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Fluid handling

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05/21/2015 > 30 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150136235 - Electronic and manual backup flow control systems: In various embodiments, an electronic flow selector of a fluid flow control system may be used to select a flow rate of a fluid. When the system is in an electronic mode, an encoder may electronically encode the fluid flow selection. A controller may receive the electronically encoded flow selection... Agent: Mindray Ds Usa, Inc.

20150136234 - Pipeline leakage protection vault system: A pipeline leakage protection vault system includes a plurality of leakage protection vault modules and a central control unit adapted to be communicably configured to each other. Each module includes a retrofittable configuration adapted to include sub-modules coupled around the pipeline. Each sub-module includes a protective casing, spacer rings and... Agent:

20150136236 - Method of operating a valve: Method of operating a valve (1) which connects openings (2, 3) of at least two chambers (4, 5) to one another and, for closing the openings (2, 3) of each of the chambers (4, 5), has at least one dedicated closure member (6, 7), wherein for opening one of the... Agent: Vat Holding Ag

20150136237 - Container and liquid collection methods: A method for permitting the removal of a canister of fluid from a source of fluid is provided that includes loosening a canister of fluid from a source of fluid to expose a connection between the two, providing a form fitting non-permeable bag for collecting where the bag includes means... Agent:

20150136238 - Conduit connection apparatus with purge gas: An apparatus connects first and second conduits that convey a flow of gas. The apparatus includes a first flange element fixed to the first conduit, and a second flange element fixed to the second conduit. The flange elements are coupled together to permit fluid communication in an internal environment between... Agent: Hatch Ltd.

20150136239 - Methods and apparatus for conserving electronic device manufacturing resources: A method for operating an electronic device manufacturing system is provided that includes introducing an inert gas into a process tool vacuum pump at a first flow rate while the process tool is operating in a process mode; and introducing the inert gas into the process tool vacuum pump at... Agent:

20150136240 - Method for cleaning the piping of a pneumatic materials handling system, and a cleaning apparatus, and a system: Method for cleaning the conveying pipe of a pneumatic material conveying system, such as of a waste conveying system, and/or for conveying material that is in the piping, in which method at least one cleaning member is fed into a conveying pipe, and a pressure difference is achieved in the... Agent: Maricap Oy

20150136241 - Liquid storage and delivery system: A liquid storage and delivery system includes a reservoir and a storage container. The storage container has a main body with a hollow interior, and is configured to hold a reserve volume of the water. The main body has an upper wall and a lower wall. The hollow interior is... Agent:

20150136242 - Quantitative liquid discharge device capable of discharging liquid in container at present liquid level: Disclosed is a quantitative liquid discharge device capable of discharging liquid in a container at a preset liquid level. The device comprises a liquid discharge pipe, an outer sleeve and a liquid level control rod. The liquid discharge pipe is provided with a full-discharge liquid discharge port and at least... Agent: Shenzhen Xingrisheng Industrial Co., Ltd.

20150136243 - Water knock out bottle and process for making the same: Apparatus for stopping fluid flow when liquid is present in the fluid flow. The apparatus generally includes two parts, an internal structure with a float valve, and an external tank. The internal structure includes a plurality of fluid entry holes positioned, sized, and numbered relative to a drain hole. The... Agent:

20150136244 - Wheel module comprising an elastically deformable inflation valve for a tyre pressure monitoring system: A wheel module for a tire pressure monitoring system includes an inflation valve of the “snap-in” type and an electronic casing fixed thereto in a reversible manner. This valve is produced from a resiliently deformable material and includes a valve body and a metal conduit extending therethrough for introducing inflation... Agent:

20150136245 - Waterway adapter with multi-angle adjustment: A waterway adapter with multi-angle adjustment includes a rotary joint, a connector, a rotating shaft, a turning block, an upper arm, and a position unit. A lifting rod rotates around the connector to adjust the distance from the wall. An upper-arm rotates around the rotating shaft and a shower head... Agent:

20150136246 - Flood water removal system: Flood water removal systems including a motor, a vacuum generating device, a discharge pump, and a vacuum tank can be efficiently arranged to be transversely mounted to a vehicle. Certain flood water removal systems can include a supercharger driven by the engine to generate vacuum. The systems can include a... Agent:

20150136247 - System and method to monitor characteristics of an operating fluid in a process line: A system that provides localized monitoring of characteristics of instrument gas that a valve assembly uses to modulate the flow of a working fluid. The system includes components that generate an output in response to, for example, particulates, humidity, temperature, and other characteristics of the instrument gas. Processing of data... Agent: Dresser, Inc.

