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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing March listing by industry category 03/12

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03/29/2012 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120074240 - Combination material deflector and door seal for a material spreader: A spreading apparatus for spreading material onto a target area is disclosed. The spreading apparatus includes a container for the material, a discharge unit which discharges the material, a deflector door disposed on a discharge port of the discharge unit, a positioning device which positions the deflector door and a... Agent:

20120074241 - Bathing apparatus and method of using same: A bathing apparatus includes an in-line mixing unit and a hand operated injecting unit. The mixing unit is coupled between a water supply pipe and a water dispensing device, such as a showerhead and is in fluid communication with the hand operated injection unit. The injection unit, upon user demand,... Agent:

20120074242 - Axial rotatable snow making spray head and method for making snow: A snow making spray head that can be adapted to a snow tower is disclosed. The spray head is designed to be rotatable about a vertical axis without having to rotate the tower itself so that the direction of the spray can be adjusted to effectively lay down quality snow... Agent:

20120074243 - Carbon contamination resistant pressure atomizing nozzles: A pressure atomizing nozzle for injecting fuel includes an inlet housing configured to thermally isolate the interior space from external conditions and to remain relatively cool under operation so as to substantially eliminate heat soak back from the inlet housing to the interior space thereof after operation. First and second... Agent: Delavan Inc

20120074244 - Ergonomic torch regulator controller: A torch assembly having features enabling single handed operation. The torch assembly includes a flame control device that can be operated with a user's fingers while the user is holding the torch with the same hand. A controller apparatus of the torch assembly includes a trigger for actuating an on/off... Agent:

20120074245 - Device for injecting fuel: A device is described for injecting fuel, which includes a valve body, an outwardly opening valve needle, which is disposed in the valve body in a pressure chamber filled with fuel, to which pressurized fuel is supplied; a restoring element, which returns the valve needle to an original position; an... Agent:

20120074246 - Spreader with adjustable directional outlet: A spreader for spreading materials comprising a case for holding a product to be spread. The case comprising an aperture for ejecting the product to be spread from the case. The spreader further comprising a conveying device for displacing a portion of the product to be spread in a direction... Agent:

03/22/2012 > 20 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120067967 - Fluid applicator and method: A fluid applicator includes, a tubular configured to transport a fluid therethrough, and a rotatable member in operable communication with the tubular such that fluid transported through the tubular is deposited at the rotatable member near a rotational center of the rotatable member. The rotatable member is configured to produce... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120067968 - Method and means for the preparation of solutions from dry chemicals: An apparatus for preparing a chemical solution includes a lower housing and an upper housing. The lower housing has a base, an upper plate having a central opening, and a side wall. A grid mounted on the upper plate covers the opening. A wall within the lower housing divides the... Agent:

20120067969 - Method and apparatus for irrigation water acidification delivery: An apparatus for acidifying and applying irrigation water to a field of ground to be irrigated comprising a fixed or traveling conveyance structure with a water delivery system associated with a plurality of independently operable sprinkler assemblies associated with mixing valves, the water delivery system, and a sulfurous acid manifold... Agent: Harmon Systems International, LLC

20120067970 - Air freshener: An air freshener (1), particularly for motor vehicles, comprises a support element (2) adapted to be at least partially inserted into an air grille (G) or the like of a space to be deodorized; at least one decorative element (3) is associated with the support element (2) so that it... Agent: H.d. Trading Unipersonale

20120067971 - Showerhead for film depositing vacuum equipment: A showerhead for film-depositing vacuum equipment having an effect shortening the length of injection tubes for a reactive gas is presented. The injection tubes extend from the bottom of a reactive gas showerhead module, and two different kinds of reactive gases are mixed with an injection support gas within a... Agent: Korea Institute Of Industrial Tedhnology

20120067972 - Spraying unit: A spraying unit has a drive engine for driving a blower, has a blow pipe through which an air flow is conveyed by the blower, and has a spraying agent tank which is arranged on a backpack of the spraying unit. A nozzle is provided which is connected via the... Agent: Andreas Stihl Ag & Co. Kg

20120067973 - Aerial delivery system: This disclosure is directed to apparatuses, systems, and methods associated with the aerial delivery of materials in a manner that is inexpensive, accurate, efficient, and effective. More specifically this disclosure teaches deploying an aerial delivery container holding some material from an aircraft and releasing the material from the aerial delivery... Agent:

