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Food or edible material: processes, compositions, and products

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07/10/2014 > 29 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140193540 - Soy/milk cheese-type and yoghurt-type products and method of making: Novel soy/milk gels are provided useful for making cheese-type and yoghurt type products. Method for preparing such products are also disclosed herein. In particular, the invention relates to a soy/milk cheese-type product which is a blend of soy milk and milk and to a method for the preparation thereof. In... Agent: University Of Guelph

20140193541 - Method for reducing the content of acrylamide in a roasted coffee: A method for reducing the acrylamide content in a roasted coffee comprises reducing the asparagine content and reducing the aspartic acid content in a unroasted coffee, said roasted coffee being obtained from said unroasted coffee after said reducing the asparagine content and said reducing the aspartic acid content.... Agent: Illycaffe' S.p.a.

20140193542 - Protein free formula: m

20140193543 - Decorative hollow chocolate confection with improved writability: A chocolate confection has a surface that is coated to absorb an edible dye, the surface of the chocolate confection having a coarse sugar coating formed from one or more layers of a first solution having a high sugar to water ratio and a finish sugar coating applied over the... Agent:

20140193544 - Biscuit structure: A biscuit structure contains a body formed in a circular column shape or a flatly elongated block shape, and a mixing ingredient of the body includes corns, rice, brown rice, egg yolk powders, sugars, salts, palm oil, soy flour (mixed from soybeans, wheat, salts and sugars), and maltodextrin. The body... Agent:

20140193545 - Caramel, confection comprising the caramel and method of making the confection: A caramel is provided comprising a solid plant fat and an amount of water less than 10 wt %. The caramel exhibits a chewy texture when consumed but is yet depositable. The caramel is thus advantageously used in a confection. In addition to the caramel, the confection may comprise a... Agent: Mars, Incorporated

20140193546 - Coated chocolate confection with improved dye acceptance: A chocolate confection has a coated surface that has a coarse sugar coating formed from one or more layers of a first solution having a first sugar to water ratio and a finish sugar coating applied over the coarse sugar coating and formed from one or more layers of a... Agent:

20140193547 - Methods and compositions for consumables: Provided herein are methods and compositions related to plant based meat substitutes which have properties similar to meat.... Agent: Maraxi, Inc.

20140193548 - Method, unit and device for a treatment involving the drying, curing and preservation of solid or semi-solid foods: The process comprises of the drying, curing and conservation of solid and semi-solid foodstuffs through the application of pressure changes of a value equal, greater or less than atmospheric pressure, for the administration and control of an oxidising gas and subsequent extraction from the chamber. The installation is composed of... Agent:

20140193549 - Food holding device, method of making, and method of storing cooked food: A food holding device includes a holding bin and an optional heating component. The holding bin has a specified average surface roughness Ra on at least a portion of the surface intended to be contacted with food during storage of the food.... Agent: Restaurant Technology, Inc.

20140193550 - Egg yolk separator device and method: An egg yolk separator device comprises uniquely configured structures for selectively grabbing an egg yolk from an egg albumen as supported upon a surface. A suction bulb and a tubular structure coupled to the suction bulb enable a user to selectively provide a suction force directed away from the inlet-outlet... Agent:

20140193551 - Method of processing seeds to nutritionally enhance food: A method of processing seed to nutritionally enhance food where after seeds are sanitized, washing and hydrated, the seeds are allowed a period of germination before the seeds are dried and cooled.... Agent: Bio-kinetics Corporation

20140193552 - Method and apparatus for the sterilization of ground meat using supercritical co2: A method for sterilizing a ground meat product through the application supercritical CO2 during the processing of the meat by introducing supercritical CO2 into an extruder as the meat passes through the extruder while controlling the pressure and speed at which the meat passes through the extruder to maintain the... Agent: Novasterilis, Inc.

20140193553 - Method for treating fruit or vegetables with phosphorous ions and corresponding compositions: The present application relates to a new method for treating fruits or vegetables comprising the use of hot phosphorous acid (PA) as well as PA-based combinations and corresponding kits.... Agent: Xeda International

20140193554 - Method and system for preparation of fresh cooked meals: The present invention relates to a method for preparing a ready-to heat, preservative free meal, comprising selecting at least one food product; preparing each food product; placing the prepared food products within a container; thermalizing; cooling down; and conditioning. The ready-to heat, preservative free meal comprises at least one of... Agent: Fleury Michon

20140193555 - Treatment of human milk: The invention provides a method for pasteurizing mother's milk that maximizes the retention of immunologically active constituents of the milk while removing effective amounts of dangerous bacteria and viruses. This includes a pasteurization temperature in the range of 56° C. to 61° C. at which the milk is held during... Agent: Medela Holding Ag

20140193556 - Method for reducing sodium content in proteins: A method for reducing sodium content in proteins including the steps of placing a protein having a sodium content in a solution having acid for a predetermined period of time and removing the protein from the solution.... Agent: Talk Of The Town Consulting, LLC

