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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/11

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11/24/2011 > 22 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20110284648 - Method to generate micro scale gas filled liquid bubbles as tracer particles or inhaler mist for drug delivery: A method and apparatus that enables the production of micron-scale free-standing bubbles made of liquids containing surfactants are provided. The method and apparatus of the invention overcomes the limitations of conventional bubble forming techniques by using a controlled cavitation process in a liquid media.... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20110284649 - Apparatus and method for the mitigation of rotating wind storms: An apparatus and method for the mitigation of rotating wind storms. A preferred embodiment creates a rising column of warm air through the use of a heater combined with a fan or compressor. The rising column of warm air is created directly in the path of a naturally occurring rotating... Agent:

20110284650 - Method for cooling the troposphere: Self-initiated cooling of the troposphere occurs by enriching the same with at least one substance from the group of inorganic chloride and bromide compounds. The substances used to this end are characterized by at least one of the properties: -gaseous, -vaporous below 500° C., -hygroscopic, -hydrolysable. The formation of the... Agent:

20110284651 - Air freshening system: A sports team display system combined with vehicle air freshener that aids in a vehicle driver's ability to prominently display his or her support for an athletic team or organization while at the same time provides a pleasant smell to emit throughout the interior of the vehicle. The system is... Agent:

20110284652 - Multi-physics fuel atomizer and methods: A fuel atomizer that includes a housing having a fuel inlet and at least one primary orifice positioned at the inlet, wherein the at least one orifice configured to disperse a stream of fuel into a plurality of fuel droplets. The plurality of fuel droplets contact a fuel impingement surface... Agent: Lytesyde, LLC

20110284653 - Adaptive emanator of a fluid: The present invention describes an emanation device that is adaptive to its surrounding environment. In one embodiment this device includes a housing adapted to receive a container of fluid and sensor means provided by at least one motion sensor means and/or at least one odour sensor means, emanation means adapted... Agent: Reckitt & Colman (overseas) Limited

20110284654 - Fragrance release system having an optimized wick: The apparatus comprises a fragrance release system comprising a wick, at least one diffuser, the surface area of the diffuser in contact with ambient air being larger than the surface area of the wick in contact with ambient air, and a container to hold the wick, a fragrance preparation that... Agent:

20110284655 - Spill-proof aerator for low volatile compound solutions: A spill-proof aerator is disclosed that is adapted to flamelessly diffuse a liquid solution into the atmosphere. The device comprises a liquid solution having less than 20% volatile organic compounds housed in a vessel with at least one wall, wherein an opening is disposed in the wall. The device further... Agent:

20110284656 - Amazing member and atomizer including the same: An atomizing member that includes a piezoelectric vibrator and a vibrating membrane. The piezoelectric vibrator includes a cylindrical piezoelectric body, a first electrode disposed on an inner circumferential surface of the piezoelectric body, and a second electrode disposed on an outer circumferential surface of the piezoelectric body. The piezoelectric vibrator... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110284657 - Drop generator: A method for making an electromechanical device including forming an electromechanical transducer that includes a deposited metallic diaphragm, and attaching the electromechanical transducer to a fluid channel substructure.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110284658 - 3d rotor sprinkler: Improvements in a sprinkler head where the sprinkler head can deliver a single stream of water droplets in a three dimensional direction and then precipitate equally onto any selected terrain area which minimally scatters the water droplets. The solid stream nozzle can shoot the water stream in a preset partial... Agent:

20110284659 - Sprinkler head for an embedded sprinkler: A sprinkler head for an embedded sprinkler includes a base having a adjust device arranged to an upper portion thereof and an inlet pipe formed to a lower portion thereof. The inlet pipe has a lateral outlet and a receiving chamber. A nozzle is received to the receiving chamber. A... Agent: Yuan-mei Corp.

20110284660 - Thrust reverser for a turbofan engine nacelle: The invention relates to a thrust reverser for a turbofan engine nacelle including a stationary portion (15) downstream from which is mounted at least one cowl (9) movable between a direct-jet position, in which the cowl (9) is aligned with the stationary portion (15), and a thrust-reversal position, in which... Agent: Aircelle

20110284662 - Shower apparatus: A shower apparatus F1 includes a water supply unit 21; a throttle unit 22 installed downstream of the water supply unit 21 and adapted to eject passing water downstream; an aeration unit 23 provided with an opening 231 adapted to produce bubbly water by aerating the water ejected through the... Agent: Toto Ltd.

