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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing September class, title,number 09/11

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09/29/2011 > 20 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20110233294 - Liquid injector for a combustion engine: A liquid injector has an injector body provided with an injection passage which is formed by the cavity between the inner wall of the injector body and a needle and the cavity in a hole located in the wall of the injector body. The liquid injector has a spherical, hollow... Agent:

20110233295 - Water discharge device: There is disclosed a water discharge device that has a water flow path that extends from an inlet through an outlet chamber to an outlet spout; a valve assembly for opening and closing the water flow path; a heating element for heating the outlet chamber and spout to evaporate moisture... Agent:

20110233296 - Faucet fountain attachment: The device is adapted to be releasably attached to a bathroom sink water faucet and in use, an individual brushing his or her teeth will put a hand or finger over the lower outlet so that water ejects from the fountain outlet to permit the individual to lean down and... Agent:

20110233297 - Extensible straw for a disposable collapsible drink mixing container: An extensible straw for incorporation as an integral component of a disposable or collapsible beverage container has telescoping tubes extensible from the container, a screw cap and multiple seals preventing inadvertent leakage from the container whether the container is maintained upright or not.... Agent:

20110233298 - Efficacious constituent supply apparatus: A cartridge containing aromatic constituents is inserted to an efficacious constituent supply apparatus which is embedded in a door. An insertion slot of the cartridge is formed on a matching surface of the door trim, the surface facing an side surface of an instrument panel. BY forming the insertion slot... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110233299 - Low noise back pressure regulator for supercritical fluid chromatography: A drive mechanism for back pressure regulator used in liquid chromatography, supercritical fluid chromatography, or supercritical fluid extraction allows very fine automated control over a very wide range of pressures by combining a linear actuator compressing a spring, pushing a pin. The nozzle assembly of the regulator comprises a flow... Agent:

20110233300 - Atomization unit with negative pressure actuator: An atomization unit is described that employs a negative pressure actuator to reduce the fluid pressure acting on the atomizer in order to minimize or prevent fluid leakage from the atomizer. Methods of minimizing or preventing fluid leakage from an atomizer through use of a negative pressure actuator are also... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20110233301 - Rain can style showerhead assembly incorporating eddy filter for flow conditioning in fluidic circuits: A fluidic oscillator adapted for use in a showerhead or nozzle assembly includes an eddy filter structure which reduces the adverse effects of fluid supply turbulence on the fluidic oscillator's spraying performance. A nozzle or rain can style showerhead assembly includes a water chamber or manifold which receives water via... Agent: Bowles Fluidics Corporation (a Md Corporation)

20110233302 - Nebulizing assembly: A nebulizing assembly includes a base having a centered through hole; an nebulizing plate disposed on the base, the nebulizing plate having a radially outer area formed as a gluing section provided with a plurality of glue holes and a central area formed as a spraying section corresponding to the... Agent: Micro Base Technology Corporation

20110233303 - Boom assembly for a hose drag system: An apparatus for application of a liquid or liquid-solid solution to soil includes an articulating tractor, a frame, a pivot point, a boom and a drag hose. The articulating tractor has a front portion and a rear portion connected to an articulation point. The rear portion has a rear wheel... Agent:

20110233304 - Flexible spray nozzle for high pressure washers: A swivel nozzle mechanism used with a high pressure fluid washer attaches to an output wand, typically through a flexible hose, to direct a high pressure fluid from the washer to a directed target. The swivel nozzle mechanism attaches to a distal end of the wand and is controllable by... Agent:

20110233305 - Structure for thrust inverter: The invention relates to a structure for a thrust inverter, that comprises: a boom (3, 5) for a thrust inverter structure, that comprises an integrated portion defining a bowl to be inserted into and attached to a front half-frame (1) of said thrust inverter; a front half-frame (1) for the... Agent: Aircelle

20110233306 - Powder spray head: A powder spray head is disclosed having a spray head body, a connection portion formed integral with and perpendicularly extended from the periphery of the spray head body for the connection of an inflation bulb, a passage transversely extending through the spray head body and the connection portion, a bottom... Agent:

20110233307 - Fuel injection valve: A fuel injection valve has a valve body, a valve seat member having a valve seat and an opening portion formed at a downstream side of the valve seat member, a swirl chamber providing swirl to fuel, an orifice nozzle formed at a bottom of the swirl chamber and jetting... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20110233309 - Fuel injection device: In a fuel injection device, a pressing surface of a pressing member presses an opening wall surface to interrupt communication between an inflow port and a pressure control chamber when communication between an outflow port and a return channel is made by a pressure control valve, and the pressing surface... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110233308 - Integrated fuel injector igniters suitable for large engine applications and associated methods of use and manufacture: Embodiments of injectors suitable for injection ports having relatively small diameters are disclosed herein. An injector according to one embodiment includes a body having a first end portion opposite a second end portion. The second end portion is configured to be positioned adjacent to a combustion chamber and the first... Agent: Mcalister Technologies, LLC

