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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing March listing by industry category 03/11

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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110073670 - Laminar flow water jet with wave segmentation, additive, and controller: A laminar flow water jet system has a housing with a water channel, the housing creating a laminar flow in the water channel from the water flowing through the housing. A lighting element is provided with a controller. The laminar flow passes through at least one jetting element having a... Agent:

20110073671 - Slow release deer and rodent outdoor deterent device: A slow release deer and rodent outdoor deterrent device includes: a) a waterproof hollow housing having a top and a bottom, a top wick orifice and a bottom wick; b) a wick externally extending from outside the hollow housing top, through the top wick orifice and into the hollow housing,... Agent:

20110073672 - Fragrant apparatus: A fragrant apparatus includes a container combined with the top of a retaining base, a fragrant solution is filled into the container, a volatile medium contained in the container, and a light emitting device installed at the bottom of the retaining base for providing a lighting decorative effect.... Agent:

20110073673 - Water supplement member for atomizer: A water supplement member for atomizers is revealed. A vibrator corresponding to a movable water delivery device is mounted in a seat so as to convert water to a mist. A water tank is used to supply the water delivery device water. A slot hole is disposed on the water... Agent:

20110073674 - Liquid discharge apparatus and method for producing the same: A method for producing a liquid discharge apparatus is provided, including preparing a liquid discharge head including driving sections which apply a discharge pressure to a liquid; preparing a wiring board including a base board having lands formed on a surface and thermally expandable members arranged in hollow portions of... Agent:

20110073675 - Dispenser: A disinfectant dispenser includes a rotating assembly coupled to a base and rotatable thereabout and a first motor operatively coupled to the rotating assembly for rotation thereof when activated. A carriage is pivotally mounted to an upper portion of the rotating assembly and movable between vertical and horizontal configurations. A... Agent:

20110073676 - Production of a solids-containing pur spray jet: The present invention relates to a process for producing a solids-containing PUR spray jet and also to a spray attachment, wherein a solids-containing gas stream is introduced into a liquid jet of a PUR reaction mixture.... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110073677 - Sprayer system: A fluid sprayer includes a housing, a motor positioned within the housing, a pump operably coupled to the motor to draw fluid from a fluid source and pressurize the fluid, and a blower positioned within the housing and operable to discharge an airflow into the pressurized fluid discharged by the... Agent:

20110073678 - Adjustable module spray head and adjusting method thereof: An adjustable module spray head and adjusting method thereof comprises a module core unit having a holder, a distributing set rotating relative to the holder, two plugs, and a rotable positioning structure between the holder and the distributing set; the module core unit is used to assembled with various spray... Agent:

20110073679 - Discharging device and method for the assembly thereof:

20110073680 - Quick attaching fluid head: The fluid section or head (10) for a plural component applicator can be easily assembled or removed from the air section (12) by turning the fluid head ⅛ of a turn. The fluid head (10) has four tabs (14) that protrude and engage with four undercut features (16) within the... Agent:

20110073681 - Remanufactured fuel injector tip and fuel injector tip remanufacturing process: A method of manufacturing a fuel injector having high-flow orifices in its tip includes removing a bulb from a fuel injector tip having at least one spray orifice with a first diameter, and friction welding a slug to the fuel injector tip, including forming a fused interface of material of... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20110073682 - Fuel injection valve: A fuel injection valve comprises a valve return spring as a coil spring that applies a spring force to a movable valve element toward a valve seat and an adjuster that is used for adjusting a spring force by adjusting the amount of spring compression. The injection valve is provided... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20110073683 - Fuel injection valve: In a fuel injection valve having a valve plug for opening and closing a valve seat in which fuel is injected from a plurality of orifices provided in an orifice plate mounted at the downstream side of the valve seat by operating the valve plug in response to an operation... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110073684 - Internal baffling for fuel injector: A fuel injector includes a fuel delivery tube; a plurality of pre-mixing tubes, each pre-mixing tube comprising at least one fuel injection hole; an upstream tube support plate that supports upstream ends of the plurality of pre-mixing tubes; a downstream tube support plate that supports downstream ends of the plurality... Agent:

20110073685 - Blowing device including an electrostatic atomizer: A blowing device includes an air flow path with an outlet from which to inject an air stream, and an electrostatic atomizer, arranged outside the air flow path, for generating charged water particles by electrostatic atomization. The charged water particles generated in the electrostatic atomizer are supplied into the air... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20110073686 - Electrostatic atomizer for use in a motor vehicle: An electrostatic atomizer includes a discharge electrode; a high-voltage applying unit for applying a high voltage to the discharge electrode; a water supply unit for supplying water to the discharge electrode; an outlet through which charged water particles and ozone generated by electrostatic atomization during application of the high voltage... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110068186 - Broadcast\widecast pattern lawn watering implement: A handheld, lightweight method of transferring the water column from a standard garden hose into a time saving and water saving broadcast and/or spray pattern.... Agent:

20110068187 - Electrostatic spray system: An electrostatic spray system, comprising a hand held device having an inlet and an outlet. The hand held device includes a charging device for producing a high voltage charging field and a spray nozzle having an outlet, the outlet being disposed within the charging field. The system further includes an... Agent:

20110068188 - Fuel injector for permitting efficient combustion: An embodiment of the invention provides an apparatus for fuel injection that permits efficient combustion. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes: a fuel injector including an injector needle; a fuel injection passage having a fuel injection passage inlet connected to the injector needle and a fuel injection passage outlet; and... Agent:

20110068189 - Method for activating a piezoactuator in a fuel injector: In an activation method, a predetermined idle stroke (h0) is set between an actuator base plate (7) and an actuating element (3), depending on a predetermined initial position of the actuator base plate before activation. In order to stabilize oscillation-prone initial positions, thus improving injection accuracy, activating the piezoactuator (1)... Agent:

20110068190 - Methods of emitting a volatile material from a diffuser: A method of emitting two or more volatile materials from a diffuser includes the step of emitting a first volatile material using a first diffusion element for a first randomly determined period of time. The method further includes the step of emitting a second volatile material using a second diffusion... Agent:

20110068191 - Decorative aroma diffuser: A decorative aroma diffuser includes a ceramic bowl-like tray for holding an aromatic fluid and flower petals/herb leaves, the tray having endless ribs concentrically raised from the inside wall and the outside wall to reinforce the structural strength, a base fastened to the bottom side of the tray and defining... Agent:

20110068192 - Apparatus for displaying shower or bath water parameters: The present invention is a display apparatus for affixation to a shower or bath water supply piping or incorporated within a shower, or bath or faucet head, in an aesthetically pleasing format and comprised of fabrication materials e.g., a polymeric or metallic bases with chrome, brass white or colored finishes... Agent:

20110068193 - Atomization apparatus: Atomization apparatus is configured to produce mist by atomizing liquid after electrolysis to discharge the mist. The apparatus includes a substrate, an electrolysis device and a vibration device. The substrate includes: a liquid receiving part having a liquid storage surface; and a reservoir having a discharge surface. The electrolysis device... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd

20110068194 - Cooling structure of fuel injection valve: The present invention provides a cooling structure of a fuel injection valve that can cope with the high load operation of the engine by efficiently transferring heat from a nozzle to a cylinder head, thereby improving the cooling efficiency of the injection valve including the nozzle valve. In the cooling... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110068195 - Sprinkler device with flow shut off valve: A sprinkler for producing a fixed spray pattern includes an inner flow conduit having a nozzle at an outlet. A filter screen is held in place beneath the nozzle. The filter screen engages a push rod of a valve of a flow stop mechanism. The push rod spaces a valve... Agent: Signature Control Systems, Inc.

20110068196 - Cleaning tool: The present disclosure provides an integrated spray and wipe system. A method of using such a system is also provided. In one embodiment, the system includes a fluid reservoir that extends through the center of a roll of cleaning material (e.g., paper towel roll). The tool houses cleaning fluid and... Agent: Green Bay Converting, Inc.

20110068197 - Air blower: The present invention provides an air blower relating to a cleaning device. The air blower includes an elastic ball body provided with a nozzle hole and a check hole, a nozzle disposed in the nozzle hole, and a check valve disposed in the check hole. A check portion of the... Agent: Giotto's Industrial Inc.