20150136248 - Flow control system with build-down system flow monitoring: To provide a flow control system with build-down system flow monitoring that realizes flow monitoring close to real-time monitoring by combining build-down system flow rate measurement with the upstream side of the flow control system without using a thermal type flow sensor by effectively utilizing high pressure fluctuation resistance characteristics... Agent: Fujikin Incorporated

20150136249 - Valve for ventilation of a tank: A tank ventilation valve has a housing (21), a closing member (4), a sealing seat (5) and a first space (17). A second space (18) is connected to the first space (17) via a control opening (19) that surrounds the sealing seat (5). A spring (6) pretensions the closing member... Agent:

20150136250 - Dirt discharge structure and container with the dirt discharge structure: The present invention relates to a dirt discharge structure, comprising: a base including a slanted plate extending inwardly from a peripheral edge of a top of the base toward a bottom of the base, an arcuate plate extending inwardly from an inner peripheral edge of the slanted plate toward the... Agent:

20150136252 - Handheld work apparatus having a pump, said pump and pump bellows therefor: A handheld work apparatus has a fuel supply system and a pump for delivering fuel from the fuel supply system. The pump has an elastic pump bellows which can be actuated by the operator. The pump bellows has a fastening section at which the pump bellows is fastened to a... Agent:

20150136251 - Hydraulic control assembly: A hydraulic control assembly for a plurality of consumers includes, for each consumer, a supply metering orifice configured to control fluid flow. A flow-sensing fluid-flow-path extends over detection orifices positioned hydraulically in series, whereby a detection orifice is assigned to each supply metering orifice. The fluid-flow-path is connected to a... Agent:

20150136253 - Hydraulic control circuit for drive line: A hydraulic control circuit for a drive line includes first and second switching valves and first and second solenoid valves. Each switching valve is alternatively switched by a switching hydraulic pressure to connect any two of three ports. The first port of the first switching valve is connected to a... Agent:

20150136254 - Fluid circulation valve: The invention relates to a fluid circulation valve comprising a body (2) through which said fluid can pass, and a first and second shutoff means (3, 3′), arranged in series, in the direction of flow of the fluid, in said body and each able, by rotation of said means (3,... Agent: Valeo Systemes De Controle Moteur

20150136256 - Fluid collection device: A fluid collection device for withdrawing a fluid from an object includes a chamber having a plurality of apertures and an opening for flow of the fluid. A tube is positioned in fluid communication with the opening of the chamber for withdrawing fluid out of the chamber. At least one... Agent:

20150136255 - Pipe having slits: A pipe is disclosed. The pipe may comprise an inner wall, an outer wall coupled to the inner wall and including a plurality of corrugation crests and a plurality of corrugation valleys, and a plurality of slits positioned within the corrugation valleys, wherein the slits may be evenly spaced relative... Agent: Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.

20150136257 - Control valve structure for a faucet: A control valve structure for a faucet contains two controlling valves, each including: a fitting sleeve having a receiving space, an inlet, a sealing element, and at least one first seal ring, between the at least one first seal ring and the fitting sleeve being defined a plurality of outlets;... Agent:

20150136258 - Spool assembly and a valve comprising the same: A spool assembly includes an mounting base, having a upper mounting section and a lower mounting section arranged in axial direction; a first outlet, disposed between the upper mounting section and the lower mounting section; a stationary member, mounted on the lower mounting section, and having a stationary member diversion... Agent: Guangzhou Seagull Kitchen And Bath Products Co., Ltd.

20150136259 - Valve for controlling a flow of fluid, including a rotary closure means: The valve comprises: a body (2) through which the fluid flows; and a controllable rotary closure means (3) disposed in the body, which can be rotated in relation to the body in order to occupy different angular positions. Advantageously, the body (2) comprises an inner cylindrical housing (4) having a... Agent: Valeo Systemes De Controle Moteur

20150136260 - Electronic expansion valve: An electronic expansion valve includes a drive component including a screw rod which reciprocates axially and a nut which cooperates with the screw rod by screw threads, and a lower end of the screw rod forms the valve needle component. A sleeve is fixed in the main valve cavity, an... Agent: Zhejiang Sanhua Co., Ltd.

20150136261 - Apparatus for creating a swirling flow of fluid: An apparatus for creating a swirling flow of fluid comprises a transmission base (1) with an internal cavity (2) to receive the fluid flow from outside via a side hole (3) which will become a hole side edge (4) to control the flow through of the fluid into the transmission... Agent:

20150136262 - Electronically-controlled pressure regulator system for poultry drinker lines: An electrically-controlled water pressure regulator for use with a poultry watering system receives potable water at a first high pressure level and reduces the water pressure level of the water provided to watering valves that dispense water to the flock within a poultry house. A variable control valve uses a... Agent:

20150136263 - Sawing of hard granites: The invention relates to the use of sodium bentonite as a fluid bed that supports the grit and debris resulting from sawing. The invention also relates to the use of vibrating tables for separating the debris resulting from bentonite sawing. The invention describes a special centrifuge for concentrating the bentonite... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 34 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20150129040 - Apparatus for mixing a first stream and a second stream of a flow medium: An apparatus is disclosed for mixing a first stream of a flow medium and a second stream of the flow medium, a temperature of the first and second streams being different. In an embodiment, the apparatus includes at least one mixing apparatus configured as a blade-free fan, including at least... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150129039 - Beverage maker with capacitance fluid level sensor: A beverage maker comprises a reservoir for holding a variable volume of a fluid, a pump or hot water generator for pumping the fluid out of the reservoir, a fluid-level sensor, and a controller operatively connected to the pump and the sensor. The controller is configured for determining, in conjunction... Agent: Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc.

