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Fluid reaction surfaces (i.e., impellers)

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04/10/2014 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140099201 - Energy recovery of accelerating slipstream: One embodiment comprising a motoring propeller (21) attached to a rotatable motoring shaft (22) which in turn is connected to a motor (26) and a generating propeller (23) attached to a rotatable generating shaft (24) which in turn is connected to a generator (25). Operation of the motor (26) results... Agent:

20140099203 - Mechanical and other improvements of a vertical axis wind turbine: In an embodiment, a vertical axis wind turbine may be constructed to better survive wear and tear while being more energy efficient. A turbine blade may capture air movement to generate power. A blade arm may hold the turbine blade parallel to a rotating shaft. The blade arm may transmit... Agent: Wind Harvest International, Inc.

20140099202 - Turbomachine propeller blade setting device: The main subject matter of the invention is a device (1) for setting a turbomachine propeller blade (2), characterised in that it comprises a first disc (3) and a second disc (4) respectively provided with first (5) and second (6) coupling means, the first (3) and second (4) discs being... Agent: Snecma

20140099204 - Braking devices for vertical axis wind turbines: Braking devices for wind turbines having a vertical axis are disclosed. An example braking device includes a flap able to tip about a tipping axis. The example flap has a center of gravity positioned outside the tipping axis. In addition, the example braking device disclosed herein includes a torque limiter... Agent:

20140099205 - Cleat for open-work blade foot: The principal aim of the invention is a cleat (100) for a blade foot (58) of a blade (48) of a propeller (32) of a turboengine (1), characterised in that it is open-work to allow the discharge of ventilation airflow of the blade foot (58).... Agent: Snecma

20140099206 - Propeller comprising a counterweight system provided with an air discharge channel: The main aim of the invention is a propeller (32) for a turboengine (1) comprising a plurality of blades (48) and a blade support ring (47) provided with housings (50), each receiving a pivot (52) bearing the foot (58) of one of said blades (48), characterised in that at least... Agent: Snecma

20140099210 - System for gas turbine rotor and section coupling: A system, including a first turbomachine rotor disk, a first annular protrusion with a first spline coupled to the first turbomachine rotor disk, a second turbomachine rotor disk, and a second annular protrusion with a second spline coupled to the second turbomachine rotor disk, wherein the first and second splines... Agent: General Electric Company

20140099207 - Fan blade system with multiple spaced layers of blades and centrifugal fan using same: A fan blade system with multiple spaced layers of blades and a centrifugal fan using same are disclosed. The centrifugal fan includes a housing, in which the fan blade system is mounted. The fan blade system includes a hub, and a first and a second blade group outward extended from... Agent: Asia Vital Components (china) Co., Ltd.

20140099208 - Vertical axis wind turbine with self-starting capabilities: A vertical axis wind turbine and vertical axis wind turbine assembly comprising a rotary body and a plurality of blades. A cross section through each blade of the plurality of blades transverse to the rotary axis comprises an inner camber line, an outer camber line, and a chord line. The... Agent:

20140099209 - Gas turbine component, method for its production and casting mold for use of this method: A method is provided for casting a gas turbine component having at least a first section and a second section. As per the method, a liquid metal is cast into a casting mold and solidification of the metal is induced by means of controlled cooling. The cooling of the liquid... Agent:

04/03/2014 > 20 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140093373 - System and method for detecting lightning strikes on a wind turbine: A system and associated method for detecting lighting strikes on a wind turbine uses a plurality of lightning strike conductors that are connected to any combination of the wind turbine components. A common ground cable is connected to the conductors and to a wind turbine grounding system. A sensor is... Agent: General Electric Company

20140093386 - Cooled turbine blade with inner spar: A cooled turbine blade having a base and an airfoil, the base including cooling air inlet and an internal cooling air passageway, and the airfoil including an internal heat exchange path beginning at the base and ending at a cooling air outlet at the trailing edge of the airfoil. The... Agent: Solar Turbines Incorporated

20140093389 - Cooled turbine airfoil structures: In accordance with an exemplary embodiment, disclosed is an air-cooled turbine blade having an airfoil shape, including a convex suction side wall, a concave pressure side wall, the walls including an interior surface that defines an interior with the blade, a suction side flow circuit formed within the blade interior,... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140093388 - Cooled turbine blade with leading edge flow deflection and division: A cooled turbine blade having a base and an airfoil, the base including cooling air inlet and an internal cooling air passageway, and the airfoil including an internal heat exchange path beginning at the base and ending at a cooling air outlet at the trailing edge of the airfoil. The... Agent: Solar Turbines Incorporated

