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Games using tangible projectile

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09/04/2014 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140248969 - Golf club swing training apparatus: A golf club swing training apparatus designed to help golfers learn to selectively control a golf ball trajectory shape so that the ball is made to “bend” from right to left, or left to right. The apparatus is configured as an otherwise conventional golf club such as a driver, but... Agent:

20140248970 - Simplified golf club swing training apparatus: A golf club swing training apparatus and a method for fabricating it are provided. The apparatus includes a golf club shaft and a slide mechanism. The shaft includes an upper portion and a lower portion that are spaced apart to form a gap there-between. The slide mechanism is inserted within... Agent:

20140248971 - Golf swing training device for improving set up and swing plane of a golf swing: The present invention is a golf swing training aid having a takeaway bar, a spine angle alignment guide, a position “A” bar, and a hands placement guide. The takeaway bar may be connected adjacent an end of the spine alignment guide. The apparatus is adjustable, and is suitable for practicing... Agent:

20140248972 - Method for improving \"striking\" motion and device for teaching method: e

20140248973 - Interchangeable shaft system: A golf club incorporating an interchangeable shaft system includes a shaft, a shaft sleeve, a club head. The shaft sleeve is coupled to an end of the shaft and is received in a hosel included in the club head. The shaft sleeve is removably coupled to the club head. Hosel... Agent: Acushnet Company

20140248974 - Golf club head with improved aerodynamic characteristics: A golf club head comprising an aerodynamic hosel is disclosed herein. In one embodiment, the hosel has an upper portion and a swept transition portion which connects to the golf club head, and all points at which the swept transition portion contacts the club head are spaced rearwardly from a... Agent: Callaway Golf Company

20140248975 - Customizable golf club head: A golf club having features that permit easy customization by consumers is disclosed herein. The golf club includes at least one weight port, at least one removable weight port insert, which may be a weight port ring or one or more weight port medallions, and at least one weight screw.... Agent: Callaway Golf Company

20140248976 - Club head with sole mass element and related method: Some embodiments include a club head with sole mass element. Other embodiments of related club heads and methods are also disclosed.... Agent: Karsten Manufacturing Corporation

20140248977 - Iron golf club head with improved performance: An iron type golf club head with improved performance is disclosed herein. More specifically, the present invention discloses an iron type golf club head having a frontal face portion made out of a lightweight material that is separate and distinct from the material used to form the remaining body portion... Agent: Acushnet Company

20140248978 - Multi-layer golf ball: Golf balls consisting of a dual core and a dual cover are disclosed. The surface hardness of the outer core layer is greater than the material hardness of the inner cover layer, and is preferably 75 Shore C or greater.... Agent: Acushnet Company

20140248979 - Sports training system: A method of operating a training device includes measuring a force applied to a training ball including an outer skin surrounding an inner bladder, determining if a force applied to the training ball decreases below a predetermined threshold, and indicating when the force applied to the training ball decreases below... Agent:

20140248980 - Takraw ball: A takraw ball side strip (2) comprising an elongate length of plastics material having one side edge of sinusoidally undulating profile having troughs (7) and peaks (6), wherein the strip (2) is shaped or otherwise constructed to be preferentially flexible in peak regions (20) whereby, when the strip (2) is... Agent: Satian Industries Co., Ltd.

08/28/2014 > 17 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140243108 - Rotation games played on a pool table: Described herein are methods for playing a rotation game on a pool table, and methods for scoring and racking rotation games described herein.... Agent:

20140243109 - Reflective billiard balls, apparatus, system, and method: A reflective billiard ball with a highly reflective surface, regardless of tint, of sufficient reflective qualities to allow the user to align the cue stick accurately with the axis of reflective billiard ball. The ball comprises a spherical convex mirror, where the reflected image is smaller than actual size because... Agent:

20140243110 - Golf club weight screws: A weight screw for a golf club head having one or more weight ports is disclosed herein. A set of weight screws is also disclosed herein, the set comprising at least one low-weight screw comprising multiple materials and at least one weight screw comprising a single material.... Agent: Callaway Golf Company

20140243111 - Golf club head: A golf club (40) having a club head (42) with a face component (60), an aft body (61), and a sound modifying sole and crown design is disclosed herein. The face component, which may be composed of a metal material, (60) has a striking area portion (72) and a return... Agent: Callaway Golf Company

20140243112 - Golf balls having at least two core layers formed from hnp compositions: The present invention is directed to golf balls consisting of a multi-layer core and a cover. The multi-layer core includes at least one layer formed from a relatively soft or low modulus HNP composition and at least one layer formed from a relatively hard or high modulus HNP composition.... Agent: Acushnet Company

