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Fluid handling

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04/16/2015 > 27 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150101668 - Laundry treating appliance and method of filling a laundry treating appliance with liquid: A laundry treating appliance having a tub, a drum located within the tub and at least partially defining a treating chamber in which laundry may be received for treatment according to an automatic cycle of operation and a liquid supply system for introducing liquid thereto and a method for filling... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20150101669 - Refrigerator appliance and a method for monitoring a water filter assembly within the same: A refrigerator appliance and a method for monitoring a water filter assembly within the same are provided. The method includes monitoring signal communication between an RFID tag of the water filter assembly and an RFID reader of the refrigerator appliance and terminating a flow of water to the water filter... Agent: General Electric Company

20150101670 - Water heater assembly for a refrigerator appliance and a method for operating the same: A refrigerator appliance and a method for operating a water heating assembly of the same are provided. The method includes operating a heating element of the water heating assembly to generate heated water. To dispense the heated water, an air valve of the water heating assembly is closed and an... Agent: General Electric Company

20150101671 - Water heater assembly for a refrigerator appliance and a method for operating the same: The present invention relates to the production of biomethane intended for supplying a natural gas network from n biogas production plants Ii, with i varying from 1 to n, in which each of the plants produces and stores the biogas which is collected at each of the plants via a... Agent:

20150101672 - Hydrogen supply method and system: A method and system for supplying additional hydrogen from a reservoir of stored hydrogen in a salt cavern to a hydrogen pipeline to assist in meeting customer demand for hydrogen is provided. Contaminants introduced while the stored hydrogen stream is in the salt cavern may cause the crude hydrogen stream... Agent:

20150101673 - Drag reducing copolymers for cold fluid applications: Drag reducing compositions comprising polymer particles, where the polymer particles include copolymers comprising the residues of at least one methacrylate monomer and at least one comonomer having a polymerizable vinyl group, where the comonomer has no more than one pendant substituent per vinyl carbon. The drag reducing compositions can have... Agent:

20150101674 - Subsea pressure regulator: A pressure regulator having an outlet port, an inlet port, and a vent port, and a regulator piston having an internal passage in constant fluid communication with the outlet port. The regulator piston has a first position where the passage is in fluid communication with the inlet port and not... Agent:

20150101675 - Positive connection indicator (visual or sound): A reductant storage and dosing system which uses at least one canister containing a supply of reductant to supply, via a delivery line, an exhaust gas after-treatment system having an injector is disclosed. A controller may be used to meter the flow of the reductant through the delivery line to... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company, LLC

20150101676 - Valve block having a valve assembly: A valve block includes a plurality of control valve disks that form a first block part and a second block part. A supply pressure for the control valve disks of the first block part is limited by a common pressure-limiting valve. The common pressure-limiting valve is arranged such that a... Agent:

20150101677 - Integrated pressure transducer in a latching valve: A vapor purge system having a tank isolation valve and a canister vent valve, where each valve includes a latching mechanism for maintaining the valves in an open position, and a diagnostic test is performed on the purge system to prove that each of the valves are functioning correctly. Using... Agent:

20150101678 - Relief-valve device for an air pressure gauge: A relief-valve device for an air pressure gauge has a casing, a relief-valve assembly, a valve shaft, and a push button. The casing has a connecting member, a pressure detecting member and a discharging member. The relief-valve assembly is mounted in the discharging member and has a valve seat, a... Agent: Jiao Hsiung Industry Corp.

