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Food or edible material: processes, compositions, and products

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10/02/2014 > 32 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20140295021 - Scented feeder block: Scented feeder blocks for attracting game include a body at least partially formed from an edible material having a depression formed in an exterior surface, and a scent cell in the depression. The scent cell can include a stabilizer, an edible component, and a scented component. The stabilizer, the depression,... Agent:

20140295023 - Myceliated grain and other myceliated agricultural materials to be used as animal food supplement: Animal feedstuff having beneficial properties is obtained by adding to a substrate one or more fungal species of the kind that excretes substances into said substrate during its growth which are beneficial to the health, growth or weight gain of an animal, or animals to which the feedstuff is intended... Agent:

20140295022 - Pralines-in-a-jar: My invention, Pralines-In-A-Jar, is a fully-cooked praline candy mixture that is preserved in a jar or plastic bag.... Agent: Martine Gabrielle Giammancheri

20140295024 - Flavor pre-blends for chewing gum, methods of making flavor pre-blends and chewing gum compositions thereof: Disclosed include flavor pre-blends for use in chewing gum to impart improved chew texture and flavor release. The flavor pre-blend includes hydrophilic and lipophilic ingredients.... Agent: Intercontinental Great Brands LLC

20140295025 - Filling composition comprising hydrolyzed whole grain: The present invention relates to a filling composition comprising a fat content above 20% by weight of the filling composition, a hydrolyzed whole grain composition; and an alpha-amylase or fragment thereof, which alpha-amylase or fragment thereof shows no hydrolytic activity towards dietary fibres when in the active state.... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20140295026 - Active plastic material in oil: A method is provided of prolonging the shelf life of probiotic lactic-acid producing bacteria formulated in oil, by using a specific moisture absorbing technology.... Agent:

20140295027 - Polypeptides having protease activity: The present invention relates to isolated polypeptides having protease activity and isolated polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides. The invention also relates to nucleic acid constructs, vectors, and host cells comprising the polynucleotides as well as methods of producing and using the polypeptides in e.g. animal feed and detergents.... Agent: Novozymes A/s

20140295028 - Scavenging oxygen: A container (22) includes an oxygen-sensitive beverage, for example a vitamin C-containing beverage. A closure (40) seals the mouth (28) of container (22). The closure includes an oxygen scavenging structure, for example a closure, which comprises a hydrogen generating means and a catalyst for catalysing a reaction between hydrogen and... Agent: Colormatrix Holdings, Inc.

20140295029 - Method for cup packaging coffee or tea beverages: The cup packaging coffee or tea beverage includes an instant components-mix, sugar, and a stir stick; it is convenient to make a gourmet drink quickly for just adding hot or cold water.... Agent:

20140295030 - Yogurt smoothie kit and methods for making the same: A yogurt smoothie kit for use in preparing yogurt smoothies, when combined with mixing liquid, is provided herein. The kit includes a container having an inner volume, an open top end, a closed bottom end, and a demarcation positioned between the top end and the bottom end, the inner volume... Agent: Dole Packaged Foods, LLC

20140295032 - Optical readable code support and capsule for preparing a beverage having such code support providing an enhanced readable optical signal: An optically readable code support (30) to be associated with or be part of a capsule indented for delivering a beverage in a beverage producing device by centrifugation of the capsule, the support comprising at least one sequence of binary symbols represented on the support so that each symbol is... Agent:

20140295031 - Packaging laminate for a packaging container, as well as a packaging container produced from the packaging laminate: A packaging laminate for a retortable packaging container which comprises a paper or paperboard layer and outer, liquid-tight, heat-resistant layers of plastic on both sides of the paper or paperboard layer. Between the paper or paperboard layer and the outer plastic layer, the packaging laminate has at least one additional... Agent: Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.a

20140295033 - Food based on popcorn and cheese, and respective production method: Food comprising at least one popcorn grain substantially entire and coated, completely or partially, with at least a first layer of a first melted cheese directly in contact with the popcorn grain, wherein: • a) the first melted cheese has an initial moisture content of less than 35%, or alternatively,... Agent: San Lucio S.r.l.

20140295034 - Edible composition: The present invention relates to an edible composition, a method for making the same and edible items comprising the composition. The edible items can be used to produce yet more intricate edible products.... Agent: Kraft Foods R & D, Inc.

20140295035 - Form-retaining pad for preparing a beverage suitable for consumption: The invention relates to a form-retaining pad, an assembly and a method for preparing a beverage suitable for consumption. For this purpose, the pad is provided with a covering, in which a water-soluble substance, such as milk powder/creamer and sugar, is included. The covering comprises a top sheet and a... Agent: Koninklijke Douwe Egberts B.v.

20140295036 - Packaging for energy foods or other substances: A consumer package is disclosed that can be opened with one hand. The packaging can have a finger or thumb loop attached to a panel that allows a user to use a finger of the same hand holding the package to open the package. The finger or thumb loop can... Agent:

20140295037 - Method, program and device for evaluating food preference of pets: A method, a program, and a device for evaluating food preference of pets that do not require humans to eat a pet food itself. The preference of pets can be evaluated by conducting sensory analysis on selected palatants contained in a pet food by humans. Accordingly, highly precise prediction of... Agent: Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

20140295038 - Method for extending the shelf life of liquid comestibles: The shelf life of a comestible liquid is prolonged by passing the liquid through an electrolytic cell. Electric current travels from one electrode to the other through the liquid. The electric current destroys bacteria present in the liquid. The current causes the osmotic balance of the bacteria cells to be... Agent: Bnr Technology Development, LLC

20140295039 - Method for manufacturing an ice cream-filled pizza: In a specific example, with given quantities, the procedure involves in the first place the preparation of a dough based on 1 kg of wheat flour, 400 ml of white wine, 200 ml of olive oil, 120 g of egg, 28 g of salt and 25 g of yeast, all... Agent: Panaderia Rial, S.l.

20140295040 - Cocoa-based exercise recovery beverages: The invention provides, in one aspect, a method of producing a ready-to-drink cocoa beverage containing high levels of beneficial cocoa flavanols or cocoa polyphenols and with a particular ratio of carbohydrates to protein. The beverages can advantageously be used in an exercise recovery regimen. Cocoa solids levels in the beverages... Agent: The Hershey Company

20140295041 - Composition: There is described a preservative composition for sterilizing beverages and/or sauces, said preservative composition comprising a preservative effective amount of one or more of: an antioxidant; an acidulant; an antimicrobial agent; a clarifying agent; and a firming agent.... Agent:

20140295042 - Method for rejuvenating aged food oils: A method of rejuvenating aged food oils or compositions containing PUFAs or such oils by addition of ascorbyl palmitate; such rejuventated food oils and compositions as well as the use of ascorbyl palmitate in such a rejuvenating process.... Agent:

20140295043 - Method and device for producing waffle sandwich blocks: A device and a method produce multi-layered wafer blocks filled with a spreadable mixture such as a cream. A wafer base sheet coated with a spreadable mixture is transported along a first conveyor surface to a stacking area. A wafer cover sheet is transported along a second conveyor surface to... Agent:

20140295044 - Method and apparatus for making and dispensing liquid or semi-liquid food products: A method for making and dispensing liquid or semi-liquid food products is implemented in a machine including a one containment tank for containing a liquid basic product, a processing circuit for that product, to obtain a liquid or semi-liquid food product, a dispenser for dispensing the food product, an actuator... Agent: Ali S.p.a. - Carpigiani Group

20140295045 - Pyridine derivatives with umami flavour: m

20140295046 - Emulsions comprising carotenoid for transparent and pasteurization-stable liquid formulations, especially beverages: The present invention to stable carotenoid emulsions, which—when used in a liquid formulation (especially a beverage, such as a soft drink)—allows to obtain transparent formulation (even after pasteurization).... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20140295047 - Method of stabilization of pet food palatant and fat systems: Adding an antioxidant including an extract of Labiatae species to a fat and palatant coating for pet food significantly reduced the loss of antioxidant and extended the shelf life of the pet food.... Agent: Kemin Industries, Inc.

20140295048 - Reconstituted rice containing fibers: A process for the manufacture of reconstituted rice is disclosed which comprising the steps of a) providing or preparing a mixture containing comminuted rice matrix material; b) hydrating the mixture to obtain a paste and kneading the paste obtained until the rice starch is at least semi-gelatinized; c) forming the... Agent:

20140295049 - Composition for making a tea beverage or herbal and vegetable broths: The present invention relates to an infusion product for making a beverage, more specifically to a plant-based composition for making a beverage, and to a herbal and/or vegetable composition or bouquet garni. The plants are fruits, herbs, medicinal plants, tea, vegetables and/or spices. The invention further relates to a method... Agent:

20140295050 - Stuffed, flavored and packaged olives: The invention relates to olive processing, and includes methods for producing olives, as well as the olives produced thereby. In one aspect, the invention provides compositions directed towards packaged olive preparations having novel and beneficial characteristics, for example, olive preparations that are free of packing liquids such as brine solutions.... Agent: Musco Family Olive Company

20140295051 - Phylum arthropoda based nutritional supplement: An arthropod based nutritional supplement may comprise one species within the arthropod phylum or two or more species within the arthropoda phylum combined together. These arthropods are powderized and its nutritional profile analyzed. Based on the nutritional profile of the powderized arthropods, additional powderized arthropoda or additional nutritional components may... Agent: Bugmuscle, LLC

20140295052 - Edible animal chews: The present invention provides a longer-lasting edible animal chew (1) having a longitudinal axis comprising: i) an outer wall (2) extending in the direction of said longitudinal axis; and ii) an internal support structure (4) that contacts the inner surface of said outer wall (2) at three or more points.... Agent: Mars, Incorporated

09/25/2014 > 46 patent applications in 40 patent subcategories.

