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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110180619 - Foaming hypochlorite cleaning system: A foaming hypochlorite cleaning system is described that allows for easier cleaning of all hard-to-reach surfaces from all angles, especially underneath a range hood and up underneath the rim of a toilet bowl, and which comprises an alkaline hypochlorite and anionic surfactant composition contained in and dispensable from a package... Agent: The Dial Corporation

20110180620 - Elimination of unfavorable outflow margin: A panel for use in a gas turbine engine exhaust case is disclosed. The panel has an airfoil section and a flow diverting structure adjacent a leading edge, wherein the flow diverting structure directs fluid flow into an area of the airfoil that lacks sufficient internal pressure for cooling fluid... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20110180621 - Apparatus for delivering a volatile material: An apparatus for delivering a volatile material in a continuous manner is disclosed. The apparatus includes a delivery engine having a reservoir for containing a volatile material; a rupturable substrate secured to the reservoir; a rupture element positioned adjacent to the rupturable substrate; and a breathable membrane enclosing the reservoir,... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20110180623 - Multi-layer piezoelectric element, injection device, and fuel injection system: Provided is a multi-layer piezoelectric element capable of achieving a high response speed and an increase in the displacement amount, ensuring sufficient mechanical strength, and suppressing deterioration of characteristics. A multi-layer piezoelectric element (1) includes a stacked body in which piezoelectric layers (3) and internal electrode layers (5) are alternately... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20110180622 - Spray generator: A spray generator (10) comprising: a membrane (40) having a perforate portion through which, in use, a fluid is caused to flow when the membrane (40) is vibrated; an electronically-driven or a piezoelectrically driven actuator for vibrating the membrane (40); a chamber (18) for storing fluid for supply to a... Agent:

20110180624 - Parametric temperature regulation of induction heated load: A fuel delivery system for a vehicle includes a fuel injector that dispenses heated fuel flow and controls the temperature of the heated fuel within a desired temperature range. Fuel flowing through the example fuel injector is inductively heated by a valve element sealed with the fuel flow. A driver... Agent:

20110180625 - Portable cooling device: An apparatus for providing cooling to a user comprises a bag, an input hose, an output hose, one or more discharge extensions, and a pump. The bag is operative to store a liquid. The one or more discharge extensions are in fluidic communication with the output hose, and each of... Agent:

20110180626 - Foldable extension pipe, and measuring wheel unit and spraying wheel unit having the same: A foldable extension pipe is provided which consists of upper and lower pipe sections which are folded and unfolded. The operation input from the upper side is transmitted towards the lower side by means of the transmission rods of the upper and lower pipe sections being magnetic-coupled by first and... Agent:

20110180627 - Cap of spray mineral water bottle and multifunctional spray mineral water bottle: The invention discloses a cap of spray mineral water bottle, including cap body, spray means and water locking means. This cap of spray mineral water is used with resilient mineral water bottle body to form a multifunctional spray mineral water bottle, which can ensure normal drinking of mineral water as... Agent: Sun Solutions Ltd.

20110180629 - Multifunctional spraying mineral water bottle: The invention discloses a multifunctional spraying mineral water bottle, including: an elastic deformation bottle, wherein there is an opening in the bottle; a bottle top, wherein the bottle top has a liquid-tight manner connection with the opening of the bottle and there is an axial through-hole in the bottle top;... Agent:

20110180628 - Portable air-conditioning unit: The invention discloses a portable air-conditioning unit, including an elastic deformation bottle and a spray cap, wherein the spray cap body includes a main cap body and an auxiliary cap body; the main cap body connects with the bottle, while the auxiliary cap body movably connects with the main cap... Agent:

20110180630 - Sport-type multifunctional spray mineral water bottle: The invention discloses a sport-type multifunctional spray mineral water bottle, including cap body, spray means, drink means and water locking means. The invention can ensure normal drinking of mineral water as well as carry out spray drinking of water by means of squeezing the bottle body to transform bottle body... Agent: Sun Solutions Ltd.

20110180631 - Apparatus for preserving and serving by-the-glass wine, or other liquid that can be affected by oxygen: Device (100) for preserving and serving, from a bottle, by-the-glass liquid that can be affected by oxygen such as wine, by pumping pressurized inert gas in a bottle (40′). The device comprises a coupling portion (10) adapted to couple with a pressurized gas supply, a central body (20), and a... Agent: Winefit S.r.l.

