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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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07/10/2014 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140191054 - Liquid level sensor: A nebuliser cup for maintaining a safe level of liquid during nebulization, the cup comprising a liquid level sensor comprising: a first element sensing liquid at or below a position corresponding to a filled liquid level in the nebuliser cup; a second element electrically isolated from the first element and... Agent: Saban Ventures Pty Limited

20140191055 - Multi-physics fuel atomizer and methods: A fuel atomizer that includes a housing having a fuel inlet and at least one primary orifice positioned at the inlet, wherein the at least one orifice configured to disperse a stream of fuel into a plurality of fuel droplets. The plurality of fuel droplets contact a fuel impingement surface... Agent: Enginetics, LLC

20140191056 - Method for delivering a volatile material: A method of delivering a volatile material to the atmosphere in a continuous manner is disclosed. The method includes providing a delivery engine having a reservoir that includes a volatile material mixture. The volatile material mixture includes about 40% to about 100%, by total weight, of the volatile materials each... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140191058 - Method for the expulsion of a plant protection composition and spray gun: The invention relates to a method for ejecting a pesticide by means of a fluid chamber 3, which communicates via an electrically controlled fluid valve 48 having a spout 22. The method comprises the following steps: determining a pressure and a duration of a time interval for ejecting the pesticide,... Agent: Basf Se

20140191057 - Thermal fogger for creating stable aerosols: An improved thermal fogging device includes an extended heat transfer surface located within the aerosolization chamber that increases the mixing of the liquid chemical particles and the hot gases in the aerosol to improve aerosolization. The extended heat transfer surface also helps to increase the heat transfer to the forming... Agent:

20140191059 - Nozzle capable of deviating a synthetic jet in a dynamic and controllable manner with no moving mechanical parts and a control system thereof: A nozzle is capable of producing a mixing of two primitive fluid jets and a selective and controllable angular deviation of the synthetic jet obtained by mixing the primitive jets without any moving mechanical part. The nozzle is also capable of generating a controllable deviation of the synthetic jet and... Agent: Universita' Degli Studi Di Modena E Reggio Emilia

20140191060 - Flow limiting drinking straw: A fluid flow regulating component adapted for sealed engagement to a drinking straw is provided to prevent excess fluid flow to users drinking with a straw. The device has a body adapted to engage the straw at one end to direct fluid flow through an axial cavity to an exit... Agent:

20140191061 - Devices and methods for emanating liquids: A universal refill of liquid containing one or more active materials is described wherein the refill comprises: a housing; at least one reservoir in the housing for holding the liquid; at least one aperture in the housing wherein the or each aperture is closed by a valve system comprising at... Agent: Reckitt & Colman (overseas) Limited

20140191062 - Liquid ejection head and liquid ejection apparatus: Provided is a liquid ejection head, including a pressure chamber in which a liquid flows, at least a part of a wall surface of the pressure chamber being formed of a piezoelectric member; an ejection orifice for ejecting the liquid in the pressure chamber pressurized by deformation of the piezoelectric... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140191063 - Aromatic nebulizing diffuser: An aromatic nebulizing diffuser includes a housing, a fluid container movable fluid container in and out of a top opening of the housing and providing a nozzle hole for spraying a mist of aromatic fluid droplets, an elastic lift unit for lifting the fluid container out of the housing, a... Agent: Serene House International Enterprise Ltd.

20140191064 - Multi-function sprayhead: A fluid control valve, the fluid control valve including a first disc, a fluid inlet, and a second disc slidably coupled to the first disc and movable relative thereto, the second disc located between the fluid inlet and the first disc. The first disc includes a first outlet port coupled... Agent: Kohler Co.

20140191065 - Fuel injection valve: A fuel passage (16) through which the fuel flows is formed in the interior of the fuel injection valve (10). An injection-hole plate (18) as a member that separates an injection space (20) into which the fuel is injected, from the fuel passage (16), is provided in which a plurality... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140191066 - Swing nozzle: A swing nozzle (1) includes a base (11), a frame (12), the base end side of which is turnably supported on the base (11), a support body (13) which is supported on the leading end side of the frame (12) so as to be able to turn around a turning... Agent: Ga-rew Corporation

07/03/2014 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140183273 - Activating a volatile reservoir using a lateral force: Methods and apparatus are provided for activating a volatile reservoir using a lateral force. The apparatus includes a container assembly that includes a volatile reservoir sealed to prevent an escape of a volatile where a seal of the volatile reservoir is at least in part formed with an internal barrier.... Agent: The Dial Corporation

