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Fluid handling

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08/07/2014 > 31 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140216556 - Check valves, systems and methods of operation of same: A system and a method for actuating a sealing element (101) of a check valve (100) are shown wherein the sealing element (101) is forced to a non-sealing position corresponding to an opening degree of the valve (100) equal to or higher than a first predefined opening degree when the... Agent: Pentair Valves & Controls Italia S.r.l

20140216557 - Connecting device with a clamping device for connecting to an arrangement for closing flow paths and monitoring the status of the clamping device and method for same: The present invention relates to a connecting device for connecting an external function device to an arrangement and for cutting off flow paths by accommodating a clamping device, wherein a pressure-measuring unit and/or a length-measuring unit is adjusted for detecting a clamping force and/or a distance such that it is... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20140216559 - Droplet actuator with local variation in gap height to assist in droplet splitting and merging operations: The present invention is directed to droplet actuators with local variation in gap height and methods of their use to facilitate droplet splitting and merging operations. The droplet actuators have increased gap-height regions that track droplet transport paths such that droplets can be transported along the paths with reduced risk... Agent: Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc.

20140216558 - Water inlet arrangement: The invention relates to a water inlet arrangement for the use in fish tanks in aquaculture, including a pipe to feed water into the tank, the pipe having a plurality of openings and, for a better adjustment of the flow, a surrounding second element having a plurality of openings and/or... Agent:

20140216560 - Fluid flow measurement and control: In accordance with one embodiment, a controller in a fluid delivery system controls magnitudes of pressure in a first volume and a second volume. The first volume is of a known magnitude. The second volume is of an unknown magnitude and varies. The controller estimates a temperature of gas in... Agent:

20140216561 - Vapor pressure lowering agent for seal water in drain trap, method for preventing seal breakage in drain trap by using vapor pressure lowering: The water vapor pressure lowering agent includes urea, a surfactant, purified glycerol, and water or alkaline reducing water, and the purified glycerol is obtained by purifying waste glycerol containing ethanol, an oil or fat, water, and a carbide by distillation. In a method for preventing seal breakage in a drain... Agent:

20140216562 - Portable air pump apparatus and method: A portable air pump apparatus and method that includes an elongated elongated cylinder portion having a first air channel for transporting compressed air, and an air discharge portion having a connection head, a finger or thumb grip portion, a rotatable thumb-lock lever, and a second air channel extending vertically therethrough... Agent:

20140216563 - Capless refueling system cleaning using engine vacuum: Methods and systems for cleaning a capless refueling system in a vehicle are disclosed. In one example approach, a method comprises, in response to a leak detected following a refueling event, cleaning the capless refueling system using engine vacuum.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140216568 - Valve access conduit assembly and method of installing the assembly: The combination of an underground valve, for a supply line and having an underground actuator through which a state of the valve can be changed to control flow within the supply line, and a conduit assembly defining an access passage through which above ground access can be gained to the... Agent: Argonics, Inc.

20140216564 - Valve, pipe and pipe component repair: In some implementations, an injection system that injects sealant into a pipe, pressure component or valve while containing the pipe, pressure component or valve repair that significantly reduces or eliminates release of hazardous material from inside the pipe, pressure component valve or injection system and thus significantly reduces emission of... Agent: Forge Tech, Inc.

20140216565 - Valve, pipe and pipe component repair: In some implementations, an injection system that injects sealant into a pipe, pressure component or valve while containing the pipe, pressure component or valve repair that significantly reduces or eliminates release of hazardous material from inside the pipe, pressure component valve or injection system and thus significantly reduces emission of... Agent: Forge Tech, Inc.

20140216566 - Valve, pipe and pipe component repair: In some implementations, an injection system that injects sealant into a pipe, pressure component or valve while containing the pipe, pressure component or valve repair that significantly reduces or eliminates release of hazardous material from inside the pipe, pressure component valve or injection system and thus significantly reduces emission of... Agent: Forge Tech, Inc.

20140216567 - Valve, pipe and pipe component repair: In some implementations, an injection system that injects sealant into a pipe, pressure component or valve while containing the pipe, pressure component or valve repair that significantly reduces or eliminates release of hazardous material from inside the pipe, pressure component valve or injection system and thus significantly reduces emission of... Agent: Forge Tech, Inc.

