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Games using tangible projectile

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04/16/2015 > 23 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20150105171 - Cue stick for billiards sports: A cue stick for billiards sports has an elongated outer housing having a first end, a second end opposing the first end, and an elongated inner cavity. The outer housing is formed from a rigid material and a resilient filling material is disposed in the inner cavity. The filling material... Agent:

20150105172 - Golf ball and caddie system: A golf ball sensing apparatus for use with a portable electronic device including a data acquisition device and a processing unit, and in association with a golf club and a cup. The apparatus includes a golf ball, at least one sensor carried by the ball and a non-transitory computer-readable medium.... Agent:

20150105173 - Golf ball and caddie system: An apparatus including a golf ball comprising an internal sensor, and an internal wireless communicator. The internal wireless communicator adapted to communicate parameters sensed by the sensor to external electronics, wherein the external electronics are configured to determine if the golf ball went into a cup based upon the parameters.... Agent:

20150105174 - Adaptable training putter head: An adaptable training putter head for use in a training putter includes a conventional style putting head, further including a cavity, an outer cutout, and an inner cutout; an alignment guide piece, further including an outer alignment guide, an inner alignment guide, and a center insert bridge piece; all mounted... Agent:

20150105175 - Handle grip assembly for swing-type ball game equipment: A handle grip assembly for swing-type ball game equipment includes a grip shaft, which defines a mating connection portion, a tail portion provided with two locating devices, and a passage hole axially extending through the mating connection portion and the tail portion for receiving a shaft of a sporting equipment... Agent: High Cedar Enterprise Co., Ltd

20150105176 - Golf clubs and golf club heads including structure to selectively adjust the face and lie angle of the club head: Aspects of this invention relate to structures and methods for connecting golf club heads to shafts in a releasable and adjustable manner allowing independent adjustability of face angle, loft angle, and lie angle of a club head. Assemblies for connecting the club head and shaft may include: (a) a hosel... Agent:

20150105177 - Fairway wood center of gravity projection: A golf club head includes a body defining an interior cavity. The body includes a sole positioned at a bottom portion of the golf club head, a crown positioned at a top portion, and a skirt positioned around a periphery between the sole and crown. The body has a forward... Agent: Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.

20150105178 - Putter-type golf club head: A putter-type golf club head that, when oriented in a reference position, includes a striking wall extending in the heel to toe direction and defines a substantially planar striking surface for hitting a golf ball. A central elongate member is in communication with, and extends rearward from, the striking wall.... Agent:

20150105179 - Putter-type golf club head: A putter-type golf club head is disclosed. When oriented in a reference position, the putter-type golf club head comprises a blade member and a central elongate member in communication with, and extending rearwardly from, the blade member. The blade member extends in a heel-to-toe direction and has a striking wall... Agent:

20150105180 - Dual core golf ball having negative-hardness-gradient thermoplastic inner core and steep positive-hardness-gradient thermoset outer core layer: A golf ball includes a thermoplastic HNP inner core layer having a center hardness less than the surface hardness to define a positive hardness gradient. An outer core layer is disposed about the inner core and is formed from a thermoset rubber composition. The core layer has an inner surface... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150105181 - Golf ball: Disclosed is a golf ball in which a plurality of dimples is arranged. The golf ball includes first dimples having the largest diameter and second dimples having the second largest diameter arranged on the surface of the golf ball divided into a spherical rhombic dodecahedron, the first dimples are arranged... Agent: Volvik Inc.

20150105182 - Golf teeing device: A golf teeing device. The golf teeing device may engage with a surface, such as an artificial golf mat, such that the user may conveniently place a golf ball to be hit. The golf teeing device may comprise a base and a top, wherein the base has extensions or hooks... Agent:

20150105183 - Golf club set fitting device, fitting method, and computer-readable medium storing fitting program: A device is provided with an obtaining unit, a specifying unit, and a determination unit. The obtaining unit obtains measurement data in which the golfer has performed a test-hit of at least one number of a golf club for each type of golf club from among the multiple types of... Agent: Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.

20150105184 - Method for conducting a golf tournament over a plurality of geographic locations: In one embodiment, a method is provided for conducting a golf tournament over a plurality of geographic locations. The method includes the steps of providing a golf course with a fixed layout in each geographic location and directing one or more players to simultaneously commence play at the golf course... Agent: Snag, Inc.

