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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing October categorized by USPTO classification 10/11

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10/27/2011 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20110259969 - apparatus and method for operating pressure-compensated drippers at low flow rates: Apparatus for operating a group of normally closed, pressure compensated drippers at relatively low liquid flow rates includes a pulsating device having an inlet and an outlet that converts a low continuous liquid flow rate entering its inlet, through a flow control unit, to a high intermittent and pulsating flow... Agent:

20110259971 - Fluid injection assembly for nozzles: A fluid mixing apparatus and method include a first fluid assembly having at least one fluid nozzle for providing a first fluid; a second fluid assembly having at least one fluid mixing nozzle sized and shaped to be received by the at least one fluid nozzle for providing a second... Agent:

20110259970 - Texturing a wall or ceiling with non-acoustical joint compound: A method of texturing a wall or ceiling with non-acoustical joint compound by providing a collapsible bag having an opening at its top and is adapted to contain non-acoustical joint compound for forming a textured coating on the wall or ceiling and providing a spray nozzle having a low pressure... Agent:

20110259972 - Vaporizer apparatus and methods: A vaporizing device with two concentric tubes for volatizing and inhaling one or more constituents of various vaporizable substances, such as medicines and plant materials. Devices may be successfully operated using the flame from a standard butane cigarette lighter or the like as the sole heat source. Concentric tubes, an... Agent:

20110259973 - Toilet flush activated air freshener: A machine for dispensing an air freshener spray in a bathroom and, more specifically, to dispensing such by the act of flushing a toilet with use of a floatation switch in the toilet tank water that activates a device upon water levels dropping, a device may generally be one which... Agent:

20110259974 - Base unit for hand held skin treatment spray system: A system for controlling a hand held skin treatment sprayer includes a base unit that is operable to control an air source. The base unit is also operable to control a heating unit that is associated with the hand held skin treatment sprayer. The air source is coupled to a... Agent: Mt Industries, Inc.

20110259975 - Nozzle assembly for sprinkler: A nozzle assembly for a sprinkler is revealed. The nozzle assembly includes a main channel having a water inlet on one end and a water outlet on the other end thereof The nozzle assembly features on that: an adjustment member for control of water flow is disposed on the main... Agent: Yuan-mei Corp.

20110259976 - Fuel injector purge tip structure: Provided is a nozzle tip assembly having a radially inner annular wall and a radially outer annular wall at least partially surrounding the radially inner annular wall and forming therebetween a flow passage for routing air from an upstream end of the nozzle tip assembly to a downstream end of... Agent:

20110259977 - Water passage for embedded rotary sprinkler: A water passage for embedded rotary sprinkler includes upper and lower tubes and upper and lower covers so as to form first and second independent chambers, integral water path, and upper and lower independent chambers. The first and lower independent chambers has clockwise and counterclockwise water paths. An outer ring... Agent: Yuan-mei Corp.

20110259978 - Airbrush: An airbrush has a housing with at least two air chambers. Each chamber is sized to receive a nib of a pen. A motor is oriented in the housing. An air pump is oriented in the housing and is driven by the motor. The air pump is in fluid communication... Agent: M.z. Berger & Co., Inc

20110259979 - Split flow gate for spreader: A flow gate includes first and second body members, first and second flow control members, and first and second locking mechanisms. The first and second body members operatively attach to and detach from each other. The first and second flow control members adjust between an open position, a closed position,... Agent: Meyer Products, LLC

20110259980 - Electrostatic atomizing apparatus for use in vehicle: An electrostatic atomizing apparatus is used in a vehicle having an air conditioning system equipped with an air duct for delivering air into a passenger compartment, comprising a discharge electrode, an opposite electrode opposed to the discharge electrode, a cooler for cooling the discharge electrode, a high voltage power source... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

