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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing May archived by USPTO category 05/12

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05/31/2012 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120132723 - Method and apparatus for liquid precursor atomization: An apparatus for atomizing a precursor liquid for vapor generation and thin film deposition on a substrate. The precursor liquid is atomized by a carrier gas to form a droplet aerosol comprised of small precursor liquid droplets suspended in the carrier gas. The droplet aerosol is then heated to form... Agent: Msp Corporation

20120132724 - Pump fragrance device with a carrier agent: A pump fragrance device includes a pump spray, an inner housing connected to a spray head, and an outer housing on the inner housing. On the inner housing, a junction piece connected to the spray head has an opening thereon. The inner housing's surface has an assembling piece to fit... Agent: Aromate Industries Co., Ltd.

20120132725 - Fuel injector having tip cooling: According to various embodiments, a system includes a gasification fuel injector. The gasification fuel injector includes a tip portion, an annular coolant chamber disposed in the tip portion, a recessed surface for cooling control and a first structural support extending through the annular coolant chamber. The first structural support divides... Agent: General Electric Company

20120132726 - Rotary atomizer comprising an atomizer bell and a retainer: A rotary atomizer is disclosed, comprising an atomizer bell and a shaft carrying the same. The rotary atomizer may further include a retainer between the atomizer bell and the shaft, said retainer preventing, e.g., by the action of a centrifugal force, the atomizer bell from detaching itself from the shaft.... Agent:

20120132727 - Dual trajectory nozzle for rotor-type sprinkler: A sprinkler includes a turbine, a gear drive, a nozzle turret, and a nozzle that is installed in the turret. The gear drive rotatably couples the turbine and the nozzle. The nozzle has an exit angle which is different from its entry angle to change the trajectory of the water... Agent:

20120132728 - Injector for vehicles: An injector for vehicles improves utilization rate of air and mixing rate of air and fuel by disposing first and second nozzle holes having different K factors alternately. The injector for vehicles may include a housing of cylindrical shape, a plurality of nozzle holes communicating an inside of the housing... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120132729 - Multi-layer piezoelectric element, and injection device and fuel injection system incorporating the multi-layer piezoelectric element: A multi-layer piezoelectric element includes a stacked body configured so that piezoelectric layers and internal electrode layers are alternately laminated, and an external electrode composed of a sintered material of both electrically conductive particles and a glass, the external electrode which is bonded to a side surface of the stacked... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120132730 - Enhanced nozzle body: A nozzle body may be provided. The nozzle body may comprise a flow path and a vent. The flow path may be configured to provide an open channel for a fluid between a lower portion of a pipe and at least one outlet. The vent may be configured to vent... Agent: Agco Corporation

05/24/2012 > 20 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120126023 - Spreader assembly for vehicles and method for spreading granular materials: A spreader assembly comprising: a frame having a longitudinal axis; at least two bins mounted to the frame, two of the at least two bins being disposed sequentially along the longitudinal axis and each including a movement imparting assembly oriented substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis of the frame and... Agent:

20120126024 - Methods and systems to deliver volatile compounds: Methods and systems for biological control of pests and pest-borne diseases, such as in agriculture, include vapor delivery systems with (a) a reservoir for holding the volatile compound(s), typically in liquid form, to be released into the atmosphere, (b) a means of supplying the reservoir with volatile compound(s), (c) one... Agent:

20120126025 - Methods, devices, compositions, and systems for improved scent delivery: Systems, devices, methods, and compositions that improve the scent perception for a user. Improved scent perception is achieved by presenting alternating scents and by varying levels of output of scents, as well as by minimizing device clogging, thereby improving evaporation profiles.... Agent:

20120126026 - Moisture probe and system: An advanced landscape irrigation control system that integrates a soil moisture probe with a timer-based controller which can be used to directly control a single irrigation zone without need for a separate timer-based controller. The invention is equally capable of being installed as a soil moisture sensor that operates under... Agent:

20120126027 - Garden watering device: A multi-purpose watering device that operates as a handheld device and ground based watering device. The device consists of a long handle leading to a turret sprinkler with water distribution on at least two sides. One side is used in a ground based position to water small to medium area... Agent: Abinitio Watering LLC

