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05/28/2015 > 30 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150147430 - Adapters for consumable product packages and methods for using same: Adapters for consumable product packages and methods of using same are provided. The adapters are designed to provide functional features to packages that are not structurally capable of providing such functions. The functional features may include, for example, spill-resistance, flow-control, ease of use, etc. In a general embodiment, the adapters... Agent:

20150147431 - Method for sexual enhancement: a

20150147432 - Stable thickener formulations: Stable thickener formulations and nutritional compositions having the stable thickener formulations are provided. In a general embodiment the present disclosure provides a stable thickener formulation comprising from about 0.015% to about 0.05% by weight of carrageenan and from about 1.2% to about 4.0% by weight of starch. The stable thickener... Agent:

20150147433 - Disposable wine fermentation vessel with cap management and integral press: A disposable winemaking apparatus for fermenting wine containing skins, seeds, and stems that form a cap includes a single-use, dual chamber plastic bag that incorporates a mechanism to agitate and disperse the cap in order to maximize extraction of color and flavor. It also includes an integral press mechanism to... Agent:

20150147434 - Low carbohydrate bakery items: The present invention relates to a low carbohydrate bakery item that does not contain any traditional flour, such as white or wheat flour. Instead, the bakery product has other ingredients that allow the bakery product to have similar characteristics, including taste and texture, as a traditional bakery item. The dough... Agent:

20150147435 - Device and method for making an irregular dough product: A press assembly for forming a food product where the press assembly includes a cutting dye including a body that extends from a proximal end to a distal end. The proximal end has an irregular shape and a sharp edge configured to cut the food product into the irregular shape.... Agent:

20150147436 - Production of cheese with s. thermophilus: The present invention provides methods, compositions, and systems for producing cheese with S. thermophilus and a urease inhibitor, and for producing cottage cheese with S. thermophilus that is partially or completely deficient in its ability to release ammonia from urea. The present invention also provides methods, compositions, and systems for... Agent:

20150147437 - Method for preparing cheeses with improved aroma: The present invention provides a method for preparing fermented milk products, especially cheeses such as foil-ripened cheeses, wherein said cheeses have a sulphur aroma.... Agent:

20150147438 - Food product with filling with high amount of live lactic cultures: This relates to a food product comprising a biscuit part and a filling part, the filling part including a water-based filling and an anhydrous filling with live lactic cultures. The water-based filling and the anhydrous filling are distinct. The anhydrous filling has a lactic ferment cell count per gram of... Agent:

20150147439 - Dough-based vase-shaped snack heatable by microwave: The dough-based vase-shaped snack comprises a cone- or cylinder-shaped outer layer (11) made of dough having a closed lower portion (11a) and a rim upper portion (11b) around an open top, and a savoury or sweet filling (12) located within said outer layer (11) and having a top surface (12a)... Agent: Coneinn Marketing, B.v.

20150147440 - Stabilized cheese products: A method of producing a frozen microwaveable, coated food product, involves providing pieces of mozzarella cheese, the pieces having a maximum dimension of 1 cm, mixing the pieces of cheese with a stabilizing composition, mixing to form a homogenous cheese dough, forming the dough into portions, freezing the portions and... Agent:

20150147441 - Food cooking device, an electronic library and methods related thereto: The invention relates to a food cooking device (300) having a plurality of heating means (301a-301d) for heating a respective food item. The device is provided with control means (302) arranged to individually control energy supply to each of the heating means (301a-301d). According to the invention the device (300)... Agent: Bbbl Innovation Ab

20150147442 - Process for the production of refined whole-wheat flour with low coloration: A description is given of a whitish whole flour and a process for producing said flour, whereby said process involves: (a) supplying a quantity of conditioned wheat grain; (b) fractionating the wheat grain to obtain endosperm, bran, and germ; (c) separating and distributing the endosperm, bran, and germ to allow... Agent: Grupo Altex S.a. De C.v.

20150147443 - Cheese-making methods and apparatuses: The disclosure relates to methods and apparatuses for the production of cheese. In one embodiment, the disclosure relates to methods and apparatuses for making pasta filata cheese. In one embodiment a tube within a tube design is used for the production of pasta filata cheese.... Agent: Johnson Industries International, Inc.

