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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing

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09/04/2014 > 20 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > 19 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140239079 - Hanging scented bead air freshener: This concerns a hangable air freshener that houses aroma-emanating material, such as a plurality of scented beads. The hangable air freshener has a top wall bearing a hook for suspended placement. When at the opened condition, access is provided to a seal which when compromised or removed allows for passage... Agent:

20140239080 - Fixed spray application system: A fixed spray application system generally includes tubing, one or more spray heads, one or more brackets, one or more connectors and one or more fluid reservoirs. One or more of the spray heads may be suspended from a tube below one of the connectors and below one of the... Agent:

20140239081 - Two-substance nozzle and method for spraying a liquid-gas mixture: A two-substance nozzle for spraying a liquid-gas mixture, including a nozzle housing including at least one liquid inlet leading into a mixing chamber and at least one gas inlet leading into the mixing chamber, a swirl insert, an outlet chamber between the swirl insert and an outlet opening on the... Agent:

20140239085 - On-board water spray system for aircraft: A system for simulating wet runway conditions by using a liquid container that is placed inside an aircraft. The liquid container is connected to a nozzle that sprays water in front of the wheels of the aircraft. A valve is used to control the flow of water from the nozzle.... Agent: Textron Innovations, Inc.

20140239083 - Pivot thrust reverser surrounding inner surface of bypass duct: One embodiment of the present invention includes a pivot thrust reverser including a first pivot door forming a first portion of a nacelle when stowed and second pivot door forming a second portion of the nacelle when stowed. The first pivot door and second pivot door each form a portion... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140239084 - Tandem thrust reverser with sliding rails: A pivot thrust reverser includes a first tandem pivot door subassembly comprising an inner panel and an outer panel. The inner panel and outer panel are connected by a first sliding rail. A second tandem pivot door subassembly is included comprising an inner panel and an outer panel. The inner... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140239082 - Variable orifice spray head of liquid delivery system and calibration system: A liquid delivery system includes an engine and a hydraulic circuit, which includes a hydraulic pump driven by the engine and a hydraulic motor driven by the hydraulic pump. A liquid pump is driven by the hydraulic motor and is configured to provide pressurized liquid along a liquid conduit. A... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140239086 - Interactive entertainment apparatus and system and a method of interacting with water to provide audio, visual, olfactory, gustatory or tactile effect: An interactive entertainment apparatus and system and a method of interacting with water to provide audio, visual, olfactory, gustatory and/or tactile effects are provided. In one embodiment, the apparatus and system comprise one or more imagery multilevel channel communications input and/or multilevel channel communications output device(s), one or more sound... Agent: Finnacgoal Limited

20140239087 - Necklace straw, name straw, and phrase straw: A novelty drinking straw formed of flexible transparent tubing has a central section formed in the shape of script spelling a name or short phrase. Two end sections extend from the ends of the central section and are joined by a knot to form a necklace. Two tube sections connect... Agent:

20140239088 - Hanging scented bead air freshener: This concerns a hangable air freshener that houses aroma-emanating material, such as a plurality of scented beads. The hangable air freshener has a cover bearing a hook, which cover is movable from a fully closed condition to an open condition. When at the opened condition, access is provided to a... Agent: Bath Solutions, Inc

20140239089 - Mems jetting structure for dense packing: A fluid ejector includes a fluid ejection module having a substrate and a layer separate from the substrate. The substrate includes a plurality of fluid ejection elements arranged in a matrix, each fluid ejection element configured to cause a fluid to be ejected from a nozzle. The layer separate from... Agent: Fujifilm Dimatix, Inc.

