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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing

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10/02/2014 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140291412 - Sunless tanning device: A spray device and system for delivering a cosmetic composition to a user. The system includes an enclosure booth with an open front, a spray bar with a plurality of spray nozzles configured to deliver a constant volume of cosmetic composition to a user, and a set of heaters designed... Agent:

20140291413 - Nucleator for generating ice crystals for seeding water droplets in snow-making systems: The present invention is an improved nucleator for generating ice crystals for seeding water droplets in snow-making systems. Atomized water droplets can more easily be converted to snow at higher temperatures by using a nucleator. Embodiments of a snow-making gun including the novel nucleator are also described.... Agent:

20140291414 - Dispensing aerosols: A device (200) for generating an aerosol cloud, the device (200) comprising: a body (210) defining an inner cavity, an outer surface, and an opening (213) extending between the inner cavity of the body (210) and the outer surface; at least one ultrasonic element (220) operable to aerosolize a liquid... Agent:

20140291415 - Spray device: A fluid container spray device having a trigger lock mechanism with trigger tabs extending outwardly from the trigger and cleats extending inwardly from a moveable shroud. The cleats obstruct the tabs when the shroud is in a trigger lock position. A lever extending from beneath the shroud can be depressed,... Agent:

20140291416 - Jet spray nozzle and method for cleaning photo masks and semiconductor wafers: A jet spray nozzle for cleaning a photolithographic mask or semiconductor wafer and method for cleaning the same. The jet spray nozzle in one embodiment includes a water supply inlet, a gas supply inlet, a first row of gas injection nozzles communicating with the gas supply inlet, a mixing cavity... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140291417 - Liquid aspirator and reservoir for shower head: For the mobility impaired, it can be difficult to reach the hair and face to apply shower products such as soap, shampoo, and conditioner in a shower. Examples described herein can facilitate automatic dispensing of liquid shower products into a stream of water through a showerhead. Additionally, the flow of... Agent:

20140291418 - Multi-circuit airblast fuel nozzle: Provided is a nozzle for an injector including a nozzle body disposed interiorly of an air swirler, the nozzle body including a plurality of sets of multiple exit orifices arranged in an annular array with the orifices of one set alternating with the orifices of another set, wherein the plurality... Agent:

20140291419 - Multifunction faucet spray head: The disclosure includes a faucet assembly with a unique multifunction spray head. The spray head is capable of at least four spray functions, and has an outer shell; a flow body extending within the shell, a first end extending out of the shell for attachment to a faucet and a... Agent: AsIPHoldco, LLC

20140291420 - Articles for manipulating impinging liquids and methods of manufacturing same: This invention relates generally to an article that includes a non-wetting surface having a dynamic contact angle of at least about 90°. The surface is patterned with macro-scale features configured to induce controlled asymmetry in a liquid film produced by impingement of a droplet onto the surface, thereby reducing time... Agent:

20140291421 - Substrate treating apparatus: Provided is a substrate treating apparatus including a housing; a plurality of opening-and-closing members configured to provide a driving force for opening and closing the housing; a fluid storing member supplying a fluid to the opening-and-closing members; and a fluid distribution unit connected to the fluid storing member via a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140291422 - Injection nozzle: An injection nozzle for injecting fuel into a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine comprises a nozzle body having a bore for receiving fuel from a supply line for pressurised fuel, an outlet from the bore for delivering fuel to the combustion chamber, in use, and a valve needle... Agent:

20140291423 - Cup-shaped nozzle assembly with integral filter structure: A filtering nozzle assembly or spray head has a conformal nozzle component engineered to generate a filtered spray and configured as a small cylindrical member having a substantially open proximal end and a substantially closed distal end wall with a centrally located discharge orifice defined therein. Optionally, cup-shaped filtered orifice... Agent: Bowles Fluidics Corporation

20140291424 - Spray nozzle and coating system using the same: Provided herein is a spray nozzle and a coating system using the same, the spray nozzle and the coating system comprising a liquid nozzle injecting liquid towards a substrate; a gas nozzle for injecting gas to collide with the liquid on an injection path of the liquid to perform a... Agent: Enjet Co. Ltd.

09/25/2014 > 15 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140284392 - Tray for dispensing a gas and a liquid, reactor provided with such a tray, and use of said tray: A distributor tray (1) for a gas and a liquid circulating as a co-current, said tray comprising a plate (10) perforated by orifices (12) and supporting hollow chimneys (20) extending perpendicularly to said plate (10), each orifice (12) of the plate being surmounted by a chimney (20) of identical cross... Agent: Total Marketing Services

20140284393 - Electrostatic gun and method for grounding an electrostatic gun after discharging static charges: An electrostatic gun includes an electrostatic nozzle, a toggle switch, an electrostatic discharge module, an electrostatic generator module, and a ground module. The electrostatic generator module is connected to the electrostatic discharge module to generate static. The toggle switch is used to connect the electrostatic nozzle to either the electrostatic... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20140284394 - Injection element: An injection element for injecting two propellants into a combustion chamber, and usable for a rocket engine including at least one combustion chamber of type having an injector including one or more such injection elements. The injection element includes a first annular duct for injecting a first propellant and a... Agent: Snecma

20140284395 - Gas turbine exhaust noise reduction: A gas turbine jet noise reduction apparatus including a variable geometry gas turbine engine nozzle comprising a circumferentially distributed array of nozzle flap panels supported for alternate collective splaying and gathering motion, with the collective splaying motion of the flap panels being from a narrow position defining a minimum cross-sectional... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20140284396 - Snow making apparatus: A snow making apparatus is provided that includes a manifold, a nucleator annular chamber, and a plurality of nucleator nozzles. The manifold is configured to receive water from a water source and air from an air source. The nucleator annular chamber is configured to receive an air-water mixture from first... Agent:

20140284397 - Synthetic jet ejector equipped with cold temperature start control delay: A device (201) is provided which includes a host device (203) having a heat source (205) therein. A synthetic jet ejector (207) is embedded in the host device and is equipped with a temperature sensor (205) and a controller (211) which controls the operation of the synthetic jet ejector. The... Agent: Nuventix, Inc.

