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Food or edible material: processes, compositions, and products

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09/04/2014 > 25 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140248392 - Edible product and use thereof for increasing bioavailability of micronutrients comprised in vegetables or fruit: The present invention provides an oil containing edible product that is capable of increasing the bioavailability of one or more oil soluble micronutrients that are comprised in vegetables or fruit. One aspect of the invention relates to the use of a glyceride component for increasing the bioavailability of one or... Agent: Conopco, Inc. D/b/a Unilever

20140248391 - Use of infant formula with large lipid globules: The invention relates to infant nutrition comprising large lipid globules. This infant nutrition has programming effects on the body and results in a reduced level of total blood cholesterol later in life when consuming a Western style diet. Thereby the risk on western life style diseases as atherosclerosis and other... Agent: N.v. Nutricia

20140248393 - Thioesterases and their use: e

20140248394 - Composition comprising a calcium salt, preparation process and use in food products: The invention concerns a composition comprising a calcium salt and its preparation process. The calcium salt is a salt of Ca2+ ions and PO43− ions or HPO42−. The composition is appropriate for introduction in food products.... Agent: Compagnie Gervais Danone

20140248395 - Cellulose to protein bio-conversion method for production of edible protein: Animal feeds comprising fungal mass and proteinaceous material and methods for bioconverting cellulosic materials to produce the same are described. Also described are apparatuses for use in the methods.... Agent:

20140248396 - Improved viability of probiotic microorganisms using poly - gamm- glutamic acid: The invention relates to a probiotic microorganism at least partially coated with a poly glutamic acid, for example poly-γ-glutamic acid (γ-PGA). The invention also relates to an ingestible product comprising the probiotic microorganism at least partially coated with a poly glutamic acid and a method of making a probiotic microorganism... Agent: University Of Wolverhampton

20140248397 - Alpha-amylase variants: e

20140248398 - Stabilisation of microwave heated food substrates: A food product having a substrate impregnated with a stabiliser composition and coated with an aqueous coating composition can be reheated using a microwave oven with good results.... Agent: Crisp Sensation Holding S.a.

20140248399 - Bourbon soaked pretzel products and methods for making the same: The present invention provides for bourbon soaked pretzel products and methods for making the same. In certain embodiments of the present invention, the pretzels are dipped in a bourbon-butter mixture and then baked. In certain embodiments of the present invention, the pretzels are dipped a second time in a bourbon-butter... Agent:

20140248400 - Edible liquid filled polysaccharide capsules: Edible capsules include a core surrounded by an encapsulating skin The core is liquid at 25° C. and includes an aqueous mixture of one or more carrageenans, one or more flavorants, and one or more food oils that in total constitute at least 0.5 wt % and at most 30... Agent: Fmc (shanghai) Commercial Enterprise

20140248401 - Deposited hard shell and soft chewy center candy and method of making: A hard candy, namely lollipops, suckers or similar confectionary comestibles and a method of making and packaging the same by a depositing manufacturing process which produces a multi-colored and multi-flavored lollipop which colors and flavors extend entirely through the lollipop body and hard shell and are visible in the final... Agent:

20140248402 - Resealable food container: A polygonal shaped container is provided which includes a wrapper surrounding a food product. The shape of the container is defined by either a frame containing a food product or rigid material incorporated with the wrapper. Access to contents in the container is provided by withdrawing a resealable sealing layer... Agent: Intercontinental Great Brands LLC

20140248403 - Apparatus for delivering multiple comestible components in a simultaneous and organoleptically pleasing manner: An apparatus for delivering a multi-state or multi-component comestible, comprising a sealed pouch or tube containing one component of the comestible which surrounds, either fully or on multiple sides, one or more other components, housed in one or more separated tubes or compartments. The apparatus' unique delivery, wherein one component... Agent:

20140248404 - Method and apparatus for vitamin d enhancement in dried mushroom powder: An apparatus and method for increasing Vitamin D content in dried mushroom powder irradiates the powder with UV light with wavelengths in the range of about 200 to about 800 nanometers. The powder may be conveyed into the light chamber with a vibratory conveyor. The irradiated mushroom powder has an... Agent: Oakshire Holdings, Inc.

20140248405 - Method and apparatus for thermal conditioning of olives or other oleaginous fruits combined with a crushing and kneading system of olives or other oleagineous fruits in controlled or modified atmosphere: A method and an apparatus for thermal treatment of olives or other oleaginous fruits are described. The method and apparatus are for crushing in controlled or modified atmosphere and for kneading in controlled or modified atmosphere, allowing to reduce the kneading times, improving the working capacity of the line, concomitantly... Agent:

20140248406 - Fruit product containing sugar alcohol: A processed fruit product, for example a citrus fruit product, including a packing liquid, containing little or no sugar, and optionally containing one or more artificial sweeteners, further comprising an amount of a sugar alcohol effective to maintain integrity and/or texture of the fruit.... Agent: Del Monte Foods, Inc.

20140248407 - Retort sterilization device, heating device, heat sterilization method and heat treatment method: A retort sterilization device includes a water steam generation device for generating water steam and a heating pot, connected to the water steam generation device, for accommodating retort food. The water steam generation device includes a heat exchanger for performing heat exchange between liquid flowing in a liquid path and... Agent: Wakisangyou Yugenkaisha

20140248408 - Device and method for the high-pressure treatment of products: The present disclosure relates to a device for the high-pressure treatment of products, particularly of packaged foodstuffs. The device comprises a high-pressure chamber and a discharge valve for discharging high-pressure medium out of the high-pressure chamber. The invention is characterized in that a controllable actuator is provided for adjusting the... Agent: Multivac Sepp Haggenmueller Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140248409 - Raw bone product and method: A raw bone product including ground raw bone compressed into a mass, wherein the ground raw bone has been subjected to a hydrostatic pressure of at least 4000 atm for a predetermined amount of time, and wherein the mass is maintained at a temperature of at most 40° F.... Agent: Miraclecorp Products

20140248410 - Carotenoid-containing composition and method for producing same: A carotenoid-containing composition including: a carotenoid component containing a crystalline carotenoid that is in an amorphous state; a (poly)glycerol fatty acid ester that contains from one to six glycerol units and from one to six fatty acid units and has at least one hydroxyl group resulting from a glycerol unit;... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140248411 - Sweetness enhancer: A composition for enhancing sweetness includes glycan or glycopeptide derived from soy sauce. The composition has excellent sweetness enhancing properties, and particularly has a sweetening effect nearly the same as or better than those of conventional sweeteners and less calories in terms of nutritional characteristics. A sweetener composition includes the... Agent:

20140248412 - Dryblended nutritional powders: Disclosed are reconstitutable nutritional powders comprising carbohydrate, protein, and lipid wherein at least one carbohydrate, such as lactose, and powdered lecithin have been dryblended into the reconstitutable nutritional powders. Also disclosed are methods of manufacturing a reconstitutable nutritional powder including dryblending at least one carbohydrate and powdered lecithin into a... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20140248413 - Filling sweet (variants) and method for making same: The invention relates to the food industry. The sweet contains a protein mass and a high-boiled sugar mass. The high-boiled sugar mass consists of sugar and/or a sugar substitute and water, and the protein mass consists of wheat flour and gram flour or pea meal or a composition thereof and... Agent:

20140248414 - Glycomacropeptide medical foods for nutritional management of phenylketonuria and other metabolic disorders: Medical foods containing glycomacroprotein and additional supplemented amounts of arginine, leucine, and optionally other amino acids, such as tyrosine, are disclosed. The medical foods can be used to provide the complete protein requirements for patients having metabolic disorders such as phenylketonuria.... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140248415 - Nutritional products comprising human milk oligosaccharides and methods for manufacture thereof: A method for the manufacture an infant formula or an infant nutritional product comprising mixture of human milk oligosaccharides is disclosed. The method involves the catalytic hydrogenolysis of compounds of the general formula 1 and 2 with particular oligosaccharide profiles.... Agent: Nestec S.a.

08/28/2014 > 44 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20140242213 - Feeding system for infants: A feeding system for a neonate is provided that includes a fluid reservoir adapted to contain fluid to be provided to the neonate, a nipple in fluid communication with the fluid reservoir having at least one fluid outlet adapted to enable the neonate to take the fluid therefrom by mouth... Agent:

20140242212 - Sustained release of nutrients in vivo: Nutritional compositions delivered in vivo in a time controlled manner sustainable over long periods of time, provide enhancing athletic performance, increased hand/eye coordination and concentration on the task at hand.... Agent: New World Pharmaceuticals, LLC

20140242214 - Encapsulated sweetner composition, method for the preparation thereof, and chewing gum comprising same: Delayed release in chewing gum of a sweetener, is provided by encapsulating the sweetener in specific amounts of a poly(vinyl acetate), a filler, and a fatty acid salt. When incorporated into a chewing gum, the sweetener encapsulated in poly(vinyl acetate), filler, and fatty acid salt provides a more delayed release... Agent: Intercontinental Great Brands LLC

20140242215 - Animal digests having enhanced palatability for use in pet food: The present invention concerns a method for preparing an animal digest having enhanced palatability, comprising: a) providing animal viscera; b) contacting said animal viscera with at least one alkaline endopeptidase in an appropriate amount; c) allowing said alkaline endopeptidase to hydrolyze said animal viscera for a suitable period of time;... Agent:

20140242216 - Amino acid and protein hydrolysate based formulas with a stable emulsion system: The present disclosure relates in part to an emulsion system comprising a waxy starch. The emulsion system is useful, in some embodiments, for incorporation into infant formulas comprising protein equivalent sources, such as formulas designed for individuals with certain protein allergies. Thus, in certain embodiments, the present disclosure relates to... Agent: Mead Johnson Nutrition Company

20140242217 - Method and composition for preparing cured meat products: The invention provides a curing agent comprising a plant-based nitrite derived from plant material comprising nitrate and a process for preparing the curing agent comprising contacting a plant material with an organism capable of converting nitrate to nitrite. The curing agent can be used to preserve or cure meat or... Agent: Kerry Group Services International, Ltd.

20140242218 - Refrigerator and method of controlling the same: A refrigerator may include a carbonated water tank in which carbonated water is stored; a water tank supplying filtered water to the carbonated water tank; a carbon dioxide cylinder supplying carbon dioxide to the carbonated water tank; a dispenser discharging the carbonated water or the filtered water; and a controller,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140242219 - Refrigerator and method of controlling the same: Provided is a refrigerator including: a carbonated water tank in which carbonated water is stored; a water tank supplying filtered water to the carbonated water tank; a carbon dioxide cylinder supplying carbon dioxide to the carbonated water tank; and a controller, if the water level of carbonated water sensed by... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140242220 - Microfluidization of brans and uses thereof: The present application generally relates to the development of palatable fiber-enriched foodstuffs, including but not limited to soups, salad dressings, dips, sauces, baked goods and beverages, through modifying various dietary fiber ingredients using a novel mechanical approach.... Agent:

20140242221 - Pellet systems for preparing beverages: Methods, compositions, and articles of manufacture for preparing frozen beverages are described. The methods and articles generally include first and/or second frozen pellets. Upon mixing the frozen pellets with an appropriate liquid for a sufficient time, a frozen beverage is obtained. Articles of manufacture including frozen pellets, as well as... Agent:

20140242222 - Frozen pizza preparation package and method: A frozen pizza preparation package and method includes a prebaked frozen pizza, microwave-crisping sequence instructions that instruct sequential steps of heating the prebaked frozen pizza in a microwave oven followed by crisping the crust using a crisping appliance, and a unifying container incorporating the prebaked frozen pizza and the sequence... Agent:

20140242223 - Frozen pizza preparation package and method: A frozen pizza preparation package and method includes a frozen prebaked pizza crust, pizza toppings, microwave-crisping sequence instructions that instruct sequential steps of heating the frozen prebaked pizza crust and pizza toppings in a microwave oven followed by crisping the crust using a crisping appliance, and a unifying container incorporating... Agent:

20140242224 - Apparatus and method for infusing hot beverages: A hot beverage brewing apparatus including a pressurized hot water delivery system to provide liquid under pressure within a range of acceptable infusion temperatures without a water pump. A fresh water tank is situated above a water heater in liquid communication to maintain the water heater filled. Water in the... Agent:

20140242225 - Dynamic control system and method for controlled atmosphere room: A control system for a controlled atmosphere room (“CA room”) for storing perishable commodities, such as fruits and vegetables. The control system includes an enclosure that can be placed within the CA room to store a representative sample of the commodities in the CA room. The control system includes an... Agent:

20140242226 - Method for producing a coffee beverage and coffee machine for performing the method: The invention relates to a method for producing a coffee beverage in a brewing chamber (36) of a coffee machine (10) and to a coffee machine (10) for performing a method for producing a coffee beverage. The aim of the invention is to improve the dispensing of coffee, especially in... Agent: Jura Elektroapparate Ag

20140242227 - Cooking device and method of controlling the same: A cooking device is provided. The cooking device may include a cavity forming a space in which food may be received for cooking, a grill heater provided at one side of the cavity and having a plurality of heaters to heat the food, a food sensing device provided in the... Agent:

20140242228 - Process for preparing a pet food composition: The disclosure provides method for preparing a food product is described which includes mixing a dry ingredient composition, a protein-containing composition, and an alginate composition to provide a first mixture, mixing the first mixture with a setting composition to effect a controlled rate gelation reaction, and processing the product of... Agent: Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.

