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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing

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02/05/2015 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150034732 - Articulated watering device: An electronically controlled device which can provide fluid delivery to targeted areas in a scheduled and repeatable manner, without providing fluid delivery inconsequentially to untargeted areas. In one example, the device includes one more nozzles for directing a fluid, one or more motors for controlling the pitch and the yaw... Agent:

20150034733 - Assembly for washer shower pipe and method to adjust open area of orifices in the pipe: A shower pipe assembly to provide a wash liquid for washing a pulp mat, comprising: a shower pipe with areas defining oblong orifice openings extending through the wall; and a combination plate paddle configured to be removed and configured to be adjusted along the wall, wherein the combination plate paddle... Agent:

20150034734 - Fluid ejection device: A method of forming a substrate for a fluid ejection device includes forming an opening through the substrate, with the opening having a long axis profile and a short axis profile, and with the long axis profile including a first portion extending from a minimum dimension of the long axis... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20150034735 - Ejection head for ejecting alignment film forming composition: An ejection head for ejecting alignment film forming composition includes multiple nozzles. Each nozzle includes a chamber, a composition source, and a control valve. A liquid transportation pipe and a pusher are disposed on the bottom and the top of the chamber, respectively. The pusher is used for pushing the... Agent:

20150034736 - High clearance adjustable sprayer: An agricultural sprayer assembly includes a wheeled carriage, a chassis, and a spray delivery system. The wheeled carriage has a number of adjustable support legs (e.g., four), each formed of hydraulically coupled and actuated upper and lower leg sections or members. The chassis is supported on the wheeled carriage, at... Agent: Winfield Solutions, LLC

20150034737 - Drive mechanism for a sprinkler: A sprinkler includes a hollow shaft to which a positioning part, a gear casing, a pipe are respectively connected to the hollow shaft. The positioning part and the pipe are respectively connected to a first end support and a second end support of a base. The positioning part has multiple... Agent:

20150034738 - Showerhead assembly: A showerhead assembly attached to a plumbing feature has a main body with a hollow body portion to receive incoming fluid. An outlet is formed on the bottom of the main body to release outgoing fluid, and a fluid distributing element is configured to distribute the outgoing fluid from the... Agent:

20150034739 - Sport-type multifunctional spray mineral water bottle: The invention discloses a cap of spray mineral water bottle, including cap body, spray means and water locking means. This cap of spray mineral water is used with resilient mineral water bottle body to form a multifunctional spray mineral water bottle, which can ensure normal drinking of mineral water as... Agent:

20150034740 - Water spray gun: A water spray gun including a gun body. The gun body includes: an inner part including a water channel; an outer part including a handle; an upper part including a spray bar, a water spray plate, a lock button, and a pull rod including a plug; and a lower part... Agent: Ningbo Daye Garden Industrial Co., Ltd.

20150034741 - Fuel injector and method for forming spray-discharge openings: A fuel injector for fuel injection systems of internal combustion engines has an excitable actuator for activating a valve closing element, which forms a sealing seat together with a valve face implemented on a valve seat element. Multiple spray-discharge openings are implemented in the valve seat element downstream from the... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150034742 - Fuel injector and fuel injection device using the same: A fuel injector includes (i) a body including a distal end portion forming an injection port, a diameter reduction portion, and a diameter expansion portion, and (ii) a seal member attached to at least the diameter reduction portion of both the diameter reduction portion and the diameter expansion portion. When... Agent: Denso Corporation

01/29/2015 > 17 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150028122 - Supervised nitrogen cylinder inerting system for fire protection sprinkler system and method of inerting a fire protection sprinkler system: An inerting system for a fire protection sprinkler system and method of inerting a fire protection sprinkler system to reduce the concentration of oxygen includes connecting an inert gas supply system with the piping network of the fire protection sprinkler system. The gas supply system includes a plurality of tank... Agent: Engineered Corrosion Solutions, LLC

20150028123 - Drinking straw device: A drinking straw device, comprising: a sealed tube (30); a corrugated pipe (16) disposed inside the tube (30), for being used as a drinking straw; a coolant (18), disposed in a space confined between the tube (30) and the corrugated pipe (16), for cooling the corrugated pipe (16); and a... Agent:

20150028124 - Fragrance diffuser, particularly for small spaces, and associated production process: A fragrance diffuser, particularly for small spaces, comprising a main body which forms an expansion seat, a containment chamber, which is segregated from the remaining part of the main body for containing a fluid, and a membrane which faces the external environment and is at least partially proximate to the... Agent: Evifill S.r.l.