20140284398 - Heated fuel injector: A heated fuel injector for supplying fuel to a fuel consuming device includes a fuel inlet for receiving fuel, a fuel outlet for dispensing fuel from the fuel injector, and a fuel injector body extending along an axis and fluidly connecting the fuel inlet to the fuel outlet such that... Agent: Delph Technologies, Inc.

20140284399 - Injection molding nozzle with two-part material pipe: To this end, the invention provides an injection molding nozzle comprising a material pipe that forms a flow channel with an inlet opening and an outlet opening, as well as a heating device that is thermally coupled to the material pipe, and the material pipe includes two pipe sections that... Agent: Guenther Heisskanaltechnik Gmbh

20140284400 - Gear flow divider for agricultural product injection: This application discusses, among other things, agricultural equipment and more particularly agricultural chemical applicators. In an example, an agricultural sprayer system can include a first boom section configured to receive a carrier material and a chemical material and to provide an agricultural chemical mixture, the boom section having a plurality... Agent:

20140284401 - Sprinkler assembly: The present invention includes an improved sprinkler design having a magnetic sensing system for determining the position of the riser nozzle, a waterproofed motor housing and related cables, configurable sprinkler body compartments, and a pilot valve with a check valve assembly, both of which are located within the sprinkler body.... Agent:

20140284402 - Alignment element for an injector, and method for manufacturing an injector: A method for manufacturing an injector having an extrusion coating, including the following steps: providing an injection module, pushing a disk-shaped alignment element onto a part of the injection module, the alignment element having a slot in order to have sufficient flexibility, welding the alignment element onto the part of... Agent:

20140284403 - Adjustable sprayer: An adjustable sprayer comprising a fitting that includes a connector portion, an elongate cylindrical portion extending from the connector portion, and a bore formed longitudinally through the fitting. The sprayer includes a nozzle having a sleeve portion configured to receive the fitting's cylindrical portion whereby the nozzle is moveable, longitudinally,... Agent:

20140284404 - Chemical vapour deposition injector: Disclosed is a chemical vapour deposition injector 100, comprising a gas injector body 104 having a plurality of holes for directing a first gas from a first gas plenum into respective first gas channels of the gas injector body, each first gas channel extending in a first direction and arranged... Agent: Asm Technology Singapore Pte Ltd.

20140284405 - Fuel injection system having a fuel-carrying component, a fuel injector and a suspension: A suspension for fuel injection systems is used for connecting a fuel injector to a fuel-carrying component. A connecting body having a receiving space is provided for this purpose. The connecting body has an opening, via which a fuel fitting of the fuel injector is insertible at least partially into... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140284406 - Multi-nozzle chip for electrospray ionization in mass spectrometers: The invention involves electrospray ionization of dissolved substances at atmospheric pressure in the ion source of a mass spectrometer. A chip with a multitude of spray nozzles is proposed, where each individual spray nozzle is surrounded by several sheath gas nozzles, preferably in a symmetric arrangement, for the jet-like introduction... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 81 patent applications in 46 patent subcategories.

20140263690 - Large area liquid solution application: A Large Area Liquid Solution Application includes a boom equipped with a series of easily removable spray nozzles, for easier cleaning and maintenance, attached to a standard truck trailer hitch receiver with a pump assembly attached onto a reservoir loaded onto a truck bed. This invention presents an effective deicing... Agent:

20140263688 - Method and apparatus for dispensing a viscous material on a substrate: A dispenser, configured to dispense material on a substrate, includes a dispensing unit having a housing with a chamber, a piston disposed in the chamber and axially movable within the chamber, and a nozzle coupled to the housing. The nozzle has an orifice co-axial with the chamber of the housing.... Agent:

20140263692 - Method for monitoring an injection fluid quantity and injection system for injecting an injection fluid quantity: A method for monitoring an injection fluid quantity, which is injected through an injection nozzle, includes opening and closing said injection nozzle by a closure element guided in one movement, detecting at least three characteristic points of the movement of the closure element at which the closure element is located... Agent:

20140263689 - Ozone shower device: A fluid delivery assembly for a shower includes a waterway assembly, a spray head, and a water treatment assembly. The spray head is configured to receive fluid from the waterway assembly and deliver fluid from an outlet. The water treatment assembly is configured to provide a treatment to the fluid... Agent:

20140263691 - Paint removal vehicle with gray water separation and recycling: A vehicle and process for removing materials, such as paint, rubber, markings, or cure compounds, from a surface such as a road or airport runway. The vehicle comprises a fresh water tank, a water pressure pump, a blast head, a vacuum tank, a gray water tank, and a filter body.... Agent: Friday Harbour Holdings, LLC

20140263687 - Remote controlled motion activated water repellant system and method: A motion activated water repellant sprinkler device for repelling animals that can be remotely controlled is provided. When the device is in on mode, the user can remotely adjust the sensitivity setting of the motion detector, set a time period for which the sprinkler will continually spray, and turn off... Agent: Woodstream Corporation

20140263686 - Spray gun with interchangeable handle grips: A spray gun has a spray gun body with at least one fluid input port. A nozzle is removably affixed to the spray gun body and valves are in fluid communication between each of the at least one fluid input ports and the nozzle. A trigger is movably attached to... Agent: Gssc, Inc.

