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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing May archived by USPTO category 05/11

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05/26/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110121090 - Polygonal wheel with radial projections: Embodiments of the present invention provide a wheel for an agricultural irrigation system that permits movement of the irrigation system through muddy, slippery fields without leaving significant wheel ruts in the field and without requiring regular tire maintenance. In a first aspect, the present invention provides a regular polygonal wheel... Agent:

20110121091 - Lead screw locking device: A cartridge for an electrohydrodynamic spraying device and a spraying device incorporating the cartridge, where the cartridge includes a locking mechanism. The cartridge is disposable, and can contain therapeutic or other fluid products. The fluid is delivered from the cartridge by a shaft-mounted piston, while the locking mechanism can be... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20110121092 - Smoke generating entertainment system: An entertainment system (1019, 2) having a fluid system with a smoke generator (1007, 4), the smoke generator being supplied from at least one pump (1005, 8, 10) connected to at least one container for fluid (1003, 12, 14), which at least one pump (1005, 8, 10) is controlled by... Agent: Martin Professional A/s

20110121093 - Apparatus and methods for making analyte particles: A device for making particulate analyte molecules comprising a nebulizer producing a plume of liquid droplets, a vessel having a chamber to receive the plume in which the chamber has a nebulization section, a desolvation section. The nebulization section is cooled to form a condensed waste from a portion of... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20110121094 - Thermochromic drinking straw: The present invention 10 discloses a drinking straw for water, coffee, tea, soups, similar liquids, and the like 20 comprising a straw or other similar Cylindrical/ tubular wall made of plastic, paper, wood, metal, composite or alloy having thermochromic material imbedded 14 therein for sensing the temperature of a liquid... Agent:

20110121095 - Fluid feed system improvements: A fluid spray dispenser (2) having a fluid reservoir (20) for holding a fluid to be dispensed, a spray head (23) for dispensing the fluid and a porous medium (24) through which the fluid passes from the reservoir (20) to the spray head (23). The porous medium (24) has an... Agent:

20110121096 - Piezoelectric device, piezoelectric device manufacturing method, and liquid discharge apparatus: where, A: at least one type of A-site element containing Pb as a major component, B: at least one type of B-site element selected from the group consisting of Ti, Zr, V, Nb, Ta, Cr, Mo, W, Mn, Sc, Co, Cu, In, Sn, Ga, Zn, Cd, Fe, and Ni, and... Agent:

20110121097 - Sprinkler with variable arc and flow rate and method: A variable arc sprinkler head or nozzle may be set to numerous positions to adjust the arcuate span of the sprinkler. The sprinkler head includes an arc adjustment valve having two portions that helically engage each other to define an opening that may be adjusted at the top of the... Agent:

20110121098 - Dual turbine showerhead: A dual turbine showerhead provides multiple spray modes emanating from the head. The showerhead includes an inlet orifice, a backplate, a first turbine located side-by-side with a second turbine, a faceplate forming a first orifice group and a second orifice group, a first fluid channel in fluid communication with the... Agent: Water Pik, Inc.

20110121099 - Spraying device: A rotary spray device includes a seat body having an entrance and a spray head bodyin which a fluid passage is provided. The rotary spray device further includes at least one impeller. The entrance communicates with the fluid passage by a fluid chamber. The impeller is located within the fluid... Agent:

20110121100 - Cover for protecting a fusible linkage in a sprinkler head: A combination of a cover and a sprinkler head. The sprinkler head includes a fusible linkage mounted within a frame and having a protruding portion. The cover includes a first member adjacent to the protruding portion of the fusible linkage. The first member has a first connecting end and a... Agent: The Viking Corporation

20110121101 - Personal cooling device for a motorcycle rider: The present invention is a personal cooling device for use during the operation of a motorcycle to provide a mist of water to keep a rider or passenger cool during hot weather. The device in a first embodiment consists of a water reservoir connected to an electric motor driven by... Agent:

20110121102 - Hose end sprayer with multi-size bottle connectors and bottle adapter: A hose end sprayer has a sprayer lid and a container. The sprayer lid has a cap with a pair of bottle connectors formed of single-ended, fixed diameter, threaded sleeves of different radii mounted on the underside of the sprayer lid's cap. The connectors and a threaded adapter allow the... Agent: Root-lowell Manufacturing Company

20110121103 - Sprayer for a fluid delivery system: The present disclosure generally relates to a sprayer for a fluid delivery system. In one example, a sprayer for a fluid delivery system is provided. The sprayer includes a main body having a handle and a trigger. The sprayer also includes a spray head having a fluid input for receiving... Agent: Wagner Spray Tech Corporation