20140287088 - Calcium citrate-malate as source of calcium to prevent bone diseases and increase bone strength in young animals and birds, especially young poultry, dogs, cats, swine, calves, and horses; and laying hens: This invention relates to addition of calcium citrate-malate in the feed of young animals and poultry. Growth in young animals and poultry is rapid. During the early stages of development, a highly soluble and bioavailable source of calcium is needed for healthy growth and bone development. In addition, this invention... Agent:

20140287089 - Nutritional tablet: To improve the solubility and the speed of dissolution of nutritional tablets comprising protein, fat and carbohydrates, dietary fibers are included in the nutritional tablets.... Agent:

20140287090 - Particulate flavor delivery system, a method of making it and use thereof: A particulate flavour delivery system comprising a starch carrier and a blend of a first flavouring agent and a plasticizer, said first flavouring agent being non-liquid at a temperature of 20° C. to 25° C., and said plasticizer being liquid at a temperature of 20° C. to 25° C., said... Agent: Cargill, Incorporated

20140287091 - System and method for forming and cooling chewing gum: Disclosed is a system for forming and cooling gum, the system including a forming system configured to size the gum to include a substantially uniform thickness, a cooling device that is disposed in-line with the forming system and configured to continuously receive the gum from the forming system at an... Agent: Intercontinental Great Brands LLC

20140287092 - Simulated fermentation process: A method of modeling a fermentation process comprises providing a first principles model of a fermentation process; determining the concentration of at least one substrate in a fermentation composition at a first time; and predicting the concentration of at least one component of the fermentation composition at a second time... Agent: Invensys Systems, Inc.

20140287093 - Method for manufacturing jam using fruits of acanthopanax sentcosus: A method for manufacturing jam using Acanthopanax senticosus fruits. Acanthopanax senticosus fruits are mashed, added with sugar, stored in a container, and fermented and ripened. The fermented and ripened Acanthopanax senticosus fruits are heated, added with mineral water, and compressed using a sieve to separate out the seeds and skins,... Agent:

20140287094 - Dough composition for sugarless bread sugarless bread and processes for making them: Provided are a dough composition for sugarless bread, sugarless bread and a processes for making them, which can reduce sugar content in baking bread without sugar added, thereby lowering the intake of sugar, which may cause diseases such as diabetes or obesity. The dough composition for sugarless bread includes (A)... Agent: Paris Croissant Co., Ltd.

20140287095 - Alpha-lactalbumin enriched whey protein compositions and methods of making and using them: Methods are described for treating a whey protein mixture to increase a relative concentration of α-lactalbumin protein in the mixture. The methods may include the step of adjusting a temperature of the whey protein mixture to about 10° C. or less, and adjusting the pH of the mixture to greater... Agent: Leprino Foods Company

20140287096 - Liquid chocolate concentrate for use in a beverage dispensing machine: The invention concerns a liquid chocolate concentrate presenting a cocoa solids concentration between 14 and 16% in weight and comprising a heat treated cocoa butter. The invention also concerns the process of preparation of the liquid chocolate concentrate and a process for preparing beverage by pumping and diluting the liquid... Agent:

20140287097 - Tomato derived composition containing enhanced levels of 5'inosine monophosphate: The invention relates to tomato derived compositions that are produced by treating tomato products, such as tomato paste, tomato juice, tomato serum and tomato pulp, with deaminase to convert 5′AMP contained therein into 5′IMP. The taste contribution of these tomato products in end-use applications is substantially improved by this enzyme... Agent: Conopco, Inc. D/b/a Unilever

20140287098 - Liquid enzyme formulation and a process for its preparation: The present invention relates to a liquid enzyme formulation, particularly to a liquid and stable formulation comprising a crosslinking enzyme and/or an enzyme modifying milk proteins. Particularly the present invention relates a liquid and stable transglutaminase formulation. In addition, the present invention relates to a method for preparing a liquid... Agent: Valio Ltd

20140287099 - Capsule with messaging system: A capsule is provided with a body defining an interior space having an opening. A filter is disposed in the interior space to define an ingredients chamber. Ingredients are disposed in the ingredients chamber and a cover is disposed over the opening to seal the interior space. A messaging system... Agent:

20140287100 - Controlling rf application in absence of feedback: An apparatus for applying electromagnetic energy to an object in a first energy application zone via at least one radiating element is disclosed. The apparatus may include at least one processor configured to cause the at least one radiating element to apply energy to the energy application zone at two... Agent: Goji Ltd.

20140287101 - Rotary molded shaped crunchy granola food products and methods of making same: Disclosed are nonlimiting embodiments comprising a novel process for forming and shaping crunchy granola food products. The process comprises using rotary molding processes to form and shape a granola mass into a variety of desired shapes. The granola mass is able to be rotary molded as a result of use... Agent: Kellogg Company

20140287102 - Method for manufacturing confectionery shells: A method of producing a multi-layered confectionery shell and a method of producing a plurality of confectionery shells are provided. The distance the stamp is pressed into the mould cavity in a second phase is shorter than the distance the stamp is pressed into the mould cavity in a first... Agent:

20140287103 - Interlocking uniformly vertically scalable thermoformed food packaging (suitable for chocolates): An easily assembled, two-component, scalable solution for packaging and presenting varying quantities of chocolates (or any uniformly sized food product). The use of food-grade thermoformed plastic creates a simple, safe, and compliant packaging solution for food items that may be purchased in variable quantities. The combination of transparent or translucent... Agent:

20140287105 - Beverage filter systems: A beverage filter cartridge comprising a cup portion; a lid portion coupled to the cup portion to define an interior; and a filter member provided within the interior; wherein the cup portion, the lid portion, and/or the filter member define three separate compartments with the interior.... Agent: Koninklijke Douwe Egberts B.v.

20140287104 - Capsules, apparatus and methods for preparing a beverage: A beverage preparation capsule containing a beverage preparation ingredient, having a body with side walls formed from one or more substantially air- and liquid-impermeable sheet materials defining a chamber containing a beverage preparation ingredient and further defining an outlet channel having an upstream end in fluid communication with the chamber... Agent: Mars, Inc.

20140287106 - Flow wrap packaging: The invention is directed to a sealed packaging (1, 100, 110) for food products (P), such as confectionery products like candy bars or ice cream bars, preferably having a substantially cuboid form and comprising a flow wrap (2), wherein the flow wrap (2) is closed by end seals (3, 4)... Agent:

20140287107 - Process for filling a can: A can filling process, the process comprising providing a metal can body (1) having first and second ends, the second end being closed by a peelable lid (2), and supporting the can body (1) from beneath the peelable lid including presenting to the peelable lid a support surface having a... Agent:

20140287108 - Systems and methods for processing eggs and other objects: A method for marking an egg shell wherein a laser beam is directed onto the egg shell so as to discolor an outer layer of the egg shell without etching substantially into layers of the egg shell underneath the outer layer. The laser delivers a spot with a power density... Agent:

20140287109 - Novel infrared dry blanching, infrared blanching and infrared drying technologies for food processing: This invention relates to food processing and, in particular, blanching and dehydration of foods. Conventional blanching and dehydration requires use of steam and forced hot air. This invention is the first to effectively use infrared radiation energy to perform simultaneous blanching and dehydration of fruits and vegetables. Since this technology... Agent: The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Department Of Agriculture

20140287110 - Hybrid technique for the conversion/removal of contaminants in alcohol-water or like medium: Apparatus and process for removing and/or converting contaminants in water-miscible organic solvent mixtures by surface interaction effects to forms less objectionable with lesser metabolic impacts for humans. The process both changes distillation entrapped contaminant compounds in-situ and effects removal of the compounds and their reaction products. In what follows, water-miscible-organic-solvent... Agent: Persedo LLC

20140287111 - Use of ultrasonic energy in the production of nutritional powders: Disclosed are ultrasonically-produced nutritional powders and methods of manufacturing the nutritional powders, including ultrasonically-produced infant nutritional powders and ultrasonically-produced adult nutritional powders.... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20140287112 - Device and method for producing foods: The invention relates to a device for treating raw materials, comprising at least two spaced-apart electrodes, which electrodes are in contact with a controlled electrical energy source, wherein the electrodes are each formed by at least two electrically separated electrode segments of which each segment is electrically connected to the... Agent: Deutsches Institut Fuer Lebensmitteltechnik E.v.

20140287113 - Shutter device and method for producing encrusted foods: A production method for an encrusted food in that filling is encrusted with dough is comprised of: disposing a plurality of shutter pieces on a flange having an opening, each of which has a pressure face facing the opening; transporting the dough onto the flange; by a linkage, driving the... Agent: Rheon Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd.,

20140287114 - Crystallization resistant frozen food products: The present invention relates to method for reformulating a frozen, food product to minimize growth of ice crystals.... Agent:

20140287115 - Stick-mounted edible item-making assembly: An assembly and method for preparing edible items on a stick, from material that may not be particularly pourable, using a mold, a mold compression piece and a stick.... Agent:

20140287116 - Single-serve container brewer and coffeemaker: A single-serve container brewer and coffeemaker is disclosed. The brewer includes a monolithic cylindrical body with internal tapers designed for use with any products available in the single-serve K-CUP®-style prepackaged containers. It will also accommodate reusable, refillable container formats such as CAFÉ CUPS™ and the new fluted K-CUP® design using... Agent:

20140287117 - Beverage cartridge: A cartridge containing one or more beverage ingredients and comprising an inlet for the introduction of an aqueous medium and an outlet for the beverage produced from the one or more beverage ingredients, the cartridge incorporating within a beverage flow path between the inlet and the outlet an eductor for... Agent:

20140287118 - Method for producing and device for producing cheese starting material milk: A device for producing a cheese starting material milk is disclosed. The device includes a first centrifugal separator that separates milk into a cream fraction and a skim milk fraction, a microfilter that separates the skim milk fraction info a permeate and a retentate, a second centrifugal separator that separates... Agent: Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.a.

