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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150144709 - Liquid discharge apparatus and method for controlling the same: A liquid discharge apparatus comprises a head having an discharge port surface on which a discharge port is provided for discharging a liquid, and a liquid moving unit arranged apart from the discharge port surface and configured to be movable along the discharge port surface, wherein, the liquid moving unit... Agent:

20150144710 - Fuel injector: The present invention relates to a fuel injector for use in delivering fuel to an internal combustion engine. The fuel injector includes a nozzle having a valve needle which is movable with respect to a valve needle seat. The valve needle travels through a range of movement between a closed... Agent:

20150144711 - Fragrance discharge device: A fragrance discharge device for discharging at least one fragrance, having a housing through which air can flow, having at least one fragrance cartridge arranged therein, wherein a drawer is provided so it is displaceable in the housing, for accommodating and holding at least one fragrance cartridge, wherein the drawer... Agent:

20150144712 - Repellant system and method: Some embodiments provide an illumination system with an outer housing including a base, a central housing pivotably coupled to the base including a fluid inlet, and an upper housing including a fluid outlet. The inner housing defines a chamber and is coupled to the base, and includes a fluid aperture... Agent:

20150144713 - Repellant system and method: Some embodiments provide an illumination system with an outer housing including a base, a central housing pivotably coupled to the base including a fluid inlet, and an upper housing including a fluid outlet. The inner housing defines a chamber and is coupled to the base, and includes a fluid aperture... Agent:

20150144714 - Spray bottle: A spray bottle comprises a bottom portion defining a generally cylindrical container having a first diameter and with an opening defined by a threaded lip having a second diameter slightly less than that of the first diameter, and a top portion comprising a neck portion and a generally cylindrical portion... Agent:

20150144715 - Atomized sprayer: An atomized sprayer includes a main body, a gas pump, a nozzle member and an atomizing portion. The nozzle member includes a nozzle body and a nozzle head. Accordingly, the atomized sprayer is applicable to an automatic makeup device. The makeup materials are directed into the atomized sprayer through the... Agent: Zong Jing Investment, Inc.

20150144716 - Deflector with a butterfly ridge for even irrigating over non-circular areas: An irrigating device and a deflector for even spraying of liquid across non-circular areas are presented. The irrigating device includes a base comprising at least a groove; a cap; and a deflector including at least a butterfly ridge, a groove, and a plurality of hydrodynamic ribs, wherein the butterfly ridge... Agent: Sovi Square Ltd.

20150144717 - Conduit with connector and assembly thereof: A fluid supply line is provided to reduce the labor and cost required for dripline system installations by providing predetermined fitting locations where driplines can be attached. The supply line consists of a conduit having a side wall, a connector extending through the side wall of the conduit, the connector... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 15 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150136866 - Nozzle system: A nozzle system comprising a nozzle apparatus (610) and a pipeline (614), the nozzle apparatus attached to the pipeline such that there is fluid communication therebetween, the nozzle apparatus having a first inlet (631), a second inlet (622) and an outlet, wherein the nozzle apparatus extends into the pipeline such... Agent:

20150136869 - Droplet oscillation device and droplet oscillation method: A droplet oscillation device includes upper and lower electrodes, a changing mechanism, a sensor and a controller. The lower electrode is configured to support a substrate thereon. The changing mechanism is configured to change a distance between the upper and lower electrodes. The sensor is configured to detect a droplet... Agent:

20150136867 - Induction charging nozzle assembly and method of its use: An induction charging nozzle assembly includes two branches of one or two electrodes, a nozzle and a power supply. The nozzle is positioned to spray an atomized spray of a liquid between parallel portions of the electrode branches. The power supply applies an electrical potential to the electrode(s) relative to... Agent:

20150136868 - Precipitation simulator: The invention relates to a precipitation simulator consisting of a collecting area, onto which the precipitants can fall, and a tube, which extends from the lowest point of the collecting area to a transporting device and from there upwards as far as the nozzle, wherein the precipitant can be transported... Agent:

20150136870 - Electric handheld broadcast spreader: A preferred embodiment of the invention generally comprises a hopper container attached to the top face of a spreader console having an electrically-powered spreader plate positioned within a distribution opening in the front center of the front face of the spreader console and operated with a spreader control switch extending... Agent: Spreaders Technologies, Lp

20150136871 - Scent wick dispenser: Systems and devices for dispensing liquid scent and methods of using the same are disclosed herein. More specifically, the present disclosure relates to scent wick dispensers having an increased surface area, containers to be used with such scent wick dispensers and methods of using the same.... Agent:

20150136872 - Scent devices and methods: Scent devices and methods are provided. In one embodiment, the present invention can be a device to scent an environment comprising a scent and a structural component. The scent stick can have a length to average cross-sectional diameter ratio of at least about 4:1 according to some embodiments. The scent... Agent: Enviroscent, Inc.

20150136873 - Scenting device with synchronized audio playback and on demand scenting: A system that synchronizes a disbursed scent with a related audio playback message in a retail or public environment. This system is controlled and managed off-site via the Internet with a specially designed software application.... Agent:

20150136874 - Vibrator including mesh structure and manufacturing method thereof: Provided herein is a vibrator that includes a mesh structure and sprays a liquid material through the mesh structure and a manufacturing method thereof, the vibrator including the mesh structure including a vibrator structure including a hollow configured to introduce fluid from outside; a mesh structure configured to touch the... Agent:

20150136875 - System and method for mounting of thrust reverser to pylon: A propulsion system of an aircraft is described herein. In this system, the inner fixed structure (IFS) and the outer sleeve may be separately coupled to the pylon. For instance, the inner fixed structure and the outer sleeve may be hinged separately and attached to different locations of the pylon.... Agent: Rohr, Inc.

20150136876 - Nozzle arrangement: The invention relates to a nozzle arrangement for atomizing a fluid flow, which is supplied under pressure, into fine particles, which has: a conical element with an upper surface, a lower surface and an outer surface which is adjacent to the upper and the lower surface, wherein the outer surface... Agent:

20150136877 - Fuel injection valve: When injection-hole inlets and injection-hole outlets are projected vertically onto an X-Y plane (N) perpendicular to a valve-seat axial center, an injection-hole arrangement angle (A), which is formed by a straight line (a) passing through a center of the injection-hole inlet of a reference injection hole and the valve-seat axial... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150136878 - Device for injecting fuel: A device for injecting fuel includes an electrodynamic drive having a movably situated coil, an inwardly opening needle which opens and closes injection holes on a valve seat, a connecting element which connects the needle to the movably situated coil, and a pressure chamber which is situated at the needle... Agent:

20150136879 - Fuel injector: The invention relates to a fuel injector having an electromagnet 2 which contains a magnet core 6 and a coil 7 and which further has an armature 9 that is guided on an armature pin 8. The armature pin 8 is guided in a guide sleeve 11 which projects into... Agent:

20150136880 - Cartridge spreader system: The cartridge spreader system includes a mobile cartridge spreader with a cartridge station configured to engage a cartridge and includes a locking controller for locking the cartridge securely into the cartridge station. The cartridge station includes an activator mechanism for activating and deactivating an engaged cartridge. The cartridge spreader includes... Agent: Oms Investments, Inc.

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