20110121104 - Lawn irrigation system: A nozzle for distributing the flow of a liquid comprises two connected modules. The first module engages with a liquid source, defines a liquid flow path forming a channel, has a first chamber and a portion of a second chamber, and at least one discharge orifice. The second module has... Agent:

20110121105 - Multi-positional handheld fluid powered spray device with detacheable accessories: A handheld fluid powered spray device that is capable of receiving detachable accessories, that provides a power output source available to power detachable accessories, that has a compact arrangement, can be used in multiple positions during operation or non-operation and that evacuates the powering fluid efficiently to maximize and sustain... Agent: H2o Innovations, Inc.

20110121106 - Wind-collecting nozzle mounted on outlet of hairdryer: A wind-collecting nozzle mounted on outlet of hairdryer includes a wind-collecting nozzle body (1), and at least two blowing ports are formed on the nozzle body (1). One end of the nozzle body (1) has a plug-and-pull connector (11) for mounting on the outlet of the dryer (3), and the... Agent:

20110121107 - Plasma polymerization nozzle: A nozzle provides plasma polymerization. The nozzle includes a cylindrical body having a longitudinal axis, a coaxial conical inlet for receiving plasma, a radial inlet for receiving an organic precursor, a coaxial core outlet for receiving plasma from the coaxial conical inlet, and a coaxial toroidal outlet for receiving the... Agent:

20110121108 - Plasma polymerization nozzle: A nozzle provides plasma polymerization on a cylindrical surface of an object. The nozzle includes a cylindrical body having a longitudinal axis, a coaxial cylindrical inlet for receiving plasma and the object, a radial inlet for receiving an organic precursor, and a mixing chamber for receiving the plasma and the... Agent:

20110121109 - Method of producing a nozzle or a divergent nozzle element made of a composite: A fiber preform obtained by conforming panels of fiber texture on a former having a surface that reproduces the shape desired for a surface of the nozzle or the nozzle divergent section that is to be made, and by bonding the panels together via their mutually contacting edges, and consolidated... Agent: Snecma Propulsion Solide

20110121110 - Method and apparatus for applying electrical charge through a fluid with a sinusoidal waveform having at step discontinuity: An apparatus and method are provided, wherein the apparatus includes an electrode and a control circuit. The electrode lacks a corresponding return electrode of opposite polarity on the apparatus. The control circuit is electrically coupled to the electrode and configured to generate and apply to the electrode a voltage having... Agent: Tennant Company

20110121111 - Solar powered irrigation machine: An apparatus and method of moving a mobile tower using solar power are disclosed for use with an irrigation system. The disclosed improvement includes a solar panel with a collecting surface to convert light energy to electrical energy, an electrical charge source in communication with the solar panel to receive... Agent: Lindsay Corporation

05/19/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110114743 - Avoidance of bouncing and splashing in droplet-based fluid transport: A system for fluid transport is provided where a quantity of fluid is held in a reservoir. A droplet generator is employed to generate droplets from the fluid, for example a nozzle-based system or a nozzleless system such as an acoustic ejection system. A generated droplet has a trajectory whereby... Agent: Labcyte Inc.

20110114744 - Method and apparatus for an improved aerosol generator and associated uses and equipment: The invention is an apparatus and methods for optimizing the performance and protecting one or more aerosol generating transducers from deterioration while operating in a chemically reactive aqueous solution by utilizing one or more protective barrier techniques to eliminate chemical interaction between the aqueous solution and the transducers, among other... Agent:

20110114745 - Method and pulverisation head, associated method and apparatus to manufacture a product in powder form: A pulverisation head of an apparatus includes a motor whose vertical hollow shaft is integrally linked, at its lower end, to a centrifugal ejection disc. The substance to be pulverised, coming from a tank via a proportioning pump, crosses the hollow shaft to be spread in a thin layer on... Agent: Sprainnov

20110114746 - Sconce for a fragrance dispenser: A dispenser assembly for supporting a fragrance control unit comprising a canister and a controller or comprising a wafer support plate, fragrance wafers and a fan unit are disclosed. The controller includes a timer, a computer program for the dispersing rate, and a mechanism for activating a spray mechanism of... Agent: Arizona Air-scent, Inc.