20140216569 - Gas beaker: A gas breaker includes a case with a chamber defined therein. The case includes an inlet path and an outlet path which is located corresponding to the inlet path. A board is pivotably located in the chamber and has a sealing member on the first end thereof for sealing the... Agent:

20140216570 - Inflation apparatus having integral check valve: An inflation device system incorporates and internal valve. The incorporation of an internal valve allows for more precise application and measurement of gas pressure with in an object to which the inflation device is inserted. The valve may be a Schrader valve.... Agent:

20140216571 - Valve access conduit assembly and method of installing the assembly: The combination of: a) an underground valve for a supply line and having an underground actuator through which the state of the valve can be changed to control flow within the supply line; and b) a conduit assembly embedded in ground material and defining an access passage through which above... Agent: Argonics, Inc.

20140216572 - Microvalve with integrated flow sensing capability: A system for controlling the flow of a fluid from a source to a load includes a source. An on/off type of control valve communicates with the source. A micro-electric mechanical system communicates with the on/off type of control valve. A consuming device communicates with the micro-electric mechanical system. An... Agent: Zhejiang Dunan Hetian Metal Co., Ltd.

20140216573 - Check valve: A check valve includes a casing including a positive pressure valve seat, a positive pressure valve urged by a positive pressure valve spring and including a negative pressure valve seat, and a negative pressure valve assembled to the positive pressure valve and urged by a negative pressure valve spring, where... Agent:

20140216574 - Relief valve: A relief valve includes a valve element and a seal lip. The valve element is configured to open and close a hole, which communicates with a pressure chamber, according to a pressure in the pressure chamber into which fluid is introduced. The seal lip is in an annular shape and... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140216575 - Check valve: To provide a check valve which can be used even under a high temperature condition by overcoming a drawback “valve element sticking to sealing member” associated with high temperature use while enhancing heat resistance. An opening of a fluid path formed in a first body is brought into a closed... Agent: Fujikin Incorporated

20140216576 - Gas lock device and extreme ultraviolet light generation apparatus: A gas lock device may include a chamber having a passage section and a connection hole that connects a surface to the passage section, an optical element that is attached to the chamber and seals the passage section, a gas supply apparatus, and a pipe that is attached at one... Agent: Gigaphoton Inc.

20140216577 - Gas release device for coating process: A gas release device is formed of two plates combined together. Each of the plates includes an intake groove. Each of the intake grooves is linked with a first distribution groove. Each of the first distribution grooves is linked with two second distribution grooves. Each of the second distribution grooves... Agent: Adpv Technology Limited

20140216578 - Compressed air supply apparatus: A compressed air supply apparatus includes a control unit configured to operate an air compressor when a measurement value of the pressure measurement unit reaches a first pressure or less, and configured to stop the air compressor when the measurement value reaches a second pressure higher than the first pressure,... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140216579 - System for emulsion aspiration: System, including apparatus and methods, for aspirating at least a portion of an emulsion from a well using a tip. In some embodiments, the tip may have a flat end and an inlet surrounded by the flat end. The well may have a floor with one or more surface features... Agent: Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

20140216580 - Hydraulic steering and method for detecting a valve position: The invention concerns a hydraulic steering (1) comprising a supply connection arrangement, a steering motor (2), a high pressure supply (P), and a steering unit (3) arranged between the supply connection arrangement (S) and the steering motor (2), the supply connection arrangement comprising a steering valve (9), and a valve... Agent:

20140216581 - Gas valve unit: A gas valve unit includes a plurality of individually actuatable throttle sections which are arranged in parallel relation for setting a throughflow rate of a gas volumetric flow that is fed to a gas burner of a gas appliance. Each throttle section has a plurality of throttle points which are... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausger&#xe4 Te Gmbh

20140216582 - Apparatus for diverting fluid flow path: An apparatus for diverting a fluid flow path automatically diverts a fluid flow path in accordance with inclining of a main body, and includes two or more selectable fluid flow paths through which an external air stream is drawn, a fixed fluid flow path to be selectively connected to one... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140216583 - Water drain accelerating device: A water drain accelerating device has a base with a discharge port connected to a flush way assembled inside a water tank. An overflow hole is connected to the discharge port. An overflow pipe is plugged to the base. The bottom of the overflow pipe is connected to the overflow... Agent: Xiamen R&t Plumbing Technology Co., Ltd.

