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Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing January USPTO class listing 01/08

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01/31/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20080023567 - Apparatus and method for regulation of fluid flow from a straw: A regulating component to regulate fluid flow through the axial passage communicating between the intake end, and mouth engageable distal end, of a drinking straw. The component has an upper wall separated from a lower wall by an engaged sidewall all defining a restriction chamber. When engaged in the axial... Agent: Donn K. Harms Patent & Trademark Law Center

20080023568 - Discharge device: Assembly (1) of a body (5) including an agent that is in liquid or solid condition discharging an active gaseous substance, and a first holder (2) for the body, the first holder (2) having an accomodation space for accomodation therein of the body (5) and having a first wall which... Agent: Young & Thompson

20080023566 - Method of and a device for the reduction of tropical cyclones destructive force: A method and device for suppressing the destructive force of a tropical cyclone, wherein the ascendant speed of wind in the eyewall of a cyclone is reduced by sea water pumped on-site from under the sea surface to above the surface, and then dispensed in the wind at the bottom... Agent: Howard M. Ellis Simpson & Simpson, PLLC

20080023569 - Air freshener device comprising a specific liquid composition: The present invention relates to air freshener devices comprising water-based liquid compositions, preferably clear liquids, that provide an improved rate of emanation of perfume ingredients from the air freshener emanating surface and allow the use of fragrance materials with a wide range of characteristics, namely a wide range of c... Agent: Winston & Strawn LLP Patent Department

20080023570 - Conductor-driving multi-hole micro sprinkle-nozzle and sprinkling cap made therewith: A micro sprinkle-nozzle and a sprinkling cap made therewith, wherein the sprinkle-nozzle includes a conducting vibrator and a water container. The conducting vibrator is composed of a vibrating ring in the form of a hollow ring made of a conductive material, and a metal membrane made of a conductive film,... Agent: Troxell Law Office PLLC

20080023571 - Paint delivery and application apparatus and method: A paint delivery and application apparatus, wherein the apparatus includes a source of paint, a paint applicator, a supply line interconnecting the source of paint and the applicator and at least one pig in the supply line, wherein the paint pushes the pig from adjacent the source of paint to... Agent: Gregory D. Degrazia The Pinehurst Office Center

20080023572 - Porous plate with micro openings, method of producing the same, and atomizer having the same: A method according to the invention of producing a porous plate in which micro openings with a predetermined size are arranged at a predetermined interval, includes a step of forming a UV curable resin layer on a substrate; a step of performing UV exposure to the UV curable resin layer... Agent: Squire, Sanders & Dempsey L.L.P.

20080023573 - Liquid spreader primarily for de-icing: A liquid de-icer applicator which is specifically designed for convenient de-icer application, as opposed to simple agricultural spray. The unit has a horizontal frame chassis with an attached push handle, a tank detachably mounted on the chassis for holding and dispensing liquid de-icer, a pair of foldable wing spray bars... Agent: Mckee, Voorhees & Sease, P.L.C

20080023574 - Friction grip adjustable sprinkler riser apparatus: An adjustable friction grip sprinkler riser includes a body defining a chamber, at least one port for introducing water into the chamber and a riser tube axially slidable relative to the chamber with an upper end thereof being adapted to carry a sprinkler head. The riser tube passes through a... Agent: Diller, Ramik & Wight

20080023575 - Body spray applicator: Disclosed herein is a personal body spray applicator having a rectangular shaped body defining a reservoir for containing a liquid. The body has a front face, an opposing back face, and an edge surface adjoining the front face and the back face. A nozzle in fluid communication with the reservoir... Agent: Young & Basile, P.C.