20140263693 - System and method for providing a micron-scale continuous liquid jet: A nozzle for producing a liquid jet a fluid, methods using the nozzle, and an injector comprising the nozzle of the invention for providing the liquid jet of a fluid to a vacuum system are described.... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents, A Body Corporate Of The State Of Arizona, Acting For And On Behalf

20140263694 - Electrosprayer for arthropod tagging: An electrosprayer for insect and arthropod tagging having a nozzle cartridge comprising a liquid reservoir, a high voltage connector, and at least one nozzle; a spray chamber where each nozzle is directed into the spray chamber; and a high voltage power supply, where the power supply applies voltage through the... Agent:

20140263696 - Apparatus for reconfiguring spray equipment, and method: An apparatus for configuring dispersing equipment for applying liquid solutions to vegetation, comprising: a plurality of nozzles for dispersing liquid in the form of liquid droplets; a plurality of magnets for applying a magnetic field to the liquid droplets; where the nozzles are configured to produce liquid droplets sized less... Agent:

20140263695 - Method and apparatus for atomizing and vaporizing liquid: A method and apparatus for atomizing and vaporizing liquid is described. An apparatus having an ejector configured to eject one or more droplets of liquid may be inserted into a reservoir containing liquid. The ejector may have a vibrating device that vibrates the ejector and causes liquid to move from... Agent: King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology

20140263697 - Integrated fuel injectors and igniters and associated methods of use and manufacture: The present disclosure is directed to integrated injector/igniters providing efficient injection, ignition, and complete combustion of various types of fuels. One example of such an injectors/igniter can include a body having a base portion opposite a nozzle portion, and a fuel passageway extending from the base portion to the nozzle... Agent: Mcalister Technologies, LLC

20140263698 - Apparatus and system for delivering water and nutrients to crops, and method thereof: The present invention relates to an apparatus for delivering water and nutrients to crops. The present invention also relates to a system comprising the apparatus of the present invention connected to a hose traveler device. Also disclosed is a method of delivering water and nutrients to the soil using the... Agent: Spruce Haven Farm

20140263701 - Fluidic devices, bubble generators and fluid control methods: Example fluidic devices and methods are described. An example device includes a throughput chamber, an inlet to guide liquid in the throughput chamber and an outlet to guide liquid out of the throughput chamber. The example device also includes a rib that protrudes from a wall of the throughput chamber.... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, Lp.

20140263702 - Spraying apparatus and spraying method of water and air having effected 4d: The present invention relates to a spraying apparatus and a spraying method of water and air having effected 4D, and more particularly, to a spraying apparatus and a spraying method of water and air having effected 4D capable of controlling power of sprayed water and air and spraying water and... Agent:

20140263699 - System, method, and apparatus for mixing and spraying resin and catalyst: A dual input valve includes a valve stem having a compressed air valve that includes a captured o-ring held in a circumferential groove. A catalyst valve is also on the valve stem. The housing has a catalyst input port in fluid communication with a catalyst valve seat, a compressed air... Agent: Gssc, Inc.

20140263700 - System, method, and apparatus for mixing and spraying resin and catalyst: A dual input valve includes a valve stem having an air valve that includes a captured o-ring held in a circumferential groove. A catalyst valve ball abuts the valve stem. A housing has a catalyst input port in fluid communication with a catalyst valve seat, an air input port in... Agent: Gssc, Inc.

20140263703 - Rotational lance drive and rotational lance: Rotary lance drives for rotating a lance for injecting gas and powdered reagents into molten metal include a reciprocating rotary lance drive and an associated method. A lance mount which facilitates loading of a lance into a lance drive is also disclosed. Various lance designs are described for improving dispersion... Agent:

20140263704 - Agricultural sprayer with dedicated storage area for agricultural chemical totes: An agricultural sprayer for metered application of a liquid includes a chassis, and a carrier tank fixedly mounted to the chassis. The carrier tank is configured for containing a carrier liquid therein. One or more active ingredient tanks are each configured for containing an active ingredient therein. A storage area... Agent: Cnh America LLC

20140263705 - Real time injection for agricultural sprayers: A system comprises a distribution boom, a first pump device configured to provide a flow stream of a carrier substance for the distribution boom, a second pump device configured to supply a chemical substance into the flow stream of the carrier substance, and a control module. The distribution boom includes... Agent:

20140263711 - Combined head massager and spray hair washer: An apparatus is disclosed including: a brush member including a brush member input in fluid communication with plurality of hollow bristles; and an expandable member. In some embodiments, the expandable member includes an expandable member input configured to receive a pulsating fluid flow from a fluid supply source; and a... Agent:

20140263712 - Exhaust nozzle apparatus and method for multi stream aircraft engine: A multi stream aircraft fixed geometry nozzle includes an inner nozzle, an outer nozzle, and a supersonic ejector. The outer nozzle is configured to channel a third stream from an aft end of a third stream duct surrounding a bypass duct of a multi stream aircraft engine to the supersonic... Agent:

20140263713 - Method for controlling a device for changing the spreading ring sector of a disc spreader and disc spreader designed to carry out such a method: Method for controlling a device for changing the spreading ring sector of a disc spreader including a controllable metering device, a distributor disc arranged underneath the metering device and provided with thrower blades, and the device for changing the spreading ring sector of the granular material on the ground. Functional... Agent: Rauch Landmaschinenfabrik Gmbh

20140263708 - Multi-section applicator with variable-rate sections: This document discusses, among other things, apparatus and methods for a multi-section applicator having variable-rate sections. In an example, an apparatus can include a flow meter to provide a substance to plurality of sections, and an applicator controller including memory configured to store a coverage map of the substance. In... Agent: Ravens Industries, Inc.

20140263709 - Nh3 fault and distribution variance detection system: This document discusses, among other things, apparatus and methods for a multi-section applicator having variable-rate sections. In an example, an apparatus can include at least one distribution manifold, a user interface, and an applicator controller. The at least one distribution manifold distributes a substance and can include an inlet port... Agent: Raven Industries, Inc.

