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Fluid handling December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/13

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12/26/2013 > 40 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130340831 - System and method for remotely disinfecting plumbing fixtures: A system for remotely disinfecting plumbing fixtures includes a controller provided at a first location remote from a plumbing fixture and configured to control a heater provided within the plumbing fixture. The controller is further configured to activate the heater to heat at least a portion of the plumbing fixture... Agent:

20130340834 - Fuel delivery system: A method includes i) identifying a period of operation corresponding to a fuel supply requirement; ii) determining at least one ambient air condition in which the machine will operate during the period; iii) determining a duration of time in which, whilst in the ambient air condition, it is required to... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20130340833 - Method and device for water rationing: A water rationing device that controls and manages municipal household water usage including a signal conveying wired pipe having electrically conductive wires, a flow sensor coupled to the signal conveying wired pipe, a flow gauge, a first and a second control valve coupled to the signal conveying wired pipe, a... Agent:

20130340832 - Redundant actuation system: A valve assembly including a plurality of control systems. A member is included that is actuatable by each of the control systems for controlling operation of the valve assembly. A plurality of tangs is included with at least one tang corresponding to each control system. A plurality of windows each... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20130340835 - Method of controlling mixing valve: A method of controlling at least one of the flow rate or temperature of outlet water from a mixing valve having a first control valve configured to receive water at a first temperature and a second control valve configured to receive water at a second temperature higher than the first... Agent:

20130340836 - Overflow protection system for a fluid transfer system: In one embodiment, an overflow protection system for a fluid transfer system with an opening to the environment comprises at least one sensor and a fluid flow regulating device in communication with the at least one sensor, the fluid flow regulating device configured to change the rate of input fluid... Agent:

20130340837 - Device and method for supplying gas while dividing to chamber from gas supplying facility equipped with flow controller: The invention supplies a quantity Q of gas while dividing at flow rate ratio Q1/Q2 from a gas supply facility equipped with a flow controller. A total quantity Q=Q1+Q2 of gas is supplied into a chamber at flow rate Q1 and Q2 through shower plates fixed to ends of branch... Agent: Fujikin Incorporated

20130340840 - Articles and methods for levitating liquids on surfaces, and devices incorporating the same: Methods described herein provide a way to reduce or eliminate drag and adhesion of a substance flowing over a surface by creating a vapor cushion via evaporation of a phase-changing material of or on the surface or encapsulated within textures of the surface. The vapor cushion causes the flowing substance... Agent:

20130340838 - Facilitating streaming fluid using acoustic waves: Systems and methods are provided facilitating a steaming fluid flow utilizing acoustic waves. A system includes an acoustic wave generator and an acoustic coupler associated with the acoustic wave generator and coupling acoustic waves generated by the acoustic wave generator into a fluid. The acoustic coupler includes one or more... Agent: Sematech, Inc.

20130340839 - Valve disinfecting method: A method of disinfecting a valve configured for use as part of a water delivery system includes activating a heating element that is configured to heat a body of the valve to a temperature sufficient to kill organisms that may be present on internal surfaces of the valve, wherein the... Agent:

20130340841 - Positionable outlet for a water monitor: A water monitor includes a stationary portion having a fluid inlet. A movable portion having a fluid outlet is coupled to the stationary portion. A fluid flow path extends between the fluid inlet and the fluid outlet and is configured to communicate fluids from the fluid inlet to the fluid... Agent:

20130340842 - Vacuum pumping system: To overcome the problem associated with liquid or solid process debris from a vacuum process system falling into, and contaminating or damaging, a vacuum pumping arrangement used to evacuate the system, the inlet of the vacuum pumping arrangement is located lower than the outlet of the arrangement. This provides a... Agent: Edwards Limited

20130340843 - Safety valve: A safety valve for interrupting the flow of fuel through a fuel line includes a housing member and a safety valve insert, wherein the housing member houses a portion of the safety valve insert and the valve insert includes a connection end for connecting to a grounding surface to draw... Agent:

20130340844 - Electropneumatic pilot valve with heat sink: A pneumatic distribution device includes at least one electromagnetic pilot valve and a distribution body. The device includes at least one heat sink having a thermal conductivity of at least 0.5 W/m K, tested in accordance with the ASTM D5470 standard. The heat sink is positioned between the at least... Agent:

20130340845 - High-pressure cleaning appliance: A high-pressure cleaning appliance is provided, including a heatable heat exchanger for heating a fluid that can be dispensed by the high-pressure cleaning appliance, a motor having a drive shaft that defines a drive axis, a pump unit, a fan for generating a combustion air stream and having a fan... Agent: Alfred Karcher Gmbh & Co. Kg

20130340851 - Flow control valve: A flow control valve includes a valve inlet configured to receive a fluid, a valve outlet configured to output the fluid, and a valve member assembly for controlling the fluid flow through the flow control valve. The valve member assembly and the valve inlet are configured such that, when in... Agent:

20130340848 - Mixing valve: A mixing valve includes a cold water inlet, a hot water inlet, and an outlet, first and second flow control valves for controlling the flow of hot and cold water. Each of the first and second flow control valves include a valve inlet, first and second valve outlets communicating with... Agent:

20130340849 - Mixing valve: A mixing valve includes an inlet and a flow control valve that includes a valve member assembly having a first valve member coupled to a second valve member. The first and second valve members are spaced apart from each other and are configured to seal two separate outlets when the... Agent:

20130340846 - Plumbing fixture with heating elements: A plumbing component includes a valve provided within a portion of the plumbing component and configured to control the flow of water through the plumbing component. The valve includes a body and at least one waterway within the body. An electric heater extends through at least a portion of the... Agent:

20130340853 - Plumbing fixture with integrated mixing valve: A plumbing fixture includes a body and a mixing valve provided within the body. The mixing valve includes a first inlet for receiving a first fluid, a second inlet for receiving a second fluid, and a mixing chamber having a fluid outlet for outputting the first fluid or the second... Agent:

20130340852 - Plumbing fixture with mixing valve and controller: A plumbing fixture includes a body and a mixing valve within the body. The mixing valve includes a first linear actuator for controlling a first flow control valve within the mixing valve and a second linear actuator for controlling a second flow control valve within the mixing valve. A controller... Agent:

20130340847 - Valve with heating element: A valve for a plumbing fixture includes an internal passageway configured to route fluid through the valve. The internal passageway includes a surface and at least a portion of the valve comprises a thermally-conductive material. The valve also includes an electric heating element configured to heat at least a portion... Agent:

20130340850 - Water delivery device with flow control valve: A water delivery device includes a flow control valve that includes a valve inlet configured to receive a fluid, a valve outlet configured to output the fluid, and a valve member assembly for controlling the fluid flow through the flow control valve. The valve member assembly and the valve inlet... Agent:

20130340854 - Bracket for showerhead with integral flow control: A showerhead bracket having a fluid inlet, a fluid outlet, a valve and a valve housing. the valve may be operably connected between the fluid inlet and the fluid outlet. The valve includes a valve inlet port, a low flow exit port and a high flow exit port. The valve... Agent:

20130340855 - Hose reels: A hose reel assembly including a drum assembly and a motor drive system, wherein: the motor drive system includes a drive motor arranged within the drum assembly and further arranged to drive the drum assembly from inside the drum assembly, wherein the drum assembly is arranged to axially rotate relative... Agent: Fraser Fire & Rescue Limited

20130340856 - Chamber device for absorbing noise in float valve: A chamber device is designed to be attached to a float valve for reducing noise generated by the float valve. The chamber device includes an upper plate having a top opening portion to be attached to the float valve, a bottom plate facing the upper plate, a side wall extending... Agent: Nifco Inc.

20130340858 - Gas hood for gas regulator: A gas hood for a gas regulator comprises a housing for covering a gas regulator, an opening for receiving the gas regulator and semi-sealing the space between the housing and the gas regulator, and a gas inlet for constantly introducing gas into the space, wherein parts of the gas escapes... Agent:

20130340857 - Protection device for a valve positioner: An improved and more robust protection device capable of protecting a valve positioner in demanding environmental and operating conditions while also allowing for maintenance and inspection of the positioner without removing it from service. The protection device includes a housing configured to protect the valve positioner from external corrosion. The... Agent: Aegis Flow Technologies, L.L.C.

20130340859 - Method of and apparatus for measuring the mass flow rate of a gas: There is provided a meter (200; 350) for measuring the mass flow rate of a gas. The meter comprises a conduit (206) through which the gas flows in use. The conduit has a flow restriction orifice (212) through which choked flow occurs in use. The flow restriction orifice divides the... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20130340860 - Electrically operated valve control device and electrically operated valve device: In an electrically operated valve control device of an electrically operated valve provided with a valve body which controls a flow rate of a fluid, and a motor which drives the valve body, the control device is provided with a valve opening degree control means which controls a valve opening... Agent:

20130340861 - Check valve of fuel system: A spring guide configured to axially align a spring within a bore provided by a body of a check valve is provided. The spring guide comprises a base portion, a guide portion, and a stud. The base portion is configured to abut a closed end of the bore. The guide... Agent: Caterpillar Inc

20130340862 - High opening velocity check valve: A check valve housing is provided and includes a base having opposite sides which are configured to form linear contact surfaces with check valve flappers pivotably disposed on either side of the base, respectively, and an additional structural member having opposite sides which are configured to form additional contact surfaces... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20130340863 - Plumbing fixture with user interface: A plumbing fixture includes a touchscreen user interface on a surface of a plumbing fixture. The touchscreen user interface is configured to allow a user to control at least one of the temperature or flow rate of a fluid exiting the plumbing fixture by controlling a mixing valve located within... Agent: Kohler Mira Limited

