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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing August inventions list 08/12

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08/30/2012 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120217317 - Seed mixture and method of application: A novel groundcover seed mixture and method of application comprising mixing visual powdered indicator with small groundcover plant seeds thus allowing a more even and visible application of the groundcover plant seeds over the desired ground surface area.... Agent:

20120217318 - Air brush: An embodiment of the present invention is an air brush including a housing, a head assembly, and a trigger assembly. The housing has a main body with an air valve, reservoir and a handle. The head assembly mounts to the main body with a nozzle, nozzle cap, and a needle... Agent: Je Matadi, Inc.

20120217319 - Heat-generating jet injection: A reboiling jet apparatus comprises at least two nozzles in series, configured to cause boiling of a hot liquid in the first nozzle, deceleration and reduction of the gas phase in the second nozzle, followed by acceleration and reboiling in the second nozzle. A second deceleration and reduction of the... Agent:

20120217320 - Thrust inverter: The present invention relates to a thrust inverter for a turbojet engine nacelle (1) including at least one outer cowl (11) that is movable between a closed position and a thrust inversion position, said movable cowl also being able to be opened into a supporting position towards which said movable... Agent: Aircelle

20120217321 - Multiple flow shower head: A multiple flow shower head (1) is disclosed including a body (Ia) for directing a flow of water, an outlet with a plurality of outlet channels (12a, 12b, 12c) corresponding to a plurality of water flow rates, a rotatable sheath (20) for switching the flow of water through a selected... Agent: Niagara Conservation Corp.

20120217322 - Push-button for a system for dispensing a product under pressure: A pushbutton for a system for dispensing a pressurized substance, the pushbutton including a body having a housing provided with an anvil around which a spray nozzle is mounted so as to form a substance dispensing path between the housing and a swirl array including a swirl chamber provided with... Agent:

20120217323 - Injector sleeve: An injector sleeve adapted to be mounted in a cylinder head of an internal combustion engine, where the injector sleeve comprises a tapered inner surface which constitutes a sealing surface for an injector, where the hardness of the tapered inner surface is higher than the hardness of the outer surface... Agent: Volvo Lastvagnar Ab

20120217324 - Apparatus and method of manufacturing pressure compensator type drip irrigation tubes with desired molecular orientation and tubes obtained thereby: A method for manufacturing high speed pressure compensator-type drip irrigation tubes and the tubes obtained thereby having absolute radial orientation of molecular chains, the orientation imparting strength as well as flexibility to the tube material. The said method comprises extruding a tube using a plurality of extruders; blowing up the... Agent: Jain Irrigation Systems, Ltd.

20120217325 - Pressurized liquid dispensing mobile unit and system: A pressurized liquid dispensing mobile unit used to treat metallic surfaces by applying liquid under pressure to such surfaces. The pressurized liquid dispensing mobile unit has two endless tracks that move the unit over the surface being treated. Each track has magnetic sections that hold the unit to the surface... Agent:

08/23/2012 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20120211572 - Strainer system for agricultural sprayer: A spray system detects the pressure differential across a plurality of spray section filters and determines whether the resulting values meet predetermined criteria. A sensor may be provided at each boom spray section to determine a differential pressure across an associated filter. A pressure evaluator module may receive the pressure... Agent: Agco Corporation

20120211573 - Fragrance dispenser for use with decorative emanating surface botanical products: The invention relates to a fragrance dispenser for botanical products and methods of use thereof. The fragrance dispenser includes a holding member having a surface for holding a botanical product such as potpourri; a support member for supporting the holding member and for receiving a supply of liquid fragrance; and... Agent: The Yankee Candle Way

20120211574 - System and method of controlling operation of a liquid diffusion appliance: A method of controlling operation of a diffusion appliance to treat the atmosphere within an enclosed space. The method may include programming the operation of the appliance according to a control scheme specifying a flow rate of liquid to a diffusion means and a periodic operation of the diffusion means.... Agent:

20120211575 - Beer tap diffuser device: A diffuser combined with a beer dispensing nozzle to diffuse the beer as it is being dispensed from the nozzle. In use, this device is beneficial when making multi-layered drinks such as Black and Tans to help prevent the top layer of beer from mixing with the lower layer of... Agent: Hwb, L.L.C.

08/16/2012 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120205458 - Nozzle for needle-free injectors: A nozzle is disclosed which includes a container member and a nozzle head. The container member has an internal space and a first end with an attachment mechanism adapted to attach to a needle free injector. The nozzle head has a first end and a second end in which the... Agent:

20120205459 - Road spray system and method: A method of operating a road spray system for distributing a liquid is provided. The method involves determining a degraded status of a road based on road condition information received from a road condition sensor. In response to determining the degraded status, a spray command is transmitted to valve control... Agent: Envirotech Services, Inc.