20140239090 - Injector, fuel injection system, and construction machine provided with same: In the present invention, a cylinder chamber is provided in a main injector body having a nozzle that injects fuel. In the cylinder chamber, a command piston for driving a needle that opens and closes the nozzle is reciprocably received. A cleaning liquid supply pathway for supplying cleaning liquid and... Agent:

20140239091 - Gas injector and cover plate assembly for semiconductor equipment: A gas injector and cover plate assembly includes a cover plate, a gas injector and a ceiling. The cover plate includes cooling fluid channels. The gas injector is configured to be located on the cover plate, and includes a gas distributor, a fluid-cooling gas transmitter, gas spraying plates and a... Agent: Hermes-epitek Corporation

20140239092 - Bicycle misting system: Various embodiments provide a bicycle misting system or apparatus. Example embodiments include a manual (e.g., trigger-activated) or automated (e.g., valve-activated) system that is self-contained, small, and light-weight. Various embodiments improve safety, allow convenient interchangeability of the fluid reservoir, and enable easy installation on a bicycle with or without a mounting... Agent: Spruzza LLC

20140239093 - Ball shaped water sprinkler system: A traveling sprinkler system comprising: a sphere shaped surface; at least one wheel over a circumference of the sphere shaped surface, where the at least one wheel divides the sphere into a first half and a second half; a plurality of holes on both the first half and the second... Agent:

20140239094 - Adjustable dual chamber spraying device: An adjustable dual chamber spraying device including a device body including a handle, a trigger, a first solution passage configured to draw a first solution from a first chamber when the first chamber is pressurized, a second solution passage configured to draw a second solution from a second chamber when... Agent:

20140239095 - Multipoint injectors: A multipoint injector includes a nozzle body defining a fluid inlet in fluid communication with a plurality of feed bores. A plurality of swirl chambers is defined radially outward from the fluid inlet of the nozzle body in fluid communication with the fluid inlet through the feed bores. A plurality... Agent: Delavan Inc

20140239096 - Pneumatically powered foam sprayer: A pneumatically powered foam sprayer is provided. The foam sprayer includes a spray hose having a spray nozzle, a trigger assembly proximate the spray nozzle, and a pressure-actuated valve responsive to the trigger assembly. An air conduit extends between the pressure-actuated valve and an opening in the trigger assembly. Obstructing... Agent: Innovative Cleaning Equipment, Inc.

20140239097 - Venturi fluid pump with outlet flow controller: A fuel pump for a fuel system includes a nozzle, a venturi, a pump inlet and a flow controller. The nozzle has an orifice through which fuel is ejected and the venturi is downstream of the nozzle and has an inlet through which fuel discharged from the orifice flows, a... Agent: Walbro Engine Management, L.L.C.

08/21/2014 > 20 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140231535 - Drinking straw with a fixed clip: This innovation about plastic drinking straw with a fixed clip designed to use with Carbonated Soft Drinks, so that the user can install and fix the straw inside the drinking glass or vessel by inserting the clip over the edge of the drinking vessel, this clip will make the straw... Agent:

20140231536 - Device for distributing liquid in the form of drops: The device includes a drop dispenser orifice formed in a dispenser end, and a mechanism for visually locating the orifice, by forming a demarcation zone having a color that contrasts strongly with other portions of the dispenser end.... Agent:

20140231537 - Pressure control for a fluid sprayer: A fluid sprayer is provided and includes a fluid pump assembly having an outlet path and a motor assembly configured to drive the fluid pump assembly to pressurize fluid. The motor assembly is controlled by a throttle mechanism. The fluid sprayer also includes a fluid pressure control assembly including a... Agent: Wagner Spray Tech Corporation

20140231538 - Liquid spray apparatus: A liquid spray apparatus includes a liquid storage part storing a liquid, a vibratory source including a leading end, a recess being formed in a surface of the leading end, and a mesh member including a large number of micropores and arranged to abut on the surface of the leading... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20140231540 - Dispenser for dispensing liquids: Dispenser with a liquid storage unit, a dispensing head with a perforated plate component which has at least 25 dispensing openings in a dispensing opening region, with a pre-chamber connected upstream of the dispensing openings of the perforated plate component and from which the dispensing openings are supplied, and a... Agent:

20140231539 - Liquid nebulizing assembly with solid nozzle plate: A liquid nebulizing assembly includes an actuating ring plate, a solid nozzle plate and a piezoelectric element. A plurality of nozzle holes is formed and distributed all over the solid nozzle plate and included between the actuating ring plate and the piezoelectric element. The solid nozzle plate includes at least... Agent: Micro Base Technology Corporation

