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Fluid handling

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10/02/2014 > 30 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140290749 - Aircraft ice protection control system and method for mitigating engine over-bleed: A system and method for controlling aircraft anti-ice bleed air flow in an anti-ice system. The system includes a modulating shut-off valve that is moveable between a closed position and a plurality of open positions. Bleed air pressure upstream of the modulating shut-off valve is measured when the modulating shut-off... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140290750 - Method of determining an operating state of a transmission latching valve: A valve monitoring system includes a latching valve, a travel sensor, and a processor. The latching valve has a snap spring, a valve piston, and an inlet port. The travel sensor is for measuring travel of the valve piston between an activation pressure and a zero pressure. The processor is... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

20140290751 - Method of storing and using natural gas in a vehicle: A method of storing and using natural gas (NG) in a vehicle includes selecting a vehicle having an NG tank for fueling an engine of the vehicle. The tank service pressure rating is 3600 psi (pounds per square inch) and an NG adsorbent is in the tank. A first quantity... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140290752 - Processing method and processing apparatus: A processing method is provided in which an object to be processed is processed within a processing container connected to a gas supply system, an exhaust system and an opening degree variable valve by using a processing gas in a plurality of sequential processing steps. The processing method includes: an... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140290753 - Subsea module pressure control: A method of controlling fluid pressure in a closed system including using a pressure regulating unit connected to the system, the unit including a first conduit fluidly connecting the closed system to an external system. A first regulating valve is interposed between the external system and one end of the... Agent: Framo Engineering As

20140290754 - Flameless heating system: A system for flameless heating, wherein the system includes a modular flameless heating unit located on a singular skid. The modular flameless heating unit includes an internal combustion engine, a dynamic heat generator operatively connected to the internal combustion engine. Further, the system includes a pump being responsive to the... Agent:

20140290755 - Injection cooler: An injection cooler for cooling hot steam in a pipeline has an injecting device that has multiple injection nozzles. The cooler includes a regulating body connected to a coolant supply. The regulating body is equipped with a valve arrangement to regulate coolant feed to the injection nozzles. Coolant feed lines... Agent:

20140290756 - Secondary liquid container for a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a secondary liquid container (1) for a motor vehicle, in particular a washing liquid container, with a filler pipe (3) and a filling bleed line (4). The filler pipe (3) and the filling bleed line (4) are connected via one common connection cross section to the... Agent:

20140290757 - Double action float valve: The double action float valve is connected to a single pipe and a tank and controls both the filling and discharge of the tank. The double action float valve utilizes a valve body, an obturator positioned within the valve body, a unidirectional device, and a float connected to the obturator.... Agent:

20140290758 - Pressure reducing valve: In a pressure reducing valve, a valve rod forms one portion of a side wall of a piston, and is connected to the piston inwardly of a sliding contact area, which is held in sliding contact with an inner wall of a body. More specifically, a connection location between the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140290759 - Pressure reducing valve: A pressure reducing valve has a valve rod with a valve element member fitted over the valve rod. A fluid discharging structure is defined in an outer wall surface of the valve rod, or in an inner wall surface of the valve element member that surrounds the outer wall surface... Agent: Keihin Corporation

20140290760 - Pressure reducing valve: A pressure reducing valve has a seal member, which is mounted on a side wall of a piston. The seal member is arranged between a first ring and a second ring. Consequently, depending on the direction of displacement of the piston, the first ring or the second ring is positioned... Agent: Keihin Corporation

20140290761 - Valve assembly for machine fluid operations: Various embodiments of valve assemblies are provided for use in connection with the fluid systems of machines such as engine-powered machines. The valve assemblies may be used for performing fluid refill operations, fluid evacuation operations, fluid purge operations, and other types of fluid operations in connection with machine maintenance.... Agent: Rpm Industries, LLC

20140290762 - Apparatus and method for conserving and filtering water: This invention relates to the field of water valves and more particularly to a rod activated water valve for installation on any threaded water faucet, tap or threaded pipe with a filter screen to prevent any particle larger than the filter mesh from passing through the filter. This invention also... Agent: Instant-off, Inc.

20140290763 - Controllable normal force mechanism with minimum energy consumption: Force control system. The system includes a first pair of permanent magnets for providing a normal force on the wheel of a robot adapted for n-pipe inspections. A second pair of magnets is provided with opposite polarity so that a rotor containing magnets may be rotated with a minimum of... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140290765 - Gas recycling system for a controlled atmosphere unit operation: A gas recycling system for a controlled atmosphere furnace includes a controlled atmosphere furnace having a product entry, a product exit, a process gas inlet adjacent said product exit, and a spent gas outlet adjacent said product entry. A spent gas recycler is operationally connected to the spent gas outlet.... Agent: H2 Pump LLC

20140290766 - Apparatus and methods for transferring materials between locations possessing different cross-sectional areas with minimal band spreading and dispersion due to unequal path-lengths: Non-limiting exemplary embodiment(s) of apparatus(es) and method(s) are described for the conveyance of fluid media and entrained materials between two or more locations, each possessing a different cross-sectional area. Equidistant pathways incorporated into uniquely designed conduits enable this transference to occur with minimal band spreading and separation resolution loss due... Agent:

20140290767 - Hydraulic pressure supply system of automatic transmission: A hydraulic pressure supply system of an automatic transmission for a vehicle is disclosed. The hydraulic pressure supply system of an automatic transmission for a vehicle may supply a low hydraulic pressure generated at a low-pressure hydraulic pump to a low pressure portion through a low-pressure regulator valve, may supply... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140290768 - Frac pump isolation safety system: The improved system allows an operator overseeing a well stimulation hydraulic fracturing operation to bring frac pumps online and offline as necessary. A control panel allows the operator to remain at a safe distance from high-pressure equipment, including the frac pumps and respective remotely actuated isolation valves, yet allows monitoring... Agent:

20140290769 - Fuel tank structure of straddle type vehicle: A fuel tank structure of straddle type vehicle in which a wide space below the fuel tank can be secured and a clearance portion for avoiding the fuel tank interfering with the vehicle body side can be downsized. The fuel tank is supported on and disposed above a main frame... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140290770 - Aseptic connector with deflectable ring of concern and method: An aseptic fluid connector having a first connector including a first fluid passageway for receiving a fluid therein; a first port in fluid communication with the first fluid passageway for passage of the fluid therethrough; and a first deflecting member. The first deflecting member includes a first engaging portion radially... Agent: Dr. Py Institute, LLC

20140290771 - Pressure-regulating valve having an electrical control unit: A pressure-regulating valve having an electrical control unit mutually connected by a first plug connector. The electrical control unit controls the pressure-regulating valve using a regulated current signal and also renders possible the connection to at least one additional device. The electrical control unit includes two additional plug connectors. Electrical... Agent: Thomas Magnete Gmbh

20140290772 - Integration valve: A vapor-liquid separating space is provided in a body. The body houses a fixed throttle-decompressing liquid-phase refrigerant, and an integration valve member selectively opening or closing a liquid-phase refrigerant passage and a vapor-phase refrigerant passage. The integration valve member is moved by a stepping motor connected to the integration valve... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140290773 - Mixer and dispensing device: The invention relates to a delivery device having two containers (4a, 4b) that are connected with each other and a mixer (3). Preferably, the mixer can be connected with the containers (4a, 4b) by an outer thread (17). Thereby, the mixer has a coupling element (13), a mixer housing (11)... Agent: Kettenbach Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140290775 - Hot water dispenser faucet with thermal barrier: A faucet for a hot water dispenser has a valve metal body made of a metal having a thermal conductivity of 50 W/mK. A tube extends through a passage in the valve body and is coupled to a hot water line that extends into a hot water tank of the... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

20140290774 - Water feeding device and faucet: A water feeding device includes a metal shell and a water conduit. The metal shell includes a through hole. The water conduit is made of food grade material or non-metallic material, and is disposed in the through hole, wherein when water passes through the water conduit, the water doesn't contact... Agent:

20140290776 - Rotational motion-inducing variable flow resistance systems having a sidewall fluid outlet and methods for use thereof in a subterranean formation: Variable flow resistance systems can be used to regulate fluid flow in various applications, particularly within a subterranean formation. A variable flow resistance system can comprise a chamber configured to induce rotational motion of a fluid flowing therethrough, a fluid inlet coupled to the chamber, and a fluid outlet coupled... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140290777 - Back-pressure safeguard: The backflow prevention device consists of a funnel-shaped membrane and a clamping device for mounting in a pipe. The clamping device consists of a spread member expanding the membrane to the pipe cross section and pressing it against the pipe wall, and a support member supporting the spread member against... Agent: Lasso Technik Ag

20140290778 - Fluid control valve: In order to make it possible to increase a diameter and output thereof, a diaphragm structure is provided that has low repulsiveness, can be largely deformed to increase a stroke even without being applied with a large force from an actuator, and is unlikely to give rise to a defect... Agent: Horiba Stec Co., Ltd.

