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Food or edible material: processes, compositions, and products

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01/22/2015 > 34 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20150024085 - Child feeding system: A spout pouch, configured to removably couple to a feeding device, for feeding liquid to a child includes a spout having an inner surface that includes at least one feature selected from the group consisting of a ridge, rib, boss, recess, groove and step. The inner surface is configured to... Agent:

20150024081 - Enzyme granules: The present application relates to a steam treated pelletized feed composition comprising a granule comprising a core and a coating wherein the core comprises an active compound and the coating comprises a salt.... Agent: Novozymes A/s

20150024082 - Glutamine enriched nutritional composition for preterm infants: The present invention relates to the use of nutritional compositions enriched in glutamineto improve structural brain development in preterm and/or low birth weight infants.... Agent: N.v. Nutricia

20150024083 - Liquid nutritional composition comprising free amino acids: The invention relates to a liquid or gelled pasteurized or sterilized composition comprising free amino acids, calcium, a digestible carbohydrate, and preferably an indigestible carbohydrate, wherein the free amino acids are present in a concentration between 5 and 30 g/100 ml, and the dry weight of the total composition is... Agent:

20150024084 - Phytase variants: The present invention relates to a phytase which has at least 74% identity to a phytase derived from Citrobacter braakii and comprises at least one alteration as compared to this phytase. These phytase variants have amended, preferably improved, properties, such as thermostability, temperature profile, pH profile, specific activity, performance in... Agent:

20150024086 - Method for reducing the content of pathogenic organisms present in food materials: The present invention relates to a method for reducing the concentration of pathogenic organisms such as Listeria spp. in fermented food products. The method comprises the steps of: (i) providing a food material, (ii) mixing said food material with a starter culture, (iii) mixing the food material with at least... Agent: Chr. Hansen A/s

20150024087 - Method for preparing a hypoallergenic food: A method for preparing a food that is less allergenic from a particulate solid food matrix that is more allergenic and contains allergenic proteins, in particular a peanut and/or tree-nut matrix. The method comprises the step of processing dispersion of the solid food matrix in an aqueous medium by high-pressure... Agent:

20150024088 - Device for dispensing carbonated water: A system and method is described for providing different levels of carbonated water on demand. The system includes a pressurized chamber to hold at least one of water and carbonated water, a gas canister to dispense carbon dioxide (CO2) into the pressurized chamber, a controller to control the dispensing of... Agent:

20150024089 - Natural nutritional supplements: Dietary nutritional supplements specially formulated for use by high school, college and professional athletes, especially wrestlers. The nutritional supplements build strength, endurance and stamina, replenish electrolytes lost during intense sweating, provide essential nutrients, and increase and sustain energy. The nutritional supplements can be mixed with each other in various combinations... Agent: Forza Technologies LLC

20150024090 - Method for producing a baked article which is assembled in the manner of a sandwich, and also baked article comprising two baked product parts of substantially plate-like design and a filling layer arranged between the two baked product parts: The invention relates to a method for producing a baked article which is assembled in the manner of a sandwich and has two baked product parts which are of substantially plate-like design and have in each case an inner face and an outer face, and a filling layer arranged between... Agent:

20150024091 - Cheese with improved organoleptic and melting properties: Cheese products with improved flavor, texture and melting properties are disclosed. Topical application of a dairy powder, and in particular a cream cheese powder, to a cheese product improves not only dairy flavor when consumed cold, but unexpectedly also melted appearance, texture and taste.... Agent:

20150024093 - Cocoa and sugar agglomerate for flavored beverages and method of forming same: A method of forming cocoa and sugar base agglomerates is disclosed in which cocoa powder and sugar is mixed with an aqueous ethanol solution to form a dough and the dough is dried to form agglomerates of a porous dried dough having less than 0.5% by weight residual ethanol. The... Agent:

20150024092 - Sweetener particles, sweetener particle compositions, and related methods of preparation and use: Described are coated food products having a sweet coating, such as a (e.g., sucrose, fructose, or the like) coating, the coating containing core-shell sweetener particles that include a sweetener layer at an exterior; also described are related methods of preparing the coated food product and the core-shell sweetener particles.... Agent:

20150024094 - Antimicrobial packaging material: A packaging material includes an antimicrobial agent adhered to a substrate. The antimicrobial agent can include copper, and the packaging material can include cellulose. The substrate can be paperboard, and the copper can be a copper salt, such as copper sulfate. The packaging material may be provided by causing adherence... Agent:

20150024095 - Packaging system: The invention relates to a packaging system for foodstuffs, having a container extending from a container base via a container casing, which itself extends around a container axis and preferably widens approximately in the manner of a truncated cone-shape, in the direction towards an upper container edge which extends around... Agent: Optipack Gmbh

