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Fluid reaction surfaces (i.e., impellers)

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02/05/2015 > 19 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150037150 - Method and device for pneumatically driving a turbocharger rotor in a balancing machine: Disclosed is a method in which the propulsive power of a drive nozzle (2) is controlled by means of a programmable logic control device (24) having an adjustable internal controller (25) in dependence upon the rotational frequency of a turbocharger rotor (1) detected by a speed sensor (26). Parameters necessary... Agent: Schenck Rotec Gmbh

20150037149 - Rotorcraft control system for rotorcraft with two or more rotor systems: A multirotor rotorcraft control system for effectuating flight control. The multirotor rotorcraft has at least two or more rotor assemblies. The control system preferably includes at least one flap for each rotor blade and at least one actuator for each rotor assembly. The rotor assemblies and the flap(s) and actuator(s)... Agent:

20150037151 - Power generation device: Disclosed is a power generation device (1), comprising a shaft column (11) and at least two blade units (12-17), wherein the blade units (12-17) are sheathed onto the shaft column (11) and capable of rotating around the shaft column (11), the adjacent s blade units rotate in opposite rotational directions,... Agent:

20150037167 - Turbine blade and turbine with improved sealing: The disclosure pertains to a turbine with a gas turbine blade and a rotor heat shield for separating a space region through which hot working medium flows from a space region inside a rotor arrangement of the turbine. The rotor heat shield includes a platform which forms an axial heat... Agent:

20150037152 - Mechanically-adjustable pitch propeller: The present invention relates to a mechanically-adjustable pitch marine vessel propeller attached to a shaft driven by an engine of a marine vessel, comprising a substantially cylindrical hollow hub and a plurality of blades extending radially outwardly from the hub and being capable of rotating around an axis being in... Agent:

20150037153 - Cross flow turbine with straight vertical and helical slanted blades: A structural duct apparatus includes a cross flow turbine for use in a fluid flow. The turbine has at least one straight vertical aerofoil blade and at least one helical aerofoil blade slanted toward the direction of rotation. Inner and outer walls of the duct apparatus provide an inner diffuser... Agent: Axis Energy Group Pty Ltd

20150037154 - Fan assembly and method: In one aspect, a fan assembly is provided that can be manufactured while producing a significantly reduced amount of scrap material. More specifically, the fan assembly utilizes a hub ring and one or more hub strips to support a plurality of blades rather than a solid center disc or end... Agent:

20150037155 - Fan rotor piloting: A fan rotor has a plurality of blades arranged circumferentially about a central axis, wherein the plurality of blades extend between 2.9980 and 3.0020 inches radially from the central axis. The fan rotor has a root portion arranged radially inward from the plurality of blades. The fan rotor also has... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150037156 - Impeller for electric blower: Embodiments of the invention provide an impeller for an electric blower. The impeller includes a hub and a shroud disposed to correspond to the hub so that an internal space and an outlet are formed between the hub and the shroud and including an inlet formed therein to introduce air... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150037157 - Composite propeller blade structure: A composite propeller blade structure includes at least a rotation shaft and a rotation surface on which plural blades are formed, and characterized in that: each of the blades is composed of plural blade units; and in the equivalent radius cross section of each of the blades, the installed location... Agent: Esda Research And Development Incorporated

20150037158 - Torque converter with stamped stator: A stamped stator for a torque converter includes a first blade plate, a second blade plate, an outer race, at least one wedge plate, and an inner race. The first blade plate includes a first blade portion, a first radial wall connected to the first blade portion, a first plurality... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150037159 - Turbine rotor for supercharger and manufacturing method thereof: A turbine rotor for a supercharger includes a TiAl turbine wheel and a carbon steel shaft joined to each other via an Ni brazing filler metal at a brazed part distanced from a back face of the turbine wheel so that a turbine wheel outer diameter ratio calculated by “a... Agent:

20150037160 - Turbine rotor: To provide a turbine rotor which enables mass production with a low-cost apparatus and which capable of suppressing leaning of the rotor shaft after welding to improve the yield, while a turbine blade rotor 12 and the rotor shaft 14 are fit to each other with concave and convex portions... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20150037161 - Method for mounting a gas turbine blade in an associated receiving recess of a rotor base body: A gas turbine blade in an associated receiving recess of a rotor base body includes a slot in the blade root and has the shape of a straight cylinder. A blade retaining plate has a first securing region and a second securing region interconnected by a shaft region; the shaft... Agent:

20150037162 - Mechanical joining using additive manufacturing process: A method of manufacturing an assembly (10), including: positioning a first component (12) and a second component (14) in a desired positional relationship with each other; and building-up a locking component (16) by depositing layer after layer of material onto a surface (24, 26) of the assembly until a completed... Agent:

20150037164 - Airfoil for fan blade: A fan blade comprises an airfoil profile having a lower surface, an upper surface, a trailing edge, and a leading edge. The lower surface comprises a concave portion which is defined by a first ellipse. The upper surface comprises a convex portion which is defined by a second ellipse. The... Agent:

20150037163 - Blades for axial flow compressor and method for manufacturing same: An axial flow compressor blade unit including a platform section and an airfoil section, which are used as arranged on a circumference about an axis of the compressor. The platform section includes an inner diametric surface segment inwardly of the circumference, an outer diametric surface segment outwardly of the circumference,... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150037165 - Turbine blade with sectioned pins: A turbine blade is provided and includes pressure and suction surfaces connected to define an interior through which coolant is passable and first and second pedestal arrays, each of the first and second pedestal arrays including pedestals respectively coupled to radially outboard portions of respective interior faces of one of... Agent: General Electric Company

20150037166 - Wind turbine tower having floating platform: Towers for wind turbines are provided. In one embodiment, a tower includes a hollow shell defining an interior, the hollow shell extending generally along a longitudinal axis. The tower further includes a platform disposed in the interior and connected to the shell. The platform includes a first plate fixedly connected... Agent: General Electric Company

01/29/2015 > 15 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150030447 - Centrifugally driven aerodynamic rotor blade brake assembly: An aerodynamic brake assembly for use with an airfoil such as the blade of a wind turbine rotor comprises deployable upper and/or lower spoiler plates incorporated in or attached to the airfoil. The spoiler plates can deploy under the influence of centrifugal forces when the rotating airfoil or rotor blade... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20150030449 - Method of operating a wind turbine: Method of operating a wind turbine comprising a plurality of blades rotatable along their longitudinal axes using a pitch mechanism, and comprising one or more movable trailing edge surfaces. The method includes predicting, at a first moment in time, a high load for one or more of the blades at... Agent:

20150030448 - Optimisation of power production in a wind turbine at below rated power: The rotor blades of a wind turbine each have a plurality of fibre-optic pressure variation sensors which can detect the onset of a stall condition. The output of the stall condition sensors is input to a stall count circuit which increases a stall count signal each time a stall indication... Agent:

20150030450 - Control device for the pitch of blades, and propeller: e

20150030451 - Exhaust-gas turbocharger: An exhaust-gas turbocharger (1) having a shaft (2), a turbine wheel (5), which is fastened to the shaft (2), and a heat throttle (8) between the shaft (2) and the turbine wheel. An end face (3) of the shaft (2) is provided with a protrusion (4), with an outside diameter... Agent:

20150030461 - Impingement cooling of turbine blades or vanes: A turbine assembly is provided having a hollow aerofoil having a cavity with an impingement tube insertable inside the cavity and used for impingement cooling of an inner surface of the cavity, and a platform arranged at a radial end of the hollow aerofoil, and a cooling chamber used for... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150030460 - Methods for modifying cooling holes with recess-shaped modifications and components incorporating the same: Methods for modifying a plurality of cooling holes of a component include disposing a recess-shaped modification in a recess of the component comprising a plurality of cooling hole outlets, wherein the recess-shaped modification is formed to substantially fill the recess and comprising a plurality of modified cooling holes passing there... Agent:

20150030452 - Propulsion device for ship and ship having the same: Disclosed are a propulsion device for a ship and a ship having same. The propulsion device, according to an embodiment of the present invention, comprises: a rear propeller fixed to a driveshaft; a front propeller positioned in front of the rear propeller, and supported rotably on the driveshaft; and a... Agent: Samsung Heavy Ind. Co., Ltd.

