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Fluid reaction surfaces (i.e., impellers)

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09/04/2014 > 12 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140248150 - Constant velocity joint with spring rate control mechanism: According to one embodiment, a constant velocity (CV) joint includes a first yoke, a second yoke, and three bearings. The first yoke is configured to be rotatably coupled to an input device about a first axis and configured to receive the input device through a first opening. The second yoke... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140248149 - Rotor/wing aircraft including vectorable nozzle: A method of operating an aircraft having a rotor/wing assembly and a nozzle comprises vectoring the nozzle into a position for creating vertical thrust, and using the rotor/wing assembly and the nozzle together to create vertical thrust during a rotary mode of operation.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140248147 - Systems and methods for converting wind from an aircraft into electrical power: A system for generating energy from wind induced by an aircraft is provided. The system includes one or more wind turbines configured to generate electrical power by capturing wind induced by the aircraft. Each of the one or more wind turbines include a rotor mounted for rotation about an axis,... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140248148 - Wind turbine noise control methods: A wind turbine having at least one trailing edge control surface (10) on at least one rotor blade (5) is operated in a first mode, in which a rotor blade angle of attack and a trailing edge control surface deflection are set according to one or more wind turbine control... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140248151 - Floating water wave energy collecting and transducing system: Provided is a floating water wave energy collection and conversion system, which comprises at least two buoyant members (101, 102) floating on the surface of the water and connected movably with each other in series, wherein the movable connection can be a hinged connection. A power transmission device and an... Agent: Shenzhen Romer Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.

20140248158 - Marine propeller with adjustable exhaust means: A marine propeller having multiple adjustable exhaust structures is disclosed. Each adjustable exhaust structure includes an exhaust hole unit with exhaust through holes cut through the outer surface and inner surface of the propeller hub of the marine propeller, an adjustment member with shielding portions mounted in the exhaust hole... Agent: Sola Science & Engineering Co., Ltd.

20140248152 - Plate for directing flow and film cooling of components: An assembly includes a gas turbine engine component and a plate. The plate is spaced from a surface of the component and generally conforms to the shape of the surface. The plate and component form a passageway that allows for passage of a secondary gas flow between the component and... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140248153 - Propulsion device for ship and ship having the same: Disclosed are a propulsion device for a ship and a ship having same. The propulsion device, according to an embodiment of the present invention, comprises: a rear propeller fixed to a first driveshaft; a front propeller positioned in front of the rear propeller and supported rotably on the first driveshaft;... Agent:

20140248154 - Blade of a row of rotor blades or stator blades for use in a turbomachine: The present invention relates to a blade of a row of rotor blades or stator blades for use in a turbomachine, with the blade being designed with a substantially convex suction side and a substantially concave pressure side as well as with a leading edge, onto which the flow passes,... Agent:

20140248155 - One-block bladed disk provided with blades with adapted foot profile: A one-block bladed disk includes blades, a leading edges of which has sweep and dihedral angles, both strongly variable and increasingly large upon approaching a connection to a hub to improve mechanical strength of the whole and obtain good distribution of gas flow over the height of the blade.... Agent: Snecma

20140248156 - Composite articles and methods: An article comprises: a substrate having a matrix and a plurality of metallic members partially embedded in the matrix; and a metallic layer bonded to exposed portions of the metallic members.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140248157 - Blade or vane of differing roughness and production process: A blade or vane of different roughness and a process for producing such a blade or vane are presented. The performance of the blade or vane of a compressor or of a turbine can be improved because of the different configuration of the roughness of the surfaces on the suction... Agent:

08/28/2014 > 24 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140241879 - Method and apparatus for braking a wind turbine in case of emergency: The invention is based on the problem of creating an additional device to act as a “secondary emergency device” in the case that one or more standard emergency devices fail to adjust the blade angle of one or multiple rotor blades into a position of power limitation. The method of... Agent:

20140241880 - Method for retrofitting vortex generators on a wind turbine blade: A method of retrofitting vortex generators on a wind turbine blade is disclosed, the wind turbine blade being mounted on a wind turbine hub and extending in a longitudinal direction and having a tip end and a root end, the wind turbine blade further comprising a profiled contour including a... Agent: Lm Wp Patent Holding A/s