20140287119 - System, device, and method for baking a food product: Devices, systems, and methods are provided for baking a food product in a portable baking oven. The baking oven includes a main body, lower and upper stones, a heat shield suspending the upper stone above the lower stone, and a heat element emanating heat upward to a rotating flat panel... Agent: Gri Capital, LLC

20140287120 - Organic compounds: v

20140287121 - Botanical extracts and flavor systems and methods of making and using the same: Methods for preparing a botanical extract and a flavor system comprising a botanical extract produced by the process for use in beverages are provided. Also provided is a flavor system comprising a botanical extract comprising at least one of thymol, eugenol, carvacrol, cinnamic aldehyde, and eucalyptol. Further provided is a... Agent: Sensient Flavors LLC

20140287122 - Use of rubusoside for reducing or suppressing certain unpleasant taste impressions: The invention relates to the use of rubusoside and certain mixtures containing rubusoside, preferably the use of certain rubusoside-containing mixtures, in particular Rubus suavissimus extracts, for masking, reducing or suppressing a bitter, sour and/or astringent taste impression. The invention further relates to orally consumable preparations, comprising at least one bitter,... Agent: Symrise Ag

20140287123 - Sugar confectionary product on the basis of a gelatin gel and method for its production: The present invention relates to a sugar confectionary product on the basis of a gelatin gel, comprising approximately 1% to approximately 15% by weight of gelatin, and approximately 20% to approximately 85% by weight of at least one sugar and/or sugar substitute. In order to increase the melting point of... Agent: Gelita Ag

20140287124 - Method for producing feed or food: Provided is a method of producing a feed or food product in which an inner layer is encrusted with a gelled outer layer composition, the method including the steps of: preparing an outer layer composition feedstock by adding a secondary feedstock to a protein feedstock and/or a starch feedstock that... Agent:

20140287125 - Multi-flavored beverage: A flavor additive including a base selected from proteins, gelatin, pectin, alginate, gums, starches, modified starches, oils, food grade petrochemicals etc. is disclosed. A flavor component is stably distributed in the base. Beverages incorporating the flavor additive are also discloses.... Agent:

20140287126 - Food products containing powdered yogurt, whole grains and fruit: A food product containing yogurt powder, a stabilizer system, whole grains and fruit is provided. The food product contains a dry mix of ingredients including yogurt powder, flavors, salt, sugar and whole oat granola. When cold milk is added to the dry mix, the dry mix hydrates within 3 minutes... Agent: The Quaker Oats Company

20140287127 - Processes for forming soluble coffee products: A process of forming a freeze-dried soluble coffee product, comprising the steps of: i) forming a concentrated coffee extract; ii) foaming and optionally pre-freezing the concentrated coffee extract to form a foamed and preferably pre-frozen coffee intermediate; iii) subsequently incorporating finely ground roasted ground coffee into the foamed and preferably... Agent:

20140287128 - Emulsified liquid seasoning: Provided is a low-calorie, low-cholesterol emulsified liquid seasoning in which syneresis, separation, and setting are suppressed. The emulsified liquid seasoning includes a crosslinked starch, an octenyl succinate-treated starch, and a polysaccharide thickener. The emulsified liquid seasoning may contain, in terms of the total amount of emulsified liquid seasoning, 0.3 to... Agent: The Nisshin Oillio Group, Ltd.

20140287129 - Fluid processing apparatus and method: A brewing vessel (250) is provided for processing a brewing composition made up of a number of ingredients. The vessel (250) has a base (252) and contains at least one fluid processor (10) which, in use, lies below the surface level of the composition within the vessel (250). The at... Agent:

20140287130 - Heat-moisture treated flours for improved retort efficiency: The application relates to a process comprising retorting a food product comprising heat-moisture treated flour for a time from about 15 minutes to about 80 minutes to achieve a F0 value of at least 10.... Agent: Corn Products Development, Inc.

20140287131 - Thermally inhibited flours for improved retort efficiency: The application relates to a process comprising retorting a food product comprising thermally inhibited flour for a time from about 15 minutes to about 80 minutes to achieve a F0 value of at least 10.... Agent: Corn Products Development, Inc.

20140287132 - Nutritious snack mix with improved shelf life: Nutritious snack or trail mix compositions, each having a stable moisture content and improved shelf life, and representing a variety of ingredient mixtures and flavors derived from pre-determined blend of meat jerky, raw nuts/sprouted nuts/seeds, and dried fruits is disclosed. Methods of preparing and packaging such nutritious snack or trail... Agent: I Make Snacks, LLC

20140287133 - Method of obtained a steak from subscapularis and product obtained by such method: This disclosure relates to a system and method for preparing and offering to the marketplace a muscle cut from a carcass for use as a steak. In particular, the Subscapularis muscle may be utilized according to the instant invention as a high-end cut of meat. In an embodiment, a Subscapularis... Agent: The Board Of Regents For Oklahoma State University

09/18/2014 > 118 patent applications in 73 patent subcategories.

20140271980 - Adulteration testing of human milk: The present invention provides a method for screening human milk for an adulterant, e.g., non-human milk and infant formula, as well as methods of making human milk compositions free of an adulterant, e.g., human milk fortifiers and standardized human milk formulations.... Agent: Prolacta Bioscience

20140271979 - Anti-regurgitation nutritional composition: The present disclosure relates to anti-regurgitation nutritional compositions for pediatric subjects and to corresponding methods of administering the anti-regurgitation compositions in order to promote healthy growth and development and to reduce the occurrence of gastroesophageal reflux (GER). The anti-regurgitation nutritional compositions comprise at least one hydrolyzed protein, at least one... Agent:

20140271982 - Gummy compositions for nutritional supplementation: Gummy dosage forms comprising gummy compositions for nutritional supplementation, methods for providing nutritional supplementation, and kits comprising gummy compositions for nutritional supplementation are disclosed. Such gummy compositions for nutritional supplementation may provide improved patient compliance relative to non-gummy compositions for nutritional supplementation. These gummy compositions can be used to administer... Agent:

20140271983 - Gummy compositions for nutritional supplementation: Gummy dosage forms comprising gummy compositions for nutritional supplementation, methods for providing nutritional supplementation, and kits comprising gummy compositions for nutritional supplementation are disclosed. Such gummy compositions for nutritional supplementation may provide improved patient compliance relative to non-gummy compositions for nutritional supplementation. These gummy compositions can be used to administer... Agent:

20140271978 - Low-buffer nutritional compositions and uses thereof: The present disclosure is directed to methods for supporting resistance to bacterial growth in the gastrointestinal tract of a subject, particularly in that of a human infant. In certain embodiments, the method comprises administering to a subject a nutritional composition that has a low buffer strength, wherein administration of said... Agent: Mead Johnson Nutrition Company

20140271981 - Prebiotic compositions and method of its use: A composition suitable for rehydration or as a prebiotic supplement is disclosed. The composition may contain Agave fructan and ginger root extract, among other ingredients. The composition is beneficial to the probiotic bacteria of an individual, and may also help improve the health of the individual.... Agent: Making People Better, LLC

20140271984 - Use of whey protein micelles for enhancing energy expenditure and satiety: The present invention relates to whey protein micelles for use in the treatment and/or prevention of overweight and/or obesity in a subject. The invention relates also to a non-therapeutic use of whey protein micelles to increase satiety and/or postprandial energy expenditure in a subject. A further aspect of the invention... Agent:

20140271985 - Chewing gum snacks; and methods of making thereof: Disclosed herein are chewing gum snack products having multi-sensorial attributes of flavor, texture, and visual appeal which provides a snack-like quality at the initial stage of chewing that then transitions to chewing gum-like qualities at later stages of chewing.... Agent:

20140271986 - Method and device for separating sheet-shaped objects into strip-shaped or slab-shaped object sub-units: The invention relates to a method and a device for separating sheet-shaped objects (P), for example preliminary chewing-gum products or intermediate chewing-gum products in the form of chewing-gum sheets, into strip-shaped or slab-shaped object sub-units (S), for example preliminary chewing-gum products or intermediate chewing-gum products in the form of elongated... Agent: Loesch Verpackungstechnik Gmbh

20140271987 - Genetic cluster of strains of streptococcus thermophilus having unique rheological properties for dairy fermentation: The invention relates to a genetic cluster of strains of S. thermophilus, wherein the milk fermented with said strains is highly viscous and weakly ropy. The invention also relates to a genetic cluster of strains of S. thermophilus, wherein the genome of said strains comprises a CRISPR locus having the... Agent: Dupont Nutrition Bioscienses Aps

20140271988 - Enhanced extracts of food and beverage components: Generally described are extracts and beverages with enhanced nutrients, flavors and textures and methods of making the same. Some embodiments relate to extracts and beverages produced through filtration techniques.... Agent: Starbucks Corporation D/b/a Starbucks Coffee Company

20140271989 - Enhancement of cocoa quality and flavor by using pichia kluyveri yeast starter culture for cocoa fermentation: Described are Pichia kluyveri yeast strains with advantageous properties useful in cacao fermentation processes, and related methods and products, including fermented cocoa beans having a ratio of isobutyl acetate/isobutanol higher than 1 and/or a ratio of isoamyl acetate/isoamyl alcohol higher than 0.005, and cocoa-based products prepared therefrom, as well as... Agent: Chr. Hansen A/s

20140271990 - Compositions and method of preserving muscle tissue: The invention provides for compositions and methods for the preservation of meat tissues, including fish, beef, poultry and pork us phospholipase A2 (PLA2) enzymes.... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140271991 - Process for preparing a broth composition: Disclosed here is a process for preparing a concentrated liquid composition (such as a broth) by heating and by treatment with one or more enzymes. The resultant composition may have high content of solids but are pumpable or pourable and have relatively long shelf life at room temperature.... Agent: International Dehydrated Foods, Inc.

20140271992 - Heat-treated flour: An improved method for heat treating flour. The resulting flour has increased moisture absorption and increased strength. Dough made from the heat-treated flour has improved performance, and baked goods made from the heat-treated flour have improved properties relative to dough and baked goods made from untreated flour.... Agent: Rich Products Corporation

20140271993 - Low carbohydrate, high protein, fiber enriched gelato formulation and method of manufacture: The present matter provides a gelato formulation that is low in carbohydrate, high in protein, and fiber enriched having similar taste, body and texture of traditional gelatos, and a method of making the same.... Agent:

20140271994 - Meat slurry culture: A meat slurry composition with extended shelf-life and incorporated into pet food. The extended shelf-life of the meat slurry occurs due to the making of a cultured meat slurry. The cultured meat slurry includes a meat slurry, a culture energy source and a starter culture. The cultured meat slurry may... Agent:

20140271996 - Beverages containing rare sugars: Beverages comprising rare sugars and sweetness enhancers are provided herein, wherein the sweetness enhancers are present at or below the sweetness recognition threshold concentration. Also provided are methods for improving the sweetness of a beverage comprising rare sugars by adding a sweetness enhancer in a concentration at or below its... Agent:

20140271995 - Drinking water composition and method of production: A composition for drinking water and a method for preparing the same are presented. The composition includes a volume of water and a predetermined amount of each of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and silica. The method includes obtaining the volume of water, testing the volume of water to determine the amount... Agent: Beverly Hills Drink Company, Inc.