20140263707 - Pressure dependent variable shape nozzle assembly: A nozzle assembly and method of forming an adjustable spray pattern nozzle assembly that is usable with pressure washing systems includes a first body and a second body that are positionally secured relative to one another. The first body includes a fixed shaped orifice that defines the exit of a... Agent: Generac Power Systems, Inc.

20140263710 - Pressure washer pressure valve assembly: A pressure washer unloader valve assembly having a movable operator that manipulates an orientation of a valve body to manipulate the flow pressure is communicated downstream of the valve assembly. A cam and follower interface is formed between the operator and the valve body such that the movable operator is... Agent:

20140263706 - System and method for irrigation management: An irrigation management system includes a water pump, at least one mobile irrigation system, and a pump controller. The mobile irrigation system includes a water pressure sensor for generating water pressure data indicating water pressure in the irrigation system. The pump controller is configured to receive the water pressure data... Agent: Lindsay Corporation

20140263714 - Water play apparatus: A water play apparatus that includes a tank body where water is collected, a manual pump that allows the water to be circulated through the water play apparatus where the manual pump is located within the tank body, a deck unit which is located within the tank body which the... Agent:

20140263716 - Fire gigga bubble: A unique water display involving igniting fire is described. Water is shot into the air and fuel is dispensed in proximity thereto. The fuel is ignited and illuminates the water. The water may encompass some of the fire and fall down around it.... Agent:

20140263715 - Floating water delivery device: A water delivery device that may float on a body of water is described. The device may comprise a buoyant sphere that houses a water shooting device. The device may include fins to help stabilize the sphere against recoil when water is shot from the device. Clips may be included... Agent:

20140263717 - Water effects device: Water effects devices including a generally annular pressure chamber having an inlet, an upper wall portion, and at least one horizontally elongated outlet spaced apart from and disposed below the upper wall portion. The pressure chamber may include a baffle configured to block flow along any otherwise uninterrupted straight line... Agent: Hearth Products Controls

20140263718 - Straw with hygiene pick: A drinking straw including means for dislodging food particles stuck, for example, between teeth is disclosed. The drinking straw includes a projection which is narrower than the diameter of the straw cylinder and operable to dislodge matter from between teeth. The projection may be attached to the cylinder in such... Agent:

20140263719 - Water sprinkler system: The present invention provides an improved sprinkler system that allows each sprinkler to be independently controlled, thus each sprinkler is its own irrigation zone. Further, the improved sprinkler system operates wirelessly. Each sprinkler includes a valve, a valve control means attached to the valve, a microprocessor connected to the valve... Agent:

20140263720 - Liquid spray apparatus and system: A liquid spray head (10) e.g. to spray liquid for dust control or watering. The spray head has a body (11), an inlet (12) for receiving the liquid to be sprayed, a spray outlet, and at least one adjuster (15,16,17,18) arranged to adjust size and/or position of the outlet aperture... Agent: Danteng Pty Ltd

20140263721 - Aerosol generator: An aerosol generator for generating an aerosol from a fluid, comprising: a vibratable membrane (22) having a first side (24) for being in contact with the fluid and an opposite second side (25), the membrane having a plurality of through holes (26) penetrating the membrane in an extension direction (E)... Agent: Pari Pharma Gmbh

20140263724 - Acoustic streaming fluid ejector: An acoustic streaming fluid ejector includes a fluid filled chamber having an opening, a selectively vibrating flow generator having a sharp edge pointed toward the opening, and a driving device configured to vibrate one of the flow generator and the chamber to create a streaming fluid flow in a direction... Agent: Alcon Research, Ltd.

20140263722 - Aromatic nebulizing diffuser: An aromatic nebulizing diffuser includes a bottom holder shell, an electric fan, a fluid container, an oscillator, a circuit board, a power supply unit and a cover shell. The oscillator is adapted to oscillate an aromatic fluid in the fluid container into a mist of aromatic fluid droplets. The fluid... Agent: Serene House International Enterprise Ltd.

20140263723 - Aromatic nebulizing diffuser: An aromatic nebulizing diffuser formed of a bottom holder shell, an electric fan, a mist creation block member, an oscillator, a circuit board, a power supply unit and a cover shell assembly is disclosed. The oscillator is adapted to oscillate an aromatic fluid in the mist creation block member into... Agent: Serene House International Enterprise Ltd.

20140263727 - Liquid ejecting head and liquid ejecting apparatus: A liquid ejecting head includes a flow-path forming substrate including pressure generation chambers that communicate with nozzle openings through which ink is ejected, a piezoelectric element that applies a pressure to the pressure generation chambers via a diaphragm, and a protection substrate that forms a sealed space for sealing the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140263728 - Low resonance acoustic synthetic jet structure: A system and method for reducing or increasing the mechanical structure resonance of a synthetic jet device is disclosed. A synthetic jet device includes a first plate, a second plate spaced apart from the first plate, a spacing component coupled to and positioned between the first and second plates to... Agent: General Electric Company

20140263726 - Low resonance synthetic jet structure: A system and method for achieving lower acoustic output and increased flow output in a synthetic jet device is disclosed. A synthetic jet sub-assembly includes a mounting bracket comprising a top surface and a bottom surface, a first flexible substrate positioned across an opening defined by the mounting bracket and... Agent: General Electric Company

20140263725 - Synthetic jet suspension structure: A system and method for providing vibration dampening between a synthetic jet and stationary mounting bracket is disclosed. A synthetic jet assembly includes a synthetic jet having a first plate, a second plate spaced apart from the first plate, a spacer element positioned between the first and second plates to... Agent: General Electric Company

20140263729 - Fluid dispensing apparatus and method: A portable fluid dispensing apparatus has a reservoir, a dispenser, and a pump for pressurizing the fluid in the reservoir. The dispenser may be a spray wand. The pump is a hands-free pump such that an operator can hold a dog with one hand, the spray wand with the other... Agent:

20140263730 - Drop nozzle: The application is generally directed towards a drop nozzle for an agricultural sprayer. The drop nozzle can be used to reduce spray drift as liquids are deposited by the sprayer. The drop nozzle includes a valve assembly including a shutoff valve, a tube operably connected to the valve assembly, and... Agent: Winfield Solutions, LLC

20140263731 - Spray boom design: A spray boom system is disclosed that provides substantially equal solution paths to a plurality of nozzles.... Agent:

20140263733 - Self-regulating irrigation controller: A self-regulating irrigation system utilizing a hydro-expansive material to regulate fluid flow. an irrigation control valve that includes (i) a sprinkler with a control valve, wherein said control valve comprises a control spring and a diaphragm located within the sprinkler head, (ii) a base extending down from said sprinkler head,... Agent:

20140263732 - Water sprinkler: A water sprinkler includes a base configured to rest on a surface, a barrel assembly, a primary fluid inlet, and a plurality of nozzle structures. The barrel assembly is rotatably supported by the base and defines a plurality of fluid channels, each fluid channel extending from a corresponding fluid inlet... Agent: Robert Bosch Tool Corporation

20140263734 - Sprinkler with brake assembly: In one aspect, a sprinkler is provided having a nozzle, a deflector that receives fluid flow from the nozzle, and a friction brake assembly that controls rotation of a deflector. The friction brake assembly is releasably connected to the frame in order to enhance serviceability of the sprinkler. In another... Agent:

20140263735 - Matched precipitation rate rotary sprinkler: Rotary irrigation sprinklers capable of automatically matching precipitation rates with fluid flow rates and arc adjustments capability of maintaining a substantially constant throw radius along with various other features of the sprinkler.... Agent:

20140263736 - Orbital spray bar assembly for surface cleaning apparatus: The present invention relates generally to an environmentally sensitive mobile cleaning system, and more specifically relates to an orbital spray bar head for high or ultra-high pressure mobile cleaning apparatus. The orbital spray bar head works in combination with a mobile pressure cleaning apparatus for cleaning surfaces while minimizing water... Agent:

20140263737 - Three stream, variable area fixed aperture nozzle with pneumatic actuation: An exemplary nozzle having a variable internal exhaust area for a gas turbine engine can have a plurality of flap trains extending around a periphery of the gas turbine engine. Each flap train can include a convergent flap pivotally attached to an engine body and a divergent flap pivotally attached... Agent: Rolls-royce North American Technologies, Inc.

20140263738 - Jetting devices: Jetting devices and methods for dispensing a fluid material from a fluid supply. A jetting device includes a fluid module configured to be coupled with the fluid supply and to dispense the fluid material. The fluid module includes a valve seat and a valve element configured to move relative to... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20140263740 - Nebulizer and nebulizer kit: A nebulizer kit includes a case body having a compressed air introduction tube, in an upper end portion of which a nozzle hole that expels compressed air is formed, a suction channel formation member that forms a suction channel for sucking a liquid toward the upper end portion and that... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20140263739 - Self cleaning refrigerated display case: A merchandiser includes a base and a rear wall component extending above the base. The rear wall component includes a protruding rib. Foam insulation material is disposed in the protruding rib. The rear wall component has a first wall panel and a second wall panel spaced from the first wall... Agent: Hussmann Corporation

20140263741 - Dispenser apparatus: A fluid-dispensing unit in accordance with the present disclosure includes a fluid-storage can, a fluid-discharge controller, and a discharge unit coupled to the fluid-discharge controller. The fluid-storage can includes a container formed to include a fluid reservoir and a fluid discharger coupled to the container to communicate with the fluid... Agent:

20140263742 - Cup-shaped fluidic circuit with alignment tabs, nozzle assembly and method: An automatically alignable conformal, cup-shaped fluidic nozzle engineered to generate an oscillating spray is configured as a cylindrical cup having a substantially open proximal end and a substantially closed distal end wall with a centrally located power nozzle defined therein and between first and second distally projecting alignment tabs or... Agent: Bowles Fluidics Corporation

20140263743 - Nebulizer and nebulizer kit: A nebulizer kit includes a case body having a compressed air introduction tube in an upper end portion of which is a nozzle hole that expels compressed air, a suction channel formation member forming a suction channel for sucking liquid toward the upper end portion and forming an atomizing area... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20140263744 - Apparatus for depositing ingredient: An apparatus for depositing an ingredient into or onto an edible article, the apparatus comprising a container configured to hold the ingredient, and a manifold configured to receive at least one discrete intake flow of the ingredient and to distribute at least two discrete output flows of the ingredient.... Agent:

20140263745 - Garden sprayer: A garden sprayer has a main body, a shaft, a positioning knob, a control member and a seal sleeve. Since the control member is driven by the rotation of the shaft, the user does not need to keep pressing the sprayer to output water. When the user needs to take... Agent: Shin Tai Spurt Water Of The Garden Tools Co., Ltd.

20140263746 - Feed injector tip cap: A system includes a gasification feed injector. The gasification feed injector includes a tip portion disposed at a fluid exit region of the gasification feed injector, and a tip cap coupled to the tip portion of the gasification feed injector and configured to serve as a thermal barrier for the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140263747 - Heat shield for feed injector: A system includes a gasification feed injector. The gasification feed injector includes a tip portion that has an outer wall and a feed outlet, and an injection axis of the gasification feed injector extends through the feed outlet of the tip portion. The gasification feed injector also has at least... Agent:

20140263748 - Atomizing nozzle with improved rotor structure: An atomizing nozzle includes a combination of a body and a rotor. One end of the body has an inlet, and the other end of the body has a jetting hole. A channel passage connects the inlet to the jetting hole, and the rotor is mounted in the channel passage.... Agent:

20140263749 - Centrifugal mixing spray nozzle: A nozzle tip assembly comprises a nozzle housing and a break-up insert. The nozzle assembly is adapted for receiving multiple pre-cursor fluids from multiple lumen. The pre-cursor fluids are kept substantially separate and forced around the break-up insert into a channel formed between the insert and the nozzle housing. Fluid... Agent: Neomend, Inc.