20140193557 - Method of producing processed brown rice: m

20140193558 - Milk emulsifying method and unit: A milk emulsifying method and unit, whereby a first flow of milk, fed along a first feed line (7) to an emulsifying chamber (5), draws a second flow of air from the outside along a second feed line (8) converging with the first feed line (7) upstream from the emulsifying... Agent: N & W Global Vending S.p.a

20140193559 - Method for shaping and cooling melted cheese which is initially hot and therefore flowable: A method for forming and cooling an initially hot and therefore flowable melted cheese (1), which is applied via a supply nozzle onto a moving metallic cooling belt (3′), wherein individual shaped bodies (6) are formed out of the melted cheese (1) in that a shaping roller (5), which comprises... Agent: Hochland Se

20140193560 - Overboil ring apparatus and cooking and heating system: The present invention relates to an overboil ring apparatus which can be used when liquids are being heated or stirred. The ring is placed on a pot, pan, or cooking basin. The ring has a symmetric and decreasing diameter at different heights of the ring and having an opening therein.... Agent:

20140193561 - Additive for carbonated beverage: e

20140193562 - Propylene glycol-free spray-dried compositions and methods of producing the same: The present invention relates to stable, propylene glycol-free and glycerin-free, spray-dried compositions containing flavors and optional surfactants for use in optically clear, liquid beverages and liquid beverage concentrates.... Agent: International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.

20140193563 - Food products prepared with soluble whole grain oat flour: Food products prepared from whole grain oat flour having soluble components. The soluble whole oat flour maintains its standard of identity as whole grain and thus has the characteristics of whole grain oats. Aspects of the present invention relate to the use of the soluble oat flour in liquid food... Agent: The Quaker Oats Company

20140193564 - Food products prepared with soluble whole grain oat flour: Food products prepared from whole grain oat flour having soluble components. The soluble whole oat flour maintains its standard of identity as whole grain and thus has the characteristics of whole grain oats. Aspects of the present invention relate to the use of the soluble oat flour in liquid food... Agent: The Quaker Oats Company

20140193565 - Multi-purpose ingredient for bakery and other products: Disclosed are multi-functional compositions for use as egg replacers, or egg substitutes, as well as binders, coatings, washes, emulsifiers, and fat replacers. These compositions are especially useful in bakery products, where they provide exceptional results when used as egg substitutes, while adding valuable nutrients to the products into which they... Agent: Glanbia Nutritionals (ireland) Ltd.

20140193566 - Gel particles in cheese: The invention relates to a cheese containing gel particle inclusions. Gel particles are different in taste, texture color, flavor and origin compared to the cheese matrix, of fresh-, soft-, semi-hard or hard cheese type.... Agent:

20140193567 - Hard butter: e

20140193568 - Commercial lettuce packaging in the field: Lettuce can be commercially packaged in the field using a wrap that has a body with an opening, and an elastomeric portion around the opening. The elastomeric portion of the wrap is stretched wide enough to place the head into the wrap. The head is placed into the body of... Agent: Dole Fresh Vegetables, Inc.

07/03/2014 > 25 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140186489 - Method and an individually sealed packaged drink in container with sealed ingredient packet: A method of consuming a beverage comprises providing an individually packaged beverage, comprising: a container containing a liquid ingredient; a lid attached to the container so as to prevent leakage of the liquid ingredient, the lid having a pull tab extending beyond an outer region of the container, the lid... Agent:

20140186490 - Method for using vinasse: In order to thoroughly solve existing vinasse problems, in particular in production of bioethanol from plant raw materials, a method is proposed for producing feedstuffs from crustaceans of the genus Artemia (brine shrimp) or Copepoda (oar-footed crustaceans) or Daphnia (water fleas) or from microbes in the form of rotifers or... Agent: Weber Ultrasonics Gmbh

20140186491 - Bitterness masking: A method for masking the unpleasant taste of a bitter tasting substance includes administration of the bitter tasting substance with a vitamin E compound in the presence of at least one fat. The bitter taste of a bitter tasting substance is reduced in confectionery compositions when combined with at least... Agent: Kraft Foods R & D, Inc.

20140186492 - Composition having improved head stability and use thereof: The object is to provide a composition effective for improving foam stability of a beer-based sparkling beverage and the like. Provided is a composition containing a protein or a polypeptide produced by using a protease and a transglutaminase to treat a protein material as an active component.... Agent: Amano Enzyme Inc.

20140186493 - Solar powered brewing of beverages: Described is a method of brewing that is a combination of wort production, grain roasting and roasted hops using solar power. Also described, are a wort, a mash, solar roasted grains, roasted hops, the beverages that can be produced from said wort, mash, roasted grains, roasted hops and a kit... Agent:

20140186494 - Pregastric esterase and derivatives thereof: The present invention relates to novel lipase polynucleotide sequences, their corresponding proteins as well as ways of manufacturing said sequences and said proteins and use of the proteins in the preparation of food compositions. The invention further relates to methods for releasing proteins from the exterior of a host cell... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20140186495 - Extraction, purification, and processing of phytoglycogen: Improved method for purifying extracts containing phytoglycogen or certain derivatives thereof which comprises the step of subjecting the extracts to ultrafiltration. Methods for providing a lower viscosity phytoglycogen material by subjecting an extract containing phytoglycogen (or purified phytoglycogen) to beta-amylase treatment. Methods for preparing beta-dextrins or derivatives thereof from phytoglycogens... Agent:

20140186496 - \"filtering container\": A collapsible bag or compressible bottle container for accepting, holding, and filtering fluid. Fluid is filtered upon entry to the container or filtered upon egress. The filter media resides either in a removable cap, or in a second fluid-tight compartment attached to, and in fluid communication with, the container body.... Agent: Kx Technologies, LLC

20140186498 - Capsule for use in a beverage preparation machine: The present invention concerns a capsule (1) defining a closed chamber for enclosing a mass of soluble and/or extractable food material, for use in a beverage preparation machine, comprising: (i) capsule side walls (2), (ii) a top membrane (3) pierceable by injection means (4) of the machine which are adapted... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20140186497 - Transformable container: A container can be prepared with a detachable section that is operable to be removed along a separation line by a user. The container transforms from a packaging container into a serving container after the detachable section is torn off. Additionally, the container can be in any size, shape or... Agent:

20140186499 - Feed tank and method for the simultaneous high-pressure and temperature treatment of a food item in a high-pressure tank: The invention relates to a feed tank for use in a high-pressure system, said feed tank having a hollow space (3) for accommodating food items, a wall (1) and a temperature-control device (5). The invention further relates to a method for the simultaneous high-pressure and temperature treatment in a high-pressure... Agent: Deutsches Institut F&#xdc R Lebensmitteltechnik E.v.

20140186500 - Devices and methods for reducing the microbial load on an object using a uv light source: The present disclosure provides devices for reducing the microbial load on objects (e.g., edible plant matter). In certain aspects, the devices include a UV light source and at least a portion of a tumbler composed of a UV light transmissive material. Aspects of the invention also include methods for reducing... Agent:

20140186501 - Method for coating a food product with a water soluble flavoring: A method for coating a food product comprises placing a food product including fat and moisture in a vacuum mixer, applying low temperature heat to the food product to create a heated food product, the low temperature heat being below a melting point of the fat in the food product,... Agent: Hormel Foods Corporation

20140186502 - Method and system for treating food items with an additive and solid carbon dioxide: Embodiments of the invention generally provide methods and systems that distribute an additive in solid carbon dioxide in an interior of food processing equipment. The additive may be injected into a flow of liquid carbon dioxide upstream of an expander at or adjacent to the interior. Injection of the additive... Agent: American Air Liquide, Inc.

20140186503 - Food articles with delivery devices and methods for the preparation thereof: Disclosed are food articles comprising microcapsules as delivery devices. Methods of preparing such food articles are also disclosed.... Agent: Dsm Nutritional Products

20140186504 - Oilseed crushing heat recovery system: An oilseed crushing process wherein the oilseeds are preheated to generate warm, soft oilseeds, then flakes are generated by flaking the warm, soft oilseeds. The flakes are then cooked by generating a hot vapour stream and hot flakes. The hot flakes are then prepressed to generate oil and a partially... Agent:

20140186505 - Method and device for extracting aromatic substances from solid plant aromatic substance bearers in a brew liquid: A method for extracting aromatic substances from solid plant based aroma bearers in a brew liquid, in particular in beer, comprising the steps: receiving a supply of aroma bearers in a process container, and flowing the process container through with a brew liquid, wherein the brew liquid flows through the... Agent: Beva Besitz-und Verwaltungs-gmbh & Co Kg

20140186506 - Method and device for rounded forming of food products: A method for forming a food product into a circular shape, wherein both ends of an elongated food product are connected each other and closed, or into a C-shape, wherein both ends of the elongated food product face each other and opened. The method includes (a) fixing one end of... Agent: Rheon Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd.

20140186507 - Dual chamber beverage container: A beverage container includes a first chamber having a bottom wall with a hole extending therethrough and adapted to hold a first liquid and a second chamber that mates with the first chamber and is adapted to hold a second liquid. A dispensing mechanism that dispenses at least a portion... Agent:

20140186508 - Antioxidant for oils and fats: b

20140186509 - Baked snack food product with improved textural attributes: Baked snack food product with improved textural attributes. The method for making the baked snack food product comprises mixing ingredients, extruding the ingredients to form a collet, hydrating the collet with a hydrating fluid to form a hydrated collet, and baking the hydrated collet. The hydrating fluid can comprise water,... Agent: Frito-lay North America, Inc.

20140186510 - Meat paste compositions having improved creaminess: The invention relates to spreadable meat paste compositions which are improved in their creaminess, a method of making said meat paste compositions and a method of improving the creaminess of meat paste compositions by using Cassia gum.... Agent: Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.

