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Food or edible material: processes, compositions, and products

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05/21/2015 > 38 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20150140163 - Compositions and methods for coating dry pet food kibble: Compositions and methods are provided for evenly coating or glazing dry pet food kibbles for improved palatability without loss of crunchiness of the dry kibbles over an extended time period. The coating compositions comprise water and at least one of a gum or a modified starch. The coating composition can... Agent:

20150140164 - Methods for managing weight loss and body mass: The invention provides methods for promoting weight loss by an animal, promoting weight loss by an animal while preventing or minimizing loss of lean body mass by the animal, preventing a reduction in energy metabolism by an animal, reducing the risk of regaining weight by an animal after weight loss,... Agent:

20150140161 - Methods of improving tolerance related to feeding in an infant, toddler, or child: Disclosed are nutritional formulations including predigested fats that can be administered to preterm infants, infants, toddlers, and children for improving tolerance, digestion, and absorption of nutrients and for reducing the incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis, colic, and short bowel syndrome. The predigested fats include fatty acid-containing monoglycerides and/or a fatty acid... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20150140162 - Microwave rice cooking bowl: A bowl is provided for rapid and repeatable high quality cooking of rice or other grains within a microwave. The bowl includes a reservoir with a floor and walls extending up from the floor to a rim. Handles are preferably provided extending laterally from the rim. A rice line is... Agent:

20150140165 - Use of polypeptides having protease activity in animal feed and detergents: The present invention relates to the use of isolated polypeptides having protease activity in animal feed and detergents. It also relates to the use of isolated nucleic acid sequences encoding the proteases in the recombinant production of isolated polypeptides having protease activity and isolated nucleic acid sequences encoding the proteases.... Agent:

20150140166 - Process for preparing a liquid food product enriched with oligosaccharides and with polysaccharides: The subject matter of the invention is a process for preparing a liquid food product enriched with oligosaccharides and with polysaccharides starting from berries, in the absence of alcoholic fermentation in the presence of the berries, which comprises (a) heating the berries at a temperature ranging from 40° C. to... Agent:

20150140167 - Microencapsulated bacterial consortium for the degradation of gluten into sourdough and method for producing said sourdough: The present invention is related to a microencapsulated bacterial consortium for gluten degradation, which comprises: a) three different strains of commercially available lactic-acid bacteria; b) encapsulating agents; c) prebiotics; and d) trehalose; in combination with a proteolytic enzyme of bacterial origin and a proteolytic enzyme of fungal origin. Preferably, the... Agent:

20150140168 - Method of baking: The present invention relates to the making of sponge cake, more particularly making of sponge cake using polypeptides having lysophospholipase activity. The invention also relates to compositions comprising polypeptides having lysophospholipase activity.... Agent:

20150140169 - Enzyme variants: The invention relates to a polypeptide having chymosin activity which: a. is capable of hydrolysing bovine alpha s1-casein at position F23F24 so as to form αs1-I CN (f24-199) more rapidly than camel chymosin; and b. has a C/P ratio higher than the C/P ratio of bovine chymosin.... Agent:

20150140170 - Acidified milk product: e

20150140171 - Two-phase fermentation of staphylococcus increases nitrate reductase activity: The present invention is related to the field of reddening of food products. In particular the present invention relates to a two-phase fermentation method for boosting the nitrate reductase activity of Staphylococcus strains with nitrate reductase activity comprising a first aerobic phase in the absence of nitrate and a second... Agent: Chr. Hansen A/s

20150140172 - Sandwich granule: The present teachings provide an improved layered granule comprising a sandwich structure of a first and second moisture barrier layer encompassing a moisture hydrating layer. The sandwich granules can be used in a variety of contexts, including animal feed. Methods of making and using are also provided.... Agent: Danisco US Inc.

20150140176 - Carbohydrate gel: The present invention generally relates to the field of nutrition, in particular performance nutrition. In particular, the present invention relates to a novel carbohydrate gel comprising glucose and fructose in a ratio in the range of 3:1 to 1:1. The carbohydrate gel of the present invention can be used to... Agent:

20150140173 - Gluten-free flour blend: An all-purpose gluten-free flour blend for use by persons with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, food allergies, autism spectrum disorder, and others wishing to eliminate gluten from their diet. An embodiment of an ail-purpose gluten-free flour blend may comprise specified amounts of gluten-free whole-grain flours, other gluten-free flours, gluten-free starches, and... Agent:

20150140175 - Human milk permeate compositions and methods of making and using same: This disclosure features human milk permeates and compositions containing the same obtained from fractionated whole human milk. The oligosaccharide rich permeate and permeate compositions of the present invention are useful as nutritional supplements for pre-term and full term infants, for establishing or maintaining gut flora and for treating the symptoms... Agent:

20150140174 - Infant formula milk powder and preparation method thereof: The present invention relates to an infant formula milk powder capable of preventing and alleviating infant iron deficiency anemia and a preparation method thereof. The formula milk powder comprises components such as vegetable oil, fresh milk, whey powder, lactose powder, whey protein powder, oligosaccharides, complex vitamins and complex minerals, wherein... Agent: Zhejiang Canobank Health Product Co., Ltd.