20140290779 - Dual hose reel system and method for transferring crude oil: A system for transfer of crude oil from a production platform to a tethered barge is provided, comprising one or more hose reels which include swivels to facilitate connection/flanging while the hoses are being deployed into the water or retracted. The reels employ a semi-closed design which helps to contain... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 25 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140283916 - Air pipe head: An air pipe head having a housing bounding a venting channel and a chamber. The venting channel has an end port opening downwards into the chamber. A float member is arranged in the chamber and guided for guided movement between an uppermost position closing off the end port and a... Agent: Winteb Beheer B.v.

20140283915 - Hydraulic control system having relief flow capture: A hydraulic circuit may be provided. The circuit may include: a pump to supply pressurized fluid to a circuit; a supply passageway coupled between the pump and the circuit; a relief flow passageway coupled between the supply passageway and a fluid reservoir; a relief flow capture circuit coupled to the... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140283917 - Vapor delivery device, methods of manufacture and methods of use thereof: A method comprises transporting a first stream of a carrier gas to a delivery device that contains a solid precursor compound. The first stream of carrier gas is at a temperature greater than or equal to 20° C. The method further comprises transporting a second stream of the carrier gas... Agent:

20140283918 - Valve flow control optimization via customization of an intelligent actuator: A valve arrangement including a valve and a valve actuation arrangement is provided. The valve has a known flow profile. The valve includes a valve member and a valve stem operably coupled to the valve member for adjusting the position of the valve member. The valve actuation arrangement is operably... Agent: Schneider Electric Buildings, LLC

20140283919 - Systems, methods, and apparatuses for providing viscous fluid in a particular format and implementations thereof: The present invention involves providing a viscous fluid in a particular format and implementations thereof. In particular, a viscous slave fluid is provided in a particular format, wherein the particular format can be an end result or an intermediate result for the viscous fluid. In the case of an intermediate... Agent:

20140283920 - Tank provided with an over-pressure valve: A tank (10) including a container (15) and a flow line (20) for discharging excess fuel. Said flow line (20) is provided with a pipe (21) and an over-pressure valve (24) arranged inside the container (15). In addition, the tank (10) includes a leaktight bell (30) arranged inside said container,... Agent: Airbus Helicopters

20140283921 - Airplane: An airplane having at least one turbojet and means for taking at least a portion of the boundary layer (30) of the flow of air over a surface of the airplane and for guiding the air that has been taken to an air inlet (54, 80) of the turbojet, the... Agent: Snecma

20140283922 - Spring assemblies for use in gas turbine engines and methods for their manufacture: In accordance with an exemplary embodiment, a method for manufacturing a bypass valve of a turbine engine control system is described. The bypass valve includes a proportional valve and an integrator valve and the integrator valve includes an integrator spring assembly. The method includes forming the integrator spring assembly using... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140283923 - Electronic unit for measuring operating parameters of a vehicle wheel, comprising an electronic module and an inflation valve: The electronic unit includes an inflation valve adapted to be secured to a wheel rim and including an abutment head against the rim, extending in the continuation of which are a rigid tube, an electronic module mounted in a slidable manner along the tube, and elements for the relative locking... Agent: Continental Automotive France

20140283924 - Test apparatus for testing filters or containers: A cleaning process is provided for a test apparatus that has a switch, external connections and internal volumes that can come into contact with a fluid from a filter to be tested or a container to be tested. The cleaning process includes selecting one or more internal volumes to be... Agent:

20140283925 - Fluids collection and drain system: A fluids collection and drain system includes a tray and a screen. The tray has a base, a peripheral wall to include an annular ledge, at least one support coupled to the base that has a planar top at the same distance from the base as the annular ledge, and... Agent:

20140283926 - Foldable, double-block and bleed plugging tool: An isolation tool for temporarily isolating a section of pipeline has foldable semi-circular sealing element halves that, when unfolded, combine to form a primary and secondary sealing element. The element halves unfold by rotating an inner bar about an outer bar. A bleed hole permits any fluid which leaks past... Agent:

20140283927 - Auxiliary gray water source device for commercial kitchens: An auxiliary grey water supply device captures used wash water from a commercial warewashing machine for supply to a pre-rinse station without substantial modification of the commercial warewashing machine. The captured wash water is delivered to a pre-rinse station for pre-rinsing of dishes that will be washed within the commercial... Agent: Seven Hour Drive, LLC

20140283928 - Flow amount control apparatus: A flow amount control apparatus is configured to include a supply tank for storing a liquid, a main pipe having a first open end connected to the tank and a second open end disposed lower than the first end for transferring the liquid from the tank to the second end,... Agent: Nitto Shoji, Ltd.

20140283929 - Gas valve and method of control: A stepper-motor gas valve control is disclosed that includes a main diaphragm in a chamber that controllably displaces a valve relative to an opening in response to changes in pressure, to adjust fuel flow through the valve. A servo-regulator diaphragm is provided to regulate flow to the main diaphragm, to... Agent:

20140283930 - Fine control gas valve: A fine control gas valve is disclosed. The valve has a tee having first and second tee runs co-axially aligned on a longitudinal axis, and a tee branch oriented non-parallel to the longitudinal axis. A rotatable hand operator member cooperates with a threaded member and a sleeve to enable a... Agent:

20140283931 - Reservoir assembly for storing hydrogen peroxide for use with a hydrogen peroxide vaporizer in association with a filler: The disclosure is directed to reservoir assembly for storing hydrogen peroxide for use with a hydrogen peroxide vaporizer in association with a filler. Which includes a fluid chamber, a float member and a column level sensor. The float member is positioned within the fluid chamber. The fluid column level sensor... Agent: Scholle Corporation

20140283932 - Pneumatic tool driving assembly: A pneumatic tool driving assembly comprises: a valve housing defining first and second chambers and a valve opening; a valve mechanism including a valve actuator that extends into the valve housing, and a valve member that is disposed for closing the valve opening and that is actuated by the valve... Agent: Basso Industry Corp.

20140283933 - Scr system comprising a reductant distributor: An SCR system comprising a reductant tank, a return passageway, and a reductant distributor. The return passageway is coupled fluidly to the reductant tank via an outlet of the return passageway. A reductant distributor is positioned at the outlet. The reductant distributor is configured to distribute spatially an undispensed portion... Agent: Deere & Company

20140283935 - Collector for use with an apparatus for treating wafer-shaped articles: A collector assembly for use with a spin chuck includes a base component, a top component and a first intermediate component configured to be fitted between the base component and the top component. The base, top and first intermediate components are configured so as to be interconnectable to form a... Agent: Lam Research Ag

20140283934 - Reclaiming water system for commericial kitchens: A reclaiming water system for use in a dishwashing system is disclosed. The reclaiming water system includes a collection means, a storage means, and a distribution means thereby enabling the reclaiming water system to supply batch dishwasher station gray water to a pre-rinse station where the batch dishwasher station gray... Agent:

20140283936 - Device for expelling/containing liquids for a spacecraft tank: A device for expelling/containing a predetermined liquid. The device configured to be built into a liquid tank operable at low or zero gravity and comprising a unitary three-dimensional sponge structure. The sponge structure comprises a set of substantially wire-like elements that extend between a peripheral area of the sponge structure... Agent:

20140283937 - Electro control modulator valve and semiconductor production apparatus using the same: Accordingly, the electronic control mixing valve includes a lower region having a plurality of through-holes and introduction ports formed at lower ends of the plurality of through-holes, respectively, an upper region having the same number of openings as the plurality of through-holes and formed at a region of a lower... Agent:

20140283938 - Three-way integrated joule-thomson valve and liquefied gas expander: A cryogenic turbine expander system which consists essentially of a cryogenic liquid pressure vessel, and the vessel further accommodating a turbine expander, an internal bypass configuration, which are operable in parallel, a three-way valve to direct incoming high pressure liquefied gas flow to the turbine expander, or the internal bypass... Agent:

20140283939 - Fluid transfer device with connector: A fluid transfer system includes a transfer device coupled to a dry break coupler. The transfer device includes a valve assembly moveable between an open and a closed position. The valve assembly includes a main valve and a pilot valve. An actuator controls both the main valve and the pilot... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 134 patent applications in 72 patent subcategories.

