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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing

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04/10/2014 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140097264 - Solid carrier sprayer apparatus and methods of using same: A solid carrier sprayer apparatus, including a solid carrier container, a liquid container, a solid carrier spreading apparatus, and a liquid application apparatus is provided. The solid carrier spreading apparatus can be coupled to receive solid carrier from the solid carrier container, and is configured to drop the received solid... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University

20140097265 - Apparatus and method of spraying vehicle washer liquid: Disclosed herein are a washer liquid spraying apparatus and method of a vehicle in which pressure of a sprayed washer liquid is reduced when a washer liquid spraying signal is input in the state in which a sun roof is opened, thereby preventing a washer liquid from spraying into the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140097266 - Scent disperser arrangement in an hvac system: Scent dispenser arrangement for dispersing fragrance into a HVAC system includes a flow sensor and a scent disperser assembly having a control module connected to the flow sensor and a canister for emitting a spray which is actuated by the control module. The flow sensor operates in response to air... Agent:

20140097267 - Method for cleaning droplet ejector, cleaner for cleaning droplet ejector, and particulate material production apparatus using the cleaner: A cleaning method for cleaning a droplet ejector, which includes nozzles to eject a particulate material composition liquid, and a nozzle plate bearing the nozzles is provided. The cleaning method includes forming a substantially closed cleaning space outside the nozzles and the nozzle plate; supplying a cleaning liquid to the... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20140097268 - Center feed system employing removable inserts in a retractable injection nozzle: The present invention extends to a center feed system that allows residual byproduct to be injected into a vessel from within the center of the vessel. The center feed system can include an inlet sleeve that is attached to the vessel and a retractable injection nozzle that extends into the... Agent:

20140097269 - Fuel injector with a trimmable heater and an increased heater contact area: A fuel injector wherein a cylindrical surface supports an electrical heating structure covering 360° or almost 360° of the surface for heating fuel. The structure comprises a first dielectric layer adhered to the surface; a thick film resistance heating element; a second dielectric layer; spaced-apart first and second conductor pads,... Agent:

20140097270 - Chemical control features in wafer process equipment: Gas distribution assemblies are described including an annular body, an upper plate, and a lower plate. The upper plate may define a first plurality of apertures, and the lower plate may define a second and third plurality of apertures. The upper and lower plates may be coupled with one another... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140097271 - Aircraft engine with an apparatus for pulsating expiration of gas into the exhaus nozzle: An aircraft jet engine includes an exhaust-gas nozzle having a device configured to blow out an exhaust gas in a pulsating manner into an exhaust-gas stream so as to reduce noise. The exhaust-gas nozzle includes openings distributed along a circumference of the exhaust-gas nozzle and disposed upstream from a nozzle... Agent:

20140097272 - Washer nozzle and method of manufacturing the same: A washer nozzle includes: a first nozzle body (40) provided with a fitting recess (FC) having a bottom portion (41a) and a side wall (41b); a second nozzle body (50) having a close close-contact wall (51) in close contact with the side wall (41b) and fitted in the fitting recess... Agent: Mitsuba Corporation

20140097273 - Apparatus and method for fluid delivery: An apparatus for delivering a mist from a fluid comprises a housing defining a reservoir for accommodating the fluid and a pump in fluid communication with the reservoir for drawing fluid from the reservoir. A fluid distribution system is in fluid communication with pump for transmitting fluid from the pump.... Agent: Usamist

20140097274 - Rapid mechanically-connected sprinkler system: The present disclosure is directed to a sprinkler assembly that includes a sprinkler head and a fitting. The fitting has a recess in a distal end for receiving a pipe end. The fitting also has a sealing ring in the recess to provide a fluid-tight seal between the sprinkler head... Agent: Elkhart Products Corporation, C/o Aalberts Industries N.v.

20140097275 - Fuel injector with nozzle passages having electroless nickel coating: Problems associated with soot production and coking build up in nozzle spray passages are addressed by plating a bore wall of an injector body tip piece with a primarily nickel coating using an electroless plating technique. The coating has an average thickness that is at least one order of magnitude... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140097276 - Fuel nozzle and method of assembling the same: A fuel nozzle is provided. The fuel nozzle includes a nozzle body, a plurality of swirler vanes, and at least one outlet. The nozzle body includes a back plate, a front plate, and a mixing zone defined therebetween. The back plate includes at least one inlet defined therein and the... Agent: General Electric Company

04/03/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140091155 - High frequency uniform droplet maker and method: There is disclosed a piezoelectric droplet maker that is driven at high frequency and energized with high power and high frequency Operational Amplifier (OP-AMP) electronics. The droplet maker implements a method of producing jets of uniform droplets of solution precursors (or any other homogeneous liquids). The formation of droplets results... Agent: University Of Connecticut