20140243113 - Multi-layer core golf ball: Golf balls comprising a multi-layer core and a cover are disclosed. The multi-layer core comprises a layer formed from a highly neutralized polymer composition, a layer formed from an additional thermoplastic composition, and an outermost layer formed from a thermoset rubber.... Agent: Acushnet Company

20140243114 - System for preventing loss of golf clubs: An attachment consisting of a frame with three small flags is to be clipped to the upper seam of a golf bag, and used to remind the golfer of how many golf clubs have been removed from the golf bag. The set consists of flags numbered two through four, corresponding... Agent:

20140243115 - Croquet game caddy: A croquet game caddy for removably retaining croquet game components for playing a croquet game. The caddy includes croquet mallet head retainers which retains the croquet mallet heads in an upwardly stacked pyramid configuration.... Agent: Eastpoint Sports Ltd., LLC

20140243116 - Batting tee: A batting tee comprises a base for supporting the batting tee during use, a ball support column extending up from the base, and an extra ball holder for holding one or more extra balls before use. In some embodiments, the ball support column comprises one or more rigid sections and... Agent:

20140243117 - Hand grip for athletic equipment: A hand grip for an article of athletic equipment includes a generally cylindrical member open at opposite ends and having an inner diameter corresponding with an outer diameter of the article of athletic equipment. The member is formed of a flexible material and includes bevels at opposite ends and a... Agent:

20140243118 - Catching apparatus and method: A catching apparatus has a bent steel frame and a mesh work mounted to the frame. The catching apparatus has an upper portion that defines the target or gathering zone, and a lower portion that defines a pouch or sling into which objects caught in the upper portion collect. The... Agent:

20140243119 - Adjustable flexible sports net system: And adjustable sports net system comprising a plurality of ground anchors (105), two standard assemblies (108), elastic guy line assemblies (107) connecting the ground anchors to the standards, and a net fabric (101) disposed between the two standard assemblies. The net fabric (101) is adjustable in length and height, independent... Agent:

20140243120 - Multi-piece shaft for a lacrosse stick: A multi-piece shaft for a lacrosse stick includes a first section connected to a second section at a joint. The joint may be located at various shaft regions to provide a desired kick point within the shaft. In one embodiment, an outer surface of the first shaft section is separated... Agent:

20140243121 - Tennis racquet grip accessory for enhanced grip ergonomics: A tennis racquet grip accessory for adjustable, customizable grip ergonomics is disclosed. This grip accessory system enables the user to precisely tune their grip contours via rings (size, shape, quantity, positioning) for preferred finger and hand traction and leverage. The ring contours provide better personalized fitting in the user's hand... Agent:

20140243122 - Foam sport ball with integral light source: A ball comprising a body having a channel and a compartment formed therein and a light source disposed within the channel.... Agent:

20140243123 - Annular arrow fletch: The invention is an annular arrow fletch arrow stabilizer are therefor provided. The annular arrow fletch is used for; stabilizing arrow flight, providing better clearance and functionality then conventional fixed glued tail feathers, the invention can be used with light emitting diode arrow nocks. The invention improves current arrow shaft... Agent:

20140243124 - Method of inflatable game ball panel construction: An inflatable game ball and a method of constructing an inflatable game ball is described. Panel segments are formed from an outer panel portion and an inner panel portion having different sizes, with the inner panel portion being smaller than the outer panel portion. The inner panel portion and the... Agent: Nike, Inc.

08/21/2014 > 18 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140235363 - Golf club handle training aid: A golf aid is provided. The golf aid includes a golf club handle having a grip. The grip may include a pattern. The pattern includes at least an upper diamond and a lower diamond. The upper diamond includes a plurality of small upper diamonds forming the upper diamond. The lower... Agent:

20140235364 - Golf club grip with rfid assembly: Methods and apparatuses related to golf club grips with attached or embedded RFID tags are described. In an embodiment, a RFID tag is attached to or embedded into a golf club grip in a manner that does not compromise either the functionality or aesthetics of the grip. In an embodiment,... Agent: Radar Corporation

20140235365 - Golf club support: The present invention provides a golf club support 10 comprising an elongate shaft 12, having a first and a second end 12a, 12b; a ground engaging member 14, positioned towards said first end; a golf club rest 16 on said shaft positioned towards said second end in which said golf... Agent:

20140235366 - Progressive set of golf club heads: A set of progressive golf clubs with an elliptical pad construction on the back of the striking face that corresponds to a location, shape and size of a predetermined golfer's impact pattern for the lofts and lengths of each of the golf clubs in the set. The elliptical pad progressively... Agent: Cobra Golf Incorporated

20140235368 - Aerodynamic golf club head: An aerodynamic golf club head that produces reduced aerodynamic drag forces. A crown section imparts beneficial aerodynamic properties due in part to the location of a crown apex and the curvature of the crown section. A sole section imparts beneficial aerodynamic properties due in part to the location of a... Agent: Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.