20150140178 - Complete nutritional powder and preparation method thereof: The invention discloses complete nutritional powder and a preparation method thereof. The powder is characterized by containing vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, niacin, vitamin B 12, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin D, vitamin E, biotin, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, chromium, copper, manganese,... Agent:

20150140177 - Shelf-stable, preservative-free liquid beverage enhancer products: A liquid beverage enhancer product including a shelf-stable highly concentrated liquid flavor and color solution including at least 10% non-water solvents with humectant properties including propylene glycol, glycerol, ethanol and other alcohols. The liquid beverage enhancer product in combination with beverages or non-beverage food products. A method of enhancing a... Agent: Amt Group, LLC Dba Imbibe

20150140179 - Infusion packet and its manufacture: The present invention relates to an infusion packet (51) comprising a top (52), a bottom (53), a first side (54) and a second side (55); wherein the bottom (53) of the packet is defined by a gusset (61) and each side (54, 55) of the packet is defined by a... Agent: Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

20150140180 - Food product and method of making same: An improved s'more-like food product allows the user to achieve the same taste profile as a conventional s'mores food product while greatly simplifying the preparation of the food product by the user. The improved s'more-like food product is pre-made such that the marshmallow element effectively “overwraps” the chocolate and graham... Agent:

20150140181 - Compositions: An encapsulated flavour particle, comprising a vegetable matter particulate core and a flavour coating comprising a sprayed emulsion of flavour and thermoreversible potato starch, the thermoreversible potato starch comprising at least 80% by weight of amylopectin modified with amylomaltase enzyme. The particles provide good flavour release characteristics in consumable compositions,... Agent:

20150140182 - Ingredient capsule for beverage preparation: Capsule (9) for use in a beverage preparation machine (1), said capsule comprising side (10), bottom (12) and top (11) walls defining a closed chamber, said chamber containing an ingredient, said capsule further comprising a beverage dispensing wall able to open for releasing a beverage prepared from said ingredient and... Agent:

20150140184 - Method and apparatus for accelerated or controlled degassing of roasted coffee: An apparatus for accelerated or controlled degassing of roasted coffee. The apparatus comprises a container for receiving and retaining roasted coffee, a source of inert gas in fluid communication with the container, and a controller. The controller includes a timer and a valve. The valve is operatively associated with the... Agent:

20150140183 - Method, metering device and metering valve for the aseptic measured delivery of a liquid additive into a forced flow of a base product: A method for the aseptic measured delivery of a liquid additive (Z) into a forced flow of a base product (P), wherein the additive (Z) is removed from a storage container (18) under aseptic conditions by means of a removal conduit (18a) and is fed via an end section (E)... Agent: Gea Tds Gmbh

20150140185 - Solvent-free approach for separation of constituent fractions of pulses, grains, oilseeds, and dried fruits: The present invention relates to a novel solvent-free process for the production of protein-, starch- and fiber-enriched fractions or fractions rich in specific compounds from pulses, grains, oilseeds, and dried fruits. Unlike conventional wet processes, this dry process preserves the natural configuration and structure of separated components. This process employs... Agent:

20150140186 - Clostridium botulinum control in midly processed refrigerated food products: The protection of low-acid, high moisture and/or high water activity processed food products against outgrowth of Clostridium botulinum. It was surprisingly found that combinations of propionic acid and/or a salt thereof with nisin are very effective in preventing Clostridium botulinum outgrowth. In certain embodiments, cinnamic acid and/or a salt thereof... Agent: Purac Biochem B.v.

20150140187 - Foaming coffee composition: The present invention provides a foaming instant coffee composition comprising particles having a bulk density of from 0.16 to 0.45 g/cm3, said particles comprising a continuous phase comprising an instant coffee matrix and a non-continuous phase comprising particles of a foamable component containing a gas.... Agent:

20150140188 - Process for the continuous production of pasteurized dried minced meat, reconstituted in the form of thin slabs, and unit for carrying out said process: e

20150140189 - Products with improved foaming properties: The present invention relates to improvements of foaming properties achieved by using unroasted coffee solids. Specifically the invention relates to dried soluble powders with improved foaming properties upon dissolution. The products have a foaming particle porosity of at least 20%.... Agent:

20150140190 - Concentric symmetrical branched heat exchanger system: A concentric symmetrical branched heat exchanger system includes an inlet manifold that divides the product flow evenly in the first section of the system and also includes an array of tubular concentric heat exchangers arranged in parallel and in series. Flow through each leg of the system can be divided... Agent:

20150140191 - Process for the enrichment of gluten and starch fractions in wheat flour: The present invention relates to a process for the continuous or semi-continuous enrichment of one or more gluten fractions and one or more starch fractions in wheat flour. It further relates an apparatus for the separation, and to gluten enriched fractions and starch enriched fractions thus obtained.... Agent:

20150140192 - Production method for frozen noodles and composition for preventing freezer burn: Provided is frozen noodles in which freezer burn is unlikely to occur. A method for producing frozen noodles comprises: a step of attaching a composition to cooked noodles, the composition comprising at least water, oil or fat and a polysaccharide thickener, and having a viscosity of from 30 to 2000... Agent: Nisshin Foods, Inc.

