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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing

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12/04/2014 > 17 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140353395 - Fluid through needle for applying multiple component material: Embodiments of a spray gun incorporating a needle for applying multiple component materials are provided. In accordance with certain embodiments, the spray gun includes a fluid delivery tip assembly comprising an inner passage, a hollow needle disposed within the inner passage of the fluid delivery tip assembly, wherein the hollow... Agent:

20140353394 - Spray assembly for surface treatment: The invention generally relates to a surface treatment distribution apparatus and spray assembly apparatus method capable of applying a variety of surface treatments, for example mastic surface treatments, to a variety of highways, roadways and other asphalt surfaces of variable shapes and sizes. The invention generally includes a tank, pumps,... Agent:

20140353396 - Automated wide-ranging anti-hail protection method and a network: e

20140353397 - Electrospraying systems and associated methods: Electrospraying systems and associated methods are generally described.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140353398 - Methods and systems for delivering fluid through horns for applying multiple component material: Embodiments of a spray gun incorporating techniques for delivering a spray fluid between, next to, or inside of horn holes of an air atomization cap are provided. In accordance with certain embodiments, the spray gun includes a fluid delivery tip assembly. The spray gun also includes an air atomization cap... Agent:

20140353399 - Thrust reverser system with translating-rotating blocker doors and method of operation: A thrust reverser system and operation suitable for turbofan engines. Blocker doors of the thrust reverser system have stowed positions in which each door is disposed between a fixed structure and a translating cowl of the engine. The translating cowl is translated in an aft direction of the engine to... Agent: General Electric Company

20140353400 - Apparatus for thermal stabilization of painting atomization devices according to preset values: An apparatus for thermal stabilization according to predetermined parameters that is designed for and can be coupled to atomization devices for air spray-painting systems, of the type including a body (1) made of a thermally conductive material provided with at least one outlet (2) for a flow of atomized paint,... Agent: Eurosider S.a.s. Di Milli Ottavio & C.

20140353401 - Device for treating a fiber web: A device for treating a fiber web, especially a device for applying treatment substance for treating a moving fiber web, has at least one nozzle (10) comprising a channel (11) for the treatment substance, a frame part (12), a tip or end (13) of the nozzle (10) and a treatment... Agent: Valmet Technologies, Inc.

20140353402 - Adjustable arc of coverage cone nozzle rotary stream sprinkler: A cone valve assembly including an upper valve member with a conical top portion and a stepped and spiraled top surface and a lower valve member including a central opening with a stepped and spiraled valve surface surrounding the central opening. The upper valve member is mounted in the lower... Agent:

20140353403 - Adhesive spray system for hindering intruders: A system designed to hinder the movement of an intruder inside a structure by spraying an adhesive material on the floor where the intruder is located and/or in other places in the structure. The system is a stand-alone system that operates independently from other alarm systems installed in the structure... Agent:

20140353404 - Industrial trigger sprayer: According to certain embodiments of the invention, a trigger sprayer may include a plunger and piston combination wherein the piston may include a flap valve or other valve system that opens upon at a certain pressure to allow fluid from within a piston chamber to pass through the plunger and... Agent:

20140353405 - Sport-type multifunctional spray mineral water bottle: The invention discloses a sport-type multifunctional spray mineral water bottle, including cap body, spray means, drink means and water locking means. The invention can ensure normal drinking of mineral water as well as carry out spray drinking of water by means of squeezing the bottle body to transform bottle body... Agent:

20140353406 - Atomizing-based cutting fluid delivery system and method: An atomizing cutting fluid system. The system includes a common chamber terminating in a shaped droplet nozzle and including a nozzle section immediately behind the shaped droplet nozzle. An atomizer creates spray directly within the common chamber behind the nozzle section. A cutting fluid supply line provides cutting fluid to... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

20140353407 - Waterway switch valve set and a shower head using same: A waterway switch valve set and a shower head using same includes a fixed unit with an inlet waterway and a rotation unit rotatably connected to the fixed unit. The rotation has a water diversion base and a sealing component unit and can rotate about a rotation axis. The water... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20140353408 - Anti-rotation clip for a twist lock fuel injection: A fuel injector for an internal combustion engine having an elongated body with a fuel inlet end and a fuel discharge end. The injector body includes an outwardly extending plate attached at a position between its ends and this plate includes at least one radially outwardly extending tab so that... Agent:

20140353409 - Direct spray fuel injector for therapeutic purpose: Provided is a direct spray fuel injector including a bundle of opening/closing valves, wherein the bundle of opening/closing valves includes: a valve needle that is disposed within a valve housing; an electromagnetic coil that is installed at a side opposite to the spray hole of the valve needle; an armature... Agent: Hyundai Kefico Corporation

20140353410 - Spray fixture system: A system including an electrostatic spray fixture system, including a non-conductive frame surrounding an aperture, wherein the non-conductive frame is configured to retain an object within the aperture, and a conductor coupled to the frame, wherein the conductor is configured to electrically couple to the object within the aperture, and... Agent: Finishing Brands Holdings Inc.

11/27/2014 > 17 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140346243 - Remote controlled motion activated water repellant system and method: A motion activated water repellant sprinkler device for repelling animals that can be remotely controlled is provided. When the device is in on mode, the user can remotely adjust the sensitivity setting of the motion detector, set a time period for which the sprinkler will continually spray, and turn off... Agent: Woodstream Corporation

20140346244 - Control method for an injection valve and injection system: A control method for a fuel injection valve for an internal combustion engine is disclosed, wherein at least one control signal for actuating a drive of the injection valve is generated in recurring injection cycles and as a function of a target stroke height of a closing element of the... Agent:

20140346245 - Nebulizer, a control unit for controlling the same, a nebulizing element and a method of operating a nebulizer: There is provided a control unit for controlling the operation of a nebulizer, the nebulizer comprising a reservoir chamber for storing a liquid to be nebulised, an actuator, and a nebulizing element comprising a plurality of nozzles arranged to nebulize the liquid upon operation of the actuator; wherein the control... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140346246 - Adjustable dialed spray nozzle: A spray nozzle configured to be disposed on top of and coupled to a standard spray paint canister. Compressed gas within the spray paint canister serves as the propellant which expels the liquid paint out of the canister when the nozzle is actuated. The paint and compressed gas travel through... Agent:

20140346247 - Dry flue gas desulfurization system with dual feed atomizer liquid distributor: An atomizer system 160 for use in a spray dry absorber 130, the atomizer system 160 includes a support member 161, an atomizing disc 162 rotatably coupled to the support member 161, a first feed line 163 for delivery of a reagent slurry 163a to a delivery area 165 and... Agent:

20140346248 - Removal device for a crop protection agent: The present invention relates to a discharge apparatus for a plant protection product with a container (1), which has a container wall (8, 18, 19) and a discharge orifice (9), the container wall (8, 18, 19) enclosing an interior (7) for accommodating the plant protection product, and a pump (2,... Agent: Basf Se

20140346249 - Sprinkler apparatus: A sprinkler apparatus includes a sprinkler and a frame for supporting the sprinkler. The frame includes two lateral members and first and second cross members. Each of the first and second cross members includes two lateral edges each connected to a corresponding one of the lateral members. The lateral members... Agent:

20140346250 - Variable asset multiphase ejector for production recovery at the wellhead: A multiphase ejector including a housing space with a first inlet opening, connectable to a first fluid source, a second inlet opening, connectable to a second fluid source, and an outlet opening. A bush inside the housing space includes a channel having a first opening connected to the first inlet... Agent: Eni S.p.a.

20140346251 - Drive device of a metering and mixing device: A drive apparatus of a metering and mixing device for multi-component materials is disclosed, for example, for multi-component adhesives, which metering and mixing device can have at least two cartridge-accommodating devices for accommodating replaceable cartridges having individual material components, a discharging device for simultaneously discharging the material components from the... Agent: Sika Technology Ag

20140346252 - Spray container: A package for a liquid has a spray head with a manually operable pump and a tubular plastic neck connectable to the spray head. A liquid-holding bag made entirely of plastic film has two face panels with upper edges between which the plastic neck is sealingly fixed, a floor panel... Agent:

20140346253 - Droplet forming device and droplet forming method: A droplet forming device (1) for discharging a droplet in a flying fashion from a nozzle (32), the device includes a liquid chamber (29) that is communicated with the nozzle (32) and is supplied with a liquid material (37), a plunger rod (6) having a tip (34) that is moved... Agent: Musashi Engineering, Inc.