20150024096 - Method and means for extending the shelf life of food products: A method and means is provided for extending the shelf life of a food product by successively subjecting the food product to UV germicidal irradiation and an ozone/water or ozone/air treatment. The UV unit and the ozone unit may be reversed so that the food product is first treated with... Agent:

20150024097 - Method for manufacturing an embossed decorative element and confectionary article with an embossed decorative element: The invention relates to the production of confectionary articles with a shaped ornament or with a single-colored or multi-colored embossed design on one of the surfaces of the article. The main characteristic of the present invention consists in that a prepared chocolate/chocolate-like mass is fed into a full-scale mould in... Agent: Mars, Incorporated

20150024098 - Apparatus and methods for making frozen banana food products: An apparatus and method for making frozen food products from a fruit puree, i.e. a flowable banana meat or a flowable blend of fruit meat and other edible ingredients. A composition that includes peeled bananas and at least one antioxidant may be mixed in a mixing device at ambient temperature... Agent: Totally Bananas Inc.

20150024099 - Method for the sterilization and preservation of foodstuffs:

20150024100 - Portable oil filtering apparatus: The present invention is a portable oil filtering apparatus that can operate independent of external power sources to collect oil from cookers or fryers for disposal or storage and filter oil from the cookers or fryers for re-use. The oil filtering apparatus of the preferred embodiment is able to collect... Agent:

20150024101 - Method of and system for surface pasteurization or sterilization of low-moisture particulate foods: A method of and a system for surface pasteurizing or sterilizing low-moisture particulate foods, such as nuts, oats, and spices, is disclosed wherein the foods are pre-heated, pasteurized or sterilized in a gas, optionally dried, and cooled. The gas pasteurizing or sterilizing the foods contains water vapor and one or... Agent:

20150024103 - Device and method for producing milk foam and/or warmed milk: The invention relates to a claimed device (1) for producing milk foam and/or warmed milk, comprising a steam supply line (2) that has a steam supply opening (3), said steam supply (2) comprising a tapering first nozzle (4) for obtaining a suction effect in order to suck in milk at... Agent:

20150024102 - Gas entrainment in flowable foods: A method of entraining gas in a flowable food product comprising the steps of accelerating the flowable food product in a flow direction through a flow channel that includes a ramp. Gas is injected into the flowable food product transverse to the flow direction through a porous surface or plate... Agent:

20150024104 - Universal lid: A universal cooking/container lid for providing ventilation includes a semi-spherical base member having a circular outer-rim and an apex. The semi-spherical base member has a stand on an exterior surface and a handle on an interior surface thereof surrounding the apex. The semi-spherical base member has one or more venting... Agent:

20150024105 - Par-baked and milled coffee beans for use in foods, beverages and dietary supplements: The present invention concerns compositions and methods relating to the addition and use of par-baked and milled coffee beans in food products, beverages, and dietary supplements. Par-baked and milled coffee beans are a novel alternative to more costly chlorogenic acid extracts, and are edible and palatable as a food ingredient.... Agent:

20150024106 - Ph-adjusted sweetener: The invention relates to processes for producing hard sweets from isomalt while maintaining strict pHs, and also to mixed compositions containing isomalt and optionally pH buffer substances having a defined pH.... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20150024107 - Waffle irons and waffle-based end products: A waffle iron comprising a set of patterned recesses for use in a conventional waffle oven for a food production plant. The waffle irons are precisely formed with reduced recesses to produce a waffle having reduced depth of recesses and increased thickness in the center of the waffle to allow... Agent: Julian's Recipe LLC

20150024108 - Highly refined cellulose-based gel: providing a composition of highly refined cellulose fiber as at least about 0.5% weight/weight highly refined cellulose to water; adding at least one buffering agent to the composition to maintain the pH of the composition at a pH below 9.5; bringing the buffered composition to an elevated temperature such as... Agent: Fiberstar Bio-ingredient Technologies, Inc.

20150024109 - Chocolate product and process for producing the same: The present invention relates to a process for the manufacture of a chocolate product involving the use of hydrated salt, hydrated sugar or hydrated sugar alcohol in the underlying chocolate mass and comprising the steps of refining, conching and optionally tempering of the chocolate mass. The invention further relates to... Agent: Kraft Foods R & D, Inc.

20150024110 - Method of producing chocolate: A method of producing chocolate comprising mixing for 10-120 minutes a composition having a temperature of 35-50 C, the composition comprising: chocolate base mass; and one or more surfactants; wherein the composition has a fat content of 22-30 wt. % and a water content of at least 1.1 wt. %... Agent: Kraft Foods R & D, Inc.

