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Foundation garments

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02/05/2015 > 4 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150038049 - All-in-one underwear: There is provided an all-in-one underwear having a brassiere portion, a waist slimming portion, and a girdle portion which are integrated with each other. The girdle portion includes an integrated leg insertion portion extended by a predetermined length from a lower portion of the groin toward a knee, a lower... Agent:

20150038050 - Full torso maternity garment: A maternity garment, which provides mild support to shape a woman's body and to act as a suspender for bottoms such as pants, shorts, or skirts that may be ill fitting due to body changes as a result of pregnancy, wherein the preferred garment has at least one shoulder strap,... Agent:

20150038051 - Nursing bra: A nursing bra is provided. The present nursing bra has a pair of individually openable bra cups and a layer of anti-slip material disposed on the interior surface of the shoulder straps. The bra cups utilize a hidden clasp mechanism, thereby rendering the present invention indistinguishable from a conventional bra.... Agent:

20150038052 - Flocked shapewear garments: Disclosed herein are flocked shapewear garments. The flocked shapewear garments comprise a fabric, an elastomeric coating, and flocking fibers embedded in the elastomeric coating.... Agent: Spanx, Inc.

01/29/2015 > 4 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.
01/22/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150024656 - Hands free breast shield cover: A breast shield cover designed to hold a breast shield in place during breast pumping without the wearer having to hold the breast shield in place.... Agent:

20150024657 - Brassiere pad adjustable structure: A brassiere pad adjustable structure is provided. The brassiere pad adjustable structure is comprised of a pouch, an air pump and an exhaust valve. The pouch is formed by a first layer film and a second layer film that is connected to each other to form a one-piece structure. The... Agent: Sing Young Hong Ltd.

20150024658 - Bra cup with modesty panel: A breast cup for a brassiere, a brassiere, and a method of making the breast cup. The breast cup includes a molded body having an inner surface, an outer surface and an apex. A layer of flock is adhered to the molded body at a location corresponding with the apex... Agent: Hbi Branded Apparel Enterprises, LLC

01/15/2015 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20150017877 - Bra cup and method for its manufacture: A bra cup molded by thermoforming comprises a layer of thermoformable polyurethane foam as well as an inner fabric and an outer fabric bonded to the foam layer. The outer fabric is composed of a three-dimensional knitted fabric comprising a first face and a second face separated from one another... Agent: Chantelle

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