20080023576 - Shower: Disclosed is a shower comprising a housing (2) that forms a head (K) in which a switchable valve is disposed. Said valve is provided with a sealing member (16) which can be displaced from a first valve seat (12) to a second valve seat (20) in order to switch the... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20080023577 - Shower head: A shower head includes a main body formed with a chamber communicating with a water inlet at the upper end. The main body has its lower end formed with central water outlets and peripheral water outlets and has its interior installed with a water-separating unit with a pivot having a... Agent: Bruce H. Troxell

20080023578 - Valve assembly for an injection valve and injection valve: A valve assembly for an injection valve has a valve body including a central longitudinal axis and a cavity with a fluid inlet portion and a fluid outlet portion, a valve needle axially movable in the cavity, the valve needle preventing a fluid flow through the fluid outlet portion in... Agent: Baker Botts L.L.P. Patent Department

01/24/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20080017728 - Watering device: An improved watering device comprises a cap member including a fastening portion provided at the upper side thereof for screwing with a container, and including a hollow tapered insertion element couplingly disposed at the lower side thereof and communicating with the fastening portion for forming a water passageway therein, and... Agent: Pro-techtor International Services

20080017729 - High volume dripping hoses: A dripping hose having a center hose (12) and one or more segments of corrugated outer hose (10), with each segment of corrugated outer hose (10) enclosing a metering section of center hose (12). Each metering section of center hose (12) has a number of longitudinally and evenly spaced metering... Agent: Kuang-bao Ou-young

20080017730 - Hose restraint apparatus: A restraint apparatus configured to selectively attach a flexible hose at an outlet structure of a manifold of an air conveyance system is provided. The restraint apparatus includes a restraint member having a flat, planar shape. The restraint member includes a first opening located at a first end and a... Agent: Cnh America LLC

20080017731 - Hose restraint apparatus: A restraint apparatus configured to selectively attach a flexible hose at an outlet structure of a manifold of an air conveyance system is provided. The restraint apparatus includes a restraint member having a flat, planar shape. The restraint member includes a first opening located at a first end and a... Agent: Cnh America LLC

20080017732 - Sprinkler with magnetic nutating mechanism and related method: A sprinkler including a sprinkler head incorporating a nozzle; a spool fixed to the sprinkler head in proximity to the nozzle; a cage assembly loosely mounted on the spool, the assembly including a distribution plate at a first end of the assembly downstream of the nozzle and a first magnet... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20080017733 - Air cap: An air cap for keeping a spray nozzle with a flat spray clean is presented. The air cap contain the nozzle and has a slit for the spray from the nozzle, through which opening an air flow is flowing in the same direction as the flat spray from the nozzle.... Agent: Merchant & Gould PC

20080017734 - System and method of uniform spray coating: In certain embodiments, a method includes microblasting a spray tip of a spray device to refine spray characteristics of the spray tip. In other embodiments, a method includes outputting a substance from a microblasted output orifice of a spray device to create a spray having characteristics at least partially attributed... Agent: Tait R. Swanson Fletcher Yoder

20080017735 - A multifunction shower head: The present invention provides a shifting device of multifunction shower head combined into the cavity of the shower head typically comprised of a shifting button, a radius bar, a swing arm, a coupled gear and division gear; wherein one end of said radius bar is extended out the shower head... Agent: Dr. Banger Shia

20080017736 - Electric charge concentration type droplet dispensing device having nonconductive capillary nozzle: Provided is a droplet dispensing device having a nonconductive capillary nozzle. The droplet dispensing device comprises: a nonconductive capillary nozzle disposed in a downward position; a pump connected with the nonconductive capillary nozzle through a hermetically sealed fluid tube and generating a negative pressure to decrease the influence of gravity... Agent: Cantor Colburn, LLP

01/17/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20080011872 - Paint spray gun with digital pressure gauge and relative humidity indicator removably mounted thereon: A new and improved combination pressure gauge and relative humidity indicator for use upon a compressed air or gas too, such as, for example, a paint spray gun, comprises a housing within which a pressure transducer, for determining the pressure level of the incoming compressed air or gas, and a... Agent: Steven W. Weinrieb Schwartz & Weinrieb