20140186511 - Cocoa nuggets and method of making same: Cocoa nuggets and methods for their manufacture are disclosed. The nuggets are formed by providing a dough including, on a dry basis, at least 30% by weight cocoa powder, the dough having a moisture content of at least 10% to about 52% by weight. The dough is processed into nuggets... Agent: The Hershey Company

20140186512 - Cucumber variety nun 32029 cus: The invention relates to the field of Cucumis sativus, in particular to a new variety of Cucumis sativus designated NUN 32029 CUS plants, seeds and cucumber fruits thereof.... Agent:

20140186513 - Boiled sugar sweet comprising non-fructosylated a-galactooligosaccharides: The present invention concerns a hard candy comprising a mixture of sugars composed of glucose and non-fructosylated α-galacto-oligosaccharides in particular proportions. It also concerns a method of manufacturing said candies, as well as the utilization, for manufacturing a hard candy, of a composition that includes the aforementioned mixture.... Agent: Olygose

06/26/2014 > 37 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20140178526 - Nutrient-dense multiplex comestibles: Provided herein are nutrient-dense multiplex comestibles as well as methods of their use and processes to produce such multiplex comestibles.... Agent: Luby's Fuddruckers Restaurants, LLC

20140178527 - Nutrient-dense multiplex comestibles: Provided herein are nutrient-dense multiplex comestibles as well as methods of their use and processes to produce such multiplex comestibles.... Agent: Luby's Fuddruckers Restaurants, LLC

20140178528 - Strain of lactobacillus buchneri a, composition, a multi-component preparation for starch-rich plant preservation, their use and a method for plant preservation: The object of the invention is a new strain of Lactobacillus buchneri A deposited in the Collection of Industrial Microorganisms in the Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology in Warsaw, under the number KKP 2047 p. The invention also concerns composition and a multi-component preparation for starch-rich plant preservation comprising... Agent: Instytut Biotechnologii Przemyslu Rolno-spozywczego

20140178529 - Enzymatic production of alcohol esters for recovery of diols produced by fermentation: Diols produced in fermentation are processed in broth by esterification of the product diol with a carboxylic acid (e.g., fatty acid) and a catalyst (e.g., lipase) capable of esterifying the product diol, such as 1,3-propanediol, with the carboxylic acid to form the diol esters. The diol esters can be extracted... Agent: Butamax Advanced Biofuels LLC

20140178530 - Curd containing slurry compositions for making soft or firm/semi-hard ripened and unripened cheese: Methods and systems for preparing soft or firm/semi-hard cheese are provided, as well as soft or firm/semi-hard cheese prepared by the methods. The methods typically involve the formation of a slurry that contains blended or molten cheese curd. A variety of ingredients can be introduced into the curd used to... Agent: Leprino Foods Company

20140178531 - Stable thickener formulations: Stable thickener formulations and nutritional compositions having the stable thickener formulations are provided. In a general embodiment, the present disclosure provides a stable thickener formulation comprising from about 0.015% to about 0.05% by weight of carrageenan and from about 1.2% to about 4.0% by weight of starch. The stable thickener... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20140178532 - Beverage mixing apparatus and methods of making and using the same: The present invention relates to a beverage mixing apparatus. Specifically, the present invention relates to a filter containing coffee, tea, or another additive to be mixed with a liquid. The filter is formed into a ball and attached to a rigid stick for stirring and mixing the contents of the... Agent:

20140178533 - Shrink-wrap labelling of crustacean claws: A labelling system includes a dispensing apparatus to present respective cut and opened sleeves of shrink-wrap label stock material for insertion of claws of crustaceans, and a heating apparatus to apply heat to the sleeves to shrink the sleeves around the claws. A related method includes inserting a claw of... Agent: Clearwater Seafoods Limited Partnership

20140178534 - Frozen confectionery product with a peelable gel coating and method for manufacturing same: The present invention relates to a frozen confectionery product comprising a core consisting of a frozen confection, wherein the core is coated with a frozen flexible edible gel layer, characterized in that the gel layer is provided with at least one cutting line extending spirally over the gel layer, said... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20140178535 - Coating compositions for consumable articles: Compositions comprised of water, at least one sweetening agent and at least one food grade emulsifier/foaming agent are useful for forming frosted sweet coatings on consumable articles. The inclusion of a food grade emulsifier/foaming agent in such a composition helps to render the dried coating obtained therefrom more opaque in... Agent:

20140178536 - Icing or coating composition: An icing or coating composition for edible products comprises at least 30% by weight sugar and at least 20% by weight of a fat blend, wherein the fat blend comprises from 12 to 25% by weight SOO and from 7 to 15% SOL based on the total weight of triglycerides... Agent: Loders Croklaan Usa LLC

20140178538 - Beverage filter cartridge: Beverage filter cartridge comprising a cup having at least one sidewall; a cover sealed to the cup to form an interior; and a filter pod provided the interior and having a substance provided therein for brewing a beverage; wherein at least a portion of the sidewall comprises a helical channel... Agent: Koninklijke Douwe Egberts B.v.

20140178537 - Capsule: The invention relates to a capsule for use in a device for preparing beverages comprising a sealing element on a laterally protruding edge connected to the housing of the capsule. The invention also relates to an assembly of such a capsule and a device for preparing beverages. In addition, the... Agent: Biserkon Holdings Ltd.

