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Fluid handling

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08/28/2014 > 30 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140238496 - Apparatus for providing a gas: The application relates to an apparatus for providing a gas for the introduction thereof into an incubation chamber, comprising an inlet port (1) for introducing a gas, an outlet port (2) for discharging a gas, a first gas path (3) connecting the inlet port (1) to the outlet port (2),... Agent: Ibidi Gmbh

20140238494 - Current driving system for a solenoid: The current driving system further comprises a signal generator to produce a small signal and to output the small signal to the electrical input of the solenoid valve. The electric power being supplied by the small signal into the solenoid valve is substantially smaller than the electric power being supplied... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140238495 - Dynamic fluid gas bleeder manifold: Disclosed are high pressure test systems and methods. One dynamic fluid gas bleeder manifold includes gas outlet having opposing first and second ends and defining first opening at first end of gas outlet, wherein gas outlet extends between first and second ends along longitudinal axis of gas bleeder manifold, a... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140238497 - One-way valve: A one-way valve, comprises a valve housing; a valve member provided within the valve housing, the valve member being operative to open and close the valve and comprising a diaphragm with a central orifice to allow fluid to pass from one side of the diaphragm to the other; a valve... Agent: Oxford Nanopore Technologies Limited

20140238493 - Seismically activated gas shut-off valve: A gas shut-off valve assembly designed to automatically close gas flow in a gas conduit in response to a seismic vibration comprises a trigger mechanism disposed in a trigger mechanism housing, a springless sealing mechanism disposed in a valve housing, a latching mechanism configured to engage the springless sealing mechanism... Agent: Little Firefighter Corporation

20140238498 - System for and method of multiple channel fast pulse gas delivery: A system and method are configured to deliver pulses of desired mass of gases. The system delivers a plurality of sequences of pulses of a desired mass of gas through at least two flow channels. The system comprises: a multi-channel fast pulse gas delivery system including (a) a plurality of... Agent: Mks Instruments, Inc.

20140238501 - Aircraft inerting system: A method of controlling a flow rate of inerting gas introduced into a vented aircraft fuel tank, the method comprising: monitoring changes in a quantity of a fuel in the aircraft fuel tank; monitoring changes in the ambient air pressure external to the aircraft fuel tank; and actively controlling a... Agent: Airbus Operations Limited

20140238500 - Compressor and/or expander device with rolling piston seal: An apparatus can include a piston movably disposed within a pressure vessel and defines a first interior region and a second interior region. The piston has a first position in which the first interior contains a gas having a first pressure and has a volume greater than the second interior... Agent: General Compression, Inc.

20140238499 - Pumping of collected liquids in systems: A system includes at least one fluid volume in which pressure varies, a retention volume for collecting a liquid used in operating the system; and a pump device in fluid connection with the retention volume and in operative connection with the fluid volume. The pump device includes a housing, a... Agent:

20140238502 - Refrigerator and method of controlling the same: A refrigerator includes a carbonated water tank in which carbonated water is stored; a water level sensor sensing a water level of carbonated water stored in the carbonated water tank; a water tank supplying filtered water to the carbonated water tank; a carbon dioxide cylinder supplying carbon dioxide to the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140238503 - Gas regulator over-pressure service tool: A tool for resetting a gas regulator valve after an over-pressure event.... Agent:

20140238504 - Urea common rail: An exhaust system including a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) component and an oxidation catalyst component. The exhaust system also includes an exhaust treatment fluid injection system for dispersing an exhaust treatment fluid into an exhaust stream at a location adjacent either the SCR component or the oxidation catalyst component, wherein... Agent: Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.

20140238505 - Valve comprising a resilient valve element: The present disclosure provides a valve comprising a flange part and a valve element. The flange part comprises a tubular section defining an axial direction. The valve element is made of resilient material and mounted in the tubular section of the flange part. One or more cut-outs are formed in... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140238506 - Condensate drain trap for an air conditioning system: A condensate drain trap for an air conditioning system. The abstract of the disclosure is submitted herewith as required by 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b). As stated in 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b): A brief abstract of the technical disclosure in the specification must commence on a separate sheet, preferably following the claims, under... Agent:

20140238507 - Method and apparatus for commissioning power plants: An apparatus and method for commissioning steam turbine generator power plants to advance the cleanliness of the complete steam cycle by the conditioned discharge of steam to the plant surface condenser.... Agent:

20140238508 - Pressure reducing valve, tap and bottle provided with such a pressure reducing valve: Pressure reducing valve for compressed gas, comprising a body (1) housing a gas circuit (11) comprising an inlet (3) and an outlet (5), the gas circuit (11) comprising a mechanism for reducing the pressure of the gas between the inlet (3) and outlet (5), the reduction mechanism comprising a reduction... Agent: L'air Liquide, Soci&#xe9 T&#xe9 Anonyme Pour I'etude I'exploitation Des Proc&#xe9 D&#xe9 S Georges Claude