20140241878 - System and method for controlling a wind turbine based on identified surface conditions of the rotor blades: In one aspect, a method for controlling a wind turbine based on an identified surface condition of a rotor blade may include monitoring an operating parameter of the wind turbine to obtain parameter data related to the operating parameter as an operating input of the wind turbine changes, analyzing the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140241881 - Combined ceiling fan and light fitting: There is provided a combined ceiling fan and light fitting (10) having blades (1-4) that when the ceiling fan is not in use retract and are stowed above an enclosure (12) containing a light emitting device and that when the fan is in use are extended under centrifugal force. The... Agent: Beacon Lighting International Limited

20140241882 - Systems for minimizing yaw torque needed to control power output in two-bladed, teetering hinge wind turbines that control power output by yawing: Systems and methods for increasing operational efficiency of wind turbines, especially offshore wind turbines. The invention discloses systems and methods for reducing the torque needed to rotate a rotor shaft axis with respect to the wind direction. Systems and methods for controlling the rotational speed of the rotor shaft axis... Agent: Condor Wind Energy Limited

20140241883 - Gas turbine engine component: Embodiments are disclosed of a turbomachinery component having an outer part that is captured between a cap and a base of the component. In one form, the outer part is placed in compression between the cap and the base. The outer part can be formed prior to being placed between... Agent:

20140241885 - Partly cruciform flexbeam and method of manufacturing such a flexbeam: A partly cruciform flexbeam (1) of a bearingless main rotor system of a helicopter with a hub drive and an airfoil blade. The partly cruciform flexbeam (1) comprises a flexbeam head (2) with a flat bearing laminate at one end, a root end (3) opposed to said flexbeam head (2)... Agent: Airbus Helicopters Deutschland Gmbh

20140241884 - Rotary wing aircraft pitch beam attachment with anti-rotation plate design: A retaining assembly for a tail rotor system is provided including a washer having a plurality of splines. The washer is configured to couple to an adjacent pitch change shaft. A retaining nut includes a self-locking feature and a flange arranged at a first end. The retaining nut is configured... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20140241886 - Rotor system shear bearing: A shear bearing for a rotor system has a four bar linkage and a grip configured to retain a flexural yoke and the grip is connected between a first set of opposing links of the four bar linkage. A rotor system has a flexural yoke and a shear bearing configured... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140241887 - Hydrodynamic axial bearing: A hydrodynamic axial bearing for mounting a shaft which is mounted rotatably in a bearing housing, including an axial stop of the bearing housing and a bearing comb which rotates with the shaft. A lubricating gap, which is loaded with lubricating oil and is delimited by a profiled circular ring... Agent: Abb Turbo Systems Ag

20140241888 - Pumps and components therefor: A pump side part for use with a shrouded pump impeller, comprising a side wall section rear face including an outer region with an outer edge in a plane which is substantially at right angles to the rotation axis, an inner region with an inner edge and an intermediate region... Agent: Weir Minerals Australia, Ltd.

20140241889 - Wind turbine rotor with improved hub system: A wind turbine rotor comprises: • a number of blades (5) which are rotatably mounted about an axis of rotation; • a number of blade supports (12), each blade support supporting a respective blade (5) and each blade support having a pair of legs (14) which are spaced apart along... Agent:

20140241890 - Gas turbine engine blade and disk: In some examples, an apparatus may include a gas turbine engine component comprising a blade, a platform forming an airflow surface from which the blade extends on one side, and a motion weld receiving surface disposed on a non-airflow side of the platform, and a disk having a motion weld... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20140241891 - Turbomachine blade and relative production method: A turbomachine blade having a metal coupling root, and a metal airfoil-shaped oblong member cantilevered from the coupling root; the airfoil-shaped oblong member being divided into: a lower connecting fin cantilevered from and formed in one piece with the coupling root; an upper connecting fin cantilevered from a coupling head... Agent:

20140241892 - Turbomachine blade and relative production method: A turbomachine blade of the type having a metal lower coupling root, a metal upper coupling head, and a metal airfoil-shaped oblong member designed to connect the coupling root rigidly to the coupling head; the airfoil-shaped oblong member having a substantially airfoil-shaped main plate-like element connected to the coupling root... Agent:

20140241893 - System for specifying an installation position of rotor blades, securing element, rotor blade, turbomachine, and method: A system for specifying an installation position of adjacent rotor blades of a blade row of a turbomachine is disclosed. The system has a plurality of axial securing elements, which have at least two sections with different profile areas for the arrangement in each case between a groove base of... Agent:

20140241894 - Fan assembly and fan wheel assemblies: Fan assemblies, and in particular fan wheels and stator assemblies for fan assemblies, are disclosed. In one embodiment, the fan wheel includes a wheel back having an outer surface forming one of a curved dome-shape and a truncated cone-shape. The fan wheel may also include a plurality of fan blades... Agent: Greenheck Fan Corporation

20140241895 - Fluid turbine blade and method of providing the same: A fluid turbine blade and method of fabrication are provided. The fluid turbine blade includes a centrally disposed longitudinal spar having a substantially circumferential cross section. The fluid turbine blade also includes at least one chord stiffener coupled to the longitudinal spar. The fluid turbine blade further includes a torsionally... Agent: General Electric Company

20140241896 - A wind turbine blade: The wind turbine blade (1) includes a structure made of a fibre reinforced polymer material including a polymer matrix and fibre reinforcement material embedded in the polymer matrix. The fibre reinforcement material includes carbon fibres that have been produced by carbonisation of a precursor to a carbonisation degree of 60%... Agent: Lm Wp Patent Holding A/s

20140241897 - Aluminum brazing of hollow titanium fan blades: A fan blade includes first and second titanium portions that are secured to one another with an aluminum alloy braze. A method of manufacturing a fan blade includes providing first and second titanium portions, applying an aluminum alloy braze to at least one of the first and second titanium portions,... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140241898 - Autogenously welded impeller of a torque converter: A torque converter impeller is provided. The torque converter impeller includes an impeller shell and an impeller hub. The impeller shell and impeller hub are autogenously welded together such that the weld has a concave shape. A method of forming a torque converter impeller is also provided.... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140241899 - Blade leading edge tip rib: A rotor blade for a gas turbine engine includes a leading edge tip rib projecting outwardly from an airfoil of the blade at a tip region thereof. The tip rib continuously surrounds a leading edge of the airfoil and extends rearwardly from the leading edge along respective pressure and suction... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20140241900 - Methods for repairing a turbine airfoil constructed from cmc material: Methods for repairing a turbine airfoil constructed from a CMC material are provided via filling a cavity located in the turbine airfoil with a ceramic paste (e.g., including a ceramic powder and a binder), heating the ceramic paste in the cavity to remove the binder, thereby forming a porous ceramic... Agent: General Electric Company

20140241901 - Impeller: An impeller for increasing the pressure of a fluid circulating in an annular fluid path, the impeller comprising: a plurality of centrifugal compressor vanes circumferentially interspaced around the axis of the annular fluid path, the plurality of compressor vanes extending from an axially-oriented inlet to a radially-oriented outlet, and each... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

08/21/2014 > 20 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140234102 - Radial fluid device with variable phase and amplitude: According to one embodiment, a radial fluid device comprises a cylinder block, first and second pluralities of pistons, a first cam disposed about the first plurality of radially extending cylinders, and a second cam disposed about the second plurality of radially extending cylinders. The direction of rotation of the second... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140234103 - Method and system for improving wind farm power production efficiency: A method and system for improving power production efficiency on a wind farm having of a plurality of spatially distributed wind turbines is provided. The method includes receiving a wind measurement that includes a wind direction impinging on a turbine (20), determining a misalignment of the wind turbine with respect... Agent:

20140234104 - Rotor blade with control flap: A rotor blade (1) with an exterior shell (20) extending in a span and chord wise direction and at least one control flap (4) extending in essentially span wise direction to said exterior shell (20). Load transmission means inside said blade chamber (7) comprise piling type housings (13) respectively with... Agent: Airbus Helicopters Deutschland Gmbh