20150129041 - Inoculum transfer system: A cap for a vessel has a first side and a second side opposite the first side. A first fluid passageway extends from the first side to the second side through the cap; and a second fluid passageway also extends from the first side to the second side through the... Agent:

20150129042 - Spring biased retractable hoses: An extendable and retractable pressure hose can be constructed comprising an input connector, an output connector, an elastic inner hose, an outer cover, and one or more portions of the elastic inner hose engaged with the outer cover and disposed between the first and second ends of the hose. In... Agent:

20150129043 - Valves with multi-directional ball check: A valve with a valve body in which is rotatably mounted a valve member, the valve member having therein a ball check for selectively preventing fluid flow through the valve. This abstract is provided to comply with the rules requiring an abstract which will allow a searcher or other reader... Agent:

20150129044 - Mechanisms for processing wafer: Embodiments of mechanisms for processing a wafer are provided. A method for processing a wafer includes creating an exhaust flow in a fluid conduit assembly that is connected to a process module used for processing the wafer. The method also includes detecting the exhaust pressure in the fluid conduit assembly.... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150129046 - Method for operating a tank device, and corresponding tank device: In a method for operating a tank device of a motor vehicle, with the tank device having a tank and a tank ventilation device with at least one switching valve, an excitation current can be applied to the switching valve, and the switching valve opens only when the excitation current... Agent: Audi Ag

20150129047 - Powder and deposition control in throttle valves: Powder and deposition control in a throttle valve includes nozzle inserts in the valve body that form annular plenums and annular nozzles for injecting annular flows of cleaning gas adjacent to the inside wall surface of the valve body for cleaning powders and depositions off surfaces in the valve body... Agent: Mks Instruments, Inc.

20150129045 - Nacelle inlet configuration: A nacelle inlet is provided for a turbo-fan engine for an aircraft. The nacelle inlet includes a lip skin having first and second pad-ups, an inner barrel including a forward flange and a bulkhead. The bulkhead, the lip skin and the inner barrel are attached together at mating surfaces. The... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150129048 - Directional insertion tool: A device and method for inserting a tool into a pipeline transporting a fluid. The device includes a housing that is attachable to a vertical fitting applied on the pipeline, and a launch tube supported by the housing and including a tool passageway through which a tool is fed. The... Agent:

20150129049 - Systems and methods for detection and quantification of analytes: Devices, systems, and methods for detecting molecules of interest within a collected sample are described herein. In certain embodiments, self-contained sample analysis systems are disclosed, which include a reusable reader component, a disposable cartridge component, and a disposable sample collection component. In some embodiments, the reader component communicates with a... Agent:

20150129050 - Auto flow steam trap: An auto flow steam trap has a hollow main casing having an inlet channel and an outlet channel, a float assembly mounted in the main casing, and a non-return valve assembly. With the non-return valve assembly mounted in the outlet channel of the main casing, the auto flow steam trap... Agent:

20150129051 - Vent valve: The present invention relates to a vent valve with a vent opening for venting a liquid tank in a motor vehicle, with a float in a float chamber for closing the vent opening; and a plurality of guide ribs for guiding the float in the float chamber, which guide ribs... Agent: Veritas Ag

20150129052 - Freeze proof sanitary yard hydrant: A yard hydrant, including a discharge nozzle above ground level, connects to other vertically reciprocal working parts in the ground below the frost line. A water storage chamber, disposed below the frost line, is formed in part by a deformable diaphragm. Residual water in the hydrant, when the hydrant is... Agent: Merrill Manufacturing Company

20150129053 - Automatic drainage device with a level controller: An automatic drainage device with a level controller is provided with a tank, a level detection member 3, an isolation layer, and a control unit. The tank has a water storage space. The level detection member is fixed to the tank and includes a fixing portion to be fixed to... Agent:

20150129054 - Hydraulic control valve assembly and control system for water supply networks: A modular hydraulic control valve assembly for use in a pilot-operated hydraulic control system comprises, in one embodiment, a control valve including a valve body defining a main flow passage from an inlet on a high pressure side of the control valve to an outlet on a low pressure side... Agent: Avk Holding A/s