20110233310 - Flow controller: A flow controller includes a handle, first and second valves, and first and second levers. The handle includes an inlet, an outlet, a first chamber in communication with the inlet and outlet and a second chamber in communication with the outlet. A first end of the first valve is movable... Agent: Yuan Pin Industrial Co., Ltd.

20110233311 - Valve seat and shroud for gaseous fuel injector: A fuel injector is provided with a fuel inlet, a fuel outlet, and a fuel passage for communicating fuel from the inlet to the outlet. A valve and valve seat assembly is provided for selectively preventing and permitting fuel to pass from the fuel inlet to the fuel outlet. The... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110233312 - Perfume bottle spray control mechanism: A perfume bottle spray control mechanism is disclosed to include a body formed of a housing, which has a locating hole on the top wall thereof, and a stem, which is rotatably mounted in the housing and has a top connection stem portion thereof suspending outside the housing, a switching... Agent:

20110233313 - Fluid injection device: An injection device for injecting pressurized fluid includes a housing, an actuator, and an energizing unit. The housing includes at least one axial cavity filled with pressurized fluid. The actuator includes a stack with a first transverse face extended axially by a penetrating member and a second transverse face axially... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

09/22/2011 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20110226864 - Mobile device and method for emitting fragrance: A method for emitting a fragrance in a mobile device and a mobile device for supporting a fragrance emitting function are provided. The mobile device includes a user database, a fragrance emitting module, and a control unit. The user database includes additive information related to one or more user functions... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110226865 - Adjustable smooth bore nozzle: An adjustable nozzle comprising a nozzle body with an inlet, an outlet, and a passageway having a smooth bore extending between the inlet and the outlet. The passageway has an inner dimension transverse to the central axis of the nozzle and a compressible wall wherein the inner dimension is adjustable... Agent: Elkhart Brass Manufacturing Company, Inc.

20110226866 - Air freshener generator for vehicle air conditioning apparatus: The invention provides an air freshener generating apparatus of a vehicle air conditioning system adapted to generate and discharge different sorts of air fresheners filled within a cartridge into an interior of a vehicle. The air freshener generating apparatus of a vehicle air conditioning system includes: a body in which... Agent: Halla Climate Control Corp.

20110226867 - Water sprinkler: A water sprinkler includes a base, a timer mechanism having a timer inlet and a timer outlet, the timer mechanism being configured to operate in (i) a first mode in which fluid is allowed to pass between the timer inlet and the timer outlet, and (ii) a second mode in... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110226868 - Ultrasonic humidifier for repelling insects: The present invention is directed to an ultrasonic repellent humidifier for dispersing insect repellant into the air as a micro fine repellent vapor. A repellent tank provides rhodinol and cedarwood oil based repellent to a repellent well. An ultrasonic transducer is positioned in the well beneath the level of the... Agent: Monster Mosquito Systems

20110226869 - Mechanical and ultrasound atomization and mixing system: An ultrasound apparatus capable of mixing and/or atomizing fluids is disclosed. The apparatus includes a horn having an internal chamber, containing a plurality free members, through which fluids to be atomized and/or mixed flow. Connected to the horn's proximal end, a transducer powered by a generator induces ultrasonic vibrations within... Agent: Bacoustics, LLC

20110226870 - Cool breeze: The present invention provides a misting canopy for assistive mobility devices such as scooters for mobility a simple means of enjoying cool comfort when spending time in extreme temperatures. An ample, protective canopy, the Cool Breeze protects the user from overexposure to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Eliminating... Agent:

20110226871 - Device for the mechanical inversion of direction of a rotating control component of a landscape sprinkler device: The invention relates to the mechanical inversion of direction of a rotating control component of a landscape sprinkler device. Such a device, having a switching member with end stops associated therewith in both pivoting directions the control component, against said stops the switching member stops and is actuated, wherein at... Agent: Gardena Manufacturing Gmbh

20110226872 - Kiosk: This invention presents a kiosk with novel kiosk housing. The kiosk housing has inner walls, outer walls, and an air circulation path between the inner walls and outer walls. The inner walls define an interior space. The kiosk further has a blower for supplying air into the air circulation path... Agent: Foot Traffic Media Group, LLC

