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Fishing, trapping, and vermin destroying

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12/18/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140366426 - Line light: A line light provides a disc shaped battery carrying, in electrical connectivity, two parallel electrically conductive tubes, one tube on each battery pole. A line tube is carried adjacent and parallel to one electrically conductive tube. A waterproof coating extends entirely thereabout. An LED releasably simultaneously interconnects with the two... Agent:

20140366427 - Hose holder and method: hose holder for a boat, or for another object upon which contact with a hose is undesirable, is a shaped rigid rod provided with a means for suspending the rod close to its midpoint, the shape created by bending each end of the rod into a helix. The rod is... Agent:

20140366428 - Trap for flying insects, the use of said trap and corresponding manufacturing method: A method distinguishes electrical signals corresponding to an activation or deactivation of a single electrical power consuming device from an electrical signal that supplies electricity to multiple electrical power consuming devices has been developed. The method includes generating signatures corresponding to activation and deactivation of a plurality of electrical devices... Agent:

20140366429 - Apparatus for pest control: The present invention relates to an apparatus for pest control; and to the use of said apparatus for pest control. The apparatus comprises a hollow station forming at least one entrance for the pests to be controlled; a pheromone of a pest to be controlled; and a contact pesticide for... Agent: Basf Se

12/11/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140360084 - Elasmobranch-repelling electropositive metals and methods of use: Devices and methods are disclosed for repelling elasmobranchs with electropositive metals, including apparatuses and methods for reducing by-catch in commercial fisheries and protecting humans from attacks by elasmobranchs.... Agent:

20140360085 - Fishing rod with spiral fishing line guides: Disclosed is an improved fishing rod adapted to increase the durability of the fishing rod and fishing line and to improve casting distance and accuracy. The fishing rod comprises an elongated cylindrical rod blank having a working end and a terminal end, wherein the working end is attached to a... Agent:

20140360086 - Fishing rod holder: A fishing rod holder 10 includes a tubular receiver 18 for receiving a fishing rod and reel. The receiver 18 includes a longitudinal slot 26 extending downwardly from an open top 22 to intersect with a transverse slot 28. The transverse slot includes curved upper edges 34 that form hooks... Agent:

20140360087 - Fishing lure: A fishing lure has at least one hook having a shank with opposite ends. A bend is at one end of the shank and a barb is at the end of the bend opposite the shank. A body formed from a flexible material surrounds at least parts of the hook.... Agent:

20140360088 - Fish shaped lure for trolling: Transfer sheets on which an image quite closely resembling an external appearance of a bait fish is color printed on the surface of a hologram sheet are adhered to back sides of bilaterally symmetrical body-half segments made of a flexible transparent thermoplastic resin in a state that the image can... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Hopec

20140360090 - Floating fishing accessory with positional stabilization: Herein disclosed is a unique floating fishing accessory comprised of a rigid frame having commonly available tubular closed cell foam pool toys affixed thereto for floatation and further comprising a netted or perforated fish storage enclosure that doubles as a sea anchor so as to resist movement of the accessory... Agent:

20140360089 - Ice fishing hole retaining device: A hole retaining device to preserve an ice fishing hole comprising a cylinder, where the cylinder extends between an open rim and a closed bottom, and where the cylinder houses a fire ignited to melt ice surround the hole retaining device; a handle attached to the rim, where the handle... Agent:

20140360091 - Pest control devices, methods, and apparatus: Described are devices and methods for pest control, including devices useful to place pest control devices at locations of use such as at a crop (e.g., at a branch of a tree), certain embodiments of devices including a capsule and a tether that can become tangled or caught in a... Agent:

20140360092 - Artificial predator systems and subsystems: The robot would move through the ecosystem, whether it is natural or manmade. It can be trained to attack a specific target. One potential target would be a plant like a weed on a large agricultural farm. Another potential target could be a pest such as an invasive species of... Agent:

12/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140352194 - Wildlife capturing device: A fish capturing device is provided. The device includes a pair of cage members having a first position in which an opening is defined therebetween through which a fish may be passed and a second position in which each of the cage members are pivoted until the cage members are... Agent:

20140352195 - Automatic setting of fish hooks using spring loaded fishing pole holder and related methods: Fishing pole holders are disclosed, which automatically set a hook in the mouth of a fish directly in response to a fish bite, without human intervention, which holders are mounted on any one of several stable supports for propping a fishing pole, with all holders, supports and accessories being placed... Agent:

20140352196 - Fishing rod holder: An improved fishing rod holder comprises: a vertical stake capable of inserting into the ground; a bracket connected substantially perpendicular to that stake; a plurality of prongs affixed to the bracket, at least one prong opening in a first direction and another prong opening in an opposite direction, said prongs... Agent:

20140352197 - Fishing device: The instant application discloses, among other things, a Fishing Device comprising a head with an openable portion which may be capable of holding a whole or part of a fish body, or other form of bait. Openable portion may comprise a gripping means, for example, teeth, for fixedly attaching the... Agent:

20140352198 - System and method for maintaining the health of captive fish in a mobile environment: A system for maintaining the health of captive fish in a mobile environment, comprising a live well for containing fish in a fluid medium, a plurality of thermoelectric coolers affixed to the live well, and a thermometric rheostat for controlling a direct current applied to the thermoelectric coolers, and a... Agent:

20140352199 - Animal trap: Generally, an animal trap floatable in a body of water having an entry enclosure defining an entry opening having a trap door which by operation of a door latch including a door trip element and a door set element rotates about a door pivot axis between a set-closed condition and... Agent:

20140352200 - Insect killing apparatus and method of construction: An insect killing apparatus is provided in the form of a compact fluorescent light. The light has a base that defines a compartment for a first electric circuit for applying current to fluorescent tubes of the light. An electrical connector for attachment to an electricity power supply socket also extends... Agent:

20140352201 - Modified flyswatter device: A fly swatter device to catch a plurality of bugs and insects that includes a traditional fly swatter that having an elongated handle with a distal end and a planar diagonal frame disposed on the distal end of the handle. A plurality of adhesive layers that are disposable and replaceable... Agent:

11/27/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140345183 - Mechanical method for creation of a splice in a coverbraided rope and products: Methods are provided for forming a spliced eye (220) of a sling (222) made from a rope that includes a core rope (37) and includes a braided sheath (398).... Agent:

20140345184 - Spring clasp guide: A spring clasp guide for providing an easier method of feeding a fishing line through a fishing guide comprising a substantially circular body and a spring clasp mechanism which, when actuated reveals a closeable gap in the circumference body portion of the guide. By revealing a gap in the body... Agent:

20140345185 - Reusable flexible fishing lure: A reusable flexible fishing lure (10), including a head (12), a body (14), and a tail (16), is characterized in that it includes at least one cut-out (18) forming a rupture initiator (20), at right angles to the junction of the head (12) and the body (14). The lure can... Agent: Sert

20140345186 - Storage chamber for targeting fish: Implementations of the storage chamber for targeting fish of the present disclosure are configured to store and protect baited hooks on a fishing line under water until a desired time (e.g., presentation to a target fish species). In some implementations, the storage chamber of the present disclosure may be configured... Agent:

20140345187 - Double ended fishing worm canister: A double ended fishing worm canister in a double ended canister for storing and using worms as bait for fishing. The canister has a cylindrical body having a top end and a bottom end, a first lid removably attached to the top end, and a second lid removably attached to... Agent:

20140345188 - Animal traps communicating a message: An apparatus is provided for trapping animals, a carrier for use with same, and a method of trapping animals using same. The apparatus includes a reservoir for animal bait, a tubular housing for the reservoir where the housing has a lower end having an opening and the lower end is... Agent:

20140345189 - Pest entrapment device and method: The invention is directed at to a pest entrapment device for attracting and trapping flying pests around the head of a person. The apparatus includes an attachable device having at least one member, which member contains at least one cavity to hold a pest attractant. The attachable device is affixed... Agent:

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