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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing October categorized by USPTO classification 10/12

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10/25/2012 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120267444 - Artificial freezing apparatus and freezing method therefor: The present invention relates to an artificial freezing apparatus and a freezing method therefor. The present invention includes a supporter for vertically moving a water ice maker over and under the surface of water; and the water ice maker for producing an ice while being vertically moved by the supporter... Agent:

20120267445 - Single valve ready to use sprayer: A sprayer head assembly for dispensing a chemical stored within a container comprises a body having a bore and a valve moveably positioned at least partially within the bore. The housing includes passages for carrier fluid and the chemical. A vent passage is also provided. The valve selectively closes and... Agent:

20120267446 - Pump for delivering a fluid: A pump, e.g., for delivering fluid, such as a metering pump for metering a coating agent in a coating system, is disclosed. An exemplary pump may include a pump inlet for feeding the fluid, a pump outlet for discharging the fluid, a rotatably supported drive shaft for mechanically driving the... Agent: Duerr Systems Gmbh

20120267447 - Environmental and biotic-based speed management and control of mechanized irrigation systems: A system that based on changes in agricultural crop or plant characteristics or dynamics, e.g. heat stress, water deficit stress, stem growth, leaf thickness, plant color, nutrient composition, etc., or changes in environmental conditions, e.g., temperature, wind, pressure, relative humidity, dew point, precipitation, soil moisture, solar radiation, etc. or a... Agent:

20120267448 - Variable spray injector with nucleate boiling heat exchanger: A heat exchanger, internal to an injector for a variable spray fuel injection system, uses nucleate boiling to maximize the heat flux from the heated metal to the fuel, wherein the nucleate boiling occurs along a control surface characterized by features conducive to generating detaching bubbles to transfer heat energy... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems Us, Inc.

20120267449 - Consolidated ground level control station for a crop sprayer: A crop sprayer includes a main frame. A product tank and a rinse tank are supported by the main frame. A battery is also supported by the main frame. A framework is supported by the main frame that defines a routing space. A control panel is attached to the framework... Agent: Equipment Technologies, Inc.

20120267450 - Exhaust system outrigger assembly for a crop sprayer: A crop sprayer comprises a cab having i) a left lateral wall structure including a first door, and ii) a right lateral wall structure including a second door. A first platform having a first foot support is positioned adjacent to the first door. A second platform having a second foot... Agent: Equipment Technologies, Inc.

20120267451 - Coolant application device: A coolant application device includes a nozzle which spouts coolant and a motor which adjusts the rotation angle of the nozzle. The coolant application device also includes a housing, a hollow shaft rotatively and fluid-tightly inserted into the housing, a coolant passage formed in the hollow shaft, a port arranged... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20120267452 - System and method for the coupling of a head frame: A system for mounting a head frame to a spreader includes a sheave assembly connecting the head frame to a crane so as to permit the lowering of the head frame, mutually cooperating engagement devices for coupling the head frame and the spreader, an actuator arranged to connect mutually engageable... Agent:

20120267453 - Sprinkler protection system: A sprinkler protection system for protecting an existing sprinkler installation includes housing sections that cooperate to cover a majority of a sprinkler unit, such as a ceiling-mounted sprinkler unit. The housing sections can include one or more apertures aligned with a deflector of the sprinkler to permit the deflector to... Agent:

20120267454 - Disc shaped regulated drip irrigation emitter: A drip irrigation emitter includes a disc shaped body having a pressure reducing labyrinth between a water inlet area and an outlet hole, and a pressure regulating diaphragm changing flow through the outlet hole in response to water pressure fluctuations in the water conduit where the emitter is mounted. The... Agent:

20120267455 - Faucet: A pull-out faucet is provided. The faucet includes a spout having an outlet end, a spray head having an engaging end, and a sleeve disposed between the outlet end of the spout and the engaging end of the spray head and configured to detachably couple the spray head to the... Agent: Kohler Co.

