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Fluid handling

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01/22/2015 > 23 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150020885 - Check valve assembly: A valve assembly for a compressor includes a flow passage defining an inlet, an outlet, and a valve seat located proximate the inlet. The valve assembly also has a valve member that includes a head portion engageable with the valve seat. The head portion has a front face, a rear... Agent:

20150020886 - Detain h2o - detention pond retrofit device: Aspects of a detention pond retrofit device for detention basin outlet control provide structures designed to throttle stormwater flow and maintain the rate at which water is discharged from the system below Qcritical, the flow rate at which erosion and down cutting of the receiving stream would begin, based on... Agent: U.s. Environmental Protection Agency

20150020884 - Servo flow recirculation for an advanced thermal efficient aircraft engine fuel system: A fuel circulation system and methods are provided. The system includes a supply pump for providing an outlet flow of fuel. The system also includes at least a first and a second servo. The first servo is connected to an outlet of the supply pump. A flow regulation device is... Agent: Woodward, Inc.

20150020887 - System and associated method for preventing overfilling in a dishwasher: A method, system, and computer-program product for preventing overfilling in a dishwasher are disclosed herein. According to one embodiment, a method for preventing overfilling in a dishwasher is provided, wherein the dishwasher includes a water valve for providing water to the dishwasher and a drain pump for removing water from... Agent:

20150020888 - Parallel metering pressure regulation system for a thermal efficient metering system: A fuel pressure regulation system is provided. The fuel pressure regulation system includes a supply arrangement for supplying an outlet flow. A primary metering circuit is provided, an inlet of which receives a first portion of the outlet flow of the supply arrangement, the primary metering circuit comprising a fuel... Agent: Woodward, Inc.

20150020889 - Series plus parallel metering pressure regulation system for a thermal efficient fuel metering system: An engine fuel system and methods are provided. The engine fuel system includes a supply arrangement for providing an outlet flow of fuel to a bypass metering arrangement. The bypass metering arrangement in turn provides a metered flow of fuel to a parallel metering system including a primary regulated circuit... Agent: Woodward, Inc.

20150020890 - Method and apparatus for supplying mixed gas: A method and apparatus, for supplying high-pressure mixed gas of a low-vapor-pressure first gas as an active gas and a high-vapor-pressure second gas, are arranged to reduce an amount of the first gas discarded. The mixed gas in a high-pressure state is supplied from a mixing container to a use... Agent:

20150020891 - Chamber pressure control apparatus for chemical vapor deposition systems: In one embodiment, a pressure control assembly includes a cylindrical hollow body having an opening to receive a ballast gas, a first and second flange, and a first and second cone. The first flange is coupled to a first end of the body, and a second flange is coupled to... Agent:

20150020892 - Implement interface: Disclosed is an interface for an implement that is to be operably coupled to a power machine. In one embodiment, a disclosed implement carrier is mountable to a power machine for securing an implement for use with the power machine. The implement carrier includes an implement carrier frame, a locking... Agent: Clark Equipment Company

20150020893 - Locking poppet valve: A locking poppet valve that is reusable and can be pyrotechnically actuated includes an actuating mechanism and a valve assembly that are in fluid communication. A fluid channel traverses through a valve body and fluidly connects the actuating mechanism to a poppet valve positioned within the valve body. When the... Agent:

20150020894 - Sampling and rejection device: A sampling and rejection device for a boiler or steam generating system is described. The sampling and rejection device receives the condensate or fluid and allows a volume of the condensate to liquefy or the fluid to build up in the interior of the sampling and rejection device. One or... Agent:

20150020895 - Relief valve: A relief valve is configured to fit between the outlet of a hand pump and the inlet of an inflatable device to prevent the inflatable device from being inflated beyond a desired pressure. The relief valve can also be used to bleed excess air out of an inflatable device that... Agent: K-pump Inc.