20120126028 - Rotary irrigation sprinkler with an electromagnetic drive system: A magnetically driven irrigation sprinkler is disclosed with a magnetic drive mechanism for rotating a fluid outlet relative to a fluid inlet. In one form, the drive mechanism includes a permanently polarized magnet and an electromagnet.... Agent:

20120126029 - Water-powered multi-mode waterway oscillator: A water-powered multi-mode waterway oscillator has a main conduit directing a main fluid flow. The main conduit has a fixed end, and a driven gear coupled to a rotatable end. Control conduit redirects a portion of the main flow to turn a waterwheel, drive shaft, and main drive gear. A... Agent:

20120126030 - Light cleaning device for a vehicle: Provided is a light cleaning device for washing lights located on an external portion of a vehicle. The device has an elongate housing formed with an inlet port connectable to a source of pressurized liquid and a rinsing head fitted with at least one jet nozzle. The jet nozzle is... Agent: Raviv - Agriculture Cooperative Societies Ltd.

20120126031 - Light cleaning device for a vehicle: Provided is a light cleaning device for washing lights located on an external portion of a vehicle. The device has an elongate housing formed with an inlet port connectable to a source of pressurized liquid and a rinsing head fitted with at least one jet nozzle. The jet nozzle is... Agent: Raviv - Agriculture Cooperative Societies Ltd.

20120126032 - Seeding device: Tracer particles together with air are jetted from a nozzle of a seeder into a hood, the air is guided by a collision surface of the hood, deflected to a downstream side in an airflow direction in a wind tunnel, and flows out into the wind tunnel through an opening... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120126033 - Portable spray rig: A multi-purpose, portable spray rig, which also functions as a stationary unit including a vertically disposed propeller fan rotatable through 360 degrees to create a wind stream in the direction of a supporting tower. A tubular ring in a plane parallel to the wind stream created by the propeller. The... Agent:

20120126034 - Impingement mixing liquid dispensing apparatus and methods: The invention comprises two or more nozzle outlets, oriented so as to dispense liquid streams on convergent paths. The convergent steams, upon impingement one with the other, mix external to the nozzle, the mixed liquids thereafter proceeding to the target surface. Feeding the convergent nozzle outlets are independent fluid pathways,... Agent:

20120126035 - Austragvorrichtung fuer fluessige medien: The first discharge orifice is part of a first subordinate device of the discharging unit and the pump, a portion of the outlet duct, and an outlet valve provided in the outlet duct are part of a second subordinate device of the discharging unit. The first subordinate device is capable,... Agent:

20120126036 - Non pressure compensated drip irrigation emitter with multiflow facility: Described is a non pressure compensated drip emitter with multiflow facility, the drip emitter being placed inside a pipe of a drip irrigation system, the drip emitter comprising: a housing; a filter system being fitted at each inlet to ensure pure supply of water inside the emitter; three pools of... Agent:

20120126037 - Electromagnetic fuel injector and method for assembling the same: An electromagnetic fuel injection valve comprising: a metallic cylindrical-shaped vessel provided at a tip end thereof with a fuel injection port, the other end thereof being closed by a stationary core provided centrally thereof with a through-hole; a movable member arranged between the stationary core and the fuel injection port... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120126038 - Nozzle and method of making same: Nozzle and a method of making the same are disclosed. The method includes the steps of: (a) providing a first material that is capable of undergoing multiphoton reaction; (b) forming a first microstructured pattern in the first material using a multiphoton process; (c) replicating the first microstructured pattern in a... Agent:

20120126039 - Charge-dispersing alpha prime-beta prime sialon: Industrial blast nozzles are disclosed which have liners made, at least in part, from a SiAlON-containing ceramic material which has a surface resistance of about 12 megaOhms or less and an erosion rate of about 1.9×10−4 cm3/g or less. The SiAlON-containing ceramic material preferably contains a two-phase SiAlON, silicon carbide,... Agent: Kennametal, Inc.

