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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing April category listing, related patent applications 04/12

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04/26/2012 > 22 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120097751 - Carbon dioxide coating method and device therefor: The present invention provides a low environmental burden type coating method using carbon dioxide and a coating device therefor that carry out carbon dioxide coating in which carbon dioxide is substituted for all or a portion of a diluent solvent (thinner) used in organic solvent-based spray coating, the coating method... Agent: Nat Inst Of Adv Industrial Sci And Tech

20120097752 - Generating method and generator for generating mist or fine-bubble by using surface acoustic wave: In a generating method and a generator of mist or fine-bubble, with a simple and small configuration, application into a wide range kind of liquid is enabled, and generating stably the mist or the fine-bubbles or both is enabled. The generator is provided with a piezoelectric substrate which equips two... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20120097753 - Glycol sensor for feedback loop control: A method of maintaining a desired level of an aerosolized compound within a space to be treated with the compound, the method including providing a diffusion device with the compound in liquid form and a control system for operating the device. The control system includes a sensor in fluid communication... Agent:

20120097754 - Water-based air freshener compositions, systems, and methods of use thereof: Air freshener compositions, devices, and methods are disclosed.... Agent:

20120097755 - Shotcrete carrier and method of applying shotcrete: A shotcrete carrier includes a dry mix hopper, a wet mix shotcrete spraying machine, and a mixing auger for wetting the dry mix as it is conveyed from the dry mix hopper to the shotcrete spraying machine on a common mobile frame. The shotcrete spraying machine comprises an inlet hopper... Agent:

20120097756 - System and method for cooling a nozzle: A nozzle includes a center body. A shroud circumferentially surrounds at least a portion of the center body to define an annular passage between the center body and the shroud. A closed loop cooling circuit extends inside the center body. A method for cooling a nozzle includes flowing a cooling... Agent: General Electric Company

20120097757 - System and method for cooling a nozzle: A nozzle includes a center body and a shroud circumferentially surrounding at least a portion of the center body to define an annular passage between the center body and the shroud. A plurality of apertures pass through the center body to the annular passage, and a plenum extends inside the... Agent: General Electric Company

20120097758 - System and method for creating ink art: A system, method and apparatus is disclosed for coloring a substantially wicking substrate comprising applying to a substantially wicking substrate an ink comprising a first dye and a second dye applying a first solvent to the substantially wicking substrate to move the first dye and or the second dye in... Agent:

20120097759 - Misting humidifying and evaporative cooling simulated flora: A plurality of artificial tree or plant trunks each have vertically spaced directional multiple misting nozzles at various desired heights on pipes camouflaged as bamboo poles or thick stems or trunks of other plants. The simulated trunks and simulated shoots of the same species are anchored in a firm water... Agent:

20120097760 - Gear typed sprinkler assembly: A sprinkler assembly has a body, a base assembly, a wheel, a gear assembly, a discharging valve, a spraying head and a cover. The wheel is rotatably mounted in a wheel chamber in the base assembly and has a driving gear. The gear assembly has gear sets engaging each other.... Agent: Kwan-ten Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20120097761 - Twelve-hour structure for thrust reverser, in particular with grids: The invention relates to a twelve-hour structure for a thrust reverser, that comprises a half beam (1) capable of holding a reverser half cowling and including a plurality of hinge yokes (9c) for rotatingly mounting said half beam (1) on a nacelle-holding mast. The half beam (1) is at least... Agent: Aircelle

20120097762 - Paint spray gun: The invention relates to a paint spray gun (1) having a compressed air distribution chamber (8) into which a compressed air feed line (10), a round jet line (6) and a wide jet line (7) open, the quantity of compressed air supplied to the compressed air distribution chamber (8), the... Agent: Sata Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120097763 - Chemical dispenser: A chemical dispensing apparatus to deliver a treatment solution includes a housing configured to be mounted to a wall surface and main fluid passage fitted with an inlet hose coupling at one end and an outlet hose coupling at an opposite end. A control valve is disposed across the main... Agent:

20120097764 - Spray device and use thereof: This invention is directed to a method for producing a coating layer of a coating composition comprising two or more components. The two or more components are mixed post atomization. This invention is also directed to a spray gun having a spray needle comprising two or more spray channels for... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120097765 - Fine finish airless spray tip assembly for a spray gun: The present technique provides a system and method for improving atomization in a spray coating device. An exemplary spray coating device of the present technique has a fine finish tip with an atomization section comprising a first fluid impingement orifice, i.e., a pre-orifice, angled toward an expansion chamber and a... Agent: Ilinois Tool Works Inc.