20140183274 - Activating volatile dispensing devices: Methods and apparatus are provided for activating a volatile dispensing device. The apparatus includes a puncturing mechanism formed between a first portion and a second portion of an activation arm and the puncturing mechanism being shaped to move laterally to puncture a volatile container as a compressive load is applied... Agent:

20140183275 - Flow distribution for monolithic reactors: Systems, apparatus, and methods for distributing a mixed phase fluid to a monolith catalyst bed within a reactor, wherein a mixed phase fluid may be generated by a nozzle tray comprising a plurality of nozzles, the mixed phase fluid may be distributed by the nozzles to a mixed phase distributor... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140183276 - Apparatus for determining tank level on a slope: A crop sprayer used to deliver chemicals to agricultural crops in a field includes a chassis, a chemical storage tank mounted on chassis used to store fluid to be sprayed on the field, and apparatus for gauging an amount of fluid in the tank. The tank has two planes of... Agent: Agco Corporation

20140183277 - Rotary atomizing head type coating device: A rotation restricting mechanism is provided between a mounting shaft section of a rotational shaft and a mounting tube section of a rotary atomizing head. The rotation restricting mechanism is constituted by a male spline member which is provided on the outer peripheral side of the mounting shaft section, and... Agent: Abb K.k.

20140183278 - Perforated fluid dispensing hose or tube for the purpose of applying liquids and/or gases to railroad tracks including railroad switches, railroad crossings, bridge overheads and tunnel walls: This invention uses a perforated hose or tube, of various shapes, sizes and wall thicknesses, to evenly and accurately dispense fluids such as lubricants, anti-ice, anti-snow or other liquids and/or gases onto railroad tracks including railroad switches, railroad crossings, bridge overheads, tunnel walls and even roof tops. This is accomplished... Agent:

20140183279 - Shower and speaker assembly: A shower assembly and system. The assembly may include a shower device including a device housing defining an inlet communicating with an inlet chamber, an outlet and a waterway communicating between the inlet chamber and the outlet, the device housing further defining a receptacle having a closed end and an... Agent: Kohler Co.

20140183280 - Flow device: A flow device automatically impels a fluid to disperse from a container without requiring significant physical exertion, such as a repetitive pumping motion, to propel the fluid through. The flow device automatically causes an intake fluid to flow from an intake end of a container, and pass through an interior... Agent:

20140183281 - Collar distributor for use in distributing a fluid: A fluid distribution apparatus includes a distributor pipe configured to carry a fluid and a continuously tapered, ring-shaped collar distributor connected to the distributor pipe. The collar distributor includes a first portion and a second portion, the first portion having a continuous height along its circumference, the continuous height being... Agent: Uop LLC

20140183282 - Flow distribution for monolithic reactors: Systems, apparatus, and methods for distributing a mixed phase fluid to a monolith catalyst bed within a reactor, wherein a mixed phase fluid may be generated by a nozzle tray comprising a plurality of nozzles, the mixed phase fluid may be distributed by the nozzles to a mixed phase distributor... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140183283 - Accumulator trigger sprayer and accumulation valve therefor: The present invention is an accumulation valve S used in an accumulator trigger sprayer 100 which imparts pressure to liquid in a cylinder by a piston portion 11 to spray liquid from a nozzle portion 5a to the outside, the accumulation valve S including a piston valve portion 21, a... Agent: Canyon Corporation

20140183284 - Nozzle plate, liquid ejecting head, and liquid ejecting apparatus: A silicon nozzle plate has excellent liquid resistance on an inner surface of a nozzle opening and a discharge surface. A plurality of the nozzle openings are disposed in a silicon substrate of the nozzle plate. A tantalum oxide film formed by atomic layer deposition is disposed on both surfaces... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140183285 - Adjustable needle packing assembly for a spray gun: A needle assembly may include a needle, a packing assembly that surrounds a first portion of the needle, and an actuatable adjustment element coupled to the packing assembly that changes a relationship between the needle and the packing assembly when actuated. The needle assembly may also include a base assembly... Agent:

20140183286 - Fuel injection valve: Provided is a fuel injection valve capable of stably injecting a fuel formed into a thin film. The fuel injection valve includes: a valve seat including a fuel path and a valve seat portion therein; a valve member including an abutment portion configured to sit on the valve seat portion,... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140183287 - Hose pull apparatus and method: A hose-fed lateral move irrigation system and method that utilizes a pipe with a plurality of sprinklers attached to a wheeled cart that pulls a flexible-hose assembly therebehind using at least one onboard winch and travels laterally with the pipe and sprinklers relative to a field so that a sufficient... Agent: Lindsay Corporation

