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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 14 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150148142 - Decorative bowling balls and methods and apparatuses for decorating bowling balls: Methods and apparatus are for decorating bowling balls. A spherical bowling ball inner core has opposing first and second hemispheres. Pressure is applied to adhere a first portion of a conformable decorative first film of material onto the first hemisphere. A combination of pressure and vacuum is applied to adhere... Agent: Brunswick Corporation

20150148143 - Golf training aid apparatus and method of using the same: A golf training aid apparatus and a method of using the same, that assists golfers in identifying, understanding, and implementing proper body and golf club positioning so as to consistently hit a golf ball accurately, with extended distance, and with a proper golf swing. The golf swing training device includes... Agent:

20150148144 - Golf putt training aid: A golf putting aid is provided. The golf putting aid includes a body, a first arm, and a second arm. The body has a substantially flat top and bottom surface and includes a front side, a rear side, a first side, and a second side. The rear side includes a... Agent:

20150148145 - Conditioning apparatus and related methods: In one embodiment, a conditioning apparatus for conditioning a user includes a target, and an illumination source spaced apart from the target. The illumination source is configured to project a light upon the target for use in response to movement of the user.... Agent:

20150148146 - Adjustable putter head assembly: An adjustable putter head assembly having a hosel attachment member that includes a hosel for receipt of a golf club shaft, a striking face, a bottom surface, and an adjustment surface that is generally parallel to the striking face and opposite the striking face. The hosel attachment member further includes... Agent:

20150148147 - Golf club head or other ball striking device with thermoreactive face: A ball striking device, such as a golf club, includes a head that includes a face having a ball striking surface configured for striking a ball and a body connected to the face and extending rearward from the face. The face has an area of highest response located proximate a... Agent:

20150148148 - Golf club weight attachment mechanisms and related methods: Embodiments of golf club weight attachment mechanisms are described herein. In some embodiments, a golf club head comprises a head body with an interior cavity, a shell portion, and a bracket with a weight member coupled to the bracket. In one embodiment, the bracket and the weight member can be... Agent: Karsten Manufacturing Corporation

20150148149 - Golf club: A golf club head includes a club body including a crown, a sole, a skirt disposed between and connecting the crown and the sole and a face portion connected to a front end of the club body. The face portion includes a geometric center defining the origin of a coordinate... Agent: Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.

20150148150 - Golf ball having specific spin, moment of inertia, lift, and drag relationship: Golf ball with a novel combination of spin rate, lift coefficient, drag coefficients, and optionally moment of inertia: a golf ball with a low spin rate, a high lift coefficient, a low drag coefficient, and optionally a high moment of inertia; and a golf ball with a high spin rate,... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150148151 - Net with a vertically adjustable upper edge for a playing area and a method for adjusting the height of the upper edge: A net includes lower fixed and upper vertically adjustable parts. The net parts extend across a playing area. Ends of the net parts are fastened to posts at sides of the playing area. The lower net part is fixedly mounted at a lower post part. The upper net part is... Agent:

20150148152 - Goal apparatus: A goal apparatus for soccer (football) and the like has a frame, a first pliable goalpost member, a second pliable goalpost member and a pliable crossbar member. The frame presents net connection points and is configured to support each of the pliable goal members in tension between two net connection... Agent:

20150148153 - Basketball system with multi-cavity base: A basketball backboard system having a multi-cavity base is disclosed herein. The base has two or more cavities for receiving ballast. The base may have interior cavities enclosed within the base or exterior cavities, such as a receptacle or bowl, or receiving and storing ballast. Both interior and exterior cavities... Agent:

20150148154 - Sports court designed with three sections: A portable system for playing sports and methods of providing the same are described. In its assembled form, the system can have a generally two-dimensional configuration. The system includes a first member that defines an outer boundary of a sports court, and a second member that defines a space between... Agent:

20150148155 - Disc-shaped toy: A toy having a casing that includes at least one viewing opening and one rotating body arranged in the casing and rotatably mounted within the casing. Wherein the rotary body is designed with an imbalance and provided with at least two different markings that can be seen through the viewing... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 18 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150141164 - Golf club heads including a polymeric body in which a part of a frame or base member is embedded: Wood-type golf clubs and/or golf club heads include: (a) a golf club head base member including a face member having a ball striking face; and (b) a polymeric body member engaged with the golf club head base member, wherein the polymeric body member is formed via a rotational molding process... Agent:

20150141167 - Dual core golf ball having negative-hardness-gradient thermoplastic inner core and steep positive-hardness-gradient thermoset outer core layer: A golf ball comprising an inner core layer including a thermoplastic material and having a geometric center hardness less than the surface hardness to define a positive hardness gradient. An outer core layer is formed over the inner core. The outer core includes a thermoset rubber composition and has an... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150141166 - Golf balls having a foam center: Large diameter golf balls having a foam core are provided.... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150141165 - Multi-layer golf ball: A multi-layer golf ball includes a core formed from an ionomer, an intermediate layer surrounding the core, and a cover surrounding the intermediate layer. The core has a material hardness measured on the JIS-C scale of from about 34 to about 70, and has an outer surface that includes a... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150141168 - Multi-layer golf ball: Multi-layer golf balls having a relatively hard outer core surrounding a relatively soft, low compression inner core are provided. The inner core generally has a compression of less than 70. The outer core generally has a Shore C hardness of 80 or greater. A cover, which can be a single-,... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150141169 - Multi-layer golf ball: A multi-layer golf ball includes a core formed from an ionomer, an intermediate layer surrounding the core, and a cover surrounding the intermediate layer. The core has a material hardness measured on the JIS-C scale of from about 34 to about 70, and has an outer surface that includes a... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150141170 - Multi-layer golf ball: A multi-layer golf ball includes a core formed from an ionomer, an intermediate layer surrounding the core, and a cover surrounding the intermediate layer. The core has a material hardness measured on the JIS-C scale of from about 34 to about 70, and has an outer surface that includes a... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150141171 - Ball throwing training and strengthening device: This invention relates generally to training a user how to correctly throw a ball, and more specifically, a training, physical, or occupational therapy aid that can be used to strengthen and rehabilitate a user's muscles and joints.... Agent:

20150141172 - Baseball training methods and systems: A training device, comprising a plurality of track bars mounted to vertical posts with a plurality of tracks extending between the track bars forming a swing plane guide that can be used to guide a batter's swing along a bat path. In various exemplary embodiments, movable balls are positioned on... Agent:

20150141173 - Ball hitting teacher: The tool includes a rigid base with an upright rigid post attached perpendicularly to the base a rigid form fitted outer sleeve, measured to fit snug over the upright post. this sleeve allows for height adjustability, also includes a uniquely formed and rigid wand, with a measured, weighted counterbalance end... Agent:

20150141174 - Sports training apparatus and method: A system (234, 220, 200) for monitoring movements of one or more users and/or one or more projectiles during sports activities performed by the one or more users is provided. The one or more projectiles (200) incorporate sensors (202, 204) for sensing movements of the one or more projectiles (200)... Agent:

20150141175 - Tennis game analysis using inertial sensors: A method for analyzing a tennis session for game improvement using a portable device and a tennis analysis system, includes collecting information from the tennis session using the portable device attached to a racket used in a game for a plurality of strokes, transferring the collected information from the portable... Agent:

20150141176 - Ball holder for table tennis tables: A ball holder for a table tennis table designed for non-intrusive mounting under a corner of a table tennis table. The ball holder can be manufactured in two parts for ease of sale and construction, with the two halves being easily assembled and secured by the user. The two halves... Agent:

20150141178 - Racket sport inertial sensor motion tracking analysis: A system for a racket comprises an inertial sensor for coupling to the racket, a processor connected to the inertial sensor, and a memory device connected to the processor. The inertial sensor includes an accelerometer array with three degrees of freedom in acceleration and a gyro array with three degrees... Agent:

20150141177 - Score keeping apparatus: A score keeping apparatus configured to keep score on a racquet. The score keeping apparatus contains multiple embodiments wherein the score keeping apparatus is configured to keep score on a racquet, such as a tennis or racquetball racquet.... Agent:

20150141180 - High straightness arrow and method of manufacture for the same: The high straightness arrow made by the process in the present invention is designed to improve the straightness of the archery arrow. A chamber and a mandrel are made of dissimilar metals. The chamber includes walls creating an external housing and defining an internal airspace. Once the mandrel covered with... Agent: Aldila Golf Corp.

20150141179 - Wide-body arrow having tapered tail: A cylindrical carbon fiber arrow shaft formed with an increased external diameter of 0.380 inches. This arrow shaft is formed with an axial bore which has a first internal diameter throughout a substantial portion of the shaft length, and a second internal diameter throughout the fletching end of the arrow.... Agent:

20150141181 - Foam dart having a safety cap: A dart is disclosed that may comprise an elongate dart body, a base, and a cap. The elongate dart body may have a first end, a second end, and an interior cavity, which can be a bore. The base may include a mount and a stem inserted into the interior... Agent:

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