20150101679 - High pressure fluid system: A high pressure fluid system including enhanced safety, maintenance and servicing features. The system can include a CAM assembly module, having a valve seat assembly, seal cartridge assembly and inlet manifold, that is easily installed in and removed from a frame and/discharge manifold as a single unit. A discharge manifold... Agent:

20150101680 - High pressure fluid system: A high pressure fluid system including enhanced safety, maintenance and servicing features. The system can include a CAM assembly module, having a valve seat assembly, seal cartridge assembly and inlet manifold, that is easily installed in and removed from a frame and/discharge manifold as a single unit. A discharge manifold... Agent:

20150101681 - High pressure fluid system: A high pressure fluid system including enhanced safety, maintenance and servicing features. The system can include a CAM assembly module, having a valve seat assembly, seal cartridge assembly and inlet manifold, that is easily installed in and removed from a frame and/discharge manifold as a single unit. A discharge manifold... Agent:

20150101682 - Mud valve with integral yoke and flange: A mud valve having a flange frame and yoke that are permanently connected to form a single unit without the aid of removable fasteners is described. Installation of the drain plug is facilitated by an arrangement of guide tabs on either side of the drain plug that are of different... Agent: Kennedy Valve Company

20150101683 - Touchless site isolation using gas bearing: A gas bearing seal using porous materials for distribution of gas flow can provide site isolation during wet processing. In some embodiments, a flow cell comprises a porous media gas bearing surrounding a periphery of the flow cell, isolating the liquid inside the flow cell from the ambient air outside... Agent:

20150101684 - Valve handle lock: A locking collar slideably fits over the control handle of a valve, such as a ball valve, and can be moved to locking and unlocking positions. The collar includes a pair of fork-like tines which are spaced apart to span a stop member on the valve body. One of the... Agent: Nibco Inc.

20150101685 - Thermal expansion valve with one-way control function: A thermal expansion valve with one-way control function includes a valve body having an inlet passage and an out passage, a temperature sensor installed on one end of said valve body, and a first valve core component installed in an inside chamber of said valve body. Said first valve core... Agent:

20150101686 - Flow control valve and flow control system using same: A flow control valve has a valve body part which has a pressure differential device part and a valve seat, a first diaphragm which defines first and second chambers, a second diaphragm which defines third and fourth chambers and is provided with a valve element, a first moving part which... Agent:

20150101687 - Liquid valve design with internal check valve: A valve is provided including a valve body and a valve element arranged within the valve body. The valve body includes an inlet port, an outlet port, and an inner surface that defines a flow channel. The valve element includes a through passage and is configured to rotate between an... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150101688 - Flow restrictor with ball and throttle: A device for limiting the feed of fuel out of a high-pressure supply via a controllable injector into the combustion space of an internal combustion engine comprises a housing including a pressure supply-side housing inlet, an injector-side housing outlet, and at least one duct having a throttle, and a closing... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150101689 - On-board diagnostic check for evap latching valves: A vapor purge system having a tank isolation valve and a canister vent valve, where each valve includes a latching mechanism for maintaining the valves in an open position, and a diagnostic test is performed on the purge system to prove that each of the valves are functioning correctly. Using... Agent:

20150101690 - Port relay board for a machine: A port relay board for a machine is disclosed. The machine includes an operator station that includes a primary display station and a plurality of sub-systems that includes one or more fluid reservoirs. The port relay board includes a plurality of ports and a feedback interface. The plurality of ports... Agent: Caterpillar Global Mining Hms Gmbh

20150101691 - Submersible water circulation system for enclosed tanks: A submersible, water circulation system for enclosed tanks such as used by municipalities, fire districts, and industries. The system includes a driving unit having a shell extending along an axis with a pump supported within the shell. The shell has at least one inlet and at least one outlet and... Agent: Medora Environmental, Inc.

20150101692 - Radioactive sludge transfer apparatus: There is provided a radioactive sludge transfer apparatus for safely and surely transferring radioactive sludge contaminated by radioactive substance stored in a sludge storage tank to a transfer tank for the sake of tank inspection. A radioactive sludge transfer apparatus for transferring sludge stored in a sludge storage tank with... Agent: Taihei Dengyo Kaisha, Ltd.