20150105185 - Portable physical activity panels: Features for assembling a physical boundary are disclosed. The boundary may be used in a variety of physical activities, including a pit for Ga-Ga ball. The boundary is made up of panels that can be stowed for transportation and then deployed to form the boundary. The panels are coupled together... Agent:

20150105186 - Indoor activity games: Indoor activity games for contests of skill and amusement. A soft, foam ball or cube is suspended by a cord and can be wrapped around a releasable device or temporary pole secured within a doorway. The ball can be struck by the players using their hands or using soft, foam... Agent:

20150105187 - Baseball swing training apparatus: A baseball swing training device that is operable to teach an improved baseball swing plane wherein the baseball swing training device is tiltably adjustable in a first direction and a second direction. The baseball swing training device further includes a base member having a telescoping support arm extending upward therefrom.... Agent:

20150105188 - Catch net system for training ball release: A catch net system and frame that allows use in many sports and in many environments for practice of ball release, etc.... Agent:

20150105189 - Ball bats with reinforcing inserts: A ball bat includes a cylindrical barrel portion surrounding a tubular insert. The tubular insert comprises a thermoplastic material. The length, diameter, wall thickness, position and weight of the insert may be controlled in order to improve performance of the ball bat.... Agent:

20150105190 - Method and apparatus for increasing the visability of an arrow utilizing lighted fletchings: The visibility of an arrow after it has been fired is increased by illuminating arrow fletchings in which light injected into the nock is further injected into the fletching.... Agent:

20150105191 - Vibration damping nock construction: A vibration damping nock for crossbow arrows includes an insert to absorb bow string slap, thereby to prevent damage to the nock during crossbow firing.... Agent:

20150105192 - Rear-deploying mechanical broadhead: Rear-deploying mechanical broadheads may be provided having stationary blades that open only through movement of a drive pin/key secured within a slot or chamber in the body of the broadhead. The drive pin/key may act as bleeder blades, thereby forming a mechanical broadhead with bleeder blades. The stationary blades may... Agent:

20150105193 - Crosswind resistant fletching construction: A molded aerodynamically crosswind resistant fletching includes pairs of spaced apart fletchings having distal edges bowed inwardly towards each other thus to deflect crosswinds over the tops of the fletchings.... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150099593 - Golf aid for aligning stance: A training device has a base unit configured to provide sensory feedback to a user and a belt unit configured to be worn by the user and emit signals toward the base unit. An electronic system housed in the base unit detects the signals emitted by the belt unit and... Agent:

20150099594 - Golf grip: A golf grip with tread design and slanted indicia design.... Agent:

20150099596 - Multi-layer core golf ball: A golf ball comprising a core and a cover, wherein the core consists of: a solid inner core layer formed from a plasticized thermoplastic composition TPp and having a diameter of 1.10 inch or less and a center Shore C hardness (Hcenter) of 50 or less, one or more optional... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150099595 - Multi-layer golf ball: Multi-layer golf balls having a hard, high compression center, a relatively soft intermediate layer, and a stiff outer cover layer, are provided. The outer surface hardness of the intermediate layer is less than that of both the center and the outer cover layer.... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150099597 - Golf tee with support prongs: A golf tee includes: an elongate shaft having opposed upper and lower ends, the lower end configured to be inserted into an underlying surface; and a support cup that is configured to support a golf ball from beneath and that merges with the shaft. The support cup has a base... Agent:

20150099598 - Table tennis table cover: Table tennis table covers protect a table tennis table from damage while being transported or stored. The table tennis table cover may have an air vent to allow the inner volume of the cover to breathe. The table tennis table cover may comprise an opening on one side panel to... Agent: Kettler International, Inc.

04/02/2015 > 16 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150094160 - Shaft for golf clubs: P

20150094161 - Golf club heads with trench features and related methods: Golf club heads with trench features are described herein. Other embodiments and related methods are also disclosed herein.... Agent: Karsten Manufactuirng Corporation

20150094162 - Golf club assembly and golf club with aerodynamic features: A golf club includes a shaft and a club head. The club head may have a channel extending adjacent to a trailing edge of the club head. The channel may have a maximum depth of 6 mm and a maximum width ranging from 10 mm to 20 mm. A rough... Agent:

20150094163 - Golf club head: A hollow golf club head comprises a face portion having a club face for hitting a ball, and a club face's perimeter region extending backwards from the face portion. The perimeter region is provided with at least one set of a front part extending backwards from the face portion to... Agent: Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.