20150030453 - Toroidal and thrust bearing assembly: The present invention relates to a bearing assembly for supporting a shaft having a toroidal roller bearing arrangement. The bearing assembly includes a first set of rolling elements formed of toroidal roller elements arranged in a first row and interposed between an inner ring providing a first inner raceway and... Agent:

20150030454 - Turbo fan and air conditioning apparatus: A turbo fan blade front edge has, between a main-plate-side blade front edge and a shroud-side blade front edge, a projecting blade front edge that distances from a blade rear edge (located in a rotation direction A) as it becomes further away from a main plate, which curves to a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150030455 - Exhaust-gas turbocharger: An exhaust-gas turbocharger (1), having a shaft (2) which has an outer diameter (A2); a turbine wheel (5) which is fastened to the shaft (2); and a connecting device (8) via of which the shaft (2) is fastened to the turbine wheel (5). The shaft (2) has, in the region... Agent:

20150030456 - Impeller for a rotor of a turbomachine, and rotor and turbomachine having an impeller of said type: An impeller for a rotor of a turbomachine includes: a wheel disc mounted on the rotor, the wheel disc having plural grooves arranged along a circumference of the wheel disc and extending in the thickness direction of the wheel disc. A toothed profile is formed on two sides of each... Agent:

20150030457 - Impeller manufacturing method and impeller: An impeller is manufactured by forming, by molding, a first part including a base having a first annular surface with an annular shape in plan view, forming, by molding, a second part including a shroud having a second annular surface with an annular shape having an inner diameter larger than... Agent:

20150030458 - Rotor blade erosion protection system: The present application includes a rotor blade having an erosion protective coating, the coating being a cermet material configured to protect against erosion during the operation of the rotor blade. Further, the present application includes a method of selectively applying the erosion protective coating, a method of selectively repairing/reapplying the... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20150030459 - Turbomachine component with a parting joint, and a steam turbine comprising said turbomachine component: A turbomachine component is provided having at least two sub-components that are separated by a parting joint and each have a sealing surface at the parting joint, at least one of the two sealing surfaces being convex in order to form a linear contact of the two sealing surfaces. At... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

01/22/2015 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150023792 - Wind turbine rotor blade de-icing process and wind turbine rotor blade de-icing system: P

20150023800 - Gas turbine arrangement alleviating stresses at turbine discs and corresponding gas turbine: A turbine arrangement is provided, particularly a gas turbine arrangement, having at least one rotor blade and a turbine disc, the rotor blade having a root portion, the turbine disc having at least one slot in which the root portion of the rotor blade is secured. The slot has a... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150023793 - Turbomachine rotor blade: A turbomachine rotor blade presenting an outer part (314) at its distal end (310B), the outer part comprising a platform (320) defining the outside surface of the passage for gas passing through the turbomachine and presenting first (351) and second opposite side edges; and upstream and downstream sealing wipers (331,... Agent: Snecma

20150023795 - Drive assembly including turbine shell fixed to a damper assembly by a rectangular rivet: A drive assembly for a torque converter is provided. The drive assembly includes a turbine shell and a damper assembly fixed to the turbine shell by at least one rectangular rivet. A method of forming a drive assembly for a torque converter is also provided. The method includes fixing a... Agent:

20150023794 - Rotor hub of a wind turbine generator system: A rotor hub of a wind turbine generator system is provided. A rotor hub of a wind turbine generator system comprises at least two connecting points for respectively receiving a rotor blade. The rotor hub is surrounded by a cladding, the cladding having at least two clearances respectively for a... Agent:

20150023796 - Expanding lock pin for turbine side entry blade: An expanding lock pin for side entry turbine blades for turbines, including steam turbines compensates for worn or oversize mating pin grooves formed in rotor steeples and blade roots. The expanding pin expands circumferentially to fill the oversize mating groove. In one embodiment of the expanding lock pin a tapered... Agent:

20150023797 - Aerodynamic variable cross-section airfoil and constant lateral surface area truss: The invention provides a mechanism for an airtight airfoil with variable cross section that can lower its average density below that of the medium in which it is used, providing additional bouyancy and reducing the effective weight of any craft to which it may be affixed. The outside of the... Agent:

20150023798 - Blade member for fluid pump: The object is to obtain reasonably a blade member for a pump having superior fluid transporting performance. A blade member for a fluid pump includes a cylindrical portion formed around a rotational axis, a plurality of base portions protruding radially outwardly of the rotational axis from one end portion of... Agent:

20150023799 - Structural member with pultrusions: Disclosed is an engineered structure which includes pultrusions usable for resisting a bending load.... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 24 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20150016995 - Apparatus for distributing a fragrance using a fan: This application is directed to a fragrance dispenser attachably connected to a fan comprising: a housing having openings defined in the housing; a fragrance reservoir included in the housing for receiving a fragrance medium containing a fragrance; a cover operably associated with the opening for restricting airflow into the fragrance... Agent:

20150016996 - Telescopic rotor blade and telescopic tower, wind turbine, and wind farm: A rotor blade includes a first rotor blade section, a second rotor blade section, a control device, and a reset device. The control device is configured to displace the first rotor blade section and the second rotor blade section relative to each other so as to form a telescopic rotor... Agent:

20150017018 - Turbine component and methods of assembling the same: A turbine component is provided. The turbine component includes an airfoil having a first surface and a second surface. A thermal barrier coating is coupled to the second surface, wherein the thermal barrier coating includes a first portion, a second portion and a trench defined between the first and second... Agent:

20150016998 - Wind turbine rotor: Wind turbine rotor comprising a hub (10), blades and at least one pitch system for rotating a blade along its longitudinal axis, the pitch system comprising a motor, a drive pinion, an annular gear arranged to mesh with the drive pinion and a pitch bearing that comprises an outer bearing... Agent:

20150016997 - Wind turbine rotor having vertical blades: Provided is a wind turbine rotor having vertical blades, which includes: fixing bars that are radially separated from and fixed to the end discs at a given angle and pivotably attach the vertical blades to ends thereof via hinge pins; an eccentric coupling that is pivotably attached to the upper... Agent:

20150017000 - Composite sliding bearing and wind power generating device using the same bearing: A composite sliding bearing is disclosed. The composite sliding bearing has an inner ring, formed of split rings halved by a center in an axial direction, which has V-section inclined surfaces formed on the outer diameter surfaces of the split rings, bearing pads disposed separately on the inclined surfaces of... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20150016999 - Multi-piece impeller: An impeller includes a shell having a plurality of blades. The shell may also define a cavity. The impeller may further include a backplate that engages at least a portion of the shell. The backplate can include a post which can be coupled to the impeller through a fastener such... Agent:

20150017001 - Rotation body of rotary machine and method of manufacturing the rotation body: According to an aspect of an exemplary embodiment, there is provided a rotation body of a rotary machine, the rotation body comprising: an impeller comprising a blade; and a shroud that is integrally formed with the impeller and has a cladding stack structure in which a plurality of laser cladding... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20150017002 - Composite gas turbine engine blade having multiple airfoils: An apparatus includes a composite gas turbine engine multi-airfoil blade that includes first and second circumferentially spaced adjacent composite airfoils coupled together via a common composite attachment. The common attachment does not employ a fastener. The composite multi-airfoil blade may have a unitary construction having a ceramic matrix composition.... Agent:

20150017003 - Gas turbine engine shrouded blade: A gas turbine engine bladed component, such as a turbine blade, is shown as including a shroud located above a blade portion and a stiffener located above the shroud. The stiffener is generally located in a central interior region of the shroud and includes a raised portion that extends above... Agent:

20150017004 - Mounting in hub for blades of a hydro turbine: A hydro turbine assembly includes a hub configured to rotate about a center axis and configured to be mounted in a water passage. The hub includes an upstream end, a downstream end and an outer surface between the upstream and downstream ends. The hub includes at least three mounting recesses... Agent: Andritz Hydro Ltd.