20140178539 - Method of defrosting a food item: A method of defrosting a food item, including: monitoring a temperature of a first part of a first food item; and controlling a surrounding temperature of the first food item in dependence on said monitored temperature. The controlling includes: decreasing the surrounding temperature of the first food item, using an... Agent: New England Seafood International Ltd

20140178540 - Universal ramen cooking container: The invention provides a container for cooking ramen style block noodles, the container comprising a main body having a generally rectangular base, two generally parallel and spaced side walls connected to the base and two generally parallel and spaced end walls connected to the base and to the side walls,... Agent:

20140178541 - Methods of preventing gout attack: Methods of preventing gout attacks are disclosed. The methods allow consumption of alcoholic drinks including beer in excess volume without triggering a gout attack. The methods discuss techniques of removing or reducing the levels of amino acid, protein, or purine levels in liquids. Amino acids, proteins, or purines break down... Agent:

20140178542 - Process for the manufacture of an infusible beverage ingredient: The present invention relates to a process for the manufacture of an infusible beverage ingredient comprising dried fruit pieces, the process comprising the steps of: (a) providing fruit pieces and coating particles; (b) mixing the fruit pieces and the coating particles to provide coated fruit pieces; and then (c) drying... Agent:

20140178543 - Ozone-based disinfecting device and mixer therefor: An ozone-based disinfecting device is provided comprising a mixer (2) having a generally hollow body with a water inlet for water under pressure, a spray nozzle (8) for generating a generally conical spray of water introduced by way of the water inlet, a contact chamber (7) communicating with a gas... Agent: Arcaqua (pty) Ltd

20140178544 - Methods and devices for heating or cooling viscous materials: The invention provides methods and devices for heating or cooling viscous materials such as meat emulsions useful for producing food and other products. The devices include a heat exchanger comprising a first plate, a second plate attached to the first plate, and a first spacer and a second spacer arranged... Agent: Nestec Sa

20140178545 - Novel blending container to fill food pouches and the like: The present invention comprises novel methods, devices, and systems, such as blending containers configured to be used with a blender or food processor. The system comprises a blending container configured to attach to a blender or blender base unit with at least one aperture which may be positioned anywhere on... Agent:

20140178546 - Cartridge chamber of extraction system: A system comprises a cartridge (9) containing a beverage ingredient and a device (1) for brewing the ingredient in the cartridge by supplying a brewing liquid such as heated water into the cartridge. The device has upstream and downstream cartridge enclosing parts (7, 8) relatively movable between an open position... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20140178547 - Cooking oils and food products comprising estolides: Cooking and frying oils comprising estolide compounds are described. Also described are methods of making food products comprising cooking or otherwise preparing at least one article of food with a composition comprising at least one estolide compound.... Agent: Biosynthetic Technologies, LLC

20140178548 - Efficiency pot and kettle for use with cooking stoves: This invention provides a pot assembly for use with a stove. The system includes a lid, a pot body and an adapter assembly. The lid has a cap for accessing the contents while in use, a pour spout for dispensing the contents and a plurality of slits for use as... Agent: Biolite LLC

20140178549 - Resealable spout for selectively accessing coconut water within a coconut: A resealable spigot for a coconut that provides easy access by consumers to the sterile coconut water within a coconut includes a valve seat positioned within a coconut aperture and a plunger sleeve positioned within the valve seat. The plunger sleeve has a based positioned membrane that seals the coconut... Agent:

20140178550 - Methods and devices for ingredient preparation: An ingredient preparation device (100, 200) is disclosed and may include one or more of an openable ring (110), a non-openable ring (210), a removable panel (10), and an optional tamper (190). One or more optional shaped inserts (180) may be used within the ring. An ingredient preparation device (100,... Agent: I+d+m Creative, LLC

20140178551 - Apparatus and methods for splitting a pomegranate apart: An apparatus and methods for splitting apart a pomegranate fruit employ a pair of elongated splitting levers and a pivoting connecting mechanism, carried on the pair of elongated levers. Each one of the elongated levers has a penetrating end and a shape configured to enable the pair of elongated levers... Agent:

20140178552 - Food product containment assemblies and methods for use with a toaster: A containing assembly for a food product for use as a culinary tool to assist in preventing thermal injury to a user while inserting and retrieving the food product from a toaster slot, the assembly including a support assembly defining a basket for receiving and retaining the food product, and... Agent: Toaster Buddies Inc.

20140178553 - Method and an apparatus for thawing frozen meat: A method of thawing meat frozen in meat blocks for initial separation of the meat block before the meat block is placed in a rotating container is provided. The meat block being subjected to pressure before treated in the rotating container, said pressure initiating a separation process of the meat... Agent: Cozzini LLC

20140178554 - Process for the preparation of a frozen dairy-based product: A process for the preparation of a frozen dairy-based product such as ice-cream is described. In at least one embodiment, the product requires no addition of artificial emulsifiers, stabilisers or milk powder and exhibits an excellent mouthfeel, no sandiness and/or a long shelf-life.... Agent: Svaneke Is Aps

20140178555 - Soft candy and production method for soft candy: A soft candy is provided, which is less sticky to teeth, and has a light and rich eating texture and a sufficient chewability. A production method for the soft candy is also provided. The soft candy is produced by stretching a candy dough (12) containing 0.2 to 5 wt %... Agent: Lotte Co., Ltd.