20140263750 - Variable volume hot melt adhesive dispensing nozzle or die assembly with choke suppression: A dual, variable volume hot melt adhesive dispensing nozzle or die assembly is provided with a pair of choke slots within a first fluid control plate. The provision of the choke slots within the first fluid control plate effectively restricts and retards the flow of the fluid through such choke... Agent:

20140263752 - Automated sprayer assembly: A sprayer head includes a platen manifold and a plurality of nozzles fluidly coupled with the platen manifold. A sprayer assembly is also provided.... Agent:

20140263751 - Foaming nozzle for portable pressure washers: A foaming nozzle assembly and method of forming a foaming nozzle useable with pressure washing systems that includes a tube and a cover that cooperates with the tube. An interior surface of the tube defines a fluid path having by a first restriction, a second restriction, and an expansion chamber... Agent: Generac Power Systems, Inc.

20140263753 - Double-acting tamper-resistant aerator and aerator system: A tamper-resistant aerator including an aerator cartridge, an insert defining at least one removal slot, and a locking ring defining at least one removal slot at least partially disposed within a housing is disclosed. The locking ring rotates with respect to the housing to allow alignment of the removal slot... Agent:

20140263754 - Multiple orifice pressure washer nozzle assemblies: Pressure washer nozzle assemblies that include multiple orifices that each generate a respective spray pattern or are suitable for alternate applications. The nozzle assemblies include a flow body that is constructed to be associated with a wand and a control or controller that is movably associated with the flow body.... Agent:

20140263755 - Nozzle changer: A nozzle changing device to remove and attach nozzles to a water shooting device is described. The device allows for removal and attachment of various nozzles on a water shooting device during or after a water display without the need for a technician to manually change the nozzles. The device... Agent:

20140263756 - Multi-function wand assembly: A faucet wand assembly including a mode diverter and a rotational spray diverter positioned downstream from the mode diverter. The mode diverter is configured to switch between a spray mode and a stream mode, and the spray diverter is configured to change open water outlets in the spray mode.... Agent:

20140263757 - Irrigation spray nozzle and mold assembly and method of forming nozzle: A nozzle is provided having a low precipitation rate and uniform fluid distribution to a desired arcuate span of coverage. The nozzle has an inflow port having a shape corresponding to the desired arc of coverage and a size for effecting a low precipitation rate. The nozzle also has a... Agent: Rain Bird Corporation

20140263758 - Drip emitter: A drip emitter is described herein that is advantageously configured to allow large grit to pass through the drip emitter when in use. The drip emitter includes a housing containing a flow path extending between a water inlet and a water outlet, a pressure-reducing segment, such as a torturous path,... Agent: Rain Bird Corporation

20140263759 - Nozzle system and method for manufacturing composite sandwich panels: A nozzle and system for manufacturing composite sandwich panels, including an input port configured to receive a fluidic production material for forming a composite sandwich panel; a branching element coupled to the input port, wherein the production material that enters the branching element is output from a first end and... Agent: Millport Associates S.a.

20140263760 - Splashless spray head: A spray head for a sprayer includes a body portion that receives a supply of fluid and a head portion in fluid communication with the body portion. The head portion of the spray head includes an outer surface which includes a plurality of spray nozzles used to direct a high... Agent: Kohler Co.

20140263761 - Adjustable gas distribution assembly and related adjustable plasma spray device: Various embodiments include an adjustable gas distribution assembly for an adjustable plasma spray device. In one embodiment, the assembly includes: a first gas distribution ring including a plurality of openings allowing a gas to pass to an inner diameter thereof, the first gas distribution ring including a mating surface upstream... Agent: General Electric Company

20140263762 - Bulk media spreader transversal actuator assembly with kinematic hyperextension prevention: A bulk media spreader transversal actuator assembly includes a drive converter. A motor is connected to the drive converter. A linear motion shaft is slideably positioned in a shaft housing. The shaft housing is connected to the drive converter and the linear motion shaft is connected to the drive converter... Agent: Dni Enterprises, LLC

20140263763 - Sander body attachment which accommodates operation in conjunction with a towed trailer: In order to allow a truck with the ability to distribute sand to a roadway, while also having the ability to tow accessories, a uniquely configured sander body is provided. The sander body is uniquely adapted for attachment to the truck tailgate, and specifically sized so that it does not... Agent:

20140263764 - Granular spreader assembly: An auger may have a spiral blade that extends radially outwardly from a shaft and that has resiliently-deformable material at the radial outer edge that physically contacts the inner surface of the tube in which the auger is positioned. When the auger is not rotated, the physical contact of the... Agent:

20140263765 - Outdoor unit for air conditioning device: A spray nozzle of an outdoor unit is provided with: an air guide portion through which air flows; a water guide portion through which water flows and which causes the air flowing through the air guide portion to flow into water to form water containing a large number of bubbles;... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20140263766 - Planar linkage, methods of decoupling, mitigating shock and resonance, and controlling agricultural spray booms mounted on ground vehicles: The current invention discloses several methodologies that mitigate shock loading and propensity to resonance in agricultural spray boom structures. These include a near planar linkage for decoupling the boom assembly from the vehicle. This serves to permit further aspects of the invention to: Use the combined mass of the booms... Agent: Specialty Enterprises, LLC

09/11/2014 > 76 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20140252103 - Irrigation system: A method of operating a drip irrigation system is provided and includes providing drip irrigation lines aside a diverter line with T-junctions interleaved between adjacent ones of the drip irrigation lines and each T-junction including a three-way line coupled to the diverter line, a check valve operably disposable between the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140252104 - Portable self-pressurizing spray system: A portable, self-pressurizing sprayer or shower system includes a pressure container within a tank. Pressurized fluid, such as water from a residential water tap, is fluidly connected to the pressure container to fill and pressurize the system with the fluid. The sprayer system is then disconnected from the pressurized fluid... Agent: Outsol Inc.