20140346254 - Fuel injector for gaseous injection: A fuel injector comprises a liquid fuel cavity and a gas fuel cavity disposed within an injector cavity housing a liquid needle valve stem and a gas needle valve stem, respectively. The gas needle valve stem includes a guide stem portion distal to the injector tip and a check proximal... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140346255 - Concealed top cover-type shower head: A concealed top cover-type shower head, the shower head comprises a shower head body; an inlet base; a water diversion mechanism, the relative rotation of the water diversion mechanism and the inlet base makes the plurality of diversion waterways switched to connect to the water inlet holes, each set of... Agent:

20140346256 - Fire protection sprinkler assembly: A sprinkler assembly (10) having a receiving member (12), a fluid tight seal (44) and a sprinkler frame (14). The receiving member includes an inner surface (22) defining an internal passageway and a central axis (A-A) of the assembly. The frame of the sprinkler includes an internal surface (38) that... Agent: Tyco Fire Products Lp

20140346257 - Spray tool locking system: A system including a sprayer including a handle, a trigger configured to move between a first trigger position and a second trigger position, wherein the sprayer is configured to block flow of a coating material when the trigger is in the first trigger position and to spray the coating material... Agent: Finishing Brands Holdings Inc.

20140346258 - Three-way three-position control valve having a piezoelectric or magnetostrictive actuator, and fuel-injection system comprising the aforesaid valve: An electrically actuated control valve has three mouths and three operating positions, in which the three mouths includes a first mouth for inlet of a working fluid, and a second mouth and a third mouth for outlet of the working fluid. The three operating positions include a first operating position... Agent: C.r.f. Societa Consortile Per Azioni

20140346259 - Receiving, converting and emitting battery working according to the active magnetohydroresonant effect, method for preparing hydroresonant and biomagnetic compounds, method for preparing the battery, and general use of the same in the mineral, plant and a: Magnetohidroressonate active effect receiving, converting, transmitting battery, process of preparation of the battery including hydroresonating and biomagnetic compounds, technical application in mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, the battery being formed from a mixture comprising hydroresonance, biomagnetic, polypropylene and black tourmaline, comprising 09 to 19% p/p of Hydroresonance, 81 to 89%... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 24 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140339321 - Pressure feed container, storage method using the pressure feed container, and method for transferring liquid using the pressure feed container: The present invention provides a pressure feed container capable of ensuring the cleanliness of a liquid such as a protective film-forming liquid chemical or a protective film-forming liquid chemical kit for preparing the liquid chemical even after long-term storage, and also capable of suppressing electrostatic charge in the liquid. The... Agent: Central Glass Company, Limited

20140339320 - Temperature indicating foam gun nozzles & hoses: The invention described herein generally pertains to temperature-indicating foam gun nozzles and/or at least one temperature-indicating hose which employs at least one thermochromic material disposed within said foam gun nozzle and/or hoses.... Agent: Fomo Products, Inc.

20140339322 - Air delivery apparatus with interchangeable nozzle inserts: An apparatus that uses an optimized body design incorporating one or more interchangeable nozzle inserts with a wide array of discharge orifice sizes, configurations and spacings to efficiently and effectively deliver a pressurized, high velocity, laminar flow air stream to dry, cool, or clean objects that are either stationary or... Agent:

20140339323 - Analyais and control of aerosol output: An aerosol generation system (and method) comprises an aerosol generating device (1) for generating an aerosol output (2) and controller (12) for controlling the generating device (1) using a generator drive signal. An aerosol density detector (6,9) is used. A time delay measurement device (13) is adapted to derive a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140339324 - Apparatus and method for operating pressure-compensated drippers at low flow rates: Apparatus for operating a group of normally closed, pressure compensated drippers at relatively low liquid flow rates includes a pulsating device having an inlet and an outlet that converts a low continuous liquid flow rate entering its inlet, through a flow control unit, to a high intermittent and pulsating flow... Agent:

20140339325 - Double bend straw: A double bend straw comprising: a first segment at a top portion of the double bend straw; a second segment in a middle portion of the double bend straw; a third segment at a bottom portion of the double bend straw; a first accordion portion connecting the first segment to... Agent:

20140339326 - Sprinkler control module: Sprinkler control units, that are designed to control water usage in residential and commercial above ground sprinkler systems, are disclosed herein. The sprinkler control units operate with any above-ground sprinkler system. They require reduced external power, and use the water flowing through the device to generate power. and are powered... Agent:

20140339327 - Temperature indicating foam gun nozzles & hoses: The invention described herein generally pertains to temperature-indicating foam gun nozzles and/or at least one temperature-indicating hose which employs at least one thermochromic material disposed within said foam gun nozzle and/or hoses.... Agent: Fomo Products, Inc.