20140093390 - Cooled turbine blade with leading edge flow redirection and diffusion: A cooled turbine blade having a base and an airfoil, the base including cooling air inlet and an internal cooling air passageway, and the airfoil including an internal heat exchange path beginning at the base and ending at a cooling air outlet at the trailing edge of the airfoil. The... Agent: Solar Turbines Incorporated

20140093391 - Cooled turbine blade with trailing edge flow metering: A cooled turbine blade having a base and an airfoil, the base including cooling air inlet and an internal cooling air passageway, and the airfoil including an internal heat exchange path beginning at the base and ending at a cooling air outlet at the trailing edge of the airfoil. The... Agent: Solar Turbines Incorporated

20140093392 - Gas turbine engine component: Described is a gas turbine engine component (100), comprising a shell having an internal cavity for receiving a multi-part insert; a multi-part insert located within the cavity, wherein the multi-part insert comprises multiple separate parts assembled in an abutting relation with one another within the cavity to provide the multi-part... Agent:

20140093387 - Method of manufacturing a cooled turbine blade with dense cooling fin array: A method of manufacturing a cooled turbine blade for use in a gas turbine engine. The method includes forming an inner blade pattern, the inner blade pattern including an inner spar and a plurality of inner spar cooling fins. The method also includes forming an inner blade core, removing the... Agent: Solar Turbines Incorporated

20140093374 - Rotor assembly for an aircraft capable of hovering and equipped with an improved constraint assembly: A constraint assembly for an aircraft, having a first member; a second member mounted to translate along and rotate about its own axis; and connecting means for connecting the first and second member, to prevent rotation of the second member about the axis with respect to the first member; the... Agent:

20140093375 - Reduced height ligaments to minimize non-integral vibrations in rotor blades: A system for minimizing non-integral vibrations in rotor blades located in a compressor section of a gas turbine engine includes a casing having a plurality of bleed slots, at least one of the bleed slots being located in close proximity to a row of rotor blades, a plurality of structural... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140093376 - Composite compressor impeller with an erosion resistant coating and methods of manufacturing: Impellers made of composite materials with flow path cavities covered by an erosion resistant coating are manufactured by covering removable molds having shapes corresponding to a negative geometry of the flow path cavities, with the erosion resistant coating using plating or thermal spraying. After shaping and curing a composite material... Agent:

20140093377 - Extruded rotor, a steam turbine having an extruded rotor and a method for producing an extruded rotor: A steam turbine, a rotor and a method for making an extruded rotor are disclosed as having a rotor bore formed of an extruded high temperature alloy. The method includes providing a high temperature alloy, melting the high temperature alloy, extruding the high temperature alloy to form a bore, and... Agent: General Electric Company

20140093378 - Erosion and fatigue resistant blade and blade coating: A coating is described for an airfoil blade component. The coating comprises a cermet material and has, when applied to the rotor blade, a compressive residual stress greater than about 60 ksi. In another embodiment, the compressive residual stress of the coating is in the range of approximately 90-110 ksi.... Agent:

20140093379 - Gas turbine engine component: A gas turbine engine component is described which (100), comprises: a shell having an internal cavity for receiving a multi-part insert; a multi-part insert located within the cavity, wherein the multi-part insert comprises separate insert parts assembled in an abutting relation with one another within the cavity to provide the... Agent:

20140093380 - Noise reduction tab and method for wind turbine rotor blade: Rotor blade assemblies for wind turbines and methods for reducing rotor blade noise are disclosed. A rotor blade assembly includes a rotor blade having external surfaces defining a pressure side, a suction side, a leading edge, and a trailing edge extending between a tip and a root. The rotor blade... Agent: General Electric Company

20140093381 - Turbine component, turbine blade, and turbine component fabrication process: A turbine component, a turbine blade, and a turbine component fabrication process are disclosed. The turbine component includes ceramic matrix composite plies and a feature configured for preventing interlaminar tension of the ceramic matrix composite plies. The feature is selected from the group consisting of ceramic matrix composite tows or... Agent: General Electric Company

20140093382 - Wind turbine rotor blade: Disclosed is a wind turbine rotor blade includes a root portion, an airfoil portion, a thickened zone extending outward from an inner hub end of the blade into the airfoil portion of the blade; and an airflow correction arrangement arranged on a pressure side of the blade over at least... Agent:

20140093383 - Wind turbine rotor blade with in-plane sweep and devices using same, and methods for making same: A wind turbine includes a rotor having a hub and at least one blade having a torsionally rigid root, an inboard section, and an outboard section. The inboard section has a forward sweep relative to an elastic axis of the blade and the outboard section has an aft sweep.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140093384 - Method of manufacturing complex shaped component: A method of forming a complex shaped part includes the steps of forming a polymer core by an additive manufacturing process. A metal is plated about surfaces of the polymer core, and the polymer core is removed, leaving hollows within a plate core. Metal powder is deposited within the hollows.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140093385 - Safety retaining system for large industrial fan: A securing system for a fan assembly. The securing system includes a first member which attaches to a motor mount and a second member which attaches to the hub of the fan assembly. The first member is interposed between the hub and the second member such that should the shaft... Agent: Macroair Technologies, Inc.

