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Games using tangible projectile

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05/21/2015 > 18 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150141164 - Golf club heads including a polymeric body in which a part of a frame or base member is embedded: Wood-type golf clubs and/or golf club heads include: (a) a golf club head base member including a face member having a ball striking face; and (b) a polymeric body member engaged with the golf club head base member, wherein the polymeric body member is formed via a rotational molding process... Agent:

20150141167 - Dual core golf ball having negative-hardness-gradient thermoplastic inner core and steep positive-hardness-gradient thermoset outer core layer: A golf ball comprising an inner core layer including a thermoplastic material and having a geometric center hardness less than the surface hardness to define a positive hardness gradient. An outer core layer is formed over the inner core. The outer core includes a thermoset rubber composition and has an... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150141166 - Golf balls having a foam center: Large diameter golf balls having a foam core are provided.... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150141165 - Multi-layer golf ball: A multi-layer golf ball includes a core formed from an ionomer, an intermediate layer surrounding the core, and a cover surrounding the intermediate layer. The core has a material hardness measured on the JIS-C scale of from about 34 to about 70, and has an outer surface that includes a... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150141168 - Multi-layer golf ball: Multi-layer golf balls having a relatively hard outer core surrounding a relatively soft, low compression inner core are provided. The inner core generally has a compression of less than 70. The outer core generally has a Shore C hardness of 80 or greater. A cover, which can be a single-,... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150141169 - Multi-layer golf ball: A multi-layer golf ball includes a core formed from an ionomer, an intermediate layer surrounding the core, and a cover surrounding the intermediate layer. The core has a material hardness measured on the JIS-C scale of from about 34 to about 70, and has an outer surface that includes a... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150141170 - Multi-layer golf ball: A multi-layer golf ball includes a core formed from an ionomer, an intermediate layer surrounding the core, and a cover surrounding the intermediate layer. The core has a material hardness measured on the JIS-C scale of from about 34 to about 70, and has an outer surface that includes a... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150141171 - Ball throwing training and strengthening device: This invention relates generally to training a user how to correctly throw a ball, and more specifically, a training, physical, or occupational therapy aid that can be used to strengthen and rehabilitate a user's muscles and joints.... Agent:

20150141172 - Baseball training methods and systems: A training device, comprising a plurality of track bars mounted to vertical posts with a plurality of tracks extending between the track bars forming a swing plane guide that can be used to guide a batter's swing along a bat path. In various exemplary embodiments, movable balls are positioned on... Agent:

20150141173 - Ball hitting teacher: The tool includes a rigid base with an upright rigid post attached perpendicularly to the base a rigid form fitted outer sleeve, measured to fit snug over the upright post. this sleeve allows for height adjustability, also includes a uniquely formed and rigid wand, with a measured, weighted counterbalance end... Agent:

20150141174 - Sports training apparatus and method: A system (234, 220, 200) for monitoring movements of one or more users and/or one or more projectiles during sports activities performed by the one or more users is provided. The one or more projectiles (200) incorporate sensors (202, 204) for sensing movements of the one or more projectiles (200)... Agent:

20150141175 - Tennis game analysis using inertial sensors: A method for analyzing a tennis session for game improvement using a portable device and a tennis analysis system, includes collecting information from the tennis session using the portable device attached to a racket used in a game for a plurality of strokes, transferring the collected information from the portable... Agent:

20150141176 - Ball holder for table tennis tables: A ball holder for a table tennis table designed for non-intrusive mounting under a corner of a table tennis table. The ball holder can be manufactured in two parts for ease of sale and construction, with the two halves being easily assembled and secured by the user. The two halves... Agent:

20150141178 - Racket sport inertial sensor motion tracking analysis: A system for a racket comprises an inertial sensor for coupling to the racket, a processor connected to the inertial sensor, and a memory device connected to the processor. The inertial sensor includes an accelerometer array with three degrees of freedom in acceleration and a gyro array with three degrees... Agent:

20150141177 - Score keeping apparatus: A score keeping apparatus configured to keep score on a racquet. The score keeping apparatus contains multiple embodiments wherein the score keeping apparatus is configured to keep score on a racquet, such as a tennis or racquetball racquet.... Agent:

20150141180 - High straightness arrow and method of manufacture for the same: The high straightness arrow made by the process in the present invention is designed to improve the straightness of the archery arrow. A chamber and a mandrel are made of dissimilar metals. The chamber includes walls creating an external housing and defining an internal airspace. Once the mandrel covered with... Agent: Aldila Golf Corp.

