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Food or edible material: processes, compositions, and products

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04/16/2015 > 21 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20150104539 - Citrated folic acid compositions and methods for delivering folic acid to usp dissolution specifications: A composition made of folic acid and at least one citrate buffer, wherein the ratio of folic acid to citrate buffer is from 1:2 to 1:5. A nutritional supplement having a composition made of folic acid, and at least one citrate buffer, wherein the ratio of folic acid to citrate... Agent: Via Naturally, LLC

20150104540 - Systems and methods for producing fermented milk replacer and methods of feeding same to animals: Young animals such as calves may be fed milk replacers containing soy having been preserved through treatment with acid-producing bacteria that reduces a pH of the milk replacer through microbial digestion of sugars present in soy to thereby produce a fermented milk replacer. The milk replacer is edible for at... Agent: Purina Animal Nutrition LLC

20150104541 - Nutritionally enhanced isolate from stabilized rice bran and method of production: Provided is a nutritionally enhanced derivative (isolate) from Stabilized Rice Bran (SRB) with improved antioxidant, fat and protein levels enhancing both the nutritional and yield values over existing techniques. Also provided is an improved method that utilizes certain enzyme combinations under various time and temperature conditions for extracting these nutritionally... Agent:

20150104542 - Shelf-stable cooking aid and a process for its preparation: The invention concerns a shelf-stable concentrate cooking aid comprising a reduced amount of natural MSG, IMP and GMP between 10 and 20% in weight of natural food derived acids and sugars and between 20 and 45% of naturally derived macromolecules.... Agent:

20150104543 - Organic acid production by fungal cells: Improved systems for the biological production of organic acids are described.... Agent:

20150104544 - Method and system for recovering and preparing glacial water: Methods and systems for grouping, recovering, and processing ice obtained from an ice source, i.e., a glacier, ice sheet, ice cap, etc., are described herein. In particular, the ice obtained from the ice source is separated and grouped according to common unique properties and processed as a beverage for consumption... Agent:

20150104545 - Hybrid coacervate capsules: The invention relates to a process for preparing a hybrid coacervate capsule by mixing a first polymer with particles to form particle/polymer complexes; interacting a second polymer with the particle/polymer complexes to form a mixture comprising hybrid complex coacervates which contain particulate inclusions; and adding a core material to the... Agent: Firmenich Sa

20150104546 - Water-soluble coffee preparations: Soluble coffee preparations proposed are in the form of powders wherein the individual coffee particles have a complete or at least partial coating which dissolves in water in retarded fashion and which comprises not less than 50 wt % of the coffee powder.... Agent:

20150104547 - Containers: Improvements in containers are provided, and in particular improvements in containers for preparing and dispensing foamable beverage and food products. The package may contain at least a liquid primary ingredient and a secondary ingredient and comprises at least one wall defining a chamber at least partially filled with the primary... Agent:

20150104550 - Beverage brewing system: A beverage cartridge system is adapted to brew a beverage through a brewer having a holder adapted to receive the cartridge system. The holder may have a deep well with one or more needles therewithin to pierce through the bottom of the cartridge system when inserted into the well. The... Agent:

20150104548 - Milk steamer: In a milk steamer, a changeover valve and a vent valve are connected to the inlet and the outlet of a steam-generating thermoblock to provide ready draining of water, and to mitigate condensation of steam that draws milk into the steam nozzle. In an automatic milk steamer, the height of... Agent:

20150104549 - Process for deep thermal treatment of corn, for high-yield production of whole nixtamal (boiled corn) and reactor for obtaining the necessary conditions for the process: The present invention refers to a new, different cooking process of products to be nixtamalized, for instance, corn, as well as a specially designed reactor to be used in the deep thermal treatment. Essentially, the process comprises the loading of a mixture of product to be nixtamalized and water into... Agent:

20150104551 - Baked coatings and methods for applying to food products: Systems and methods for producing a baked product that have the appearance, texture and/or flavor of fried foods are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method for producing a baked product that imparts fried food properties includes at least partially coating a food product with an oil product, combining a breading... Agent: Cargill, Incorporated

