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Flexible or portable closure, partition, or panel

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01/15/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150013920 - Battery powered venetian and roman shade system and methods of use: A Venetian shade and Roman shade assembly is presented having a header with a drive shaft assembly positioned in the header, the drive shaft having a plurality of lift and tilt spool assemblies. A motor controller assembly is removably positioned within the header and connected to the drive shaft assembly.... Agent: Qmotion Incorporated

20150013921 - Architectural covering with repositionable handle assembly: An architectural covering, comprising a rail and a repositionable handle assembly. The rail has a groove. The assembly comprises a handle with a hole for receiving a fastener, and a fastener receiving member. The fastener receiving member is free to slide along the groove when in an undamped state. A... Agent:

20150013922 - Partition systems: A panel structure for a demountable partition system usable for dividing a room or for forming rooms and/or corridors or other structures, the panel structure having two opposite major faces and in use being positioned in a generally upright orientation with other such panel structures of the system, in which... Agent:

20150013923 - Camping accessory doors for utility trailer: An accessory for changing a utility trailer to a camping trailer. The accessory may include attachable canvas panels that may be formed to fit and cover the door openings of a trailer. The canvas panels may include screen windows that may be opened and closed. The canvas panels may further... Agent:

20150013924 - Decoration painting for facilitating dismounting transport and replacement of canvas: A decoration painting for facilitating the dismounting transport and the replacement of the canvas comprising a frame, a canvas and an elastic part, and the frame includes four borders which are detachably connected with each other, at least two rivet holes are uniformly distributed around the canvas which is covering... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150007946 - Window shade and actuating system and operating method thereof: An actuating system for a window shade comprises a transmission axle, a spring drive unit operable to urge the transmission axle to rotate in a first direction for raising a shading structure of the window shade, and a control module including an arrester assembled around the transmission axle, and an... Agent: Teh Yor Co., Ltd.

20150007947 - Bottom bar fixing device of venetian blinds: One aspect of the present invention provides a bottom bar fixing device of Venetian blinds comprising: at least on first fixing elements attached to a lower face of a bottom bar of the Venetian blinds each including an engaging portion having a plurality of hooks formed thereon and an operation... Agent: Taiwan Paiho Limited

20150007948 - Expandable hembar window shade system: e

20150007949 - System for operating and positioning a roller shade: A system for operating and positioning a roller shade may include a roller shade clutch and an idler which are mounted to brackets for attachment to a structure. Each bracket may include a mounting plate, an attachment member slidably mounted to the mounting plate, and a wall or ceiling engaging... Agent:

20150007950 - Curtain hanging assembly: A curtain assembly comprising a sheet of material and a hanging assembly. The sheet may comprise an upper edge portion extending from an upper edge and having a plurality of passages, each passage defined by a perimeter, and a curtain cut extending from the perimeter to the upper edge. The... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150000847 - Window blind: A window blind includes a headrail, a bottom rail, a plurality of slats, and a cord. The slats are arranged between the headrail and the bottom rail, and each slat has two bores and one or plural of locking slots. Each locking slot has an open end and a closed... Agent:

20150000848 - Protection device for a vehicle interior: A protection device for a vehicle interior having a flexible planar formation movable between stored rest and tensioned protection positions. The formation is provided at a front end region in a tensioning direction with a dimensionally stable draw-out profile member guided between the rest and protection positions by at least... Agent:

20150000849 - Roller tube: A roller tube comprising a tube body which defines on its outwardly facing surface one or more blind substrate or shutter substrate receiving portions, wherein the tube body includes a plurality of sound damping elements located circumferentially around its inwardly facing surface, the sound damping elements extending longitudinally along at... Agent:

20150000850 - Spring-loaded adjustable window rack: A spring-loaded adjustable window rack for hanging window treatments. A window rack is formed from a plurality of slide members, a plurality of multi-directional connectors, and at least one spring-loaded coupler, wherein the plurality of slide members is attached to each other by the plurality of multi-directional connectors. Each of... Agent:

12/25/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140374033 - Battery-powered motorized window treatment having a service position: A battery-powered motorized window treatment for covering at least a portion of a window may be adjusted into a service position to allow for access to at least one battery that is powering the motorized window treatment. A headrail of the motorized window treatment may be adjusted to the service... Agent:

20140374034 - Rail anchor assembly for corded window shades: A rail anchor assembly for a corded window shade is disclosed. The rail anchor assembly can include: a spool including a first aperture for allowing a cord of the corded window shade to pass axially into an interior cavity of the spool; and a second aperture for allowing the cord... Agent:

20140374035 - Segmented wind lock configuration for overhead roll-up doors and method of constructing the same: An overhead roll-up door assembly for a vertically moving door to permit and prohibit access to an opening, the door assembly having a door panel with two faces and opposing marginal and lateral edges, and at least two wind locks attached proximate each marginal edge. The at least two wind... Agent:

20140374036 - Coilable shade: A coilable shade includes a main frame to which left and right fixed seats are mounted. A drum is rotatably coupled to the right fixed seat and receives a spring receiving a shaft extending through a positioning seat. An end of the coiling spring is fixed to the positioning seat.... Agent:

20140374037 - Curtain: A versatile curtain comprising fabric material having a top edge, bottom edge and two sides. The fabric can be folded or seamed to provide a tubular pocket near the top edge. A set of horizontally spaced and vertically extending loops are provided near the top edge, too, overlying the pocket.... Agent:

20140374038 - Positioning device of window covering: A positioning device for a window covering includes a base, two clamping members, and an operating member. The base has a main recess and a cord bore, and the cord bore is communicated with main recess, and a cord is inserted into the cord bore and passes through the main... Agent: Nien Made Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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