20140235367 - Aerodynamic golf club head having a post apex attachment promoting region: An aerodynamic golf club head having a post apex attachment promoting region producing reduced aerodynamic drag forces. The post apex attachment promoting region is on the surface of the crown section at an elevation above a maximum face height and begins at the crown apex and extends toward the back... Agent: Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.

20140235369 - Golf club head with vertical center of gravity adjustment: Golf club heads include at least one weight port situated to retain weights and positioned above an approximate club face geometric center with the club in a standard address position. One, two, or more weight ports can be located above the club face center in a club crown or other... Agent: Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.

20140235370 - Polymer compositions comprising peptizers, sports equipment comprising such compositions, and method for their manufacture: Embodiments of the disclosed polymer composition comprise a first unsaturated polymer or polymer precursor, and an effective amount of a peptizer. The peptizer typically comprises a heteroaryl or a heterocyclic compound, other than morpholine as disclosed in assignee's prior applications. Disclosed polymer compositions are useful for making sports equipment, such... Agent: Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.

20140235371 - Golf green slope reading aid: The present invention provides a golf aid for determining the slope of putting green or other area of a golf course. More specifically, the invention provides a device for calibrating suspending Optionally, the device includes a ball marker and can include tools for assembling the device in a golf club.... Agent:

20140235372 - System and method for utilizing jerseys with actuated illumination devices: A system and method is provided whereby a user selectively actuates one or more illumination devices that are incorporated on the jersey of a wearer.... Agent:

20140235373 - Batting ball on a cable having a low friction surface to provide proper swing technique and muscle memory: A batting ball is slidably mounted on a line having a low friction surface to provide proper swing technique and muscle memory. A hook and eye turnbuckle is connected to an end of the cable by a thimble and clamp set. A swivel snap hook is connected to an end... Agent:

20140235374 - Soccer rebounder: A portable, self-standing ball rebounder includes upper and lower frames that support a flexible material that serves as a ball rebounding surface. The upper frame is raised relative to the lower one for using the rebounder. The upper frame may be collapsed relative to the lower frame for storing the... Agent:

20140235375 - Transportable basketball tournament system: An easily transportable basketball goal system includes a base having a post coupling fixed thereto, a post including a base coupling on lower end and an arm coupling on an upper end, an arm assembly including a post coupling fixed to a first end, the post coupling on the arm... Agent: Gared Holdings, LLC

20140235376 - Reinforced objects: A reinforced object of the invention comprises: at least one structural layer; and at least one reinforcing rod positioned on or within the at least one structural layer, wherein the object is an elongated object, with the at least one reinforcing rod longitudinally positioned essentially parallel to a central axis... Agent: Entrotech Composites, LLC

20140235377 - Shaft lock for interconnection between lacrosse stick handle and head: A shaft lock for interconnection of an elongate tubular lacrosse handle and a plastic lacrosse head. The shaft lock comprises an elastomeric insert compression-fitted inside the handle. The insert has a compressible body portion which, in an uncompressed form generally conforms to the interior walls of the handle and is... Agent:

20140235378 - Support structure: Support structures and bats such as those that may be used in the game of baseball are disclosed herein. Certain embodiments include a plurality of appendages within a bat barrel that both arc toward the bat barrel and form an arc adjacent to the inside of the bat barrel. Sport... Agent:

20140235379 - Ball for a ball sport: Described are balls for a ball sport, wherein the ball includes at least one heating element.... Agent:

20140235380 - Flying football with lift-generating wings: A throwing or catching toy includes a generally elongated spheroidal body defined as having a longitudinal axis, where a length of the body along the longitudinal axis between a front end to a back end of the body is longer than an equatorial diameter. A support is attached to the... Agent:

08/14/2014 > 19 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140228139 - Method, system and apparatus for capturing the critical parameters of a golf ball in flight and displaying those parameters to the individual golfers: A method, system and apparatus is disclosed for utilizing the ability to capture the essential parameters of a golf ball in flight and to generate immediate feedback to the golfer regarding the drive. The apparatus can also pair the golf ball flight information with advertising in order to increase revenue... Agent:

20140228140 - Golf putting aiming aid: The present invention is directed towards a golf shot set up and aiming aid. The aid comprises a direction sensing means (104) and at least one illumination means (106), whereby the illumination means is capable of projecting a set-up line (200, 202) and aiming line (230, 204) on a playing... Agent:

20140228142 - Golf club head with accessible interior: The invention provides a golf club head that includes a weight adjustment system inside of the club head. Preferably, when the club is played, no part of the adjustment system is directly accessible or exposed to an exterior of the club. The club head may include a panel that opens... Agent: Cobra Golf Incorporated

20140228141 - System and method for swing analyses: A swing analyzer is disclosed. The swing analyzer may be used to analyze the swing an object such as a golf club. The swing analyzer accounts for individual differences between users and/or sensors to improve performance. The swing analyzer includes a motion sensor that is attachable to the object. The... Agent: Access Co., Ltd.