20150104552 - Capsule clusters for oral consumption: A method of manufacturing an oral product includes creating a matrix from a plurality of capsules, a powdered component, a viscous component and a binder and molding the matrix into a shape. In a preferred embodiment, the capsules provide functional and flavorful ingredients. In an embodiment, the matrix is enclosed... Agent:

20150104553 - Chocolate, method for producing chocolate-covered food product coated by the same, and method for preventing increase in viscosity of chocolate for coating: Features of the present disclosure provide a chocolate with good heat-resistance, bloom resistance and melt-in-the-mouth property, disclose a production method by which a chocolate-covered food product coated with the chocolate is produced, and disclose a method for preventing an increase in the viscosity of chocolate mix. Disclosed is a method... Agent: The Nisshin Oillio Group, Ltd.

20150104554 - Extraction and sequestration of carbon dioxide: The present disclosure provides a method and apparatus for extracting carbon dioxide (CO2) from a fluid stream and for delivering that extracted CO2 to controlled environments for utilization by a secondary process. Various extraction and delivery methods are disclosed specific to certain secondary uses, included the attraction of CO2 sensitive... Agent: Kilimanjaro Energy, Inc.

20150104555 - Splatter shield for cooking: A splatter shield is provided for controlling grease splatter from food being cooked within a cooking vessel. The splatter shield includes a generally annular sidewall that slopes upwardly and radially inwardly from a lower rim to an upper rim. The upper rim of the splatter shield defines an upper opening... Agent: Jaz Innovations, LLC

20150104556 - Functional cream base powder composition and products made thereof: The present invention relates to a spray dried cream base powder which can be used as an alternative to dairy creams and other liquid cooking creams. The powdered cooking cream composition comprise of 20-60% by weight fat, 1-5% by weight one or more proteins, 0.5-5% by weight one or more... Agent: International Foodstuffs Company LLC

20150104557 - Method for the cultivation of microorganisms of the genus thraustochytriales by using an optimized low salt medium: The invention relates to an optimized method for cultivating microorganisms of the genus Thraustochytriales, according to which the microorganisms are cultivated in a low salt medium without adding sodium salts and chloride salts, the total salt content being less than 3.5 g/L (corresponding to less than 10 percent of sea... Agent:

20150104558 - Reduction of acrylamide formation: The use of acid treatment of uncooked French fries prior to cooking by roasting, frying, grill or baking whereby to reduce the acrylamide content of the cooked product.... Agent:

20150104559 - Bqq rub: A composition to form a barbecue rub may include a first agent of salt, a second agent of sugar, a third agent of lemon pepper, a fourth agent of black pepper, a fifth agent of garlic powder, a sixth agent of onion powder, a seventh agent of smoked paprika, eight... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 23 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20150099032 - Nutritional compositions and methods: Nutritional compositions comprising a botanical component, such as adaptogenic botanical component, comprising one or more ginsenosides and an amino acid component. Botanical components include ginsenosides, such as a Panax extract (e.g., a Panax notoginseng extract), an Astragalus extract (e.g., an Astragalus membranaceus extract), a Rosa extract (e.g., a Rosa roxburghii... Agent:

20150099033 - Process for shortening the conditiong time of a composition of a chewing gum core in a chewing gum preparation process: A process for shortening the conditioning time of a composition of a chewing gum core in a chewing gum preparation process, wherein hydrogenated or non-hydrogenated palatinose is mixed with a chewing gum base composition and to the use of hydrogenated or non-hydrogenated palatinose in a composition of a chewing gum... Agent:

20150099034 - Low-calorie, low-fat cracker composition containing xylose, cracker made from the composition, and method for preparing the composition: The present invention relates to a cracker composition containing xylose, to a cracker made from the composition, and to a method for preparing the composition, wherein xylose is included not only to achieve excellent coloring and gloss even without spraying oils and fats on the surface of the cracker, but... Agent:

20150099035 - Omega-3 fatty acid enhanced ddgs for aquaculture feeds: The present invention describes fermentation methods for producing animal feeds enriched with omega-3 fatty acids from cellulosic feedstock.... Agent: Prairie Aquatech