20150101693 - Flow passage switching unit: A flow passage switching unit includes side-by-side arranged rotary valve parts. The valve part includes a casing, side walls, a peripheral wall, first fluid ports, a second fluid port, a rotary shaft, and a valving element. A flow passage, through which the first fluid ports and the second fluid port... Agent:

20150101694 - High pressure fluid system: A high pressure fluid system including enhanced safety, maintenance and servicing features. The system can include a CAM assembly module, having a valve seat assembly, seal cartridge assembly and inlet manifold, that is easily installed in and removed from a frame and/discharge manifold as a single unit. A discharge manifold... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 20 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150096623 - Dispense interface: The present patent application relates to a dispense interface comprising a channel profile with at least two inlet channels and at least one outlet channel, wherein each of the at least two inlet channels is configured for fluid communication with a respective reservoir of at least two reservoirs, at least... Agent:

20150096619 - Hydraulic valve assembly with tank return flow compensation: An apparatus has a pilot-operated spool valve connecting first and second work passages selectively to a supply conduit and a tank conduit. A first check valve normally allows fluid flow only in one direction from the first work passage to a first workport and when pilot-operated allows bidirectional fluid flow.... Agent: Husco International, Inc.

20150096622 - Oil change method and apparatus: The present invention provides several embodiments of an oil change apparatus that basically have a valve/fitting connected to the conventionally available oil sump, a drain bracket installed on a low portion of equipment or vehicle periphery, and a flow line that fluidly connects the valve/fitting and the drain bracket. The... Agent:

20150096620 - Oil-less pump sampling system and method: An oil-less pump sampling system for portable environmental testing. The system includes an oil-less pump that generates a suctioning force, an external hose carrying the suction from the pump and in fluid communication with a control value and a collection container. The control valve is fluidly connected to the external... Agent: Umm-al-qura University

20150096621 - System for heating a compressor assembly in an hvac system: The present invention provides a system for heating a compressor assembly of a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The system comprises a heat source for transferring thermal energy to a plurality of compressor units. A controller varies the thermal energy transferred to the compressor units, between at least... Agent: Lennox Industries Inc.

20150096624 - Systems for automatic control of pump out of liquid from sumps: A system and method of controlling the rate of pump out of liquid coolant from a sump tank in which the level of liquid coolant in the sump tank is continuously sensed and corresponding signals transmitted to a variable frequency drive controller which correspondingly varies the speed of a pump... Agent:

20150096625 - Valve assembly for a tank of a vehicle and a method of creating a vacuum in the tank: A valve assembly for a tank of a vehicle and a method of creating a vacuum are disclosed. A valve body defines a cavity and an outlet in fluid communication with the cavity for venting the tank. The assembly includes a seat disposed in the cavity of the valve body.... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20150096626 - Method and apparatus for loading, melting and delivering fluid from a fluid delivery device: A fluid delivery device is provided. The fluid delivery device includes a melter having a loading chamber and a hopper disposed in communication with the loading chamber, the loading chamber having one or more heating elements. The hopper includes a second heating element. The melter also includes a container handling... Agent:

20150096627 - Engine mounted inlet plenum for a rotorcraft: One example of an engine mounted inlet plenum for a rotorcraft includes an inlet flange, an outlet flange and a plenum duct that connects the inlet flange and the outlet flange. The inlet flange, which defines an inlet to flow air into a barrier filtration system, is configured to be... Agent:

20150096628 - Three point attachment with hydraulic quick attach: A device for attachment to a three-point hitch of a tractor allowing for the use of high flow hydraulic attachments. The device includes a three-point hitch attachment, a hydraulic tank, a hydraulic pump powered by the tractor power take off, a filter, an oil cooler, and a quick attach. In... Agent:

20150096629 - Valve: Valve of the type having a body which is provided with an inlet and an outlet of a fluid which are reciprocally put in flow communication by means of a communication chamber in which said communication chamber can be occluded by means of closure means and in which the communication... Agent: Sa Fire Protection S.r.l.

