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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/11

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12/29/2011 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20110315785 - Mixing device for flowable materials: A device for mixing fluid, and powdered, flowable materials, particularly for mixing automotive refinish coatings for use with spray guns, having a first component (3) mounted rotatably on a frame (2), having a second component bearing or forming a mixing product receptacle (4) mounted rotatably on the first component (3)... Agent:

20110315786 - Atomizing unit and atomizer including the same: An atomizer that includes an atomizing unit having a piezoelectric vibrator, an elastic film, and a first liquid feeder. The piezoelectric vibrator includes a vibrating film and a piezoelectric body. An atomization region in the center of the vibrating film has through holes. The vibrating film is mounted on the... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110315787 - Pressure washer device employing a cool bypass: A pressure washer device is provided that employs an unloader bypass valve that directs a selective amount of fluid via a small diameter bypass line back to a water storage tank. The small amount of fluid allows for the pump to remain working and introduces cooler water into a bypass... Agent: Karcher North America, Inc.

20110315788 - Portable powered garden sprayer: A portable powered garden sprayer. The sprayer can include a tank, a housing disposed over the tank, the housing including a handle, a filling portion in fluid communication with the tank, the filling portion extending outward from the tank past the housing and comprising a filling neck, a pump disposed... Agent:

20110315789 - Ejector purge of cavity adjacent exhaust flowpath: A gas turbine engine augmentor includes an inter-liner cavity including an axially extending annular gap separating augmentor and tailpipe liners. A purge flow cavity is in fluid communication with a fan bypass duct and with the cavity. An ejector in fluid communication with the bypass duct includes an ejector nozzle... Agent:

20110315790 - Yard and garden chemical dispenser: A chemical dispensing apparatus includes a housing that is connectable to a source of water, such as a standard garden house, and an internal space in which is disposed a rotatable container containing a quantity of chemical concentrate to be mixed with the source of water as it flows through... Agent:

20110315791 - Water discharge apparatus: The present invention provides a shower apparatus which allows a user to enjoy spray of water with a voluminous feel even when a small volume of water is discharged as well as with a comfortable stimulus sensation of an instantaneous flow rate of the spray varying greatly. The shower apparatus... Agent: Toto Ltd.

20110315792 - Nozzle for a pressure washer: A nozzle for use with a sprayer, such as a spray gun for a pressure washer or a garden hose system, includes a body, which has an inlet for receiving a pressurized flow of water. The nozzle further includes first and second outlets, and first and second passages. The first... Agent: Briggs & Stratton Coporation

20110315793 - Fuel injector tip with compressive residual stress: Steel rod stock is shaped into a fuel injector tip having a central axis and including a shank extending between a mating end and a nozzle end. An inner surface of the fuel injector tip includes a conical needle valve seat and defines a nozzle chamber and a sac on... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20110315794 - Hose nozzle: The present disclosure provides a hose nozzle having a rigid tube outer tube, a resilient inner tube member disposed within the rigid outer tube and configured to define a flow of fluid and a movable toggle supported by the rigid outer tube and configured to move between a first position... Agent:

20110315795 - Fuel injector: A fuel injector that includes a flying armature movable relative to a pintle stop, and an electromagnetic circuit configured to move the flying armature away from the pintle stop prior to accelerating the armature toward the pintle stop as part of moving the pintle to open the fuel injector. The... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110315796 - Nozzle for generating microbubbles: A nozzle main body is provided with a water introduction port for introducing pressurized hot water from the bottom center of the nozzle main body into the main body, a core cylinder provided with an opening for a circumferential face is inserted into the nozzle main body to form a... Agent:

20110315797 - Salt wetting apparatus and brine applicator: In one embodiment, a conventional pickup truck is equipped with a tailgate spreader and a salt wetting apparatus. In another embodiment, a conventional pickup truck is equipped with a tailgate spreader and a brine dispensing apparatus. In yet another embodiment, a conventional pickup truck is equipped with a tailgate spreader,... Agent:

12/22/2011 > 15 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20110309157 - Aerosol generator including multi-component wick: An aerosol generator includes a composite conduit to transport multiple liquids to a heating element at flow rates such that the liquids arrive at the heating element in desirable concentrations. The heating element volatilizes the liquids to form volatilized fluid, which mixes with ambient air to form an aerosol with... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

20110309158 - Air diffusing and water misting apparatus and method: An apparatus, system, and method for providing a fluid stream into an environment for cooling purposes are disclosed. Such an apparatus includes a body portion and a nozzle, the nozzle being adapted to direct water into the environment. Such an apparatus may include a body portion having a flow channel... Agent:

20110309159 - Water toy device: A water toy device that is activated by exerting pressure on the device provides a fresh, cool, and clean water supply when required by the pets or children. The water toy device includes an upper shell, a base shell connected to the upper shell, a hollow interior space located between... Agent:

20110309160 - Rotary atomizer or mister: A rotary atomizer comprises of two main parts, a rotatable body and stationary body, wherein the rotatable body preferably consists of a cylinder or drum (7) for propelling water outwardly and number of atomizing parts (8 not indicated, 10) consisting of generally concentrically arranged atomizing rings (8) and/or vanes (10)... Agent: Roair Pty Ltd

20110309161 - Sprinkler with dual shafts: In a preferred embodiment of the present invention a sprinkler is provided, having a first shaft coupled to a drive mechanism and a grooved deflector. A second shaft is disposed within the first shaft, coupled to a water flow adjustment mechanism and an adjustment region on the top of the... Agent:

20110309162 - Systems and methods for water desalinization: An apparatus includes a set of atomizers, a housing and a separator. Each atomizer includes an inlet portion that receives an inlet flow of a solution and an outlet portion that produces an atomized flow of the solution. The housing defines a flow path. Each atomizer is disposed at least... Agent: Micronic Technologies, LLC

20110309163 - Hose-end sprayer bottles with safety features: Safety features in and for hose-end sprayer bottles. In a first safety arrangement, there is ensured a more hindered transition of a spool (e.g., product/carrier spool) or adjuster from a first setting to a second setting than from the second setting to the first setting, wherein in the first setting... Agent: Green Garden Products Company

20110309164 - Injector for a fluid: An injector for a fluid is provided, in particular for fuel, which has a valve housing, an intake nipple for the fluid disposed at one housing end, a nozzle body disposed at the other housing end, which has a valve seat surrounding a spray-discharge orifice, and a valve chamber disposed... Agent:

20110309165 - Showerhead with multimodal operation: A showerhead for personal hygiene is provided that includes a spray face in fluid communication with a cavity by way of a plurality of nozzle apertures. The cavity receives water from a water supply. A spray selector controls fluid flow between the cavity and the nozzle apertures. A battery-electric motor... Agent:

20110309166 - Electromagnetically controlled injector having flux bridge and flux break: An injector for injecting a reagent includes an axially translatable valve member positioned within a housing. An electromagnet is positioned within the housing and includes a cylindrically-shaped coil of wire. The valve member moves between a seated position and an unseated position in response to energizing the electromagnet. A flux... Agent:

20110309167 - Manual spray head: A manual spray head can be connected with a flexible hose line by means of a coupling that has a ball-and-socket joint inserted between the manual spray head and the hose line. This arrangement not only increases the mobility and flexibility between the manual spray head and the flexible hose... Agent: Neoperl Gmbh

20110309168 - Manual spray head: A manual spray head can be connected with a flexible hose line by means of a coupling that has a ball-and-socket joint inserted between the manual spray head and the hose line. This arrangement not only increases the mobility and flexibility between the manual spray head and the flexible hose... Agent: Neopert Gmbh

20110309169 - Rotary drive sprinkler with flow control and shut off valve in nozzle housing: A flow shut off or throttling valve is provided in a sprinkler nozzle housing to enable a nozzle to be changed without having to turn off a flow pressure source. The valve intersects a flow path through the nozzle housing and has an opening such that when the opening is... Agent:

20110309170 - Free flow spreader device: Disclosed is an improved means for spreading solid or liquid agricultural products, ideally suited for use with a tractor or similar vehicle with an external power takeoff shaft. For solid agricultural products, a specially designed hopper is used in conjunction with a cone-shaped, flow control stopper and an outlet agitator... Agent:

20110309171 - Automatic switching directional nozzles in irrigation systems: Directional spray heads on each side of each tower over the wheels spray water behind the trailing wheel and not in front of the wheels. A control box activates the direction of travel of the wheels at the towers through a tower box at each tower. Solenoids wired to the... Agent:

12/15/2011 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20110303757 - Volatile substance dispensing apparatus: A method of providing in an atmosphere both a continual supply of volatile liquid and the possibility for a time of an enhanced supply, comprising providing the liquid (3) in a reservoir (1) with an opening, which opening is covered by a membrane (4) of thickness of from 0.05-0.4 mm... Agent: Givaudan Sa