20140252105 - Viscous non-contact jetting method and apparatus: This invention concerns a method and apparatus for dispensing minute quantities of highly viscous material from a jetting needle when an expelling mechanism is activated using a nozzle plate with a jetting chamber having a top formed by a diaphragm and a bottom in fluid communication with a jetting needle.... Agent: Advanjet

20140252106 - Electronically controlled nebulizer: An electronically controlled scent producing element (800) constituted of: a plate (860) exhibiting a plurality of perforations extending from a first face of the plate to a second face of the plate opposing the first face; a plurality of micro-plugs (870) juxtaposed with the plate (860), each of the plurality... Agent: Scentcom Ltd.

20140252107 - Method and apparatus for prepping bores and curved inner surfaces with a rotating high-frequencey forced pulsed waterjet: A method of prepping a cylindrical inner surface of a bore using a high-frequency forced pulsed waterjet apparatus entails generating a pressurized waterjet using a high-pressure water pump, generating a high-frequency signal using a high-frequency signal generator, applying the high-frequency signal to a transducer having a microtip to cause the... Agent: Vln Advanced Technologies Inc.

20140252109 - Anti-cavitation throttle for injector control valve: A needle type fuel injector has a needle control chamber at a pressure subject to a control valve in a control valve chamber which in an opening phase is lifted from its seat to expose the control valve chamber, connecting passage, and needle control chamber to a low pressure drain... Agent: Stanadyne Corporation

20140252108 - Common rail injector with regulated pressure chamber: A needle type fuel injector has a needle control chamber at a pressure subject to a control valve in a control valve chamber which in an opening phase is lifted from its seat to expose the control valve chamber, connecting passages, and needle control chamber to a low pressure drain... Agent:

20140252110 - Disposable single-use animal attractant dispensing device: A disposable single-use animal attractant dispensing device has a pouch formed by front and back panels joined along peripheral edges, which includes a pouch section for retaining an animal attractant and a single-use absorbent lure for absorbing the attractant. A first opening formed by un-joined portions of the panels is... Agent:

20140252111 - Auto flush-rinse for chemical injection: A system comprises a distribution boom having dispensers spaced apart along the distribution boom, a first storage container that contains an agricultural product dispensed using the distribution boom, a pump device that provides a flow stream of the agricultural product to the distribution boom, a second storage container that contains... Agent: Raven Industries, Inc.

20140252112 - Irrigation system: An irrigation system including a diverter line is provided. The system includes drip irrigation lines, T-junctions interleaved between adjacent drip irrigation lines, each T-junction including a three-way line coupled to the diverter line, a check valve operably disposable between the three-way line and a downstream end of an upstream one... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140252113 - Irrigation system and method: An irrigation system is provided and includes a main irrigation line, one or more lateral driplines, each lateral dripline being divided into zones and including a plurality of emitters at each zone and a plurality of controllable valves disposed along each of the one or more lateral driplines at zone... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140252114 - Irrigation system and method: A method of operating an irrigation system is provided and includes coupling one or more lateral driplines to a main irrigation line, dividing each lateral dripline into zones and providing each lateral dripline with a plurality of replaceable emitters at each zone, disposing a plurality of controllable valves along each... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140252115 - Drinking straw that prevents the suction of objects: The present invention is directed to a method of manufacturing a flexible drinking straw. The straw allows a user to easily suction liquid while preventing foreign bodies in the liquid from entering the mouth of a user. The straw comprises a tube defining a substantially constant cross-sectional inner channel, The... Agent:

20140252116 - Capacitive load driving circuit and liquid ejection device: A liquid ejection device, includes: a drive waveform signal output circuit which outputs a drive waveform signal to serve as a reference for the drive signal; a modulator which pulse-modulates the drive waveform signal and thus generates a first modulated signal and a second modulated signal having a different phase... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140252117 - Controllable emitter: A controllable emitter of an irrigation apparatus including a drip line having pressurized fluid therein is provided. The controllable emitter includes a container coupled to the drip line, the container being formed to define an interior and including an inlet through which the pressurized fluid is receivable in the interior... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140252118 - Spray coating apparatus: A spray coating apparatus including a containing tank, a spray nozzle, and a detection unit is provided. The containing tank contains a glue. The spray nozzle is connected to the containing tank to spray and coat the glue on a work piece. The detection unit detects specification data of the... Agent: Genesis Photonics Inc.

20140252120 - Low profile synthetic jet actuator equipped with moving armatures and stackable plates: A synthetic jet ejector (201) is provided which includes a housing assembly (239, 241) which is equipped with a first plurality of openings (203, 207) and a second plurality of openings (205, 209), and a diaphragm assembly disposed within the housing assembly. The diaphragm assembly includes first (229) and second... Agent: Nuventix, Inc.

20140252119 - Synthetic jet actuator equipped with a piezoelectric actuator and a viscous seal: A synthetic jet ejector (201) is provided which includes a housing (203). A blade (205) is disposed in the housing which has a first fixed end (207) and a second movable end (209), and which is driven by an actuator to trace out a first volume as its free end... Agent: Nuventix, Inc.

20140252121 - Internal mixing spray gun: A system, in certain embodiments, includes a spray device including a first liquid passage configured to flow a first liquid in a generally downstream direction toward a spray tip. The spray device also includes a second liquid passage configured to flow a second liquid in a generally upstream direction such... Agent: Finishing Brands Holdings Inc.

