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Fishing, trapping, and vermin destroying

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01/22/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150020432 - Fishing lure device: A fishing lure including a generally V-shaped frame with an eye at the vertex of the V, a hook fixed at each end of the V, a heavier weighted member encircling the junction of one of the hooks with one end of the V and a lighter weighted member encircling... Agent:

20150020433 - Leaderless quick release fishing assembly: A saltwater fishing assembly includes a body resembling a forage fish. The body includes a quick connect device that is swivelable relative to a fishing line and is reelable to a fishing rod tip. A quick connection subassembly is connectable to the quick connect device of the body and includes... Agent:

20150020434 - Fish hook for the visually impaired: A fish hook that can be easily fastened to a line or string without looking at the hook, primarily for the visually impaired.... Agent:

20150020435 - Fishing line comprising integrated composite yarn comprising short fiber: The fishing line of the present invention has a robust core-sheath structure which prevents nude yarn or nep from being developed, excellent operability, adjustable specific gravity, excellent tensile strength, high weatherability and water resistance, low water content, low elongation rate, and low probability of unraveling constituent fibers at a cut... Agent:

20150020436 - Vacuum trap: A vacuum trap has a vacuum chamber and a conduit having at least one first opening open to atmosphere and a second opening connected to the vacuum chamber. A valve connects the conduit to the vacuum chamber and seals the vacuum chamber. A vacuum source maintains a vacuum inside the... Agent:

20150020437 - Resonating trap for catching insects: In one embodiment, an insect control device for attracting and capturing insects includes a base; and a resonator column that is in the form of a hollow tube having an open first end and an open second end. The first end is coupled to the base such that the resonator... Agent:

20150020438 - Adhesive pest trap: An adhesive pest trap is provided, that includes: a substantially planar substrate having first and second substantially parallel surfaces and an outer perimeter, wherein the first surface includes a non-drying adhesive material coating, and wherein the outer perimeter is configured for fitting within a rim of a plant growing container.... Agent:

20150020439 - Methods and devices for sustained release of substances: Devices that provide timed-release of target compounds absorbed by, or otherwise integrated into, an external housing. The external housing absorbs and facilitates volatilization of the released compound. A permeable cover can be employed as a regulating mechanism to control the rate volatilization from the external housing. One or more reservoirs... Agent:

01/15/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150013208 - Device for retrieving fish: The present invention is directed to a device for retrieving a fish caught on a fishing line, the device including a receptacle for passing along the fishing line and then receiving the caught fish, and a retriever for retrieving the receptacle and the fish.... Agent:

20150013209 - System, apparatus and method for reducing trawl bycatch: A system for reducing trawl bycatch, the system including at least one light arranged externally of the net to stimulate a phototactic response in the major bycatch species present to reduce entry of such species into the net.... Agent:

20150013210 - Trigger happy comfort grip for spinning reels: A grip for all spinning fishing reels is disclosed which has a resiliently flexible rubber hollow tubular shape (interior) with the ability to employ a variety of exterior surface textures, including knurls, waves, ribs, etc. The grip is shaped so that it provides a uniform fit over the spinning reel... Agent:

20150013211 - Fly-fishing float or strike indicator and attachment methods: A fly fishing float and/or strike indicator is attached by an interference fit to a leader, by sliding the float up the leader to a thicker-diameter portion of the leader for a tight fit, and preferably a leader-compressing fit, between the leader and an axial bore in the float. A... Agent:

20150013212 - Trolling device for controlling movement of fishing line and lure speed: A trolling device for use in trolling from a moving boat or other water craft is structured to allow the fisher to control the movement of the line and the speed of the lure independently of the movement or speed of the boat or any apparatus used in connection with... Agent:

20150013213 - Microfabricated surfaces for the physical capture of insects: Novel devices and methods of capturing, controlling and preventing infestation of insects using microfabricated surfaces are provided. In particular, a mechanism of insect capture inspired by the microstructures of the leaf surfaces of plants and the key features of those surfaces with respect to the capture and control of pests... Agent:

20150013214 - Heat and light treatment device using nanotechnology: The current invention discloses a treatment device having a heat source, a power source, a heat applicator and a lighting mechanism. The power source includes at least one nanotech battery, ensuring superior properties such as prolonged electricity production and prompt recharging. The heat applicator includes a heat conductive layer made... Agent:

01/08/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150007482 - Locking fishing reel seat: A reel seat for fishing rods is provided. The reel comprises a body, a sliding hood, a linkage, and a lever. The lever actuates the sliding hood to compressively secure a fishing reel to the fishing rod.... Agent:

20150007483 - Bladed fishing lure: A bladed weighted fishing lure is provided in which the blade is designed to oscillate side-to-side during retrieval and is loosely, but securely affixed to a wireform. The wireform includes an inferior portion that is rigidly secured to a weighted body and includes a medially placed feature for attachment of... Agent:

20150007484 - Method and apparatus for fishing lure made with sugar: A system, method and apparatus are provided for a fishing lure made with sugar. The system includes a mixing vat, a mixing mechanism, a mold, and a pump. The vat contains a mixture that includes resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, oil, and sugar. The mixing mechanism mixes the mixture in the vat.... Agent: D&j Plastics, Inc.

