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20150143735 - Dynamic game decoy: An apparatus and method for attracting game animals such as a turkey. An asymmetric canopy is provided with the image of a game animal such as a turkey. The canopy is coupled to a shaft and a plurality of extensible rib assemblies. A runner provided along the shaft and coupled... Agent: D & S Hunts, LLC

20150143736 - Fish strike indicating apparatus, system and method for use with an ice fishing tip-up: An apparatus, system and method for providing an indication or notification to a fishermen when a fish strikes an ice fishing tip-up is disclosed. The apparatus provides a wireless signal indicative of a fish strike. The system and method include and utilize an application operatively running on a mobile device... Agent:

20150143737 - Fishing jig: An improved fishing jig with a front end having an opening to permit water to enter a hollow shaft running into a body of the jig. One or more side openings may permit water entering the hollow shaft through the opening in the front end to exit the hollow shaft... Agent:

20150143738 - Fishing lure: A buoyant fishing lure is adapted to be drawn along the surface of water. The lure is in the shape of a rodent or other small creature and has a body coated with fur and a tail composed of a strip of fur. The lure has protruding concave shaped ears.... Agent:

20150143739 - Attachment apparatus: An attachment apparatus which connects a first object to a second object. The attachment apparatus has a loop which allows the user to thread a second object through. The first object is held in place by the use of a barrier at the opposite end of the loop. The attachment... Agent:

20150143740 - Modular fishing lure organization and storage container system: A fishing lure and leader may reside in a modular fishing lure organization and storage container receptacle characterized by a chamber having a pair of parallel spaced-apart planar sidewalls, a pair of parallel spaced-apart outwardly concave channel walls connecting the planar sidewalls, and a receptacle saddle connecting the sidewalls and... Agent:

20150143741 - Mite propagation inhibition sheet: There is provided a mite propagation inhibiting sheet comprising a sheet layer, an adhesive layer, and an unwoven fabric layer wherein mites are allowed to invade from a surface of the unwoven fabric layer to which an adhesive is not adhered, thereby forming a colony and the mites are trapped... Agent:

05/21/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150135580 - Fishing gear with degradable component: Herein we describe fishing gear having a degradable component comprising a polyhydroxyalkanoate polymer, as well as methods for ensuring that such gear has reduced functionality after becoming derelict. Derelict fishing gear has a negative economic and ecological impact, and thus it is advantageous to use gear that will lose the... Agent:

20150135581 - Fishing apparatus: The fishing apparatus (1) includes a body (20) and at either end of the body there is a first length (21a) and a second length (21b) of a line with hooks (23a, 23b) on respective ends. If a fish bites one of the hooks then the other hook is pulled... Agent:

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