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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/12

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02/23/2012 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20120043392 - Injection valve: An injection valve for injecting fluid has a housing with an injection valve cavity. The injection valve has a needle being axially moveable within the cavity. The needle has a needle body with a valve needle cavity and a separation element being fixedly arranged within the needle cavity and being... Agent:

20120043391 - Spray device: A spray device for connection to a reservoir of fluid for spraying, the spray device includes a dosing chamber for holding fluid; a connector for fluidly connecting the dosing chamber to the reservoir; a piston moveable from a first end of the dosing chamber to a second end of the... Agent: Pa Knowledge Limited

20120043393 - Fuel injector with damper volume and method for controlling pressure overshoot: A fuel injector configured to inject a predetermined volume of fuel, such as heavy fuel oil, is disclosed. The disclosed injector includes an injector body that defines a fuel inlet, a fuel passageway, and an orifice. The injector also includes a needle disclosed at least partially within the injector body.... Agent: Caterpillar, Inc.

20120043394 - Humidifier: This invention is a humidifier used to increase and maintain the humidity of a musical instrument, such as a guitar. The humidifier is a container made of a water vapor permeable material that contains a water absorbent material such as acrylate polymer. The container is held within the body of... Agent:

20120043395 - Sprinkler sensing device: The present invention is directed to an irrigation sprinkler sensor for sensing if a sprinkler riser has elevated, if water is flowing through the sprinkler riser, if the sprinkler is rotating, or if a sprinkler valve has properly closed.... Agent: The Toro Company

20120043396 - Boom mounting assembly for an agricultural application machine: A boom mounting assembly (20; 120; 220) for attachment to an agricultural application machine (10) is provided. The assembly comprises a boom support frame (22) which is suspended from a primary frame (24) mounted to a chassis. The boom support frame comprises a transverse beam (35) for supporting an intermediate... Agent: Agco Netherlands B.v.

20120043397 - Flow control device and method for irrigation sprinklers: An irrigation sprinkler is provided having a nozzle and a flow control device for reducing fluid flow through the sprinkler when the nozzle is removed, such as might occur due to vandalism. The flow control device is coupled to the nozzle and is moveable between a first irrigating position and... Agent:

20120043398 - Gear driven sprinkler with top turbine: A sprinkler comprises a nozzle, a turbine and a gear train reduction. The gear train reduction has an output stage that is coupled to the nozzle. The turbine is located between the nozzle and the gear train reduction and is coupled to an input stage of the gear train reduction.... Agent: Hunter Industries, Inc.

20120043399 - Silicone spray tip: An applicator assembly for mixing at least a first and second component is provided. The applicator assembly includes a manifold configured for operable engagement with at least a first and second source of component, the manifold including at least a first and second component channel therethrough, an elongated shaft extending... Agent: Confluent Surgical, Inc.

20120043400 - Atomizer for liquids, method for the manufacture thereof, and use thereof: An atomizer is described for liquids, in particular for delivering water in a shower, having an outlet on a liquid supply line for spraying liquids at a low flow rate, the outlet having at least two nozzles for generating liquid jets and for atomizing. The present atomizer is based on... Agent:

20120043401 - Spraying device for a construction machine for processing the ground, a construction machine with a spraying device and a method for operating a spraying device: A spraying device for introducing a fluid into the working chamber of a construction machine for processing the ground or road surfaces, comprises two fluid delivery apparatuses, a line system and a control unit. The present invention further relates to a construction machine, especially a recycler, a stabilizer or a... Agent: Bomag Gmbh

02/16/2012 > 17 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120037718 - Dispensing device, storage device and method for dispensing a formulation: A dispensing device, a storage device and a method for dispensing a formulation as a spray using a gas stream. Doses of the formulation are contained in storage members, which comprise individual atomizing device. The storage members are received in cavities, which are sealed by a common outlet seal. The... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20120037717 - Dispersing device, its use and corresponding method for pulverized spreading a physical agent: A dispersing device (10) for spreading a physical agent (2), comprising a container (1) for receiving the agent (2), the container (1) having an exit side (7) through which the physical agent (2) is to be released and an interface (8), a chamber (9) for receiving a weak detonating explosive... Agent:

20120037716 - Paint delivery and application apparatus and method: A paint delivery and application apparatus, wherein the apparatus includes a source of paint, a paint applicator, a supply line interconnecting the source of paint and the applicator and at least one pig in the supply line, wherein the paint pushes the pig from adjacent the source of paint to... Agent: Durr Systems, Inc.

