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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/12

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01/26/2012 > 22 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120018525 - Aerosol generating and delivery device: Particular aspects provide novel atomizers for generating particles over a broad range of MMAD size distributions, the eliminating the requirement for an impaction baffle in generating the desired particle sizes. In particular aspects, the atomization means communicates with a remote particle filter member configured and positioned to provide for particle... Agent: Kurve Technology, Inc.

20120018526 - Method of creating salt aerosol for breathing by nebulizing an aqueous saline solution: The present invention concerns a method for nebulizing an aqueous saline solution comprising sodium chloride, the method comprising the steps of: placing a quantity of the aqueous saline solution having a salt concentration ranging between 0.5 mg/mL and the NaCl solubility in water at 25° C. into a chamber of... Agent:

20120018529 - Air freshener device: An air freshener device includes a base unit and a fragrance cartridge. The base unit includes an electrical connector, a heating element, a pair of interior sidewalls, an interior end wall, and a first shaped feature. The pair of interior sidewalls and the interior end wall extend substantially vertically from... Agent:

20120018528 - Method of dispensing at least one test scent: A method of dispensing at least one test scent within a system includes a server configured to exchange data with a plurality of interactive scent-formulation terminals, each interactive terminal including a plurality of odorous substances, serving when combined in various proportions to create a plurality of scents; dispenser means for... Agent: L'oreal

20120018527 - Passive dispenser of volatile material: A non-automated dispenser adapted to passively emanate a volatile material at room temperatures via a membrane, in particularly concerned with the emanation of a volatile material such as a fragrance/air freshener, an insecticide, a disinfectant, a bactericide, a fungicide and/or a medicament.... Agent: Reckitt & Colman (overseas) Limited

20120018530 - Fragrance diffusion system: A system for fragrancing air includes an adjustable fan that is used to generate an air flow to push atomized fragrance oil from an output orifice of the system. The fragrance in the air is generated from atomized fragrance oil, where liquid fragrance oil can be stored in a cartridge... Agent: Scentair Technologies, Inc.

20120018531 - improved mist generating apparatus: A mist generating apparatus (100) is provided. The apparatus (100) has a longitudinal axis (L) and comprises first and second opposing surfaces (140,142) which define a transport fluid nozzle (150) between them. The apparatus (100) also has a working fluid passage (132) having an inlet (130) connectable to a supply... Agent:

20120018532 - Area-programmable sprinkler: A sprinkler system which is controllable to provide water to an area to be sprinkled includes a sprinkler head to move between a first position and a second position. The sprinkler system further includes a sprinkler head positioner to move the sprinkler head between the first and second positions, a... Agent:

20120018533 - Water jet massage apparatus: Provided is a water jet massage apparatus. The water jet massage apparatus includes a nozzle and a lamp. The nozzle sprays a mixed water jet including air and water. The lamp is disposed in the nozzle. Here, the mixed water jet is sprayed between the lamp and the nozzle while... Agent:

20120018535 - Dispersion structuring agent: Disclosed is a novel method of making a structuring agent for edible dispersions such as margarines or spreads. Fat, or another structuring component, is subjected to a process involving mixing it with liquefied gas or supercritical gas, and expanding the mixture through an orifice. In the invention, water is added... Agent: Feyecon Development & Implementation B.v.

20120018534 - Spray gun and lance for a pressure washer: A lance for a pressure washer spray gun includes an inlet, a first conduit and first outlet, a second conduit and second outlet, and a chemical conduit. The inlet has a first fitting for coupling the lance to a handle of the pressure washer spray gun. The first conduit is... Agent: Briggs & Stratton Corporation

20120018536 - Air duster gun: An improved air inlet structure of an air duster gun comprises a main body, a pressing handle, and an air valve. The main body comprises a channel, and the channel comprises an air inlet and an air outlet at both ends of the channel respectively. The air valve is disposed... Agent:

20120018537 - System and method for mounting synthetic jets: A synthetic jet actuator includes a first plate, a second plate spaced apart from the first plate and arranged parallelly thereto, and a housing positioned about the first and second plates and defining a chamber, the housing having a pair of orifices formed therein in opposing sides of the housing... Agent:

20120018538 - Dispensing device for fluid substances: A dispensing device for fluid substances, including a pushbutton in which a chamber is provided housing a piston, the piston being loaded by an elastic mechanism to urge a front projecting appendix thereof into a dispensing hole for the substance, to hence sealedly close the hole, the pushbutton presenting a... Agent: Lumson S.p.a.