20150096630 - Electromagnetic valve: An electromagnetic valve according to one embodiment includes a driven member configured such that a piston and a valve element are vertically coupled with each other and configured such that a pilot passage runs through the driven member. Here, the piston separates a high-pressure chamber from a back pressure chamber.... Agent:

20150096631 - Methods and systems for channeling aircraft hydraulic fluid: Methods and a fluid separation fitting for channeling hydraulic fluid in an aircraft are provided herein. The fluid separation fitting includes a first tube section and a second tube section. The first tube section includes a first end and a second end, and is configured to receive a first distribution... Agent:

20150096632 - Hydraulic directional control valve: A hydraulic directional control valve for activating a hydraulic load, comprising a housing with a pump connection for connecting to a pressure source, a tank connection for connecting to a hydraulic fluid reservoir and a first and second working connection for connecting to the hydraulic load, and a first and... Agent:

20150096633 - Valve assembly: An angle flow valve comprises a housing and a cover. The housing comprises a first recess for receiving a flow restrictor, a second recess for receiving a relief valve, a first port fluidly connected to the first recess, an angled flow path fluidly connected to the first recess and to... Agent:

20150096634 - Fluid receiver: An apparatus and system are disclosed for a fuel receiver. The apparatus includes a base having an inlet and an outlet that defines an interior channel through which fluid is flowable. The apparatus also includes a first valve movable relative to the base between a closed position and an open... Agent:

20150096635 - Valve with air-gap provision to prevent backflow: A valve is provided having an air gap to protect against backflow in a fluid system. The valve can also be used to control fluid flow while providing such backflow protection. The valve can be used with e.g., a reverse osmosis water filtration system and/or other systems. By incorporating both... Agent: General Electric Company

20150096636 - Engine valvetrain oil control valve: An oil control valve assembly includes a valve body and a controller coupled to an exterior end of the valve body. The controller includes a solenoid housing attached to the exterior end of the valve body, and defines an interior region. An encapsulated coil assembly is disposed within the interior... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20150096637 - Noise attenuation in a check valve unit or apparatus for producing vacuum: Check valve units having one or more sound attenuating members are disclosed. A check valve unit includes a housing defining an inlet port, an outlet port, and a chamber in fluid communication therewith thereby defining a flow path from the inlet port through the chamber to the outlet port. The... Agent: DaycoIPHoldings, LLC

20150096638 - Valve, fluid control device: In a fluid control device, a check valve includes a first valve housing and a first diaphragm. The first diaphragm defines a first valve chamber and a second valve chamber. An exhaust valve includes a second valve housing and a second diaphragm. The second diaphragm defines a third valve chamber... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 20 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150090339 - Integrated hydraulic skid system incorporated into a rapid release emergency disconnect system: In various embodiments, fluid conduits such as high pressure hoses deployed in-between two sea-fairing vessels may be released during an emergency by using a rapid release emergency disconnect system as described herein, where the rapid release emergency disconnect system may engage with a hanger such as an industry standard frac... Agent: Oceaneering International, Inc.

20150090340 - Processing-liquid supply apparatus and processing-liquid supply method: A processing-liquid supply apparatus includes a source, a discharge device, a supply channel connecting the source and discharge device, a filter device positioned in the channel to form first side having the source and second side having the discharge device, a pump device positioned in the channel, and a control... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150090338 - Rapid release emergency disconnect system utilizing a linear clamping mechanism: In various embodiments, fluid conduits such as high pressure hoses deployed in-between two sea-fairing vessels may be released during an emergency by using a rapid release emergency disconnect system as described herein, where the rapid release emergency disconnect system may engage with a hanger such as an industry standard frac... Agent: Oceaneering International, Inc.