20150099036 - Dairy beverage and method of preparation thereof: A shelf-stable beverage adapted for consumption by infants and young children is disclosed, as well as its manufacturing process. The beverage comprises milk, hydrolysed cereals, and fermented milk, in particular yogurt, and pectin. It may also comprise fruit.... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20150099037 - Steeped cocoa compositions and functional cocoa beverages made from them: The invention provides, in one aspect, a method of producing a cocoa-containing beverage, or a nutritionally fortified or energy-sustaining cocoa beverage, containing beneficial cocoa polyphenols. Ready-to-drink compositions, concentrates, primary beverage components, and packets for producing the beverages are specifically disclosed and prepared from a cocoa water composition made from steeping... Agent: The Hershey Company

20150099038 - Enriched coffee creamer: An enriched whipped coffee creamer provides nutritional supplements and energy enhancing compounds. The enriched whipped coffee creamer includes a creamer base, a nutritional supplement, an energy enhancing source, an anti-oxidant source, and an emulsifying agent. The nutritional supplements, the energy enhancing sources, and anti-oxidant source are mixed into the creamer... Agent:

20150099039 - Coffee pod having a flexible microporous or microperforated casing: A coffee pod which can be used for machines for preparing and dispensing coffee beverages that comprise at least one extraction chamber, and at least one piston for compacting a predetermined amount of ground coffee inserted into the extraction chamber. The pod includes: a predetermined amount of ground coffee compacted... Agent:

20150099040 - Pre-coated food flakes for a food product and a method of making a food product: A topping for snack food products comprising large food flakes pre-coated with an adhesive and a method for applying the pre-coated food flakes to a food substrate to produce a topped snack food product. The food substrate may be any savory shelf-stable food known in the art such as a... Agent: Frito-lay North America, Inc.

20150099041 - System and method for forming a multi-layer extruded food product: Food products and the processes for forming/manufacturing the food products are disclosed. An exemplary food product comprises one or more extruded components (e.g., vegetable, fruit, dairy, meat, flavoring, spice, coloring, particulate, or combinations thereof); and one or more extruded collagen layers substantially encasing the extruded component(s). Another exemplary food product... Agent: The Hillshire Brands Company

20150099042 - Coffee capsule with diffuser for single serve brewer: The invention is directed toward a capsule for use in a single serve beverage brewing machine. The capsule forms a chamber with a film cover sealing the chamber for the brewing of a beverage. At the base of the capsule the external wall of the capsule protrudes into the body... Agent:

20150099043 - Laser cut edible decorating sheet and methods of manufacture: An edible decoration is laser kiss cut from an edible decorating sheet by optically sensing at least one printed edible design on the edible decorating sheet relative to a laser cutting tool coordinate system and causing the laser beam to travel along a circuit of cutting locations defined in the... Agent:

20150099044 - Container: A container includes an outer container that has an outer container base and outer container walls extending from the outer container base. The outer container walls have a rim forming a closed geometric shape. A ledge is formed on an inside surface of the outer container walls below the rim.... Agent:

20150099045 - Method for the preparation of a beverage by centrifugation using a container: c

20150099046 - Single serve beverage additive cartridge: Beverage additive cartridges, beverage brewing systems and methods of brewing a beverage whereby a beverage additive cartridge containing an ingredient is used in combination with a beverage brewing cartridge to add the ingredient of the additive cartridge to the brewed fluid flow of the brewing cartridge. The resultant brew is... Agent: Ptc-innovations, LLC

20150099047 - Self-contained popcorn popper: A self-contained popcorn popper has an open side provided with an air-flow curtain extending at least partially across the open side and directed inwardly. Effluent from popping flows upwardly into a “U”-shaped vent, through an effluent filter and flows into said air flow curtains to reduce particulate-bearing effluent emitted from... Agent:

20150099048 - Methods for producing maple sap water: A method for producing a beverage product from maple sap. The sugar content of the maple sap is modified to a predetermined level and the resulting beverage is subjected to high pressure in order to sanitize the beverage without fouling the taste. Frozen storage techniques are applied in order to... Agent:

20150099049 - Device and a method for circularizing croissant dough, a device and a device and a method for forming croissant dough in a u-shape, and a system for producing croissants: A device and a method for forming bar-shaped croissant dough in a U-shape, for then quickly and precisely arranging both legs of the U-shape to have the same length, and for producing croissants in a required shape are provided. A device for circularizing croissant dough 100 comprises a first guide... Agent:

20150099050 - Frozen aerated products: The present invention relates to frozen aerated products including products manufactured by low-temperature extrusion with superior creaminess. In particular, the invention is concerned with a partially coagulated protein system induced by controlled coagulation of milk protein which imparts outstanding sensory attributes on frozen confectionery including low-temperature extruded frozen products, in... Agent:

20150099051 - Method for making soup utilizing a seasoning bag: The present invention is a method for making soup, stew or broth. The method utilizes a pre-filled seasoning bag of which is made from a liquid permeable material that allows flavor obtained from the spices and/or seasonings to escape there from yet retains the spices and/or seasonings therein while the... Agent:

20150099052 - Nutritionally balanced food or beverage product: A pre-packaged food or beverage product is provided which includes macronutrients in the form of protein, carbohydrate and fat, wherein each complete serving of the product has the same relative proportions of the NRV for each macronutrient, and wherein the fibre content in the serving provides a proportion of the... Agent:

20150099053 - Oil-in-water-type emulsion gel food: The object of the present invention is to produce a masticable food, composed of an oil-in-water-type emulsion gel which has a shape-retaining property and an oil-holding property before mastication and from which oil and fat oozes during mastication to make swallowing smooth, by using any oil and fat. An oil-in-water-type... Agent:

20150099054 - High saturated fat mayonnaise: A mayonnaise product in which the oil phase includes a combination of medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil and a saturated fat such as butter oil, coconut oil, lard or palm oil. The MCT oil tends to reduce crystallization of the saturated fat when cooled, and consequently this improves emulsion stability.... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 27 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150093469 - Organometallic complex, powder intended for animal feed and preparation methods thereof: The invention relates to an organometallic complex of the amino acid/metal type. The complex is a crystalline pluri-metal complex that can be obtained in the form of a homogeneous powder that can be used to optimise animal feed. More specifically, the invention relates to an organometallic complex that is characterised... Agent: Pancosma Sa

20150093470 - Reduced calorie beverage or food product and process and apparatus for making same: The invention relates to a process for preparing a reduced calorie beverage or food product employing fermentation of a plant-derived juice or liquid and removing the ethanol therefrom. The process involves first converting at least some of the sugar in a plant-derived juice or liquid by fermenting it with yeast... Agent:

20150093471 - Brewing method: A fermenter is provided that heats and ferments a beverage feed material, such as grain and water, and a mashing device having a porous and permeable bottom to be positioned in the fermenter during heating to form an intermediate beverage feed material, such as a wort.... Agent:

20150093472 - Asparaginase from basidiomycetes: An asparaginase enzyme derived from the fungi Basidiomycete, in particular the Basidiomycete is Flammulina velutipes. A method for hydrolysing at least one of L-asparagine or L-glutamine. A method for reducing acrylamide formation in a substance comprising L-asparagine is also described.... Agent:

20150093473 - Cultures with improved phage resistance: The present invention provides methods and compositions related to modulating the resistance of a cell against a target nucleic acid or a transcription product thereof. In some preferred embodiments, the present invention provides compositions and methods for the use of one or more cas genes or proteins for modulating the... Agent:

20150093474 - Protein-rich feedstuff with resistance to lowered digestibility due to heat damage: Protein-rich feedstuffs which contain at least one protein feed material and either betaine or at least one feed product which contains betaine are resistant to reduction of digestibility as a result of heat damage during drying.... Agent: Ajinomoto North America, Inc.

20150093475 - Method for facilitating selection of a pet food: A method for facilitating the selection of a pet food based on the nutrient sources. A first pet food product and a second pet food product can be provided. Each pet food product can be put in a package and each package can have a primary nutrient source region with... Agent:

20150093476 - Sugar-reduced frosted cereal product: A frosted cereal product includes a cereal base and a frosting on the cereal base. The frosting is a composition containing a sugar, in an amount of at most 90% by weight (dry matter of the frosting), and a raw starch, in an amount of at least 10% by weight... Agent: Tiense Suikerraffinaderij N.v.