20140271997 - Method of exchanging gas in a process of making oxygenated water: A method of exchanging gas in a process of making oxygenated water is performed in a water tank. The water tank has a water inlet, a water outlet, a gas inlet, and a gas outlet. Water is received in the water tank. The water outlet and the gas inlet are... Agent: Biyoung Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

20140271998 - Fortified egg white products: Egg products are produced which contain healthy components of egg yolks and egg whites, such as choline, lutein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, but do not contain the unhealthy components of egg yolks such as cholesterol and triglycerides. The healthy yolk components or nutrients are added to egg whites... Agent:

20140271999 - Functional food and beverage compositions with improved taste through the use of sensates: The present application is directed to sensory technologies for beverages and other products that significantly reduce or fully mask bitterness and/or off-flavor associated with the presence of functional ingredients, such as caffeine or L-phenylalanine. In particular, reduction or masking of the bitterness and/or off-flavor in the beverage or food composition... Agent: Altria Client Services Inc.

20140272000 - Liquids and foodstuffs containing beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (hmb) in the free acid form and methods of manufacturing or producing the same: Liquids, substantially clear liquids and foodstuffs are described that contain free acid HMB. The liquids, substantially clear liquids and foodstuffs are substantially free of crude fat and may contain soluble proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, flavorings and other components. The products are shelf-stable and are substantially free of separation,... Agent: Metabolic Technologies, Inc.

20140272001 - Non-medical food additive for animals, supplemented food containing same and method for improving animal growth: q

20140272002 - Low moisture feed block with cold flow resistance: A method of forming a low moisture block with cold flow resistance proceeds by subjecting a feed mixture containing molasses-like liquids to mixing to form a homogenous mixture; dehydrating the molasses-like mixture to less than about 2.0% moisture using heating; adding to the dehydrated molasses-like liquid mixture one or more... Agent: Ridley Block Operations Inc.

20140272003 - Thickener composition, thickened nutritive products, methods for preparing thickened nutritive products, and methods for providing nutrition: Disclosed are thickener compositions composed of xanthan gum and a chelating agent, such as ascorbic acid. The chelating agent is present in an amount with respect to said xanthan such that, when said thickener composition is used to thicken a food product, at least one mineral selected from the group... Agent: Kent Precision Foods Group, Inc.

20140272004 - Pocket bread for sandwiches: A pita bread can advantageously be shaped and configured to be used as a sandwich bun, and more specifically as a hamburger or hot dog bun. Pita dough is first shaped in a manner to efficiently accommodate a hamburger patty or elongate hot dog, with associated fixings, within a pocket... Agent:

20140272005 - Artisan food package and method of manufacture: Artisan food packages and methods of packaging are described. The artisan food package includes an artisan food product cut into individualized portions and packaged in a manner to maximize freshness and shelf life. It is further handled and shipped in a way to further protect the product's freshness and shelf... Agent: Savory Spoon, Inc.

20140272006 - Flavor system and method for making beverages: A method of making a flavored beverage includes combining water and a plurality of flavor compounds in an amount sufficient to impart the flavor of a wine, a whiskey or a beer. A kit for making a flavored beverage can include a plurality of flavor compounds, a quantity of yeast,... Agent: Altria Client Services Inc.

20140272008 - Methods for processing poultry thigh meat: Methods for preparing boneless thigh meat poultry products from poultry thighs comprise isolating a portion of thigh meat (a “premium thigh cut”) that cooks more evenly than the thigh generally and has an appealing texture. The methods provide boneless thigh products that have a low fat content, and are substantially... Agent:

20140272007 - Snack food having large surface inclusions: A snack food having large food flakes whereby the food flakes are substantially adhered to the food substrate by an adhesive. The food substrate may be any savory shelf-stable food known in the art such as a chips, pretzels, crispy bread products, popcorn, or nuts. A blend of the food... Agent: Frito-lay North America, Inc.

20140272009 - Chewy granola bar with carbonated candy: A chewy granola product and a method of cold form sheeting such chewy granola product from a combination of dry granola, binder, and a carbonated candy.... Agent: Pepsico, Inc.

20140272010 - Edible utensil and method of producing the same: A composition and method for producing edible utensils is disclosed, more specifically to replace frozen dessert utensils currently used for confections.... Agent:

20140272011 - Encapsulation compositions comprising of spices, herbs, fruit, and vegetable powders: A dense solid particulate encapsulation compositions comprising above 40% and up to 100% spices, herbs, fruit and vegetable powders in the encapsulating matrix are disclosed. The encapsulation of encapsulants including flavors, fragrances, medications, nutritional supplements, and vitamins, all in the range from 0.1% to 20% by weight of the encapsulation... Agent: Mccormick & Company, Incorporated

20140272012 - Silica based salt solution delivery system: Carrier materials and salt delivery compositions that can be useful in the delivery of a salt solution are disclosed, together with methods for the preparation and use thereof.... Agent:

20140272013 - Nano-cellulose coatings to prevent damage in foodstuffs: Disclosed herein are embodiments of a composition for use in forming films or coatings that prevent damage in foodstuffs, including plants, fruits, and vegetables. The disclosed compositions comprise a cellulose nanomaterial and can further comprise a nanoscale mineral compound and one or more additional components. Also disclosed are films or... Agent: State Of Oregon Acting By And Through The State Board Of Higher Education On Behalf Of Oregon Stat

20140272014 - Process for storage of raw vegetables: The present invention is a process for providing storage of raw fruit and vegetables. The process, essentially at room temperature, comprises whole or a comminuted raw vegetable; a preservative solution; a sealable, flexible plastic container; placing the comminuted raw vegetables and the preservative solution in the container, and sealing the... Agent:

20140272015 - Container assemblies, cookies, and related designs: Container assemblies are presented, some of which comprise a container having a wall that includes a window; a top coupled to the wall, the top comprising a removable lid; and a bottom coupled to the wall. In certain embodiments, the assembly may include two sockets coupled to the wall; and... Agent:

20140272016 - Single serve beverage additive cartridge: Beverage additive cartridges, beverage brewing systems and methods of brewing a beverage whereby a beverage additive cartridge containing an ingredient is used in combination with a beverage brewing cartridge to add the ingredient of the additive cartridge to the brewed fluid flow of the brewing cartridge. The resultant brew is... Agent: Ptc-innovations, LLC

20140272017 - Consumer oriented system for delivery of product including single-serving package for preservative-free frozen fruit pieces: A consumer-oriented method of processing and packaging single serving packages is provided that improves convenience and safety, reduces pathogens and spoilage, and promotes improved dietary intake, while extending frozen shelf life, wherein fruit is processed to create ready-to-eat single serving packages of preservative-free frozen fruit pieces that may be readily... Agent:

20140272019 - Disposable beverage pod and apparatus for making a beverage: A disposable beverage pod includes a first compartment containing a beverage concentrate in dry or semi-dry form and a second compartment containing ethanol. An apparatus for making a single serving beverage is operable to receive the disposable beverage pod and mix the contents thereof with water from a water reservoir... Agent: Altria Client Services Inc.

20140272020 - Flavor shot container system: A system for delivering a liquid dose of food seasoning in one quick motion, including a container with a circular bottom surface, circular walls leading up to a circular top opening, a set of de-stacking lugs on the interior of the bottom surface, a top flat rim, and a lid.... Agent: Mccormick & Company, Incorporated

20140272018 - Stretchable beverage cartridges and methods: Present embodiments generally relate to a single-serve beverage cartridge for use with a single-serve coffee brewer. In some embodiments, the cartridge has a body portion, a first filter element, and a second filter element. The cartridge can include a single serving of coffee or another beverage component or precursor. The... Agent:

20140272021 - Ethyl alcohol emitting package for baked goods: The invention relates to a food package comprising a container having moisture barrier properties and containing a product subject to mold growth and further containing stabilized ethyl alcohol emitting composite material.... Agent: Multisorb Technologies, Inc.

20140272022 - Device to mold and cook a food product, method to obtain said food product and food product thus obtained: A device to mold and cook a food product (50) comprises at least a mold (12) and at least a molding member (16). The mold has a cavity (14) in which to place on each occasion at least the uncooked dough. The cavity (14) is delimited externally by an external... Agent:

20140272025 - Beverage brewing apparatus with user-variable, flow-controlled heating and by-pass dispensing of a liquid: A beverage brewing device includes a pump that delivers water at a controlled rate to a heater via a conduit, and subsequently to a dispensing outlet for brewing a beverage. The heater heats the water to a target temperature designated by a user via a control interface. A thermal sensor... Agent: Boyd Coffee Company

20140272023 - Delayed fill of beverage machine heater tank: A beverage forming method and system in which a heater tank can be filled with liquid to an expansion level after a beverage is formed. The liquid in the heater tank may be heated, causing expansion of the liquid in the tank. Thereafter, a volume of liquid may be delivered... Agent: Keuring, Incorporated

20140272024 - Dough-mixing control method and device capable of determining dough gluten development: A dough-mixing control device capable of determining dough gluten development is mounted on a dough mixer and has a controller, a power sensor, a temperature sensor, an output module and an operation module. The controller is electrically connected to the power sensor, temperature sensor, output module and operation module. Each... Agent: Sinmag Equipment Corporation

20140272027 - High fat human milk products: The disclosure features a human milk cream composition as well as methods of making a human milk cream composition and using a human milk cream composition. In particular, the disclosure features a method of using a human milk cream composition to raise the caloric content of human milk.... Agent: Prolacta Bioscience

20140272029 - Method for optimizing an automated buttering process: A method for producing butter employs a buttering machine having an inlet, a buttering cylinder with a beater operated with a drive power by a beater drive, and an outlet. Supplied cream is separated into butter grains and buttermilk in the buttering cylinder. The method involves measuring or predefining a... Agent: Gea Mechanical Equipment Gmbh

20140272026 - System and method for maintaining recipe ratios when measuring ingredients for culinary combinations: A system and method for assisting a user in assembling a culinary combination according to a recipe. The system comprises a scale and a computing device configured to communicate with the scale. The system displays information regarding ingredients of the recipe and displays a progress of assembling the culinary combination... Agent:

20140272028 - Systems and methods for ordering and manufacturing custom pet food: Methods and systems for customized pet food are described. Generally, the systems and methods comprises obtaining a pet profile information from a user, which includes at least one of a species, an activity level, a medical history, a breed, a gender, a breeding status, a feeding method, an age, a... Agent: Nestec Sa

20140272030 - Interior energy-activation of photo-reactive species inside a medium or body: A method and a system for producing a change in a medium. The method places in a vicinity of the medium an energy modulation agent. The method applies an initiation energy to the medium. The initiation energy interacts with the energy modulation agent to directly or indirectly produce the change... Agent: Immunolight, LLC.