20140178556 - Edible composition comprising cellulose ether and its use as fat substitute in dairy products: An edible composition comprising (a) a cellulose ether selected from (a1) methylcellulose, (a2) hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, and mixtures thereof; (b) a polysaccharide hydrocolloid selected from (b1) alginic acid, alginates and mixtures thereof, and mixtures of (b1) with (b2) a non-ionic and non-acidic polysaccharide hydrocolloid different from cellulose ethers, wherein the total... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140178557 - Liquid sweetener composition: A liquid sweetener composition that can reproduce the quality of sweetness and sharpness equivalent to high-fructose syrup while reducing the blending ratio of fructose. A liquid sweetener composition containing 65% or more and 82.5% or less fructose, 5% or more and 35% or less glucose, and 1% or more and... Agent: Japan Corn Starch Co., Ltd.

20140178558 - Alcohol beverage containing fruit-juice-containing stored undiluted sake: The object of the present invention is to provide an alcohol beverage that simultaneously achieves the rich flavor of the fruit juice component and regulates the precipitation and flavor deterioration associated with long term storage. The effects of endowing a rich flavor from a fruit juice component to the alcohol... Agent: Suntory Holdings Limited

20140178559 - Cold-brewed instant coffee: Embodiments of the invention are directed to instant coffee and methods of preparing the same, wherein the methods include adding water having a temperature of less than 117° F. to ground coffee beans to result in a slurry with liquid and solid components, maintaining the slurry at a temperature below... Agent: Bean Logic LLC

20140178560 - Method for the production of powdered olive: The subject of this invention is the production process of whole olive powder with easily pourable properties and natural olive powder that is produced with this processes. Olive and olive oil are used by human beings with different receipts and forms of utilization for more than thousands years. But powdered... Agent: Tubitak

20140178561 - Potatoes with reduced cold-induced sweetening: Materials and methods are provided for making plants (e.g., Solanum varieties) with decreased accumulation of reducing sugars and acrylamide in cold-stored potatoes, specifically, by making TALE-nuclease-induced mutations in genes encoding vacuolar invertase.... Agent: Cellectis

20140178562 - Cold weather formulation for conditioning animal feed: A stock solution for making pelleted livestock feed or pet food, comprising: a) 20-50 wt %. of an organic acid selected from the group consisting of formic, acetic, propionic, butyric and mixtures thereof, b) 15-30 wt. % of ethoxylated castor oil surfactant having an HLB from 4 to 18 and... Agent: Anitox Corporation

06/19/2014 > 39 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20140170261 - Alkaline compositions: An alkaline sports drink that utilizes phosphate buffer to achieve a pH of 7.4(+/−0.3) for the purpose of preventing dental caries, improving physical performance, and benefiting overall health, is disclosed. This beverage product is stable at an alkaline pH, which is beneficial for oral health and the use of phosphate... Agent:

20140170260 - Metabolic imprinting effects of specifically designed lipid component: The invention relates to the use of specifically designed lipid component with optimal fatty acid profile, an enhanced portion of the palmitic acid residues in the sn-2 position and present as lipid globules with a certain size for an early in life diet for improving the development of a healthy... Agent: N.v. Nutricia

20140170259 - Nutritional composition for promoting satiety: Provided herein are nutritional compositions comprising a protein source, a fat source, a carbohydrate source, and at least one nucleotide, wherein the protein source comprises at least one free amino acid, wherein the at least one free amino acid comprises a glutamate salt, glutamic acid, taurine, glutamine, alanine, or any... Agent: Mead Johnson Nutrition Company

20140170262 - Process of preparing a concentrated liquid foodstuff: This invention relates to a process of preparing a concentrated liquid foodstuff comprising treating a sugar solution or a concentrate or an extract having a Brix of more than 20°, with carbohydrate oxidase and catalase without adjusting the pH before or during the treatment by addition of buffering substances or... Agent: Rudolf Wild Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140170263 - Methods and apparatus for cap management and mitigation of selected undesirable matter during fermentation: Methods and apparatus are disclosed for: 1) the gentle, controlled mixing of solid and liquid botanical components during fermentation; and 2) the regulation of parameters in cap material and juice during primary fermentation to optimize attributes such as expressive organoleptic characteristics including bouquet, texture and flavor, while simultaneously and selectively... Agent: Loos Family Winery, LLC

20140170264 - Improved method for myceliating raw coffee beans including removal of chlorogenic acids: An improved method for myceliating coffee includes providing raw coffee beans, preparing the raw beans for fungal myceliation by removing chlorogenic acids from the green coffee beans inoculating the prepared raw coffee beans with a fungal component to enable fungal myceliation of the green coffee beans. The method includes buffering... Agent: Mycotechnology, Inc.