20110180632 - Liquid supply system for a gravity feed spray device: A system is provided for venting a container used to supply a liquid to a spray coating device. The system may include a container cover having a buffer chamber, a liquid conduit configured to extend into a liquid container, a first vent conduit that extends into the buffer chamber, and... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20110180633 - System having foam busting nozzle and sub-surface mixing nozzle: A surface foam diffuser system having a first nozzle disposed above a top surface of the at least partially liquid contents, a splash plate positioned adjacent to the first nozzle outlet, and a second nozzle disposed below the top surface of the at least partially liquid contents is disclosed for... Agent: Vaughan Co., Inc.

20110180634 - Nozzle body, nozzle assembly and fuel injector, and method for producing a nozzle body: A nozzle body (20) for a nozzle assembly (2) of a fuel injector (1), particularly of a common-rail-fuel injector (1), has a needle bore (26, 22) for a needle piston (36) of a nozzle needle (30), wherein the needle bore (26) ends in a blind hole (266) above a nozzle... Agent:

20110180635 - High pressure fuel injector seat that resists distortion during welding: A valve seat (16′) for a fuel injector (10) includes a main body (27) having a proximal and a distal end with at least one orifice (24) extending through the main body. A seating surface (22) is provided on the main body to receive a closure member (20) of a... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems Us, Inc.

20110180636 - Sprinkling gun structure: A sprinkling gun structure including a main body having two ends respectively formed with a water inlet and an adaptation hole. An assembling tunnel is transversely formed through the main body between the water inlet and the adaptation hole to communicate therewith. The sprinkling gun further includes an adjustment member,... Agent:

20110180637 - Mechanism for automated mixing of liquid solutions and granular materials: Disclosed is a mixing mechanism. The mixing mechanism includes an auger, a fluid handling portion, and at least one discharge hole. The auger configured to receive granular materials from a granular material source and capable of moving the granular material along a predetermined path. The fluid handling portion is coupled... Agent:

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110174892 - Apparatus and related methods for weather modification by electrical processes in the atmosphere: The present invention provides an apparatus for weather modification. The apparatus comprises an emitter electrode, means for providing the emitter electrode with an electric charge, electrically coupled to the emitter electrode, an insulating support for supporting the emitter electrode at a predetermined height, and means for earthing the apparatus. The... Agent: Meteo Systems International Ag

20110174893 - Drip irrigation systems and methods: Systems and methods for injecting materials into soil within a predetermined geographical area are described. One or more tanks store chemicals and a mixing chamber in an injector mixes measured quantities of the chemicals. The mixture is introduced to a stream of water and thence to the soil. A controller... Agent:

20110174894 - Showerhead with multiple aerating orifice plates: A device for use in a shower head that discharges a fluid, such as water, has a plurality of nozzles, each nozzle having an opening for discharging the fluid and a plurality of apertures spaced away from the opening having a bore through which the fluid flows, and a face... Agent:

20110174895 - Snow making apparatus and method: A low energy snow making gun having at least one but preferably three operational stages each having at least one pair of small aperture water outlets which are oriented at a divergent angle to generate a respective pair of narrow angled water droplet streams which do not interfere with each... Agent:

20110174896 - Fountain for fluid: A fountain for liquid chocolate, comprising: a heated bowl, at least two parallel adjacent open cylinders extending normally of the bowl from a fluid intake position near the bottom of the bowl to a fluid outlet position remote from the bowl, each cylinder containing a coextensive auger whose spiral flight... Agent: Giles & Posner Ltd.