20150024111 - Butchering processes for the beef clod: A method for mass-production butchering of a chuck roll of beef includes: sectioning the beef clod into a first portion and a second portion substantially along a natural seam, the first portion comprising triceps brachii long head muscle and essentially being free of triceps brachii lateral head muscle, and the... Agent: Lobel's Enterprises, LLC

20150024112 - Infant formulas containing docosahexaenoic acid and lutein: Disclosed are infant formulas and corresponding methods of using them to promote retinal health and vision development in infants. The formulas, which are free of egg phospholipids and comprise fat, protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, and minerals, including docosahexaenoic acid and, on a ready-to-feed basis, at least about 50 mcg/liter of lutein,... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20150024113 - Cold-water soluble extruded starch product: Disclosed is a cold-water soluble starch and a process for preparing same. Generally, the process comprises providing a hydroxyalkyl starch and applying a shearing force to the starch in an extruder in the presence of moisture, the force and the moisture each being sufficient to gelatinize at least substantially all... Agent:

20150024114 - Decoration, decorative base and method for making same: The present invention provides a decoration formed from a mixture of a decorative base and a colour additive, the decorative base comprising a quantity of a thickening/hardening compound, pure icing sugar and water, wherein the decoration sets in less than 24 hours from being created, the decoration having a colour... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 39 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20150017278 - Method for weight loss and management and herbal composition for achieving the same: A natural formulation and associated method promotes fat and weight loss while decreasing food cravings, boosting metabolic rate, and supporting the immune system. An instant coffee blend is provided to aid in the delivery of such a composition. The coffee is made from a premixed herbal formula that is combined... Agent:

20150017279 - Confectionery product: The invention relates to a confectionery product comprising a plurality of beads, each bead comprising an aqueous core, a hydrophobic first coating layer surrounding the aqueous core, and a hydrophilic second coating layer surrounding the first coating layer; to a confectionery product comprising these beads. The invention also relates to... Agent:

20150017280 - Low alcohol or alcohol free fermented malt based beverage and method for producing it: An alcohol free or low alcohol fermented malt based beverage is disclosed. The malt based beverage has an alcohol content of not more than 1.0 vol. % preferably not more than 0.7 vol. % having an aroma profile close to the one of alcoholic lager beers. The beverage has 7.00-30.00... Agent:

20150017281 - Method of baking: The present invention relates to the making of baked products, more particularly making of baked products using polypeptides having lipolytic activity and at least one emulsifier. The invention also relates to compositions comprising polypeptides having lipolytic activity and at least one emulsifier.... Agent:

20150017282 - Method for production of brewers wort: The present invention relates to method for production of brewer's wort comprising adding to a mash, a particular glucoamylase. The glucoamylase is obtained from Penicillium oxalicum. Further, the invention relates to use of a particular glucoamylase for production of brewer's wort. Furthermore, the invention relates to use of a combination... Agent:

20150017283 - Process for the manufacture of cheese: The present invention relates to an improved process for the manufacture of cheese, in particular hard and semi-hard cheese types. There is provided a process for the manufacture of a natural cheese comprising the steps of inoculating milk with a bacterial starter culture, adding rennet to form a curd, and... Agent: Fusion Speciality Ingredients Limited

20150017284 - Compositions and methods for improving rebaudioside m solubility: Rebaudioside M compositions with improved aqueous solubility and methods for preparing the same are provided herein. The rebaudioside M compositions include (i) disordered crystalline compositions comprising rebaudioside M and rebaudioside D, (ii) spray-dried compositions comprising rebaudioside M, rebaudioside D and steviol glycoside mixtures and/or rebaudioside B and/or NSF-02, (iii) spray-dried... Agent:

20150017285 - Carnallite preparation and uses thereof in edible applications: The present invention relates to a Carnallite salt preparation useful in edible products, such as a food, beverage, dietary supplement, oral care, nutraceutical pet food, animal feed, pharmaceutical and other edible products. The Carnallite salt preparation of the invention is without high levels of sodium chloride and notably low in... Agent:

20150017286 - Cereal pieces containing alpha-linolenic acid: The invention relates to shelf-stable cereal pieces which contain alphalinolenic acid, and to food compositions that comprise such cereal pieces.... Agent:

20150017287 - Self-heating container for pre-cooked food: This container comprises: an outer receptacle containing a lower vessel carrying calcium oxide, a water bag and a striker to break the bag and mix the water with the calcium oxide causing an exothermic reaction; and an upper vessel carrying the pre-cooked food and fixed on the lower vessel. The... Agent:

20150017288 - Capsule based system for preparing and dispensing a beverage: The present disclosure relates to dispensing of a substance from a capsule by means of a dispensing apparatus. Specifically, the exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure relates to: (1) a capsule, (2) a beverage dispenser for receiving the capsule, and (3) mechanisms within the beverage dispenser for automatically opening the... Agent:

20150017290 - Interchangeable capsule for the preparation of an infusion of a powdered product, and relative method for obtaining such an infusion: e

20150017289 - Packaging comprising a container and a cap with hinged lid: A packaging for dispensing infant food products is disclosed. In a general embodiment, the present disclosure provides a packaging for infant cereal products. The packaging (10) includes a cap (20) having a hinged lid (40) attached to the cap, and a container (50) releasably attachable to the cap. The cap... Agent:

20150017291 - Flexible packages having multiple lines of weakness to facilitate opening: A flexible film package for storing food products comprises a body with a side wall, a closed bottom end, and a closed top end. The body includes a primary line of weakness and a pair of secondary lines of weakness formed in the side wall. Each of the primary and... Agent:

20150017292 - Packaging sheet, packaging and use of such a packaging sheet: The or each internal plastic layer (7) has a plurality of microperforations (8, 9) arranged in a random fashion on the or each internal plastic layer (7) in such a manner that the air permeability of the internal membrane (5) is comprised between 5 mL/min Bendtsen and 500 mL/min Bendtsen,... Agent: Amcor Flexibles France

20150017293 - Beverage preparation system, a coded insert and methods of use thereof: A beverage preparation system is provided comprising a beverage preparation machine, a cartridge containing one or more beverage ingredients, and a coded insert. The beverage preparation machine comprises a brew head for receiving the cartridge. The cartridge comprises a primary code configured to provide operating instructions to the beverage preparation... Agent:

20150017294 - Crisp meat based food snacks: Methods and systems of making a meat-based food product, the methods and systems including forming minced meat into a blended form. Methods may include forming minced meat into a blended form. Encasing the blended form, heating the blended form to at least approximately 145° F. to 160° F. Chilling the... Agent:

20150017295 - Aerated compositions containing egg albumen protein and hydrophobin: The present invention relates to aerated compositions containing egg albumen protein and hydrophobin, and to a method for making these compositions. The objective of the invention is to improve the foamability and foam stability of compositions containing egg albumen protein. This has been achieved by providing aerated compositions containing denatured... Agent: Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

20150017296 - Method and apparatus for controlling the atmosphere in a space filled with agricultural or horticultural products: The invention relates to a method for controlling the atmosphere in a closable space filled with agricultural or horticultural products. The method comprises directly detecting the respiration of the agricultural or horticultural products and adjusting an oxygen content, a carbon dioxide content and/or a nitrogen content in the space subject... Agent:

20150017297 - Vacuum infusion machine and vacuum infusion method: A process for infusing a consumable substance is described. The process includes the steps of placing a desired amount of an infusion material into a chamber at atmospheric pressure, placing a desired amount of consumable substance into said chamber, sealing said chamber from the surrounding atmosphere, and applying at least... Agent:

20150017298 - Method and system for entrapping pressurized gas in powdered food or beverage products: Methods and systems for continuously producing foaming compositions from powders, granules, and/or particulate are provided and/or powders, granules, and/or particulates that contains high pressure gas. The methods and systems are configured to reduce energy costs and overall processing time and, thus, provide advantages over the prior batch processes that have... Agent:

20150017299 - Noodle-steaming method and noodle-steaming device: A method of steaming a bunch of noodle strings using a noodle strings steaming device including a conveyer on which the bunch of noodle strings is placed after being cut out and that transports the bunch of noodle strings, and a tunnel type of body portion provided so that the... Agent:

20150017300 - Device for simultaneous consumption of a fluid and a frozen substance: The present disclosure relates to a device for molding a freezable substance and dispensing a stored fluid substance. More specifically, the present disclosure relates to a device that, when assembled, creates a Popsicle®-like frozen confection having a container containing an alcoholic liquid, where the user employs a plunger to drive... Agent:

20150017301 - Methods for burning charcoal briquets: An improved charcoal briquet having combustion aiding surfaces is packaged in a compact boxed package. A charcoal briquet having improved burning characteristics and also improved shipping and retailing characteristics is thereby provided. An improved packaged charcoal product including a flat sided box adapted to hold randomly oriented briquets and be... Agent:

20150017302 - Fruity flavored cocoa products and processes for producing such cocoa products: Cocoa products having a fruity flavor comprising an increased amount of a fruity aroma compounds are disclosed. The cocoa products are produced by a method comprising mixing cocoa nibs, de-shelled cocoa beans, or a combination thereof with an acid and water and roasting the acidified nibs, the acidified de-shelled cocoa... Agent:

20150017303 - Anthocyanin-based colorant: 1. A composition, which is an anthocyanin-based colorant composition comprising 50-90 mol-%, based on the total amount of anthocyanins, of pelargonidin-based anthocyanins, and wherein (i) >70 mol-% of all anthocyanins are acylated with at least one phenolic acid; and (ii) >20 mol-% of all anthocyanins are acylated with at least... Agent: Chr. Hansen A/s

20150017304 - Oxidatively stable polyunsaturated fatty acid containing oil: An oil comprising (i) at least 30 wt. % of one or more polyunsaturated fatty acids having at least 4 double bonds; (ii) at least one first antioxidant; and (iii) less than about 1000 ppm lecithin. The oil may comprise less than about 750 ppm of a second antioxidant chosen... Agent:

20150017305 - Food product and method and apparatus for baking: Provide an oven and optional cooking accessories having a high emissivity thermal protective layer on a substrate surface which comprises a metal or ceramic. The layer comprises from about 5% to 30% of an inorganic adhesive, from about 45% to 92% of at least one filler, and from about 1%... Agent: Amf Automation Technologies LLC

20150017306 - Emulsified dispersant and emulsified composition: Emulsifying dispersants, comprising an amphipathic substance and an electrolyte, wherein the amphipathic substance forms two or more layers, are capable of stably dispersing a large amount of oil even when used in a small amount. Emulsion compositions containing such an emulsifying dispersant show high emulsion stability even when added to... Agent: Kanagawa University

20150017307 - Spreadable preparation with herbs: u

20150017309 - Nutritionally balanced food or beverage product: A pre-packaged food or beverage product is provided in which each complete serving of the product includes at least two macronutrients selected from protein, fat, or carbohydrates wherein each selected macronutrient is in an amount which provides the same relative proportion of the NRV as the selected other macronutrient, but... Agent:

20150017308 - Umami flavour composition from vegetable processing: A process for preparing a flavour composition having an umami flavour/taste and a MSG content of less than 1 wt % (% weight by total dry matter) comprising the steps of: a) heating vegetable matter in water at any given temperature to give cooking water containing flavour-active compounds water extracted... Agent:

20150017310 - Low calorie drink tablet: A beverage tablet comprising an effervescent system including a base selected from one or more carbonates, bicarbonates, or combinations thereof, where the base is present in an amount of about 5 wt % to about 40 wt % of the tablet; and where the tablet self-disperses in an aqueous liquid... Agent: Intercontinental Great Brands LLC

20150017311 - Partial neutralization of free fatty acid mixtures with potassium, livestock feed compositions including them, and methods of making same: This disclosure describes compositions that include a partially neutralized mixture of free fatty acid and a potassium salt of a fatty acid in which the potassium salt of the fatty acid is present in a molar ratio amount in the range of from about 10% to about 40% of the... Agent:

20150017312 - High protein meal and flour compostions and methods: This invention pertains to the development of a high protein oil seed flour as a replacement for both wheat based and gluten free flours used in baked, dry and liquid goods which optimizes nutrition. The seed flour is based on the novel use of processing sunflower and other oil type... Agent:

20150017313 - Biomass pelletizing process and pelletized products: A pelletizing process and pelletized product is provided using non-food or limited-feed agricultural residue, such as corn stover and soybean stubble, and for various uses, including energy production, such as ethanol or electricity generation, fuel and feed. The agricultural plant material is harvested and baled. The bales are transported to... Agent:

20150017314 - Cold batter mincing of meat through hot-boned and crust-freezing processes: Some embodiments of the disclosure are directed to a method of preparing meat. The method comprises the steps of: separating a meat segment from a carcass when the carcass has a temperature within five degrees Celsius (5° C.) of live body temperature; reducing the size of the meat segment into... Agent:

20150017315 - Apparatus, systems and methods for manufacturing food products: Apparatus, systems and methods are disclosed for manufacturing semi-moist meatballs. An illustrative embodiment provides a method of manufacturing generally spherical pet treats comprising: (a) providing a ground mix of proteinaceous material, flavor enhancers and preservatives to a portioning device that divides said mix into smaller portions of roughly uniform volume,... Agent: Del Monte Corporation

20150017316 - Method for producing carrot pectin: Disclosed is a method for producing carrot pectin wherein carrot is extracted with water at a temperature of below 100° C. under conditions with a pH of between 2 and 5, inclusive. The carrot pectin obtained by this production method exhibits excellent dispersion stability for proteins in a wide pH... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 23 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150010671 - Ingredients for animal feed compositions: The present invention relates to ingredients for animal feed compositions for enhancing animal growth and/or animal health. The invention also relates to methods for producing such ingredients and feed compositions. The methods of the invention further allow improving the palatableness and/or digestibility of feed compositions. More specifically, the invention describes... Agent:

20150010670 - Methods and compositions for improved digestion of milk oligosaccharides: Pre-biotic compositions containing oligosaccharides and probiotic compositions useful for treatment of a subject are provided herein. Also provided are methods for administering probiotic or pre-biotic compositions.... Agent:

20150010673 - P-cresol sulphate as a biomarker for healthy aging: Using NMR/MS based metabonomics and targeted lipidomics approaches the inventors have explored the metabolic phenotypes of aging and longevity in a cohort compromising centenarians, elderly and young adults. The inventors have identified biomarkers for a reduced risk of developing ageing related chronic inflammatory disorders and propose an in vitro method... Agent:

20150010669 - Pet food product and method for feeding pet food to pet: A pet food product having an excellent antiobesity effect and a method of feeding a pet pet food. The pet food product includes two kinds of pet food different in composition, pet food A and pet food B, in a manner such that they are not mixed with each other.... Agent: Nisshin Petfood Inc.