20150093477 - Multi-function dual-opening retail beverage container: A hermetically sealed dual-opening beverage container that functions as a mixing instrument, drinking straw, and a shot delivery (or shooter) device suitable for retail distribution is disclosed. An example embodiment includes a hermetically sealed beverage container for retail distribution including a vessel having a generally right rectangular prism shape, a... Agent:

20150093478 - Absorbent pad to reduce confinement odor in food packages: An absorbent pad that contains activated carbon to reduce confinement odor in a vacuum-packaged food product is provided. An embodiment of absorbent pad contains activated carbon and an antimicrobial agent that further reduces confinement odor by two mechanisms of action: reducing bacterial counts in the liquid purge that cause breakdown... Agent:

20150093479 - Birch sap beverage: A birch sap beverage having an extended shelf life and process for the manufacture thereof in which a birch sap is adjusted to a standard pre-determined Brix value and then subjected to either (a) ultra-high temperature (UHT) pasteurization followed with aseptic packaging (b) packaging followed by UHT. Additional birch sap... Agent: Feronia Forests, LLC

20150093480 - Barbecue seasoning utensil: A barbecue utensil having a hollow cylindrical handle with a plunger access opening along the back side of the handle; food handling means removably attachable by an adapter to the bottom end of the handle; and a fluid syringe having a plunger at a top end and a fluid outlet... Agent:

20150093482 - Aqueous chlorous acid solution for use as disinfectant: A process for producing aqueous chlorous acid solution in which chlorous acid, which is safe for the human body, is easy to handle, and less generates chlorine dioxide, is yielded and used as a disinfectant for a pretreatment in food processing. To an aqueous sodium chlorate solution is added sulfuric... Agent:

20150093481 - Method and system for recapturing and reusing unreacted antimicrobial solutions in spray applications: A system providing for on-site reclamation and re-use of reclaimed antimicrobial solution includes a dispenser, at least one receptacle, piping, and at least one pump. The dispenser sprays antimicrobial solution toward moving raw food products. Unspent antimicrobial solution that did not contact the moving raw food products and rebound antimicrobial... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20150093483 - Apparatus for brewing a beverage and related method: Disclosed is an apparatus for brewing a beverage, such as coffee, as well as associated methods for brewing a beverage. Apparatuses and methods are disclosed to reduce labor involved in pour-over brewing techniques, while providing greater consistency in the results. Manual and/or automatic movements are provided to a filter (e.g.,... Agent:

20150093484 - Multi-layer membrane capsule for preparing a beverage: A system, method and capsule are usable for preparing a predetermined quantity of beverage suitable for consumption using an extractable product. The system includes an exchangeable capsule, and an apparatus including a receptacle for holding the exchangeable capsule, and a fluid dispensing device for supplying a fluid to the exchangeable... Agent:

20150093485 - Method for the selective removal of sulfites from beverages and modular apparatus for same: The disclosure provides a method for selectively removing sulfites, for example bisulfite anionic species, from a beverage comprising free sulfite by providing an effective amount of a non-ionic, solid phase material and contacting the beverage with the solid phase material thereby sequestering the free sulfite on the non-ionic, solid phase... Agent:

20150093486 - Nozzle device and nozzle for atomisation and/or filtration and methods for using the same: Nozzle device and nozzle for atomisation and/or filtration as well as methods for using the same. The present invention relates to a nozzle and nozzle device for atomisation, in particular a micro-machined reinforced nozzle plate, that may produce small liquid droplets in air (spray) or into a liquid (emulsion) with... Agent: Aquamarijn Holding B.v.

