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Fishing, trapping, and vermin destroying

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10/02/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140290115 - Universal system for holding fishing rods: To provide a better experience for ice fisherman and fisherman generally, the present inventor devised, among other things, apparatus, assemblies, components, and methods for holding a fishing device, such as a fishing rod. One exemplary apparatus includes an adjustable rod holder pivotably mounted or coupled to a base structure. The... Agent:

20140290116 - Selectively bendable remote gripping tool: A hand-held remote access device, such as a netting tool, includes a jaw portion having a pair of nets movable relative to each other between fully clamped and fully opened positions thereof, a handle portion spaced apart from the jaw portion by a bendable central portion that has a hollow,... Agent:

20140290117 - Fishing device: A fishing bobber may include an elongate shaft having a first end, an opposing second end, and a longitudinal axis extending therebetween, a line retainer disposed at the first end, a counterweight float disposed proximate the second end, and an axially movable primary float disposed on the elongate shaft between... Agent:

20140290118 - Rattling fish hook: A fish hook design for providing sound, the audible sound device integrated to the shank portion. A user can sleeve bait over the shank portion, including the sound device. The user uses the hook as normal with the production of sound by the audible sound device.... Agent:

20140290119 - Highly effective fishing spoon lure with cost effective fabrication: Fishing needs baits and especially live baits are very attractive, however, availability of live baits is unpredictable. So artificial fishing lures are a sure way to successful fishing. One of the most popular lures is a fishing spoon for predatory fish. In addition to classic squid spoons, many variations are... Agent:

20140290120 - Double hook fishing device: A fish catching device of the present invention is a fishing hook with two hooks. The double hook allows for more than one bait choice and increased movement, thus allowing for a better fish catch. The multiple bait choices may further attract different fish and thereby more fish at one... Agent:

20140290121 - Longline fishing apparatus: A long line fishing apparatus comprises a reel, a support member, guide means and hook retaining means. The reel includes a core connected between a first flange and second flange, for winding or unwinding a fishing line thereon said core between the first and second flanges. The reel is attached... Agent:

20140290122 - Waste baskets or the like, with insect traps: A container is combined with a base having insect combating features, i.e. for trapping and/or poisoning of insects, preferably but not necessarily combined with insect attracting elements. In particular, the container may be a waste basket, and the targeted insects may be bed bugs, and/or roaches, and/or ants. The assembly... Agent: Bug Elimination And Prevention Corporation

20140290123 - Multi-layer trap system for disease prevention: Techniques for disease prevention using insect traps are provided. A refillable, attachable and wearable trap system with ability to attract, ensnare, immobilize, or kill a tick or other targeted walking arachnid or insect present on the surface of a host mammal may include a housing with a cavity, such that... Agent:

20140290124 - Bed bug elimination systems and methods: c

09/25/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140283432 - Floating platform duck blind including relocation means: A floating duck blind for use in waterfowl hunting; nature photography; and/or bird watching. A framed platform portion encased in closed cell polyurethane and a polyuria outer coating for buoyancy and durability includes several vertical openings that allow the platform to be staked into a position in the water. A... Agent:

20140283433 - Spring-loaded fish hook: Disclosed is a spring-loaded fish hook comprising a first hook connected to a first shaft and a second hook connected to a second shaft. The shafts are connected to a resistance element that biases the shafts apart from one another. A first shaft has a catch element, and a second... Agent:

20140283434 - Fish attracting flasher device: A fish attracting flasher having a body, and at least one simulant. The body having at least one deflector for deflecting water, a fore coupler for connecting with a fishing line, an aft coupler for connecting with a fishing line leader, and at least one simulant connector for connecting with... Agent:

20140283435 - Method and system for controlling and eliminating pests: The invention comprises a plurality of traps fitted with data processing means, arranged in a given coverage area, said traps comprising specific traps for rodents, specific traps for flying insects and specific traps for crawling insects. The data processing means include animal presence sensors, means for processing the information provided... Agent:

20140283436 - Bait trap for insects: A bait trap generally for crawling insects, such as ants, cockroaches, silverfish, etc., having a bottom sheet and a top sheet attached to one another in a leak-tight manner at their respective edges forming an enclosure for holding bait, and at least one inlet communicating with the enclosure and sized... Agent: Mylva, S.a.

20140283437 - Insect extermination device: Herein described is an insect exterminating device. The device has interconnecting tubing segments comprising a gas tubing line and a liquid tubing line which allows the flow of substances there through. The device additionally comprises a tube support assembly for convenient attachment of tubing segments to solid support structures.... Agent:

09/18/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140259859 - Animal bait with ground engagement shape: A bait for attracting animals and configured for inserting into the ground. The bait includes a shaft portion having a center portion having a first end and a second end, the first and second ends being at opposite ends along a longitudinal direction of the center portion, and a protrusion... Agent:

20140259857 - Animal bait with threaded shape: A bait for attracting animals and configured for screwing into the ground is provided. The bait includes a shaft portion having a center portion having a first end and a second end, the first and second ends being at opposite ends along a longitudinal direction of the center portion, and... Agent:

20140259858 - Radiating systems for affecting insect behavior: An insect decoy is provided that includes a vapor-isolated vessel, a chemical compound disposed within the vapor-isolated vessel, and an excitation energy source. The chemical compound may have one or more absorption bands at a set of absorption wavelengths and have one or more emission bands at a set of... Agent: Technology Sg, L.p.