20150028125 - Liquid ejecting head and liquid ejecting apparatus: A liquid ejecting head in which a flow path substrate having a communication hole communicating with a nozzle and a pressure chamber substrate having a space that is a pressure chamber are at least laminated includes: an actuator having an active section that is interposed between electrodes and applies pressure... Agent:

20150028126 - Fragrance nebulizer with drainage system: A device for generating a scented mist of an atomized liquid fragrance oil includes an atomizer complex, a reservoir assembly, a drainage tube, and a vacuum tube. The atomizer complex can atomize the liquid fragrance oil into a scented mist and deliver the scented mist to air outside of the... Agent:

20150028127 - Slurry spreader: An apparatus can include a trough configured to be removably attached to a discharge chute and receive a slurry discharged therefrom. The apparatus can include a basin connected to a lower end of the trough, and can include a plurality of drainage nozzles disposed along a bottom of the basin... Agent:

20150028128 - Adjustable arc of coverage cone nozzle rotary stream sprinkler with stepped and spiraled valve element: A cone valve assembly including an upper valve member with a conical top portion and an axially stepped and spiraled top surface and a lower valve member including a central opening with a stepped and spiraled valve surface or edge surrounding the central opening. The upper valve member is mounted... Agent:

20150028129 - Biconical exhaust cone for a civil aviation jet engine: A biconical exhaust cone for a civil aviation jet engine, this cone delimiting, on its outside, an annular exhaust stream of combustion gases and comprising an upstream frustoconical portion extending outward from upstream to downstream and a downstream frustoconical portion extending inward from upstream to downstream, wherein the downstream frustoconical... Agent: Snecma

20150028130 - Sanitary shower: A sanitary shower has a shower body, a water inlet on the shower body connectable to a wall supply line, at least one jet outlet opening and a water conduit providing fluid communication to the water inlet. The sanitary shower includes a connector body with a water inlet connectable to... Agent:

20150028131 - Spray gun having internal boost passageway: A barrel (20) adapted for use with a spray gun (2) is disclosed. The barrel (20) comprises a boost feed port (44) fluidly connected to a boost passageway (48), the boost passageway (48) being integral to the barrel (20). The boost passageway (48) is adapted to convey a pressurized boost... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150028133 - Enhanced mixing tube elements: The present application provides a fuel nozzle for use with a flow of air and a flow of fuel in a gas turbine engine. The fuel nozzle may include a plenum, a mixing tube element positioned within the plenum, and an enhanced mixing feature positioned within the mixing tube element... Agent: General Electric Company

20150028132 - Spray nozzle assembly with impingement post-diffuser: An internal mix air atomizing spray nozzle assembly having a nozzle body that defines a central liquid flow passage, an air guide for directing pressurized air within the nozzle, and a downstream air cap having an upstanding impingement post and a plurality of discharge orifice defining passages about the impingement... Agent:

20150028134 - Gardening gun structure: A gardening gun structure may include a water gun body with an extended handle; a pull grip pivotally connected to a rear side of the handle; and a water controlling shaft set comprising a water controlling shaft, a water stoppage ring and a water controlling head being disposed at an... Agent: Ruey Ryh Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20150028135 - Lever device and a fuel injection valve: A lever device for a fuel injection valve includes a housing with a housing recess, at least one lever element arranged in the housing recess, a drive element arranged in the housing recess and coupled to the lever element(s) in order to act upon said at least one lever element... Agent:

20150028137 - Tightly extrusion-coated component and method for producing such a component: A component which includes a base part, a sealing element, an insert element, and an extrusion coat which extends at least partially around the insert element and at least partially around the base part, the insert element being disposed between the extrusion coat and sealing element.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150028136 - Valve for metering fluid: A valve for metering a fluid, e.g., for the injection of fuel in a fuel-injection system of internal combustion engines, includes: an intake for the fluid; a metering orifice for the fluid; and an elongated, hollow-cylindrical flow channel leading from the intake to the metering orifice, the flow channel having... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150028138 - Coating thickness and distribution control wiping nozzle with excellent pressure uniformity: The present invention relates to a device for controlling the thickness of a coating made of a liquid film on a moving strip (3), comprising a nozzle (1) fed with a pressurized fluid (6) in a chamber (2) of the nozzle, said chamber (2) being terminated by nozzle lips (11)... Agent: Cockerill Maintenance & Ingenierie S.a.

01/22/2015 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150021406 - System and method for mobile subvehicular access and treatment of ground surfaces about occupied rail tracks: A system and method are provided for subvehicularly accessed treatment of ground surfaces about a rail track occupied by a rail vehicle. A mobile treatment unit having a propulsion mechanism for subvehicular passage between the rails occupied by the rail vehicle includes a dispensing portion for expelling a treatment material... Agent:

20150021407 - Vapor storage device having a diffuser plate and dome: A vapor storage device is provided. The vapor storage device includes a diffuser plate positioned on an axis of an inlet port and comprising one or more openings extending through the plate from a leading edge to a trailing edge and a dome coupled to the inlet port of the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150021408 - Customizable scent dispenser: A customizable scent dispenser is provided that includes an outer case, a scent emitting element, and an inner enclosure operable to support the scent emitting element within the outer case in a manner in which at least a portion of the scent emitting element is supported at a spacing from... Agent:

20150021409 - System and method for miniaturization of synthetic jets: A micro-electromechanical (MEM) synthetic jet actuator includes a semiconductor substrate having a cavity extending therethrough, such that a first opening is formed in a first surface of the semiconductor substrate and such that a second opening is formed in a second surface of the semiconductor substrate. A first flexible membrane... Agent:

20150021410 - System and method for miniaturization of synthetic jets: A micro-electromechanical (MEM) synthetic jet actuator includes a semiconductor substrate having a cavity extending therethrough, such that a first opening is formed in a first surface of the semiconductor substrate and such that a second opening is formed in a second surface of the semiconductor substrate. A first flexible membrane... Agent:

20150021411 - Liquid ejecting head: In a liquid ejecting head that includes a pressure generating element which generates pressure fluctuations in a liquid inside a pressure chamber by applying a voltage to an electrode and a wiring member which has a wiring terminal electrically connected to the electrode, and that ejects the liquid through a... Agent:

20150021412 - Chemical injector for spray device: A spray device, such as one used with a pressure washer, includes a housing, a chemical container coupled to the housing, and a chemical conduit coupled to the container. The chemical conduit has an inlet and an outlet forming a chemical flow path therebetween. The spray device further includes a... Agent: Briggs & Stratton Corporation

20150021413 - Aerosol lubricant and or solvent cleaner with a trigger sprayer: An Aerosol Lubricant and or Solvent Cleaner with Trigger Sprayer that can be easily held in one hand. The Lubricant and or Solvent Cleaner is under pressure in an aerosol can and can only be released by pulling the tab of the trigger sprayer. The Trigger Sprayer Unit cannot be... Agent:

20150021414 - Fuel injector: A fuel injection valve includes: a swirl chamber having an inner peripheral wall formed to be gradually increased in curvature toward a downstream side from an upstream side; a swirl passage, through which a fuel is introduced into the swirl chamber; and a fuel injection port opened to the swirl... Agent:

20150021415 - Corrosion resistant nozzle: A coated corrosion-resistant nozzle with a diffuser configured to support a coating and a coating that, together, inhibit functionally-debilitating corrosion of the nozzle for a desirable period of time within a corrosive environment. The diffuser includes exterior surfaces configured to enhance the corrosion-resistance properties of the coating to extend the... Agent:

20150021416 - Fuel injector: A fuel injector for supplying fuel to a fuel consuming devise includes a fuel inlet for receiving the fuel, a nozzle tip for dispensing the fuel from the fuel injector, a conduit for communicating the fuel from the fuel inlet to the nozzle tip, a valve seat, and a valve... Agent:

20150021417 - Fuel injector and method of making same: The invention relates to a fuel injector (1) for an internal combustion engine. The fuel injector (1) is comprised of an injector body (5) with an injector tip (6). The injector tip (6) is used for the injection of fuel into the combustion chamber (4) of the internal combustion engine.... Agent:

20150021418 - Lever device and a fuel injection valve: A lever device for a fuel injection valve includes a housing with a housing recess, at least one lever element arranged in the housing recess and having a coupling section coupled to a section of the housing, a drive element arranged in the housing recess and coupled to the at... Agent:

20150021420 - Electrostatic spray device and method for positioning for the same: An electrostatic spray device capable of reducing a leakage current is provided. An electrostatic spray device 100 includes a spray electrode 1 configured to spray a material from an end thereof, a reference electrode 2 for allowing voltage application across the spray electrode 1 and the reference electrode 2, a... Agent:

20150021419 - Electrostatic spraying device: An electrostatic spraying device includes a device body having a paint supply passage connected to a paint supply source, a paint nozzle located on a distal end of device body and having a paint flow passage communicating with the paint supply passage and a paint outlet formed through a distal... Agent: Asahi Sunac Corporation

01/15/2015 > 25 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150014427 - Control valve: A control valve of a fuel injector includes a generally cylindrical control valve housing having an axis, and a control valve body disposed within the control valve housing. An inlet throttle passage is in fluid communication with the control valve housing and is oriented to be generally tangential to the... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company, LLC

20150014428 - Portable devices and methods for providing scents: The present technology is directed to devices and methods for providing scents to a user—in particular, in a portable way that can dispense a plurality of scents to an individual user based on the individual user's personal preferences or needs.... Agent: Woodpecker Laboratories, LLC

20150014429 - Portable devices and methods for providing scents: The present technology is directed to devices and methods for providing scents to a user—in particular, in a portable way that can dispense a plurality of scents to an individual user based on the individual user's personal preferences or needs.... Agent: Woodpecker Laboratories, LLC

20150014430 - Smoke generator and method of controlling a smoke generation: e

20150014431 - Drinking straw and embellishment system: A non-disposable decorative straw and embellishment system is provided that includes a drinking straw portion and an embellishment. The drinking straw portion includes a hollow tubular member, an exterior wall configured with at least one circumferential groove, a lower-wall section disposed below the circumferential groove, and an upper-wall section disposed... Agent:

20150014432 - Fragrance sticks: A device for displaying fragrance strips. The device includes a container with slots and one or more fragrance strips that fit into the slots. The fragrance strips can be constructed with aesthetically pleasing or branding and marketing designs. The container can also be constructed with aesthetically pleasing or branding and... Agent:

20150014435 - Liquid sprayer: A transducer type liquid sprayer in that mist can be dispersed widely even when the liquid sprayer is dispersed in a relatively low position. The liquid sprayer contains a storage tank for storing spray liquid that can be easily replaced together with a core for soaking up the spray liquid... Agent:

20150014433 - Systems and methods for ultrasonic spraying: The disclosure provides systems and methods for ultrasonic spraying of fluids. In some embodiments, the disclosure provides systems and methods for spraying cosmetic fluids using handheld spray devices.... Agent: Temptu, Inc.

20150014434 - Ultrasonic spraying device / air-assisted ultrasonic spraying device with advancing cartridge piston: The invention provides systems and methods for delivering a fluid, which may be a cosmetic fluid. The fluid delivery system may employ ultrasonic energy to deliver fluid contained in a cartridge using a spraying device. The fluid delivery system may be modular.... Agent: Temptu, Inc.

