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Food or edible material: processes, compositions, and products

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12/04/2014 > 42 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20140356479 - Compositions and methods for use in promoting lean body mass: Food supplement compositions and their methods of use in promoting lean body mass are provided.... Agent: Musclepharm Corporation

20140356480 - Compressible food container and methods for its use and manufacture: A food container is disclosed. Embodiments of the food container include a repository composed of inelastic, flexible material and a fitment with an opening sufficiently wide to permit extrusion of moderately cohesive foods with moderate to high viscosity, and sufficiently narrow to prevent such foods from spilling from the fitment... Agent:

20140356477 - Formulations and methods to provide nutrition to human and other patients: Systems, techniques and methods for estimating the metabolic state or flux, e.g., the body energy state (“BES”) of a patient, are disclosed. The BES provides a deep insight into the nutritional needs of the patient, thus allowing for a sort of exquisite glycemic control with regard to the patient. The... Agent: Run Them Sweet, LLC

20140356478 - Fusion of bioactive molecules: Fusion-proteins containing an enzyme, preferably a feed or food enzyme, coupled to a gut surface-binding domain are presented. The fusion-proteins can be used to promote feed utilization in animals. In a particular example, a Fusion enzyme according to the invention comprising a gut-surface-binding polypeptide segment linked to a phytase show... Agent: Novozymes A/s

20140356481 - Brewed soy sauce and method of producing the brewed soy sauce: The present invention provides a brewed soy sauce that has light color and reduced smell with a robust taste. In the brewed soy sauce, HEMF is less than 15 ppm. Glutamic acid is 0.9% (w/v) or more. Lactic acid and acetic acid are respectively 0.1% (w/v) or more. Reducing sugar... Agent: Yamasa Corporation

20140356482 - Method for infusing calcium phosphate in water, juices and water beverages: The present invention provides a method to solubilize and infuse calcium phosphate directly into water, water beverages and juices at very high concentration from which it is readily available for immediate and complete absorption. A premix of powdered ingredients including ground limestone, amino acetic acid phosphate, amino acetic acid citrate... Agent:

20140356483 - Use of spent bleaching earth from edible oil processing in the formulation of salt and mineral feed blocks or pellets for livestock: Spent bleaching earth from edible oil processing can be used in the formulation of salt and mineral lick blocks and pellets for livestock to enhance the health and nutritional value of the feed supplements. Because of the ignition hazard inherent with spent bleaching earth, landfill has been and continues to... Agent:

20140356484 - Capsule for making an infused drink: A capsule for making an infused drink includes a tray-shaped body (12) and a sealing film (16) applied to the open end of the tray-shaped body. A cover (20) is coupled to the sealing film (16) or to the bottom wall (121) of the tray-shaped body and is suitable to... Agent:

20140356485 - Grape seed extract for browning food surfaces: The present invention relates to a food product coated on a surface with an oil free extract from grape seeds. Embodiments of the invention further relate to a method for coloring a surface of said food product when heated, and a use of an oil free extract from grape seeds... Agent:

20140356486 - Sushi rice capable of being frozen and then conventionally thawed: The present invention relates to a method for making rice capable of being frozen and then defrosted by conventional means rather than microwaved to defrost. The product includes cooked sushi rice kernels that have been coated with trehalose such that the total sugars consist of between 9% and about 60%... Agent: Ricewrap Foods Corporation

20140356487 - Caffeic acid for browning food surfaces: The present invention relates to a food product with a colorless coating on a surface, said coating comprising caffeic acid or an ester thereof. A further embodiment of the invention relates to a method for coloring a surface of a food product when heated, particularly when heated in a microwave... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20140356488 - Container for dry goods: A method of packaging dry goods comprises filling a bag with dry goods; hermetically sealing the bag; attaching a neck portion to the bag; placing the bag within cardboard packaging; pressing the neck portion through the cardboard packaging to penetrate through to the outside; and attaching a cap on the... Agent:

20140356489 - Pack for food, set for forming such a pack, and material sheet for such a set: Pack for food, in particular for an item of confectionery, comprising an originally flat material sheet (10) which is folded to form a three-dimensional, in particular theme-related, object, preferably a sports-related object, in particular a rattle, wherein the object comprises a holder (20) in which at least one separately packed... Agent: Ferrero Deutschland Gmbh

20140356490 - Edible cup and method of making the same: The present invention relates to an edible container made of liquid, sugar, and one or more hydrocolloids. The edible container may hold hot or cold liquids for extended periods of time.... Agent:

20140356495 - Apparatus having motion reset functionality, and systems and methods for timing the cooking of food: The present invention relates to a timing device for cooking, namely grilling, baking, convection, and other methods known to one skill in the art. Specifically, the present invention relates to a timing device that, in a preferred embodiment of the present invention, provides the amount of time food has been... Agent:

20140356494 - Machine and method for making liquid and/or semi-liquid food products: A method for making liquid and/or semi-liquid food products from liquid and/or semi-liquid base products comprising the steps of: preparing a container for supplying the base products, a container for processing the base products and a duct connecting the supplying container to the processing container and having at least one... Agent: Ali S.p.a. - Carpigiani Group

20140356491 - Method for carbonating a beverage: The present invention recognizes the need for an apparatus and method for creating carbonated beverages having a customizable carbonation level. The invention uses a CPU to control an inlet valve which connects a tank of pressurized carbon dioxide to a vessel containing the beverage to be carbonized. The tube connecting... Agent: Cornelius, Inc.

20140356492 - Successive tare scale system and method: This disclosure relates to a system configured to determine masses, weights, and/or other quantities of individual ingredients added to a food dish during preparation. At least some of the components of the system may be configured to be used in a food preparation area. The system may include a scale,... Agent: The Orange Chef Company

20140356493 - Systems and methods for detecting water/product interfaces during food processing: The present disclosure provides systems and methods for manufacturing food products. In a general embodiment, systems for manufacturing a food product include at least one heat exchanger, at least one food product tank, at least one conduit downstream of the food product tank for flow of the food product, and... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20140356496 - Method and apparatus for the preparation of a crisp food product: A crisp food product is prepared in a first phase from thin food pieces of raw fruit, vegetable or gelatinizable proteins, by blanching them (if necessary) and drying them. A second phase takes place in a vacuum chamber, where the dried thin food pieces are exposed to heat to expand... Agent:

20140356497 - Composition: There is described a composition useful for the prevention, mitigation or slowing of the discolouration of produce (fruit) the composition comprising from about 0.05% w/w to about 99.95% w/w calcium ascorbate, and derivatives thereof, the remainder comprising an enzyme inhibitor composition.... Agent:

20140356498 - Composition: There is described a method for the prevention, mitigation or slowing of the discoloration of produce (fruit) the method comprising: (i) an optional first step of pre-dipping the produce in a chelating agent; and (ii) treating the optionally pre-dipped produce with an enzyme inhibitor.... Agent:

20140356499 - Oil handling and monitoring device and system: A new and improved waste oil management system is described herein which includes an automated data management system, allowing users to track usage and collection volumes, and other useful data, to help reduce oil use, lower costs and increase profits. The waste oil management system includes an oil monitoring device... Agent: Frontline International, Inc.