20120037719 - Valve assembly for an injection valve and injection valve: A valve assembly for an injection valve has a valve body with a central longitudinal axis and a cavity with a fluid inlet portion and a fluid outlet portion, a valve needle axially movable in the cavity, the needle preventing a fluid flow in a closing position and releasing the... Agent:

20120037720 - Systems and devices for emitting volatile compositions: Systems and devices for emitting volatile materials are disclosed. In some embodiments, devices for emitting two or more fragrance compositions are disclosed. In one non-limiting embodiment of a device, the device has a housing, and the housing is supported on an electrical outlet by a plug at least indirectly joined... Agent:

20120037721 - Pressure washer hose converter fitting: In accordance with some embodiments, a pressure washer hose converter fitting is provided. In some embodiments, the pressure washer hose converter comprises: a threaded receiving end having internal threads for receiving a threaded outlet of a pressure washer, wherein the threaded outlet has a first diameter; a sealing gasket for... Agent:

20120037722 - Adjustable irrigation sprinkler: A programmable sprinkler for even irrigation of a land area of regular or irregular shape having an upper portion having an upper revolvable housing being supported by a non-revolvable adjusting system attached to a non-revolvable mid section provided with a water passage and further having at least one spray nozzle... Agent:

20120037723 - Torque limiter in particular for an actuator of the nacelle of an aircraft turbojet engine: The invention relates to a torque limiter for an actuator including a screw (101), a nut mounted on said screw, an actuation tube (105) rigidly connected to the nut and means (109, 133) for rotating said screw, said limiter being characterized in that it includes an abutment (115, 110) capable... Agent: Aircelle

20120037724 - Electrospray interface to a microfluidic substrate: An apparatus for chemical separations includes a microfluidic substrate having an outlet aperture for outputting an eluent of a sample, a spray unit having an inlet to receive the eluent and an outlet to emit a spray of the eluent, and a force-applying unit. The spray unit has a deformable... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20120037725 - Sprinkler control systems and methods: A system for controlling a sprinkler system includes an outdoor light including a control circuit and a first radio frequency transceiver. The system further includes a sprinkler zone controller having a second radio frequency transceiver and electronics for controlling at least one hydraulic valve of the sprinkler zone. The control... Agent: Orion Energy Systems, Inc.

20120037726 - Wobble assembly for fluid pumping mechanism: A fluid dispensing device comprises a housing body, a reciprocating piston fluid pump, a primary drive element, a wobble assembly and a spray tip. The reciprocating piston fluid pump has a piston disposed within a pumping chamber inside the housing body. The primary drive element is coupled to the housing... Agent: Graco Minnesota Inc.

20120037727 - Injector: An injector for the metered ejection of a fluid, in particular fuel, has a housing and a plastic extrusion coating, which encloses the housing, and from which the housing protrudes at an upper housing end on the fluid inlet side and at a lower housing end on the fluid ejection... Agent:

20120037728 - Dual nozzle cap for thermal spray coating: Disclosed is a dual nozzle cap for thermal spray coating to which both a thermal spray coating method and a kinetic spray coating method are applied. The dual nozzle cap includes a nozzle unit including inner and outer nozzles, a gun insertion hole, into which the front end of a... Agent:

20120037729 - Insertion type fluid volume meter and control system: An insertion type fluid volume meter and control system comprises a non-ferrous pipe, an electromagnet device, a pair of electrodes, a flow control valve, and a flow controller. The electromagnet device is for building up a pulsed square wave magnetic field across the conductive liquid flowing through the non-ferrous pipe.... Agent:

20120037730 - Variable flow screen nozzle: A variable flow control nozzle has a head, a tube, and a valve. The head disposes adjacent an opening and has a screen for passage of fluid flow into and out of the head's interior. The tube extends from the head through the opening and secures the head thereto. A... Agent: Johnson Screens, Inc.

20120037731 - Fluidic oscillator: A fluidic oscillator contains at least one channel including an interacting cavity disposed therein, a first inlet communicating with the interacting cavity to flow fluid inward, and a first outlet communicating with the interacting cavity to spray the fluid flowing through the interacting cavity outward, characterized in that: at least... Agent:

20120037732 - Annular injector assembly and methods of assembling the same: An annular injector is described. The injector includes a first bayonet assembly and a second bayonet assembly each including a terminal end and a tip end. The second bayonet assembly is configured to be concentrically coupled at least partially about the first bayonet assembly. An outer diameter of the first... Agent: General Electric Company

02/09/2012 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120031993 - Clean out spray nozzle: A spray nozzle includes a nozzle body, the body having an inner wall and an outer wall, a first opening, a second opening, wherein the diameter of the second opening is less than the diameter of the first opening, wherein the first and second openings have threaded portions, a spray... Agent:

20120031994 - Method and equipment for surface treatment by cryogenic fluid jets: The invention relates to working equipment, particularly for heat treatment, pickling, or the like, implementing high pressure liquid jets at cryogenic temperatures including a rotary or swinging tool (4) comprising one or more nozzles (11) for dispensing high pressure liquid jets at cryogenic temperatures, and a motor (21) for rotating... Agent: L'air Liquide Societe Anonyme Pour I'etude Et I'et Ude Et I'exploitation Des Procedes George Claude

