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20150143998 - Oenological product comprising compressed pieces of oak wood and a method for preparing such a product: The present invention relates to an oenological product intended to be used in making wine or spirits. This product includes a piece of wood made of compressed pieces of oak wood.... Agent:

20150143999 - Package recognition system: The invention provides a beverage production machine having an apparatus for recognising a package. The apparatus comprises two resonant tank circuits, each comprising a coil and a capacitor; two electronic circuits for detecting changes in coil impedance; a means for generating a signal which is indicative of the changes; and... Agent: Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

20150144000 - Beverage preparation machines and methods for operating beverage preparation machines: A method of operating a beverage preparation machine, the beverage preparation machine being of the type comprising a brewer comprising: a reservoir containing water; a delivery head for receiving in use a cartridge containing one or more beverage ingredients; a pump for pumping water from said reservoir to said delivery... Agent:

20150144001 - Capsule based system for preparing and dispensing a beverage: The present invention relates to dispensing of a substance from a container by means of a dispensing apparatus. Specifically, the exemplary embodiment of the present invention relates to (1) a container and (2) the automated method for opening such container and (3) the automated method of dispensing of the contents... Agent: La Vit Technology LLC

20150144002 - Beverage preparation machines: A delivery head for a beverage preparation machine comprising a movable first part, a fixed second part and a cartridge guide; the first part being movable between an open position and a clamping position; the cartridge guide being operatively engaged with the first part and slidably movable relative to the... Agent:

20150144003 - Modular system with small footprint autonomous module: The present invention relates to a system for producing a beverage from portioned ingredients provided within a capsule or pod, the system including a base station including a (e.g. removable) water reservoir of large capacity, and an autonomous beverage preparation module including an extraction head and being removably connectable to... Agent:

20150144004 - Beverage producing device witha dual-position water container: The beverage producing device comprises a housing (3) and a removable water container (9) which is designed to be connected to the outside of said housing (3) in an operative position, when the device is in use. The water container is further designed to be recoverable in an inoperative position... Agent:

20150144005 - Food product toasting machine: A toasting machine for toasting a food product includes a housing having a bottom and a top, and a heating source for toasting a food product. The heating source is mounted in the housing and extends upright in a direction from the bottom of the housing to the top of... Agent:

20150144006 - Cooking apparatus: The present invention discloses an apparatus and method that combines traditional open flame cooking and modern cooking techniques (including, but not limited to, convection cooking, conduction cooking, microwave cooking etc). It not only allows traditional cooking steps that take place in open flame but also gives the user an option... Agent:

20150144007 - Grill device: A grill device includes a grilling unit, a heating unit, a controlling unit and a switching unit. A second grilling module of the grilling unit (3) is pivotable to a first grilling module between closed and open positions to cover and uncover the first grilling module, respectively. First and second... Agent: Tsann Kuen (zhangzhou) Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20150144008 - Diverters and cooking chambers and cooking apparatus including diverters: A diverter, and a cooking chamber and cooking apparatus including the diverter, is capable of diffusing liquids, semi-solid substances, and the like. The diverter includes a diverter plate and an orifice that projects from a surface of the diverter plate. The orifice has an open sidewall portion. The diverter further... Agent:

20150144009 - Quick release skewer assembly: A quick release skewer assembly comprising a skewer shaft with a first end portion and a second end portion axially spaced from the first end portion, a first clamping element connected to the first end portion with a first grip face, and a clamping assembly adjacent the second end portion... Agent:

20150144010 - Rotisserie accessory kit: The present invention is, multi-spit accessory conversion kit intended to be used for multiple types of barbecue grills and pits. The kits multiple skewer assembly is capable of being adjusted to various sized grills. The skewers are also able to easily be placed and removed from the multi-functional rotating rotisseries... Agent:

20150144011 - Infrared based peeling of fruits and vegetables: A method and apparatus for infrared peeling of fruits and vegetables is disclosed herein.... Agent:

05/21/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150135963 - Device for heating and/or frothing a beverage: A device for heating and/or frothing a beverage includes a first duct connectable to an upstream steam source and to downstream mixing means arranged to introduce and mix at least steam into said beverage, said first duct having a first valve configured to be opened and closed and to enable... Agent: Rancilio Group S.p.a.