20110284661 - Water saving device: A water saving device is provided. By a gap defined between a water stopper and a water inlet member of a water guide assembly and a plurality of water discharging portions of the water stopper, the water from the plurality of water discharging portions of the water stopper quickly and... Agent:

20110284663 - Water coserving adjustable sprinkler system: An adjustable sprinkler system distributes water from a garden hose through a feed housing to a pair of pivotally attached arms. There is a sprinkler unit attached near the end of each arm. Each sprinkler unit has an interchangeable spray head attached that is specific to the desired watering pattern.... Agent:

20110284664 - Spraying device apparatus: A spraying device includes a housing that has a spraying unit and a trigger assembly. The spraying unit is a removable insert within the housing. The spraying unit includes an air chamber that is coupled to a liquid tank. A front end portion of the air chamber has a nozzle.... Agent: Temptu, Inc

20110284665 - Spraying device apparatus: A spraying device includes a housing that has a spraying unit and a trigger assembly. The spraying unit is a removable insert within the housing. The spraying unit includes an air chamber that is coupled to a liquid tank. A front end portion of the air chamber has a nozzle.... Agent: Temptu, Inc.

20110284667 - Injector assembly for an injection valve: A jet needle has a front face turned away from an injection opening. An injector assembly has a chamber within the body adjoining the front face, a throttle module arranged in the chamber having a fluid supply chamber being hydraulically coupled to the fluid inlet, a control space hydraulically coupled... Agent:

20110284666 - Laser welding method and pipe joint product joined by the method: According to a laser welding method, an inert gas injection process and welding process are performed. In the inert gas injection process, inert gas is injected into an inside of a first metal pipe; and air inside the first pipe is discharged into the outside. In the welding process, a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110284668 - Gantry tower spraying system with receptacle assembly: A gantry tower spraying system with a cartridge/receptacle assembly includes a gantry and a spray assembly coupled to the gantry to allow for translational movement of the spray assembly along the gantry. The spray assembly includes a receptacle for receiving a cartridge containing a cosmetic liquid for skin treatment, and... Agent: Mystic Tan, Inc.

20110284669 - Lance of a gas turbine burner: A lance of a gas turbine burner includes an inner duct having inner nozzles; an annular outer duct encircling the inner duct and having outer nozzles; and a spacer disposed between a terminal portion of the inner duct and a terminal portion of the outer duct, the spacer being fixed... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

11/17/2011 > 15 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20110278367 - Spraying method and device for a rolling plant: A spraying method and device for a plant for rolling a strip, the plant having at least one rolling stand. The device includes: a pair of working rolls between which the strip runs; a plane perpendicular to the running direction of the strip; at least one pair of supporting rolls... Agent: Siemens Vai Metals Technologies Sas

20110278368 - Automotive gasoline solenoid double pole direct injector: A direct fuel injector (10) includes a body (12) having a passage between inlet and outlet ends. A seat (16) is at the outlet end and a closure member (28) is associated with the seat. A needle member (30) is associated with the closure member and is movable with respect... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems Us, Inc.

20110278369 - Method of controlling an electromagnetic fuel injector: A method of controlling an electromagnetic fuel injector including the steps of: determining a target quantity of fuel to inject; determining a hydraulic supply time as a function of the target quantity of fuel to inject and using a first injection law which provides a hydraulic supply time as a... Agent:

20110278370 - Aroma releasing package with moveably engageable portions: Packages with at least two moveably engageable portions have one or more aroma providing substances placed at one or more contact points on the portions such that the one or more aroma providing substances are released when the portions are moved relative to each other. The packages can also include... Agent: Kraft Foods Global Brands LLC

20110278371 - Wind directed scent dispenser: A scent dispenser is provided to dispense liquid scent during a hunt for wild game. The inventive scent dispenser uses age old scientific and natural phenomena to enhance the speed of the wind. The provided dispenser uses a venturi wind channel to accomplish a wind speed increase. Supported at its... Agent:

20110278372 - Chemical dispensing apparatus: A chemical dispensing apparatus includes a housing that is connectable to a source of water, such as a standard garden house, and an internal space in which is disposed a rotatable container containing a quantity of chemical concentrate to be mixed with the source of water as it flows through... Agent:

20110278373 - Sprinkler device: In a sprinkler device a bladder is mounted in a housing to expand or contract under water pressure, thereby moving a sprinkler head up or down.... Agent:

20110278374 - Decorative support panel: The invention features an apparatus and method for positioning and supporting a sprinkler head in a ceiling, floor, or wall. In one aspect of the invention, a sprinkler head may be received by a sleeve extending through a broad surface of the plate. The plate may be configured to be... Agent: Pbj, LLC

