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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing

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08/07/2014 > 13 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140217193 - Method and apparatus for purging and plasma suppression in a process chamber: A substrate processing system includes a showerhead that comprises a head portion and a stem portion and that delivers precursor gas to a processing chamber. A baffle includes a base portion having an outer diameter that is greater than an outer diameter of the head portion of the showerhead, that... Agent: Novellus Systems, Inc.

20140217195 - Nacelle: A nacelle is configured to be coupled to an underside of a wing and forms a clearance space between the nacelle and a leading edge slat of the wing. A portion of an outlet cowling moves longitudinally aft when a reverse thrust configuration is activated and the leading edge slat... Agent: Rohr, Inc.

20140217194 - Vehicle anti-icing and de-icing systems and corresponding methods of operation: A system, for inhibiting ice formation on a vehicle surface, and de-icing if determined needed to remove any frozen matter formed on the surface, including an anti-icing reservoir, a fluid-selecting control valve, and code that causes a processor to perform operations including determining whether the vehicle is parked, initiating, if... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140217196 - Electrospray emitter assemblies for microfluidic chromatography apparatus: An apparatus for chemical separations includes a microfluidic substrate having an outlet aperture for outputting an eluent of a sample. An emitter assembly includes having a deformable end portion, an inlet near the deformable end portion to receive the sample eluent from the microfluidic substrate, and an electrically conductive outlet... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140217197 - Dose container: A unit dose container for holding a single dose of a given liquid, the container comprising: a chamber (8) in which, in use, the given liquid is stored, the chamber having a wall through which, in use, the liquid is to be supplied; a release mechanism (7), at least part... Agent: The Technology Partnership PLC.

20140217198 - Liquid discharge apparatus and manufacturing method thereof: A liquid discharge apparatus in which controllability of liquid discharge speed is improved is provided. A pair of electrodes is arranged so as to divide a partition into a movable region to which an electric field for shear-deforming the partition at a portion on a nozzle side is applied and... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140217199 - Method and apparatus for reducing acoustic noise in a synthetic jet: A synthetic jet includes a first backer structure, one and only one actuator, a wall member coupled to and positioned between the first backer structure and the one and only one actuator to form a cavity, and wherein the wall member has an orifice formed therethrough, and wherein the orifice... Agent: General Electric Company

20140217201 - Dispensing heads with fluid puddle limiting surface features: Methods and apparatus are provided related to fluid dispensing heads. A dispense head is formed to define a plurality of fluid jetting nozzles and a surface pattern. The surface pattern is characterized by one or more voids extending inward from an outer surface of the dispense head. Fluid puddle formation... Agent:

20140217200 - Sprayer having spray solution agitation system, onboard chemical eductor, and dedicated onboard clean water rinse system: A sprayer has a tank for holding a spray solution that is applied to a ground or turf surface. The sprayer includes an agitation system having a plurality of agitation nozzles that extend into the tank that are accessible from outside the tank and can be removed and replaced without... Agent: The Toro Company

20140217202 - Sanitary insert unit: A sanitary insert unit (1) having an elastically deformable valve body (8) which can be switched between a first switching state and a second switching state and having a first flow path (3) and a second flow path (4). The second flow path (4) is blocked in the first switching... Agent: Neoperl Gmbh

20140217203 - Sanitary installation element: A sanitary insert, which is arranged in a water line, is provided. The sanitary insert includes a mixing device with at least one throttling or closing element, which can be moved under the pressure of the inflowing water from a mixing or open position into a throttling or closed position... Agent: Neoperl Gmbh

20140217204 - Fuel injector solenoid and terminal assembly: In one embodiment, a fuel injector assembly is described. The fuel injector assembly includes a terminal assembly that electrically connects a plurality of wire cables to a plurality of control valve solenoids. The control valve solenoids can include, for example, a needle control valve solenoid and/or an intensifier control valve... Agent: Inernational Engine Intellectual Property Company, LLC

20140217205 - Air motor and electric painting device: An air motor and an electric painting device improves driving efficiency, and includes a housing, a main shaft inserted inside of the housing, an impeller fixed concentrically with the main shaft to an inserted portion of the main shaft and having a plurality of turbine blades formed on the outer... Agent: Nsk Ltd.

07/31/2014 > 13 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 21 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140203098 - Liquid supply system for a gravity feed spray device: A system, including a gravity fed container assembly, including a container, a lid configured to cover a chamber in the spray coating supply container, wherein the chamber is configured to hold a spray material, a filter assembly within the chamber and configured to filter the spray material in the chamber,... Agent: Finishing Brands Holdings Inc.