20110174897 - Solar panel water pump assembly and method: A solar panel water pump assembly is provided. A solar panel apparatus includes a plurality of light-emitting diodes and is attached to a support base. The solar panel apparatus is electrically coupled to a battery cell box and a control circuit board box that are attached to a bottom side... Agent:

20110174898 - Method for controlling soil insects: The subject matter of the invention is the use, by burial in the soil, of a composition based on pyrethrum, with the exception of tefluthrin and of bifenthrin, and a method of controlling soil insects using said pyrethrum-based composition.... Agent: Sbm Developpement

20110174899 - Nacelle with a variable nozzle section: The invention relates to a nacelle that comprises a fixed structure (20), a nozzle with a variable section, and a cowling (30) mounted on said fixed structure (20) so as to be capable of sliding particularly along a travel so as to modify the section of said nozzle, characterised in... Agent: Aircelle

20110174900 - Quick release mechanism for paint sprayer: A sprayer generally includes a tool housing have a wet housing portion that disconnects from a dry housing portion. A solenoid motor is contained in the dry housing portion. An arm member is connected to the dry housing portion. The solenoid motor is operable to move the arm member relative... Agent:

20110174901 - Gravity cup for a paint sprayer: The invention relates to a gravity cup for a paint sprayer, having a cup-shaped tank (1) and a cover (2) that can be placed on the tank (1), a multiplex quick-connect thread having at least two external thread turns (18) and internal thread turns (19) engaging with the external thread... Agent:

20110174902 - High mass throughput particle generation using multiple nozzle spraying: Spraying apparatus and methods that employ multiple nozzle structures for producing multiple sprays of particles, e.g., nanoparticles, for various applications, e.g., pharmaceuticals, are provided. For example, an electrospray dispensing device may include a plurality of nozzle structures, wherein each nozzle structure is separated from adjacent nozzle structures by an interozzle... Agent: Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

20110174903 - Pressure washer wand edger: The present invention relates to an attachment for a pressure washer wand comprising: a plate having a front end, a rear end, top end, and a bottom end; a first wheel connected to the front end of the plate; a second wheel connected to the rear end of the plate;... Agent:

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110168797 - Method of weakening a hurricane: The present invention is directed to a method of weakening a hurricane. In one aspect of the invention, hurricane development is weakened by identifying pre-hurricane systems and inducing rainfall therein. In another aspect of the invention, a hurricane is weakened by disrupting the inner winds surrounding the hurricane's eye with... Agent:

20110168798 - Reduced water mist generator and method of producing reduced water mist: A reduced water mist generator, including: a water supply member that supplies water; a high voltage application member that applies a high voltage; and a discharge electrode that is constituted by a metal element that produces molecular hydrogen by a chemical reaction with nitric acid molecules, the discharge electrode being... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20110168799 - Corrosion resistant magnetic component for a fuel injection valve: A magnetic component for a magnetically actuated fuel injection device is formed of a corrosion resistant soft magnetic alloy consisting essentially of, in weight percent, 3%<Co<20%, 6%<Cr<15%, 0%≦S≦0.5%, 0%≦Mo≦3%, 0%≦Si≦3.5%, 0%≦Al≦4.5%, 0%≦Mn≦4.5%, 0%≦Me≦6%, where Me is one or more of the elements Sn, Zn, W, Ta, Nb, Zr and Ti,... Agent: Vacuumschmelze Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110168800 - Flow control for spreader: A spreader assembly may include a hopper, a spinner plate and an aperture adjustment mechanism. The aperture adjustment mechanism may include a gate supported to the frame and defining an aperture through which material travels on its way to the spinner plate; and, a motor suitable to adjust the size... Agent:

20110168801 - Stepped swirler for dynamic control: A swirling device for injecting a medium into a turbine is provided. The swirling device includes a central axis, a central passage in an axial direction along the central axis and an outer perimeter. The swirling device further includes a first duct and a second duct. The first duct and... Agent:

20110168802 - Spill/leak resistant seal for a wicking device: A sealing member is disclosed for use with a wick of a diffuser, or the like. The sealing member seals a vessel containing a liquid in a fluid chamber. The sealing member may be composed of a malleable material that may also be resistant to a liquid fragrance contained in... Agent: S.c. Johnson & Son, Inc.