20140272032 - Beadlets comprising carotenoids: The present invention relates to beadlets comprising at least one carotenoid and matrix material, which comprise wax(es) and/or fat(s) with a drop point of between 30 to 85° C., as well as to the production of such beadlets and to the use of such beadlets in compositions.... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20140272031 - Bleed resistant colored particles for confectionery products: A method of forming edible colored particles is provided that includes providing a plurality of edible non-hygroscopic particles, spraying the plurality of non-hygroscopic particles with an aqueous color system in a coating pan to obtain a plurality of coated particles, tumbling the plurality of coated particles concurrently during at least... Agent: The Hershey Company

20140272033 - Method to inhibit storage browning in cheese: Described is a method to inhibit browning in aged cheeses and the resulting aged cheese. The method includes the step of adding to a fresh cheese during its manufacture an amount of a reducing agent, wherein the amount of added reducing agent is effective to inhibit methylglyoxal-mediated browning of the... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140272034 - Method and apparatus for adhering large food flakes to a food substrate: A method and apparatus for adhering large food flakes to a food substrate whereby the food flakes are substantially adhered to the food substrate by an adhesive. The food substrate may be any savory shelf-stable food known in the art such as a chips, pretzels, crispy bread products, popcorn, or... Agent: Frito-lay North America, Inc.

20140272035 - Auto-cleaning marination filter for poultry injector system: An auto-cleaning marination filter for a poultry injector system including an outer housing having a liquid inlet and outlet, a screen that allows passage of liquids and impedes passage of solid particles, and a wiper surrounded by said screen for removing solid particles attached to the screen by reverse flow... Agent:

20140272036 - Method, apparatus and system for preparing sandwiches: According to the invention, in a method of preparing a sandwich by introducing a filling between two mutually facing portions of a piece of bread, the following operations are performed: placing a filling on a filling support dish; placing the dish with the filling on a tilting dish support fitted... Agent: Orequip

20140272037 - Facilitating preparation of eggs: An apparatus for cooking eggs that differentiates the exposure of cooking heat to the yolk and albumin of the uncooked egg by controlling both the geometry of the yolk and the albumin and their relative exposures to cooking heat, which includes a body for holding an egg white component of... Agent:

20140272038 - Food product including fully or partially cooked egg: A food product involving an integral combination of an egg layer and an edible, grain-based solid substrate can be provided by a method that involves providing a precursor product which then is heated to provide the food product. The precursor product can be provided by introducing an egg mixture to... Agent: Michael Foods, Inc.

20140272040 - Cheese shred product and method of making: A method of forming cheese shreds having a wide or modified crescent shape is provided. By one approach, the method includes preparing a block of cheese by chilling the cheese to a predetermined temperature and/or reducing the size of the cheese block into cheese portions or cubes. Next, the cheese... Agent:

20140272039 - Reactive ethylene absorber: This invention relates to an ethylene absorber containing at least one member selected from the group consisting of calcium hypochlorite, sodium hypochlorite, potassium hypochlorite, magnesium hypochlorite and acid and a hydroscopic material. In another embodiment, the invention relates to a method of preserving produce comprising placing the produce in a... Agent:

20140272041 - Methods of reducing pathogens during processing or post-processing of beef, poultry and other meat products: A method for reducing the incidence of E. coli and Salmonella in slaughtered beef or other meat during processing or post-processing by treating the meat with an effective antimicrobial solution comprising lactic acid and a water soluble anionic or zwitterionic surfactant at a pH of about 3.2 or less. Mixtures... Agent: Birko Corporation

20140272043 - Method for producing fresh milk having a longer shelf life: A method for producing fresh milk having a longer shelf life involves providing raw milk and performing an at least two-step centrifugal germ removal process of the raw milk before a standardization process of the raw milk is carried out. A method may also include performing a first step of... Agent: Gea Mechanical Equipment Gmbh

20140272042 - Systems and methods for packaging food products: Systems and methods for packaging food products, such as fruits, vegetables, and meats. Specifically, the described methods relate to systems and methods for packaging food products in a manner that increases the products' shelf life. Generally, the methods begin by providing a food product. In some cases, debris is removed... Agent:

20140272044 - Efficient food packaging: One disclosed aspect of the embodiments is a technique to package a dish having strips of dough, garnishes, pieces of meat, and broth. A main container has an inner wall and is configured to be sealed with a main lid. A secondary container has an outer wall and is configured... Agent:

20140272045 - Automated method and system for recovering protein powder meal, pure omega 3 oil and purified distilled water from animal tissue: The present invention describes a method and an automatic system for recovering protein powder meal, crude and pure omega-3 oil and purified distilled water from a mixture of animal tissue processed in a filter-drier-reaction tank. Animal tissue, for example fish, and organic solvent are directly or indirectly fed into the... Agent: Advance International, Inc.

20140272046 - Environmentally controlled storage facility for potatoes and other crops: Facilities for storing large quantities of potatoes, other tubers, vegetables, produce, and/or other crops are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a facility configured in accordance with the present technology circulates air from a pile of potatoes into one or more ceiling cavities above the potatoes to warm ceiling panels. Aspects... Agent:

20140272047 - Apparatus and method for brewing beverages: In a beverage brewing apparatus and method for brewing a beverage from a ground ingredient, a filter is configured for containing the ground ingredient. A distribution system is coupled in fluid communication with a source of liquid. A showerhead is disposed above the filter and is coupled in fluid communication... Agent:

20140272049 - Automated coffee vending kiosk and associated systems, processes and methods: Systems and methods for brewing coffee and producing other hot beverages are disclosed herein. An automated coffee vending kiosk configured in accordance with one embodiment of the disclosure includes a coffee brewing unit for brewing coffee and a cup dispensing portion. The cup dispensing portion can include a motor and... Agent: Outerwall Inc.

20140272048 - Reusable beverage cartridge: A reusable cartridge and method for forming a beverage using a beverage machine. The cartridge may include a bottom surface with inlet and outlet openings, e.g., arranged to receive an inlet or outlet needle, respectively, and an opening at a top end through which access to the interior space may... Agent: Keurig, Incorporated

20140272050 - Food cooking: A food cooker comprises a reservoir 5 for containing a heated cooking liquid 10 such as fat or oil. Foodstuff 60 is held between two spaced apart conveyor belts 15, 20 which move in opposite directions to draw the foodstuff through the cooking liquid. The conveyor belts 15, 20 are... Agent:

20140272051 - Device for discharging milk and method for heating milk: A device for discharging milk and/or milk froth, including a pump to convey milk from a container, a flow-heater, and an output for discharging milk, embodied cooperating with each other such that milk conveyed via the pump and heated via the flow-heater can be discharged from the output. At least... Agent: Franke Kaffeemaschinen Ag

20140272052 - Carbonation device: A carbonation device, comprising a container of a liquid, a body and a cartridge which contains a substance to be dispensed in the liquid, the body being adapted to be applied to an opening of the container and comprising a duct which is adapted to connect the liquid to the... Agent: Sparkling Drink Systems Innovation Center International Sas (sds-ic International)

20140272055 - Automated fruit and vegetable calyx or stem removal machine: A process for automated high-throughput fruit or vegetable calyx removal includes a material handling system, a vision system, and a cutting system. The material handling system is capable of transporting the fruit or vegetable through the automated process. The material handling system may also orient the fruits or vegetables along... Agent:

20140272054 - System and method for de-stemming produce and preparing produce for de-stemming: Systems and methods of at least partially de-stemming produce are provided. A de-stemming apparatus can include a plurality of roller pairs defining a longitudinal gap between individual rollers of the roller pairs. The roller pairs can to rotate to pass the produce through the longitudinal gap and apply a compression... Agent:

20140272053 - System and method of de-stemming produce and preparing produce for de-stemming: Systems and methods of at least partially de-stemming produce are provided. A de-stemming apparatus can include a first roller pair having a first roller and a second roller with a first radial distance between them, and a second roller pair including a third roller and a fourth roller with a... Agent:

20140272056 - Baking pan and product produced therein: A baking apparatus and method of baking buns and other products is disclosed. In one embodiment, the baking apparatus includes a base pan having a plurality of cavities and a top pan having a corresponding number of molds whereby dough placed between a cavity and a corresponding mold and baked... Agent: Nubuns, Inc.

20140272057 - New shredding roll for the production of high strength snacks: The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for producing thin, crisp shredded snacks having a substantially flat, chip-like appearance and texture. The snacks produced by the method of the present invention have characteristics of both shredded and sheeted snacks. The shredded snacks are produced by compression of a... Agent: Intercontinental Great Brands LLC

20140272060 - Chicken ring cooking device and method: A commercial cooking apparatus is provided for simultaneous steaming and two-sided grilling of food items having non-uniform thickness and/or variations in nominal thickness. The apparatus includes a compressible, heat-resistant ring member, and optionally a flexible, non-stick, heat-resistant film material associated with the ring member to form a cavity defined by... Agent: Restaurant Technology, Inc.

