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Flexible or portable closure, partition, or panel

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11/13/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140332168 - Automated shutter control: An automated shutter control is provided for a shutter having a plurality of slats which are pivoted in unison. The automated shutter control comprises a motor and a slat interface having a body portion and a contact portion. The contact portion has a contour configured to register with and abut... Agent:

20140332169 - Retractable and extendable covering device: A retractable and extendable covering device (1) for architectural openings, which includes first and second substantially parallel posts (3, 5), a retractable and extendable substantially rectangular screen member (7), and a first flexible guide member (9; 109). The first flexible guide member (9; 109) is deflected into one of the... Agent: UniluxIPB.v.

20140332170 - Window covering: A window covering includes a headrail, a bottom rail, a shading member, two pulley assemblies, a car, a control cord, and a transmission cord. The shading member is between the headrail and the bottom rail. The pulley assemblies and the car are received in the headrail, and the car is... Agent: Nien Made Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20140332171 - Door structure: A door structure is described which includes a door frame having a threshold. The door frame encloses an upper door section and a lower door section. An upper door guide track guides movement of the upper door section between a closed position enclosing the upper portion of the door frame... Agent:

20140332172 - Door curtain anti-dropping device for electric rolling door: A door curtain anti-dropping device comprises at least one rotating shaft, a brake mechanism, a rotational speed detecting module, and a control circuit, the rotating shaft being coupled to the winding shaft, the brake mechanism being used to brake the rotating shaft, the rotational speed detecting module being used to... Agent:

20140332173 - Vertical blind assembly: A vertical blind assembly module includes a head rail unit with opposite sides and a unit axis extending between the sides, a housing and an axle pivotally connecting the housing to the head rail unit so that the housing can pivot about a pivot axis that is perpendicular to the... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140326417 - Folding facade or folding awning arrangement and actuating device for the same: A folding façade or folding awning arrangement includes at least two façade or awning elements, wherein a first façade or awning element is fixed on a building so that it can pivot about an axis, and wherein a second façade or awning element is pivotally held about a second displaceable... Agent: Belu Ag

20140326418 - Vehicle window shield for optical device: An apparatus for covering an open portion of a window in a vehicle while enabling an optical device to extend therethrough. The apparatus includes a membrane with a periphery that is proportioned to cover the open portion of the window. Plural fasteners are located around the periphery of the membrane,... Agent:

20140326419 - Windbreak system: The invention relates to a windbreak system formed by: a set of independent panels that can be controlled individually, by moving the same longitudinally along an upper rail and a lower rail: and a folding door at one of the ends. Each panel and door comprises a rotation shaft and... Agent:

20140326420 - Stretched artist canvas with rigid foam back: A stretched artist canvas frame system is supported with a rigid foam back to either allow artists to apply pressure to a canvas without stretching it and causing sagging, or to allow artists to use the stretched artist canvas as an alternative for artists who paint on board. The frame... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140318716 - Method for preventing false positive occupancy sensor detections caused by motion: A method and corresponding system is disclosed that provides for management of a response to motion detection in a motion-based system. The method includes: determining a schedule of movement of a position and an orientation of a window treatment, wherein a scheduled time of movement of the window treatment is... Agent:

20140318717 - Method for sharing movement adaptation schedule to prevent false positive indications in motion sensing based systems: A method for management of a response to motion detection in a motion-based system is disclosed. The method, and a corresponding system, determines a schedule (670, 675) for movement of a position and for movement of an orientation of a window treatment, wherein the schedules of movement include a time... Agent:

20140318718 - Roll up door assembly with orientable illumination: A lighted roll up door assembly may include a roll up door including interconnected slats movable along tracks, and a lighting element configured to be attached to an exterior side of the roll up door. The lighting element can be mounted so as to direct a substantial portion of the... Agent: Hansen International, Inc.

20140318719 - Machine mechanism of a rolling door operator: In a door operator having a driving end and a weight carrying end, an electric motor mechanism, a first electromagnetic clutch mechanism, a combination pull-chain disc and brake, a second electromagnetic clutch mechanism are disposed in sequence between the driving end and the weight carrying end, the mechanisms being connected... Agent:

20140318720 - Interior shutter-blind for windows with stackable louvers: A shutter-blind system for windows is provided. The system includes a plurality of rotatable parallel louvers. Each louver is rotatable about an axis offset from its center of gravity. The system further includes a resisting member coupled to a louver located at a lower end of the plurality of louvers,... Agent: Comfortex Corporation

20140318721 - Child safety gate: The invention relates to a child safety gate which occupies as little space as possible when the gate is open. The child safety gate comprises two or more panels (1, 2, 3, 4) interconnected by at least one hinge (5). The panels are mounted in the opening via at least... Agent:

20140318722 - Image display and kit and image substrate and method for use therewith: An image display comprising a substantially rigid support structure including a rectangular central sheet, four side strips and four back strips can be provided. An image can be provided on at least the front of the central sheet. The side strips can extend alongside respective edges of the central sheet... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140311686 - Motorized window shade: A motorized window shade includes a head rail, a bottom part suspended from the head rail, and a covering structure arranged between the head rail and the bottom part. An electric motor is arranged in the head rail and is operable to drive a vertical displacement of the bottom part.... Agent: Teh Yor Co., Ltd.

20140311685 - Window covering multi-lift system: The present disclosure describes a method and system by which a biometric client with a unique device ID and one or more biometric probes may request a token/certificate that may be used as an authentication credential for one or more cloud-based applications. Using a mobile or stationary computing device, the... Agent:

20140311687 - Viewing panel unit and structures comprising the viewing panel unit: There is disclosed a viewing panel unit, comprising: a first panel and a second panel; a drive mechanism for moving the first panel relative to the second panel; and an abutment member mounted so as to have a fixed spatial relationship relative to the second panel, wherein: the first panel... Agent: Vistamatic Limited

20140311688 - Clad slat: The present disclosure provides a slat that may be capable of being used in a shutter. The slat may include a core having at least one groove. The at least one groove may be configured along a length of the core. In an embodiment, the core may be made up... Agent:

20140311689 - Drive assisted roller assembly for rolling door: A coupling for a door/curtain includes a plurality of coupling mechanisms affixed to ends of slats of the door/curtain. Each coupling mechanism includes a roller mounting bracket having a first roller arranged at an upper portion of the roller mounting bracket, and an extending portion, oriented at approximately 90 degrees... Agent:

20140311690 - Rollo assembly: A rollo assembly is provided, comprising a winding shaft defining an axis of rotation and a flexible rollo screen of which a first end is attached to the winding shaft, such that the rollo screen by an appropriate rotation of the winding shaft around its axis of rotation may be... Agent: Inalfa Roof Systems Group B.v.

20140311691 - Retractable golf cart windshield: A retractable golf cart windshield includes a two piece case design that contains a roll-up plastic windshield. The user can pull the windshield down or roll it up much like a roll-up window shade. The present invention always keeps the windscreen under tension when in use as well as an... Agent:

20140311692 - Connector: The present invention relates to a curtain assembly having at least one connector that is either removably connected to the sheet material or is an integral part of the sheet material. The connector can be in any shape or form as desired. The connector has a front surface, a back... Agent:

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