20120018539 - Spray button: A spray button which is capable of spraying a content widely and decreasing the diameter of a sprayed particle. In the spray button comprising a spray button body and a nozzle body and having a rotation chamber, a spray orifice, and a plurality of spray grooves, assuming a diameter of... Agent: Toyo Seikan Kaisha, Ltd.

20120018540 - Spray gun: A spray gun for controlling a pressurized flow of water from a water source includes a housing, a garden hose coupling, a spray head, a valve, a trigger, and a mechanism coupled to the trigger and the valve. The housing has a conduit extending through the housing, defining a flow... Agent: Briggs & Stratton Corporation

20120018541 - Gas fuel injection valve: s

20120018542 - Hydraulic stroke transmitter: A stroke translator or an injector having a solid-state actuator for generating a stroke and a hydraulic system for the hydraulic transmission of the stroke of the solid-state actuator to a control element such as a jet needle of a valve. The hydraulic system has hydraulic volumes hermetically sealed to... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120018543 - Diffuser/rectifier assembly for a turbine engine: A diffuser-nozzle assembly for mounting at an outlet from a compressor in a turbomachine, the assembly including a nozzle including two substantially cylindrical walls, a radially inner wall and a radially outer wall that are connected together by radial vanes. The walls of the nozzle are extended downstream beyond the... Agent: Snecma

20120018544 - Water sprays for dust control on mining machines: This invention refers to innovative water sprays applications to significantly improve coal and quartz dust control around a continuous miner Significant dust control is achieved through utilizing different types of sprays at locations on the top and sides of the miner chassis to create water curtains or shrouds of water... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of Southern Illinois University

20120018545 - Modular compressor package for hvlp sprayer: The invention, generally (10), has an injection molded box (12), in which is mounted a small air compressor (14). The modular assembly (16) can be installed in place of the intake filters (18) on an HVLP spray system (20), with the filter componentry (18) being relocated to the air intake... Agent:

20120018546 - Lawn spreader hopper flow control apparatus: A control mechanism for a lawn spreader controls output flow of granular material out of the spreader hopper by adjusting the position of a control cable anchor point. The control mechanism includes a clamping portion for clamping to a tubular handle of the spreader. A top surface of the clamp... Agent: Agri-fab, Inc.

01/19/2012 > 20 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120012665 - Aerosol generators with enhanced corrosion resistance: An apparatus for generating an aerosol that includes a support member having a first face and a second face and defining an opening therethrough, where the support member includes a first material having a first galvanic potential, and an aerosolization element mounted on the support member and disposed substantially over... Agent:

20120012666 - Rotary tool for spreading particulate materials and method of using the same: A rotary tool and method for spreading mulch outwardly from a mound of the same. The tool has an elongated shaft with a rotatable body mounted proximate a first end thereof. The body has a peripheral edge with a plurality of flexible fingers radiating outwardly and downwardly therefrom. The fingers... Agent: Green Industry Innovators, L.L.C.

20120012669 - Fan-mounted air freshener device and associated method: A fan-mounted air freshener device provides users with an easy and convenient means of emitting bursts of air-freshening scents or deodorizing sprays into a room. A control panel comprises a plurality of control knobs for selecting a variety of scents or sprays, and a timer for setting a scent-release interval.... Agent:

20120012668 - Volatile material dispenser and method of attaching a refill or refills to same: A method of attaching a refill to a volatile material dispenser includes the step of providing a volatile material dispenser that includes a housing, a first implement that attaches a refill containing a volatile material to the housing, and a second implement that attaches the refill to the housing, wherein... Agent:

20120012667 - Volatile material dispenser and method of retaining only compatible refills thereby: A method of retaining only compatible refills by a volatile material dispenser includes the step of providing a dispenser having a housing and at least one movable latch disposed within the housing. The method further includes the steps of providing a compatible refill that includes a container for holding a... Agent:

20120012671 - Spray gun with pressure measuring device: The invention relates to a spray gun comprising a gun body (1), a nozzle arrangement (9) arranged on said gun body (1), a compressed air supply channel (22, 23) which is arranged in the gun body (1) and which comprises a valve arrangement (17) for controlling the compressed air supply... Agent: Sata Gmbh Co. Kg

20120012670 - Spray nozzle with adjustable arc spray elevation angle and flow: An adjustable spray nozzle with adjustable arc of coverage as well as spray elevation angle and flow rate. A very simple adjustable arc of coverage spray nozzle configuration is also disclosed which may be easily assembled for a particular precipitation rate and/or range of coverage at a selected nominal pressure.... Agent:

20120012672 - Drywall spraying assembly: A spraying assembly is provided for delivering a coating material to a surface. The assembly of an embodiment comprises a mobile support structure, a mixing tank coupled to the support structure and a mixing device connected to the mixing tank. A mixture dispensing assembly has a conduit coupled to the... Agent:

20120012673 - Sprayer boom for a field spraying device: The invention states a sprayer boom and a field spraying device comprising a liquid container attached to a portable frame and with at least one sprayer boom. Said sprayer boom comprises a number of sprayer nozzles as well as a number of downward directed air nozzles supplied with air from... Agent:

20120012674 - Sprinkler base: A sprinkler support including a base member configured to define an upward facing base surface, a recess extending across the base surface for receiving a water supply conduit, at least one resilient water supply conduit retaining finger located alongside one side of the recess for retaining the water supply conduit... Agent: Naandan Jain Irrigation C.s. Ltd.

20120012675 - Enclosure for a pressurized spray container: One embodiment of the invention described herein includes a device for dispensing fluid. The device includes a container and a fluid dispensing mechanism, wherein the fluid dispensing mechanism comprises: a main body comprising a deformable portion; a rigid portion annular to the deformable portion; an rigid sidewall, wherein the deformable... Agent: Coty S.a.s.

20120012676 - Handheld water discharging device: A handheld water discharging device contains a housing; a water supplying pipe fixed in the housing and including a valve holder and a discharge assembly; wherein the valve holder includes an inlet room, a distributing room, a peripheral flowing room, a central flowing room, and a groove; the distributing room... Agent:

20120012677 - Spray gun handle support and quick release trigger assembly: A spray gun handle support and quick release trigger assembly for use with a high pressure spray gun which includes an adapter for releaseable installation on a high pressure spray gun so that the trigger assembly holds the spray trigger in the on condition and the handle support provides an... Agent:

20120012678 - Sprinkler with pressure regulation: A sprinkler pressure regulator module has a compact arrangement with a shiftable member having an upper cavity for receiving water flow debris, and a portion of a bypass valve may reciprocate therein. The module includes a stator plate directing water into a drive mechanism, such as a turbine drive mechanism.... Agent: Rain Bird Corporation

20120012679 - Device for injecting fuel: A device for injecting fuel includes an electrodynamic drive having a movably situated coil, an inwardly opening needle which opens and closes injection holes on a valve seat, a connecting element which connects the needle to the movably situated coil, and a pressure chamber which is situated at the needle... Agent:

20120012680 - Fuel injection device: A fuel injection device has therein a recovery channel provided in a first valve body, and a fuel channel provided in the first valve body and a second valve body. The fuel channel is opened by openings at a first end surface of the first valve body and a second... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120012681 - Fuel injector having balanced and guided plunger: A closed nozzle injector for injecting fuel at high pressure into the combustion chamber of an engine, is provided including a lower supply chamber positioned in the nozzle housing, an injector plunger including a lower guide sized to form a close sliding fit with a nozzle housing to guide the... Agent: Cummins Intellectual Properties, Inc.

20120012682 - Means for defining a flow passage in a dripper and method and apparaturs for its implementation: A dripper unit adapted to be integrally bonded to an internal surface of a conduit. The unit being of the flat “boat-like” type and is made of solely two parts—an elongated body member formed on its one side that is intended to be affixed unto an inner wall of the... Agent:

20120012683 - Watering device for an individual plant container: A watering device includes a cover, support members, and a water nozzle secured to the underneath side of cover. The water nozzle directs water outward along the first side of the cover to distribute water across the top surface of the plant growth medium in a nursery plant container. A... Agent: Lacebark, Inc.

20120012684 - Multi-mode pressure control and sensing system: A single sprayer 12 is allowed to run in two completely different operating modes, thereby becoming suitable for medias controlled best by either system pressure or by flow rate. This provides the user with the ability to apply a wider range of products without incurring the higher cost of two... Agent:

01/12/2012 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120006908 - Hurricane dissipation system and method: The present invention concerns itself with systems and methods for the dissipation of hurricanes and/or tropical storms through the use of wind turbine pumps. These pumps, which are driven by the storm's own winds, draw cold deeper water from below the storm and spray it high into the air. This... Agent:

20120006909 - Releasable entrapment of aroma using a polymeric matrix: An aroma delivery system comprising aroma compound entrapped in a polymeric matrix.... Agent: Pepsico, Inc.