20140238509 - Cylinder valve for pressurized gas cylinder and a gas cylinder comprising such a valve: A cylinder valve comprising a body including a mounting end for attachment in the opening of a pressurized fluid cylinder, a internal withdrawing circuit comprising a first end located at the mounting end and a second end located at an outlet port located in the body, the withdrawing circuit comprising,... Agent: L'air Liquide, Soci&#xe9 T&#xe9 Anonyme Pour L'etude Et L'exploitation Des Proc&#xe9 D&#xe9 S Georges Claude

20140238510 - In-tank suction filter as the reserve cavity for a fluid delivery module assembly: A fuel delivery module is located inside a fuel tank and supplies fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. An in-tank suction fluid filter has a filter body made of combination material layers with porous material and filtration material. An in-tank suction fuel filter functions to filter the fuel... Agent: Kuss Filtration, Inc.

20140238511 - Water damage prevention system: The present invention is a water damage prevention system that has a residential or industrial/commercial facility water supply interruption system. The system is comprised of a remotely controllable base station with shut-off/on mechanism that is in wireless or wired communication with a convenient controller. The base station with shut-off/on mechanism... Agent:

20140238512 - Smart valve: A valve assembly including an actuated valve and a sensor module is disclosed. The actuated valve includes a body defining a chamber, a first fluid port coupled to the chamber, and a second fluid port coupled to the chamber. The actuated valve further includes a movable stem disposed at least... Agent:

20140238514 - Injection system for delivering liquid into sprinkler system: An injection system for adding a liquid, such as a pesticide or mosquito control formula, to a sprinkler system is disclosed. The injection system includes a tank and a pump. The pump may be powered only by a low-voltage connection to the sprinkler system's timer. The pump may use a... Agent:

20140238513 - Pumping device with tank with facilitated release: A pumping device with tank with facilitated release, which comprises an electric pump and a delivery connector of the electric pump to which the tank is connected by way of quick and reversible connection elements at a connecting portion thereof.... Agent: Dab Pumps S.p.a.

20140238515 - Support arm assembly: The present application relates to a support arm assembly (39) for mounting in a fuel tank (1). A support arm (43) is provided to support a fuel transfer tube (17) for transferring fuel to a fuel pump (11). A support foot (49) is provided to support the support arm (43)... Agent:

20140238516 - Hydraulic distributor: A hydraulic distributor capable of distributing a liquid coolant to a plurality of cooling devices, includes a liquid coolant inlet conduit into the hydraulic distributor; a plurality of supply conduits for the cooling devices by the liquid coolant, each of the supply conduits being hydraulically connected to the inlet conduit... Agent:

20140238517 - Ceramic water control valve: A ceramic water control valve with cold, hot and warm water positioning function includes a valve casing with an annular frame of reduced diameter, a rotary driving seat with a projecting tube part, a valve stem, a ceramic valve plate set, and a base. A rotatable ring is installed outside... Agent: Kuching International Ltd.

20140238518 - Ball valve and seat assembly with life-sustaining flow: A ball valve including a valve body having a valve chamber, a ball member positioned in the valve chamber and defining first and second internal passages in fluid communication, and first and second seat rings, the first seat ring allowing fluid to flow past and through the second passage when... Agent: Conbraco Industries, Inc.

20140238519 - Integrated vacuum port module: An integrated vacuum port module includes a base 12 and a mounting feature secured to the base and operable to form an airtight connection with a housing 14. A first tubular conduit 28 is secured to the base 12 forming a flow passage extending through the base 12 from an... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20140238520 - Particulate media conveying systems and apparatuses: Novel systems and apparatuses for conveying particulate media are disclosed. One such system may include a conveying tank configured to receive media and push it out to a media distribution valve to be distributed to any desired destination. The media distribution valve is preferably a multi-port, pinch valve having a... Agent: Comco Inc.

20140238521 - Ionic field effect transistor having heterogeneous triangular nanochannel and method of manufacturing the same: An ionic field effect transistor includes: a substrate; a polymer layer that is formed on the substrate and in which a first flow path and a second flow path that is separately disposed from the first flow path are formed; and a gate electrode that is formed between the substrate... Agent: Postech Academy-industry Foundation

20140238522 - Piezoelectric driven oscillating surface: Disclosed herein is an active roughness actuator and a method of forming an active roughness actuator. The active roughness actuator includes a surface having at least one aperture; a compliant layer disposed on the surface such that the compliant layer covers the at least one aperture; a chamber having a... Agent:

08/21/2014 > 36 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140230903 - Apparatus and method for blocking sewer gas: A device and method for preventing the backflow of undesirable gases from being drawn up through a drain line into a room. The device is particularly useful in applications where liquid flow into the drain is infrequent, resulting in little or no liquid left standing in the P-trap to serve... Agent:

20140230906 - Automated fluid refill system and uses thereof: The invention relates generally to laboratory systems that employ fluids, such as deionized water or other aqueous media. In particular, in certain embodiments, the invention provides automated systems for supplying fluids to laboratory equipment and uses thereof.... Agent: Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings

20140230905 - Condensate drainage means with fault monitoring: A method for fault monitoring of a discharge valve of a condensate drainage means of a pressurized gas system includes a closing step wherein the control circuit triggers a closing movement of the valve element in the direction of the closed position, and/or an opening step wherein the control circuit... Agent: Beko Technologies Gmbh

20140230904 - Float device: A float device for use in drawing liquids such as fuel from a tank or other reservoir is disclosed. The device comprises a float arranged for rising and falling with the level of liquid in the tank and a liquid pick-up duct, which comprises a flexible tube having its free... Agent: Fuel Active Limited

20140230907 - Automated thermal recirculation valve: An automated thermally actuated valve utilizing a thermally expansive substance to substantially close the valve at a first temperature and a spring to open the valve at a second, lower temperature. A method of utilizing an automated thermally actuated valve to balance and manage hot water supply in a piping... Agent: Therm-omega-tech, Inc.

20140230909 - Devices and methods for programming fluid flow using sequenced microstructures: A microfluidic platform is disclosed that uses obstacles placed at particular location(s) within the channel cross-section to turn and stretch fluid. The asymmetric flow behavior upstream and downstream of the obstacle(s) due to fluid inertia manifests itself as a total deformation of the topology of streamlines that effectively creates a... Agent:

20140230908 - Supply method for liquid and supply apparatus: A solution having a predetermined concentration is stably supplied to a use point, at which the amount of use of the solution changes, by only modifying currently-used equipment at a low cost and in a space-saving manner. In order to supply a solution containing a solute at a predetermined concentration... Agent:

20140230911 - Pressure type flow control system with flow monitoring, and method for detecting anomaly in fluid supply system and handling method at abnormal monitoring flow rate using the same: A pressure type flow control system with flow monitoring includes an inlet, a control valve including a pressure flow control unit connected downstream of the inlet, a thermal flow sensor connected downstream of the control valve, an orifice installed on a fluid passage communicatively connected downstream of the thermal flow... Agent: Fujikin Incorporated

20140230910 - Split-channel gas flow control: An apparatus comprises a proportional valve, a first channel connected to the proportional valve, a flow sensor connected to the first channel and configured to measure gas flow in the first channel, a split channel connected to the first channel at a location between the proportional valve and the flow... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20140230912 - Device for handling objects, using acoustic force fields: The invention relates to a device (1) intended for handling objects (O) present in a channel (2) within a fluid (F), in particular a liquid. The device comprises: a channel (2) extending along a longitudinal axis (X), said channel (2) having a transverse section with a width (_) measured along... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

20140230913 - Method and device for producing microdroplets: A method and an apparatus for producing various types of microdroplets are provided. The apparatus has a cross intersection portion 7 at which a first continuous phase 2, a first dispersion phase 4, and a second dispersion phase 6 intersect with each other; a first liquid feed device 12 controlling... Agent: Japan Science And Technology Agency

20140230914 - In-line fluid storage tank system: A fluid system can selectively include an in-line storage tank. The fluid system includes a valve switch system connected to the storage tank. The valve switch system routes fluid from a supply to an intake interface of a consumer premises. The valve switch system is operable to route the fluid... Agent:

20140230915 - Gas delivery system for outputting fast square waves of process gas during semiconductor processing: A wave generation component during an off cycle when the on-off valve is closed to build pressure from the process gas in an accumulation volume. During an on cycle when the on-off valve is open the wave generation component releases the process gas according to a time constant. A flow... Agent:

20140230916 - Anchor valve for security: A system for protecting a fluid supply from a contaminant includes an anchor check valve having an inlet end and an exit end, the anchor check valve adapted to allow fluid flow through the anchor check valve from the inlet end to the exit end but prevent fluid flow through... Agent: Mueller International, LLC

20140230917 - Moisture sensing watering system: A moisture sensing water system comprising at least one moisture sensor coupled with at least one wheel coupled with a water conveyance system, the at least one moisture sensor pierces the ground during each rotation of the at least one wheel and performs a moisture sensing. A moisture information converter... Agent: Trimble Navigation Limited

20140230918 - Self-obstructing flammable fluid carrying conduit: The present invention is directed to improved assembly for transporting flammable fluids. In an example, the assembly comprises a conduit, a liner, and a core. The liner comprises a material that contracts in response to an elevation in temperature. In an example, the liner comprises a material that expands in... Agent: Crane Engineering, Inc.