20150020896 - Method and device for refilling an evaporator chamber: A method for continuously refilling an evaporator chamber is described. A solid material is transferred into a vacuum chamber via a vacuum lock. The vacuum chamber has a partition permeable only to liquid material. The material is heated in the vacuum chamber by a heating jacket of the vacuum chamber... Agent:

20150020897 - Pneumatically driveable valve actuator and method of locking a valve closure element relative to a valve body: m

20150020898 - Hydraulic valve and pressure differential type liquid dispenser having the same: A hydraulic valve includes a valve housing and three valve members. The valve housing includes an inlet port, a lateral port for connection to a reservoir, an outlet port, and a chamber. The valve housing further defines a bypass for connection of the inlet port and the chamber, a first... Agent:

20150020899 - Fluid control assemblies and flow path inserts: A flow path insert for a fluid control assembly includes an upstream portion and a downstream portion integral with the upstream portion. The upstream portion includes an upstream peripheral surface and the downstream portion includes a downstream peripheral surface. The upstream portion and the downstream portion cooperate to define an... Agent:

20150020900 - Modular media control valve: A media control valve has a valve body having a media inlet and a media outlet and a plunger which is positioned within the valve body. The plunger is connected to a metering control assembly in the bore of the valve body and can be removed without disturbing the control... Agent:

20150020901 - Control valve with integral pressure switch: A control valve for hydraulic fluid is provided. The control valve includes a valve housing and a valve body slidably supported within the valve housing. The valve body has a hollow center defining a passage. The control valve includes a solenoid assembly having a solenoid housing, a coil, and an... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150020902 - Coupler for a dishwasher: A dishwasher has a sump for collecting water. A discharge pipe leads from the sump. A pump for removing water from the sump is mounted within the dishwasher. An inlet pipe leads to the pump. A pipe coupler couples the discharge pipe to the inlet pipe. The coupler has a... Agent:

20150020903 - Cascade trim for control valve: A cascade type trim for integration into control valve and having a valve stem and a valve cage which cooperate with each other to define a plurality of fluid passageway columns, each of which extend between a valve inlet and a valve outlet. Each fluid passageway column is collectively defined... Agent:

20150020904 - Device with rotary valve for the manipulation of liquids: The present invention describes a device consisting of a rotor, a holding-down device, and a base plate. The base plate is normally a fluidic system, a planar fluidic system for example or a fluidic system with several fluidic ports for a directed guidance of liquids or gases through different channels,... Agent: Microfluidic Chipshop Gmbh

20150020905 - Valve assembly having dual functionality for directional control of a piston on a fluid actuated device: Embodiments of a directional valve assembly that provides a single device with functionality of a two-position design for automated operation and functionality of a three-position design for manual operation. The embodiments can include a housing with a piston chamber and a spool member that transits in the housing to regulate... Agent: Dresser, Inc.

20150020906 - Non-spill valve: A non-spill valve for the neck of a liquid container. The invention also relates to a non-spill valve for the nipple of a feeding bottle, to a teat which is provided with such a nipple and to a feeding bottle which has such a teat. The valve has a tube... Agent: Bb Ipr Limited

01/15/2015 > 45 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20150013769 - Atomizing nozzle device, atomizing process and use: The invention relates to a new atomizing device with improved droplet formation. Smaller droplets are formed with increased micronized volume throughput, wherein high volumes of air are fed to a liquid sprayed from a liquid nozzle (2). High volume ratios result in mean free path between droplets being conveyed so... Agent:

20150013772 - Automatic valve shutoff device and methods: Examples of automatic valve shutoff systems are described which may include an actuation device including an actuator and a valve attachment portion. The valve attachment portion may be configured for attachment with an existing valve in a fluid or compressible gas supply line. The system may further include a controller... Agent:

20150013770 - Chromatography systems and methods using them: Certain embodiments described herein are directed to chromatography systems that include a microfluidic device. The microfluidic device can be fluidically coupled to a switching valve to provide for selective control of fluid flow in the chromatography system. In some examples, the microfluidic device may include a charging chamber, a bypass... Agent: Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

20150013773 - Device for a biological liquid treatment installation: r

20150013771 - Substrate processing system, valve assembly, and processing method: In one aspect, a valve assembly adapted to seal an opening in a chamber is disclosed. Valve assembly includes a housing being adapted for coupling to a chamber surface having the opening therein, the housing including a threshold portion positioned adjacent to the chamber opening, the threshold portion having one... Agent:

20150013774 - Valveless siphon decanter and methods of use: A valveless siphon decanter for processing fluid within a tank having a siphon tube external to the tank, the siphon tube having an output, a boom extending substantially transversely from the siphon tube, the boom providing a path for the communication of fluid from within the tank into the siphon... Agent:

20150013775 - Flue gas conditioning system and method: Disclosed are a system (100) and a method (200) for being utilized in an industrial plant (10) for determining injection rate of at least one Flue Gas Conditioning Agent (FGCA) from a FGCA discharge unit (18) into a flue gas leading from a boiler (12) to be introduce into an... Agent:

20150013776 - Regulating valve: A regulating valve includes a regulating-valve-high-pressure connector, a regulating-valve-low-pressure connector, and a regulating-valve-pressure-reducing device. The regulating-valve-pressure-reducing device includes a regulating-valve-high-pressure chamber coupled to the regulating-valve-high-pressure connector, a regulating-valve-low-pressure chamber coupled to the regulating-valve-low-pressure connector, and a regulating-valve-high-pressure regulator coupled to the regulating-valve-high-pressure chamber and the regulating-valve-low-pressure chamber to maintain the... Agent:

20150013777 - Multi-part concentric manifold and method of making the manifold: A manifold is provided. The manifold includes a first body having an outer curved surface; a second body having an inner curved surface corresponding to the outer curved surface of the first body; and a groove formed in one or both of the outer and inner curved surfaces, wherein the... Agent:

20150013778 - Fluid conduit safety system with separable coupling: The present invention relates to safety mechanisms for high-pressure fluid delivery systems. Particularly, the invention relates to a breakaway device which prevents uncontrolled “whipping” of the conduit ends upon a rupture. A heat dissipating coupling, permitting operation of the conduit system at desired temperatures, is also included, as is a... Agent: Zena Associates, LLC

20150013779 - Air vent head: The present invention relates to a valve providing air ventilation in and out of ballast tanks in ships, and especially to an air vent head providing free flow of air in and out of ballast tanks while at the same time prevents seawater to enter uncontrollably into the ballast tanks... Agent: John Gjerde As

20150013780 - Extended use elevated urinal tray: A new and inexpensive extended use elevated urinal tray for high volume usage mounted wall type urinals (32) to prevent urine splatters (34) from accumulating on the floor or on a mat underneath the urinals extreme edge (30) comprising a base frame portion (16A,B) adapted for placement on the floor... Agent:

20150013781 - Pressure compensation and mixing device for fluid heaters: A pressure compensation and mixing device for a fluid heater has a mixing unit and a pressure compensation unit. The mixing unit is configured to mix a fluid guided in the mixing unit. The pressure compensation unit is configured to homogenize the pressure in the fluid. The mixing unit and... Agent:

20150013782 - Rail vehicle comprising a frost-protected water outlet pipe: The invention relates to a rail vehicle with a water outlet pipe. An end piece of the water outlet pipe is connected to an opening in a floor plate of the rail vehicle. A heated plate is provided at the end piece and disposed parallel to the floor plate. The... Agent:

20150013783 - Medical boom filter system and method: A surgical boom having a surgical head with an electrical connection, a plurality of inlet ports, a compressed gas outlet, and a water outlet, one of the inlet ports having a cover, a hollow surgical arm mounted to a ceiling in a room and having a plurality of joints, a... Agent:

20150013784 - Shower trim kit: A shower trim component for installation with a shower fixture, the shower trim component including an escutcheon formed of a material selected from the group consisting of glass, gravel, marble, paper, stone, wood and wood products. The escutcheon may include an electronic component embedded in the escutcheon.... Agent:

20150013785 - Selectable valve assembly for a vehicle transmission: A hydraulic valve assembly for controlling a clutch in a vehicle transmission. The valve assembly includes a housing with a first port for connection to a source of pressurized hydraulic fluid, a displaceable sealing piston disposed within the housing, a valve spring for displacing the sealing piston, a snap-spring having... Agent:

20150013786 - Valve positioner having bypass component and control valve comprised thereof: Embodiments of a valve positioner that can maintain operation of the control valve despite failures in one or more components. These embodiments reduce downtime by allowing in-situ repair to occur on the valve positioner. In one embodiment, the valve positioner incorporates a by-pass component, which can utilize control input signals... Agent: Dresser Inc.