20110303758 - System for increasing the life of fuel injectors: According to various embodiments, a system includes a gasification fuel injector. The gasification fuel injector includes a fuel conduit configured to inject the fuel, the first oxygen conduit configured to inject oxygen, a second oxygen conduit configured to inject oxygen, and a cooling gas conduit configured to flow a cooling... Agent: General Electric Company

20110303759 - Distillation-type drinking fountain: A distillation-type drinking fountain comprises a liquid providing unit having a liquid entry; a heat-exchanging tube having liquid incoming and liquid outgoing ends and a heat-exchanging room, wherein the liquid providing unit connects to the liquid incoming end and communicates with the heat-exchanging room; a hot water tank having a... Agent:

20110303760 - Apparatus and method for controllably releasing a substance: An apparatus for controllably releasing a substance is disclosed herein. In one embodiment, such an apparatus includes a chamber to store a non-gaseous fluid. An outlet communicates with a bottom of the chamber to dispense the non-gaseous fluid. An inlet communicates with a top of the chamber to enable gas... Agent:

20110303761 - Atomizing device:

20110303762 - Piezoelectric foaming pump: A piezoelectric foaming pump is provided herein. The piezoelectric foaming pump includes a housing having a first opening for receiving a liquid from a liquid container and a piezoelectric element secured to the housing. The piezoelectric element includes a plurality of holes there through. In addition, the housing includes an... Agent: Gojo Industries, Inc.

20110303763 - Apparatus for injecting gas into a vessel: An apparatus for injecting gas into a vessel is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a gas flow duct from which to discharge gas from the duct, an elongate central structure extending within the gas flow duct from its rear end to its forward end, and a plurality of flow directing vanes... Agent:

20110303764 - Sprinkler head adapter for outdoor light: An adapter for an outdoor light is disclosed. The adapter includes a hollow elongated element having a top end and a bottom end, a first opening at the top end of the elongated element, wherein the first opening accepts a shaft of the outdoor light to create a friction fit... Agent:

20110303765 - High volume low pressure paint sprayer: A high volume low pressure paint sprayer comprising a paint spray gun and a releasable paint canister, in which the paint canister has an integrated paint spray nozzle.... Agent: Akzo Nobel Coatings International B.v.

20110303767 - Dispenser having convergent flow path: A spray system for dispensing fluid products. The spray system comprises a discrete inlet port. Fluids, such as liquid, admitted to the inlet port flows into an open volume defined by a convergent surface of revolution about a longitudinal axis. The convergent surface of revolution circumscribes the longitudinal axis and,... Agent:

20110303766 - Dispenser having non-frustro-conical funnel wall: A helix cup for use in a pressurized dispenser. The helix cup has a convergent funnel wall. The funnel wall is not straight and does not satisfy the mathematical equations for surface area or for subtended volume of the frustrum of a cone. Instead, the funnel wall provides a longer... Agent:

20110303768 - Fluid dispenser head: h

20110303769 - Spreader assembly: A spreader assembly for spreading sand or salt comprised of a molded, double-walled hopper having a bin portion and leg portions. The hopper has an inner wall and an outer wall, wherein the inner wall has a front end section and opposing side sections. The end sections and the side... Agent:

20110303770 - Apparatus and method for supporting a flexible hose sprinkler head on an elevated irrigation supply line: An adaptive support is provided for a flexible hose sprinkler head on an elevated irrigation supply line that includes a sprinkler support body and a hanger body. The sprinkler support body has a first inter-fitting contact surface. The body is disposed to support a downwardly extending flexible sprinkler hose. The... Agent:

12/08/2011 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20110297753 - Integrated fuel injector igniters configured to inject multiple fuels and/or coolants and associated methods of use and manufacture: Embodiments of injectors configured for adaptively injecting multiple different fuels and coolants into a combustion chamber, and for igniting the different fuels, are disclosed herein. An injector according to one embodiment includes a body having a first end portion and a second end portion. The injector further includes a first... Agent:

20110297754 - Hopper-type texture spray apparatus and hopper assembly therefor: A hopper assembly for a hopper-type texture spray gun applicator apparatus; the hopper assembly including a hopper reservoir housing such as an elongated tubular housing having a specific length to diameter (L/D) ratio. The hopper assembly is adapted for being removably connected to a spraying apparatus such as a spray... Agent:

20110297755 - Prefilming atomizer: A method of forming droplets comprises flowing a liquid through a channel; spreading the liquid into a thin film in the channel; and impinging the thin film with a flowing gas to atomize the liquid into droplets. The droplets may then be dried to produce dried particles, such as particles... Agent: Novartis Ag

