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Foods and beverages: apparatus

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09/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140238245 - Bottled water dispensers with single-serve coffee brewing features: Combined water dispensers and coffee making devices are disclosed, which include a cabinet configured to house a water bottle in a bottom half of the interior portion of the cabinet; a cold tank that is configured to receive water from the water bottle, which is connected to an evaporator; one... Agent:

20140238246 - Infusion device for making beverages using cartridges, such as capsules or pods: An infusion device for making beverages using cartridges, such as capsules or pods, containing at least one food substance, comprising an infusion unit (3) comprising at least two parts, at least one of which is able to move between a home position and an operating position, at least one insertion... Agent:

20140238247 - Flow dispenser, flavor adapter, and flavor pack: In one aspect, an apparatus is disclosed for dispensing water including: a first inlet, a second inlet, and a third inlet; a chamber in fluid communication with first, second and third inlets, and a dispenser nozzle in fluid communication with the chamber.... Agent: Apiqe Inc

20140238248 - Beverage dispenser and coffee maker: The present disclosure provides a beverage dispenser comprising a larger container for accommodating the beverage to be dispensed, a smaller container for accommodating the beverage dispensed and a connecting channel connecting the larger container and the smaller container. The beverage dispenser further comprises a rationing vessel, which has an upper... Agent:

20140238249 - Machine for preparing a beverage: The invention relates to an extraction machine using capsules inserted into a capsule housing, including rails that make it possible to guide the inlet of a capsule into the machine, hold the capsule in an axially aligned position, release the capsule during an axial movement in order to enter an... Agent: Ethical Coffee Company Sa

20140238250 - Microwavable heating element and composition: Disclosed is a microwavable heating element and thermal storage composition for the controlled storage and release of thermal energy to a thermal mass. The microwavable heating element can be used in conjunction with a warming trivet. One disclosed warming trivet includes a housing, a heating element arranged within the housing... Agent: Wki Holding Company, Inc.

08/21/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140230658 - Hot beverage production device: The invention concerns a beverage production device comprising:—a beverage production chamber (1) designed to have a liquid interact with a beverage ingredient,—a pump (2) for pumping the liquid,—a heater (3) for heating the pumped liquid, wherein the heater comprises:—a chamber (31) presenting an inlet (32) for the introduction of the... Agent:

20140230659 - Additive delivery systems and containers: A compact filtering and additive delivery system which is readily adaptable to a portable container, such as a sports bottle, and receives a modular additive container for the metered delivery of additive, such as flavor concentrate, to a stream of base liquid as the base liquid is drawn or dispensed... Agent:

20140230660 - Scalable automated cooking system having small footprint and reduced labor cost: An automatic cooking system includes a computer system that stores recipes, cooking stations each comprising a cooking container that can cook food ingredients therein to produce a first cooked food, wherein the computer system can assign and schedule a plurality of dishes to be cooked at the cooking stations, storage... Agent:

20140230661 - Safety timer for cooking appliance: A safety timer device, for a cooking appliance connected to an energy source, the cooking appliance having a heat generating component in communication with a heat controller. A timer communicates with the heat controller configured to count down a predetermined cooking time. An alarm unit, in communication with the timer,... Agent: Pioneering Technology Corp.

20140230662 - Intelligent ventilating safety range hood control system: An improved control system for a range hood that is capable of automatically responding to various air quality parameters including heat, smoke, carbon monoxide, humidity, and others. The system contains a number of features that, combining aspects of open-loop and closed loop control, manage the system dynamics for smoother operation,... Agent: Rain Mountain, LLC

20140230663 - Kitchenware item with a handle which works electrically with a removable accessory: Provided is a kitchenware item for cooking food, comprising a pan provided with a side wall, a handle comprising attachment means for attaching said handle to the side wall, and a removable accessory of the kitchenware item, said accessory or lid comprising an electromechanical device. The handle comprises an electrical... Agent: Seb S.a.

20140230664 - Device and method to simulate cooking stuffing in a bird: The present invention provides a device and method for simulating cooking stuffing in a bird, such as a turkey. Stuffing prepared with the device and method of the invention has both the appearance and taste of cooked-in-the-bird stuffing. In addition, the device and method of the invention allows the user... Agent:

20140230665 - Barbecue support assembly: A barbecue support assembly for supporting an elongate skewer at one or more preselected heights above a barbecue grill. The barbecue support assembly includes one or more body elements having one or more parts thereof positionable substantially at one of the preselected heights. Also the part includes one or more... Agent:

20140230666 - Adjustable pitch cooking grate: An adjustable pitch cooking grate includes generally parallel rods and means for changing the pitch of the rods by moving the rods between a closed configuration and a range of open configurations, with different width gaps therebetween. Scissors linkage at the rod ends can move the rods in unison between... Agent:

20140230667 - Egg yolk separator: The device may include an egg yolk removing device that has a top portion, a middle portion, and a bottom portion. The top portion may include a bellow, the middle portion may include a main tube, and the bottom portion may include a suction tube. A user may compress the... Agent:

20140230668 - Fruit pitter: A Fruit Pitter is disclosed where a plunger and shaft are slidably disposed within a generally cylindrical barrel. The shaft contains a pit engaging end that serves to cut and push a pit through a food item and expel the pit into a pit ejection chamber. The plunger is spring... Agent: Casabella Holdings, LLC

08/14/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140224130 - System for the production of beverages: System for the production of beverages, the system comprising a beverage dispenser (100) and a pod (10) to be inserted in the beverage dispenser for the passage of the extraction liquid of the beverage. The pod (10) includes a filtering body (11) which defines a space (12) that contains the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140224131 - Charbroiler and method of charbroiling: A charbroiler having both heated grids and at least one radiant heater and a method of charbroiling a food product are disclosed. Each heat source of the charbroiler can be an independently regulated heat source. The independently regulated heat sources can be adjusted to each contribute to the overall cooking... Agent: Cfa Properties, Inc.

20140224132 - Dry fryer with stirring function and heating cover thereof: A dry fryer (1) and heating cover (20) thereof are disclosed. The dry fryer (1) includes a pot (10) and a heating cover (20) covered correspondingly thereon. An inner space of a cover body is separated into an installing chamber (2110) and a hot air chamber (2111). A first actuator... Agent: Tall & Stout Industrial Corp.

20140224133 - Roasting oven: An oven suitable for roasting chickens and the like comprising at least one oven chamber (1, 2) each oven chamber comprising side walls (4), a floor (55), at least one door (3) and a ceiling, each oven chamber having a plurality of heating levels. At least one heating element cavity... Agent: Technobake R&d Pty Ltd

20140224134 - Device for filling fleshy fruits and vegetables: Systems and methods for filling a fleshy fruit or vegetable with a filler are described. Embodiments include tool having an expandable member that is expandable to an expanded position to make a cavity in the fruit and collapsible to a collapsed position for withdrawal from the fruit, with the expandable... Agent: Pathak Holdings, LLC

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