20150090341 - Transfer chamber gas purge apparatus, electronic device processing systems, and purge methods: Transfer chamber gas purge apparatus are disclosed. The transfer chamber gas purge apparatus has a transfer chamber adapted to contain at least a portion of a transfer robot, the transfer chamber including side walls, a chamber lid, and a chamber floor, wherein the chamber lid has a plurality of distributed... Agent:

20150090343 - Innovation to assay mixing: Methods, articles of manufacture, and kits for calibrating fluid delivery systems are provided. A fluid delivery system connected to N input streams, where N is an integer greater than or equal to 2, mixes together fluid from the N input streams to form an output stream. The methods involve obtaining... Agent:

20150090342 - Liquid level control loop optimizer: A liquid level control loop optimizer receives a selection of a vessel configuration and a variety of parameters specifying the vessel dimensions, the fluid type(s), and the flow parameters of the liquid level control loop. The optimizer also receives a selection of various valve and actuator options and determines a... Agent:

20150090344 - Gas filtering in adsorbed gas systems: Disclosed in certain embodiments are pressure release devices or filtering devices for adsorbed gas containers in order to increase the safety and efficiencies of adsorbed gas systems. In certain embodiments, the systems contain metal organic framework.... Agent:

20150090345 - Rotary selection valve: A rotary selection valve (1) is disclosed having a stator (20) and a rotor (40) having complementary abutting fluid tight surfaces (30,50) for relative rotation between the stator (20) and the rotor (40) about a rotational axis. The stator or rotor has at least one connection port in fluid communication... Agent: Ge Healthcare Biosciences Ab

20150090346 - Quick response float-operated vapor vent valve: A valve assembly is provided for venting pressure in a fuel tank. The valve assembly includes a housing that defines a passage and a valve seat provided at one end of the passage. A float assembly is disposed within the housing. The float assembly includes a flexible membrane seal that... Agent:

20150090347 - Fluid valve, in particular a return valve for a painting system: Exemplary illustrations of a fluid valve, e.g., a return valve for returning residual paint, rinsing agent, and compressed air from a paint line when changing color in a painting system, are disclosed. An exemplary fluid valve may be adjusted between an open position, in which the fluid valve is at... Agent:

20150090348 - Removable isolation valve shield insert assembly: An improved isolation valve is provided, along with removable shield insert assemblies for an isolation valve. In one embodiment, a shield insert assembly for an isolation valve is provided that includes a graphite first shield insert having a flat ring shape. The first shield insert has a circular outer diameter.... Agent:

20150090349 - Condensate overflow detection device: A condensate overflow detection device includes a frame, a housing, an affixing device, a surface placement mechanism, a float and an actuator. The housing has a bottom and a plurality of pan engagement side surfaces extending upwardly from the bottom, each of which is disposed at a different angle relative... Agent: Diversitech Corporation

20150090350 - Water tank with a limiting assembly: A water tank has a container, a micro switch, a limiting assembly and a float. The float is mounted slidably in the container. The limiting assembly has an actuating rod that slides in a direction perpendicular to the sliding path of the float. An inclined guiding track is mounted between... Agent: New Widetech Industries Co., Ltd.

20150090351 - Exhaust flow rate control apparatus and substrate processing apparatus provided therewith: The present invention is intended to set the temperature of a predetermined location inside a processing space in which a polishing pad and the like are disposed to within a predetermined temperature range, for example, a temperature range in which a polishing rate is maximum. A substrate processing apparatus 1... Agent:

20150090352 - Fluid-driven shutoff valve: An air-driven shutoff valve includes a valve seat formed in a main body, a valve element movable into or out of contact with the valve seat, a drive part integrally connected to the valve element, and a pilot opening/closing valve configured to supply compressed fluid to drive the drive part.... Agent:

20150090353 - Connecting element: The invention relates to a connecting element, in particular for connecting vessels and for producing a fluidic connection between vessels or elements joined to the connecting element. The invention also relates to an elastic spring element as a valve element.... Agent: Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Germany Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150090354 - Pilot-operated spool valve: A pilot-operated spool valve includes a body defining a bore. A supply port and a load port are in fluid communication with the bore. A spool is disposed in the longitudinal bore, and the spool and the body cooperate to define a command chamber at a first end of the... Agent: Dunan Microstaq, Inc.