20110278375 - Discharge apparatus having compressed gas support: A discharge apparatus for discharging a product having compressed gas support comprises a container (1) having a discharge opening (12) and a pressure element (2), which is mounted displaceably in the container (1). A counterpressure element (13) is provided on the container (1) and is used to advance the pressure... Agent: Medmix Systems Ag

20110278376 - Air-filling pressure-charged spraying mineral water bottle: The invention discloses an air-filling pressure-charged spraying mineral water bottle. A spray unit is fixed on the bottle top and includes an atomization nozzle, spray pipe, a one-way control valve and a water supply straw, wherein the water inlet of the atomization nozzle connects with the spray pipe, and the... Agent:

20110278377 - Smooth bore nozzle with adjustable bore: A firefighting nozzle of the present invention includes a nozzle body with an inlet and an outlet, a passageway having a smooth bore extending between the inlet and the outlet of the nozzle body, and a compressible member defining at least a portion of the passageway. The compressible member has... Agent: Elkhart Brass Manufacturing Company, Inc.

20110278379 - Ldpe tubular reactor peroxide mixer: An initiator injection nozzle for mixing an initiator with a process fluid, comprising: a body comprising an inlet port to receive the process fluid, an outlet port, and an injector inlet to receive initiator; a process fluid flow passage through which the process fluid traverses between the inlet port and... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20110278378 - Turbomachine nozzle: A turbomachine includes a housing, and a plurality of turbomachine nozzles. At least one of the plurality of turbomachine nozzles includes a body having a first surface and an opposing second surface that extend between a first end and a second end. At least one of the first and second... Agent: General Electric Company

20110278380 - Sanitary insert unit: A sanitary unit (1) is provided, which is configured for insertion into a discharge fitting. The sanitary unit (1) includes an upstream sieve (2) and a throughflow regulator (3), which includes a control gap (10) and a throttle body (8) that deforms under pressure to regulate throughflow varying the control... Agent: Neoperl Gmbh

20110278381 - Agricultural spreader control: A spreader control system digitally filters noisy load cell measurements and inaccurate flow rate measurements to form an optimal estimate of material weight in a spreader bin. This estimate may be combined with spreader swath width and vehicle speed to determine application rate. When actuators for parameters such as apron... Agent: Trimble Navigation Limited

11/10/2011 > 15 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20110272486 - Method for spraying a medium and spraying nozzle: A method for spraying a medium mist, particularly a medium mist used in firefighting, over a large area. In the method, at least two sprays of medium mist are formed, of which a first spray is within a second medium mist spray at least at or near the spraying point.... Agent:

20110272487 - Portable texture-spraying apparatus for uniformly dispersing a viscous material: This invention is related to a portable texture-spraying apparatus for uniformly dispersing a viscous material. This apparatus broadly includes a tank assembly having a body with an inner wall that defines a sealed cavity, and a piston assembly slidably disposed within the sealed cavity. The piston assembly divides the sealed... Agent:

20110272488 - Foam dispenser: A foam dispenser for dispensing a liquid with a foam consistency includes a container which is constructed and arranged to hold a volume of liquid and a pump assembly which is connected to the container. The pump assembly includes an actuator defining a foam-dispensing outlet, a collar constructed and arranged... Agent:

20110272489 - Push-type spraying mineral water bottle: A push type spraying mineral water bottle, including: a mineral water bottle, wherein there is an opening in the bottle and inside the bottle holds the water; a bottle top, wherein the bottle top has vertical through hole, and the bottle top has a liquid-tight manner connection with the opening... Agent:

20110272490 - Kitchen sink sprayer: A kitchen sink sprayer, comprising a body enclosed in an outer enclosure for being gripped and provided with a coupling to a flexible water supply hose connected to a faucet for adjusting the flow-rate between a closed position and an open position, the body comprising a rod which has, at... Agent:

20110272491 - Shower head having a larger flushing angle: A shower head includes a nozzle, a connector mounted on the nozzle, a fastening member secured on the nozzle and abutting the connector, a bushing mounted in the connector, and a locking screw member locked onto the connector. Thus, when the water flows through the shower head, the ambient air... Agent:

20110272492 - Adjustable water jet device: An adjustable water jet device so as to continuously regulate the velocity of water exiting the device without interrupting the water flow, the water jet device including a nozzle body, rotatable nozzle seat, a flow control plate, an inlet, and a nozzle eyeball configured to direct the water supply, and... Agent: Custom Molded Products, Inc.