20130340864 - Process valve including a force measuring device: The invention relates to a process valve (10) comprising a valve seat (14), a flow restrictor (12), a valve rod (16) and a drive unit (18) acting thereon, with a force measuring device (20, 44) being connected between said drive unit (18) and said flow restrictor (12). The invention is... Agent: Samson Ag

20130340865 - Adjustable damping valve arrangement: An adjustable damping valve arrangement comprises an adjustable damping valve in which flow is bidirectional, wherein a pressure-dependent supplementary valve is associated with the adjustable damping valve in series therewith for each through-flow direction, wherein each supplementary valve has at least one separate through-channel, the outlet side thereof being at... Agent:

20130340866 - Fuel-filling aperture opening/closing device: A fuel-filling aperture open-closing device is provided in one end of a filler pipe communicating with a fuel tank. The open-closing device includes a tube member internally forming a pathway, and connected to one end of the filler pipe; a first valve device provided inside the pathway, and opening a... Agent: Nifco Inc.

20130340867 - Fan device with air guide function: A fan device with air guide function, which contains at least a fan device and is characterized by comprising an air guide frame, wherein the said air guide frame is composed of at least two layers inclined guide which are configured as a symmetrical geometrical shape or at least two... Agent: Bel'air International Group Ltd.

20130340868 - Refrigerator having air pressure adjusting apparatus for storage container: The present disclosure relates to a refrigerator having an air pressure adjusting apparatus for a storage container, and more particularly, a refrigerator having an air pressure adjusting apparatus for a storage container, capable of uniformly maintaining internal air pressure of the storage container by increasing the internal air pressure by... Agent:

20130340869 - Mixing valve: A mixing valve includes a mixing chamber, a first flow control valve having a first flow control opening, and a second flow control valve having a second flow control opening. The first and second flow control openings each have a diameter of approximately six millimeters and the mixing valve has... Agent:

20130340870 - Valve device for compressor: A valve device for a compressor is improved to suppress noise and a decrease in compressor efficiency caused by pressure pulsations, and also to prevent degradation in compressor performance by ensuring durability. In a valve device of a reed valve structure including: a valve hole 103a or 103b formed in... Agent:

12/19/2013 > 25 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130333763 - Access system for a pressure controlled environment: An access system for a pressure controlled environment is disclosed and described. The system can include a pressurized region having a first fluid. The pressurized region can be defined, at least partially, by a barrier separating the pressurized region from a lower pressure region. The system can also include a... Agent:

20130333762 - Droplet actuators that include molecular barrier coatings: Droplet actuators that include molecular barrier coatings are provided. The molecular barrier coating may be provided atop the conductive layer of the top substrate, atop the droplet operations electrodes of the bottom substrate, or both. Where the conductive layer of the top substrate and/or the droplet operations electrodes of the... Agent:

20130333761 - Multilayer microfluidic probe head with immersion channels and fabrication thereof: The invention is directed to a microfluidic probe head (100) with a base layer (120) comprising: at least two processing liquid microchannel (123, 124) in fluid communication with a processing liquid aperture (121, 122) on a face of the base layer; and an immersion liquid microchannel (223, 224) in fluid... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20130333764 - Shower flow monitor and display: A shower flow monitoring and display apparatus that is adapted to be installed inline between a shower arm and head. The apparatus provides different forms of feedback to the user to encourage water conservation.... Agent:

20130333760 - Waste water vessels with multiple valved chambers, and associated systems and methods: The present disclosure is directed generally to waste water vessels with multiple valved chambers, and associated systems and methods. A method in accordance with a particular embodiment includes drawing waste water into a first chamber under vacuum while the first chamber and a second chamber have at least approximately the... Agent: Sapphire Scientific Inc.

20130333765 - Flow rate balanced, dynamically adjustable sheath delivery system for flow cytometry: Disclosed is a sheath delivery system that uses a continuous flow of sheath fluid into a pressurized internal reservoir that substantially matches the outflow of sheath fluid through the nozzle of a flow cytometer. A substantially constant level of the sheath fluid is maintained. If the sheath fluid level falls... Agent:

20130333766 - Composition and method for reducing hydrocarbon friction and drag in pipeline flow: A method and composition for reducing drag, reducing friction, reducing viscosity, and/or improving flow of viscous hydrocarbons including adding an effective amount of a drag-reducing composition containing a blend of turpentine liquids to a viscous hydrocarbon storage or pipeline operation and forming a drag-reducing mixture of viscous hydrocarbons and the... Agent: Green Source Energy LLC

20130333767 - Quick disconnect coupling: A valved insert for insertion into a coupling body is disclosed. In one embodiment, the valved insert includes a housing and an internal valve slidably disposed within an internal passage of the housing. The housing can be configured to have a sidewall defining an internal flow passage, a first open... Agent:

20130333768 - Point of use valve manifold for semiconductor fabrication equipment: A point-of-use valve (POU valve) manifold is provided that allows for multiple precursors to be delivered to a semiconductor processing chamber through a common outlet. The manifold may have a plurality of precursor inlets and a purge gas inlet. The manifold may be configured such that there are zero dead... Agent:

20130333769 - Combination tire valve core removal and fluid fill tool: A tool attachable to a valve stern of a tire grips and removes the valve core from the valve stern prior to introduction of sealant through the tool into the tire. Subsequently, the valve core, which has been stored in the tool, may be reinserted into the valve stem. An... Agent:

20130333770 - Means for mounting check valve into housing including fluid passage therein: There is provided a means for mounting a check valve into a housing including fluid passages therein that can secure a closing property between a valve body and a valve seat by preventing the deformation of the valve seat, can prevent the rattling of the check valve relative to the... Agent: Mikuni Corporation

20130333771 - Heatable high-pressure cleaning device: A heatable high-pressure cleaning device (10) is provided with a fuel-operated heat exchanger (19) and a fuel tank (34) which has a tank upper section (38) with a closable filling opening (34) and a tank lower section (36) forming the base (48) of the fuel tank (34). In order to... Agent: Alfred Karcher Gmbh & Co. Kg

20130333772 - Fabricated media line and use in an scr catalyst system: An assembled media line, or a section of a media line, for connecting a tank to a dosing unit in order to add a reducing agent into a SCR catalyst system of an internal combustion engine. The fluid line has electric heating in some sections for heating of the fluid.... Agent:

20130333774 - Method of and apparatus for measuring the pressure of a gas: There is provided a pressure gauge for measuring the pressure of a gas. The pressure gauge comprises a housing connectable to the gas source and comprising an interior which is, in use, in communication with said gas. The pressure gauge further comprising a sensor assembly located within said housing and... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20130333773 - Two-stage variable force solenoid: A two-stage, variable force, solenoid control valve (10) for regulating fluid pressure can include a valve body (12) having a pilot fluid passage (14), including a metering land (16), in fluid communication with a flow amplifying fluid passage (18) through a valve control port (20) formed in the valve body... Agent: Borgwarner Inc.

20130333775 - Automatic gas purge valve: Provided is an automatic gas purge valve system including a normally closed gas discharge faucet configured for discharging gas at substantially high flow rates, and an automatic valve unit configured for selectively generating a flow pulse to displace the gas discharge faucet into its open position.... Agent: A.r.i. Flow Control Accessories Ltd.

20130333776 - Condensate removal pump having improved check valve: A check valve is provided that includes a body defining a flow path between an upstream side and a downstream side. A pivot pin is disposed within the body in the flow path, and includes a longitudinal shaft and one or more bearings rotatably coupled along at least a portion... Agent:

20130333777 - Opening degree detection device for manual valve: A handle 13 is formed in a hollow shape. A displacement sensor 4 is fixed to an inner surface of the handle 13. The target 5 includes: a target body 22 which is arranged at a position away from a valve stem by a predetermined distance in the handle 13;... Agent: Fujikin Incorporated

20130333779 - Hopper tee with wear port: A hopper tee for redirecting the flow of material from one passage to another passage includes a radius providing a transition between the passages. A port at the exterior of the radius includes an upwardly-open cavity having a bottom wall disposed within the radius and forming a sacrificial wall extending... Agent:

20130333778 - Manifold for flow distribution: A manifold (100) comprising an inlet port (102) for receiving a fluid flow, said inlet port defining a flow passage (122); a plurality of outlet ports (104-114); wherein some of the outlet ports are provided with direct communication with said flow passage (122); and the ports being connected by auxiliary... Agent: Automatic Switch Company

20130333780 - Water supply base of a plant pot: The present invention is a water supply base of a plant pot, including a body, the body is provided with a holding space to contain liquid and is provided with a platform to emplace the plant pot; and a porous rod, the porous rod is extended into the holding space... Agent:

20130333781 - Compressed air supply apparatus: A compressed air supply apparatus has: an air compressor that compresses an air; and a tank that stores a compressed air discharged from the air compressor and has a supply port to supply the compressed air. Furthermore, at least a part of a piping through which the air compressor communicates... Agent: Ud Trucks Corporation

20130333782 - Compressed-air supply device for commercial vehicles: A compressed-air supply device for commercial vehicles is provided. The compressed-air supply device may be connected electrically to an electronic control device that may actuate at least one control valve. The control valve has at least one inlet, one ventilating connection and one outlet. The compressed-air supply device has a... Agent: Knorr-bremse Systeme Fuer Nutzfahrzeuge Gmbh

20130333783 - Hydraulic block for a ship transmission system: A hydraulic block (1), for a ship transmission system, which comprises a mounting for fixing and sealing the hydraulic control system (2), connections (4) which connect the monitoring devices, which are necessary for monitoring, and with shifting elements of the transmission for the supply of lubrication oil and the hydraulic... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20130333784 - Spring loaded hvac damper: An illustrative damper system includes a damper blade that is configured to be positioned within a duct, such as a bypass duct of an HVAC system. A shaft is in communication with the damper blade, a torsion spring is in communication with the shaft, and a force adjustment mechanism is... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

12/12/2013 > 30 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130327405 - Chopper pump with mixing nozzles for a sewage wet-well: Systems and methods for conditioning sewage having entrained solids which clog sewage pumps, are disclosed. Systems include a sewage pump, a chopper pump, and a mixing nozzle connected to the chopper pump. Specifically, the sewage pump is a non-clog centrifugal pump having an inlet for drawing fluid into the pump... Agent: Vaughan Company, Inc.