20120067974 - Cap for a display: i

20120067975 - Thrust reversing device: The invention relates to a thrust reversing device (20) that includes at least one mobile cowling (30) mounted in translation in a direction substantially parallel to a longitudinal axis of a nacelle, capable of moving alternatively from a closing position on which it enables the aerodynamic continuity of the nacelle... Agent: Aircelle

20120067976 - System for controlling the trajectory of a jet-propelled mobile: The system of the present disclosure includes at least one flow deflector located outside the nozzle of the mobile and hinged on the rear bottom of the latter, and angular orientation means for the deflector by rotation about the longitudinal axis of the nozzle.... Agent:

20120067977 - Cosmetic airbrush system: A self-contained portable liquid cosmetic delivery system for both color makeup and skin care applications is provided. The system includes a spray nozzle assembly having both a liquid path and air path communicates with the housing containing a peristaltic and diaphragm pumping systems. A removable cartridge assembly that allows for... Agent:

20120067978 - Faucet mount assembly: A faucet includes a faucet mount assembly for mounting the faucet to a surface and for communicating and mixing hot and cold water to a user. The faucet mount assembly generally includes a mounting plate, a fluid tube, and one or more valve housings. The valve housings are coupled to... Agent: Kohler Co.

20120067979 - Microbubble-generating shower: A micro-bubble generating shower includes a shower body, which has defined therein a passage, through which tap water flows. A shower head is integrally provided in the upper portion of the shower body, and has a receptacle, which is connected to the passage. A bubble nozzle is coupled to the... Agent: Mec

20120067980 - Nozzle unit for applying damping material, and damping material application apparatus: A nozzle unit for applying damping material onto a work piece includes a nozzle that has a slit-like discharge port and that discharges the damping material from the discharge port; a motor that is fixed to the nozzle; and a slit width changing device that changes the slit width of... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120067981 - Precision ground armature assembly for solenoid actuator and fuel injector using same: A solenoid actuator includes a hard guide piece and a soft flux piece. The hard guide piece has a stop surface ground to create a final air gap distance between the soft flux piece and a stator assembly when the stop surface on the guide piece is in contact with... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20120067982 - Fuel injector: A fuel injector that includes a sliding armature, decoupled armature, or flying armature movable between a pintle stop and a housing stop. Flying armatures are generally used to increase the total force applied to the pintle stop for lifting the pintle off a nozzle seat to open the fuel injector.... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20120067983 - Use of an altitude-compensating nozzle: The invention relates to the use of one or more nozzles, known as “altitude-compensating” nozzles in the aerospace industry, as outlet nozzles of a feed device for industrial gases to a container during the melting and/or metallurgical treatment of metals.... Agent: Saar-metallwerke Gesellschaft Mit Beschrankter Haftung

20120067984 - Dual-chamber cylinder-piston unit for the lyophilisation, storage, reconstitution and application of injection solutions for an injector, and method for filling the cylinder-piston unit: A cylinder/piston unit (1) for a needle-free injector comprising a chamber (3) arranged in a cylinder (2), for receiving an injection solution (4), a front wall (5) having at least one nozzle borehole or an outlet element (6), and a second piston (7) arranged to move in the chamber. The... Agent:

20120067985 - Conveyor and spreader: A particulate material conveyor uses an endless loop that has a feed path arranged near a bottom of a load of material to be fed and a return path arranged above the feed path and within the load where the return path is protected by a cover. Material can flow... Agent:

20120067986 - Electrostatically atomizing device and method of manufacturing the same: An electrostatically atomizing device in this invention comprises thermoelectric elements being different in type from each other and an emitter electrode being configured to cause the electrostatically atomization. The emitter electrode is provided with a mounting member for mounting the thermoelectric elements different in type from each other. The mounting... Agent:

03/15/2012 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120061485 - Ultrasonic waterjet apparatus: An ultrasonic waterjet apparatus has a mobile generator module and a high-pressure water hose for delivering high-pressure water from the mobile generator module to a hand-held gun with a trigger and an ultrasonic nozzle. An ultrasonic generator transmits high-frequency electrical pulses to a piezoelectric or magnetostrictive transducer which vibrates to... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20120061486 - Remotely deployable vapor delivery device: A remotely deployable vapor delivery device is described that is conveniently and effectively deployed in a hard-to-reach location. The device is approximately spherical in shape, and includes an integrated reservoir containing the desired vapor producing substance, an evaporative surface and means for continuous flow of the vapor producing substance from... Agent: Simpletek LLC

