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Fluid handling

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07/10/2014 > 17 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140190568 - Coolant activated rechargeable energy storage system drain plug: A battery pack with a drain plug. The drain plug includes a carrier defining a cavity internal to the carrier, an inlet disposed on a first surface of the carrier and an outlet disposed on a second surface of the carrier where the first surface and the second surface fluidly... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140190571 - System for and method of fast pulse gas delivery: A system for delivering pulses of a desired mass of gas to a tool, comprising: a mass flow controller including flow sensor, a control valve and a dedicated controller configured and arranged to receive a recipe of a sequence of steps for opening and closing the control valve so as... Agent: Mks Instruments, Inc.

20140190569 - Valve control mechanism and method: A valve controller includes a housing, and a lever extending from the housing. The lever includes a protrusion rigidly attached to the lever, and the lever is biased to an initial position. A switch has an open and a closed position. A linkage is pivotally connected to the switch, and... Agent: Kyphon Sarl

20140190570 - Vessel closures and methods for using and manufacturing same: Vessel closures having a variety of inserts for aseptically sealing vessels. The vessel closures have a body with one or more apertures, one or more inserts extending axially through the one or more apertures, and a cast seal surrounding the inserts. The cast seal is preferably east silicone. The vessel... Agent:

20140190572 - Connecting piece of a transport line: A tempered connecting piece is provided for transporting a viscous fluid, and includes an excess pressure release component, which separates the inside of the connecting piece from a discharge line and is fixed to an outer edge on the discharge line. The excess pressure release component is designed to release... Agent: Aurotec Gmbh

20140190573 - System and method for generating a change in pressure proportional to fluid viscocity: This disclosure relates to a system and method for generating a change in pressure proportional to fluid viscosity. In particular, the disclosure discusses a viscosity dependent pressure differential system. The system can comprise a first pilot stream, a second pilot stream, and a pressure sensing device that reads a differential... Agent:

20140190574 - Pig assembly and method for maintaining a functional line for conveying fluid: Disclosed is a pig assembly for maintaining a functional line for conveying fluid. In one aspect, the pig assembly includes a larger diameter pig having an internal compartment and at least one smaller diameter pig adapted to fit therein. The larger diameter pig is capable of passing through a larger... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140190575 - Valve including a device for immobilizing a journal, energy conversion installation/fluid distribution network including such a valve and method of demounting such a valve: This valve is integrated into a fluid distribution network and enables selective interruption or authorization of the circulation of a fluid. The valve includes a fluid blocking member driven in rotation by an actuator device of the valve and at least one journal, a hollow body inside which the blocking... Agent: Alstom Renewable Technologies

20140190576 - Horizontally-triggerable inflation connector: A horizontally-triggerable inflation connector includes a casing, a packing unit, and a pull bar. The packing unit is received in the casing. The pull bar is arranged outside the casing and coupled to the packing unit. The pull bar is horizontally and reciprocally movable between a released position and a... Agent: Beto Engineering And Marketing Co., Ltd.

20140190577 - Work vehicle: A work vehicle (1) includes an engine (11), a cooling device (12), first and second hoses (14, 15), first and second flanges (16a, 17a), and a third flange (18a). The third flange (18a) is arranged to overlap with the first and second flanges (16a, 17a) by extending in a region... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20140190578 - Fluid control valve and mass flow controller: In order to, in a short period of time, reduce to zero a measured flow rate value measured after fully closing a fluid control valve, the fluid control valve having a configuration suitable to decrease the inside volume of the fluid control valve is configured together with a valve element... Agent: Horiba Stec, Co., Ltd.

20140190579 - System for and method of monitoring flow through mass flow controllers in real time: A mass flow controller comprises: a first flow meter constructed and arranged to measured flow rate of mass through the mass flow controller; a second flow meter constructed and arranged to measure flow rate of mass through the mass flow controller; a control valve constructed and arranged so as to... Agent: Mks Instruments, Inc.

20140190580 - Pressure regulator for watering system: A water pressure regulator includes a sealing member and a body having a diaphragm assembly. The diaphragm assembly is positioned and secured within the body to define first and second chambers. The diaphragm assembly has a force acting thereon from within the second chamber. The first chamber defines first and... Agent:

20140190581 - Raw material gas supply apparatus for semiconductor manufacturing equipment: A raw material gas supply apparatus includes a liquid raw material gas supply source, a source tank storing liquid raw material, a gas distribution passage through which raw material gas comprising steam of the liquid raw material is supplied to a process chamber from the source tank, an automatic pressure... Agent: Fujikin Incorporated

20140190582 - Water diverter assembly for a water filter: A water diverter assembly is provided. The water diverter assembly includes a valve and a selecting mechanism. The selecting mechanism permits adjustment of the valve. Such adjustment can selectively direct a flow of filtered water or a flow of unfiltered water through the valve. The water diverter assembly also includes... Agent: General Electric Company

20140190583 - Replaceable circulating liquid supplementing device and liquid supplementing utensil having the same: The replaceable circulating liquid supplementing device comprising a guide pillar, a spring, a supplementing mat, a sealing ring, a liner and an external member matched with a container utensil, wherein the liner and the external member are fixedly assembled; the guide pillar is assembled in the liner; one end of... Agent:

20140190584 - Gate retention for an inductor box of an agricultural implement: An inductor box for an agricultural implement includes an inlet configured to receive agricultural product from a tank. The inductor box also includes a housing having a cavity therein. The cavity is configured to receive the agricultural product from the inlet. The inductor box includes a gate configured to be... Agent: Cnh America LLC

07/03/2014 > 45 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20140182688 - Compressor throttling valve assembly: A throttling valve assembly has an outer housing that is sealed. An actuator is connected to a pressure balanced shaft that extends into the housing to operate a plurality of linkages that can rotate blades in tandem. With the surrounding housing sealed, the shaft penetrations of the blade support shafts... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20140182686 - Continuous magnetic motion position indicator: A continuous magnetic motion position indicator detects the position of a clapper valve. The clapper valve comprises a valve body and, disposed within the valve body, a clapper and a valve stem. The continuous magnetic motion position indicator comprises: (a) a magnetic joint assembly comprising a first set of magnets... Agent:

20140182685 - Drain device for washing machine: A drain device for a washing machine includes a water storage unit connected to a tub and configured to receive wash water discharged from the tub; a drain pipe connected to the water storage unit and extending to an outside of a cabinet; and a supply pipe connected to the... Agent: Dongbu Daewoo Electronics Corporation

20140182683 - Exhaust flow modifier, duct intersection incorporating the same, and methods therefor: A duct intersection comprising a first duct portion and a second duct portion extending laterally from a side of the first duct portion. At least one flow modifier is mounted inside one of the first and second duct portions. The flow modifier is a contoured duct liner and/or the flow... Agent: Suncoke Technology And Development LLC.

20140182687 - Hybrid microfluidic assemblies: Embodiments of hybrid microfluidic assemblies comprise at least one microstructure that is formed of transparent material and is substantially free of non-transparent material and further comprise at least one microstructure that is formed of non-transparent material and is substantially free of transparent material.... Agent:

20140182682 - Mountable water spray shield: A mountable water spray shield device is shown herein. A rigid sheet attached to a rear insert section is placed by way of a mounting means attached to the undercarriage of a designated vehicle and within the area defined by the wheel well of the designated vehicle. Once placed within... Agent:

20140182684 - Refrigerant removal device and method: A refrigerant recovery system includes a recovery apparatus and a refrigerant recovery unit. The recovery apparatus includes a heat sink, a capture tank, and a hose. The capture tank is in thermal contact with the heat sink. The capture tank is configured to capture a first refrigerant from a refrigeration... Agent: Service Solutions U.s. LLC

20140182689 - Gas supply systems for substrate processing chambers and methods therefor: A gas supply subsystem for providing a set of process gases to a substrate processing chamber, the set of process gases being a subset of a plurality of process gases available to the substrate processing chamber. The gas supply subsystem has fewer multi-gas mass flow controllers than the number of... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20140182690 - Safety device for a fluid storage tank, related systems and methods: A safety device for a fluid storage tank having a first port for filling the tank with fuel oil and a second port for allowing airflow therethrough is disclosed. The safety device includes a tubular body having a first open end and a second open end connectable to the second... Agent:

20140182691 - Hot and cold water mixer: An electro-mechanical system for control of a standard, normally manually operable, cold and hot water mixing device; said system including a first actuator for control of a cold-hot water balance entering said mixing device and a second actuator for control of flow of mixed cold and hot water through said... Agent: Building Code Certifications Pty Ltd

20140182692 - Pressure type flow control system with flow monitoring: A pressure type flow control system with flow monitoring includes an inlet side passage, a control valve comprising a pressure-type flow control unit connected downstream of the inlet side passage, a thermal-type flow sensor connected downstream of the control valve, an orifice installed on a fluid passage connected downstream of... Agent: Fujikin Incorporated

20140182694 - Backpressure regulator for easy pump start-up: A system and method for automatically performing start-up and overpressure relief functions in association with a primary fluid carrier such as, for example, a liquid handling pipeline or tank. The system includes a main valve for primarily exhausting air from the system as it fills with a liquid. A start-up... Agent: Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies, Inc.

20140182693 - Hydraulic gain of transmission control elements: A system controlling gain in a control element includes a source of line pressure, a source of signal pressure, a control valve that controls communication between line pressure and the control element, including a first differential area communicating with control element pressure, and a second differential area, and a gain... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140182695 - Method of using microjet actuators for the control of flow separation and distortion: A system for controlling unwanted flow separation. One or more microjets are placed to feed auxiliary fluid into a region of suspected flow separation on a surface. If the separation is intermittent, sensors can be employed to detect its onset. Once separation is developing, the microjets are activated to inject... Agent:

20140182696 - Damping valve arrangement for a semiactive vibration damper: A damping valve arrangement is provided for controlling a pilot pressure that exerts influence on a control chamber of a damping device of a vibration damper through a control fluid, with an armature that is displaceable by the activity of an electrically energizable coil and provided in a housing, which... Agent: Wp Performance Systems Gmbh

20140182698 - Universal bag connector: A universal connector (100) is disclosed for use in the food industry to connect a food product dispenser to a food product source. The connector (160) has an evacuation tube (120) having a dispensing port (140), intake manifold (128), a grommet interface section (154), and an inner cylindrical chamber (136)... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140182699 - Flushing tool and method of flushing perforated tubing: A flushing tool for a perforated tubing in a production tubing string is described. The flushing tool includes a chamber that is sealed at a pressure at or below atmospheric pressure when the flushing tool is in its sealed configuration, the chamber arranged to receive wellbore fluids when the flushing... Agent: Peak Well Systems Pty Ltd