20140242229 - Tropicalizing agent: Use of particles of insoluble water-absorbing food ingredient, such as dietary fibre, as carrier for a humectant, such as water of glycerol, for the introduction of the humectant into a chocolate product. Furthermore, a tropicalizing agent comprising discrete particles of insoluble food ingredient material, such as citrus fibre particles, loaded... Agent:

20140242230 - Incremental eating tool: An incremental eating tool. The incremental eating tool can include a container having at least one sidewall enclosing an interior cavity having an open end, and a tray having a first end and a second end. The tray can be sized to fit in the interior cavity of the container... Agent:

20140242231 - Method and apparatus for rotary molding: A rotary molding system for molding food products, mold cavities formed when a mold shell rotates mold shapes disposed along the mold shell into a fill position between a fill plate and a wear plate. Molded food products are removed from mold cavities using knock-out cups, the use of air... Agent: Formax, Inc.

20140242232 - Shellfish preparation process: Disclosed is a method for preparing shellfish including providing a substantially flexible liquid-permeable container having at least one open end; providing a plurality of shellfish in the container; closing the or each open end of the container; and tensioning the container to compact the shellfish and prevent the shellfish from... Agent: Westhaven Marketing Ltd.

20140242233 - Chemical and preservative free peeled potatoes: Various embodiments are described herein of a method and apparatus that can be used to extend the shelf-life of potatoes without adding preservatives or chemicals.... Agent:

20140242234 - Moulding: A system for moulding three-dimensional products from a mass of one or more food starting materials which are suitable for consumption, in particular human consumption, has a production device having a frame, a mould member provided with at least one mould cavity, the frame supporting the mould member, mass feed... Agent: Stork Titan B.v.

20140242236 - Method for controlled venting of a chamber: s

20140242235 - Methods of handling papaya: Provided is a method of storing papaya comprising the step of exposing papaya to an atmosphere that contains a cyclopropene compound, wherein either (a) the papayas are in a modified-atmosphere package during exposure to the cyclopropene compound, or (b) the papayas are placed into a modified-atmosphere package after exposure to... Agent: Agrofresh Inc.

20140242237 - Molecularly imprinted polymer for wine extraction: Disclosed herein are compositions of, and methods of use for, molecularly imprinted polymers useful for extracting and/or detecting target molecule compounds of wine.... Agent: The Trustees Of Dartmouth College

20140242238 - Algae extraction process: A method of extracting oil from algae by drying algae paste to a predetermined moisture content, contacting the algae paste with a polar solvent to make an algae-solvent solution and extracting oils from the algae paste into a solvent-oil solution, and separating extracted algae from the solvent-oil solution. An oil... Agent:

20140242239 - Systems and methods for coffee preparation: Example embodiments of systems and methods for brewing coffee can include providing an integrated beverage system that can include a grinding system, a roasting system, and a brewing system. The integrated beverage system can be used with a container that can contain unroasted coffee beans or coffee grounds, where the... Agent:

20140242240 - Infuser with solid region to selectively stop infusion, vessel for infuser, and methods: An infuser having a non-porous region to selectively stop infusion. The infuser may be used in a vessel, such as a portable beverage mug suitable for preparing and drinking tea and other beverages. Methods for infusing contents (such as coffee or tea) into a beverage with the ability to stop... Agent: Planetary Design

20140242241 - Beverage system with aeration: This invention provides a device for preserving and dispensing a beverage, comprising: (a) a housing comprising one or more compartments, each compartment for storing a beverage container; and (b) one or more dispensing head removably connected to a cartridge, wherein said dispensing head comprises an aerator for aerating said beverage,... Agent: Electrical And Electronics, Ltd.

20140242242 - Clarification and selective binding of phenolic compounds from liquid foodstuff or beverages using smart polymers: The present invention corresponds to a method for the removal of unwanted phenolic compounds from foodstuffs, more particularly beverages. The method comprising contacting a selected polymer with the foodstuff. In a particular embodiment, the polymers are selected among polyaniline (PANI), polyaniline emeraldine base (PANI-EB) and polyaniline emeraldine salt (PANI-ES) polymers,... Agent: Universidad De Talca

20140242243 - Apparatus, system, and method for filling a confectionary article: Disclosed is an apparatus for filling a confectionary article, the apparatus including at least one conduit housed by a conduit housing, the at least one conduit extending from a conduit input to a conduit output, an output end of the conduit housing disposed at a termination of the conduit output... Agent:

20140242244 - Process for manufacturing a sweetener and use thereof: Highly purified Stevioside, Rebaudioside A and a purified sweet steviol glycoside mixture were prepared from sweet glycoside extracts obtained from Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni leaves. The resulting sweeteners are suitable as non-calorie, non-cariogenic, non-bitter, non-lingering sweeteners, which may be advantageously applied in foods, beverages, and milk products.... Agent:

20140242245 - Shelf-stable baked crisps and method for making same: A shelf-stable baked crisp and method for making the same. In one embodiment the shelf-stable crisp comprises a cooked batter which comprises oil, gluten, flour, baking powder, and egg. The crisp comprises a moisture content of between 2 and 5% and is shelf-stable. In one embodiment the crisp does not... Agent: Frito-lay North America, Inc.

20140242246 - Food compositions comprising organogels: The present invention is directed towards organogel compositions. Processes for producing such organogel compositions are further disclosed. The present invention is also directed towards uses of the novel organogel compositions in foods, beverages, nutraceuticals pharmaceuticals, pet food, or animal feed.... Agent: Archer Daniels Midland Company

20140242247 - Nutritional compositions: There is provided a method of manufacturing a nutritional composition comprising carbohydrate in an amount of at least 250 g l−1 of composition. The method comprises the steps of: (i) combining a first gelling agent and water; (ii) heating the mixture produced in step (i) to a temperature of between... Agent: Sis (science In Sport) Limited

20140242248 - Continuous cheese production process: Processes and equipment for continuously making a substitute or imitation cheese by feeding a heated first liquid stream including emulsifying salt, water and cheese powder into a cooker which is a twin screw mixer, feeding a heated second liquid stream including oil and casein or a non-dairy protein into the... Agent: General Mills, Inc.

