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Fluent material handling, with receiver or receiver coacting means June invention type 06/11

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06/30/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110155278 - Cng time fill system and method with safe fill technology: The present invention provides a CNG time fill system, comprising a compression system including a gas dryer and one or more gas compressors, a gas storage system for storing the natural gas, a manifold time fill system for filling a plurality of natural gas vehicles with the natural gas, a... Agent:

20110155279 - Kit for inflating and repairing inflatable articles, in particular tyres: A kit for inflating and repairing inflatable articles, in particular tires, the kit having a compressor assembly, a container of sealing liquid and connectors for connecting the container to the compressor assembly and to an inflatable article for repair or inflation; the compressor assembly being housed in an outer casing... Agent: Tek S.r.l.

20110155280 - Apparatus for inserting air and/or sealent into a tire: An apparatus for inserting air and/or sealant into a tire, in particular vehicle tire, comprising a container for the sealant having an inlet and an outlet, wherein the outlet is connected or connectable to a hose of which the other end is connectable to a tire to be filled, and... Agent: Sri Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

20110155281 - System for transferring a viscous liquid between containers: A system for transferring a viscous liquid between containers that comprises a first container from which the liquid is to be drained, a second container for receiving the liquid, a first transfer lid that attaches to the first container, a second transfer lid that attaches to the second container and... Agent:

06/23/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110146835 - Automated pharmacy drug handling and prescription verification system and method: An intake to exit security system for high-volume pharmacies provides maximum security from tampering and assures accuracy. The system immediately assigns bar codes to shipments upon arrival and then tracks them through warehousing, bulk distribution, prescription dispensing and shipping to patients, hospitals and drugstores. Bar-coded lock neck devices secure bulk... Agent:

20110146836 - Piston setting device and method: A system comprises a piston setting device and a cartridge comprising a piston and a cartridge chamber which can be filled by a filling mass. The cartridge chamber further comprises a closeable outlet opening for the discharge of the filling mass whereby the filling mass is storable in said cartridge... Agent:

20110146837 - Cooling device for stabilising a container structure: The invention relates to an apparatus for filling containers, in particular bottles, comprising at least one transport device (2, 6, 10, 14) for transporting the containers, at least one filling device (8) for filling the containers and a tempering device for tempering a bottom area of the container, wherein the... Agent:

20110146838 - Beverage vending machine: A beverage vending machine having a pickup compartment accessible from the outside and having a beverage mixing station; a beverage dispensing device having at least one outlet located at the mixing station in a fixed position facing the pickup compartment; a first member for feeding a cup into position beneath... Agent: N&w Global Vending S.p.a.

20110146839 - Intermittent rotating machine for filling capsules with pharmaceutical products: In an intermittent rotating machine for filling capsules with pharmaceutical products, each capsule is opened in a respective pocket of a conveying wheel, is filled with a pharmaceutical product, is closed and is finally released from the pocket itself; a supporting block fitted above the conveying wheel defining an upper... Agent:

20110146840 - Intermittent rotating machine for filling capsules with pharmaceutical products: An intermittent rotating machine for filling capsules with pharmaceutical products is provided with a conveying wheel having a plurality of pockets adapted to each receive and keep a respective capsule, and a hopper delimited by a bottom wall provided with a plurality of holes, each of which is obtained through... Agent:

20110146841 - Intermittent rotating machine for filling capsules with pharmaceutical products: An intermittent rotating machine for filling capsules with pharmaceutical products is provided with a conveying wheel having a plurality of pockets each defined by an upper seat adapted to receive and keep a cap of a relative capsule and by a lower seat placed beneath the upper seat to receive... Agent:

20110146842 - Instrument for impermanent sealed perforation of thin-walled packaging: An instrument for impermanent sealed perforation of thin-walled, hermetically sealed packaging. The instrument includes a longitudinally tapered needle and a septum with a hole. The underside of the septum is coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive. The hole through the septum is configured and arranged to permit unrestricted passage of... Agent: Mocon, Inc

20110146843 - Intermittent rotating machine for filling capsules with pharmaceutical products: An intermittent rotating machine for filling capsules with pharmaceutical products is provided with a conveying wheel having a group of pockets distributed according to at least two mutually parallel rows and a feeding device for feeding a capsule into each pocket; the feeding device having a hopper for containing the... Agent:

06/16/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110139293 - Distributed medicine supplying device, and medicine packaging device: There is provided a distributed medicine supplying device, which allows medicines to be distributed at a time relative to a plurality of prescription data and to be distributed appropriately in response to various types of requests. The distributed medicine supplying device includes: a receiving unit 7 for receiving prescription data;... Agent: Yuyama Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20110139294 - Method of filling liquid sample: A method of filling a liquid sample includes: supplying the liquid sample to a first well of a biochip; adhering a cover and the substrate of the biochip in a loop-shaped area surrounding the first well and plural second wells on the substrate; moving the liquid sample from the first... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110139292 - Water collection apparatus and method: An apparatus and method for passively collecting water in an environment where dew forms are disclosed. The apparatus has a radial body which includes a hydrophobic surface that is supported at a slope of about 10 to 80 degrees from the direction of gravity. The apparatus may also include ridges... Agent:

20110139295 - Pouch support for a pressurized dispensing container:

20110139296 - System and method for in-structure delivery of air for filling of breathing apparatus: An in-structure air delivery system comprises a control panel and a plurality of air delivery lines. The control panel is located at a first location in the structure and has an air supply inlet. Each air delivery line extends from the control panel to a different location in the structure.... Agent:

20110139297 - Column vapor recovery: A steel storage tank with a novel structure for recovering vapors through perforations in the center column is described. Vapors trapped between the floor and the minimum elevation of a floating roof fluid storage tank are recoverable through perforations in the supporting center column. The vapors are removed through adjustable... Agent:

20110139298 - Dual purpose bitumen/diluent railroad tank car: A dual-purpose railcar is provided, designed for hauling of bitumen or diluent, optimized to provide transport of bitumen to a destination and transport of diluent in the return trip of the car.... Agent: Altex Energy Ltd.

