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Flexible or portable closure, partition, or panel

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02/05/2015 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150034254 - Removable barrier for protecting tunnels and other structures from flooding and other hazards: A system for preventing fluid from entering a walled structure includes a support structure configured for fixing to at least one surface of the walled structure; and a barrier apparatus attachable and anchorable to the support structure, the barrier apparatus including a fluid retention member configured for intercepting a fluid... Agent:

20150034255 - Fly screen for window air conditioner unit: A fly screen for a window air conditioner provides an attachment providing an all-around screen around the entire edge of the opening. The all-around screen is secured tightly to all four sides of the air conditioner with an elastic seam. The all-around screen is box-shaped, and is provided in a... Agent:

20150034256 - Curtain and curtain structure producing method: f

20150034257 - Motorized sheer shading system: A motorized sheer shading system may move a sheer shade material between an open position, a closed position, and a view position. The shading system may move the sheer shade material from the open position to the closed position at a first average rotational speed, and from the closed position... Agent: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

20150034260 - Adjustment mechanisms for shades: A motorized shading system may include a housing, a roller tube, a sheer shade material, and a bottom bar. The shading system may be configured such that opposed ends of the roller tube are adjustable relative to the housing. The shading system may include first and second sliding members that... Agent: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

20150034258 - Architectural covering and method of setting at least one position of the architectural covering: A architectural covering, such as a shutter, blind or shade, comprising a control unit for controlling a motor so as to adjust the position of the architectural covering, wherein the control unit includes a housing and a circuit means, which is provided with switching means which upon actuation allow for... Agent:

20150034259 - Architectural covering having a drive mechanism: An architectural covering having a drive mechanism for extending and retracting a covering member between opposite first and second end positions. The drive mechanism includes an electric motor unit having a stationary end and a rotating end for rotating a winding core, such as a roller blind shaft, for receiving... Agent:

20150034261 - Device for rolling up and unrolling a material web onto and from a shaft: The present invention discloses a device for rolling up and unrolling a material web (2) on a shaft (1, 15). The device is distinguished by the fact that a first radial spacing (R1) of the material web (2) from a rotational axis of the shaft (1, 15), which first radial... Agent:

20150034262 - Covering for an architectural opening: A covering for an architectural opening comprising: a rail; a covering material, attached to said rail; at least two cords for guiding, supporting and/or lifting the covering material, the cords extending through the rail; and at least one weight disposed within the rail; characterised in that the rail comprises a... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 4 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150027644 - Sunshade assembly: A sunshade assembly includes a winding tube, a screen, an adhesive unit and two clamp rings. The screen has a connection portion that is connected to the winding tube and that has two opposite end sections. The adhesive unit is disposed between the connection portion and the winding tube to... Agent: Macauto Industrial Co., Ltd.

20150027645 - Barricade assembly with foldable legs: A barricade assembly comprises a pair of laterally spaced uprights for supporting at least one barricade board, and a foldable leg assembly for selectively supporting the uprights in a generally upright position. The leg assembly comprises two pairs of legs, one of which has a sliding connection with the respective... Agent:

20150027647 - Shading arrangement for a vehicle having two shading units and method for mounting a shading arrangement: The invention proposes a shading arrangement having a first look-through region and a second look-through region, having a first shading unit for the first look-through region and a second shading unit for the second look-through region, wherein the two shading units include one shading element, respectively, on which a drive... Agent:

20150027646 - Sunshade assembly: A sunshade assembly for installation on a window frame includes a curtain, a bar connected to the curtain, a pivot connection member disposed inside the bar, an abutment member disposed inside the pivot connection member, a transmission rod extending into the pivot connection member to engage the abutment member, and... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150020980 - Retractable covering: A retractable covering such as a door or window blind or shade has a top rail, a bottom rail, a covering material extending between the top rail and the bottom rail, at least two lift cords extending downwardly from the head rail to the bottom rail for supporting the bottom... Agent: Hunter Douglas Industries B.v.

20150020981 - Covering curtain: The present invention provides a covering curtain to prevent a user's hand from being clipped when using the covering curtain. The covering curtain comprises a fixed end, a free end, an opening, and a covering element. The free end is opposite to the fixed end. The opening is disposed near... Agent:

20150020982 - Handle and brake arrangement for a covering for architectural openings: A handle is releasably secured to a rail wall by means of fasteners extending from inside the rail. An actuator shaft pushes against a contact plate to move a movable braking member to stop the rotation of a rod inside the rail.... Agent:

20150020983 - Reset mechanism for stored energy emergency barriers: A stored energy emergency barrier release device comprising a barrier and a barrel member for storing the barrier thereon. The barrel member is rotatable on a stationary counterbalance shaft and a push down shaft. The release device further includes a push down spring coupled to the push down shaft for... Agent:

20150020984 - Adjustable window blind support system and method therefor: A system for securing a head rail of a window blind to a window frame has a first end cap configured to be inserted into the head rail. A threaded channel is formed through the first end cap. A second end cap is configured to be inserted into the head... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150013920 - Battery powered venetian and roman shade system and methods of use: A Venetian shade and Roman shade assembly is presented having a header with a drive shaft assembly positioned in the header, the drive shaft having a plurality of lift and tilt spool assemblies. A motor controller assembly is removably positioned within the header and connected to the drive shaft assembly.... Agent: Qmotion Incorporated

20150013921 - Architectural covering with repositionable handle assembly: An architectural covering, comprising a rail and a repositionable handle assembly. The rail has a groove. The assembly comprises a handle with a hole for receiving a fastener, and a fastener receiving member. The fastener receiving member is free to slide along the groove when in an undamped state. A... Agent:

20150013922 - Partition systems: A panel structure for a demountable partition system usable for dividing a room or for forming rooms and/or corridors or other structures, the panel structure having two opposite major faces and in use being positioned in a generally upright orientation with other such panel structures of the system, in which... Agent:

20150013923 - Camping accessory doors for utility trailer: An accessory for changing a utility trailer to a camping trailer. The accessory may include attachable canvas panels that may be formed to fit and cover the door openings of a trailer. The canvas panels may include screen windows that may be opened and closed. The canvas panels may further... Agent:

20150013924 - Decoration painting for facilitating dismounting transport and replacement of canvas: A decoration painting for facilitating the dismounting transport and the replacement of the canvas comprising a frame, a canvas and an elastic part, and the frame includes four borders which are detachably connected with each other, at least two rivet holes are uniformly distributed around the canvas which is covering... Agent:

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