20120031995 - Actuator system for a mobile panel of a nacelle of a turbojet: The invention relates to a system for actuating a plurality of actuators (15) that can move a mobile panel of an aircraft nacelle. Said system comprises at least two motors (16) that can drive the actuators (15), the two motors (16) being controlled and supplied by at least two separate... Agent: Aircelle

20120031997 - Anti-rotation clip for a twist lock fuel injector: A fuel injector with an anti-rotation clip for use in conjunction with a twist lock fuel injector inserted into a receiving fuel cup. The clip includes at least one connector leg which extends at least partially over the electrical connector for the fuel injector and locks the clip against rotation... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas Inc.

20120031998 - Flushing system: An anti-pirate system to prevent boarding of a vessel includes a number of spray devices (2) each with at least one nozzle (3) configured, upon activation, to spray out a liquid (4) which is supplied to the respective spray device (2) via a liquid-bearing arrangement. The spray devices (2) are... Agent:

20120031996 - Fuel injector holder: A fuel injector for an internal combustion engine having an elongated body with a fuel inlet end and a fuel discharge end. The injector body includes an outwardly extending plate attached at a position between its ends and this plate includes at least one radially outwardly extending tab so that... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Products (usa), Inc.

20120031999 - Multiple function dispenser: A dispenser for mixing and dispensing a liquid chemical concentrate with a dilutent from a container. The dispenser includes two slideable eductors one of which is also rotatable. Both a high and low flow rate can be obtained with simultaneous adjustment of concentration of the chemical concentrate. The dispenser has... Agent: Diversey, Inc.

20120032000 - Self-contained hand-held yoke-connected device for dispensing a two-part adhesive aerosol: A self-contained, hand-held spray dispensing device includes an internal source of pressurized fluid that exerts a motive force on a pair of liquid ejecting elements to cause each to eject a liquid into a discharge line. The liquids remain separated until each exits its discharge port. A pressurized fluid is... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120032001 - Gas cutting tip with improved flow passage: A tip for use in a gas cutting torch is provided that includes an outer tip portion defining a central cavity and a distal orifice and an inner tip portion disposed within the cavity of the outer tip portion. The inner tip portion defines an outer surface, a central gas... Agent: Victor Equipment Company

20120032002 - Mixer for a gas cutting torch: A tip assembly for use in a gas cutting torch is provided that includes a tip and a mixer. The tip includes a tip central gas passageway and a distal orifice and the mixer includes a proximal end portion and a distal end portion. The distal end portion of the... Agent: Victor Equipment Company

20120032003 - Distribution system for liquid manure spreader: A liquid manure spreader includes a hollow housing chamber having a generally cylindrical sidewall, a chamber bottom provided with a pattern of obround outlet openings, an array of outlet tubes connected to receive material through the obround openings and an inlet cover on the housing. The slurry distributor also includes... Agent: Balzer, Inc.

20120032004 - Trigger sprayers and methods for making the same: A trigger sprayer (100) may include a tube retainer (110) fitted in a valve body (120), a piston (140) fitted in the valve body and an integrated trigger (150) and biasing member (154) connected to the piston and the valve body and biased in part by the attachment of a... Agent: Meadwestvaco Calmar, Inc.

20120032005 - Agriculture distribution system: The present invention provides a versatile agriculture applicator system which enables relatively large agricultural field application systems to both be moved over roadways and to address fields using a wide swath application. The applicator system of the invention includes a unique support carriage arrangement which is supported by orthogonally disposed... Agent: Balzer, Inc.

02/02/2012 > 19 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120024972 - Method and apparatus for reducing cyclone intensity: Apparatus for reducing intensity of a cyclone over water. The apparatus includes a body having buoyancy sufficient to float in a fluid and a conduit extending from the body into water to an inlet at a depth where the water has a temperature of at least forty degrees Fahrenheit below... Agent:

20120024971 - Methods for environmental modification with climate control materials and coverings: The invention provides and systems, materials, and methods for environmental modification using climate control materials. Climate control materials may be applied locally and may have various material properties that may alter a local albedo and/or evaporation rate, and thereby affect the local environment. Climate control materials may also be reversible.... Agent:

20120024973 - Large bore fuel system and fuel injector for same: A low leakage large bore fuel system includes a common rail fluidly connected to at least one of a source of heavy fuel oil and a source of distillate diesel fuel. A plurality of fuel injectors are fluidly connected to the common rail and each include a cooling inlet and... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20120024974 - Customized designed fragrance system: A fragrance dispenser in constructed of a dispenser body having a top end, a bottom end, a front, a back, a left side and a right side. The front side includes a window to permit at least a portion of the interior of the dispenser body to be viewed from... Agent: Rich Brands LLC

