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Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. patents

The following is a sampling of recent Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. patent applications (USPTO Patent Application #, Patent Title) sorted by month.

August 2012 - Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. patents

20120216616 - Mems device with enhanced resistance to stiction
20120217511 - Vertical power transistor device, semiconductor die and method of manufacturing a vertical power transistor device
20120218033 - Integrated circuit and method for reduction of supply voltage changes
20120219917 - Multiple patterning consistency processing
20120210562 - Magnetometer test arrangement and method
20120213026 - Memory device and method for sensing a content of a memory cell
20120213263 - Incident and reflected signal phase difference detection
20120215477 - Accelerometer and automatic calibration of same
20120215989 - Memory protection in a data processing system
20120215991 - Memory protection unit (mpu) having a shared portion and method of operation
20120216002 - Remote permissions provisioning for storage in a cache and device therefor
20120204642 - Mems device having variable gap width and method of manufacture
20120205738 - Near zero channel length field drift ldmos
20120206183 - Response to wearout in an electronic device
20120207205 - Phase-shifted pulse width modulation signal generation device and method therefor
20120199879 - Method of forming an inverted t shaped channel structure for an inverted t channel field effect transistor device
20120199881 - Bipolar transistor and method with recessed base electrode
20120201082 - Erase ramp pulse width control for non-volatile memory
20120204067 - Integrated circuits and methods for debugging
20120195400 - Estimation and compensation of clock variation in received signal
20120198156 - Selective cache access control apparatus and method thereof
20120198177 - Selective memory access to different local memory ports and method thereof

July 2012 - Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. patents

20120186346 - Mems sensor with folded torsion springs
20120186347 - Mems sensor with dual proof masses
20120187538 - Bipolar transistor with improved gain
20120187927 - Voltage regulation circuitry and related operating methods
20120187998 - Multiple function power domain level shifter
20120188272 - Method and apparatus for processing temporal and spatial overlapping updates for an electronic display
20120183029 - Cellular modem processing
20120185830 - Software probe minimization
20120175747 - Mems device assembly and method of packaging same
20120175777 - Device having conductive substrate via with catch-pad etch-stop
20120176169 - Digital phase locked loop with reduced switching noise
20120178400 - Amplifiers and related receiver systems
20120179892 - System and method for filtering received data units
20120169391 - Duty cycle corrector and duty cycle correction method
20120169411 - Device and method for compensating for voltage drops
20120173825 - Cache result register for quick cache information lookup

June 2012 - Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. patents

20120153464 - Localized alloying for improved bond reliability
20120155570 - Device and method for performing bitwise manipulations
20120159412 - Transistor-level layout synthesis
20120145446 - Brace for long wire bond
20120151189 - Data processing with variable operand size

May 2012 - Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. patents

20120133388 - Transistor power switch device and method of measuring its characteristics
20120133422 - Die temperature sensor circuit
20120133547 - Automotive radar system and method for using same
20120134060 - Electronic device with protection circuit
20120134293 - Processing data flows
20120126289 - Method of forming a semiconductor structure
20120126345 - Mems device with stress isolation and method of fabrication
20120126413 - Method of sealing an air gap in a layer of a semiconductor structure and semiconductor structure
20120131241 - Signal processing system, integrated circuit comprising buffer control logic and method therefor
20120119678 - Method for driving a ptc electrical load element
20120119932 - Radar module
20120119969 - Integrated antenna package
20120121004 - Differential equalizers with source degeneration and feedback circuits
20120124336 - Signal processing system and integrated circuit comprising a prefetch module and method therefor
20120112956 - Integrated circuit, transceiver and method for leakage cancellation in a receive path
20120114025 - Diversity receiver and transceiver
20120117340 - Data administration unit, data access unit, network element, network, and method for updating a data structure
20120104515 - Transistors and semiconductor devices with oxygen-diffusion barrier layers
20120104626 - Process of forming an electronic device including a plurality of singulated die
20120105079 - Capacitance-to-voltage interface circuits
20120105108 - Brown-out detection circuit
20120105170 - Directional couplers for use in electronic devices, and methods of use thereof
20120107992 - Method of producing layered wafer structure having anti-stiction bumps
20120110353 - Debugger recovery on exit from low power mode

April 2012 - Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. patents

20120098096 - bipolar transistor
20120098095 - Bipolar transistor with improved stability
20120098510 - Integrated circuit comprising voltage modulation circuitry and method therefor
20120098698 - Integrated circuit, communication unit and method for phase adjustment
20120098951 - Device for forming a high-resolution image, imaging system, and method for deriving a high-spatial-resolution image
20120099474 - Diversity antenna system and transmission method
20120096215 - Memory controller and method for accessing a plurality of non-volatile memory arrays
20120086670 - Touch-screen interface circuit
20120086852 - Integrated circuit comprising deflicker unit for filtering image data, and a method therefor
20120087428 - Integrated circuit with channel estimation module and method therefor
20120088464 - Multichannel receiver system and method for multichannel receiver monitoring
20120089857 - Method for compensating for variations in data timing
20120080720 - Method of forming a semiconductor device and semiconductor device
20120080730 - Semiconductor device with photonics
20120080804 - Electronic device including interconnects with a cavity therebetween and a process of forming the same