20150010672 - Slowly fermentable soluble dietary fiber: The embodiments described herein provide a method for improving bowel health by increasing short chain fatty acid concentration in the colon of a mammal including administering to the mammal a composition having from about 0.1 grams to about 50 grams of a treated bran product. After administration, the treated bran... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

20150010674 - Probiotic or symbiotic gelled products and method for the production thereof: The invention relates to gelled products such as gelatins for food consumption or wine gums, comprising probiotic microorganisms and, in some of the variants thereof, prebiotic microorganisms, said products being developed from drinks of plant origin such as juices made from fruit, vegetables and cereals, which are subjected to a... Agent: Universidad Miguel Hernandez De Elche

20150010675 - Purple corn nectar containing anthocyanins methods for making and applications thereof: The present invention relates among other things to an enzymatically produced purple corn nectar having a composition comprising saccharides and anthocyanins. The anthocyanin composition is present in concentrations of at least 40 mg/100 g of nectar and is a direct result of the process of making the corn nectar from... Agent: Suntava, Inc.

20150010676 - Acrylamide-degrading self-cloning aspergillus oryzae: Provided are self-cloning Aspergillus oryzae that expresses amidase without induction culture exhibiting high amidase degradation activity, and a method for reducing acrylamide in which this self-cloning Aspergillus oryzae is used. Self-cloning Aspergillus oryzae, which has a gene which codes a polypeptide with a specific amino acid sequence indicated in SEQ... Agent:

20150010677 - Method for removing nitrate from solution comprising salt component: The present invention provides a method for removing nitrate from a solution comprising a salt component, wherein the method transplants sulfur bacteria to a sulfur-containing plant, and enables the sulfur-containing plant to which the sulfur bacteria is transplanted to contact a solution that comprises a salt component so as to... Agent: Solux Lighting Fixture

20150010678 - Pouch location device: The present application relates to a pouch location device (18) for a machine (10) for dispensing beverages or foods, and in particular to a device for enabling a soft pouch (31) containing beverage or food ingredients to be accurately located in a bar code reader (37). The pouch location device... Agent: Kraft Foods R & D, Inc.

20150010679 - Continuous low temperature pasteurization system and method: A continuous low temperature food pasteurization system (10) includes a conveyor system (20) for conveying food products (FP) through a pasteurization chamber (40). A pre heater (140) may be located upstream from the pasteurization chamber, and an optional post heater (160) may be located downstream from the pasteurization chamber. A... Agent: John Bean Technologies Corporation

20150010680 - Method for producing a beverage using a portion capsule: The invention proposes a portion capsule for producing a beverage, having a capsule body with a capsule base and a filling side, with a cavity for accommodating a pulverulent or liquid beverage base being formed between the capsule base and the filling side, with a filter element being arranged between... Agent:

20150010681 - Cultivated oryza sativa plant having a partially or fully multiplied genome and uses of same: A cultivated Oryza sativa plant is provided. The cultivated Oryza sativa plant has a partially or fully multiplied genome being at least as fertile as a diploid Oryza sativa plant isogenic to said genomically multiplied Oryza sativa plant when grown under the same conditions.... Agent:

20150010682 - Kitchen utensil: A combination grating and juicing apparatus comprising a bowl-shaped combination grater and juicer, a receptacle for containing grated and juiced food products, and a pressure applicator. The concave surface is a grater with a plurality of cutting edges, and the convex surface is a juicer with a plurality of ridges.... Agent:

20150010683 - Food sterilization method: A food sterilization method combines membrane filtration with a high pressure process or a heating process. The disclosed method makes it possible for large scale commercialization of non-chemical, non-destructive food product sterilization. The food product thus processed retains its natural flavor and nutritional value with extended shelf life.... Agent:

20150010684 - Apparatus and procedure for the molding and cooking of stuffed food products: A molding and cooking apparatus for pieces of stuffed product such as cooked hams, which includes one or more molding cavities long enough so that more than one piece of stuffed product can be introduced in the same molding cavity, inserting separators which help to shape the ends of the... Agent:

20150010685 - Method and apparatus for producing baked goods: A method and an apparatus for producing baked goods in a predefined shape are described, wherein a piece of dough is baked in a closed mold cavity (5) after a rising in direct succession with heat supply, wherein the piece of dough completely fills up the mold cavity (5) with... Agent:

20150010686 - Low-calorie pasta and method for the production thereof: Repeated attempts have been made to produce low-calorie pasta that has the characteristics of conventional pasta. According to the invention, the aim is achieved using a dough made of durum wheat flour, or oat bran, microcellulose, polysaccharides, oil, an emulsifier and water. Any kind of pasta is formed from the... Agent:

20150010687 - Encased solid food and method for manufacturing the same: According to the present invention, an encased mousse-form solid food is provided. The encased mousse-form solid food includes a container with an opening, a mousse-form solid body contained inside the container, a viscous liquid contained inside the container and covering a circumference of the mousse-form solid body, and a lid... Agent:

20150010688 - Cheese-like food article: The present invention aims at providing a cheese-like food product, which has mechanical processing adaptability such as shreddability, is easily melted by heat treatment, and maintains a soft edible texture even after it is cooled down. The inventors of the present invention discovered that a cheese-like food product, which includes... Agent:

20150010689 - Process for producing material for food or beverage: Heating an oil from a plant or animal while supplying oxygen at a dissolved oxygen supply speed of not less than 0.058 mg/L/min to the oil from plant or animal is a convenient production method of a material for food or drink, which is capable of imparting an aroma and/or... Agent: Ajinomoto Co., Inc

20150010690 - Method for the preparation of oil-containing meat-based products comprising a direct oil addition protocol: The present invention relates to oil-containing meat-based products, preferably products made of finely or/and coarsely comminuted meat or minced meat, which exhibit exceptional stability. Moreover, the present invention pertains to a process for preparing said oil-containing meat-based products, comprising a simultaneous addition of oil and aqueous medium to a meat... Agent:

20150010691 - Fresh potato preservative and method of using same: A fresh potato preservative and method of using the preservative for fresh cut potatoes that significantly extend the shelf life of fresh cut potatoes are provided. The fresh potato preservative preserves the texture, flavor, appearance, and color of the fresh potatoes, particularly exposed surfaces of the fresh potatoes that have... Agent:

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20150004279 - Compositions and methods for enhancing exercise performance: Compositions and methods are provided for improving canine exercise performance. The compositions are pre-exercise supplements that generally comprise (a) about 35% to about 60% protein or amino acids, comprising one or more structural proteins, one or more bioavailable proteins and one or more branched chain amino acids; (b) about 20%... Agent:

20150004280 - Fasting condition as dietary treatment of diabetes: A method of alleviating symptoms of, or treating, pancreatic beta-cell damage in a subject includes a step of identifying a subject having pancreatic beta-cell damage. Multiple cycles of a diet protocol are administered to the subject. The diet protocol includes administering of a fasting mimicking diet and a re-feeding diet... Agent:

20150004281 - Low density chewing gum and method of making same: Low density chewing gums having a density of less than 0.60 g/cc comprise at least 50% polymer and less than 40% bulking agent and filler combined. The low density chewing gum may be produced by mixing the ingredients with supercritical fluid carbon dioxide and cooling the mixture. The mixture may... Agent:

20150004282 - Dietary supplements containing caffeine and niacin: Dietary supplements that can provide energy to a user are described herein. The dietary supplements can contain a delivery matrix suitable for being added to a foodstuff, caffeine and niacin. The dietary supplements can be odorless and flavorless. The caffeine can be provided by green coffee bean extract. Other components,... Agent: Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc.

20150004283 - Method for making a two component beverage and associated two compartment container: A method is provided for forming a two component beverage using a container having two compartments, an upper compartment and a lower compartment, each containing a beverage ingredient, The upper compartment contains a first beverage ingredient, such as powdered milk, and the lower compartment 8 contains a second beverage ingredient,... Agent:

20150004284 - Pet food: In a pet food for a senior cat, and the like, for which strict adjustment of the content of the mineral component is required, to provide a pet food excellent in terms of palatability at the same time while stabilizing the quality by the strict adjustment of the mineral component.... Agent:

20150004285 - Compositions and methods for the stability of reactive amino acids in a food matrix: The present disclosure provides products and methods that provide for the stability of functional amino acids in food matrices. In a general embodiment, the products include either a source of beta-glucans or a source of protein low in reducing sugars, in combination with a functional amino acid in a binder... Agent:

20150004286 - Method of instantizing amino acids: This disclosure describes a process for producing an instantized amino acid product and compositions including such instantized amino acid products. Generally, the process includes obtaining a particulate amino acid, coating the amino acid particles with an aqueous solution of a food grade gum, adhering two or more gum-coated amino acid... Agent:

20150004287 - Oxygen, water vapor, and carbon dioxide absorption in a single use container: The invention provides for a method of absorbing carbon dioxide comprising providing a container containing a product that gives off carbon dioxide, placing calcium hydroxide into the container, and sealing the container to form a sealed container.... Agent:

20150004288 - Systems and methods for making single-cup beverages: Systems and methods are disclosed for providing hot beverages using a beverage system integrated into a faucet. The faucet- integrated beverage system can include a hot water reservoir mounted under a countertop and fluidly coupled to a cold water supply line. The temperature and fill level in the hot water... Agent:

20150004289 - Method for cooking foods, and apparatus implementing the method: Provided is a cooking apparatus, preferably including a plurality of heating plates for contact cooking. The cooking time is determined by selecting a desired degree of cooking of the food. After estimating the surface area occupied by the food on one of the heating plates, said cooking time is calculated... Agent: Seb S.a.