20110297756 - Portable fluid sprayer with fluid container support features: The present disclosure generally relates to fluid sprayers and more specifically, but not by limitation, to a portable airless fluid sprayer including fluid container support features configured to accommodate fluid containers of different sizes. In one example, a fluid sprayer pump assembly is provided and includes a pump assembly housing... Agent: Wagner Spray Tech Corporation

20110297757 - Swivel adapter for an irrigation valve: A swivel fitting is specifically configured for mounting a pressure regulator and a solenoid to a valve having a female threaded solenoid mounting port. The swivel fitting includes a generally cylindrical upper body having a first female threaded bore for having a male threaded neck of either a solenoid or... Agent:

20110297758 - External flap retaining mechanism: An external flap connection assembly for a turbine engine nozzle has a track frame, a slider track, and an external flap. The external flap is removably connected to the slider track via a retaining member which has a slider block.... Agent:

20110297759 - Device for dispensing an aerated jet of water: A device for dispensing an aerated jet of water comprises an outer casing (10), a dispenser plate (14) which closes said outer casing and in which a plurality of nozzles (16) for the outlet of the water is provided, and an intermediate plate (18) positioned in said casing so as... Agent: Nikles Tec Italia S.r.l.

20110297760 - Device for discharging urea solution into an exhaust gas conduit: A device for the discharge of urea solution into an exhaust gas conduit (40) includes an injection nozzle (2) with a conduit connection (14) for the supply of urea solution, and a nozzle head which is conductively connected thereto. The urea solution may be supplied to an exhaust gas flow... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

20110297761 - Self regulating fluid bearing high pressure rotary nozzle with balanced thrust force: A high pressure rotary nozzle having a rotating shaft operating within a fixed housing wherein the of axial force which acts upon the shaft due to the fluid pressure at the shaft inlet is balanced by allowing passage of a small amount of the pressurized fluid to be bled to... Agent: Stoneage, Inc.

20110297762 - Burner nozzle: A burner nozzle comprises a rectangular box-like ceramic tip and a stainless steel frame or jacket closely fit around the outer exterior of the tip. A journal structure is provided for pitch control purposes.... Agent:

20110297763 - Portable spreader for particulate matter: A gravity-feed spreader for particulate matter may include a rotor. The spreader may be operable for gravity-feed operation with the longitudinal axis of the rotor in a horizontal position. A generally cylindrical rotor housing with a pair of closed, axial ends may be coaxial with the rotor. Entrance and exit... Agent:

20110297764 - De-icer for airplanes: De-icer for airplanes, comprising a self-propelled vehicle (3) provided with a lifting device in the form of a first boom (2) pivoting around a base-near pivot (11) and being active in a longitudinal vertical plane forward of the pivot (11). The boom (2) is connected to a spraying platform (10)... Agent:

12/01/2011 > 19 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20110290898 - Systems and devices for emitting volatile compositions: Methods and devices for emitting volatile materials are disclosed. In some embodiments, methods and devices for emitting two or more fragrance compositions are disclosed. In one non-limiting embodiment of a device, the device has a housing, and the housing is supported on an electrical outlet by a plug at least... Agent:

20110290900 - Domains of fluid elements: An advanced Processor coupled the Earth's magma and mantle with magnetic field functions couples mantle quanta masses vital groundwater, polar caps and glaciers, less couples continental waters and oceans, partially decouples atmosphere and least coupled the ionosphere mass and its electrons; crusted mantle boundaries constrain most of heat and electrical... Agent:

20110290899 - Gc boundaries: Four generic claims, physics, chemistry, thermodynamics and forbidden mechanisms laws merge. Quintessential, core, natural, buried GC aqueducts perimeters heat energy transfer up to insulated globose crown with or without irrigation for mass energy highest conserving combats fluxing ocean levels ‘global warming’ effects, the Earth's surface cooling. Near vacuum, least density... Agent:

20110290901 - Fountain faucet: A faucet for producing a water-fountain for drinking or rinsing a person's mouth. The fountain-faucet comprises a main body and a valve. The main body defines an exterior surface and an outlet water passage located inside the main body. The outlet water passage is in communication with a water outlet.... Agent:

20110290902 - Atmospheric diffuser apparatus: An insect repellent scent diffusing apparatus including a container having a bottom wall and a continuous side wall surface extending from the bottom wall. A plurality of apertures are formed in the continuous side wall surface. An element containing insect repellent scent is disposed in the container and configured to... Agent: Pic Corp.