20150129055 - Smart actuator for valve: A system and method of monitoring and controlling the open and close states of a manifold diaphragm type valve includes using an actuator mechanism with feedback control. A pressure transducer and/or force gauge located on the contact end of the actuator mechanism monitors the pressure and/or force applied to the... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20150129056 - Low pressure seal for valve: A valve assembly includes a valve with an annular seal installed therein. The annular seal includes an inner sealing member formed with an annular channel with an open end that faces downwards. The inner sealing member and the annular channel define an annular flap with an outer wall, which is... Agent:

20150129057 - Static back pressure regulator: The invention generally provides a static back pressure regulator. In exemplary embodiments, the static back pressure regulator includes a seat that defines part of a fluid pathway, a poppet, a spring arranged to bias the poppet toward the seat to restrict fluid flow through the fluid pathway, and a calibration... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20150129058 - Drainage device for wall-mounted washing machine: A drainage device for a wall-mounted washing machine includes a drain housing having an inlet at an upper side of a body, a valve wall in the body, a drain and a cap receiver at a lower side of the body opposite to the inlet relative to the valve wall,... Agent: Dongbu Daewoo Electronics Corporation

20150129059 - Valve apparatus: A valve apparatus includes a sleeve which is a hollowed tubular shape, a valve member which is disposed in the sleeve, and a filter. The sleeve includes a ring-shaped groove in an outer wall of the sleeve and a port penetrating the sleeve from a bottom surface of the ring-shaped... Agent:

20150129060 - Universal capacitance-type touch inductive switch assembly for faucet: The present invention relates to a universal capacitance-type touch inductive switch assembly for a faucet, comprising: an adjustable locking component, which is formed by a conductive metallic material and is locked to a faucet spout; a control circuit board, which is provided with a capacitance-type touch unit, wherein touch electrodes... Agent: Zhuhai Edison Ecotech Corporation Co., Ltd.

20150129062 - Valve position translator: Apparatus for determining whether a valve is fully opened or closed. In one embodiment a valve position translator includes a cam tube and a rod. The cam tube has a cylindrical wall. A first slot in the wall is disposed along a radial arc of the tube. A second slot... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20150129061 - Valve with positive and negative status indicator: A valve is provided with multiple ports joining multiple fluid conduits leading between fluid sources and fluid destinations. A central hub manifold or other control element resides within a body supporting the ports, and can rotate relative to the valve body. Fluid flow paths within the central hub or other... Agent:

20150129063 - Overmolded plug and method: A cover of a fuel supply module is adapted to disable a flow path through a designated port. An element is press-fit into the designated port to plug the designated port, and thermoplastic material is molded over an interface defined between the element and the designated port.... Agent:

20150129064 - Fluid mixing system for pumping devices and methods for use with medical fluids: A fluid mixing system including an extending channel, at least two fluid inlet ports in fluid connection with the extending channel, at least one outlet port in fluid connection with the extending position between the two fluid inlet ports and a sealing member in sealing engagement with the extending channel... Agent:

20150129065 - Fluid-connecting element: A fluid-connecting element with a first receiving space with a first connecting element and a first displaceable valve element, and a second receiving space with a second connecting element and a second displaceable valve element. A fluid connection between the first receiving space and the first connecting element being interrupted... Agent: Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Germany Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150129067 - Electronic expansion valve: An electronic expansion valve is provided, a sleeve is fixed in a main valve cavity of the electronic expansion valve, and a valve core seat is axially movably provided in the sleeve; a circumferential side wall of the sleeve is provided with a sleeve flow passage, and a circumferential side... Agent: Zhejiang Sanhua Co., Ltd.

20150129066 - Control valve for a camshaft adjuster: A control valve (4) for controlling pressure medium flows of a camshaft adjuster which includes a substantially hollow cylindrical valve housing (6), a control piston (12), which is guided axially displaceably inside the valve housing (6), and a non-return valve (22) which can be hydraulically released. In a region of... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150129068 - Valves having segmented sleeves and internal seals: The present disclosure provides air-tight mechanical valves. In a general embodiment, the valves include a shaft and a segmented sleeve. The shaft includes a plurality of shaft ports distributed around a circumference of the shaft. The sleeve is configured to fit concentrically around the shaft and includes a body having... Agent:

20150129069 - Control valve for a camshaft adjuster: A control valve (4) for controlling pressure medium flows of a camshaft adjuster, which control valve includes a substantially hollow cylindrical control sleeve (6), which is disposed inside a casing (8), and a control piston (12) which is guided axially displaceably inside the control sleeve (6) against the spring force... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150129070 - Methods and apparatus to bias spool valves using supply pressure: Methods and apparatus to bias spool valves using supply pressure are disclosed. An example apparatus includes a housing of a spool valve, the housing including a first port to receive a fluid at a supply pressure. The example apparatus further includes a spool within the housing. A position of the... Agent:

20150129072 - Biasing force adjustment device, hydraulic control valve having the same, and method of manufacturing biasing force adjustment device: A biasing force adjustment device includes: a cylindrical component having a first thread part; a reciprocate component accommodated in the cylindrical component; a biasing portion that biases the reciprocate component in a first direction; and a biasing force adjustment component that adjusts a biasing force of the biasing portion. The... Agent:

20150129071 - Rotary shear valve with three-point stator seating: A rotary shear valve having three-point stator seating is provided. Three contact points are predetermined between a bottom of the stator and a valve body rim and three clamping pads may also be predetermined. The three clamping pads and the three points of contact between stator and the valve body... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

05/07/2015 > 26 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20150122337 - Space saving water draining system developed for use in sanitary installation products and comprising hidden overflow system: A draining system is disclosed for use in sanitary installation products such as basins, bathtubs and the like. The system has a hidden overflow system to save space. In the draining system the plug for collecting water in the sanitary installation is positioned above a waste water outlet for the... Agent: Eczacibasi Yapi Gere&#xc7 Leri Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi

20150122336 - Systems and methods for decreasing abrasive wear in a pipeline that is configured to transfer a slurry: Systems and methods for decreasing abrasive wear in a pipeline that is configured to transfer a slurry that includes a liquid and solid particles. The pipeline includes a pipe that defines a pipeline conduit and an energy dissipation layer that is within the pipeline conduit and through which a portion... Agent:

20150122338 - Automated method for simultaneous bubble detection and expulsion: A method and apparatus for detecting and removing air from a syringe containing a volume of liquid and a volume of gas is described. The method includes moving a piston in the syringe to expel gas through an orifice of the syringe, sensing a movement of the piston in the... Agent:

20150122339 - Variable area bypass nozzle: A gas turbine engine includes a first duct, a second duct, and a bladder. The bladder is disposed in the first duct and communicates with the second duct. A first gas flow is capable of passing through the first duct and a second gas flow is capable of passing through... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150122340 - Biased normally open check valve assembly: A biased normally open check valve assembly for facilitating Multiair® engine start-up after extended periods of non-use. The check valve is biased in an open position and allows for the ventilation of air out of the system so that the engine can start. The check valve also comprises a metering... Agent:

20150122341 - Engine cleaning process: A method of using a kit to clean an injection combustion engine while the engine is running comprising removing a vacuum hose attached to the engine, inserting a tube attached to a compartment containing a liquid cleaning chemical inside the hose, introducing the chemical into the engine's fuel system in... Agent:

20150122342 - Plumbing fitting assemblies: Plumbing fitting assemblies are described. The plumbing fitting assemblies use a male and female fitting combination that enables a user or installer to make a sealed connection on an internal diameter of a female part or receiving end by way of an o-ringed shank on a male part or insert... Agent:

20150122343 - Fill valves for toilets: A fill valve assembly for a toilet tank is described. The fill valve assembly includes a two part design. The fill valve assembly includes a fill valve that connects or engages with a shank. A connection between the fill valve and the shank is located in an interior of the... Agent:

20150122344 - Closure device: A closure device for a container of compressed gas, particularly a capsule having a water capacity in the range of 5 to 100 ml, comprises a shut-off valve 122 and a pressure-reducing valve 120, particularly a pressure regulating valve. The shut-off valve 122 is on the lower pressure side of... Agent:

20150122345 - Circulation pump assembly for a heating and/or cooling system: A circulation pump assembly for a heating and/or cooling system includes an electric drive motor (108) and a connected pump housing (106) in which at least one impeller (118) is situated and which comprises a first inlet (112) and a first outlet (114). The pump housing (106) includes a second... Agent:

20150122346 - Water flow controlling device for faucet: A water flow controlling device for a faucet includes a controlling mechanism having a housing and a casing disposed on a bottom wall and having compartment and chamber communicating with each other, a valve seat formed in the casing, a check valve device engaged in the casing for engaging with... Agent:

20150122347 - Liquid vapor separator drain valve: A liquid vapor separator drain valve includes an outer housing defining upper and lower chambers separated by a divider. An upper housing coupled to the outer housing partitions the upper chamber into inner and outer chambers and defines an upper port for communication with a carbon canister. The outer housing... Agent:

20150122348 - Snap -in valve for rubber wheels: Disclosed are valves for inflating the tires of rubber wheels, in particular of vehicles, where the term vehicles is intended as motor vehicles, trucks, motorcycles or in general road transport vehicles. More in detail, the a valve (1) of snap-in type for rubber wheels includes: a hollow valve body (2)... Agent:

20150122349 - Retarder control valve assembly and system for rail cars: A retarder control valve assembly and system for controlling speed of rail cars, utilizes cartridge valves carried in a manifold body including piping and pilot control apparatus, but no wearing surfaces, dynamic seals, or moving parts. The cartridge valves are replaceable without replumbing, and include all moving valve elements and... Agent:

20150122350 - Direct drive hose reel assembly: A hose reel assembly includes a spool having an inner spool core defining an inner core cavity on a support side of the hose reel assembly, an outer core defining an outer core cavity on a fluid path side of the hose reel assembly and a pair of opposed outer... Agent:

20150122351 - Control valve for installing on an internal combustion engine: A control valve for installation on an internal combustion engine includes a housing comprising an inlet and an outlet. A passage is arranged between the inlet and the outlet and is configured to connect the inlet with the outlet. A control body is configured to control the passage. The control... Agent: Pierburg Gmbh

20150122352 - Valve plug for pressure regulator: A valve plug comprising a cylindrical body having an annular flange with a top surface, a bottom surface, and a circumference is disclosed. The valve plug further comprises an annular recess disposed in the bottom surface of the flange, and a plurality of holes disposed in the top surface of... Agent:

20150122353 - Check valve and pumping system: A check valve (100) has a valve seat (20), and a valve disc (30) which closes the valve seat (20) in an openable/closable manner by linear reciprocating oscillation in the direction approaching or departing away from the valve seat (20), the check valve (100) being configured, as a lift-type check... Agent: Ishizaki Corporation

20150122354 - Automatically resettable pressure relief valve with manually resettable indicator system: A pressure relief valve for a pressurized fluid system in which a compression spring is used to seal a compression shaft in communication with a front bushing having a O-ring seal is provided. The relief valve automatically relieves overpressure conditions and automatically resets to a closed, leak proof after an... Agent:

20150122355 - Effluent containment device for cleaning fin fan coolers: An effluent container may include: a first sheet of material; a second sheet of material being attached to the first sheet of material so as to form a container, first and second liners are secured to the respective first and second sheets with securing sheets; at least one of either... Agent: The Blast Bag Company, Inc.

20150122356 - Spider diffuser system: A thermal energy storage installation including a thermal energy storage tank and a spider diffuser system mounted in said tank. The TES tank comprises an outer wall having a generally cylindrical inner surface surrounding a hollow internal space in the tank. The spider diffuser system comprises a centrally disposed manifold... Agent: The Crom Corporation

20150122357 - Gas dispersion apparatus: A gas dispersion apparatus for use with a process chamber, comprising: a quartz body having a top, a ring coupled to a bottom surface of the top and a bottom plate having dispersion holes coupled to the ring opposite the top; a plurality of quartz plates disposed between the top... Agent:

20150122358 - Valve for drinking container: Disclosed valves for drinking from a portable fluid container allow for manual actuation of the valve between an open configuration that permits fluid flow and a closed configuration that substantially prevents fluid flow. Disclosed valves comprise a valve housing having inner bore fluidly coupled to an inflow channel and an... Agent:

20150122359 - Coolant control valve apparatus: An engine cooling system compromises a main channel connecting an engine and a radiator, and a coolant control valve apparatus controlling a flow rate of coolant water in the main channel having a main rotary valve. The main valve includes a rotor and a casing that has an inner peripheral... Agent: Mikuni Corporation

20150122360 - Electronic expansion valve: An electronic expansion valve is provided, which includes a main valve cavity. A sleeve is fixed in the main valve cavity. A lower end part of the sleeve is supported by a valve seat, and the lower end part of the sleeve surrounds a main valve port. A valve core... Agent: Zhejiang Sanhua Co., Ltd.

20150122361 - Valve: A valve includes: a first chamber having a fuel supply opening configured to supply fuel for ignition; a second chamber adjacent to the first chamber, and having a fuel discharge opening from which the fuel is discharged; an opening/closing hole configured to communicate the first chamber with the second chamber;... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 37 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20150114474 - Automatic sensor control panel: A method for regulating water output from a faucet is presented. The method includes receiving an input at a plurality of sensors, transmitting a signal to a control unit in response to receiving the input, controlling, via the control unit, at least a temperature or volume of water in response... Agent:

20150114470 - Flow control device and the method for controlling the flow thereof: The flow control device is provided and the method for controlling the flow. A flow control device comprises: a body including a first end, opposite second end, a first flow channel and a second flow channel, a plug and a laminar flow layer accommodated in the second flow channel; a... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20150114472 - Polyamide composites containing graphene oxide sheets: Graphene oxide/polyamide compositions are provided, as are methods for making and using the compositions. The graphene oxide component of the compositions has a C:O ratio of between 3 and 20, and comprises 0.01% to 5.0% by weight of the composition. Typical polyamide components include specialty nylons such as PA-11 and... Agent:

20150114473 - Seawater transportation for utilization in hydrocarbon-related processes including existing pipeline infrastructures: Systems and methods for transporting seawater from a seawater source to an inland site for utilization as a drilling and/or fracturing fluid are disclosed. In an aspect, systems and methods are disclosed wherein seawater is extracted from an ocean at a coastal location and transported to an inland drilling and... Agent: Seawater Technologies, LLC