20080011868 - Fluidic device yielding three-dimensional spray patterns: A fluidic device, that operates on a pressurized liquid flowing through it to generate an oscillating spray having desired three-dimensional flow characteristics, includes a member that has fabricated within it at least two liquid flow channels that are configured in the form of a fluidic circuit having an inlet and... Agent: Larry J. Guffey

20080011869 - Drinking straw comprising a reinforced section: A drinking straw with a wall having a first and a second end, wherein the drinking straw comprises a reinforced section at its first and/or second end. A method for producing a drinking straw is also provided.... Agent: Crowell & Moring LLP Intellectual Property Group

20080011870 - Dispenser: A dispenser for an automatic dishwasher comprises a body having an aperture for release of an active component. The extent of opening of the aperture is controllable. The active component is contained in a blister disposed in the body.... Agent: Norris, Mclaughlin & Marcus

20080011871 - Dispenser: A dispenser for a controlled release of a volatile material, the dispenser including a pair of walls permeable to the volatile material attached to, or integral with, each other at a periphery of the dispenser wherein the pair of walls of the dispenser are separated by a small gap of... Agent: David P Dureska Buckingham Doolittle & Burroughs, LLP

20080011873 - Optimized method of atomizing liquid and a liquid atomizer device for implementing the method: A method of atomizing is implemented using a liquid atomizer device having an open-topped vessel suitable for containing a liquid for atomizing, and an atomized liquid diffuser arranged in the vessel. The diffuser comprises both a nozzle containing the liquid coming from the vessel and an ultrasound emitter suitable for... Agent: Matthew R. Jenkins, Esq.

20080011874 - Diffusion device: A battery powered diffusion device includes a housing having an internal power supply and adapted to receive a replaceable fluid container for holding a fluid, the fluid container including a wick for movement of fluid to a discharge end thereof. The diffusion device further includes a piezoelectric element that is... Agent: S.c. Johnson & Son, Inc.

20080011875 - Diffusion device: A diffusion device includes a housing having a battery disposed therein and adapted to receive a replaceable fluid reservoir for holding a fluid, wherein the fluid reservoir includes a wick for movement of the fluid to a discharge end thereof. The diffusion device further includes a piezoelectric element energized by... Agent: S.c. Johnson & Son, Inc.

20080011876 - Particle generator: Disclosed is a method and apparatus to produce an aerosol of particles, particularly nanoparticles.... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company Legal Patent Records Center

20080011877 - Drywall spraying assembly: A spraying assembly is provided for delivering a coating material to a surface. The assembly of an embodiment comprises a mobile support structure, a mixing tank coupled to the support structure and a mixing device connected to the mixing tank. A mixture dispensing assembly has a conduit coupled to the... Agent: Perkins Coie LLP Patent-sea

20080011878 - Portable misting system and method: A portable misting system comprises a plurality of base members which may be coupled to a plurality of vertical support members, which, in turn, may be coupled to a plurality of horizontal frame members. A tubing apparatus including a plurality of mist nozzles runs through the horizontal frame members and... Agent: Weiss & Moy PC

20080011879 - Liquid supply assembly: A connector system for attaching a liquid container to a spray gun. The connector system includes a lid with a liquid outlet and an adapter for releasably connecting the outlet with the liquid inlet port of a spray gun. The lid includes interlocking tab assemblies for releasably attaching the adapter... Agent: Bromberg & Sunstein LLP

20080011880 - Sanitary showerhead: The invention relates to a shower head that can be used, for example, as a hand-held shower attachment. The shower head contains an aerating device that is capable of supplying all jet outlet elements (16) of the jet disc (18) with aerated water. The air required for this is aspirated... Agent: Duane Morris, LLPIPDepartment

