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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing July category listing 07/12

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07/26/2012 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120187209 - Microfluidic apparatus for the atomisation of a liquid: An apparatus (1) for the atomisation of a liquid including: a piezoelectric substrate (5) having at least one working surface (7), at least one electrode (9) supported on the piezoelectric substrate (5), a signal generating means (21) for applying an ultrasonic signal to said electrode (9) for generating a surface... Agent: Monash University

20120187210 - Multi-headed mobile fogging system and method: A fogging system and method are disclosed. Specifically, a fogging system comprising a compressed air source, an air tank, a container, and one or more nozzle assemblies. The air tank containing compressed air and the container containing a chemical. Wherein the compressed air source is fluidly connected to the air... Agent:

20120187213 - Multi-layer piezoelectric element, and injection device and fuel injection system provided therewith: A center of a multi-layer piezoelectric element is an active region and deforms to a greater degree than ends thereof which is an inactive region during driving operation, and is therefore more susceptible to stress concentration and crack development. To address this problem, a multi-layer piezoelectric element includes a columnar... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120187212 - Multi-layer piezoelectric element, and injection device and fuel injection system using same: A multi-layer piezoelectric element includes a stacked body in which piezoelectric layers and internal electrode layers are alternately laminated in such a way that an end face of each of the internal electrode layers is partly exposed at a side face of the stacked body; and a pair of external... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120187211 - Multi-layer piezoelectric element, and injection device and fuel injection system using the same: A multi-layer piezoelectric element includes a stacked body in which piezoelectric layers and internal electrode layers are alternately laminated and a stress relaxing layer is disposed at part of portions between the piezoelectric layers, and an external electrode that is bonded to a side face of the stacked body so... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120187214 - Converging blocker door system for use with a thrust reverser: A blocker door system to be used with an aircraft engine thrust reverser comprises a push ring, a plurality of connecting rods, a plurality of crankshafts, a plurality of blocker doors, and a plurality of linking elements. The push ring may encircle the aircraft engine. The connecting rods may connect... Agent: Spirit Aerosystems, Inc.

20120187215 - Pressure washer crutch: A crutch supports a pressure washer wand having a surface washing nozzle. The crutch has an elongate leg adapted to be removably secured along at least a portion of the wand and a free end of the leg extends away from the wand. A foot at the free end contacts... Agent:

20120187216 - Self-aligning cover spring for a concealed sprinkler: A spring may include an annular plate having a central aperture; a plurality of spring members protruding from the annular plate, the plurality of spring members being resiliently flexible and radially disposed around the central aperture; and a plurality of alignment tabs protruding from the annular plate.... Agent: The Viking Corporation

20120187217 - Two-part, wall-mountable electrochemical dispenser: “A Two-part, Wall-mountable Electrochemical Dispenser. The dispenser assembly consists of a disposable fluid storage reservoir and a non-disposable dispenser. The dispenser holds an electrochemical gas generator, its associated electronics, and a power source. The generator can be set for fluid delivery rates of between 1 mL/day and 50 mL/day. The... Agent:

20120187218 - Dual fuel injector for a common rail system: A dual fuel common rail fuel injector includes a first and second control valve assembly and a first and second check needle. The dual fuel injector is capable of selectively injecting two different fuels such as diesel and liquid natural gas. The first and second control valve assemblies operate using... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20120187219 - Rotary pulsating valve and method for discharging fluid: A valve for providing a pulsating discharge of fluid includes a valve assembly rotatably received within a housing. The housing is a tubular chamber with a fluid inlet port at a back end, a plurality of fluid outlet ports at a front end, with the valve assembly in between. The... Agent:

20120187220 - High swirl air cap: The present disclosure relates generally to spray systems and, more particularly, to industrial spray coating systems for applying coatings of paint, stain, and the like. Specifically, the disclosed embodiments relate to a spray gun an air cap configured to produce air swirl. For example, in an embodiment, a system is... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20120187221 - Liquid jet head, liquid jet apparatus, and method of manufacturing the liquid jet head: To prevent ejection failure which occurs because openings of nozzles are clogged with fine burrs generated at a parting line (P) of a flow path member (2) formed by molding, provided is a liquid jet head (1) including the flow path member (2) and an actuator portion (3). The flow... Agent:

20120187222 - Cooling and washing system: A cooling and washing system designed to evaporatively cool solar panels by sprinkling water upon the panels according to their temperature, in way that utilizes warm water from the system and minimizes water consumption, such as to keep the solar panel in an optimal operation temperature. Sprinkling is carried out... Agent:

07/19/2012 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120181346 - Nanotextured surfaces and related methods, systems, and uses: A method of controlling wetting characteristics is described. Such method includes forming and configuring nanostructures on a surface where controlling of the wetting characteristics is desired. Surfaces and methods of fabricating such surfaces are also described.... Agent:

20120181345 - Particle spraying: A particle sprayer includes a source of discrete particles, a spray outlet coupled to the particle source, and a conduit extending from a pressurized fluid inlet to the spray outlet and configured to constrain a flow of carrier fluid to flow along the conduit toward the spray outlet to propel... Agent: Velcro Industries B.v.

20120181347 - Valve for a spray gun, spray gun and method: A valve for a spray gun sprays free-flowing media with the use of compressed air. The valve includes a valve housing arrangement and a valve element, wherein the valve element is disposed at least partially in the valve housing arrangement, there being formed in the valve element a mixing chamber... Agent:

20120181348 - Drinking straw: Drinking straws that enable a user to drink a beverage without having to purse the user's lips around the straw. In one embodiment, a drinking straw has a tubular structure which includes a body portion and an upper end portion. A conduit is formed between the body portion and the... Agent:

20120181350 - Air & gel air freshener: The present invention provides for a air freshener for dispensing fragrances, comprising a gel capsule for holding the gels, a vent cup for stopping or releasing the gels fragrance, a control base for applying air pressure, further comprising air vents for air passage, a lid for keeping the gel inside,... Agent:

20120181349 - Device for dispensing a volatile substance, processes for manufacturing such a device and its use: Device for dispensing a volatile active substance, comprising a container (3) that is at least partially restricted by a transpiration layer (2). The container (3) is at least partially filled with a liquid mixture comprising at least one volatile liquid substance and an auxiliary liquid. The liquid mixture of the... Agent: Acuros Gmbh

20120181351 - Nozzle and needle of a high-pressure unit fuel injector: A unit fuel injector (30) has a nozzle (36) providing axial guidance of a needle (72) at points proximal and distal to a needle feed cavity (81). The needle has a multi-lobular formation (200) providing distal guidance of the needle while allowing fuel from the needle feed cavity to flow... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company

20120181352 - Liquid ejecting apparatus: A liquid ejecting apparatus includes: an inflow channel to which liquid is supplied; an outflow channel communicated with a nozzle; a liquid chamber formed with a spiral flow channel having a substantially constant cross-sectional area between the inflow channel and the outflow channel and having a given volume; a volume... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120181353 - Massage shower that can achieve the dynamic switch of the water flow: The present invention discloses a massage shower that can achieve the dynamic switch of the water flow, it comprises a hollow essential body, a oblique water body, a impeller that is under the said oblique water body, a face cover component that has the effluent holes and a moving plate... Agent: Huasong Zhou

20120181354 - Combustor nozzle and method for fabricating the combustor nozzle: A combustor nozzle includes a single-piece swirler. The single-piece swirler includes a center body extending axially along the single-piece swirler, a first fuel passage inside the center body, and a plurality of vanes extending radially from the center body. A method for fabricating a combustor nozzle includes casting a single-piece... Agent: General Electric Company

20120181355 - System for flow control in fuel injectors: A system includes a gasification fuel injector. The gasification fuel injector includes a body having a tip portion, a first conduit extending through the body toward the tip portion, a second conduit extending through the body toward the tip portion, and a flow control device disposed in the first conduit... Agent: General Electric Company

