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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing

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11/13/2014 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140332601 - Method of aerosolizing a liquid: A method of aerosolizing a liquid by generating an aerosol from a liquid fluid and a gas with a nozzle having a cone-shaped gas exit channel, the method including the method steps of: ejecting a nozzle gas jet through an orifice at the cone apex; generating a zone of low... Agent:

20140332602 - Inner premix tube air wipe: An inner premix tube for a fuel injector of a gas turbine engine includes a transition end, a tip end, and a premix tube inner surface. The transition end includes an annular disk portion with an annular disk shape and a redirection portion extending radially inward and axially from the... Agent: Solar Turbines Incorporated

20140332603 - Shrouded pilot liquid tube: A pilot liquid tube having a pilot liquid fuel inlet, a pilot liquid fuel conduit, a pilot liquid fuel nozzle, and a shroud configured to shield the pilot liquid fuel nozzle. The pilot liquid tube may be installed and/or removed from an injector of a gas turbine engine while the... Agent: Solar Turbines Incorporated

20140332604 - Device for fastening a hollow part: A fastener device for fastening a hollow part is made up of two mutually facing walls to at least one structural part. The device comprises a one-piece body of metal material presenting two main faces extending longitudinally between first and second ends of the body. Each main face includes a... Agent: Herakles

20140332605 - Plasma processing equipment and gas distribution apparatus thereof: A gas distribution apparatus for a plasma processing equipment is provided. The gas distribution apparatus includes a support plate (3) and a showerhead electrode (5) that are secured together parallelly to define a chamber for gas distribution. A first gas distribution plate (4) is arranged in the chamber horizontally. On... Agent:

20140332606 - Liquid atomizing device and liquid atomizing method: A liquid atomization device includes a nozzle body. The nozzle body includes: a first gas spray portion and a second gas spray portion for spraying two gas flows; a liquid passage having a passage through which liquid flows by formation of the two gas flows sprayed by the first gas... Agent: Nozzle Network Co., Ltd

20140332607 - Shower with various outlet functions: A shower with various outlet functions includes a main body part and outlet part, the main body part has an inlet waterway, and at least one first inlet hole and one second inlet hole communicated with the inlet waterway; the outlet part, is connected to the main body part in... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20140332608 - Showerhead having structural features that produce a vibrant spray pattern: A showerhead having structural features providing a vibrant spray pattern includes a faceplate, a turbine, and a water distributor, among other elements. The spray pattern is facilitated by the interaction of slots in the turbine, which overly troughs formed in the faceplate. The slots in the turbine meter the flow... Agent: Speakman Company

20140332609 - Shower nozzle device: A shower nozzle device is disclosed. The sucking disc includes a gland and a pull rod. The shower nozzle device is assembled by passing a bolt at the same time through the holes formed on a pair of the protrusions on the back of the shower nozzle, the first through... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140326800 - Paint delivery and application system and method: A paint delivery and application apparatus, wherein the apparatus includes a source of paint, a paint applicator, a supply line interconnecting the source of paint and the applicator and at least one pig in the supply line, wherein the paint pushes the pig from adjacent the source of paint to... Agent:

20140326801 - System and methods for monitoring leaf temperature for prediction of plant water status: An apparatus and system for monitoring plant leaves to determine plant water needs and an automated variable-rate irrigation management system which can implement precision irrigation by taking into account specific plant water status is presented. Single or networked sensor platforms have a suite of sensors including a leaf temperature sensor... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140326802 - Atomization device: An atomizer is provided having an atomization chamber (1, 2; 1′) for receiving a liquid, at least one nebulizer (3, 4; 4′) for atomizing the liquid into drops of liquid, and an exit port (30) for discharging the vapor or mist of liquid thus generated from the atomization chamber (1,... Agent:

20140326803 - Water gun clearing apparatus and method: A water gun clearing apparatus, particularly for application in self-serve car wash units, for use in clearing standing water from hoses, pipes and the water gun as well as preventing residual water moisture from building-up within the water gun. The water gun clearing apparatus comprises an air regulation system connectable... Agent:

20140326804 - Narrow drive arrangement for self propelled sprayer: An agricultural implement for applying a product to an agricultural field. The agricultural implement including a chassis, at least one tank positioned on and carried by the chassis, a plurality of ground engaging devices and a plurality of suspension elements. The plurality of suspension elements are coupled to the chassis.... Agent: Cnh Industrial America LLC

20140326805 - Shower head with alternating outlet function: A shower head with alternating outlet function, includes: an inlet waterway with an inlet port, an outlet port, a waterway, an outlet terminal having at least two mutually independent outlet cavities rotatably distributed on a plane, and all have outlet holes, alternating inlet holes and synchronous inlets; the outlet holes... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20140326806 - Grantham mechanical ventilator for use in preventing flashover when fighting fires: Disclosed is a mechanical firefighting device capable of operating unattended once it has been configured from the outside of a burning structure. With no firefighter presence required in the burning structure, the device removes heated air and smoke from the structure and allows the application of materials to douse the... Agent:

20140326807 - Apparatus for dispensing fluid: An apparatus that dispenses a fluid onto a substrate includes a nozzle located in a position relative to the substrate to dispense the fluid onto the substrate and a blocking plate selectively disposed between the substrate and the nozzle... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140326808 - Variable-speed irrigation system having an extension arm: An irrigation system is disclosed that is configured to maintain a near straight. In an implementation, an irrigation system includes multiple interconnected spans that are supported by multiple tower structures and an extension arm pivotally connected to the end tower. Each tower structure includes a variable-speed drive unit for selectively... Agent: Valmont Industries, Inc.

10/30/2014 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140319237 - Method and device for generating droplets over a variable spectrum of particle sizes: A process for generating droplets with a modulatable droplet size distribution, comprises: making a stream of liquid strike a support with a given relative impact velocity; making said support vibrate at at least one vibration frequency; heating said support to a impact temperature such that the liquid film formed by... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Al Ternatives

20140319238 - Perfume sprayer: A perfume sprayer comprising a body, a first transmission unit, a second transmission unit and a control circuit is disclosed. The body has a bracket disposed inside the body for receiving a plurality of bottles, and the bottles have releasing units and contain distinct perfume. The first transmission unit is... Agent:

20140319240 - Piezoelectric actuator: A piezoelectric actuator for a fuel injector may include a piezoelement that can be deflected along the longitudinal axis in the longitudinal direction of the fuel injector, and a separating wall for protecting the piezoelement from an overflow of a medium from the fuel-guiding part of the fuel injector, the... Agent:

20140319239 - Thermal management system comprising a heat pipe, heat fins and a synthetic jet ejector: A device is provided which includes (a) a thermally conductive base having first and second major surfaces; (b) a die attached to said first major surface of said base; (c) a heat pipe having a first end which is attached to said second major surface of said base; (d) a... Agent: Nuventix, Inc.

20140319241 - System and method for humidifying a system for applying a coating to a workpiece: A system for applying a coating to a workpiece includes an applicator head and a humidifying apparatus. The applicator head is configured to direct water-based liquid onto the workpiece and remove excess liquid through a vacuum. The humidifying apparatus is operably coupled to a steam source and includes first and... Agent: Armstrong World Industries, Inc.

20140319242 - Nozzle, structure element and method of producing a nozzle: A nozzle, in particular an outlet nozzle of an aircraft jet engine, is formed with at least one nozzle wall. A turbulence-generating and/or vortex-generating structure is arranged on an inner face of the nozzle wall and projects radially inwardly from the nozzle wall. Alternatively, or in addition, a turbulence-generating and/or... Agent: Deutsches Zentrum Fuer Luft-und Raumfahrt E.v.

20140319243 - Reverser having movable cascades, and translatably variable nozzle: The thrust reverser includes a reverser cowl of which a downstream part of the reverser cowl forms a jet nozzle, cascade vanes fixed upstream from the reverser cowl, thrust reverser flaps, and an actuator. The thrust reverser is translatable under an effect of the actuator between a folded position of... Agent: Aircelle

20140319244 - Sprayer for liquids with precompression chamber: A description is given of a sprayer of liquids (10) with trigger-operated pump comprising a body (11) which can be attached to the mouth of a container and a nozzle (16) of delivery of the liquid, in the body (11) being formed a pumping chamber (22) in communication with the... Agent:

20140319245 - Recharge insert for cleaning, sanitizing or disinfectant fluid spray system: Rechargeable containers and dispensers, in particular spray bottle dispensers including structures such as strips, pouches, pills, capsules, discs and the like for providing concentrates of chemical agents for charging or recharging the spray bottle dispenser, preferably, individual chemical refill charges containing chemical concentrate are deployed within the spray bottle dispenser... Agent:

20140319246 - Fluid flow nozzle: A fluid flow nozzle is provided that comprises an elongated body having an inlet end and an outlet end, and defining a channel extending therethrough in which the channel includes an inlet channel and an outlet channel having an outlet diameter that is less than the inlet diameter. The channel... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140319247 - Point touch switch shower head: Disclosed is a shower head with a single-point touch switch. The shower head comprises a ball head component, a water-distributing unit, a switching unit and a wedge block. The ball head component has a protruding seat, and the protruding seat has a connection slot on its lower part. The water... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20140319248 - Shower head with blockable control disc rotary movement: A shower head has a jet disc having fluid passage channels and a control disc arranged so as to be rotatably movable relative to the jet disc. The control disc has a control slot pattern by which the fluid passage channels are opened up or blocked individually or group-wise depending... Agent: Hansgrohe Se