20140356500 - Cartridge extraction device: A device (1) has: a cartridge seat (10) arranged to receive an ingredient cartridge (2) for extraction; a beverage outlet (35) connected to this cartridge seat for dispensing beverage during extraction; and a liquid injection arrangement (50, 60, 61, 70, 80, 81) comprising a pump (60) for pressurizing and circulating... Agent:

20140356501 - Apparatus and method for brewing a beverage: A brewing apparatus including a fluid reservoir having a first end and a second end. The brewing apparatus can include a lid portion configured to removably engage the first end of the fluid reservoir and a cartridge holder configured to removably engage the second end of the fluid reservoir. A... Agent: Starbucks Corporation D/b/a Starbucks Coffee Company

20140356502 - Coffee maker and method for operating same: A coffee maker (10) has at least one removable portafilter (11) that can be inserted into a holder (12) on the coffee machine to carry out brewing. The coffee maker has a hot water maker (28) for producing and dispensing hot water under pressure and at least one coffee mill... Agent:

20140356503 - Method and apparatus for scaling dough: An apparatus for scaling dough and method of using the same includes a pair of infeed rollers that provide dough to pair of positive pressure rollers that rotate faster that the rate dough is received. A bed defines a ram chamber with an inlet and an outlet. The bed is... Agent:

20140356504 - Food press systems, devices, components and methods: Disclosed are various embodiments of a food press that utilizes mechanical devices, such as lever arms, inclined planes, cams, and/or rollers to increase the force applied to food by a ratio of two to one or more in comparison to the force applied by a human operator to the device.... Agent:

20140356505 - Breakfast biscuit with slowly available glucose: Methods and products related to a baked cereal product having a pre-baked SA content and a post-baked SAG content, wherein the post-baked SAG content is less than about 25% below the pre-baked SAG content.... Agent: Generale Biscuit

20140356506 - Process for modification of bran from grains and food usages thereof: Some embodiments comprise a process for forming a modified bran product for use in a variety of food products including beverages, ready to eat cereals, cereal products, granola type products, health bars, baked goods and confections. An exemplary process comprises first cooking the bran at high temperatures of from 250... Agent:

20140356507 - Plant-based egg substitute and method of manufacture: Disclosed herein are non-egg compositions that can be used as egg substitutes. The disclosure is directed to egg substitutes and methods of manufacturing the same, and compositions comprising the egg substitutes, including edible compositions such as baked goods and edible emulsions.... Agent: Hampton Creek Foods

20140356508 - Highly thickening paste composition and method for producing same, and low-viscosity substance and method for controlling viscosity thereof both using same: Provided is a highly thickening composition which overcomes drawbacks seen in thickening compositions using a polysaccharide in that a desired viscosity cannot be achieved when the thickening composition is added to a liquid composition having a specific salt concentration, and that even when the desired viscosity is achieved, the resultant... Agent:

20140356509 - Stabilized acidified milk products: Embodiments of the present application relate to mildly acidic milk drinks and methods for preparation of mildly acidic milk drinks having a pH between about 4.7 and about 5.4. The acidic milk drinks generally include a milk product and a low ester pectin (LM-pectin). The milk product may be present... Agent:

20140356510 - Production of pulse protein products with reduced astringency: Pulse proteins of reduced astringency are obtained by fractionating pulse protein products which are completely soluble and heat stable in aqueous media at acid pH value of less than about 4.4 into lower molecular weight, less astringent proteins and higher molecular weight, more astringent proteins.... Agent:

20140356511 - Coffee liqueur compositions: The present invention relates to novel coffee liqueurs, and methods of producing the same. Coffee liqueurs described herein have unique utility and taste profiles that distinguish them from other conventional coffee based drinks... Agent:

20140356512 - Mixing apparatus and method of preparing edible dispersions: Disclosed is a mixing apparatus which is characterized by a specific range of cavity diameters in combination with a specific range for the size of the inner element (i.e. the maximum diameter, typically of the rotor). Said mixing apparatus provides good shear and distributive mixing with low energy dissipation (i.e.... Agent:

20140356513 - Process and device for producing rice from paddy: Disclosed is a process for producing rice from paddy. The process comprises a hulling procedure for brown rice, which includes procedures of dampening, and stirred debranning. The dampening procedure involves using a dampener (13) to add water accounting for 0.5-2.5% of the weight of the brown rice material to the... Agent:

20140356514 - Cucumber variety nun 53009 cup: The invention relates to the field of Cucumis sativus, in particular to a new variety of Cucumis sativus designated NUN 53009 CUP plants, seeds and cucumber fruits thereof.... Agent:

20140356515 - Tomato variety nun 00209: The invention provides a new and distinct hybrid variety of tomato, NUN 00209 or NUN 00209 TOP which is especially useful as processing tomato.... Agent:

20140356516 - Tomato variety nun 00213 top: The invention provides a new and distinct hybrid variety of tomato, NUN 00213 TOP which is especially useful as processing tomato.... Agent:

20140356517 - Snack food: The invention provides a freeze-dried dulce de leche pieces. The invention further provides a snack food or confection including freeze dried fruit and dulce de leche wherein the dulce de leche is formed into pyramidal pieces, freeze dried to a final moisture content of about two to three percent or... Agent:

20140356518 - Microorganism for simultaneously producing l-amino acid and riboflavin, and method for producing l-amino acid and riboflavin using same: The present invention relates to a method for producing highly-concentrated L-amino acid and riboflavin simultaneously, and a microorganism for simultaneously producing L-amino acid and riboflavin. Specifically, the present invention relates to a modified microorganism for producing L-lysine or L-threonine, and riboflavin simultaneously, wherein the microorganism belonging to Corynebacterium sp. capable... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 30 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140348974 - Bowl for keeping breakfast cereal crispy: Disclosed is a bowl that has a cereal section and a milk and fruit section that are separated by a continuous dividing wall. The milk and fruit section has a downward slope from the dividing wall that causes the milk to enter a curved bottom section from which the eater... Agent: Crispy Cereal, LLC

20140348975 - Mimicking the metabolic effect of caloric restrictions by administration of glucose anti-metabolites to enhance positive response in a mammal: The present invention relates to a use of composition comprising a glucose anti-metabolite and/or source of glucose anti-metabolite in a method of enhancing a positive affect and/or energetic arousal in a mammal.... Agent: The Iams Company

20140348976 - Protective sleeve for beverage cans: The invention relates to a protective sleeve for beverage cans, of the type used as a hygienic protector that can be applied individually to each container, said sleeve including horizontal tearing means for accessing the pull ring of the can and vertical tearing means in the form of a pre-punched... Agent: Aragonesa De Desarrollos E Innovaciones, S.l.

20140348977 - Method for manufacturing multicore gelatin microcapsule: Provided is a method for producing a multicore gelatin microcapsule containing a flavoring agent, the multicore gelatin microcapsule having a time to the flavor emanation peak ranging from 1 minute 30 seconds to less than 4 minutes in the case of use in a food. The method for producing a... Agent: Riken Vitamin Co., Ltd.

20140348978 - Method for making cheese: The present invention relates to a method for producing cheese with good flavour, especially low-salt cheese by using a lactic acid bacteria (LAB) starter culture which is glutamate decarboxylation (GAD) negative. The method may additionally involve inoculating the milk substrate with a GAD-negative Lb. helveticus strain having a high lytic... Agent:

20140348979 - Soluble fiber from yogurt whey: A method includes contacting yogurt whey with an enzyme to form a soluble fiber. An oligosaccharide product that includes inactive yogurt cultures is also described.... Agent: General Mills, Inc.

20140348980 - Method for producing a fermented milk product: The present invention relates to a method for producing a fermented milk product with enhanced gel stiffness.... Agent: Chr. Hansen A/s

20140348981 - Food products with yogurt whey: A food product comprising a neutralized yogurt whey.... Agent: General Mills, Inc.

20140348982 - Processing biomass: Biomass (e.g., plant biomass, animal biomass, microbial, and municipal waste biomass) is processed to produce useful products, such as food products and amino acids.... Agent:

20140348983 - Edible nutritional compositions/products fortified with iron (ii) mineral sources: Edible compositions or products which are nutritionally supplemented with one or more iron (II) mineral sources, one or more high ferric ion reducing agents such as ascorbic acid, edible ascorbic acid salts, edible ascorbic acid esters, erythorbic acid, edible erythorbic acid salts, or edible erythorbic acid esters, an edible carboxylic... Agent: Otc Nutrition LLC

20140348984 - Filter element having microperforations for enabling the passage of fluids during brewing: The present invention relates to a filter element for the extraction or brewing of beverages. In particular, the filter element facilitates brewing through increased permeability of fluid from a brewed beverage from brewable particles, such fluid including liquid and gas, and the easing of gas build up in a brewing... Agent: Intercontinental Great Brands LLC

20140348985 - Method for preparing a drink and capsule for application of this method: A method for preparing a drink by passing hot water in a capsule (1), in which first at least one cut (10) extending in a linear fashion is made through the second wall (3) of the capsule (1), substantially without removing material from it. The adjacent portions (11) of the... Agent:

20140348986 - Avocado processing: Avocados are processed in a controlled manner to optimize and maintain their levels of mannoheptulose and perseitol. The avocado flesh is used as a source of these materials in food compositions, especially pet foods.... Agent: The Iams Company

20140348987 - Low-pressure cooking method and cookware vessel adapted for the same: Food stuffs are cooked at precise temperatures, which are optionally below 100° C., in a vessel that is evacuated to exclude air, in which low pressure steam replaces the air. When a sufficient quantity of air is excluded and replaced with water vapor, the temperature of vapor is accurately measured... Agent: Meyer Intellectual Properties Ltd.

20140348988 - Method and device for the pasteurization and/or sterilization of a food: The method for pasteurisation and/or sterilisation of a food according to the invention comprises, in a first step, provision of a device (1) for the impingement of steam, particularly water vapour, on a food. The food is then impinged upon with steam for the pasteurisation and/or sterilisation of the food... Agent:

20140348989 - Package for combined steam and microwave heating of food: A package for combined steam and microwave heating of food, wherein the package may include microwave energy interactive materials (“MEIMs”) configured for providing rapid, simultaneous microwave and steam cooking in a domestic microwave oven. The MEIMs may be configured for controlling the heating pattern within the package and to control... Agent: Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

20140348991 - Flavour generation during microwave heating: A process for generating flavours during the microwave heating of food comprising preparing a suspension in oil of a powder comprising one or more compounds having carbonyl and amino groups capable of undergoing a Maillard reaction and/or a caramelisation reaction, the powder having a water activity in the range 0.25... Agent: Mestec S.a.

20140348990 - Systems and methods for heating liquid, semi-solid or liquid/solid combination comestibles in combination microwave and convection ovens: A system is provided for heating a comestible. The system includes a container and a flexible vented package containing a liquid, semi-solid or liquid/solid combination comestible. The package is positioned within the container in a manner that hinders the comestible from escaping through the package's vent(s). The container is penetrable... Agent: Campbell Soup Company

20140348992 - Juice processing: Method and system are provided for processing a fruit product that has been impacted by a disease. The fruit product yields a higher than normal acidity and bitterness due to the disease. The fruit product also yields a higher cloudiness than a fruit product that is not impacted by the... Agent: Bucher-alimentch Limited

20140348993 - Yogurt whey and method: A method includes neutralizing yogurt whey with a basic material to form a neutralized yogurt whey having a pH of at least 6.0 and removing water from the neutralized yogurt whey to form a yogurt whey concentrate. Neutralized yogurt whey compositions and concentrates are also described.... Agent: General Mills, Inc.