20140242249 - Polypeptide having phytase activity and increased temperature resistance of the enzyme activity, and nucleotide sequence coding said polypeptide: The invention relates to a recombinant DNA molecule encoding a polypeptide having phytase activity and increased temperature stability and increased proteolytic stability of the enzyme activity. The DNA sequence has been obtained by variation of the mature wild-type E. coli phytase sequence with defined amino acid positions being modified in... Agent: Ab Enzymes Gmbh

20140242250 - Low fat spread: e

20140242251 - Systems and methods for stillage fractionation: Systems and methods for fractionating whole stillage from an ethanol production facility are provided. Whole stillage undergoes a separation of its liquid portion (thin stillage) from the solid portion (fiber cake). In some embodiments, the solids and liquids in whole stillage may be separated utilizing a screening centrifuge. The fiber... Agent: Poet Research, Inc.

20140242252 - Process for extraction from lesquerella seeds: A method for extraction from Lesquerella seeds having an acid value of less than 6 mg KOH/g, said method including the following steps: a seed-processing step i) that includes a single operation of flattening the seeds and at least one operation of drying the seeds; and a step ii) of... Agent:

20140242254 - Powdered nutritional formulations including spray-dried plant protein: Disclosed are powdered nutritional formulations comprising at least one plant protein, such as pea protein, wherein at least a portion of the plant protein has been spray-dried and dry-blended into the nutritional formulation. The liquids derived from reconstituting the powdered nutritional formulations exhibit little or no undesirable mouthfeel and have... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20140242253 - Process for solubilizing protein: Herein disclosed is a process for solubilizing protein from a biological source selected from the group consisting of animal tissue and keratinous material and combinations thereof, the process comprising: forming an alkaline slurry comprising the biological source and a first alkali comprising hydrated lime or quicklime; heating the alkaline slurry... Agent: The Texas A&m University System

20140242255 - Consumables: wherein R1 is selected from the group consisting of OH and OCH3, and R2 is selected from the group consisting of H and OH, R1 and R2 comprise at least one OH group, and when R1 is OH then R2 is H (trilobtain), and when R1 is OCH3 then R2... Agent: Givaudan Sa

08/21/2014 > 54 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20140234473 - Softgel encapsulated ball incorporating chum as a fish attractant: Chum balls contain liquefied, dehydrated and/or freeze dried chum encapsulated in a water soluble ball (capsule). According to alternate embodiments, the chum ball may also include one or more of the following ingredients: a releasing agent such as sodium bicarbonate, a sinking agent such as magnesium, freeze dried plant matter,... Agent:

20140234474 - Delivery system for nutritional additives for wildlife: The invention provides methods of administering one or more supplements to an animal in a liquid solution, comprising providing a non-naturally occurring water source, containing an effective amount of one or more supplements, and locating the water source in the animal's environment, such that when the animal consumes water from... Agent: Do All Outdoors, LLC

20140234476 - Preparation and incorporation of co-products into beverages to achieve metabolic and gut health benefits: Co-products from juice extraction, in particular for use in beverage and food products to enhance the metabolic and gut health benefits, including an enhanced feeling of satiety, a reduction of postprandial glucose response, reduction of postprandial insulin response, an increased fermentability by colonic microlfora, an increase short-chain fatty acid production... Agent: Pepsico, Inc.

20140234475 - Sensoric imprinting: The invention concerns a method for exposing an infant to multiple different tastes of food products and stimulating the consumption of e.g. vegetables and fruit later in life.... Agent: N.v. Nutricia

20140234477 - Photodegradable gum base, a chewing gum comprising the photodegradable gum base and methods of making the same: wherein m and p are integers in the range of 1 to 500, and n is an integer in the range of 2 to 100, is disclosed. The block copolymer facilitates environmental degradation of improperly disposed chewing gum cuds. Also described is a method of preparing a photo-degradable chewing gum... Agent: Intercontinental Great Brands LLC

20140234478 - System and method for printing on chewing gum: A method for applying print to at least one chewing gum surface, the method including forming a chewing gum composition into at least one chewing gum sheet having at least one printable surface, the chewing gum sheet having a desirable thickness, providing a print roller, transporting the at least one... Agent:

20140234479 - Microalgal flour: The present invention relates to microalgal food products with acceptable sensory characteristics and methods of producing the food products. The flour can be produced by cultivating microalgal cells of a strain of Chlorella protothecoides under conditions of acceptable pH and dissolved oxygen to produce a desired amount of lipid. The... Agent:

20140234480 - Enhancement of beer flavor by a combination of pichia yeast and different hop varieties: In the beer fermentation process, Pichia spp. yeast strains can be combined with normal beer yeast strains and with different hop varieties to produce synergistic effects, including the increased production in the fermentation product of esters, e.g., increased levels of isoamyl acetate, isobutyl acetate, ethyl propionate, ethyl valerate, ethyl butyrate,... Agent:

20140234481 - Method of producing an alcoholic beverage having a fruity flavor: The invention concerns a method of producing an alcoholic beverage by fermentation having flavor and taste of passion fruit and grapefruit, characterized in that it comprises the following steps: providing a gas stream containing hydrogen sulfide, bubbling the gas stream containing hydrogen sulfide into a grape juice and/or grape juice... Agent: Pernod Ricard

20140234482 - System and method for all-in-one wort preparation: The present invention provides a brewing system that includes a cooking vessel configured to heat a fluid in the cooking vessel; a grain container having a false bottom, wherein the grain container is configured to hold a grain bed, wherein the grain container includes a plurality of sieves that are... Agent:

20140234483 - Structural fat for the production of low saturated, zero trans fatty acids margarine, fat spreads, icings, frostings, shortenings and food products: Processes for preparing an edible hard stock are disclosed for use in the formulation of margarines, spreads, icings, shortenings, frostings and other products that need a structural fat to hold at least some liquid unsaturated triglycerides or diglycerides are disclosed, wherein the hard stock is a random interesterified product and... Agent: International Foodstuffs Company LLC

20140234484 - Product and process for its manufacture: The invention relates to a process for the preparation of a soured milk product by means of physical modification of milk raw material and a crosslinking enzyme that strengthens the texture. The invention also relates to a milk product that contains physically modified milk raw material fat globules and has... Agent: Valio Ltd

20140234485 - Base, products containing the same, preparation methods and uses thereof: The present invention concerns a base characterized in that it is prepared by the following steps: (a) partial bio-hydrolysis of raw materials rich in precursors, and (b) thermal reaction steps of the resulting product from (a). Said base can be prepared with a further step, which is a subsequent or... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20140234486 - Meat tissue digests having enhanced palatability for use in pet food: The present invention concerns a method for preparing a meat tissue digest having enhanced palatability, comprising: a) providing a meat tissue from animal; b) contacting said meat tissue with at least one alkaline endopeptidase; c) allowing said alkaline endopeptidase to hydrolyze said meat tissue; d) thermally treating the thus obtained... Agent: Specialites Pet Food

20140234487 - Dairy based compositions with low lps: The present invention is directed to a method to produce a dairy based food composition with low LPS comprising the steps (a) Providing a milk with a storage time of less than 264 hours and either (b1) Treating the milk with a microfilter of poresize of from 0.01-2 μm such... Agent: Friesland Brands B.v.