20140259860 - Waterfowl decoy with lifelike feeding movement: A motorized decoy provides lifelike feeding motion by rotating a weighted head through a full 360 degrees. As the head passes the upper apex of rotation, a drive cam located on the drive shaft disengages from a cam located on the decoy head, thereby allowing the head to accelerate and... Agent:

20140259862 - Adjustable fishing rod butt and process of use: A fishing rod butt for use with a fishing reel and a rod blank and process for operating the butt generally includes depressing a spring loaded button of a hinge assembly coupling a link end of a first elongate member and a U-shaped end of a second elongate member configured... Agent: Winthrop Tool LLC

20140259861 - Apparatus and method for harvesting aquatic animals: An apparatus for harvesting aquatic animals has a cod end portion and an elongate lengthener portion. The cod end portion has an open leading end and a closed trailing end and side wall(s), the side wall(s) and the trailing end being substantially impervious to water. The elongate lengthener portion has... Agent:

20140259863 - Mechanized trolling device: A mechanized trolling device includes a flotation chamber, a power source and motor in a water-tight enclosed chamber, and a sheltered impeller. The device travels many times the distance that an angler can cast, and automatically shuts off after a set period of time. A fishing line attached to the... Agent:

20140259864 - Fish-sorting system for sorting fish in a dragged fishing net: A fish-sorting system for sorting fish in a dragged fishing net (1), wherein the fish are actively sorted by means of a detection device (2, 3) which detects at least one size of a fish to be sorted; a processing unit which compares the size detected by the detection means... Agent: Kalapa Bvba

20140259865 - Fishing device inserts: A fishing mechanism for selectively attaching a fishing device to a line is provided. In one example, the fishing mechanism comprises an elongated outer insert mechanism having a line path channel formed therein, the line path channel extending from one end of the elongated outer insert mechanism to its other... Agent:

20140259866 - Fishing accessories for the controllable release of scent attractants: Devices, systems, and related methods are disclosed that generally provide for the controllable release of scent attractants in the vicinity of an implement used to catch or capture fish or other aquatic species. In various embodiments, a fishing accessory is provided that enables an angler to adjust the rate of... Agent:

20140259867 - Fishing lure attachment system: An improved fishing jig for connecting a lure body to a fishing line is disclosed. A rivet is insertable into the lure body and can function as a conduit to the fishing line. The rivet can be connected to a jig weight and can be formed with a single twisted... Agent:

20140259868 - Contracting fishing lure: The present invention relates in general to fishing lures, and more specifically, to a contracting fishing lure that provides life-like movement to mimic live bait. The fishing lure is configured so that when the fishing lure is retrieved (e.g., reeled in) or jigged by an angler, or the fishing line... Agent:

20140259869 - Fishing jig attachment systen: A fishing jig for connecting a lure body to a fishing line includes rivet insertable into the lure body and can function as a conduit to the fishing line. The rivet can be connected to a jig weight and can be formed with a single twisted wire forming an eye... Agent:

20140259870 - Concealed hook fish lure: A concealed hook fish lure is disclosed. In one embodiment, a lure body contains an interior body cavity wherein is placed a hook that is pivotally mounted on a connecting rod. In a first position, the hook is concealed within the lure body and held in place by a first... Agent:

20140259871 - Fishing hook guard and guard-equipped fishing hook having the guard attached thereto: A fishing hook guard is provided which not only is able to prevent a guard member from being broken but also allows the direction of the guard member to be easily adjusted, and further allows the guard member to be easily replaced. It is possible to attain the above object... Agent: Gamakatsu Co., Ltd.

20140259872 - Fish attractor: The present invention is generally directed toward a fish attractor. The fish attractor has a cylindrical container having an open end, a closed end and a sidewall therebetween. The sidewall has a plurality of holes therein. A hanger cap plug is removably secured to the open end of the cylindrical... Agent:

20140259873 - Humane mousetrap with a novel entrance device: A two-piece, sanitary, safe and humane mousetrap comprising an entrance device and a container, wherein the entrance device comprises a tunnel, a one-way door, a mousetrap support piece, a fastening mechanism, and a door locking mechanism, is disclosed. Specifically, the mousetrap is formed by inserting the container to the entrance... Agent:

20140259874 - Animal trap: An animal trap having an enclosure body, a restraint, and a latching and triggering mechanism is provided. A method of using this animal trap is also provided.... Agent:

20140259875 - Snare trapping system and method: A snare trapping system including a trigger mechanism operatively connected to an anchor line. The trigger mechanism includes a base, a pivot arm pivotally connected to the base, a trip line extension operatively connected to the pivot arm, and a selective opening being a trigger aperture in a set position... Agent: Hammered Hogs, LLC

20140259877 - Insect trap release mechanism: A pest trap, such as for flies, includes a disposable bag with a lure therein, and a sealing mechanism set at or near the top of the bag. The sealing mechanism engages with a removable top, which covers a canister. The bag with sealing mechanism is connected to the top,... Agent: Helen Of Troy Limited

20140259876 - Mosquito control device using durable coating embedded pesticides: Dual action lethal containers, systems and methods and novel compositions and formulas which are used to kill mosquitoes and their larvae. Generally pyramid shaped containers can have combined interior larvacidal and adultacidal coatings above and below a side opening in the container. A removable inclined grate cap can also allow... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20140259878 - Insect trap with improved glueboard mounting, retention, and removal assembly: In an insect trap a housing is provided having a swingable guard grill attached at a front of the housing. First and second insect attractant lamps are mounted in the housing. The guard grill has at least one window and a pivotable glueboard mounting, retention, and removal drawer assembly located... Agent: Gilbert Industries, Inc.

20140259879 - Badder than a bed bug strategically designed modular moat systems for control of target pests: Method and apparatus for killing target pests using strategically designed moats. The moats are constructed of barrier material that is difficult for the target pests to traverse, material that is easy for the target pests to traverse, and killing material, which tends to kill the target pests after they have... Agent:

20140259880 - Chemical dosage dispenser: A chemical dosage dispenser (10) including a reservoir (26) containing an aerosol based chemical formulation; a bait mount (28) on which a bait or a lure can be mounted, the bait mount (28) being configured to be bitten by a target animal; and an activation arrangement (32) which operatively connects... Agent:

20140259881 - Extermination techniques utilizing termite egg volatile calling pheromone and queen pheromone: The present invention provides a termite attractant comprising 1-butanol, 2-butanol, or esters, ketones, ethers, carboxylic acids thereof, or salts thereof; a mimic termite-egg comprising the attractant; and a method for exterminating and controlling termites using the attractant or mimic termite-egg.... Agent: National University Corporation Okayama University

09/11/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140250759 - Directional rattle call: A directional rattle for imitating the sound of sparring dominate game animals. The directional rattle has a whorled portion on the rod that makes contact with concentric rings within the housing of the rattle. The manipulation of the rod within the housing results in a more authentic sound that resonates... Agent:

20140250760 - Deer tail decoy: A deer tail decoy has a first triangular-shaped flap folded over a second flap. The inner faces of the first and second flaps comprise a material of a lighter color that contrasts with the outer faces of the first and second flaps. A tell-tale flap is integral with or joined... Agent:

20140250761 - Limb line fishing device: A limb line fishing device having a length of fishing line and an indicator. The indicator slidably receives the fishing line. The indicator tube can be used to determine at a distance whether a fish has been caught. The fishing device is capable of securing a reusable line and a... Agent:

20140250762 - Line guide for fishing pole: Disclosed is a side-loading line guide for a fishing pole. The side-loading line guide allows fishing line loaded through the side of the line-eye, and not just by threading the line through the center of the line guide-eye. The line guide has at least one foot for attaching the side-loading... Agent:

20140250763 - Articulated fishing lure: A fishing lure includes a lure body having a head portion and a tail portion. The head portion is movably coupled to the tail portion such that the head portion may move relative to the tail portion when the lure is pulled through the water.... Agent:

20140250765 - Quick release fishing bobber: The method of attaching a bobber to a fishing line is performed by using pressure applied to two elongated flat surfaces to pinch the line, and a method to tie a knot in the line so that there is a thicker portion of the line to apply the attaching pressure.... Agent:

20140250764 - Fishing float and method: An adjustable fishing float having a novel securing mechanism for attaching the float to a fishing line. In a preferred embodiment, the fishing float includes a housing formed into a spherical shape. A vertical slot is disposed on a side of the housing, extending inwardly to a central, vertical axis... Agent:

20140250766 - Arthropod monitoring trap:

20140250767 - Vermin repellent arrangement and method for repelling at least one type of vermin: A vermin repellent arrangement comprises a repellent storage coupled to a first vaporizer adapted to provide a repellent dosage into a first area in response to a repellent control signal. Means for acoustically detecting a vermin in that area provide a first detection signal in response thereto. The means are... Agent: Ams Ag

20140250768 - Systems and methods for controlling pest infestation of a woody plant: Systems and methods for controlling and/or preventing infestation of a woody plant by one or more species of pests are provided. In one particular but non-limiting form, a composite member is positioned at a locus near a woody plant that is susceptible to damage by one or more wood-destroying pest... Agent: Dow Agrosciences LLC

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