10/20/2011 > 18 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20110253797 - System and method of controlling operation of a liquid diffusion appliance: A method and system of controlling operation of a diffusion appliance to treat the atmosphere within an enclosed space. The appliance may be programmed to operate according to a control scheme specifying a flow rate of liquid to a diffusion means and a periodic operation of the diffusion means. Control... Agent:

20110253798 - Air freshening device: An air freshening device includes a liquid supply operable to supply liquid fragrance material, a wick in contact with the liquid supply, a conductive mesh material operable to retain the liquid material in interstices thereof, and a power supply operable to apply voltage across the mesh material so as to... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

20110253799 - Apparatus for preventing and removing fog at runway using sprinklers: There is provided an apparatus for preventing and removing fog at an airport runway. The apparatus includes: a water tank 10 buried in a ground around a runway; a water tank temperature sensor 20 for sensing a water temperature in the water tank; a heater 30 provided inside the water... Agent:

20110253800 - Digital odor generator: A digital odor generator includes a housing and a cylindrically shaped odor chamber carried by the housing and including a plurality of separate odor compartments isolated from each other. A porous hollow cylinder, made of plastic or some other porous material, with an odorant therein is located in each of... Agent:

20110253801 - Volatile material dispensers: A volatile material dispenser includes a housing, means for retaining a refill containing a volatile material to the housing, a channel disposed within the housing for receiving a wick disposed within the refill, and a member disposed within the channel. A first refill having a first container for holding a... Agent:

20110253802 - Tan tent: A system for applying a tanning spray to a user comprising a tent apparatus, spray apparatus, and fluid directing apparatus is disclosed. The tent apparatus can contain a canopy, a fly, a groundsheet, a footprint, an entrance, and supports for holding the canopy. The spray apparatus can contain a nozzle,... Agent:

20110253803 - Steam spraying device: A steam spraying device that includes a handle having a hollow inner cavity and a body including a right shell and a left shell that has an interior void for receiving a container containing liquid. A pump is disposed within the interior void of the body, and a steam generation... Agent:

20110253804 - Leak stopping sprinkler heads: A leak stopping sprinkler head includes a hollow body that has an upper portion and a lower portion fluidly connected to a valve body. The upper portion has a spraying nozzle and a first internal diameter. The lower portion has a second, larger internal diameter. The valve body includes a... Agent:

20110253805 - Atomized cleaning device and method for atomizing air current: An atomized cleaning device includes a container, an atomizing module, and a sprayer. The container has a chamber for receiving a liquid. The atomizing module has a sleeve and an air inlet pipe. The atomizing module is provided with an air hole to connect the air inlet pipe to the... Agent:

20110253806 - Spray head and spraying device having pressurized gas line: A spraying device having a spray head for spraying at least one component comprises at least one substance component duct (6, 6′; 20), the component outlet (8, 8′; 23, 23′) of which leads out of a spray head tip (7). An annular duct (12) for a pressurized gas surrounds the... Agent: Medmix Systems Ag

20110253807 - Pressure swirl atomizer with closure assist: A pressure swirl atomizer includes a nozzle having an exit orifice and a plurality of tangential swirl channels and a pintle that is movable within a pintle bearing between a closed position that closes the exit orifice and an open position that opens the exit orifice. The atomizer also has... Agent:

20110253808 - Pressure swirl atomizer with reduced volume swirl chamber: A pressure swirl atomizer includes a swirl chamber having an exit orifice, a first section with a first volume, and a second section with a second volume. The second volume is smaller than the first volume, and the exit orifice disposed in the second section. The atomizer also includes a... Agent:

20110253809 - Pressure swirl atomizer with swirl-assisting configuration: A pressure swirl atomizer has a swirl chamber with an exit orifice and a plurality of tangential swirl channels disposed around the circumference of the swirl chamber. A pintle bearing surrounds a pintle. The pintle has a body portion and a nose portion that is narrower than the body portion.... Agent:

20110253810 - Pistol for integrated administering a liquid and a compressing air flow: “PISTOL FOR INTEGRATED ADMINISTERING A LIQUID AND A COMPRESSING AIR FLOW”, which is presents a main model and a constructive variant; the main model comprises a monoblock body (1.1) embodied with a pistol produced in metal which counts on a handhold (1.2), a trigger (1.3) and a compression button (1.4);... Agent:

20110253812 - Fuel injection valve: A plate convex is formed on the upstream side of the injection hole plate and a plate concave is formed on the downstream side of the injection hole plate so as to form a pair together, a minimum of one set of the plate convexes and the plate concaves are... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110253811 - Electromagnetic fuel injector for gaseous fuels with anti-wear stop device: Electromagnetic fuel injector for gaseous fuels comprising: an injection nozzle controlled by an injection valve; a movable shutter to regulate the flow of fuel through the injection valve; an electromagnetic actuator, which is suitable to move the shutter between a closed position and an open position of the injection valve... Agent: Magneti Marelli

20110253813 - Adjustable sprinkler: An adjustable sprinkler includes a base and a mobile tube. The base has a vertical water way and a transverse axle tube linked to an upper end of the vertical water way. The transverse axle tube has at least one water outlet. An axial water way and a water outlet... Agent: Yuan-mei Corp.

20110253814 - Irrigation device: An irrigation device includes a pipe conduit (2) which is connectable to a water source. An irrigation arm (10) is arranged at an end of the pipe conduit (2) which is away from the water source. The irrigation device also includes at least one pump (24) for delivering water from... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

10/13/2011 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20110248094 - Adjustable arc irrigation sprinkler nozzle configured for positive indexing: An adjustable arc spray nozzle for an irrigation sprinkler is provided, where positive indexing is provided at a plurality of present locations between relatively rotatable components of the nozzle for defining predetermined arcuate extents of the spray pattern.... Agent:

20110248093 - Irrigation sprinkler nozzle having deflector with micro-ramps: A spray nozzle for an irrigation sprinkler is provided, where the nozzle has a deflector that is configured with depending ribs. Each of the ribs has micro-structures that cooperate with other geometry of the rib and deflector to define a plurality of different micro-ramps for dividing the discharged water into... Agent:

20110248095 - Variable orifice black liquor nozzle method and apparatus: A nozzle for the spraying of black liquor in a recovery boiler has discharge orifice inserts that can be removed and replaced with other inserts, to provide variable spray patterns, by changing the size and/or shape of the orifice of the nozzle, without requiring replacement of the entire nozzle body,... Agent: Clyde Bergemann, Inc.

20110248096 - Nebulizing apparatus: The present invention discloses a nebulizing apparatus comprising an outer housing, a reservoir, a nebulizing unit, a chassis, a control unit and a power supply unit. The reservoir is disposed in the accommodation space of the outer housing and provided for storing a solution. The nebulizing unit is disposed in... Agent: Micro Base Technology Corporation

20110248097 - Irrigation sprinkler nozzle: A spray nozzle for an irrigation sprinkler is provided, where the nozzle includes a constriction having a reduced cross sectional flow area achieved using a plurality of channels.... Agent:

20110248098 - Portable faucet sprayer: The present invention is a plumbing accessory having a sprayer valve, hose and connector assembly which conveniently connects to the aerator threads on a sink faucet. The connector provides a swivel connection during attachment so the assembly may be attached without twisting the hose. The present connector comprises three parts.... Agent:

20110248099 - Aerosol spray device: An aerosol spray device comprising a pressurised or pressurisable container and a spray discharge assembly mounted on the container. The spray discharge assembly comprises a valve stem moveable from a first limit position to a second limit position to effect spray discharge from the device, a spray outlet region having... Agent: The University Of Salford

20110248100 - Tooless needle change spray gun: A slide pin assembly is introduced in HVLP and other spray guns allowing the needle/trigger actuation to be engaged and disengaged. Furthermore, the fluid nozzle is knurled to provide for effortless removal. The construction of this gun consists of a slide pin, trigger, needle and fluid nozzle. The trigger has... Agent:

20110248101 - Fuel injector remanufacturing method and remanufactured fuel injector: A remanufacturing and salvaging strategy for fuel injector tips such as high flow fuel injector tips includes blocking a first set of spray orifices in the fuel injector tip, including at least partially filling the first set of spray orifices with a material, for example by laser welding. New spray... Agent: Caterpillar, Inc.

