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Fishing, trapping, and vermin destroying

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07/10/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140190064 - Convertible fishing lure: A fishing lure that easily and quickly converts from one look or character to another without tools and without untying the lure from the fishing line. A generally hollow body assembly is transparent to view an insert assembly contained inside. The insert assembly is removable to be replaced with a... Agent:

20140190065 - Vibrating lure (variants): There is increased the lure efficiency in wide range of oscillation frequencies and amplitudes, as well as the ability to self-deepening, obtained high flight characteristics when casting. The vibrating lure is universal and can be applied for different ways of fishing, particularly at great depths, resulting in improved efficiency of... Agent:

20140190066 - Detachable clamping sinker with water soluble detachment: A detachable clamping sinker automatically detaches from fishing line after immersion in water. The sinker includes a first weighted half, and a second weighted half that is moveable relative to the first weighted half. An elastic tie assembly couples the first weighted half to the second weighted half. The elastic... Agent:

20140190067 - Two-door cage trap with over-center set mechanism: A cage-type animal trap with two opposed animal access openings that can operate in a one-door-opening configuration or a two-door-opening configuration. The trap has a set mechanism for holding one or both doors open to allow access through the corresponding trap access openings. The set mechanism includes a set lever... Agent: Woodstream Corporation

20140190068 - Retracting tunnel rodent trap: A rodent trap covered base defines an enclosed interior accessible through a sliding plastic tunnel defining a passageway for rodents into the interior. The tunnel has a projecting strike member, and is biased by an underlying spring to a retracted position. A trigger engaging member extends from the tunnel to... Agent: Bell Laboratories, Inc.

20140190069 - Mole trap and method of operation therefor: A mole trap includes a molded housing with first and second portions. One of the portions includes two molded posts. A trigger and release plate are each pivotally mounted on one of the two posts, and are substantially encased within the housing. The trap may include a first shaft connected... Agent: Senoret Chemical Company

20140190070 - Foot snare triggering device: The foot snare triggering device of the present invention is designed to be used with a foot snare, and comprises a trigger plate assembly, having a tension adjustment means which allows the trigger plate assembly to pivotally yield to vertical pressure. A trigger mechanism has a trigger end set within... Agent:

20140190071 - String bug light termination system: A string bug light termination system including: a lighting means, an electrocution means, and a connecting means; the connecting means for connecting the lighting means, and electrocution means to a power source in parallel; the lighting means including: a plurality of light assemblies connected together in series by a plurality... Agent:

07/03/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140182188 - Motorized fishing pole: A motorized fishing pole comprising a housing, where the housing includes a motor to power movement of a fishing pole; an arm attached to the housing, where the arm is fastened to the housing on a pivot to enable up and down movement atop the housing; a receiving sleeve extending... Agent:

20140182189 - Fishing lure and attractors and methods of manufacture: A blade body component of a fishing lure formed from a material that includes a first side and a second side, wherein a surface relief grating image effect component is positioned on at least one side of the blade body component. In certain embodiments, the blade body component includes a... Agent:

20140182190 - Lure fishing assembly with weighted wireform: A fishing lure assembly is disclosed which comprises a blade free to oscillate, yaw and produce a trailing wake as the fishing lure assembly is displaced through water. A weight is affixed to the fishing lure assembly, but affixed to an associated wireform where it is inferiorly disposed relative to... Agent:

20140182191 - Fish hook with bait and fish retention features: The invention relates to a fish hook in the form of a wire includes a shank portion, a bend portion and a point portion. The hook further includes an offset in the wire, the offset being positioned within the bend portion adjacent to the point portion. The fish hook may... Agent:

06/26/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140173966 - Elasmobranch-repelling magnets and methods of use: Devices and methods are disclosed for repelling elasmobranchs with high-pull-force magnets, including devices and methods for reducing by-catch in commercial fisheries and protecting humans from attacks by elasmobranchs.... Agent:

20140173967 - Rod body for fishing rod and fishing rod provided therewith: A main body layer 78 is configured by a layer 75 formed, in a cylindrical shape, from a main part 76 and a complementary part 77. The main part 76 is formed by a main prepreg 70. In a small-diameter part, the main prepreg 70 is wound over the entire... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140173968 - Fishing lure: A fishing lure generally including a weighted body portion surrounding the front half of the shank of a hook, a relatively flat spoon portion extending rearward from a lower surface of the body portion, an artificial worm holding barb on the rear end of the body and a feather holding... Agent:

20140173969 - Trap for rodents: 1. A trap for rodents, including in particular rats, said trap comprising: a housing; and a trapping chamber in which a passage extends from the side(s) of the housing. The trap further comprises two electric poles, of which the one electric pole is disposed outside the trapping chamber and a... Agent: Paf Holding Aps

20140173970 - Pest extermination blanket: A pest extermination apparatus including a blanket and a cooling agent, such as solid state carbon dioxide positioned within the blanket. The pest extermination apparatus may also include top surface is made of insulated material, such as foam or plastic and a reflective cover positioned on the top surface. The... Agent:

20140173971 - Methods to deliver and maintain volatile compounds: Methods to create and maintain pre-designed geometrically shaped volumes of an effective dynamic mixture of volatile compounds encompassing an object of protection for very long times, up to one or more years, for control of pests and pest-borne diseases in open outdoor environments of importance to humans, animals and plants.... Agent: Auburn University

06/19/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140165448 - Method and apparatus for holding fishing rod: An apparatus including a stake device for driving into a ground surface, a first device having a cavity into which a fishing rod handle can be inserted, and an alarm device. The stake device may be attached to or detached from the first device. The alarm device is triggered when... Agent:

20140165449 - Fishing lure: A fishing lure having a bent half-moon shape body. The top portion of the fishing lure having at least one attachment point. The bottom portion of the fishing lure is angled relative to the top portion. The shape of the fishing lure resulting in an up and down motion of... Agent:

20140165450 - Tackle box with interchangeable rod holding inserts: A fishing tackle box includes interchangeable inserts for holding sections of a fishing rod. Each interchangeable insert is releasably held within an associated retaining channel of a body of the tackle box by snap-fit engagement. Each interchangeable insert includes a plurality of apertures and cylindrical channels to hold differently-sized cross-sections... Agent: Maurice Sporting Goods, Inc.

20140165451 - Hands-free bait storage and retrieval apparatus: A hands-free bait storage and retrieval apparatus for use with a bucket having a continuous side wall defining an interior area and an open top includes a mounting frame having an upper ring and a plurality of mounting fasteners configured to selectively couple the upper ring to the bucket side... Agent:

20140165452 - Solar powered insect trap: A device for trapping insects that includes a roof or cover and a trap or cage that are disposed at opposite ends of a housing. One or more solar cell(s) that convert UV rays into solar energy for powering one or more trap components is/are attached to the cover. The... Agent: Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC

20140165453 - Rodent fork and method of use: A rodent fork and method of use for eradicating burrowing rodents that are beneath the surface of the ground. The fork includes a shaft having a proximal end with a grip and also having a distal end, a base plate attached transverse to the shaft at the distal end, and... Agent:

20140165454 - Flexible electric flyswatter with shape memory capabilities: A flexible electric fly swatter comprising a grid of electrically conducting shape memory materials encased within a flexible frame for striking against and electrocuting a fly on a surface or in the air. The single layer grid has odd and even rods oppositely charged where both the frame and the... Agent:

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