20140234488 - Beverage system, including bubble beverage, instant beverage, beverage with dissolved gas, and beverage with ingredient: A beverage system is created having beverage, with at least one liquid. The beverage is created in a variety, including tea drink, coffee drink, milk drink, yogurt drink, malted drink, roasted cereal grain beverage, roasted nut and seed beverage, roasted bean beverage, distilled water, mineral water, sports drink, fruit juice,... Agent:

20140234489 - Systems and methods for making spent grain dough products: The invention provides methods for the production of dough and bread products made at least in part of spent brewer's grain. The spent grain is removed from a brewing or distilling process, dried, frozen, and then further processed into a spent grain dough product. More specifically, the invention relates to... Agent:

20140234490 - Buttiauxella sp. phytase variants: Provided herein are variants of Buttiauxella sp. phytases that may be used in industrial applications including methods for starch liquefaction, alcohol fermentations and for enhancing phosphate digestion in foods and animal feeds.... Agent: Danisco US Inc.

20140234491 - Bite sized refrigerated yogurt products: Refrigerated yogurt products of small size suitable for eating with the fingers are prepared by providing a frozen yogurt composition in individual serving portions and coating the frozen yogurt portions with a fat based coating that is a solid at 45° F., thereby completely enveloping the frozen yogurt portions. The... Agent: General Mills, Inc.

20140234492 - Coated confectionery: The present invention relates to a coated confection in which the wear resistance and shape retention property in high temperature of the center thereof are improved by coating a sufficient amount of shellac on a center with a complex shape. More particularly, the present invention relates to a coated confection... Agent: Meiji Co., Ltd.

20140234493 - Multilayer polyester film for ready meals: Coextruded, biaxially oriented multilayer films comprising a base layer comprising a polyester having an intrinsic viscosity greater than 0.75 dl/g and a heat-sealable layer directly adhered to said base layer, said heat-sealable layer comprising an amorphous polyester having a melting temperature not higher than the melting temperature of the polyester... Agent:

20140234494 - Beverage capsule with sealing element: A capsule (1) for the preparation of a beverage from a brewing device that comprises a receptacle (50) for enclosing at least part of said capsule, said capsule comprising a lateral wall (2), an upper inlet wall (3) and a lower outlet wall (4) forming a hollow body (5) where... Agent: Tuttoespresso S.r.l.

20140234495 - Device and method for adorning and decorating baked goods: A sleeve is disclosed for adornment and decoration of a baked good, including reshaping, to produce an appearance other than that of the original baked good. The sleeve may be constructed of a mineral-based substrate including a graphic on an outer surface.... Agent: Moon Cherie

20140234497 - Heater: The present application relates to a heater (6) for heating food received in a container (2) to prevent overheating and/or scorching of the food. The heater (6) has a heating element (9) and a control unit configured to initially operate the heating element (9) at a higher initial temperature setting... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140234496 - System and methods of improving the performance, safety and energy efficiency of a cooking appliance: System and method for improving the performance, safety, and energy efficiency of a cooking appliance with one or more heating elements operably connected with a burner controller controlling an amount of energy flowing to the one or more heating elements. First, a user or a system controller establishes one or... Agent: Rain Mountain, LLC

20140234498 - Shutter device and method for producing encrusted foods: An encrusted food is produced by a shutter device comprising a plurality of shutter pieces respectively pivotally supported on a plurality of pivots arranged along a circle, each of which comprises a pressure face facing to a center of the circle, a linkage setting the shutter pieces in motion synchronously... Agent: Rheon Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd.,

20140234499 - System and method for sandwich preparation: A system and method of sandwich preparation are disclosed. The sandwich is formed by filling a bread roll having a lengthwise cavity, closed at a distal end and open at a proximal end by inserting food items through said proximal end. A device for baking a bread roll with a... Agent:

20140234500 - Method and device for edible printing on foodstuffs: The method and device for edible printing (10) on foodstuffs includes a printing workstation (20) having a base (22), a conveyor (30) disposed on the base (22), and a gantry frame (24) mounted above the base (22) and conveyor (30). The conveyor (30) carries at least one foodstuff processing tray... Agent:

20140234501 - Method and apparatus for producing dried whole egg: The present concept is a method of producing dried whole egg, which includes the steps of de-shelling and separating the shell from the inner egg. Next the egg is cooked with live steam injection, and phosphoric acid is added. Next the cooked egg is dried. Finally the cooked egg is... Agent:

20140234502 - Treatment of produce: e

20140234503 - Method and composition: There is described a method of preserving leafy vegetables which comprises treating the leafy vegetables with a processing aid composition, said processing aid composition comprising from about 0.01% w/w to 5% w/w salicylic acid; or a salt or ester thereof.... Agent:

20140234504 - Methods for extending the shelf life of whole and processed capsicum annuum fruit: Methods for extending the shelf life of whole and processed capsicum annuum fruit are provided herein. A method may include sanitizing a capsicum annuum fruit, drying the capsicum annuum fruit, removing a pepper stem, calyx, septum and capsaicin gland from the capsicum annuum fruit, sealing the capsicum annuum fruit in... Agent:

20140234505 - Expandable carton: A package for holding a food product. The package comprises a carton comprising a plurality of panels that extend at least partially around an interior of the carton. The plurality of panels comprises at least two side panels. A tear feature extends at least partially across the plurality of panels... Agent: Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

20140234506 - Methods and compositions for protein concentration: The present invention concerns concentrating dairy proteins. Methods of the invention include the production and use of negatively-charged ultrafiltration membranes to achieve high hydraulic permeability with low sieving coefficients.... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140234507 - Methods and devices for heating or cooling viscous materials: The invention provides methods and devices for heating or cooling viscous materials such as meat emulsions useful for producing food and other products. The devices include a heat exchanger comprising a first plate, a second plate attached to the first plate, and a first spacer and a second spacer arranged... Agent:

20140234508 - Heated air hot dog roller: Heated air roller cookers and methods for cooking hot dogs are disclosed herein. An embodiment of a roller cooker configured in accordance with the present disclosure includes a plurality of rollers and a heating element positioned to heat air. A blower can be positioned to direct the heated air through... Agent: C. Cretors & Company

20140234511 - Consumables: Disclosed are sweetened consumables and methods of forming said sweetened consumables that comprise certain sweeteners and at least one sweetness enhancer in a concentration near its sweetness detection threshold. The sweeteners include sucrose, fructose, glucose, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, xylose, arabinose, rhamnose, erythritol, xylitol, mannitol, sorbitol, inositol, acesulfame... Agent: Givaudan S.a.

