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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110095095 - Focusing particle concentrator with application to ultrafine particles: Technology is presented for the high efficiency concentration of fine and ultrafine airborne particles into a small fraction of the sampled airflow by condensational enlargement, aerodynamic focusing and flow separation. A nozzle concentrator structure including an acceleration nozzle with a flow extraction structure may be coupled to a containment vessel.... Agent: Aerosol Dynamics Inc.

20110095094 - Method, system or apparatus for applying a fluid to at least a portion of a floor surface of a covered area via a moveable fluid application structure: Embodiments of methods, systems, or apparatuses relating to applying a fluid to at least a portion of a floor surface of a covered area via a moveable fluid application structure.... Agent: Arena Dust Control Innovation, LLC

20110095096 - Multi-layered active ingredient dispenser: A dispensing device includes a container having a wall that defines an opening into an interior, a first layer of carrier disposed in the interior distal from the opening, and a second layer of carrier disposed between the first layer and the opening, wherein the first layer of carrier isolates... Agent:

20110095097 - Liquid composition for air freshener systems: Embodiments relate to liquid air freshener systems that allow fragrances to evaporate through use of a wicking element where fluid moves by capillary action towards the emanating surface, as well as the fragrance stabilizing compositions used therein. Cyclomethicone-based liquid compositions, preferably clear, provide an improved rate of evaporation of perfume... Agent:

20110095098 - Spraying module for spraying an outer surface of a rotating cylinder: The invention relates to a spraying module for spraying the outer surface of a rotating cylinder or roller, for example, a printing cylinder of a rotary printing press, with a liquid mist by means of spray nozzles, wherein the spray direction of the spray nozzle lies in a range, relative... Agent:

20110095099 - Mechanism for a vectoring exhaust nozzle: A nozzle device defines a passageway including an outlet to discharge working fluid to produce thrust. This device includes a vectoring mechanism having three or more vanes pivotally mounted across the passageway and a linkage pivotally coupling the vanes together. This linkage includes a first arm fixed to a first... Agent:

20110095100 - Safe handling spraying device: Safe handling spraying device, which comprises a reservoir where is assembled an actuating lever or, manually or automatically actuating air pumps, that perform the internal reservoir pressurization. Inside of it, there is a pressure chamber where is stored water and the Chemical Concentrated product that is inside a pliable tightly... Agent:

20110095101 - Sprinkler having adjustable sprinkling pattern: A sprinkler has a sprinkling device, and an inlet controlling device and an end cap respectively mounted on two opposite ends of the sprinkling device. The sprinkling device has a casing having outlet holes, and two regulating panels having regulating slots, two regulating wheels, two transmission rods and a cover... Agent: Kwan-ten Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20110095102 - Fuel injection valve: A fuel injection valve includes a needle for opening or closing an injection hole. The needle moves in response to a fuel pressure in a control chamber. The fuel injection valve includes an electromagnetic valve which opens or closes a discharge passage for changing pressure in the control chamber to... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110095104 - Bayonet system for spray nozzles: Embodiments of the invention provide a bayonet system for attaching a nozzle body to a nozzle turret. The bayonet system can be rotated with respect to a spray nozzle. A seal can be positioned between the spray nozzle and the nozzle turret. The seal can be compressed by moving the... Agent:

20110095103 - Product release system to atomize cosmetic hair and skin cleaning compositions: A product release system for atomizing cosmetic hair or skin cleaning compositions is described, which has (a) pressure-resistant packaging, (b) a capillary-containing spray head, and (c) a propellant-containing cosmetic composition, which contains at least one wash-active surfactant. The atomization is done using the capillary. The capillary preferably has a diameter... Agent:

20110095105 - Nozzle arrangement: The present invention relates to a system preferably being an exhaust system or a part of a system such as a part of an exhaust system for a combustion engine. The system or the part of the system comprising a pipe (1) through which a fluid, such as exhaust gasses,... Agent: Grundfos Nonox A/s

