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Foods and beverages: apparatus

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04/16/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150101490 - Dispensing device of capsule coffee machine: A dispensing device includes a fixed seat defining an accommodation space, a sliding seat slidable relative to the fixed seat, a dispensing frame mounted pivotally on the sliding seat, and a pivot seat pivoted to the fixed seat and having at least one push-pull rod and at least one control... Agent:

20150101489 - Locking device and capsule coffee machine having the same: A locking device includes a lower main body having at least one first engaging portion, an upper cover pivotally connected to and openably covering the lower main body, and a locking mechanism including first and second locking members pivotally mounted on the upper cover, a locking spring urging the locking... Agent:

20150101488 - Machine for preparing beverages: A machine for supplying beverages such as coffee and the like starting from a substantially granular preparation contained in single-dose capsules (C), which machine comprises an infusion group (100) which in turn has: an infusion seat (102), which is apt to receive the capsule during the beverage extraction performed by... Agent: Ides Development Company Limited

20150101491 - Soup maker: A soup maker includes a container mounted to an annular seat receiving a heat conducting pan that receives food to be cut by a cutter coupled with a transmission shaft driven by a motor. A heating pan abuts a bottom of the thermally conducting pan and is connected to a... Agent: Uni-splender Corp.

20150101492 - Industrial food fryer: A cooking tank 112 for a food fryer 100 includes a lower heating zone 154 for receiving a heating element of heat exchanger 120, and an upper product zone 152 in which a product transporting conveying system 122 is positioned. The lower heating zone of the tank 112 is narrower... Agent: John Bean Technologies Corporation

20150101493 - Demountable and portable electric rotating spit grill: The invention relates to a demountable electric rotating spit grill, which is designed to be installed and flexibly adjusted over any heating source, and at the same time, is suitable for installation on any type of surface in which the heating source can be generated. The purpose of the inventive... Agent: Soluciones De Diseno Integral S.a.

20150101494 - Portable food dehydrator: A portable food dehydrator having a warm vessel, a warm vessel lid having a guide opening and an assembly opening, a cover defining a cover cavity, the cover having openings and a chamber divider capable of sectioning the cover chamber into an inlet chamber and an outlet chamber, a fan... Agent:

20150101495 - Devices and methods to disintegrate foods: The subject application is directed to a food processing device to extract juice. The device includes an inlet coupled to a disintegrator. The inlet is configured to accept food items and the disintegrator configured to disintegrate food items passed through the inlet. The device further includes a separator that accepts... Agent:

20150101496 - Gravity wheel de-stemmer: A produce de-stemmer for generally symmetrical produce such as pepper pods that supports an item of produce in a propped orientation within a canister, a number of which are connected to a moving endless chain so that the canisters are cyclically inverted. A fixed support track resides below the moving... Agent:

04/09/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150096447 - Grill pan: Disclosed is a direct fire grill pan including a grill pan with a heat inflow port formed therein, and a lid having an upwardly convex groove portion formed on a ceiling thereof and an exhaust port formed on a side wall thereof.... Agent: Happycall Co., Ltd.

20150096448 - Smoke generator: A smoke generator for providing smoke to a food smoking cabinet includes an upright enclosure with a fuel storage area located above a combustion chamber. An operating rod assembly including an operating rod, partition, and fuel agitator extend downwardly into the pellet fuel storage area. The operating rod may be... Agent: Smokehouse Products, LLC

04/02/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150090127 - Infuser and an infusion-container lifting structure thereof: The disclosure relates to an infuser and an infusion-container lifting structure thereof. The infusion-container lifting structure is used in an infuser and comprises a cover body placed in a top opening of the infuser, a lifting button provided at an upper surface side of the cover body, an infusion container... Agent: Ningbo Smal Electrics Co., Ltd.