20140216584 - Fluid flow control valve: The invention provides a fluid flow control valve (1) comprising a cylindrical inlet chamber (2) having a fluid inlet aperture (3) and a coaxial waisted cylindrical outlet chamber (4) having a fluid outlet aperture (5), said inlet chamber containing a coaxial cylindrical cage (6) opening into said outlet chamber and... Agent: Typhonix As

20140216585 - Gas injection apparatus and substrate process chamber incorporating same: Methods and apparatus for mixing and delivery of process gases are provided herein. In some embodiments, a gas injection apparatus includes an elongate top plenum comprising a first gas inlet; an elongate bottom plenum disposed beneath and supporting the top plenum, the bottom plenum comprising a second gas inlet; a... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140216586 - Powder processing apparatus and powder processing method: A processing space is provided in a reaction container. One gas inlet port is provided at the lower end of the reaction container. A distribution plate is attached to the one gas inlet port. Another gas inlet port is provided at a lower side surface of the reaction container. Powder... Agent: Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd.

07/31/2014 > 31 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 31 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140202539 - Dual door fan air modulating valve: A fan air modulating valve (FAMV) employs a pair of doors rotatably attached at the fan bypass air exit of a precooler. An actuator engages the doors for simultaneous rotation through a range of motion from a first closed position to a second open position, wherein trailing edges of said... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140202541 - Encapsulaton of high temperature molten salts: The present disclosure relates to a method of encapsulating microcapsules containing relatively high temperature phase change materials and the microcapsules so produced. The microcapsules are coated with an inorganic binder, film former and an inorganic filler. The microcapsules may include a sacrificial layer that is disposed between the particle and... Agent: Southwest Research Institute

20140202544 - Fitting for changing liquid paths: A fitting for changing liquid paths, in particular for systems with a pressure exchanger, is provided. The pressure exchanger has pipes having alternating flow direction. The casing of the fitting includes an inlet piece, an outlet piece and a connection piece and at least one shut-off member connected to an... Agent: Ksb Aktiengesellschaft

20140202545 - Hydraulic circuit: A de-aeration hydraulic circuit having application in a hydromechanical transmissions utilizes a hydraulic fluid reservoir to de-aerate hydraulic fluid. The circuit includes a high pressure side and a low pressure side having a bleed down valve therebetween, the opening of the bleed down valve causing fluid to flow from the... Agent:

20140202538 - Manifold: A system and method for a fluid manifold with a sensor inlet and sensor outlet located on the same side of the body of the fluid manifold.... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20140202543 - Method and a liquid tap device for retaining the temperature of a liquid in a liquid distribution system: s

20140202548 - Method for attenuating noise produced by pipes and pipe arrangement: The present invention relates to a method for attenuating noise produced by steam flowing through a pipe, comprising the steps of providing a pipe arrangement (10), which comprises an inner pipe (12) that defines in its inside an inner flow channel (14) which progresses in pipe direction (16) of the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140202546 - Microfluidic system: The present invention provides microfluidic technology enabling rapid and economical manipulation of reactions on the femtoliter to microliter scale.... Agent: The University Of Chicago

20140202540 - Pliable air ducts with anti-condensation nozzles: Pliable air ducts with anti-condensation nozzles are disclosed. An example system includes a tubular duct comprising a pliable wall dividing an interior of the tubular duct from an exterior of the tubular duct. The system includes an outlet member to be attached to the pliable wall. The outlet member defines... Agent:

20140202547 - Pvdf pyrolyzate adsorbent and gas storage and dispensing system utilizing same: A polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) pyrolyzate adsorbent is described, having utility for storing gases in an adsorbed state, and from which adsorbed gas may be desorbed to supply same for use. The PVDF pyrolyzate adsorbent can be of monolithic unitary form, or in a bead, powder, film, particulate or other finely... Agent: Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.