20140182697 - Adjustable supersonic air inlet: The invention relates to aeronautical engineering and, more specifically, to air intakes for supersonic aircraft propulsion systems. The technical result to be achieved by the invention consists in ensuring stable operation of the engine in all flight regimes up to the maximum Mach number of M=3.0 by adjusting the apex... Agent: Otkrytoe Akcionernoe Obschestvo "aviacionnaya Holdingovaya Kompaniya "suhoi"

20140182700 - Device for reducing electromagnetic pollution: The present invention relates to a device for reducing electro-magnetic pollution (1) which measures the electromagnetic radiation amount in the environment, and enables to reduce radiation when the radiation amount exceeds a predetermined threshold value.... Agent:

20140182701 - Liquid transferring apparatus: In a coating apparatus including: an anilox roller which is rotatably supported and in which multiple recessed cells are formed on an outer peripheral surface; and a chamber device which is in contact with the outer peripheral surface of the anilox roller and in which varnish to be coated on... Agent: Komori Corporation

20140182702 - Automatic air vent for fire suppression wet pipe system and method of venting a fire suppression wet pipe system: A fire suppression wet pipe system air vent assembly and method of venting air from a fire suppression wet pipe system includes providing a primary air vent valve having an inlet and an outlet. The primary air vent inlet is adapted to be connected with a fire suppression wet pipe... Agent: Engineered Corrosion Solutions, LLC

20140182703 - Inflatable ear canal inserted device: An orifice occluding inflatable device comprising a fluid pumping system operable to flow fluid, a fluid flow management system operable to selectively control fluid flow, an inflatable balloon system operable to dilate and contract in response to the flow of fluid and cause orifice occlusion, a locking mechanism preventing undesired... Agent:

20140182704 - Device for feeding a fluid to a vessel to be filled: The present invention relates to a device for feeding a fluid to a vessel (T), including a fluid inflow or inlet opening, a distribution valve placed between the inlet opening and the vessel (T), a fluid supply line between the distribution valve and the vessel, and a valve member intercepting... Agent: Butler Engineering & Marketing S.p.a.

20140182705 - Condensate management system and methods: A drainage system for a drain is provided. The drainage system includes a fluid flow path between the inlet and the outlet; a flushing system disposed with the fluid flow path; and a reservoir. The reservoir is configured for holding a stored amount of fluid originating from the drain. The... Agent: Plexaire LLC

20140182707 - Drain apparatus: A drain apparatus may include a storage chamber that has a through-hole through which a coolant, which leaks through a mechanical seal sealing an impeller shaft of a water pump in a vehicle, flows inside, and stores the coolant flowing inside via the through-hole, and a discharge tube that may... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140182706 - Fluid spill containment, location, and real time notification device and system: Described herein is an autonomous fluid spill containment device for a pipeline having a carrier conduit for transporting a fluid and a containment conduit located around the carrier conduit to define an interstitial space for receiving fluid spilled from the carrier conduit. The device comprises a spilled fluid barrier for... Agent:

20140182708 - Quick assembly and disassembly mechanism for faucet: A quick assembly and disassembly mechanism for a faucet includes a main body, a movable lock block disposed in the main body, a press plate which is movably disposed on the main body, and push blocks which are movably disposed on the main body and driven by the press plate.... Agent: Xiamen Lota International Co., Ltd.

20140182709 - Integral push fitting and valve with integral push fitting and method of manufacturing same: A push fitting for a valve includes a body having a longitudinal axis along which a fluid can flow, the body defining an opening at a first end of the body. A push fitting assembly at the first end of the body includes a housing. The housing includes a first... Agent:

20140182712 - Apparatus for disposal from a recreational vehicle: An apparatus for emptying a storage tank of a vehicle into a collection unit, the apparatus including: a conduit assembly including a conduit received in a channel of a self-supporting chain, the conduit assembly unwindable from a reel located in a recess of the vehicle to move an outlet of... Agent:

20140182713 - Boom apparatus and concrete pump vehicle having same: In one aspect of the invention, a boom apparatus includes at least a first boom, a second boom and a third boom sequentially connected to one another, wherein a root end of the first boom is connected to a turntable, some of the booms is a bent boom occupying at... Agent: Hunan Sany Intelligent Control Equipment Co., Ltd

20140182710 - Fuel supplier: A fuel supplier for an automobile equipped with a fuel tank and an engine has a reservoir, a fuel pump a suction filter and a fuel transfer device. The reservoir is disposed in the fuel tank and is formed in a sealed manner. The fuel pump is configured to supply... Agent: Aisian Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140182711 - Pump fan control circuit and block for truck mountable hydraulic system: A hydraulic fan powered in a branch of a vehicle-carried working load hydraulic circuit helps cool hydraulic fluid in a cooler. A switching block has a bypass mode which kicks in whenever sensed hydraulic fluid temperature indicates an overheat condition. The bypass mode shuts off hydraulic fluid to all the... Agent: Stac, Inc.