20140170267 - Baby and infant food containing whole olives: The subject of this invention is the baby and infant food comprising whole olive fruit. Olive oil have an important role in Mediterranean diet. Olive oil helps to protect the cardiovascular system, to regulate immune system and to protect from cancer. Olive oil with all these properties is used in... Agent: Tubitak

20140170266 - Composition with improved digestibility of proteins: The present invention relates to method to produce a dairy based food composition comprising protein comprising the steps (a) Treating the milk such that at least 98% of the pathogens is removed, (b) Treating the milk with a microfilter of a poresize of 0.01-2 micron such that at least a... Agent: Friesland Brands B.v.

20140170265 - Infant formula cubes: The present disclosure provides nutritional compositions in a compressed solid form comprising about 21 to about 35% by weight of protein, about 20 to about 30% by weight percent of fat, and about 40 to about 60% by weight percent of carbohydrate, wherein the porosity of the compressed solid is... Agent: Mead Johnson Nutrition Company

20140170268 - Chunky product in animal food compositions and method for preparing it: The present application relates to a chunky product suitable for mixing in or as the sole component of animal food compositions, which comprises, in percent by weight based on the total weight of the chunky product: meat and/or animal by-products 10-55% by weight, further proteins 5-50% by weight, at least... Agent: Mars Incorporated

20140170269 - Cartridge containing brewable substance: Disclosed is a cartridge for retaining a mass of, for example, ground coffee, that includes a cup, a filter, and a cage that supports the filter inside the cup.... Agent:

20140170270 - Compositions: A frozen confectionary product including a particulate composition having a core containing a flavourant, flavour-enhancing ingredient, colourant or other beneficial ingredient, and one or more coatings around said core, wherein said coatings are gelatine, a fat or wax, ethyl cellulose or mixtures thereof.... Agent: Givaudan S.a.

20140170271 - Capsule, device and method for preparing a beverage by extraction: The invention relates to a capsule for use in a device for preparing beverages. The invention also relates to an assembly of such a capsule and a device for preparing beverages. The invention further relates to a method for preparing beverages by making use of such an assembly.... Agent: Biserkon Holdings Ltd.

20140170272 - Packaging: Packaging (1) in which first and second layers (11, 12) are coupled to one another and arranged with built-in areas of weakness (21, 22). Part of the first layer (11) exposed outside of the packaging (1) has a built-in in area of weakness (21) and part of the second layer... Agent: Intercontinental Great Brands LLC

20140170273 - Blend plan optimization for concentrated consumable products: A blending plan for concentrated consumable products, such as liquid food and beverage products, may be optimized by utilizing a computer device executing a software algorithm. The computing device receives one or more inputs associated with the blending of various components employed in producing quantities of a concentrated consumable product... Agent: The Coca-cola Company

20140170274 - Method for x-raying products: The invention relates to a method for X-raying of products 5 of a product stream, wherein the products 5 are conveyed in the conveyance direction before the X-raying in a product stream in a number n of lanes parallel to each other, several adjacent products 5a, 5b, 5c, 5d transverse... Agent:

20140170275 - System for automating cooking steps: A cooking system for automating cooking steps of a recipe on a stove comprising a stove including a plurality of cooking elements; power controller for controlling the operation of each one of the cooking elements; and computer system in communication with the power controller, said computer system including a processor,... Agent: Icookit Pty Ltd.

20140170276 - Methods and apparatuses for making pasta filata: The disclosure relates to methods and apparatuses for the production of cheese. In one embodiment, the disclosure relates to methods and apparatuses for making pasta filata cheese. In one embodiment, a microwave system is used for the production of pasta filata cheese.... Agent: Johnson Industries International, Inc.

20140170277 - Procedure for the preservation of by-products from the meat industry and other food industries: Based on the idea of using preservatives to prevent putrefaction of by-products during storage and transport, without refrigeration, pressurized application of preservatives as well as pressurized air is used to achieve a nebulisation of the preservatives, as well as a homogeneous distribution thereof on the by-products. This is performed every... Agent:

20140170278 - Actuator for closing a beverage ingredient holder: A receptacle holding unit (1) for a device for preparing a beverage from an ingredient contained in a receptacle (2) comprises: —a first part (10); —a second part (20) that is movable towards the first part, in particular along a longitudinal axis (1′), into a closed position for holding the... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20140170279 - Method of making a beverage in a beverage making machine: A method of making a beverage in a beverage making machine includes inserting at least one of a first beverage making cartridge, into the beverage making machine, the first beverage making cartridge includes a gas source portion which includes a solid gas source that through sublimation emits a gas, and... Agent:

20140170281 - Capsule, device and method for preparing a beverage by extraction: The invention relates to a capsule for use in a device for preparing beverage said capsule being provided with a sealing element comprising a cavity. The invention also relates to an assembly of such a capsule and a device for preparing beverages. The invention further relates to a method for... Agent: Biserkon Holdings Ltd.

20140170280 - System and method for making a beverage: A system and a method for making a beverage from a mixture of liquid and solid particles are disclosed. The liquid and solid particles are introduced into a chamber so as to allow the liquid to infuse with the flavour or quality of the solid particles. A piston having an... Agent: Vki Technologies Inc.