20150140193 - Composition for the preparation of homemade frozen confections: The present invention relates to a shelf-stable composition for the preparation of a frozen confection comprising: (i) a sweetening agent; (ii) a dairy fat; and (iii) one or more polysaccharide having a Dextrose Equivalent (DE) value of maximum 40; with the proviso that the composition does not comprise added emulsifiers... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20150140194 - Method for manufacturing modified whey composition, modified whey composition, and method for manufacturing calcium-enriched modified whey composition: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a modified whey composition, the method having a liquid preparation step of preparing a raw material whey liquid using a whey composition containing whey protein, and a heating step of subjecting the raw material whey liquid to a heat treatment, wherein... Agent:

20150140195 - Concentrated shelf stable liquid coffee and methods of making thereof: The present invention is directed to a technique of producing an ultra-concentrated liquid coffee that is shelf-stable at ambient temperature without the need for refrigeration or freezing. This invention further relates to a process for manufacturing ultra-concentrated stabilized liquid coffee with enhanced freshness, aroma and flavor retention without acidity or... Agent:

20150140196 - Crystallization accelerator: A crystallization accelerator includes a polymer compound that includes, as constituent components, a C18-28 hydroxy saturated fatty acid, which respectively has a hydroxyl group and a carboxyl group at both terminals and may have one carbonyl group in the chain thereof, a glycerin and optionally a fatty acid. The polymer... Agent:

20150140197 - Process for the preparation of edible fat-continuous emulsions: Process for manufacturing edible fat continuous emulsions comprising 10 to 85 wt. % of a dispersed water-phase and 15 to 90 wt. % of total fat, said process comprising the steps of: a. providing a water-phase; b. providing liquid oil; c. providing fat powder comprising hardstock fat; d. providing hardstock... Agent: Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

20150140198 - Blade assembly and method of making cut food products: A lattice-cut potato product is sliced so that the ridges and grooves on one surface of the slices are oriented transversely to the ridges and grooves on the opposite surface of the slices. The sizes and shapes of the ridges and grooves are particularly selected so that each point in... Agent: Mccain Foods Usa, Inc.

05/14/2015 > 37 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20150132431 - Cholesterol-reducing diet: A method of treating macular degeneration comprising a specific dietary regimen. The regimen includes lipids as approximately 70% or more of daily caloric content, protein up to 10%-15% of daily caloric content; and carbohydrates up to 25% or less of daily caloric content, primarily in the form of non-starchy, low-glycemic... Agent:

20150132432 - Feed composition for reducing ruminant methanogenesis: The present invention refers to a method for reducing methane production in ruminants comprising administering to said ruminant a feed composition containing a flavanone glycoside.... Agent:

20150132433 - Insect products and methods of manufacture and use thereof: Methods for producing insect product are provided that include wet-grinding at least one whole insect into an insect slurry and drying the insect slurry to form a dried insect product comprising solid insect matter particles. Methods for producing a chitin product are also provided that include wet-grinding at least one... Agent:

20150132434 - Spaghetti-like fish products, methods of manufacture thereof: An edible product including surimi, fish or fish portions, in various pasta-like shapes. The edible product has a high satiety index relative to unprocessed cooked fish and also provides a low glycemic index when compared to conventional pasta. Also disclosed is a method of manufacturing the edible product in various... Agent:

20150132435 - Quick pickle fermentation cure: The fermentation of cucumbers and other vegetables into pickles is traditionally a long term process. By exposing the flesh of the vegetable and pickling with calcium chloride instead of sodium chloride, a faster fermentation pickle is achieved with no decrease in quality.... Agent: A-ferm Systems, LLC

20150132436 - Additive composition for shrimp feed and a method for producing the same: The present invention relates to an additive composition for shrimp feed and a method for producing the same, and more particularly to an additive composition for shrimp feed and a method for producing the same which both increases the survival and the growth rate of aquacultural shrimp and prevents seawater... Agent: J&b Bio Inc.

20150132437 - Method and system for regulating leavening reactions: A method and system for regulating the reaction rate of leavening agents in a dough product is described. The method and system include adding a regulating agent to a leavening system to manipulate the rate of reaction of the leavening agents in the dough. A method for preparing a chemically-leavened... Agent:

20150132438 - Ready to eat cold vegetable cakes with ingredients: Cold and ready to eat vegetable cakes, and with a variety of ingredient combinations are suitable for healthy consumption. The vegetable cakes are soft in texture and high in nutrition. People can save the time and energy of preparing and cooking of the food. Serving size can be a single... Agent:

20150132439 - Novel branded pet food: The invention relates to a pet food, in particular to a novel branded pet food. The pet food is prepared by the following steps: finishing a fresh meat raw material; chopping the finished meat raw material into meat paste; uniformly mixing all ingredients and the meat paste raw material in... Agent:

20150132440 - Dipeptide and tripeptide compositions and uses: A composition of dipeptides or tripeptides or ester derivatives may be used as a nutritional supplement and to modulate expression of genes associated with healthy maintenance and regulation of muscular and neurological tissue. The compositions include dipeptides and/or tripeptides of branched chain amino acids and optionally include adjuvants, anti-aging compounds... Agent:

20150132441 - Capsule for making beverages: A capsule (1) containing a powdered food substance which can be extracted by passing water through it to make a beverage comprises a body (2) comprising a lower wall (3) and a lateral wall (4), and a lid (6) fixed to the body (2). The lid (6) and a central... Agent: Caffitaly System S.p.a

20150132443 - Purification program: A method for a mammal to remove toxins from the mammal's system, the method includes the steps of providing instructions for the mammal to ingest a set of substances periodically according to a set of instructions and to practice a set of wellness regimen periodically. The set of instructions comprises... Agent:

20150132442 - System and method for food delivery: A food delivery system includes a wrapper, a top bun, a beef patty, a slice of cheese, and a bottom bun. The beef patty has a bottom surface that is adjacent to a bottom portion of an internal surface of the wrapper. The slice of cheese is melted between a... Agent: Dj Burgers, Inc.