20140228143 - System and method for multi-set collection of golf clubs: The invention provides methods and collections of golf clubs that offer a variety of golf club sets from a limited number of golf clubs. The golf clubs are designed such that a golfer can choose one of multiple different, distinct subsets of the collection based on matching the properties of... Agent: Cobra Golf Incorporated

20140228144 - Uniquely patterned multi-colored golf club parts: The invention generally relates to methods for making golf club parts that are multi-colored, each having a unique appearance. The invention provides methods for making golf club parts that have multiple colors so that each part will match a club that features one of the multiple colors. A pattern of... Agent: Cobra Golf Incorporated

20140228145 - Golf club with universal hosel and/or spacer: A golf club can include a universal hosel and/or hosel spacer that allows the golf club to be used with a variety of different sized club head shafts. The universal hosel can include multiple steps or ledges, and various inner diameters to accommodate different sized shafts. The spacer can be... Agent: Cobra Golf Incorporated

20140228146 - Golf club head: When a golf club head is placed in a reference state, a distance A from a lowest part of a sole to a leading edge in a vertical direction is 6 mm≦A≦10 mm. A distance B from a bottom of the face to a top of a club head main... Agent:

20140228147 - Golf club assembly and golf club with aerodynamic features: A golf club head includes a body member having a ball striking face, a crown, a toe, a heel, a sole, and a skirt extending between the crown and the sole and between the toe and the heel. The club head includes a drag-reducing structure that may include one or... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140228148 - Golf club with multi-component construction: A golf club head with multi-component construction. The golf club head includes heel and toe portions that generally provide ground contacting surfaces and a raised central region. A center of gravity of the club is located outside of an envelope defined by the outer surface of the club head below... Agent: Cobra Golf Incorporated

20140228149 - Golf club heads with frequency modulation devices and related methods: Embodiments of golf club heads with frequency modulation devices are presented herein. Other examples and related methods are also disclosed herein.... Agent: Karsten Manufacturing Corporation

20140228150 - Metal wood club: A golf club head is provided having a body and a face, with a slot in a perimeter region of the body of the club head adjacent the face. The slot increases the flex of the hitting surface on impact with a golf ball, thereby increasing the speed with which... Agent: Acushnet Company

20140228151 - Golf club head with replaceable face: A golf club head having a replaceable striking face is disclosed herein. More specifically, the present invention discloses a golf club head where at least a portion of the frontal striking surface of the face is detachable and replaceable to improve performance. The replaceable striking face may be connected to... Agent: Acushnet Company

20140228152 - Golf club with non-metallic fasteners: A golf club with a golf club head having non-metallic fasteners is presented. The club head may include a face member, a body member, a sole member and a crown member. The various portions of the club head may be connected using mechanical fasteners, such as screws. In some arrangements,... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140228153 - Hollow golf club head having sole stress reducing feature: A hollow golf club head incorporating a stress reducing feature including at least one sole located stress reducing feature located at least partially on the sole. The location and size of the sole stress reducing feature, and their relationship to one another and other club head engineering variables, play a... Agent: Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.

20140228154 - Overmolded golf tee and method of making it: A golf tee has a stake made of a first material and a crown made of a second material more flexible than the first material, in which the crown is overmolded over the stake. The crown and the stake can have corresponding projections. The stake can have projections to allow... Agent: Green Keepers, Inc.

20140228155 - Sports training apparatus and method: A system (234, 220, 200) for monitoring movements of one or more users and/or one or more projectiles during sports activities performed by the one or more users is provided. The one or more projectiles (200) incorporate sensors (202, 204) for sensing movements of the one or more projectiles (200)... Agent: Sstatzz Oy

20140228156 - Batting practice apparatus: A batting practice apparatus is arranged with a handle to be grasped by one person so a second person can practice hitting a ball, wherein the person grasping the apparatus positions the ball in a desired location and, when the second person strikes the ball with a bat, the kinetic... Agent: Strike Tec System, LLC

20140228157 - Ball rotation indicator and method: The present application is directed to an athletic training tool. The athletic training tool includes a ball and an elongated member attached thereto, the elongated member is attached to the ball in a manner effective to maintain the center of gravity of the ball. The elongated member may be visually... Agent:

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