20140230919 - Valve seal for a diverter assembly: A valve for controlling the flow of a waste gas stream received from an industrial process is disclosed. The valve includes ducts to permit entry of the stream for removal of harmful VOCs and exit of the treated gas stream to the atmosphere. The valve includes several open frames extending... Agent:

20140230920 - Fuel tank structure: A fuel tank structure comprising a fuel tank; a canister that adsorbs evaporated fuel within the fuel tank, and that releases vapor after adsorption of evaporated fuel; a full tank regulating valve within the fuel tank that becomes a closed state due to a float floating in fuel when a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140230921 - Adjusting device for a vehicle component: An adjusting device for a vehicle component comprises at least one inflatable chamber and a pump configured to supply fluid to the at least one inflatable chamber. The pump comprises a housing, a first output port provided on the housing and a second output port provided on the housing. At... Agent:

20140230922 - System for stopping water flow in water use installations: The system is based on fitting a thermostatic bypass (1) at the point of use of the water, such as a faucet (6), between the hot water pipe (4) and the cold water pipe (5), connected to a heating boiler (8) of a water consumption installation, so that opening and... Agent:

20140230923 - Connector, container with such a connector and fluid preparation device with a mating connector for such a container: A connector for connecting a container with a fluid preparation device for preparing a fluid, in particular a container with a concentrate for the preparation of dialysis fluid, as well as the combination of the connector, the corresponding container and the fluid preparation device. In order to simplify the handling... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20140230924 - Automatic shut off valve: A shut off valve featuring a flow conduit with a fluid inflow end and a fluid outflow end, at least one electrically actuated flow control element coupled to the conduit with a blocking state and a flow state, control circuits coupled to the element and a local power source coupled... Agent: Metropolitan Industries, Inc.

20140230925 - Fluid monitoring and control system: A fluid monitoring and control system includes a central hub having a central processor, a user interface and an input/output port. A plurality of control devices communicate with the central hub. Each control device includes a fluid pipe section including a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet. A fluid valve... Agent:

20140230926 - Hydraulic safety and movement control system: A hydraulic safety and movement control system has an actuating cylinder or a hydraulic motor which serves to set a fitting which is preferably relevant to safety and by means of which a fluid flow, for example of a power plant or of a turbine is regulated. The system has... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140230927 - Global backflow prevention assembly: A backflow prevention assembly for global use with dispensers requiring a variety of backflow prevention devices based on regulatory standards is provided. The assembly includes a housing comprising first and second housing members and including quick connector attachments extending therefrom. The quick connector attachments are non-threaded members configured to be... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140230928 - Tunable check valve: Tunable check valves reduce valve-generated vibration to increase the reliability of tunable fluid ends. Selected improved designs described herein reflect disparate applications of identical technical principles (relating to, e.g., the vibration spectrum of an impulse). Tunable check valve embodiments comprise a family including, but not limited to, tunable check valve... Agent:

20140230929 - Fluid processing control system and related methods: In one aspect, a system for use in processing a fluid comprises a reservoir for holding the fluid and one or more bioreactors for receiving the fluid from the reservoir. One or more sensors are provided for sensing one or more parameters of the fluid, and corresponding control measures may... Agent:

20140230930 - Vacuum processing apparatus having a means for preventing counter-pressure between chambers: Disclosed is a vacuum processing apparatus having a means for preventing counter-pressure between adjacent chambers, which comprises a process chamber, a transfer chamber, and a load lock chamber, comprising: a cassette chamber installed between the chambers, having slits formed at both opposite side surfaces to serve as a passage of... Agent:

20140230931 - Ambient air backflushed filter vacuum: A vacuum cleaning machine has a cannister with an inlet port and at least two outlet ports. At least two filters are disposed inside of the cannister, one in pneumatic communication through each of the outlet ports. At least two valves are disposed outside of the cannister. Each valve is... Agent: Christy, Inc.

20140230934 - Oil stop device for connecting a hydraulic cable: An oil stop device for connecting a hydraulic cable is provided with a needle being a hollow structure and detachably plugged in one end of the hydraulic cable, and an inner threaded portion formed inside the needle; a connecting member having an outer threaded portion extended toward one end thereof... Agent:

20140230932 - Pressure-regulating vial adaptors: In certain embodiments, a vial adaptor comprises a housing configured to couple the adaptor with a vial, an access channel, a regulator channel, and a regulator assembly. The access channel is configured to facilitate withdrawal of fluid from the vial when the adaptor is coupled to the vial. The regulator... Agent: Icu Medical, Inc.

20140230933 - Quick-connection hydraulic coupling joint: A quick-connection hydraulic coupling joint (1) is described, comprising a female connection component (1a) equipped with a first passage duct (3a) of a pressurised working fluid connected with a first passage opening (5a) of such fluid, and a male connection component (1b) equipped with a second passage duct (3b) of... Agent:

20140230935 - Outlet pipe structure of a faucet: An outlet pipe structure of a faucet contains a metal tube including metal tube, a hose assembly, a hose assembly, and a seat. The metal tube has a first segment, a second segment, and a channel. The first segment includes a first recess, and the second segment has a pedestal.... Agent:

20140230936 - Operation lever lock apparatus: An operation lever lock apparatus includes: operation levers; hydraulic control valves arranged at a portion lower than a floor panel; and link members, each of the link members extending downward from a base part of a corresponding one of the operation levers to be connected to a corresponding one of... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20140230937 - Collection tank: A collection tank for use in a vacuum operated earth reduction system, the collection tank comprising a closed first end, an open second end defining a tank sealing flange and a body extending between the closed first end and the open second end. An internal chamber defined by the body,... Agent: Mclaughlin Group, Inc.