20110114748 - Sprinkler runoff conservation system: The system includes a water source, tubing sections, sprinkler heads and a drainage system that collects excess water from the sprinklers and provides a gravity-fed path to a collection point at a sump below the collection point. A sump pump is located within the sump and supplies pressurized water to... Agent:

20110114747 - System for the biological treatment of hvac units: Spraying unit for the biological treatment of an HVAC unit to control unwanted odours, consisting of a dispenser with an internal pressure medium and at least one nozzle for the manual or automatic atomisation of non-pathogenic bacteria and whereby the dispenser is entirely contained in a space of the HVAC... Agent:

20110114749 - Paint sprayer: A sprayer for spraying a fluid can include a sprayer body, a fluid reservoir, a trigger assembly, a flow adjustment mechanism and a flow rate indicator. The sprayer body can include a nozzle assembly that defines a fluid outlet and includes a needle arranged within a fluid conduit. The needle... Agent:

20110114750 - Piezoelectric spraying system and corresponding refill: A piezoelectric spraying system may include a case defining at least one housing to receive at least one removable refill. The removable refill may include at least one reservoir configured to contain a product to be sprayed, at least a portion of at least one piezoelectric sprayer device, and at... Agent: L'or&#xc9 Al S.a.

20110114751 - Liquid diffuser device: A liquid diffuser device, comprising a support frame (2) with an upper passageway (3) to direct a liquid jet and a lower hollow tubular body (4) with a bottom wall (5), a liquid jet deflecting member (9) having an upper plate (10) fixed to a lower stem (11) which is... Agent:

20110114754 - Hydropower rotating overhead shower: A hydropower rotating overhead shower, comprising a shower housing, an impeller rotating unit and a cover unit, wherein said impeller unit comprises an impeller cover and an impeller set in said impeller cover. The sidewall of said impeller cover has a water inlet and a sealing device for partially sealing... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20110114752 - Overhead shower and its switching method thereof: An overhead shower comprises a stationary part rotably connected to a rotating part having two water division apertures disposed oppositely left and right, and a cover plate having two movable members disposed left and right, rotably connected inside said rotating part. A switching method comprises: step 1, Push one side... Agent: Huasong Zhou

20110114753 - Shower with rotatable top and bottom rotating covers: A shower with rotatable top and bottom rotating covers and a rotatable watering function, comprising: a shower housing, a watering unit having a tilted hole, an impeller set beneath the tilted hole and axially located between the shower housing and the watering unit, a top rotating cover protruding on the... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

20110114755 - Sprinkler: Provided is a rotary sprinkler that includes a housing, a rotatable irrigation head associated with a first magnet assembly, and a second magnet assembly associated with the housing and fitted with a rotary dampening mechanism. The first magnet assembly and the second magnet assembly are arranged with like poles facing... Agent: Naandan Jain Irrigation C S Ltd.

20110114756 - Adjustable nozzle tip for paint sprayer: A sprayer that dispenses paint stored in a reservoir body generally includes a housing and a channel member having an outer periphery with a threaded portion and an inner periphery defining an aperture. The channel member extends from the housing. A spray nozzle is connected to the inner periphery in... Agent:

20110114757 - Paint sprayer: A sprayer for spraying a fluid can include a sprayer body, a fluid reservoir, a trigger assembly, a flow adjustment mechanism and an air horn assembly. The sprayer body can include a nozzle assembly that defines a fluid outlet and includes a needle arranged within a fluid conduit. The fluid... Agent:

20110114758 - Paint sprayer: A sprayer for spraying a fluid can include a sprayer body, a trigger assembly, a flow adjustment mechanism and a fluid reservoir. The sprayer body can include a handle portion and a nozzle portion, the nozzle portion defining a fluid outlet and including a fluid conduit in communication with the... Agent:

20110114759 - Spray head and device for the dispensing of a liquid: Proposed are a spray head with a nozzle for the atomizing of a liquid as well as a device with such a spray head. Associated with the nozzle is a delivery tube that can optionally be folded upward away from the nozzle.... Agent: Seaquist Perfect Dispensing Gmbh

20110114760 - Paint sprayer: A sprayer for spraying a fluid can include a sprayer body, a trigger assembly, a flow adjustment mechanism and a fluid reservoir. The sprayer body can include a handle portion and a nozzle portion, the nozzle portion defining a fluid outlet and including a fluid conduit in communication with the... Agent:

20110114761 - Integrated aerated bubble generating device: An aerated bubble generating device, integrated into water-supply means and creating fine bubbles, includes a bubble generation unit, a bubble density-adjustment unit and a water discharge unit. The bubble generation unit has a bubble generation device arranged in the predetermined object and a switch electrically connecting to the bubble generation... Agent: Cashido Corporation