20110272493 - Trigger pump sprayer: A trigger pump sprayer in combination with a liquid dispensed from the sprayer. The trigger sprayer provides for efficacious particle size distributions of the liquids, when sprayed under non-ideal conditions. Non-ideal conditions include only partial strokes of the trigger, rather than full strokes and relatively slow trigger strokes. A bimodal... Agent:

20110272494 - Trigger pump sprayer having favorable particle size distribution with specified liquids: A trigger pump sprayer in combination with a liquid dispensed from the sprayer. The sprayer is suitable for dispensing liquid from a reservoir, through a nozzle into particles. The trigger sprayer provides for efficacious particle size distributions of the liquids, when sprayed under non-ideal conditions. Non-ideal conditions include only partial... Agent:

20110272495 - Fuel injector and internal combustion engine having a fuel injector: The invention relates to a fuel injector (1), in particular a common rail injector, for injecting fuel into a combustion chamber (9) of an internal combustion engine (5), having a nozzle body (8) designed for protruding into the combustion chamber (9) and tightened to a retaining element by means of... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110272496 - Shower head having a larger flushing angle: A shower head includes a nozzle unit, a quick connector mounted on the nozzle unit, and a bushing mounted in the quick connector. Thus, when the water flows through the shower head, the ambient air is introduced through the air conducting holes of the quick connector and the air conducting... Agent:

20110272497 - Shower head having a larger flushing angle: A shower head includes a nozzle, a connector mounted on an open top of the nozzle, a fastening member secured on the open top of the nozzle and abutting the connector to limit the connector on the nozzle, and a bushing mounted in the connector. Thus, when the water flows... Agent:

20110272498 - Adjustable water jet device: An adjustable water jet device that allows for the arc of the jet of water to be adjusted while the water is still flowing through the device. A multipurpose tool is disclosed which has a central hollow cavity surrounded by a grip. The multipurpose tool can be used to adjust... Agent:

20110272499 - Hydraulically amplified mechanical coupling: A component includes a transmission arrangement for transmitting a force between an actuator and a control valve. The transmission arrangement includes a post that is associated with the actuator. The control valve is displaceable to an open position from a closed position when an opening force is applied to the... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20110272500 - Adjustable eye ball fitting: Herein disclosed is a novel coupling device to connect a water jet outlet, such as a pool or spa jet to a pipe. A flexible seal engages the outer circumference of the inlet pipe and two flat surfaces that allow application of an appropriate binding agent for securing the pipe,... Agent:

11/03/2011 > 20 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20110266358 - Apparatus and method for a solid catalyst and fluid dynamic eruption reaction: An apparatus and method for use in conducting an eruption reaction are disclosed. The apparatus includes a catalytic solids container with a mouth and fluid egress opening and a trigger device or mechanism that allows for the controlled release of a catalytic solid into an eruptible fluid. The catalytic solids... Agent:

20110266357 - System and method for land application of waste fluids: A system and method are provided for automated control of application of fluid to a surface. A surface map is annotated with shapes designating zones for spraying, and excluding others. A control system in a vehicle uses the annotated map and GPS to assist the operator of the vehicle avoid... Agent: Summit Liability Solutions, Inc.

20110266359 - Electronically controlled scent producing element: An electronically controlled scent producing element (800) constituted of: a plate (860) exhibiting a plurality of perforations extending from a first face of the plate to a second face of the plate opposing the first face; a plurality of micro-plugs (870) juxtaposed with the plate (860), each of the plurality... Agent: Scentcom Ltd.

20110266360 - Methods and systems for executing fluid delivery mission: Systems and methods for executing a fluid delivery mission are disclosed. In one embodiment a mobile fluid delivery machine for delivering fluid to a site has a tank storing fluid, and at least one spray head configured to spray the stored fluid onto the site. In addition, the mobile fluid... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20110266361 - Pheromone dispenser: s

20110266362 - Acrylic adhesive for assembling elements contacting biological substances: The present invention relates to acrylic adhesive composition comprising a mixture of at least one polyol tri(meth)acrylate monomer and at least one polyalkylene glycol mono(meth)acrylate monomer for assembling elements made of plastic materials, like PMMA or SAN, or inorganic material, like glass or metals, employed for manufacturing of devices for... Agent: Telecom Italia S.p.a.