20140170282 - Food preparation device: A food preparation device comprising a container, where the container includes an inner portion to receive a food product; a lid to fit atop the container, where the lid includes a plurality of blades arranged radially across the lid; and a press, where the press pushes the food product against... Agent:

20140170283 - Protein composition and its use in restructured meat and food products: The invention provides protein compositions containing structured protein products having protein fibers that are substantially aligned.... Agent: Solae LLC

20140170284 - Unfermented beer-taste beverage and manufacturing method therefor: An unfermented beer-taste beverage provided with good fermentation flavor characteristic of beer can be provided by a method for producing an unfermented beer-taste beverage comprising a step of adding a flavor composition containing a sulfur-containing compound to an unfermented beer-taste beverage to achieve a content of the sulfur-containing compound of... Agent: Asahi Breweries, Ltd.

20140170285 - Room-temperature storable cheesecake filling: A method for the production of room-temperature stable cheesecake filling and the cheesecake filling obtainable by this method.... Agent: Puratos N.v.

20140170289 - Edible foamable compositions comprising calcium carbonate: An edible foamable composition that is whippable and is stable in temperature above freezing. The composition includes fat, emulsifier, water, and calcium carbonate particles. The composition can further including one or more additives selected from the group consisting of preservatives, protein, salt, flavoring, coloring agent, sweetener, stabilizer and thickener.... Agent: Rich Products Corporation

20140170287 - Methods for preparing and compositions comprising plant seed-based omega-3 fatty acids: Provided are methods for preparing, and compositions comprising, plant-based forms of omega-3 fatty acids and lignan, which methods and compositions are exemplified by methods for preparing roasted seed granules, including roasted flaxseed granules, and compositions that comprise one or more roasted seed granules that are prepared by roasting and grinding... Agent:

20140170288 - No sugar confectioners blend composition: Disclosed is a no-sugar sweetener composition containing a sugar alcohol such as xylitol, a high intensity sweetener such as sucralose, a starch, and a carbohydrate carrier such as maltodextrin. The sweetener composition, which has fewer calories than sugar or confectioners sugar, has the same look, taste, texture, and flowability of... Agent: Tc Heartland LLC

20140170286 - Novel sweetener iso-mogroside v: Provided is the novel sweetener and sweetness enhancer iso-mogroside V, compositions comprising the sweetener/sweetness enhancer for use in consumables (food products and products place in the oral cavity including mouth wash and other dental hygiene products), and sweetened or sweetness enhanced food products comprising the novel sweetener/sweetness enhancer.... Agent: Givaudan Sa

20140170290 - Sweetener having sucrose-like sweetness, and food and beverage using same: o

20140170291 - Laver-snack made of laver and cereal sheets and process of producing the same: Provided is a laver-snack produced by attaching a cereal sheet to a laver sheet to obtain a double-layer sheet and then roasting the double-layer sheet, and a method of producing the laver-snack.... Agent: Cj Cheiljedang Corp.

20140170292 - Stabilized aerated confection containing hydrophobin: A chill, ambient or frozen aerated confection is disclosed whose microstructure is stable to temperature abuse for the frozen case or storage for the chill or ambient case. A synergistic stabilization effect regarding the combination of hydrophobin, a Secondary protein and a Co-surfactant is described that results in the observed... Agent: Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

20140170293 - Concentrate derived from a milk product enriched in naturally occurring sialyllactose and a process for preparation thereof: A concentrate derived from milk or a milk product comprising sialyllactose in amounts higher than the normal amounts found in the milk or milk product and a process for preparation of such a concentrate by ultrafiltration and diafiltration using a thin film polyamide based membrane. The concentrate is suited for... Agent: Arla Foods Amba

20140170294 - Process for the deep-freezing of a substantially fluid food preparation: A frozen condiment is described, chosen among the group consisting of sauces, pastes, pates, creams and pizza toppings, having hygienic and organoleptic features comparable with those of a corresponding fresh condiment, which is in the form of granules having a porous surface, having an average weight of 6.0 g or... Agent: Ambiente E Nutrizione S.r.l.

20140170295 - Unfermented beer-taste beverage: An object of the present invention is to provide an unfermented beer-taste beverage which has an appearance with foam like beer, but does not have the characteristic odor common to beers and non-alcohol beer-taste beverages associated with fermentation; an unfermented beer-taste beverage containing a soybean dietary fiber does not have... Agent: Asahi Breweries, Ltd.

20140170296 - Oil/fat composition: Provided is a fat or oil composition, comprising 50 mass % or more of diacylglycerols satisfying the following (1) to (4): (1) 20 to 92 mass % of a disaturated diacylglycerol (SS) in the diacylglycerols; (2) 60 mass % or less of a monosaturated-monounsaturated diacylglycerol (SU) in the diacylglycerols; (3)... Agent: Kao Corporation

20140170297 - Method of making an animal food product by customizing the amino acid profile, increasing usable energy levels, and improving digestibility, and compositions of the method: The method disclosed herein comprises creation of an enzymatic digest medium containing feathers which may be rendered with a meat material to form a product, or may be dried after digestion has reached a desired level and then mixed with a rendered material. The composition disclosed herein comprises a product... Agent:

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