20150004290 - Method for producing purified tea extract: Provided is a production method for a purified tea extract having improved solubility of the non-polymer catechins in a solvent. The production method for a purified tea extract according to the present invention comprises bringing a tea extract into contact with a magnesium-type or lithium-type cation exchange resin.... Agent:

20150004291 - Honey cube: A honey gelatin product for use as a sweetener and the like comprises or consists of about one teaspoon of filtered alfalfa honey added into an animal gelatin cube of bovine gelatin that is solidified as for example a relatively generally cubic shaped lozenge. The invention also contemplates making a... Agent:

20150004292 - Preserving seasoning flavour profiles during the manufacturing of food-seasoning sheets: A method and an installation are provided for preserving desired seasoning flavour profiles during the manufacturing of food-seasoning sheets. The method includes the steps of; laying a thin layer of adhesive on a base sheet; removing air from the adhesive prior to the step of laying; reducing free moisture from... Agent: Transform Pack Inc.

20150004293 - Biopreservation methods for beverages and other foods: Several embodiments of the present invention relate generally to the use of non-pathogenic microorganisms to prevent the growth and/or activity of pathogenic microorganisms in food products. More specifically, several embodiments relate to manipulation of the pH of low acid foods by non-pathogenic microorganisms to generate a local environment that is... Agent:

20150004294 - Method for enhancing postprocessing content of beneficial compounds in beverages naturally containing same: A process for enhancing polyphenolics content of beverages brewed from polyphenolic containing, processed beverage substrate by pre-soaking substrate (coffee beans, for example) before roasting and then quenching the substrate after processing with the liquid in which the substrate was first “pre-soaked.” Beverages produced from the treated substrate exhibit substantially increased... Agent:

20150004295 - Processes for preparing fruit and vegetable snacks: A process for preparing concentrated food products including using a centrifugal evaporator to for a concentrated food mixture that can be passed through an extruder to form a final concentrated food product. The concentrated food product is made of 100 weight percent fruit and vegetables wherein no sugar is added... Agent:

20150004296 - Forced moisture evacuation for rapid baking: A baking device is provided. The baking device includes a housing enclosing a baking compartment and an air handling compartment, the air handling compartment and the baking compartment being separated by a pressure panel that defines a rear wall of the baking compartment, the pressure panel including an aperture allowing... Agent: Middleby Marshall Holdings LLC D/b/a Nuvu Food Service Systems

20150004297 - Outdoor grill, oven and fire pit unit: A multi-purpose unit configured for fire usage having a body with an interior volume selectively closable by doors attached to sidewalls spaced between a base and a top. The interior volume contains spaces for grilling, baking, and heating. The heating space houses a grate to support a heat source. The... Agent:

20150004299 - Baked confectionery and method for manufacturing same: Described herein is a baked confectionery which is produced by baking a fat-based confectionery comprising a nut, wherein the baked confectionery preferably comprises a compound selected from the group consisting of isomaltulose, mannitol, and maltitol. Also, described herein is a method for producing a baked confectionery, comprising preparing a fat-based... Agent: Meiji Co., Ltd.

20150004298 - Low level blend of monatin and rebaudioside a: An edible consumable composition comprises rebaudioside A in an amount less than or equal to 30 ppm and monatin in an amount of less than or equal to 4 ppm. This combination of rebaudioside A and monatin has been found to provide food and beverages with excellent sweetness characteristics, and... Agent: Cargill, Incorporated

20150004300 - Gluten-free food composition and food products prepared therefrom: A gluten-free food composition consisting of at least one derivative of Cannabis Sativa, at least one derivative of 5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid and suitable food ingredients is described. In particular, products prepared with this food composition are perfectly suitable for the diet of gluten-intolerant patients, allowing not only the absorption of substances... Agent:

20150004301 - Whole grain flour and products including same: A grain product includes a first fraction including bran and a second fraction including germ. The first fraction is milled to a first particle size of less than 500 micrometers. The second fraction is milled to a second particle size of less than 500 micrometers. The grain product is at... Agent:

20150004302 - Transgenic plants having increased tolerance to aluminum: Methods and materials for modulating aluminum tolerance in plants are disclosed. For example, nucleic acids encoding aluminum tolerance-modulating polypeptides are disclosed as well as methods for using such nucleic acids to transform plant cells. Also disclosed are plants having increased tolerance to aluminum and methods of increasing plant yield in... Agent:

20150004303 - Cocoa powder and processes for its production: A process for the production of black cocoa powder comprises an alkalization step in which an alkalizing salt is added to cocoa beans, or products derived therefrom, in the absence of iron. The alkalizing salt may be ammonium, calcium, magnesium, potassium or sodium carbonate, ammonium, potassium or sodium bicarbonate, ammonium,... Agent:

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