20150147444 - Edible coloring composition: The present invention provides a liquid coloring composition comprising of a coffee solution or coffee extract and an ink vehicle. The coloring composition is suitable for use as an ink in a non-impact printing device, including an ink jet type printer. The composition is composed of edible components. The invention... Agent:

20150147445 - Food composition and method: A food composition or dough mixture and method. An alginate gel food composition or dough mixture is provided. In some embodiments, the composition includes water, alginate, and a polysaccharide textural modifier. In other embodiments, the composition further includes flour which may be present in reduced amounts compared to conventional dough-based... Agent: General Mills, Inc.

20150147446 - Filled dough producing method: Filled dough producing method is disclosed for making a food product, such as baozi, a traditional Chinese food, by folding and constricting close a circular dough wrapper around a filling in an apparatus including a pocket assembly made of pliable fabric layer with an upper surface and lower surface, a... Agent:

20150147447 - Method for producing detoxified liver: The present invention has demonstrated that microorganisms present in a liver can be killed by washing the bile duct and the portal vein with hot water, and then disinfecting the liver using a chlorine-based disinfectant. It has also been demonstrated that sterilizing effects can be enhanced by freezing the liver... Agent: Fuso Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd.

20150147448 - Capsule based system for preparing and dispensing a beverage: The present invention relates to dispensing of a substance from a container by means of a dispensing apparatus. Specifically, the exemplary embodiment of the present invention relates to (1) a container and (2) the automated method for opening such container and (3) the automated method of dispensing of the contents... Agent: La Vit Technology LLC

20150147449 - Method and system for processing meat products in a modified atmosphere: A method and system for wrapping meat in containers is provided. The method and system provide a modified atmosphere, other than that which exists as standard air, to a container such that a final sealed product contains an internal volume or atmosphere of modified gas. In-line processing features dispense the... Agent: Jbs Usa, LLC

20150147450 - Nutritional enhancement of plant tissue via supercritical water: A method for enhancing the nutritional value of plant tissue by reaction with supercritical water is disclosed. The method comprises: conveying a selected plant tissue material through an extruder, wherein the extruder is configured to continuously convey the plant tissue material to a supercritical fluid reaction zone; injecting hot compressed... Agent: Xtrudx Technologies, Inc.

20150147451 - Novel food and feed antioxidants and preservatives based on antioxidant enzymes extracted from animal blood: Disclosed is a process for extracting an antioxidant cocktail (containing a number of antioxidative molecules including but not limited to superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase, glutathione, glutathione peroxidase) from animal sources (i.e., blood or liver) so that it can be used as a food and feed preservative in a non-purified state... Agent:

20150147452 - Soy protein product with neutral or near neutral ph (\"s701n2\"): An aqueous solution of a soy protein product having a protein content of at least about 60 wt % (N×6.25) d.b. which is completely soluble in aqueous media at a pH of less than about 4.4 and heat stable at that pH range is adjusted in pH to a pH... Agent:

20150147453 - System and method for forming a food product with a solidified liquid additive: A food product includes a base component; one or more solid additive pieces, each solid additive piece comprising an additive and a binder; and a casing containing the base component and the one or more solid additive pieces; wherein the additive is a liquid at room temperature.... Agent: The Hillshire Brands Company

20150147454 - Chewy edible compositions with expanded texture: Methods and compositions are provided for producing a high glycerol/high collagen or gelatin edible composition having a variety of textures and features, suitable for use as a pet treat. Chewy edible compositions produced by such methods are also provided.... Agent:

20150147455 - Glazing agent for pastry products and methods of manufacturing a glazing agent for pastry: Manufacturing a glazing agent bread or pastry products maintaining intrinsic tastes and flavors without destroying unique layered shape or collapsing the products. First prepare solution A by mixing 3 to 4 parts weight refined sugar and 0.5 to 1.5 parts weight amidated pectin, add 27 to 28 parts weight purified... Agent:

20150147456 - Unitized frozen sauce products: The present invention is directed to a frozen sauce component having a high dissolved solids equivalent content and sufficient hardness in manufacturing to permit unitization thereof by cutting. The sauce composition makes use of oil encapsulated solids in a system comprising oil, water, and flavoring ingredients as required by a... Agent:

20150147457 - Isotopically modified compounds and their use as food supplements: A nutrient composition comprises an essential nutrient in which at least one exchangeable H atom is 2H and/or at least one C atom is 13C. The nutrient is thus protected from, inter alia, active oxygen species.... Agent:

20150147458 - Processed food compositions to facilitate independent and dignified dining: Methods and systems for preparing a processed food composition that is sized and shaped to facilitate independent dining are presented. A method, in one embodiment, includes selecting cooked menu items, combining them using a grinder or food processor into a mixture, and then shaping the mixture into a processed food... Agent:

20150147459 - Sodium stearoyl lactylate preparations: t

05/21/2015 > 38 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20150140163 - Compositions and methods for coating dry pet food kibble: Compositions and methods are provided for evenly coating or glazing dry pet food kibbles for improved palatability without loss of crunchiness of the dry kibbles over an extended time period. The coating compositions comprise water and at least one of a gum or a modified starch. The coating composition can... Agent:

20150140164 - Methods for managing weight loss and body mass: The invention provides methods for promoting weight loss by an animal, promoting weight loss by an animal while preventing or minimizing loss of lean body mass by the animal, preventing a reduction in energy metabolism by an animal, reducing the risk of regaining weight by an animal after weight loss,... Agent:

20150140161 - Methods of improving tolerance related to feeding in an infant, toddler, or child: Disclosed are nutritional formulations including predigested fats that can be administered to preterm infants, infants, toddlers, and children for improving tolerance, digestion, and absorption of nutrients and for reducing the incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis, colic, and short bowel syndrome. The predigested fats include fatty acid-containing monoglycerides and/or a fatty acid... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20150140162 - Microwave rice cooking bowl: A bowl is provided for rapid and repeatable high quality cooking of rice or other grains within a microwave. The bowl includes a reservoir with a floor and walls extending up from the floor to a rim. Handles are preferably provided extending laterally from the rim. A rice line is... Agent:

20150140165 - Use of polypeptides having protease activity in animal feed and detergents: The present invention relates to the use of isolated polypeptides having protease activity in animal feed and detergents. It also relates to the use of isolated nucleic acid sequences encoding the proteases in the recombinant production of isolated polypeptides having protease activity and isolated nucleic acid sequences encoding the proteases.... Agent:

20150140166 - Process for preparing a liquid food product enriched with oligosaccharides and with polysaccharides: The subject matter of the invention is a process for preparing a liquid food product enriched with oligosaccharides and with polysaccharides starting from berries, in the absence of alcoholic fermentation in the presence of the berries, which comprises (a) heating the berries at a temperature ranging from 40° C. to... Agent:

20150140167 - Microencapsulated bacterial consortium for the degradation of gluten into sourdough and method for producing said sourdough: The present invention is related to a microencapsulated bacterial consortium for gluten degradation, which comprises: a) three different strains of commercially available lactic-acid bacteria; b) encapsulating agents; c) prebiotics; and d) trehalose; in combination with a proteolytic enzyme of bacterial origin and a proteolytic enzyme of fungal origin. Preferably, the... Agent:

20150140168 - Method of baking: The present invention relates to the making of sponge cake, more particularly making of sponge cake using polypeptides having lysophospholipase activity. The invention also relates to compositions comprising polypeptides having lysophospholipase activity.... Agent:

20150140169 - Enzyme variants: The invention relates to a polypeptide having chymosin activity which: a. is capable of hydrolysing bovine alpha s1-casein at position F23F24 so as to form αs1-I CN (f24-199) more rapidly than camel chymosin; and b. has a C/P ratio higher than the C/P ratio of bovine chymosin.... Agent:

20150140170 - Acidified milk product: e

20150140171 - Two-phase fermentation of staphylococcus increases nitrate reductase activity: The present invention is related to the field of reddening of food products. In particular the present invention relates to a two-phase fermentation method for boosting the nitrate reductase activity of Staphylococcus strains with nitrate reductase activity comprising a first aerobic phase in the absence of nitrate and a second... Agent: Chr. Hansen A/s

20150140172 - Sandwich granule: The present teachings provide an improved layered granule comprising a sandwich structure of a first and second moisture barrier layer encompassing a moisture hydrating layer. The sandwich granules can be used in a variety of contexts, including animal feed. Methods of making and using are also provided.... Agent: Danisco US Inc.