20120061487 - Pheromone dispersing clothing apparatus: The present invention is a pheromone dispersing clothing apparatus with a body pheromone activating panel adapted to receive pheromone from a pheromone supply reservoir and a concealed compartment adapted to receive a detachable pheromone supply reservoir.... Agent:

20120061488 - Hands-free directable low-pressure air source and method for cosmetology use: Disclosed is a low-pressure air source that provides directional control over a low-pressure airflow. The air source is specifically adapted for use in the application of artificial eyelash extensions to a person's individual eyelashes. An air pump provides low pressure air to an airflow nozzle mounted on the finger of... Agent:

20120061489 - Sprinkler with variable arc and flow rate: A variable arc sprinkler may be set to numerous positions along a continuum to adjust the arcuate span of the sprinkler. The sprinkler includes a nozzle body and a valve sleeve that helically engage each other to define an arcuate slot that may be adjusted at the top of the... Agent: Rain Bird Corporation

20120061490 - Hand held spray valve: A hand held spray valve assembly includes a trigger upon which a linear force is applied to cause the assembly to switch from the normally closed condition to the open condition. The trigger includes a slider element having a tapered end which is in contact with and opposes a complimentarily... Agent:

20120061491 - Stator assembly and fuel injector using same: A fuel injector for a common rail fuel system includes a common rail inlet port fluidly connected to a high pressure common rail, and a cooling inlet fluidly connected to an output from a lower pressure fuel transfer pump. The cooling fluid circulates internally through the fuel injector to cool... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20120061492 - Water spray structure: A water spray structure includes an outer housing, an inner sleeve, a mesh member, a spray member and an end cap. The inner sleeve is located in the outer housing. A gap is defined between an outer wall of the inner sleeve and an inner wall of the outer housing.... Agent:

20120061494 - Fuel injector sans support/stem: A fuel nozzle is provided. The fuel nozzle includes a heat shield, a fuel tube and a plurality of support members. The support members are radially interposed between the heat shield and the fuel tube. The support members are preferably cylindrical tubes, thus creating voids or pockets between the heat... Agent: Woodward, Inc.

20120061493 - Removable spray head: A removable spray head contains an upper cover including a top and a bottom faces, and an outer peripheral side between the top and the bottom faces, the top face including a retaining portion with an inlet, the bottom face including a distributing room, the outer peripheral side including plural... Agent:

03/08/2012 > 17 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20120056004 - Windshield cleaner: The present invention discloses a windshield wiper system that affords for deicing of a windshield for a motor vehicle. The system includes a first container having a first liquid, a second container having a second liquid along with a spray nozzle or jet proximate to the windshield and in fluid... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20120056005 - Shape memory material actuation: A shape memory material inductive heating arrangement comprising an array of coils capable of carrying an alternating electrical current and generating a magnetic field, a shape memory element having a first modulus and a second modulus, the second modulus greater than the first, characterised in that the array of coils... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20120056006 - Global warming letter: David Bendah's invention is a method of cooling or lowering the temperature of any matter and making other changes to matter with the use of written microscopic words or seeing-eye legible written words that are distributed on paper, dust or sand granules to various organizations or entities.... Agent:

20120056007 - Indoor water fixture: An indoor water fixture comprising a basin to hold a pool of water, a pair of back walls rising vertically from a back portion of the basin, where the pair of back walls fit against a corner of a room, a plurality of falls arranged against the pair of back... Agent:

20120056008 - Drink container straw: A drink straw container includes a hollow, elongated body that has a first end, a second end, an inner wall and an outer wall. The body has a frangible seal at the first end and a one-way valve located adjacent the second end that permits passage of fluids only from... Agent:

20120056009 - Leakproof perfume bottle spray head assembly with positioning sound indication: A leak-proof perfume bottle spray head assembly includes a bottle cap having a tubular holder block and a rotating shaft rotatably mounted in said tubular holder block, a positioning block having a base coupled to the rotating shaft and a sound-making unit extending along the periphery of the base, the... Agent:

20120056010 - Automatic flow regulation sprinkler for gardening: An automatic flow regulation sprinkler for gardening includes a base having a linking first water way and second water way on opposite sides thereof. Two outer ends of a transverse axle tube communicates the first water way and the second water way respectively. The transverse axle tube has at least... Agent: Yuan - Mei Corp.