20140230938 - Collection tank: A collection tank for use in a vacuum operated earth reduction system, the collection tank comprising a closed first end, an open second end defining a tank sealing flange and a body extending between the closed first end and the open second end. An internal chamber defined by the body,... Agent: Mclaughlin Group, Inc.

08/14/2014 > 32 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140224335 - Apparatus and methods for fluid processing and flow control: Fluid processing apparatus has a prefabricated branched network of flexible tubing, for conducting process fluid between process elements of the apparatus, and control valves. A tubing support has opposable front and rear plates which define a pattern of support channels between them in which the flexible tubing network lies, so... Agent:

20140224340 - Building water safety device: Disclosed is a building water safety device, having a shut-off valve and a shut-off element, and having an actuator that is mechanically coupled to the shut-off element and moves the shut-off element between the open and closed positions. A sensor device for detecting the presence of a person in the... Agent: Pipe Systems Gmbh

20140224334 - Chemical dispense system with reduced contamination: An apparatus includes a production tool and a pipe connected to the production tool. The pipe includes an inner pipe formed of a metal-free material, an outer pipe encircling the inner pipe, and an inlet connected to a channel between the inner pipe and the outer pipe. The apparatus further... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20140224338 - Method and system for controlling actuation of flush apparatus: A method of controlling actuation of a flush apparatus includes the steps of configuring a control module to actuate the flush apparatus for completing a flushing cycle periodically; and after a given unused time period of the flush apparatus, enabling the control module to enter into a sleep mode to... Agent: Advanced Modern Technologies Corporation

20140224339 - Method for the automated discharge of condensate from a pressurized gas system: A method for the automated discharge of condensate from a pressurized gas system includes a chronological, repeating sequence having: a collecting step wherein condensate is collected over a predefined collecting duration; a detection step which at least terminates the collecting step and serves for the detection of condensate in the... Agent: Beko Technologies Gmbh

20140224336 - Mobile device and method for supply of ozonated liquid: A device and method for supplying ozonated liquid is disclosed. Liquid in a reservoir is pumped from the reservoir to a separate ozone generator and is thereby ozonated. The ozonated liquid is retained to the reservoir so that the liquid is circulated in a loop. As the liquid is circulated... Agent:

20140224337 - Pipe comprising a pressure relief valve: A pipe is provided for transporting a viscous fluid, including a pressure relief valve provided with a sealing element which separates the inside of the pipe from a discharge line and is designed to release the discharge line in the event of predetermined excess pressure. A surface of the sealing... Agent:

20140224341 - Method and system for identifying leaks in gas pipe construction: The present invention provides a system for identifying gas leaks in pipe construction. The system is comprised of: a gas detection unit including a odor sensor and a wireless communication unit, said detection unit is positioned in proximity of at least one gas entrance/supply of said pipe construction, and a... Agent: Nleak, Ltd.

20140224343 - Anti-cavitation throttle valve and method of operating the same: A throttle housing having an inlet end and an outlet end includes a shuttle housing disposed within the throttle housing. The shuttle housing has a first end cap at a first end and an orifice array therethrough. The shuttle housing comprises a shuttle housing therein. The shuttle has an opened... Agent:

20140224344 - Gas/liquid two-phase flow state controlling device and gas/liquid two-phase flow state controlling method: A flow state controlling device controls, to a specified flow state, fluid of a gas/liquid two-phase flow that flows through a flow path. The flow state controlling device includes a pressure acquiring portion that acquires pressure information relating to pressure of the fluid, a mass velocity acquiring portion that acquires... Agent: Azbil Corporation

20140224342 - Multi-path multi-stage erosion-resistant valve for downhole flow control: A flow control valve for use in oil well bore holes is described. The flow control valve includes a plurality of flow paths connected in parallel. The flow control valve operates by successively opening different flow paths, starting with a flow path that requires a reduced force to operate its... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140224346 - Apparatus and methods to couple fuel components to a fuel tank: Fuel tank apparatus and related methods are described. An example method includes placing a first end of a flexible coupling through an access opening formed on a wall of a fuel tank and into a first end of a guide positioned in a cavity of the fuel tank; feeding the... Agent:

20140224345 - Methods and apparatus to couple components to a fuel tank: Apparatus and methods to couple fuel components to a fuel tank are described. An example method includes forming a guide within a cavity of a fuel tank, positioning a carrier on the guide, and sliding the carrier along the guide.... Agent:

20140224347 - Positionable outlet for a water monitor: A water monitor includes a stationary portion having a fluid inlet. A movable portion has a first piece rotatably coupled to the stationary portion and a second piece rotatably coupled to the first piece. The first piece has a first sleeve and an opposing second sleeve configured to rotatably couple... Agent: Akron Brass Company