20140182714 - Dual relief valve of bsm for vehicle engine: A dual relief valve apparatus of a Balance Shaft and Oil Pump Module (BSM) of a vehicle engine may include the pump housing, and a primary relief valve and a secondary relief valve mounted inside the pump housing, wherein the primary relief valve and the secondary relief valve may be... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140182715 - Method and system for securing and removing a liquid molding system valve from a beverage dispenser: Disclosed is a beverage system having an ingredient module and an ingredient dispensing valve assembly in communication with the ingredient module via at least one ingredient conduit, in which the ingredient dispensing valve assembly includes a dispensing manifold with at least one dispensing valve having a through-hole, an insert disposed... Agent:

20140182716 - Flow control valves: An embodiment of a flow control valve includes a housing and a valve member. The valve member is movable in an axial direction within the housing, so that a flow rate of a fluid flowing within the housing changes in response to a position of the valve member within a... Agent: Aisan Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140182717 - System for increasing the efficiency of a water meter: Disclosed is a system and an associated valve assembly that are adapted to increase the efficiency of an upstream water meter. By way of the valve assembly entrained water bubbles can be removed from a water supply. This, in turn, increases the density of the water running through the water... Agent: Flow Dynamics, LLC

20140182718 - Exhaust stack pipe cover: A cover for the upper end of an exhaust stack pipe comprises a curved cover pipe of greater diameter than the stack pipe. The curved cover pipe has a proximal end to fit over the end of the stack pipe and a distal end from which exhaust gases are discharged.... Agent: Cnh America LLC

20140182719 - Guiding tray of washing supplies: The present invention refers to a guiding tray of washing supplies, a type to be used in a vertical axis washing machine, between at least one storage container of washing supplies (2) and at least one supply flowing means, comprising at least one bottom plate (11) and at least one... Agent: Whirlpool S.a.

20140182720 - Pipeline system and drainage container for receiving liquid flowing through a pipeline system: The invention furthermore relates to a drainage container (21) for receiving a liquid flowing through a pipeline system (3), wherein the drainage container (21) is connected to the pipeline system (3) via an immersion pipe (33) projecting into the drainage container (21), wherein a siphon (41) is formed in the... Agent: Basf Se

20140182721 - Pressure balanced coupler: Provided is a pressure balanced coupler including male and female couplers configured to be coupled together, the male coupler having a stab removably coupled to a plug in the female coupler to move the plug from a closed position preventing fluid flow to a port in the female coupler and... Agent:

20140182722 - Switch valve: A switch valve which is configured such that a plurality of land sections and a valley section between the land sections are formed in a valve element that advances or retreats in an axial direction according to a manual operation, a plurality of port sections opened are provided in a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140182723 - Shut-off trim including spring loaded check valve: In accordance with the present invention, there is provided a bi-directional shut-off trim for a valve which possesses the functional attributes of a pilot operated trim and a balanced trim through the integration of a spring loaded check valve into a pilot trim. In forward flow isolation, the bi-directional shut-off... Agent: Control Components, Inc.

20140182724 - Shut-off trim including spring loaded check valve: In accordance with the present invention, there is provided a bi-directional shut-off trim for a valve which possesses the functional attributes of a pilot operated trim and a balanced trim through the integration of a spring loaded check valve into a pilot trim. In forward flow isolation, the bi-directional shut-off... Agent: Control Components, Inc.

20140182725 - Valve device: A valve device for influencing a fluid supply of fluid-operated loads, includes a valve module with a valve housing in which valve shafts are formed to accommodate valve cartridges, and further includes valve cartridges located in the valve shafts, wherein each of the valve shafts together with the valve cartridges... Agent: Festo Ag & Co. Kg

20140182726 - Fluid mixing element: The fluid mixing element in accordance with this invention forms a first internal flow channel whose starting end opens on an end surface of one end part and whose terminal end opens on an end surface of the other end part and a second internal flow channel whose starting end... Agent: Horiba Stec, Co., Ltd.

06/26/2014 > 41 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20140174539 - Actuation systems principally for inflatable emergency equipment: Actuations systems in which pulley systems may be used as redundant (back-up) mechanisms are described. The systems provide mechanical advantage, especially useful when manual input is required to deploy a back-up mechanism. A pulley may be integrated into a clevis, a cable routed about the pulley, and one end of... Agent: Air Cruisers Company

20140174540 - Ald process window combinatorial screening tool: Systems and apparatus are described that facilitate the evaluation and characterization of ALD processes as a function of process parameters such as temperature, gas flow rate, and pressure. In some embodiments, systems and apparatus are described that allow the ALD process to be characterized at different pressures in a combinatorial... Agent: Intermolecular, Inc.

20140174542 - Disposables for blood treatment, and methods of operating the same: A disposable for use in blood treatment including a blood treatment unit and two membrane pumps connected in parallel on one side of the blood treatment unit. The disposable is operable in a single-needle mode, in which the pumps generate a pulsatile flow of blood through the blood treatment unit,... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20140174543 - Fail operational modes for an electro-hydraulic system: Methods for initiating and implementing fail operational modes in an electro-hydraulic system are disclosed. In one step, a plurality of valve assemblies is provided wherein each of the valve assemblies has a pressure sensor and a position sensor in communication with an electronic system controller. The valve assemblies are in... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140174541 - Rotary shear valve and associated methods: Exemplary embodiments are directed to rotary shear valves which include a stator, a rotor defining a cavity extending at least partially therethrough, and a bladder. The rotor is rotatably mounted relative to the stator to create at least one fluidic path therebetween. The bladder comprises a polymer disposed inside the... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140174544 - Valve: A valve includes a generally cylindrical housing including first and second end portions that are offset from each other along a longitudinal axis of the generally cylindrical housing. First and second inlet ports are arranged on one of said first or second end portions, and at least one outlet port... Agent:

20140174548 - Additive delivery system and method for controlling said system: An additive delivery system including a tank for storing an additive, an active component, and a controller connected to the component, wherein the controller is adapted to determine a value representative of temperature of the additive in the system based on an electrical characteristic of a part inside the component,... Agent: Inergy Automotive Systems Research (societe Anonyme)

20140174547 - Apparatus and method for detecting an error in the measurement of a water level in a washing machine: An apparatus for detecting an error in the measurement of a water level in a washing machine includes a water level sensor measuring a water level in a washing tub; a water supply and drain device supplying water to the washing tub or discharging water from in the washing tub;... Agent:

20140174546 - System and method for injecting a fluid additive into a fluid dispensation system: A method for operating a fluid additive control system to inject a fluid additive into a fluid dispensation system is provided. The method includes receiving a first control signal indicating that a fluid dispensation device within the fluid dispensation system is active, and determining a fluid additive quantity based upon... Agent: Virid Services, LLC

20140174545 - Thermally actuated valve: A thermally actuated valve is provided herein. The thermally actuated valve includes a valve fitting, a valve body, and a movement control mechanism. The valve fitting includes an active member to selectively activate based on an input. The valve body includes a passive wax member that moves between a passive... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140174549 - Proportional flow control of a fluid pump assembly: A pump control assembly having a flow control assembly disposed between the first end of a load sensing valve and a fluid pump is disclosed. The flow control assembly may include an orifice, a first valve assembly, and a second valve assembly. When the first valve assembly is in an... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140174550 - Fault isolation & decontamination procedures for electrohydraulic valves: A method for isolating a fault or blocked work port in an electro-hydraulic system is disclosed. In one step, a system pump is set to a first predetermined pressure and a valve assembly is commanded to a center position. In another step, the center position of the valve is recorded.... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140174551 - Variable gas pressure regulator: A variable gas pressure regulator comprises a throttling valve regulating the fluid flow between a high-pressure fluid inlet and a regulated space fluidly connected to a fluid outlet, a high-pressure solenoid commanded to control fluid flow between the fluid inlet and a control space and a low-pressure solenoid commanded to... Agent:

20140174552 - Subsea pressure regulator: A pressure regulator includes a regulator body, and a piston slidably disposed in the regulator body, wherein an end of the piston extends axially beyond an end of the regulator body and is exposed to an external pressure. A method of regulating pressure includes providing a pressure regulator having a... Agent: Hydril Usa Manufacturing LLC

20140174553 - Cartridge for one-way valve: A cartridge for a one-way valve, having the shape of an elongated body comprising a first portion, which supports the one-way valve and by means of which it enters a delivery duct, and a second portion, from which a grip portion for the extraction of the cartridge protrudes and remains... Agent: Dab Pumps S.p.a.

20140174554 - Robust quick-connection mechanism for use with valve actuator assemblies and linearly actuated valves and related methods: Apparatus and methods for connecting a linear actuating mechanism of an actuator to a valve stem of a linearly actuated valve, are provided. An example of an apparatus can include an elongate valve stem member of a valve, an extension member of a linear actuating mechanism, a locking cap member,... Agent: Vetco Gray Inc.

20140174555 - Pipe shut-off device and apparatus having same for the emergency supply of coolant to the fuel rods arranged in the reactor vessel of a nuclear power plant: A pipeline shut-off device (10) comprising a tube section (10a) arranged in a pipeline (3) and having a shut-off member (19), wherein the shut-off member (19) can be destroyed in the closed position by a device (22) arranged in the region of the pipe section (10a), with the device for... Agent: Ph&#xf6 Nix Armaturen-werke Bregel Gmbh

20140174556 - Automatic faucets: An automatic faucet includes a housing constructed to receive at least one water inlet conduit and having a spout for delivering water. The automatic faucet includes a valve module, a sensor module, a battery module, a turbine module, and a control module. The valve module includes a valve controlled by... Agent: Sloan Valve Company

20140174557 - Stagnant fuel thermal insulation system: A method and apparatus for insulating a fluid line in a container configured to contain a fluid. The apparatus comprises a container, a fluid line in the container, and a tube. The container is configured to contain a fluid. The tube is placed around the fluid line in the container... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140174558 - Inflatable projection surface for a transportation means: A supply channel for a means of transportation is provided. The supply channel comprises a fluid line, an inflatable projection element having an opening and a pressure sensor which is configured for determining a pressure difference between an internal pressure in the projection element and an ambient pressure. The inflatable... Agent:

20140174559 - Method and apparatus for commissioning power plants: An apparatus and method for commissioning steam turbine generator power plants to advance the cleanliness of the complete steam cycle by the conditioned discharge of steam to the plant surface condenser.... Agent:

20140174560 - Bypass seal for rotary regenerative air preheaters: A rotary seal system is disclosed for an air circulating system. The rotary seal system includes a rotary shell having one or more air circulation chambers. The system includes a plurality of stationary, flexible seal bodies arranged in an angled fashion operatively coupled about opposing circumferential edges of the rotor... Agent:

20140174561 - Method of producing ultrasonic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter produced by the method and fluid controller having the ultrasonic flowmeter: An ultrasonic flowmeter includes a measurement pipe through which a fluid flows, and two ultrasonic transceivers provided on outer side portions of the measurement pipe so as to be spaced apart from each other in an axis direction. In the method of producing the ultrasonic flowmeter, fabricating the measurement pipe... Agent: Asahi Organic Chemicals Industry Co., Ltd.