20150093487 - Heating pad assembly for container warming: Disclosed herein are heating pad assemblies for a food serving container, wherein the assemblies comprise a heating pad and a pouch configured to hold the heating pad. Also disclosed are methods for warming a food serving container comprising steps of obtaining a heating pad; heating the heating pad; placing the... Agent:

20150093488 - Device for forming portions of food in multiple receptacles: A device for forming portions of food is proposed, comprising a hydraulic press. rne press has at least one hydraulic pressure generator and at least two actuators, wherein each of the actuators comprises a working cylinder and the working cylinders are hydraulically connected. It is preferably provided that a die... Agent: Nienstedt Gmbh

20150093489 - Food composition comprising a blend of cellulose ethers: The presently disclosed and claimed inventive concept(s) relates generally to a food composition for reducing fat comprising flour and a binder, and methods of making the composition and using the composition to reduce fat in fried and baked foods. The binder is a blend of two or more different water... Agent:

20150093490 - Process for the humanization of animal skim milk and products obtained thereby: The invention relates to a process for the treatment of animal skim milk and for the production of an infant formula base product from animal skim milk, which process is highly efficient and cost effective, as only membrane filtration techniques, such as microfiltration and ultrafiltration, are required. By carefully controlling... Agent: N.v. Nutricia

20150093491 - Method and apparatus for aging coffee: A method and apparatus for aging coffee, which both accelerates the aging process, and also imparts and develops a desired flavor profile in the finished (roasted and brewed) bean. Beneficial results are obtained by placing unroasted coffee in intimate contact with or in proximity to aging compounds of interest.... Agent:

20150093492 - Oil and fat composition suitable for non-tempering hard butter: m

20150093493 - Method for providing a cocoa replacer based on a material selected from roasted wheat, roasted and/or malted barley: the water in step (a) comprising from 12-22% of the total weight of roasted wheat, roasted and/or malted barley and water, and the water in step (c) comprising from 25-40% of the water in step (a). The resulting powder is dark in colour and can be used to replace a... Agent:

20150093494 - Bioactive additive: The bioactive additive is made by processing bee pollen. The bioactive additive includes 33% to 40% by weight of bee pollen, 20% to 33% by volume of water, and 33% to 40% by volume of an alcohol such as ethanol. The bioactive additive, when added to products such as bread... Agent: Apipuri, Inc.

20150093495 - Nucleic acids, cells, and methods for producing secreted proteins: A method for producing a secreted recombinant polypeptide sequence is provided. In some embodiments it comprises providing a recombinant microorganism comprising a recombinant nucleic acid comprising a first nucleic acid sequence encoding the recombinant polypeptide sequence operatively linked to a second nucleic acid sequence encoding a signal peptide; and culturing... Agent: Pronutria, Inc.

03/26/2015 > 31 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20150086673 - Use of ethylene diamine metal complexes to deliver highly absorbable metals for animal nutrition: Use of ethylene diamine metal complexes, preferably of copper, zinc, iron and manganese in highly absorbable formats for animal nutrition.... Agent: Zinpro Corporation

20150086674 - Vertical palate wine making process: Multi-stage fermentation process for making red/white/rosé wines having a unique, unexpected and intense “vertical palate” (VP) of aroma, flavors and exceptional finish. The inventive VP wines are a blend of 3-4 feed stocks: I. Red: A) a primary and secondary fermented, barrel-aged must-based wine; B) a flashed-must, barrel-fermented, barrel-aged wine;... Agent:

20150086675 - Use of lactic acid bacteria for preparing fermented food products with increased natural sweetness: The dairy industry today faces a problem of providing an alternative to adding sweeteners to fermented milk products in order to achieve the desired sweet taste without the added calories. Furthermore, it would be highly advantageous to establish a method for reducing lactose in fermented milk products to a level... Agent: Chr. Hansen A/s

20150086676 - Aqueous, sterile vitamin formulation: The present invention relates to a process for production of a sterile aqueous formulation comprising water-soluble vitamins. Such a formulation is useful as a premix for the production of food, feed and personal care products. Furthermore the invention is also related to such sterile aqueous formulations as well as the... Agent:

20150086677 - Method and apparatus for laser marking objects: Embodiments of the present invention comprise an apparatus for laser marking individual objects with indicia at a marking station wherein a predetermined window exists during which each object can be marked as the objects are conveyed along at least one path at a predetermined speed, the apparatus comprising, at least... Agent:

20150086678 - Caramel treats structure: A caramel treats structure contains a body on which sticky ingredient is poured and crisp ingredient and crushed nuts are sprayed; wherein the sticky ingredient sticks the crisp ingredient and the crushed nuts on the body. Accordingly, the caramel treats structure contains the body with the sticky ingredient, the sticky... Agent:

20150086679 - High meat pet food treats: Described herein is a pet food composition comprising between 55 and 90% by weight raw ground meat, between 1 and 45% absorbent fiber, between 1 and 25% hydrocolloid, between 0.1 and 25% humectant; and a flavouring agent, wherein the composition comprises between 25 and 45% by weight water, and the... Agent:

20150086680 - Cup-shaped body for a capsule for preparing a beverage: A cup-shaped body comprises a circumferential wall and a first end wall. The first end wall comprises a deepened portion, forming a first recessed space. The first end wall further comprises a projection protruding from said deepened portion into said first recessed space. The body is formed such that identical... Agent:

20150086681 - Systems and methods for customized fermented beverages: A system for making a personalized malt-based beverage may comprise at least one packaged base liquid and at least one separately packaged flavor ingredient. The at least one packaged base liquid may comprise at least about 0.1% wt ethyl alcohol, at least about 3% wt malt extract solids, and a... Agent: Anheuser-busch, LLC

20150086682 - Method for manufacturing edible transparent materials that can be used as containers for food products, and uses thereof: The invention relates to a method for producing a food material essentially consisting of isomalt, characterised in that it includes the steps of extruding and melting the material by raising the temperature to 80° C. to 160° C., preferably 150° C. to 160° C., tempering so as to obtain the... Agent:

20150086683 - Method and device for dehydrating co-extruded food products: A method for at least partially dehydrating the casing of co-extruded food products, wherein an aqueous salt solution is supplied to the exterior of the co-extruded food products. A device for at least partially dehydrating the casing of co-extruded food products.... Agent:

20150086684 - Method for preparing and conditioning granular burdock roots through combined uniform drying by using radio frequency pretreatment and microwave pulse spouting: A method for preparing and conditioning granular burdock through combined uniform drying by using radio frequency (RF) pretreatment and microwave pulse spouting is provided. The process of the present disclosure includes performing pretreatment on fresh burdock, protecting color, pre-drying by RF, drying through microwave pulse spouting, and packaging. The color... Agent: Ningbo Haitong Foods Scientific & Technological Company Ltd.

20150086685 - Methods and apparatuses for making pasta filata: The disclosure relates to methods and apparatuses for the production of cheese. In one embodiment, the disclosure relates to methods and apparatuses for making pasta filata cheese. In one embodiment, a microwave system is used for the production of pasta filata cheese.... Agent: Johnson Industries International, Inc.

20150086686 - Insoluble fiber composition and method for making same: A composition is described that includes at least about 10% of a dietary fiber component such that at least about 50% of the dietary fiber component is provided by insoluble fiber. A method for making such a composition is also described.... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20150086687 - Apparatus for mixing and cutting animal feed and method of operating such an apparatus: An apparatus for mixing and cutting animal feed comprising a container with a side wall, a rotary mixing and cutting device positioned inside the container and arranged to be driven by a driving unit. At least one counter element is provided at the sidewall. The apparatus comprises positioning device for... Agent: Lely Patent N.v.

20150086688 - Portion capsule and process for production of a beverage with a portion capsule: A method for producing a beverage using a portion capsule is proposed. The portion capsule includes a capsule body with a capsule base and a cover, a cavity for accommodating a pulverulent or beverage base being formed between the capsule base and the cover, and a filter element being arranged... Agent:

20150086689 - Method for producing instant fried noodles and frying treatment device: A method for producing instant fried noodles which includes the steps of: reversing a noodle lump upside down within 15 seconds after detaching the noodle lump from oil in a fry tank in a frying treatment of the instant fried noodles; putting gelatinized noodle strings in a plurality of retainers... Agent: Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd.