20150014436 - Valve for metering fluid: A valve for metering fluid having a valve assembly which meters the fluid, and a hydraulic coupler assigned to the valve assembly. The coupler has a housing cup having a cup bottom, cup wall and cup opening; a piston is guided inside the housing cup in axially displaceable manner and... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150014437 - Air impingement nozzle: An air impingement nozzle that includes a fluid supply line with a fluid inlet and a fluid return line with a fluid outlet. A first wall in spaced walls extend between and are in communication with the fluid inlet and the fluid outlet to form a fluid channel. The first... Agent:

20150014438 - Agricultural sprayer breakaway boom assembly: According to one embodiment, there is provided a breakaway hinge for an expandable boom on an agricultural vehicle. The boom includes of a first and a second section combined in a manner to allow the second section to move with respect to the first section when the second section encounters... Agent:

20150014439 - Bicycle hydration and cooling system: Various embodiments provide a bicycle hydration and misting system or apparatus. Example embodiments include a manual (e.g., trigger-activated) or automated (e.g., valve-activated) system that is self-contained, small, and light-weight. Various embodiments improve safety, allow convenient interchangeability of the fluid reservoir, and enable easy installation on a bicycle with or without... Agent:

20150014440 - Plant cultivation system: An irrigation device includes: a nozzle discharging liquid; a cover preventing the liquid discharged from the nozzle from splattering around the container; and a moving mechanism moving the cover between a first position and a second position. When moved to the first position, the cover covers space above the container.... Agent:

20150014441 - Spraying apparatus: An apparatus for spraying an oil mist on a pull-push basis includes a vacuum generator, a gas transport assembly, an oil transport assembly, and a nozzle. The vacuum generator defines a vacuum chamber. The gas transport assembly can include a gas transport pipe. The gas transport pipe couples an outer... Agent:

20150014442 - Aerosol water with trigger sprayer: An Aerosol Water with Trigger Sprayer that can be easily held in one hand. The water is under pressure in an aerosol can and can only be released by pulling the tab of the trigger sprayer. The Trigger Sprayer Unit cannot be sprayed until the tab is pulled. The Can... Agent:

20150014443 - Hollow dispensing head:

20150014444 - Fuel injection valve, and fuel injection apparatus provided with the same: A fuel injection valve includes: a needle valve with a seat surface at a distal end; a nozzle body with a seat section on which the seat surface rests and with an injection opening disposed downstream of the seat section; and a swirl flow generating section with a spiral groove... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150014445 - Spray device and process for manufacturing the same: A lightweight spray device with spray body that is suitable for precision cast molding, solving general casting problems, such as shrinkage and bubbling; and a process for manufacturing the same. The spray device is one with magnesium spray body provided with a spray part and a handle part, characterized in... Agent: Ransburg Industrial Finishing K.k.

20150014446 - In line button drip emitter: A drip irrigation emitter may be provided with a coupler for bonding to an inner surface of a conduit. The emitter may include for example a button flow restrictor. The coupler may optionally provide an outlet zone on the conduit surface that is large enough for automated perforation. Bonding the... Agent:

20150014447 - Water faucet: The present invention aims to provide a water faucet which allows a large space to be secured above the washing area and yet can deliver a high washing performance by landing streams or waterdrops having a large cross-sectional area evenly on a piece to wash. This water faucet includes a... Agent: Toto Ltd.

20150014448 - Valve seat for gaseous fuel injector: A gaseous fuel injector for supplying gaseous fuel to a fuel consuming device includes a fuel inlet, a fuel outlet, a fuel passage for communicating the gaseous fuel from the fuel inlet to the fuel outlet and a valve assembly for selectively preventing and permitting the gaseous fuel to pass... Agent:

20150014449 - Pressure compensated fuel injector: A method of operating a pressure compensated fuel injector includes: filling a fuel chamber with a charge of fuel by closing an injector valve and circulating a fuel from a fuel source through a plurality of recirculating valves and a cap valve; then isolating the fuel chamber and the charge... Agent: Mcvan Aerospace, LLC

20150014450 - Mobile pressure washer wand holder: A mobile pressure washer wand holder for securely holding the wand of a pressure washer which provide physical assistance in holding the wand while allowing for more consistent and effective cleaning. The pressure washer wand holder comprises a hollow base structure mounted on two weighted plastic, and a wand holding... Agent:

20150014451 - Control system for stopping or reversing movement of an irrigation system: A control system for stopping or reversing movement of an irrigation system comprises an electronic proximity sensor and a control device. The electronic proximity sensor is configured for mounting to the irrigation system and operable to detect a target. The control device is responsive to the electronic proximity sensor for... Agent:

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