20110168803 - Microcrystalline wax capsule perfume diffusing device: The invention relates to perfume diffusing devices, particularly, to a microcrystalline wax housing perfume diffusing device, comprising a light-transmitting microcrystalline wax housing and electronic component. The housing has a first cavity zone inside which perfumed volatile material, being perfume-volatilizable, is placed. The electronic component is inside the housing; and includes... Agent:

20110168805 - Atomization structure and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention discloses an atomization structure comprising a carrier, a cover plate, a piezoelectric driving device and an atomization piece. The carrier includes at least one first support portion, the cover plate comprises at least one second support portion, and the carrier is covered by the plate covers. The... Agent: Micro Base Technology Corporation

20110168804 - Fluid feed system improvements: A fluid spray dispenser (2) having a fluid reservoir (20) for holding a fluid to be dispensed, a spray head (23) for dispensing the fluid and a porous medium (24) through which the fluid passes from the reservoir (20) to the spray head (23). The porous medium (24) has a... Agent:

20110168806 - Multi-layer piezoelectric element, and injection device and fuel injection system using the same: Provided is a multi-layer piezoelectric element having excellent durability wherein a conductive member is not peeled off from an external electrode even when the element is continuously driven for a prolonged period of time under high electric field and high pressure. A multi-layer piezoelectric element includes a stacked body wherein... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20110168807 - Removing piezoelectric material using electromagnetic radiation: Electromagnetic radiation is transmitted through a piezoelectric material and is absorbed in at least an adhesive that bonds the piezoelectric material to another material. Absorbing the electromagnetic radiation in the adhesive ablates the adhesive and the ablation of the adhesive acts to remove the piezoelectric material.... Agent:

20110168808 - Flat jet water nozzles with adjustable droplet size including fixed or variable spray angle: A nozzle comprises a lower nozzle plate including a lower impingement surface formed therein, at least one fluid intake port disposed at an inner end of the lower impingement surface, and an upper nozzle plate including an upper impingement surface formed therein and an upper orifice edge disposed along an... Agent:

20110168809 - Thrust vector system: In one embodiment, a nozzle of a gas turbine engine may be provided having a coanda injector and a fluidic injector which operate together to provide for a change in exhaust flow direction. The fluidic injector may be coincident with or downstream of the coanda injector and both may be... Agent: Rolls-royce North American Technologies, Inc.

20110168810 - Water discharge device: An object is to provide a water discharge device in which a water sprinkling member having water discharge ports can simultaneously achieve both good rotation start-up ability and good rotation stability. A water discharge device FC is configured in such a manner that the center of gravity of a rotor... Agent: Toto Ltd.

20110168811 - Spray gun with paint cartridge: A spray paint gun having a disposable cartridge inserted therein such that paint can flow through the cartridge in the spray gun without touching the spray gun. Since no part of the spray gun has paint touching it, there is no cleaning of the spray gun or its components. The... Agent: Sata Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110168812 - Fuel injector with piston restoring of a pressure intensifier piston: The invention relates to a fuel injector for injecting fuel into a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine, which fuel injector comprises an injection valve element, for opening and closing at least one injection opening and a pressure booster, by way of which fuel which is at system pressure... Agent:

20110168813 - Solenoid actuated device and methods: A solenoid actuated device such as a fuel injector includes an actuator body having a plurality of body pieces, and a single-pole solenoid actuator assembly positioned at least partially within the actuator body. The single-pole solenoid actuator assembly includes a one-piece compound armature housing having a load carrying component clamped... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110163174 - Circulating paint systems and article coating methods: A painting system for painting a plurality of colors and a method of using the system to coat articles. The painting system comprises a plurality of paint supply networks and a plurality of paint return networks, each network for a corresponding paint color. A number of paint delivery stations are... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110163172 - Method of injecting solution into a misting line: A method and system of providing a mist in a grocery display that injects biocidal solution into a misting line of water during a phase of the misting cycle.... Agent: Puricore, Inc.

20110163173 - Rotary atomiser for atomising molten material: A rotary atomiser for receiving molten material and projecting droplets of the molten material there from; the rotary atomiser having a rotating well for receiving molten material. The well comprising a base and a peripheral wall extending from a peripheral rim around the base, the top of the peripheral wall... Agent: Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Orgainsation

20110163175 - Compact heat pump using water as refrigerant: According to the present invention there is provided a compact heat pump using water as refrigerant, comprising an evaporator located at a first end section of the heat pump casing, adapted to allow evaporation of water therefrom, One or more compressors located at a second end section of the heat... Agent:

20110163176 - Electrostatic atomization device and hydrophilic treatment device including the same: An electrostatic atomization device (A) for increasing hydrophilicity of collected matter (15) that has low hydrophilicity and is attached to a surface of a processing subject (1). The device includes an atomization electrode (6), which generates electrostatically charged atomized water droplets to increase the hydrophilicity, a water supply member (8),... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20110163177 - Method and apparatus for controlling needle seat load in very high pressure diesel injectors: Method and apparatus for controlling needle seat load in very high pressure diesel injectors. In accordance with the method, a needle control piston responsive to hydraulic forces for controllably forcing the injector needle against the needle seat is provided, as is a stop for the needle control piston to limit... Agent: Sturman Industries, Inc.