20140261702 - Apparatus and method for collecting powder generated during film deposition process: An apparatus for controlling a flow of gas comprises a spiral path guiding member. The spiral path guiding member comprises at least two groups of guiding plates. Each guiding plate of each group is disposed in an axial direction to form a longitudinal axis. Each group is spaced apart in... Agent:

20140261695 - Apparatus and methods for providing natural gas to multiple engines disposed upon multiple carriers: Apparatus for providing natural gas from an external gas source to multiple engines disposed upon multiple carries includes a gas supply conduit mounted upon each carrier. Each gas supply conduit has a connector conduit engaged at one end therewith and being releasably engageable at the other end with the gas... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140261701 - Collapsible air duct with inflatable insulative sleeve: A collapsible air duct with inflatable insulative sleeve for supplying preconditioned air from a remote source to aircraft and similar vehicles. The system includes first annular interior chamber substantially surrounded by an a non-rigid inflatable sleeve which provides a thermal barrier from adverse environmental conditions. The non-rigid inflatable sleeve is... Agent:

20140261709 - Control reliable pneumatic energy isolation valve with soft start function: A valve assembly includes a valve including an inlet and an outlet, and a soft start valve in a normally closed position and located upstream of the valve. The soft start valve opens when a percentage of an outlet pressure at the outlet of the valve to an inlet pressure... Agent: Ross Operating Valve Company

20140261708 - Devices and methods for manipulating deformable fluid vessels: A fluid container comprises a first vessel, a second vessel connected or connectable to the first vessel, and a sealing partition preventing fluid flow from the second vessel. The container further includes a spherical opening element initially supported within the second vessel by the sealing partition and configured to be... Agent: Genmark Diagnostics, Inc.

20140261711 - Efficiently and easily opening and closing a canister valve: The present disclosure relates to a method including the steps of receiving a canister in a canister connection housing. The canister includes a canister fitment and a canister valve. The housing includes a receiver fitment and a door. The method includes the step of lowering the receiver fitment of the... Agent:

20140261710 - Faucet dryer: A faucet with a forced air dryer. The forced air dryer provides forced air for drying an object adjacent the faucet water outlet.... Agent:

20140261704 - Gas regulator, control interface module, and methods for surgical applications: A regulator for regulating the pressure and flow of gas traveling between a gas inlet and a gas outlet. A first pressure regulator in fluid communication with the gas inlet and configured to prevent gas flowing downstream of the first pressure regulator from exceeding a first pressure. A first line... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20140261700 - High thermal transfer flow-through heat exchanger: A flow-through heater for heating a fluid comprises: a high thermal conductivity conduit-defining body shaped to provide, within the conduit-defining body, a helical-shaped or spiral-shaped conduit that extends between an inlet port and an outlet port; and one or more heating elements operatively connected to an exterior of the conduit-defining... Agent:

20140261696 - In-line valve with improved flow: An improved in-line fluid valve for use with low pressure fluid sources containing pollutants.... Agent:

20140261693 - Irrigation system with freeze protection and method: Apparatus and method are provided herein for causing and controlling the injection of antifreeze material into a water line of an irrigation system. The irrigation system comprises an antifreeze supply unit including an antifreeze storage container containing a liquid antifreeze coupled to a water line of the irrigation system. A... Agent: Rain Bird Corporation

20140261705 - Liquid transporting apparatus and liquid transporting method: A liquid transporting apparatus includes a driving section that transports a the liquid; a control section that controls the driving section, based on a control pattern; and an operation section that is operated to change the control pattern for controlling the driving section.... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140261699 - Main valve with internal rigid structure: A valve assembly is described herein that includes a valve plate and a main valve contacting the valve plate, the main valve having an internal rigid structure and an outer shell, the internal rigid structure having a top surface, a bottom surface, and a side surface.... Agent: Mueller International, LLC

20140261706 - Media suction devices and methods: Devices and methods are provided for removing media from a culture vessel that decreases disruption of the interface between the cellular material and media within the vessel such that aspiration and removal of cells or cell clusters along with the media is minimized. In addition, the media fluid turbulence is... Agent: Janssen Biotech, Inc.

20140261703 - Method to detect valve deviation: Methods for detecting valve leakage and apparatus for the same are provided. In one embodiment, a method for detecting a valve leakage includes flowing a gas through a diverter valve, determining a pressure in a gas source provided to the diverter valve, comparing the determined pressure value with an expected... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140261707 - Portable tanking system and method: Some embodiments include a method of providing substantially uninterrupted gas service by coupling at least one gas cylinder to a portable tanking assembly. The tanking assembly can include a cart including a rear frame and a coupled carrier frame supported on an axle with wheels. In some embodiments, the carrier... Agent: Pacific Gas And Electric Company

20140261712 - Skimmer system: A method and device for extracting fluid from a body of fluid is has a bellows with a feed system interfaced to a first end of the bellows. A floating head is interfaced to a distal second end of the bellows and has one or more buoyancy elements. The buoyancy... Agent:

20140261694 - Valve with fail-safe device: A power operated valve for controlling fluid flow is provided with a fail-safe device responsive to failure of the power supply to the valve to shut-off fluid flow. A valve member is coupled to linear actuator for movement towards and away from a closed position for controlling fluid flow through... Agent: Kohler Mira Limited

20140261698 - Wafer carrier with temperature distribution control: Wafer carrier arranged to hold a plurality wafers and to inject a fill gas into gaps between the wafers and the wafer carrier for enhanced heat transfer and to promote uniform temperature of the wafers. The apparatus is arranged to vary the composition, flow rate, or both of the fill... Agent: Veeco Instruments Inc.

20140261697 - Water treatment system tank selector valve assembly: A valve assembly for a twin tank-type water treatment system includes and a tank selector valve assembly that includes first and second rotary selector valves driven in concert with another by a reversible electric motor. The motor drives the first and second selector valves between (a) a first position in... Agent: Clack Corporation

20140261713 - Fluid path set with turbulent mixing chamber, backflow compensator: A fluid path set includes a first fluid line having a proximal end fluidly connectable to a source of a first fluid and a second fluid line having a proximal end fluidly connectable to a source of a second fluid. A flow mixing device is in fluid communication with distal... Agent: Medrad, Inc.

20140261714 - Advanced valve actuator with true flow feedback: A valve and actuator assembly that includes a valve configured to control a flow of liquid into a coil or heat exchanger. The valve and actuator assembly further includes a valve actuator configured to control opening and closing of the valve via positioning of a valve closure member. The valve... Agent: Schneider Electric Buildings, LLC

20140261717 - Dialysis control valve having self-cleaning mode: A valve system is provided that includes an electromechanical solenoid, a gas valve including a magnetic flapper, a power source in electrical communication with the electromechanical solenoid, and a controller. The controller is configured to control the power source to supply an intermediate voltage that causes the electromechanical solenoid to... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20140261718 - Main stage in-line pressure control cartridge with optional reverse flow function: A main stage in-line pressure control cartridge. The cartridge selectively controls flow in-line in the same direction as opposed to directing flow at a 90 degree angle like other cartridges. A tubular poppet can be mounted into a body and has a sliding control sleeve that can expose radial holes... Agent:

20140261715 - Reducing pressure drop buildup in bio-oil hydroprocessing reactors: A method is provided involving reducing a pressure drop across a hydroprocessing reactor having a reactor feed and producing a hydroprocessing product, where the reactor feed includes a bio-oil feed and a hydrocarbon diluent; and the step of reducing the pressure drop comprises stopping or substantially reducing the bio-oil feed... Agent: Syntroleum Corporation

20140261719 - System and method for regulating a constant positive pressure differential within a container: A system and method for regulating a constant positive pressure differential within a container in order to maintain the waterproof integrity of the container. In one embodiment, the system for regulating a constant positive pressure differential within a container is comprised of a valve member, a control member, and an... Agent:

20140261716 - Systems and methods for fluid pump outlet pressure regulation: Fluid pump pressure regulation systems and methods have a valve body with a bore and a valve spool. The valve spool connects a first and second port to a third port in different valve spool positions. The first port is in fluid communication with an output of a fluid pump... Agent: Husco Automotive Holdings LLC

20140261720 - Flameless fluid heater: Heat from a rotating prime mover(s) driving a fluid shear pump, heat from the prime mover and any exhaust heat generated by the prime mover is collected. The heat energy collected from all of these sources is transmitted through heat exchangers to a fluid where heat energy is desired. This... Agent: Conleymax Inc.

20140261721 - System and method for acoustic focusing hardware and implementations: The present invention is a method and apparatus for acoustic focusing hardware and implementations.... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20140261722 - Auxiliary mobile power system: The present disclosure is directed to a hydraulic vehicle power system. The auxiliary mobile power system may be configured to supply power to at least one auxiliary function and a primary hydraulic system for a vehicle. The auxiliary mobile power system may include a hydraulic pump configured to provide hydraulic... Agent: Diversified Products, LLC

20140261723 - Bidirectional fluid flow valve and method: The present disclosure relates to a bidirectional valve design that provides for more rapid deflations/evacuation of fluid flow and in one example includes a valve body, a spindle piston movably coupled in a bore of the valve body and an electronically controllable motor that moves the spindle valve between a... Agent: Kap Medical

20140261724 - Balanced port sense profile for improved capacity performance: A fluid regulating device includes a regulator valve having an inlet, an outlet, and a valve port disposed between the inlet and the outlet. An actuator is coupled to the regulator valve and includes a valve disc that displaces along a longitudinal axis to open and close the fluid regulating... Agent: Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies, Inc.

