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Foods and beverages: apparatus

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10/02/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140290493 - Single serving brewing material adapter with readable label: An adapter for single serving cartridges includes a coffee maker readable identification feature. The identification feature may be visual (for example any feature which may be read or a bar code), a readable magnetic strip, a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), or any feature able to contain information and provide that... Agent:

20140290494 - Beverage filtering cartridge: A beverage filtering cartridge for obtaining beverages, such as coffee, tea or the like, is provided. The beverage filtering cartridge includes an impermeable cup-shaped container, a filtering element, an impermeable cover and a removable means. The container has a first opening and a second opening which is smaller than the... Agent:

20140290495 - Pivotally closing beverage ingredient holder with a lock: A receptacle holding unit (1) for a device for preparing a beverage from an ingredient contained in a receptacle (2). A first part (10) and a second part (20) are movable between a closed position for holding said receptacle and an open position for inserting said receptacle and/or for removal... Agent:

20140290496 - Cooking containment barrier: A cooking containment barrier for use with a cooking product comprising: a screen, where the screen is made from a mesh material; and a plurality of anchoring means, where the plurality of anchoring means secure the screen over an opening into an inner cavity of the cooking products to ensure... Agent:

20140290497 - Barbeque grill and oven: A barbeque grill and oven or food smoker having an offset firebox configuration is disclosed. Example embodiments include: an oven having an enclosed interior region for cooking food items; an offset firebox sharing at least a portion of a side of the oven, the offset firebox having a first opening... Agent:

20140290498 - Grill: A grill includes an upper cover, a supporting body and a grill frame. The grill frame is provided on the supporting body. The grill frame includes left and right boards, a back board and a front board, which all enclose into the grill frame. Heaters are provided within the grill... Agent:

20140290499 - Preparing foodstuff: The present invention relates to an appliance for preparing foodstuff comprising a cutting unit (2) for use with a separately operated cooking unit (3) wherein the cutting unit (2) has a first base structure, at least one supply opening (27), cutting means (22, 24), and at least one outlet (28).... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140290500 - Cooking device: A cooking device comprising a first interior chamber, a second interior chamber being fluidly connected with the first interior chamber via a drain and comprising a first water reservoir, the drain and the first water reservoir forming a first air trap, and a device outlet downstream of the second interior... Agent: Convotherm Elecktrogerate Gmbh

20140290502 - Food defrosting tray: A food defrosting tray includes a tray body on which a frozen food adapted to be placed. The tray body is made of metal and includes a plurality of heat transfer pieces spaced in parallel. The food defrosting tray further includes two conjunction members which engage with first and second... Agent: Sekond Creative Design Co., Ltd.

20140290501 - Swizzle system: A system for dispensing a glaze consisting of a base unit having a vat for storing a liquid which may be heated. A crock having a housing including a bottom wall, side wall and a lid for sealing an interior of the crock. A squeezable semi-rigid bottle for storing a... Agent:

20140290503 - Juicer: A juice extractor includes a filter net which has a plurality of holes that are used to prevent residues of squeezed food from passing therethrough and allow juice of the squeezed food to pass therethrough formed thereon, and cutting blades which adhere to one or more lateral portions of the... Agent:

09/25/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140283692 - Food spinner: A food spinner has a housing including a cover, a basket supported in the housing for rotation, a drive mechanism supported by the cover for rotating the basket, and a brake mechanism supported by the housing for braking the basket and stopping rotation of the basket. The brake mechanism has... Agent:

20140283693 - Electrical food preparation device comprising a pressing screw: Provided is an electrical food preparation device comprising a unit housing a motor and supporting a work chamber comprising a cover, said work chamber containing a moveable filter locked against rotation on the unit, a pressing head driven into rotation by the motor which is arranged in a moveable manner... Agent:

20140283694 - Wheat workshop technique of wheat flour milling for peeling off pericarp only and complete set of equipment therefor: The present disclosure discloses a cleaning process of wheat flour milling for peeling off the pericarp only, and a set of equipment for implementing the process. The method comprises four stages, namely, cleaning of raw wheat, pericarp peeling-off, cleaning of glossy wheat, and conditioning stage, wherein the peeling-off stage comprises... Agent:

09/18/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
09/11/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140251147 - Filter cap for filtering and dispensing a nutritional composition: The invention relates to a filter cap (1) for filtering liquid and dispensing an aqueous nutritional composition to a human, the filter cap (1) comprising a liquid inlet means (6) designed to be supplied with liquid from external liquid dispensing means (20), an adaptor (2) for connecting the filter cap... Agent:

20140251148 - Multi-purpose coffee maker pod holder: A multi-purpose beverage pod holder for a beverage brewing apparatus is disclosed comprising a flange adapted to be received in a slot in the brewing apparatus, a screen disposed orthogonal with the flange for allowing fluid to pass therein through, a first cylindrical wall encircling the screen on a first... Agent: B/e Aerospace, Inc.