20140234512 - Food product precursor, a food product and a method of making a food product comprising lupin flour: A food product precursor comprising 10-55% by dry-weight lupin flour, other milled grain flour, and 3-10% by wet-weight flavoured liquid. The food product precursor is made into a food product by combining the ingredients to form the food product precursor, cooking the combined food product precursor; and extruding the cooked... Agent: Lupin Power Pty Ltd

20140234510 - Palatable beverages and compositions with cocoa extract: The present subject matter relates to palatable beverages and compositions such as non-chocolate flavored water soluble dry powder compositions comprising a cocoa extract which comprises cocoa polyphenols, and an edible acid. The present subject matter further relates to processes for formulating said beverages and compositions.... Agent:

20140234509 - Taste masking compositions and edible forms thereof for masking the taste of foods: Disclosed are edible compositions, for example, edible films and gummi confectioneries, that mask the taste of bitter tasting foods and/or foods that contain proteins such as meats and vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, spinach, etc. The edible compositions include a delivery vehicle, a protein masking agent constituting about 0.01% to about... Agent: Acme Specialty Products, LLC

20140234513 - Composition: The present invention provides a composition comprising monoglycerides and diglycerides, wherein the monoglycerides and diglycerides have an iodine value of at least 30; and wherein the fatty acids of the monoglycerides and diglycerides contain C22 fatty acids in an amount of at least 4.5 wt % based on the total... Agent: Dupont Nutrition Biosciences Aps

20140234514 - Method for making foamy beverages containing lipids, and related composition: A method of making a foamy beverage includes providing a liquid having at least one lipid-based ingredient therein and adding argon (Ar) gas to the liquid to provide a mixture for the foamy beverage. A beverage is also provided and includes a liquid mixture having at least one lipid-based ingredient... Agent:

20140234515 - Nutraceutical formulation: This invention is directed to a nutraceutical formulation that provides a balance of 40% carbohydrates, 30% fat, and 30% protein. The nutraceutical formulation comprises egg protein, flax seed powder, coconut palm sugar, cocoa powder, raspberry extract, goji berry extract, sweet potato flour, wheat grass powder, and stevia extract. Optionally, MCT's... Agent:

20140234516 - Gelled food concentrate: The present invention relates to a food concentrate in the form of a gel for use in stock, soup, sauce, gravy or as a seasoning ingredient for use in cooking and the process for preparing such a food concentrate gel. The concentrate is free or substantially free of syneresis and... Agent: Cp Kelco Aps

20140234518 - Ground roast coffee tablet: A ground roast coffee tablet which is capable of being brewed in a conventional automatic drip coffee maker, and which exhibits sufficient strength to withstand all aspects of manufacture, handling, packaging, transport without breakage but also readily disintegrates when contacted with hot water during brewing, is made by subjecting conventional... Agent: The Folger Coffee Company

20140234519 - Ground roast coffee tablet: A ground roast coffee tablet which is capable of being brewed in a conventional automatic drip coffee maker, and which exhibits sufficient strength to withstand all aspects of manufacture, handling, packaging, transport without breakage but also readily disintegrates when contacted with hot water during brewing, is made by subjecting conventional... Agent: The Folger Coffee Company

20140234517 - Instant solid beverage and methods of preparation: The invention concerns An instant solid beverage in form of granules, each granule (1) comprising: −0.1 to 30% by weight of a beverage concentrate (2), and −60 to 95% by weight of a carbohydrate (3), wherein particles of the carbohydrate (3) construct a meshwork structure of the granule (1), and... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20140234520 - Oil/fat composition: Provided is a fat or oil composition that may reduce degradation odor to a less extent at the time of cooking even though comprising α-linolenic acid in a large amount, and is capable of improving the taste and flavor of the cooked food. The fat or oil composition comprises the... Agent: Kao Corporation

20140234521 - Low fat mayonnaise composition and method of producing the same: Provided are a low fat mayonnaise composition to which cellulose ether is applied, and a method of producing the same, in which the low fat mayonnaise composition includes 50 wt % or less of an emulsion with respect to the total weight of the composition, and cellulose ether and an... Agent: Samsung Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd

20140234522 - Oil/fat composition: Provided is a fat or oil composition that may suppress degradation odor at the time of cooking even though containing large amounts of eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid, and is capable of improving the taste and flavor of a cooked food. The fat or oil composition comprises the following components... Agent: Kao Corporation

20140234523 - Method for manufacturing an aerated confectionery shell: The present invention provides a method for manufacturing an aerated confectionery shell comprising the steps of: (i) aerating an edible liquid; (ii) depositing the aerated edible liquid into a mould cavity; and (iii) pressing the aerated edible liquid in the mould cavity using a stamp having a surface temperature below... Agent:

20140234524 - Palm-based animal feed: Animal feed formed with a base of palm fronds and combined with palm fruit, such as dates, is a sustainable and affordable feed product that can be developed in hot climates. Palm fronds with a desired moisture content are shredded, chopped, and/or ground, and mixed with palm fruit. Additives such... Agent: Palm Silage, Inc.

20140234525 - Sodium-free salt substitute: A composition that is a substitute for food grade sodium chloride includes crystalline particles containing both potassium chloride and lysine monohydrochloride such that the potassium chloride and lysine monohydrochloride are not susceptible to separation. A process for making the composition includes steps of providing a supersaturated water solution of potassium... Agent: Working Bugs, LLC

20140234526 - Yeast extract having taste-enhancing effect: The present invention addresses enhancing a taste of common processed food and drink without imparting a foreign taste and without increasing calories or sodium content. In such a case, a substance added to the common processed food and drink is preferably a common foodstuff, and preferably has a high degree... Agent: Kohjin Life Sciences Co., Ltd.