20140261728 - Compressed natural gas pressure regulator protective bracket: A protective bracket for a compressed natural gas pressure regulator mounted in an engine compartment of a motor vehicle is disclosed. The compressed natural gas pressure regulator is disposed between a natural gas pressurized tank and an intake system for an internal combustion engine within the engine compartment, and the... Agent:

20140261732 - Efficiently and easily opening and closing a canister valve: The present disclosure relates to a canister connection apparatus designed to efficiently and easily connect a pressurized canister to an external system.... Agent:

20140261729 - Filter with integrated baffle: An airbag assembly may include an airbag and an inflator in fluid communication with the airbag. The inflator may have a first chamber containing a first gas source and a second chamber containing a second gas source. A filter module may be positioned to filter and redirect gas flows from... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140261730 - Fire hydrant cover with water pressure indicator system: Devices, systems and methods for visually indicating the presence of a fire hydrant and the range of gallons per minute water flow associated with the hydrant.... Agent:

20140261731 - Fire hydrant pressure indicator: Devices, systems and methods for visually indicating the presence of a fire hydrant and the range of gallons per minute water flow associated with the hydrant by using a single-piece fire hydrant cover.... Agent:

20140261725 - Piping stick systems and methods: Embodiments of a piping stick and methods of manufacturing and using a piping stick are disclosed herein. The piping stick can define a scalable volume including a plurality of piping sections and a plurality of control sections. The non-connected in his of the piping sections of the piping stick can... Agent:

20140261726 - Valve exerciser for an emergency shutoff valve of a steam turbine and method for using the same: An apparatus for exercising an emergency shutoff valve of a steam turbine and methods for operating the same are disclosed herein. A cover of the valve exerciser mounts on top of an emergency shutoff valve body and through a stroker bolt threadingly engaged with the shutoff valve lever arm, the... Agent:

20140261727 - Vial adapter for side engagement of vial cap: A vial adapter for side engagement of a vial cap includes a needleless connector having a housing and defining one or more fluid pathways therein; an elongated piercing spike operatively coupled to the needleless connector, the elongated piercing spike having a longitudinal axis and one or more channels for fluid... Agent:

20140261733 - Processing chamber gas delivery system with hot-swappable ampoule: Disclosed are apparatus and methods for supplying a constant flow of precursor gas to a processing chamber. The apparatus described, and methods of use, allow a precursor ampoule to be removed from the gas delivery system without interrupting the process.... Agent:

20140261735 - Automatic vacuum sewerage solids cleaning systems and methods: This application discloses novel vacuum break devices useful in automatic vacuum flushing systems. The vacuum break devices are capable of rapidly breaking the vacuum in a storage tank of a sewer line, thus enabling efficient flushing of sediments and cleaning of the sewer system. The invention also provides automatic vacuum... Agent:

20140261734 - Electromechanical apparatus system and methods for dispensing or purging fluids: An improved electromechanical apparatus for injecting or purging fluids on demand is disclosed. Also disclosed are systems and methods for using the apparatus, including automatic fertilizer injection/injecting and water line purging systems for use in lawn maintenance. The apparatus can be located in a main water line before the distribution... Agent:

20140261736 - Fluidics system for sequential delivery of reagents: The invention provides a passive fluidics circuit for directing different fluids to a common volume, such as a reaction chamber or flow cell, without intermixing or cross contamination. The direction and rate of flow through junctions, nodes and passages of the fluidics circuit are controlled by the states of upstream... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20140261737 - Gate valve with track cleanout: Methods, systems, and apparatus for a gate valve include a valve body having an inner surface and an outer surface, the inner surface and the outer surface defining an inlet, an outlet, and a fluid path therebetween, a track defined in the inner surface, the track defining a bottom surface;... Agent: Mueller International, LLC

20140261739 - Dense phase pump with easily replaceable components: A dense phase pump has two housings that are attached together using a single releasable fastener. The fastener can be released to allow the two housings to be separated thereby providing access to replaceable components. The replaceable components may include one or more pinch valves or one or more barrier... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20140261738 - Self-draining ullage fuel tank systems and related methods: Self-draining ullage fuel tank system and related methods are described. An example fuel tank apparatus includes a fuel tank and a ullage tank positioned at an elevation relative to the fuel tank. The example fuel tank apparatus also includes a fluid path to fluidly couple a cavity of the fuel... Agent:

20140261740 - System for detecting a valve replacement kit and a method of use thereof: A system for detecting a valve replacement element including a flush valve including a fluid inlet, a fluid outlet, and a main valve element adapted for movement between a first position in which the fluid inlet and the fluid outlet are in fluid isolation, and a second position in which... Agent:

20140261741 - Rapid-connect coupler with vent-holes: An embodiment includes a coupling system having a rapid-connect coupler configured to engage a male fuel receptacle to convey a fluid. The coupling system may be configured to transition between a coupled configuration and a de-coupled configuration. When transitioning between configurations, significant pressure may build up inside various coupling orifices... Agent: Macro Technologies, LLC

20140261746 - Methods and systems for improving the operation of transmissions for motor vehicles: A pressure regulator valve to replace the pressure regulator valve of a “factory installed” automotive transmission has a pressure regulator balance circuit provided internally within a first portion of the pressure regulator valve. The pressure regulator valve also has a decrease exhaust circuit provided internally within a second portion of... Agent:

20140261745 - Projection welded pressure relief valve assembly: This invention relates to a pressure relievable tank comprising a cylinder, a pressure relief valve having a housing with an upper end, a lower end and a sidewall disposed therebetween, a flange connected the upper end of the housing, and a bottom having a central aperture and an upwardly facing... Agent:

20140261742 - Thermal pressure relief devices and related systems and methods: Apparatus, methods and systems for inspecting and/or sensing defects in a thermal pressure relief device. The thermal pressure relief apparatus may comprise a bulb having a fluid therein. In some implementations, a sensor may be used to determine whether the fluid within the bulb exceeds a fill level threshold. Upon... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140261744 - Thermostatic valve: A thermostatic valve is provided. The thermostatic valve includes a first seat, a second seat spaced axially apart from the first seat, and a shuttle. The shuttle is located between the first seat and the second seat, has a first side and a second side axially opposite the first side,... Agent:

20140261743 - Water valve with supported opening function: Water valves and methods of regulating fluid flow for low ambient pressure water sources that reduce the amount of filtration needed for valve mechanisms operating in the water source.... Agent:

20140261747 - Mixing valve assembly for faucet: A mixing valve for a faucet includes a body configured to receive therein end portions of a fluid supply line and a fluid outlet line, and a coupler. The coupler is configured for insertion through a sidewall of the body to engage features of the fluid supply line and the... Agent: Kohler Co.

20140261748 - Valve mechanism with frangible plug: A valve mechanism is herein described that utilises a frangible plug. The valve mechanism comprises a valve body having an inlet port and an outlet port and a passageway extending therebetween. The valve mechanism comprises a frangible plug that is held within the valve body to block the passageway when... Agent: Kidde Technologies, Inc.

20140261750 - Capacitive sensing faucet including a conductive polymer: A capacitive sensing faucet is provided. In one exemplary embodiment, the faucet includes a a faucet body hub; a spout coupled to the faucet body hub; an insulator defining a capacitive coupling between the faucet body hub and the spout, wherein the insulator is formed from an electrically conductive polymer;... Agent:

20140261749 - Faucet assembly: A touch-free faucet provides control over flow and/or temperature by detecting object presence in one or more detection zones. In one embodiment, the faucet provides for continuous-flow water flow wherein the spout of the faucet pours water for a period of time regardless of whether an object is detected in... Agent:

20140261751 - Pressure balance unit: A pressure balance unit for a valve assembly includes a first shell having a tongue extending therefrom, a second shell having a groove indented therein, and a sliding element having a shaft defining an axis. The groove in the second shell is configured to receive the tongue from the first... Agent: Kohler Co.

20140261752 - Replaceable blade: A flexible structure inflation device, comprising an inflation assembly configured for insertion between first and second overlapping film layers of a web of material, the inflation assembly having a fluid conduit configured directing a fluid in between the layers to inflate the web; and a cutting member held magnetically in... Agent: Pregis Innovative Packaging Inc.