20130327402 - Combustor with integrated control valve system: The present application provides an integrated fuel control valve system for use with a number of fuel manifolds of a combustor. The integrated fuel control valve system may include a main drive system, a number of slave drive valves in communication with the fuel manifolds, and a number of reverse... Agent:

20130327407 - Metering arrangement and method for operating a metering arrangement: A method and arrangement for controlling heating and thawing of a metering arrangement with a metering device for the feeding of a reducing agent solution for the exhaust gas after treatment in an exhaust system. The metering device is connected with a supply container for the reducing agent solution via... Agent: Daimler Ag

20130327404 - Method for efficiently delivering liquid argon to a furnace: A method of improving the efficiency in delivery of a cryogenic liquid (10, 160) to the surface of a metal body in a furnace, the method comprising the steps of a) causing a flow of the liquid cryogen i) from a source of the liquid cryogen (10, 160), ii) to... Agent: Air Liquide Industrial U.s. Lp

20130327403 - Methods and apparatus to control and/or monitor a pneumatic actuator: Methods and apparatus to monitor and/or control a pneumatic actuator are disclosed. An example apparatus includes a processor to execute a control application, a position sensor to monitor a position of a valve coupled to a pneumatic actuator, the position sensor to provide position information of the valve to the... Agent:

20130327406 - Suction coupling: t

20130327408 - Electronically controllable and testable turbine trip system and method with redundant bleed manifolds: A trip control system for use with, for example, turbines, includes a porting manifold that supports and provides fluid to two or more trip manifolds, each of which includes a bleed circuit having two or more bleed valves connected in parallel between a trip header line and a return or... Agent:

20130327409 - Active guidance of fluid agents using magnetorheological antibubbles: Magnetorheological (MR) antibubbles are used for fluid delivery. A method of transporting a substance in a fluid in accordance with the invention comprising the steps of forming an antibubble in the fluid, the antibubble containing the substance to be transported and magnetic or magnetizable particles, and guiding the antibubble through... Agent:

20130327410 - Commercial hot water control systems: A commercial hot water system includes a hot water source, and a hot water delivery line connected between the hot water source and at least one plumbing fixture. A pump, enables circulation of hot water to and from the fixtures. A controller provides for turning on the pump in conjunction... Agent:

20130327411 - Refrigerator having air pressure controllable storage container and storage method thereof: A refrigerator having an air pressure controllable storage container is allowed to control air pressure of the storage container to be temporarily lower than initial air pressure by turning on and off a vacuum pump. The vacuum pump sucks internal air of the storage container, and a controller turns on... Agent:

20130327412 - Pipe monitoring system and method: A system and method for detecting leaks in pressurized or vacuum pipes is disclosed. A pipe clamp comprises a housing that surrounds a pipe fitting. A containment chamber within the pipe clamp prevents leaked gas from escaping into the environment. The pipe clamp is installed in series with an exhaust... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20130327413 - Reservoir filling systems and methods: A reservoir may be filled with fluidic media in a first type of environment, a plunger head may be placed within the reservoir in the first type of environment, and a casing that may be configured to envelop at least a portion of a plunger arm operatively connected to the... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20130327414 - Disposable cup insert for pad printing and decorating: A liquid supply assembly for use with a printing system of a type in which a liquid is deposited from the liquid supply assembly in a receiving region on a plate and any excess of the liquid in the receiving region is scraped from the plate by the liquid supply... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20130327415 - Coupling mechanism: Coupling mechanisms for connecting a plurality of pipes are provided. The coupling mechanisms may include a first portion including a first wall having a substantially arcuate cross-sectional shape and defining a first channel, a second portion including a second wall having a substantially arcuate cross-sectional shape and defining a second... Agent:

20130327416 - Three-port valve: A three-port valve including a casing and a movable element received in the casing. The casing includes a fluid inlet, first and second fluid outlets, a first fluid-flow passage between the fluid inlet and the first fluid outlet, and a second fluid-flow passage between the first and second fluid outlets.... Agent: Snecma

20130327417 - Self aligning venturi pipe assembly: An exhaust pipe assembly includes a smaller diameter outlet pipe, a larger diameter outer pipe connected to the outlet pipe by an annular shoulder, and an inlet pipe having a downstream end received by the outlet pipe. The downstream end forms a plurality of ridges separated by grooves. Each groove... Agent:

20130327418 - Pivoting fluid fill port for a fluid system of a vehicle: A liquid cooling system includes at least one fluid line in fluid communication with an intercooler for circulating a coolant through the intercooler. An inlet port assembly interconnects the intercooler and the at least one fluid line. The inlet port assembly defines an opening for introducing the coolant into the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20130327419 - Antimicrobial device: Under electronic monitoring and control, fluids flow into a fluid diffusion device to form a fluid combination. The fluid combination has corrosive properties as it flows into an antimicrobial canister housing an insert with antimicrobial metallic coated media and associated support. The fluid combination corrodes the antimicrobial metallic coated media... Agent: Applied Silver, Inc.