20140339328 - High velocity oxy-liquid flame spray gun and process for coating thereof: Present invention relates to a high velocity oxy-liquid fuel spray gun, wherein said spray gun has a combustion chamber designed with outlet offset to the combustion chamber, a water inlet towards front side of the gun; and a narrow stabilizer arranged at 45 degree or 70 degree, inline of oxygen... Agent: Metallizing Equipment Co. Pvt. Ltd.

20140339329 - Paint sprayer: According to one embodiment, an apparatus comprises a paint container, a paint sprayer assembly, movable grip members, and a ring. The paint container has an outer diameter. The paint sprayer assembly includes a housing having an air inlet and a nozzle located on the housing. The movable grip members are... Agent:

20140339330 - Source gas jetting nozzle for a vacuum deposition apparatus: Disclosed is a source gas jetting nozzle which includes a connection pipe having a portion connected to a source gas supplier, a first gas pipe including a communication hole communicating with the connection pipe by connecting to one end of the connection pipe and a first jetting hole, the communication... Agent: Abyzr Co., Ltd.

20140339331 - Source gas jetting nozzle for a vacuum deposition apparatus: Disclosed is a source gas jetting nozzle which includes a first gas pipe having one portion connected to a source gas supplier for supplying a source gas, including a first heater inside the first gas pipe, and including a first jetting hole formed on an outer surface of the first... Agent: Abyzr Co., Ltd.

20140339332 - Retractable spray hose with automatic shutoff: A spray hose and spray nozzle for a commercial oven may be retracted on a spring-loaded reel. A position and recent movement of the spring-loaded reel may be used to deduce likely intent of the user with respect to use of the spray nozzle and to electronically activate or deactivate... Agent: Alto-shaam, Inc.

20140339333 - Sprinkler with internal compartments: A sprinkler includes a compartment that surrounds its riser portion in an offset or asymmetrical configuration. More specifically, the distance of the compartments walls from those of the riser vary (i.e., increase or decrease) at different locations surrounding the riser. Put another way, the riser is closer to one side... Agent: The Toro Company

20140339334 - Water rotatable distributor for stream rotary sprinklers: A rotating distributor for use in a rotary type sprinkler is conically shaped and includes a plurality of water channels provided on a bottom surface thereof to guide water from a center axis of the distributor radially outward to an outer circumference of the distributor. The grooves are provided to... Agent:

20140339335 - Vehicle wash systems and methods: There is provided systems and methods for effective cleaning and drying of vehicles of different shapes and sizes. In an example, a conveyor system may move a vehicle along a path, and a bridge assembly supported above a vehicle is moveable along the length thereof. At least one trolley assembly... Agent:

20140339336 - Method for minimizing emissions while forming a polyurethane foam: A method minimizes emissions while spraying a mixture of a resin composition and a polyisocyanate onto a surface. The resin composition has a hydroxyl content of at least 400 mg KOH/g and includes a blowing agent that is a liquid under pressure, a first polyol, at least one additional polyol... Agent:

20140339337 - Automatic aroma sprayer: An automatic aroma sprayer formed of a housing, a bottom cap, a lower gearbox shell, an upper gearbox shell, a pressure bar, a motor, a sprayer head, a functional circuit board and a power supply unit is disclosed. The functional circuit board controls the motor to rotate a gear set... Agent: Serene House International Enterprise Ltd.