20140261754 - Attachment for different air valves: An air valve connecting device or attachment includes a housing having an inlet mouth, a sliding member slidably engaged in the housing and extendible out of the housing, the sliding member includes two pathways and two chambers communicating with each other, two gaskets are engaged into the chambers of the... Agent: Beto Engineering & Marketing Co., Ltd.

20140261753 - Rubber composition and design for snap-in tire valve: A snap-in tire valve for mounting in a valve hole in a wheel rim, having a valve body and a resilient member having an overall shape including a groove and a rib adapted to snap into and be retained in the hole. The resilient member may include a rubber that... Agent: The Gates Corporation

20140261755 - Clog retarding filtering apparatus for inlet fluid into a pressure chamber of a sprayer: To assist the filtering from a tank into the inlet port of the pressure chamber of a sprayer, an additional pumping structure is attached to the pumping mechanism of the sprayer. A hose extends into the tank of the sprayer and draws fluid from the tank into the additional pumping... Agent:

20140261756 - Vacuum isolation valve: The vacuum isolation valve includes a housing installed between a chamber and a chamber cleaning gas supply and including a tube connecting the chamber to the chamber cleaning gas supply, a tube isolator formed at a predetermined position of the tube, a first blocking unit installed to the housing, and... Agent: Mst Engineering Co., Ltd.

20140261757 - Flow channel device, particle sorting apparatus, particle outflow method, and particle sorting method: A flow channel device includes an inflow unit into which a transfer fluid that transfers particles is caused to flow, a first outflow unit including an inflow port into which a part of the transfer fluid caused to flow from the inflow unit is caused to flow, a holding unit... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140261758 - Connector assembly for syringe system: A connector assembly for a fluid delivery system includes a conical body defining an interior cavity and a discharge outlet, the discharge outlet defining an internal passage in fluid communication with the interior cavity; and a connector removably attached to the discharge outlet. The connector includes a central body configured... Agent: Medrad, Inc.

20140261759 - Valve box system: A valve box system is disclosed for providing operators with access to utility lines such as municipal water and gas systems. This valve box system provides alignment between its multiple sections and a four-notched upper section for a better interface with an adjustment tool. The result is an efficient system... Agent:

20140261760 - Tapping sleeve tightening assembly: A tapping sleeve assembly comprising a sleeve having first and second shells, a gasket, a connection assembly comprising first and second side bar elements connected to the first and second shells, respectively, multiple lugs extending from the first and second side bar elements, and a bolt extending between each of... Agent:

20140261761 - Method of and apparatus for supply and recovery of target material: An EUV light source target material handling system is disclosed which may comprise a droplet generator having a target material reservoir in which the target material may be replenished while a nozzle portion of the droplet generator is maintained at temperature. Also disclosed is a system for selectively draining spent... Agent:

20140261762 - Pipeline heater: A system for heating fluid lines to prevent freezing and ice build up. A heated fluid line is utilized within the pipeline to achieve improved thermal transfer.... Agent: Certek Heat Machine Inc.

20140261763 - Water and heat waste reduction techniques: In still other aspects, a user's ending use of water service a plumbing may also trigger an ending spray of handled parts of those fixtures and, optionally, a soap or antiseptic spray or other secretion. The same technology may be applied to other handles and fixtures, like door handles or... Agent:

20140261764 - Dehumidification apparatus: Dehumidification apparatus including a cooled core coupled to an external cooling source, at least first and second relatively humid air inlet pathways leading to the cooled core and at least first and second relatively dry air outlet pathways leading from the cooled core, the outlet pathways being in heat exchange... Agent: Water-gen Ltd.

20140261765 - Expansion valve and vibration-proof spring: An expansion valve includes a vibration-proof spring that develops the sliding resistance by biasing a shaft. The vibration-proof spring includes a base portion constituted by a circular plate having a hole, through which the actuating rod can be inserted, in the central region, a plurality of spring portions, which is... Agent: Tgk Co., Ltd.

20140261766 - Hose reel assembly: A reel assembly includes a rotatable member that rotates about a first axis to wind and unwind a hose from the rotatable member, where the rotatable member also rotates about a second axis that is substantially perpendicular to the first axis. A housing substantially encloses the rotatable member and has... Agent: Great Stuff, Inc.

20140261767 - Faucet base ring: An insulator base for an electronic faucet includes a housing supporting a light assembly and a connecting wire electrically coupled to the light assembly. A polymer housing secures the light assembly and the connecting wire within the housing. A non-conductive exterior film allows the isolation base to match the finish... Agent: Masco Corporation Of Indiana

20140261768 - Drainage system for screened enclosure: Embodiments of the invention provide a drainage channel in a floor member of a screened enclosure wall frame. The drainage channel facilitates drainage (typically of water from inside the screened enclosure to outside the screened enclosure), while also providing a barrier to insects and other pests. In a first embodiment,... Agent:

20140261769 - Architectural wall drain assembly: A drain cover assembly includes a face plate having at least one hole to allow water to flow from a drainage pipe located in a retaining wall. The face plate includes a first pair of flanges and a second pair of flanges, both of which extend substantially perpendicular to the... Agent:

20140261770 - Septic system with overflow discharge system: An embodiment of a septic system comprises a primary tank, a wastewater inlet, and a passive overflow discharge system. The wastewater inlet is in fluid communication with the interior cavity of the primary tank, and the passive overflow discharge system comprises an overflow repository that is in fluid communication with... Agent:

20140261771 - Polymer manhole base: A polymer manhole base comprising a base portion having an upper surface. An annular sidewall may extend upward from the base portion and may circumscribing the upper surface. The annular sidewall may have a diameter. A thickness of the annular sidewall may less than 1/12th of the diameter.... Agent:

20140261772 - Leakage prevention device for a valve: A valve includes a plug mounted to a lower end of a valve rod for opening or closing a fluid passage in the body. The valve rod extends through a cap and a stretchable jacket. The stretchable jacket includes first and second ends and a deformation section between the first... Agent:

20140261773 - Automatic drain for fuel processor: An automatic water drain apparatus includes a reservoir, a fluid inlet, and a fluid outlet. A first valve member is moveable between an open position for admitting fluid to the reservoir via the fluid inlet and a closed position for preventing admission of fluid to the reservoir. A second valve... Agent:

20140261774 - Needle fill valve: A needle fill valve, in which a bearer is set on the top of a body, the bearer is covered on an upper cover, a front cavity is set on the front side of the bearer, an inner cavity is set on the location corresponding to the front cavity for... Agent:

20140261775 - Pipe valve control and method of use: The present invention applies to flowing wells. Within a flowing well, production tubing moves fluid upward under immense pressures and is greatly exposed to damage, either accidental, or intentional. Recently, there is increased concern in protecting our production wells from damage, either natural or man-made. The present invention is designed... Agent:

20140261776 - Safety isolation plug fittings and methods of use: A safety isolation plug fitting for detecting pressurized fluid in a pipe may include a body defining an inlet adapted to be in fluid communication with the pipe, an outlet, and a passageway extending between the inlet and the outlet. A valve assembly may be seated in the passageway and... Agent:

20140261777 - Excess flow shut-off device: Disclosed therein is an excess flow shut off device which is operated under the same conditions by integrally modulating an opening and closing member, a support member for supporting the opening and a blocking member for blocking a passage by the opening and closing member. The excess flow shut off... Agent:

20140261778 - High integrity pressure protection system (hipps) manifold system and method: Embodiments of the invention provide a high integrity pressure protection system (HIPPS) manifold including a housing providing a flow path between a process fluid line and a sensor, a first ball valve positioned within the housing and selectively allowing and inhibiting flow through the flow path, and a second ball... Agent:

20140261781 - Adjustable temperature regulatd faucet: A faucet includes a mixing chamber, a cold water actuator, a hot water actuator, a cold water actuator, and a valve assembly. The mixing chamber is in fluid communication with a spout. The bypass chamber is operably coupled to a source of cold water. The cold water actuator is operably... Agent:

20140261779 - Fluid control valve and assembly: A concentric cartridge for fluid mixing valve includes an inlet adapter configured to receive a first fluid and a second fluid, a pressure balance unit, a volume control plate rotatably coupled to the pressure balance unit and positioned between the inlet adapter and the pressure balance unit, a temperature control... Agent: Kohler Co.