20150141179 - Wide-body arrow having tapered tail: A cylindrical carbon fiber arrow shaft formed with an increased external diameter of 0.380 inches. This arrow shaft is formed with an axial bore which has a first internal diameter throughout a substantial portion of the shaft length, and a second internal diameter throughout the fletching end of the arrow.... Agent:

20150141181 - Foam dart having a safety cap: A dart is disclosed that may comprise an elongate dart body, a base, and a cap. The elongate dart body may have a first end, a second end, and an interior cavity, which can be a bore. The base may include a mount and a stem inserted into the interior... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 16 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150133230 - Pool cue with graphic display: Disclosed, in general, is a cue stick that is defined by: a shaft; a butt; and a joint that holds the shaft and butt together. In one embodiment, the butt features a window, an internal reservoir filled with a fluid, an external image, and internal image; and wherein rotating the... Agent:

20150133231 - Rotary clip head and angle plate with putting green slope reading tool: The combination set of tools comprising a slope reading tool and rotary clip head and angle plate is designed to build putting confidence and shave strokes off every golfer's game. The slope reading tool is a high accuracy “bubble level” device that provides actual slope angle around the golf cup... Agent:

20150133232 - Golf club: A golf club head includes a club body including a heel portion, a sole portion, a toe portion, a top-line portion, and a face portion. In some embodiments, the face portion has an ideal striking location and at least one channel defined in the face. In some embodiments, the golf... Agent: Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.

20150133233 - Golf club head with flexure: A golf club head including a crown, a sole, a hosel, a face and a flexure. The flexure provides compliance during an impact between the golf club head and a golf ball.... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150133234 - Golf club head: A golf club head of this invention includes a sole portion and a face portion. The golf club head includes a metal member that forms the face portion. The surface of the metal member includes a plurality of score lines, and undulations continuously formed in the up-down direction of the... Agent: Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd.

20150133235 - Golf balls including dense high acid ionomers: Golf balls having one or more structural components that include a highly neutralized acid polymer with a high acid content and a uniformly increased density. The core of the golf ball may be made up of the highly neutralized acid polymer. The highly neutralized acid polymer may have desired hardness... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150133237 - Golf ball with softer feel and higher iron spin: l

20150133238 - Multi-layer core golf ball: A golf ball comprising a core and a cover, wherein the core consists of: a solid inner core layer formed from a transparent or plasticized polyamide composition and having a diameter of 1.10 inch or less and a center Shore C hardness (Hcenter) of 50 or less, one or more... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150133236 - Multi-layer golf ball: A multi-layer golf ball includes a core having an outer surface, an intermediate layer surrounding the core, and a cover layer surrounding the intermediate layer, which defines an outermost portion of the ball. The outer surface of the core includes a plurality of polygonal protrusions aligned on a common sphere... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150133239 - Game: The present invention is a method of playing a variant of a hop-scotch game consisting of multiple turns. The game involves a group of players, where players take turns hopping on one foot from pre-determined starting points, through a series of boxed-off spaces, to a pre-determined destination. If the player... Agent:

20150133240 - Baby ball: A miniature basketball, enclosed in a harness, is connected by a cord string to a belt that encircles a baby's waist. A miniature backboard set has nets that are closed at the bottom. The baby shoots the ball into the nets and retrieves it with the cord string. The baby... Agent:

20150133241 - Weighted swing training apparatus: A weight apparatus is provided. The apparatus may be attached to a sports device, such as a baseball bat or other device which may be swung by a user. In one configuration, the apparatus has a body portion that at least partially surrounds a portion of the swingable device. As... Agent: Mattern Enterprises, LLC