20140339338 - Airbrush: Provided is an airbrush in which a needle cap separated from a nozzle is not easily lost. The airbrush includes: an airbrush body; a nozzle that is provided at a tip of the airbrush body so as to spray paint and air; a needle cap that is separably attached to... Agent: Anest Iwata Corporation

20140339339 - Airblast injectors for multipoint injection and methods of assembly: A method of assembling an airblast injector includes forming a fluid passage on an internal conical surface of a first nozzle component and/or on an outer conical surface of a second nozzle component configured and adapted to mate with the first nozzle component to form at least a portion of... Agent: Delavan Inc

20140339340 - Sprayhead apparatus for generating a gas-assisted droplet spray for use in oral cleaning: The sprayhead device includes a housing (60) having an orifice plate (62) therein with at least one orifice opening (64) therethrough. A liquid line (36) delivers liquid to the sprayhead, where it proceeds through the orifice opening, wherein the liquid flow rate through the orifice and the liquid pressure are... Agent:

20140339341 - Nozzle arrangement for an edge-strip application device, for exposing an adhesive free, heat-activatable edge strip or workpiece or an edge strip or workpiece which is coated with hotmelt adhesive to hot gas, and edge-strip application device: The invention relates to nozzle arrangement (1) for edge strip applying device for supplying hot air to an edge strip (2) which is adhesive-free and heat activateable, with nozzle body (3) with air inlet channel (20, 21) connectable to hot air generator to feed pressurized hot air to nozzle body... Agent:

20140339342 - Injector for a system for feeding gas fuel to an internal combustion engine: An injector for a system for feeding gas fuel to an internal combustion engine has an inlet mouth for the fuel into the injector, houses therein a shutter which is moveable between a closed position and an open position of an outlet mouth of the fuel from the injector, and... Agent:

20140339343 - Electrostatic atomizer: An electrostatic atomizer of the present invention includes a pair of thermoelectric elements; a heat absorption-side electrode that electrically connects the pair of thermoelectric elements on heat absorption sides thereof; heat radiation-side electrodes that are electrically connected to the respective thermoelectric elements on heat radiation sides thereof; and a circuit... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

11/13/2014 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140332601 - Method of aerosolizing a liquid: A method of aerosolizing a liquid by generating an aerosol from a liquid fluid and a gas with a nozzle having a cone-shaped gas exit channel, the method including the method steps of: ejecting a nozzle gas jet through an orifice at the cone apex; generating a zone of low... Agent:

20140332602 - Inner premix tube air wipe: An inner premix tube for a fuel injector of a gas turbine engine includes a transition end, a tip end, and a premix tube inner surface. The transition end includes an annular disk portion with an annular disk shape and a redirection portion extending radially inward and axially from the... Agent: Solar Turbines Incorporated

20140332603 - Shrouded pilot liquid tube: A pilot liquid tube having a pilot liquid fuel inlet, a pilot liquid fuel conduit, a pilot liquid fuel nozzle, and a shroud configured to shield the pilot liquid fuel nozzle. The pilot liquid tube may be installed and/or removed from an injector of a gas turbine engine while the... Agent: Solar Turbines Incorporated

20140332604 - Device for fastening a hollow part: A fastener device for fastening a hollow part is made up of two mutually facing walls to at least one structural part. The device comprises a one-piece body of metal material presenting two main faces extending longitudinally between first and second ends of the body. Each main face includes a... Agent: Herakles

20140332605 - Plasma processing equipment and gas distribution apparatus thereof: A gas distribution apparatus for a plasma processing equipment is provided. The gas distribution apparatus includes a support plate (3) and a showerhead electrode (5) that are secured together parallelly to define a chamber for gas distribution. A first gas distribution plate (4) is arranged in the chamber horizontally. On... Agent:

20140332606 - Liquid atomizing device and liquid atomizing method: A liquid atomization device includes a nozzle body. The nozzle body includes: a first gas spray portion and a second gas spray portion for spraying two gas flows; a liquid passage having a passage through which liquid flows by formation of the two gas flows sprayed by the first gas... Agent: Nozzle Network Co., Ltd

20140332607 - Shower with various outlet functions: A shower with various outlet functions includes a main body part and outlet part, the main body part has an inlet waterway, and at least one first inlet hole and one second inlet hole communicated with the inlet waterway; the outlet part, is connected to the main body part in... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20140332608 - Showerhead having structural features that produce a vibrant spray pattern: A showerhead having structural features providing a vibrant spray pattern includes a faceplate, a turbine, and a water distributor, among other elements. The spray pattern is facilitated by the interaction of slots in the turbine, which overly troughs formed in the faceplate. The slots in the turbine meter the flow... Agent: Speakman Company

20140332609 - Shower nozzle device: A shower nozzle device is disclosed. The sucking disc includes a gland and a pull rod. The shower nozzle device is assembled by passing a bolt at the same time through the holes formed on a pair of the protrusions on the back of the shower nozzle, the first through... Agent:

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