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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing June invention type 06/12

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06/28/2012 > 17 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120160925 - Fluid recirculation in droplet ejection devices: A fluid ejection apparatus includes a fluid distribution layer between a fluid manifold and a substrate. The fluid distribution layer includes fluid supply channels and fluid return channels. Each fluid supply channel receives fluid from the fluid supply chamber and circulates a fraction of the received fluid back to the... Agent:

20120160926 - Drip emitter with an independent non-drain valve: A flat type pressure regulated drip emitter with a non-drain valve capabilities that is installable inside a water supply conduit during the conduit manufacturing process and characterized by that the emitter's non-drain valve function is executed independently and separately from its pressure regulation function, through a portion of the emitter's... Agent: Plastro Irrigation Systems Ltd.

20120160927 - Water fountain: The present invention is directed to a water fountain (1) for in-home delivery of drinkable water, said fountain comprising a combination of at least: (i) a source (2), preferably a renewable source, of drinkable water, with (ii) a stock of packages (24), with (iii) filling means (29, 31, 32, 34,... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20120160928 - Sliding straw with solid food: Disclosed therein is a sliding straw with solid food including: an outer straw (100); an inner straw (200) inserted into the outer straw (100) to keep watertightness; and water-soluble or dispersible solid food (300) inserted into a lower end portion of the outer straw (100), wherein a lower end portion... Agent:

20120160929 - Electric interlock for spreader: A material spreader may include an electric interlock mechanism that is adjustable between: (1) a first condition where an electric supply line can supply electricity to operate a material transfer member and a door cannot be moved into an open position; and, (2) a second condition where the electric supply... Agent:

20120160930 - Air treatment device and method: An air treatment device includes a container containing a mixture. The container allows the mixture to be selectively exposed to ambient air. In one embodiment, the mixture contains at least the following: (1) a heat-generating material that generates heat when exposed to ambient air; and (2) a volatile substance in... Agent:

20120160931 - Rotary atomizer for particulate paints: A rotary atomizer applies particulate paints with good color matching by reducing paint droplet size deviation and then optimizing the other paint spraying parameters. Paint droplet size parameters are reduced by using a bell cup having reduced flow deviations, including an overflow surface having a generally constant angle between a... Agent:

20120160932 - Non-rotating coupling device: The invention is a quick connect and disconnect coupling system which limits the free rotation between the female socket and the male plug of the coupling with respect to one another. It comprises a male plug having a coupling end and a female socket having a coupling end with a... Agent:

20120160933 - Structuring assembly for an exhaust nozzle: The invention relates to a structuring assembly (13) for an exhaust nozzle, including the following main elements: (a) an outer skin (22) including a non-acoustic portion (33); (b) an inner structuring skin (23); (c) an acoustic structure (21) including cells (27) having a cellular core, said acoustic structure being arranged... Agent: Aircelle

20120160934 - System, method, and apparatus for delivering highly atomized diesel exhaust fluid to an exhaust aftertreatment system: A system includes a cylindrical blend chamber having two inlets and one outlet. The outlet is fluidly coupled to a transfer line, and a nozzle is positioned downstream of the transfer line. The nozzle is fluidly coupled to an exhaust stream of an internal combustion engine. The system further includes... Agent:

20120160935 - Slotted nozzle: The invention relates to a spray head having a slot-shaped central air outlet opening and preferably a slot-shaped paint nozzle for forming a flat jet of paint in an air-propelled application process.... Agent: J. Wagner Gmbh

20120160936 - Dispenser: A pneumatic dispenser for dispensing viscous material, for example, mastic caulk, from a container is described. The dispenser comprises a fluid supply arrangement for accepting a dispensing nozzle of the container and providing a flow of pressurized fluid to the dispensing nozzle to enable the material to be dispensed as... Agent:

20120160937 - Metering module for a liquid reducing agent: The present invention relates to a metering module (15) for a liquid reducing agent, in particular a urea-water solution, for mixing the reducing agent with a gas, in particular air, for further introduction into an exhaust pipe (5) of an internal combustion engine (1). The metering module (15) comprises a... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120160938 - Electromagnetic fuel injection valve: In an electromagnetic fuel injection valve, a valve body guide hole (15) which is connected to a valve seat (8) of a valve seat member (3) and slidably guides a valve body (14), and a large-diameter hole (17) which is connected to a rear end of the valve body guide... Agent: Keihin Corporation

