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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing

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04/16/2015 > 17 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150102122 - Apparatus and method for dispensing an animal attractant: The present invention relates to attractants for game animals. Specifically, the invention relates to a porous, natural shot material that can retain an attractant scent, as well as a related apparatus and method of dispersal.... Agent:

20150102121 - Wirelessly controlled trigger start and chemical tank change-over for pressure washers: A pressure washer includes a prime mover, a pump driven by the prime mover, and a spray gun fluidly coupled to the pump. The spray gun includes a flow-control valve movable between an open position and a closed position to control a fluid flow from the spray gun, a user... Agent:

20150102123 - Retained cap aromatherapy container: A retained cap aromatherapy container has a cap, a base and an essential oil reservoir. The base has an inner sleeve with an opening in it that fits into the cap. When the container is closed, the opening is covered and aromatherapy vapors are contained. When the container is opened,... Agent:

20150102124 - Nozzle replaceable atomizer with automatic abnormality detecting function: A nozzle replaceable atomizer with automatic abnormality detecting function is provided. In the atomizer, when a detachable spray head is assembled to a main machine, a microcomputer serves to automatically set a piezoelectric element at an optimal operating frequency. When working at the optimal operating frequency that allows resonance, the... Agent:

20150102125 - Sprinkler with multi-functional, side-load nozzle insert with ball-type valve: A sprinkler and side-loading nozzle insert assembly includes a sprinkler body provided with a flow passage, a bearing housing in a side wall of the sprinkler body, and a nozzle insert received in an access opening formed in the side wall of the sprinkler body substantially opposite the bearing housing.... Agent: Nelson Irrigation Corporation

20150102126 - Irrigation nozzle assembly and method: A long throw Pop-Up Irrigation Nozzle assembly has no oscillating or rotating parts and includes a cylindrical body having a fluid inlet and a sidewall defining at least one fluidic circuit configured to generate a selected spray pattern when irrigation fluid flows through the body. In order to throw long... Agent:

20150102127 - Spray assembly for a dishwasher appliance: The present subject matter provides a spray assembly for a dishwasher appliance. The spray assembly includes a housing and an impeller disposed within a chamber of the housing such that the impeller is rotatable about an axis of rotation within the chamber of the housing. The impeller includes a plurality... Agent: General Electric Company

20150102128 - Forming a complexly curved metallic sandwich panel: Aspects of the disclosure are directed to a bonding of a first skin and a second skin to a core material, coupling a sheet to the first skin to form with the first skin an enclosure containing the second skin and the core material, exposing the first skin, the second... Agent:

20150102129 - Mounting assembly: The invention relates to a mounting assembly for a rocket nozzle for an engine that may be operable in rocket mode, in which the engine combusts stored oxygen and hydrogen, or in air-breathing mode, in which the engine combusts air from the atmosphere and stored hydrogen. A plurality of ducts... Agent:

20150102130 - Multi-purpose showerhead with water flossing, ear cleaning and tile and grout cleaning mechanisms: A multi-purpose showerhead to increase the ease and efficiency of personal hygiene. The back of the showerhead has a compartmental chamber which houses several multi-functional hygienic water tools of different colors or braille that can be personalized for each individual. The chamber also a tile and grout cleaner. The inside... Agent:

20150102131 - Ready-to-use hose end sprayer: A ready-to-use sprayer comprises a container defining an interior compartment for containing a liquid product and having a pin receiver located near the rear portion and an opening located near the front portion, a housing having a main chamber and a grip portion, a nozzle in selective fluid communication with... Agent:

20150102132 - Spray mixer for mixing and spraying at least two flowable components: The invention relates to a spray mixer for mixing and spraying at least two flowable components. The spray mixer (22) is provided with a tubular outer mixer housing (23) which extends in the direction of a mixer longitudinal axis (24) from a mixer start (25) to a distal mixer end... Agent: Sulzer Mixpac Ag

20150102133 - Jet regulator: A jet regulator (100) including a jet regulator housing (2) is disclosed, in the housing interior of which a perforated plate (5) is provided with a plurality of flow-through holes (6) for dividing the through-flowing water. The jet regulator described is characterised in that at least one flow-through hole (6)... Agent: Neoperl Gmbh

20150102134 - Method of fabricating an injector for a combustion engine, armature-needle assembly and fluid injector: A method of fabricating an injector of a combustion engine includes providing a first base body and a second base body for a valve needle of the injector, forming the first base body such that a first base part with a first stop face is formed, providing an armature with... Agent:

20150102135 - Valve assembly for an injection valve and injection valve: A valve assembly for an injection valve includes a valve body having a cavity with a fluid inlet portion and a fluid outlet portion, a valve needle axially movable in the cavity between a closing position preventing a fluid flow through the fluid outlet portion and further positions releasing the... Agent:

20150102136 - Variable-speed irrigation system: An irrigation system is disclosed that is configured to maintain a near straight alignment. In an implementation, an irrigation system includes multiple interconnected spans which are supported by multiple tower structures. Each tower structure includes a variable-speed drive unit for selectively driving a tower structure at a selected speed. The... Agent:

20150102137 - Irrigation system: An irrigation system that includes a carriage may move along a predetermined path in a reciprocal manner. The carriage supports one or more exit ports that are fed plant growth material by a pressurized delivery arrangement. One or more plant stands are configured and arranged to straddle the carriage as... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150097047 - Method for controlling and managing smart atomizer: A method for controlling and managing a smart atomizer involves automatically frequency tracing to rapidly optimize an operating frequency of a piezoelectric element of a spray nozzle when the spray nozzle is assembled to a main machine of the smart atomizer. The main machine performs spray-dosage setting, so that each... Agent:

20150097048 - Aerosol generation for stable, low-concentration delivery: A feed aerosol comprising detectable particles is injected into a mix-enhancing swirler. Diluting gas is also injected into the mix-enhancing swirler and mixed with the feed aerosol in a swirling motion to form an aerosol with a particle concentration no greater than 1,000 particles per liter. The aerosol is then... Agent:

20150097049 - Decoupled needle control assembly: An assembly for a fuel injector that includes a piston that is decoupled from the needle of a needle valve. The piston is slidingly positioned in a disk bore. The portion of needle in the disk bore is smaller than the disk bore so as to prevent the disk bore... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company , LLC

20150097050 - Ultrasonic cosmetic applicator: This invention is a portable ultrasonic cosmetic applicator for spraying lip gloss, eye shadow, blush, tanning solutions, moisturizing agents onto the body or face. It is useful for makeup artist in the movie industry, beauty salons and for personal use. The applicator is small and light weight device making it... Agent: Sonaer Inc.

20150097051 - Apparatus for non-contact cleaning a paint spray tip: An apparatus for non-contact cleaning a paint spray tip of a spray gun. The apparatus includes a housing with a top and an opening formed in the top to receive the spray tip. At least one drier nozzle is fluidly connected to a source of compressed air so that discharge... Agent:

20150097052 - Sprinkler system with blowout feature: A sprinkler system and sprinkler system module having a blowout subsystem for automatically clearing a sprinkler feed pipe of water, and also without first needing to bleed off system pressure.... Agent:

20150097053 - Liquefier assembly with multiple-zone plate heater assembly: A liquefier assembly for use in an additive manufacturing system, which includes a rigid member having a gap, a liquefier tube operably disposed in the gap, one or more heater assemblies disposed in the gap in contact with the liquefier tube, and configured to heat the liquefier tube in a... Agent: Stratasys, Inc.

20150097054 - Electro-hydraulic actuated spray guns: An electro-hydraulic actuation system for a sprayer comprises a hydraulic system, a hydraulic actuator, an electric actuator and a sprayer. The hydraulic system is for pressurizing a hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic actuator is powered by the hydraulic system. The electric actuator controls actuation of the hydraulic actuator by the hydraulic... Agent:

20150097055 - Actuator support system and apparatus: A cascade support structure for a cascade type thrust reverser system is provided. One or more cascades may comprise one or more flanges. One or more actuators may also comprise one or more flanges. The cascades may be coupled to and/or supported by the actuators via the flanges. The cascades... Agent: Rohr, Inc.

20150097056 - Thrust reverser with retractable cascade vanes: A thrust reverser for a turbojet engine nacelle includes a movable cowl, cascade vanes and a portion forming a movable variable nozzle. The cowl translates between a closing position and a maintenance position which is located beyond a thrust reversal position. In the maintenance position, the cowl opens a passage... Agent:

20150097057 - Chip broadcaster tool: A chip broadcasting tool having a body that is connected to and receives pressurized air from an air source. The body further includes a first tube portion having an inlet connected to the air source and an outlet where the pressurized air exits the first tube portion. A second tube... Agent:

20150097058 - Pesticide dispensing apparatus: A pesticide dispensing apparatus including a canister for containing a quantity of fluid pesticide and pressurized air. The apparatus includes a spray dispenser in fluid communication with the interior cavity of the canister. The spray dispenser includes a wand coupled to a hose. The apparatus includes a pressure cap selectably... Agent:

20150097059 - Garden watering device: A multi-purpose watering device that operates as a handheld device and ground based watering device. The device consists of a long handle leading to a turret sprinkler with water distribution on at least two sides. One side is used in a ground based position to water small to medium area... Agent: Partners In Innovation Limited Ltd.