20140272058 - Fire braising process for meat: A fire searing process for meat comprises cooking meat in an oven and then at least crust-freezing the meat in a freezer. The oven has a temperature of at least 1500° F., and the meat is cooked in the oven for approximately 10 seconds to 3 minutes. The meat is... Agent: Hormel Foods Corporation

20140272059 - Food preparation appliance for steam cooking and food processing: In a food preparation appliance and method for preparing food, an outer bowl has a bottom and a peripheral sidewall. An inner bowl is disposed at least in part within the outer bowl in spaced relationship therewith such that a gap is defined between the inner and outer bowls. The... Agent:

20140272061 - Apparatus and method for creating a food product: The invention provides for an apparatus and method for producing food products without the use of an extruder. The apparatus generally comprises a conditioning element and a gear pump. The method generally comprises introducing a starch and/or protein material to the apparatus of the present invention. Advantageously, the apparatus uses... Agent: Mars, Incorporated

20140272062 - Machine and muddler for muddling ingredients of a beverage, and method of operation: Muddler machines and methods for muddling ingredients of a beverage in a container. The machine includes a muddler having at least one head. A drive assembly is attached to the upper end of the muddler for rotating reciprocatively and moving the muddler extensively away from the drive assembly to advance... Agent:

20140272063 - Vertical food cabinet: A food cabinet is provided that includes an enclosure with an access door, shelves carried by and vertically arranged within the enclosure, and a heat transfer arrangement. The heat transfer arrangement includes a pump, fluid conduits coupled with the pump and associated with the shelves of the enclosure, a primary... Agent: Thermodyne Foodservice Products, Inc.

20140272064 - Method for making a shaped snack chip: The invention is an improved process and system for producing a shaped snack chip. A shaping oven, which uses a chain edge conveyor having transverse slats with at least one spring affixed to the slats, is used to convert dough pieces into shaped pre-forms, which can optionally be further dehydrated... Agent: Frito-lay North America, Inc.

20140272066 - Glutamic acid derivatives: e

20140272065 - Organic compounds:

20140272067 - Organic compounds:

20140272068 - Beverages containing rare sugars: Beverages comprising rare sugars and sweetness enhancers are provided herein, wherein the sweetness enhancers are present at or below the sweetness recognition threshold concentration. Also provided are methods for improving the sweetness of a beverage comprising rare sugars by adding a sweetness enhancer in a concentration at or below its... Agent:

20140272069 - Edible film-shaped preparation with cola taste: The invention relates to edible film-shaped cola-flavored preparations which disintegrate quickly and without leaving a residue when coming in contact with moisture. In advantageous embodiments, edible, water-soluble, film-shaped preparations containing cola flavoring are provided that contain hydroxypropylated pea starch and hydroxypropylated tapioca starch as a film-forming polymer, or contains such... Agent: Lts Lohmann Therapie-systeme Ag

20140272070 - Animal food and method for producing same: An animal food has a soft, chewy texture and a low water activity, includes starches such as wheat flour, wheat gluten, glycerin, soy flour, and high fructose corn syrup; a source of protein such as wheat gluten; polyols such as propylene glycol; distilled mono-glycerides; and a source of fat such... Agent: Ainsworth Pet Nutrition

20140272071 - Surfactant-free, submicron hydrophobic dispersions and food enhancement therewith: Compositions for use in enhancing properties of food and methods of fabrication and use thereof are provided herein. For example, in one embodiment provided is an enhanced food comprising a food contacted with a substantially surfactant-free dispersion of particles of edible hydrophobic agent(s) in an aqueous fluid, wherein the average... Agent:

20140272072 - Stabilized foam: The present invention comprises a gel-stabilized foam for use in food products. Foam bubbles are stabilized by either a continuous gel coating or a particulate gel coating created under high shear conditions. The foam is viscous and shelf-stable, and can be combined with a viscous food product to lower its... Agent: Frito-lay Trading Company, Gmbh

20140272073 - Cheese anticake for enhanced melt: Particulate natural cheese products having a modified starch composition as an anticaking agent as well as methods of melting the shredded cheese product are provided. The modified starch anticaking agent provides intact starch granules including amylopectin and substantially no amylose for the particulate cheese. During heating, the natural cheese melt... Agent:

20140272074 - Crumble process cheese products and methods of production: Crumble process cheese products may be produced by cooling process cheese to freezing temperatures below about 32° F. and holding the process cheese at the freezing temperatures for a sufficient amount of time to cause a freeze-induced denaturation of the protein bonds in the process cheese, thereby providing a modified... Agent: Land O'lakes, Inc.

20140272075 - Enhanced viscosity mustard paste: An enhanced viscosity mustard paste and a method of manufacturing the same. The enhanced viscosity mustard paste can include a mustard seed and acidic liquid solvent, without a noticeable increase in mustard flavor. The enhanced viscosity mustard paste according to this invention may also be a substantially flavorless mustard paste... Agent: Wisconsin Spice, Inc.

20140272076 - Beverage forming station door for beverage machine: A method and apparatus for opening and closing a door of a beverage forming machine, e.g., for accessing a beverage forming station. The door may be opened by retracting the door into an interior space of the housing, e.g., by moving the door rearwardly. When at the closed position, at... Agent:

20140272077 - Enhanced extracts of food and beverage components: Generally described are extracts and beverages with enhanced nutrients, flavors and textures and methods of making the same. Some embodiments relate to extracts and beverages produced through filtration techniques.... Agent: Starbucks Corporation D/b/a Starbucks Coffee Company

20140272079 - Coffee comprising chinese herbs for lowering blood sugar of weak-bladder body type persons: Provided is a coffee composition that is suitably prepared for weak-stomach body type persons and may lower the body sugar, in which the coffee composition includes a powder or granule mixture of 14.00% by weight of coffee powder, 10.0% by weight of Job's tears powder, 2.0% by weight of mulberry... Agent:

20140272078 - Coffee preservation methods: A method for preserving green coffee beans by storing or packaging the beans in a nitrogen-filled low-oxygen-permeability container with at least one oxygen absorbent or scavenger. A method for preserving roasted coffee beans by storing or packaging the beans in a nitrogen-filled container that can withstand the pressure of the... Agent:

20140272080 - Spread: A spread or margarine which is intended to serve as a tasty, indulgent product and at the same time provide good health benefits to the consumer. The spread combines high levels both of monounsaturated fatty acids, which are thought to be a beneficial component of the Mediterranean diet, and linoleic... Agent: Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

20140272081 - Oils, shortenings, and compositions thereof: Oils shortenings, and compositions thereof are provided, each of which contain less than 0.5 wt. % trans fatty acids. The shortening composition includes is non-hydrogenated, non-interesterified vegetable oil, a non-hydrogenated, non-interesterified palm stearin, and mixtures thereof. Alternatively, the shortening composition includes a non-hydrogenated, interesterified vegetable oil. A food product containing... Agent: The J.m. Smucker Company

20140272082 - Oil or fat composition, chocolate and combined confectionery: Provided are: an oil or fat composition, which is capable of preventing the migration of oil or fat in a combined confectionery that comprises a combination of a chocolate with an oil or fat-based food material, has a good tolerance against cold blooming that is caused by the migration of... Agent: Fuji Oil Company Limited

20140272084 - Lettuce variety 45-125 rz: The present invention relates to a Lactuca sativa seed designated 45-125 RZ, which exhibits resistance to downy mildew (Bremia lactucae) races Bl:1-28 Ca-I to Ca-VIII, and strain USA927, resistance to currant-lettuce aphid (Nasonovia ribisnigri), moderately glossy leaves, and a medium head size. The present invention also relates to a Lactuca... Agent: Rijk Zwaan Zaadteelt En Zaadhandel B.v.

20140272086 - Lettuce variety 45-149 rz: The present invention relates to a Lactuca sativa seed designated 45-149 RZ, which exhibits resistance to downy mildew (Bremia lactucae) races Bl:1-28 Ca-I to Ca-VIII, and strains F837 and USA927, resistance to currant-lettuce aphid (Nasonovia ribisnigri), moderately glossy leaves, and a medium head size. The present invention also relates to... Agent: Rijk Zwaan Zaadteelt En Zaadhandel B.v.

20140272085 - Lettuce variety pascal rz (79-110 rz): The present invention relates to a Lactuca sativa seed designated 79-110 RZ, which exhibits resistance to downy mildew (Bremia lactucae) races B1:1 to B1:28 and Ca-I to Ca-VIII, resistance to currant-lettuce aphid (Nasonovia ribisnigri), as well as an extraordinary high number of substantially equally sized dark green leaves. The present... Agent: Rijk Zwaan Zaadteelt En Zaadhandel B.v.

20140272087 - Lettuce variety stefano rz (79-93 rz): The present invention relates to a Lactuca sativa seed designated 79-93 RZ, which exhibits resistance to downy mildew (Bremia lactucae) races Bl:1-28, Ca-I to Ca-VIII, and strain BE240, resistance to currant-lettuce aphid (Nasonovia ribisnigri), and intensely red deeply incised leaves having a shallowly dentate margin. The present invention also relates... Agent: Rijk Zwaan Zaadteelt En Zaadhandel B.v.

20140272083 - Red spinach plant: The present invention relates to a spinach plant (Spinacia oleracea) which may comprise a genetic determinant that leads to the plant having a red colouration of the leaves, which genetic determinant may be obtainable from a spinach plant comprising said genetic determinant, representative seed of which was deposited with the... Agent: Rijk Zwaan Zaadteelt En Zaadhandel B.v.

20140272088 - Resistance against leveillula taurica in pepper: The present invention relates to a pepper plant (Capsicum spec.) showing resistance against Leveillula taurica, wherein the pepper plant may comprise a QTL on LG1/8 which QTL leads to resistance against Leveillula taurica and wherein the said QTL is as present in or obtainable from a pepper plant, representative seed... Agent: Rijk Zwaan Zaadteelt En Zaadhandel B.v.