20140261780 - Integrated solenoid valve for an electronic faucet: The present disclosure relates to a solenoid valve assembly for an electronic faucet. A solenoid coil of the valve assembly may be mounted to a printed circuit board for controlling the solenoid coil. An auxiliary port may be used to control one or more additional dispensing devices.... Agent: Masco Corporation Of Indiana

20140261782 - Pressure relief valve assembly: A pressure relief valve assembly includes a housing, a diaphragm assembly separating the housing into a sensing pressure section and a tank pressure section, the sensing pressure section configured to sense both atmospheric pressure and the pressure in the tank pressure section and the tank pressure section is configured to... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140261783 - System and method for a diaphragm valve controlled through measurement of water pressure and solenoid opening time: A flush valve system is provided having an inlet and an outlet, and a main valve element adapted for transition between a closed position and an open position is disclosed. The flush valve further includes a control chamber in communication with the inlet, and a vent outlet in communication with... Agent:

20140261784 - Flow control and gas metering process: A system for controlling a flow may be provided. The system may comprise a first flow controller and a gas density meter. The gas density meter may be in fluid communication with the first flow controller. The gas density meter may be configured to calculate a gas density for a... Agent:

20140261785 - Back pressure valve: A back pressure valve comprises a pressure regulator housing affixed to a pressure controller housing and a diaphragm disposed between the pressure regulator housing and the pressure controller housing. In one aspect, the back pressure valve includes a valve member moveable between a fully open position and a fully closed... Agent: Flomatic Corporation

20140261786 - Drain systems: A drain valve comprising: a head; and a cantilevered spring coupled at one end to the head and at an opposite end to a portion of a drain system such that when the cantilevered spring is biased to a normally closed position, the head obstructs a hole. In some embodiments,... Agent:

20140261788 - Gas vent with low-pressure relief valve for landfills: A gas vent for a landfill includes a sub-surface gas collection manifold for collecting sub-surface gas from beneath a geomembrane. Preferably, the collection manifold includes a plenum for receiving sub-surface gas. A conduit is connected to and extends upwardly from the plenum, with the conduit communicating with the interior volume... Agent: Watershed Geosynthetics LLC

20140261787 - Pressure regulator: A pressure regulator includes a housing having an upper housing portion and a lower housing portion, the lower housing portion defining an annular recess and the upper housing portion having a bottom surface, an annular protrusion extending from the bottom surface, a diaphragm disposed between the upper housing portion and... Agent: Marshall Excelsior Co.

20140261789 - Backwater valve assembly and method: The present disclosure is directed to a backwater valve assembly comprising a main valve body, a flapper sub-assembly, and a cap. The main valve body has an inner wall that can define a recess into which the flapper sub-assembly can be removably secured. The flapper sub-assembly includes at least one... Agent: Oatey Co.

20140261790 - Poppet valve with integrated dampener: A poppet valve with an integrated dampener is disclosed. In some embodiments, the valve includes a poppet guide with a stem and a hollow poppet is disclosed. The hollow poppet receives the poppet guide stem therein, thereby defining an internal cavity. The poppet is movable relative to the poppet guide... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20140261791 - Laboratory testing-based valve prognostics: The claimed method and system develops a useful lifetime profile for a component of a process control device, such as a valve, and uses that lifetime profile to determine a projected remaining lifetime for the device component in operation. The lifetime profile is developed from using real world operational data... Agent: Fisher Controls International LLC

20140261792 - Regulating valve opening controlling system: A regulating valve opening controlling system includes a regulating valve characteristic information database that stores characteristic information of each individual regulating valve, in relation to a model number of each individual regulating valve, a regulating valve model number information storage portion that stores model number information of the regulating valve,... Agent: Azbil Corporation

20140261793 - Device and method for finding the center and reading the setting of an implantable medical device: A centering tool and a combined centering-indicator tool for finding the magnetic center and indicating the setting of an implantable adjustable valve. The centering and combined centering-indicator tools include a magnetic capsule movable within a cavity to a target located on the tool when the magnetic capsule is centered over... Agent: Medtronic Xomed, Inc

20140261794 - Quick disconnect connector assembly: A quick-disconnect connector assembly includes a housing having a bore that extends up to but not through a first end of the housing. The connector assembly also includes a proximity switch disposed within the bore, and the proximity switch includes a switch body, a first contact member, and a second... Agent: General Equipment And Manufacturing Company, Inc., D/b/a Topworx, Inc.

20140261795 - Pressure regulators with filter condition detectors: Example pressure regulators with filter condition detectors are described herein. In one example described here, a regulator includes a body having an inlet and an outlet and a flow control member interposed between the inlet and the outlet to regulate a fluid pressure at the outlet. The example regulator also... Agent: Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies, Inc.

20140261796 - System for extracting liquid from a pipeline and method for producing such a system: A system for extracting liquid from a pipeline includes a flexible elongate member having a first end and including a conduit having an intake port proximate the first end for receiving the liquid therein. The system also includes a camera arrangement attached to the first end of the flexible elongate... Agent: Ulc Robotics Inc.

20140261797 - Tube fitting having integrated tee fitting: A tube fitting according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a housing and a tee fitting integrated with the housing to form a monolithic structure.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140261798 - Pumping device for sucking or draining fluid: A pumping device includes a seal cap unit including a cap, an air relief member connected with the cap, and a regulating member connected with the air relief member. The cap has an air inlet hole and an air outlet hole. The air outlet hole has a through hole. The... Agent:

20140261799 - Simplified liquid outlet valves, pumps and refill units: Exemplary simplified outlet valves, pumps and refill units are disclosed herein. An exemplary inverted refill unit for a dispenser includes a container and a pump secured to the bottom of container. The pump has a liquid inlet valve and a liquid outlet having an annular housing. One or more liquid... Agent: Gojo Industries, Inc.

20140261800 - Transfer pump launder system: Disclosed is a transfer pump having a pump base with a pump chamber, tangential discharge and an outlet in the top surface of the pump base. A riser tube extends from the outlet and terminates at a launder in order to move molten metal out of a vessel with relatively... Agent:

20140261801 - Double flanged off-set valve assembly: A valve assembly for mounting a pump to a storage tank of a vehicle includes an upper flange, a lower flange, and a wall extending axially between the upper flange and the lower flange, the lower flange being offset by the wall relative to the upper flange to facilitate installation... Agent: Marshall Excelsior Company

20140261802 - Vacuum isolation device: A vacuum isolation device includes: a frame seat, at least one gas hole portion being formed thereon; a seal band set, configured on one side of the frame seat; a door plate element, mounted on the seal band set; and a vacuum generating device, connected with the gas hole portion,... Agent: Becquerel & Sievert Co., Ltd.

20140261803 - High strip rate downstream chamber: A gas chamber contains upper and lower chamber bodies forming a cavity, a heating chuck for a wafer, a remote gas source, and an exhaust unit. Gas is injected into the cavity through channels in an injector. Each channel has sections that are bent with respect to each other at... Agent:

20140261805 - Gas distribution apparatus for directional and proportional delivery of process gas to a process chamber: In some embodiments, a gas distribution apparatus may include: a manifold having a gas inlet to receive a process gas from a fast gas exchange unit and a first gas outlet to provide the process gas to a first gas delivery zone; a plurality of flow restrictors fluidly coupled to... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140261804 - Solenoid operated valve with constant bleed port: A pressure balanced solenoid operated valve includes a solenoid portion having a coil. A valve member portion is connected to the solenoid portion. The valve member portion has a body including: first and second valve seats; a first cavity positioned between the first valve seat and a valve outlet port.... Agent: Mac Valves, Inc.

20140261806 - Bi-directional valve device for selective control of fluid flow through multiple converging paths: Valve devices for selectively controlling fluid flow through multiple converging paths are described. An example valve device comprises a housing defining first and second inlet paths, an outlet path, a junction in fluid communication with the first and second inlet paths and the outlet path, and first and second plunger... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140261807 - Grease delivery receiver and nozzle having pressurization lockout and bleed down capture: A grease and lubricating oil line coupler includes a nozzle and a receiver which can be intercoupled for grease or lubricating oil delivery. Each component has a normally closed, easily-cleanable, flush-faced mating surface, which prevents the entrance of contaminants into the free ends thereof when decoupled. The nozzle has a... Agent:

20140261808 - Universal valve body: A universal valve body includes a front face having a circular opening for receiving a valve cartridge, a rear face, a frustoconical side wall connecting the front face to the rear face, and a first inlet port and a first outlet port obliquely disposed in the frustoconical side wall. A... Agent: Kohler Co.

20140261811 - Flow channel switching valve: A flow channel switching valve includes a stator and a rotor inside an internal space of a housing, and includes a rotor drive portion that rotates the rotor while sliding the rotor on the stator by rotating a rotor drive shaft having, at a forefront, a rotor holding portion that... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140261810 - Run selection mechanism: A run selection mechanism is provided for selectively directing the flow of particulate material from an air cart. The mechanism includes a chute for receiving metered particulate material. The chute has an output. A first primary conduit has an output communicating with a first pneumatic primary run and a second... Agent: Cnh Canada, Ltd.

20140261812 - Bypass piston port and methods of manufacturing a bypass piston port for a series progressive divider valve: A series progressive divider valve comprises a valve body and pistons. A fluid inlet extends into the valve body. Stations are disposed in the valve body and extend from a first end to a second end; each station comprises piston stations extending through the valve body and a bypass station... Agent: Graco Minnesota Inc.