20080011881 - Rotating bi-directional pneumatic gun: A rotating bi-directional pneumatic gun has a body and a guiding tube mounted rotatably in the body. The guiding tube has an outer surface, a front notch, a rear notch, a front groove and a rear groove. The front notch and the rear notch are defined longitudinally in the outer... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20080011882 - Fan spray pattern indexing nozzle for a trigger sprayer: A trigger sprayer has a nozzle assembly that dispenses a spray of liquid in a fan pattern that is selectively oriented horizontally or vertically. The nozzle assembly includes a nozzle housing and nozzle cap mounted on the nozzle housing, where the nozzle cap is rotatable relative to the nozzle housing... Agent: Thompson Coburn, LLP

20080011883 - Fuel injection device for an aircraft gas turbine: A fuel injection device for fuel injection systems, e.g. for aircraft gas turbines, includes at least one fuel injection opening, through which a continuous flow of fuel 1 is issued, with the fuel injection opening having a non-circular cross-section.... Agent: Harbin King & Klima

20080011884 - Bottle washing nozzle: A bottle washing nozzle which is capable of washing bottles having openings of different diameters and which is capable of washing bottles having projections, indentations, and a square cross-section, or the like, with good efficiency. The nozzle includes a central jet tube a first jet orifice which jets in a... Agent: Westerman, Hattori, Daniels & Adrian, LLP

20080011886 - Electromagnetic fuel injection valve: In an injector used for an internal combustion engine, a favorable magnetic attraction force is obtained to reduce a controllable minimum injection amount of a fuel injection amount. In a fuel injection valve in which a fixed core and a moving element is contained inside a pipe-shaped member, and a... Agent: Crowell & Moring LLP Intellectual Property Group

20080011885 - Method for producing an injector: A first module (1) has an injector housing (4) and a lifting actuating drive. A second module (2) has a nozzle body (16), an injection needle (18), and a restoring means. At least one value of at least one characteristic number for the first module is determined by appropriate control... Agent: Baker Botts L.L.P. Patent Department

20080011887 - Fuel injector having an external cross-flow nozzle for enhanced compressed natural gas jet spray: A compressed natural gas fuel injector including a housing, an inlet, an outlet, a seat, a closure member, and an attached nozzle. In a preferred embodiment, the inlet and outlet communicate a flow of gaseous fuel regulated by the closure member. The gaseous fuel passes through the seat, which is... Agent: Siemens Corporation Intellectual Property Department

01/10/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20080006713 - Fuel injector having an internally mounted cross-flow nozzle for enhanced compressed natural gas jet spray: A compressed natural gas fuel injector having a housing, an inlet, an outlet, a seat, a closure member, and an internally mounted nozzle. In a preferred embodiment, the inlet and outlet communicate a flow of gaseous fuel regulated by the closure member. The gaseous fuel passes through the seat, which... Agent: Siemens Corporation Intellectual Property Department

20080006712 - Fuel injector with injection rate control: A closed nozzle fuel injector is provided which effectively controls the fuel injection flow rate, especially during an initial portion of an injection event, while also permitting accurate control over pilot and/or post injection flow rates at all operating conditions thereby advantageously reducing emissions and combustion noise. The injector includes... Agent: Nixon Peabody, LLP

20080006714 - Ultrasonic liquid delivery device: An ultrasonic liquid delivery device has an elongate housing with an internal chamber, an inlet in fluid communication with the internal chamber of the housing, and an outlet in fluid communication with the internal chamber of the housing. An elongate ultrasonic waveguide is disposed at least in part within the... Agent: Christopher M. Goff (27839) Armstrong Teasdale LLP

20080006715 - Cleaning head and surface cleaning device comprising said type of cleaning head: The invention relates to a cleaning head for enabling pressurized cleaning liquid to act upon a surface to be cleaned, comprising at least one spray arm which is rotatably mounted about an axis of rotation and on which is mounted at least one nozzle which can be fed with cleaning... Agent: Lipsitz & Mcallister, LLC

20080006716 - Multi-stage swing horticultural watering appliance: A multi-stage swing horticultural watering appliance comprises: a base, a water-dispensing basin, a swing device, a spraying cover and a swing outlet pipe. The base is formed in a center thereof with a circular receiving recess for accommodation of the water-dispensing basin, an inlet hole and an outlet connector are... Agent: Kamrath & Associates P.A.