20140234105 - Floating wind turbine: A floating wind turbine (1) for electric power production and a method for use of said wind turbine (1), is described, where the wind turbine (1) comprises a hull (2) attached to a supporting column (2′) for a wind turbine (3) which is arranged to be put into rotation by... Agent:

20140234121 - Film cooling structure and turbine blade: The film cooling structure includes: a wall surface along which a heating medium flows; and at least one pair of film cooling holes that open at the wall surface and that blow a cooling medium. The pair of film cooling holes are arranged to be adjacent to each other in... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20140234106 - Balancing weight for a fan wheel: A balancing weight to balance a blower wheel. The balancing weight is constructed in two pieces consisting of a spring clip and a supplemental weight. The spring clip features a retaining section for securing on the blower wheel and a receptacle section for mounting the supplemental weight.... Agent:

20140234107 - Horizontal-axis wind turbine using airfoil blades with uniform width and thickness: A horizontal-axis wind turbine using airfoil blades with uniform in width and thickness, comprising a tower installed vertically from ground surface, a nacelle rotatable connected to center of a vertical axis on top of the tower, a rotating body axially bonded to the nacelle, and one or more blades connecting... Agent:

20140234109 - Method of making a root end joint of a wind turbine blade and a root segment for such a joint: A method of making a root end joint for a wind turbine. A plurality of root segments (10) are formed of a composite material. Each has an arcuate end face (11) which subtends an angle of 90° or less and has a plurality of connection holes (12). The segments are... Agent: Blade Dynamics Limited

20140234108 - Rotor with a curved rotor blade for a wind power plant: In order to optimise a rotor (1) for a wind turbine (2), comprising a hub (6) which is rotatable about an axis of rotation (15) and a number of rotor blades fixed to the hub (6), at least one rotor blade having at least one curved portion (8) having a... Agent: Dewind Europe Gmbh

20140234110 - Turbine blade tip shroud and mid-span snubber with compound contact angle: A turbine bucket adapted to be supported on a turbine or rotor wheel includes an airfoil portion extending radially relative to a longitudinal axis of the rotor wheel and having a leading edge, a trailing edge, a pressure side and a suction side. At least one tip shroud extends in... Agent: General Electric Company

20140234111 - Blade arrangement: A blade arrangement is provided having a blade carrier and a retaining groove arranged therein, which retaining groove has projections extending along side walls thereof forming undercuts and into which a number of blades are inserted forming a blade ring of a turbomachine. Each blade has a blade root which... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140234112 - Rotor blade: A blade at least part of which is arranged in use to rotate outside of a casing of a gas turbine engine. The blade has a main body, a tip fence and a blend region defining a curve between the main body and the fence. The blend region has a... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140234113 - Wind turbine blade and manufacturing method thereof: A manufacturing method of a wind turbine generator includes a cutting step of cutting a base blade at m cutting planes into (m+1) sections where m is an even number, the m cutting planes being at different positions in a blade length direction; and joining step of joining (m/2+1) sections... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140234116 - Device for connecting wing sections and method for assembling such sections: A device for connecting sections of wings such as wind turbine blades, which has, at the ends of adjacent sections, central box structures that are placed end-to-end and are clamped together by clamping rods, and a method for producing sections of wings such as wind turbine blades, which includes a... Agent:

20140234115 - Wind turbine blade having twisted spar web: A radially twisted wind turbine blade (10), including a radially twisted spar web (122), wherein a center (78) of a radial cross section of a base (12) of the blade rotates within a plane of rotation (80), and wherein at a base (12), a radial cross section of the spar... Agent:

20140234114 - Wind turbine blade with asymmetrical spar caps: A wind turbine blade (10) with asymmetric spar caps (36,38). The blade includes a pressure side spar cap (36) having pressure side fibers (56) having a pressure side fiber diameter (54), the pressure side fibers configured to resist a first flap deflection (20) in a first direction via tensile strength;... Agent:

20140234117 - Apparatus and method to reduce wear and friction between cmc-to-metal attachment and interface: An apparatus to reduce wear and friction between CMC-to-metal attachment and interface, including a metal layer configured for insertion between a surface interface between a CMC component and a metal component. The surface interface of the metal layer is compliant relative to asperities of the surface interface of the CMC... Agent: General Electric Company

20140234119 - Blade for wind turbine and method of assembly of the blade: It is described a blade (6) for a wind turbine (1) for converting wind energy into electric energy, comprising: -a blade structure (7) longitudinally extending along a blade axis (X1) and comprising a blade tip (11), an opposite blade root (12), a longitudinal leading edge portion (13) and a longitudinal... Agent: Enel Green Power, S.p.a.