20120097766 - Sidespray having volume control: A sidespray for use with a water faucet unit includes a trigger valve and a volume control valve. The trigger valve is configured to define a full-ON water flow condition and a full-OFF water flow condition for the sidespray. A diverter actuator is coupled to the trigger valve to select... Agent:

20120097767 - Spray device for spraying multiple components and use thereof: This invention is directed to a method for producing a coating layer of a coating composition comprising two or more components. The two or more components are mixed post atomization. This invention is also directed to a spray gun having a delivery device for producing such coating layer.... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120097768 - Fuel injector: A fuel injector for use in an internal combustion engine includes a valve member that is moveable within a bore of an injection nozzle so as to be engageable with a valve seat region to control fuel delivery through one or more nozzle outlets, an injector body housing an actuator... Agent:

20120097769 - Drip irrigation emitters with manually adjustable water directing structure: An emitter to be used for drip irrigation is described. It includes a base equipped with a plunger that can be inserted into a drip irrigation pipe. The base is shaped to hold a spherical rotating member. This rotating member is traversed by a conduit that direct the water flow... Agent: Zujii Tech LLC

20120097770 - Water spray plate: There is disclosed a water spray plate having micro-shower-holes formed therein to expand a passage area of liquid. The plurality of the shower hole arrays formed to unit sprayed liquids may be arranged and there may be an effect of enabling the user to feel that sufficient liquid is supplied... Agent:

20120097771 - Adjustable needle packing assembly for a spray gun: The present technique provides a system and for improving control of a needle valve in a spray coating device. An exemplary spray coating device of the present technique has a needle valve assembly that controls entry of a fluid to a fluid delivery tip. The needle valve assembly includes an... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20120097772 - Twist tip air cap assembly including an integral sleeve for a spray gun: The present technique provides a system and method for improving a tip assembly for a spray coating device. An exemplary spray coating device of the present technique has a twist tip with air-assist channels. The twist tip may be applied to a spray gun and provides a portion of the... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

04/19/2012 > 18 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20120091217 - Texture material for covering a repaired portion of a textured surface: A texture material formulated substantially to match a pre-existing texture pattern. The texture material comprises a carrier, a binder, a filler, and a pH change material. The texture material changes from a wet form to a solidified form when exposed to air. A pH of the texture material changes as... Agent: Homax Products, Inc.

20120091218 - Method for the production of low voc fragranced hydrogel spheres having improved optical clarity: A method for producing low-VOC fragranced hydrogel spheres of improved optical clarity and fragrance delivery is described and comprises the steps of combining a stable oil-in-water fragrance microemulsion absent co-solvents with a coarse dry granular, super-absorbent, hydrogel-forming copolymer. The resulting discrete hydrogel spheres have transparent optical beauty and liberate fragrance... Agent: The Dial Corporation

20120091219 - Application specific integrated circuit including a motion detection system: An integrated circuit includes a detector having a detecting device that detects a proximity condition and develops a parameter of electric power related thereto and a parameter measuring device coupled to the detecting device. The parameter measuring device comprises a parameter detector, and an analog-to digital converter (ADC) coupled to... Agent:

20120091220 - Gas permeation devices: A system used for permeating or emitting a gas or a chemical at a constant, predictable and controllable rate uses an amorphous fluoropolymer material as a gateway. The system may comprise a tube assembly which holds a gas or liquid. The gas or liquid permeates though the fluoropolymer material to... Agent:

20120091221 - Wick diffuser: A wick diffuser employing a cellulosic based wick is disclosed. The wick diffuser includes a base from which first and second arcuate panels upwardly and outwardly extend and flanking a center cellulosic wick. The wick is substantially planar in shape and upwardly extends from a container of volatile organic compound... Agent: S.c. Johnson & Son, Inc.

20120091222 - Soil moisture sensor and controller: Moisture sensor devices and methods are disclosed herein. One embodiment includes an integrated moisture sensor and controller to be placed in soil comprising a controller circuit for controlling a switch; a sensor circuit comprising a probe and adapted to provide a soil moisture level; and a memory coupled to the... Agent: Rain Bird Corporation

20120091223 - Nanoparticle aerosol generator: A nanoparticle aerosol generator, comprised of a vibrating fluidized bed with a baffle, a vibrating Venturi disperser and a cyclone separator. To generate nanoparticle aerosols, the nanoparticle aerosol generator uses the multiple impaction, vibrating air flow and vibrating high speed air flow to break up larger agglomerates, and multiple dilution... Agent:

20120091224 - Microdroplet generation apparatus: A microdroplet generation apparatus comprises an oscillation plate having a first through-hole, a connection plate having a second through-hole corresponding to the first through-hole, a nozzle disc fixed to the connection plate and having a plurality of tiny injection holes on a region thereof corresponding to the first and second... Agent: Health & Life Co., Ltd.