20150133242 - Special baseball training device for batting with a level swing called a swing plane: A baseball training device for batting with a level swing called a Swing Plane. It relates to a product that is developed as a training device for a large number of swing repetitions in order to create muscle memory. The device is built with a frame having a spreader base,... Agent:

20150133243 - Dual stringing tennis racket machine and method: The invention is directed toward a machine and method for stringing two strings on a tennis racket substantially simultaneously. The machine is a racket stringing machine comprised of a mounting plate, a first string gripper and a second string gripper, a first string clamp and a second string clamp. The... Agent:

20150133244 - Hockey-stick blade with reinforcing frame: A hockey-stick blade includes a reinforcing frame that provides improved strength, rigidity, and impact resistance. The reinforcing frame may be continuous along the top, bottom, and toe edges of the hockey-stick blade. The reinforcing frame optionally is a tubular structure made of fiber-reinforced epoxy resin. The interior of the reinforcing... Agent:

20150133245 - Arrow having multiple exterior diameters and multiple interior diameters: A cylindrical carbon fiber arrow shaft formed with an exterior surface having single or multiple outside diameters and formed with an axial bore having multiple interior diameters. In a preferred embodiment, the exterior surface of the arrow shaft has an increased external diameter at the nock end and tapers to... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 20 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150126294 - Weighted golf-training hat: A golf-training hat is provided on each side above the ears of the user wearing the hat with an upwardly open pocket holding a weight.... Agent:

20150126295 - Combined golf club head cover and stand: A combined golf club cover and stand comprises a substantially rigid base and a cover portion configured to securely hold a head of a golf club against the substantially rigid base. The substantially rigid base includes a bottom platform, a first side wall, and an opposing second side wall with... Agent:

20150126296 - Golf clubs and golf club heads in fairway wood family having variable camber and related methods: A set of golf club heads including two or more fairway wood-type golf clubs heads each having a different loft angle. The two or more fairway wood-type golf club heads can each include a sole, which can include a center point and a camber region having a radius of curvature.... Agent: Karsten Manufacturing Corporation

20150126297 - Golf club: A golf club includes a club head having a volume of greater than about 360 cm3 and a mass less than 200 g. A shaft attachable to the club head has a tip end, a butt end, and a shaft balance point distance, BPs, as measured from the butt end,... Agent:

20150126298 - Club length adjustment device: A golf club length adjustment device for use in a golf club, comprising a first member affixed to a main shaft, said main shaft configured to couple to a golf club head, a second member slideably coupled to said first member, said second member adapted to couple to a golf... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150126299 - Variably disposed multi-layer golf grip: A golf grip for a golf club includes a cap, a body, a tip, and a grip surface. The body includes an under layer, a top layer, and a middle layer. The under layer includes a first color. The top layer includes a second color, different than the first color.... Agent: Lamkin Corporation

20150126300 - Golf coupling mechanisms and related methods: Embodiments of golf coupling mechanisms are presented herein. Other examples and related methods are also disclosed herein.... Agent:

20150126301 - Iron-type golf clubs and golf club heads with contoured surfaces: Iron-type golf club heads according to at least some example aspects of this disclosure include a ball striking surface, a rear surface, and a sole surface. The sole surface may have a maximum width and a minimum width. The minimum width may be located adjacent to a heel edge. The... Agent:

20150126302 - Golf club head: A hollow golf club head comprises a face portion with a face for hitting a ball on its front and a crown portion forming a top surface of the head, wherein the head comprises a face member including the face portion and made of a metallic material and a crown... Agent: Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.