20140234118 - Turbine engine comprising a metal protection for a composite part: A gas turbine engine including at least a first composite part configured for mounting in a second metal part of the engine, the first composite part including an interface surface configured to be in surface contact with the second metal part, the engine including a metal protection removably mounted on... Agent: Snecma

20140234120 - Blade, wind turbine and wind power generating system: A blade comprises a first blade surface, a second blade surface forming the reverse surface of the first blade surface, a front edge portion connected to the front end of the first blade surface and the front end of the second blade surface and formed in a curved shape convex... Agent: Technology Of Natural Providence, Inc

08/14/2014 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140227095 - Pivotal jet wind turbine: Pivotal jet wind turbine relates to clean energy field. It has a rim based rotor's structure. The rotor has plurality of outer-blades and plurality of inner-blades attached to the rotating rim. The roller based components suspend the rotor and transmit the rotational energy to generator(s). The central, pivotal part of... Agent:

20140227094 - Sailing windmill, fully responsive vawt: The present invention relates to a vertical axis windmill. The windmill rotates on an upright post, with plural arms holding articulated working members circling around. Each working member has a pivotal edge like a vane, a flag or a hinged door, swings on its own axis and also circles around... Agent:

20140227096 - Floating support platform for wind turbine: Support platform for wind generators, comprising a central body (5) provided with a seat engaging with a final section (4) of a pillar (1) of a wind generator (2); this central body (5) is connected by means of a series of radial elements (6) to an annular floating structure (7)... Agent:

20140227103 - Turbine blade with contoured chamfered squealer tip: A squealer tip formed from a pressure side tip wall and a suction side tip wall extending radially outward from a tip of the turbine blade is disclosed. The pressure and suction side tip walls may be positioned along the pressure sidewall and the suction sidewall of the turbine blade,... Agent:

20140227097 - Retractable propulsion container with thruster: The present invention relates to a propulsion container (1) comprising space for a propeller driver, the propulsion container having a first end (3) and a second end (4), said second end (4) having a surface; a trunk (5) inside which the propulsion container (1) is moveably mounted, allowing the propulsion... Agent: Beacon Finland Ltd Oy

20140227098 - Lifting foil: A lifting foil having a configuration with a leading course and trailing course which is rotated about an axis of rotation into a fluid.... Agent:

20140227100 - Rotating machine blade with reinforced modular structure: The invention concerns a blade (1) designed to be fitted to the rotor of a rotating machine, said blade being characterized in that it exhibits a modular construction including: a rigid, median module (4) formed by a coffer (12), which is itself formed by joining two side panels (13, 14)... Agent:

20140227099 - Stepped surface propeller: A marine surface propeller, and blade therefore, which is surface piercing and partially submerged, and includes a blade geometry that improves distribution of pressure and control to wetted and ventilated regions. Preferably, the feature has a positive step (ramp, cup, interceptor, indent or other geometric addition or intervention) between one... Agent: Twin Disc, Inc.

20140227101 - Wind turbine blade with noise reduction devices and related method: The present disclosure relates to a wind turbine blade, in particular a wind turbine blade having devices or structures for reducing noise generated by the wind turbine blade during use and related method. The wind turbine blade comprises at least a first longitudinal section having a cross section perpendicularly to... Agent: Lm Wp Patent Holding A/s

20140227102 - Rotor blade for a compressor of a turbomachine, compressor, and turbomachine: A rotor blade for a compressor of a turbomachine is disclosed, the rotor blade having an airfoil having a leading edge, a trailing edge, an airfoil tip, as well as a pressure side and a suction side extending therebetween, provision being made for a profile variation on the pressure side,... Agent: Mtu Aero Engines Ag

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