20110226873 - Self-cleansing automated shower attachment: The invention is directed to a shower attachment which first includes a vertical assembly having a top end, a corresponding bottom end and a stabilizing bar encased by an outer shell. The outer shell includes a slit to gain access to the stabilizing bar. Positioned at the top of the... Agent: Elimo International, LLC

20110226874 - Fluid storage and dispensing systems, and fluid supply processes comprising same: Fluid storage and dispensing systems, and processes for supplying fluids for use thereof. Various arrangements of fluid storage and dispensing systems are described, involving permutations of the physical sorbent-containing fluid storage and dispensing vessels and internal regulator-equipped fluid storage and dispensing vessels. The systems and processes are applicable to a... Agent: Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.

20110226875 - Spray switch for spray gun: A spray switch for spray gun includes an elastic wire buckled to a main pipe of the spray gun. The elastic wire has symmetric lateral portions and symmetric guide pins on two ends thereof. A press handle pivoted to a main body of the spray gun is capable of controlling... Agent: Yuan-mei Corp.

20110226876 - Shower faucet: A shower faucet includes a housing having a press bar axially connected; a tube member installed in the housing and including a seat having a second room to distributing water and a displace room; a distributing valve core pushed to move between a higher and a lower positions of the... Agent:

20110226877 - Adjustable nozzle for pressure washer: A nozzle is provided. The nozzle includes a cylindrical housing defining a fluid flow path therethrough about a longitudinal axis and a first finger mounted to a first end portion of the housing comprising a wedge disposed on an outer surface of the first finger. A hollow shroud is coaxially... Agent:

09/15/2011 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20110220731 - Air treatment device with controlled pore size substrate: Disclosed are substrates suited for dispensing air treatment chemicals upon being heated. Granular particles, preferably sand with a phenolic binder, are adhered together to form a substrate body having a network of pores. A volatile air treatment chemical is disposed in the pores. The particle size and pores are such... Agent:

20110220732 - Fine bubble airlift device: The present invention relates to an aeration device for use in a liquid medium. The device includes a housing adapted to float within the medium such that a top portion thereof remains above a top surface of the medium. The housing has a bottom portion and an open side portion.... Agent: Tekni-plex, Inc.

20110220733 - Cremated remains scattering apparatus: The present invention generally relates to an apparatus for scattering cremated remains. More particularly, the invention relates to an apparatus that is used in conjunction with a vehicle, most commonly an aircraft, that allows for the dispersal of cremated remains of a deceased individual in a safe and clean manner... Agent:

20110220734 - Liquid ejecting head and liquid ejecting apparatus: A liquid ejecting head includes a plate which is composed of a material containing silicon, a titanium oxide layer which is disposed above the plate, a bismuth-containing layer which is disposed above the titanium oxide layer and contains bismuth, a first electrode which is disposed above the bismuth-containing layer and... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110220735 - Vivid water bloom shower: The invention discloses a vivid water bloom shower. An electric generator, a control circuit board and at least one electromagnetic valve are arranged in the seal area of the vivid water bloom shower, the electric generator and the electromagnetic valve are respectively electrically connected with the control circuit board; a... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20110220736 - Spray head for a mobile fluid distribution system: A spray head for a fluid distribution system that includes a spray head base defining a fluid inlet passage connected to a spray head body, a pair of deflectors extending outwardly from the base and the body, respectively, defining a fluid outlet passage, a piston disposed in a chamber of... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20110220737 - Paint spraying device for spraying various-colored paints: The present invention relates to a paint spraying device for spraying various-colored paints, and more specifically, to a paint spraying device which is capable of spraying various-colored paints, individually or in combination, increases spraying efficiency by controlling a paint spray angle, and is easy to carry. The paint spraying device... Agent:

20110220738 - Spray gun structure: A spray gun structure comprises a control valve mounted into an assembling chamber of a body and regulated by an adjusting device to control the on/off of water discharge thereby. A coupling sleeve is joined to the body with an abutment surface of a water-sealing sleeve abutting tight against a... Agent:

20110220739 - Fuel injection valve of internal combustion engine: A fuel injection valve of an internal combustion engine includes a measuring plate that has at least one injection hole. Fuel that has flowed along an inner wall surface of the measuring plate flows into the injection hole through an injection hole entrance that is formed in the inner wall... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110220740 - Pressure control valve: The invention relates to a pressure control valve, particularly for a high-pressure accumulator body of a fuel injection system. The pressure control valve includes a housing and an armature assembly having an armature plate and an armature pin. The armature plate and an end surface of the housing delimit a... Agent:

20110220741 - Rotary spray nozzle for spray guns: A rotary spray nozzle for spray guns comprises a metallic outer housing and a plastic assembling element wherein the metallic outer housing has a hollow chamber disposed at one side to accommodate the plastic assembling element therein, a water-emitting port disposed at the other side to fluidly connect to the... Agent: Yuan Mei Corp.