20140348994 - Brewing module: A brewing module includes a support element, a first brewing module part and a second brewing module part that can be moved relative to the first brewing module part. The first brewing module part and the second brewing module part have a discharging device for discharging an extraction product from... Agent:

20140348995 - Soybean milk preparation method of soybean milk preparation equipment: A method of making soybean milk applicable to a device of making soybean milk is provided, wherein the device includes a base, a holder for carrying a capsule, a liquid supply mechanism and an injection head; the capsule includes a container and a diaphragm for closing the container, and the... Agent:

20140348996 - Coffee machine, in particular fully automatic coffee machine, and method for operating a coffee machine: A coffee machine (10), in particular a fully automatic coffee machine, comprising a water tank (11), also a heating device (16) for heating up water, also a brewing unit (18) for subjecting ground coffee beans to extraction by means of the water heated by the heating device (16), also a... Agent:

20140348997 - Beta-cyclodextrin immobilized on glass and cholesterol removal using the same: The present disclosure relates to beta-cyclodextrin immobilized on glass manufactured by method comprising: a) synthesizing mono-6-(p-toluenesulfonyl)-6-deoxy-cyclodextrin from beta-cyclodextrin and converting the mono-6-(p-toluenesulfonyl)-6-deoxy-cyclodextrin into β-cyclodextrin-undecenyl ether; and b) etching borosilicate glass and coating the borosilicate glass with the β-cyclodextrin-undecenyl ether and removal of cholesterol from milk using the same.... Agent: Konkuk University Industrial Cooperation Corp.

20140348998 - Method for producing milk or milk related products: The present invention relates to a method for producing milk or milk related products and a milk processing plant for implementation of the method.... Agent:

20140348999 - Machine and method for making chocolate: e

20140349000 - Thermally processed shelf-stable dairy-based composition and methods for making same: The present disclosure provides dairy compositions comprising particulates and having good color, flavor, and texture after thermal processing. In a general embodiment, the compositions include particulates such as fruits and/or grains, and the compositions are thermally processed and shelf-stable. Methods for reducing or inhibiting browning of dairy-based compositions are also... Agent:

20140349001 - Flavour compositions: These substances are capable of imparting highly desirable taste attributes in the products in which they are incorporated. In addition the flavour modulating substances are capable of modulating and complementing the sensory impact of other taste imparting substances. The substances are applied in flavour compositions, foodstuffs, pharmaceutics, tobacco products and... Agent:

20140349002 - Ingestible compositions containing criollo avocado component: The undomesticated, i.e., criollo-type of avocado found growing in the tropics, particularly in the Dominican Republic, is used to prepare nutritional compositions for oral ingestion by humans and lower animals, especially pets such as dogs and cats.... Agent: The Iams Company

20140349003 - Acidified whey protein compositions and methods for making them: Embodiments of the invention relate to whey protein compositions that can be incorporated into food or beverage products that provide supplemental amounts of protein. The acidified whey protein compositions of the present invention may comprise a liquid whey protein and an acidulant. The liquid whey protein and the acidulant may... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 50 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20140342032 - Animal attractant and/or feed and method of producing same: Embodiments pertain to a method of attracting and/or feeding one or more animals, including game, wildlife, deer, whitetail deer (Odocoileus virginianus), moose, elk, antelope, goats, cows, horses, turkey, birds, raccoons, chipmunks, donkeys, elephants, possum, squirrels, rabbits, mice, and buffalo. Embodiments relate to a nutritional food source (feed) and/or attractant that... Agent:

20140342035 - Effect of a green and black tea extract formulation on exercise performance: A blend of extracts of green tea and black tea improves exercise performance and recovery.... Agent: Kemin Industries, Inc.

20140342033 - Packages for consumable products and methods for using same: Packages for housing products and methods of using same are provided. The packages may be used to store consumable products and may be customized, contemporary packages that provide easy handling of the packages and increased purchase interest and marketability amongst consumers. In a general embodiment, the packages of the present... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20140342034 - Pet food container: A pet food container provides a bottom surface and a sidewall extending upwardly from and around the exterior of the bottom surface for forming or defining a feeding area within the pet food container. Pet food is inserted inside the feeding area and then equally spread across the entire surface... Agent: Petstages, Inc.

20140342036 - Vegetable-based minced meat alternative: A vegetable-based food product comprising at least 50 wt % protein, wherein the protein is gluten or is proteinaceous material derived from gluten, and wherein the product has the texture of minced meat. A method for preparing a vegetable-based food product including fermenting a gluten-based material with a mould and... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20140342037 - Novel prebiotics: v

20140342038 - Processes and compositions for increasing the digestibility of cellulosic materials: A method for treatment of a cellulosic material is disclosed. More particularly, the treatment increases the digestibility of cellulosic material following microbial or biological processes.... Agent: Novozymes A/s

20140342040 - Compositions for masking the flavor of nutrients and methods for making same: Nutritional compositions and methods of making and using the nutritional compositions are provided. In a general embodiment, the present disclosure provides nutritional compositions having whey protein micelles and leucine. The nutritional compositions provide a sufficient amount of leucine to improve protein synthesis in humans, while also maintaining a low-viscosity fluid... Agent:

20140342039 - Polysiloxane (silicone) treatment composition for suppression of mold and spoilage on animal feed and forage, and method of using same: Polydimethylsiloxane and/or siloxane (silicone)-derived chemical compounds are used to coating harvested forages to protect against rain and/or other weather damage and to suppress mold and spoilage in harvested forages. The PDMS compound and derivatives thereof are also found to suppress the damage resulting from oxidation within the feedstuff mass. When... Agent:

20140342041 - Apparatus and method for producing filtered and disinfected water: A combination micro-filtration halogen apparatus safely delivers drinking water by metering doses of concentrated aqueous iodine into a filtered water supply contained within a chamber. Untreated water is poured into the water filter column that allows for gravity to force the water through filters and the filtered or purified water... Agent: Neet Innovations, LLC

20140342042 - Method of lowering glycemic index of foods: A method of delaying digestion by an animal or a human of carbohydrates in food, comprising administering an effective amount of one or more flavonoids to the animal or human in conjunction with the food, wherein the flavonoids are selected from luteolin, apigenin, tricin and their pharmaceutically acceptable analogues and... Agent:

20140342044 - Compositions and comestibles: D-psicose/erythritol compositions comprise, in combination, D-psicose and erythritol as sweeteners together with one or more other edible ingredients. Comestibles are provided, including beverage products and other food products, comprising the novel D-psicose/erythritol compositions. D-psicose and erythritol may each be present in a comestible in a concentration sufficient independently of the... Agent: Pepsico, Inc.