10/23/2014 > 17 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140312134 - Modulated cyclic flow (mcf) drip irrigation systems: The present system comprises, a MFC controller, emitter-lines that utilize non-drain technology on the emission devices and control valves for individual drip lines or groups of drip lines within an irrigation zone, along with a means to actuate the control valves by the controller. The MCF system utilizes a number... Agent:

20140312135 - Odorant-releasing utensil: In an aspect, an eating utensil includes a controllable odorant emitter for delivering an odorant to a person who is eating or drinking from the eating utensil. The odorant may be delivered orthonasally or retronasally. The odorant may be used to stimulate or suppress appetite. In an aspect, a controllable... Agent:

20140312136 - Portable volatile material dispenser and method of simulating a flame in same: A portable volatile material dispenser includes a housing having a top wall and at least one side wall and an opening formed within the top wall of the housing. A volatile material actuator is disposed within the housing and a manifold is in fluid communication with and extends between the... Agent:

20140312138 - Impingement fan display: An impingement fan water display that may be used in a water display is described. The device may include two nozzles that project streams of water towards each other in an intersecting trajectory and impinge upon each other. The angle of orientation of the nozzles in relation to each other... Agent:

20140312139 - Traveling laminar streams: A water display is described whereby parabolic water streams may be controlled so as to appear to move towards or away from each other or step over each other.... Agent:

20140312137 - Traveling water delivery device: A device to moving a water shooter is described. The device may contain features that allow the device to travel submerged in a reservoir with a water shooter attached. The device may travel along a fixed track, rotational boom, or be free swimming in order to move the water shooter... Agent:

20140312140 - Non-parabolic stream generation: A water delivery device that produces non-parabolic water forms is described. The water form's appearance may be created by altering the amount of water pressure and movement of the nozzle as the water exits the device.... Agent:

20140312141 - Variable pressure sprinkler system: A sprinkler head has an inlet to receive a fluid from a pipeline, and a nozzle to spray the received fluid. In one embodiment, a body that couples the inlet to the nozzle includes an electromechanical fluid flow control device via which to vary an amount of fluid pressure presented... Agent:

20140312142 - Multi-configuration misting and spraying system: An insecticide delivery system for delivering insecticide or other liquids through either stationary or portable misting or by spot spraying. A delivery system includes a liquid reservoir, a fluid misting pump to flow insecticide liquid to installed misting nozzles and a fluid spraying pump to flow insecticide liquid to a... Agent:

20140312143 - Nutating sprinkler head: A sprinkler head with a nutating water distribution cage attached to a sprinkler body. Water from the sprinkler head impacts a strike plate of the cage to initiate nutation of the cage. Spiral grooves on the strike plate contribute to the nutation of the cage, and an upturned edge on... Agent:

20140312144 - Refillable spray bottle: A refillable spray dispenser comprises a spray assembly, a hollow injection rod which is located with a liquid charging passage and a bottom portion within which the rod is positioned. The bottom portion includes bottom portion walls, a first seal, a second seal, and an exhaust hole in the bottom... Agent:

20140312145 - Variable width fan nozzle: A water delivery device that may be used in a water display is described. The device includes an orifice or outlet through which water is shot out. The shape and configuration of the water device may be varied to dynamically adjust the configuration of the water shot out from the... Agent:

20140312146 - Spray gun structure for use by a left-handed person: A spray gun structure for use by a left-handed person is provided. When held in the left hand, the spray gun structure defines a positive direction, which is the direction the palm of the left hand faces, and a negative direction, which is opposite to the positive direction. The spray... Agent:

20140312147 - Electromagnetic fuel injector with braking device: The present invention relates to a fuel injector. The fuel injector is provided with an injection nozzle, an injection valve, and an electromagnetic actuator. The injection valve has a movable needle to adjust the flow of fuel through the injection nozzle. The electromagnetic actuator is adapted to move the needle... Agent:

20140312148 - Nozzle for applying sealants: A nozzle that includes a connecting section, a main hollow elongated and conical body, a bell shaped section and an injection bottom is described. The design of the connecting section allows it to be connected to injections machines or to a sealant containing cartridges. The injection button is non-permanently connected... Agent:

20140312150 - Circuit for displaying the relative voltage at the output electrode of an electrostatically aided coating material atomizer: A coating dispensing device includes a trigger assembly for actuating the coating dispensing device to dispense coating material and a nozzle through which the coating material is dispensed. The coating dispensing device further includes a source of voltage and a voltage multiplier for multiplying the voltage. The voltage multiplier is... Agent:

20140312149 - Electrostatic spray tool system: A system including an electrostatic tool including a handle, a first trigger configured to move between a first trigger position and a second trigger position, wherein the electrostatic tool is configured to be inactive when the first trigger is in the first trigger position and to spray a coating material... Agent: Finishing Brands Holdings Inc.

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