03/27/2014 > 15 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140086743 - Method and cooling system for cooling blades of at least one blade row in a rotary flow machine: A method and a cooling system for cooling blades of at least one blade row in a rotary flow machine includes an axial flow channel which is radially limited on the inside by a rotor unit and at the outside by at least one stationary component, the blades are arranged... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20140086742 - Turbomachine rotor groove: An example turbomachine rotor provides a groove that is annular and is configured to receive a root of an airfoil, the groove having a radial cross-sectional area. A ratio of the radial cross-sectional area of the groove to a radial cross-sectional area of the root received within the annular groove... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140086744 - Torque limiter, wind turbine and wind turbine generator: In a torque limiter, wedge-shaped spaces are formed between inner and outer rings so as to be arranged in the circumferential direction. In each wedge-shaped space, there are arranged a first roller and a second roller that transmit torque between the inner and outer rings by being brought into wedge-engagement... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140086745 - Vertical axis wind turbine: A vertical axis wind turbine having a plurality of upright airfoils pivotally engaged. A continuous adjustment of the angle of attack of the airfoils to oncoming wind is provided by rotation of a control plate connected to the vanes which are mounted upon a rotating drive plate. A vane can... Agent: Af Energy Corporation

20140086746 - Control circuit for fan: A control circuit includes a temperature measuring module, a fan controller, and a conversion circuit. The temperature measuring module measures temperature of an electronic element. The fan controller stores a data table, the data table includes a number of temperature values and duty cycle of a number of pulse width... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140086747 - Asymmetric load control for torsion fatigue reduction in a wind turbine tower: A method and system for reducing a torsional movement and/or a torsional loading of a tower of a wind turbine is disclosed includes generating a tower torsion signal with a detection system and providing the signal to an asymmetric load control assembly. The tower torsion signal may correspond to an... Agent: General Electric Company

20140086756 - Internally cooled gas turbine engine airfoil: A gas turbine engine airfoil has a hollow airfoil section extending chordwise between a leading edge and a trailing edge. The airfoil has a leading edge cooling passage and a separate serpentine passage for cooling a remaining portion of the airfoil. The serpentine passage has at least three segment serially... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20140086748 - Wind turbine blade and related method of manufacture: A blade for a rotor of a wind turbine, said blade comprising a blade body element provided with a carrier surface to accommodate a heating element, an electrically conductive, elongated and substantially planar heating element disposed upon the carrier surface to extend longitudinally substantially along at least the leading edge... Agent:

20140086749 - Propulsion turbine: A turbine creating fluid displacement or thrust having an outer frame superstructure comprised of opposed disk assemblies extending parallel, each joined concentrically to a central sun gear and central drive shaft housing, each spaced apart along a central axis defining an interior operating space to support a motor driven driveshaft... Agent:

20140086750 - Adjustable payload enclosure for wing: An enclosure for carrying an adjustable payload. The enclosure is beneficially used on a rotorcraft blade or other similar structure. The enclosure has a first element having a first flange and an upper element. The first element has an upper surface which has a first angle with respect to a... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140086751 - Annulus filler for axial flow machine: A fluid-washed assembly for an axial flow machine, such as a fan blade assembly for a gas turbine engine. The assembly has an array of members circumferentially spaced about the machine axis, each member extending from a radially inner end to a radially outer end with respect to the axis... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140086752 - Wind turbine rotor: A wind turbine rotor comprising a hub (1) from which a plurality of blades (2) project to a radius of at least 50 metres. Each blade comprising a hollow fairing supported by a central spar. Each blade has a thickness t at a radius r; characterised in that when r=0.5... Agent: Blade Dynamics Limited

20140086753 - Method of reinforcing a mechanical part: A method of reinforcing a mechanical part, for example a turbine engine part, the part being made by assembling together two portions, the method including: inserting reinforcing mechanisms of elongate shape at least in part in at least one recess formed in one of the portions and opening out into... Agent: Snecma

20140086754 - Propeller fan: A propeller fan may strongly draw the flow toward the inner circumferential side and greatly improve the pressure efficiency by degrading the tendency of the flow near the pressure surface to be inclined toward the outer circumferential side at the trailing edge of the blade. The blade is provided with... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140086755 - Turbocharger and component therefor: A component for turbocharger applications, in particular in diesel engines, which has an iron-based alloy having a ferritic base structure which has a carbide and nitride structure.... Agent: Borgwarner Inc.