20140261809 - Multi channel valve: A valve provides multiple channels that allow alternating, or in some cases, simultaneous, fluid flow functions to a port of an instrument, without the requirement of manual manipulation of the valve by the user. A floating member such as a ball having magnetic affinity for a portion of the valve... Agent:

20140261813 - Concentric diverter cartridge: A diverter cartridge for a fluid mixing valve includes an inlet adapter having a first inlet port, a second inlet port, a first outlet port and a second outlet port. The cartridge further includes a diverter plate having a first inlet channel and a second inlet channel. The diverter plate... Agent:

20140261814 - Flow channel switching valve: A flow channel switching valve is provided in which a stator and a rotor are contained in an internal space of a housing, and a packing is sandwiched between a flow channel connection plane, which is one plane of the internal space of the housing, and the stator. In the... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140261815 - Flow channel switching valve: A flow channel switching valve is provided including a stator and a rotor inside a housing, in which the rotor is rotated by a rotor drive portion while sliding on the stator. A rotor drive shaft holding the rotor is biased to a housing top side by an elastic member.... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140261816 - Flow channel switching valve: A flow channel switching valve is provided that includes a stator and a rotor inside a housing, and rotates the rotor by a rotor drive portion while sliding the rotor on the stator, wherein the stator is fixed to a housing top by a stator fixing member. The stator fixing... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140261817 - Valve assembly including pressure relief mechanism: A valve assembly includes a housing having a first chamber, a second chamber, a valve seat disposed between the first chamber and the second chamber, a valve head disposed in the housing and moveable relative to the housing, a valve stem operatively coupled to the valve head for moving the... Agent: Marshall Excelsior Co.

20140261819 - Low-spill coupling assembly: A female coupling device includes: a main body having a front face, the front face including an opening leading into a fluid passageway; a stem having a stem head positioned within a sleeve; a spring positioned about the stem that biases the sleeve into a closed position; a first seal... Agent:

20140261818 - Quick connect coupling: Provided is a coupler including female and male couplers configured to be coupled together. The female coupler includes one or more detents and a release valve having a release valve member that is movable to an open position to allow for venting of fluid from a cavity in the female... Agent: Parker-hannifin Corporation

20140261820 - Faucet assembly: A handle assembly for a faucet that includes a silicone member configured to slide over and be removable coupled to a faucet handle, wherein the silicone member comprises an opening in which the faucet handle may be received and an external surface that may be gripped by a user. A... Agent: Kohler Co.

20140261821 - Water supply manifolds for kitchenware washing systems, and related methods: A commercial kitchenware washing system generally includes a washing assembly and a solderless manifold for directing water to the washing assembly. The washing system can be made by coupling multiple pipes together, without soldering, to form hot and cold water lines of the manifold, and then coupling the hot and... Agent: Duke Manufacturing Co.

20140261822 - Hvac door with intersecting surface configurations: A fluid distribution door for use in a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system includes a main body having a first surface and a second surface. The first surface and the second surface cooperate to form a first surface configuration which intersects with a second surface configuration. Each of the... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20140261823 - Transflow valve with an isolation and switching mechanism for double block and bleed arrangement: A transfer valve system includes an improved double block and bleed transflow valve system which uses six valves and uses one single spindle interconnecting the inlet and outlet transflow valves, which valves also drive a gear train mechanism connecting all six valve stems. As such, by operating one main spindle... Agent:

20140261824 - Slurry supply and/or chemical blend supply apparatuses, processes, methods of use and methods of manufacture: A slurry and/or chemical blend supply apparatus suitable for providing slurry and/or chemical blend to chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) tools or other tools in a semiconductor fabrication facility, related processes, methods of use and methods of manufacture. The slurry and/or chemical blend supply apparatus includes one or more of the... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20140261825 - Assembly for transferring fluids between a vessel and a turret structure mounted in said vessel: An assembly for transferring fluids between a vessel and a turret structure mounted in said vessel for a rotation around a substantially vertical turret axis is provided. Said turret structure comprises a swivel having at least one fluid outlet which is connected with one end of a fluid piping of... Agent: Bluewater Energy Services B.v.

20140261826 - Assembly for transferring fluids between a vessel and a turret structure mounted in said vessel: An assembly for transferring fluids between a vessel and a turret structure mounted in said vessel for a rotation around a substantially vertical turret axis is provided. Said turret structure comprises a swivel having at least one fluid path which is connected with one end of a fluid piping of... Agent: Bluewater Energy Services B.v.

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20140251437 - Automatic air tank purge system: The present invention provides a system that automatically purges contaminants from an air pressure tank when the emergency brakes of a vehicle are set. In one preferred embodiment, the system comprises a valve comprising an input port, an exhaust port, and a control port. The input port is in fluid... Agent: Haldex Brake Products Corporation

20140251441 - Flow isolation system: A flow isolation system for connecting a source of pressurized fluid to plumbing for using the fluid. A generally vertical flow chamber extends from a lower end to an upper end, with an inlet for a pressurized fluid is disposed in a sidewall of the vertical chamber in a position... Agent:

20140251440 - Lubrication of transfer plates using an oil or oil in water emulsions: This disclosure relates to transfer plate lubricant compositions and methods of transporting open containers across stationary transfer plates.... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140251438 - Mixing system and valve assembly: A mixing system is disclosed in which the system comprises a source of bone-graft or bone-graft-substitute material, a liquid source, and a vacuum source, at least one of the source of bone-graft or bone-graft-substitute material and the liquid source being in communication with the vacuum source. A valve assembly also... Agent: Orthovita, Inc.

20140251439 - Underdrain and method for transferring forces and directing flow: An underdrain system for transferring forces and directing flow includes at least one underdrain block having a top wall, a bottom wall, and two side walls connecting the top wall to the bottom wall to define a block interior. An insert is disposed in the interior of the underdrain block.... Agent: Xylem Water Solutions Zelienople LLC

20140251442 - Device and method for reducing the pressure of a fluid containing granules: A device and a method for reducing the pressure of a fluid containing granules. The device comprises a free space devoid of moving rotor blades and a housing with an inlet and an outlet. The shape of the wall within the housing and of the free space therein applies a... Agent: Automatik Plastics Machinery Gmbh

20140251443 - Apparatus and method for controlled access to pressurized fluid lines and to exhausted lines: A method and apparatus for controlled access to pressurized fluid lines and to exhausted lines. The apparatus includes a rod body having a bore; a packing fitting attached to a first end of the rod body and a ball valve attached to a second end of the rod body; a... Agent:

20140251444 - Aseptic tubing connection for a container: An assembly for aseptic connecting of a beverage ingredient container to a beverage dispensing apparatus, having a collapsible sheath of pliable material connecting the container to the dispenser at a distance away from the container. The sheath passes through a conduit of the apparatus to provide an aseptic passageway for... Agent: Pepsico, Inc.

20140251445 - Thermostatic fluid supply inverter valve: An assembly for a thermostatic mixing valve includes a valve body including a first fluid channel having a first inlet port for receiving a first fluid from a first fluid supply line, a second fluid channel having a second inlet port for receiving a second fluid from a second fluid... Agent:

20140251446 - Valve with a rotated solenoid: A valve that has the solenoids aligned at an angle of 90 degrees with respect to the valve operator is disclosed. By aligning the solenoid at 90 degrees the fluid passageways in the valve operator are simplified and the operator body is easier to mold.... Agent: Norgren, Inc.

20140251447 - Servovalve having two stages and a pilot stage adapted to such a servovalve: A hydraulic servovalve having two stages and feedback members in which the movable power distribution member has clamp means for clamping the feedback member, while allowing a clamped portion of the feedback member at least one freedom of movement relative to the movable distribution member.... Agent: Zodiac Hydraulics

20140251448 - Packet-wise proportioning followed by immediate longitudinal mixing: A fluid supply system (150) adapted for metering two or more fluids in controlled proportions and for supplying a resultant mixture, the fluid supply system (150) comprising a plurality of solvent supply lines (104 to 107), each fluidically connected with a fluid source (100 to 103) providing a respective fluid,... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20140251449 - Four-function anti-water hammer air valve set: Disclosed is a multifunctional anti-surge three orifices air valve set, comprising a negative pressure admitting valve (1), a small volumes release valve (2) and a mid-high rate venting valve (3) as well as a control isolating valve (4); the mid-high rate venting valve (3) is connected to the top of... Agent:

20140251450 - Metering system, housing part for a metering unit and metering unit: A metering system for metering a metering fluid includes at least one metering unit, a fluid supply component conveying the metering fluid to the metering unit, and a control module conveying a control fluid to the metering unit. The metering unit includes a first housing part, an exchangeable second housing... Agent: Buerkert Werke Gmbh

20140251451 - Positioning structure of water supply hose for pull-out faucet: A positioning structure of a water supply hose for a pull-out faucet contains: a faucet body including an outlet; a water supply hose accommodated in the faucet body so as to supply water and including an outlet segment; a spraying head connected with the outlet segment of the water supply... Agent: Globe Union Industrial Corp.