20120205460 - Scent delivery method and apparatus using an existing air moving device: A scent-releasing mechanism that is usable with an existing air moving device. The scent-releasing mechanism includes a chamber configured to enclose a scent source such as a scent cartridge, scent pad or the like, an air inlet, and an air outlet to release scent into a stream of air moved... Agent:

20120205461 - Compensation for spool motion related fuel delivery drift over time in a hydraulically actuated fuel injector: A method and system ensures that a certain amount of fuel is delivered by a fuel injector at each injection cycle over the life of the fuel injector. The injector has an armature that moves between open and close positions. A base time for the armature to move from the... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems Us, Inc.

20120205462 - Fragrance emitter: An apparatus for emitting a fragrance includes an enclosure that has at least one inlet and at least one outlet. The at least one outlet has a cross-sectional area smaller than a cross-sectional area of the at least one inlet. The enclosure further includes a Venturi-type nozzle that defines the... Agent: Cierra Ashley, LLC

20120205463 - Drinking straws having environmentally-friendly wrappers and integrated filters and methods therefor: A drinking straw includes a tube having an upper end including a first opening, a lower end including a second opening, and an outer wall extending between the upper and lower ends. A wrapper covers the tube and a securing element permanently attaches the wrapper to the outer wall of... Agent:

20120205464 - Distribution head for a device for distributing a fluid product: A dispenser head for a fluid dispenser device, the head including a hollow body (30, 130, 230) that defines a fluid passage between an inlet orifice (32, 132, 232) and a spray orifice (31, 131, 231); vibration generator means (40, 140, 240) being arranged in said passage upstream from said... Agent: Valois Sas

20120205465 - Speed limiting turbine with momentum activated bypass valve: A speed limiting mechanism for a turbine-driven fluid distribution apparatus usable with compressible fluid such as compressed air and incompressible fluid such as water. In one form, a flow restrictor is located in the turbine discharge flow path, with the turbine discharge port area selected in relation to the turbine... Agent:

20120205466 - Aerosol spray nozzle: A system is provided that includes an aerosol atomization assembly or insert. The aerosol atomization assembly or insert includes a fluid atomization path, a pre-orifice disposed along the fluid atomization path and configured to restrict a fluid flow of fluid along the fluid atomization path, and a mechanical break-up unit... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20120205467 - Irrigation sprinkler with adjustable nozzle trajectory: One embodiment provides an asymmetrical nozzle housing within a nozzle base of a sprinkler which, when rotated, changes its angular orientation relative to the nozzle base. Since the nozzle is disposed within the nozzle housing, it similarly changes angular orientation relative to the nozzle base, thereby modifying the trajectory of... Agent:

20120205468 - Nozzle plate and atomizing module using the same: A nozzle plate and an atomizing module using the nozzle plate are disclosed. The atomizing module is installed at a cavity and includes a piezoelectric circular plate, a braking circular plate and a nozzle plate. The braking circular plate is installed on a side of the piezoelectric circular plate. The... Agent: Microbase Technology Corp.

20120205469 - Dual mode fuel injector: A fuel injector for an internal combustion engine comprises a fuel intensification section and a needle control section. The fuel intensification section has an inlet and an outlet. The fuel intensification section receives fuel at a first pressure at the inlet and provides fuel at one of the first and... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company LLC

20120205470 - Method for producing a fuel injection valve, and fuel injection valve: The invention relates to a method for producing a fuel injection valve (10; 10a; 60; 60a), in which a valve needle (40; 40a; 62; 62a) which closes at least one fuel outlet opening (49) is inserted into an injector housing (11), wherein that end of the valve needle (40; 40a;... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120205471 - Cartridge spreader system: The cartridge spreader system includes a mobile cartridge spreader with a cartridge station configured to engage a cartridge and includes a locking controller for locking the cartridge securely into the cartridge station. The cartridge station includes an activator mechanism for activating and deactivating an engaged cartridge. The cartridge spreader includes... Agent: Smg Brands, Inc.

08/09/2012 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120199662 - Flair sprayers and isolation of product and venting/propellant in dispensing devices: A “Flair® Sprayer” can be provided with no dip tube, and can be capable of being used in any orientation, including upside down. Using a unique valving system, where the product delivery circuit is a closed system, a Flair Sprayer can pump out any gas in a bottle's headspace and... Agent: Dispensing Technologies B.v.