20150090355 - Solenoid-powered gate valve: A solenoid-powered gate valve that provides a reliable, high quality seal with a reduced operating force requirement. The valve includes a solenoid coil and armature connected to a valve mechanism, with the valve mechanism including a conduit having a connection opening, an oppositely-disposed pocket, and a sprung gate assembly linearly... Agent:

20150090356 - Vortex generators: Vortex generators are disclosed herein. An example apparatus includes a housing including a surface. The example apparatus also includes a bimorph actuator disposed in the housing. The bimorph actuator includes a first bimorph beam having a first portion fixed relative to the surface. A blade is rotatably coupled to the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150090357 - Check valve: A check valve is provided. The check valve includes a position limiting member, a back-flow preventing member and a lid body. The back-flow preventing member is disposed between the position limiting member and the lid body, and a blocking portion of the back-flow preventing member is flexible. When the blocking... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 34 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20150083228 - Bistable actuator, actuator arrangement, method for actuaton and use: A method for bistably actuating an actuator includes applying positive pressure in an actuator fluid supply that is fluidly connected to an actuator chamber by means of an actuator fluid supply connection, wherein a working positive pressure is generated in the actuator chamber, whereby an actuator element fluidly connected to... Agent:

20150083229 - Fuel system for consist having daughter locomotive: The disclosure is directed to a fuel system for a consist. The fuel system may have a tank located on a tender car of the consist and configured to hold a supply of liquefied gaseous fuel. The fuel system may also have an accumulator located on a daughter locomotive of... Agent: Electro-motive Diesel, Inc.

20150083227 - Reduced fluid drag across a solid surface with a textured coating: An article includes a substrate with a coating having asperities such that an average spacing between the asperities is between about 0.01 and about 1.5 micron. An average surface roughness of the coating is up to about 2 microns, and an average porosity of the coating is in the range... Agent: General Electric Company

20150083230 - Adhesive buffer unit and associated fill systems and methods for storing and moving adhesive particulate: A buffer unit is configured to store and transfer adhesive particulate to at least one adhesive melter. The buffer unit includes a buffer bin defining an interior space configured to hold a bulk supply of adhesive particulate with an agitator plate positioned within the housing at a non-horizontal orientation. A... Agent:

20150083231 - Filler apparatus and method of using the same: The present document describes filler apparatus, washing and maintenance support station and methods of using the same. The support station is for supporting a filler container, a volumetric container and/or a sliding plate of the filler apparatus. The washing and maintenance support station comprises a support main frame; a filler... Agent:

20150083232 - Vertical clamp device: A vertical clamping device is provided that supports a flow cell component in a vertical configuration in which the flow cell is on an opposite side of the vertical support from the electronic interface. The clamp includes a vertical setting to receive the flow cell component and provides an electronic... Agent:

20150083233 - Apparatus and method for brazing: A brazing system has a first gas source, a second gas source, an enclosure, a brazing torch, and a control system configured to control a ratio of the first gas source and the second gas source.... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20150083234 - Pressure vessel system and method: Diaphragm joint and convolutions, bottom screen diffuser, air stern, cap, and diaphragm restrictor systems for a pressure vessel are disclosed. A convoluted diaphragm divides the vessel into a pair of sealed chambers. The convoluted geometry of the diaphragm minimizes stress on the diaphragm at maximum displacement conditions. An H-ring, with... Agent:

20150083235 - Hydraulic fracturing system and method: Disclosed herein is a fracturing unit for hydraulic fracturing having an engine and a fracturing pump connected to the engine through a variable speed torque converter. Also disclosed is a hydraulic fracturing system using multiple fracturing units which are sized similar to ISO containers. A hydraulic fracturing system may also... Agent:

20150083236 - Escutcheon: An escutcheon or wall flange to receive a pipe, conduit, cable or like member has an outer periphery, and an inner periphery or a definable inner periphery to bear on the intended pipe. The escutcheon or flange is of a flexible material limited as to its flex outwardly of the... Agent: Lake Products Limited

20150083237 - Protective cap for a pressurised fluid cylinder valve and production method thereof: The invention relates to a protective cap for a pressurized fluid cylinder valve, comprising a hoop (1) defining a sheltered protected space, the lower end of the hoop (1) being secured to the generally annular base (2) that is intended to be mounted around the neck of a pressurized fluid... Agent:

20150083238 - Automatic protection device for a toilet inlet valve or drain valve: An automatic protection device for an inlet valve or drain valve includes an inlet, an outlet, an on-off component, a control circuit, a control component, a water level inductor of the water tank and a water level inductor of the toilet. The water level inductor of the water tank and... Agent:

20150083239 - Double action float valve: The double action float valve is connected to a single pipe and a tank and controls both the filling and discharge of the tank. The double action float valve utilizes a valve body, a heavy filling obturator positioned within the valve body, a light inverse obturator positioned within the heavy... Agent:

20150083240 - Electromagnetic valve: A piston is configured by a piston body and a support such that the piston is divided, along a direction of axis line, into the piston body, which is formed integrally with a valve element, and the support, which is provided separately from the valve element. A piston ring, which... Agent:

20150083241 - Electromagnetic valve: A pilot valve element includes a metallic pilot valve body formed integrally with a plunger, a flexible sealing member, fitted on a tip of the pilot valve body, which touches and leaves a pilot valve seat, and a stopper for restricting the displacement of the pilot valve element relative to... Agent:

20150083242 - Relief valve: In the relief valve, an annular convex portion 16a that is convexed in a direction in which a valve element 5a moves away from a valve hole 17 along a center axis of the valve hole 17 and that is arranged around the valve hole 17 is formed in a... Agent:

20150083243 - Control valve filter and control valve insertion structure: A first engagement unit and a second engagement unit are formed to be engaged with each other at a divided portion formed in a substantially ring-shaped frame of a control valve filter. The first engagement unit includes a first inclination surface and a recessed portion. The second engagement unit includes... Agent: Mikuni Corporation

20150083244 - Control valve including valve trim with spindle for improved low flow control: In accordance with the present invention, there is provided a linear displacement control valve comprising a valve body having a valve bonnet cooperatively engage thereto. The body and the bonnet collectively accommodate a valve trim which comprises a flow control element and a complementary spindle. The spindle is preferably attached... Agent: Control Components, Inc.

20150083245 - Pressure isolation manifold: An isolation manifold includes a manifold body, a process connection at a first end of the manifold body, a pressure transmitter connection at a second end of the manifold body, a passageway through the manifold body, an isolation valve, and a pressure limiting device. The process connection is for fluidly... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20150083246 - Water-level indicator and wide-mouth re-fill apparatus for sub-irrigated, containerized plants that attaches to a plant's growpot: A water-level indicator and re-fill apparatus for the sub-irrigation of potted plants. The indicator uses a float and shaft placed inside an outer tube attached to a potted plant as a way to visually indicate to the user when the reservoir of the sub-irrigation system is running low. While attached... Agent:

20150083247 - Flow control components with traceable indicia: A valve diaphragm is provided with indicia of origin, batch number, date of manufacture and other information. Critical indicia are disposed on outwardly projecting tabs that can be see when the diaphragm is operatively mounted in the valve. Indicia may be provided on elastomeric and non-elastomeric portions of the diaphragm.... Agent:

20150083248 - Built-in fluidizing system for liner-bags transporting hard-to-flow dry solid bulk commodities in marine shipping container or other freight type containers: A dry bulk commodities cargo fluidizing system, composed of foldable flat non-interfering air bed, built into liner bags, used in shipping containers for transporting commodities, as a second-floor in the liner bag. The fluidizing is enhanced by sandwiching plastic mesh strips of varying width across the floor of the container... Agent: D & B D Marketing LLC D/b/a Bulk-flow