20140224348 - Diaphragm valve housing and method for producing a diaphragm valve housing: A diaphragm valve having at least two axially extending fluid passageways, which are aligned with each other and which extend towards each other, and a separation wall between the fluid passageways provides for the separation wall, if viewed in the longitudinal sectional view, to have a flatter and a steeper... Agent: Buerkert Werke Gmbh

20140224349 - Microfluidic valve: Microfluidic devices and in particular microfluidic devices incorporating a valve for selectively controlling the flow of a fluid within the microfluidic device are described. Specific examples of a microfluidic device are described, comprising a sacrificial valve, desirably one that is dissolvable on contact with a fluid or that is configured... Agent: Dublin City University

20140224350 - Water shut off device: The present invention detects the presence of occupancy or activity in one or more locations of a building and remotely takes action to shut off the flow of water by keeping the main shutoff valve to the building closed when no activity or occupancy has been detected for a predetermined... Agent:

20140224351 - Valve assembly: The valve assembly employs a remotely located button to open normally closed solenoid valves in the cold water line and hot water line via an electronic control module. In response to a second signal from the button, the control module causes the solenoid valves to close. A metering valve senses... Agent:

20140224352 - Valve assembly for a central tire inflation system: A valve assembly for a central tire inflation system is provided. The valve assembly includes a first housing having a first port connected to a second port via a cavity. The second port is in fluid communication with a wheel assembly. A biasing member is disposed in the cavity adjacent... Agent:

20140224353 - Valve mounting adaptor: A mounting adaptor for a valve actuator includes a driver aperture configured to receive a valve actuator driver. The mounting adaptor further includes a plurality of mounting posts configured to engage a thermal riser or a valve attachment pad. The mounting adaptor includes a first set of apertures configured to... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20140224354 - Drain: An improved drain comprising a drain fitting, an extension having an exterior height, a squash plate, and a gasket. Said extension attaching to a drain pipe of a drain. Said drain fitting between a floor and a drain pan of said drain. Said gasket sealing between said extension and said... Agent:

20140224355 - Residual pressure release valve: A flow-through condition of a pressure fluid between first through third ports formed in a body of a residual pressure release valve is switched by a valve plug of a valve mechanism. Between an operating unit for driving the valve mechanism and the body, a converter is disposed for converting... Agent: Smc Kabushiki Kaisha

20140224356 - Port closure system for use with a probe/feed/drain tool: A port closure system (20) including a retention structure (22), and a valve (24). The retention structure (22) includes a port (28) for establishing communication between an exterior environment (30) and interior volume (32) that can receive a fluent substance. The valve (24) includes a flexible, resilient, self-closing, slit-type valve... Agent: Aptargroup, Inc.

20140224357 - Soil classifier: A lightweight soil classifier consisting of a singular motor, a fully articulated flexible Vierendeel frame motor mount platform and conical basket lid weldment for the self-aligning and centering of a rotating shaft through a cylindrical screened classifier basket containing classified media, with an impervious conical bottom and a cylindrical bearing... Agent:

20140224358 - Access port seal: An apparatus for sealing an opening in an insulated covering comprises a waterproof body locatable within the opening, the body having a periphery therearound and a groove located within the periphery, the groove being sized and shaped to closely and sealably receive an edge of the opening therein and a... Agent:

20140224359 - Universal wet/dry transfer pump: The present invention is a universal wet/dry transfer pump having an intake hose and a t-joint. The intake hose is fluidly connected to the t-joint. A first check valve is positioned within the intake hose. A bellowed pump handle is fluidly connected to the t-joint. A separator hose is provided... Agent:

20140224360 - Submersible suction box: A submersible suction arrangement for providing paint sludge removal from one or more contaminant tanks in an automotive paint line systems. The contaminant tank is filled with a liquid mixture and includes a horizontal plane defined by the walls of the contaminant tank. The contaminant tank also has a total... Agent:

20140224361 - Control valve unit for a liquid circuit: A control valve unit for a liquid circuit of an internal combustion engine, includes a valve housing (1) having at least one inlet opening (2) or outlet opening (2′) and at least two outlet openings (31, 32, 33) or inlet openings (31′, 32′, 33′) and at least two closing elements... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20140224362 - Connecting structure of a faucet body and a control valve: A connecting structure of a faucet body and a control valve contains a faucet body, a fixing cylinder, a guiding seat, a control valve, and an outlet pipe. The faucet body includes a first segment, a second segment, a positioning rim, and a receiving space. The fixing cylinder is fitted... Agent:

20140224363 - Control disk for a mixer faucet: A control disk for a control set of a sanitary mixing faucet, in each case with at least one through passage for cold water and hot water and an outlet for the mixed water and at least one through passage has a cross section that becomes smaller in the circumferential... Agent: Grohe Ag

20140224364 - Diaphragm valve: A diaphragm valve for fluid control includes a valve housing having a valve chamber, into which at least three passageways open. The the passageways have associated therewith valve seats provided in the valve housing. Further, the diaphragm valve for fluid control includes a diaphragm having various diaphragm sections that can... Agent: Buerkert Werke Gmbh