20150013787 - Control valve: A control valve configured to control a pressure of a passing fluid includes: a valve seat having a seat portion where the fluid passes; a poppet valve inserted into the valve seat to regulate a pressure of the fluid passing through the seat portion; and a fluid rectifying unit provided... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd. A Corporation

20150013788 - Pouch air valve used on sealing pouches: A pouch air valve used on a sealing pouch comprises a coupling duct and a piercing base. The coupling duct includes a duct, an air valve and a first suction plate. The piercing base has a piercing head and a second suction plate. The first suction plate surrounds and seals... Agent:

20150013789 - Fluid circulation valve: The invention relates to a valve (1) for regulating the flow of EGR gases in a loop allowing a proportion of the exhaust gases leaving a vehicle combustion engine to be bled off, having a body delimiting an internal duct (2) and comprising a shutter (3) pivot-mounted on an axle... Agent:

20150013790 - Axial fluid valves: Axial fluid valves having curved or angled valve bodies are described herein. An example apparatus disclosed herein includes a valve body defining a passageway between an inlet and an outlet, the inlet is aligned along a first axis and the outlet is aligned along a second axis. The example apparatus... Agent:

20150013791 - Inspection apparatus guide system: A valve body in a passage of a housing connected to a through hole in a sealed machine casing can allow an inspection apparatus into an interior of the casing when open, and prevents fluid flow through the passage when closed. Seals can engage the inspection apparatus to prevent fluid... Agent:

20150013793 - Flow control features of cvd chambers: Apparatus and methods for gas distribution assemblies are provided. In one aspect, a gas distribution assembly is provided comprising an annular body comprising an annular ring having an inner annular wall, an outer wall, an upper surface, and a bottom surface, an upper recess formed into the upper surface, and... Agent:

20150013792 - Fluid resistance device: In order to be able to stably manufacture a fluid resistance device having the same resistance characteristics while preventing fluid such as gas from leaking, a fluid resistance device is provided with a fluid resistance element having a resistance flow passage, a base member and a fixing member for holding... Agent:

20150013794 - Valve: The present invention relates to a valve for a hydraulically operated percussion mechanism having a main valve (2, 102) which is in the form of a rotary slide valve having a rotary slide. In order to reduce the installation space and the production costs of such valves, it is proposed... Agent:

20150013795 - Articulated harvesting head ground force control circuit: A ground force control circuit (162) for an articulated harvesting head is provided that comprises, an ECU (164); and a first hydraulic control valve (166, 170) driven by the ECU (164), wherein the first hydraulic control valve (166, 170) is coupled to at least one actuator (158, 160) and is... Agent:

20150013796 - Hydraulic circuit for automatic transmission: A hydraulic circuit may include a proportional control solenoid valve controlling hydraulic pressure such that an operating hydraulic pressure required by the friction member is supplied to the friction member; a supply hydraulic path connecting the proportional control solenoid valve with the friction member, and adapted to supply hydraulic pressure... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150013797 - Multi-stage trim: A system including a valve trim having a plurality of flow paths, wherein each flow path of the plurality of flow paths includes a series of stages, and a plurality of expansion zones disposed in series with the series or stages, wherein each expansion zone of the plurality of expansion... Agent:

20150013798 - Device and method for removing dissolved oxygen in alcohol, alcohol supply apparatus and rinsing liquid supply apparatus: Dissolved oxygen in alcohol is efficiently removed with a simple configuration. Device for removing dissolved oxygen in alcohol has a hydrogen-occluding metal catalyst in which hydrogen is occluded, the catalyst being charged in a device. Dissolved oxygen is removed from alcohol that contains the dissolved oxygen by bringing the alcohol... Agent:

20150013799 - Component attaching structure and pressure regulator: A component attaching structure for attaching a first component and a second component to each other. The first component has an attachment hole and an internal thread formed therein. The second component has an external thread formed thereon. The second component supports a sealing member, which seals an interface between... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150013800 - Fluid valve for a vehicle transmission: A fluid valve, in particular a pressure control valve in a vehicle transmission, has at least one inlet opening and a first and a second outlet opening, which are connected to each other through two part valves that are mechanically coupled to each other. Whereas, by means of the first... Agent:

20150013801 - Pressure control valve: The invention relates to a pressure control valve, composed of a valve component and a drive component for the control element of the valve component; the valve component has an orifice that is closed by the control element in a first position, thus disconnecting a control chamber from a return... Agent:

20150013802 - Pressure control valve with control element: The invention relates to a pressure control valve, composed of at least a valve component; situated between a control chamber and a return chamber, the valve component has an orifice, which a control element can close, partially close, or open, and the control element has at least one, at least... Agent:

20150013803 - Pressure related hysteresis manipulation in a pressurized flow system: Exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to manipulating pressure-related hysteresis in a pressurized flow system by setting the pressure of the system to a predetermined location in the hysteresis band to advantageously minimize an effect of the pressure related hysteresis on the pressure of the system or to... Agent:

20150013804 - Flow responsive latch for holding a spool valve in an open position: A valve includes a body with a spool bore, a supply passage, a tank passage, and a workport. A spool, in the spool bore, has a first position providing a first path between the supply passage and the workport, a second position providing a second path between the tank passage... Agent:

20150013807 - Medical stopcock: A medical stopcock device comprises a housing configured to allow a flow of liquid therethrough, and a cock configured to fit in the housing and switch flow paths of the liquid flowing through the housing. The housing comprises a cylindrical body section formed with a through-hole, an upstream port section... Agent:

20150013806 - Water supply valve: A water supply valve comprising a valve body having a first orifice and a second orifice, a rotatable valve shaft, and a handle. The rotatable valve shaft can be inserted into the first orifice or the second orifice, thereby converting the water supply valve from first configuration where the handle... Agent:

20150013805 - Change-over valve: A change-over valve comprises a spool housed in a spool housing, and a pilot chamber facing at least an end of the spool. An axial passage is formed in the spool along the axial direction. While being connected to a pilot chamber, the axial passage communicates with a tank passage... Agent:

20150013808 - Spool valve: A spool valve V1 includes a valve element 11 and a cylinder 12 having a bore 12a which accommodates the valve element 11 to be movable in an axial direction. In this spool valve V1, when the valve element 11 in an initial position moves in the axial direction in... Agent:

20150013810 - Adaptor for coupling to a medical container: An adaptor for coupling with a medical container having a collar closed by a septum including: a tubular body closed at a distal end with a transversal wall from which extends a hollow spike, and at a proximal end by a pierceable elastomeric piece including a cavity having a plurality... Agent: Becton Dickinson Holdings Pte. Ltd.

20150013811 - Adaptor for coupling with a medical container: An adaptor for coupling with a vial having a collar closed by a septum, the septum having an outer surface directed towards the outside of the vial, the adaptor comprising: a gripping member for securing the adaptor to the vial, the gripping member being capable of being laterally mounted on... Agent: Becton Dickinson Holdings Pte. Ltd.

20150013809 - Medical connectors and methods of use: A medical connector for use in a fluid pathway includes a substantially transparent housing having a proximal end with a proximal opening and a distal end with a distal opening, and a cavity extending therebetween. The connector provides a substantially visible fluid flow path extending through a substantial portion of... Agent:

20150013812 - Pull-out sprayhead and related faucet provided with enhanced reciprocal coupling system: Pull-out sprayhead (1) for a faucet, comprising: an inlet fitting (10) provided with a coupling end (11a) which can be connected to an extractable water supply pipe; a supply mouth (10d) in fluid communication with said coupling end (10d); and a magnet (12) fixed at the inlet fitting (10) and... Agent:

20150013813 - Method and system for storing and dispensing compressed air: Methods and systems for storing and dispensing compressed air are provided for inflating a tire. Specifically, a compressed air reservoir is integrated into a human-powered vehicle, such as a bicycle frame component, to provide for portable and convenient inflation of a bicycle tire.... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150007892 - Crude oil cargo recirculation system: A recirculation system for a crude oil cargo tank barge having at least one tank includes a pump in fluid communication with at least one tank and recirculation piping in fluid communication with the pump and at least one tank. The pump pumps fluid from at least one tank to... Agent:

20150007893 - Apparatus and method for increasing the safety during the use of battery systems: A battery system, in particular a lithium-ion battery system, comprising a discharge line (AL) with an opening for discharging substances which are produced in the battery system, in particular gases, to the surroundings of the battery system.... Agent:

20150007894 - Overpressure absorption mechanism for fluid bed processors: An overpressure absorption mechanism is provided for a fluid bed processor. The mechanism includes spring assemblies mounted in the legs of the processor. The arms of the lower housing section extend into the legs and are supported on the springs. If an overpressure condition arises within the processor, the springs... Agent:

20150007896 - Air inlet structure for a turbojet engine nacelle of laminar type: An air intake structure for a turbojet engine nacelle includes an inner panel to be attached to a fan casing, and an external panel capable of a translational movement in a longitudinal direction of the nacelle. The external panel incorporates a portion of an air inlet lip able to provide... Agent:

20150007895 - Splitter nose with a sheet that forms a surface to guide the flow and acts as a de-icing duct: The present application relates to a splitter nose of an axial turbomachine configured to separate an annular flow into the turbomachine into a primary flow and a secondary flow, and including: a generally circular leading edge, an annular wall extending from the leading edge and bounding the secondary flow, and... Agent:

20150007897 - System and method for providing a self validating mass flow controller and mass flow meter: The disclosed embodiments include a method, apparatus, and computer program product for providing a self-validating mass flow controller or mass flow meter without requiring any software modification to a tool/tool controller in which the mass flow controller is being utilized. For example, the disclosed embodiments include a mass flow controller... Agent:

20150007898 - Gas flow control valve: A gas flow control valve comprising coupling means for coupling to a measurement tube, wherein the coupling means are compatible with existing means for coupling valves to the measurement tube, means for directing gas from a well head through the gas flow control valve and out of an exit port,... Agent: Landtec International Holdings, LLC

20150007899 - Fuel sump and withdrawal apparatus: A fuel sump with a draw tube on the inside of the fuel tank to maximize the fuel available to the engine eliminate an exterior fuel line that would normally be exterior to the fuel tank attached to the fuel sump.... Agent:

20150007900 - Venturi mixer: A venturi mixer has first and second fluid input sections, an output section and a throat. The first fluid input section has first and second ends, and a decreasing cross sectional area from the first end to the second end. The throat is disposed at the second end of the... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 32 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150000748 - Check valve apparatus and methods: A check valve apparatus includes at least one first test channel including a first pathway extending through a valve body and in communication with a flow path. The pathway is configured to receive a test stick for inserting through the pathway of the test channel to engage a disc such... Agent:

20150000746 - Fill pipe with level indicator for plant stand and method of using: A new and useful fill pipe for a plant stand (e.g. a Christmas tree stand) is provided, and a new and useful method for using the fill pipe to continuously monitor the level of liquid in the plant stand, in a manner that does not use electronic or moving parts,... Agent:

20150000747 - Fluid distribution device and method for multibed reactors: A fluid distribution device and method is presented for the collection and distribution of fluid between reactor beds. According to various aspects, the method includes a collection tray, a mixing chamber in fluid communication with the collection tray, a rough distribution tray in fluid communication with the mixing chamber, and... Agent:

20150000750 - Safety valve and method of use: Embodiments of a method of operating a safety valve and a safety valve system are provided. The valve system includes a valve, an actuator, a mechanical override, and an indicator. The actuator includes a fail-safe mechanism and the indicator is configured to indicate whether the fail-safe mechanism is operable during... Agent:

20150000749 - Water management system: Embodiments of the present invention provide a water management system for use on board a passenger transport vehicle. The water management system may be used to address and manage excess humidity, water leaks, or any other instance when water or other liquid may collect at a certain location. The disclosure... Agent:

20150000751 - Density based mechanical valve control system: An apparatus for controlling a flow of a fluid, such as a drilling fluid or drilling mud, is disclosed. The apparatus may include: a valve member; and a float member mechanically coupled to the valve member and configured to operate on the valve member when fully submerged in a fluid.... Agent:

20150000752 - Fluid pressure regulating system: A fluid pressure regulating system includes an auxiliary fluid circuit having a high pressure region and a low pressure region, a pump connected to the auxiliary fluid circuit and configured to discharge fluid into the high pressure region of the auxiliary fluid circuit, and a check valve connecting the high... Agent:

20150000753 - System and method for enhancing the production level of wells: A control system for optimizing the flow of fluid from a plurality of pipelines in communication with a resource field includes a sensor array detecting characteristics of the resource field, the plurality of pipelines, and the flow of fluid through the plurality of pipelines. A first manifold assembly and a... Agent: Sitepp Sistemas Y Tecnologia Para Et Petroleo, S.a. De C.v.

20150000754 - Air release valve with elastic rolling shutter: An air release vent valve used to vent air from a liquid filled pipeline, the air release vent valve having a float valve deployed in a float valve housing extending from the pipeline and a surge suppressing shutter valve deployed in a vent passageway extending from said float valve housing... Agent:

20150000756 - Hydraulic accumulator pre-charge pressure detection: A system including a hydraulic accumulator, a pressure sensor, a fluid source and a data processor to detect a pre-charge pressure is provided. The hydraulic accumulator includes first and second fluid chambers and a separator therebetween. The hydraulic accumulator has an associated pre-charge pressure. The pressure sensor is connected to... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150000757 - Methods and systems for reducing pressure of natural gas and methods and systems of delivering natural gas: Methods and systems for reducing a pressure of compressed natural gas and for delivering natural gas are disclosed. A regulator comprising a vortex tube may be used to reduce the pressure of compressed natural gas while a temperature thereof is also reduced. The temperature reduction associated with a pressure drop... Agent: Questar Gas Company

20150000755 - Pressurizing device and method: A pressurizing device and method, for pressurizing a first tank, the device including at least a second tank configured to contain a cryogenic fluid, a first pressurizing circuit for putting the second tank into communication with the first tank, the first pressurizing circuit including at least a first heat exchanger... Agent: Snecma

20150000758 - Dialysis service box: A dialysis service box for centralized control and plumbing arrangement of a dialysis machine is disclosed. The dialysis service box includes a plumbing arrangement with a warm water inlet and a cold water inlet in fluid flow communication with a temperature mixing component. The thermostatic mixing component mixes the cold... Agent:

20150000760 - Apparatus for insertion in a tank and method thereof: An apparatus for insertion in an enclosed space, including: a tube with: first and second substantially straight portions including first and second ends of the tube, respectively; and a curved portion connecting the first and second portions. The apparatus includes: a plurality of nested segments at least partially disposed within... Agent:

20150000759 - Storage facility and storage method: A storage facility includes a controller for monitoring a supply state of the inactive gas for the plurality of storage sections and for controlling the plurality of supply amount adjusting devices. The controller is configured to monitor the supply state of the inactive gas for the plurality of storage sections... Agent:

20150000761 - Gas lift plunger: Gas lift plungers and methods are provided. The gas lift plunger includes a body including a first end, a second end, a valve seat extending from the first end, and a bore extending between the valve seat and the second end. The gas lift plunger also includes a valve element... Agent: Epic Lift Systems LLC

20150000762 - Excess flow shutoff valve: Excess flow shutoff valve comprising a valve body, a valve plug, a partition, and an activation component where the valve plug, the partition, and activation component are disposed within the valve body. A suitable flow restriction is provided to create a pressure difference between the upstream end of the valve... Agent:

20150000763 - Valve body for a snap-in valve and snap-in valve: A valve body for a snap-in valve of a vehicle wheel includes a valve stem having a valve core and a jacket-shaped body connected fixedly to the valve stem having the valve core. The body is formed of a rubber mixture containing chloroprene rubber. A snap-in valve having the valve... Agent:

20150000764 - Water removal from flexible cover: An automatically deployed water removal apparatus for use with a solid, flexible swimming pool cover to remove rainwater caught by the cover. In one embodiment, a head with a water inlet pivots from a stored position along the edge of a pool to a deployed position near the center of... Agent:

20150000765 - Article storage facility: An article storage facility is provided which is relatively simple in structure and in which it is easier to perform maintenance work of apparatus provided to each zone. A first switching valve is provided in each of a plurality of zone gas supply portions whereas a second switching valve is... Agent:

20150000766 - Manifold assembly: According to one aspect, a manifold assembly includes a skid, a low pressure manifold connected to the skid, and a high pressure manifold connected to the skid. In another aspect, the high pressure manifold has a modular configuration so that the high pressure manifold is disconnectable in whole or in... Agent:

20150000767 - Hydrant enclosure with integral faucet: Provided is an enclosure with an integrated hydrant. The enclosure includes a fluid flow conduit that transfers fluid from a fluid supply tube to a fluid outlet, which may be associated with the backflow preventer. The enclosure has a conduit that carries water from the fluid supply tube to the... Agent:

20150000768 - Refrigeration system and ball valve thereof: A ball valve includes a valve body, the valve body has a valve cavity, a first connecting port and a second connecting port; a valve rod and a valve ball are provided inside the valve cavity, the valve ball is provided with a valve ball passage, the valve rod is... Agent:

20150000769 - Anti-shake flow-limiting cutoff valve: The present invention relates to an anti-shake flow-limiting cutoff valve, comprising a flow stop valve, a cutoff valve and a check structure. Said flow stop valve comprises a valve body, a valve seat, a piston and a biasing component. The check structure is arranged downstream said flow stop valve to... Agent: Zhuhai Edison Ecotech Corporation Co., Ltd.

20150000770 - Coupling device with residual pressure relief system: A coupling device includes a first half and a second half adapted to be connected to each other. The first half has a body housing a front chamber and a rear chamber separated by a first element and a second element slidably inserted in a bore provided in the first... Agent: Eaton Sas

20150000771 - Tube coupling device: A tube coupling device includes a coupling member having a lower casing and an upper housing and a peripheral flange extended between the casing and the housing, a water guide plate is engaged into the housing and has one or more off-center passages, a partition member is engaged in the... Agent:

20150000772 - Valve device: A valve device includes a first passage opened by a first valve member, a second passage opened by a second valve member, and a specific chamber in which an asymmetrical state is caused. When the second valve member is open, escape fluid flows through the specific chamber just before flowing... Agent:

20150000773 - Fluid control apparatus joint, and fluid control apparatus: A fluid draw-off block joint includes an inlet channel, an outlet channel, and a closure portion. The inlet channel has a first end communicating with an outlet channel of a single-line block joint, and a second end communicating with an inlet channel of an outlet on-off valve. The outlet channel... Agent:

20150000774 - Constant pressure valve: A constant pressure valve includes a lock rod, a valve sleeve, a sliding shaft, a biasing unit, and a solenoid unit. The lock rod is formed with a first through hole. The valve sleeve is inserted fixedly into the lock rod, and includes an outer sleeve surface having a shrunk... Agent: Winner Hydraulics Corporation

20150000775 - Gas-air mixing device for combustor: Provided is a gas-air mixing device for a combustor which effectively controls the amount of gas and air supplied to a burner provided in a combustor, thus improving the turn-down ratio which leads to increased convenience for using hot water and heat and enhanced durability of the burner. The gas-air... Agent:

20150000776 - Flow adjusting apparatus: A flow adjusting apparatus adjusts the flow rate of a fluid flowing in a plurality of tubes. The flow adjusting apparatus includes a tube coupling joint having a joint body and a plurality of engaging lugs. The joint body has a plurality of connection holes for connecting the tubes, respectively.... Agent:

20150000777 - Modular fluid control system: A modular fluid control system comprised of a plurality of fluid control modules (11), each including a manifold portion (17), and a support element (14) to which the modules are mechanically fixed (12). The manifolds of adjacent units are pneumatically, but not mechanically, connected in order to communicate therebetween. In... Agent: Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Limited

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