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Flexible or portable closure, partition, or panel

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04/16/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150101761 - Solar photovoltaic blinds and curtains for residential and commercial buildings: Solar photovoltaic window blind slats for power generation from internal and external light sources are provided are provided. A plurality of solar cells are attached to at least two sides of a slat core. Distributed maximum power point tracking optimizer components are associated with each solar cell. The solar cells... Agent: Solexel, Inc.

20150101762 - Shutter slat: A slat for use in a rolling shutter is provided. The slat comprises a hooking track located at a first edge of a body and a receiving track located at a second edge of the body. Illustratively, the hooking track has a hook-shaped profile, and the receiving track comprises a... Agent:

20150101763 - Adjustable overhead door hinge: A hinge for a multi-panel door includes a first bracket, a second bracket pivotally coupled to the first bracket, and a carrier link carrying a roller adapted to engage in a door track. The first bracket is adapted to be operably attached to a first panel of the multi-panel door,... Agent:

20150101764 - Window covering: A window covering comprises an upper rail, a window shade located below the upper rail, a lower rail located below the window shade, a first press assembly and a second press assembly located at two sides of the lower rail and spaced from each other, and a cord winding assembly... Agent:

20150101765 - Wind lock configuration for overhead roll-up doors: An overhead roll-up door assembly for a vertically moving door to permit and prohibit access to an opening, the door assembly having a pair of spaced apart, parallel side columns for vertically guiding a door panel, the door panel having at least one wind lock attached proximate each marginal edge... Agent:

20150101766 - System for coupling a roller shade and shade motor: Presented is a roller shade system that includes a roller shade drive unit that includes a shade motor and a motor crown that includes one or more grooves. The system further includes a roller shade tube, and a motor crown adapter. The motor crown adapter includes a flange and a... Agent: Crestron Electronics, Inc.

20150101767 - Non-cord window blind assembly: A non-cord window blind assembly includes two opposing side jambs each defining a longitudinal guide groove and a plurality of oblique positioning grooves respectively connected to and equally spaced along the longitudinal guide groove, and a blind coupled between the side jambs and including a headrail, a bottom rail and... Agent:

20150101768 - Vehicle window sunshade: A vehicle window sunshade for protecting against the harmful effects of heat and radiation from the sun. The sunshade comprises a collapsible sheet formed from a flexible material which includes a plurality of superimposed layers. The plurality of superimposed layers comprises a top layer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material, an... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150096693 - Movable barrier safety sensor override: Controlling movable barrier movement with respect to selectively overriding a safety system includes determining whether a safety system is in an operation failure or misalignment state, the safety system being configured to detect obstruction in a path of movement of a movable barrier, receiving a state change request for the... Agent:

20150096694 - Swing closure for doors, windows or the like: A swing closure element (1), comprising: —a fixed structure (10) rigidly constrainable to an opening (11) of a door or window or the like, —a first movable wing (20) constrained to said fixed structure (10) by a first hinge constraint (21) so as to be pivotable about a first rotation... Agent: Celgon S.r.l.

20150096695 - Privacy screen: A window privacy device includes a pair of opposite sides, a header, and a bottom, the pair of opposite sides, the header and the bottom forming a boundary for a window, the window permitting vision through a door or wall, the privacy device including a roller assembly having a privacy... Agent:

20150096696 - Lifting door assembly and door lintel sealing device therefor: The present invention relates to a lifting door assembly (1A), in particular a clean room door assembly, comprising a lifting door (2) which has a door leaf (3), an end plate (4), and a door leaf accommodating device (5). The lifting door assembly (1A) also contains a door lintel sealing... Agent: Efaflex Inzeniring D.o.o. Ljubljana

04/02/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150090409 - High efficiency roller shade and method for setting artificial stops: The present invention advantageously provides a motorized roller shade that includes a shade tube, a motor/controller unit and a power supply unit. The motor/controller unit is disposed within the shade tube, and includes a bearing, rotatably coupled to a support shaft, and a DC gear motor. The output shaft of... Agent:

20150090410 - Roller shade filler panel: Certain embodiments of the present invention provide an apparatus for closing off an opening above, below, or between electronic equipment in a rack. The rack includes a pair of equipment rails. The electronic equipment is mounted to the equipment rails. The apparatus includes a base, a roller shade, and a... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20150090411 - Polycarbonate laminate window covers for rapid deployment providing protection from forced-entry and ballistics: The present invention provides a rapidly deployable window cover comprising a laminate panel comprising two or more layers of polycarbonate having layered therebetween one or more layers of a thermoplastic polyurethane, having a plurality of openings arranged around the periphery thereof and the plurality of openings extending through the panel;... Agent: Southwest Aluminum & Glass Co., Inc,

03/26/2015 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150083345 - Curtain panel with fabric tabs and grommets: A grommet glide curtain panel includes a panel with a front-facing side and a back side, a plurality of grommets each being engaged with a fabric tab, and a plurality of spaced fabric tabs attached to a top section of the back side of the panel. The fabric tab is... Agent: Peking Handicraft, Inc.

20150083347 - Architectural shield apparatus and methods: An architectural shield apparatus and methods, involving at least one material sheet having an upper portion and a lower portion, the upper portion adapted for rotatable coupling with an edificial feature, and the lower portion adapted for coupling and decoupling with the edificial feature, and at least one deployment device... Agent:

20150083346 - Loading and unloading apparatus for truck beds: Disclosed is an apparatus for moving cargo toward or away from the end of a truck bed. The device includes a cross bar that spans the width of the truck bed. The cross bar comprises a pair of caster wheels that allow the cross bar to travel in the furrows... Agent:

20150083348 - Snubber devices for use in roll-up door assemblies: An improved roll-up door assembly (10) is configured to be coupled to a storage container, such as a truck trailer (11), and broadly comprises: a roll-up door including a plurality of door panels (12A-12G), of which adjacent panels are hingedly coupled to one another; a hinge (29) having an first... Agent: Whiting Door Manufacturing Corporation

20150083349 - Arrangement for a roller blind: An arrangement for retracting and extending a roller blind web has a shaft (8) rotatably mounted in a cassette (6). A first longitudinal edge (10) of the roller blind (4) is mounted on the shaft (8) and can wind around the shaft (8). An end strip (14) is movable relative... Agent:

20150083350 - Motorized transitional shade system: A motorized transitional shade system may move a covering material between open, closed, view, and privacy positions. The covering material may define respective pluralities of opaque and transparent sections that are arranged in an alternating pattern. A bottom bar that is movably supported by the covering material may define first... Agent: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

20150083351 - Shade motor with latch assembly and bracket: Presented is a roller shade motor system that includes a motor with an end portion, a latch assembly disposed on the end portion, and a bracket. The latch assembly includes an alignment member and at least one moveable clip. The bracket includes a clip contact surface and defines an alignment... Agent: Crestron Electronics, Inc.

20150083352 - Curtain panel with flip tabs bearing grommets: A curtain panel with a front-facing side and a back side includes a panel with a predetermined dimension, a plurality of spaced flip tabs attached to a top section of the back side of the panel, and a plurality of grommets, each of said grommets being embedded in said flip... Agent: Peking Handicraft, Inc.

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