20150132444 - Production of shredded products with inclusions: A method for making a shredded product having a marbled surface and the resulting product are provided. The method includes partially cooking an uncooked mass in a first cooking process to form a partially cooked mass and then combining the partially cooked mass with an inclusion component to form an... Agent:

20150132445 - Capsule for the preparation of a beverage by centrifugation: Capsule (1) for the preparation of a beverage by centrifugation in a beverage preparation device; the capsule comprising: a generally concave outer wall (2) and a generally concave inner wall (3); each wall having a peripheral portion (4, 5) extending substantially revolutionary around a central axis (I) and a bottom... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20150132446 - Snack-size pet food mix: An individually-packaged shelf-stable snack-sized pet food mix. The pet food mix includes at least two visually identifiable dried ingredients, wherein a total amount of about 5 grams to about 25 grams of the pet food mix is contained within the individual package and provides less than about 25% of the... Agent:

20150132447 - Bonded packaging system for foods: The present invention relates to a new, adhesively bonded packaging system for foods, more particularly for dairy products.... Agent: Basf Se

20150132448 - Low-calorie sol food material, low-calorie sol food material in package container, and manufacturing method thereof: A manufacturing method of a low-calorie sol food material includes four steps. The first step includes stirring a mixture of water, glucomannan or konjac refined flour or a combination thereof, and a poorly-soluble water absorbent, whereby the mixture is swollen to form a sol substance. The second step includes kneading... Agent:

20150132449 - Beverage producing equipment and method: A beverage producing apparatus and method are provided for producing a beverage, using an identification label of a beverage substance cartridge.... Agent:

20150132450 - Cooking apparatus and method for controlling a cooking apparatus: Cooking apparatus comprising at least one baking mould (11, 12) with a first (13) and a second (14) heating element; and a control system (16) configured to control the power supply to the first (13) and the second (14) heating element, wherein the control system (16) is configured to provide... Agent:

20150132451 - Pet chew articles and methods of manufacture: Pet chew products and methods of manufacturing such products are disclosed. Some pet chew products may comprise puffed pieces of dry animal tissue, such as bully stick, or puffed pieces of hardened cheese, such as hardened yak cheese made for pet consumption. Some pet chew products may comprise hardened cheese,... Agent:

20150132452 - Frozen pizza preparation method: A frozen pizza rapid preparation method that allows an ordinary consumer to rapidly prepare a frozen pizza with a crisp crust by steps of obtaining a frozen pizza having a crust that has been baked before it has been frozen, microwave heating the pizza, transferring the pizza to a stovetop... Agent:

20150132453 - Method for decorating a cake with a cake coating: A method for decorating a cake: providing a solid edible figure contour having an open top face and an open bottom face, and at least one void; providing a solid edible frame; placing the contour and the frame on a pan; filling the at least one void of the solid... Agent:

20150132454 - Multiple texture food: The disclosure herein provides a process for the manufacture of a multiple texture food product. The process includes providing a dairy material, freezing the dairy material by cooling it to a temperature of −2° C. or less, aerating the frozen dairy material, shaping the aerated, frozen dairy material, and depositing... Agent:

20150132455 - Processing in making ready to eat confectionery snack shapes for decoration: A process for ready to eat confectionery snack included a fruit chewy casing with center filling. The filling can be jam-like, sugar paste-like, other substance like. The product shapes can have a variety of shapes or not limited to create and various color for recreational use.... Agent:

20150132456 - Multiple drawer smoker: Disclosed herein is a smoker with multiple separate drawers for smoking meat, fish, sausage, etc. In an example embodiment, one drawer may contain water and another drawer may contain smoking material such as wood chips. The sliding drawers enable the maintenance of a stable smoking temperature and offer a safer... Agent:

20150132457 - Seafood packaging and pastuerization method and system: The present invention is directed to a system and method for packaging and pasteurizing seafood which results in an extended shelf life.... Agent: Harbor Seafood, Inc.

20150132458 - Hot beverage maker: A hot beverage maker includes a pump, a kettle, a pumped fluid conduit, and a brew basket assembly. The kettle includes a reservoir, a heating element in the kettle for heating water in the reservoir, a spout for pouring water from the reservoir, and a pump inlet opening for providing... Agent:

20150132459 - Process and apparatus for the reduction of alcohol in fermented beverages: A process is disclosed for reducing alcohol in a fermented beverage without heat damage and without degrading the original flavor profile of the fermented beverage. The process generally includes the steps of: (i) removing aromatics from the wine; (ii) removing alcohol from the wine; (iii) refluxing a portion of the... Agent:

20150132460 - Production device and production method for layered food: Provided are a production device and a production method for producing layered food having an outer shape and an inner hole shape formed into a shape different from a circular shape. A production device for layered food (1) includes: a dough supply section (3) for causing liquid dough to adhere... Agent:

20150132461 - Mold with optimized heat transfer properties: A mold (1) for the production of confectionery products, comprising a top surface (2) having cavities (2a) and an opposite bottom surface (3), comprising at least one protruding element (5) at the bottom surface (3) of the mold (1) for increasing the heat transfer rate between the mold (1) and... Agent:

20150132462 - Highly active antioxidant based on trehalulose: The invention provides an improved antioxidant for food, animal feed, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, as well as compositions that contain this antioxidant as preferably the only additive having an antioxidative effect.... Agent: Sudzucker Aktiengesellschaft Mannheim/ochsenfurt

