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Fishing, trapping, and vermin destroying

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11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331542 - Materials and method for waterfowl decoy rigging systems: A waterfowl decoy rigging system comprising a polyvinyl chloride-coated, galvanized steel line material, a waterfowl decoy attached to the line material, and a weighted anchor attached to the line material, and a method of using said waterfowl decoy rigging system.... Agent:

20140331543 - Ice fishing tip-up and gadget holder system, kit and method: A system, kit and method for organizing and securing devices such as ice fishing equipment, in a cylindrical receptacle. The system includes at least one web, but preferably includes two webs of material having different diameters but each having an array of apertures such that when aligned and placed in... Agent:

20140331544 - Pest control system and method: A system and method of monitoring and controlling cellulose-consuming pests in a predetermined location provides for the use of an assembly that has a main body with a cylindrical upper portion and a lower portion continuously co-axially formed with the upper portion. The lower portion is formed as blades meeting... Agent:

11/06/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140325890 - Fishing lure: A fishing lure includes a body in non-metallic material having a front end and a rear end; a first attaching means or loop arranged at the front end; a second attaching means or loop arranged at the rear end; a longitudinal connecting rod passing through the body and connecting the... Agent:

20140325891 - System for harvesting marine species members including those that present a danger to a harvester: Devices, methods, and systems are disclosed for harvesting a member of a marine species while minimizing or preventing contact between the harvester and the marine species. Certain embodiments reduce the opportunity for contact between the harvester and the harvested member by providing mechanical means for removing the harvested member from... Agent: Seasolutions LLC

20140325892 - Networked pest control system: A pest control device system includes a plurality of pest control devices and a data collector. The system may further include the data collector in the form of a gateway that is connected to a data management server via a computer network along with other gateways in corresponding pest control... Agent:

20140325893 - Vented propane combustion chamber for insect attractant engine: A vented combustion chamber for an insect attractant engine is provided for a flying insect trapping device of the type that relies upon combustion of a fuel to generate a flow of carbon dioxide to attract flying insects. The combustion chamber, which is generally tubular and horizontally oriented in operation,... Agent: Woodstream Corporation

20140325894 - Gas injector and method for delivering gas for pest extermination: Devices and method for the extermination of pests are described. These devices and methods may be used to inject gases, which may be inert gases, underground to inject the gas into burrows of pests. In one embodiment, the device is an earth penetrator with hole for injecting gas through discharge... Agent: Inert Gas Injection, LLC

20140325895 - Tamper-resistant fly control station and methods for using the same: A station for holding an insect control product includes a body portion having sidewalls and a rear wall defining a receptacle having an opening. A door portion is rotatably coupled to the body portion for covering the opening defined by the body portion in a closed configuration of the station.... Agent: Vm Products Inc.

10/30/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140317990 - Fishing rod holder: A fishing rod holder for shore-based fishing, comprising a base having two or more recesses, each recess adapted to receive a rod having a fishing rod receiving end at its top end. Mating hook and loop closures on the base and rod shafts allow the rods to be stowed against... Agent:

20140317991 - Fish attraction device: An apparatus for attracting fish is disclosed. The apparatus has a motor with rotating driveshaft that defines a rotational axis substantially parallel to a surface of a body of water. A housing encloses the motor, and the driveshaft extends therefrom. There is an impeller with a hub axially aligned with... Agent:

20140317992 - Hovering fishing lure assembly: The present invention is a fishing look delivery device for attaching a fishing lure and allowing it to hover above the water such as a dragonfly or other insect would hover over a body of water. A flotation body with a steel or carbon fiber wire attached flexible enough for... Agent:

20140317993 - Electric deterrent device with voids and flaps: An electric deterrent device and methods for installing and producing an electric deterrent device for delivering an electric shock to an animal, pest, or bird to be deterred, having the typical components of a non-conductive base to which the electrically conductive elements are attached. The bottom layer unfolds outward to... Agent:

20140317994 - Trapping device having an articulated collar: A device (1) for trapping animal pests such as caterpillars, having a collar (2) which is designed to surround the trunk of a tree (3). Said collar (2) comprises a substantially annular walkway (4) that extends substantially in a first plane (P1) that is intended to be oriented horizontally. The... Agent: Crea

20140317995 - Trapping device with joining means: A device (1) for trapping animal pests such as caterpillars, having a collar (2) which is designed to surround the trunk of a tree (3), said collar (2) comprising a substantially annular walkway (4) that extends substantially in a first plane (P1) that is intended to be oriented horizontally. Joining... Agent: Crea

20140317996 - Method and system for preventing and treating pests using smoke from biomass power plant: A method for pest control in a confined space using flue gas from a biomass power plant. The method includes: treating flue gas from a biomass power plant to yield treated flue gas having a volume concentration of carbon dioxide exceeding 85 volume %, and conducting pest control in a... Agent:

20140317997 - Termite electrocuting apparatus: A termite electrocuting apparatus adapted to protect a structure with at least one vent opening and an access door from invading termites includes a step-up transformer, an AC/DC converter, at lease one wire mesh assembly connected to high DC voltage, and an on-off switch. The high voltage to the wire... Agent:

10/23/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140311010 - Fishing device: The instant application discloses, among other things, a Fishing Device with a curved body. The Fishing Device may effect a spiral motion while the Fishing Device moves through water. The Fishing Device may also have a hook garage, which may hold a shank of a hook, or provide storage of... Agent:

20140311011 - Auger fishing lure: An artificial fishing lure utilizes gyratory motion of a rotating auger of the lure to provide novel water dynamics while the lure is being pulled through the water in order to entice a fish to strike at the lure. The lure includes a shaft, a head on one end of... Agent:

20140311012 - Releasable sinkers for marine applications: Releasable sinkers for marine applications are described, each of which utilizes rapidly disintegrating water soluble material as an attachment means or as part of an attachment assembly for securing a weight to fishing line. Depending on the configuration of the rapidly disintegrating water soluble material, after exposing the sinker to... Agent:

20140311013 - Electrified deterrent device having insulative layer: Electric deterrent device for birds or other pests are described that include at least one conductor coupled to an elongated base having upper and lower surfaces. The base can include a coating on at least a portion of the base, and preferably at least part of the upper and/or lower... Agent: Bird-b-gone, Inc.

20140311014 - Pest control system, pest control method and pest control program: Provided are a pest control system, a pest control method and a pest control program which can destroy pests from agriculture with no harmful effects to other useful organisms, crops and humans as no pesticides are used. The pest control system comprises; a detection beam emitter for emitting a detection... Agent:

20140311015 - Insect trap having a design that resembles a biological design: This specification generally relates to a method and device for trapping insects that has at least one opening through which insects may enter an entrapment chamber. The specification generally relates to methods to increase the number of insects captured in a trap by having a design that resembles a biological... Agent: Chemtica Internacional

20140311016 - Beg bug lures: Various embodiments of the present invention provide a lure composition, lure arrangement, and/or method for attracting and capturing bed bugs and the like. In some embodiments, the present invention combines a collection structure with a chemical lure composition that has improved efficacy due to a synergistic combination of elements. The... Agent: Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

20140311017 - Method and device for termite detection and control: This is a new method in detection and control of subterranean termites. This method involves building underground stations. To build a station, dig a small area (e.g, 18″×18″) of ground about 1″ to 4″ deep; then place termite feed or bait or mix of them on the bottom; cover with... Agent:

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