20140202542 - Water vapor distillation apparatus, method and system: A system for product water output. The system includes a controller, a first conductivity sensor in communication with the controller, a first product valve downstream from the first conductivity sensor and in communication with the controller, a second product valve downstream from the first product valve and in communication with... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20140202549 - Multi-tank water heater systems: A water heater system including two or more water storage tanks plumbed in series, parallel or a combination thereof and methods of controlling said water heater systems. The water heater systems may include one or more mixing valves and one or more temperature sensors for providing water at a desired... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140202550 - Pressure relief valve: A pressure relief valve and a mating fuel tank bung are installed directly on a fuel tank. In one embodiment a bung is welded directly to a fuel tank, and thereafter a pressure relief valve is attached directly to the bung by mating threads. This system and installation method provides... Agent:

20140202553 - Digital closed loop proportional hydraulic pressure controller: A digitally controlled current to pressure converter (CPC) and method of controlling same is provided. The method of controlling includes the step of periodically imparting symmetrically-opposed movement of a control valve of the CPC to loosen and flush accumulated silt therefrom. More particularly, the method may include the step of... Agent: Woodward, Inc.

20140202552 - High purity water system: A high purity water delivery system has a reservoir (40) of purified water. A distribution line (42) extends downstream from an outlet (44) of the reservoir to a return (46) of the reservoir. A plurality of delivery stations each include an outlet (54′) and a diverter (102; 102′; 102″; 102″').... Agent: Georg Fischer LLC

20140202551 - Mobile fluid dispensing apparatus, system, and method of use thereof.: A mobile fluid dispensing apparatus is shown comprising of a mobile part, a complimentary part, where the mobile part has a means for fluid exchange between the mobile part and the complimentary part. The mobile part is configured to engage with the complimentary part to form a fluid connection between... Agent:

20140202554 - Enhanced techniques for performing and monitoring machine fluid processes: Enhanced tools and techniques are provided for performing fluid processes in connection with the fluid system of a machine. In one embodiment, a fluid process may include fluidically connecting to a fluid system of a machine through a common location; purging at least a portion of the fluid system by... Agent: Rpm Industries, LLC

20140202555 - Method for draining thermal oil in a thermosolar plant, and corresponding auxiliary installation for carrying out said method: An installation for draining thermal oil in a thermosolar plant, and includes an oil tank (7), a pump assembly (6), a depressor or suction assembly (8), lines for communication with valves (11, 21), and a valve assembly for opening/closing the passage between the separate elements, with the lines for communication... Agent: Gd Energy Services S.a.u.

20140202556 - Valve for rapid inflation and deflation: A valve for selectively sealing and unsealing an opening in a bladder is disclosed. The valve includes a flange for mounting the valve around the opening in the bladder, a valve seat supported on the flange, and an air passageway. A spring plate is supported on the flange and spaced... Agent:

20140202557 - Alternating air pressure relief cushion for a sitting apparatus: A preferred embodiment of a version of the invention is based on a manual and automatic, mechanically alternating air pressure relief apparatus and device for placement in wheel chairs and other seating apparatuses. In a preferred embodiment of a version of the invention, a manual and automatic, mechanically alternating air... Agent:

20140202558 - Valve manifold box: A valve manifold box comprises a chamber and a front cover. Significantly, the chamber is manufactured by injection molding and is one-piece construction. Moreover, the chamber comprises a back board, a sidewall, at least an outfall, and multiple fittings and inside surface at the bottom sidewall has changes in an... Agent: Taiwan Puritic Corp.

20140202559 - Fill level monitoring: Fill level monitoring relates to a method for controlling the fill level of a collecting vessel, wherein the collecting vessel could be filled with a dielectric medium. A fill level is monitored by a monitoring circuit with a measuring capacitor, the capacity of which changes steadily in correlation with the... Agent: Beko Technologies Gmbh

20140202560 - Multiflex coupling: A compact, easily manufactured, axisymmetric mechanism can be configured to change the magnitude of a short-movement linear motion, or also reverse the movement direction, of an actuator for control of movable elements. The mechanism is bidirectional and reversible, functioning symmetrically, and does not contain any gears nor lead screw threads.... Agent:

20140202561 - Electromagnetic fluid valve: Electromagnetic fluid valve regulating the throughflow of a pressure medium which flows through a housing part having at least two inlet openings which lie opposite one another and at least one outlet opening for the pressure medium. It being possible for a channel which is situated between the inlet openings... Agent: Kendrion (villingen) Gmbh

20140202562 - Check valve with self-trapping insert: A check valve is provided and includes a body including a seat, a hinge bifurcating the seat to define openings and a housing coupled to the hinge and a self-trapping insert of compliant material. The self-trapping insert includes an end portion and is securable in the housing such that the... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140202563 - Automatic draining back flow prevention device: A double check valve is provided that includes an in-line inlet check valve and an outlet check valve that cooperate to prevent back flow of fluid through the valve. The check valve also includes at least one vent that allows for fluid trapped within the check valve to drain, thereby... Agent: Wcm Industries, Inc.