20140183288 - Drive tower for self-propelled irrigation system: A self-propelled irrigation system includes a drive tower configured to cross over a drainage ditch or other watercourse in an irrigated field without the use of a bridge or other support structure to support the load of the drive tower.... Agent:

06/26/2014 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140175186 - Insulated solution injector, system including the same, and method of injecting using the same: An insulated solution injector may include an outer tube and an inner tube arranged within the outer tube. The outer tube and the inner tube may define an annular space therebetween, and the inner tube may define a solution space within. The annular space may be configured so as to... Agent:

20140175187 - Method and hardware for supplying additives to the delayed coker drum: An apparatus for supplying additives into a coker drum includes an inlet for supplying a hydrocarbon feed stream into the coker drum and conduits along the circumference of walls of the coker drum. Each conduit has an injection nozzle to supply additives inside the coker drum. An injection control system... Agent: Indian Oil Corporation Limited

20140175188 - Insert for an atomizer wheel and atomizer wheel comprising a number of such inserts: The insert (20) is adapted to be fitted into an atomizer wheel. Each insert (20) has a longitudinal axis and comprises an inner end face (21), an outer end face (22), an external surface (23) and an internal surface (24) defining a channel (35) having a centre axis (c) and... Agent: Gea Process Engineering A/s

20140175189 - Refill for a liquid: A refill for a liquid wherein the refill comprises: a housing; at least one reservoir in the housing for holding the liquid; at least one aperture in the housing sealed by at least one valve wherein said at least one valve defines a liquid pathway from the reservoir to the... Agent: Reckitt & Colman (overseas) Limited

20140175190 - Rotary nebulization device: Disclosed is a rotary nebulization device installed to a container that contains a liquid to be nebulized, and the rotary nebulization device includes a main body, an electric connection ring, an nebulization ring and a rotary ring. The main body contains a power supply, the electric connection ring, the nebulization... Agent: Micro Base Technology Corporation

20140175191 - System for reducing the dynamic behavior of the movable segment of a deployable nozzle for a rocket engine: A deployable nozzle for a rocket engine, the nozzle including at least a stationary divergent segment and a movable divergent segment that is coaxial about the stationary divergent segment and configured to move along the stationary divergent segment from a retracted position towards a deployed position. The deployable nozzle further... Agent: Snecma

20140175192 - Mixed-mode fuel injector with a variable orifice: This invention disclosed a mixed-mode fuel injector with a micro-variable-circular-orifice (MVCO), which is a fuel injection device for internal combustion engines, either diesel or gasoline engines. The fuel injector has means of generating variable mixed-mode sprays of conical and multi-jet shapes.... Agent: Quantlogic Corporation

20140175193 - Fuel injector having turbulence-reducing sac: A nozzle for a fuel injector is disclosed. The nozzle may have an internal axial nozzle bore. The nozzle may also have at least one orifice passing from the nozzle bore radially outward through a wall of the nozzle at a tip end. Further, the nozzle may have a sac... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140175194 - Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engine: A stationary core includes a holding hole that receives and holds a portion of the magnetic spring, which is located on a valve opening side. A solenoid device includes a magnetic yoke that extends in an axial direction and has an axial extent, which overlaps with an entire axial extent... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140175195 - Valve for metering a flowing medium: A valve for metering a flowing medium, e.g., an injection valve for fuel-injection systems of internal combustion engines, is provided. In an embodiment, the valve has a sealing seat formed by a valve seat and a sealing head of a valve member able to be driven to execute lift motions.... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 19 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140166768 - Automated device for the application of agricultural management materials: An apparatus and method for applying an agricultural management material to targeted area. Exemplary agricultural management materials include viscous materials.... Agent: Dow Agrosciences LLC

20140166769 - Automated device for the application of agricultural management materials: An apparatus and method for applying an agricultural management material to targeted area. Exemplary agricultural management materials include viscous materials.... Agent: Dow Agrosciences LLC

20140166770 - Devices and methods related to paint mist collection during manufacture of radio-frequency modules: Disclosed are systems, devices and methods related to paint mist collection during manufacture of packaged radio-frequency (RF) modules. In some embodiments, a mist-collection system can be implemented, where the system includes a platform configured to support a panel having an array of RF modules formed thereon. The system can further... Agent:

20140166767 - Portable motorized fluid delivery device apparatus and methods: Devices and methods are provided relating generally to the delivery of fluids in the context of the lawn and garden industry. The devices and methods provide for the delivery of fluids at specified droplet size, pressure, spray pattern, and dispersal location relative to the target. The devices and methods deliver... Agent: Blue Viper, LLC