20110248102 - Nozzle adjustment member for sprinkler: A nozzle adjustment member for a sprinkler is revealed. A plurality of nozzle tubes aligned in at least one row is positioned on a wall of a hollow pipe. A top end of the nozzle tube is projecting to an outside of the hollow pipe. At least one pivot support... Agent: Yuan-mei Corp.

20110248103 - Avoidance of spark damage on valve members: A solenoid operated valve assembly is provided. The valve assembly may include a solenoid having a solenoid coil and an armature movable under influence of the solenoid coil. The valve assembly may also include a valve member operably connected to the armature and configured to selectively contact a valve seat.... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20110248104 - Mechanized irrigation system with variable valve assembly and method of use: The present disclosure is directed toward a mechanized irrigation system having a variable valve assembly and a corresponding method of use. The variable valve assembly generally includes a valve and an adjustment mechanism. The valve can be any type of valve known in the art that can be configured to... Agent: Valmont Industries, Inc.

10/06/2011 > 21 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20110240752 - Self-pumping structures and methods of using self-pumping structures: Embodiments of the present disclosure provide for self-pumping structure, methods of self-pumping, and the like.... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20110240753 - Directed multiport eductor and method of use: A directed multiport jetting nozzle in an eductor having a focal point of the motive fluid inside the throat of a venturi-diffuser body of the present eductor provides an efficient pump and mixer providing substantial surface contact area between the motive flow and the bulk material for movement through the... Agent: Proven Engineering And Technologies, LLC

20110240754 - Apparatus and a system enabling a user to drink multiple liquids through a single straw: A system includes a portable liquid container having at least two chambers for containing at least two liquids separate and an apparatus having at least two separate input tubes configured for drawing liquid from the chambers. At least two separate output tubes are configured for passing at least two separate... Agent:

20110240755 - God forms' genres: An advanced Processor couples magma and mantle magnetic field functions, couples mantle quanta masses vital groundwater, polar caps and glaciers, and less couples continental waters and oceans, partially decoupling atmosphere, and least coupling the ionosphere and its transiting ions and electrons; said mantle solidified boundaries contain most of Earth internal... Agent:

20110240756 - Hydrant for snow making apparatus: The present invention discloses a hydrant for selectively supplying water and air under pressure to a snow making apparatus having multiple water nozzles with corresponding water supply conduits and at least one air nozzle with a corresponding air supply conduit. The water hydrant includes a hydrant housing having a water... Agent:

20110240757 - Floating uv fountain: A floating fountain with internal ultraviolet water treatment, which comprises a chamber adapted to float near the water surface in a water environment, a water inlet on the top of the chamber for receiving surface water from the water environment, a pump inside the chamber for receiving water from the... Agent: Gmj Design Group, LLC

20110240758 - Fluid level indicator in an airless fluid sprayer: The present disclosure generally relates to systems and devices for spraying fluid materials such as paints, stains, and the like, and more specifically, but not by limitation, to a fluid level indicator for an airless fluid sprayer. In one example, an airless fluid sprayer is provided and includes a fluid... Agent: Wagner Spray Tech Corporation

20110240759 - Device and method for impulse ejection of medium: The present invention relates to a device for impulse ejection of medium, comprising an ejection tube (1) for medium to be ejected therefrom through an ejection end of the ejection tube (1) by way of a propellant in pulsed fashion in an ejection direction (15), a membrane (6) in the... Agent:

20110240760 - Hand worn washing device: A hand worn washing device. The device includes a housing that has a soap chamber and a mixing chamber. The housing includes a chamber opening that provides fluid communication between the soap and mixing chambers. The housing also has at least one outlet opening. The device has a nozzle that... Agent:

20110240761 - Roof mounted sprinklers: A sprinkler system includes a base having a watertight backing material, adapted to attach to a roof; a sprinkler head attached to the base; a coupling adapted to attach a water hose to the sprinkler head; a securing mechanism adapted to attach the sprinkler to the roof; and a cover... Agent:

20110240762 - Wiring board and liquid jetting head: A wiring board to be connected to an object includes: contact points to be connected to the object; wires connected to the contact points; and a substrate on which the contact points and the wires are formed. The substrate has a first portion which has openings and overlaps with the... Agent:

20110240763 - Fluid container connection mechanism: The present disclosure generally relates to a spray gun for spraying fluid materials such as paints, stains, and the like, and more specifically, but not by limitation, to a fluid container connection for a spray gun. In one example, a sprayer is provided and includes a housing and a fluid... Agent: Wagner Spray Tech Corporation

20110240765 - Fluid intake assembly for a fluid sprayer: In one example, a fluid intake assembly configured to provide an inlet fluid path for a fluid sprayer is provided. The assembly includes a fluid intake assembly body configured to be removably engaged to a portion of the fluid sprayer by rotating the body with respect to the portion of... Agent: Wagner Spray Tech Corporation

20110240764 - Fluid intake assembly for remote fluid source: The present disclosure generally relates to fluid spraying devices and systems and more specifically, but not by limitation, to a fluid intake assembly configured to be used with a remote fluid source to supply fluid material from the remote fluid source to a fluid sprayer. In one example, a fluid... Agent: Wagner Spray Tech Corporation

20110240766 - Vibration isolation in a handheld fluid sprayer: In one example, a handheld fluid sprayer is provided and includes a housing, an assembly having at least one of a motor and a fluid pump, and at least one assembly support feature. The assembly is mounted to the housing with the at least one assembly support feature. The at... Agent: Wagner Spray Tech Corporation

20110240767 - Water spouting device: The present invention provides a water spouting device which enables air bubble entrained water with an increased entrainment rate of air bubbles to be discharged at a low flow rate stage even though the user adjusts the flow rate based on the same feeling as that for a conventional water... Agent: Toto Ltd.

20110240770 - Fuel injector with variable area pintle nozzle: A fuel injector may include a housing, a pintle nozzle assembly and an actuation assembly. The housing may define a longitudinal bore, a high pressure fuel duct in communication with the longitudinal bore and a valve seat including a valve seat surface and an aperture. The pintle nozzle assembly may... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110240768 - Fuel injection device: In a fuel injection device, a pressure control valve is configured to make communication between an outflow port and a return channel and to interrupt the communication so as to control pressure of a fuel in a pressure control chamber, a valve member is configured to open and close a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110240769 - Variable area fuel nozzle: A nozzle is provided and includes a circuit by which fuel is delivered to a nozzle part and a valve, interposed between the circuit and the nozzle part and upon which the fuel impinges, an opening and closing of the valve being passively responsive to a fuel pressure in the... Agent: General Electric Company

20110240771 - Pressurized fluid spray container extension device: A pressurized fluid spray container extension device which has a trigger at the spray container to actuate a remote spray nozzle at the end of an extension tube to deliver a spray upon objects at a distance from the container.... Agent:

20110240772 - Electrostatic atomizer: An electrostatic atomizer equipped with an electrostatic atomization pole having superior migration-proof. The atomizer comprises the electrostatic atomization pole, a liquid supply mechanism that supplies the pole with liquid, and a power supply that supplies the pole with high voltage to electrostatically atomize the liquid held on the pole. A... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

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