20120160939 - Two-step de-icng nozzle: A nozzle for a spray gun comprises a fixed assembly and a displaceable assembly; the fixed assembly comprising a tubular nozzle housing (1) having an inlet end (2) connectable to a fluid supply, and having an outlet end (3) and a flow passage extending from the inlet end (2) to... Agent:

20120160940 - Electrostatic atomization device: An electrostatic atomization device that prevents the cooling capability from being lowered due to contact of an atomization electrode with another ember, while effectively preventing surplus production of condensed water that would destabilize discharging at the distal end of the atomization electrode. the electrostatic atomization device includes an atomization electrode... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120160941 - Showerhead electrodes: A silicon-based showerhead electrode is provided that can include a backside, a frontside, and a plurality of showerhead passages extending from the backside of the silicon-based showerhead electrode to the frontside of the silicon-based showerhead electrode. The silicon-based showerhead electrode can comprise single crystal silicon. The silicon-based showerhead electrode may... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

06/21/2012 > 24 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120153032 - Dynamic de-icing distance: A method for at least partially de-icing an aircraft by applying a de-icing fluid through a nozzle (10) is disclosed. The method involves the steps of: measuring a distance to an outside surface of the aircraft, applying the distance in an evaluation, controlling the position and/or the orientation of the... Agent:

20120153033 - Ice building machine: An ice building machine for spraying a fluid comprising water to form ice is described. The machine comprises: a chassis; a power generating source connected with the chassis; a control module electrically connected with the power generating source; and a fluid spray system coupled with the chassis and arranged to... Agent:

20120153035 - Fuel injection device and method for a fuel reformer: In a fuel injection device and method for injecting hydrocarbon fuel into a fuel reformer, the temperature of the fuel injection device is regulated by simultaneously heating the fuel and cooling the fuel injection device.... Agent: Powercell Sweden Ab

20120153034 - Solenoid actuator and fuel injector using same: In one aspect, a fuel injector includes an injector body that defines a fuel inlet, a drain outlet and a nozzle outlet. A direct operated check valve is positioned in the injector body and includes a needle valve member with an opening hydraulic surface exposed to fluid pressure in a... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20120153036 - Scent dispersing apparatus: An animal attractant, such as a liquid scent can be dispersed from a soft-shelled frangible capsule by positioning the capsule in an enclosure and then attaching the enclosure to an arrow. A plunger secured to the enclosure slidably moves inside the enclosure and causes rapture of the capsule upon impact... Agent:

20120153037 - Scent dispersing apparatus: An animal attractant, such as a liquid scent can be dispersed from a frangible housing by attaching the housing to an arrow and firing an arrow in a designated area frequented by animals. The housing has large fins secured about outer periphery of the housing, enlarging the impact surface of... Agent: Raeiem Bac, LLC

20120153039 - Pneumatic vacuum system for the delivery of odorant emission from scented substrates: An embedded micro-controller has direct control of the electromechanical devices (solenoid valves and vacuum relay). External hardware may signal the micro-controller. Additionally, application software such as those found in computer gaming, computer simulated training, interactive programs, and broadband technologies can source software enabling communication with the micro-controller over a USB... Agent: Sensory Acumen, Inc.

20120153038 - Scent-releasing apparatus and method of making same: A scent-releasing apparatus is provided. The scent-releasing apparatus includes a housing having a base and a cap coupled to the base to define an interior space. At least one of the base and the cap includes a plurality of apertures for permitting ambient airflow into the interior space. The scent-releasing... Agent:

20120153040 - Heater assembly for volatile liquid dispenser: Disclosed herein are more energy efficient heaters for dispensing volatile air treatment chemicals. The heaters have a housing with a base and a cover, the base and cover together defining an enclosure with an internal generally ring-shaped cavity and an axial through bore. One of the base and cover has... Agent:

20120153041 - Fluidic micro-generator of synthetic jets: Generator (1) of synthetic jets (2) for a main flow of fluid, comprising a cavity (10) delimited by a fixed wall (13) and a mobile wall. The fixed wall comprises a sleeve (8) and a head (4) provided with an orifice (14) through which the generated jet of fluid (2)... Agent:

20120153042 - Rolling lawn and garden sprinkler and sprayer: A rolling lawn and garden sprinkler and sprayer device is disclosed. The device is easily transported and maneuvered, can function as both a spot sprayer and a wide-area sprinkler, allows application of chemicals, and enhances the appearance of a lawn or garden. In one embodiment, the device resembles a large... Agent:

20120153043 - Power-efficient actuator assemblies and methods of manufacture: Power-efficient actuator apparatus and methods. In one exemplary embodiment, the actuator assembly utilizes a shape memory alloy (SMA) filament driven by an electronic power source to induce movement in the underlying assembly to actuate a load (e.g., water valve). In addition, a circuit board is included which allows the actuator... Agent:

20120153045 - Pressure regulator in a rotationally driven sprinkler nozzle housing assembly: A rotary sprinkler in accordance with an embodiment of the present disclosure includes a riser with a nozzle assembly rotatable mounted thereon. The nozzle assembly includes a pressure regulator and flow control element.... Agent:

20120153044 - Substrate liquid processing apparatus: A substrate liquid processing apparatus of the present invention includes a guide rotary cup configured to guide a process-liquid scattering from a substrate rotating and being held by a substrate holding table and a guide cup configured to guide downward the process-liquid guided by the guide rotary cup. The guide... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120153046 - Herbicide dispersing system: A herbicide dispersing system (1) that applies herbicides to weeds that have grown taller than wanted plants. A storage tank (3) supplies herbicide through a pump (5) and hose (6) to spray nozzles (7) located inside a spray bucket (4). The spray bucket is preferably V-shaped and has a cloth... Agent:

20120153047 - Reusable spray apparatus: A portable and reusable liquid spray apparatus, the spray apparatus configured to spray a liquid onto any surface. The apparatus has a spray housing which has a liquid chamber within. The liquid chamber having an opening into which a liquid may be poured and retained within the chamber. A propellant... Agent:

20120153048 - Method and apparatus to help promote contact of gas with vaporized material: Vaporizable material is supported within a vessel to promote contact of an introduced gas with the vaporizable material, and produce a product gas including vaporized material. A heating element supplies heat to a wall of the vessel to heat vaporizable material disposed therein. The vessel may comprise an ampoule having... Agent: Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.

20120153049 - Cleaning and detection system for automatic paint sprayer: A cleaning and detection system for automatic paint sprayer is provided, comprising a compressed air supplying device, a solvent supplying device, a diaphragm pump connected to the solvent supplying device for pumping the solvent from the solvent supplying device at a predetermined pressure, and a plurality of conduits for enabling... Agent: Guangqi Honda Automobile Co., Ltd.

20120153050 - Kitchen sink sprayer: Kitchen sink sprayer, comprising a body provided at one end with a coupling to a flexible hose extending from a faucet for adjusting the flow-rate and connected at its other end to a water outflow plug having an axis inclined with respect to the water flow direction. The body comprises... Agent:

20120153051 - Pressure regulating nozzle assembly with flow control ring: An irrigation sprinkler and sprinkler nozzle assembly including a self contained pressure regulator and flow control ring, which can be assembled with a desired spray deflector, shrub bubbler or rotating stream distributor on the top of the nozzle assembly. The pressure regulator housing is incorporated into the center of the... Agent:

20120153053 - Fuel injection valve: The invention relates to a fuel injection valve for injecting fuel into a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine, having a nozzle needle (1) which is guided, such that it can perform a stroke movement, in a central bore (2) of a nozzle body (3) in order to open... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120153052 - Electromagnetic fuel injection valve: In an electromagnetic fuel injection valve including a magnetic coil housing (31) having a coil assembly (28) housed therein, the coil housing (31) includes the first and second coil housing half bodies (31a, 31b) whose cross sections are each shaped like an inferior arc, and which are oppositely disposed so... Agent: Keihin Corporation