20140091156 - Spray device having a parabolic flow surface: A rotary atomizer spray coating device, in certain embodiments, has a bell cup with a generally parabolic flow surface. This generally parabolic flow surface provides additional surface area for dehydration of coating fluids, thereby improving color matching as compared to traditional bell cups, for example, by affording capability for higher... Agent:

20140091157 - Method of injecting solution into a misting line: A method and system of providing a mist in a grocery display that injects biocidal solution into a misting line of water during a phase of the misting cycle.... Agent: Puricore, Inc.

20140091158 - Control system for an artificial snow making plant: m

20140091159 - Dual fuel injector with off set check biasing springs: A fuel injector has the ability to inject two fuels that differ in at least one of pressure, chemical identity and matter phase, such as liquid diesel fuel and nature gas. A first direct operated check includes a closing hydraulic surface exposed to fluid pressure in a first control chamber,... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140091160 - Air-intake and focused-type sprayer apparatus: An air-intake and focused type sprayer apparatus includes: a convergence chamber having a large end and a small end of varying sizes along the axial direction, an inner wall provided with a gradual transition between the large end and the small end, at least two water inlet paths in communication... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20140091161 - Piston cooling jet: A piston cooling jet includes a housing, a nozzle, a valve, a pressure chamber, a pressure adjusting passage, and a filter. The nozzle is provided to project outward from the housing, and capable of spraying oil toward a piston. The valve is capable of moving reciprocally inside the housing, and... Agent: Taiho Kogyo Co., Ltd.

03/27/2014 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140084075 - Nozzle fluid flow indicator system: A fluid flow indicator system for fluid-dispensing nozzles including a fluid passage, a sensor in communication with the fluid passage, a control in electrical communication with the sensor, a power source in electrical communication with the sensor and the control, and at least one indicator in electrical communication with the... Agent: Akron Brass Company

20140084076 - Foam-applying nozzle: A foam-applying nozzle including a generally hollow housing. An eductor disposed in the housing has a generally hollow body with a wall, the hollow of the body forming an eduction chamber. An eductor inlet and an opposing eductor outlet are in fluid communication with the eduction chamber. A plurality of... Agent: Akron Brass Company

20140084077 - Drinking straw coated with vitamins: A device for use in drinking a beverage is a drinking straw having a tubular wall defining a passage bordered by an interior surface of the tubular wall. The straw has two ends that are both open. At least a portion of a surface of the tubular wall has a... Agent:

20140084078 - Area-programmable sprinkler: A sprinkler which is controllable to provide water to an area to be sprinkled includes a sprinkler head to move between a first position and a second position. The sprinkler further includes a sprinkler head positioner to move the sprinkler head between the first and second positions, a sprinkler head... Agent:

20140084079 - Surface cleaning apparatus with removable spray tip: A surface cleaning apparatus has a supply tank for holding a supply of cleaning solution, a spray tip in fluid communication with the supply tank for distributing the cleaning solution to the surface to be cleaned, and a spray tip receiver. A removable connection between the spray tip and spray... Agent: Bissell Homecare, Inc.

20140084080 - Infrared suppressing exhaust system: A method of managing aircraft exhaust includes providing hot air at a hot air mass flow rate, providing cold air at a cold air mass flow rate, and mixing the hot air and the cold air at a variable hot air mass flow rate to cold air mass flow rate... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140084081 - Digital spray control system: A system for controlling water distribution from a water distribution vehicle includes spray heads for spraying water from the vehicle and an actuator system for turning the spray heads on and off. A computer processor is programmed to control the actuator system in response to a sensor input. The system... Agent:

20140084082 - Shower head: The invention proposes a shower head, in particular for showers that are fixed in position, for example an overhead shower. The shower head has various options for the water to exit the jet disk. A switching device is provided to engage these different options individually or in combination. This may... Agent: Hansgrohe Se

20140084083 - Fluid-dispensing nozzle: A fluid-dispensing nozzle including a nozzle body. A discharge tube is disposed in the nozzle body and has a plurality of cam grooves. The nozzle further includes a rotatable flow control. A pin is coupled to the flow control and rotatably engages a select cam groove such that rotation of... Agent: Akron Brass Company

20140084084 - Disk spray device: A disk spray device includes a shell having a top air inlet and an annular air outlet, a fan for sucking air from above the device and distributing the air through the annular air outlet to generate an air cushion around the shell, and a spray tube mounted around an... Agent:

20140084085 - Fuel injector: A fuel injector which injects a gaseous fuel includes a nozzle and a housing. The nozzle has an outlet which injects the gaseous fuel at a flow rate greater than or equal to a predetermined rate. The housing has a mixing chamber which communicates with the outlet. The housing further... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140084086 - Integrated pistol grip water sprayer: A water sprayer is described. The water sprayer includes: a body having a flow pathway comprising a tapered fluid passage and a flow control element; an input port coupled to an input of the flow pathway, the input port adapted to receive a supply of water; and a flow control... Agent:

20140084087 - Fuel injection valve: A needle has a large-diameter portion, an outer diameter of which is larger than that of a shaft portion of the needle. A needle-side tapered surface is formed at the large-diameter portion on a valve closing side thereof, wherein the needle-side tapered surface is inclined by a needle angle with... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

03/20/2014 > 26 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140076981 - Motor control system and method for agricultural spreader: An agricultural spreader system includes a first motor, a second motor, and a valve system coupled to the first motor and to the second motor. The first motor is configured to be driven by a working fluid and to drive a first spreader disc in rotation. The second motor is... Agent: Cnh America LLC

20140076982 - Selective adjustment of position of nozzle assembly: A mold-tool system (100), comprising: a nozzle position-adjustment assembly (104) being configured to selectively adjust position of a nozzle assembly (102) between: (i) a nozzle-loaded position, and (ii) a nozzle-unloaded position.... Agent: Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd.

20140076983 - Fragrance control: Fragrance control is provided by articles of manufacture including various fragrancing objects, methods of using such objects, and systems that employ one or more such objects. The fragrancing object can be easy to manufacture, long lasting, provide fragrance that is consistently released over time, provide an indication to the user... Agent: Impact Products, LLC

20140076984 - Solid state fragrancing: Fragrance control is provided by articles of manufacture including various solid state fragrancing objects, methods of using such objects, and systems that employ one or more such objects. The solid state fragrancing object can be used to inconspicuously provide fragrance to a user in an environment by disposing the solid... Agent:

20140076986 - Nozzle assembly for a flow cytometer system and methods of manufacture: A method of manufacturing a nozzle assembly may include the step of over molding a nozzle housing, or a portion of a nozzle housing, onto at least one nozzle component, such as an injection tube. Nozzle assemblies and flow cytometers incorporating nozzle assemblies may include any combination of straight smooth... Agent: Inguran, LLC

20140076987 - Shifting mechanisms for fluid jet decoking tools: A mode shifting apparatus for a decoking tool. A diversion plate can be used to provide selective delivery of a pressurized decoking fluid to one or the other of nozzles in the tool. The mode shifting apparatus can be used to switch between a cutting mode of operation and a... Agent: Flowserve Management Company

20140076985 - Surface spattering device: The invention concerns a handheld, dynamically movable surface spattering device (9), comprising at least one nozzle means (1) for an expelling of a spattering material onto a target surface (3) and a nozzle control mechanism (4) to control characteristics of the expelling of the nozzle means. Furthermore, it comprises a... Agent: Hexagon Technology Center Gmbh

20140076988 - Method for controlling the temperature of a jetting device: A method for controlling a temperature of a jetting device, the jetting device being configured to jet droplets of a fluid at a high temperature, the fluid comprising an electrically conductive fluid, wherein at least a part of the fluid is positioned in a magnetic field, includes heating the jetting... Agent: Oce-technologies B.v.

20140076989 - Air freshener system: An air freshener system includes a roll paper assembly and an air freshener assembly coupled with the roll paper assembly. The air freshener assembly includes an integrated air freshener element in the form of a single, continuous gel component.... Agent: Momentum Industries, Inc.

20140076990 - Printed composite for diffusing fragrances and manufacturing method and device: The present invention relates to a printed composite for distributing a fragrance (4), characterized in that the composite includes: a printed and/or printable absorbent substrate-reservoir layer (1), which is suitable for accommodating a fragrance (4) that is intended to be diffused; and a printed internal barrier layer (2) that is... Agent: Po-dreux

20140076991 - Solid state fragrancing: Fragrance control is provided by articles of manufacture including various solid state fragrancing objects, methods of using such objects, and systems that employ one or more such objects. The fragrancing object can be easy to manufacture, long lasting, provide fragrance that is consistently released over time, provide an indication to... Agent:

20140076992 - Precision pumping system for spray treatment cycles: Embodiments disclosed herein propose a precision spray pumping system including a positive displacement pump in fluid communication with at least one spray nozzle. The positive displacement pump includes a displaceable member, and displacement of the displaceable member corresponds to a pumping cycle of the positive displacement pump. A controller is... Agent: Sunless, Inc.