20120181356 - Showerhead assembly: A shower head has a nozzle, a shell, a water inlet, and an assembly for holding the nozzle. The assembly has an upper plate made of a first plastic material and has a first opening having a first diameter through which the nozzle extends, a lower plate made of a... Agent:

20120181357 - Filtration irrigation method, filtration irrigation device and the manufacturing method thereof: A filtration irrigation method, filtration irrigation device and the manufacturing method thereof, said filtration irrigation device comprises a water carrying chamber, in which one or more porous filter membranes are arranged. One or more flow restrictors corresponding to each membrane are set on the wall of the water carrying chamber.... Agent:

20120181358 - Coil contact: The invention relates to a magnetic assembly (10) of a solenoid valve, particularly for actuating a fuel injector, having a housing (12, 16) receiving a magnetic core (28) having a magnetic coil (26). Electrical contacts (32) are led through penetrations (34) out of the housing (12, 16). The electrical contacts... Agent:

20120181359 - Apparatus and method for shielding a thrust reverser structure from engine heat: A heat-resistant apparatus comprising a plurality of rigid, fireproof panels mounted to an inner surface of an inner fixed structure (IFS) of an aircraft thrust reverser. The plurality of panels may include fixed panels and floating panels, with the fixed panels fastened directly to the IFS and the floating panels... Agent: Spirit Aerosystems, Inc.

20120181360 - Systems and methodologies for preventing dust and particle contamination of synthetic jet ejectors: A synthetic jet ejector (201) is provided which includes a housing (205) having an orifice (207) defined in a wall thereof from which a synthetic jet (209) is emitted, and a barrier (211) disposed about the orifice. The barrier has a first end which is disposed proximal to the orifice... Agent: Nuventix Inc.

07/12/2012 > 16 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120175426 - Sprinkler: According to one aspect, embodiments of the invention provide a sprinkler comprising a base, a connector coupled to the base and configured for coupling to an external water supply, and a body rotatably mounted on the base and in fluid communication with the water supply through the connector and the... Agent: Aqua-leisure Industries, Inc.

20120175425 - Systems and methods for controlling a sprinkler system based on sensor information: Systems (100) and methods (800) for controlling a sprinkler system. The methods involve connecting a Sensor-Based Control System (SBCS) between a Sprinkler Control System (SCS) and at least one valve (1061, 1062, . . . , 106N) and/or pump (109). A user-interactive session is performed to select a threshold value... Agent: Harris Corporation

20120175427 - Protection against natural dangers connected with huge streams mainly water, mud, locust: A method and system for protection against natural temperature-dependent dangerous phenomena connected with huge streams mainly water, mud, locust. The method allows weakening these streams and allows protecting against these dangers at least at of the first two stages of development of said phenomena: forming these masses and their moving,... Agent:

20120175428 - Valve for dispensing water and air in installations that spray water under pressure: A valve for dispensing water and air in installations for spraying water under pressure, includes: firstly, a body (2) equipped with two independent circuits (C1, C2), each for circulating a fluid, one air, the other water, each of the circuits including (i) a chamber (5, 15) accommodating a shutter member... Agent: Johnson Controls Neige

20120175429 - Fluid dispenser and processes thereof: A device may include one or more fluid containers, compressor vessels and/or conduit systems. A fluid container may be configured to house a fluid, for example an incompressible fluid, and/or may include one or more bags. A compressor vessel configured to fluidly connect one or more fluid containers, and/or house... Agent:

20120175430 - System and method for enhancing flow in a nozzle: A nozzle includes a center body that defines an axial centerline and a shroud circumferentially surrounding at least a portion of the center body to define an annular passage between the center body and the shroud. A plurality of vanes between the center body and the shroud comprise a radially... Agent: General Electric Company

20120175431 - Spraying arm for a cleaning machine for cleaning medical, pharmaceutical and/or laboratory articles: A spraying arm for a cleaning machine for cleaning medical, pharmaceutical, and/or laboratory utensils is divided into two half-arms by a rotary coupling supplying spraying agent to and rotationally supporting the spraying arm around a vertical rotational axis. First outlet nozzles in the two half-arms are oriented to produce first... Agent:

20120175432 - Paint shuttle system: A paint delivery system (10) for delivering paint to a spraying device (34). The paint delivery system (10) includes a launch station (42) connected by a flow line (52) to an arrival station (44) and one or more shuttles. Paint and the one or more shuttles are transmitted from the... Agent: Abb Inc.