20150132463 - Reduced-calorie partially-frozen beverages: The present disclosure provides for a reduced-calorie partially-frozen beverage, concentrate syrup, mix and a method for making a reduced-calorie partially-frozen beverage. The freezing point of the partially-frozen beverage is depressed through the use of an L-sugar, such as, for example, L-hexose monosaccharide alone or in combination with other freezing point... Agent:

20150132464 - Special blended compositions containing corn flour and potato flakes: This invention is a blended composition of 76-80% Corn flour and 20-24% Potato flakes; for the preparation of FUFU a popular Africa meal, and for making Infant and Children food formula.... Agent:

20150132465 - Method and apparatus for making cereal flakes: Visually distinct, flaked Ready-to-Eat (“R-T-E”) cereal products with varied texture and thickness are produced by forming a cereal dough and forcing the same through an extrusion die assembly including various spaced openings which establish a plurality of dough streams which are merged prior to reaching a die outlet. Directly at... Agent: General Mills, Inc.

20150132466 - Nutritional products including a novel fat system including fatty acids: Disclosed are nutritional formulations including predigested fats that can be administered to preterm infants, infants, toddlers, and children for improving tolerance, digestion, and absorption of nutrients and for reducing the incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis, colic, and short bowel syndrome. The predigested fats include fatty acid-containing monoglycerides and/or a fatty acid... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20150132467 - Ready to drink beverages and methods of making thereof: Ready to drink beverages are provided. In a general embodiment, the present disclosure provides a ready to drink high-protein chocolate beverage including a protein component, a cocoa component, and a stabilizing system. The protein component may be present in an amount from about 4% to about 12% by weight of... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 22 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150125568 - Healthy composition for lowering cholesterol for use in foods, beverages, health supplements and medical foods: Disclosed is a composition consisting of beta-glucan (1,3), (1,4) β-D Glucan), plant sterols and a hydrocolloid. A natural way to help lower blood serum cholesterol levels to a consumer and or patient with the effective amount of disclosed composition. For use in foods, beverages, dietary supplement products and medical foods.... Agent:

20150125570 - Milk-based nutritional compositions containing lactoferrin and uses thereof: The present disclosure relates to milk-based nutritional compositions comprising lactoferrin and/or a prebiotic component, wherein, when combined, the lactoferrin and prebiotic component may exhibit additive or synergistic beneficial effects on the health and development of a pediatric subject. The disclosure further relates to methods comprising the administration of said milk-based... Agent:

20150125569 - Preterm formula: The present invention relates to a method and a composition for feeding low birthweight infants (LBW infants), very low birthweight infants (VLBW infants), extremely low birthweight infants (ELBW infants) and preterm infants for improving oral tolerance.... Agent: N.v. Nutricia

20150125571 - Fermented dairy products containing sweetener and flavor modifier derived from stevia and methods of producing same: Sweetener compositions including mainly highly purified steviol glycosides, and methods for making and using these compositions as a sweetener to sweeten fermented dairy products, are described.... Agent:

20150125572 - Moisture resistant wafer: The present invention relates to a moisture resistant or moisture tolerant wafer which retains its crispy texture when exposed to moisture.... Agent:

20150125573 - System and method of producing printed decorations: A process of producing printed decorations includes providing a gumpaste mixture, creating a plurality of blanks from the mixture, arranging the plurality of blanks onto a platen of a printer, printing a pattern on the plurality of blanks, after the printing, removing the plurality of blanks from the platen, and... Agent: Decopac, Inc.

20150125574 - Flexible containers for use with short shelf-life products, and methods for accelerating distribution of flexible containers: A flexible container formed of first and second flexible materials, which may be laminates. The flexible materials can include a gas barrier layer. The gas barrier properties may be selected so as to be adequate for short shelf-life products or fluent products having low susceptibility to dissolving or water loss.... Agent:

20150125575 - Flexible containers for use with short shelf-life products, and methods for accelerating distribution of flexible containers: In certain embodiments, the invention relates to an article having a liquid-impregnated surface. The surface includes a matrix of solid features (e.g., non-toxic and/or edible features) spaced sufficiently close to stably contain a liquid therebetween or therewithin, wherein the liquid is non-toxic and/or edible. The article may contain, for example,... Agent:

20150125576 - Ingredient capsule for beverage preparation: Capsule (9) for use in a beverage preparation machine (1), said capsule comprising side (10), bottom (12) and top (11) walls defining a closed chamber, said capsule further comprising a beverage dispensing wall able to open for releasing a beverage prepared from said ingredient and said fluid, said capsule comprising... Agent:

20150125577 - Tuber storage test methods: This disclosure provides a method useful for identifying tubers (e.g., potatoes) suitable for long-term cold storage. Generally, the method includes analyzing a plurality of potatoes for at least one cold storage indicator, and storing at least a portion of the plurality of potatoes for a predetermined time at a predetermined... Agent:

20150125578 - Beverage carbonating system and method for carbonating a beverage: A beverage carbonation system, container, carbonator and method for carbonating a beverage are provided. The beverage carbonation system has a container that is removably engageable with a carbonator. The container has a container outlet valve and a container inlet valve that are fluidly engageable with a carbonator outlet port and... Agent: Bonne O Inc.