20140252122 - Heatable injector for fuel injection in an internal combustion engine: A heatable injector for fuel injection in an internal combustion engine, the injector having an injector housing, a fuel space which is situated inside the injector housing, an adjustable injector needle which is arranged in the injector housing for opening and closing a fuel discharge opening of the injector housing,... Agent: Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

20140252123 - Pop-up irrigation sprinkler with shock absorbing riser retraction springs: An irrigation sprinkler includes an outer case, a riser telescopically extensible from the outer case, and a nozzle at an upper end of the riser. A coil spring surrounds the riser and normally holds the riser in a lower retracted position within the outer case. The coil spring is dimensioned... Agent:

20140252124 - Brush wheel typed nebulizer: The present invention provides a brush wheel typed nebulizer, comprising: a drive device; a spiral pump, including a body, an outer sleeve, in which the outer periphery of the body is installed with at least a helicoid member closely attached to an inner sleeve having a flow opening inside the... Agent:

20140252126 - Liquid dispensing device: A liquid dispensing device for a trash container spray system may be provided. In accordance with at least one embodiment, the liquid dispensing device is activated upon the trash receptacle being lifted and placed back on the ground, moving a piston and actuator component of the liquid dispensing device from... Agent:

20140252125 - Multi-spindle spray nozzle assembly: In accordance with the present invention, there is provided a multi-spindle spray nozzle assembly for a steam desuperheating or attemperator device. The nozzle assembly features a nozzle holder which accommodates two small, spring-loaded nozzles, each of which is adapted to produce a spray pattern of reduced cone angle (e.g., approximately... Agent: Control Components, Inc.

20140252127 - Multi-color spraying device:

20140252128 - Pressure multiplying aerosol pump: A hand-held dispensing device operable to dispense a fluid as an atomized spray by hydraulic pressure. The device includes a cartridge containing a fluid to be dispensed and a pressure-multiplying piston pump operable by liquefied gas pressure and manually controlled by a valve. The pump is configured to receive pressure... Agent:

20140252129 - Device and composition for spraying dry pet food with an oil, composition containing omega 3 compounds of salmon oil in a spray for pets based on bag on valve technology: A device and composition for spraying on dry pet food, such as pellets, with an oil composition containing Omega 3 compounds, where the device uses an aerosol sprayer device of the bag on valve type, and the product to be sprayed, can combine different oils and pharmaceutical grade fish oils... Agent:

20140252130 - Foam generating apparatus: A foam generating apparatus includes a body, a porous body, a cap, a cushion and a switching member. The body includes a holding space and a joint opening connecting the holding space, the water supply line coupled with the joint opening so as to inject a liquid into the holding... Agent:

20140252131 - Swirl combustion air fuel torch: A torch is provided having a tube having an inside diameter, a body and an orifice tip having a bore, where the diameter of the bore of the orifice tip and the inside diameter of the tube have a particular ratio based upon the type of fuel used for the... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20140252132 - Valve for a flowing fluid: A metering valve or an injector includes: a valve-seat member which closes a valve chamber and has a central valve opening, and a spray orifice disk downstream from the valve-seat member in the flow direction of the fluid, which has at least one spray orifice. The spray orifice disk has... Agent:

20140252133 - Controllable emitter: A controllable emitter of an irrigation apparatus including a drip line and a control station configured to control a pressure of pressurized fluid in the drip line is provided. The controllable emitter is disposable along the drip line and includes a container coupled to the drip line, the container being... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140252134 - Insulated semiconductor faceplate designs: An exemplary faceplate may include a conductive plate defining a plurality of apertures. The faceplate may additionally include a plurality of inserts, and each one of the plurality of inserts may be disposed within one of the plurality of apertures. Each insert may define at least one channel through the... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140252135 - System for controlling placement of nanoparticles, and methods of using same: The present invention is generally directed to a system for controlling placement of nanoparticles, and methods of using same. In one illustrative embodiment, the device includes a substrate and a plurality of funnels in the substrate, wherein each of the funnels comprises an inlet opening and an elongated, rectangular shaped... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20140252136 - Clean out spray nozzle: A spray nozzle includes a nozzle body, the body having an inner wall and an outer wall, a first opening, a second opening, wherein the diameter of the second opening is less than the diameter of the first opening, wherein the first and second openings have threaded portions, a spray... Agent: Munson Industries, LLC

20140252137 - Fuel injection valve: A fuel injection valve for injecting fuel radially includes a valve housing and a valve member. The housing includes fuel nozzle holes arranged in a circumferential direction with a common pitch on a common imaginary circle. Each nozzle hole is inclined toward an outer peripheral side from a fuel inlet... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140252138 - Pressure washer adjustable nozzle assembly: A nozzle assembly and method of forming an adjustable spray pattern nozzle assembly includes a mount body, a nozzle body, and a collar that movably cooperates with the mount body. The mount body is constructed to cooperate with a discharge end of a wand and such that the nozzle body... Agent: Generac Power Systems, Inc.

20140252139 - Plastic atomizing nozzle with integral body and occluder: A nozzle for atomizing a fluid is particularly suited for misting systems and generates a mist without any moving parts. The nozzle may be completely plastic for corrosion resistance, and may have a body cast as a unitary plastic article. The body may have a substantially cylindrical neck and a... Agent: Misty Mate, Inc.

20140252140 - Orifice selector module for liquid fertilizer distribution systems: An orifice selector module for use with flow gauges in a sprayer environment. The orifice selector module is retrofit into existing or new flow gauge assemblies and is placed in line between the spray nozzles and the flow gauges. The orifice selector module includes a rotatable cap which rotates a... Agent: Cds-john Blue Company

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