20140231541 - Method of producing a dispenser, dispenser, and mould therefor: A perforated plate produced as a plastics component by injection moulding, there being provided for this purpose a mould with two mould halves which together define a cavity filled with plastics material during injection moulding, wherein the first mould half has a planar abutment surface directed towards the cavity, and... Agent:

20140231542 - Manufacturing method of liquid ejection head: A manufacturing method of a liquid ejection head, which includes a step of preparing a substrate including a first layer, a step of forming a flow path mold for forming the flow path and a member located outside the mold with a gap between the mold and the member from... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140231543 - Boom assembly joints: A boom structure for a mobile agricultural implement. The boom structure includes a first transversely extending beam member having a first protrusion. The boom structure includes a second transversely extending beam member having a second protrusion. The second transversely extending beam member is spatially offset from the first transversely extending... Agent: Deere & Company

20140231544 - Jet diffuser device with quick-replaceable nozzle for irrigation systems: A jet diffuser with a quick-change nozzle for use in irrigation systems includes an upper supply portion with a main body that has an upper tubular portion with a longitudinal axis, which is designed to be connected to a drop line and a lower hollow portion having a central cavity... Agent:

20140231545 - Foam generator, nozzle for a foam generator and carwash having a foam generator: A foam generating system for an automated carwash contains a foam generator for connecting to an air source, a water source and a detergent source. The foam generator has an input and an output outputting a foaming fluid formed from air from the air source, water from the water source,... Agent: Sonny's Enterprises, Inc.

20140231546 - Development and rehabilitation of wells and springs by a rotary nozzle device with angle adjustable nozzles: A rotary nozzle device (1) for development and rehabilitation of wells (3) is presented. The rotary nozzle device (1) comprises a body (5) with a longitudinal axis (7), a first group (9) of nozzles (23, 25) and a second group (11) of nozzles (27, 29). The body (5) is adapted... Agent: Em Holding Gmbh & Co., Kg

20140231547 - Mist producing device for playground with sun shade apparatus: A play set with a mist device includes a mist frame unit supported through a framework of the play set. The mist frame unit has a hollow body and a flexible hose member mounted onto the framework, wherein a portion of the flexible hose member is constructed into a hose... Agent:

20140231548 - Chemical application apparatus for sprinkler systems: A liquid chemical dispenser for an irrigation system comprises a removable supply container for the chemical which, in a first embodiment, comprises a valve for preventing spillage of the chemical during attachment of the container to the dispenser. This feature allows the container to be mounted in an inverted position... Agent:

20140231549 - Fluid dispensing system: A fluid dispensing system comprising a pump (4) and a dispenser spray head comprising at least one nozzle through which fluid to be dispensed exits, the pump (4) comprising a stator (14) and a rotor (12) mounted in a chamber of the stator and rotatably displaceable with respect to the... Agent:

20140231550 - Gas distributor for a cvd reactor: The invention relates to a gas distributor for a CVD reactor having at least two separate gas distribution chambers (10, 20), into each of which a process gas can be fed through an infeed opening (2, 3), a gas distribution device disposed in a top plane being in each case... Agent:

20140231551 - Fuel injector and fuel injector assembly: A fuel injector may include a fuel injector body having a central longitudinal axis, a plate element for coupling the fuel injector to a fuel injector cup, a snap ring and a spring element is specified. The snap ring is operable to block a movement of the fuel injector body... Agent:

20140231552 - Coating nozzle for high-viscosity paint: A coating nozzle for high-viscosity paint includes a nozzle slit. The nozzle slit exhibits a specific reduced slit angle, and includes a nozzle-slit outlet, and a nozzle-slit inlet. The nozzle-slit outlet is formed as a distinct substantially-arced shape elongating lopsidedly from the nozzle-slit inlet to the nozzle-slit outlet. The coating... Agent: Aisin Kako Kabushiki Kaisha

20140231553 - Cab-forward truck bed mounted material spreader: The subject invention provides an improved material spreader assembly for mounting in a truck bed of a vehicle. A hopper carrying a material to be dispersed is supported in the truck bed. An auger is disposed within the hopper to convey the material towards an outlet. A spinner assembly is... Agent:

20140231554 - Manifold trailer with multiple articulating arm assemblies: A manifold trailer comprises at least one main line having a plurality of discharge connectors and a plurality of articulating arm assemblies which are each connected to a corresponding discharge connector. Each arm assembly comprises a connector member which includes an inlet port, an outlet port and a third port... Agent: Fmc Technologies, Inc.

