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Flexible or portable closure, partition, or panel

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12/04/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140352893 - Shifting roll awning with drive mechanism: Various embodiments of a shifting awning roll with drive mechanism are taught wherein the drive mechanism may be utilized in manual or automated modes to extend or retract the awning. Additionally, the awning uses a lighter weight design than prior art awnings and further operates with the drive to tolerate... Agent: Dometic Corporation

20140352894 - Window covering: A window covering includes a headrail, a bottom rail, a shading member, two pulley assemblies, and a cord. The shading member is between the headrail and the bottom rail. The pulley assemblies are received in the headrail, each of which has a frame and a pulley. The frame has an... Agent:

20140352895 - Cord-winding assembly of a window blind: A cord-winding assembly of a window blind is disclosed. The cord-winding assembly includes a first spool and a second spool. The first spool has a first axis extending in an axial direction. A plurality of first grooves is formed on an outer periphery of the first spool. The first grooves... Agent:

20140352896 - Network roller shutters: The present invention relates to a network roller shutter system which can provide multi functions. The network roller shutter system has a constant current power supply (2) and one or a series of roller shutter controllers (3). The roller shutter controller includes a battery (33), the battery power is available... Agent:

20140352897 - Bottom load bracket for an architectural covering: An architectural covering with a roll tube rotatably connected to mounting brackets at opposing ends and having shade material wrapped around the roll tube. The roll tube has a hollow interior with a motor assembly, a battery tube assembly and a spring assembly positioned within the hollow interior of the... Agent: Qmotion Incorporated

20140352898 - Modular, roll-down airflow control apparatus: A flexible yet durable roll-down curtain is normally stored in a rolled condition, and is unrolled during use. The curtain includes plural, vertically spaced apart rods extending through a width of the curtain. When rolled, the curtain wraps around an elongate, spring-loaded mandrel assembly. The mandrel assembly couples with a... Agent: Kool Pak LLC

20140352899 - Quick release window covering: The Quick Release Window Covering is a simple window covering or blind unit devised to cover and thereby block visibility into a room from a hallway or similar adjoining spaces. This window covering is used primarily for lockdown procedures within schools; it can also be used in other facilities or... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140345807 - Motorized roller shade system with a sun angle sensor: Presented is a motorized roller shade system. The system includes a flexible shade material, a roller tube configured for windingly receiving the flexible shade material, a shade motor coupled to the roller tube, a motor controller in communication with the shade motor, and a sun angle sensor. The sun angle... Agent: Crestron Electronics, Inc.

20140345808 - Fabric roller system and method: A fabric rolling system includes a driven roller attached to a fabric. The roller is sufficiently strong and supported so as to bear increasing loads as the fabric is rolled. A fabric deployment device can also be included.... Agent: Harken, Incorporated

20140345809 - Window cover system with spring drive arrangement: A spring drive system useful for window covers is disclosed, which comprises one or more coil spring drives or flat spring drives and the combination whose elements are selected from one or more of a group which includes (1) a band or cord transmission which provides varying ratio power transfer... Agent:

20140345810 - Horizontal reinforcement bar: A horizontal reinforcement bar for new and existing sectional garage doors. The horizontal reinforcement bar will increase the wind load resistance of the sectional garage door. The horizontal reinforcement bar is C-shaped and requires no support brackets for fastening. The reinforcement bars are further strengthened by the addition of a... Agent:

20140345811 - Garage door opening covering: A garage door opening covering is provided. The covering includes a plurality of panels coupled to a support member that is coupled to the interior surfaces of a garage door. The panels are configured to deploy into the garage door opening as the garage door is opened. Likewise the panels... Agent:

20140345812 - Systems and methods to retain and refeed door curtains: Systems and methods to retain and refeed door curtains are disclosed. An example door is disclosed that includes a track and a curtain that includes a leading section. The curtain is to be in at least one of a breakaway state or a normal state, and in at least one... Agent:

20140345813 - Rear window roller blind system: A roller blind system for a rear window of a motor vehicle, having a roller blind, a roller blind shaft rotatable about a main axis and a sheet-like structure which, in a stowed state, is wound on the roller blind shaft and which, in a functional state, is partially unwound... Agent:

20140345814 - Foldable curtain rod and a curtain ring therefor: Provided is a foldable curtain rod configured for mounting thereon a curtain. The rod includes at least two elongated rod segments consecutively articulated to one another via a coupling arrangement allowing pivotal displacement of one rod segment with respect to the other. Each of the rod segments is configured for... Agent: R.b. Triplegroup Ltd.

11/20/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140338844 - Auto-calibration of blinds systems in buildings: The present invention relates to a control system for automatic calibration of a blinds system installed in a room, comprising: a controller (1, 8, 9) having a memory, a clock and a processor, an occupancy sensor (2, 7), an interior light sensor (3, 7), an exterior light sensor (4). The... Agent:

20140338845 - Slide-glide privacy blind barrier system: A convertible slide-glide panel privacy (or blind barrier section) system is provided for deck railings or fences. The system may consist of identical panel sections. A first panel section may consist of a stationary panel. Additional identical panel sections may be in an opposite facing orientation with respect to the... Agent:

20140338846 - Electrostatically controllable device: An electrostatically controllable optical device is provided, comprising:—a transmissive substrate (101);—a transmissive electrode (102) arranged on a surface of said substrate;—a transmissive dielectric layer (103) arranged on said electrode; and—a flexible roll-up blind (104) attached to said dielectric layer, said flexible roll-up blind comprising a flexible electrode (106) and a... Agent:

20140338847 - Curtain control assembly: A curtain control assembly includes a shaft in which a torque rod and a control unit are received. The curtain is wrapped around the shaft. The control unit has a frame from which a tubular portion extends. The tubular portion has a polygonal protrusion. An end support is located in... Agent: Uni-soleil Ent. Co., Ltd.

20140338848 - Panel hanging system: An apparatus and method for simple and quick attachment and removal of a hanging panel to a panel holder. The apparatus comprises a panel holder and panel, interconnected on by a complimentary loop cache on one edge of each panel. The loop cache is an interlocking fastener that can be... Agent:

11/13/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140332168 - Automated shutter control: An automated shutter control is provided for a shutter having a plurality of slats which are pivoted in unison. The automated shutter control comprises a motor and a slat interface having a body portion and a contact portion. The contact portion has a contour configured to register with and abut... Agent:

20140332169 - Retractable and extendable covering device: A retractable and extendable covering device (1) for architectural openings, which includes first and second substantially parallel posts (3, 5), a retractable and extendable substantially rectangular screen member (7), and a first flexible guide member (9; 109). The first flexible guide member (9; 109) is deflected into one of the... Agent: UniluxIPB.v.

20140332170 - Window covering: A window covering includes a headrail, a bottom rail, a shading member, two pulley assemblies, a car, a control cord, and a transmission cord. The shading member is between the headrail and the bottom rail. The pulley assemblies and the car are received in the headrail, and the car is... Agent: Nien Made Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20140332171 - Door structure: A door structure is described which includes a door frame having a threshold. The door frame encloses an upper door section and a lower door section. An upper door guide track guides movement of the upper door section between a closed position enclosing the upper portion of the door frame... Agent:

20140332172 - Door curtain anti-dropping device for electric rolling door: A door curtain anti-dropping device comprises at least one rotating shaft, a brake mechanism, a rotational speed detecting module, and a control circuit, the rotating shaft being coupled to the winding shaft, the brake mechanism being used to brake the rotating shaft, the rotational speed detecting module being used to... Agent:

20140332173 - Vertical blind assembly: A vertical blind assembly module includes a head rail unit with opposite sides and a unit axis extending between the sides, a housing and an axle pivotally connecting the housing to the head rail unit so that the housing can pivot about a pivot axis that is perpendicular to the... Agent:

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