20130327420 - Quick release connector with a ring anti-drop cover: A quick release connector has a body, a positioning mount, a sealing valve and an outer sleeve. The body has a connecting end, a linking end and an air inlet chamber. The positioning mount is detachably connected to the body and has a fixing end, an inserting end, an air... Agent:

20130327421 - Apparatus for pressurizing delivery of low-temperature liquefied material: The present invention relates to an apparatus for pressurizing delivery of a low-temperature liquefied material, and more particularly, to an apparatus for pressurizing delivery of a low-temperature liquefied material, which can convert the low-temperature liquefied material into a high-pressure gas and easily deliver the gas without causing changes in a... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20130327422 - Method and apparatus for liquid flow calibration check: A liquid flow calibration check system applied to a multi-port printer is presented to determine whether full calibration of the multi-port printer is required to obtain accurate mass flow rates within conduits of the multi-port printer.... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20130327423 - Transmission control apparatus and adjustment method for output characteristic thereof: In a linear solenoid 107n, an electromagnetic coil 71n, a pressure sensor 72n, and label resistors 73n and 74n for correcting an inherent variation in a pressure detection characteristic are integrated; the standard characteristic of the pressure sensor 72n is stored in a control module 120M; when driving is started,... Agent:

20130327424 - Relief valve device: In a relief valve device, a positive-pressure relief valve opens a first valve port when pressure in a pressure chamber increases to a pressure that is equal to or higher than positive-pressure side valve-opening pressure. A negative-pressure relief valve opens a second valve port when pressure in the pressure chamber... Agent:

20130327427 - Hydraulic oil tank for construction machine: A hydraulic oil tank capable of assuring strength at a gage installation part and bringing a gage close to a hole portion of an exterior cover while maintaining a predetermined clearance between the exterior cover and the hydraulic oil tank is provided. The hydraulic oil tank, mounted on a swing... Agent: Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20130327425 - Positioner: A positioner includes a shift magnitude calculating portion that calculates a shift magnitude from the equilibrium state of a pilot relay, from an input air pressure that is inputted into the pilot relay and an output air pressure that is outputted from the pilot relay. A control calculating portion determines... Agent:

20130327426 - Positioner: A positioner includes a modeling portion that, having input/output characteristics that model an electropneumatic converter, inputs a control signal from a control calculating portion to calculate an estimated value for an input air pressure that is inputted from the electropneumatic converter into a pilot relay, and a shift magnitude calculating... Agent:

20130327428 - Thermoplastic elastomer tubing and method to make and use same: A thermoplastic elastomer tube can include a thermoplastic elastomer component disposed within a matrix. In an embodiment, the thermoplastic elastomer component is disposed within the matrix in a thermoplastic elastomer phase having a number of domains. At least approximately 50% of the domains of the thermoplastic elastomer component have an... Agent:

20130327429 - Bypass valve, device comprising bypass valve, and filter insert of the device: A bypass valve having an adjustable flow resistance for a device through which a fluid medium flows. The valve includes a seat and a body which is biased closed, and which is movable in the opening direction by a fluid medium pressure difference between the inflow and the outflow side... Agent:

20130327430 - Vapor recovery line flow meter: An improvement in a vapor recovery line in the form of a vortex shedding flow meter installable within such vapor recovery line to monitor the flow rate of vapor being returned through the vapor recovery line, such flow meter including a housing having an inlet flange with an associated inlet... Agent:

20130327431 - Button switch outlet mechanism: The present invention discloses a button switch outlet mechanism, which is provided with a body communicating with the water source and in which at least two water passages are arranged, wherein, it is further provided with a switch unit and a water division unit mounted in the body, the switch... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

12/05/2013 > 32 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130319531 - Chilled clathrate transportation system: Described embodiments include a system and a method. A described system includes a pipeline system. The pipeline system includes a transportation conduit containing a natural gas hydrate flowing from a first geographic location to a second geographic location. The pipeline system includes a cooling conduit running parallel to the transportation... Agent: Elwha LLC