20120024975 - System for and method of consistently emitting a volatile material: A system for consistently emitting a volatile material includes a volatile material dispenser having a diffusion element. The system further includes a refill adapted for disposal within the volatile material dispenser and including a container having a volatile material disposed therein and a wick having a first end disposed in... Agent:

20120024977 - Fluid contactor-diffuser tray assembly: A separations tray assembly for use in a fluid-fluid exchange column. The separations tray assembly is of the type where a first fluid, in a continuous phase, is directed across successive trays in a serpentine flow path. A second fluid, in a dispersed phase ascends through apertures in the tray... Agent:

20120024976 - Leak detector using atomized oil produced by a mechanical generating means: A visible vapor generator is provided. The visible vapor generator may include: a pump having an inlet and an outlet; and a passage configured to provide a fluid to an impeller associated with the pump in addition to lubricating fluid and working fluid provided to the pump; wherein the action... Agent: Spx Corporation

20120024978 - Water fountain system including a means for propelling floating ornaments: A fountain system having at least one fountain head and an apparatus for propelling floating ornaments on the water surface of a body of water. The fountain system includes a submersible water pump having a means for securing the unit below the water surface level. Connected to the output of... Agent:

20120024979 - Air freshener: A diffuser-type air freshener apparatus or appliance (1, 100) affixed to an air grille (6) of a domestic or industrial central air handling system. The appliance includes a housing module which may include a reservoir (24) for storing a volatile fragrant liquid into which one or more scent-wicks (8, 108)... Agent:

20120024980 - Multi-layer piezoelectric element, and injection device and fuel injection system comprising the same: A multi-layer piezoelectric element includes a stacked body configured so that piezoelectric layers and internal electrode layers are alternately laminated, an external electrode bonded to a side surface of the stacked body and electrically connected to the internal electrode layers, and a conductive connection member which is disposed on a... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120024981 - Spraying apparatus and methods of doing same: Systems and methods for painting, which might be used to paint the soil in a golf hole are provided. A spraying device can comprise a first masking apparatus, a second masking apparatus coupled to the first and a paint dispersing device, between the first and second masking apparatus. The paint... Agent: White Metal Golf

20120024982 - Irrigation sprinkler with debris flushing perforated riser: A sprinkler includes an outer case having an upper end and a tubular riser telescopically mounted in the outer case for extension and retraction from the upper end of the case. The riser has an upper portion with a plurality of circumferentially spaced apertures sized to allow debris to be... Agent:

20120024983 - Liquid dispensing system: The current invention relates to a dispenser for liquid products comprising a removable liquid holding reservoir, an essentially rigid chamber for holding liquid under pressure and comprising a spring and a piston to place liquid injected into the chamber under pressure, a pump arrangement for pumping liquid from the liquid... Agent: Monsanto Europe N.v.

20120024984 - Water saving aerator: The present invention provides a water saving aerator that can generate high quality babble foam water including the fine bubble entirely. The water saving aerator is attached to the water facilities such as the water tap for generating bubble foam water and flowing the bubble foam water. The water saving... Agent:

20120024985 - Integrated fuel nozzle and inlet flow conditioner and related method: A nozzle center body includes a unitary, one-piece, elongated tubular member having a forward end formed with a radially outwardly extending mounting flange; an aft end formed with a plurality of radially outwardly extending swirler vanes; and, an intermediate region, located axially between the forward and aft ends, formed with... Agent: General Electric Company

20120024986 - Hand-held type harmful insect exterminator: The present invention relates to a hand-held type harmful insect exterminator. The present invention comprises a tube having its extremity end formed at a suction port and its rear end formed at an outlet and a handle for supporting the tube, and tube having a suction machine. A storing part... Agent: Hinox Shoji Co., Ltd.

20120024987 - Device for the administration of injectable products with a controlled flow rate: A device is for the administration of injectable products with controlled flow rate, with a container (23) in the form of both a syringe and an ampoule preloaded with the injectable product, an injection port (25) and a control valve (21) for controlling the outlet rate and pressure arranged between... Agent: Innova Salud Desarrollos Sanitarios, S.l.

20120024988 - Jet outlet element for sanitary fittings: The invention relates to a jet outlet element for a sanitary fitting which allows outlet of a defined gushing jet from the sanitary fitting. The sanitary outlet element is configured as a flat element having two compartments, a water inlet compartment and a water outlet compartment. A narrowed section is... Agent: Hansgrohe Ag

20120024989 - Liquid ejecting apparatus: A liquid ejecting apparatus having a storage portion (20) for storing a treatment liquid, a slit-shaped opening portion (41) for ejecting the treatment liquid, and a connecting passage (42) that has a slit-shaped cross-section and connects the storage portion (20) to the slit-shaped opening portion (41) includes: a valve body... Agent: Ckd Corporation

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