08/14/2014 > 40 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20140227386 - Palatability enhancers comprising free amino acids for use in pet foods: The present invention concerns a palatability-enhancing composition for pet food, wherein said composition comprises about 1 to 70% by weight of free amino acids, as well as uses thereof, especially for producing pet foods having enhanced palatability. Cat food is more specifically concerned by the present invention.... Agent: Specialites Pet Food

20140227387 - Chewing gum with b vitamins: A chewing gum with a liquid-fill composition and a surrounding gum region, with one or both containing active ingredients, such as herbal, medicinal and/or mineral elements or combinations thereof, present in an amount of at least about 0.05 mg.... Agent:

20140227388 - Compressed chewing gum tablet: A chewing gum tablet including at least two cohered chewing gum modules, the tableted chewing gum being formed by compression of chewing gum granules, at least one of the chewing gum modules including gum base granules, the gum base granules including an elastomer system, the chewing gum tablet including an... Agent:

20140227389 - Multi-region confectionery and method of production thereof: A multi-region confection includes a first and a second confectionery material. The body portion of the multi-region confection includes an extruded first confectionery material, and a plurality of capillaries is disposed in the extruded body portion. The plurality of capillaries includes the second confectionery material. The second confectionery material includes... Agent: Mondelez Japan Limited

20140227390 - Methods to decontaminate cereal grains with chlorine dioxide: Methods are provided which include steeping and/or spraying a harvested cereal grain, such as barley, wheat, rye, millet, corn (maize), rice, or oats, in or with an aqueous solution including an effective amount of chlorine dioxide to provide a treated cereal grain. The treated cereal grain obtained from chlorine-dioxide steeping... Agent:

20140227392 - Beer and relevant production method: A beer obtained from the fermentation process of cereals and/or legumes is described. Said beer is characterized in that it comprises isoflavones aglycons that are biologically active forms of isoflavones.... Agent: Farchioni Olii - S.p.a.

20140227391 - Polypeptides having alpha-glucosidase activity and polynucleotides encoding same: The present invention relates to isolated polypeptides having alpha-glucosidase activity and isolated polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides. The invention also relates to nucleic acid constructs, vectors, and host cells comprising the polynucleotides as well as methods for producing and using the polypeptides.... Agent: Novozymes, Inc.

20140227393 - Process for preparing a functional fermented milk product with low acidity and containing a low content of lactose and enhanced with galactooligosaccharides and bifidobacterium, and functional fermented milk product prepared therewith: The present invention relates to a process for preparing a functional fermented milk product with low acidity and containing a low content of lactose and enriched with galactooligosaccharide and Bifidobacterium, and functional fermented milk product prepared therewith. The process is characterized by converting lactose in milk materials to galactooligosaccharide before... Agent:

20140227394 - Glucosyl stevia composition: Glucosyl stevia compositions are prepared from steviol glycosides of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni. The glucosylation was performed by cyclodextrin glucanotransferase using the starch as source of glucose residues. The short-chain glucosyl stevia compositions were purified to >95% content of total steviol glycosides. The compositions can be used as sweetness enhancers, flavor... Agent: Purecircle Usa Inc.

20140227396 - Enzyme granules: The present application relates to a steam treated pelletized feed composition comprising a granule comprising a core and a coating wherein the core comprises an active compound and the coating comprises a salt.... Agent: Novozymes A/s

20140227395 - Method of enhancing palatability of a dietary supplement to animal food: Fish oil is thickened using a thickening agent, such as one or both of silica and wax dispersed in the fish oil to thereby facilitate ease of delivery of the fish oil to an animal. The fish oil and the thickening agent form a viscous liquid blend that functions as... Agent: Trident Seafoods Corporation

20140227397 - Temperature indicating package and method of using: A method for hydrating yeast comprises several steps. A package comprising a thermochromic ink and an indicator is provided. A liquid is provided. The temperature of the liquid is measured by placing the package in contact with the liquid. The liquid is heated or cooled until the thermochromic ink indicates... Agent: Ach Food Companies, Inc.

20140227398 - Bag for a beverage preparation: In the interior of a disposable closed bag formed of a package material, a beverage preparation of a solid substance is placed, the substance being capable of giving off components of the beverage through the water-permeable packaging material when the bag is infused in water for preparing the beverage. On... Agent: Spotless Tea Bag Oy

20140227399 - Plastics material container: A one piece plastics material container has mouth, a wall portion adjoining the mouth in a longitudinal direction (L) and a base portion in the form of a standing face. The base portion has an injection point—situated on the inside in a radial direction (R) with respect to the longitudinal... Agent: Krones Ag

20140227400 - Breathable container seal: A multi-layer seal material comprising a layer of paper or pulp, next to a layer of polymer, next to a layer of metal foil, next to a layer of adhesive polymer, the seal containing micro-holes allowing the seal to be breathable. A method of making a sealed container is also... Agent: H.j. Heinz Company

20140227402 - Food holding cabinet and method for holding hot food: A food holding cabinet for holding and keeping hot food safe and fresh at a desired temperature until ready to be served. Radiant heaters disposed in food compartment walls supply radiant heat to the interior of the food holding compartment. The radiant heat is transferred from the radiant heaters via... Agent:

20140227401 - Slow cooker with thermometer for indicating a temperature condition of the food in the cooking vessel: A slow cooker having a thermometer such as a capillary thermometer and a graphic display device for indicating a temperature condition of the food product contained within the cooking vessel, the thermometer measuring the temperature of an outer surface of the cooking vessel and the graphic display device displaying the... Agent: Sunbeam Products, Inc.