20140224365 - Double valve constructed from unitary single valves: A double valve includes a first unitary valve assembly and a second unitary valve assembly. Each unitary valve assembly includes a first outlet port, a second outlet port, and a spool. A first pilot assembly and a second pilot assembly are coupled to the first unitary valve assembly and the... Agent: Ross Operating Valve Company

08/07/2014 > 31 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140216556 - Check valves, systems and methods of operation of same: A system and a method for actuating a sealing element (101) of a check valve (100) are shown wherein the sealing element (101) is forced to a non-sealing position corresponding to an opening degree of the valve (100) equal to or higher than a first predefined opening degree when the... Agent: Pentair Valves & Controls Italia S.r.l

20140216557 - Connecting device with a clamping device for connecting to an arrangement for closing flow paths and monitoring the status of the clamping device and method for same: The present invention relates to a connecting device for connecting an external function device to an arrangement and for cutting off flow paths by accommodating a clamping device, wherein a pressure-measuring unit and/or a length-measuring unit is adjusted for detecting a clamping force and/or a distance such that it is... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20140216559 - Droplet actuator with local variation in gap height to assist in droplet splitting and merging operations: The present invention is directed to droplet actuators with local variation in gap height and methods of their use to facilitate droplet splitting and merging operations. The droplet actuators have increased gap-height regions that track droplet transport paths such that droplets can be transported along the paths with reduced risk... Agent: Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc.

20140216558 - Water inlet arrangement: The invention relates to a water inlet arrangement for the use in fish tanks in aquaculture, including a pipe to feed water into the tank, the pipe having a plurality of openings and, for a better adjustment of the flow, a surrounding second element having a plurality of openings and/or... Agent:

20140216560 - Fluid flow measurement and control: In accordance with one embodiment, a controller in a fluid delivery system controls magnitudes of pressure in a first volume and a second volume. The first volume is of a known magnitude. The second volume is of an unknown magnitude and varies. The controller estimates a temperature of gas in... Agent:

20140216561 - Vapor pressure lowering agent for seal water in drain trap, method for preventing seal breakage in drain trap by using vapor pressure lowering: The water vapor pressure lowering agent includes urea, a surfactant, purified glycerol, and water or alkaline reducing water, and the purified glycerol is obtained by purifying waste glycerol containing ethanol, an oil or fat, water, and a carbide by distillation. In a method for preventing seal breakage in a drain... Agent:

20140216562 - Portable air pump apparatus and method: A portable air pump apparatus and method that includes an elongated elongated cylinder portion having a first air channel for transporting compressed air, and an air discharge portion having a connection head, a finger or thumb grip portion, a rotatable thumb-lock lever, and a second air channel extending vertically therethrough... Agent:

20140216563 - Capless refueling system cleaning using engine vacuum: Methods and systems for cleaning a capless refueling system in a vehicle are disclosed. In one example approach, a method comprises, in response to a leak detected following a refueling event, cleaning the capless refueling system using engine vacuum.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140216568 - Valve access conduit assembly and method of installing the assembly: The combination of an underground valve, for a supply line and having an underground actuator through which a state of the valve can be changed to control flow within the supply line, and a conduit assembly defining an access passage through which above ground access can be gained to the... Agent: Argonics, Inc.

20140216564 - Valve, pipe and pipe component repair: In some implementations, an injection system that injects sealant into a pipe, pressure component or valve while containing the pipe, pressure component or valve repair that significantly reduces or eliminates release of hazardous material from inside the pipe, pressure component valve or injection system and thus significantly reduces emission of... Agent: Forge Tech, Inc.

20140216565 - Valve, pipe and pipe component repair: In some implementations, an injection system that injects sealant into a pipe, pressure component or valve while containing the pipe, pressure component or valve repair that significantly reduces or eliminates release of hazardous material from inside the pipe, pressure component valve or injection system and thus significantly reduces emission of... Agent: Forge Tech, Inc.

20140216566 - Valve, pipe and pipe component repair: In some implementations, an injection system that injects sealant into a pipe, pressure component or valve while containing the pipe, pressure component or valve repair that significantly reduces or eliminates release of hazardous material from inside the pipe, pressure component valve or injection system and thus significantly reduces emission of... Agent: Forge Tech, Inc.

20140216567 - Valve, pipe and pipe component repair: In some implementations, an injection system that injects sealant into a pipe, pressure component or valve while containing the pipe, pressure component or valve repair that significantly reduces or eliminates release of hazardous material from inside the pipe, pressure component valve or injection system and thus significantly reduces emission of... Agent: Forge Tech, Inc.