20140342047 - Embedded liquid lubricants for tableting: The invention provides a nutritional supplement and/or pharmaceutical composition for tableting comprising an embedded lubrication matrix. The embedded lubrication matrix comprises an oily liquid finely dispersed in an oil insoluble material. A method of lubricating a nutritional supplement or pharmaceutical composition for tableting using a matrix with embedded lubrication is... Agent: Wyeth LLC

20140342045 - Gluten-free flour blend: A whole grain gluten-free flour blend for use by persons with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, food allergies, autism spectrum disorder and others wishing to eliminate gluten from their diet. An embodiment of a whole grain gluten-free flour blend may comprise specified amounts of gluten-free whole-grain flours, other gluten-free flours, gluten-free... Agent:

20140342046 - Natural beverage concentrate: Flavoring concentrate compositions and a corresponding process for producing such compositions are provided that include: a flavor component; a solvent system; a sweetener; an acid; and water, wherein the water is present in the composition in an amount to achieve a water activity of about 0.6 to about 0.75.... Agent:

20140342043 - Rebaudioside sweetener compositions and food products sweetened with same: Sweetener compositions suitable for use in beverage products and other food products are disclosed, as well as food products sweetened with the novel sweetener compositions. Disclosed food products include dry foods and beverage products, such as carbonated or un-carbonated ready-to-drink beverages as well as syrups for dilution to make ready-to-drink... Agent: Pepsico, Inc.

20140342048 - Sauces, spreads, cooking oils, and cooking fats made from various ingredients: Sauces, spreads, cooking oils, and cooking fats are created from a wide range of various ingredients. Sauces, spreads, cooking oils, and cooking fats having at least one ingredient, with at least one flavoring, and at least one texture. At least one ingredient is selected from group including of at least... Agent:

20140342049 - Tea storage, infusion, and disposal: A tea sleeve is described. The tea sleeve includes: a pouch adapted to store a tea bag; a tab adapted to secure a first opening of the pouch; and a water resistant lining along an interior surface of the pouch. A tea bag pouch includes: a sealed main body adapted... Agent:

20140342050 - Imprinted lollipop: An imprinted lollipop has one or more symbols imprinted on the stick portion of the lollipop and one or more symbols imprinted on the candy portion of the lollipop. The candy portion may be covered with an opaque or partially opaque wrapping to mask the imprint on the candy portion.... Agent:

20140342051 - Filled flatbread food product and methods of preparation: A flatbread food product including a first flatbread having a first side and a second side. A filling is positioned on the first side of the flatbread. The food product further including a second flatbread having a first side and a second side, wherein the first side of the second... Agent: Ruiz Food Products, Inc.

20140342053 - Compositions and methods for improving stability and extending shelf life of flavoring agents: The present invention provides for a stabilized oxygen-sensitive flavoring agent particle for admixing to a food product comprising a core composition granule containing at least one oxygen-sensitive flavoring agent and at least one water soluble absorbent; an inner coating layer whose aqueous solution of 0.1% has a surface tension lower... Agent: Spai Group Ltd.

20140342052 - Flavor natural table top sweetener: A sweetener particle includes a solid core, a first solid layer on the solid core, and a second solid layer on the first solid layer, the second solid layer defining an outermost surface of the particle. The solid core includes a first edible carbohydrate, the first solid layer includes a... Agent: Tate & Lyle Ingredients Americas LLC

20140342054 - Quercetin for browning food surfaces: The present invention relates to a food product with a colorless coating on a surface, said coating comprising a quercetin derivative or an either thereof. A further embodiment of the invention relates to a method for coloring a surface of a food product when heated, particularly when heated in a... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20140342056 - Closure lid: The invention relates to a closure lid (20) for a packaging (1) for food products like frozen confectionery, such as ice-cream cups or ice-cream cone sleeves, comprising a plate-shaped centre member (21), and a circumferential non-continuous flange member (22) designed to be selectively in full contact with an inner wall... Agent:

20140342055 - Layered structures and articles prepared therefrom: The invention provides a layered structure comprising at least two layers: A) a first layer A, formed from a composition A, comprising a polyurethane; and B) a second layer B, formed from a composition B, comprising at least one functionalized polymer B comprising the following: i) at least one polymerized... Agent: Rohm And Haas Chemicals LLC

20140342057 - Packaging for food product: A package for a food product can include an insert enclosed within a single film formable using, e.g., flow-wrapping, to enclose the food product and the insert. At least one portion of insert may be made up of an absorbent material laminated to a backing, the absorbent material adapted to... Agent:

20140342060 - Capsule for beverage: A capsule includes a casing provided with a base wall and with a side wall defining an open cavity for containing a product to be combined with a fluid to produce a final product. The base wall has such a thickness as to be perforable. The capsule further includes a... Agent:

20140342059 - Capsule for preparing consumable product: A capsule is provided for use in a machine for preparing product from capsules. The capsule includes a body that defines an interior space with an opening at one location and an aperture at another location. A soluble closure is disposed on an interior surface of the body to cover... Agent:

20140342058 - Paper based single cup brewing: A single cup portion pack is disclosed. The single cup portion pack is made out of a paper material. The present invention may further include a filter within the cup. The filter may contain the coffee to be brewed. The filter of the present invention may be made of a... Agent:

20140342061 - Fruit or vegetable pulp processing apparatus with defect separator and associated methods: A fruit or vegetable pulp processor includes a defect separator configured to separate defects from a fruit or vegetable pulp stream. The defect separator may have associated therewith at least one adjustable control parameter relating to an amount of defect separation from the fruit or vegetable pulp stream. At least... Agent: John Bean Technologies Corporation

20140342062 - Process for producing syrup from a frozen fruit: A process for the production of syrup from an at least partially frozen fruit is described. The process involves the pressing of a frozen fruit in an environment with a temperature below freezing. Dissolved soluble solids from the juice extracted from the pressing are concentrated to generate a syrup. The... Agent:

20140342063 - Eggshell extraction tool: An eggshell extraction utensil for selecting, isolating and removing eggshell fragments from a viscous fluid such as egg whites in a container. The utensil includes a handle, strainer portion and lip. The shape of the strainer portion is designed to maximize contact with a container edge and provide ease of... Agent:

20140342064 - Refrigerator crisper and ozonation system and method: A crisper drawer for postponing postharvest produce deterioration having a drawer housing that substantially defines the size and shape of the crisper drawer and fits within a residential refrigerator. A chamber within the drawer housing is cooled by the refrigerator. An ozone generator provides gaseous ozone to the chamber, and... Agent:

20140342065 - Process of food preservation with hydrogen sulfide: Food spoilage leads to food wastage, human morbidity and mortality. This food preservation takes advantage of use of Hydrogen Sulfide without or with Hydrogen or Helium into an environment where food is stored. The method delays food ripening, food spoilage, food decay and is safe, and preserves the natural characteristics... Agent:

20140342066 - Process for the preparation of edible fat-continuous spreads: Process for the preparation of an edible fat-continuous spread comprising at most 45 wt. % of fat using liquid oil, a fat powder comprising structuring fat and a water-phase, comprising the steps of: a. providing amixture comprising the water-phase and the fat powder; b. subjecting said mixture to at least... Agent: Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

20140342069 - Beverage forming device and method with activation button: A beverage forming system and method in which an activation button is arranged on a movable cartridge holder. A beverage forming system may include a cartridge holder movably mounted to a frame and having an opening to receive a cartridge such that the cartridge holder is arranged to hold and... Agent: Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.

20140342068 - Beverage forming device and method with beverage outlet control: A beverage forming system and method in which characteristics of a dispensed beverage are controlled. A beverage forming system may include an outlet chamber having an inlet opening to receive beverage from a beverage forming chamber, and an outlet opening to output beverage. The outlet chamber may have a standpipe... Agent: Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.

20140342067 - Beverage forming device and method with multi-part beverage cartridge holder: A beverage forming system and method in which a wall member mounted to a frame of the system defines a first portion of a chamber, and a cartridge holder movably mounted relative to the frame and the wall member defines a second portion of the chamber. The cartridge holder may... Agent: Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.

20140342070 - Method and device for establishing desired proportions of water and coffee beans to make a coffee beverage: Described is a device for establishing desired proportions of water and coffee beans. The device includes a fluid vessel and a laterally attached coffee solid vessel. The fluid vessel has vertical height and a fluid volume capacity, with the fluid vessel being formed to hold water therein. The coffee solid... Agent:

20140342071 - Mixing device carbonator appliance comprising a carbonator and method of producing a carbonated beverage: There is provided a mixing device (2) for a beverage and CO2 gas for producing carbonated beverage. The mixing device (2) comprising a mixing channel (4) extending in a main direction (10). The mixing channel (4) comprises wide channel sections (16) and narrow channel sections (18) along the main direction... Agent: Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.

20140342072 - Mass supply system: The present invention relates to a system for forming a product from a food mass, the system comprising a mould member, e.g. a mould drum with an axis of rotation and a feed pump.... Agent:

20140342073 - Pyridine derivates and their use as umami tastants: e

20140342074 - Sweetener composition for alleviating diabetes, containing slowly digestible ingredient: The present invention relates to a sweetener composition for alleviating diabetes, containing psicose and a slowly digestible or digestion-resistant polysaccharide as active ingredients, wherein diabetes alleviating effects and the quality of sweetness are enhanced.... Agent:

20140342075 - Frozen dessert and frozen dessert material: e

20140342076 - Gassed beverages: The use of an additive is described, to reduce disproportionation in a gassed beverage so as to produce a) enhanced retention of the gas in the beverage and b) a desired foaming profile selected from a quick-breaking foam and a persistent foam.... Agent: Thos. Bentley & Son Limited

20140342077 - Non-alcohol, beer-taste beverage having substantiality in taste: The present invention aims to provide a non-alcohol, beer-taste beverage having Shimari in taste. It provides a non-alcohol beer-taste beverage having a weight ratio of the polyphenol(s) to the total amount of the extract component(s) in a specific range.... Agent: Suntory Holdings Limited

20140342078 - Sweetened beverages: Disclosed are flavored and juice beverages sweetened with Rebaudioside A (RebA) comprising an organic acid and glucono delta lactone.... Agent: Givaudan S.a.

20140342079 - Sweetener composition: The amount of added mono- or disaccharide in a fluid or solid food composition can be reduced by: incorporating a fraction of an amount of mono- or disaccharide that is recommended in a given recipe for the food composition resulting in a loss of sweetness, and incorporating carboxymethyl cellulose having... Agent:

20140342080 - Process to manufacture edible low-fat water-in-oil emulsions: The invention relates to a process for the manufacture of an edible low-fat water-in-oil emulsion comprising an aqueous phase and at most 45 wt. % of a fat phase, wherein said fat phase comprises liquid oil and structuring fat, comprising the steps of: a. providing an aqueous phase comprising a... Agent:

20140342081 - Tomatoes that soften more slowly post-harvest due to non-transgenic alterations in an expansin gene: A series of independent human-induced non-transgenic mutations found in an expansin gene (LeExp1) of tomato; tomato plants having these mutations in their LeExp1 genes; and a method of creating and identifying similar and/or additional mutations in the LeExp1 gene by screening pooled and/or individual tomato plants. The tomato plants of... Agent: Arcadia Biosciences, Inc.

11/13/2014 > 45 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20140335223 - Pet treat: A pet treat is disclosed, which includes a rotatable, lickable spherical portion; and a support having an internal cavity shaped to conform to the outside of the spherical portion, and wherein the spherical portion is freely rotatable within the support.... Agent: Big Heart Pet Brands

20140335222 - Spray method and composition for reducing psychological hunger: A spray composition and method are provided that are effective for reduction or elimination of the psychological hunger for foods for which a patient wishes to reduce consumption. Such ingredients preferably include but are not limited to cinnamon, lemon powder, coffee grounds, alcohol, citric acid, vanilla, and sugar and/or an... Agent:

20140335221 - Temporally meal menu for infants: The invention concerns a kit of parts and a method for providing nutrition which provides within a time period of 5 to 10 days a nutritional composition comprising 0.35 to 6 mg iron per 100 g, a nutritional composition comprising 1 to 10 g fibre per 100 g and a... Agent: N.v. Nutricia

