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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 16 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150147174 - Coordinated control of a floating wind turbine: The present invention relates to methods, apparatus and computer program products for coordinating the control of a floating wind turbine (101) between a wind turbine controller (111) and a platform controller (110). One or more wind turbine control systems and/or one or more platform control systems may be altered based... Agent: Mhi Vestas Offshore Wind A/s

20150147173 - Methods and systems to shut down a wind turbine: A wind turbine system is presented. The wind turbine system includes a wind turbine comprising a plurality of blades and a tower, and a processing subsystem configured to shut down the wind turbine by non-linearly pitching out the plurality of blades in the wind turbine towards a feather position at... Agent: General Electric Company

20150147172 - System and method for preventing rotor blade tower strike: A system and method for preventing a rotor blade from striking a tower of the wind turbine is disclosed. The system includes a pitch adjustment mechanism, at least one electrical switch, and a mechanically-actuated positional switch. The pitch adjustment mechanism is configured to rotate the rotor blade about a pitch... Agent: General Electric Company

20150147175 - Wind turbine and method for controlling a wind turbine or a wind farm: The invention concerns a wind power installation comprising a pod, a rotor, a first and/or second microwave technology and/or radar technology measuring unit for emitting microwaves and/or radar waves and for detecting the reflections of the microwaves and/or radar waves to acquire wind data and/or meteorological data or information in... Agent: Wobben Properties Gmbh

20150147176 - Rotary machine comprising a rotor placed in a fluid and equipped with orientable blades: e

20150147177 - Rotorcraft top fairing having a profile in the shape of a truncated drop of water that is provided with a hump of uneven surface: A rotorcraft provided on top with a fairing (3) arranged below the rotary wing of a main rotor of substantially vertical axis of the rotorcraft, and covering a mechanism enabling the blades of the rotary wing of the main rotor to be operated. The streamlined shape of the fairing (3)... Agent:

20150147178 - Bearing with lubrication means and system for changing the pitch of the blades of a turboprop propeller of an aircraft equipped with said bearing: A bearing, such as a rolling bearing, is mounted on a support mobile in translation and includes a lubrication mechanism. The lubrication mechanism includes at least one pipe delivering a lubricant, linked to a lubricant supply source, and at least partially engaging in the support mobile in translation to deliver... Agent: Snecma

20150147179 - Blade with 3d platform comprising an inter-blade bulb: A blade for a turbomachine impeller including an airfoil, and a platform extending at one of the ends of the airfoil in a direction globally perpendicular to a longitudinal direction of the airfoil, the blade configured, together with other identical blades, to form a ring around a ring axis, with... Agent: Snecma

20150147180 - Aerodynamic root adapters for wind turbine rotor blades: Aerodynamic root adapters for rotor blades include an interior support section having a first end that connects to a root end of the rotor blade and a second end that connects to a rotor hub of the wind turbine, and, an aerodynamic exterior section supported by the interior support section.... Agent: General Electric Company

20150147181 - Differential blade design for propeller noise reduction: A propeller is provided including a hub and a first blade group and a second blade group. The first blade group includes at least one first propeller blade and the second blade group includes at least one second propeller blade. The at least one first propeller blade and the at... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150147182 - Adjusted rotating airfoil: A compressor component having an airfoil with a profile in accordance with Table 1 is disclosed. The compressor component, such as a compressor blade, has an increased surface area over a portion of the airfoil chord length. The increased surface area allows for a greater amount of air to be... Agent:

20150147183 - Propeller with lightening strike protection: A propeller blade assembly including a propeller blade having a leading edge, and a trailing edge extending between a tip and a hub, and an electrically conductive band extending longitudinally on either or both of the leading edge and trailing edge. The electrically conductive band secured to the leading edge... Agent: Cessna Aircraft Company

20150147184 - Process of producing a ceramic matrix composite turbine bucket, insert for a ceramic matrix composite turbine bucket and ceramic matrix composite turbine bucket: A process of producing a ceramic matrix composite turbine bucket, an insert for a ceramic matrix composite turbine bucket, and a ceramic matrix composite turbine bucket are disclosed. The process includes providing a bucket preform having a dovetail cavity, the dovetail cavity being enclosed within a dovetail shank of the... Agent: General Electric Company

20150147186 - Silicon carbide-containing mold and facecoat compositions and methods for casting titanium and titanium aluminide alloys: The disclosure relates generally to mold compositions and methods of molding and the articles so molded. More specifically, the disclosure relates to silicon carbide-containing mold compositions, silicon carbide-containing intrinsic facecoat compositions, and methods for casting titanium-containing articles, and the titanium-containing articles so molded.... Agent: General Electric Company

20150147185 - Turbine buckets wtih high hot hardness shroud-cutting deposits: Turbine buckets include a pressure side, a suction side opposite the pressure side, and a bucket squealer tip attached to the pressure side and the suction side. The bucket squealer tip includes a plurality of high hot hardness shroud-cutting deposits deposited on its exterior surface that have a hardness of... Agent: General Electric Company

20150147187 - Wind turbine rotor blade for a rotor with a spinner: A wind turbine rotor blade is for mounting on a rotor hub covered by a spinner having a rotor blade opening and includes a wind turbine rotor blade body having a fastening section and a longitudinal section. The fastening section is configured for fastening the rotor blade body on the... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 19 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150139796 - Method for controlling the pitch angle of at least one wind turbine blade: The invention regards a method for controlling the pitch angle of at least one wind turbine blade in a rotor connected to a main shaft on a wind turbine, the method comprises the steps of determining; a first component of the wind vector which is upwind, horizontal and aligned with... Agent:

20150139798 - System and method for electronic propeller blade angle position feedback: A system and method for blade angle position feedback. The system comprises an annular member operatively connected to rotate with a propeller, a sensor fixedly mounted adjacent the annular member and configured for detecting a passage of each singularity as the annular member is rotated and axially displaced and for... Agent:

20150139797 - Wind turbine control: The present invention relates to methods, apparatus and computer program products for controlling a wind turbine that comprises a nacelle and one or more turbine blades to reduce or prevent edgewise vibrations building up on the one or more turbine blades. It is identified 202 whether the nacelle is unable... Agent:

20150139814 - Gas turbine blade: A gas turbine blade 1 comprises: an internal trailing-edge cooling channel formed by a suction-side cooling target surface 6a and a pressure-side cooling target surface 6b that face each other; and multiple vortex-generator-shaped fins 10 disposed between the two cooling target surfaces 6a and 6b such that the fins 10... Agent:

20150139813 - Turbine: Provided is a turbine including a rotor; a blade provided on the rotor and comprising a cooling flow path through which a cooling fluid flows; and a shroud surrounding an exterior of the blade, wherein the blade includes: at least one rib turbulator protruding into the cooling flow path; and... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20150139799 - Counter-rotating rotor system with static mast: A coaxial, dual rotor system includes a first rotor assembly positioned at a rotor axis. A first rotor quill shaft is operably connected to the first rotor assembly at the rotor axis to drive rotation of the first rotor assembly about the rotor axis. A nonrotating static mast extends along... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150139800 - Helicopter transmission mount system: A restraint system for a transmission in an aircraft can include a first strut having a first fluid chamber, a first piston resiliently coupled to a first housing with a first elastomeric member. The restraint system can include a second strut having second fluid chamber, a second piston resiliently coupled... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20150139801 - Propeller arrangement for marine vehicles: The present invention relates to a marine propeller arrangement comprising a propeller communicating with a shaft connected to the motor of a marine vehicle, the propeller having a hub and demountable blades, wherein each blade comprises a hub portion being integral with each blade and having plurality of bores for... Agent:

20150139802 - Device for supplying oil under pressure to a linear actuator of a turbine engine: Device for supplying oil under pressure to a linear actuator of a turbine engine, this actuator comprising an internal fixed portion and an external movable portion and means for regulating and supplying oil to chambers of the actuator, these regulating means being mounted radially outside the movable portion of the... Agent: Snecma

20150139803 - Electrically driven, retractable rudder propeller including a step-down gear unit: A driving device for a ship is described, including a rudder propeller with a propeller shaft and with a vertical shaft which drives the propeller shaft via an angular gear unit and which is rotatable and driven by an electric driving motor, and including a lifting device for moving the... Agent: Schottel Gmbh

20150139804 - Flow-based power generating plant with twist bearing in the blade root: A flow-based power generating plant with a turbine, which can be acted on by a fluid flow and having a plurality of blades that extend from a blade base to a blade tip and are fastened by the blade base to a rotating rotor. The action of the fluid flow... Agent:

20150139805 - Rotary machine: Provided is a rotary machine including: a shaft that rotates; a disc that has a substantially cylindrical hub fitted into the shaft and is provided so as to widen outward in a radial direction from a front end to a rear end of the hub; and an impeller having a... Agent:

20150139806 - Rotary machine: Provided is a rotary machine including: a shaft that rotates; a disc that has a substantially cylindrical hub fitted into the shaft and is provided so as to widen outward in a radial direction from a front end to a rear end of the hub; and an impeller having a... Agent:

20150139807 - Rotary machine: Provided is a rotary machine including: a shaft that rotates; a disc that has a substantially cylindrical hub fitted into the shaft and is provided so as to widen outward in a radial direction from a front end to a rear end of the hub; and an impeller having a... Agent:

20150139808 - Rotor of a turbomachine: A rotor of a turbomachine. The rotor includes at least one blade (4, 6, 8) that has a blade leaf (20) and a blade root (54, 55, 58), and a rotor base body (2), in particular a disk (2), that has an outwardly open, circumferential groove (12) for receiving the... Agent:

20150139809 - Roller bearing arrangement for mounting parts of a wind power plant and a wind power plant having a blade bearing designed in such a manner: The invention relates to a rolling bearing arrangement (5) for mounting parts of a wind power plant (1), comprising three relatively rotatable annular elements (6-8) arranged concentrically with one another and at least regionally inside one another for connection to relatively rotatable parts of the wind power plant, wherein two... Agent:

20150139810 - Noise reducing extension plate for rotor blade in wind turbine: Rotor blade assemblies and methods for constructing rotor blade assemblies are provided. A rotor blade assembly may include a rotor blade having exterior surfaces defining a pressure side, a suction side, a leading edge and a trailing edge each extending between a tip and a root, the rotor blade defining... Agent: General Electric Company

20150139811 - Blade-disk assembly, method and turbomachine: Disclosed is a blade-disk assembly of a turbomachine, the blade-disk assembly having a plurality of adjacent rotor blades and a closure blade which are tilted into an anchoring groove, and at least one circumferential retention element which interlockingly cooperates with at least one blade, as well as a plurality of... Agent:

20150139812 - Steam turbine: A stationary blade includes a main unit having a hollow blade structure formed from a metal plate by plastic forming. The stationary blade includes a blade tail section. In a blade tail upper portion, the metal plate has a concave-shaped recess and a rib formed on an inner surface side... Agent:

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