20140227403 - Method and device for producing a coffee preparation: A method for the automated production of a coffee preparation with a coffee preparation device (1) comprising a brewing unit, the method comprising the following steps: insertion of a pre-filled cartridge (3) with a powder supply (4) comprising a plurality of, preferably compressed, powder portions (11) of ground coffee beans... Agent: Eugster / Frismag Ag

20140227404 - Dental bone making process: This invention pertains to dental bones made from one, or several of, fresh or dried: beef skin, pork skin, lamb skin, poultry skin, rabbit skin, or fish skin as raw material; washing said raw material; turning said raw materials into skin paste; turning said skin paste into gelatin; adding additional... Agent: Vital Source Group LLC

20140227405 - Process for the pasteurization of sap and products thereof: The present document describes a process for the sterilization and/or pasteurization of sap without denaturing polyphenols and other ingredients present therein, and a sap product prepared from the processes.... Agent: Federation Des Producteurs Acericoles Du Quebec

20140227406 - Method for producing dairy products (variants): A method for producing dairy products used in the food industry in milk processing plants involving the laser treatment of raw milk under turbulent flow conditions at a reception point, and heat treatment to produce pasteurized milk in equipment sanitized using rinsing and cleaning agents treated with laser radiation. Another... Agent:

20140227407 - Method and apparatus for multi-stage stabilization of whole grain flour: The present invention relates a method and a system for a multi-stage treatment of whole grain flour to reduce enzyme activity, and more specifically, for the rapid treatment of whole grain flour to reduce the lipase enzyme activity for increasing shelf-life using microwave energy for at least one of the... Agent:

20140227408 - Meat treatment and preservation method: The invention provides methods for treating uncooked meat to improve the colour stability and/or for reducing the onset of rancidity. The methods comprise contacting the uncooked meat with a composition comprising succinate and one or more of glutamate, malate, citrate, isocitrate, aconitate and pyruvate as active components. Also provided are... Agent: Red Meat As

20140227409 - Compositions and methods for the prevention and treatment of metabolic diseases: The present invention is a new method and composition that enhance bone repair, formation, maintenance and slowing of bone resorption. The present invention relates to methods and compositions that enhance collagen formation, tendon health and tendon injury healing, bone maintenance and bone injury healing, and the prevention and treatment of... Agent:

20140227410 - Apparatus for filling a confectionary article: Disclosed is a reservoir connector for usage with plurality of nozzles and at least one conduit, the reservoir connector including a connector body including a conduit association surface configured to associate the connector body with the at least one conduit and a reservoir surface disposed opposite the conduit surface, at... Agent: Intercontinental Great Brands LLC

20140227411 - Device to efficiently cook foods using liquids and hot vapors: Embodiments teaching appliance base constructions which increase stability, using both static and dynamic base extending elements. Methods to enhance coloring of the fried foods. Food support structures which utilize two-hand manipulation to increase safety and control. Removable handle construction, which decreases storage space. Peripheral feet on appliance base, to increase... Agent: Ron's Enterprise, Inc.

20140227412 - Imprint tool: An imprinter for creating impressions of designs in media such as buttercream, fondant, gum paste, modeling dough, and cookie dough for decoration. The imprinter includes a retainer having a retainer body and at least one retaining portion and a lock configured to be received by the retainer. The lock has... Agent:

20140227414 - Capsule for preparing a beverage by centrifugation in a beverage preparation device and device adapted therefore: Capsule insert able in a beverage production device for preparing a beverage from a substance contained in the capsule by introducing liquid in the capsule and passing liquid through the substance using centrifugal forces for producing the beverage which is centrifuged peripherally in the capsule relatively to a central axis... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20140227413 - Hot beverage brewing system and use thereof: In described embodiments, a hot liquid extraction system includes a vessel, a controllable steam and water source external from the vessel which heats the liquid of the corresponding vessel, a filter assembly disposed within the vessel operable to filter and remove a solid from the brewed beverage, and a valve... Agent: Alpha Dominche Ltd.

20140227415 - Stock pot with fitted strainer basket: Apparatus for cooking foods such as stock or pasta, rice including a container which receives a liquid to be heated and a cooking strainer-basket partially submerged in the liquid for cooking within the container, the container having selectively placed interior generally cylindrical support pins, cooperating with selectively placed alternating outwardly... Agent:

20140227416 - Container with incorporated juicer: A container facilitating addition of on-demand juice into the container without modal conversion of the container to activate a juicing accessory. A juicer-enabled container includes a base container having a closed surface wherein a portion of the closed surface defines an opening; a juicer adapted to engage the portion of... Agent: Genimex Jersey Ltd.

20140227417 - Concentrated coffee extract: c

20140227418 - Dual purpose roasting rack: The present invention provides a dual purpose roasting rack having opposed arms mounted to a roasting rack which are movable between two configurations. In the first configuration, the arms are substantially parallel to the base and food may be mounted on the roasting rack apparatus in a horizontal orientation. In... Agent: Browne & Co.

20140227419 - Anti-fungal agent for processed cereal foods: The present invention provides an anti-fungal agent for processed cereal foods, and the anti-fungal agent contains chitinase. The present invention also provides an anti-fungal agent-containing processed cereal food, which contains the anti-fungal agent. The present invention further provides a method for producing an anti-fungal agent-containing processed cereal food. With the... Agent: Nagase & Co. Ltd

20140227420 - Bread composition with improved bread volume: The present invention relates to a bread composition having improved bread volume comprising by dry weight from 78 to 98% flour and from 2.0 to 22% plant sterol ester and/or plant stanol ester composition in powder form, wherein the plant sterol ester and/or plant stanol ester composition in powder form... Agent: Raisio Nutrition Ltd

20140227421 - Glucosyl stevia composition: Glucosyl stevia compositions are prepared from steviol glycosides of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni. The glucosylation was performed by cyclodextrin glucanotransferase using the starch as source of glucose residues. The short-chain glucosyl stevia compositions were purified to >95% content of total steviol glycosides. The compositions can be used as sweetness enhancers, flavor... Agent: Purecircle Usa Inc.

20140227422 - Sterilized liquid protein supplement: Disclosed are sterilized liquid protein supplements including extensively hydrolyzed casein for use with human milk and other infant feeding formulas. The sterilized liquid protein supplements have a low pH, thereby inhibiting protein denaturation and reducing microbial growth.... Agent:

20140227423 - Method for manufacture and storage of fruit and/or berry product: The invention relates to the food-processing industry, particularly, to a method for manufacture and storage of honey-containing fruit and/or berry products. According to the invention, a fruit and/or berry juice and honey are mixed in the following proportions (weight percent): fruit and/or berry juice 75-93; honey 25-7, and the obtained... Agent:

20140227424 - Method of producing animal feed and other products containing lignin derivatives: Various embodiments of the disclosure are directed to a method of producing a lignocellulose-based product. A biomass having up to 65% by weight of moisture prior to steam treatment is treated with steam in a reactor. A sulfite is provided to the reactor. A lignocellulose-based product is produced.... Agent: Zilkha Biomass Fuels I LLC

20140227425 - Process for manufacturing an animal feed or foodstuff and a product manufactured by that process: The present invention relates to a process for manufacturing an animal feed or foodstuff comprising the steps of: (i) providing at least one first stream of material comprising a meat and/or fish emulsion, and at least one second stream of material comprising at least one gel-forming and/or gel-like substance, (ii)... Agent:

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