20150097060 - Attachment to improve transfer efficiency for a spraying device: An attachment to be employed with any spray device is disclosed. The attachment includes four vanes which are radially attached to an air hub with a central aperture, the central aperture adapted to receive the front portion of the spray device therethrough which when activated dispenses an atomizable substance in... Agent:

20150097061 - Disc centrifuge nozzle: A nozzle for use in the bowl of a disc centrifuge is provided, comprising an inner sleeve forming a longitudinally extending passageway, the inner sleeve having an elevated region at its top, the elevated region having an extended front end; and an outer sleeve for supporting the inner sleeve along... Agent:

20150097062 - Anchoring device for self-propelled irrigation system: An anchoring device for a self-propelled irrigation system includes a screw pile and drive assembly that drives the screw pile into the ground to anchor a drive tower of the irrigation system to the ground. The screw pile is rotatably driven about a vertical axis and movable vertically relative to... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 12 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150090805 - Methods and apparatus for destabilizing tornadoes: Methods and apparatus for destabilizing and reducing the strength and even destroying tornadoes are disclosed. Rather than over-powering a tornado, tornado vulnerabilities in stability maintenance are identified and turned against the tornado. Embodiments include attacking tornado vulnerabilities chemically without the use of explosives. Selected chemicals are introduced into a tornado... Agent:

20150090806 - Solid air freshener: The present invention relates to a solid pressed air freshener and odor neutralizer composition which can include greater than 10% fragrance. The air freshener comprises a fragrance; preferably the fragrance is impregnated within a water soluble substrate made from a foamed vegetable starch, a surfactant and a solidifier. The solid... Agent:

20150090807 - Discharge system and method of discharge by a discharge system: A discharge system includes: a head unit including discharge heads that discharge a liquid material from nozzle openings that are communication with cavities onto a target by changing the internal pressure of the cavities using piezo elements; a viscosity estimating unit that estimates the viscosity of the liquid material by... Agent: Microjet Corporation

20150090808 - Coaxial flow injector: An injector for injecting a reagent includes an axially translatable valve member positioned within a housing. An electromagnet is positioned within the housing and includes a coil of wire positioned proximate the valve member such that the valve member moves between a seated position and an unseated position relative to... Agent:

20150090809 - Pressure regulator in a rotationally driven sprinkler nozzle housing assembly: A rotary sprinkler in accordance with an embodiment of the present disclosure includes a riser with a nozzle assembly rotatable mounted thereon. The nozzle assembly includes a pressure regulator and flow control element.... Agent:

20150090810 - Thrust reverser hydraulic actuation system with servo synchronization: A thrust reverser system and method for controlling actuation thereof. The thrust reverser system may have a control system, two thrust reverser doors actuatable between an open position and a closed position, hydraulic actuators attached to and used to actuate each of the thrust reverser doors, servo valves each communicatively... Agent: Spirit Aerosystems, Inc.

20150090811 - Combined pilot valve mechanism and a shower system applied with the combined pilot valve mechanism: A combined pilot valve mechanism and a shower system are applied with the combined pilot valve mechanism. By switching to close the control hole, the first water diversion hole or the second water diversion hole to control the pressures of the pressure cavity, the valve spool is driven to move... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20150090812 - Pilot valve switch mechanism and a combined shower applied with the pilot valve switch mechanism: A pilot valve switch mechanism and combined shower applied with the pilot valve switch mechanism includes a fixed portion and a valve spool. The fixed portion includes an inlet waterway, a first outlet waterway, a second outlet waterway and a control hole capable to connect to the outlet waterways. The... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20150090813 - Pilot valve switch mechanism and a shower system applied with the pilot valve switch mechanism: A pilot valve switch mechanism of a shower system includes a fixed portion and a valve spool. The fixed portion is has an inlet waterway, a first and second outlet waterway and a control hole that can connect to the outlet waterways. The first outlet waterway has a first outlet... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20150090814 - Dual turbine showerhead: A dual turbine showerhead provides multiple spray modes emanating from the head. The showerhead includes an inlet orifice, a backplate, a first turbine located side-by-side with a second turbine, a faceplate forming a first orifice group and a second orifice group, a first fluid channel in fluid communication with the... Agent:

20150090816 - Drip tape irrigation emitter: An irrigation system is disclosed having a pipe and a continuous tape of irrigation emitters that is affixed to an inside surface of the pipe and extends along its length. The pipe includes a plurality of fluid outlet ports, with one output port for each emitter in the tape. Each... Agent: Eurodrip Industrial Commercial Agricultural Societe Anonyme

