rigid, untensioned ball-striking surfaces and comprises an impact body 12, a tail 14 and a spacer stem 16. The impact body comprises a hemispherical front compression body part 24... Agent: Limpet Sports Management B.v.

10/30/2014 > 18 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140323235 - Golf clubs and golf club heads having digital lie and/or other angle measuring equipment: Golf club heads having sensors configured to measure one or more swing parameters are provided. The golf club head may include several gyroscopes and accelerometers. In one embodiment, the club head contains three gyroscopes that measure angular rate data along different orthogonal axes. At least one gyroscope may an analog... Agent:

20140323236 - Golf club head having trip step feature: A golf club incorporating a trip step feature located on the crown section. The benefits associated with the reduction in aerodynamic drag force associated with the trip step may be applied to drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids. A portion of the trip step is located between a crown apex and... Agent:

20140323237 - Golf club head comprising multiple materials: A golf club head having an insert mechanically coupled to a frame. The construction allows a golf club head to be fabricated with a combination of dissimilar materials, resulting in a club head with improved performance. In some embodiments, the insert comprises an outer insert material, an inner insert material,... Agent: Cobra Golf Incorporated

20140323238 - Modular hosel, weight-adjustable golf club head assembly: A golf putter head with a front portion comprising traditional shape and appearance, with an integral face insert extending through the head to an alignment and weighting portion extending beyond the main body of the putter, adding improved alignment, increased moment of inertia (MOI) and adjustable weighting and adjustable balance... Agent: Dogleg Right Corporation

20140323239 - Golf club head: A high forgiveness wood-type golf club head comprises a body and a face. The body comprises a sole that forms a bottom portion of the golf club head, a crown that forms a top portion of the golf club head and a skirt that forms a periphery of the golf... Agent: Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.

20140323240 - Variable thickness golf club head and method of manufacturing the same: A portion of a golf club head comprising an external surface, an internal surface opposite said external surface, said internal surface adjacent an interior of said golf club head, wherein said external surface and said internal surface combine to create a plurality of thin regions and a plurality of thick... Agent: Acushnet Company

20140323242 - Golf ball: The present invention provides a golf ball that achieves a low spin rate on driver shots to thereby improve flight distance performance, and also has improved durability, especially at high clubhead speeds. The present invention relates to a golf ball including a core, at least one middle layer covering the... Agent: Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.

20140323241 - Golf balls having foam center and thermoset outer core layer with hardness gradients: Multi-layered golf balls containing a dual-core structure are provided. The core structure includes an inner core (center) comprising a foam composition, preferably foamed polyurethane. The outer core layer is preferably formed from a non-foamed thermoset composition such as polybutadiene rubber. The core layers have different hardness and specific gravity levels.... Agent: Acushnet Company

20140323243 - Polyamide compositions containing plasticizers for use in making golf balls: Multi-layered golf balls having at least one layer made of a polyamide composition containing a polyamide polymer and plasticizer are provided. The plasticizers help reduce the glass transition temperature (Tg) of the composition and various plasticizers may be used. For example, the composition may include ethyl oleate or propylene carbonate... Agent: Acushnet Company

20140323245 - Golf balls having foam centers with non-uniform core structures: Multi-piece golf balls having a solid core and cover are provided. The ball contains an inner core made of a foam composition and surrounding outer core layer. Preferably, foamed polyurethane is used to form the inner core and polybutadiene rubber is used to make the outer core. The specific gravity... Agent: Acushnet Company

20140323244 - Golf balls having foam inner core and thermoset outer core layer: Multi-piece golf balls containing a dual-core structure are provided. The core structure includes an inner core (center) comprising a foam composition, preferably foamed polyurethane. The outer core layer is preferably formed from a non-foamed thermoset composition such as polybutadiene rubber. Preferably, the specific gravity (density) of the foam inner core... Agent: Acushnet Company

20140323246 - Multi-layer golf ball: Golf balls consisting of a dual core and a dual cover are disclosed. The surface hardness of the outer core layer is greater than the material hardness of the inner cover layer, and is preferably 75 Shore C or greater.... Agent: Acushnet Company

20140323247 - Mutli-use golf device: A multi-use golf device is able to be used as a golf tee and as a divot repair tool. The multi-use golf device includes two portions that move relative to one another to change a configuration of the multi-use golf device. In a first configuration the multi-use device is generally... Agent:

20140323248 - Baseball training device: A portable training apparatus for assisting a user in developing ball batting skills is provided for use by either right or left handed batters. The apparatus releasably attaches to an existing structure, such as a chain-link fence. A post has a foot and a plurality of stabilizing members for attaching... Agent:

20140323249 - Lacrosse stick head: A head includes front surfaces and rear surfaces. The front surfaces are uncurved. A proximal portion of the front surfaces slopes gradually downwardly and a distal end of the front surfaces slope more dramatically toward the axis of elongation of the socket. The rear surfaces of the head slope downwardly... Agent:

20140323250 - Blade for a hockey stick: A hockey stick blade comprising a front and a rear blade face, the front blade face comprising at least one front layer of reinforcing fiber material having a first reinforcing fiber density, and the rear blade face comprising at least one rear layer of reinforcing fiber material having a second... Agent:

20140323251 - Baseball bat survival apparatus: A hollow and open-ended baseball bat containing a survival kit secured inside the bat by a removable end cap and designed to be used in an emergency situation as both a blunt impact weapon, and as a means of carrying the survival kit.... Agent:

20140323252 - Non-lethal arrow: A non-lethal arrow is disclosed that includes a shaft extending along a longitudinal axis. A nock is located on a first end of the shaft and a flight is positioned at approximately the first end of the shaft. A tip connector including a shaft connection end, wherein the shaft connection... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 18 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140315652 - Golf swing training device and method: A golf swing training apparatus includes a base for supporting a person and at least one target path. A pair of risers is fixed with the base, each having a receiver for an arm mechanism that extends up and over the person's head, terminates at a distal end, and pivots... Agent:

20140315653 - Rotary clip head and angle plate with putting green slope reading tool: The combination set of tools comprising a slope reading tool and rotary clip head and angle plate is designed to build putting confidence and shave strokes off every golfer's game. The slope reading tool is a high accuracy “bubble level” device that provides actual slope angle around the golf cup... Agent:

20140315654 - Adjustable golf club shaft and hosel assembly: An adjustable golf club including a shaft and hosel assembly allows for dependent and independent adjustment of a golf club's face angle, loft angle, and lie angle. The adjustable shaft and hosel assembly comprises a shaft sleeve, a hosel portion, and at least one tubular adjustment piece having non-parallel upper... Agent:

20140315656 - Elliptical golf club grip: A golf club. The golf club includes a club head. The club head includes a clubface configured to make contact with a golf ball. The golf club also includes a shaft attached to the club head. The shaft includes a center axis. The golf club further includes an elliptical grip,... Agent:

20140315655 - Self-balancing putter: A self-balancing golf putter. The self-balancing golf putter includes a club head. The club head includes a clubface configured to make contact with a golf ball. The self-balancing golf putter also includes a shaft attached to the club head. The shaft includes a center axis, wherein the center axis converges... Agent:

20140315657 - Golf club head: A hollow golf club head includes a sole, a crown, a skirt, and a striking face. The golf club includes a junction interconnecting the sole, crown, and skirt to the striking face, the junction including at least one stiffening member.... Agent: Sri Sports Limited

20140315658 - Polyalkenamer compositions and golf balls prepared therefrom: A golf ball that includes (a) a core comprising a center; (b) an outer cover layer; and (c) one or more intermediate layers; wherein at least one of the core, the outer cover layer, or the intermediate layer comprises a composition that includes (i) at least one polyalkenamer and at... Agent: Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.

20140315659 - Dual core golf ball having a shallow \"positive hardness gradient\" thermoplastic inner core and a steep \"positive hardness gradient\" thermoset outer core layer: A golf ball includes an inner core layer including a thermoplastic highly-neutralized ionomer formed from a copolymer of ethylene and an α,β-unsaturated carboxylic acid, an organic acid or salt thereof, and sufficient cation source to neutralize the acid groups of the copolymer by 80% or greater. The inner core has... Agent: Acushnet Company

20140315660 - System and method of storing and communicating the location of a pin on a golf course: A system and method for storing and communicating the location of the pin on one or more greens on a golf course. The location of the golf pin is entered into a system and is uploaded for incorporation in a course map depicting the golf course being played by the... Agent: Skyhawke Technologies, LLC.

20140315661 - Article of manufacture providing golf tee receptacles: A tee holder article of manufacture for holding golf tees provides one or more loops of material, each loop sized to hold a golf tee, mounted to a backing. The tee holder is attached to an item of apparel, such as a hat or visor, at an attachment portion of... Agent:

20140315662 - Ball hitting practice device and ball: The present invention is a device to be used to practice hitting a ball. The device according to the invention suspends a ball at a variety of positions movable along three axes. The ball is removably connected to a flexible line having a first side magnet thereon. The user can... Agent:

20140315663 - Approach to providing safety barrier backstop systems for spectators of baseball games: Embodiments of a novel approach to a business process that utilizes and implements any type of clear netting or fencing as a safety barrier backstop for spectators at baseball events are disclosed.... Agent:

20140315664 - Compact basketball return device designed for made shots: A basketball return device that surrounds the net, restricting most made shots to fall beneath the front half of the rim. The back half of the cylinder interior is hard, while the interior of the front half is lined with a cushioning material. Suspended from the cylinder piece so that... Agent:

20140315665 - Mobile football blocking trainer: A mobile blocking trainer allows offensive football players to practice blocking a defender by moving the blocking trainer in the in the manner required to properly execute different blocks. The mobile blocking trainer includes a strike area intended to simulate an opponent's shoulder area, the target for a proper block.... Agent:

20140315666 - Ball handling improvement device: The present invention generally relates to sports training devices. Specifically, this invention relates to a device for improving the speed, power and control behind one or more ball handling skills, affected through the use of one or more resistance bands and two or more securing cuffs/means. Certain embodiments of the... Agent:

20140315667 - Recreational amusement: A recreational amusement takes the form a cooler having a toss-type game board integrated with the cooler's lid. The toss-type game board includes one or more cavities in the top of the lid. Provision is made for orienting the top of the lid in a sloping position for play of... Agent:

20140315668 - Racket stringing machine: The invention is a machine for stringing rackets. The invention comprises a stringing machine utilizing a sliding spring within the pulling mechanism to allow for customized tension application. A user changes the tension in the stringing machine system by moving the slidable spring along the length of a tension transfer... Agent:

20140315669 - Blade of/for a hockey stick: A hockey stick blade with a rear face and a front face having a heel portion, a toe portion spaced apart from the heel portion, and a central portion intermediate the toe and heel portions. The front face has a textured zone defined by a plurality of front protrusions, and... Agent:

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