20110068198 - Headpiece for actuator: In one embodiment there is provided an end fitment for use with an actuator used from drawing fluid from a container through a tube, the actuator has a depression face and a neck extending there from for connection to a corner end extending downwardly for securing the end fitment thereto.... Agent:

20110068199 - Dispenser: A dispenser 10 creates a use solution. The dispenser 10 includes a diluent inlet for receiving a source of diluent. An aspirator 38 is in fluid communication with the diluent inlet. An operator valve 27 controls flow of the diluent. The aspirator 46 has a diluent inlet, diluent outlet and... Agent: Ecolab Inc.

20110068201 - Build-up minimizing spray gun tip: The advantage of this construction is that the time between manual cleanings of the frontal area of the gun can be lengthened or eliminated. The spray gun utilizes high pressure air forced through thin openings and that surround the spray tip, to eliminate the eddies in the air flow around... Agent:

20110068200 - Swing nozzle unit and substrate processing apparatus with swing nozzle unit: Provided is a single wafer processing apparatus for cleaning a substrate. The apparatus includes a substrate support member including a spin head to place a substrate thereon, a processing bowl disposed to surround the spin head and adapted to collect a processing fluid scattering from the substrate, and a swing... Agent:

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110062249 - Vapour explosion chamber: A method and apparatus is disclosed for ejecting material. The ejected material is ejected as liquid and liquid vapour via an explosive process which can provide a very fast ejection as well as an ejection which has a large throw.... Agent: University Of Leeds

20110062250 - Flame effect generator: A flame effect generator that operably uses a liquid reservoir to provide liquid for use in generation of flame effects is described.... Agent:

20110062251 - Quarter turn side seal assembly: The side seal assembly consists of three main components: a hardened and precision ground side seal 12, a spring 14 and a housing 16 in which the side seal 12 and spring 14 are assembled. The side seal contains two tabs 22 that fit through a slot feature 24 in... Agent:

20110062252 - Non-reusable disposable spray container: A disposable spray assembly is disclosed. The disposable spray assembly includes a container for holding a liquid, the container having a neck portion, a ring coupled to an exterior surface of the neck portion, the ring having an increasing outer diameter in a downwards direction, a spray mechanism for expelling... Agent:

20110062253 - Fuel nozzle cup seal: The present application provides a fuel nozzle assembly. The fuel nozzle assembly may include an end cap assembly, a number of fuel nozzles positioned within the end cap assembly, and one or more cup seals. The cup seals may be positioned between the end cap assembly and the fuel nozzles.... Agent: General Electric Company

20110062254 - Control valve for reducing injecting amount variation and injector provided with the same: A control valve for reducing injecting amount variation disposed under a bobbin, disposed to a solenoid valve, may include slots formed to an upper portion of the control valve to contact the bobbin for easily separated from the bobbin.... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20110062255 - Shower saddle: The present invention is an adjustable shower saddle that connects a water supply to a shower. The saddle has: an anchor for attaching to the water supply, the anchor having an inner contour for attaching to the water supply and an outer contour that corresponds to a multi-dimensional range of... Agent:

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110057048 - Irrigation device: An irrigation sprinkler is provided having a housing and a riser assembly for the distribution of irrigation water that includes a wiper seal to prevent bypass flow. The sprinkler includes a first flow path that delivers water to a nozzle for irrigation and a second flow path that delivers water... Agent:

20110057049 - Supercritical-state fuel injection system and method: A fuel injector system for raising fuel to its supercritical state and injecting the supercritical-state fuel to the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine is disclosed. A plurality of injector embodiments provides alternative ways to heat the pressurized fuel to its supercritical state. Injection of supercritical fuel into the... Agent: Ecomotors International

20110057050 - Modular bendable straw with secure connection: An extendible flexible drinking straw segment (10) fabricated so as to be collapsible after having been extended and capable of being bent into many different configurations. The drinking straw segment (10) has male and female tubular end sections (14) and (12) respectively, capable of being joined together in liquid-tight junction... Agent:

20110057051 - Combination flashlight and a device for dispensing a volatile substance: A combination flashlight and insect repellent dispensing apparatus. Light is produced by light bulbs or LEDs whereas insect repellent is dispensed by heating a volatilizable insecticide. The insecticide and portable light may be used either concurrently or independently of each other.... Agent:

20110057052 - Inverted spray paint system using compressed air: A spray paint system for spraying a horizontal surface having a frame supporting an inverted elongated rigid container configured to hold a paint formulation that is pressurized with a pumping device partially located within the container where the frame has at least one wheel to allow a user to roll... Agent: Seymour Of Sycamore Inc.