March 2012 - Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. patents

20120074549 - Semiconductor device with exposed pad
20120068325 - Substrate bonding with metal germanium silicon material
20120061758 - Semiconductor device and related manufacturing method
20120063249 - Memory and method for sensing data in a memory using complementary sensing scheme
20120063503 - Methods and apparatus for orthogonal modulated signals
20120056246 - Insulated gate field effect transistors
20120056308 - Method of forming an electromechanical transducer device
20120049298 - Mems device assembly and method of packaging same
20120051398 - Device and method for evaluating a temperature

February 2012 - Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. patents

20120042731 - Mems pressure sensor device and method of fabricating same
20120043627 - Mems sensor device with multi-stimulus sensing and method of fabricating same
20120037969 - Monolithic microwave integrated circuit
20120038023 - Low loss substrate for integrated passive devices
20120038367 - Connection quality verification for integrated circuit test
20120038421 - Wireless communication device and semiconductor package device having a power amplifier therefor
20120039174 - Apparatus, communications system and method for optimizing data packet flow
20120032719 - Electronic circuit and method for operating a module in a functional mode and in an idle mode
20120036398 - Multiple core data processor with usage monitoring
20120026716 - Package assembly and method of tuning a natural resonant frequency of a package

January 2012 - Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. patents

20120018858 - Method of assembling integrated circuit device
20120020560 - Method and system arranged for filtering an image
20120021586 - Methods for forming varactor diodes
20120013365 - Low voltage detector
20120013449 - Radio frequency remote controller device, integrated circuit and method for selecting at least one device to be controlled
20120015616 - Adaptive iip2 calibration
20120007031 - Phase change memory cell with heater and method therefor
20120007725 - Method and apparatus for selecting at least one device to be wirelessly controlled
20120007829 - Method and system for touch sensor interface fault detection

August 2011 - Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. patents

20110201287 - Wireless communication unit, integrated circuit and method of power control of a power amplifier therefor

July 2011 - Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. patents

20110180876 - Semiconductor device and electronic device
20110180883 - Method and structure to improve body effect and junction capacitance
20110180917 - Microelectronic assembly with an embedded waveguide adapter and method for forming the same
20110181331 - Integrated circuit with leakage reduction in static nets
20110181488 - Electronic device module with integrated antenna structure, and related manufacturing method
20110182335 - Calibration signal generator
20110183584 - Method and apparatus for conditioning a cmp pad
20110174074 - Framed transducer device
20110175198 - Esd protection with increased current capability
20110175199 - Zener diode with reduced substrate current
20110175212 - Dual die semiconductor package
20110175592 - Bus driver for avoiding an overvoltage
20110175643 - Method and apparatus for handling an output mismatch
20110176243 - Stacked esd protection
20110176244 - Esd protection device and method
20110176646 - Method and system for determining bit stream zone statistics
20110169078 - Switch mode converter employing dual gate mos transistor
20110169528 - Clock buffer circuit
20110169575 - Amplifier circuit and integrated circuit therefor
20110173373 - Non-volatile memory device and method therefor
20110163360 - Method for forming a transistor having gate dielectric protection and structure
20110163782 - Flexible bus driver
20110164626 - Method for adjusting time slots in a communication network
20110167185 - Method and apparatus for transmitting data
20110167310 - Scan based test architecture and method
20110167396 - Design placement method and device therefor

June 2011 - Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. patents

20110156051 - Semiconductor devices with low leakage schottky contacts
20110156266 - Methods for forming through-substrate conductor filled vias, and electronic assemblies formed using such methods
20110156752 - Method and apparatus for gating a clock signal
20110158303 - Wake-up control system and method for controlling receiver wake-up
20110159826 - Wireless communication unit, semiconductor device and power control method therefor
20110147835 - Semiconductor devices having reduced gate-drain capacitance
20110147893 - Bipolar transistors with hump regions
20110149082 - Data packet frequency
20110150141 - Computational generation of narrow-bandwidth digital signals
20110151659 - Multilayered through a via
20110154344 - system, method and computer program product for debugging a system
20110140240 - Varactor diodes
20110142169 - Electronic device, integrated circuit and method for selecting of an optimal sampling clock phase
20110145623 - System on a chip with clock circuits
20110133709 - Voltage regulator with low and high power modes
20110136452 - Wireless communication unit, integrated circuit and method of power control of a power amplifier therefor
20110138090 - Communicating on an electrical bus
20110126632 - Laterally integrated mems sensor device with multi-stimulus sensing
20110128051 - Programmable clock divider
20110128080 - Voltage controlled oscillator (vco) circuit with integrated compensation of thermally caused frequency drift
20110131004 - Die temperature estimator
20110131356 - Method and system for high-speed detection handshake in universal serial bus based data communication system