20130319534 - Flow passage device and method of transporting liquid using the same: A flow passage device according to the present invention includes a flow passage through which a fluid flows in a direction different from a vertical direction, an introducing space that has a supply port opening toward the vertical direction and introduces a liquid into the flow passage, and a buffering... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20130319532 - Fluid recovery in chilled clathrate transportation systems: Described embodiments include a system and a method. A described system includes a pipeline system that transports flowable natural gas hydrate slurries. The pipeline system including a transportation conduit configured to contain natural gas hydrate slurry flowing from a first geographic location to a second geographic location. The natural gas... Agent: Elwha LLC, A Limited Liability Company Of The State Of Delaware

20130319533 - Method and apparatus for lifting of a mass of water: A method and an apparatus for lifting a mass of water with a container from a larger body of water, in which method the container having at least one open opening is first located below the surface level of the larger body of water and the container is full of... Agent:

20130319535 - Process fluid actuated pilot operated control valve: A flow control system includes a pilot driven valve having a pilot assembly and a main valve assembly; a displacement measurement component coupled to the main valve assembly indicating displacement of the main valve assembly; and a proportional solenoid responsive to a signal from the displacement measurement component that displaces... Agent: Dresser, Inc.

20130319536 - System and method for drum level control: A level control system is provided. The system includes multiple sensors configured to measure multiple parameters related to a drum, wherein the multiple parameters include a drum liquid level, a vapor flow rate leaving the drum, a downstream pressure of the drum, and a feed-liquid flow rate entering the drum.... Agent: General Electric Company

20130319538 - Direct cooling of clathrate flowing in a pipeline system: Described embodiments include a system and a method. A described pipeline system includes a transportation conduit containing a gas hydrate flowing from a first geographical location to another geographical location. The pipeline system includes a cooling system in thermal contact with the flowing gas hydrate and maintaining the temperature of... Agent: Elwha LLC, A Limited Liability Company Of The State Of Delaware

20130319537 - Flow control of combustible mixture into combustion chamber: In a premix supply, for supplying a fuel and oxidizer gas into a combustion chamber for burning, the premix supply having a smaller diameter flow than the combustion chamber, the premix supply comprising at least one dielectric barrier discharge device (DBD) comprising two electrodes separated by a dielectric, improved flame... Agent:

20130319539 - Protective device and method of use for a lift station water level sensor: A protective device for a wastewater sensor of a wastewater lift station is characterized by a protector that is sealed against wastewater intrusion at an upper end and open at a tapered lower end, with the protector disposed about at least a portion of a wastewater level sensor assembly. The... Agent:

20130319540 - Devices and methods for the checking and for the checking and repairing of pipe connections: A first sealing body and a second sealing body made of a resiliently expandable material, such as Kevlar-reinforced rubber, are connected by an intermediate piece that, having a larger wall thickness, is made of the same material, and is flexible, thereby providing the device excellent ability to pass through pipe... Agent: Hesan Gmbh

20130319541 - Method of attaching or replacing a plug assembly: A plug assembly includes a plug stem having a plug stem base, a plug head, and a fastening mechanism for fastening the plug stem base to the plug head, the fastening mechanism comprising at least two retainer clamps that surround and provide an interference fit between the plug stem base... Agent: Flowserve Management Company

20130319542 - Gate valve assembly for installation in pressurized pipes: A gate valve is disclosed that may be installed in a pressurized pipe or conduit. The gate valve includes a cylindrical gate housing that has a slot through which a rectangular gate slides between an open and closed position. The gate and gate housing provide seals between the gate valve... Agent: Ads LLC

20130319543 - Asymmetrical chamber configuration: A production tool includes a chamber, a heater in the chamber, and a pumping outlet on a side of the heater. A pumping liner is in the chamber and encircling the heater. The pumping liner and the heater have a first gap therebetween and a second gap therebetween. The second... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20130319544 - Residual pressure valve: A residual pressure valve (10; 10a; 10b) for a flow medium, in particular for air, the flow passage (30) of which is arranged in a valve housing (15) and is designed so as to allow flows to pass in different directions and so as to be interrupted by an at... Agent: Alligator Ventilfabrik Gmbh

20130319545 - Butterfly valve for arrangement in a flow duct of an air-conditioning installation: The invention is a butterfly valve for a flow duct of an air-conditioning installation. The butterfly valve comprises two butterfly valve faces and is mounted for rotation about an axis. A device with at least two measurement points for determining the volume flow rate of a gaseous medium flowing in... Agent:

20130319546 - Pressure relief valve: A pressure relief valve includes an outer frame, a ferromagnetic cylinder, a plastic air faucet, an electrical coil module and a spring. The plastic air faucet has a first end extending through a through hole of the outer frame and a second opposite end extending through a hollow channel of... Agent: Xiamen Koge Micro Tech Co., Ltd.