20140166771 - Passive dispenser of volatile material: A non-automated dispenser adapted to passively emanate a volatile material at room temperatures via a membrane, in particularly concerned with the emanation of a volatile material such as a fragrance/air freshener, an insecticide, a disinfectant, a bactericide, a fungicide and/or a medicament.... Agent: Reckitt & Colman (overseas) Limited

20140166772 - Mechanical applicator for high viscous materials: An apparatus and method for applying an agricultural management material to targeted area. Exemplary agricultural management materials include viscous materials.... Agent: Dow Agrosciences LLC

20140166773 - Single and multi-step snowmaking guns: Various embodiments of multi-step snowmaking guns are disclosed. More particularly, embodiments of a six-step, a four-step and a single step snowmaking gun are disclosed. Embodiments of the multi-step snowmaking guns may generally characterized by having a bottom manifold connected to a main mast, which is connected to a nozzle manifold,... Agent:

20140166774 - Device for evaporating volatile substances: The invention refers to a device for evaporating volatile substances comprising: a container of a liquid volatile substance, and a vapour permeable membrane (1) and a thermoplastic porous or fibrous laminate (2) bonded together. Said container is closed at its opening by said vapour permeable membrane (1) and the fibrous... Agent: Zobele Holding Spa

20140166775 - Modular plural component spray system: A modular plural component spray system configured for drawing at least two components, each stored in a discrete drum and sending the at least two components to a spray gun. The spray system comprises at least two flow lines. Each flow line includes a pump, a counter configured to measure... Agent:

20140166776 - Constant quantity control nebulization device: Disclosed is a constant quantity control nebulization device including a main body, a nebulization module, a fixing plate and a rotary ring, and the device is installed to a container that contains a liquid to be nebulized. A first liquid storage space with a predetermined volume is defined at the... Agent: Micro Base Technology Corporation

20140166777 - System and method for mounting synthetic jets: A system and method for the packaging of a synthetic jet actuator is disclosed. A synthetic jet actuator is provided that includes a first plate, a second plate spaced apart from the first plate and arranged parallelly thereto, and a housing positioned about the first and second plates and defining... Agent: General Electric Company

20140166778 - Equipment designs for applying agricultural management materials: An apparatus and method for applying an agricultural management material to targeted area. Exemplary agricultural management materials include viscous materials.... Agent:

20140166779 - Rotary atomizing head type coating machine: A bearing air passage through which bearing air is supplied toward an air bearing of an air motor and a turbine air passage through which driving air is supplied toward a turbine are provided in a housing. An annular space surrounding the air motor is provided between the housing and... Agent: Abb K.k.

20140166780 - Apparatus for supplying washer liquid of vehicle: An apparatus that supplies washer liquid of a vehicle, in which a washer liquid hose is inserted into a lower end of a pivot shaft by applying a check valve to the lower end of the pivot shaft. In addition, the washer liquid hose is inserted into the pivot shaft... Agent:

20140166781 - Devices for improved delivery of volatile liquids: An emanation system is described comprising and emanation device and a replaceable refill of liquid, wherein the refill comprises: a sealed reservoir of a liquid containing one or more active materials wherein the active material comprises at least one of: a fragrance; an insecticide; a fungicide; a pesticide; a sanitising... Agent: Reckitt & Colman (overseas) Limited

20140166782 - Self-defense spray manufactured in various designs with portability: A portable self-defense spray to protect a person from danger under an emergency situation is provided. The compressive-spray structure includes a compact case manufactured in various designs by using a flexible long-length filling tube filled with the CN solution. In a typical spray structure, CN solution is always sprayed at... Agent:

20140166783 - Jet controller: The invention relates to a jet regulator (1) with a sleeve-shaped jet regulator housing (2), which (2) can be mounted on the water outlet of a plumbing outlet armature, and with a sealing ring (5) made of elastic material, which (5) seals in an axial direction against an adjoining annular... Agent:

20140166784 - Water dispenser nozzle for an appliance: A nozzle for dispensing water from an appliance is provided. The nozzle decreases the velocity of water flow so as to reduce or eliminate water splashing out of a consumer's container during dispensing while still providing a rate of flow sufficient to timely fill the container. The nozzle also retains... Agent: General Electric Company

20140166785 - Portable spreader for particulate matter: A gravity-feed spreader for particulate matter may include a rotor. The spreader may be operable for gravity-feed operation with the longitudinal axis of the rotor in a horizontal position. A generally cylindrical rotor housing with a pair of closed, axial ends may be coaxial with the rotor. Entrance and exit... Agent:

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