20140203097 - Selectively dispensing sprays: Reloadable devices can dispense, from a single device, multiple sprays that can vary in composition and/or in dose.... Agent:

20140203099 - Ultrasonic produced water dispersion device, system and method: An ultrasonic dispersion system for dispersing fluid collected from a wellbore during hydrocarbon production is disclosed. The system comprises a holding tank for containing a fluid collection; a fluid intake in communication with the holding tank for input of fluid collected from a wellbore; and an air intake in communication... Agent: Cenovus Energy Inc.

20140203100 - Appartus and method for dispersing liquid in aerosol: A system and method delivers an atomized solution to the interior volume of a building or room utilizing a venturi effect for the atomization.... Agent:

20140203101 - Water shooter device and associated visual water effects: A device to shoot water into the air for a water display is described. The configuration of the shooter allows a stream of water to be shot out that contains reduced or no air exiting the device with the water, which provides a non-frothy appearance. The device may control the... Agent:

20140203102 - Water spraying system: A water spraying system includes an engine, a pump driven by the engine, the pump including a pump inlet configured to be fluidly coupled to a water source and a pump outlet providing water at an increased water pressure, a sprayer fluidly coupled to the pump outlet, the sprayer including... Agent: Briggs & Stratton Corporation

20140203103 - Water blasting gun safety system: The invention relates to systems and methods for the safe operation of water blasting guns. The invention provides systems and methods for ensuring that a component of a water blasting gun can withstand the operating pressure of the gun. Aspects of the invention include a color-coding system for water blasting... Agent: Psc Industrial Outsourcing, Inc.

20140203104 - System and method for mounting synthetic jets: A system and method for the packaging of a synthetic jet actuator is disclosed. A synthetic jet actuator is provided that includes a first plate, a second plate spaced apart from the first plate and arranged parallelly thereto, and a housing positioned about the first and second plates and defining... Agent: General Electric Company

20140203105 - Underground liftable low-flow sprinkler: The invention relates to an underground liftable low-flow sprinkler comprises: a subterranean cylindrical housing arranged under the ground and having a first and second containing room with different diameter and a lifting tube being storable in the first containing room and a low-flow sprinkler being storable in the second containing... Agent: Plastico Corporation

20140203106 - Shield assembly of low-flow sprinkler: The invention relates to a shield assembly of low-flow sprinkler comprises: a support body, a low-flow sprinkler assembly arranged in the support body and a plurality of shield units sequentially combined to form an arc-shaped shield to be easily installed on the low-flow sprinkler and convenience to adjust sprinkling orientation... Agent: Plastico Corporation

20140203107 - Throughflow controller: The invention relates to a sanitary insert part (1) having an insert housing (2), which (2) includes in a housing interior thereof a functional element (3) that controls throughflow and that has at least one throughflow orifice (4). The insert part according to the invention is characterized in that at... Agent: Neoperl Gmbh

20140203110 - Fuel injection system having a fuel-carrying component, a fuel injector and a connecting element: A connecting element for fuel injection systems is used for connecting a fuel injector to a fuel-carrying component. A connecting part is provided, which is fastened on the one side on a shoulder of the fuel-carrying component and, on the other side, on a shoulder of the fuel injector. For... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140203111 - Fuel injection system having a fuel-carrying component, a fuel injector and a connecting element: A connecting element for fuel injection systems is used for connecting a fuel injector to a fuel-carrying component. For this purpose, the connecting element has a base body, which is connected on the one side in a form-locking manner to the fuel-carrying component and on the other side is connected... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140203108 - Fuel injector and method for producing a fuel injector: A fuel injector, including a valve insert and a plug extrusion coating, is described, the valve insert including a valve seat and a valve housing. The valve housing has an alignment device, which is equipped to align the valve insert in an injection molding die, and the plastic extrusion coating... Agent:

20140203109 - Injection nozzle for an internal combustion engine: An injection nozzle (1), especially an injection orifice for an internal combustion engine, comprises a body (2) in which a nozzle needle (7) is displaceably guided; a pressure chamber (5) which communicates with a feed borehole (4) and via a passage with a spray chamber (6), wherein the passage (9)... Agent: Efi Hightech Ag