03/20/2014 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140079547 - Rotor assembly and refit method: A method of coupling at least two sections of a rotor designed to carry the rotating parts of a turbine for the generation of electrical power for a public grid and a modified rotor is described with a coupling of increased diameter exceeding the nominal diameter of the rotor, with... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20140079548 - Floating offshore wind turbine with tuned mass dampers: A floating offshore wind turbine comprises a rotor with a plurality of blades, a nacelle and a nacelle support structure having a central longitudinal axis. A plurality of tuned mass damping configurations is arranged around the central longitudinal axis of the nacelle support structure to dampen vibrations in all 6... Agent: Alstom Renovables Espana, S.l.

20140079549 - Transmission mechanism for remote-controlled model stimulated helicopter: A transmission mechanism for a remote-controlled model simulation helicopter includes a body frame which is orderly provided with a main rotor holder, a main rotor shaft, and a main reduction gear provided with a plurality of washout holes which are evenly distributed about an axis thereof. The body frame is... Agent: Shenzhen Shen's Tongchuang Aeronautic Model Co., Ltd.

20140079550 - Fan bearing retaining structure: A fan bearing retaining structure includes a fan base seat having a bearing cup having a bearing hole. An inner circumferential wall of the bearing hole is formed with at least one restriction section and at least one recessed section. At least one elastic member and at least one retainer... Agent:

20140079551 - Turbine rotor blade and steam turbine: A turbine rotor blade of the embodiment is made up of plural rotor blades each including: a blade effective part, a blade planting part, and a cover part, in which the cover parts adjacent in a turbine rotor circumferential direction are engaged with each other to make up an annular... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140079552 - Attaching the blades to the drum of an axial turbocompressor: The invention relates to the design of rotor blades of an axial turbomachine compressor, especially the method of attaching the blades to the rotor. The blades comprise an aerofoil portion and a platform for attaching them to the rotor. The platform comprises, along the main axis of the blade, a... Agent: Techspace Aero S.a.

20140079554 - Fastening rotor blades to the hub of wind turbines: The invention relates to the fastening of rotor blades to the rotor hub of wind turbines using transverse pins and tension rods in the region of the blade root. The transverse pins are arranged throughout the entire blade root shell wall and can be connected to a flange of the... Agent: Windnovation Engineering Solutions Gmbh

20140079553 - Marine propeller having demountable blades: A vessel propeller comprising a cylindrical hub rotatable about a rotation axis and a plurality of blades provided radially around the hub with a certain pitch angle. The propeller is characterized in that the hub comprises a blade connection housing helically formed on the cylindrical surface of the hub for... Agent:

20140079555 - Wind turbine: The invention relates to a wind turbine, comprising a blade, a hub and a bearing for mounting the blade to the hub comprising an inner bearing ring and an outer bearing ring, wherein the blade is connected to the inner bearing ring or the outer bearing ring, wherein the blade... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140079556 - Steam turbine stationary blade and steam turbine: A plurality of slots with different widths are provided in a plurality of line on a stationary blade surface. More specifically, the steam turbine stationary blade has a hollow nozzle with a penetrating space, which is connected with a diaphragm outer ring or inner ring, and a plurality of suction... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140079558 - Impeller for a centrifugal pump: The present invention relates to a centrifugal pump, the impeller of which comprises a shroud (34) with at least one solid and rigid working vane (36), and at least one solid and rigid rear vane (38), the at least one working vane (36) having a leading edge region (46), a... Agent: Sulzer Pumpen Ag

20140079557 - Platinum-cobalt-boron blood pump element: A magnetic impeller for a blood pump such as a magnetically driven, rotary ventricular assist device for pumping blood of a patient, the impeller comprising a magnetic alloy including platinum, cobalt, and boron.... Agent: Heartware, Inc.

20140079559 - Cmc blade attachment shim relief: A blade root shim comprises a base, a suction side shim wall, a pressure side shim wall, and a contact relief region. The base extends longitudinally between a leading shim end and a trailing shim end. The suction side shim wall extends along the base and corresponds to a suction... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

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