20110057053 - Aroma diffuser: An aroma diffuser includes a housing to include an accommodating part that accommodates at least an aromatic chip, and a lid to be attached to the housing detachably and to close the accommodating part. The aromatic chip is provided for the lid.... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110057054 - Plastic preform and single container for making a dual-container dispenser: The rigid plastic container (V) is designed for being assembled with another rigid plastic container (V) and forming a dual-container dispenser. The container (V) comprises a neck finish (2) and a stretched body (3′) closed at its bottom end. The neck finish (2) comprises a tubular part (20), an upper... Agent: La Seda De Barcelona S.a.

20110057055 - Single dose nasal spray pump: In one or more embodiments a single dose nasal spray pump includes a reservoir configured for holding a single dose of material to be dispensed, the reservoir extending between a closed end and an open end; a cap to be configured to be disposed over the open end of the... Agent: Mk International Pty Ltd

20110057056 - Monolithic fuel injector and related manufacturing method: A monolithic fuel injection head for a fuel nozzle includes a substantially hollow vesicle body formed with an upstream end face, a downstream end face and a peripheral wall extending therebetween, an internal baffle plate extending radially outwardly from a downstream end of the bore, terminating short of the peripheral... Agent: General Electric Company

20110057057 - Push-button for a pressurized product dispensing system: A push-button for a pressurized product dispensing system, including a body having a mounting shaft on a pressurized product supply tube and a housing equipped with a passage for dispensing the product between the shaft and a swirl assembly including a swirl chamber provided with a dispensing aperture as well... Agent:

20110057058 - Integrated fuel injector igniters with conductive cable assemblies: The present disclosure is directed to a fuel injector assembly including a valve and a cable assembly for actuating the valve. The cable can include a plurality of strands, and each strand can be an optical fiber, an electrical conductor, or a tensile member capable of withstanding a tensile stress... Agent: Mcalister Technologies, LLC

20110057059 - Injector: An injector includes a housing, a fixed core, a movable core, a valve member, and a resilient member pressing the valve member toward a nozzle hole. An inner peripheral surface of the housing axially guides an outer peripheral surface of the movable core. The inner peripheral surface and the outer... Agent: Denso Corporation

03/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110049256 - Method and device for treating charged hot gas: The invention relates to a process and a device for the treatment of charged hot gas, in particular hot pressure gasification gases from fly stream gasifiers during the partial oxidation of dust-type and/or liquid ash-containing feed in the fly stream.... Agent:

20110049257 - Method and apparatus for local modification of atmosphere: The invention concerns environmentally compatible methods and apparatuses for local modification of atmosphere, and in particular, for causing precipitation, dissipating fogs and/or clouds, removing air-pollutants in a target area. SUBSTANCE: the method involves applying air ionizers (1a, 1b, 1c) to generate ion flows into atmosphere to form convective flows and/or... Agent:

20110049258 - Arrangement, use of an arrangement, device, snow lance and method for producing ice nuclei and artificial snow: A nucleator nozzle (20) for producing ice nuclei is designed as convergent-divergent nozzle. The nozzle channel (25) has a section (27) that is widening. The ratio of the cross-sectional area of the outlet opening (23) to the cross-sectional area of the nozzle channel (25) in the region of the nucleus... Agent:

20110049259 - Method and apparatus for dispensing a fragrance: A method of dispensing a volatile active into the surrounding environment includes the steps of providing a fragrance dispenser having a housing, a fan disposed within the housing and having a airflow director, first and second chambers disposed within the housing, and first and second fragrances disposed in the first... Agent:

20110049260 - Electronic irrigation system software: In one embodiment, the present invention includes irrigation control software for a computer that interacts with the features of a plurality of advanced sprinklers, environmental sensors, and other available data. The irrigation control software provides a graphical user interface to create a more efficient irrigation scheduling control interface.... Agent:

20110049261 - Display apparatus with scent disperse device: A display apparatus with a scent disperse device includes a display, a stalk-shaped member, at least one leaf-shaped member, a vibrator and a sensor switch, in which the display is composed of a screen and at least one screen cover, the stalk-shaped member is disposed on the display to disperse... Agent:

20110049262 - Atomising device, atomising body and method of manufacturing the same: An atomizing device, includes an atomizing body (1) with an inlet (16) for receiving a fluid under increased pressure, and with at least one set of outflow ports (18) for allowing the fluid to escape on a delivery side with forming of a vapour. Imaginary central axes of the outflow... Agent:

20110049263 - Wheel support for adjusting the ground clearance of a vehicle: A height adjustable wheel support apparatus includes an upper portion connectable to a frame of a vehicle and a lower portion that is connectable to a wheel assembly. An actuator is configured to move the upper portion between first and second positions. A spacer is movable between a storage position... Agent:

20110049264 - Method and device for determining a pressure parameter of a plant sample: A method of determining a pressure parameter of a plant sample (1) comprises the steps of subjecting the plant sample (1) to a clamp pressure (pclamp) created with a clamp device (10), measuring at least one pressure response value (pp) of the plant sample (1), which depends on the clamp... Agent:

20110049265 - Sprayer, in particular for medical use: This sprayer (1) includes a container (2) of product to be sprayed, provided with a delivery opening for this product, and a spraying assembly (3), said spraying assembly (3) being in fluid communication with this delivery opening and being securable onto this container (2) by insertion about a mounting axis,... Agent:

20110049266 - Aromatic nebulizing diffuser: An aromatic nebulizing diffuser includes a base panel, an electric fan, a power control unit, a lower housing, a fluid container that has bottom mounting rods detachably plugged into respective tubular upright posts of the base panel to facilitate cleaning work, a water baffle, an upper housing, an ultrasonic oscillator... Agent:

20110049267 - Variable fluid flow in air-operated two component gun applicator: A two component spray gun with low/high flow rates allows the operator to spray in confined areas at lower flow without having to change the mix module. The lower flow reduces undesirable “spray back” and will also help reduce material waste. Pneumatic piston 12 travel, which determines on/off fluid flow,... Agent:

20110049268 - fluid dispensing nozzle structure: An improved fluid dispensing nozzle structure is disclosed. The improved fluid dispensing nozzle structure of the present invention comprises a spout portion, an L-shape tubular portion and an Anti-Splashing Cap. A retaining portion is disposed at the front end of the spout portion and is in fluid communication with a... Agent:

20110049269 - Fluid dispensing nozzle structure: An improved fluid dispensing nozzle structure is disclosed. The improved fluid dispensing nozzle structure of the present invention comprises a spout portion, an L-shape tubular portion and an Anti-Splashing Cap. A retaining portion is disposed at the front end of the spout portion and is in fluid communication with a... Agent:

20110049270 - Fluid dispensing nozzle tip assembly with an adjustable guide: Disclosed herein is a fluid dispensing assembly for operable coupling to a fluid supply. The fluid dispensing assembly has an adjustable guide spaced apart from a second end region for guiding the correct placement of the second end region relative a target such that the fluid is dispensed for adequate... Agent:

20110049271 - Fluid spraying device: A fluid spraying device comprises a fluid oscillator used to oscillate fluid to generate spraying water and including an inlet, at least one power nozzle, an interacting chamber, and an outlet, characterized in that: the fluid oscillator including a first portion and a second portion; a connection of the first... Agent:

20110049272 - Fuel injector: A fuel injector comprising a valve needle for controlling fuel injection through an injector outlet, a control chamber for receiving fuel and a three-way control valve that controls fuel pressure within the control chamber to control opening and closing movement of the valve needle to control fuel injection through the... Agent:

20110049273 - Removable spread head: A movable spread head comprises a tubular member, a watering member, a valve core, a housing, a front cover, a control member, and a first and a second watering elements. The valve core is axially installed on a front end of the tubular member, the control member is located on... Agent:

20110049274 - Shield for hand held air blowing lance: A shield and nozzle assembly having a shield that is able to be attached to a nozzle assembly, which includes an air nozzle supported by a hand-held lance at a first end and having an end cap at a second end that is opposed to the first end. The nozzle... Agent:

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