20150114471 - Valve lock: An improvement for a valve of a type having a stem assembly, a rigid bonnet, and a valve base comprised of a lock cavity formed in the bonnet and adapted to receive a lock mechanism therein, the lock mechanism including a locking pin that is positionable between a locked position... Agent:

20150114476 - Method and apparatus for adjusting operating parameters of a vacuum pump arrangement: A method for adjusting operating parameters of a vacuum pump arrangement includes determining characteristics of a gas flowing through the vacuum pump arrangement; and setting operating parameters of the vacuum pump arrangement based on the determined characteristics of the first gas. A controller can be configured to perform the method... Agent:

20150114475 - Single piece three-way elastomeric valve: A drainage component in fluid communication with the fluid supply line includes a drain channel leading to a drain, the drain channel having an inner wall and an outer wall. The inner wall has a sealing surface approximate a three-way elastomeric valve. The elastomeric valve includes a moveable first wall... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20150114477 - Aircraft fuel supply systems: A fuel supply system for an aircraft is provided for delivering in use fuel from a fuel tank to an aircraft powerplant. The in use fuel flows along a fuel flow passage from the fuel tank to the powerplant. A downstream pump is associated with the powerplant and configured to... Agent:

20150114478 - Bursting relief valve: The invention provides a method, apparatus and system capable of releasing excess pressure above a predetermined point by opening and closing repeatedly through the actuation of a moving element. The said moving element is capable of bursting in case of a rise in pressure above a secondary predetermined point. The... Agent:

20150114479 - Regulating device: A regulating device may include a housing that defines an inlet chamber and an outlet chamber, with a flow restriction seat between the inlet chamber and the outlet chamber. A flow restriction valve is movable relative to the flow restriction seat to adjust the flow between the inlet chamber and... Agent:

20150114480 - Volumetric metering unit: Method and device for metering a medium from at least one storage tank by a metering device, which has a piston pump, which defines a working chamber with a cylinder and a piston, wherein in a first method step a determined filling quantity of a medium is conveyed via an... Agent:

20150114481 - Inlet system having dual inlets: A method and apparatus for supplying air to a precooler. Air flow is created through a fan duct in an engine system. A first portion of the air flow is directed into a first inlet of an inlet system to feed a first half of the precooler. A second portion... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150114482 - Valve assembly: A valve assembly adapted to be used in an environment having an environment pressure includes a body having an end adapted to connect to a pipe having a first fluid line at a first pressure and a coaxial second fluid line at a second pressure. A primary passageway defined through... Agent:

20150114483 - Pressure stabilizing mechanism and hydraulic pump equipped therewith: The present invention relates to pressure stabilizing mechanism and to a hydraulic pump including the pressure stabilizing mechanism. The pressure stabilizing mechanism comprises a frame, a piston and a first and second seals. The frame defines a piston chamber, a lower-pressure circuit and a higher-pressure inlet. The piston chamber has... Agent: Ms Gregson

20150114484 - Ceramic balance valve structure: A ceramic balance valve structure includes a valve tube and a pressure regulating member each of which is made of ceramic material. The valve tube is formed with a through hole and two annular grooves. The pressure regulating member is slidably mounted in the through hole of the valve tube... Agent:

20150114485 - Installation system for valves: A valve installation system including a bracket and a wrench. The bracket has a bottom section from which left and right side sections extend perpendicularly. The left and right sections terminate with prongs defining a recess therebetween for receiving and supporting an arm of a valve when the valve is... Agent: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

20150114486 - Ammonia flow modulator to prevent moisture build-up: An ammonia flow modulator having a housing, a fluid passage, a first valve, preferably having a precision orifice, positioned within the passage, and an orientation which prevents fluid from pooling in the passage is disclosed and claimed. As an added feature, the device may include a heat source positioned within... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company, LLC

20150114487 - Shut-off valve with heating element, in particular for a rail vehicle: A shut-off valve includes a housing, a shut-off element which is held in the housing and at least one cutout into which a heating element can be inserted or is inserted.... Agent:

20150114488 - Integrated fluid reservoir structure and wheel liner splash shield: A fluid storage system for a vehicle includes a splash shield formed to at least partially define a wheel cavity of the vehicle. At least one reservoir structure is integral with the splash shield. The at least one reservoir structure includes an interior cavity defining a volume for storing fluid.... Agent:

20150114489 - Valve and construction machine with the same: A valve capable of restraining a valve element having a flow-path hole from unintentional rotation to close the valve is provided midway of a flow pipe, including the valve element and a holding member holding the valve element while permitting rotational movement thereof and having inlet and outlet ports. The... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd

20150114490 - Water management system: A preferred embodiment of the present invention is directed to a water management system. One aspect of a version of the invention comprises a manifold with separate lines running to separate appliances and fixtures. Each individual line detects leaks, alerts that a leak has occurred, shuts down only the leaking... Agent: Leakshield, LLC

20150114491 - Automatic flow control system and apparatus: A pilot valve assembly for use with a main valve apparatus coupled to a water pipe, includes a differential pilot valve apparatus, and first and second pilot valve apparatuses. An inlet of the differential pilot valve is coupled to a junction and an outlet is coupled to the first pilot... Agent: Singer Valve Inc.