20150017005 - Insert with an external surface which is part of at least one aerodynamic profile of a turbomachine test blade: The invention relates to an insert for a turbine engine test vane including the insert and a vane body. The insert includes at least two external surfaces. The insert is configured to fit into the vane body, such that the external surfaces are vane aerodynamic surfaces each forming part of... Agent: Snecma

20150017007 - Turbine blade or vane: The invention relates to a turbine blade, including a blade having a front edge and a rear edge, which blade transitions by means of a shaft into a blade root designed for fastening the turbine blade, and including a platform, which is arranged at the lower end of the blade... Agent:

20150017006 - Wind turbine assembly: A wind turbine assembly comprising a generally cylindrical wind turbine rotor that is supported by a rotor support and operable to rotate about a rotational axis, the rotor comprising a plurality of aerofoil blades with each aerofoil blade having a leading edge, a trailing edge, a suction surface, a pressure... Agent:

20150017008 - Wind turbine blade having a shaped stall fence or flow diverter: A wind turbine blade is described wherein at least one stall fence is provided on the blade surface, where the stall fence is arranged such that it extends at an angle to the chord of the blade. The stall fence acts to re-direct airflow over the blade, to improve wind... Agent:

20150017009 - Impeller having blade having blade surface made up of line elements and method of machining the impeller: A blade of an impeller has a blade surface made up of line elements. The line elements forming the blade surface are not parallel to each other. A relationship between a twist angle of the line elements and a distance between the origin and an intersection of a central line... Agent:

20150017010 - Turbomachine blade comprising an insert protecting the blade tip: A turbomachine rotor blade, which includes a body radially extending and an insert covering the body tip, the insert being made of a first portion radially covering the blade tip and of a second portion partly covering the intrados face of the blade. The cross-section of the insert along a... Agent: Snecma

20150017011 - Blade for a gas turbomachine: A blade, in particular a rotor blade or a stator vane, for a gas turbomachine, in particular a turbojet engine, the blade having an airfoil (1) for deflecting a flow of working fluid and a first platform (3) connected thereto, in particular integrally connected thereto, to radially bound a flow... Agent:

20150017012 - Turbojet fan blade: A turbojet fan blade in which a leading edge presents a sweep angle greater than or equal to +28° in a portion of the blade that is situated at a radial height lying in a range of 60% to 90% of a total radial height of the blade measured from... Agent: Snecma

20150017013 - Turbo-machine impeller manufacturing: A method of manufacturing a turbo-machine impeller, which includes a hub and a plurality of blades, using powder material in an additive-manufacturing process. The method includes: applying energy to the powder material by way of a high energy source, and solidifying the powder material. At least one bulky portion of... Agent:

20150017014 - Core for casting a hollow component: A core (10) for casting a hollow component of a turbomachine. The core includes a first portion (12) for providing a shape to the component and a second portion (14) located outside of the component. The second portion (14) comprises a plurality of indentations (16) for preventing a breakage of... Agent:

20150017015 - Nickel based alloy for forging: A nickel (Ni) based alloy for forging includes: 0.001 to 0.1 wt. % of carbon (C); 12 to 23 wt. % of chromium (Cr); 3.5 to 5.0 wt. % of aluminum (Al); 5 to 12 combined wt. % of tungsten (W) and molybdenum (Mo) in which the Mo content is... Agent:

20150017016 - Direct drive wind turbine: A wind turbine has a rotating forward hub with turbine blades and a relatively large diameter field for a generator, and a rotating rearward hub with an armature that fits concentrically with the field. The forward hub moves forwardly in still air and in low winds to axially separate the... Agent:

20150017017 - Ceiling fan tilt bracket: An apparatus that is used to tilt a ceiling fan such that the air flow of the ceiling fan is redirected. The apparatus mainly consists of a first mounting piece, a second mounting piece, and an adjustment bolt. The first mounting piece and the second mounting piece surround the down... Agent:

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