20120175433 - Aerosol manifold and method of its fabrication: An improved manifold for an aerosol system may include a valve interface (120) capable of flexing to fit with a valve stem of an aerosol system and form a seal and methods for making a manifold may include a gate (106) positioned to improve contact between steel defining a fluid... Agent: Meadwestvaco Calmar, Inc.

20120175434 - Anti-wear layer arrangement and structural element having an anti-wear layer arrangement: An anti-wear layer arrangement, in particular for components of a fuel injection system that are subjected to high pressures and high temperatures. The anti-wear layer arrangement has a protective layer formed from tetragonally bonded amorphous carbon or having a proportion of tetragonally bonded amorphous carbon, and also an adhesion promoter... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120175435 - Fuel injection device: A fuel injection device includes a cylinder that defines a pressure chamber at an end portion of a nozzle needle. A floating plate as a control member is placed in the cylinder. A cutout portion and multiple grooves are formed in the floating plate. The cutout portion and the grooves... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120175436 - Showerhead with rotatable oval spray pattern and handheld spray pattern controller: A handheld showerhead assembly is provided which provides for a plurality of spray patterns. In a preferred embodiment, the showerhead assembly provides for four spray patterns including an oval shaped spray pattern. The showerhead is rotatably attached to the handle so that the showerhead can be rotated relative to the... Agent:

20120175437 - Low profile attachment for emitting water with connector for corrugated pipe: The present invention provides an attachment for emitting water from a water source. The attachment comprises an inlet end, a transitional section connected to the inlet end an outlet end connected to the transitional section opposite from the inlet end, and a reinforcement member attached to the transitional sectional and... Agent:

20120175438 - Device that can make pulsed water: The present invention provides a device that can make pulsed water, including a base 100 equipped with a waterway 200. The waterway 100 consists of an inlet 210, an outlet 230 and a spherical cavity 220 forming between the inlet 210 and the outlet 230. The diameter of the spherical... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20120175440 - Discharge device with electromagnetic shield: A discharge device comprises: a discharge electrode; an electrically insulating portion including an atomization room accommodating the discharge electrode; a water supplier configured to supply water to a surface of the discharge electrode; a high voltage supply configured to apply a high voltage to the discharge electrode to atomize the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120175439 - Electrostatic atomization device: An electrostatic atomization device having a simple structure and allowing for reduction in size. The electrostatic atomization device has an atomization electrode including a P type Peltier element and an N type Peltier element joined with the P type Peltier element. The atomization electrode is cuspate so as to form... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

07/05/2012 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120168527 - Slurry distribution system and method: A slurry distributor for use in a continuous manufacturing process includes an inlet opening and a shaped duct adapted to receive a flow of slurry provided at the inlet opening. The shaped duct has a parabolic guide surface adapted to redirect the flow of slurry. An outlet opening in fluid... Agent: United States Gypsum Company

20120168526 - Supersonic nozzle: A method of conversion of a single-phase stream into a supersonic homogenous two phase medium includes flowing the stream into an inlet section of a nozzle at an initial pressure, boiling a portion of the liquid medium by accelerating a velocity of the stream through a multistage draw-down of an... Agent:

20120168528 - Spray drift systems and methods: Systems and methods for adjusting or providing instructions to spraying systems are provided. In an exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure, a method of adjusting a spraying system is provided. The method comprising: electronically determining a current location of a spraying system; electronically determining a proximity to one or more... Agent: Dow Agrosciences LLC