20140272089 - Method for production of frozen untapped young coconut water inside its carved tender coconut meat: A process for producing frozen untapped young coconut water inside its carved young tender meat. The packaged frozen young untapped coconut water inside its very own carved young tender coconut meat comprises two freezing steps wherein the prepackaged product is blast frozen before packaging and sealing in a packaging cup... Agent:

20140272090 - Animal snack products and processes: An animal snack product and processes for making animal snack products is provided. A process includes baking at least one sweet potato to reach a conversion temperature for a time sufficient to generally uniformly convert starch in the at least one sweet potato to sugar; forming a thickened mash from... Agent:

20140272091 - Meat paste noodle: The present invention discloses a meat paste noodle. The meat paste noodle comprises raw materials and auxiliary materials. The raw materials comprise fish, chicken, eggs, fat of swine, starch, soy protein and water. The auxiliary materials comprise salts, sugars, gourmet powders, meat flavor powders, meat flavor oil and ethyl maltol.... Agent: Shandong Huifa Food Corporation Co., Ltd.

20140272092 - Unique sausage shapes and devices and methods for processing sausages: This document provides devices and methods for processing elongate generally cylindrical food products. For example, this document provides devices and methods for longitudinally cutting sausages, and the sausage designs as cut thereby.... Agent:

20140272093 - Chemically acidified formula: The present invention concerns a directly acidified nutritional formula that prevents growth of pathogenic bacteria in the liquid formula even at room temperature for prolonged time. The invention further relates to a method for preparing the formula and to the use of L(+)-lactic acid for preparing nutritional formulas with a... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20140272095 - Glutamic acid derivatives: e

20140272094 - Textured vegetable protein as a meat substitute and method and composition for making same: A process for preparing pieces of textured vegetable protein (“TVP”) suitable as meat substitutes includes the steps of selecting TVP pieces, preparing a marinade solution, marinating the TVP pieces, and cooking the marinated TVP pieces by themselves or with meat. The cooked TVP pieces may then be dehydrated, frozen, or... Agent: Advanced Food Systems, Inc.

09/11/2014 > 112 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20140255542 - Composition and method for reducing blood glucose levels: The present invention relates to a composition and method for reducing blood glucose levels in a mammal, such as canines and humans. The composition includes bran, cinnamon, yeast, gelatin, and optionally, wheat germ oil, octacosanol, and/or flavor. The method includes administering the composition to the mammal and, if the composition... Agent:

20140255543 - Composition for use in the promotion of magnesium absorption and/or magnesium retention: The invention discloses a composition comprising a mixture of oligosaccharides, said mixture containing at least one N-acetylated oligosaccharide, at least one sialylated oligosaccharide and at least one neutral oligosaccharide, for use in the promotion magnesium absorption and/or magnesium retention. The composition preferably further comprises at least one long chain polyunsaturated... Agent:

20140255541 - Dietary supplement and methods of use thereof: The present disclosure provides a dietary supplement that includes plant ferritin; and methods of use of such a supplement.... Agent: Children's Hospital & Research Center At Oakland

20140255537 - Nutritional compositions containing an enriched lipid fraction and uses thereof: The present disclosure relates to a nutritional composition comprising a fat source that includes an enriched lipid fraction derived from milk. The enriched lipid fraction may contain saturated fatty acids, trans-fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids, CLAs, BCFAs, cholesterol, milk fat globule membrane proteins, gangliosides, and mixtures thereof. The enriched lipid... Agent:

20140255538 - Nutritional compositions containing structured fat globules and uses thereof: The present disclosure relates to a lipid source for nutritional compositions, comprising an enriched lipid fraction which comprises structured fat globules. The enriched lipid fraction provides fat globules having a desired size and fatty acid composition and may be stabilized by components such as phospholipids, cholesterol, milk-fat globule membrane protein... Agent: Mead Johnson Nutrition Company

20140255539 - Nutritional compositions containing structured fat globules and uses thereof: The present disclosure relates to a lipid source for nutritional compositions, comprising an enriched lipid fraction which comprises structured fat globules. The enriched lipid fraction provides fat globules having a desired size and fatty acid composition and may be stabilized by components such as phospholipids, cholesterol, milk-fat globule membrane protein... Agent: Mead Johnson Nutrition Company

20140255540 - Rice protein supplement and methods of use thereof: Some embodiments relate to nutritional supplements comprising rice protein isolate. Some embodiments of the nutritional supplement comprise less than about 90 mg of leucine per gram of rice protein isolate and less than about 50 mg of lysine per gram of rice protein isolate. Some embodiments pertain to methods of... Agent: Axiom Foods, Inc.

20140255544 - Use of whey protein micelles for improving insulin profile in diabetic patients: The present invention relates to whey protein micelles for use in the treatment and/or prevention of a disorder linked to an increase in plasma postprandial insulin and/or plasma postprandial glucagon concentration in a subject. The invention relates also to a non-therapeutic use of whey protein micelles to decrease plasma postprandial... Agent:

20140255545 - Method involving contact between grain raw material liquid and yeast, grain raw material liquid and sparkling beverage: A method including bringing a grain raw material liquid into contact with a yeast to effectively improve foam properties of a sparkling beverage, a grain raw material liquid, and a sparkling beverage are provided. The method includes bringing a first grain raw material liquid into contact with a yeast to... Agent: Sapporo Breweries Limited

20140255546 - Nutritionally enhanced pasta: The invention provides for the use of a texture modifying agent added to nutritionally enhanced pasta dough, such as pasta dough with high levels of protein, so that a pasta product can be produced with a quality similar to that of conventional pasta. The texture modifying agent, which preferably includes... Agent: Kraft Foods Group Brands LLC

20140255547 - Food bar made with homogenized grains retaining endosperm and germ: A food bar is formed by a homogenizing of cooked grains including intact endosperm and germ combined with a fermented dairy product and then mixed with other ingredients and then formed into a bar form. Direct processing of more complete grains provides cost savings, energy savings, and nutritional advantages, for... Agent: A&b Process Systems Corporation

20140255548 - Low-fat fermented milk excellent in savor and process for production thereof: The invention relates to a process for producing fermented milk in which a milk fat content is from 0.1% by weight to 2.0% by weight, said process comprising: reducing a dissolved oxygen concentration in a fermented milk mix to 5 ppm or less at the time of the start of... Agent: Meiji Co. Ltd.

20140255549 - Granulated feed phosphate composition including feed enzymes: A granulated phosphate composition that provides sufficient nutritional value as well as enhanced bioavailability of organic phosphorous present in a main feed ingredient. The granulated phosphate composition includes a phosphate source, such as monocalcium phosphate, mono-dicalcium phosphate, or dicalcium phosphate, and one or more feed enzymes such as phytase. When... Agent:

20140255550 - Protease variants: The invention relates to a novel 3D structure encoding a Nocardiopsis protease, as well as to variants of parent protease homologous to Nocardiopsis proteases, preferably of improved thermostability and/or with an amended temperature activity profile. The invention also relates to DNA sequences encoding such variants, their production in a recombinant... Agent: Novozymes A/s

20140255551 - Novel 1,3-diacylglcerol (1,3-dag) for hard fat applications: The invention provides 1,3-DAGs with melting point ranges of from about 32° C. to about 37° C. for use in a variety of hard fat applications and in particular for the preparation of a cocoa butter substitute for confectionery use. The invention contemplates novel 1,3-DAGs, cocoa butter substitute incorporating such... Agent: University Of Guelph

20140255554 - Chewy food compositions: The invention provides food compositions having a chewy texture and methods for making the chewy food compositions. In one aspect, the food composition includes a moisture content and an Aw sufficient to provide the food composition with a chewy texture. In one aspect, an outer shell having a chewy texture... Agent:

20140255552 - Coated stabilised microwave heated foods: e

20140255553 - Edible pet chew and method for making the same: An edible pet chew has a member of meat based material. As a first aspect of present invention, the edible pet chew has a chewy sheet of meat based material. As another aspect, the edible pet chew has a meat based material chewy sheet member and additionally an edible material... Agent: Shanghai Sunlight Electronic Weighting Apparatus Co., Ltd.

20140255555 - Solid food with surface coating layer and automatic process and equipment for making the solid food: An automatic process includes dissolving a sticky coating layer, pouring the sticky coating layer onto a main material, bonding a covering layer onto the sticky coating layer to form a semi-product of a solid food, cooling the semi-product to cool the sticky coating layer, and vibrating the semi-product to drop... Agent:

20140255557 - Methods of preparing a bakery foodstuff convenience food having organoleptic profile comparable to conventional oven baked goods and related bakery foodstuffs: The invention includes methods of preparing a consumable on demand, warm bakery foodstuff. The method includes preparing a coating fluid; forming a baked good from a bakery mixture by applying ambient heat, maintaining the baked good within the container for a determinate amount of time at a first temperature, exposing... Agent:

20140255556 - Shelf-stable snack and method for making same: A shelf-stable snack and method for making the same. First a dough is mixed and sheeted to form a sheeted dough. Thereafter, the sheeted dough is cut to form at least one dough piece. Sauce is sprayed upon the dough piece with a textural sprayer. The dough has a moisture... Agent: Frito-lay North America, Inc.

20140255558 - Frozen confectionery product with a peelable gel coating and method for manufacturing same: The present invention relates to a frozen confectionery product comprising a core consisting of a frozen confection, wherein the core is at least partially coated with a frozen flexible edible gel coating, said gel coating being provided with at least one cutting line allowing to peel-off the gel-coating, characterized in... Agent:

20140255559 - Confection piece shape: A confection is provided having a single arcuate ridge extending substantially the entire length of the piece. Due to this unique feature, either alone or in combination with one or more other topographical features, the confection provides an enhanced sensory attribute as compared to a confection having the same composition... Agent: Mars, Incorporated

20140255560 - Gas transmitting polyurethane adhesive: A two-part, solvent-free laminating adhesive including a Part A that is a liquid mixture of a first polyol and a hydroxyl functional acrylic polymer having a molecular weight of no greater than 15,000 g/mole, and a Part B that is an isocyanate-terminated polyurethane prepolyiner. The adhesive is especially suited for... Agent: H.b. Fuller Company

20140255561 - Peelable absorbent food package: The present invention provides a peelable microwavable food package capable of absorbing undesired liquids released from packaged food products during storage, display, or heating, including microwave cooking. The present invention provides a peelably sealed microwavable food package in any packaging format including pouches, flow-wrap, horizontal form fill seal (HFFS), vertical... Agent:

20140255564 - Capsule for preparing a beverage: The capsule comprises a cup-shaped body closed on the upper side by a lid. The main feature of the present invention consists in the fact that the capsule presents in its inside a plurality of infusion chambers each provided with a respective area for the inlet of a water flow... Agent: Macchiavelli S.r.l.