20080006717 - Portable misting device with drinking spout and fan assist: A portable misting device having a body with an internal and fluid holding reservoir. A fill port provides for refilling of the fluid holding reservoir and one or more discharge ports are in fluidic communication with the reservoir. A fluid conveying conduit extends from the discharge port and terminates in... Agent: Gifford, Krass, Sprinkle,anderson & Citkowski, P.c

20080006718 - Portable misting device with drinking spout and fan assist: A portable hydration system having a fluid reservoir holding body. A sprayer mechanism including a first orifice projecting from a top of the body for (generating and emitting a fluid mist under pressure therefrom. A reclosable drinking nozzle communicating a second orifice with a further location of the top and... Agent: Gifford, Krass, Sprinkle,anderson & Citkowski, P.c

20080006719 - Spraying device and use of this device: Manual spraying device including a push-button that can be actuated manually, the push-button including a spray nozzle, the spray nozzle having an inner chamber adapted to receive a non-gaseous fluid product under pressure and delimited towards the outside by a perforated front wall, a reservoir for the fluid product to... Agent: St. Onge Steward Johnston & Reens, LLC

20080006720 - Decontamination liquid spraying appliance: A decontamination liquid spraying appliance has a storage container for the receiving decontamination liquid, in particular of GD5 solution, and further has a spraying device flow-connected to the storage container. The appliance is used for the decontamination of objects contaminated by harmful substances. The storage container is a pressure container... Agent: Lerner Greenberg Stemer LLP

20080006721 - Mist nozzle: A mist nozzle easy to disassemble comprises a combination of a body and a locking cap; a water-stopping unit having a ball stopper and a spring is configured inside the combination of the body; and a rotator is configured between the water-stopping unit and the locking cap, the rotator has... Agent: Liberty Patent And Trademark Office

20080006722 - Build-up resistant air atomizing spray nozzle assembly: A spray nozzle assembly is provided. The spray nozzle assembly includes a nozzle body having a liquid passage that terminates in a nozzle body orifice. The spray nozzle assembly includes an impingement element having an impingement surface spaced from the nozzle body orifice. One or more air outlet orifices are... Agent: Leydig Voit & Mayer, Ltd

20080006723 - Control valve for an injection nozzle: In a control valve for an injection nozzle for injecting fuels into the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine, including a nozzle needle (7) which is capable of being axially displaced in an injector nozzle (5) and reaches into a control chamber (12) feedable with a pressurized fuel whose... Agent: Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery

20080006724 - Piezo injector and piezo injector system: The piezo injector includes a piezo element expanding when electrical charges supplied from an external DC source are accumulated therein, and contracting when the electrical charges are discharged therefrom, an open/close valve opening and closing in accordance with expansion and contraction of the piezo element, a housing containing therein the... Agent: Posz Law Group, PLC

20080006725 - Variable orifice black liquor nozzle: A nozzle for the spraying of black liquor in a recovery boiler has discharge orifice inserts that can be removed and replaced with other inserts, to provide variable spray patterns, by changing the size and/or shape of the orifice of the nozzle, without requiring replacement of the entire nozzle body,... Agent: Patenttm.us

20080006726 - Electrostatic paint sprayer: An electrostatic paint sprayer 10 includes a body member 12 defining a paint passage 12a for flowing liquid paint supplied from a paint source 44, a nozzle assembly 16 adapted to be mounted to the end of the body member 12 so as to fluidly communicate with the paint passage... Agent: Lowe, Hauptman, Gilman & Berner, LLP (itw)

20080006727 - Undercarriage washer: An undercarriage washer has a handle. A trigger valve is incorporated into the handle. A pipe connects the handle to a reaction driven maneuvering head. A spray nozzle is attached to the maneuvering head. The handle has an inlet that can be connected either to an ordinary garden hose or... Agent: Law Office Of Dale B. Halling, LLC

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