20110139299 - System to establish a refueling infrastructure for coming fuel-cell vehicles/marine craft and interim production of gaseous products, power, and inner-city rejuvenation: A facility for the generation of electrical power and products for the refueling of vehicles including but not limited to, fuel cell vehicles (FCV's) and marine craft and for use by the facility and/or general market. A host of electrical power generation devices including solar panels, solar collectors, wave action... Agent:

20110139300 - Refuelling container for fuelcell, method for refuelling, and holder for refuelling container: In, for example, a direct methanol type fuelcell, fuel is allowed to be injected little by little when the fuel is injected and supplied from the outside to a fuel receiving part reduced in the amount of remaining fuel on the fuelcell body side and an electromotive part can be... Agent:

20110139301 - Valve device for fuel tank and overfilling preventing device for fuel tank: A valve device used by being attached to a fuel tank includes a case provided with an airflow valve opening which communicates with the outside of the tank, on an upper portion, and also provided with a fuel inflow section located on a lower side of the airflow valve opening,... Agent: Nifco Inc.

20110139302 - Automated refilling connection for a liquid material container of an applicator: An agricultural liquid material application system broadly includes an agricultural applicator and a fluid-transferring connection assembly. The connection assembly includes complemental fluid connectors associated with a liquid material source and the applicator. The connection assembly includes a valve operably coupled to a corresponding one of the fluid connectors so as... Agent: Agco Corporation

20110139303 - Fraction collector: A fraction collector where fractions of liquid are sequentially dispensed from a dispensing means into a plurality of receptacles arranged in a cassette in the fraction collector, by displacing the dispensing means relative to the receptacles, the receptacles being arranged at predefined positions with respect to the cassette and the... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20110139304 - Ice guide funnel: An appliance dispenser includes a housing defining a recess. The housing includes a receptacle support member and a fixed funnel. An ice dispensing passage extends through the fixed funnel and operably connected with an ice bin. A variable funnel includes a proximal end and a distal end. The proximal end... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

06/09/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110132489 - Systems and methods for performing quality assurance of branding of pharmaceutical/medical containers and computer assisted systems and methods for branding pharmaceutical/medical containers: In some embodiments, quality assurance systems for verifying branding of at least one medication container associated with at least one of a prescription and medication order are provided. The systems including: a transport system that transports at least one first container branded with a particular branding among a plurality of... Agent:

20110132490 - Devices and methods for filling a flexible liquid medicament container with liquid from a liquid medicament reservoir: A device for filling a flexible container and a method thereof are disclosed. The device may include a pressurizing chamber and an evacuation chamber. A first displacement piston is sealingly and slideably arranged within the pressurizing chamber to define an inner volume within the pressurizing chamber that is fluidly connected... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ag

20110132491 - Apparatus, methods, components, and systems for assembling and/or inflating a tire-wheel assembly: An apparatus for processing an un-inflated tire-wheel assembly for forming an inflated tire-wheel assembly is disclosed. The apparatus includes at least a first robotic arm and a second robotic arm forming a pair of robotic arms; an assembling end effecter attached to the first robotic arm; and an inflating end... Agent: Android Industries LLC

20110132492 - Device for preparing an aqueous solution of salt, particularly of calcium chloride, for use as a surface deicer....: A device for preparing an aqueous solution of calcium chloride, particularly for use as a surface deicer, comprising a containment tank which defines a body for containing the water in which the calcium chloride in solid form is to be dissolved and at least one fill opening for the calcium... Agent:

20110132493 - Fuel supply adaptor device and fuel supply device: It is a fuel supply adaptor device which connects the apparatus having a fuel injecting portion including a power generator formed of fuel cells to the fuel cartridge having a fuel supplying portion and delivers the fuel in the fuel cartridge to the power generator, comprising a second connector for... Agent:

06/02/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110126936 - Vacuum container system and related method: Apparatus including (a) a substantially rigid container defining at least one inlet port and at least one outlet port, and being sized and configured to define a first volume for receiving a liquid, solid particulate or slurry material; (b) a flexible, substantially non-porous bag which forms a bag opening perimeter... Agent: Walker-dawson Interests, Inc.

20110126937 - Apparatus for removal of loosefill insulation: An apparatus configured to facilitate removal of existing, previously-applied loosefill insulation material from a building cavity is provided. The apparatus includes a removal hose configured for conveying the removed loosefill insulation material and an actuator connected to the removal hose. The actuator is configured to generate a removal force configured... Agent: Owens Corning Intellectual Capital, LLC

20110126938 - Device for adding air and/or sealing means to a tire: A device for the introduction of air and/or sealant into a tire, in particular a motor vehicle tire, having an electric pump or compressor, an electric connection cable for the pump or compressor which has a connection element, in particular a plug, at its end for the connection of the... Agent: Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

20110126939 - High flow stopper with vacuum and date indicators: Devices and methods for the sealing of a container are disclosed. The devices and methods include stoppers that allow for removal of air from the container with a vacuum source. Various embodiments comprise a high-volume valve allowing for expeditious evacuation of the air. The stopper may also comprise a low... Agent:

20110126940 - Multifingered scale: The invention relates to a filling system (1) for containers (2) fed into a filling device by means of a feeder device (3) and removed by means of a removal device (4), wherein at least one measurement device (5) is provided at least for weighing the filled container (2). The... Agent: Khs Gmbh

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