20110163178 - Odor control unit with essential oils tray: A large scale vapor dispersion apparatus for dispersing a vapor of essential oil without the use of water by forcing an air stream through and/or over a volume of the essential oil, vaporizing a portion of the essential oil, controlling the vaporization rate by increasing or decreasing the amount of... Agent: Hinsilblon Laboratories

20110163179 - Drinking straw with opaque, imprinted side: A tubular plastic drinking straw having a flat side with a message imprinted on the flat side is formed by an extruding head connected to two extruders, one of which contains an opaque plastic and the other of which extrudes a substantially transparent plastic. The plastics are fed simultaneously through... Agent:

20110163180 - Pressure progressing spray fitting apparatus: A readily expandable self-cleaning progressive spray system is provided. The system includes a fluid inlet and a series of spray fittings each having a self-sweeping spray nozzle, a timing mechanism, and a pass-through valve. The series of spray fittings are connected in fluid communication to the water inlet such that... Agent:

20110163181 - Film formation method, film formation device, piezoelectric film, piezoelectric device and liquid discharge device: When a film containing constituent elements of a target is formed on a substrate through a vapor deposition technique using plasma with placing the substrate and the target to face each other, film formation is carried out with controlling variation of plasma potential Vs (V) in a plasma space in... Agent:

20110163182 - Overhead or lateral shower head: A shower head or lateral shower head is provided for installation in a ceiling or wall, having a pivotable jet-producing device which is mounted in a ball housing by a ball-and-socket joint through which water flows, the housing surrounding the jet-producing device and being arranged in a manner both tiltable... Agent:

20110163183 - Powder sprayer: A powder sprayer includes a sprayer body having a nozzle head mounted on the top side of the bottle cap thereof, the nozzle head having a transverse mounting hole disposed in communication with a vertical through hole of the bottle cap and a guide notch located on the periphery at... Agent:

20110163184 - Hose sprayer with integral dip tube: Described is a fluid dispensing container having a bottle and fluid withdrawing assembly for liquids, such as liquid cleaners and the like. The bottle has an integral dip tube formed therein connecting at a landing below the top of the bottle neck, fluidly connecting the inside of the bottle with... Agent:

20110163185 - Quick needle pullback mechanism to clean the needle valves in air brushes: An air brush is provided with the quick needle pullback mechanism thereby allowing the user to apply quick flushes. This is composed of first pushing down on the trigger to open the air valve and then retracting the needle fully and allowing the needle to be pushed forward by the... Agent:

20110163186 - Dispensing apparatus: A liquid dispensing apparatus includes a container having a compressible section and a tip section extending from the compressible section. The compressible section is compressible in response to actuation. The dispensing apparatus further includes a nozzle member coupled to the container that includes an orifice. Finally, the dispensing apparatus includes... Agent:

20110163187 - Valve for atomizing a fluid: A valve for atomizing fluid is specified, in particular an injection or metering valve for fuel injection or exhaust-gas systems of motor vehicles, which valve has a valve seat body (11) with a valve seat (14) which surrounds a valve opening (13), a perforated injection disc (17) which bears against... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110163188 - Electromagnetic fuel injector and method for assembling the same: An electromagnetic fuel injection valve comprising: a metallic cylindrical-shaped vessel provided at a tip end thereof with a fuel injection port, the other end thereof being closed by a stationary core provided centrally thereof with a through-hole; a movable member arranged between the stationary core and the fuel injection port... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110163189 - Outward opening fuel injector: A fuel injector provided with: an injection valve comprising an injection nozzle; a mobile needle for regulating the fuel flow through the injection valve and ending with a shutting head, which engages a valve seat of the injection valve, is arranged externally with respect to injection valve and presents a... Agent: Magneti Marelli Powertrain S.p.a.

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