20110266363 - Shower head with water-powered vibrating function: A shower head with water-powered vibrating function wherein a diverting member is disposed in the water diversion chamber which is operable by a diverting member actuating means between a normal shower position and a massage shower position. At the normal shower position the diverting member diverts water flow received from... Agent: Brand New Technologhy Ltd.

20110266364 - Fuel injector having differential tip cooling system and method: According to various embodiments, a system includes a gasification fuel injector. The gasification fuel injector includes a tip portion, an annular coolant chamber disposed in the tip portion, and a first structural support extending through the annular coolant chamber. The first structural support divides the annular coolant chamber into a... Agent: General Electric Company

20110266365 - Spray boom height control system: A boom sprayer and method of adjusting a boom assembly. A camera is attached to the boom assembly and aimed forward of the boom sprayer. The camera collects information associated with the dimensions and location of oncoming structures, such as crops, hills, fences and the like, and relays the information... Agent: Hagif Manufacturing Co

20110266366 - Spring for a cascade-type thrust reverser shutter for an aircraft jet engine: This leaf spring (17) for a thrust reverser shutter (13) is noteworthy in that it has two branches (19, 21) defining a U shape, the ends (19a, 19b, 21a, 21b) of these branches being able to cooperate respectively with a shutter (13) of said reverser and with a link (15)... Agent: Aircelle

20110266368 - Apparatus for spraying liquids, and disposable containers and liners suitable for use therewith: A spray gun (1) has a fluid reservoir (11) with a removable liner (13) received in a container (12) having a detachable lid (15). The liner (13), which may be thermo/vacuum-formed from a planar material, has a shape that corresponds to and is a close fit within the interior of... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110266367 - Spray apparatus with releasable bottle: A sprayer and a releasable bottle are provided. The sprayer includes a main housing having a pump and a nozzle coupled in a material flow path. The housing further includes a bottle receptacle and a bottle adapter, which is fluidically coupled to the material flow path and has a lower,... Agent: Global Opportunities Investment Group, LLC

20110266369 - Functional plumbing unit: A functional plumbing unit is provided, which is configured as an insertion cartridge insertable into a fluid conduit of a discharging plumbing fixture. The insertion cartridge includes a housing and a jet regulator. The housing includes an external thread on an outside thereof, configured to be screwed into an internal... Agent: Neoperl Gmbh

20110266370 - Pressure swirl flow injector with reduced flow variability and return flow: A reagent injector with a cartridge design has a body with a reagent inlet, outlet, and a swirl chamber, which has an exit orifice that may be covered and uncovered by a solid, movable pintle. Reagent flows through the injector when the exit orifice is covered and uncovered to cool... Agent:

20110266371 - Spray gun: A spray gun, which is convertible for use with and without an extension wand, may use the valve mechanism and nozzle attached adjacent to the handle of the gun. When spraying requires the spray to be released away from the gun handle and for spot applications of the spraying liquid,... Agent:

20110266372 - Nozzle arrangement: A nozzle arrangement (1) for a high-pressure cleaning or conditioning device of a paper machine having a nozzle body (2), with a first jet channel (3) for liquids impinged with high pressure passing therethrough, with at least one partially penetrating nozzle element (4) being arranged in the jet channel (3),... Agent: Papiermaschinen-systemtechnik Gmbh

20110266373 - Nozzle arrangement: A nozzle arrangement (1) for detachable arrangement in an outlet of a tubular nozzle fitting, which is allocated to a high-pressure cleaning or conditioning device of a paper machine, having a rotationally-symmetric nozzle body (2), including a carrier (3) formed as a circular disk with a central recess (5) encompassed... Agent: Papiermaschinen-systemtechnik Gmbh

20110266375 - Cover of vehicle optical sensor and vehicle optical sensor device: A vehicle optical sensor device has a snow/ice removal orifice for jetting the cleansing fluid toward an upper space of a lens and an optical sensor cleansing orifice for jetting the cleaning fluid toward a lens surface of the lens of a camera. The jetted fluid from the snow/ice removal... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110266376 - Misting device: The present invention relates to a fractionating injector, in particular to a Venturi-effect misting unit, of the type comprising a convergent axial vein (3) intended to receive a pressurized gas flow, a cylindrical vein (5) and a divergent axial vein (7), where said injector furthermore comprises at least one secondary... Agent:

20110266374 - Slurry outlet in a gravel packing assembly: An outlet member is preferably made from a hardened material and is cut from a tubular shape at an angle of preferably 5 degrees. At its upper end it is cut away so that slurry flow can exit ports in a hardened sleeve and impinge directly onto the upstream portion... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

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