May 2011 - Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. patents

20110119910 - Method and system for releasing a microelectronic assembly from a carrier substrate
20110120784 - Methods and apparatus for performing capacitive touch sensing and proximity detection
20110121428 - High gain tunable bipolar transistor
20110121468 - Semiconductor package and method of making same
20110121656 - Systems and methods for delivering power in response to a connection event
20110121761 - Synchronized phase-shifted pulse width modulation signal generation
20110121809 - Voltage reference circuit
20110121818 - Integrated circuit die, an integrated circuit package and a method for connecting an integrated circuit die to an external device
20110121865 - Systems and methods for detecting interference in an integrated circuit
20110121872 - Semiconductor device, wireless communication device and method for generating a synthesized frequency signal
20110122921 - Low power, high resolution timing generator for ultra-wide bandwidth communication systems
20110122936 - Integrated testing circuitry for high-frequency receiver integrated circuits
20110124309 - Heterodyne receiver
20110125945 - Communications module apparatus, integrated circuit and method of communicating data
20110126082 - Micro controller unit including an error indicator module
20110113891 - Apparatus and methods for applying stress-induced offset compensation in sensor devices
20110114049 - Four stroke single cylinder combustion engine starting system
20110116328 - Memory device and method thereof
20110116539 - Method and apparatus for video decoding with reduced complexity inverse transform
20110116577 - Semiconductor device wireless communication unit and method for receiving a signal
20110119533 - Program trace message generation for page crossing events for debug
20110108967 - Semiconductor chip grid array package and method for fabricating same
20110109602 - Fault detection apparatus for alphanumeric display system and method of detecting a fault
20110101425 - Semiconductor device with increased snapback voltage
20110101465 - Cmos device structures
20110102077 - Semiconductor device with feedback control
20110107010 - One-time programmable memory device and methods thereof
20110107009 - Non-volatile memory controller device and method therefor
20110107065 - Interconnect controller for a data processing device and method therefor
20110107160 - Time-based techniques for detecting an imminent read failure in a memory array
20110107161 - Threshold voltage techniques for detecting an imminent read failure in a memory array

April 2011 - Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. patents

20110095744 - Linear regulator with automatic external pass device detection
20110095799 - Flip-flop having shared feedback and method of operation
20110096707 - Channel sounding techniques for a wireless communication system
20110096809 - Multiple sensor thermal management for electronic devices
20110089483 - Method of forming a power semiconductor device and power semiconductor device
20110089500 - Multi-gate semiconductor devices
20110093236 - Processing position-related input data from a rotational machine whose angular speed is variable
20110093660 - Multi-core processing system
20110093680 - Flexible memory controller for autonomous mapping of memory
20110093739 - Fault management for a communication bus
20110084339 - Semiconductor device and method of electrostatic discharge protection therefor
20110084749 - Method and apparatus for generating a modulated waveform signal
20110085512 - Channel condition dependent scheduling
20110080154 - Temperature compensation circuit and method for generating a voltage reference with a well-defined temperature behavior
20110083041 - Memory system with redundant data storage and error correction

March 2011 - Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. patents

20110073384 - Capacitive touch sensor device configuration systems and methods
20110073936 - Nanocrystal memory with differential energy bands and method of formation
20110073964 - Semiconductor device with oxygen-diffusion barrier layer and method for fabricating same
20110074445 - Capacitance sensing with mismatch compensation
20110074613 - Multiple-bit, digital-to-analog converters and conversion methods
20110075394 - Shielding structures for signal paths in electronic devices
20110068475 - Semiconductor device with low resistance back-side coupling
20110072190 - Memory device and method
20110064213 - Time domain adaptive filter bank for network echo reduction or cancellation
20110066347 - Self monitoring braking system for vehicles
20110057694 - Regulator having interleaved latches
20110057771 - Method and apparatus for enabling communication between a first device and at least one further device
20110057951 - Display controller, image processing system, display system, apparatus and computer program product
20110059579 - Method of forming tape ball grid array package
20110060954 - Semiconductor device and method for validating a state thereof
20110060963 - Method and apparatus for interleaving a data stream using quadrature permutation polynomial functions (qpp)
20110049648 - Mems device with stress isolation and method of fabrication
20110050152 - Method and apparatus for control of an ac electric motor with field weakening
20110050470 - Digital-to-analog converter
20110051833 - Transmitter signal injection compensation
20110051949 - Voltage supply circuitry and integrated circuit therefor

May 2008 - Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. patents

20080124858 - Selective stress relaxation by amorphizing implant in strained silicon on insulator integrated circuit


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