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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing September class, title,number 09/12

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09/27/2012 > 12 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120241533 - Agricultural sprayer and method: A system for agricultural spraying including a solution reservoir and primary pump for delivering fluid to a plurality of laterally spaced nozzles interconnected by supply conduits. A chemical reservoir and chemical injection pump are interconnected to the output of the primary pump through a mixer. Controllers for the primary pump... Agent:

20120241530 - Interactive joints for fire-fighting water turret: Disclosed are a turret or monitor apparatus and methods for directing the direction of a fluid stream, such as water or fire retardant foam, from a turret or monitor mounted in a fixed position, such as for example a vehicle, a platform or a building, where the fluid stream direction... Agent:

20120241534 - Irrigation line guide and method of irrigating: An irrigation hose guide is provided, including a ground engaging portion; and a revolvable device rotatably mounted on the ground engaging portion about a vertical rotation axis, wherein the revolvable device is configured to accommodate irrigation nodes on an irrigation hose line.... Agent:

20120241531 - Non-pneumatic irrigation system tower support wheel: The present invention comprises a wheel assembly for use on a tower of an irrigation system. The wheel assembly comprises a generally cylindrical wheel having a hub, one or more spokes and a rim to which a plurality of non-pneumatic tire sections are mounted to encircle and effectively cover the... Agent:

20120241532 - Pyrethrin based repellant: Disclosed herein are insect repellant formulations and dispensing systems which avoid the need for synergists while still using highly effective pyrethrin repellant compounds. The formulations preferably are presented in aerosol form.... Agent:

20120241535 - Water atomization and mist delivery system: The present disclosure is directed, in one embodiment, to a water atomization and water mist delivery system in which water and a gas are mixed in an aspirating device and provided to a nozzle. The mixture may be delivered from the nozzle to provide fire protection and suppression.... Agent: Ada Technologies, Inc.

20120241536 - Compositions and methods for the control of nematodes and soil borne diseases: The instant invention relates to compositions and methods for the control of nematodes and soil borne diseases using compositions comprising high terpene containing oils and one or more surfactants and alcohol. The invention also relates to methods for conditioning soil to improve overall plant health and growth by among others... Agent: Oro Agri, Inc.

20120241537 - Disinfecting spray device for a cleaning cart: A disinfecting spray module that can either be retrofit to an existing housekeeping cart or integrated into the housekeeping cart. The disinfecting spray module includes a storage container for receiving a disinfectant or cleaner. An electric pump withdraws the disinfectant and supplies the pump through a spray hose. The spray... Agent: Puretech Systems, LLC

20120241538 - Percussive sprinkler with adjustable balancing weights: A percussive sprinkler having adjustable balancing weights. The percussive sprinkler has a main body and a diversion member. The percussive sprinkler is mainly characterized in that a guiding section is formed onto the swinging portion of the diversion member, and also sleeved with an adjustable balancing weight. The balancing weight... Agent:

20120241539 - Percussive sprinkler with flow regulation functions: A percussive sprinkler with flow regulation functions has a main body with an inlet tube coupling end, top frame, sprinkler head and flow channel. A percussive diversion frame is arranged onto the top frame. The diversion frame is provided with a hydraulic pusher and a torsional spring. The pusher is... Agent:

20120241540 - Liquid injector assembly with a flanged connector connection: A system for injecting from an injector into a duct of an engine system is provided. The system may include a first flange on a duct connection side, a second flange on an injector connection side, a stand-off separating the first flange from the second flange to form an air... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120241541 - Variable-flow nozzle for cooling tower: A water spray nozzle (3) for cooling tower is provided. Wherein, the nozzle (3) or the upper connection section of the nozzle (3) has an upward extension section in a water distribution groove (1). Several layers of water inlet holes or slots (4) are opened around the extension section at... Agent:

09/20/2012 > 15 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120234933 - Paint spraying device and method for applying such a device: The disclosure relates to a paint spraying device including a body forming a support. According to the disclosure, the spraying device comprises at least two nozzles provided with paint spraying means and mounted on said body and at least two paint reservoirs, each nozzle being connected through supply means to... Agent: Faurecia Bloc Avant

20120234934 - Special drive system that provides automatic application control of granular material: A special drive system that provides automatic and uniform application control of granular materials. It provides an automatic application control of a granular material from a granular material spreader and is comprised of (a) at least one electric motor for driving the conveyor and spinner at a speed, the said... Agent:

20120234935 - Variable flow concentration product dispenser: The dispenser draws a concentrate fluid from a liquid container into an input fluid. There is an elongated channel having an input for the input fluid and dispensing nozzle at an exit end for dispensing the concentrate fluid in a diluted form. A transverse intersecting channel is intermediate the input... Agent:

20120234936 - Foam spraying rig: A foam spraying rig having an engine, a compressor and a hydraulic system positioned within a compartment. The foam spraying rig has a heat exchanger positioned within the compartment, and a fluid line connected to the engine, compressor and hydraulic system passes through the heat exchanger. A first storage tank... Agent:

20120234937 - Method of cleaning a spray device: The device for diffusing sprayed liquid in a reception zone includes a vessel suitable for containing a liquid for spraying and at least one diffuser of sprayed liquid that is arranged in the vessel. The diffuser includes in particular an ultrasound emitter. The cleaning method is such that during a... Agent: Areco Finances Et Technologie - Arfitec

20120234938 - Mobile washer unit: A mobile pressure washing system is provided. The system comprises a frame with hinged elements for transitioning the frame between an upright position of use and a compact position for secure transport and storage of the system. System features further include a removable and replaceable tank adapted to fit on... Agent: Karcher North America, Inc.

20120234939 - Mobile washer unit: A mobile pressure washing system is provided. The system comprises a frame with hinged elements for transitioning the frame between an upright position of use and a compact position for secure transport and storage of the system. System features further include a removable and replaceable tank adapted to fit on... Agent: Karcher North America, Inc.

20120234940 - Low precipitation rate rotor-type sprinkler with intermittent stream diffusers: An irrigation sprinkler includes an outer case and a riser extensible from the outer case by water pressure and normally in a retracted position. A nozzle is rotatably mounted at an upper end of the riser. A turbine is mounted in the riser for rotation by water entering a lower... Agent:

20120234941 - Rotary mechanism for sprinkler and sprinkler using the same: A sprinkler rotary mechanism and a sprinkler are provided. The rotary mechanism comprises a bracket and a reversing carrier, with the latter disposed on the rotation shaft of the bracket. A transmission shaft is disposed on the reversing carrier so as to drive the bracket. The sprinkler comprises a tube,... Agent: Guangdong Liansu Technology Indusstrial Co Ltd

20120234942 - Spray gun: A spray gun (1) forms a desired spray pattern by atomizing by means of atomizing air (A) a spray liquid which is sprayed from a liquid ejection port (44) opened/closed by a needle valve (4), and jetting pattern air (P) to the flow of spray mist of the atomized spray... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120234943 - Shower apparatus: The present invention provides a shower apparatus that allows the user to have a shower stream with a voluminous feel, even when a small volume of water is discharged, and also with a stimulus sensation arising from water being discharged in a pulsating manner. A shower apparatus F1 periodically changes... Agent: Toto Ltd.

20120234944 - Flat fan air assist injectors: An injector for injecting a flat fan of liquid includes an injector body defining a pair of air channels, with each air channel fluidly connected to a respective air inlet. The air channels join one another at a common throat defined in the injector body and are separated by a... Agent: Delavan Inc.

20120234946 - Forming nozzles: Fluid ejection nozzles having a tapered section leading to a straight walled bore are described. Both the tapered section of the nozzle and the straight walled bore are formed from a single side of semiconductor layer so that the tapered section and the bore are aligned with one another, even... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120234945 - Multiple level showerhead design: Embodiments of the present invention generally provide a showerhead assembly made of multiple plates fastened together. The showerhead assembly includes a gas manifold defined by a top and middle plate and a diverter plate defined by the middle plate and a bottom, heat exchange plate. A first processing gas enters... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120234947 - Spray nozzle and aerosol product: The cross section of the spray pattern F can be formed into various shapes of an I type, a Y type, an X type, a V type, an S type etc according to the shape of slit passage of the front face of the nozzle 10. An aerosol product E... Agent:

09/13/2012 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120228395 - Electrically actuated valve for control of instantaneous pressure drop and cyclic durations of flow: An electric solenoid valve, methods for operating and/or actuating the solenoid valve, valve system diagnostics, and applications for use are described. The valve may be designed to actuate in a manner so as to control liquid flow into and/or through a device, such as a spray nozzle. By altering the... Agent: Capstan Ag Systems, Inc.