20150094164 - Golf club head with stiffening member: A golf club head including a crown, a sole, a hosel, a face, a weight port, an internal cavity, and a stiffening member. The weight port is affixed to the sole. The stiffening member is located in the interior cavity and permanently affixed to the hosel. The stiffening member is... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150094165 - Golf club heads with ribs and related methods: Golf club heads with ribs are described herein. Other embodiments and related methods are also disclosed herein.... Agent: Karsten Manufactuirng Corporation

20150094166 - Golf club and golf club head structures: A golf club head has a body having a ball striking face, a rear opposite the ball striking face, a crown, a sole, a heel, and a toe, the body having a void defined by a peripheral edge on the sole. The body further defines a cover that extends over... Agent:

20150094168 - Device and system for tracking a golf ball with round indicators and club statistics: A system for tracking the flight, location and other information of a golf ball or other mobile object. Also provided is a golf ball including onboard circuitry and other components for wireless communication with a remote receiver.... Agent:

20150094167 - Golf ball locating system: Disclosed is a golf ball locating system that includes a golf ball having a control circuit therein. The control circuit includes a global positioning system (GPS) chip, a radio frequency transmitter, one or more antennas, and a rechargeable battery. The golf ball is capable of transmitting a signal to a... Agent:

20150094169 - Multi-layer core golf ball: A golf ball comprising: an inner core having a compression of less than about 60, wherein the inner core comprises a highly neutralized thermoplastic ionomer; at least one intermediate layer surrounding the inner core, having a hardness of at least about 55 Shore D, a specific gravity and a flexural... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150094170 - Multi-layer core golf ball having opposing hardness gradient with steep gradient outer core layer: A golf ball comprising an inner core formed from a substantially homogenous composition such that the geometric center hardness is 56-80 Shore C and the outer surface hardness is 50-75 Shore C. An outer core layer has an outer surface having hardness of 85-98 Shore C and an inner surface... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150094171 - Hockey practice system: A hockey practice system for helping goaltenders and shooters to visualize scoring and goaltending angles in hockey. The hockey practice system generally includes a housing which houses an internal reel assembly. A plurality of reels within the housing include a plurality of cords which extend out of the front end... Agent:

20150094172 - Correct feet batting trainer: A batting trainer device that may be placed near a batter's rear foot and discourages the batter from over-rotating the rear foot. The device having a planar base member, a planar backing member, and a heel stop. The planar base member may be rotatably affixed to the planar backing member,... Agent:

20150094173 - Baseball's 3-in-1 zone trainer: BASEBALL'S 3-IN-1 ZONE TRAINER is a device for training and conditioning three player positions in order to master the art and science of the pitching, hind-catching and hitting of a baseball; all of which are dependent upon the strike zone. This training device is comprised of four primary connecting sections... Agent:

20150094174 - Ball bat: A ball bat includes a bat body and a core unit. The bat body has a barrel section, a knob section, and a handle section. The barrel section has an upper receiving space defined by a space-defining surface. The handle section interconnects the barrel section and the knob section. The... Agent:

20150094175 - Broadhead arrowhead with two-stage expansion: Improvements in a broadhead arrow is disclosed where the arrowhead opens in two stages. This provides a broadhead arrow that can be launched with a traditional or compound bow to allow a hunter to bring down large game in an efficient manner. When an arrow is launched the arrow receives... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 20 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150087432 - Golf game device, golf game server, and golf game system: A novel golf game device includes a field simulating a green, a plurality of cups provided in the field, a ball-in-cup detecting section which detects that a ball has entered the cup, a cup designating section which designates to a player a target cup to be aimed at from among... Agent: Dartslive Co., Ltd.

20150087433 - Golf hazard training methods and apparatus: A portable golf training apparatus for enhancing a player's skills relating to overcoming a golf course hazard includes a substantially flexible base and at least first and second regions formed on an upper surface of, and supported by, the base. The first region has a first cross-sectional thickness and the... Agent:

20150087434 - Golf club set: A golf club set 2 includes a plurality of golf clubs 41 to 45 having different club lengths. Each of the golf clubs 41 to 45 includes a head 6, a shaft 8, and a grip 10. The club length of each of the clubs 41 to 45 is 38.5... Agent: Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.

20150087435 - Golf club: A club 2 includes a head 4, a shaft 6 and a grip 8. A club length L1 is equal to or greater than 43 inches and equal to or less than 48 inches. A frequency of the club is equal to or greater than 240 (cpm) and equal to... Agent: Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.