20120091225 - Easy-clean spray head for a garden hose: An easy-clean spray head for a garden hose comprises a spray member, an adjustment device and a spray head. The spray member has a hollow body having a water intake channel, a water outlet channel, a pivot portion protruding from a surface of the spray member and attached to a... Agent: Shin Tai Spurt Water Of The Garden Tools Co., Ltd.

20120091226 - Method and system for preheating epoxy coatings for spray application: A method and system for the spray application of epoxy materials is provided. The system includes a dual walled tank structure as a reservoir for containing and preheating the epoxy materials in preparation for mixing and spray application. Each component of the epoxy material is preheated before the components are... Agent:

20120091227 - Drift shroud system for spray booms of turf sprayer: A turf sprayer has a truss shaped center boom and a pair of pivotal truss shaped wing booms within which spaced spray nozzles are supported. A drift shroud system comprises three integral and one-piece drift shrouds comprising a center shroud for the center boom and a pair of side shrouds... Agent:

20120091228 - Spray device for generating foam: A spray device for generating foam includes a container provided for receiving liquid, a spray element mounted on a top of the container, a guiding tube extending into an interior of container, and a pressurizing element mounted on the container. The spray element has a guiding channel defined therein. The... Agent: Hsih Tung Tooling Co.,ltd.

20120091229 - Manual pump type fluid dispenser: A manual pump fluid dispenser has a base (112) and a dispensing cap (114) with a dispenser outlet (144′) mounted to the base. Insert (116) is mounted between the base and the cap to define at least one pump chamber (122, 123). The insert engages with the base to define... Agent: Leafgreen, Ltd.

20120091230 - Tank sprayer assembly including tank component and sprayer package subassembly: A tank sprayer assembly includes a tank component and a subassembly, the tank component having a neck that defines a first access opening. The subassembly includes a sprayer component and a packaging container, the packaging container defining a cavity and having a lower wall defining a second access opening. The... Agent: Gilmour, Inc.

20120091231 - Aromatic shower head device: A shower head assembly having a fragrant releasing device operable to release a scent when water is passed through the shower head assembly is provided. Preferably the fragrant releasing device is formed in part by a gelatinous material operable to release a predetermined scent when placed in contact with water.... Agent:

20120091232 - Jet diffusor: A jet aerator (1) having an aerator housing (8) that can be installed in the water discharge of a sanitary outlet fitting, and having a jet splitter (12) in the interior of the housing, dividing the inflowing water flow into a plurality of individual jets, a mixing zone (14) being... Agent: Neoperl Gmbh

20120091233 - Actuator arrangement: An actuator arrangement for an electromagnetically operated fuel injector, includes a generally cylindrical actuator core having a longitudinal axis and defining an inner pole face of the actuator arrangement. The actuator core is formed of a bespoke magnetic material. A wire coil is disposed around the actuator core arranged to... Agent:

20120091234 - Electro-hydrodynamic wind energy systems and methods: Provided are electro-hydrodynamic (EHD) system for extracting energy from wind. Also provided are injectors for producing particles in an EHD system. Additionally, methods for producing particles in an EHD system is also provided. Further provided are displays comprising an EHD wind energy system. Also, an electro-hydrodynamic wind energy system integrated... Agent:

04/12/2012 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120085834 - Flame tolerant primary nozzle design: A fuel nozzle includes a nozzle cavity with a side wall defining an annular cavity, and swirler vanes arranged circumferentially around an outer surface of the nozzle cavity. A plurality of ports are formed in the side wall and are circumferentially spaced around the nozzle cavity. The ports provide fluid... Agent:

20120085835 - Needle valve member with frustoconical guide segment and fuel injector using same: A fuel injector includes an injector body with a tip component that defines at least one nozzle outlet. A needle valve member is positioned in the injector body and includes a frustoconical segment positioned in a frustoconical bore to separate a needle control chamber from a nozzle chamber. The needle... Agent: Caterpillar, Inc.

20120085836 - Drive system for a mobile sprayer and/or for a mobile blower: The present invention provides a drive system for a mobile blower or a mobile sprayer. The drive system includes at least one flexible cable drive which connects a fan unit of the mobile blower or the mobile sprayer to a rotary power source to drive the fan. The present invention... Agent:

20120085837 - Soot preventing type tail trim: A soot preventing type tail trim may include a tail pipe discharging exhaust gas, and a body enclosing an outer circumference of the tail pipe with a predetermined space therebetween, such that wind may be allowed to flow into the predetermined space and to be discharged therefrom to generate a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120085838 - Spray device for catalyst atomization: This invention is directed to a method for producing a coating layer of a coating composition by introducing a catalyst as a second component into an atomized stream of a first component of the coating composition. This invention is also directed to a spray gun for producing such coating layer.... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120085839 - Handheld showerhead with fluid passageways: A handheld showerhead includes a showerhead portion and a handle portion. The showerhead portion includes a plurality of nozzles. At least two fluid channels are defined in part by at least two walls that are adjacent and parallel to each other and a curved wall that extends between edges of... Agent: Water Pik, Inc.