20120006910 - Seal cartridge for a rotating nozzle assembly: A seal cartridge and a rotating nozzle assembly utilizing the seal cartridge are disclosed. The main seal member in the nozzle assembly is mounted as part of the seal cartridge. The seal cartridge is also easily removable from the rotating nozzle assembly without requiring the separate removal of the main... Agent:

20120006911 - Dual-functional screen cleaner: A dual-functional screen cleaner has a housing unit, a cleaning body, and a cleaning liquid container. The housing unit has a first housing and a second housing opposite the first housing. The first housing and the second housing have a first housing trough and a second housing trough respectively. The... Agent: Taiwan Bor Ying Corporation

20120006912 - Water faucet and liquid soap supply assembly therefor: A water faucet includes a faucet spout having an open end, a flow-constricting device coupled to the open end of the faucet spout. The flow-constricting device includes a first water passage, and a liquid soap passage extending from a side of the flow-constricting device to the first water passage. A... Agent:

20120006913 - Liquid supply container for a spray coating device: A system includes a gravity-feed spray coating device having a body with a liquid inlet, a handle coupled to the body, a spray head coupled to the body, a liquid passage extending from the liquid inlet to the spray head, and a gravity-feed container fastener disposed adjacent the liquid inlet.... Agent: Iiiinois Tool Works Inc.

20120006914 - High pressure fuel pipe construction for an internal combustion engine: A high pressure fuel pipe construction for an internal combustion engine, such as a direct injection engine. A conduit for the fuel is open at each end and a ball having a throughbore is slidably positioned over one end of the conduit. A reinforcing sleeve is positioned inside the end... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd

20120006916 - Electrode assembly for an electrostatic atomizer: Various exemplary illustrations of an electrode assembly for an electrostatic atomizer, for example for a rotation atomizer, and exemplary methods of making and/or using the same, are disclosed. An exemplary electrode assembly may include an electrode holder arrangement for holding at least one electrode creating an electrostatic field about a... Agent:

20120006915 - Electrostatic atomization apparatus: An electrostatic atomization apparatus (4) includes a discharge electrode (1) and a liquid supplying device (2), which supplies liquid to the discharge electrode. A high voltage application device (3) that applies high voltage to the discharge electrode and performs electrostatic atomization on the liquid supplied to the discharge electrode. A... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20120006917 - Water jet sweeper: A water stream ground sweeping assembly includes a generally S-shaped tubular wand provided with an outlet nozzle at one end and connected at the other en across a control valve to a flexible water conveying hose with the length and the convolutions of the wand being selected to align the... Agent:

01/05/2012 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120000989 - Cartridge for scent diffuser, scent diffuser and corresponding system: P

20120000990 - Directly-actuated piezoelectric fuel injector with variable flow control: A fuel injector apparatus comprising a piezoelectric driving stack and injector assembly wherein a flow control member of the fuel injector apparatus is driven directly by the piezoelectric stack without additional amplification means or interposing elements while the flow area of the nozzle portion is variably adjustable to deliver controlled... Agent:

20120000991 - Spraying apparatus and agricultural field sprayer having the same: A spraying apparatus (19) for an agricultural field sprayer (10) having at least one spray line (32) disposed on the spraying boom (20), and a plurality of discharge openings (36) disposed along the spray line (32) connected by a part (38) to an inlet opening (66, 76) of a spray... Agent:

20120000992 - Paint cup structure of paintball gun: An improved paint cup structure of a paintball gun designed according to the assembling of a paint cup and a paint connector of the paintball gun comprises a pair of paint cup embedding guide ribs with a guide inclination and installed at the exterior of an outlet pipe at a... Agent:

20120000993 - Self-contained hand-held direct drive device for dispensing a two-part adhesive aerosol: A self-contained, hand-held spray dispensing device includes an internal source of pressurized fluid that exerts a motive force on a pair of liquid ejecting elements to cause each to eject a liquid into a discharge line. The liquids remain separated until each exits its discharge port. A pressurized fluid is... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120000994 - Device for injecting fuel: A device for injecting pressurized fuel includes an electrodynamic actuator having a movably situated coil, an outwardly opening needle which opens and closes a cross section on a valve seat, a connecting device which connects the needle to the movably situated coil, a pressure chamber which is situated at the... Agent:

20120000995 - Fuel injector: A fuel injector, in particular for the direct injection of fuel into the combustion chamber of a mixture-compressing, spark-ignited internal combustion engine, includes a functional part, which has at least one nozzle body, parts of an actuator, an axially movable valve closing body, which forms a sealing seat together with... Agent:

20120000996 - Fuel injection valve and internal combustion engine: A fuel injection valve includes: a nozzle body provided with an injection hole at a tip portion; a needle that is located slidably in the nozzle body and includes a seat portion seated on a seat position in the nozzle body; and an air bubble generation means generating air bubbles... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

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