20150087436 - Golf club: c

20150087437 - Adjustable medallion for golf club: An iron type golf club head body has a back portion with a recess defined by a perimeter wall therein, and the recess having a back surface for attachment of an adjustable medallion. In a set of golf irons, the recess areas are progressively larger as the irons get shorter... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150087438 - Dual process golf club component: The invention provides methods of making a component for a golf club by shaping a workpiece by a first process and also shaping the workpiece by a second process that includes electrical discharge machining. A first process such as forging or casting can shape the gross morphology of the workpiece... Agent: Cobra Golf Incorporated

20150087439 - Adjustable weight for golf club head: A removable weight in the form of a plug screw that is received in a receptacle of a golf club head. The weight includes adjustment weight pieces that are added to or subtracted from the screw body to yield the desired weight adjustment. The plug screw is removably connected to... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150087440 - Golf club head: An iron-type golf club head is disclosed having a first piece including a portion of an iron-type face. A second piece including a heel portion, a sole portion, a toe portion, a top-line portion, a hinge region, and a front opening for receiving the first piece is also disclosed. A... Agent: Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.

20150087441 - Badge for golf club head: The present disclosure concerns embodiments of a badge or insert for a golf club head that can eliminate undesired gaps between the insert and the peripheral sidewall of the cavity that receives the insert. In one embodiment, a golf club head comprises a main body comprising a cavity, which defines... Agent: Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.

20150087443 - Ball for ball game: A golf ball includes a spherical body and intersection surfaces. The intersection surfaces intersect with a spherical surface centered on the center of the spherical body, and are formed as conductive intersection surfaces having conductivity. The spherical surface is formed to have a smaller diameter than a diameter of the... Agent:

20150087442 - Golf ball with core material containing rubber and polyurethane: A golf ball has a core, core center, or core layer containing a thermoset elastomer and a polyurethane prepared by combining a thermosetting elastomer and an isocyanate-functional polyurethane, which may be an elastomeric polyurethane, then curing the thermosetting elastomer.... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150087444 - Golf balls having foam, hollow, or metal center and plasticized thermoplastic core layer: Multi-layered golf balls containing a dual-core structure are provided. The core structure includes an inner core (center) made from a foam or metal-containing composition, or it has a hollow shell construction, and the outer core layer is made of a thermoplastic composition. Preferably, the thermoplastic composition comprises: a) ethylene acid... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150087445 - Ball stopping net: A ball stopping net is provided, which includes a loop, propping poles, fold-butting poles, hexagonal-shaped holding fabrics, and a net. Each of the two propping poles comprises an upper end and a lower end, and the upper end is curved and engaged rotatably with a mid point of a corresponding... Agent:

20150087446 - Sports swing mechanics training device: A base unit of a sports swing mechanics training device receives from a swing detector a swing detection message indicating a swing motion by a player, and in response, displays a visual symbol for a predetermined period of time. When the device receives a user selection of a visual symbol... Agent:

20150087447 - Athletic skill training device and method: A hockey skill training system, said system comprising a hockey stick having a transverse bore, a movable stand, and a skill training device, said skill training device comprising: a generally cylindrical external shape having a to surface, a bottom surface, a front, and a back, wherein the bottom surface comprises... Agent:

20150087448 - Tensile basketball shooting skill training device: Disclosed is a tension basketball shooting motor skill acquisition apparatus, comprising a horizontal-shaft, a rotating-arm, a sphere and a ball-axle passing through the sphere, wherein the horizontal-shaft and the ball-axle are connected via the rotating-arm, the sphere rotates around the ball-axle, the sphere, and the ball-axle and the rotating-arm rotate... Agent:

20150087449 - Ball collection system and playing area: A ball collection system for a tennis court (1), configured to be provided along an edge (2a) of a tennis court, comprising: a first slope (11), extending along said edge of the tennis court, and configured such that the height of the first slope decreases in a first direction away... Agent:

20150087451 - Self centering nock: A self-centering nock is provided for use in a well-balanced nock-arrow or nock-bolt assembly. The self-centering nock includes compliant projecting protrusions or compliant arms that are substantially rotationally symmetric about a cross section normal to a main axis of the self-centering nock. The compliant projecting protrusions or compliant arms may... Agent:

20150087450 - Small diameter crossbow bolt: A small diameter crossbow bolt includes a small diameter shaft having a leading end with an insert to receive a point. The trailing end of shaft has a nock and adjacent fletching. The insert receives a point, such as a target point, broad head, or other point known in the... Agent: Aldila Golf Corp.

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