20150114492 - Automatic flow control system and apparatus: A pilot valve assembly for use with a main valve apparatus coupled to a water pipe, includes a differential pilot valve apparatus, and first and second pilot valve apparatuses. An inlet of the differential pilot valve is coupled to a junction and an outlet is coupled to the first pilot... Agent: Singer Valve, Inc.

20150114493 - Safety valve to release excess pressure from portable gas container for prevention of explosion: The safety valve comprises: a safety valve housing with first and second diameter portions integrally formed in a cylindrical shape, the first and second diameter portions being different from each other in diameter; a shaft with a body, a top projection formed on a top of the body, a gas... Agent: Dae Ryuk Can Co., Ltd.

20150114494 - Recirculation block: A recirculation block includes a top face and a bottom face that are connected by a right side face, a left side face, a front face, and a rear face. The recirculation block further includes a pair of junction block entry ports and a pair of side block entry ports.... Agent:

20150114495 - Electronic expansion valve: An electronic expansion valve is provided, wherein a piston component and a valve needle component are located at the same side of a valve core seat. When refrigerant flows forwards, the piston component closes the bypass through hole, the refrigerant flows to a side of the vertical connecting pipe via... Agent: Zhejiang Sanhua Co., Ltd.

20150114496 - Three-port valve: A three-port valve that can be more accurately controlled using a simple structure. The three-port valve is provided with the following: a first elastic tube in which a liquid circulates; a first port which is a provision and discharge opening in the first elastic tube; a second elastic tube in... Agent: Tokyo Institute Of Technology

20150114497 - Hydraulic system of a transmission device with a lubrication circuit: A hydraulic system (1) of a transmission device (2) with a lubrication circuit (4), which is able to be supplied with hydraulic fluid downstream of a cooling device (18) for cooling and lubrication, is described. One part of the volume flow of hydraulic fluid led through the cooling device (18)... Agent:

20150114498 - Valve: A valve comprising a valve body with a fluid inlet, a fluid outlet, an inner cavity and an outer cavity at least partly surrounding the inner cavity. The outer cavity is in fluid communication with the fluid inlet and with the inner cavity and the inner cavity is in fluid... Agent:

20150114499 - Variable orifice type pressure-controlled flow controller: In a variable orifice type pressure-controlled flow controller that includes a pressure control unit and a variable orifice unit, computes a flow rate of a fluid distributed through an orifice of the variable orifice unit as QP1=KP1 (P1 is an orifice upstream side pressure and K is a constant), and... Agent:

20150114500 - Low - temperature conduit coupling: A conduit coupling for low temperature applications includes two coupling halves that are equipped with a poppet valve and a stem-actuated valve, respectively, so as to open during a coupling process. The stem-actuated valve has a piston that seals by way of a spreading lip seal.... Agent:

20150114501 - Rotary shear valve assembly with hard-on-hard seal surfaces: A multi-position rotary shear valve assembly having a substantially metallic or ceramic stator device and a substantially metallic or ceramic rotor device. The stator device defines a substantially planar stator face and at least two or more stator channels in fluid communication with the stator face at corresponding stator ports,... Agent:

20150114502 - Valve system for internal combustion engines: A valve system for an internal combustion engine includes a housing, a drive unit arranged in the housing, at least one valve unit, at least two gas inlet ducts, and a gas outlet duct. The at least one valve unit comprises at least one valve rod, at least one valve... Agent:

20150114503 - Adjustable fluid couplings and systems: An adjustable drainage coupling includes a housing comprising a first end, a second end, and an inner cavity positioned between the first end and the second end, the second end comprising a securing apparatus, and a drainage apparatus comprising an inlet pipe, an outlet pipe, and a pivoting body fluidly... Agent: Dc Fittings, LLC

20150114504 - Valves, devices, and methods for endobronchial therapy: Various valves, adapters, ventilator circuits, and methods are disclosed. In one or more embodiments, a valve includes a support that includes a plurality of apertures. The support includes a center and an outer edge. The plurality of flaps includes a flap for each aperture. Each flap has an end connected... Agent:

20150114506 - Capacitive liquid level sensor: A sensor for measuring a level of a liquid such as fuel and/or water in a tank such as a fuel tank. The sensor includes a stack of capacitors, each capacitor with one or more graphene measurement electrodes and one or more graphene reference electrodes. A measurement system is arranged... Agent:

20150114505 - Urea solution apparatus for vehicles: A urea solution apparatus for a vehicle may include a urea solution storage tank installed in a side of a lower part in a rear part of a car body, and a urea solution pipe configured to inject a urea solution into the urea solution storage tank, wherein the urea... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

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