20140203112 - Fuel injector: A common rail fuel injector includes a control valve member unattached to, but trapped between, a push pin and a seat of an injector body. The push pin has a head that includes a contact surface and a crown that includes a stop surface. An air gap surface of an... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140203113 - Solenoid actuator and fuel injector using same: In one aspect, a fuel injector includes an injector body that defines a fuel inlet, a drain outlet and a nozzle outlet. A direct operated check valve is positioned in the injector body and includes a needle valve member with an opening hydraulic surface exposed to fluid pressure in a... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140203114 - Non-photosensitive siloxane coating for processing hydrophobic photoimageable nozzle plate: A method of forming a patterned photoresist layer having a hydrophobic surface is provided. The method includes forming a photoresist layer on a substrate and image patterning. The photoresist layer may comprise a polymeric material. The imaged photoresist layer may then undergo a two-stage post-exposure bake. A surface treatment may... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20140203115 - Nozzle head for applying an insulating material: A nozzle head for emitting a spray jet of an application agent is configured such that a volumetric flow of the application agent can be applied by the spray jet, and such that the spray jet will be substantially flat and have a jet width that is a dependency of... Agent: Durr Systems Gmbh

20140203117 - Electrostatic atomizing apparatus: An electrostatic atomizing apparatus is provided with a discharge electrode, a water feeder for supplying water to the electrode, and a high voltage supply configured to generate a high intensity electric field to electrostatically atomize the water supplied to the discharge electrode. The electrode and the high voltage supply are... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140203116 - Micro-electronic misting device: The MICRO-ELECTRONIC MISTING DEVICE is an attachable/detachable portably powered sensor activated misting device. A mist is delivered from a nozzle apparatus once a distance and delay calibrated sensor module triggers a micro-electronic air/water pump motor. The sensor is activated by a user's proximity to the sensor. The configured sensor and... Agent:

07/17/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140197244 - Spray apparatus and method for spraying fragrance and water: A method of providing a fine mist of sprayed fragrance, comprising the provision of separate reservoirs of water and fragrance and the conveying of the liquids through separate conduits to at least one spray nozzle, the liquids being combined immediately prior to or immediately after spraying from the at least... Agent: Givaudan Sa

20140197245 - Arrangement and method for preventing carbon formation in spray guiding structures: Method for preventing carbon build-up on fuel spray guiding surfaces proximate a nozzle of a fuel injector. Liquid fuel handling surfaces of the fuel injector can remain cool while providing very hot surfaces to burn off carbon particles before carbon deposits can build up and change the spray characteristics. In... Agent:

20140197246 - Apparatus for delivering a volatile material: An apparatus for delivering a volatile material in a continuous manner is disclosed. The apparatus includes a delivery engine having a reservoir for containing a volatile material; a rupturable substrate secured to the reservoir; a rupture element positioned adjacent to the rupturable substrate; and a breathable membrane enclosing the reservoir,... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140197247 - Pump and injector for liquid chromatography: A combined pump-injector valve utilizing a single piece as the barrel of the pump and as the stator of the valve, thus eliminating any need for connections between a pump and a valve, and therefore the potential for high-pressure leaks or pressure reductions. The combined pump-injector valve permits injection of... Agent: Valco Instruments Company, L.p.

20140197249 - Apparatus and method for no-till inter-row simultaneous application of herbicide and fertilizer, soil preparation, and seeding of a cover crop in a standing crop: A no-till apparatus for application of herbicide and fertilizer, soil preparation, and seeding of a cover crop in a standing crop has inter-row assemblies configured to pass along inter-row areas between adjacent row lines of standing crop plants. Each assembly includes a fertilizer applicator, a no-till soil preparation element, a... Agent: The Penn State Research Foundation

20140197248 - Ornamental dispersion assembly: An ornamental dispersion assembly that provides at least one ornamental portion positioned inside a dispersion assembly for engaging with a liquid or vapor that disperses from the dispersion assembly. The ornamental portion includes spherical gemstones configured to enhance the liquid by providing a smoothing and balancing effect to the liquid.... Agent:

20140197250 - Extendable shower head apparatus: An extendable shower head apparatus that includes a hollow support rod, the hollow support rod provides support to the extendable shower head apparatus, a connection piece that is movably connected to the hollow support rod and a shower head that includes a hollow stem. The apparatus also includes a plurality... Agent:

20140197251 - Fuel injector and fuel injection device using the same: A fuel injector includes a valve body moved together with a movable core and opening an injection port, and an elastic-force applying portion being elastically deformable according to a movement of the valve body to apply an elastic force to the valve body in a valve-closing direction. An elastic coefficient... Agent: Denso Corporation

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