20140174562 - Control pilot valve apparatus: A system for hydraulically managing fluid pressure between selected set points includes a pilot control system operably coupled to a main valve. The pilot control system includes at least one fluid conduit, a variable orifice assembly, and a control pilot valve apparatus. Fluid is passed through a fixed orifice and... Agent: Cla-val Co.

20140174563 - Internal pilot type pressure regulator: An internal pilot type pressure regulator 10 reduces a pressure of compressed air supplied to a primary port 11 and causes it to flow out to a secondary port 12. The pressure of air which flows into the secondary port 12 is set by rotating a handle 61 so as... Agent:

20140174564 - Valve module: Valve module for influencing a fluid supply of a fluid-operated load, comprising a valve housing with a valve chamber being connected to an inlet port and an outlet port and a pilot chamber being connected to an operating port, comprising a valve member which is movably adjustable between a blocking... Agent: Festo Ag & Co. Kg

20140174565 - Disc assembly with branch hole for fluid flow control device: A disc assembly for a fluid flow control device includes an annular disc member, a disc holder, a relief bore, at least one branch passage, and an annular recess formed in the disc holder. The relief bore is formed in a first side of the disc holder along a central... Agent: Fisher Regulators (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

20140174566 - Excess pressure safety relief valve: A liquid pressure control valve includes at least one O-ring seal mounted, in a first sealing position, on a sealing section of a first component thereof to seal a junction between that first component and a second component which junction controls a bleed passage between. The first component is threadingly... Agent: Apex Valves Limited

20140174567 - Liquefied petroleum gas (lpg) bombe valve apparatus: An LPG bombe valve apparatus includes a valve body, a check valve, a cam, a cam rod and a converting mechanism. More specifically, the valve body is disposed in an LPG bombe and having a fuel channel therein for discharging fuel supplied from an LPG line to the LPG bombe.... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140174568 - Draft beer supply chain system and method: A device for measuring a keg for beer is disclosed. The keg has a tap opening at its top and a recessed cavity at its bottom. The recess is defined in part by an inside wall around the bottom of the keg. The measuring device disclosed may have an mountable/unmountable... Agent: Steadyserv Technologies, LLC

20140174569 - Dishwasher, in particular domestic dishwasher: A dishwasher includes a wash container for items to be washed and configured to conduct at least water during operation, and a fluid line system having an inlet valve defined by a center line and configured for direct or indirect connection of a water inlet line from a water supply... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausger&#xe4 Te Gmbh

20140174570 - Hydraulic pressure supply apparatus for automatic transmission: In a hydraulic pressure supply apparatus for an automatic transmission having hydraulic pressure supply destinations comprising at least three hydraulic actuators different from one another in required hydraulic pressure and a lubrication system, there are provided with at least three, actually five, hydraulic pumps, at least three, actually five, regulator... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140174571 - Lpg bombe apparatus: An LPG bomb apparatus is provided, including: a fuel charging unit formed on a LPG bomb; a fuel conduit through which fuel flows from the fuel charging unit to a fuel pump; a first check valve that is formed on the fuel conduit inside the LPG bomb and sucks the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140174572 - Tank system for a motor vehicle: A tank system for a motor vehicle, the tank system having a tank, a reservoir arranged in the tank, at least one supply line which fluidically connects the reservoir to the tank, and an extraction unit which is adapted to extract fuel from the reservoir via an engine feed line... Agent: Magna Steyr Fuel Systems Gesmbh

20140174573 - Apparatus for suppressing fuel evaporative gas emission: A purge solenoid valve is opened to introduce an atmospheric pressure into a fuel tank, the purge solenoid valve is closed to operate a negative pressure pump, and set an internal pressure of the tank to a reference pressure Pb. Then, a changeover valve is closed, and the purge solenoid... Agent: Mitsubishi Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140174574 - Valve apparatus for high pressure gas containers: A valve apparatus is comprised of a solenoid valve, a manual valve, a pressure relief device, a check valve, an excess flow shut-off device, and a temperature sensor. The temperature sensor is arranged inside the tank in an ambient atmosphere. The sealing member is prevented from falling off from the... Agent:

20140174575 - Wheatstone bridge check valve arrangement: A device is disclosed that may include a spool valve having a first connector and a second connector and a spool movable for controlling flow between the first connector and the second connector, regardless of direction of flow through the spool valve. A pilot valve having an inlet and an... Agent: Zhejiang Dunan Hetian Metal Co., Ltd.

20140174576 - Shut-off trim including spring loaded check valve: In accordance with the present invention, there is provided a bi-directional shut-off trim for a valve which possesses the functional attributes of a pilot operated trim and a balanced trim through the integration of a spring loaded check valve into a pilot trim. In forward flow isolation, the bi-directional shut-off... Agent: Control Components, Inc.