20110290903 - Fragrance device for vehicle and sealing component used therein: The present invention provides a fragrance device for a vehicle capable of supplying plural fragrant ingredients to the inside of the vehicle as being contained in air flow of a vehicle-use air-conditioning device with a simple structure. The fragrance device for a vehicle according to the present invention includes a... Agent:

20110290904 - Method and device for releasing a perfume or scent: A method for masking or modifying the olfactory or gustatory sensation generated in a user by a base product (7) includes releasing an aromatic or fragrant composition over time in a sequenced manner in relation to the release of the base product (7), the aromatic or fragrant composition being housed... Agent: V. Mane Fils

20110290908 - Device for dispensing a volatile substance: The present invention relates to the field of perfumery and more precisely it concerns a device, and the consumer articles associated therewith, for dispensing an active composition into the surrounding space. The device includes an assembly containing a reservoir holding the active liquid to be diffused into the surroundings and... Agent:

20110290909 - Multi-component insect attractant: Certain embodiments of the present invention employ insect-attracting liquid mixtures, solid mixtures, liquid solutions, and solid solutions that include two or more insect-attracting substances or compounds with different physical characteristics that lead to multi-component plumes comprising component plumes with different radii and multiple chemical gradients. Additional embodiments of the present... Agent:

20110290905 - Volatile substance evaporator with substance end-of-life detector: The present invention generally relates to volatile substance evaporators having a container with wick, and has the object of providing a technique for effectively detecting end-of-life of the volatile substance housed within the container. The volatile substance evaporator is configured for coupling to, and maintaining in a stable position, a... Agent: Zobele Espana, S.a.

20110290907 - Watertight fragrance dispensing device: A watertight fragrance dispensing device for ejecting fragrance as a spray of droplets, the device including: a spray head for ejecting fragrance from the device; a liquid reservoir arranged to provide the fragrance to the spray head, wherein the reservoir includes a primary reservoir (31), a secondary reservoir (34), and... Agent: Ep Systems Sa

20110290906 - Wicking apparatus for liquid droplet spray device: This wicking apparatus includes a liquid reservoir, a wick holder, and a wick. The wick holder has a top part for fitting on the reservoir neck and a bottom part for insertion into the reservoir opening, the top part being plate-formed with a central opening, and with two peripheral projections... Agent: Ep Systems Sa

20110290910 - Nozzle body for a liquid droplet spray device: A nozzle body (1) for a liquid droplet spray device is disclosed, wherein the nozzle body is arranged to receive a liquid substance from the liquid droplet spray device, wherein the nozzle body includes: (a) a substrate (2), and (b) a plurality of traversing output nozzles (4, 24, 34) formed... Agent: Ep Systems Sa

20110290911 - Device for emitting volatile compositions while reducing surface deposition and improving scent noticeability: A device for emitting volatile compositions comprising a capillary element, a channel in fluid communication with the capillary element, an emitting orifice having a forward tilt from about +5 degrees to less than about +90 degrees, and a decoupled piezoelectric actuator for emitting the volatile composition through the emitting orifice.... Agent:

20110290912 - Device for scattering confetti: A device for scattering confetti. The device may include a body, a container, coupled to the body, and having confetti disposed therein, and at least one retaining structure for maintaining the device in a hand of a person. A portion of the body may be disposed in the palm of... Agent: Fiestafive, LLC

20110290913 - Filter case for shower having function of adjusting quantity of outflow of filling material: The present invention relates to a filter case for a shower having a function of adjusting a quantity of outflow of a filling material, the filter case including: a cylindrical body having a predetermined length and one end portion opened, for containing a filling material into the interior thereof; and... Agent: Kntec Co., Ltd.

20110290914 - Hvlp toolbox sprayer: An HVLP spray system and toolbox design offers a fully integrated system that is durable on the jobsite, has internal storage for all basic tools needed to do the job and offers integrated user features specific to the application.... Agent:

20110290915 - Laser welding method, pipe joint product, and injector using the product: In a fitting process, a first pipe made of metal and a second pipe made of metal are fitted together such that an outer wall of the first pipe and an inner wall of the second pipe are opposed to each other. In a preheating process, the pipes are heated... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110290916 - Showerhead: A showerhead (10) with an outlet defined by an inwardly facing first sharp edge (44) surrounded by an outwardly extending first surface (46). The first surface (46) is angled in the opposite direction to that of water (Sr, Se) leaving the outlet.... Agent:

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