20140202564 - Storm water redistribution device: A storm-water redistribution device and installation are described for providing headloss and redistribution of a flow of storm-water runoff. The device includes an elongate, tubular, geotextile enclosure having a plurality of transverse partitions therein that form a plurality of segments along the length of the device. Each segment is filled... Agent:

20140202565 - Modular community water station: A deployable water management unit is disclosed that includes a fixture configured to be secured along an outer surface of a container in fluid communication with a water outlet port. In some embodiments, a water purifier may be positioned within an inner volume of a container and disposed along a... Agent: Warm Spring Foundation

20140202566 - Auxiliary device for an agricultural working machine: An auxiliary device for an agricultural working machine includes a hydraulic pump unit designed to pump a hydraulic fluid at a predetermined working pressure; a drive unit connected to the hydraulic pump unit that drives the hydraulic pump unit at the working pressure; a hydraulic drive having a drive-fluid inlet... Agent: Claas Saulgau Gmbh

20140202567 - Water supply apparatus: The present invention provides a water supply apparatus capable of performing a backup operation, without lowering water supply capability, when a failure has occurred in one control substrate due to surge or noise caused by lightning or due to lifetimes of various sensors, by switching to the other control substrate,... Agent: Ebara Corporation

20140202568 - Modular switching valve arrangement and switch cabinet with such switching valve arrangement: A modular switching valve arrangement (12) having a plurality of switching valves (20) which are arranged adjacent to one another is characterized in that each switching valve (20) includes at least one media connection (34) which has a connecting piece (26) mounted thereto, and in that the connecting piece (26)... Agent: B&#xfc Rkert Werke Gmbh

07/17/2014 > 20 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140196790 - Antivortex device for multi-outlet liquid reservoir: A liquid reservoir with a sump includes at least two outlet ports in fluid communication with a fluid conduit. An anti-vortex device includes a first plate extending across the at least two outlet ports and a second plate coupled to the first plate and extending substantially perpendicular to the first... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140196793 - Hydraulic control apparatus and method: A hydraulic control apparatus is disclosed which includes an unloading valve controlling part; an command value calculating part configured to calculate, based on an operation amount of an operation member for changing a position of the directional control valve and a discharge pressure of the hydraulic pump, a virtual negative... Agent: Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140196791 - Method and apparatus for the use of micro-carriers in a disposable bioreactor system: A system and method for compartmentalizing micro-carriers in a bioreactor includes a container configured to store micro-carriers and a vessel configured to contain a fluid so as to prevent the micro-carriers from entering the vessel during sterilization, shipping, storage, or other pre-use handling of the system. One or more addition... Agent: Pbs Biotech, Inc.

20140196789 - Sleeve valve with sync cam: Sleeve valves include a valve body having an inner surface and outer surface, the inner surface and the outer surface defining an inlet, an outlet, and a body cavity between the inlet and the outlet; a sleeve disposed at least partially within the body cavity, the sleeve including at least... Agent: Mueller International, LLC

20140196788 - Storage tank control valve system: A gas storage tank control valve system is presented. A valve controlling motor is electrically connected to a switch that is installed in a convenient location. Upon activation, the motor rotates the storage tank valve. An indicator visibly displays whether the liquid propane storage tank valve is open or closed.... Agent:

20140196792 - Three-way valve case apparatus: The present invention relates to a three-way valve case that has a top member, bottom member, closure member, three openings, and a hinge allowing the case to be opened and closed. The case may be adapted to receive a three-way valve. Apart from a case adapted to receive a three-way... Agent: Global Medical Innovations, LLC

20140196794 - System and process for supplying a chemical agent to a process fluid: There is provided a process for controllably supplying a chemical agent to a flowing process fluid for effecting generation of treated flowing fluid comprising a chemical agent-derived fluid component material, wherein the chemical agent-derived fluid component material is derived from the chemical agent. The controllably supplying comprises: while discharging a... Agent: Voodoo Injection Management Ltd.