20150086690 - System and method of processing produce: Systems and methods of processing produce are provided. A sizing unit can convey the produce in a first direction, and can release the produce onto a receiving unit, which can convey the produce in a second direction. The receiving unit can include a trough to receive the produce subsequent to... Agent:

20150086691 - Apparatus and process for preparing frozen confectionery products: An apparatus for producing frozen confectionery products is provided, the apparatus comprising: means for supplying a frozen confection to the inlets of a nozzle; the nozzle comprising a chamber and an extrusion plate, wherein the extrusion plate defines one or more apertures; the apertures having a width of from 1... Agent: Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

20150086692 - Amino acid seasoning compositions comprising l-glutamic acid and l-lysine: The present invention relates to a complex amino acid seasoning composition, comprising L-glutamic acid and L-lysine; wherein the composition is in the amorphous form and exhibits pH 6.5-8.0 in an aqueous solution. In addition, the present invention relates to a preparation method of the complex amino acid seasoning composition. The... Agent: Daesang Corporation

20150086693 - Substance mixtures: e

20150086694 - Substance mixtures: R1 is an alkyl residue containing 6 to 20 carbon atoms, or an alkene residue containing from 9 to 25 carbon atoms with 1 to 6 double bonds, R1 together with the carbonyl group to which it is attached is a residue of a carboxylic acid, and NR2R3, in which... Agent:

20150086695 - Sweetener composition, sweetener products, and methods of sweetening: Embodiments of the present disclosure provide for sweetener compositions, beverages, methods of making the sweetener compositions, methods of using the sweetener compositions, and the like.... Agent:

20150086696 - Fresh pasta and method for manufacturing frozen fresh pasta: Fresh pastas which can be stored in a frozen state for a long time and which retain favorable appearance and texture comparable to freshly boiled fresh pastas even after being thawed are provided. The fresh pastas have a surface roughness with Ra being from 1.0 to 10.0 μm on average... Agent: Nisshin Foods Inc.

20150086697 - Crumb manufacture: A method of manufacture of a breadcrumb coating for a food product provides a crumb with an extremely low moisture content without the need for substantial energy input. The method achieves such very low moisture content without significant adverse effect on product quality.... Agent:

20150086698 - Power being rich in milk-origin complex lipids: Manufacture a powder with high milk-derived complex lipid content that contains milk-derived phospholipids and milk-derived ganglioside at high concentrations, which contains protein by 15 to 35 percent by dry weight and fat by 45 to 60 percent by dry weight, wherein the content of milk-derived complex lipids is 20 percent... Agent:

20150086699 - Systems and methods for customized fermented beverages: A system for making a personalized malt-based beverage may comprise at least one packaged base liquid and at least one separately packaged flavor ingredient. The at least one packaged base liquid may comprise at least about 0.1% wt ethyl alcohol, at least about 3% wt malt extract solids, and a... Agent: Anheuser-busch, LLC

20150086700 - Creamer composition comprising protein and hydroxypropyl starch: The present invention relates to a creamer composition, e.g. for use for addition into a coffee beverage, having good physical stability without the need for low molecular emulsifiers. The creamer comprises protein and hydroxypropyl starch. The invention further relates to a method of producing the creamer, a beverage composition comprising... Agent:

20150086701 - Aerated oil containing sucrose fatty acid ester and hydrophobin: The present invention relates to an oil containing gas bubbles, sucrose fatty acid ester and hydrophobin. Moreover the invention relates to a method of making these products, as well as using this composition to reduce spattering during shallow frying of food products. Aerated oil compositions are prepared which are stable... Agent: Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

20150086702 - Popcorn machine: A machine for popping corn out of corn kernel and for delivering the popcorn to a container, the machine includes a body having a popcorn popper; and a popcorn receptacle disposed adjacent to the popcorn popper. When the popcorn popper is in operation, popcorn expelled by the popcorn popper falls... Agent:

20150086703 - Baked fry process and product: A method of making a baked, non-fried, frozen potato product, suitable for final bake processing, which has at least the flavor, exterior crispness, and interior texture of a par-fried product, with lower fat content, without par-flying. The process, among other things, combines warm oil deluge and impingement oven baking.... Agent: H.j. Heinz Company

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