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110089250 - Irrigation spray nozzles for rectangular patterns: An inexpensive, durable and efficient irrigation nozzle assembly is adapted to generate a specialized rectangular spray in a 3-jet fluidic circuit which generates a substantially planar rectangular spray from a confluence of three jets. The 3-jet geometry circuit has selected floor & taper features configured to create a customizable rectangular... Agent:

20110089251 - Ultrasonic waterjet apparatus: An ultrasonic waterjet apparatus (10) has a mobile generator module (20) and a high-pressure water hose (40) for delivering high-pressure water from the mobile generator module (20) to a hand-held gun (50) with a trigger and an ultrasonic nozzle (60). An ultrasonic generator in the mobile generator module (20) transmits... Agent: Vln Advanced Technologies, Inc.

20110089252 - Fragrance nebulizer with drainage system: A device for generating a scented mist of an atomized liquid fragrance oil includes an atomizer complex, a reservoir assembly, a drainage tube, and a vacuum tube. The atomizer complex can atomize the liquid fragrance oil into a scented mist and deliver the scented mist to air outside of the... Agent: Scentair Technologies, Inc.

20110089253 - Fluid spray device and methods of use: A fluid spray device adapted to use compressed gas to discharge a fluid is described. Embodiments of the device comprise a tank containing a fluid under positive pressure, and a wand through which the pressurized fluid is discharged. The device is typically operationally coupled to a truck pneumatic system to... Agent:

20110089254 - Portable decorative waterfall feature: A portable waterfall feature is provided for use on a fireplace having a mantle and a fireplace opening, and includes a water reservoir; tubing connectors and connectable tubing pieces, which may be assembled to extend upward from the water reservoir when the reservoir is placed at the bottom of the... Agent:

20110089255 - In-vehicle smell notification system: An in-vehicle smell notification system including a vehicle operating computer. A detector is operably connected with the vehicle operating computer and adapted to identify multiple external stimuli. A scent emitter includes multiple scent reservoirs. A controller is operably connected with the detector and the scent emitter and adapted to identify... Agent:

20110089256 - Fluid ejection apparatus: A fluid ejection apparatus ejecting fluid from an ejection port, includes: a suction port provided at a position apart from the ejection port and applied with a negative pressure; and a fluid channel provided between the vicinity of the ejection port and the suction port, and configured to suck the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110089257 - Electrically heated spray nozzle: An electrically heated spray nozzle comprising a ceramic pin is described, the ceramic pin comprises a flow channel having at least one opening for a fluid to be atomized, wherein the ceramic pin includes a ceramic inner conductor and a ceramic outer conductor, between which a ceramic insulator is disposed.... Agent:

20110089258 - Spray pattern modification with changes in sprayer design and methods: A prior art sprayer includes structure modification and additions of components for controlling of spray pattern in shape and sizes to accommodate spray target profile. Changes also eliminate sparse spray droplet regions to give the target area more even spray droplet coverage. Modifications also intensify the spiral pattern of projected... Agent:

20110089259 - Shower head with reflective anti-fogging surface: Various apparatus and methods involve a showerhead that directs a stream of fluid through a portion of a cavity in a direct heat transfer relationship with a reflective surface prior to directing a stream out of the cavity and through a plurality of apertures toward a user. In an illustrative... Agent: Reflect Shower LLC

20110089260 - Remote controlled aerosol dispensing system: An apparatus for dispensing aerosols includes a plurality of aerosol dispensers with each aerosol dispenser associated with a reservoir of liquid for dispersion and being actuated and controlled by a single control unit. Preferably, scented oils are dispersed by the apparatus and, while a wide variety of dispersion devices may... Agent:

20110089261 - Spray gun assembly: A spray gun assembly for spraying paint or similar viscous media includes a gun housing provided with a handle, and a reservoir tank removably attached to the gun housing, the reservoir tank being a storage container adapted for removable attachment to the spray gun housing and comprising a paint can... Agent:

20110089262 - Radially outward flowing air-blast fuel injector for gas turbine engine: An air-blast fuel injector is disclosed which includes an outer air circuit having an exit portion, an inner air circuit having an outlet configured to direct air toward the exit portion of the outer air circuit, and a fuel circuit radially outboard of the inner air circuit and having an... Agent: Delavan Inc

20110089263 - Locking pressurized fluid connectin: A water delivery system (10) includes a first component (52) coupled to a fluid transport member (20) and a second component (66) coupled to an aerator (34) for positioning within a faucet spout (26).... Agent:

20110089264 - Radially outward flowing air-blast fuel injection for gas turbine engine: An air-blast fuel injector is disclosed which includes an outer air circuit having an exit portion, an inner air circuit having an outlet configured to direct air toward the exit portion of the outer air circuit, and a fuel circuit radially outboard of the inner air circuit and having an... Agent: Delavan Inc.

20110089265 - Hose coupling system: A hose coupling system includes a housing, a valve plug, and a locking mechanism. The housing has an inlet and an outlet, and a flow path between the inlet and the outlet. The valve plug is positioned within the housing along the flow path, and is rotatable between a closed... Agent: Briggs & Stratton Corporation

20110089266 - Fuel nozzle lip seals: The present application provides a fuel nozzle assembly. The fuel nozzle assembly may include a number of concentric tubes and one or more lip seals positioned between a pair of the concentric tubes.... Agent: General Electric Company

20110089267 - Fuel nozzle seal spacer and method of installing the same: The present application provides a method of mounting lip seals within a sleeve assembly of a fuel nozzle. The method may include the steps of sliding a first lip seal along a second diameter tube until the first lip seal contacts a first tube flange of a first diameter tube,... Agent: General Electric Company

20110089268 - Hair building solids dispenser: The invention provides a hair building solids dispenser for storing and dispensing hair building solids comprising first electrostatic charge controller adapted for altering and/or maintaining an electrostatic charge on a surface of at least some of said solids contained within, and/or as dispensed from, said dispenser, wherein at least a... Agent: Pangaea Laboratories Ltd.

20110089269 - Positioning apparatus for sludge distributing hose: Apparatus for positioning and maneuvering a sludge, or manure, distributing hose used in fertilizing a field includes a first frame adapted for coupling to a three-point tractor hitch and a second frame pivotally coupled to an aft portion of the first frame. Attached to and disposed aft of the second... Agent: Bazooka Farmstar, Inc.

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110084150 - Method of using a spray gun and material produced thereby: An apparatus for mixing a first material with a second material and then spraying the resultant material onto a surface. The second material is mixed with a gas before the being introduced to the first material. A static charge is created and deposited onto the resultant material to help align... Agent: Alphagen Materials Technology, Inc.

20110084151 - Rotary stream sprinkler with adjustable arc orifice plate: A sprinkler includes a riser having an inlet end and an outlet end and a nozzle rotatably supported at the outlet end of the riser. The nozzle has a plurality of circumferentially spaced, radially extending stream forming channels. A gear drive is coupled for rotating the nozzle. A stationary arc... Agent:

20110084152 - Nozzle protector blow off cap: A blow off cap and nozzle apparatus includes a nozzle having a tip with an aperture covered with a sealing membrane held in position over the nozzle aperture by a retaining device, so that a seal is provided for preventing ingress of contaminants into the nozzle when not in use,... Agent:

20110084153 - Multi-function shower head: A multi-function shower head provides three water flower levels in response to three watering modes and comprises a low-flow controlling valve and a water flower generator such that the water flow passes through water flower generator to result in a centrifugal force, and then passes through a plurality of tunnels... Agent:

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110079654 - Irrigation evacuation system: An improved irrigation evacuation system and method, to use in conjunction with an existing automatic irrigation system for controlling the sequence and duration of purging water from each irrigation zone. The system comprises an air source of adequate volume and pressure having an air outlet, a purge controller, a plurality... Agent:

20110079655 - Method of manufacturing dynamic virtual siphons: A method for producing elongated, rotating, dynamically controllable, cyclostrophically balanced, fluid virtual siphon columns, wherein: the term fluids covers any media capable of flow, including particulates; the fluid/s can be a single medium or a mixture of materials capable of flow; the fluid/s entrain such flow in themselves and/or other... Agent:

20110079656 - Advanced water and energy conserving shower and cleaning systems and methods: Systems and methods for energy-saving and water-saving devices are disclosed. In some embodiments, a head assembly is coupled to receive a liquid flow from a liquid supply and a gas flow from a gas supply, wherein the head assembly defines a mixing region configured to receive the liquid flow and... Agent:

20110079657 - Power sprayer: A spray head for a power sprayer configured to generate a continuous sheet-like water shield around a center stream of water is disclosed. A water delivery device for use with a sink is disclosed, the water delivery device may produce a stream of water surrounded by a continuous shield of... Agent:

20110079658 - Dual functioning fragrance delivery device: A fragrance delivery device that includes a hollow vessel containing a first fragrance medium and further comprising a porous exterior surface with a porous wicking extension extending therefrom; and a reservoir containing a second fragrance medium, the second fragrance medium in fluid communication with the wicking extension.... Agent:

20110079659 - Sprayer system: A sprayer system includes a pair of tanks, one for storing a dilutent and another for storing a chemical to be mixed with the dilutent in a selected concentration based on the selected orifice of a valve sprayed on the surface. Mixing of chemical with dilutent occurs on the suction... Agent: Fimco Industries

20110079660 - Aromatic nebulizing diffuser: An aromatic nebulizing diffuser includes a base panel (10), a power adapter (20), an electric fan (30), a shell (40), a fluid container (50), an oscillator (60) and a top over (70). The oscillator (60) oscillates an aromatic fluid in the fluid container (50) to produce a fine mist. The... Agent:

20110079661 - Self-retaining nozzle: An irrigation sprinkler is provided having a nozzle and a turret for the distribution of irrigation water that includes a latching portion so that the nozzle may be detachably inserted into a nozzle socket of the turret. The nozzle may include radially flexible extensions with radial protrusions that interengage with... Agent:

20110079662 - Driving device of a sprinkler and swinging sprinkler with the driving device: A driving device of a sprinkler has a housing, a diversion assembly and a gear set mounted in the housing, a switch assembly mounted on a front open end of the housing and a nozzle mounted through the switch assembly and connected to the diversion assembly. In the switch assembly,... Agent:

20110079663 - Self-contained, sprayable, silyl terminated adhesive systems: Self-contained sprayable adhesive systems are described. Such systems include a sprayable adhesive composition comprising a silyl terminated elastomeric adhesive and a propellant contained within a canister. The system also includes a spray nozzle connected to the canister.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110079664 - Aerating nozzle tip: An aerating nozzle tip comprises a housing having a central axis, an inlet, an outlet, a plurality of passages disposed around the central axis between the inlet and the outlet, and a circumferential aspirator disposed between the inlet and the outlet.... Agent: Strahman Valves, Inc.

20110079665 - Apparatus for producing reconfigurable walls of water: The present invention is directed to an apparatus for producing a water maze from walls of falling water that can be reconfigured to change the maze. In one embodiment, the apparatus is comprised of a plurality of spray bars that are each capable of producing a separate wall of falling... Agent: Technifex, Inc.

20110079666 - Manifold spraying system with improved mounting assembly: A mounting system for a spray manifold having a plurality of spray modules arranged in a lateral array with support assemblies between adjacent modules. The mounting arrangement includes one or more mounting assemblies which each have a hub that is securable about one of the manifold support assemblies and a... Agent: Spraying Systems Co.

20110079667 - Fuel nozzle and method of repair: A method of repairing a modular gas turbine fuel nozzle tip, having a fuel-conveying body and an annular cap fastened to the body by at least two fasteners, includes removing the fasteners, replacing the annular cap with a replacement annular cap, and interconnecting the replacement annular cap and the body... Agent:

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