20150125579 - Method and device for packaging ready meals in at least one bowl: For packaging ready meals in at least one bowl featuring a circumferential rim, where the basic ingredients of the meal are placed into the bowl, a cover foil is sealed to the circumferential rim of the bowl so as to leave at least two rim sections unsealed, where the meal... Agent:

20150125580 - Methods, apparatus, and process for the making of edible products using irreversible electroporation and/or electrolysis: A method, apparatus, and system for the making of edible products for humans and animals, such as pets, using low voltage irreversible electroporation and or electrolysis device(s). In particular, aspects of this technology relate to the making of foods, food ingredients, supplements, and bio-components for human or animal consumption. Specifically,... Agent:

20150125581 - Umami-active tomato fraction: The invention provides an efficient method for producing a high quality umami-active tomato fraction, said process comprising the steps of: a. providing a tomato serum; b. separating the tomato serum into two or more portions, including a lycopene-depleted portion and a lycopene-enriched portion; c. concentrating the lycopene-depleted portion to at... Agent: Conopco, Inc. D/b/a Unilever

20150125582 - Method for producing cooked noodle: Provided is a cooked noodle capable of maintaining a good texture and good taste and flavor even after refrigerated or frozen-stored. A method for producing a cooked noodle, comprising allowing a liquid comprising 1.0 to 15.0% by mass of a sugar and 0.5 to 8.0% by mass of a starch... Agent: Nisshin Foods Inc.

20150125583 - Method and apparatus for sorting grain: The method for sorting grain (10) comprises the step of conveying the grain (10) with at least a part of the pericarp, seed-coat or aleuron layer or any combination thereof attached into a colour-sorting device (1). The grain (10) is sorted according to colour into at least a first colour-fraction... Agent:

20150125584 - System and method of processing produce: Systems and methods of de-stemming produce are provided. An apparatus can process an item of produce having a first portion and a second portion attached to the first portion. The apparatus can include at least one first conveyor unit that can convey the first portion of the item of produce... Agent:

20150125585 - Method and apparatus for stamping articles: The invention relates to a method for stamping a plurality of articles (2), the method comprising the steps of transporting the plurality of articles (2) along a first conveyance path (4), splitting a transport flow of the plurality of articles (2) along the first conveyance path {4} into at least... Agent:

20150125586 - Beverage system with flavor pod dispenser: In one aspect, an apparatus is disclosed for mechanically dispensing flavor from a flavor pod, the apparatus including: a casing; a pod delivery and retaining unit, and a flavor extraction unit.... Agent: Apiqe

20150125587 - Carbonated coffee beverage: There is provided a carbonated coffee beverage that has both the features of coffee beverages and those of carbonated beverages and is characterized in that bubbling-over is suppressed upon the filling of the beverage in a package or the opening of the package. The ratio of the chlorogenic acid concentration... Agent:

20150125588 - Small seeded corn salad (valerianella locusta): The invention relates to a corn salad fruit of the species Valerianella locusta, characterised by a fruit width which is smaller than 1.7 mm and/or a length/width ratio of the fruits which is higher than 1.2, and which fruit width and/or length/width ratio are/is determined by a genetic determinant which... Agent:

20150125589 - Taste-improving agent and food or drink containing same: Provided is a taste improver that improves or decreases unpleasant bitterness, astringent taste, harsh taste, bitter taste, or the like that results from potassium salts, magnesium salts, calcium salts, and ammonium salts without adversely affecting savoriness of a food or drink. The taste improver includes a vegetable extract and/or a... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 40 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20150118348 - Carbonated beverage nucleation accessory: A carbonated beverage nucleation device comprising a solid, non-reactive, non-porous, non-erodible and food-safe three-dimensional body having a top, bottom, vertical central axis oriented top to bottom, and at least a bilateral symmetry about the vertical central axis. Integral recessed, gas bubble nucleation sites are cut from at least an outer... Agent:

20150118350 - Infant formulae and their preparations: The invention pertains to an infant formula powder composition comprising micronized lactose or lactose microcrystals (i) smaller than 30 micrometer, and/or (ii) of which at least 80% has a size less than 20 micrometer, and/or (iii) at least 80% has a size less than 10 micrometer, and/or (iv) having a... Agent: N.v. Nutricia

20150118351 - Nutritional composition for low birth weight infants: A nutritional composition for very low birth weight infants which comprises 26 5 to 38 g/l of a source of hypoal-lergenic hydrolysed whey protein with a degree of hydrolysis between 8 and 20, 37 to 46 g/l of a fat source of which 20 to 50% is medium chain triglycerides... Agent:

20150118349 - Processes for producing animal feed from biomass: Processes for producing animal feeds from biomasses are disclosed. Uses of the processed biomasses and, optionally industrial co-products, as animal feeds are also disclosed.... Agent:

20150118352 - System and method for manufacturing chewing gum: Disclosed is a method for manufacturing chewing gum, the method including feeding one or more gum ingredients including at least an elastomer into a continuous extruder including a plurality of screws, rotating screws and mixing the one or more ingredients via the rotating of the screws within the continuous extruder,... Agent:

20150118353 - Three-layered confectionery with improved temporal stability: To improve the temporal stability of multi-layered chewing gum. By adjusting the amount of a gelatinizing agent, especially gelatin, in an edible material, especially in a soft candy (1.5 to 6% by weight in the edible material and 1.5 to 10% by weight based on a gum base), it is... Agent:

20150118354 - Microorganisms of the species bacteroides xylanisolvens: The present invention pertains to food products comprising microorganisms of the species Bacteroides xylanisolvens, in particular fermented food and probiotic food. These microorganisms are particularly characterized as having a very low pathogenicity and a high safety for human consumption. Furthermore, methods for producing said food products, in particular by fermentation,... Agent: Glycotope Gmbh