20140335224 - Cooling composition: The invention is rooted in the food industry and relates to a composition which provides a physiologically cooling effect for imparting freshness in the used preparations and comprises 2 to 10% cooling agent (A), 0 to 35% alcohol (6), 55 to 95% hydrophobic compound (C). Furthermore, the invention relates to... Agent:

20140335225 - Dough composition: Described are dough compositions and methods, wherein the dough composition is prepared using a metabolized portion of dough comprising bubbles, metabolically active yeast, and developed dough matrix, combined with non-metabolized yeast, and wherein the dough composition preferably has useful properties such as yeast-leavened freezer-to-oven capabilities, without the need for chemical... Agent:

20140335226 - Nutritious beverage formed from fluid acid whey and a method of forming a nutritious beverage by combining fluid acid whey and a juice: A nutritious beverage formed from fluid acid whey and a method of forming a nutritious beverage by combining fluid acid whey with a juice.... Agent:

20140335227 - Process: The present invention provides a process for the preparation of freeze dried microorganism composition, comprising the step of (i) subjecting a frozen composition comprising micro-organisms to a drying pressure of from 133 Pa [1000 mT] to 338 Pa [2540 mT] such that at the drying pressure the frozen composition is... Agent:

20140335228 - Pet meal products: A pet meal product and methods of making the pet meal product. The pet meal product including an edible bar, including a complex carbohydrate, a protein, a fat, and a multi-vitamin, wherein the edible bar provides a nutritionally complete meal. In some examples, the pet meal product further includes, an... Agent:

20140335229 - Glycerol derived material: A method of producing a solid glycerol derived material includes the steps of combining glycerol with a metal oxide, the glycerol having a water content of between about 5 and 50%, and the rate of combination of the glycerol and the metal oxide and the amount of the metal oxide... Agent:

20140335230 - Method and composition for increasing the proportion of dietary ingredients that are resistant to degradation by ruminal microorganisms: Feed ingredients that are otherwise susceptible to degradation by ruminal microorganisms are combined with mineral hydrates (or oxides) and water, and processed through a pin mixer, pellet mill, extruder, or other suitable device to produce agglomerated particles. The ruminant animal feed which is so produced effectively increases the proportion of... Agent:

20140335231 - Frozen pizza preparation package and method: A frozen pizza preparation package and method where the package incorporates a frozen pizza, microwave-crisping sequence instructions that instruct sequential steps of heating the frozen pizza in a microwave oven followed by crisping the crust upon a stovetop heat source, disposable crisping means that allow crisping on a stovetop without... Agent:

20140335232 - System and method for the preparation of cooled edible products: A novel system, machines and consumables, and method for preparation of cooled edible products from their ingredients, e.g. in a portioned amount constituting a defined number of servings which may be 1, 2, 3, etc. are provided. One example of such an edible product is ice cream.... Agent:

20140335233 - Asparagus containers and related methods: Asparagus spears may be stored and displayed for sale, and sold, in individual containers having a reservoir containing a volume of water, with a group of asparagus spears arranged in the container such that their white tips are in contact with the volume of water. This allows the asparagus spears... Agent:

20140335234 - Container closure device capable of dispensing metered amounts of liquid: The present invention relates to a closure device capable of dispensing a metered amount of liquid into a container during a closing action and capable of doing so during several closing actions. The closure device comprises a cap wall, a reservoir (5) capable of being filled with a liquid, a... Agent:

20140335235 - Packaging materials, packages, packaged food products, and related methods: Disclosed are packaged frozen precooked dough or batter-based food products and methods of heating the food products. The packaged precooked frozen dough or batter-based food products comprises one or more frozen precooked dough or batter-based food products that are encased in a pouch for heating. The pouch is sealed with... Agent: General Mills, Inc.

20140335238 - Beverage pouch and method of use: A pouch for dispensing of a usable liquid comprises at least first and second compartments, the first and second compartments separated from each other by a first rupturable seal; which ruptures upon application of a force so that the first and second compartments are in communication with each other. The... Agent: Teventi, LLC

20140335236 - Biodegradable and compostable single-serve beverage ingredient package: Single-serve ingredient packages made from materials which are biodegradable and compostable and which are derived from readily renewable resources environmentally advantageous and may be used to brew beverages such as coffee, tea and cocoa.... Agent: G Cup Technology Corp.

20140335239 - Method and apparatus for cartridge-based carbonation of beverages: Systems, methods and cartridges for carbonating or otherwise dissolving gas in a precursor liquid, such as water, to form a beverage. A gas source can be provided in a cartridge which is used to generate gas that is dissolved into the precursor liquid. A beverage medium, such as a powdered... Agent: Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.

20140335237 - Square bowl with cracker compartment: A bowl for storing and serving food products is provided. The bowl includes a bottom panel connected to at least one side panel. The at least one side panel and the bottom panel form a bowl compartment operable to hold soup or other food items. The bowl further includes a... Agent:

20140335240 - Thermoplastic tray: A solid thermoformed plastic tray (10) provided with a base (11), a plurality of sidewalls (12, 13, 14, 15) extending upwardly and slightly outwardly from said base (11), a primary flange (20) integrally joined to the upper edges of the sidewalls (12, 13, 14, 15) and extending outwardly all around... Agent: Cryovac Inc.

20140335241 - Edible ice cream cone skirt: A protective skirt of edible material has an inner circular opening sized for insertion of an ice cream cone so that the opening moves into firm engagement with an upper wall portion of the cone, and a lower horizontal wall of the skirt flares outwardly into one or more wall... Agent:

20140335242 - Automatic cocktail machine and method: Disclosed are an automatic cocktail machine and an automatic cocktail making method. Water, a carbonic acid gas cylinder and a plurality of cocktail materials are inputted. After a user's cocktail request is received, the cocktail request is compared with a list to determine the requested cocktail and read the cocktail... Agent:

20140335243 - Method of making flat edible using a compact apparatus: A method of using compact apparatus for automatically making a plurality of flat edibles includes a storage and dispensing limit that makes it unnecessary for a user to pre-measure ingredients. The apparatus also includes a mixing and kneading unit for making dough of optimal consistency. The dough prepared may be... Agent:

20140335244 - Frozen instant tapioca pearls and method for manufacturing the same: A method for manufacturing frozen instant tapioca pearls includes: (a) preparing raw tapioca pearls; (b) cooking the raw tapioca pearls to obtain cooked tapioca pearls; (c) soaking the cooked tapioca pearls in a hot water solution; (d) after step (c), cooling the cooked tapioca pearls using ice water; and (e)... Agent: Fong Chen Frozen Food Co., Ltd.