20150135962 - User-programmable capsule, device for programming capsules and beverage preparation machine: d

20150135964 - System and method for preparing a beverage suitable for consumption: A system for preparing a predetermined amount of beverage suitable for consumption includes an exchangeable holder and an apparatus provided with a fluid dispensing device which is detachably connected to the holder for dispensing at least one amount of at least a first fluid such as water under pressure to... Agent:

20150135965 - Capsule-based system for preparing and dispensing a beverage: A beverage dispensing system that can dispense both cold and hot drinks from either cold drink capsules or hot drink capsules. The cold or hot drink capsule is inserted into the system, and the lid is manually closed. If a cold drink capsule has been inserted, a mechanism cracks the... Agent: La Vit Technology LLC

20150135966 - Apparatuses, systems, and methods for brewing a beverage: Apparatuses, systems, and methods for brewing a desired portion of a beverage, such as a single-cup portion of coffee, are provided. The system can include one or more hopper assemblies configured to provide a controlled dose of beverage material to a brew chamber. The system can also include a water... Agent:

20150135968 - Coffee machine: A filter holder for an espresso coffee machine comprising a handle (1) and an outer holder (2), which outer holder is adapted to receive a filter plate (8). The filter plate (8) comprises a plurality of upstanding elements such as truncated pyramids adapted to tear, in use, a surface of... Agent:

20150135967 - Single-serve cartridge with pressure relief valve: An improved single-serve cartridge with a one-way gas pressure relief valve for beverage brewing, preferably in an automatic single-serve beverage brewer device such as the Keurig® Single Cup Brewing System, and cartridge components are described. In embodiments, the improved cartridge contains ground coffee or other particulate beverage medium. A one-way... Agent: Plitek, L.L.C.

20150135969 - Method for obtaining a cooking container comprising an electrochemically colored anodized outer face: Provided is a method for obtaining a cooking container comprising the following steps: producing a vessel having an aluminium outer face and an inner face, performing anodisation on at least the outer face of the vessel to obtain an anodic coating having pores. At least one colouring step is carried... Agent:

20150135970 - Hand-held rotisserie device: A hand held rotisserie device is disclosed having a handle with a rod extending outward from a distal end of the handle, wherein a longitudinal axis of the handle and a longitudinal axis of a proximal end of the rod are substantially parallel. A distal end of the rod has... Agent:

20150135971 - Automatic doner kebab slicing machine: A doner kebab rotisserie enables the meat of chicken or doner kebab to be formed, cooked and sliced, and where the formed meats are positioned, a circular knife located in the cutting unit and enabling the doner kebab to be sliced by rotating, and a doner kebab burner including a... Agent:

20150135972 - Installation for producing sandwich cookies and the like: The invention relates to a system for the production of sandwich cookies, having a suction belt conveyor (2) disposed along a sandwiching path, the sandwich cookies being created on the suction belt (11) of said sandwiching path. Successively disposed over the suction band conveyor (2) are: a cookie depositing head... Agent:

20150135973 - Filled dough producing apparatus and method: Filled dough producing method and apparatus is disclosed for making a food product, such as baozi, a traditional Chinese food, by folding and constricting close a circular dough wrapper around a filling in an apparatus including a pocket assembly made of pliable fabric layer with an upper surface and lower... Agent:

20150135974 - Recirculating water defroster: Systems and methods are disclosed for a recirculating water defroster that dispenses, collects, and recirculates water to defrost food. The recirculating water defroster may include a water dispenser unit, a water pump, and a food placement unit. The water dispenser unit connects to the water pump to dispense water over... Agent:

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