20130319547 - Circuit board having a pressure-relief valve, insufflator: The present invention concerns a circuit board (100) having at least one fluid passage (110) arranged in the interior of a circuit board (100), having a fluid passage opening (120) which is arranged on a surface of the circuit board (100) and which leads to the fluid passage (110, and... Agent: Mgb Endoskopische Gerate Gmbh

20130319548 - Automatic air evacuation appratus for swimming pool and spa filters: The present invention is an air evacuation apparatus that prevents the accumulation of air inside a swimming pool or spa filter by allowing any air to be removed from inside the filter every time the swimming pool pump is turned on. By allowing air to be removed from the filter,... Agent:

20130319550 - Conveying unit for conveying reducing agent: A conveying unit for conveying reducing agent from a tank to an exhaust gas treatment device for cleaning the exhaust gases from an internal combustion engine, includes a flange defined at least by a first side and a second side. The first side and the second side are disposed so... Agent: Emitec Gesellschaft Fuer Emissionstechnologie Mbh

20130319549 - Fuel delivery module with fuel filter: A vehicle fuel delivery apparatus, having: a surge chamber configured to store fuel; a fuel filter distally positioned with respect to and connected to the chamber; and a fuel level sender positioned between the filter and surge chamber.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20130319551 - Opening degree detection device for automatically operated valve: To provide an opening degree detection device for an automatically operated valve which is easily assembled into an automatically operated valve, makes it easy to ensure detection accuracy at the time of assembling the opening degree detection device, and is easily applicable to an existing automatically operated valve. The opening... Agent: Fujikin Incorporated

20130319552 - Deconstructable tanks for use in high volume fluid transfer operations and methods and systems using said tanks: Disclosed is a deconstructable water storage tank assembled using modular components including wall panels, a base ring and a membrane for use in large volume fluid transfer operations such as hydraulic fracturing. Also disclosed are methods for assembling the tank for use at a first hydraulic fracturing site, and disassembling... Agent: Chevron Usa Inc.

20130319553 - Water tank for water-cooling heat dissipation system: A water tank includes a sealing ring, a container, and a claw. A submersible pump with a cable is mounted in the container. A joint extends from an outer side of a side plate of the container. The joint includes a neck extending from the side plate and a head... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130319554 - System and method for measuring flow rates of fluid flows to parallel reactors: A system for measuring flow rates of fluid flows to parallel reactors includes a common feed line, a plurality of reactor feed lines for receiving a reactor fluid flow, a measurement line, and a valve system. The valve system includes one or more valves and a valve control unit for... Agent: Avantium Holding B.v.

20130319555 - Hydraulic control device: In a hydraulic control device, when a solenoid pressure from a linear solenoid valve is not supplied to a brake, which is normally not engaged at the same time as a brake, not to engage the brake, a switching valve is supplied with a line pressure as a signal pressure... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20130319556 - Universal interface connection system and flow directing coupling system and manifold using same: A universal interface connection system may be used to interconnect manifolds, valves, and other components in a water treatment system. A modular flow directing coupling system may be formed by the manifolds and used to direct a flow of water through water treatment devices in the water treatment system. Each... Agent: R.e. Prescott Co., Inc.

20130319557 - Metal reinforced seal plate for pilot actuated spool valve: Upper and/or lower seal plates of a sub plate mounted, pilot actuated spool valve are reinforced with one or more metal rings. In a number of preferred embodiments, the metal ring is comprised of steel. Portions of the seal plates may comprise an engineering thermoplastic such as polyoxymethylene (POM) sold... Agent: Hunting Energy Services, Inc.

20130319559 - Control valve for separable connection unit for flexible pipes: A control valve for connection unit for flexible pipes, comprising a plurality of sectors, (slices or petals), rotatable between a complete opening position and a complete closing position is described. The aforesaid plurality of rotatable sectors comprises at least two series of rotating sectors of different shape and dimensions disposed... Agent: Mib Italiana S.p.a.

20130319560 - Device for automatic closure of control valves in separable connection units for flexible pipes: A device for automatic closure of control valves in separable connection units for flexible pipes is described. The device comprises, for every sector of the control valve, a slidable body operating on the valve sector to cause closing and opening rotation thereof, elastic means housed within a first chamber to... Agent: Mib Italiana S.p.a.

20130319558 - Discharge and purging device, a connecting endpiece and connector comprising such a device: The invention relates to a discharge and purging device (10) adapted for limiting the pressure of a fluid (F) occupying the inner volume of a connecting endpiece (2). The device (10) comprises a valve or a valve actuation piston; an inner enclosure (30) opening out on a front face (22)... Agent:

20130319562 - Hydraulic block for a hydraulic unit of a slip-controlled hydraulic vehicle brake system: A hydraulic block for a hydraulic unit of a slip-controlled hydraulic vehicle brake system includes a row of receptacles for brake pressure buildup valves and a row of receptacles for brake pressure reduction valves arranged parallel to the row of receptacles for the brake pressure buildup valves. The hydraulic block... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20130319561 - Hydraulic control block and hydraulic system: A hydraulic control block has at least two pressure supply circuits, which each include one or more hydraulic consumer ports, and at least two hydraulic pump ports. A valve arrangement is provided, by way of which each of the at least two pump ports can selectively connect with at least... Agent: Liebherr-france Sas

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