20140335245 - Meat product: The present invention provides a meat product comprising (a) uncooked meat; wherein the uncooked meat has been contacted with (b) acerola [Malpighia emarginata] berry, acerola [Malpighia emarginata] berry extract or mixtures thereof (c) green tea [Camellia sinensis], green tea [Camellia sinensis] extract or mixtures thereof.... Agent:

20140335246 - Sweetener compositions and methods of making same: A natural sweetener composition comprises a blend of Stevioside extract and Rebaudioside A extract, wherein the ratio of Rebaudioside A extract to Stevioside extract is between about 12:1 to about 1:12 and the purity of both extracts is from about 60% to about 97.5%. The sweetener composition may further include... Agent: Glg Life Tech Corporation

20140335247 - System and methods for continuous production of proteinaceous patties dressed with food grade particulate: Provided herein is a continuous production line for a dressed proteinaceous patties with a solid food grade particulate using a coordinated volumetric toothed dispensing cylinder and variable speed conveyor for precisely controlled introduction of the particulate to a stream of proteinaceous material which is then formed into a patty.... Agent: Cardinal Meat Specialists Limited

20140335248 - Food processing in metal cans: A method of canning and processing a particulate edible product, the method comprising: providing a metal can body with one open end; filling the metal can body through said open end with the particulate edible product and a volume of liquid, the volume of liquid comprising no more than 30%... Agent: Crown Packaging Technology, Inc.

20140335249 - Methods of making snack food products and products made thereby: Methods of making low-fat or fat free snack food products, and products made according to the methods, in which food pieces are subjected to enzyme and/or cation treatment and/or specific cooking and/or drying techniques, to provide for snack food products having the texture, flavor, and other characteristics of conventional full-fat... Agent:

20140335250 - Method and system for making ice cream on a stick and machine for making and dispensing a liquid or semiliquid product for making ice cream on a stick: A method for making of ice cream on a stick, includes the following steps: subjecting a liquid or semiliquid base product to cooling and stirring inside a container to obtain a processed liquid or semiliquid product; drawing the processed product from the container to fill cavities of a mould; inserting... Agent: Ali S.p.a. - Carpigiani Group

20140335251 - Antifungal flavoring compositions: The present invention relates to compositions having an antifungal effect as we food products and beverages comprising such compositions. The invention also relates to a method for preserving food products and beverages comprising adding the compositions of the invention to the food product or beverage.... Agent:

20140335252 - Organic sweetener: An organic sugar blend used as a sweetener substitute for sugar. The blend is a mixture of organic evaporated coconut palm sugar in the amount of at least 60% by weight mixed with Agave Inulin constituting a balance of the mixture, both the organic evaporated coconut palm sugar and the... Agent:

20140335253 - Process for rebaudioside d: The invention describes compositions that include rebaudioside D, processes to produce rebaudioside D and formulations that provide ratios of rebaudioside A to rebaudioside D to decrease the aftertaste of rebaudioside A.... Agent:

20140335254 - Process for rebaudioside d: The invention describes compositions that include rebaudioside D, processes to produce rebaudioside D and formulations that provide ratios of rebaudioside A to rebaudioside D to decrease the aftertaste of rebaudioside A.... Agent:

20140335255 - Aerated food products with improved foam stability: The present invention relates to aerated food products with enhanced foam stability comprising aggregated proteins in the form of mixtures of fibrils together with at least one other type or structure of aggregates such as worm-like aggregates and/or spherical like aggregates.... Agent:

20140335256 - Heat-treatment of milk: Described herein are systems and methods for the heat treatment of milk, particularly bovine milk. The heat treatment changes the color and flavor of the milk, as well as denatures some of the milk proteins therein. These changes can provide a milk that is less likely to cause allergic reactions... Agent:

20140335257 - Compositions and methods for improving creatine solubility and stability: Disclosed are methods for improving nitrogenous acid (e.g., creatine) solubility, and products made by the method.... Agent:

20140335259 - Methods for reducing microbial contamination of dryblended powdered nutritional compositions: Disclosed are methods of preparing dryblended powdered nutritional compositions including at least one dry ingredient that has undergone a microbial inactivation heat treatment sufficient to inactivate microbes present therein. The heat treatment comprises subjecting the dry ingredient to a temperature of greater than 48° C. to no greater than 60°... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20140335258 - Stabilized nutritional compositions including starch: Disclosed are stabilized nutritional compositions having a stabilizer system including starch, or a combination of starch and maltotriose, and methods for manufacturing the compositions. The retrogradation effect commonly seen with starch stabilizers is substantially reduced or even eliminated in the disclosed nutritional compositions.... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20140335261 - De-acidification of fats and oils: The present invention relates to a method for treating vegetable oils and/or animal fats comprising a vacuum steam stripping operation, condensing the neutral oils from vapour phase at an elevated temperature, retaining and sending back to the stripping column, allowing steam, volatile fatty acids, micronutrients together with other volatiles to... Agent:

20140335260 - Lipid composition: A lipid composition having 90% or greater of a triglyceride mixture and 10% or less of a mixture comprising phospholipids and emulsifiers. Based on a total fatty acid content of the triglyceride mixture, the triglyceride mixture includes 95% or greater of C16-C22 fatty acid and 5% or less of C4-C14... Agent:

20140335262 - Bacillus subtilis subsp. natto and natto produced by using same: l

20140335264 - Process for rebaudioside d: The invention describes compositions that include rebaudioside D, processes to produce rebaudioside D and formulations that provide ratios of rebaudioside A to rebaudioside D to decrease the aftertaste of rebaudioside A.... Agent:

20140335265 - Process for rebaudioside d: The invention describes compositions that include rebaudioside D, processes to produce rebaudioside D and formulations that provide ratios of rebaudioside A to rebaudioside D to decrease the aftertaste of rebaudioside A.... Agent:

20140335263 - Rebaudioside a and stevioside compositions: The invention describes stevia compositions that are devoid of or have minimal concentrations of rebaudioside C and/or dulcoside A to decrease the aftertaste associated with stevia compositions.... Agent:

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