20110220742 - Truck-mounted material spreader: A material spreader is mountable to a rearwardly projecting bumper of a vehicle for conveying and spreading material, the vehicle including a rearwardly projecting hitch receiver. The material spreader includes a hopper for holding material to be spread, a frame supporting the hopper and having a forwardly projecting hitch mount... Agent:

20110220743 - Tower support system for irrigation: A swing arm support system for automated irrigation systems has a support hub and a means to attach and operate two wheels to opposite sides of the support hub. The support hub provides greater ground flotation to prevent the forming of ruts in a field and traction to prevent an... Agent:

09/08/2011 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20110215165 - Electrostatic fast-set sprayable polymer system and process: A method and apparatus for electrostatically spraying a plural component fast set polymer is disclosed. The system comprises a spray gun and at least two hoses connected to the head of the spray gun. The system also includes a proportioner connected to an end of the at least two hoses... Agent:

20110215166 - System and method for generating and dispersing a liquid-droplet haze: This system comprises: A tank for containing the liquid; the tank comprises a liquid conduit for transporting the liquid; Air compressing means connected to an air conduit for transporting the compressed air; Means for mixing the compressed air at the air conduit outlet and the liquid at the liquid conduit... Agent:

20110215167 - Holding devices, pieces and systems: Scented holding device systems, attacher systems, including attachment piece systems and attachment piece part systems, and devices used in the systems, including hangers. Scented hangers with widened shoulder areas, top oval area and center bar, and side hooks.... Agent:

20110215168 - Water sprinkler: A water sprinkler includes a base defining a first cavity and an outflow opening, a conduit assembly positioned in said first cavity and defining a first channel and a second channel, and said first channel defining a first channel inlet and a first channel outlet, and further said second channel... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110215169 - Oscillating fan sprayer: A fan assembly includes a centrifugal fan mounted at one end of an arm that is arranged to pivot with at least two degrees of rotational freedom. A rotary driver is coupled to the arm with a ball and socket joint so that the centrifugal fan oscillates in use. The... Agent:

20110215170 - Fluid injection device: A fluid injection device includes: a pulse generator which converts fluid into pulse flow; a suction pipe projecting from the pulse generator; an injection pipe which is eccentrically inserted into the suction pipe such that the outer circumferential surface of the injection pipe contacts the inner circumferential surface of the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110215171 - Rotary-sprinkling shower(amended): Rotary-sprinkling shower comprises: a body which has a water inlet end and a water outlet end forming a waterway there-between; a front cover component rotatably disposed on the water outlet end of the body, equipped with water spray nozzles in communication with the waterway; a hydraulic driving unit disposed in... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20110215172 - Aircraft engine with optimized oil heat exchanger: This invention relates town ejector nozzle tube 1, having along its length an essentially constant, essentially oval hollow cross-section, with an inflow lip 2, having a pitch-circle type cross-section, being arranged at a flow leading-edge area of the ejector nozzle tube 1. The inflow lip 2 is provided with a... Agent: Rolls-royce Deutschland Ltd & Co Kg

20110215173 - Device for cleaning vehicle surfaces: The invention refers to a headlamp cleaning device comprising at least one nozzle carrier (7) for mounting on a cleaning liquid supply tube (4a, 4b), the nozzle carrier (7) defining at least one cleaning liquid supply conduit (8) for a pressurized cleaning fluid and being provided with at least one... Agent: Kautex Textron Cvs Limited

20110215174 - Washing fluid supply structure of water outlet device and shower device: A washing fluid supply structure of a water outlet device and a shower device, is arranged in the water supply pipeline of the water outlet device. It has a container for washing liquid, and a fluid supply device disposed in a main body which is a water flow pipeline. The... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20110215175 - Water saving aerator: The present invention provides a water saving aerator that can reduce the amount of water flow and generate bubble foam water from water provided by the water delivery apparatus such as a water tap. The water saving aerator comprises a water saving disc 10 for controlling the amount of water... Agent:

20110215176 - Fuel injector having a body with asymmetric spray-shaping surface: A fuel injector body has a fuel chamber and a valve seat around a fuel outlet. A valve body is positioned at the valve seat and a valve stem extends through the fuel outlet and fuel chamber. Engagement (disengagement) of valve body and valve seat closes (opens) the injector. The... Agent:

20110215177 - Injection nozzle: An injection nozzle for injecting a fluid, the injection nozzle including a nozzle body and a nozzle hole defining a flow passage for fluid, the flow passage including passage walls and the nozzle hole having an inlet in fluid communication via the flow passage with an outlet wherein, the inlet... Agent: Delphi Technologies Holding, S.arl

09/01/2011 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20110210180 - Rotary spray device and method of spraying coating product using such a rotary spray device: Rotary device for spraying coating product comprises: —a spray member having an edge and able to form a jet of coating product, —means of driving the rotation of the spray member and—a body which is fixed and comprises: primary orifices arranged on a primary outline surrounding the axis of rotation... Agent:

20110210181 - Apparatus and method for investigating and/or modifying a sample: An apparatus and a method for investigating and/or modifying a sample is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a charged particle source, at least one particle optical element forming a charged particle beam of charged particles emitted by said charged particle source. The apparatus further comprises an objective lens which generates a... Agent: Carl Zeiss Sms Gmbh

20110210182 - Fuel injector assemblies having acoustical force modifiers and associated methods of use and manufacture: The present disclosure is directed to fuel injectors that provide efficient injection, ignition, and combustion of various types of fuels. One example of such an injector can include a sensor that detects one or more conditions in the combustion chamber. The injector can also include an acoustical force generator or... Agent:

20110210184 - Device for mixing media and method for producing same (\"aeroflair spray nozzle\"): Various spray devices are presented for mixing two media. A device can include a housing, a first supply line for supplying a first medium, a second supply line for supplying a second medium, and a flow channel leading to a nozzle. The first and second media, for example, a gas... Agent: Dispensing Technologies B.v.

20110210183 - Directional conduit guide support: The present invention provides a delivery system for providing an atomized treatment agent like a cleaner or lubricant to a specific internal location of a closed mechanical system like an internal combustion engine. The atomized treatment agent is delivered via a flexible, non-rigid conduit to the desired internal location of... Agent:

20110210185 - Method and device for output of granulate from the bottom of a tank that in addition to granulate holds liquid: For transport of granulate from a granulation tank by means of liquid and air, an ejector is provided with a side inlet for granulate, a first end with a spray nozzle for pressurized transport liquid, and a second end with an inlet for pressurized gas. Downstream from the second end,... Agent: Uv&#xc5 N Hagfors Teknologi Aktiebolag

20110210186 - Mobile sprayer system for spraying aquatic environments: A mobile sprayer is provided for spraying through difficult terrain found in aquatic environments. The sprayer includes an amphibious vehicle equipped with a spray tank, a pump assembly connected to the spray tank, a plurality of spray nozzles, and a controller for selectively supplying fluid from the pump assembly to... Agent:

20110210187 - Automatic sprinkler and irrigation system: The present invention provides an irrigation system that allows user to input two soil moisture levels, i.e., the Dry Value and the Wet Value, by conducting a manual watering cycle, i.e., turning on the valves through a Controller when the soil needs watering and turning off the valves when the... Agent: Anctechnology

20110210188 - Overhead shower with lcd: An overhead shower with LCD, has a water outlet device connected with the main body of the shower. A hydroelectric device and a thermistance are disposed in the main body. A display module connected with one side of the main body has a circuit board and an LCD screen which... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20110210189 - Rotary waterfall shower: The invention discloses a rotary waterfall shower comprising a hollow body, transversely arranged vane wheels, a front cover arranged on the front end of the body in a sealing way and a water division member which is arranged in the body in a sealing way and can cause the vane... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20110210190 - Air spray gun: An air spray gun is used to blow dry a painted surface of cold baked coating, wherein an air-taking ring in a shape of an annular air chamber is formed after screwing a front tube with a rear tube in the air spray gun, and a gap size of the... Agent:

20110210191 - Method of constructing a stationary coal nozzle: Disclosed herein is an apparatus and method of constructing a stationary wear-resistant stationary nozzle 200 and/or nozzle liner 230 for solid fueled furnaces. A transition section 210 is constructed from several flat pieces 211-218 several that may have identical starting shapes. This reduces manufacturing complexity and costs. All pieces 211-218... Agent:

20110210192 - Electrostatic spray system: A system, in certain embodiments, includes a spray device including a frame having a receptacle configured to receive a self-contained spray can. The spray device further includes a first conductive element configured to contact the self-contained spray can, and a first electrical conductor extending between the first conductive element and... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

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