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Foods and beverages: apparatus

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07/10/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140190357 - Bottle temperature control apparatus: A bottle temperature control apparatus includes a main heat-generating band configured to wrap around a bottle. The band is provided with at least one heater, a temperature sensor, a controller configured to activate the heater when the temperature measured by the sensor drops below a predetermined temperature range and deactivate... Agent:

20140190358 - Flatware item for thermally melting food product: A flatware item for thermally melting a food product includes a metal body (10), a low-temperature-evaporable circulation fluid (20), and a reflux medium (30). The metal body (10) has a vacuum chamber (100), a hand holding portion (11), and a food contacting portion (12). The circulation fluid (20) is filled... Agent: Chaun-choung Technology Corp.

20140190359 - Combination juicer blender: A juicer and a blender share a common base. The juicer and blender may share a common motor. The juicer has a spout that discharges into the blender.... Agent:

07/03/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140182458 - Microwave beverage cartridge holder: This microwave beverage cartridge holder is designed with the intention of facilitating the process of making a single cup of any hot beverage. This invention overcomes the necessity of specific or more complex machines in order to produce a single cup of hot beverage. In addition to saving energy and... Agent:

20140182459 - Automatic cooking medium level control systems and methods: An automatic cooking medium level control system for a cooking apparatus, e.g., a fryer, may include a cooking vessel having a first temperature sensor at a first level of the cooking vessel and a second temperature sensor at a second level of the cooking vessel. A reservoir holding a cooking... Agent: Henny Penny Corporation

20140182460 - Radio frequency identification controlled heatable objects: A temperature controlled heatable object is provided in which a temperature sensor is connected to a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag. The RFID tag is located within the handle of the object, and the temperature sensor is placed in contact with the object. In a first embodiment of the invention,... Agent:

20140182461 - Juice extraction module for juicer: A juice extraction module for a juicer is provided, which includes a container formed with a juice discharge port, a sieve positioned inside of the container, a screw positioned inside of the sieve to extract juice from a material, and a lid coupled to a top end of the container... Agent: Nuc Electronics, Co., Ltd.

06/26/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140174300 - Beverage filter assembly: Beverage filter kit usable with a brewing the kit comprising a reusable insert configured to be received within a brewing cavity of the brewing device; and a disposable filter assembly configured to be received within the insert and comprising a substance suitable for preparing a brewed beverage. Filter assembly usable... Agent: Koninklijke Douwe Egberts B.v.

20140174301 - Gas oven: A gas oven having a gas supplying passage to supply gas to a burner is provided. The gas oven includes an ON/OFF valve to open/close the gas supplying passage, and a flow rate modulating valve connected to the ON/OFF valve in series so as to change the cross-sectional area of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140174302 - Grinding type vertical grain polishing machine: A bran removing wire-mesh tube includes: bran removing wire-mesh tube parts 28 divided in more than one in a circumferential direction in planar view; and a plurality of support pillars 33 erected at intervals in the circumferential direction to respectively fix both side edges of the divided bran removing wire-mesh... Agent: Satake Corporation

06/19/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140165846 - Beverage mixing system and process: The present invention relates to a system and process for a nutraceutical beverage mixing system. Provided is a customizable supplement beverage system and method for personalizing and operating the same to a particular user and optionally for operative tracking. Proposed additionally is an operative system for receiving and individually identifying... Agent: G&#xdc Dpod Holdings, LLC

20140165845 - Hot beverage preparation device: The invention relates to a hot beverage preparation device for household- or gastronomic needs, comprising a heating device (3; 403) for the liquid, a control device (4) for actuating the heating device (3; 403), and a beverage container (5; 305; 405) which is configured for accommodating the heated liquid, wherein... Agent:

20140165847 - Convertible beverage container and drinking apparatus and method for manufacturing: A convertible beverage container includes a pod configured to hold an otherwise separate container containing a beverage or ingredient for a beverage (such as a nip bottle of alcohol) in such a way that the pod with container can be distributed as a unit and is convertible to an article... Agent:

20140165848 - Coffee machine: An arrangement for a coffee machine includes a filter holder adapted to receive a filter to be filled with ground coffee. The filter holder includes an outlet below which a container to be filled with coffee may be positioned. A bracket is arranged on the coffee machine. The bracket and... Agent: Melitta Europa Gmbh & Co. Kg.

20140165849 - Gas cooking appliance: A gas cooking appliance having a gas burner, at least one control device comprising a gas regulating valve regulating the flow of gas to the gas burner, a knob controlling the opening ON and closing OFF of the valve, and a position sensor detecting the ON-OFF position of the knob,... Agent: Coprecitec, S.l.

20140165850 - Tabletop grill: A tabletop grill generally includes a housing, a heating element disposed within the housing, and a grill plate configured to be removably mounted on the housing. The grill plate and the housing are magnetically connectable to retain the grill plate on the housing.... Agent:

20140165851 - Electric cooking apparatus: Various embodiments of a portable cooking apparatus are disclosed. For example, in one embodiment, a portable cooking system is provided comprising a cooking plate having a continuous cooking surface, a heating element assembly disposed beneath the cooking surface, a temperature controller for varying the temperature of the cooking surface, and... Agent: Evo, Inc.

20140165852 - Adjustable heating assembly: An adjustable heating assembly that includes a barbecue grill that extends and retracts through an opening, such as a window. The assembly secures to a window ledge and extends and retracts through the window to help control the direction and contact with heat and smoke radiating from the assembly. The... Agent:

20140165853 - Roasting rack: A roasting rack for cooking fowl comprising a horizontally disposed U shaped stand having integrally interconnected and spaced apart mutually parallel legs, a vertically disposed post detachably connected to the stand, said post having first and second vertically spaced apart branches projecting over the stand where the first and second... Agent:

20140165854 - Agricultural product containing and conditioning system: In order to provide a containing and conditioning system for an agricultural product, such as seeds or grains, which system reduces an amount of energy used upon containing and conditioning the agricultural product and also improves the quality of the agricultural product, there is disclosed a containing and conditioning system... Agent: Webstech Aps

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