20150090815 - Pressure compensating drip irrigation emitter: A pressure compensating drip emitter for controlling fluid flow through a hole in an irrigation line includes an enclosing sidewall that has two ends, surrounds a volume, and is formed with an internal ledge between the ends to support an elastomeric membrane. A pressure-reducing fluid passageway that is formed as... Agent: Eurodrip Industrial Commercial Agricultural Societe Anonyme

03/26/2015 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150083817 - Digital device and method for controlling the same: A digital device including a scent emitting unit and a method for controlling the same are disclosed. The digital device includes a display unit for displaying a first image including a first object having a first scent property and a second object having a second scent property, a sensor unit... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150083818 - Nozzle apparatus and method: The present disclosure introduces a nozzle apparatus and method. In one embodiment, a spray nozzle apparatus is described. The spray nozzle apparatus includes a plurality of flow channels formed by the combination of a: sprayhead, a major element, and a minor element. The sprayhead may have a plurality of holes.... Agent: King Saud University

20150083819 - Acrylic water features: A illuminated table or desk top water display ornament can be used for everyday enjoyment and appropriate for every season and occasion. The water display ornaments embody a multiplicity of water displays, such as waterfalls, springs, waves, tides, cavitating bubbles, and the like, all combined and cycled in one system.... Agent:

20150083820 - Ultrasonic atomization device: The present invention is an ultrasonic wave atomizing device including: a liquid absorbent wick (22) for absorbing a solution from a solution container; and a vibrating plate (32) which has multiple micropores (36) penetrating the vibrating plate (32) in a thickness direction and is for atomizing the solution which has... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20150083821 - Nozzle unit and substrate-processing system including the nozzle unit: A substrate treating equipment includes a process tube receiving a boat in which a plurality of substrates are loaded, a heater assembly installed to surround the process tube, a nozzle unit supplying a process gas for forming a thin film on surfaces of the substrates into the process tube. The... Agent:

20150083822 - Integrating after-body parts of an aeroengine: The invention relates to an aeroengine after-body assembly comprising an exhaust casing made of metal having a plurality of arms extending radially between an inner shroud and an outer shroud. The assembly comprises at least one axisymmetric part made of composite material extending between an upstream end fastened to said... Agent:

20150083823 - Coupling and uncoupling mechanism for an onboard device of a turbojet engine nacelle: A mechanism for coupling and uncoupling a motor inlet shaft and an outlet shaft, in particular, the inlet shaft is mounted in rotation on a front frame, and the outlet shaft is mounted in rotation on a rear frame. The outlet shaft rotates an outlet pinion, and the rear frame... Agent:

20150083824 - Compressed gas aerosol composition comprising a non-ionic surfactant in a steel can: An aqueous compressed gas aerosol formulation in combination with a lined steel can, which may also optionally be tin plated, to provide corrosion stability, fragrance stability and color stability. An aerosol formulation of particular advantage for use is an air and/or fabric treatment formulation. The combination provides a compatibility which... Agent: S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.

20150083825 - Surface treatment system and method: A surface treatment system includes a pressure generator structured to generate air pressure; a spray head assembly coupled to the pressure generator; and a hopper coupled to the spray head assembly and structured to hold surface treatment material, the hopper including an extended portion disposed at a top front portion... Agent:

20150083826 - Liquid dispensing apparatus: An airbrush having a nozzle (22) through which gas can flow, the end of the nozzle having an inclined surface (30). The apparatus also includes support means for a liquid source (28) which, in use, is directed towards the inclined surface of the nozzle.... Agent:

20150083827 - Stream deflector: A stream redirecting device for a sprinkler comprising a shell-shaped body having a generally semi-circular shape in plan, with opposite inlet and outlet side edges, said body extending outwardly and upwardly from a base at a lower end and then upwardly and inwardly to a distal, arcuate edge at an... Agent: Nelson Irrigation Corporation

20150083828 - Lawn sprinkler flow control device: A flow control device which securely fits into a gap between an irrigation riser and orifice in a sprinkler head. One version includes a threaded outer edge which mates with threads on an inner surface of the irrigation riser. Another version incorporates pliable outer edges to fill in threads on... Agent:

20150083829 - Wear-optimised production of conical injection holes: A method for producing injection holes in fuel injection nozzles for internal combustion engines. An injection hole is formed by at least one abrading manufacturing method. An injection nozzle is subsequently subjected to a hardening treatment at least in the region of the injection hole, such that the injection hole... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

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