20150090128 - System for admixture of a material in powder or liquid form: The invention concerns a system (1) for admixture of a material in powder or liquid form into a fluid stream comprising a container (5) enclosing the material (8). The container cooperates with an outlet (3) of a fluid dispensing unit (4) such as a spigot or faucet and at least... Agent:

20150090129 - Battery-powered adjustable revolving skewer: A battery-powered adjustable revolving skewer to be used in built barbecue pits as in any other arrangement in which is allowed to put a heat source (embers) and two supports to sustain the ends of the battery-powered adjustable revolving skewer.... Agent: Luciano Kaefer Me

20150090130 - Juicer: The invention discloses a juicer, includes a base, a motor assembly, a cutter disk, a collar and an elevator assembly. The elevator assembly is configured for lifting up or lowering down the collar in accordance to user's operations, as a result a distance between the collar and the cutter disk... Agent:

03/26/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150082989 - User-interface for beverage preparation machines: The user-interface comprises a feedback element configured to present a default value for the first value, the default value being computed according to values previously used for said at least one property by the machine to prepare beverages.... Agent:

20150082990 - Hot beverage maker: Provided is a hot beverage maker, comprising a water tank, a boiler, a dispensing device, a water outlet pipe and a control device. A first valve is provided in the water inlet pipe; the dispensing device comprises a first opening, a second opening, a connecting pipeline connected between the first... Agent:

20150082991 - Systems and methods for customized fermented beverages: A system for making a personalized malt-based beverage may comprise at least one packaged base liquid and at least one separately packaged flavor ingredient. The at least one packaged base liquid may comprise at least about 0.1% wt ethyl alcohol, at least about 3% wt malt extract solids, and a... Agent: Anheuser-busch, LLC

20150082992 - Popcorn machines and methods of making and using the same: Popcorn machines having modular construction that permits shipping in a disassembled condition while providing for quick and simple assembly are disclosed. The popcorn machines include an upper unit spaced from and above a base unit, a plurality of columns that extend vertically between and are connected to the upper unit... Agent: Paramount Inc.

20150082993 - Popcorn machines and methods of making and using the same: Popcorn machines are disclosed having a construction that includes an upper unit spaced from and above a base unit and a plurality of columns that are spaced apart and slidably connected to the upper and base units thereby defining a cavity, wherein such popcorn machines include a first side having... Agent: Paramount Inc.

20150082994 - Popcorn machines and methods of making and using the same: Popcorn machines having a kettle support assembly connected to an upper unit and having kettle supports being configured to releasably support the kettle assembly, and wherein the kettle support assembly is movable relative to the upper unit are disclosed. An inner kettle bowl having a tool-free removable connection to an... Agent: Paramount Inc.

20150082995 - Cooking temperature and power control: A system and method for controlling the power delivered to cookware by a power control system that comprises a heating control user interface that is set by the user to a particular heating control user interface set point within an operating range. A controller derives from the heating control user... Agent:

20150082996 - Submersable circulator cooker: A sous-vide circulator cooker for home or small restaurant sous-vide cooking. The sous-vide circulator cooker is particularly suited for use in home kitchens and on small countertops. The sous-vide circulator cooker can be fully submersed into water and not be adversely affected. The sous-vide circulator cooker includes a detachable skirt... Agent:

20150082997 - Fryer cabinet thermal oil heat exchange: A hot oil fryer for continuous frying duty in continuous food process lines has a frame, a cooking channel carried by the frame, a conveyor through the cooking channel having an upper food product carrying-run and a lower return runs, a bed of elongated heat exchanger tubes inside the cooking... Agent:

20150082998 - Apparatus and method for extracting pomegranate seeds from pomegranates: Apparatus for extracting pomegranate seeds from pomegranates including a pomegranate breaker operative for breaking open pomegranates generally without cutting pomegranate seeds at the interior of the pomegranates and a pomegranate seed extractor operative to engage broken open pomegranates for separating the pomegranate seeds from other parts of the pomegranates.... Agent: State Of Israel, Ministry Of Agriculture And Rural Development Agricultural Research Organization,

20150082999 - Centrifugal product peel separation and removal apparatus: An agitator for a product peel removal system, the agitator comprising: a central axle having a plurality of outwardly projecting arms; and a product lifter at the distal end of at least one of said outwardly projecting arms; and an apparatus for product peel removal comprising: a drum having an... Agent:

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