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Fuel and related compositions

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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08/07/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140215903 - Process for separation of a mixture containing a microbial oil and microbial substance: A process for separation of a mixture comprising at least a microbial oil and a microbial substance into at least a first phase comprising at least part of the microbial oil and a second phase comprising at least part of the microbial substance, wherein the separation is carried out by... Agent:

20140215904 - Compositions comprising and methods for producing beta-hydroxy fatty acid esters: Disclosed are fatty ester compositions comprising beta-hydroxy fatty esters, as well as methods for producing beta-hydroxy fatty esters, and recombinant microorganisms useful in methods of producing beta-hydroxy fatty esters... Agent: Ls9, Inc.

07/31/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140202068 - Fuel slurry preparation system and method: A system includes a grinder, a storage unit, and an organic compound production unit. The grinder is configured to produce a fuel slurry from a solid fuel, a liquid, and an organic compound that is miscible with the liquid. The storage unit is configured to supply the organic compound to... Agent: General Electric Company

20140202069 - Fuel composition comprising a nitrogen-containing compound: A fuel additive concentrate comprising at least one aryl amine; and at least one metal-containing compound is disclosed. In an aspect, the fuel additive concentrate can be synergistic. Fuel composition comprising the fuel additive concentration and methods of combusting the fuel composition are also disclosed. Moreover, methods of enhancing research... Agent: Afton Chemical Corporation

20140202070 - Method for producing biodiesel: The present invention relates to a method for producing biodiesel comprising a step of generating fatty acid alkyl ester and glycerol by a transesterification of animal and vegetable oils and fats and fatty acid alcohols in the presence of porous materials. The method is characterized by a high response speed... Agent: Research Institute Of Industrial Science & Technology

20140202071 - Fuel for obtaining thermal energy from biomass with low ash-melting temperature, in particular from stillage from bioethanol processing: The invention relates to fuel composition formed by a fuel mixture, whose one component is formed by partially dewatered stillage from the bioethanol production and the other one are milled materials, where the ratio of total of sodium weight and potassium weight in the ashes to the weight of the... Agent:

20140202072 - Method for monitoring and control of torrefaction temperature: The invention relates to to a method and an arrangement for precise monitoring and control of torrefaction temperature, which enables accurate control of the quality and properties of the torrefied material. The method includes determining the surface temperature of the biomass in the torrefaction arrangement is using an IR-thermometer and... Agent: Bioendev Ab

20140202073 - Torrefaction systems and methods including catalytic oxidation and/or reuse of combustion gases directly in a torrefaction reactor, cooler, and/or dryer/preheater: A method for torrefying biomass comprises using an oxidation catalyst to combust gas produced by torrefaction, and thereby produce combustion flue gas. The method also comprises introducing the combustion flue gas into a torrefaction reactor and/or a cooler.... Agent: Advanced Torrefaction Systems, LLC

07/17/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140196358 - Glycerol containing fuel mixture for direct injection engines: The invention provides fuel mixtures containing fuel oil, glycerol, glycerol impurities and non-ionic surfactants. The mixtures remain homogeneous longer and are more chemically stable than previous mixtures. Upon combustion, the mixtures generate reduced SOx, NOx and particulate matter emissions compared to residual fuels and offer improved engine performance over previous... Agent: Seachange Group LLC

20140196359 - Integrated multistage supercritical technology to produce high quality vegetable oils and biofuels: A power generation system, which includes a source of a seed oil, a source of alcohol, and a reactor in communication with the source of seed oil and the source of alcohol. The reactor produces a biofuel product. The system has a power source that operates on a biofuel energy... Agent: Syracuse University

20140196360 - Applications of glass microparticles and nanoparticles manufactured from recycled glasses: Glass microparticles and/or glass nanoparticles have been developed for use as: reflective paints; abrasive papers/wheels; flame retardant paints; thermal insulation for aggregates, self-cleaning building materials, absorbent of oils, diesel, gasoline, brake fluids, transmission fluids, ethanol, methanol, and acetone; cosmetics (lipstick, foundation, etc.), medicated dental implant, and targeted drug delivery systems.... Agent:

20140196361 - High sulfur fuel pellet with reduced so2 emission: The present description relates to a method and system for generating a fuel pellet from high sulfur fuel waste materials having a reduced SO2 emission. In one example, the fuel pellet may include petroleum coke, a biomass constituent, and an alkali substituent. Further in another example, the fuel pellet may... Agent: Elite Fuels LLC

20140196362 - Process for upgrading low rank carbonaceous material: A process for upgrading brown coal having a first water content including subjecting the brown coal to a conditioning step which includes heating the brown coal to a first temperature to produce a conditioned brown coal having a second water content which is lower than the first water content; attritioning... Agent: Pacific Edge Holdings Pty Ltd

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