20140174577 - Connector: A fluidic connector including a connecting element and a mated connecting element wherein the connecting element includes a body defining a flow channel, a locking device for axially locking the body with a body of the mated element and a sealing ring that is displaced between a closed position, when... Agent: Staubli Faverges

20140174578 - Needle free connector with a collapsible resilient membrane fitting and corresponding method: A needle free connector for fluid passage having a valve body with a first port; a second port; a hollow resilient membrane disposed in the valve body and having: a first end and a second end is disclosed. A flank is provided and extends between the first end and the... Agent: B. Braun Melsungen Ag

20140174579 - Faucet assemblies: In an illustrative embodiment, a faucet assembly includes a faucet housing; a faucet spout carried by the faucet housing; at least one water valve disposed in fluid communication with the faucet spout; at least one delivery conduit disposed in fluid communication with the at least one water valve; and at... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 34 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140166110 - Distributor in mass transfer column and method of use: A liquid distributor is provided for receiving and distributing a liquid stream in a mass transfer column. The liquid distributor has a plurality of elongated primary troughs and a plurality of secondary troughs that are positioned adjacent the primary troughs at a location to receive at least some of the... Agent: Koch-glitsch, Lp

20140166109 - Fluid distribution valve, fluid supply system comprising same, and method for controlling the fluid supply system: A fluid distribution valve which selectively distributes a fluid supplied from a fluid supply source to a plurality of flow channels, includes first and second branch pipes communicated with the fluid supply source; and a valve body selectively closing either one of the two branch pipes, and including a through... Agent: Nifco Inc.

20140166113 - Fluid handling device, fluid handling method, and fluid handling system: A fluid handling device (100) comprises: a first channel (130); a second channel (140); a communication section (150); an air introduction path (160); and an air reservoir (190). The first enamel (130) and the second channel (140) are channels through which a fluid (210) can move by capillary action. The... Agent: Enplas Corporation

20140166108 - Microfluidic platform: f

20140166112 - Sliding sleeve having contracting, dual segmented ball seat: A sliding sleeve opens with a deployed ball. The sleeve has a seat disposed in the housing, and the seat has segments biased outward from one another with a C-ring or other biasing element. Initially, the seat has an expanded state in the sliding sleeve so that the seats segments... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140166111 - Sliding sleeve having inverting ball seat: A sliding sleeve opens with a deployed ball. The sleeve has a seat disposed in the housing, and the seat has segments biased outward from one another with a C-ring or other biasing element. Initially, the seat has an expanded state in the sliding sleeve so that the seats segments... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140166114 - Control system for hydraulic system and method for recovering energy and leveling hydraulic system loads: A control system for a hydraulic system including an accumulator and a hydraulic transformer coordinates flow sharing within the hydraulic system. The hydraulic transformer includes first and second variable displacement pump/motor units mounted on a rotatable shaft. The rotatable shaft has an end adapted for connection to a first external... Agent:

20140166115 - Water hammer recognizing and energy saving water hammer prevention system and method for controlling the same: The present invention relates to a water hammer recognizing and energy saving water hammer prevention system and a method for controlling the same that is configured wherein in case of the selective on/off operations of a plurality of pumps in a pipe system in accordance with the change of the... Agent:

20140166116 - Charging device for shaft furnace with controller for clean gas fed to its main casing: A charging device for a shaft furnace comprises a main casing and at least one nozzle for introducing a clean gas into the casing. According to an important aspect of the invention, a controller is configured to adapt the supply (the flow rate) or pressure of clean gas in the... Agent: Paul Wurth S.a.

20140166117 - Split range control for pressurization: The invention aims at pressurising a volume (2) that needs to have a relative air pressure, in comparison with an ambient pressure, where the ambient air pressure can change rapidly and with large amplitude and where the access to pressurised air is limited. This is solved by a half open... Agent: Saab Ab

20140166118 - Tire pressure control system for a self-inflating tire: A tire pressure control system (100) for a self-inflating tire includes a left coupling conduit (128) in fluid communication with a left tube end (104) of a peristaltic pump tube (102), a right coupling conduit (129) in fluid communication with a right tube end (105), a bypass conduit (130) extending... Agent: Norgren Gt Development Corporation

20140166119 - Systems and methods for valve insertion and linestopping: The present embodiments provide systems and methods for valve insertion and linestopping. In one embodiment, the system comprises a sealing housing having a lower housing portion and an upper housing portion that are each dimensioned to partially surround an exterior surface of an existing pipe in an airtight state. In... Agent: Advanced Valve Technologies, Inc.

20140166120 - Valve body, fluid injection valve and method for producing a valve body: A valve body for a fluid injection valve has a longitudinal axis and includes a base body. The base body has a sidewall defining a recess extending through the base body in an axial direction. The sidewall includes a magnetic material and has at least one opening that perforates the... Agent:

20140166121 - Hydrogen supply apparatus of fuel cell system: A hydrogen supply apparatus of the fuel cell system includes a hydrogen tank and a pressure discharge line. The hydrogen tank is configured to store high-pressure hydrogen. A hydrogen supply line connected with a stack is disposed in the hydrogen tank. A pressure control valve configured to control hydrogen pressure... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140166122 - Methods and mechanisms for inflation: A device includes a balloon inflation module having an involuted balloon housed within a lumen, an integrated reservoir in fluid communication with the involuted balloon where the balloon inflation module is configured to selectively displace a volume of fluid from the integrated reservoir into the involuted balloon and from the... Agent: Personics Holdings Inc.