20120267456 - Member joint and spray nozzle unit using the same: A member joint, in which a great rotating force is inevitably transmitted to a union nut connecting two members at the time of relatively rotating both the members, is structured such as to reliably carry out corotation prevention of the union nut, without complicating fixation of the nut and releasing... Agent:

10/18/2012 > 18 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120261483 - Mixed fluid delivery system: An apparatus and method for operating and calibrating a paint mixture delivery system includes a positive displacement fluid cylinder and a linear transducer that monitors operation of the positive displacement fluid cylinder. A controller is connected to a servo drive whose operation manipulates the performance of the positive displacement fluid... Agent:

20120261484 - Fragrance diffusion system: A system for fragrancing air includes an adjustable fan that is used to generate an air flow to push atomized fragrance oil from an output orifice of the system. The fragrance in the air is generated from atomized fragrance oil, where liquid fragrance oil can be stored in a cartridge... Agent: Scentair Technologies, Inc.

20120261485 - Spray nozzle: A spray nozzle is attached onto a faucet. The spray nozzle has a discharge opening defined therein. Water is permitted to flow into the spray nozzle. The water is rotated in a vortex inside the spray nozzle. The rotating water is discharged through the discharge opening. The rotating water is... Agent:

20120261486 - Evapotranspiration and soil moisture based irrigation control: In an irrigation system and method, a controller acquires data regarding soil moisture from one or more soil moisture sensors disposed in an irrigation area and determines whether to irrigate or withhold irrigation from the irrigation area based on a combination of evapotranspiration (ET) data and the acquired soil moisture... Agent:

20120261487 - Computer-operated landscape irrigation and lighting system: A multi-zone landscape irrigation and lighting system includes a personal computer equipped with a detachable wireless remote, and a multi-station controller operating a plurality of irrigation valves and lighting circuits in accordance with schedules wirelessly transmitted to it by the computer through the remote. When detached from the computer, the... Agent:

20120261488 - Shower head: A shower head contains a body including an inflow passage, a plurality of distributing passages, and a first groove; a rotary disk including a second disc portion, a post portion extending, an opening; a first resilient element used to provide a driving force and a restoring force onto the rotary... Agent:

20120261489 - Atomizing nozzle with anti-leakage function: An atomizing nozzle with an anti-leakage function includes a body, a cover, a rotor, a leak-stop assembly and an anti-leakage ring. One end of the body has an inclined accommodating groove having an arc curvature. The anti-leakage ring is disposed in the accommodating groove, and the cover presses the anti-leakage... Agent:

20120261490 - Color specific correction fluid: The present invention is colored correction fluid to correct mistakes on colored paper with the colored correction fluid contained in a spray bottle and dispersed and sprayed from the bottle onto the mistakes. The colored correction fluid can be applied with a brush applicator and includes a casing and a... Agent:

20120261491 - Apparatus, system and method of providing a de-icing saline solution for residential use: A residential de-icing apparatus, system and method. The apparatus, system and method include a first saline solution having a salinity in a range of 150-360 ppt, a residential container having a volume in a range of 2-5 gallons, a second saline solution resident in the residential container and having a... Agent:

20120261492 - Multi-component pressure spraygun system: A multi-component system to feed two fluid materials, water and a cleaning agent, from a fluid tank to a spraygun is described. The fluid tank comprises a separation wall within the tank, to separate the two fluids from each other. A rechargeable battery-powered pump creates the pressure and the fluid... Agent:

20120261493 - Atomizing nozzle structure: An atomizing nozzle structure includes a body, a cover, a rotor and a leak-stop assembly. The body has one axial end being an inlet, the other axial end being an outlet, and a channel connecting the inlet to the outlet. The cover is disposed on the outlet of the body.... Agent:

20120261494 - Paint spraying device: The invention relates to a paint spraying device comprising an operator unit arranged at a first end of the paint spraying device and a spray head arranged at a second end of the paint spraying device, wherein the operator unit has an air connection for an air line. The operator... Agent: J. Wagner Gmbh

20120261495 - Apparatus for regulating two-phase flow and portable atomizer based on two-phase flow: A mixing chamber formed in a chassis outfitted with separate inlet channels for conveying pressurized liquid phase and gaseous phase and an outlet channel linking the mixing chamber with a spray nozzle via a flow tube. A separate cylindrical packing chamber is formed in the chassis, within which packing chamber... Agent: Telesto Sp. Z O.o.