20150140176 - Carbohydrate gel: The present invention generally relates to the field of nutrition, in particular performance nutrition. In particular, the present invention relates to a novel carbohydrate gel comprising glucose and fructose in a ratio in the range of 3:1 to 1:1. The carbohydrate gel of the present invention can be used to... Agent:

20150140173 - Gluten-free flour blend: An all-purpose gluten-free flour blend for use by persons with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, food allergies, autism spectrum disorder, and others wishing to eliminate gluten from their diet. An embodiment of an ail-purpose gluten-free flour blend may comprise specified amounts of gluten-free whole-grain flours, other gluten-free flours, gluten-free starches, and... Agent:

20150140175 - Human milk permeate compositions and methods of making and using same: This disclosure features human milk permeates and compositions containing the same obtained from fractionated whole human milk. The oligosaccharide rich permeate and permeate compositions of the present invention are useful as nutritional supplements for pre-term and full term infants, for establishing or maintaining gut flora and for treating the symptoms... Agent:

20150140174 - Infant formula milk powder and preparation method thereof: The present invention relates to an infant formula milk powder capable of preventing and alleviating infant iron deficiency anemia and a preparation method thereof. The formula milk powder comprises components such as vegetable oil, fresh milk, whey powder, lactose powder, whey protein powder, oligosaccharides, complex vitamins and complex minerals, wherein... Agent: Zhejiang Canobank Health Product Co., Ltd.

20150140178 - Complete nutritional powder and preparation method thereof: The invention discloses complete nutritional powder and a preparation method thereof. The powder is characterized by containing vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, niacin, vitamin B 12, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin D, vitamin E, biotin, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, chromium, copper, manganese,... Agent:

20150140177 - Shelf-stable, preservative-free liquid beverage enhancer products: A liquid beverage enhancer product including a shelf-stable highly concentrated liquid flavor and color solution including at least 10% non-water solvents with humectant properties including propylene glycol, glycerol, ethanol and other alcohols. The liquid beverage enhancer product in combination with beverages or non-beverage food products. A method of enhancing a... Agent: Amt Group, LLC Dba Imbibe

20150140179 - Infusion packet and its manufacture: The present invention relates to an infusion packet (51) comprising a top (52), a bottom (53), a first side (54) and a second side (55); wherein the bottom (53) of the packet is defined by a gusset (61) and each side (54, 55) of the packet is defined by a... Agent: Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

20150140180 - Food product and method of making same: An improved s'more-like food product allows the user to achieve the same taste profile as a conventional s'mores food product while greatly simplifying the preparation of the food product by the user. The improved s'more-like food product is pre-made such that the marshmallow element effectively “overwraps” the chocolate and graham... Agent:

20150140181 - Compositions: An encapsulated flavour particle, comprising a vegetable matter particulate core and a flavour coating comprising a sprayed emulsion of flavour and thermoreversible potato starch, the thermoreversible potato starch comprising at least 80% by weight of amylopectin modified with amylomaltase enzyme. The particles provide good flavour release characteristics in consumable compositions,... Agent:

20150140182 - Ingredient capsule for beverage preparation: Capsule (9) for use in a beverage preparation machine (1), said capsule comprising side (10), bottom (12) and top (11) walls defining a closed chamber, said chamber containing an ingredient, said capsule further comprising a beverage dispensing wall able to open for releasing a beverage prepared from said ingredient and... Agent:

20150140184 - Method and apparatus for accelerated or controlled degassing of roasted coffee: An apparatus for accelerated or controlled degassing of roasted coffee. The apparatus comprises a container for receiving and retaining roasted coffee, a source of inert gas in fluid communication with the container, and a controller. The controller includes a timer and a valve. The valve is operatively associated with the... Agent:

20150140183 - Method, metering device and metering valve for the aseptic measured delivery of a liquid additive into a forced flow of a base product: A method for the aseptic measured delivery of a liquid additive (Z) into a forced flow of a base product (P), wherein the additive (Z) is removed from a storage container (18) under aseptic conditions by means of a removal conduit (18a) and is fed via an end section (E)... Agent: Gea Tds Gmbh

20150140185 - Solvent-free approach for separation of constituent fractions of pulses, grains, oilseeds, and dried fruits: The present invention relates to a novel solvent-free process for the production of protein-, starch- and fiber-enriched fractions or fractions rich in specific compounds from pulses, grains, oilseeds, and dried fruits. Unlike conventional wet processes, this dry process preserves the natural configuration and structure of separated components. This process employs... Agent:

20150140186 - Clostridium botulinum control in midly processed refrigerated food products: The protection of low-acid, high moisture and/or high water activity processed food products against outgrowth of Clostridium botulinum. It was surprisingly found that combinations of propionic acid and/or a salt thereof with nisin are very effective in preventing Clostridium botulinum outgrowth. In certain embodiments, cinnamic acid and/or a salt thereof... Agent: Purac Biochem B.v.