20120126040 - Powerless double-distribution pans fertilizer distributor: The present invention relates to a powerless double-distribution fans fertilizer distributor which respectively rotates two disks by driving two wheels by traction so as to distribute a fertilizer, wherein the fertilizer distributor comprises: a hopper (20) which has fertilizer discharge holes in a left and right symmetrical structure and is... Agent:

20120126041 - Discharge device and electrostatic atomization device comprising same: Disclosed is a discharge device (20) which comprises a power supply unit (22) that supplies a first voltage, a piezoelectric transducer (24) that increases the first voltage to a second voltage by means of vibrations, and a first electrode (26) for producing a discharge product (P) by performing a discharge... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120126042 - Electrostatic spray system with grounding teeth: A system, in certain embodiments, includes a spray device having a frame with a receptacle configured to receive a self-contained spray can, a trigger assembly disposed within the frame and configured to selectively engage a spray of fluid from a spray nozzle of the self-contained spray can, a grounding system... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

05/17/2012 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120118991 - Concentrated mast cell stabilizing pharmaceutical formulations: Liquid aqueous pharmaceutical solutions, containing a mast cell stabilizing active agent for application to the upper and lower respiratory tract or in the eye are provided. The solutions comprise both a non-ionic and an ionic tonicity-adjusting excipient. They are particularly useful for the aerosol treatment of respiratory diseases such as... Agent: Pari Pharma Gmbh

20120118992 - Fluid shaping apparatus: A fluid shaping apparatus includes a nozzle and one or more armature bars. The nozzle includes a first end and a second end and has an inlet port positioned at the first end of the nozzle and an outlet port positioned at the second end of the nozzle. The nozzle... Agent:

20120118990 - Personal defense spray gun and method: A reusable personal defense spray gun and method which is easy to hold, aim, and actuate, and which includes an alarm for attracting assistance and/or stunning, disorienting, or disabling an attacker, especially in an emergency, includes a replaceable canister which is capable of dispensing fluid independent of its orientation.... Agent:

20120118993 - Dispenser device of a substance: The present invention relates to a dispenser device of a substance, comprising a container-body (10; 110; 210) of an elongated shape, at least one tank (12; 112; 212) for containing the substance to be dispensed, at least partially contained inside said body, a cap (16; 116; 216) able to hermetically... Agent: Cms Di Colosio Mauro

20120118994 - Jet-breaker device for jet irrigation apparatus and jet irrigation apparatus comprising such device: A jet-breaker device for a jet irrigation apparatus having a supporting frame with a portion for anchoring it to the launch pipe of an irrigation apparatus, jet-breaker means connected to the frame and designed to at least partially project out of the nozzle of the apparatus for interfering with the... Agent:

20120118995 - Safety video spray: A personal protection device providing the user with increased protection against an attacker. The device is sufficiently compact so that it can be hand-held by the user. The device is equipped with a canister containing pepper spray (or other non-lethal fluid), a camera (capable of recording up to three minutes),... Agent:

20120118996 - Projector and member for spraying a coating material, and spraying method using such a sprayer: The invention relates to a rotary sprayer for spraying a coating material, comprising a fixed body, a spraying member, means for rotating the spraying member about a rotational axis, and means for supplying the spraying member with a coating material. The spraying member for the coating material includes a flow... Agent:

20120118997 - Fan diversion sturcture: The present invention is to offer a fan diversion structure which is adapted to be disposed on a fan, and the fan diversion structure comprises at least one deflector and at least one connecting part. The deflector, which is adapted to be disposed across front of an air outlet of... Agent:

20120118998 - Adjustable flow jet irrigator device: An adjustable flow jet irrigator includes a tubular conduit (3, 13) for the passage of an irrigation liquid flow having a predetermined pressure (P), the conduit (3, 13) having an inlet (5, 15) adapted to be connected to a liquid feeding line and an outlet (6 16) with a peripheral... Agent:

20120118999 - Hot nozzle for lateral spraying: A hot nozzle for spraying of plastic components. The hot nozzle includes a multipart nozzle body including a tip inset including a tip element having a tip section protruding outwardly beyond a circumferential surface of the multipart nozzle body into a molding plate. The tip section of the tip element... Agent: Ewikon Heisskanalsysteme Gmbh & Co. Kg

