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04/10/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140099584 - System and method for separating fluids: A system includes a turbomachine including a first chamber configured to contain a first fluid and a second chamber configured to contain a second fluid. The turbomachine also includes a barrier disposed between the first and second chambers. The barrier is configured to separate the first fluid and the second... Agent: General Electric Company

20140099585 - Igniter shield device and methods associated therewith: An igniter shield for use in combination with an igniter includes a substantially cylindrical-shaped body that includes a proximal portion, a distal portion, a first longitudinally oriented support and a second longitudinally oriented support wherein the first and second longitudinally oriented supports extend between and are connected to the proximal... Agent: Coorstek, Inc.

20140099586 - Wax forms with permanent hardware: A wax form, such as a candle, capable of being decorated or adorned with ornamentation using hardware embedded inside the wax form so as to be inconspicuous. The hardware comprises a connector that is flush with the perimeter surface of the candle so that ornamentation can be attached to the... Agent:

04/03/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140093828 - Arrangement and method of drying fuel in a boiler system: A boiler system includes an arrangement for drying fuel material to be combusted in the boiler system. A combustion chamber combusts fuel material, and generates ash and flue gases. An ash removal conduit connected to the combustion chamber leads ash out of the combustion chamber. A flue gas conduit connected... Agent:

20140093829 - Particulate and co2 reduction system for commercial/residential devices that generate thermal energy: This describes the novel use of a naturally occurring material known as volcanic rock, as a particulate and CO2 reduction system. The material is used within the combustion chamber of devices that utilize solid fuel for energy generation.... Agent:

20140093830 - Aphlogistic burner: A burner which is capable of producing zero NOx and zero CO by passing a thoroughly mixed stream of air and fuel at an appropriate air-to-fuel ratio to maintain a temperature below the NOx forming threshold through a radiant combustion zone. The radiant combustion zone provides the intense radiant energy... Agent:

20140093831 - Perforated flame tube for liquid fuel burner: A flame tube for a liquid fuel burner is disclosed. The liquid fuel burner includes a fuel atomizer directing atomized fuel into the flame tube and an igniter disposed within the flame tube to ignite the atomized fuel. The flame tube comprises an outer wall and an inner wall disposed... Agent:

03/27/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140087314 - Heat retaining hood assemblies, air curtain destructors with heat retaining hood assemblies, and methods for using the same: Heat retaining hood assemblies include a plenum with an interior side and an exterior side, wherein the plenum restricts heat from flowing from the interior side to the exterior side, and an exhaust duct fluidly connected to the exterior side of the plenum, wherein the plenum includes one or more... Agent:

20140087315 - Fire igniter: A fire igniter uses a chemical reaction of two components, such as glycerin and powdered potassium permanganate, to create a flame. The glycerin may be contained within a crushable vial. The powder may be contained within a sleeve along with the vial, to form a fuel cell. The fuel cell... Agent: Hawk Manufacturing, Inc.

20140087316 - Method and system for heat recovery from products of combustion and charge heating installation including the same: A plurality of independently flow rate-controlled flows of fuel may be preheated at a heat exchanger (or both oxidant and fuel at separate heat exchangers) by heat exchange with a hot shell-side (heat transfer) fluid. The separate flows of hot fuel are directed to associated separate burners where they combust... Agent: L'air Liquide, Societe Anonyme Pour I'etude Et I'exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude

20140087317 - Candle wick kit and methods of using the same: The present invention relates to a kit, specifically a candle wick kit and methods of using the same. More specifically, the present invention comprises a kit including a number of components to utilize a candle after a wick inside the candle becomes unusable. For example, the present invention comprises one... Agent:

20140087318 - Metallic wick assembly: A metallic wick assembly includes at least one mesh member and a sleeve member. The at least one mesh member includes a first length defined between first and second ends thereof. The sleeve member is mounted around the mesh member and includes a second length defined between two longitudinal opposite... Agent: Pro-iroda Industries, Inc.

03/20/2014 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140080070 - Close-coupled step-up voltage converter and electrode for a combustion system: A high voltage signal is output to an electrode, which applies electrical energy to a combustion reaction. The high voltage signal can be output by a step-up voltage converter to the electrode via a close electrical coupling. The close electrical coupling is configured to electrically isolate the high voltage signal... Agent: Clearsign Combustion Corporation

20140080071 - Method and device for cleaning an industrial waste gas comprising co2: A gas treatment plant (3) for treating an industrial waste gas comprising carbon dioxide comprises an oxyfuel boiler (100) and a pipe (109; 122; 180) arranged for forwarding the industrial waste gas to the oxyfuel boiler (100) and injecting the industrial waste gas into the oxyfuel boiler (100) to participate... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20140080072 - Method and apparatus for a dual mode burner yielding low nox emission: A method of operating a burner includes providing supplying a combustible mixture containing a ratio of fuel and air that is incapable of maintaining a stable flame to a combustion chamber. The combustible mixture is ignited by an igniter, and presence of a flame is sensed. The igniter is maintained... Agent: Eclipse, Inc.

20140080073 - High pressure fossil fuel oxy-combustion system with carbon dioxide capture for interface with an energy conversion system: A combustion system for operational connection to an energy conversion system and a method of providing thermal energy to the energy conversion system. The system comprises a combustor to be oxy-fired at above atmospheric pressure, using solid, liquid or gaseous fuels, with a supply of oxygen and supercritical carbon dioxide.... Agent:

20140080074 - Premix gas burner with temperature measurement: A premix gas burner comprises a burner deck which comprises a fiber based substrate and a perforated plate or a screen supporting the fiber based burner substrate. The premix gas burner further comprises at least two contact wires that are forming a thermocouple. The contact wires are directly or indirectly... Agent: Bekaert Combustion Technology B.v.

20140080075 - Burner control system: A burner control system for improving burner performance and efficiency. The system may determine fuel and air channel or manifold parameters. Determination of parameters may be performed with a sensor connected across the air and fuel channels. A signal from the sensor may control the parameters which in turn affect... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140080076 - Reliable carbon-neutral power generation system: Systems for providing reliable, controllable power without releasing the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) to the environment. Any CO2 generated is captured and converted to hydrocarbons, which may be used as hydrocarbon feedstock or as additional fuel. Some of these systems can even reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide. The systems may... Agent:

20140080077 - Automotive ignition coil having a core with at least one embedded permanent magnet: In a spark plug ignition assembly for a spark plug, an ignition coil assembly has a steel laminated core, said core having a first core portion and a second core portion, and a primary winding around the first core portion and a secondary winding around the primary winding. A spark... Agent:

20140080078 - Multi-gas appliance: Cooking appliance having an external control panel equipped with one or more regulating valves, where the rotary regulator organ is equipped with various peripheral openings for supplying a flow Q. For the supply of one or another type of gas, NG or LPG, either the control knob or a bezel... Agent: Coprecitec, S.l.

20140080079 - Device for use in burner and method for manufacturing the same: A device for use in a burner, including a honeycomb body formed from a metal band. The metal band is laminated or coiled to yield a plurality of holes or apertures. The honeycomb body has first and second surfaces which are opposite to each other. The holes or apertures penetrate... Agent:

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