20140076993 - High temperature protective valve and the use thereof in a shower head: A high temperature protective valve and the use thereof in a shower head, wherein the high temperature protective valve includes a body, the body having a complete one-way waterway, and also a thermo-sensitive assembly and a pivot valve assembly. The thermo-sensitive assembly is fixed inside the body and has a... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20140076994 - Nozzle assembly for a flow cytometer system and methods of manufacture: A method of manufacturing a nozzle assembly may include the step of over molding a nozzle housing, or a portion of a nozzle housing, onto at least one nozzle component, such as an injection tube. Nozzle assemblies and flow cytometers incorporating nozzle assemblies may include any combination of straight smooth... Agent: Inguran, LLC

20140076995 - Vapor chamber and method of manufacturing the same: A vapor chamber and method of manufacturing the same are disclosed. The vapor chamber includes a lower shell, an upper shell, a wick structure and a working fluid. The lower shell has a bottom plate and a lower side plate extended from a periphery of the bottom plate. The upper... Agent:

20140076996 - Spray gun and portable mist-generating apparatus: A spray gun is provided, which comprises a twin fluid atomizing nozzle which atomises a process fluid by interaction with a driving fluid. The nozzle including a driving fluid passage having a driving fluid inlet, a driving fluid outlet, and a throat portion intermediate the driving fluid inlet and driving... Agent: Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh

20140076997 - Rotating sprinkler head valve: The rotating sprinkler head valve includes an upper assembly with a stationary rigid cone received in a conical interior chamber of a rotor, and a cylindrical shaft extending through the stationary rigid cone and rotor. A lower assembly includes a bottom helix member, a strainer adapter having an internal transverse... Agent:

20140076998 - System for decoupling drive shaft of variable area fan nozzle: A nacelle assembly includes a thrust reverser moveable between a stowed position and a deployed position, a variable area fan nozzle, a motor to move the variable area fan nozzle, a drive shaft including a first portion coupled to the motor and a second portion coupled to the variable area... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140076999 - Tertiary locking assembly for a thrust reverser: A tertiary locking assembly for a thrust reverser includes a tertiary lock, a primary control line associated with the tertiary lock, and a secondary control line. The primary control line includes a primary electromechanical valve and a primary power supply line connected to the primary electromechanical valve. In addition, the... Agent: Aircelle

20140077001 - Container for a substance to be sprayed: A container for a substance to be sprayed includes a reservoir for the substance and operable spraying means connected to the reservoir for spraying the substance. The spraying means are provided with at least two spaced apart outflow openings that are in fluid communication with the reservoir for spraying the... Agent:

20140077000 - Vented reservoir for a sprayer system: Embodiments according to the present disclosure provide a system that includes a reservoir with an inlet and an outlet wherein the inlet is configured to be in fluid communication with a source of a skin treatment solution. At least one spray nozzle is fluidly coupled to the outlet of the... Agent: Sunless, Inc.

20140077002 - Paint-spraying apparatus: The invention relates to a paint-spraying apparatus for generating a shaped paint jet, including a paint nozzle positioned in an annular gap, wherein the paint nozzle comprises a needle with a needle head and also comprises a paint outlet opening, wherein the needle head is displaceable with respect to the... Agent: J. Wagner Gmbh

20140077003 - Aerosol antiperspirant compositions, products and methods: An aerosol antiperspirant composition is provided. The aerosol antiperspirant composition includes a propellant and an antiperspirant composition. The antiperspirant composition includes one or more liquid materials, wherein the one or more liquid materials comprise one or more non-volatile silicone fluids having a concentration from 40% to about 70% by weight... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140077004 - Engine device: A problem exists that in the case that a prior injection (a pilot injection B or a previous injection C) before a main injection A is executed when an engine is driven at a low load, a defective ignition and a defective combustion tend to be caused, an amount of... Agent: Yanmar Co., Ltd.

20140077005 - Shower heads: A shower head includes a shell, a positioning base, a plurality of water spraying heads, a plastic piece, a metal cover and a handle set. The positioning base has a flat board and a hanging base having an elongated hole at center thereof, and a plurality of hanging slots are... Agent: Sunrise Shower Products Co., Ltd.

20140077006 - Multi-hole nozzle and components thereof: A multi-hole nozzle component for a filling machine is described herein. The multi-hole nozzle component may be part of a nozzle assembly. The nozzle component has a periphery, an inlet side having a surface, and an outlet side having a surface. The nozzle component has a plurality of separate passageways... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

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