08/14/2014 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140224893 - Apparatus and method for moistening sanitary paper products: An apparatus and method is provided for moistening cleaning materials prior to use. The apparatus has a fluid container configured to dispense fluid onto a section of cleaning material from a nozzle when brought in proximity to a motion sensor positioned near the nozzle. The apparatus has a fluid pump... Agent:

20140224894 - Technique to mitigate storms using arrays of wind turbines: This invention describes a system whose operation can change the track and intensity of atmospheric storms. The invention uses arrays of wind turbines which are being built for power generation. Using existing atmospheric and storm tracking models, calculations of a storm track may be determined to establish a baseline track... Agent: The United States Government, As Represented By The Secrelary Of Commerce

20140224895 - Air driven dispenser for delivery of undiluted chemical: A chemical delivery system that delivers concentrated liquid chemical using a non-liquid motive fluid to deliver the concentrated liquid chemical in an undiluted form to a point of use. The concentrated chemical is delivered by the motive fluid by way of the aggressive interaction of a high-pressure jet stream of... Agent:

20140224896 - Method for regulating the mass flow of spreading material in a disc spreader: A method for regulating the actual mass flow of spreading material of a regulated metering unit of a disc spreader with a distribution disc associated with the metering unit. A target mass flow of spreading material is determined depending on at least a plurality of spreading parameters and the target... Agent: Rauch Landmaschinenfabrik Gmbh

20140224897 - Applicator device for liquid or volatile products: The invention relates to an applicator device for liquid or volatile products, having a product reservoir (1), a neck (14) of which contains a part (16) for diffusing or applying the product; a cartridge (2), provided with a neck (24), for holding the reservoir (1), the cartridge being designed such... Agent:

20140224898 - Airless plural component spray gun: A plural component spray nozzle comprising a nozzle block having two feed passageway and a main passageway. The main passageway is configured to receive one material through each feed passageway. There is a receiver block having two receiver channels. Each receiver channel comprises an entry port on one end and... Agent:

20140224899 - Sprayer: The present invention relates to a sprayer. The sprayer according to the present invention comprises: a vessel main body where an air intake port and a mist discharge port are formed; a spray nozzle which has an air inlet and a liquid inlet, and which is disposed inside the vessel... Agent:

20140224900 - Rotary sprinkler: In one aspect, a sprinkler is provided having a nozzle, a deflector that receives fluid flow from the nozzle, and a friction brake assembly that controls rotation of a deflector. The friction brake assembly is releasably connected to the frame in order to enhance serviceability of the sprinkler. In another... Agent:

20140224901 - Liquid spraying device for a wiper blade: The invention relates to a liquid projection device (12) intended to be mounted on an end-piece (11) that can be attached to a longitudinal end of a wiper blade (70), comprising a body (23) and a liquid flow channel (13) made as a single unit, wherein said channel (13) comprises... Agent: Valeo Syst&#xc8 Mes D'essuyage

20140224903 - Fuel injector and method for manufacturing fuel injector: A fuel injector 100 includes a nozzle member 60 having a fuel passage 60a leading to an injection port 60b; a valve main body 51 adapted to reciprocate for opening and closing the fuel passage 60a; an elastic portion 56 elastically deformable in closing the fuel passage 60a by movement... Agent:

20140224902 - Fuel injector valve: A fuel injection valve for injecting fuel includes: a coil, an internal pole, a valve sleeve, and a magnetic separating element, where the valve sleeve and the magnetic separating element are embodied in one piece as a powder injection-molded component, and the valve sleeve forms a magnetic region and the... Agent:

20140224904 - Foaming nozzle: The present invention provides a foaming nozzle assembly for use with a sprayer. The foaming nozzle includes a nozzle head, a mesh screen, a screen retainer that securely connects the mesh screen to the nozzle head, a nozzle, and a cap nut that interconnects the assembly to a sprayer and... Agent: The Fountainhead Group, Inc.

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