20120168529 - Tassel assembly including a fragrance delivery arrangement: A fragrance delivery system similar in appearance, or used in similar locations as a tassel assembly having a fragrance delivery arrangement is provided. The fragrance delivery system similar in appearance, or used in similar locations as a tassel includes an attachment component for hanging the fragrance delivery system similar in... Agent:

20120168530 - Method and apparatus for detecting a plugged nozzle of a sprayer: A plugged nozzle monitoring system uses a thermal flow sensor located within a spray nozzle of an agricultural sprayer. The thermal flow sensor is free of moving parts and is made of corrosion-resistant materials. The thermal flow sensor is placed within the fluid flow path through the nozzle and activates... Agent:

20120168531 - Liquid delivery system: A liquid delivery system comprises a tank containing a supply of a first liquid. A positive displacement pump operates to withdraw the first liquid from the tank via a suction conduit and to deliver a pressurized flow of the first liquid via a delivery conduit. An adjustable metering orifice in... Agent: Global Agricultural Technology And Engineering LLC

20120168532 - System and method for at-nozzle injection of agrochemicals: A system and method for combining an additive with a carrier fluid in a spray nozzle. The carrier fluid is fed to one or more nozzles that include an embedded Venturi. The Venturi includes an induction port connected to an additive supply. As the carrier fluid flows through the nozzle,... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120168533 - Package comprising petaloid shaped base for producing foam and dispersing creamer and flavor: According to one embodiment, a package comprises a container member operable to contain a formula and one or more substantially non-flammable propellants for propelling the formula from the container member upon actuation. The package also comprises an aerosol system for dispensing the formula. The package further comprises a petaloid shaped... Agent: Whitewave Services, Inc.

20120168534 - Jet regulator: A jet regulator, having a non-circular profile when viewed in a flow direction, is provided. The jet regulator includes a jet regulator housing configured to be inserted into a water outlet of a sanitary outlet fitting from an outlet end side. The housing includes a latching part, which has at... Agent: Neoperl Gmbh

20120168535 - Telescopic water spray tool: A telescopic water spray tool includes a telescopic tube and a water delivering tube located in the telescopic tube. The telescopic tube includes an outer tube and an inner tube held in the outer tube and movable relative to the outer tube for a displacement to extend outside or retract... Agent:

20120168536 - Flexible tube for irrigating trees: A device for watering vegetation, such as a tree, has a flexible tube that can be laid flat and rolled up. The flexible tube has a watertight seal about 2 inches to about 6 inches from each end, which leaves a flap at each end. The flexible tube is placed... Agent:

20120168537 - Reactor feed nozzles: Improved reactor feed nozzles are disclosed. According to one embodiment, a feed nozzle comprises an inner tubing encased within an outer heat shield tubing, a first circular hole fabricated in the inner tubing, the first circular hole having a first diameter and serving as a discharge hole, a second circular... Agent: Ivanhoe Energy, Inc.

20120168538 - Spin annular slit spray nozzle and spray apparatus thereof: A spin annular slit spray nozzle includes: a core seat, a spin core, and a spin annular slit orifice. Said core seat has a core chamber, an inlet and an outlet communicated with the core chamber are provided on the core seat; the inlet of the core seat is communicated... Agent:

20120168539 - Double feed spreader having two dispensing holes: The present invention relates to a double feed spreader having two dispensing holes, constituted by forming two dispensing holes in a large-capacity feed spreader for dispensing granular feed and organic compost, and consequently by providing a dual shutter and a dual spreader fan to enable the quick and effective spreading... Agent:

20120168540 - Portable spreader for particulate matter: A gravity-feed spreader for particulate matter may include a rotor. The spreader may be operable for gravity-feed operation with the longitudinal axis of the rotor in a horizontal position. A generally cylindrical rotor housing with a pair of closed, axial ends may be coaxial with the rotor. Entrance and exit... Agent: Icg Saltshooter LLC

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