20150140187 - Foaming coffee composition: The present invention provides a foaming instant coffee composition comprising particles having a bulk density of from 0.16 to 0.45 g/cm3, said particles comprising a continuous phase comprising an instant coffee matrix and a non-continuous phase comprising particles of a foamable component containing a gas.... Agent:

20150140188 - Process for the continuous production of pasteurized dried minced meat, reconstituted in the form of thin slabs, and unit for carrying out said process: e

20150140189 - Products with improved foaming properties: The present invention relates to improvements of foaming properties achieved by using unroasted coffee solids. Specifically the invention relates to dried soluble powders with improved foaming properties upon dissolution. The products have a foaming particle porosity of at least 20%.... Agent:

20150140190 - Concentric symmetrical branched heat exchanger system: A concentric symmetrical branched heat exchanger system includes an inlet manifold that divides the product flow evenly in the first section of the system and also includes an array of tubular concentric heat exchangers arranged in parallel and in series. Flow through each leg of the system can be divided... Agent:

20150140191 - Process for the enrichment of gluten and starch fractions in wheat flour: The present invention relates to a process for the continuous or semi-continuous enrichment of one or more gluten fractions and one or more starch fractions in wheat flour. It further relates an apparatus for the separation, and to gluten enriched fractions and starch enriched fractions thus obtained.... Agent:

20150140192 - Production method for frozen noodles and composition for preventing freezer burn: Provided is frozen noodles in which freezer burn is unlikely to occur. A method for producing frozen noodles comprises: a step of attaching a composition to cooked noodles, the composition comprising at least water, oil or fat and a polysaccharide thickener, and having a viscosity of from 30 to 2000... Agent: Nisshin Foods, Inc.

20150140193 - Composition for the preparation of homemade frozen confections: The present invention relates to a shelf-stable composition for the preparation of a frozen confection comprising: (i) a sweetening agent; (ii) a dairy fat; and (iii) one or more polysaccharide having a Dextrose Equivalent (DE) value of maximum 40; with the proviso that the composition does not comprise added emulsifiers... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20150140194 - Method for manufacturing modified whey composition, modified whey composition, and method for manufacturing calcium-enriched modified whey composition: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a modified whey composition, the method having a liquid preparation step of preparing a raw material whey liquid using a whey composition containing whey protein, and a heating step of subjecting the raw material whey liquid to a heat treatment, wherein... Agent:

20150140195 - Concentrated shelf stable liquid coffee and methods of making thereof: The present invention is directed to a technique of producing an ultra-concentrated liquid coffee that is shelf-stable at ambient temperature without the need for refrigeration or freezing. This invention further relates to a process for manufacturing ultra-concentrated stabilized liquid coffee with enhanced freshness, aroma and flavor retention without acidity or... Agent:

20150140196 - Crystallization accelerator: A crystallization accelerator includes a polymer compound that includes, as constituent components, a C18-28 hydroxy saturated fatty acid, which respectively has a hydroxyl group and a carboxyl group at both terminals and may have one carbonyl group in the chain thereof, a glycerin and optionally a fatty acid. The polymer... Agent:

20150140197 - Process for the preparation of edible fat-continuous emulsions: Process for manufacturing edible fat continuous emulsions comprising 10 to 85 wt. % of a dispersed water-phase and 15 to 90 wt. % of total fat, said process comprising the steps of: a. providing a water-phase; b. providing liquid oil; c. providing fat powder comprising hardstock fat; d. providing hardstock... Agent: Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

20150140198 - Blade assembly and method of making cut food products: A lattice-cut potato product is sliced so that the ridges and grooves on one surface of the slices are oriented transversely to the ridges and grooves on the opposite surface of the slices. The sizes and shapes of the ridges and grooves are particularly selected so that each point in... Agent: Mccain Foods Usa, Inc.

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