20120085840 - Adjustable smooth bore nozzle: An adjustable nozzle comprising a nozzle body with an inlet, an outlet and a flow chamber having a smooth bore extending between the inlet and the outlet. An elastic water impervious material is in fluid communication with the inlet and is tapered and is able to expand due to its... Agent: Watershield LLC

20120085841 - Direct injection injector for engine: A direct injection injector for an engine includes a body forming the outer structure and having a space therein, a needle inserted to slide linearly in the body and having a hole therein forming a fuel channel, and a cylinder nozzle fitted on needle to communicate with hole and having... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120085842 - Viscous non-contact jetting method and apparatus: This invention concerns a method and apparatus for dispensing minute quantities of highly viscous material from a jetting needle when an expelling mechanism is activated using a nozzle plate with a jetting chamber having a top formed by a diaphragm and a bottom in fluid communication with a jetting needle.... Agent: Advanjet

20120085843 - System to apply mainly phytosanitary products that use the principle of electrostatic attraction: A system to apply mainly phytosanitary products that use the principle of electrostatic attraction. A high static charge is imprinted on the microdrops in the nozzle with high flows of water using a simple industrial design and very low probabilities of failure. The system is very stable and reliable. An... Agent: Adolfo Alamos Vasquez

20120085844 - Electrostatic spraying device: An electrostatic spraying device (1) includes a tank (11) in which a liquid is stored, a gas supply path (6a) which communicates with the tank (11), a pump (2) which applies pressure to the liquid in the tank (11) by supplying air to the tank (11) via the gas supply... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

04/05/2012 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120080535 - Cotton-gentle hypochlorite bleach: Household-strength bleach contains just two essential components, hypochlorite and hydroxide, and the hypochlorite is well-known to damage soft fabrics. In this invention is discovered a third component, the concentration ratio which is the concentration of hypochlorite over the concentration of hydroxide in the bleach solution. Although considered impossible, hypochlorite bleach... Agent:

20120080536 - Method for controlling a fuel injector: A method for controlling an electromagnetically-activated fuel injector includes determining an injector activation signal having an injection duration, an initial peak pull-in current and a secondary hold current corresponding to a preferred injected fuel mass for a fuel injection event associated with a non-monotonic region of injector operation, and controlling... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120080537 - Dispensing device: A volatile material dispensing system includes a frame having a front face and a rear face. A first magnetic element is disposed on the frame. A reservoir containing a volatile material is provided. A second magnetic element is disposed on the reservoir.... Agent:

20120080538 - Plant watering ring: A plant watering device includes a hollow rigid member which is substantially ring-shaped but has a gap between opposite closed ends of the member, the member having a lower surface with a plurality of spaced holes for dispensing water out of the hollow interior chamber in the member. A plurality... Agent:

20120080539 - Foam spray head assembly: A foam spray head assembly includes a head, a first piston unit, a valve unit, a link, a second piston unit, a cylinder, a resilient member and a resilient valve. The valve unit is directly connected to the head to allow the valve unit to receive the pressing force of... Agent: Derxin (shanghai) Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

20120080540 - Cartridge for a handheld sprayer: A cartridge for a handheld electrohydrodynamic (EHD) spraying device. The cartridge is disposable, and can contain therapeutic products. The device includes a wetted lead screw with a compliant seal, where the placement of the seal relative to the screw inhibits leakage during both cartridge use and storage. A frame disposed... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20120080541 - Nozzle closure device for a paint sprayer: A nozzle assembly for use with a paint sprayer that includes a reservoir configured to store a supply of liquid and a pump operable to draw liquid from the reservoir. The nozzle assembly includes a nozzle configured to receive liquid under pressure from the pump and operable to spray the... Agent:

20120080542 - Fuel injection valve: A movable core includes a through-hole, which receives a main body of a needle therethrough, and a receiving recess, which is axially recessed in a stationary core side end surface of the movable core. The receiving recess is configured into an annular form and radially outwardly extends from the through-hole... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120080543 - Device for humidifying a bulk commodity: A device for humidifying a bulk material, particularly for humidifying power plant filter ash, comprises a downpipe. At the upper end of the downpipe, there is formed an inlet, through which the bulk material enters the downpipe, and at the lower end of which there is formed an outlet, through... Agent: Claudius Peters Technologies Gmbh

20120080544 - Substance mixing apparatus and substance mixing method: d

20120080545 - Truss-type support system for irrigation systems: A truss-type support system for a water-carrying conduit of an irrigation system includes a plurality of elongated truss braces and at least one truss rod for interconnecting the truss braces. The truss braces each have a pair of interconnected legs separated by an angle of approximately 40°-70°.... Agent: Lindsay Corporation

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