20140196795 - Eductor pump and replaceable wear inserts and nozzles for use therewith: An eductor for conveying materials includes a body defining a first end and a second end and having a first inlet proximate the first end and a body outlet proximate the second end, the body defining a second inlet positioned between the first inlet and the body outlet, and the... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd.

20140196796 - Assembly for an electrically operated valve: The invention relates to an assembly for an electrically operated valve in the automotive field aimed to increase the injection pressure of fuel distributed to combustion chambers, said assembly comprising both a coil unit, wherein a solenoid can control the movements of the electrically operated valve in a housing along... Agent: Delphi Technologies Holding S.a.r.l.

20140196797 - Valve cartridge: A valve cartridge for insertion into a valve block for a manifold valve for accommodating a valve in the valve cartridge includes at least one through opening for the passage of fluid flowing to the valve and a filter device for filtering the fluid. The valve cartridge includes a first... Agent: Rausch & Pausch Gmbh

20140196798 - Diaphragm check valves and methods of manufacture thereof: Microscale valves for use in, e.g., micropump devices, may be formed of a slitted diaphragm bonded to the interior of a valve tube. A bump in the diaphragm and/or a backward-leakage stopper may increase the breakdown pressure of the valve. A push-rod may be used to pre-load the valve membrane... Agent:

20140196799 - Sealed interconnected mat system for spill containment: A sealed mat system that protects an environment from discharge of a fluid or a solid material is disclosed as well as a method for deploying the sealed mat system. The sealed mat system for spill containment comprises interconnected channels, seals, and a composite panel structure that secures solid and... Agent:

20140196800 - Post valve protective device: The presently-disclosed subject matter includes protective covers for post valves. The protective covers can comprise a tubular member, one or more shelves extending from the exterior surface of the tubular member, and one or more support members extending between the exterior surface of the tubular member and the one or... Agent: Progressive Plastics, Inc

20140196801 - Multifunctional restrictive valve: A multifunctional restrictive valve for controlling the flow of water therethrough. The valve has a main body with a flow channel through the main body. The main body receives water upstream thereof through an inlet port and passes it out through an outlet port at the downstream end of the... Agent: Showerstart, LLC

20140196802 - Fluid leak detection and shutdown apparatus: An apparatus and method for a fluid leak detection and shutdown for a fluid distribution system having a total system flow rate. The apparatus includes a solenoid shutoff valve having a normally open state and an activated closed state with a flow capacity matched to the total fluid distribution system... Agent:

20140196803 - Valve subassembly: A valve subassembly for arrangement on a valve device is disclosed. The valve subassembly includes a valve closing body configured to be placed on and raised from an associated valve seat. The valve subassembly also includes a return element configured to reset the valve closing body against the valve seat... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140196804 - Hydraulic control arrangement: A hydraulic control arrangement (1) is described having a directional valve (2), a metering pump unit which has at least two metering pumps (3, 4) which are connected hydraulically in parallel and are operable mechanically in parallel, and a shut-off valve (6) in hydraulic connection between two of the at... Agent:

20140196805 - Surgical suction floor mat: A surgical suction mat for collecting and evacuating surgical fluids, the mat including a foam body having a surrounding border; a series of grooves defined on a first portion of the foam body and located interior of the border and defined substantially across the foam body, the grooves uniformly increasing... Agent: Deroyal Industries, Inc.

20140196806 - Flow diverter and operation of same: A diverter assembly for a shower tub includes a housing having an inlet for receiving fluid and first and second outlets for discharging fluid. An endless advancement structure includes a flow plate fixed to the housing and a gearing arrangement rotatable relative to the flow plate. The flow plate includes... Agent: Waxman Consumer Products Group Inc.

20140196807 - Injecting machine for two different liquids: An injecting machine for two different liquids is configured to inject a liquid mixture of the two different liquids in a first-in first-out manner. The liquid mixture passes from a passage of an injection cylinder through a helical groove of a plunger into a forward space formed forwardly of the... Agent: Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.

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