20120228396 - System and method for optimizing the dissolution of a gas in a liquid: Systems and methods for optimizing and controlling the dissolution of ozone or other gas in a liquid within a pressure vessel by regulating vessel pressure, flow rate of a liquid into the vessel, retention time of the gas and liquid in the vessel, gas flow rate, liquid spray pattern, and... Agent:

20120228397 - Systems and method for cooling a staged airblast fuel injector: The present invention is directed to a staged fuel injector that includes, inter alia, a main fuel circuit for delivering fuel to a main fuel atomizer and a pilot fuel circuit for delivering fuel to a pilot fuel atomizer which is located radially inward of the main fuel atomizer. The... Agent: Delavan Inc

20120228398 - Device and method for creation of a hydraulic jump, notably a fountain or swimming pool: A hydraulic jump (1) is created at the free surface (2) of a liquid subjected to a flow over a surface (23) which declines towards a liquid outlet region, and where the supply is made by the overflow of a supply system (3), and where an element (24) rises above... Agent: Comm. A L' Ener. Atom. Et Aux Energies Alter.

20120228399 - Illuminated sprinkler with micro-generator: The present invention relates generally to an illuminated lawn and garden sprinkler. More specifically, this disclosure relates to an, electrically independent, illuminated lawn and garden sprinkler, using a micro-generator for power and advanced circuitry, including a photoelectric sensor, for display control. Illuminated sprinklers are an aesthetic enhancement using light to... Agent:

20120228400 - Drinking straw with integral filters: A drinking straw for progressively adding an active ingredient to a carrier liquid as the liquid is drawn through the straw. The straw includes a generally elongate tubular body having an internal bore and a sidewall. The tube includes first and second filters and disposed at respective first and second... Agent: Unistraw Patent Holdings Limited

20120228401 - Multi-layer piezoelectric element, and injection device and fuel injection system using the same: A multi-layer piezoelectric element includes a columnar stacked body including an active portion including piezoelectric layers and internal electrode layers alternately laminated, and inactive portions including piezoelectric layers laminated, the inactive portions arranged at both ends in a stacked direction of the active portion; and a pair of external electrodes... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120228402 - Systems and devices for emitting volatile compositions: Systems and devices for emitting volatile materials are disclosed. In some embodiments, devices for emitting two or more fragrance compositions are disclosed. In one non-limiting embodiment of a device, the device has a housing, and the housing is supported on an electrical outlet by a plug at least indirectly joined... Agent:

20120228403 - Assembly for an aircraft turbojet engine comprising a thrust reversal cowl: The invention relates to an assembly for a turbojet engine which includes a pylon (1) and a nacelle supported by said pylon (1). Said nacelle (3) includes a grid thrust reverser (21) including an integral cowl mounted so as to slide on rails (15), which are arranged on both sides... Agent: Aircelle

20120228404 - Systems and methods for delivering a liquid having a desired dissolved gas concentration: Systems and methods for delivering a fluid having a desired dissolved gas concentration are provided. The system includes a dissolution tank having a pressure vessel, a gas source in communication with the pressure vessel, a pump for supplying fluid to a spray nozzle of the dissolution tank, a sensor for... Agent: Bluelngreen LLC

20120228405 - Liquid swirler flow control: A flow directing device for imparting swirl on a fluid includes a flow directing body having a first surface and opposed second surface. A flow channel is defined in the first surface of the flow directing body for conducting fluids flowing through the flow directing body. The flow channel includes... Agent: Delavan Inc

20120228406 - Injector for internal combustion engine: A hole axis of a communication hole is placed at a location, which coincides with a translated location of a hole axis of a connector hole that is translated toward an axial distal end portion of a main body in an axial direction of the main body. In this way,... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120228407 - Multi-nozzle misting shower head: Disclosed is a misting shower head having a plurality of atomizing, solid cone spray nozzles for providing a soft showering device adapted to reduce water consumption and reduce the size and intensity of outgoing water droplets. The shower head comprises a housing having a fluid inlet directing water to a... Agent:

20120228408 - Variable position shower apparatus and related methods: The invention is directed to a shower assembly having an electronically controlled shower head that is controlled by a computerized control unit. The assembly can automatically bathe a user by following a program that dictates time of bathing, shower head position and motion, and the dispensing of bathing agents such... Agent:

20120228409 - Sanitary water outlet: A sanitary insert (1) includes a housing (8) and a flow guide (4), the housing (8) having a generally cylindrical shape and an inner wall portion thereof has a concavity (3) around its periphery. The flow guide (4) having generally a disc shape with an outer wall portion thereof having... Agent: Neoperl Gmbh