20150083249 - Method and mold for producing sealing plates by injection molding and sealing plates produced accordingly: To produce sealing plates (1) consisting of a plurality of sealing rings (3) connected by radial webs (2) by injection molding, wall-type guide elements (5) are arranged obliquely to the direction of flow in the mold channel (6) which is therefore initially largely constricted in the region of weld lines... Agent: Hoerbiger Kompressortechnik Holding Gmbh

20150083250 - Water server: A water server is proposed of which a raw water container is mounted upside down at the lower portion of a housing. The water server has a piercing member which serves both as one end of a water supply line and one end of an air intake line. With this... Agent:

20150083251 - Water dispenser: A water dispenser includes a baffle which interferes with a downward flow of drinking water in a cold water tank which is fed from a raw water container through a raw water supply line, whereby cold water lower in temperature than drinking water above the baffle is generated below the... Agent:

20150083252 - Cooling water scatter preventing type surge tank: A cooling water scatter preventing type surge tank assembly, may include a pressure cap, a cap coupling boss, a multi-deformation ring mounted to the pressure cap and selectively engaged to the cap coupling boss to form a receiving space between the pressure cap and the cap coupling boss, wherein the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150083253 - Tap group: A tap group comprising a tap body provided with at least one dispensing exit, an operating lever or knob, a regulation member of the parameters of the flow of water to be dispensed (the parameters including the temperature and/or the flow of water and/or the direction of the flow), and... Agent: Huber S.p.a.

20150083254 - Ball valve: The disclosed embodiments include ball valves having integrated seats. The integrated seats are included in a ball body assembly of a valve body. The ball body assembly may rotate with respect to the valve body to open or close the valve. The integrated seats may contact walls of a bore... Agent:

20150083255 - Safety design for medical oxygen supply valvehead: The disclosure describes a valve integrated pressure regulator in the form of a cylinder head. The device is intended for medical or emergency purposes and that is used to convert a medical or emergency gas pressure from a high, variable pressure to a lower, more constant working pressure. Two of... Agent: L'air Liquide, Societe Anonyme Pour I'etude Et I'exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude

20150083256 - Direct drive rotary valve: A rotary valve comprises a bushing and a cylindrical spool rotatably received by the bushing. The rotary valve avoids redundant control edge pairs by having exactly one first supply edge pair (P-C1) for controlling a first fluid supply path, exactly one second supply edge pair (P-C2) for controlling a second... Agent: Moog Inc.

20150083257 - Control valve: A valve element has a packing material, whose one side surface touches and leaves a valve seat as a sealing surface, and a support member, which is driven in opening and closing directions of a valve section by actuating an actuator. The support member includes a supporting surface, which is... Agent:

20150083258 - Efficient fluid dynamic and structural design and integration method to achieve extended hybrid laminar flow control: Systems and methods for secondary suctioning for an aerodynamic body are presented. A primary surface is configured along a leading edge of an aerodynamic body, and at least one secondary suction device comprising an elongated shape is configured at least a first distance from the primary surface. A non-suction surface... Agent:

20150083259 - Diaphragm-sealed valve with improved actuator design: A valve comprising a valve cap, a valve body and a diaphragm positioned between the valve cap and the valve body. The valve further has a plurality of plungers movable, by an actuation system, between a closed position where the plunger engages the diaphragm, and an open position where the... Agent: Mecanique Analytique Inc.

20150083260 - Solenoid valve system: In a solenoid valve system, a plurality of first through third solenoid valve units are divided into a plurality of first through third groups. In this case, a safety power source control unit is provided for controlling the first through third solenoid valve units with respect to each of the... Agent: Smc Kabushiki Kaisha

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