20150126303 - Golf club head with high specific-gravity materials: Golf club heads comprising weighted materials that can be added, removed, and moved in order to change the weight and center of gravity of the club. In some instances, the weighted material is a polymer composition comprising metal and having a specific gravity greater than about 4. Also disclosed are... Agent:

20150126304 - Golf club head with flexure: A golf club head including a crown, a sole, a hosel, a face, a flexure, and a weight member. The flexure provides compliance during an impact between the golf club head and a golf ball, and is tuned to vibrate, immediately after impact, at a predetermined frequency. The weight member... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150126305 - Club heads with bounded face to body yield strength ratio and related methods: Some embodiments include a club head with a bounded face to body yield strength ratio. Other embodiments of related club heads and methods are also disclosed.... Agent: Karsten Manufacturing Corporation

20150126306 - Compositions incorporating ethylene acid (e/x) ionomers and non-ionomeric softening polymers for golf ball constructions and methods relating thereto: A golf ball comprising a core and a cover disposed about the core; wherein at least one of the core and the cover comprises a tri-blend composition of the non-E/X/Y type (TBC) formed from a blend of an ethylene acid (E/X) ionomer, a non-ionomeric softening copolymer (NISC) and a low... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150126307 - Golf balls having silicone foam center: Multi-piece golf balls having a solid core made of a foamed silicone composition and a cover are provided. For example, three-piece, four-piece, and five-piece golf balls containing different core structures can be made. Preferably, a dual-core having has a silicone foam inner core (center) and surrounding thermoset or thermoplastic outer... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150126308 - Combining statistically determined capabilities of a golfer with golf course data to aid shot selection: A system for aiding the selection of a golf shot by a golfer on a hole of a golf course, comprising means for retrieving statistics indicative of past performances by the golfer for each of a plurality of golf club types, means for retrieving data regarding the hole of the... Agent:

20150126310 - Hockey goalie stick: The present disclosure provides for a hockey goalie stick having a gripping aid that protrudes above the first major surface only in a handgrip area of the paddle. The hockey goalie stick includes a blade, a shaft having a width and a thickness, a paddle that extends between the blade... Agent:

20150126309 - Hockey stick or other sports implement: A hockey stick or other sports implement for a player. The hockey stick or other sports implement may comprise a taping guide for guiding application of tape on the hockey stick or sports implement. The taping guide may indicate where to start applying the tape and where to stop applying... Agent:

20150126311 - Hockey blade with enhanced crown: A hockey stick includes a blade and a shaft meeting at an elbow region. A crown located along the top edge of the elbow region has an increased width, an increased height, or both, relative to crowns found in existing hockey blades. This enhanced crown helps to transfer load (or... Agent:

20150126312 - Balls for use in off-ice hockey training: This disclosure includes street hockey balls for use in games and/or training on off-ice surfaces (e.g., paved asphalt, paved concrete, and/or the like). The present hockey balls can be configured to emulate the bounce or rebound characteristics of a hockey puck on ice. For example, versions of the present hockey... Agent:

20150126313 - Systems and methods for producing a ball: A sports ball having a high-performance cover formed from a plurality of panels with attached foam backing. The panels may be stitched together at stitch lines which are 2-4 mm from the edges of each of the panels. During manufacturing, before compression is applied, foam attached to outer layers for... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 19 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150119156 - Interchangeable bowling apparatus: An interchangeable finger insert apparatus for a bowling ball includes a cylindrical outer body configured to be disposed in a bowling ball hole. The outer body defines an internal bore open to a first end of the outer body and a number of protrusions extending from an inner surface of... Agent:

20150119157 - Sports simulator and simulation method: A sports simulator calculates spin of a sports object using image analysis. A velocity vector is also calculated. These are combined to produce a predicted future trajectory of the sports object. In one embodiment, the sports object is a golf ball and the sports simulator simulates golf.... Agent:

20150119158 - Motion analyzing apparatus and motion analyzing program: A motion analyzing apparatus includes a first calculation unit that calculates a position of a first line segment representing a direction in which a rod-like part of a sporting tool extends in a stationary state, a second calculation unit that calculates the position of the first line segment at hitting,... Agent:

20150119159 - Motion analyzing apparatus, motion analyzing method, and motion analyzing program: When a sporting tool or a subject changes from a first state (e.g., address state) to a second state (during swing), a detection part detects, within a plane orthogonal to a first direction (y-axis) in which a shaft part of the sporting tool extends, a rotation angle θxn or θzn... Agent:

20150119160 - Adjustable putter head alignment aid: A golf club head with a body and an adjustable alignment aid housed on a top surface of the body is provided. The adjustable alignment aid is pivotable relative to the top surface, either two-dimensionally or about an axis of rotation transverse to the top surface. The adjustable alignment aid... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150119161 - Fox sharpshooter putter grip: The Fox Sharpshooter putter grip is a putter grip that has two unique features. First it contains a chart to help the golfer to determine the how hard to strike the golf ball when putting. Second it features a cap containing a bubble level to help the golfer to hold... Agent:

20150119162 - Golf club: A golf club includes a shaft; a head mounted to the tip end of the shaft; a grip mounted to the butt end of the shaft; a first vibration damping member arranged on the head side of the shaft; and a second vibration damping member arranged on the grip side... Agent: Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd

20150119163 - Golf club head with depression: A golf club head comprising a crown defining an upper surface of the golf club head; a sole defining a lower surface of the golf club head, wherein said sole is substantially convex in shape; a skirt extending between the crown and the sole; a face defining a ball-striking surface... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150119164 - Co-forged golf club head and method of manufacture: A co-forged iron type golf club is disclosed. More specifically, the present invention discloses a co-forged iron type golf club with the body portion made out of a first material and at least one weight adjustment portion monolithically encased within the body portion of the co-forged iron type golf club... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150119165 - Polymeric golf club head with metallic face: A golf club head includes a club face and a body. The club face is formed from a metallic material and includes a first, hitting surface, a second, rear surface that is opposite the first surface, and a flange that is separated from the second surface by a transverse distance.... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150119166 - Variable thickness golf club head and method of manufacturing the same: A portion of a golf club head comprising an external surface, an internal surface opposite said external surface, said internal surface adjacent an interior of said golf club head, wherein said external surface and said internal surface combine to create a plurality of thin regions and a plurality of thick... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150119167 - Golf ball resin composition and golf ball using the same: An object of the present invention is to provide a golf ball traveling a great flight distance on driver shots. The present invention provides a golf ball wherein at least one constituting member therefore is formed from a golf ball resin composition containing: (A) a polyamide resin and (B) at... Agent: Dunlop Sports Co., Ltd.

20150119168 - Golf ball resin composition and golf ball using the same: An object of the present invention is to provide a golf ball traveling a great flight distance on driver shots and a golf ball resin composition. The present invention provides a golf ball wherein at least one constituting member therefore is formed from a golf ball resin composition containing: (A)... Agent: Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.

20150119169 - Golf ball compositions: Disclosed herein are multilayer golf balls having a layer with a higher hardness and a lower flexural modulus than another layer.... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150119170 - Golf ball: s

20150119171 - Golf ball dimples defined by superposed curves: The present invention is a golf ball which comprises dimples having a cross section defined by the superposition of two or more continuous and differentiable functions, and particularly the superposition of a catenary curve and a Witch of Agnesi curve. Additionally, the dimples preferably have a circular boundary and maintain... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150119172 - Rope bat: Embodiments disclosed herein describe systems and methods for a baseball or softball (referred to hereinafter collectively and independently as “baseball”) hitting aid. The baseball hitting aid may be configured to teach a baseball player the correct swing technique and to generate centrifugal force to hit a baseball off a tee.... Agent:

20150119173 - Lacrosse head ball stop pad: Disclosed is a ball stop pad for use in a lacrosse head having improved ball retention characteristics, and which is impervious to repeated impacts and exposure to the elements, in a construction that complies with the rule-setting authorities' dimensional requirements. The ball stop pad is comprised of a fabric sleeve... Agent:

20150119174 - Toy arrow for use with toy bow: A toy projectile that has a shaft with a head end and a tail end is described herein. A head is associated with the head end of the shaft. Fins are associated with the tail end of the shaft. Extending hooks extend outward from the sides of the head.... Agent: Kma Concepts Limited

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