20140166123 - Laminar air flow cabinet: A laminar air flow cabinet of the type comprising a laminar flow portion and two adjacent portions, a first adjacent portion located above the laminar portion and a second adjacent portion located below the laminar flow portion, in which the cabinet comprises at least one fan blowing air from the... Agent:

20140166124 - Magnetic coupling for sprayheads: A faucet including a faucet head, a body and a magnetic coupling releasably coupling the faucet head to the faucet body.... Agent:

20140166125 - Melter with tank shaker: A melter for a melt system includes a tank, a vibration generating device, and a heater. The tank has a wall for containing a hot melt adhesive, and the vibration generating device vibrates the wall. The heater transfers heat to the tank.... Agent: Graco Minnesota Inc.

20140166126 - Reductant delivery system: Disclosed is a reductant delivery system comprising a reductant tank, a reductant delivery mechanism, a reductant pressure source, and an extraction passage. The extraction passage is coupled fluidly to the reductant tank and the reductant pressure source therebetween. The reductant delivery system also comprises a reductant manifold that comprises a... Agent: Deere & Company

20140166127 - Auxiliary intake valve device and intake system equipped with the same: An auxiliary intake valve device is provided that includes a valve housing that is disposed at an air cleaner cover, has an inlet port and an outlet port, and has a plurality of inlet apertures at the inlet port. In addition, a fixing bracket is disposed within the valve housing... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140166128 - Hose management system for a plumbing fixture fitting: The present invention provides a hose management system for a plumbing fixture fitting.... Agent: Moen Incorporated

20140166129 - Drainage system for use in basements and a method for its installation and use: A basement drainage system and method for its use comprising a combination of floor drains, poly drains and an exterior drainage system, wherein the exterior drainage system and poly drains can prevent water from entering the basement and wherein one or more floor drains can each transport water to one... Agent:

20140166130 - Anti-surge valve: An anti-surge valve opens or closes a path depending on a negative pressure formed at an intake manifold, and includes an operating unit movable in a direction in response to the negative pressure, a spring means provided to push the operating unit in a direction opposite to the moving direction... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140166131 - Swivel top shaft valve actuator: An actuator for operating a linear valve, such as a gate valve, includes a swivel coupling for detachably connecting an indicator stem to a plate within the actuator. In embodiments, the coupling includes a body with a lock ring groove. The detachable stem includes a downward facing recess having a... Agent: Vetco Gray Inc.

20140166132 - Input expansion unit: A oil and gas compression system is generally presented. The compression system includes a driver, a driver starter, and an input expansion unit. The expansion unit may include a plurality of inputs configured to receive feedback from the compression system, a processor configured to receive the plurality of inputs and... Agent: Arrow Engine Company

20140166133 - Microfluidic device and microfluidic chip thereof: A microfluidic device including a microfluidic channel formed in a face of a substrate. The microfluidic channel is discontinuous and includes a first channel and a second channel not connected to the first channel. A pressure change section is formed between the first and second channels. The first channel is... Agent: National Pingtung University Of Science & Technology

20140166134 - Pump with reduced number of moving parts: Embodiments provided herein describe pumps and methods for pumping fluids. A first fixed valve has a passageway extending therethrough with first and second ends. The first fixed valve is configured to allow fluid flow through the passageway towards the second end thereof and at least partially restrict fluid flow towards... Agent: Intermolecular, Inc.

20140166135 - Slewing-type working machine: A slewing-type working machine includes: a slewing motor which is a hydraulic motor for slewing; a variable-displacement hydraulic pump; a slewing operation device including an operation member; a control valve controlling the slewing motor based on an operation signal thereof; a pump regulator; a relief valve letting excess fluid to... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.,

20140166136 - Fuel supply apparatus: A support shaft connects between a flange and a pump unit. An intermediate member, which connects between the support shaft and pump unit, enables a relative positional change between the support shaft and the pump unit in an axial direction of the support shaft. The intermediate member limits a relative... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140166137 - Flow passage structure and flow passage structure manufacturing method: A flow passage structure is provided with a fluid flow passage that includes a plurality of straight flow passages, a first return bend that connects the downstream end of the straight flow passage through which a fluid flows from a second end surface toward a first end surface among the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20140166138 - Valve: The invention relates to a valve (1) for the blocking or controlled establishing of a volume flow of a working fluid in a flow path of a technical device for transmitting and/or storing of energy, in particular in a control device for a hydraulic drive. Said valve comprises a first,... Agent:

20140166139 - Spool valve: A spool valve includes a valve housing and a spool. The valve housing includes a spool hole, a first oil passage, and a second oil passage. The first oil passage has a first port, a second port and a third port that are open to the spool hole. The second... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140166140 - Mems check valve: A MEMS check valve includes a supporting portion having a first perforation therethrough sized to permit fluid flow and includes a displaceable portion having a second perforation therethrough sized to permit fluid flow. The displaceable portion may be moveable relative to the supporting portion between a closed position inhibiting fluid... Agent: Alcon Research, Ltd.

20140166141 - Reductant injection system with control valve: An exhaust system including an exhaust flow path, an exhaust treatment fluid tank, and a dosing module in communication with the exhaust treatment fluid tank. A three-way valve communicates with the dosing module. A first nozzle and a second nozzle communicate with the three-way valve for dosing the exhaust treatment... Agent: Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.

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