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Francois Pachet patents

Recent patents with Francois Pachet listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

Francois Pachet - Related organizations: Sony Corporation patents, Sony France S.a. patents

Electronic device, method and computer program

01/26/17 - 20170026748 - An electronic device comprising a processing unit arranged to determine an estimation signal (y(k)) based on an input signal (x(k)) and based on a non-stationary reference signal (s0(k)).
Inventors: Stanislaw Gorlow, Mathieu Ramona, Francois Pachet

Device and method for generating a real time music accompaniment for multi-modal music

08/25/16 - 20160247496 - A device for generating a real time music accompaniment includes a music input interface, a music mode classifier that classifies pieces of music received at the music input interface into one of different music modes including at least a solo mode, a bass mode, and a harmony mode, a music
Inventors: Francois Pachet, Pierre Roy

Device, system and method for generating an accompaniment of input music data

05/07/15 - 20150127669 - A device for automatically generating a real time accompaniment of input music data includes a music input that receives music data. A music analyzer analyzes received music data to obtain a music data description including one or more characteristics of the analyzed music data. A query generator generates a query
Inventors: Pierre Roy, Francois Pachet

Method for creating a markov process that generates sequences

09/27/12 - 20120246209 - The present invention relates to a method for creating a Markov process that generates sequences. Each sequence has a finite length L, comprises items from a set of a specific number n of items, and satisfies one or more control constraints specifying one or more requirements on the sequence. The
Inventors: Francois Pachet, Pierre Roy, Gabriele Barbieri

Animal-machine audio interaction system

04/07/11 - 20110082574 - An animal-machine audio interaction system includes a sound monitor for monitoring the sounds made by one or more animals, a sound segmenter for identifying coherent sound segments within the sounds made by the animal(s), a sound analyzer for analyzing and assigning a category to each sound segment, an output sound
Inventors: Francois Pachet, Pierre Roy

Markovian-sequence generator and new methods of generating markovian sequences

01/13/11 - 20110010321 - A new type of Markovian sequence generator and generation method generates a Markovian sequence having controllable properties, notably properties that satisfy at least one control criterion which is a computable requirement holding on items in the sequence. The Markovian sequence is generated chunkwise, each chunk containing a plurality of items
Inventors: Francois Pachet, Pierre Roy

Method and apparatus for updating prototypes

11/25/10 - 20100299328 - An apparatus and method for machine-updating of prototypes—for example, during design of digital objects, or content-management—has input means (15) for inputting descriptive classifiers (tags) that a user assigns to prototypes and a tag model generator (20) that uses machine learning techniques to produce a model of the association between the
Inventors: Francois Pachet

One-click selection of music or other content

07/08/10 - 20100174695 - A set of temporal phases are defined, occurring successively during the playback of music (or other content) to a user. Each temporal phase is associated with a set of selection criteria. If the user operates a selection device (which can be a computer mouse button) while a piece of music
Inventors: Francois Pachet, Pierre Roy

Hybrid audio-visual categorization system and method

05/20/10 - 20100125539 - Meta-data (tags) for an audiovisual file can be generated by prompting a user to input certain tags (meta-data) descriptive of the audiovisual file, to serve as an initial estimate of the tags, and then revising the initial estimate (notably to expand it and/or render it more precise) based on the
Inventors: Jean-julien Aucouturier, Pierre Roy, Francois Pachet

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