20120153054 - Micro-ejecting apparatus: There is provided a micro-ejecting apparatus. The micro-ejecting apparatus includes: an ejector including a channel therein and a driving part for ejecting a fluid to the outside; a body including a plurality of mounting parts on which the ejector is mounted; and guiding members fixed on the body and corresponding... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120153055 - Electrostatic atomization device: An electrostatic atomization device provided with a transformer including primary and secondary coils. A switching element is connected in series to the primary coil. A switching element drive circuit provides the switching element with a pulse signal to perform a switching operation and generate high voltage from the secondary coil.... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

06/14/2012 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120145805 - Fuel injection control device: A waveform detector detects a variation in fuel pressure based on a detection value of a fuel pressure sensor as a fuel pressure waveform. A determining portion determines whether an interval between injections is zero or smaller than a predetermined value based on the detected fuel pressure waveform when multi-step-injection... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120145806 - Apparatus and method for dispensing powders: Apparatus for dispensing a powder, comprises a dispensing nozzle having an upper portion for containing a quantity of the powder, having a minimum internal horizontal dimension of 5 mm, and a dispensing orifice below the upper portion, with a maximum internal horizontal dimension of from 200 μm to 3 mm.... Agent: Queen Mary & Westfield College, University Of London

20120145807 - Shower head having an electric tankless water heater: A combined showerhead and tankless water heater. A control panel permits a user to adjust the temperature level of the water that is heated. In one embodiment, the water flowing through the tankless water heater portion can be heated up about an additional eighteen (18) degrees.... Agent:

20120145808 - Method and apparatus for variable exhaust nozzle exit area: A nozzle effective exit area control system is created with a convergent-divergent nozzle with a divergent portion of the nozzle having a wall at a predetermined angle of at least 12° from the freestream direction. Disturbance generators are located substantially symmetrically oppositely on the wall to induce flow separation from... Agent: The Boeing Company

20120145809 - Environmentally friendly fuel activation device: The present invention relates to an environmentally friendly fuel activation device in which the fuel and water are atomized into atomized fuel particles, following attenuation of their cohesive force, to allow smooth mixing with oxygen, which improves combustion efficiency and reduces fuel costs, and more specifically comprises a water-supply tube... Agent:

20120145810 - Rotary switch valve and shower group with rotary switch valve: A rotary switch valve has a main body with a division board hermetically set in a sleeve body and the sleeve body and has a water inlet and two water outlets, a let-off pipe rotationally joined to the back of the sleeve body and connected to the back cavity, and... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20120145811 - Spray head press structure for use of kitchen counters: A spray head press structure for use of kitchen counters comprises a control valve mounted into an extensive conduit of a body and regulated via a press handle attached at the rear side of the body, and a locking collar secured to a threaded hole at the bottom of the... Agent:

20120145812 - Water-drip hose: A water-drip hose comprises: the first fusion splicing units formed to have an upper fusion splicing line parallel to an end portion of the outer film, a lower fusion splicing line shorter than the upper fusion splicing line, and side fusion splicing lines of a smooth curved shape for connecting... Agent:

20120145813 - Sprinkler head hose adapter: In a sprinkler head hose adapter, a swivel adapter is rotatably coupled to a head adapter. The swivel adapter defines a bore that extends therethrough and that is in fluid communication with a conduit coupled to the swivel adapter. A coupler is positioned in an end of the conduit and... Agent:

06/07/2012 > 17 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120138698 - Nozzle for use in fluidized catalytic cracking: Disclosed herein is a nozzle tip that atomizes a liquid entering a vessel or reaction zone that contains circulating fluidized particulates where the nozzle tip comprises a first elongated slot that intersects with a second elongated slot to define a single orifice. The first elongated slot may have members protruding... Agent: Bp Corporation North America Inc.

20120138699 - Spray dispensing cup: A spray apparatus has a container and a nozzle assembly. The nozzle assembly includes a cup member and a retention ring. The cup member has a central concave surface and a hole open to the central concave surface. A conduit extends downward below the hole and cooperates with the container... Agent:

20120138700 - Processes and apparatus for reducing the intensity of tropical cyclones: A navigable vessel for use in reducing the intensity of a tropical cyclone having an eye located over an ocean comprises a plurality of artificial snow-making devices aboard the vessel, at least one pump coupled to the devices and accessible to a body of water in which the vessel is... Agent:

20120138701 - Electrospray dispensing system: An electrospray dispensing system for delivering a controllable quantity of charged micro-droplets of a conductive fluid, and which includes an elongate fluid supply cylinder having a first end, a second end, a sidewall (e.g., forming a circular or other polygonal cross-section) between the first and second ends, and an interior... Agent:

20120138702 - Pressure compensated fuel injector: A method of operating a pressure compensated fuel injector includes: filling a fuel chamber with a charge of fuel by closing an injector valve and circulating a fuel from a fuel source through a plurality of recirculating valves and a cap valve; then isolating the fuel chamber and the charge... Agent:

20120138703 - Dual fan sprayer: A spray unit and process for controlled droplet atomization for use particularly in an orchard, wherein air is urged under pressure in substantially opposite directions in response to the actuation of dual, counter-rotating fans. The fans are, in one embodiment, driven by a motor that is coupled to the fans... Agent:

20120138704 - Heat resistant piezo bimorph synthetic jet apparatus: A heat resistant piezo bimorph synthetic jet apparatus comprises a working fluid chamber partially defined by a plate, a working fluid port that provides fluid flow communication between the working fluid chamber and a working fluid mass, and a bimorph piezoelectric structure included in the plate. The bimorph piezoelectric structure... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20120138705 - Portable fluid treatment and dispensing system: An apparatus and method for dispensing fluid to large numbers of people are disclosed. One embodiment of a portable apparatus for treating and dispensing fluid includes a housing that is fluidly attached to a fluid source. Several fluid delivery components are disposed within the housing to dispense fluid to a... Agent: Back Road Ventures, Inc. Dba Zip 2 Water

20120138706 - Rotor nozzle for a high-pressure cleaning appliance: A rotor nozzle for a high-pressure cleaning appliance is provided. The rotor nozzle has a housing, which comprises at least one inlet opening tangentially, and which is provided in a front wall with a pan-shaped depression with a central opening. A nozzle body is arranged in the housing and supported... Agent: Alfred Kaercher Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120138707 - Thrust reversal device: The present invention relates to a thrust reversal device (1) for a turbojet engine nacelle, characterized in that: (i) the movable cowl (3) is provided with at least one driving lead screw (30) having at least one peripheral groove over at least part of the length thereof, whereby said groove... Agent: Aircelle

20120138708 - Process and a device to clean substrates: The present invention relates to a process and a device for cleaning substrates. In particular the invention relates to an air-water jet device connected to a detergent dosing system. It is therefore an object of the present invention to provide air-water jet device for cleaning fabric articles with enhanced performance;... Agent:

20120138709 - Disk spray device: A disk spray device includes a shell having a bottom air inlet and a lateral air outlet, a fan rotatably mounted in the shell for streaming air through the bottom air inlet into the shell and then out of the lateral air outlet, and a spray tube mounted around an... Agent: Oav Equipment & Tools, Inc.

20120138710 - Hybrid variable area fuel injector with thermal protection: A hybrid variable area fuel injector is provided. The fuel injector includes a main body portion and a head portion carried by the main body portion. The fuel injector defines a fixed area port provided by the head portion for use during low flow conditions. The fuel injector defines a... Agent: Woodward Fst, Inc.

20120138712 - Injector for vehicle: An injector for a vehicle includes an acceleration passage and at least two expansion passages formed in a nozzle hole such that the acceleration passage increases flow of fuel and the expansion passage increases mixing rate of the fuel and air by generating bubbles in the fuel. The injector for... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120138711 - Lpi injector: An LPI injector includes an injector body that is supplied with fuel from the upper portion and injects the fuel down, an icing tube of which the upper end is coupled to the lower portion of the injector body and that injects the fuel inside the injector body through a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120138713 - Method for coating a surface of a component: The invention relates to a method for coating a surface (44), in particular a microstructured surface, of a component (55) comprising different materials, in particular glass and silicon, wherein the surface (44) is first activated and then coated, wherein an oxidising solution, a basic solution or an acid-oxidising solution is... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20120138714 - Electrospray delivery device: An electro-spray delivery device for delivering a stream of charged micro-droplets of a conductive fluid, and which a capillary tube having a proximal end in fluid communication with a source of conductive fluid and a distal end opposite the proximal end. The device also includes a solid guide wire coaxially... Agent:

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