05/10/2012 > 15 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120111961 - Grove sprayer: A fogging grove sprayer has a nozzle enclosing housing having at least one outlet therefrom and encloses a plurality of air sheer nozzles using compressed air to atomize a spray solution which is dispensed into the housing. Each air sheer nozzle has a liquid under pressure and high pressure air... Agent:

20120111962 - Solid chemical dissolver and methods: A solid chemical feed unit dissolver has an upper feed unit chamber with an inwardly tapering sealing surface at its lower end and against which a lowermost feed unit seals, retaining the upper chamber in a dry condition, preventing wetting and caking of solid chemical feed units behind the dissolving... Agent:

20120111963 - Systems and methods for driving sealed nebulizers: Various methods, devices, and systems are described for aerosolizing a liquid. Embodiments may include sealing the liquid within a reservoir. An output waveform signal may be generated. A nebulizer element may be vibrated to aerosolize the liquid. A negative pressure may be produced within the reservoir as the liquid is... Agent: Nektar Therapeutics

20120111964 - Fuel injection system and method for injecting hydrocarbon fuel into a fuel reformer: A fuel injection system and method for injecting hydrocarbon fuel into a fuel reformer for generating hydrogen rich gas from hydrocarbon fuel are provided. The hydrocarbon fuel is injected into the fuel reformer as spray having a pulsating pressure.... Agent: Powercell Sweden Ab

20120111965 - Fuel injector with needle control system that includes f, a, z and e orifices: A common rail fuel injector includes a needle valve member that moves to open and close nozzle outlets for a fuel injection event responsive to pressure in a needle control chamber. Between injection events, the needle control chamber is fluidly connected to the fuel inlet by a first pathway that... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20120111966 - Devices and methods for emanating liquids: at least one reservoir in the housing for holding the volatile liquid; at least two valves in the housing in communication with the reservoir, wherein each of said valves is configured to be automatically resealable when not being held open; and wherein each type of device emanates the volatile liquid... Agent: Reckitt & Colman (overseas) Limited

20120111967 - Hollow-fiber membrane module for moisture exchange: A hollow-fiber membrane module for moisture exchange including a tubular outer case, a tubular inner case, plural hollow-fiber membranes, sealing portions, an inlet, an outlet, a first flow path, a second flow path, and a tubular porous member. The inner case is coaxially contained in the outer case so as... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd

20120111968 - Bubble phase air freshener: A fragrance bearing liquid, visible in a transparent container, supporting a floating colorized liquid bubble that is maintained in a substantially centered position. A wicking system transfers the fragranced liquid to the atmosphere.... Agent: Latitudes International

20120111969 - Systems and methodologies for achieving acoustic cancellation in synthetic jet ejectors: A system is provided for producing synthetic jets. The system comprises a first synthetic jet ejector equipped with a first diaphragm which operates at a first frequency f1, and a second synthetic jet ejector equipped with a second diaphragm which operates at a second frequency f2. The first and second... Agent: Nuventix Inc.

20120111970 - Aerosol generator: An aerosol generator has a vibratable plate with apertures therein and an annular piezo which causes movement of the vibratable plate. An annular support member supports the piezo and the vibratable plate. A first electrical power conducting pin engages directly with a first, top, surface of the piezo. A second... Agent: Stamford Devices Limited

20120111971 - Outdoor shower device: An outdoor shower device, comprising a water storage module, a power supply module, a heating module, a control module, a water supply module and an alarm module, wherein the water storage module is employed for water source storage, the control module controls the heating module to heat the water based... Agent:

20120111972 - Hydro-thermo irrigation mat: A hydro-thermo irrigation mat (10) is comprised of a base sheet (11), a water-permeable root-shielding top sheet (12), and a capillary mat (15) of absorbent material therebetween. One or more flat pliable drip tapes (18) are loosely disposed in spaced-apart relationship between the top sheet (12) and the capillary mat... Agent:

20120111973 - Handheld and multi-section water distributor: A handheld and multi-section water distributor contains a body including an inlet end, an outlet end, and a chamber defined between the inlet end and the outlet end; a pressing element including a push segment and a press segment integrally connected on a bottom end of the push segment; a... Agent:

20120111974 - Hair cosmetic product: A hair cosmetic product having a two agent hair cosmetic which contains a first agent containing an alkali agent and a second agent containing hydrogen peroxide, wherein at least one of the first and second agents contains a surfactant; and a foamer vessel which discharges a mixed liquid comprising the... Agent: Kao Corporation

20120111975 - Nozzle for adhesive coater: The present invention provides a nozzle assembly adapted to apply adhesives uniformly when forming one or more adhesive lines on upper surface of a fibrous web continuously running. A nozzle assembly 12 in an adhesive coater 11 to form one or more adhesive lines extending in a machine direction MD... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

05/03/2012 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120104111 - Effective droplet drying: In one aspect, the invention provides a system and method for spray drying a fluid. The system comprises a fluid reservoir (2), a spraying device (3) that comprises at least one outflow opening (4) for projecting droplets of fluid (5) from the reservoir (2) out of the at least one... Agent:

20120104112 - Fluid injector and method and apparatus for operating the fluid injector: A fluid injector has a longitudinal axis (L) and a valve needle (12), which is axially moveable and operable to prevent a fluid injection in a closing position and to permit the fluid injection in further positions. The fluid injector also has an armature (14) which is mechanically coupled to... Agent:

20120104113 - Vented dispensing device: The dispensing device provides dispensable material in a closable container in concert with a corresponding accessory so that the container and the accessory can be commonly stored when not in use, and further provides a ventilated storage volume within the device that can facilitate drying and aerating the accessory.... Agent: Digital Innovations, LLC

20120104114 - Shower head that can turn colors along with temperature change: The present invention discloses a shower head that can turn colors along with temperature change. The said shower head that can turn colors along with temperature change comprises a hollow body and a face cover hermetically set at the front end of the hollow body, and the unity or part... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20120104115 - Boundary edge filter of a unit fuel injector: A unit fuel injector (30) has a boundary edge filter. A first endless annular internal space (100) is open to a holes (92) forming a fuel inlet port, a second endless annular internal space (102) that is spaced axially of the first endless annular internal space and through which fuel... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company, LLC

20120104116 - Percussive sprinkler with adjustable discharge angle: A percussive sprinkler with adjustable discharge angle has a pedestal, adjusting ring, main body, percussion guide frame and sprinkler head driving rod. The percussive sprinkler is characterized by that, the height of the spacing for the driving rod retaining surface of the adjusting ring can be adjusted via an adjustor,... Agent:

20120104117 - Spray head: Spray head, which comprises a spray head body (2), which comprises at least one nozzle (3), a heat-activated triggering element (5), in connection with the spray head of which a protection means (6) is arranged, which protection means is in front of the nozzle (3) in the protective position and... Agent: Marioff Corporation Oy

20120104118 - Sprinkler adapter device having multiple rates of output flow: A sprinkler adapter device having multiple rates of output flow of a sprinkler has an inlet-driving unit, an outlet valve and a discharge rotor. The inlet-driving unit has a body and a cover combined with the body, respectively having a first connection portion and a second connection portion communicating with... Agent: Kwan-ten Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20120104119 - Two-phase spraying nozzle and vaporising device comprising same: The vaporization nozzle (1) is formed by a nozzle body (10) including a first pressurized gas intake perforation (11), and at least one second perforation (12) for intake of a liquid to be fractionated, in communication with the first perforation, and a liquid vaporization zone (13), formed in the axis... Agent:

20120104120 - Two-phase spring: An annular two-phase spring has a plurality of first waves providing a first spring rate and a plurality of second waves providing a second spring rate. The two-phase spring can be used for installing a fuel injector in a fuel injector bore to improve sound performance.... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20120104121 - Fuel injection valve: A fuel injection valve that promotes formation of thin membranes of fuel within injection holes and promotes atomization of spray is obtained. Holes provided in an injection hole plate 11 are combined injection holes 16 formed by partially overlapping two or more single injection holes 15a, 15b, 15c from an... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120104122 - Long reach impingement nozzle for use in robotic water cleaning systems: A water cleaning nozzle and more specifically, a long reach water cleaning nozzle for accessing narrow and small places within a manufactured part.... Agent:

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