20140255562 - Extrusion-type frozen dessert storage container for preventing undesired and forced extrusion: An extrusion-type frozen dessert storage container for preventing undesired and forced extrusion of a frozen dessert contained therein, including a container body and a sealing membrane. The container body includes an upper container body, a connection portion and a lower container body which are connected with each other. The upper... Agent:

20140255563 - Method, system and capsule for preparing a beverage: The method comprises a first step during which with a capsule inserted into a percolation element and of the type presenting different chambers each of which containing a corresponding infuse, a water flow coming from a tank is caused to reach a predetermined temperature and a second step during which... Agent: Macchiavelli S.r.l.

20140255566 - Device and method for controlling, analyzing and managing phases of conversation and/or processing of food in a mobile or fixed closed space: Device and method for controlling, analyzing and managing phases of conservation and/or processing of food in a mobile or fixed closed space comprising a user interface with elements for data entry, a master control unit with memory and software, a management means system of the physical parameters of the food... Agent:

20140255565 - Methods of using solutions of hypobromous acid and hypobromite to treat poultry in a chill tank during processing to increase the weight of poultry: Methods for treating poultry to increase the weight of the poultry are disclosed. The methods may be performed in a chill tank or other reservoir and utilize hypobromous acid from either aqueous hydrogen bromide or aqueous sodium bromide and a source of hypochlorite. The methods comprise contacting a poultry carcass... Agent:

20140255567 - Multi-component food packaging for microwave oven: A multi-component package is provided which enables simultaneous heat cooking of a food product which does not require a long cooking time and a food product which requires a longer cooking time. The multi-component package includes a lower container comprising a bottomed, lower container main body for containing a first... Agent: Kraft Foods Group Brands LLC

20140255569 - Methods for popping kernels to achieve improved popping yield: The present invention relates to a method of popping kernels, comprising moving kernels within a heating chamber with airflow, and subjecting the kernels to focused microwave energy sufficient to cause the kernels to pop, resulting in popped flakes, wherein the method produces popped flakes with an average popping yield greater... Agent: Sterling L.c.

20140255568 - Methods for popping kernels with single-mode microwave device: The present invention relates to a method for popping kernels, comprising generating a standing microwave energy field in a single-mode resonant microwave applicator, wherein the standing microwave energy field comprises an array of one or more high intensity microwave region, providing a heating chamber encompassing the one or more hot... Agent: Sterling L.c.

20140255570 - Uv liquid steriliser: A fluid treatment apparatus for sterilizing drinks comprises an elongated tubular duct (110) and an elongated UV light source (111) extending longitudinally along the duct (110). The fluid flows longitudinally along the duct (110) in a thin annular low passage (114) which extends around the UV light source (111). A... Agent: Steriflow Limited

20140255571 - Method and apparatus for wasteless homogenized soybean beverage production: A method and apparatus for producing a soy beverage in a non-oxidizing process environment. Soybeans and water are mixed in a pulverizer to produce a slurry, which is then fed through a homogenizing mixer to produce a final beverage product with desired characteristics. The apparatus can be housed in a... Agent: Mera Technology International Inc.

20140255572 - Food preparation system and method: A food preparation system/method configured for operation with the tailgate of a pickup truck or recreational vehicle is disclosed. The system integrates a food-grade cutting board with lifting/installation handles that may incorporate drainage lips linked to peripheral drainage channels configured to collect liquids and other waste products associated with the... Agent:

20140255573 - Cartridge removal system: A device (1) for extracting an ingredient in a cartridge (9) by supplying an extraction liquid such as heated water into such cartridge, comprises: upstream and downstream cartridge enclosing parts (7, 8) relatively movable between an open position for inserting and/or removing such cartridge and a closed position for forming... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20140255574 - Batch carbonator and method of forming a carbonated beverage: A batch carbonation apparatus includes a housing defining a vessel cavity. The housing includes an agitation mechanism. The pressure vessel includes a cap that has a CO2 inlet and a CO2 outlet is provided. The pressure vessel also includes a seal. The pressure vessel is moveable into an out of... Agent: Cornelius Inc.

20140255575 - Method and apparatus for the separation of seeds from fruit pulp/slurry/pomace: The invention pertains to a method and apparatus for separation of seeds from fruit pulp/skin/twigs, in general, coming out from juice producing industry as a waste and in particular from apple pomace. The method involves addition of apple pomace and water in a particular ratio to a vessel (1), mixing... Agent:

20140255576 - Method of operating a commerical cooking device as well as commercial cooking device, in particular combi steamer: A method of operating a commercial cooking device with the following method steps: loading food products into a cooking chamber of the cooking device; starting an associated cooking program including starting to run a motor of a fan for circulating hot air and/or steam within the cooking chamber for the... Agent: Convotherm-elektroger&#xc4 Te

20140255577 - Method and apparatus for material handling for a food product in a high pressure pasteurization process: A method and apparatus for material handling of food products in a high pressure pasteurisation process including a pontoon pallet base (141), one or more elongated basket nests (161), and a pontoon pallet separator (180).... Agent:

20140255578 - Granules comprising an active substance: The present invention relates to granules comprising an active substance, obtained by spray-drying an emulsion comprising said active substance, solid particles, water and a water-soluble biopolymer having a molecular weight below 100 KDa. The invention further relates to a process for obtaining such granules and to products containing them.... Agent: Firmenich Sa

20140255580 - Low calorie natural sweetener: The present invention provides a composition containing stevia and a carrier containing both xylitol and erythritol which has the sweet flavor of stevia without a bitter after taste.... Agent:

20140255581 - Low calorie sugar substitute composition and methods for making the same: The present invention is a low calorie sugar substitute composition that provides similar properties, characteristics, and taste of sugar at equivalent volumes and/or weights but without the calorie content of sugar or effects on glycemic index and a process for making the same.... Agent: Sioux Naturals, LLC

20140255579 - Stevia rock crystal article: A rock crystal article comprising a mixture of stevia and erythritol disposed on the surface of a crystal nucleation agent. The crystal nucleation agent comprises a stirrer for convenient dispensing of the mixture into a liquid such as coffee or tea. The stirrer will have a handle region not containing... Agent:

20140255582 - Method for pretreating grain before milling: Cereal grain is pretreated before milling, by selectively removing a first fraction of husk components of the cereal, wherein the first fraction includes the outer husk components of the dampened cereal, and wherein 0.2 to 2% by weight of the cereal is removed, then dampening and conditioning the cereal, then... Agent: Buhler Ag

20140255583 - Protein suspension as a beverage opacifier system: The present invention is a composition which provides product opacity (“cloud”) to beverages without requiring the use of added oil. The beverage comprises a beverage matrix, a protein having a tertiary or quaternary structure (such as WPC 80) having an average particle size of from about 0.3 to about 10... Agent: Sunny Delight Beverages Company

20140255584 - Emulsifying salt-free cheese and method of making thereof having a blend of sheared and non-sheared fat: Emulsifying salt-free, process cheese and methods of preparing such emulsifying salt-free, process cheese are described herein obtained from blends of sheared and non-sheared amounts of fat in order to form a cheese product with a unique bimodal particle size distribution. The methods and cheese achieve fat-to-protein stabilities in a processed... Agent: Kraft Foods Group Brands LLC

20140255585 - Beverage: There is provided a non-fermented carbonated beverage comprising: an aqueous fruit or vegetable sugar-containing extract, a flavouring agent and a foam stabiliser, wherein, if the aqueous fruit or vegetable sugar-containing extract is produced from malted grain, the extract is not a lager wort. Also provided is a non-fermented concentrated beverage... Agent: Soft Brew Licensing Limited

20140255586 - Hop resin-based substance: A hop resin-based substance has the soft resin at least substantially removed such that the hard resin is present in an enriched state, the hard resin is enriched in terms of the water-insoluble constituents and xanthohumol has been, at least substantially, removed. The substance allows both very balanced bitterness to... Agent: Joh. Barth & Sohn Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140255587 - Novel hop powders: The present invention is an extracted hop powder which has one or more hop acids blended back. This hop acid powder is flowable, does not cake-up and is more stable than hop powder that has not been extracted.... Agent: S.s. Steiner, Inc.

20140255588 - Method for producing reduced-fat foods such as meat products and sausage products: The invention relates to a method for producing reduced-fat foods such as meat products and sausage products, in particular raw, cooked, or boiled sausages, on the basis of a sausage meat made from a ground amount of meat, optionally a water addition, and the addition of salt, spices, auxiliary substances,... Agent: Dil German Institute Of Food Technologies

20140255589 - Compositions of low sodium salt and methods of making and using: The present invention is directed to salt compositions and methods used to make them. Embodiments may include methods for preparing salt compositions that include aerosolizing a melted salt composition to form droplets, where the droplets form rounded particles. Embodiments may further include solid compositions, including rounded salt particles, where the... Agent: S&p Ingredient Development LLC

20140255590 - Food additive for protein-based products: The present invention provides a food additive composition that comprises a natural replacement for sodium phosphate. The natural replacement for sodium phosphate may be one or more natural sources of polysaccharides and/or starches (e.g., trehalose or plant-derived fibers). In one embodiment, the natural replacement for sodium phosphate is a combination... Agent: Van Hees, Inc.

20140255591 - Frozen dessert mixes using soy protein products: A soy protein product having a protein content of at least about 60 wt % (N×6.25) d.b., preferably at least about 90 wt %, and being completely soluble at pH values of less than about 4.4 and heat stable at such pH values is used to provide, at least in... Agent:

20140255592 - Amino acid and peptide products: The present invention relates to a product composition comprising free natural amino acids and short natural peptides of an aquatic animal origin.... Agent: Zymtech Production As

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