20120261496 - Showerhead with touch based multimodal operation: A showerhead for personal hygiene is provided that includes a housing have a spray face extending therefrom. A cavity in the housing is in fluid communication with a water supply and the spray face by way of nozzle apertures. A spray selector controls fluid flow between the cavity and each... Agent:

20120261497 - Method for producing a fuel injection element having channels, and a fuel injection element: The invention relates to a method for producing a fuel injection element having channels, as well as to a fuel injection element. A fuel injection element according to the invention has helically extending channels and is produced with use of an extrusion tool.... Agent:

20120261498 - Sprinkler head: A sprinkler head having a strong impact structure (impact resistance structure) is provided. A head body 10 having a water discharging port 12, a valve body 30 to be brought into press contact with a valve seat 17 formed at a lower end of the water discharging port 12, and... Agent:

20120261499 - Solenoid actuator: A short travel solenoid actuator (44) is disclosed which comprises at least one pole piece (47, 48), an armature (51), an electromagnet coil (46) arranged, in response to energisation, to actuate the armature between first and second positions. A permanent magnet (52) is positioned and orientated so as to latch... Agent:

20120261500 - Portable paint spraying device: The invention relates to a portable paint spraying device. The device has a paint spraying lance, a base station, and a bundle of hoses.... Agent: J. Wagner Gmbh

10/11/2012 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120256010 - Apparatus for spraying liquids, and adapters and liquid reservoirs suitable for use therewith: A spray gun is disclosed, including components and kits of components thereof, comprising a body comprising an attachment point for a compatible liquid reservoir and an adapter. The adapter comprises, at a first end, a non-threaded connection for attachment to a connector of a compatible liquid reservoir, the adapter being... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120256011 - Method of high flow gas diffusion: A method of high flow gas diffusion is described involving the following steps. Firstly, positioning at least one diffuser in an upper portion of a vessel. Secondly, filling the upper portion of the vessel with a gas to create a gas zone. Thirdly, passing a liquid through the at least... Agent: Seair Inc.

20120256012 - Fountain for edible fluids: A fountain for edible fluids includes a bowl and an open tubular column extending substantially normally of the bowl from a fluid intake position near the bottom of the bowl to a fluid outlet position remote therefrom. The tubular column contains an auger or other drive to drive edible fluids... Agent:

20120256013 - Injection valve: The invention relates to an injection valve (1), which is used in particular as an injector for fuel injection systems or exhaust gas aftertreatment systems, comprising a shock wave actuator (4), a valve closing body (8) that interacts with a valve seat surface (7) to form a sealing seat (9),... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120256014 - Apparatus for treating mulch in situ: A sprayer apparatus for applying treatment liquid to a landscaping material. The sprayer apparatus includes first and second spray outlets and an agitator therebetween. In use, the landscape material to be treated is first sprayed, the material is agitated (e.g., turned), and a second spray of treatment liquid is applied... Agent:

20120256015 - Automatic body spray system: A booth for automatic spray application of multiple liquids onto a human subject includes an HVLP nozzle including a nozzle tip, and an air pathway that exits at the nozzle tip. The booth further includes a plurality of liquid sources, including at least a first liquid source having a first... Agent: Sunless, Inc.

20120256016 - Sanitary outlet unit: A sanitary outlet unit (1) having an outlet fitting (2) having at least one water outlet (3) and including an aeration device (4) provided for aerating the water flow and arranged in the flow direction spaced from and upstream of the at least one water outlet (3), and having at... Agent: Neoperl Gmbh

20120256017 - Drip irrigation apparatus: Drip irrigation apparatus including a main water flow channel having associated therewith along a length thereof a plurality of pressure-controlled drip irrigation emitter units and at least one secondary water flow channel extending generally parallel to the main water flow channel and receiving water from at least one of the... Agent: Naan-daan Irrigation System (c.s) Ltd.

20120256018 - Rotating nozzle system: A rotating nozzle system including a housing that is immovable in relation to a connected feed pipe and to a rotating nozzle head, wherein the nozzle head has at least one outlet orifice and wherein the nozzle head is connected to a shaft protruding into the housing and is non-rotatably... Agent:

20120256019 - Diffusing device for liquids: A sprinkler head comprising an elongated main body (2), a deflecting member (4) coupled thereto for deflecting the water flow and sprinkling it outwards, and a stabilizing mass (3). The main body (2) has a fixing portion (18), with a plurality of snap-fit fastening members (19, 19′, 19″). The stabilizing... Agent:

20120256020 - Rock dusting apparatus: A rock dusting apparatus comprising: a housing; a tank mounted within the housing which comprises a removable top wall member, a sidewall member and a bottom wall member configured to form an internal tank compartment for holding and mixing a rock dust composition; a mixer positioned on the bottom wall... Agent: Dsi Underground Systems, Inc.