20140216569 - Gas beaker: A gas breaker includes a case with a chamber defined therein. The case includes an inlet path and an outlet path which is located corresponding to the inlet path. A board is pivotably located in the chamber and has a sealing member on the first end thereof for sealing the... Agent:

20140216570 - Inflation apparatus having integral check valve: An inflation device system incorporates and internal valve. The incorporation of an internal valve allows for more precise application and measurement of gas pressure with in an object to which the inflation device is inserted. The valve may be a Schrader valve.... Agent:

20140216571 - Valve access conduit assembly and method of installing the assembly: The combination of: a) an underground valve for a supply line and having an underground actuator through which the state of the valve can be changed to control flow within the supply line; and b) a conduit assembly embedded in ground material and defining an access passage through which above... Agent: Argonics, Inc.

20140216572 - Microvalve with integrated flow sensing capability: A system for controlling the flow of a fluid from a source to a load includes a source. An on/off type of control valve communicates with the source. A micro-electric mechanical system communicates with the on/off type of control valve. A consuming device communicates with the micro-electric mechanical system. An... Agent: Zhejiang Dunan Hetian Metal Co., Ltd.

20140216573 - Check valve: A check valve includes a casing including a positive pressure valve seat, a positive pressure valve urged by a positive pressure valve spring and including a negative pressure valve seat, and a negative pressure valve assembled to the positive pressure valve and urged by a negative pressure valve spring, where... Agent:

20140216574 - Relief valve: A relief valve includes a valve element and a seal lip. The valve element is configured to open and close a hole, which communicates with a pressure chamber, according to a pressure in the pressure chamber into which fluid is introduced. The seal lip is in an annular shape and... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140216575 - Check valve: To provide a check valve which can be used even under a high temperature condition by overcoming a drawback “valve element sticking to sealing member” associated with high temperature use while enhancing heat resistance. An opening of a fluid path formed in a first body is brought into a closed... Agent: Fujikin Incorporated

20140216576 - Gas lock device and extreme ultraviolet light generation apparatus: A gas lock device may include a chamber having a passage section and a connection hole that connects a surface to the passage section, an optical element that is attached to the chamber and seals the passage section, a gas supply apparatus, and a pipe that is attached at one... Agent: Gigaphoton Inc.

20140216577 - Gas release device for coating process: A gas release device is formed of two plates combined together. Each of the plates includes an intake groove. Each of the intake grooves is linked with a first distribution groove. Each of the first distribution grooves is linked with two second distribution grooves. Each of the second distribution grooves... Agent: Adpv Technology Limited

20140216578 - Compressed air supply apparatus: A compressed air supply apparatus includes a control unit configured to operate an air compressor when a measurement value of the pressure measurement unit reaches a first pressure or less, and configured to stop the air compressor when the measurement value reaches a second pressure higher than the first pressure,... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140216579 - System for emulsion aspiration: System, including apparatus and methods, for aspirating at least a portion of an emulsion from a well using a tip. In some embodiments, the tip may have a flat end and an inlet surrounded by the flat end. The well may have a floor with one or more surface features... Agent: Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

20140216580 - Hydraulic steering and method for detecting a valve position: The invention concerns a hydraulic steering (1) comprising a supply connection arrangement, a steering motor (2), a high pressure supply (P), and a steering unit (3) arranged between the supply connection arrangement (S) and the steering motor (2), the supply connection arrangement comprising a steering valve (9), and a valve... Agent:

20140216581 - Gas valve unit: A gas valve unit includes a plurality of individually actuatable throttle sections which are arranged in parallel relation for setting a throughflow rate of a gas volumetric flow that is fed to a gas burner of a gas appliance. Each throttle section has a plurality of throttle points which are... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausger&#xe4 Te Gmbh

20140216582 - Apparatus for diverting fluid flow path: An apparatus for diverting a fluid flow path automatically diverts a fluid flow path in accordance with inclining of a main body, and includes two or more selectable fluid flow paths through which an external air stream is drawn, a fixed fluid flow path to be selectively connected to one... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140216583 - Water drain accelerating device: A water drain accelerating device has a base with a discharge port connected to a flush way assembled inside a water tank. An overflow hole is connected to the discharge port. An overflow pipe is plugged to the base. The bottom of the overflow pipe is connected to the overflow... Agent: Xiamen R&t Plumbing Technology Co., Ltd.

20140216584 - Fluid flow control valve: The invention provides a fluid flow control valve (1) comprising a cylindrical inlet chamber (2) having a fluid inlet aperture (3) and a coaxial waisted cylindrical outlet chamber (4) having a fluid outlet aperture (5), said inlet chamber containing a coaxial cylindrical cage (6) opening into said outlet chamber and... Agent: Typhonix As

20140216585 - Gas injection apparatus and substrate process chamber incorporating same: Methods and apparatus for mixing and delivery of process gases are provided herein. In some embodiments, a gas injection apparatus includes an elongate top plenum comprising a first gas inlet; an elongate bottom plenum disposed beneath and supporting the top plenum, the bottom plenum comprising a second gas inlet; a... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140216586 - Powder processing apparatus and powder processing method: A processing space is provided in a reaction container. One gas inlet port is provided at the lower end of the reaction container. A distribution plate is attached to the one gas inlet port. Another gas inlet port is provided at a lower side surface of the reaction container. Powder... Agent: Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd.

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