20120056011 - Snow and ice control equipment frame: A frame for mounting granular material spreading equipment, liquid storage tanks and liquid delivery equipment in a dump body or to a truck body is adapted to hold such equipment and allow for unitary removal of the frame with adjoined equipment from the truck body. The frame provides structure for... Agent: Henderson Products, Inc.

20120056012 - Driving device for lifting buried spraying head: A driving device for a lifting buried spraying head includes a case (2), a filter (3) provided in the lower end of the case (2), and a spraying head driving unit disposed inside the case (2). The spraying head driving unit connects with a spraying head located on the top... Agent: Guangdong Liansu Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.

20120056013 - Power washer spray head: A spray head for a powdered power washer designed to produce a wide diameter spray of water under both high and low water pressure conditions. The washer head includes a spinner tube mounted inside a cylindrical-shaped nozzle body. The upper segment of the spinner tube is held inside the nozzle... Agent:

20120056014 - Sprinkler device: A sprinkler device has an inlet-driving assembly mounted in by a rotary seat, and an outlet valve whose one end is mounted through the rotary seat and in the inlet-driving assembly and the other end has multiple through holes. A spray nozzle assembly is mounted on the outlet valve and... Agent: Kwan-ten Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20120056015 - Sprayer with an improved spraying structure: A sprayer with an improved spraying structure comprises a body, a nozzle, a knob, and a nozzle sleeve. The body has a passage and a valve. At the end of the passage is an air outlet. A mounting part with an insertion hole is provided around the body. The assembly... Agent: Victor Air Tools Co., Ltd.

20120056016 - Advanced spray bottle with synclined floor: An advanced spray bottle facilitates complete emptying of liquid in its container even as the container is rotated and tilted. The container has a primary chamber with a raised floor that has a syncline shape and that forms a sluice channel. The raised floor slopes downward across the container to... Agent:

20120056017 - Spray gun tank configurations: A container for holding a spray or coating material that is adapted to and operates with a spray system for spraying or coating operations. The container may include an auxiliary port capable of maintaining pressure in the system and does not need to be removed from the system to be... Agent:

20120056018 - Fuel injection valve: A fuel injection valve 30 includes: a nozzle body 31 provided with a jet hole 32 at an end portion thereof; and a needle 33 slidably arranged within the nozzle body 31, defining a fuel introduction path 34 between the needle 33 and the nozzle body 31, and provided with... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120056019 - Injection device having injection volume adjustment: An injection device (2) comprises a housing (4) in which a receiving chamber (6) is provided for an injection mechanism (8) having an injection fluid container (10) that can be pressed out by means of an injection plunger (12). The injection device (2) further comprises an actuating device (18) that... Agent: Dieter H&#xd6 Lze Technik-projekte Gmbh

20120056020 - Line marker: A line marker includes a first beam (9) and a second beam (13) pivotally attached to the first beam such that the second beam is pivotable about a pivot point (15, 17) relative to the first beam. A spray nozzle (35) is provided on the second beam (13) so as... Agent:

03/01/2012 > 17 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120048957 - Fluid injecting method and apparatus: A fluid injector includes a cavity in the fluid injector configured to receive a container of fluid to be injected by the injector; a controller configured to control the fluid injector, the controller further configured to monitor a condition of the fluid in the container and modify the operation of... Agent: Spx Corporation

20120048956 - Materials spreader: A material spreader attached to and towed by an agricultural vehicle for spreading material such as organic material and fertilizers over a ground surface. The material spreader having a containment box and a material expeller, the expeller having rotating flails positioned along a substantially vertical axis with one or more... Agent: Degelman Industries Ltd.

20120048958 - Materials spreader: A material spreader attached to and towed by an agricultural vehicle for spreading material such as organic material and fertilizers over a ground surface. The material spreader having a containment box and a material expeller, the expeller having rotating flails positioned along a substantially vertical axis with one or more... Agent: Degelman Industries Ltd.

20120048960 - Self propelled mechanized irrigation system with a remote visual monitoring system: The present disclosure is a mechanized irrigation system with an ability to provide the operator with the ability to remotely monitor actual crop growth and crop health, remotely determine the appropriate applicants, and remotely control the mechanized irrigation equipment to apply those applicants.... Agent: Valmont Industries, Inc.