20120256021 - Particle distributor for agricultural materials: A portable distributor for particles, especially of grass seed and fertilizer, has a platform connected to a strap which goes over the shoulder of the individual carrying the distributor. The platform has a turn crank for rotating a set of gears connected to a shaft that rotates a circular finned... Agent:

10/04/2012 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120248217 - Bi-directional fuel injection method: In certain embodiments, a fuel injector includes a wall separating a fuel passage from an air passage. The fuel injector also includes a fuel injection port extending from a first side of the wall to a second side of the wall for injecting a flow of fuel from the fuel... Agent: General Electric Company

20120248218 - Hooded field crop spray apparatus for spraying crops: An apparatus comprises an upper air guide hood and a lower air guide hood spaced from each other. Spray nozzles are arranged between these two air guide hoods. The air guide hoods hang above or just in the tops of the crops. During the migration of the apparatus the crop... Agent:

20120248219 - Apparatus and method for atomic layer deposition: A proximity heads for dispensing reactants and purging gas to deposit a thin film by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) includes a plurality of sides. Extending over a portion of the substrate region and being spaced apart from the portion of the substrate region when present, the proximity head is rotatable... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20120248220 - Spray applicator: A spray assembly for dispensing a mixture is provided. The spray assembly includes a connector configured for operable engagement with a first and a second source of component and a source of pressurized fluid, and a tip operably connected to the connector. The tip includes an opening and defines a... Agent: Confluent Surgical, Inc.

20120248221 - Water saving valve: A water saving valve is fitted to a hose or a water pipe and mixes air bubbles with water. Water receiving flask part 18 receives tap water from a water pipe 12. Tapered hole part 20 has a flow path whose cross-sectional area is gradually reduced from the upstream side... Agent: Ecotechnology Co., Ltd.

20120248222 - Adjustable body spray: The present invention provides an adjustable body spray including an adjustable spray assembly and an adjustable mounting assembly that, alone or in combination, ensure proper alignment of components of the body spray and adequate sealing between the components.... Agent:

20120248223 - Pneumatic tool for blowing: A flexibly deformable bending part is attached to the rigid connecting part with the associated connecting nipple. A non-bendable rigid upper part with the blow head is attached to the deformable bending part. Also included is a valve rod for the pneumatic tool, wherein the valve rod is formed as... Agent:

20120248224 - fluid delivery system and a valve system therefor: A fluid delivery system is provided that includes a telescopic pole, a valve, and an element for operating the valve. The telescopic pole has a hose running therethrough. The pole has a distal end connected to or including a dispensing head. The valve controls the flow of fluid from the... Agent: Aqua-dapter Limited

20120248225 - Drip irrigation pipe: A drip irrigation pipe includes a drip emitter and a flap that is formed in the pipe wall by first and second grooves. The first groove is longer than the second groove and the flap remains connected to the pipe wall at two bridges. A pivot region of the flap... Agent: Netafim, Ltd

20120248226 - Liquid ejecting head and liquid ejecting apparatus: The portions at the circumferential edges of a flow channel formation plate in which the corner portions of a dummy flow channel portion are formed are weaker than other portions, and thus when thermal stress has occurred due to temperature changes when the constituent elements of a flow channel unit... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120248227 - Multi port nozzle point injection system: A multi port nozzle may be provided. The multi port nozzle may include a main inlet. In addition, the multi port nozzle may include a first chamber branching off from the main inlet. The first chamber may have a first port. Moreover, the multi port nozzle may include a second... Agent: Agco Corporation

20120248228 - Fuel injection valve and method for coupling two components together: There is provided a coupling process whereby two components can be coupled together at high positional precision regardless of precision of a single component. A softer component 17 of two components 15, 17 to be coupled together is subjected to shearing by a corner 15c of a harder component 15... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20120248229 - Marangoni stress-driven droplet manipulation on smart polymers for ultra-low voltage digital microfluidics: An ultra-low voltage microfluidic device for manipulating droplets of liquid by inducing Marangoni stress therein includes a plurality of smart-polymer electrodes having films of smart polymer exposed at their surfaces. The surface of the smart polymer becomes hydrophobic or hydrophilic in response to different electromagnetic potentials. The smart polymer is... Agent:

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