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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing

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05/14/2015 > 19 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150129672 - Electrostatic atomizer, mist generation method: Provided is an electrostatic atomizing device which performs atomization at low cost. An electrostatic atomizing device (M4) is installed in an atomization chamber (10) of a separation apparatus. The electrostatic atomizing device (M4) includes a plate-like inclined surface electrode (101) and a plate-like counter electrode (102) parallel to the surface... Agent: Nanomist Technologies Co., Ltd.

20150129673 - Rotary sprinkler and watering method: In a method of controlling a rotary sprinkler, a first angular position and a first watering distance are accessed from memory using a controller. A first electric motor is driven using the controller based on the first angular position. A head comprising at least one nozzle is rotated to the... Agent:

20150129674 - Particulate sprayer: A particulate sprayer includes a gas reservoir to hold a gas, a liquid reservoir to hold a product, and a low pressure section including an exit opening connected to the liquid reservoir. The product includes a liquid and solid particles. The low pressure section transports gas released from the gas... Agent: Mccormick & Company, Incorporated

20150129675 - Irrigation system and method: The invention concerns an irrigation system (2) comprising a tank (4) in its turn provided with a water feeding inlet (6), a water outlet (8), and optionally a closing element (10), and comprising a sprinkling unit (12) provided with a water inlet opening (14) and a water outlet jet (16),... Agent:

20150129676 - Compact actuation system for flow nozzle: Embodiments may include an actuation system for an exhaust nozzle of a gas turbine engine. The actuation system may comprise a plurality of flap assemblies including a plurality of convergent flaps movable between first and second convergent positions and a plurality of divergent flaps movable between first and second divergent... Agent: Rolls-royce North American Technologies, Inc.

20150129677 - Dual scent air freshener with manual combiner: An air freshener includes a pair of wicks extending from a pair of reservoirs configured to contain different scents. A hood is sized and shaped to essentially cover only one of the at least two wicks and movable with respect to the wicks between a first scent position in which... Agent:

20150129678 - Atomizer used in the inner combustion engine and having energy saving and debris reducing function: An atomizer used in the inner combustion engine and having energy saving and debris reducing function, which includes: a housing having an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe, the interior of the housing is installed with a flow regulating mask, and a bottom plate is installed inside the housing; a... Agent:

20150129679 - Injector water intrusion seal with blow out volume: A fluid injector includes a housing and an inlet tube having a portion received in the housing. A primary seal creates a seal between surfaces of the housing, the inlet tube, and an inlet of the injector. A groove is in the housing and a secondary seal is in the... Agent:

20150129680 - Irrigation system with steady state speeds of movement: An irrigation system with steady state speeds of movement achieves and maintains substantial straight alignment of multiple interconnected spans with continuous movement over a range of speeds in a forward and reverse movement direction. A variable-speed drive controller monitors and processes the output of the corresponding alignment detector and, based... Agent: Irrovation LLC

20150129681 - Ultrasonic atomization device: The present invention is an ultrasonic wave atomizing device including: a liquid absorbent wick (22) for absorbing a solution from a solution container; and a vibrating plate (32) which has multiple micropores (36) penetrating the vibrating plate (32) in a thickness direction and is for atomizing the solution which has... Agent:

20150129682 - Sprayer: A lawn and garden sprayer system having a container and a spray wand fluidly connected to the container is provided. The spray wand includes a wand housing that has a slot formed in one side thereof that is configured to engage a lug formed on one side of the container... Agent: The Fountainhead Group, Inc.

20150129683 - Twist tip air cap assembly including an integral sleeve for a spray gun: The present technique provides a system and method for improving a tip assembly for a spray coating device. An exemplary spray coating device of the present technique has a twist tip with air-assist channels. The twist tip may be applied to a spray gun and provides a portion of the... Agent:

20150129684 - Elongate continuous flow controller with web-shaped or string-shaped flow restrictor: A sanitary insertion unit (1) having an insertion housing (2), which can be inserted into a sanitary supply line and has a continuous flow controller (3), which has at least one through flow opening (4) through which a fluid flows, in which through flow opening (4) a flow restrictor (5)... Agent: Neoperl Gmbh

20150129685 - Ergonomic handle for a fluid applicator spray gun: An ergonomic handle assembly can allow an operator to comfortably support weight of a fluid filled reservoir connected to a fluid applicator sprayer. Any combination of first, second and third shoulders can be formed on the handle assembly to provide increased support surface area in three dimensions with respect to... Agent:

20150129686 - Valve assembly for spraying devices for agricultural technology and field sprayer: A valve assembly for spraying devices for agricultural technology having a plurality of valves, wherein the valves each include a valve body, which is capable of assuming at least one enable position and one disable position relative to a valve seat, an electric motor for moving the valve seat and/or... Agent:

20150129687 - Fuel injector: A fuel injector has a valve nozzle defining a fuel-injection port downstream of a fuel passage. The fuel-injection port is inclined toward a nozzle periphery from a fuel-inlet to a fuel-outlet. A valve needle is capable of moving in a valve-opening direction to open the fuel-injection port so that a... Agent:

20150129688 - Microfluidic flow-through elements and methods of manufacture of same: Microfluidic flow-through elements and methods for forming and using the same, particularly, low cost, easily sterilized, disposable microfluidic flow-through elements may include an orifice region suitable, for example, for fluid jet formation (such as in a droplet sorter or flow cell) or sample injection or hydrodynamic focusing (such as in... Agent:

20150129689 - Method for filling and emptying a liquid tank of a spreader device for winter service vehicles, and spreader device: In a spreader for winter service vehicles, brine is filled from a tank sack into additional tanks by purely hydrostatic effect substantially without the use of pumps, by the tank sack being so filled for example by excess pressure that the brine is urged through a liquid line where it... Agent: Kuepper-weisser Gmbh

20150129690 - Multi-head electrostatic painting apparatus: An electrostatic painting apparatus is provided. The electrostatic painting apparatus includes a body, a plurality of rotary atomizers included at least partially within the body, wherein each rotary atomizer is configured to electrostatically apply a coating material to a conductive substrate, and wherein each rotary atomizer is independently controllable, and... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

05/07/2015 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150122904 - Fan nozzle drive systems that lock thrust reversers: Systems and methods are provided that lock thrust reversers and also drive fan nozzles of an aircraft. One system includes a coupling configured to selectively engage and disengage. While engaged, the coupling is configured to rotate to drive a Variable Area Fan Nozzle (VAFN), at least a portion of which... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150122905 - Passive tangential ejector for an exhaust nozzle of a gas turbine engine: A flap for a convergent/divergent nozzle system includes an ejector door movably mounted to an inner skin at a hinge.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150122906 - Ultrasonic atomizing device and pest control method: Micropores penetrating a vibration plate 12 in a thickness direction thereof are formed, in which the vibration plate 12 atomizes a solution by vibration of a piezoelectric vibrator 11 that generates ultrasonic vibration when current is applied thereto. In addition, the spraying time and the spraying interval time are controlled... Agent:

20150122907 - Adjustable scalloped needle valve for a spray nozzle: An adjustable spray nozzle adapted to fit a pressurized aerosol can. The nozzle includes a body, a fluid passage defined within the nozzle body, and an adjustable needle valve with a tip disposed within a portion of the fluid passage. The needle valve regulates flow within the fluid passage. The... Agent:

20150122908 - Multi-layer piezoelectric element and piezoelectric actuator, injection device and fuel injection system including the same: There are provided a multi-layer piezoelectric element capable of suppressing the development of a small crack occurring at an interface between a piezoelectric layer and an internal electrode layer or in the internal electrode layer, and a piezoelectric actuator, an injection device and a fuel injection system including the same.... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150122909 - Cleaning and detection system for automatic paint sprayer: A cleaning and detection system for automatic paint sprayer is provided, comprising a compressed air supplying device, a solvent supplying device, a diaphragm pump connected to the solvent supplying device for pumping a solvent from the solvent supplying device at a predetermined pressure, and a plurality of conduits for enabling... Agent: Guangqi Honda Automobile Co., Ltd.

20150122910 - Sray paint applicator: A portable, manually operable, trigger-activated pump spray applicator can be used to apply paints and coating fluids in commercial and military end use applications, especially chemical agent resistant coating (CARC) fluids. The applicator includes an impermeable, preferably rigid-walled, container capped by a manually operable spray pump with a single fluid... Agent: Milspray LLC

20150122911 - Adhesively bonded frame section for agricultural sprayer boom: An adhesively bonded frame section for an agricultural sprayer boom is provided. One agricultural sprayer boom section includes a first support member and a second support member disposed adjacent to the first support member. The boom section also includes a side plate adhesively bonded to a first lateral side of... Agent:

20150122912 - Tandem thrust reverser with multi-point actuation: One embodiment includes a pivot thrust reverser comprising a first tandem pivot door subassembly comprising an inner panel and outer panel connected. A second tandem pivot door subassembly is included comprising an inner panel and outer panel connected. Also included are a first actuator located on a first side of... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150122913 - Outlet mechanism with additional function: The present invention is provided with an outlet mechanism with additional function, which comprises a fixation base, a hand shower and an additional module. The fixation base is assembled to a shower arm with an inlet, an outlet and a waterway connecting the inlet and the outlet, the inlet is... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20150122914 - Wearable spraying device: A sprayer portable on the back for spraying liquids comprises a tank (2), a hand lever (4), a pump (12) and a pressure vessel, wherein the pressure vessel is formed by a hollow space in the hand lever (4) and the pump (12) is arranged in the hollow space. The... Agent: Birchmeier Spruehtechnik

20150122915 - Atomizer with a lattice mixer: An atomizer comprises a static mixer configured to mix components of a coating agent with one another. The mixer has a plurality of fixed mixing elements and is constructionally integrated into the atomizer, and the mixer is a lattice mixer having mixing elements that are arranged intertwined in a lattice-like... Agent: Duerr Systems, Gmbh

20150122916 - Atomizer: Provided is a liquid atomizer including a housing fitted with an inlet connectable to a liquid supply line. The housing can include a cavity with a longitudinal axis in flow communication with the inlet, at least one opening for emitting atomized liquid, and at least one vortex generating member formed... Agent:

20150122917 - Liquid intrusion sealing structure of a urea injector: A fluid injector includes a body associated with an outlet of the injector. An inlet tube is coupled to the body and has an open end for receiving fluid to be injected. An inlet cup has an open end and covers the open end of the inlet tube and also... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

20150122918 - Nozzle needle for an injector for injecting fuel into cylinder combustion chambers of an internal combustion engine, and an injector with such a nozzle needle: A nozzle needle for an injector for injecting fuel includes at least one guiding section with a recess and a guiding surface configured to rest against an inner surface of a nozzle body of the injector, the recess at least partially delimiting the guiding surface and being configured to allow... Agent: Continental Automotive Gmbh

04/30/2015 > 23 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150115052 - Apparatus and method for a sprinkler management system: A system and corresponding method for automated sprinkle management for managing a sprinkler system in a plurality of repetitive periods is provided. For a present repetitive period where sprinkling is not to be performed, an amount of one or more meteorological-related metrics is retrieved for a previous repetitive period, and... Agent: Lehmann Systems LLC

20150115053 - Eyelet for steam humidification system: The steam eyelet(s), mounted on steam dispersion tube(s), part of a steam dispersion system, has an interior cavity fed with steam, a through passage, a steam entry port and a steam exit port. The exit port is partly closed by a sloped throat which captures steam condensate and the steam... Agent: National Environmental Products Ltd.

20150115054 - Flow restrictor: The present invention sets forth a fluid flow restrictor for attachment onto a fluid dispensing fixture and related methods. The restrictor includes a restrictor body having an internal flow passageway. The restrictor also includes an upstream fluid receiving chamber having a tapered interior configuration that tapers from an upstream end... Agent:

20150115051 - Purge system for reductant delivery unit for a selective catalytic reduction system: A purge procedure which is part of an injector, that may be used as part of a reductant delivery unit (RDU), where the RDU is part of a selective catalytic reduction system for injecting diesel exhaust fluid into an exhaust system, to control exhaust emissions. The RDU delivers a reductant... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

20150115055 - Fuel injection valve and method of actuating: A fuel injection valve injects a fuel into the combustion chamber or into the injection port of an internal combustion engine, the valve being actuated by an actuator assembly that includes a small displacement actuator and a large displacement actuator. The method includes commanding the small displacement actuator to move... Agent:

20150115056 - Rotating sprinkler: A rotating sprinkler for intermittently emitting a liquid supplied by a pulsating device that forms pulses that have a beginning and an end. The sprinkler has a rotating portion that can rotate about an axis while emitting the liquid pulses to the outside environment. The sprinkler provides for rotation of... Agent:

20150115057 - Methods and systems for creating aerosols: Aerosols can be created by filament stretching and breaking of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids by applying a strain to and stretching the fluid. The fluid is stretched along a strain pathway and forms a fluid filament. The fluid filament is caused to break into droplets that can be harvested to... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20150115058 - Sprayer nozzle system for variable application rates: In a sprayer nozzle apparatus a pressurized liquid source directs pressurized liquid through a supply conduit and a supply port connects the supply conduit to first and second nozzles oriented such that spray patterns dispensed thereby do not intersect. First and second pressure sensors send pressure signals to a controller... Agent:

20150115059 - Technique for correcting injector characteristics in engine of vehicle: A technique for correcting injector characteristics is provided. In particular, a micro control unit is configured to generate a control pulse for controlling the operation of an injector; and a driving semiconductor is configured to detect and calculate a driving characteristic of the injector and compensating for injection timing of... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20150115060 - Wearable chemical dispenser: Wearable devices for dispensing insect repellents, fragrances, and/or other chemicals along the outside of the clothing of a human are disclosed. They are of the type that are clipped onto a belt or the like, and use a powered fan to dispense active. They are configured with outlet arrangements to... Agent:

20150115061 - Gimbal pin for jet propulsion system: A thrust reverser actuator gimbal assembly for mounting a thrust reverser actuator to fixed structure of the thrust reverser is disclosed. The thrust reverser actuator gimbal assembly may comprise a gimbal, first and second gimbal pins mounted to the gimbal and defining a first pivot axis, the first and second... Agent: Rohr, Inc.

20150115062 - Side spraying outlet device: A side spraying outlet device is assembled to a supporting arm fixed to the wall, wherein the outlet device includes a side spraying component. The side spraying component includes a fixed portion secured to the wall and at least a side spraying mechanism disposed in the fixed portion, the fixed... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20150115063 - Sanitary outlet fitting: A sanitary outlet fitting (1) having a fitting body (3), the body interior of which opens into a water outlet (5), with an intermediate holder (2) which (2) is fastenable in the water outlet (5), and with a sanitary insert (6) which is insertable into the end side of the... Agent: Neoperl Gmbh

20150115064 - Shower system combining a top sprayer and a hand shower: A shower system includes a top sprayer with at least two water types and a hand shower. The top sprayer is disposed with an inlet waterway to connect to the water source and first diversion waterways corresponding to the water types one by one; wherein the top sprayer is further... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20150115065 - Side spraying shower head: A side spraying shower head includes an inlet waterway; a cover unit with a first and second water cavity; a water diversion body covering the cover unit, the water diversion body having a first inlet hole connected to the first water cavity and a second inlet hole connected to the... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20150115066 - Liquid diffuser device for irrigation systems: A liquid diffuser device for irrigation systems includes a support structure defining a first longitudinal axis with an upper passageway for a liquid jet and a lower tubular body having a bottom wall, a spherical member associated therewith having an outer surface with a predetermined average radius of curvature, a... Agent:

20150115067 - Water-ejection-angle adjustable shower head: A water-ejection-angle adjustable shower head, and it is characterized in that, it includes a main body, and a swing rod, a water dispenser disk, an upper plate, and a lower plate built in said main body from top to bottom. An upper end of said lower plate passes through said... Agent:

20150115069 - Fuel injection valve: A fuel injection valve that injects fuel directly into a cylinder of an internal combustion engine includes: a nozzle inserted into a fuel injection valve fitting hole formed in the cylinder; a cylindrical tip seal holder attached to the nozzle; and an annular seal member that is fitted to the... Agent:

20150115068 - Fuel injector: A fuel injector configured as a high-pressure injection valve for the direct injection of fuel into a combustion chamber includes: a housing having an housing end face on the combustion chamber side; an actuator; a valve-closure member operable by the actuator; at least one outlet orifice in the housing end... Agent:

20150115070 - Printing plate assembly and method for an ink jet print head assembly: A method (e.g., for creating a printing plate assembly of an ink jet print head assembly) includes coating one or more sides of plural planar subsection plates with a bonding material. The subsection plates include printing holes through which a fluid is to be ejected from the ink jet print... Agent:

20150115071 - Oil supply nozzle and manufacturing method thereof: There is provided an oil supply nozzle including a micro-needle, and a needle holder to which the micro-needle is inserted and fixed with an adhesive, wherein the needle holder includes a coupling hole formed to allow the needle holder to be inserted into an oil injection apparatus, and an injection... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150115072 - Spreader attachment: A dry particulate spreader includes an attachment assembly for use with a portable hand-held air blower for entraining granular fertilizer, grass seed or similar materials into the discharge air stream of the blower, whereby the particulate is broadcast by the air stream.... Agent:

20150115073 - Powder spray gun comprising a wear resistant electrode support: A spray nozzle assembly is provided with an electrode, a wear resistant member, and a compliant sleeve. The wear resistant member supports the electrode and is supported by the compliant sleeve. For coating operations that use abrasive powder such as porcelain enamel, the wear resistant member may comprise ceramic. The... Agent:

04/25/2015 > 23 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.
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