20140251149 - Device for separating two spaces from one another: A device for separating a first space (C) and a second space (9A) from one another is disclosed. The device comprises a partition wall (29), arranged such that the first space and the second space are located on opposite sides of said partition wall (29). The partition wall (29) is... Agent: Koninklijke Douwe Egberts B.v.

20140251150 - Stackable brewing hoppers: A stackable beverage producer that has a upper hopper (15) and a lower hopper (32) that can be stacked on top of each other to create separate chambers. The upper hopper (15) has a flavor adjustment valve (16) and the lower hopper (32) has a flavor adjustment valve (33) that... Agent:

20140251151 - Beverage brewing platform: The present disclosure recites a beverage brewing system having beverage brewing machine and a collapsible brew basket. The beverage brewing machine has a housing with a water reservoir and an electrical heating element for heating water. An output system is provided for dispensing the heated water to the brew basket.... Agent: Sunbeam Products, Inc.

20140251152 - Beverage container suitable for making cold or hot beverage: The present invention is to provide a beverage container suitable for making cold or hot beverage, which includes a container body having an opening at a top side thereof and a first receiving space therein in communication with the opening and configured for receiving a cold or hot liquid, an... Agent:

20140251153 - Lid structure configured for easy disassembly and cleaning: The present invention is to provide a lid structure including a lid having a bottom side provided with an opening and concavely provided with an assembly space corresponding in position to the opening and having a first threaded connection portion protrudingly provided on an inner wall of the lid and... Agent:

20140251154 - Popcorn popping kettle and stud retainer assembly: A popcorn popping assembly includes a popcorn popping kettle having a side wall extending from a bottom wall. The assembly includes a plurality of retainers. Each of the retainers includes a bottom wall extending between a pair of side walls. The side walls and the bottom wall define a cavity,... Agent: Gold Medal Products Company

20140251155 - Vending machine for popping kernels: The present invention relates to a popcorn vending machine, comprising a kernel holding chamber configured to store and dispense kernels, a heating chamber comprising an inlet configured to receive kernels from the kernel holding chamber, a microwave emitter configured to produce microwave energy within the heating chamber and heat the... Agent: Sterling L.c.

20140251156 - Apparatus and system for popping kernels: The present invention relates to improved devices and methods for popping popcorn, comprising moving popcorn kernels within a heating chamber with airflow and subjecting the popcorn kernels to focused microwave energy sufficient to cause the popcorn kernels to pop. In some embodiments, the devices and methods utilize a single-mode resonant... Agent: Sterling L.c.

20140251157 - Single-mode microwave popping device: The present invention relates to an apparatus for popping kernels, comprising a heating chamber for containing kernels, a microwave emitter configured to produce microwave energy within the heating chamber and heat the kernels, a single-mode resonant microwave applicator configured to generate a standing microwave energy field comprising an array of... Agent: Sterling L.c.

20140251160 - Apparatus for converting hinged-lid cooking grills for cooking pizza: An accessory is provided for adapting cooking grills, especially grills including a hinged lid, for improved cooking of pizzas and other foods. The accessory includes a body adapted to be disposed between the base and lid portions of the cooking grill, the body being configured to mate with an inner... Agent:

20140251158 - Steam cooking appliance: Provided is a steam cooking appliance. The steam cooking appliance includes a main body having a cavity that provides a cooking space in which a food is accommodated, a water tank separably coupled to the main body outside the cavity, and a steam supply unit disposed outside the cavity to... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140251159 - Steam cooking appliance: Provided is a steam cooking appliance. The steam cooking appliance includes a main body having a cavity that provides a cooking space in which a food is accommodated, a backguard extending upward from an upper portion of the main body, a water tank separately mounted on the backguard, a steam... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140251161 - Apparatus for producing parboiled rice: A parboiled rice manufacturing apparatus according to this invention includes a drum which has a raw material hatch provided at a peripheral surface and is disposed to be rotatable about a horizontal axis, a heating unit which is disposed inside the drum and heats an interior of the drum, an... Agent: Satake Corporation

20140251162 - Food processor and steam channel structure thereof: A food processor and a steam channel structure thereof. The food processor comprises a processor body (100), a steam generation device (200) and a heating cup (300). The heating cup is provided with a steam inlet (310) and a steam outlet (320); a steaming cup (400) is arranged in the... Agent:

20140251163 - Apparatus for reducing the cooking time of prime rib steaks: A cooking apparatus for use with an oven to reduce the cooking time of sliced prime rib steaks and prevent the steaks from overcooking includes a base pan to be placed in the oven and a rising pan disposed on the base pan, the rising pan having a top sheet... Agent:

20140251164 - Food preparation appliance: A food preparation apparatus includes a thermal fluid reservoir formed with an internal cavity for holding a thermal transfer fluid. A fluid transfer unit circulates the thermal transfer fluid through the reservoir and through a thermal transfer unit. The thermal fluid reservoir may be formed into a food receptacle with... Agent:

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