20150118355 - Brewing method: This invention relates to wort making for brewing and non alcoholic beverages. More particularly it relates to methods for preparing a wort comprising a high level of free amino acids employing use of various enzymes including different exogenous proteases, for example an endoprotease and an exopeptidase.... Agent:

20150118356 - Chymosine enzyme variants: said positions being defined with reference to SEQ ID NO: 2 and wherein the variant has one or more altered properties as compared with a reference polypeptide having chymosin activity. Such a variant polypeptide may be used in the preparation of a cheese.... Agent:

20150118357 - Quarg-like cheese and manufacturing method thereof: A Quarg-like cheese and manufacturing method thereof, the method includes condensing raw milk in vacuum at 40-50° C. until the content of protein reaching 6.0-8.0 wt %, uniformly mixing with cream, homogenizing, conducting heat treatment at 90-95° C. for 5-10 min., then cooling to 30-34° C., to obtain the treated... Agent: Bright Dairy & Food Co., Ltd

20150118358 - High-protein dairy product and process for making: A dairy-based yogurt product having a protein level above 15%, sometimes more than 25%, with a smooth and rich texture and no grittiness. The yogurt product includes a particular selection of dairy proteins and other ingredients to raise the gelation temperature of the dairy proteins and avoid causing gelation or... Agent:

20150118360 - Fermented flavoring system from greek yogurt processing: Disclosed are methods for producing flavoring ingredients, ready-to-drink formulations, protein powder mixes and pre-mixes, yogurt-flavored cereal binders for use in cereal clusters and bars, etc., from Greek yogurt whey (i.e., Greek acid whey). Also disclosed are methods for concentrating and utilizing the soluble factors produced by probiotic bacteria in yogurt... Agent: Glanbia Nutritionals (ireland) PLC

20150118359 - Soluble non-dairy creamer tablet surface-treated with carbohydrate: The present invention relates to a method for the manufacture of soluble non-dairy creamer tablets and in particular to non-dairy creamer tablets surface-treated with a carbohydrate. The invention also relates to the use of a concentrated carbohydrate solution to reduce a friability of a non-dairy creamer tablet. The soluble non-dairy... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20150118361 - Use of ferulic acid esterase to improve performance in monogastric animals: The presence of non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) in the plant cell wall reduces the digestibility and limits the apparent metabolizable energy (AME) and performance of animals. The main chain degrading enzymes, especially xylanase, cellulase and glucanase play an important role in improving the digestibility of NSP in the feed. Ferulic acid... Agent:

20150118362 - Fully-automatic food preparation device, machine readable data on food bearing pouch and initiation of food preparation via mobile device reservation: The system and method for providing dynamic and static information on a label relating to a sealed package for cooking. The dynamic information can include data about the contents of the package which can include spoiling events or thawing which can impact the further processing of the contents, wherein the... Agent:

20150118363 - Methods of preparing a stratified frozen confection for hand consumption, and related confections: The invention encompasses methods of preparing a stratified frozen confection for hand consumption and the related confection. The methods include filling an aliquot container defining a three dimensional shape with at least one open end with an amount of a frozen material, reducing the temperature of the frozen material within... Agent:

20150118364 - Frozen pasta: Provided is a frozen pasta retaining an original flavor of the pasta. A frozen pasta attached with a ground pasta product and/or durum wheat flour. A process for producing a frozen pasta, comprising cooling a boiled pasta and attaching, to the surface of the pasta, a ground product of a... Agent: Nisshin Foods Inc.

20150118365 - Alcohol containing beads and method for making same: An alcohol-containing food product made by combining: (a) a first aqueous solution that includes a multivalent salt, one or more liquid alcohol additives and a thickening agent; with (b) a second aqueous solution that includes an alginate bath. The combination forms spherical beads, less than about 20 mm in typical... Agent:

20150118366 - Closure liner composition with improved oxygen reduction: Disclosed is a closure liner composition comprising a mixture (or blend) of a thermoplastic polymer, an oxygen barrier polymer, and a particulate oxygen scavenging material. The oxygen barrier polymer preferably comprises polyisobutylene. The particulate oxygen scavenging material preferably is selected from the group consisting of an alkali metal salt of... Agent: W.r. Grase S.a.

20150118367 - Coffee bean packaging cartridge and coffee beverage system including the same: A coffee beverage system is described including a first coffee bean packaging cartridge, a second coffee bean cartridge and a coffee brewing apparatus. After a first predetermined number of servings of coffee, transportation component of the first cartridge for transporting coffee beans of the first cartridge to a metering chamber... Agent:

20150118368 - Method for executing heating according property of food: A method for executing heating according to property of food is provided, in which a cooking appliance is provided with a reading device, a displaying screen, and a printing device. The cooking appliance forms a heating zone, which receives sensors and an ultrasonic scanner arranged therein. An object-to-be-heated is placed... Agent:

20150118369 - Non-thermal electromagnetic sterilization: The present disclosure provides systems and methods associated with non-thermal electroporation. One or more electromagnetic radiation sources may be used to generate an interference pattern having at least one antinode. The electric field associated with the antinode may be configured to cause irreversible electroporation. Thus, the antinode may be suitable... Agent:

20150118370 - Microwave macaroni cooking bowl: A bowl is provided for cooking pasta in a microwave in a simple high quality fashion. The bowl includes a reservoir with a floor and at least one wall extending up from the floor to a rim. Handles optionally extend laterally from opposite sides of the rim in a generally... Agent:

20150118371 - Method for production of frozen untapped young coconut water inside its carved tender coconut meat: A process for producing frozen untapped young coconut water inside its carved young tender meat. The packaged frozen young untapped coconut water inside its very own carved young tender coconut meat comprises two freezing steps wherein the prepackaged product is frozen before packaging and sealing in a packaging cup and... Agent:

20150118372 - Process for treating cocoa cake: Preground cocoa cake powder is mixed with pH neutral or alkalized water and continuously fed into a recirculating jet mill operated by superheated steam. In the mill, butterfat is separated while the cocoa cake is ground to a uniform fine particle size. Flash vaporization of the water mixed with the... Agent:

20150118373 - Method for broth separation from floating fat, oil or grease: The defatting method pertains to a simple and practical removal of fat, oil or grease from a broth surface during cooking or right before eating, in order to consume broth without the floating oil, fat or grease for a better health. The embodiment of my method is to adopt a... Agent:

20150118374 - Device and process for conching edible mass: The invention relates to a system (1) for conching edible mass, in particular cocoa containing mass, such as chocolate, cocoa liquor or compound, comprising a shear device, in particular a so-called taste-changer (14), in turn comprising a housing (16), a shaft (17) rotatably mounted in the housing (16), means (19,... Agent: Royal Duyvis Wiener ,b.v. A Corporation

20150118375 - Steam treating of fodder: An apparatus for and method of steam treatment of fodder, for example animal fodder which is typically in baled form. The purpose of steam treating is to kill mesophilic and thermophilic mould spores that are either attached to the fodder or detach when disturbed and become airborne. These airborne particles... Agent:

20150118376 - Apparatus for mixing and cutting animal feed and method of operating such an apparatus: The invention relates to an apparatus for mixing and cutting animal feed comprising a container with a side wall, a rotary mixing and cutting device positioned inside the container and at least one counter element provided at the sidewall. The apparatus comprises at least one positioning device for moving the... Agent: Lely Patent N.v.

20150118377 - Heat exchange apparatus and method: A heat exchange apparatus includes an outer shell defining a cavity and a volume-occupying member received within the cavity. The outer shell and the volume-occupying member cooperate to define a fluid-receiving volume therebetween. An opening in the outer shell defines a passageway for receiving a liquid to be heated therethrough.... Agent:

20150118378 - Vertical broiler: The grill of the present disclose cooks a food product in a substantially vertical direction. A chute can supply a food product to two rotating belts that grip the food product between them, and pass it between opposing heaters or burners that are also substantially vertically oriented. The food product... Agent:

20150118379 - High-purity rubusoside and process for producing of the same: The invention provides a process of producing Rubusoside from steviol glycosides of Stevia rebaudiana plant. The process is useful for producing high purity Rubusoside with purity greater than 95% (dry basis). High purity rubusoside is useful as in combination with other caloric and non-caloric sweeteners as well as non-caloric sweetener... Agent:

20150118380 - Composition for preparation of a food or beverage product: The present invention relates to a composition for preparation of a food or beverage product. The composition comprises a foamer ingredient releasing gas upon dissolution in aqueous liquid; and a beverage or foodstuff ingredient comprising particles of ground vegetable material in a matrix comprising a vegetable extract; wherein the beverage... Agent:

20150118381 - Thermoreversible gelatinized alcohol-containing product: The present invention relates to a thermoreversible gelatinized alcohol-containing product comprising water, gelatin, spirit or ethyl alcohol, and an acidifying agent, wherein the product is in the form of a liquid at room temperature and in the form of a gel between 0° C. and 10° C., as well as... Agent:

20150118382 - Method for producing lactone-enriched oil or fat composition: adding to the oil and fat composition an additive agent (such as, sucrose) which has an ability to form hydrogen bonds with water molecules, keeping temperature of the oil and fat composition at the temperature between 40 and 60° C., and non-enzymatically producing γ-lactone or δ-lactone from triglyceride containing 4-... Agent:

20150118384 - Process for the preparation of a spreadable dispersion: Process for the preparation of a spreadable edible dispersion wherein a mixture of oil and solid structuring agent particles is subjected to stirring and an aqueous phase and/or solid phase is gradually added to the mixture until a dispersion of the desired oil content is obtained, wherein the solid structuring... Agent: Conopco Inc., D/b/a Unilever

20150118383 - Process for the preparation of an edible dispersion comprising oil and structuring agent: The invention relates to a process for the preparation of an edible dispersion comprising oil and structuring agent and one or more of an aqueous phase and/or a solid phase, in which the dispersion is formed by mixing oil, solid structuring agent particles and the aqueous phase and/or the solid... Agent: Conopco Inc., D/b/a Unilever

20150118385 - Method for increasing photosynthetic carbon fixation in rice: The invention relates to a method for stimulating the growth of the plants and/or improving the biomass production and/or increasing the carbon fixation by the plant comprising introducing into a rice plant cell, rice plant tissue or rice plant one or more nucleic acids, wherein the introduction of the nucleic... Agent: Bayer Bioscience N.v.

20150118386 - Strawberry dried product having high sod enzyme activities and preparation method therefor: The objective of the present invention is to provide a strawberry dried product exhibiting high SOD enzyme activities and a preparation method therefor. Specifically, the objective of the present invention is to provide a strawberry dried product that maintains the maximum degree of the original shape, color, smell, and taste... Agent:

20150118387 - Protein concentrate and an aqueous stream containing water-soluble carbohydrates: Disclosed are processes for contacting a protein containing material with one or more wet-mill streams. The protein content of the protein containing material is increased.... Agent:

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