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Fishing, trapping, and vermin destroying

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09/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140237885 - Decoy conversion accessories: A new concept and invention for converting the conventional flying wing decoy into a different species/gender/genome. The system would use a decoy currently on the market and convert the product from the species that it represents to another species/gender/ or genome that the hunter is in pursuit of on that... Agent:

20140237887 - Beverage container with hand-line: A beverage container useful for fishing includes a recessed channel for receiving and dispensing fishing line. The container with a fishing line spool is configured such that a hand-line-fishing device is provided without the need for a fishing pole. Optionally, the spool is removable from the beverage container body and... Agent:

20140237886 - Fishing line release clip: A line release clip that generates an electronic alert upon opening independent of the release tension adjustment is provided. In one embodiment, the line release clip includes a body, a line retainer coupled to the body, a release adjustment mechanism and a release alarm. The line retainer is rotatable between... Agent:

20140237888 - Lure body supple component: A swim bait fishing lure. The lure has a longitudinally aligned tapering supple body with a drag producing flipper substantially perpendicular to a longitudinal axis and a longitudinal length. The tapering supple body further has: a base portion adjacent to the drag producing flipper. The base portion has a base... Agent:

20140237889 - Fishing lure with mechanism for fish hook replacement: A fishing lure consists of a body portion having a line tying means on the body portion and means on the body portion for replaceable attachment of one or more hooks. In one embodiment a wire extends through the body portion of the lure and has a line tying section... Agent:

20140237890 - Fish hook with clasp eye: Disclosed is a fish hook with a detachable clasp connection feature forming part of a fish hook eye thereby offering convenient attachment to fishing lures and the like in comparison to conventional split ring connections. At least a portion of the fish hook is of spring like material where the... Agent:

20140237891 - Universal fishing weight and method of use: A weight assembly for engagement with a fishing line, the assembly includes a first structure having a first structure contact surface, the first structure contact surface formed having a first set of two or more channels disposed in the first structure contact surface, a second structure having a second structure... Agent:

20140237892 - Insect trap: An insect trap positioned directly under a furniture leg or post during use. The insect trap has a bottom portion with a groove positioned between an outer edge of the bottom portion and an inner element extending from the center of the bottom portion. The trap also has a distinct... Agent:

08/21/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140230307 - Apparatus, system, and method for enhancing a decoy: An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for enhancing a decoy. The apparatus includes a sheet of material and a coupling member. The sheet of material has a first side positioned opposite a second side. The sheet of material has a profile shaped in a silhouette of an animal. The... Agent:

20140230308 - System and method for screening fish during fishing: A system and method for sorting fish where the system comprises;—a trawl (2) consisting of at least one trawl bag (3, 3′, 3″), and where the at least one trawl bag (3, 3′, 3″) has an opening which covers a part of an inflow area in the trawl (2),—at least... Agent: Scantrawl As

20140230309 - Illuminating outrigger tip: An outrigger tip attachable to an outrigger pole comprises a translucent elongate main body including a proximal end portion having an opening for accessing an inner cavity, and the proximal end portion of the translucent elongate main body being sized and configured for engaging an open end of the outrigger... Agent: Nautical Illuminations, LLC

20140230310 - Fishing lure resembling a shrimp: A fishing lure having an internal cavity for containing a hook and a weight attached to the hook such that the weight is coupled to the hook closer to a throat of the hook than to a line receiving portion of the hook. The combined hook and weight resist being... Agent: D.o.a., Inc.

20140230311 - Novelty fish lure: The present invention contemplates a novelty fish lure having a life-like fish-shaped body member defining at least one interior chamber. The interior chamber adapts to receive an activation button in communication with a pre-recorded sound board in communication with an audio speaker. The pre-recorded sound consists of a human voice... Agent:

20140230312 - Snap trap: The disclosure relates to a snap trap for small animals such as mice or rats, comprising a striking device which can be brought into a striking position and a standby position. The snap trap comprises a housing with a base and with an elongate inner compartment which is open at... Agent: Swissinno Solutions Ag

20140230313 - Sustained release delivery devices: Exemplary embodiments provide dispensers and delivery devices that release their contents at sustained rates. An exemplary device may include one or more reservoirs for holding a solid, semisolid, liquid or gaseous substance that may be released outside the device. Exemplary devices enable sustained release of their contents over a predetermined... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

08/14/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140223798 - Decoy anchor assembly: An anchor for use with a buoyant decoy used in hunting has a hollow anchor housing configured for detachable engagement with the buoyant decoy, the hollow housing having an anchor head portion, a ballasted and ballastible anchor shaft portion and a hook portion unitary connected to the anchor shaft portion.... Agent:

20140223799 - Fishing lure: The invention claims a novel fishing lure comprising a segmented portion wherein the segmented portion is rigid. The invention also claims a novel wing feature comprising a rotating wing bar, a blade and a wing lock.... Agent:

20140223800 - Balloon fishing system and method: A fishing rig may include a first fastener mechanism configured to attach to a fishing line. A second fastener mechanism may be configured to attach to at least one a balloon and a bobber. A button may cooperate with the first or second fastener mechanism to release and lock the... Agent:

20140223801 - Motorized snare: Motorized snare. In one example embodiment, a motorized snare includes a housing, a snare cable extending from the housing and terminating in a noose, a retraction mechanism at least partially positioned within the housing and including a motorized reel attached to the snare cable, and a trigger mechanism configured, upon... Agent:

20140223803 - Attraction device, insect-capturing apparatus and insect-capturing method: By plates (31, 32) having different colors, an edge is formed in the vertical direction along the boundary between the plates (31, 32). Further, as materials of the plates (31, 32), a material which primarily transmits ultraviolet light having a wavelength of about 370 nm and a material which primarily... Agent: Hamamatsu University School Of Medicine

20140223802 - Methods and apparatus for surveillance and control of insect vectors: Improved devices for the capture, detection, or quantification of insect vectors such as gravid female insects, are provided. The devices include surface coloration, design, and dimension that improved their ability to attract and/or capture target insect vectors. The traps are used in process for detection or control of insect vectors... Agent: Centers For Disease Control And Prevention

20140223804 - Device for remote insect capture and disposal: A device for capturing live or dead insects on a surface that can be disposed of without direct user contact while the insect is covered from view. The device includes an extensible handle and swivel base/connector to which would be temporarily affixed a disposable cap having an outer rim/perimeter and... Agent:

20140223805 - Dry chamber slug and snail barrier: This disclosure relates to systems and methods for providing a barrier that deters or prevents terrestrial molluscs, such as slugs and snails, from entering a garden or other vegetation area. A barrier may include an inverted channel, a portion of which forms a dry chamber configured to retain salt, rock... Agent:

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