20120228410 - Device and method for electrostatically spraying a liquid, fuel injector comprising said device, and uses of same: A spray device includes a nozzle that forms a channel for supplying liquid to at least one opening for spraying the liquid outside the device, and, close to the opening, a first and a second electrode arranged in such a way as to inject electric charges into the liquid. The... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

09/06/2012 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120223152 - Method for dispensing liquid live release formula into boat livewell: Abstract: A method for dispensing a liquid live release formula from a pre-filled tank and pump “(8)” directly into an internal livewell “(7)” of a bass boat “(1)”, for simplifying fish care for the purpose of prolonging the life of captive fish being transported. This method involves the tank and... Agent:

20120223153 - Water flow metering device: A water flow metering device for use as a handheld or ground-based sprinkler includes a device body having a water inlet, a water distribution head in fluid communication with the device body, and a flow pattern selector. The flow pattern selector is coupled to the water distribution head and meters... Agent:

20120223154 - Atomizer: The present invention related to an atomizer is provided. The atomizer includes a liquid storage cup, a vibration device, and a lid. The liquid storage cup is used to storage liquid. The vibration device is disposed through the liquid storage cup. The vibration device can vibrate in high frequency. The... Agent: Taidoc Technology Corporation

20120223155 - Safety lock for a rotatable spray nozzle of a spray device: A safety lock for a spray nozzle assembly for an airless, high pressure spray device, and more particularly to safety locks or guards for reversible, rotatable spray nozzles assemblies, optionally provided with a tip guard.... Agent:

20120223156 - Clamp and spike for flexible conduit: A clamp and spike combination for use in conjunction with a flexible conduit, comprising a spike including an inlet rod with a sharpened tip for penetration into the conduit, an outlet rod connected to the inlet rod, the outlet rod having a barbed tip for attachment to a tube. The... Agent: National Diversified Sales, Inc.

20120223157 - Botanical formulation derived from birch bark: A formulation and method of mitigation of symptoms of patients suffering from a neurocutaneous pain syndrome by topical application of the formulation. The formulation is obtained by steeping the bark of a tree from the genus Betula in an aqueous acidified solution and then subsequent filtering, packaging and sterilization.... Agent:

20120223159 - Soap dispenser: The present invention provides a soap dispenser (11) for use with a fluid outlet, such as a tap (15). The soap dispenser (11) comprises a soap holder (213) for holding a soap cartridge. The soap holder comprises at least one upper aperture in an upper region through which fluid enters... Agent: Soapstream Pty Ltd.

20120223158 - Yard and garden chemical dispenser: A chemical dispensing apparatus includes a housing that is connectable to a source of water, such as a standard garden house and a chemical dispenser configured to mix a chemical concentrate with the source of water as it flows through the housing and dispensed from the housing from either a... Agent:

20120223160 - Applicator with collapsible wand: An applicator comprises a housing having a liquid input, a pump, a motor, and a power source; a trigger for providing selective control over the pump; a wand hingedly connected to the housing; and a nozzle coupled to the wand for discharging liquid from the applicator. The nozzle and the... Agent: Smg Brands, Inc.

20120223161 - Ready-to-use hose end sprayer: A ready-to-use sprayer comprises a container defining an interior compartment for containing a liquid product, a housing having a main chamber and a grip portion, a nozzle in selective fluid communication with the outlet of the fluid chamber, and a pivot switch on the exterior of the housing for selecting... Agent: Smg Brands, Inc.

20120223162 - Rotating sprinkler head valve: The rotating sprinkler head valve includes an upper assembly with a stationary rigid cone received in a conical interior chamber of a rotor, and a cylindrical shaft extending through the stationary rigid cone and rotor. A lower assembly includes a bottom helix member, a strainer adapter having an internal transverse... Agent:

20120223163 - Water jetting gun having a removable valve cartridge, an adjustable hand grip and an adjustable shoulder stock: A water jetting gun has a body with an access port leading into a valve cartridge chamber. An adaptor extends through said access port. In the operable state, the adaptor is removable from the body by a person gripping a head of the adaptor with its hand and unscrewing the... Agent:

20120223164 - Nozzle assembly for an injection valve and injection valve: A nozzle assembly for an injection valve includes having a nozzle body recess and at least one injection opening, the nozzle body recess being hydraulically coupled to a high-pressure circuit of a fluid, and the injection opening being hydraulically coupled to the nozzle body recess. The nozzle assembly further includes... Agent:

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