20150007486 - Device for detection and elimination of insects such as bed bugs: A device (2) for detection and elimination of pest insects includes a structure (20) having a main portion (22) adapted to engage with a supporting surface. The main portion has an associated edge (23), the main portion partially engaging with the supporting surface. A first flap (24) is attached to... Agent:

20150007485 - Systems and methods for insect trapping and detection: An insect trap can include a first planar surface, the first planar surface having a retention flap and a flange, where the first planar surface, the retention flap, and the flange can cooperate to define a pouch. The insect trap can include a second planar surface, the second planar surface... Agent:

20150007487 - System and method for incorporation of pest repellent with bus bar cover components: Present embodiments include a system and method for providing a bus bar boot or cover for a bus bar feature formed from a material with an integral or non-integral pest repellent. The bus bar boot or cover may include a polymer formed with geometric features configured for formfitting about a... Agent:

01/01/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150000174 - Multidirectional windsock style decoy: A multidirectional windsock style decoy may include a body bag having a decoy head hole along a front end, a wind entry hole along a side, and an interior housing. A stay open collar may keep the wind entry hole open. The decoy may further include a back support having... Agent:

20150000175 - Strike indicator fishing system: An improved strike indicator fishing system comprising of a means of visual notification of a fish strike that is easy to quickly set up using magnet line securing means. The invention comprises a signal flag system that is placed in a pre-strike position by connecting it to a fishing line... Agent:

20150000176 - Modular lure: A modular lure with a light function, whose components can be selected and swapped out to appeal to particular fish, whose shape imparts a rhythmic motion to it upon retrieval, whose tail has a retaining cavity for skirts and tubes, bait, and a light-diffusion attachment, whose one-piece hitch wire provides... Agent:

20150000177 - Rod holder: The present invention is concerned with an improved rod holder, particularly a gunwale rod holder, particularly for use in sports fishing.... Agent:

20150000178 - Wearable transparent lure for trolling: A transparent lure includes a bait fish-shaped hollow lure body molded from a transparent thermoplastic elastomer having rubber-like elasticity into a configuration substantially similar to a bait fish. A fish-shaped mouth part of the lure body is formed as a line insertion hole communicating with a mouth part of a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Hopec

20150000179 - Surface lure: There has been created a surface lure for amateur and sport fishing that is structurally compact, has good flight characteristics and can be thrown for a long distance. It is designed for catching predatory fish either directly over the surface of water, particularly, when posting at low speed, or for... Agent:

20150000180 - Remote-controlled cage trap door-opening mechanism: A remotely activated door-opening mechanism is provided for a cage trap having an animal enclosure, preferably a cage trap as disclosed in U.S. Publ. No. US2008/0115405. The mechanism is mounted outside the enclosure of the trap and is preferably remotely activated by an IR or RF transmitter to open a... Agent: Woodstream Corporation

20150000181 - Cage trap with over-center set mechanism: A cage-type animal trap has an over-center set mechanism for holding open a door for closing the trap access opening. The set mechanism includes a pivotally mounted set lever coupled to the door of the trap by an actuating cable. A bait pedal is movably mounted inside the trap with... Agent: Woodstream Corporation

20150000182 - Insect trap: An insect trap for trapping insects that includes: a bottom compartment, where the bottom compartment includes a base and a rim and the base houses a bait to attract an insect; a funnel positioned above the bottom compartment, where the funnel includes an opening and a neck, where the insect... Agent:

20150000183 - Insect-discouraging kit: An insect-discouraging kit (200) comprising a device (300) installable in a drain outlet, a device (400) installable in a sink basin, and a solution (400) for cleaning floors around a sink station. The device (300) and the device (400) each include a dissolvable body incorporating the insect-discouraging material which dispenses... Agent: Blackhawk LLC

20150000185 - Method for use in the extermination of bed bug infestations: The invention disclosed is a method for the extermination of household pests, particularly bed bugs, found upon furniture, furnishings, and personal effects (“infested items”), whereby the infested items may be removed from their usual household environment (i.e., removal of a bed from an infested bedroom, etc.) and placed within an... Agent:

20150000184 - Techniques for maintaining palatability of a bait material in a pest control device: A termite control bait container includes an upper end portion opposite a lower end portion. The bait container includes a chamber containing a termite bait. The lower end portion includes an air-trapping pocket below at least a portion of the bait to reduce intrusion of water through the lower end... Agent:

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