20120199663 - Suction-type portable atomizer: The present invention relates to a suction-type portable atomizer A suction nozzle is disposed at one end of a casing; and a liquid storage case with a storage cavity is disposed within the casing; one end of the liquid storage case is connected with an atomizing device. The atomizing device... Agent: Joyetech (changzhou) Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120199664 - Deer attracting device and system: Straightline is a syringe with a plunger attached to the end of flexible tubing that varies in length. The flexible tubing has holes approximately every two feet. The syringe is used to pour an attractant in which then flows through the tubing by gravity or can be accelerated by using... Agent:

20120199665 - Volatile material dispensing system: A modular volatile material dispensing system includes a supporting plate having a front side and a rear side. The rear side of the supporting plate is configured to removably attach to an electrical plate and a non-electrical plate. The modular volatile material dispensing system includes a cover plate attached to... Agent:

20120199666 - Transducer interconnect with conductive films: An electronic device has an electronic signal source electrically connected to a signal routing circuit, an electrically activated transducer to receive electronic signals through the signal routing circuit, and an anisotropic conductive film to provide electrical continuity between the signal routing circuit and the transducer, the anisotropic conductive film having... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120199667 - Systems and methodologies for preventing dust and particle contamination of synthetic jet ejectors: A synthetic jet ejector (201) is provided which includes a housing (205) having an orifice (207) defined in a wall thereof from which a synthetic jet (209) is emitted, and a barrier (211) disposed about the orifice. The barrier has a first end which is disposed proximal to the orifice... Agent: Nuventix Inc.

20120199668 - Method and apparatus for application of mortar: An apparatus for applying mortar is provided. The apparatus includes a support sled and a mixer positioned on the support sled. The mixer combines a received dry powder mortar and a liquid, and a pump positioned on the support sled and adapted to pump the mixed mortar and liquid. The... Agent: Geotree Technologies, Inc.

20120199669 - Method and apparatus for application of mortar: A spray head for spraying mortar is provided. The spray head includes a mortar supply pipe and a spinning head positioned at an outlet point of the mortar supply pipe, the spinning head directing mortar supplied from the mortar supply pipe in a direction substantially perpendicular to the direction of... Agent: Geotree Technologies, Inc.

20120199670 - Reduced drag afterburner nozzle actuation system: An afterburner nozzle actuation system includes a case, an actuation structure, a plurality of cam plates, a plurality of nozzle flaps and seals, and a plurality of rollers. The actuation structure surrounds at least a portion of the case and includes an aft end that has a polygonal cross section... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120199671 - Leach-proof microcapsules, the method for preparation and use of leach-proof microcapsules: A leach proof microcapsule containing hydrophobic active molecules, wherein the microcapsule shell breaks upon exposure to a positive pressure drop across the inner and outer sides of the shell, 0<ΔP=Pin−Pout>5 bar, wherein Pin and Pout are the pressures in, respectively, out of the microcapsule. The microcapsule shell consists of a... Agent:

20120199672 - Systems & devices for fluid decoking: In one embodiment, a decoking tool may include a tool body, a diverter plate, a diverter body, a plurality of flow paths and a shifting apparatus. The plurality of flow paths may include a clearing flow path, a cutting flow path and a boring flow path each having a nozzle.... Agent: Flowserve Management Company

20120199673 - Bi-component drip emitter: An agricultural drip emitter optionally includes an elastomeric having a flow restriction. Flow through the emitter, when deployed inside an irrigation hose, is optionally regulated by pressure-responsive deformation of the elastomer. The flow restriction optionally includes under-tooth bypass spaces located between a base and a sequence of baffles. Some implementations... Agent: Amirim Products

20120199674 - Shifting mechanisms for fluid jet decoking tools: A mode shifting apparatus for a decoking tool is described herein. A diversion plate can be used to provide selective delivery of a pressurized decoking fluid to one or the other of nozzles in the tool. The mode shifting apparatus can be used to switch between a cutting mode of... Agent: Flowserve Management Company

08/02/2012 > 19 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120193440 - Method and device for producing snow: A method for producing substantially dendritic snow includes: a) supplying a flow of humid air (1) and a flow of cold air (9) into a substantially closed space (15, 16, 17) to mix the two air flows and create an atmosphere oversaturated with water within the space; b) forming ice... Agent: Technische Universita Twien

20120193441 - Aircraft engine nozzle: An apparatus and method comprising a fan nozzle sleeve, a plurality of slider mechanisms, and a fan nozzle actuator system. A flow of gases generated by an engine moves through and exits the engine at an aft end of the fan nozzle sleeve. The plurality of slider mechanisms is configured... Agent: The Boeing Company

20120193442 - Interchangeable scent cartridge system: An interchangeable hunting scent cartridge system featuring a scent cartridge which has a scent body engaged thereon. The scent cartridge is engageable with any of a plurality of mounting components which may be adapted to engage a gun or a tree or other outdoor mounting positions where a scent is... Agent:

20120193443 - Fragrance dispensing system with activation indicator and/or consumption indicator: A fragrance-dispensing system comprises a wick and diffuser, wherein the diffuser surface in contact with surrounding air is larger than the wick surface in contact with the air, a container for receiving the wick, and a fragrance preparation in the container, wherein the fragrance is transported by the wick to... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20120193444 - Fragrance-dispensing system having an activation and/or consumption indicator: A fragrance-dispensing system comprises a wick and diffuser, wherein the diffuser surface in contact with surrounding air is larger than the wick surface in contact with the air, a container for receiving the wick, and a fragrance preparation in the container, wherein the fragrance is transported by the wick to... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20120193445 - Container holder in a fluid delivery system: A container holder in a fluid delivery system is provided. In one example, a portable fluid sprayer includes a sprayer housing, a sprayer handle for carrying the portable fluid sprayer above a support surface, and a base for supporting the portable fluid sprayer on the support surface. The base is... Agent: Wagner Spray Tech Corporation

20120193446 - Fluid delivery system for personal mobility devices: This invention is a scooter manufactured in combination with a water cannon or a scooter accessory comprising: a scooter having a platform, standard, and handle; a fluid reservoir carried by said scooter in fluid communications with an actuator; a nozzle in fluid communications with said reservoir and carried by said... Agent:

20120193447 - Lawn sprinkler: A lawn sprinkler providing water distribution over an irregular or unique shaped water receiving area. The apparatus includes a water impeller, a first water regulator, a second water regulator, and a bypass channel. The sprinkler regulates the delivery of water according to the shape of the area to be irrigated,... Agent:

20120193448 - Reverse thrust device: The invention relates to a jet engine nacelle reverse thrust device (10) including a means for diverting at least one portion of a jet engine air flow and moreover includes at least one cowl (20) that is translatable in a direction substantially parallel to a longitudinal axis of the nacelle,... Agent: Aircelle

20120193449 - Anchoring inserts, electrode assemblies, and plasma processing chambers: A showerhead electrode is provided where backside inserts are positioned in backside recesses formed along the backside of the electrode. The backside inserts comprise a threaded outside diameter, a threaded inside diameter, and a tool engaging portion formed in the threaded inside diameter. The tool engaging portion is formed such... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20120193450 - Spray nozzle assembly for gas dynamic cold spray and method of coating a substrate with a high temperature coating: The invention relates to an improved design for a spray gun and application system for cold gas dynamic spraying. The gun includes a rear housing comprising a powder inlet and a gas inlet, a front housing removably affixed to the rear housing and comprising an mixing cavity therein for mixing... Agent: Asb Industries, Inc.

20120193451 - Disposable container for colored fluid and method for producing such a disposal container: The invention relates to a disposable container for receiving and dispensing a coloured fluid by spraying, comprising a vessel which forms a storage volume for the coloured fluid and comprises a vessel base and a vessel wall, the vessel being closed by a cap, a pressure regulating unit which can... Agent:

20120193452 - Burner with low porosity burner deck: A gas burner (10), preferably a premix burner, comprising a support (12) which has a central gas inlet port for supply of gas into a gas supply chamber. The gas supply chamber is enclosed by a perforated metal plate (22). The perforated metal plate is connected at the bottom to... Agent: Bekaert Combustion Technology B.v.

20120193453 - Rotary atomization coating device: A rotary atomization coating device is provided with a rotary atomizing head including a paint storage and adapted to atomize paint supplied to the paint storage and to discharge the paint onto a work, and a paint supplying nozzle adapted to supply the paint to the paint storage. The rotary... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120193454 - Fuel injection valve: A fuel injection valve comprises a valve element 3 and a valve seat 10, which cooperate to open and close a fuel passage to perform injection of a fuel and stoppage of injection, a nozzle body 4 having the valve seat 10, a swirl passage 21 provided downstream of a... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20120193455 - Spray nozzle assembly: A spray nozzle assembly including at least one wear part made from a hard and abrasion-resistant material and a protective housing made from a strong and resilient material and having a downstream chamber adapted to receive one or more of the wear parts in releasably trapped relationship, the downstream chamber... Agent: Spray Nozzle Engineering Pty. Limited

20120193456 - Gas distribution plate with discrete protective elements: Embodiments of the present invention provide a gas distribution plate assembly having protective elements for plasma processing. The gas distribution plate assembly includes a base plate having a front side and a backside, and a plurality of protective elements in direct contact with the base plate. The protective elements cover... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120193457 - Spreader for forests: The spreader has a movable container and at least one elongated tube, and can thus be moved along a path in the forest, and the tube successively deployed to blow the soil conditioner between the trees, away from the path. Satisfactory efficiency can be achieved using an eductor device to... Agent:

20120193458 - System and method for attaching a mobile fogger to a vehicle: A mobile fogging system and method are disclosed. Specifically, a mobile fogging system comprising a base, a fogging system, and a hitch-receiver. Wherein, said fogging system is capable of spraying a mixture of a chemical and pressurizes air. Said fogging system is attached to said base. Further, said base is... Agent: Wheeler Forgger, LLC

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