20120048959 - Sprayer device with aerosol functionality (\"flairosol\"): In exemplary embodiments of the present invention, Flair® based aerosol-type devices can be provided. Such devices utilize a combination of Flair® technology, pre-compression valves and aerosol like pressurization of the dispensed liquid. Such a dispensing device has a main body comprising a pressure chamber, the latter being provided with a... Agent: Dispensing Technologies B.v.

20120048961 - Dual soft passage nozzle: The present application provides a fuel nozzle system. The fuel nozzle system may include a pre-orifice for a first pressure drop, a captured response volume in communication with the pre-orifice, a post-orifice in communication with the captured response volume for a second pressure drop, and a secondary fuel passage downstream... Agent: General Electric Company

20120048962 - Fuel injector with a trimmable heater and an increased heater contact area: A fuel injector wherein a cylindrical surface supports an electrical heating structure covering 360° or almost 360° of the surface for heating fuel. The structure comprises a first dielectric layer adhered to the surface; a thick film resistance heating element; a second dielectric layer; spaced-apart first and second conductor pads,... Agent:

20120048963 - Heat units using a solid fuel capable of undergoing an exothermic metal oxidation-reduction reaction propagated without an igniter: A heating unit comprising an electrically conductive substrate. A solid fuel layer comprising a metal reducing agent, a metal containing oxidizing agent and a binder is coated on a surface of the substrate, the solid fuel layer having a solid fuel surface spaced from the substrate. A first electrode coupled... Agent: Alexza Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20120048964 - Scent-releasing apparatus and method of making same: A scent-releasing apparatus is provided. The scent-releasing apparatus includes a housing having at least a front wall, a back wall, and a side wall connecting the front wall to the back wall. The housing defines an inner chamber, wherein at least one of the front wall and the back wall... Agent:

20120048965 - Self-propelled mechanized irrigation system with a tire pressure monitoring system: The present disclosure is directed to a mechanized irrigation system that includes an electronic controller equipped with a telemetry means configured to read wireless tire pressure monitors and transmit this information up to 2900 feet from the tires being monitored. Based on the ability to remotely monitor the tire pressure... Agent: Valmont Industries, Inc.

20120048966 - Rotary atomizer with metal foam inserts: A rotary atomizer is presented comprising a rotor (8), having a plurality of insert holders (20) along the perimeter of rotor (8); and a plurality of metal foam inserts (12) placed between insert holders (20) that act as nozzles of the rotary atomizer. Rotor (8) is characterized in an assembly... Agent:

20120048967 - Viscosity drive device for elevating-type in-ground sprinkler head: A viscosity driving device for a lifting buried spraying head includes a cylindrical case (2), a filter (3) provided in the lower end of the case (2), and a spraying head driving unit disposed inside the case (2). The spraying head driving unit is connected with a spraying head positioned... Agent: Guangdong Liansu Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.

20120048968 - Mode control valve in showerhead connector: A showerhead system includes an arm structure adapted to couple to a water pipe to receive water flow therefrom. The arm structure includes a first fluid conduit, a second fluid conduit, and a mode selector operatively coupled to the first fluid conduit and the second fluid conduit. The mode selector... Agent: Water Pik, Inc.

20120048969 - Shower attachment having a joint: A shower attachment which can be adjusted about a joint is proposed. The shower attachment comprises in one shower-attachment housing two water guides with in each case one outlet option. A changeover device can be used to change over between the two water guides. The changeover device comprises a valve... Agent:

20120048970 - Injector for engine: An injector apparatus for an engine, may include an injector body, an actuator mounted in the injection body, a rotary rod rotatably received in the injector body and selectively rotated by the actuator, wherein a fuel groove may be formed on outer surface of the rotary rod along a longitudinal... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120048971 - Multipurpose gas turbine combustor secondary fuel nozzle flange: One exemplary embodiment of a fuel nozzle flange includes an elongated flange body including a radial mounting flange at an aft end thereof and a face surface at a forward end thereof. The flange body has a first, axially-oriented through-bore adapted to receive a first fuel supply pipe at the... Agent: General Electric Company

20120048972 - Double tubing distributing of fertilizers and pesticides fixed to aerial structure of central pivot, thrown and controlled by automation devices consist of gate valves, pressure valves, solenoid valves and check valves: “Double tubing distributing of fertilizers and pesticides fixed to aerial structure of central pivot, thrown and controlled by automation devices consist of gate valves, pressure valves, solenoid valves and check valves”, refers to a device to be installed in a central pivot (P), comprehended by a main tubing (1), due... Agent:

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