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Fishing, trapping, and vermin destroying

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04/16/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150101235 - Dead stick fishing method and lure device: A method for dead stick fishing. The method includes casting a lure from a fishing rod to a selected spatial location in a body of water or slightly outside of the body of water. In a specific embodiment, the lure comprises at least a processor device coupled to a sound... Agent:

20150101236 - Stackable fishing jug assemblies and methods of use: Embodiments of the present technology relate to stackable fishing assemblies. In on embodiment, a fishing assembly includes a first buoyant section, a second buoyant section that is spaced apart from the first buoyant section to form a groove that is configured to spool fishing line, and a tubular handle extending... Agent:

20150101237 - Jointed fishing hook: A jointed fishing hook is provided. The jointed fishing hook includes a top shank and a bottom shank. The top shank includes a first end and a second end. The first end of the top shank forms a first eye. The bottom shank includes a first end and a second... Agent:

20150101238 - Live bait heater and aerator: An apparatus with a submersed unit, an air pump, a switching-mode power supply, a power transmission cable, a multi-position selector switch, and an air hose is used to aerate and also heat a quantity of water that holds live bait used for fishing. The switching-mode power supply and the air... Agent:

20150101239 - Apparatus for using microwave energy for insect and pest control and methods thereof: An apparatus for using microwave energy for treating an infected site infested with insects or other small pests is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a source of microwave energy connected to a power source and a power controller, a transmission element, and an antenna. The apparatus can also comprise an isolator... Agent:

04/09/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150096218 - Wick dispenser for dispensing animal scent and method of using same: A method and apparatus for dispensing a scent for attracting big game animals, includes a container with a wick that is configured to be easily inserted into the container in the field. The scent within the container is thickened so it will not drip too fast and preferably contains a... Agent:

20150096219 - Fishing lure, hook appurtenance for fishing lure, and method of casting: A fishing lure and method of casting are disclosed. In one aspect, a lure assembly includes a fishing hook having an eyelet and a bend separated by a shank, the bend terminating at a point separated from the shank by a gape. The lure assembly further includes a hook appurtenance... Agent:

20150096220 - Fishing lure: This fishing lure exemplifies a device which is intended to attract game fish and cause their curiosity to become overwhelming by providing smooth, easy, movement thru the water, rather than a random, erratic movement, which always upsets the preferred game fish and reduces the results. The lure comprises a non-flexible... Agent:

20150096221 - Fishing lure organizer and tackle box system: A fishing tackle organizer, usable alone or with a tackle box system, provides convenient storage and display of fishing tackle. The organizer includes an elongated body having a plurality of sites for securing tackle, and a back surface with means for securing the organizer to a desired structure, such as,... Agent:

04/02/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150089857 - Fishing line guide: One object is to provide a lightweight fishing line guide that allows sharp sensing of fish bites. In accordance with one aspect, the line guide of the present invention includes a frame constituted by fiber-reinforced resin layers prepared by impregnating reinforcement fibers with a synthetic resin. The frame includes a... Agent:

20150089858 - Convertible fishing lure assembly: A convertible fishing lure assembly includes a lure body having at least one body section and a channel extending longitudinally therethrough and terminating in oppositely disposed open ends. A securing member, and in at least some embodiments a sleeve, is removably disposable within the channel. The securing member is dimensioned... Agent:

20150089859 - Interchangeable fishing lure system: The various embodiments provide for a fishing lure configured to allow a fisherman to quickly change the body of the fishing lure without having to cut the line. In the various embodiments, the fishing lure may include two sides configured to fit around a center piece tied to a fishing... Agent:

20150089860 - Fishing sinker: Disclosed is a lead-free fishing sinker and a method of manufacturing. The sinkers are constructed from a combination of colored grout and a countertop mix having a superplasticizer additive. The mixture is about 60% colored grout and 40% countertop mix having a super plasticizer additive. A liquid mixture includes a... Agent:

03/26/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150082681 - Device to attract deer: A deer attracting device and/or a kit incorporating the same facilitates luring deer to a specific location. The device includes a base that is supported from below by an underlying ground surface and a lock that holds a visual lure in an upright position, extending away from the base, so... Agent:

20150082682 - Steerable fishing lure: A steerable fishing lure with highly improved steerability is disclosed. The fishing lure has a generally hollow body having an inner surface and a generally tubular cam sleeve located inside the body and fixedly attached to the inner surface. The cam sleeve has a forward cam surface and an aft... Agent:

20150082683 - Hook teaser: s

20150082684 - Fishing lure with flow-through cavity portion(s): A fishing lure including a head portion and a flow-through appendage cavity portion which are removably secured together, the cavity portion including an open front end, a closed tail end, and a substantially rigid sidewall between the front and tail ends, the sidewall having a plurality of sidewall openings disposed... Agent:

20150082685 - Barbless weighted releasable fish descending hook: An elongated barbless upside down hook, physically returns a fish back to the bottom, naturally recompressing the trapped air, oxygenating the fish on the way down and releasing it unharmed. The hook uses a weight attached at the end of the shank to descend the device and a retrieval line... Agent:

20150082686 - Fish containment device for ice fishing: A fish containment device for ice fishing comprising a tubular sleeve, where the tubular sleeve fits within an ice hole; a net attached to a bottom edge of the tubular sleeve, where the net houses one or more fish with water beneath the ice hole; and a plurality of tabs... Agent:

20150082687 - Automatic self functioning full season mosquito larvae eradicator: A portable, self-sustaining, automatic device for eliminating mosquito larvae operates throughout the entire mosquito breeding season. Mosquitos are lured to lay eggs in the stagnant water contained within a breeding bowl of the device. The subsequent larvae is disposed of by tipping the bowl or uncovering a bottom bowl opening... Agent:

20150082688 - Device for killing bed bugs: A system for killing bed bugs located on the exterior crevices of an item includes a housing divided into an upper housing area and a lower housing area, front and rear flap covering apertures located in the front and rear, respectively, of the upper housing area, a horizontally disposed motorized... Agent:

20150082689 - Small droplet sprayer: The inventive subject matter relates to a device and method of its use in producing small droplets of insecticide. The device produces small droplets through ultrasonic frequency sonication. The device is also capable of inducing and electrical charge on the small droplets for better application to flying insects.... Agent:

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