20140251453 - Plumbing fixture: A plumbing fixture having at least a housing, which forms an opening surrounded by a collar and an interior space, a fastening member, which can be disposed adjacent to the collar in the housing, a cartridge holder, which can be positioned in the interior space, a cartridge, which can be... Agent: Grohe Ag

20140251452 - Sanitary fixture, inner-hose arrangement for a sanitary fitting, and sanitary fitting: A sanitary fixture (8) having a connector assembly (14) for the connection to a single-lever mixing cartridge (15) including a pivotable connector piece (16) having a hose connector (20) on a base plate (9). The base plate (9) includes receptacles (10, 12) for a cold-water hose end piece (11) and... Agent: Neoperl Gmbh

20140251454 - Sanitary conduit, in particular for a shower device: A sanitary conduit, in particular for a shower device, is useful, for example, as a shower arm conduit in a shower system. The sanitary conduit has a rigid, hollow conduit housing including a base body (10′a) and a housing wall removably attached to the base body. At least one flexible... Agent: Hansgrohe Se

20140251455 - Pressurized gas containing system: A pressurized gas containing system has a cowling and mounting ring which supports a valve and regulator on a cylinder containing gas under pressure.... Agent: Specialty Gases Of America, Inc.

20140251456 - Cover for a valve cap of a gas cylinder: The present invention pertains to a cover (3) for a valve cap (2) of a gas cylinder (1), wherein the cover (3) includes a cavity (340, 342) which is dimensioned to receive portions of the valve cap (2) of the gas cylinder (1), wherein the cover (3) is made from... Agent: Linde Ag

20140251459 - Pressurized gas containing system: A pressurized gas containing system has a cowling and mounting ring which supports a valve and regulator on a cylinder containing gas under pressure.... Agent: Specialty Gases Of America, Inc.

20140251457 - Vibration damping device: Embodiments of the invention provide a vibration damping system including a fixed element, a moveable element arranged to move linearly along an axis relative to the fixed element in response to a non-mechanical force, and an inerter element coupling the moveable element to the fixed element, and configured to convert... Agent:

20140251458 - Vibration damping device for a valve: Embodiments of the invention provide a vibration damping system including a fixed element, a moveable element arranged to move linearly along an axis relative to the fixed element in response to a non-mechanical force, and an inerter element coupling the moveable element to the fixed element, and configured to convert... Agent:

20140251460 - Wastewater overflow prevention system: The present invention is a reversed wastewater overflow prevention system that provides alternate wastewater routing in case of main sewer blockage as well as home detection and alert system of wastewater drainage problem. Its main components include a wastewater overflow conduit outfitted with an overflow water sensor that is connected... Agent:

20140251461 - Check valve having petals with lift generating elements: A check valve is provided. The check valve includes a petal pivotably coupled to a hinge to occupy respective open and closed positions in accordance with a pressure differential of a fluid flow across the check valve and a lift generating element coupled to the petal and configured to aerodynamically... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140251462 - Vibration damping device: Embodiments of the invention provide a vibration damping system including a fixed element, a moveable element arranged to move linearly along an axis relative to the fixed element in response to a non-mechanical force, and an inerter element coupling the moveable element to the fixed element, and configured to convert... Agent:

20140251463 - Mechanical pressure switch: Embodiments of the invention provide a normally open valve, a normally closed valve, and a combination valve. The valves include a valve body with an inlet coupled to a fluid supply line, an outlet providing a service flow of fluid, a vent venting to atmosphere, a lower piston, a lower... Agent:

20140251464 - Oil-hydraulic valve: A pressure limiting valve (1), operationally arranged between a high pressure zone and low pressure zone (HP, LP) of a hydraulic circuit, comprises: a valve body (4) defining a passage (11) for a fluid; a closing member (8) having a stem (10) and a closing head (9) connected thereto and... Agent:

20140251465 - Tip-resistant valve plugs: A tip-resistant valve plug comprises a valve head, first and second retention legs, and an anti-tip fin. The valve head defines a fluid barrier. The anti-tip fin and the retention legs extend from the same side of the valve head. The anti-tip fin comprises a groove that allows the valve... Agent: West Troy, LLC

20140251466 - Pneumatic port shield: A port shield assembly includes a cup, a fitting, and a retaining pin. The cup includes a top with a hole, a sidewall, a cavity defined by the top and the sidewall, and a side port in the side wall. The fitting includes a body with a first end and... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140251467 - Solenoid valve control device: The solenoid valve control device 13 controls the solenoid valve 12 and includes a storage unit 136 storing the number of operations concerning opening/closing of the solenoid valve 12, and a transmission unit 132 externally transmitting the number of operations stored in the storage unit 136. When the number of... Agent: Fujikoki Corporation

20140251468 - Locking device: A locking device is used for locking at least a piston associated with an operating element of a valve, a choke, a blowout preventer or some other unit used in the field of oil/natural gas drilling and/or oil/natural gas production. The locking device comprises a sleeve, which is axially displaceable... Agent: Onesubsea, LLC

20140251469 - Hydraulic mixing device for sprayer system: A device is designed to be coupled to a fluid supply at a first inlet, to a fluid exhaust path at an outlet, and to an additive source at a second inlet. An inlet stream of working fluid is mixed with the additive in a mixing chamber and an outlet... Agent: Oms Investments, Inc.

20140251470 - Multi-functional proportional control valve for hydraulic suspension system for vehicle: A hydraulic suspension system includes a suspension cylinder, a pump, and a control valve therebetween. The control valve includes a spool reciprocally movable between a pump flow position and a tank flow position in which a control port of the control valve is in communication with a pump and a... Agent: Hydraforce, Inc.

20140251471 - Vacuum tank trailer discharge port: Disclosed is a port system for facilitating mixed solid/liquid content discharge from a portable tank especially vacuum tank trailer, discharge system. The system provides an enlarged sloped tank outlet system that overcomes the deficiencies of convention systems.... Agent:

20140251472 - Overpressurization bypass for fluid valve: A bypass valve assembly configured to provide a secondary fluid passage around a valve. The secondary fluid passage includes a regulator device that selectively restricts the fluid flow through the secondary passage. During pressure spikes, the regulator device is configured to open so as to relieve pressure in the system... Agent: J-mac Tool, Inc.

20140251473 - Near-surface natural gas collection manifold: A near-surface collection manifold for extracting and/or venting sub-surface gas from beneath a geomembrane includes a plenum defining an enclosure with an upper portion. A conduit extends upwardly from the upper portion of the plenum, the conduit communicating with the interior volume of the plenum and has external threads for... Agent:

20140251474 - Combination flow control valve and reverse flow check valve: A combination flow control and reverse flow check valve controls the flow of fluid in a desired downstream direction and limits undesired backflow of liquid in an upstream direction into a fluid source such as a reservoir. The flow control and reverse flow check valve may include a housing having... Agent: Snyder Industries, Inc.

20140251475 - Water pressure controlled mixing valve: A water pressure controlled valve including a housing and a piston slidably received within the housing. First and second water control chambers are positioned on opposite ends of the piston and are fluidly coupled to first and second water control valves, respectively. Operation of the first and second water control... Agent:

20140251476 - Water faucet with a base plate: A water faucet having a housing and a base plate, whereby the housing has an interior space and an inner collar forming a bottom opening. The bottom opening forms at least two different opening widths and the base plate is made in the manner of a crossbar with such a... Agent: Grohe Ag

20140251477 - Method and system for coordination on optically controlled microfluidic systems: In accordance with one embodiment, a method for automatically coordinating droplets for optically controlled microfluidic systems, comprising using light to move one or a plurality of droplets simultaneously, applying an algorithm to coordinate droplet motions and avoid droplet collisions, and moving droplets to a layout of droplets. In another embodiment,... Agent:

20140251478 - Automation of water flow in networks: Disclosed is a control system for a water network. The control system includes a plurality of remotely-located monitoring and or monitoring and automatic control stations each including an automation controller for local control and automation, and each in communication via a dual-ring communication topology for system or wide-area control. The... Agent: Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

20140251479 - Methods and systems for compressed natural gas (cng) system: Provided is a compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system comprising a frame, a first container, a second container, a first manifold, a second manifold, and a casing. The frame may have: a first side; a first connecting member; and a second side. The first container may be configured to house... Agent: Trilogy Engineered Solutions, LLC

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