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Flexible or portable closure, partition, or panel

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07/10/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140190639 - Retractable computer rack aisle roof: A roof for a computer rack aisle is provided. The roof has a canopy that may be flexible and/or fire-resistant. The canopy has a retracted position and an extended position. In the extended position the canopy may cover the top of an aisle between two computer racks while in the... Agent: Ldm Products, Inc.

20140190640 - Partition: The partitions can be mad e of an elongated and flat body of a material being manually flexible in an elastic manner in a transverse orientation, have two lengthwisely opposite ends and at least two superposed lengthwisely oriented rows of keeper apertures extending therebetween, and protrusions extending outwardly at each... Agent: Ebenisterie Yvan Maltais Inc.

20140190641 - Adjustable safety gate: An adjustable safety to has a first panel, a second panel and a fastening device. The first panel has a screw hole formed therein. The second panel has a horizon formed therethrough. The second panel partially overlaps the first panel and is slidable laterally elative to the first panel. The... Agent:

20140190642 - Double-roller curtain mount structure: A double-roller curtain mount structure includes a fixing bracket, a support rod and two fixing members. The support rod is fitted through and connected with the fixing bracket. The two fixing members are locked on the support rod to fix the support rod on the fixing bracket. The support rod... Agent:

07/03/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140182791 - Multipurpose sun shielding apparatus: Provided is a multi-purpose shading device with a multi-stage collapsible blind part, in which the blind part is rotatably configured so as to function as a shutter and an advertising board when it is rotated downwardly and to function as a signboard when it is rotated upwardly. The multi-purpose shading... Agent: Ouinovation Co. Ltd.

20140182792 - Freitragende glenkarm-kassetten-markise für fahrzeuge: The invention relates to a self-supporting articulated-arm cassette awning, in particular for motor homes or trailers, comprising articulated arms (20) that are pivotable at awning arm joints or shoulder joints (10), and brackets or shoulders (II) for connecting the entire awning (100) to the vehicle by means of fastening elements... Agent: Dometic Waeco International Gmbh

20140182793 - Roman shade type blind paper and blind using same: The present invention relates to a roman blind fabric on which loops are formed and a roman blind using the same. More particularly, rings for inserting loop cords thereinto are woven integrally with a loop-forming fabric in such a manner as to be formed transversely and longitudinally at the time... Agent: Winplus Co., Ltd.

20140182794 - Magnetic tilt and raise/lower mechanisms for a venetian blind: e

20140182795 - Vehicle windshield, wiper-bay and window external, reusable cover: An improved, reusable, protective, reflective, weather resistant cover for a vehicle windshield-wiper-bay region and also for front-side windows and for the rear window region is disclosed. The cover is easy and fast to deploy, the operator is not required to reenter the vehicle for deployment and no cover element extends... Agent:

06/26/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140174674 - Method for controlling a screen, and actuator suitable for such a method: A screen (1) includes a load bar (2), a flexible element (3) supporting the load bar, and a controlled member (4) for winding the flexible member, wherein the member is controlled according to a method that includes controlling the angular movement of the winding member (4) with a temporal set... Agent:

20140174675 - Dog shading screen: A removable dog screen for placement in the rear opening door of a vehicle to provide shade and ventilation to an animal within the vehicle for a short period of time. The disclosure provides for a removable dog screen that spans across the rear opening of a vehicle such as... Agent:

20140174676 - Device for adjusting slats of window blind: A device for adjusting a slat of a window blind including a housing, in which a plurality of frames, a rod, a plurality of transmission members, and a plurality of turning members are provided. The rod is meshed with a first rack of each transmission member, and the turning members... Agent: Nien Made Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20140174677 - Curtain hanging assembly: The present invention relates to a curtain with an integral hanging assembly to allow a curtain to be hung from a curtain rod without moving the curtain rod.... Agent:

20140174678 - Roller curtain fixing bracket assembly: A roller curtain fixing bracket assembly includes a left support, a right support, a decoration board and two cover boards covering the left and right supports. A roller curtain device can be installed between the main bodies of the left and right supports. Each of the left and right supports... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140166212 - Methods for configuring and controlling a group of screens, and actuator suitable for such a control method: Each screen (1) of a group of screens is configured by a method in which a function is approximated, the function giving the instantaneous axial position (H(t)) of the load bar (2) thereof along an axis (Z) of translation in the form of a function having, as a variable, the... Agent: Somfy Sas

20140166213 - Shared space dividers: A shared space divider provides privacy on surfaces. The shared space divider comprises a hub that is placed on a portion of a surface, and at least one partitioning structure coupled to a portion of the hub. The at least one partitioning structure comprises a separator configured to partition the... Agent:

20140166214 - Frost inhibiting joints for insulated panels and curtains: Example panel assemblies with frost inhibiting seal members are disclosed herein. Some example panel assemblies disclosed herein are particularly suited for creating a blast freezer (for food and other products) by using the panels in cordoning off a relatively small quick-freeze area within a larger freezer room. In some examples... Agent:

20140166215 - Magnetic window valance: A magnetic window valance is disclosed. The magnetic window valance can include a sheet of ferromagnetic material, and a decorative layer disposed about the sheet of ferromagnetic material. The magnetic window valance can also include a curtain rod coupling portion extending in a first direction from the decorative layer, and... Agent: Window Wear, LLC

20140166216 - Combination of roman shade and honeycomb shade: A window shade includes a head box with a top shade control unit and a bottom shade control unit received therein. The top shade control unit has a first cord connected thereto and the bottom shade control unit has a second cord connected thereto. A shade unit has a top... Agent: Ching Feng Home Fashions Co., Ltd.

20140166217 - Combination of roman shade and honeycomb shade: A honeycomb shade includes multiple honeycomb units connected continuously and each honeycomb unit includes a front part, a rear part and a non-transparent plate. Two elongate sides of the front part are connected to two elongate sides of the rear part, and each of the front and rear parts is... Agent: Ching Feng Home Fashions Co., Ltd.

20140166218 - Chain guide for dual roller blind: A chain guide for a dual roller blind. The dual roller blind includes a first or inner and a second or outer roller tube. The roller tubes are mounted between a common pair of end plates and have clutches at common ends that are operatively associated with the same end... Agent:

20140166219 - Covering device and coupling module thereof: A coupling device of a shading member, includes a frame and two coupling modules. Each coupling module includes a main member fixed to a top or a bottom of the shading member, two positioning members connected to the main member, and two controlling members connected to the positioning members. The... Agent:

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