20110114762 - Fuel injector having a high-pressure inlet: The invention relates to a fuel injector for the operation of an internal combustion engine, having an injector body. An inlet bore of the injector body connects a conical pressure connection to a valve chamber for supplying highly pressurized fuel. The valve chamber is placed along a longitudinal center axis... Agent:

20110114763 - Pivot pin for furnace side removal: Disclosed herein is a novel pivot pin assembly 410, 420 430, 600 for pivotally attaching nozzle tips 200 to stationary nozzles in a solid fuel furnace. The pivot pin assemblies allow rapid replacement of the nozzle tips 200. The pivot pin assembly 410, 420 430, 600 employs fasteners that or... Agent:

20110114764 - Attachment piece for controlled and directed emptying of a spray can containing a liquid or gaseous substance: Attachment piece for controlled and directed emptying of a spray can containing a liquid or gaseous substance, preferably an expandable insulating seal substance, consists of a housing (1) with a rest (2) in the form of an inner ring that snap fits the external circumference of a plug (3) with... Agent:

05/12/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110108630 - Bonded fiber wick: A hydrophilic fiber wick is provided, the wick made up of a self-sustaining fluid transmissive body having a plurality of bicomponent fibers bonded to each other at spaced apart contact points. The bicomponent fibers have at least one biodegradable material and collectively define tortuous fluid flow paths through the fluid... Agent:

20110108631 - Fuel injection valve and method for co-injecting a liquid and a gaseous fuel into the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine: A fuel injection valve co-injects a liquid and a gaseous fuel into the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine. A solid needle regulates the injection of liquid and gaseous fuels from a cavity in the fuel injection valve into the combustion chamber when the needle is lifted to its... Agent:

20110108632 - Air freshener vent clip and accessory: An air freshener clip removably engages with a louver or slat of a vent, such as an automotive heating and air conditioner vent. The clip has a curved body that tapers from a clip bend at its proximal end to a tip at its distal end. When the clip is... Agent: Hayloft Enterprises, Inc.

20110108633 - Blower type chemical diffusing apparatus, and chemical cartridge and chemical impregnated body used therefor: A blower type chemical diffusing apparatus is small in thickness, simple in structure, and reduced in cost. The apparatus allows the chemical and a battery to be exchanged readily and facilitates electrically connecting the battery to the motor in the blower. The apparatus casing includes a first and a second... Agent: Fumakilla Limited

20110108634 - Blower type chemical diffusing apparatus, and chemical cartridge and chemical impregnated body used therefor: A blower type chemical diffusing apparatus is small in thickness, simple in structure, and reduced in cost. The apparatus allows the chemical and a battery to be exchanged readily and facilitates electrically connecting the battery to the motor in the blower. The apparatus casing includes a first and a second... Agent: Fumakilla Limited

20110108635 - Combination aroma diffuser: A combination aroma diffuser includes a lower housing, a control unit, a display screen, an upper housing, a light-emitting heating unit, a cover member and a speaker. The upper housing and the lower housing admits light so that the displayed digits of the display screen that is kept inside the... Agent:

20110108636 - Self regulating fluid bearing high pressure rotary nozzle with balanced thrust force: A fluid bearing nozzle assembly is disclosed that has a hollow cylindrical body, an inlet nut fastened to the cylindrical body, and a hollow tubular shaft member coaxially carried within the housing body and captured between the inlet nut and the body. The inlet nut has a stem portion extending... Agent: Stoneage, Inc.

20110108637 - Closed case oscillating sprinkler: An oscillating sprinkler head transmission for alternately driving an output shaft and sprinkler head nozzle to oscillate it with spring bias being provided to prevent the transmission from being placed in an inoperative position, where the sprinkler head is not oscillated.... Agent:

20110108638 - Return line connector: The invention relates to a fuel injection system having a return line connector, having a return inlet and at least two return outlets. To improve the service life of the fuel injection system, a check valve device, which prevents the passage of a fluid from the return outlets to the... Agent:

20110108639 - Variable-area fuel injector with improved circumferential spray uniformity: A fuel injector having a body with a bore, which defines a fuel manifold. The injector also has a variable-area injector arrangement having a pintle with a conical head and a pintle spring connected to the body. The pintle spring urges a tip of the pintle to seal against an... Agent: Woodward Governor Company

20110108640 - Shower head for a sanitary shower fitting: A shower head for a hand-held shower attachment, an overhead shower attachment or a side shower attachment contains, in its shower-head housing, a vortex chamber which is of funnel shape with the side wall curved. The funnel begins, at the location of the largest diameter, in a radial plane and... Agent:

05/05/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110101122 - Multi-channel electrospray emitter: Provided is a multi-channel electrospray emitter. The emitter includes a plurality of separate or distinct capillaries, each capillary being one channel and terminating in a nozzle, from which the analyte is sprayed. The nozzles may be raised above a face of the electrospray emitter. The multi-channel electrospray emitter may comprise... Agent:

20110101123 - Oscillating sprinkler automatically producing evenly-spaced rectilinear watering and a rectangular watering pattern: A sprinkler includes an oscillating tube that receives water from a supply, and the tube oscillates about a longitudinal axis through a range of radial angles. A plurality of nozzles spaced along the oscillating tube distribute water generally upward and outward from the oscillating tube to create a water distribution... Agent:

20110101124 - Hurricane abatement system and method: A system for hurricane abatement which cools air above a water body surface of a water body which includes a large number of relatively small pumps dispersed over a wide area of a water body. The pumps are shaped and dimensioned for pumping water from a depth of the water... Agent:

20110101125 - Plasma spray nozzle with internal injection: A plasma spray nozzle is provided. Owing to their high degree of wear, previous plasma spray nozzles were not suitable for the coating of components for which long coating times were necessary. The coating times may be reduced considerably by the triple injection of powder into the inner channel through... Agent:

20110101126 - Centrifugal atomizer: A discharging device for safety-related fluids, such as liquid solutions of irritants such as Oleoresin Capsicum, riot control and self-defense agents such as a combination of (E)-2-butenyl mercaptan (C4H7SH), 3-methyl butanethiol and corresponding S-acetyl compounds, marking agents such as dyes and fluorescent pigments, combinations of the same, and extinguishing agents... Agent:

20110101127 - Adjustably mounted spray nozzle for windshield washer fluid of a motor vehicle: An adjustably mounted spray nozzle (4) for windshield washer fluid of a motor vehicle is designed to be easy to install and adjust. To this end, the spray nozzle (4) has the following features: it has a bearing axis (7) by means of which it can be attached to a... Agent: A. Raymond & Cie

20110101128 - Mist fan: A mist fan comprises a fan and a mister disposed in the interior of a housing. The mister has a mist discharge orifice provided on one side to communicate with a mist puff opening formed on the housing. The other side of the mister is connected to a liquid introducing... Agent:

20110101129 - Automatic solvent injection for plural component spray gun: A solvent piston 22 shuttles between first and second positions. In the first position, high pressure air applied to the rear 22a of the solvent piston 22 closes a solvent bore 24 around the solvent piston 22 and prevents passage of solvent into the mix chamber 26. In the second... Agent:

20110101130 - Spray type liquid pressure head: A spray liquid pressure head has a main head body containing a suction body, a suction pipe and a container locking ring. A pressing member assembled over the main head body has a pressure head and horizontal expansion pipe. A directional jack is assembled at one end of the horizontal... Agent: Living Fountain Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.

20110101131 - Swirler with gas injectors: A swirler for premixing a flow of fuel and a flow of air provided to a burner for a gas turbine engine is provided. The burner is provided with a swirler for mixing the air and the fuel and wherein the swirler is provided with swirler wings, wherein a channel... Agent:

20110101132 - Showerhead: A showerhead is disclosed that has a housing with an inlet and an outlet. There is a ball joint at the inlet of the housing adapted to be connected to a source of water and a spacer within the housing channels water from the inlet towards the outlet. Within the... Agent: Exell Technology Pty Limited

20110101133 - Sprayer swivel body for packing house washer: A swivel body for a packing house washer which includes a hollow housing, a ball joint mounted on a water line coupler which is mounted into the hollow swivel body. The waterline coupler has a hollow neck which is in fluid communication with the swivel body chamber. Water is forced... Agent:

20110101134 - Electrostatic atomizing apparatus for vehicle: The present invention provides an electrostatic atomizing apparatus for a vehicle that is mounted in a vehicle and purifies a vehicle interior, having: an electrostatic atomizer comprising an electrode that generates an electric field when high voltage is applied thereto in a state where water is being supplied, to thereby... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20110101135 - Apparatus for converting a wheeled vehicle to a tracked vehicle: The invention relates to a self-propelled, wheeled irrigation vehicles (10) that may be converted into a multi-track self-propelled irrigation vehicle (60) using one or more track assemblies (62). Each track assembly (62) includes a carriage (70) with frames (92, 94) that support a plurality of pairs of idler wheels (74,... Agent:

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