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Fishing, trapping, and vermin destroying

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05/21/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150135580 - Fishing gear with degradable component: Herein we describe fishing gear having a degradable component comprising a polyhydroxyalkanoate polymer, as well as methods for ensuring that such gear has reduced functionality after becoming derelict. Derelict fishing gear has a negative economic and ecological impact, and thus it is advantageous to use gear that will lose the... Agent:

20150135581 - Fishing apparatus: The fishing apparatus (1) includes a body (20) and at either end of the body there is a first length (21a) and a second length (21b) of a line with hooks (23a, 23b) on respective ends. If a fish bites one of the hooks then the other hook is pulled... Agent:

05/14/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150128473 - Quick attach and release fishing tackle with rotation control surface: A helical groove fishing tackle, which may be a sinker, a bullet rotator, a lure, a bobbler, or the like, is configured with one or more rotation control surfaces to counteract the spinning caused by water flowing across the helical grooves. The rotation control surfaces may be fins or keels,... Agent:

20150128474 - Simulated live bait: An active fishing lure comprising a body able to simulate some appearance and at least some movement of a bait species. The body is adapted for line attachment (directly or indirectly) and attachment to at least one hook. A battery is carried by the body and is connectable to a... Agent: Creative Impact Inc.

20150128475 - Fishing rod: A fishing rod that includes an elongated, tapered rod blank at least a portion of which is quadrilateral in cross section, the quadrilateral portion of the rod blank diminishing in cross-sectional area toward a tip end of the rod blank, the quadrilateral portion of the rod blank comprising a sandwich-structured... Agent:

20150128476 - Fishing apparatus: This invention relates to hand cast fishing apparatus which may support a conventional fishing reel to provide the benefits that a fishing reel provides combined with the simplicity and relative compactness of hand cast fishing apparatus. For this purpose the fishing apparatus provides a handpiece supporting a line guide for... Agent:

20150128477 - Spinner fishing lure: A fishing lure having a long axis provided at its proximal portion, an elongated stiff wire shaft having a bent or looped portion on its proximal end for attaching fishing line or a swivel thereto, and a bent or looped portion on its distal end. The distal portion of said... Agent:

20150128478 - Fishing lure with vortex tail: A soft bait fish lure includes an elongated body having a head and a rear along a longitudinal axis. The body tapers laterally to a reduced tail portion toward the rear, then flares laterally into an enlarged tail at the rear. Optionally, the reduced tail portion is flexible in a... Agent:

20150128479 - Methods and apparatus for attracting rats: An acoustic signal for attracting rats comprising a playback recording or synthetic generation of vocalizations of rats or mice is provided. The vocalizations may be of rat pups, and may be characterized by sonic frequency components in the range of 1.8-7.5 kHz and/or ultrasonic frequency components in the ranges of... Agent:

20150128480 - Self resetting pest trap: A trap for assisting in controlling pest populations, in particular rodents, and especially rats and/or mice, including: a lower housing, and a false floor including a trapdoor, and a ramp, wherein the lower housing has a lower end that sits on the ground and an upper end. The false floor... Agent:

20150128481 - Animal entrapment device and system: A system and device for capturing or entrapping pests, such as rodents, is described herein. In some embodiments, the device includes an opening in the bottom of the device which allows the pest to enter the device. In some embodiments, the device may include a kill trap. In other embodiments,... Agent:

20150128482 - Enclosures and methods for the mass delivery of living biological pest control agents and method of making the same: Enclosures for mass delivery of a living biological pest control agent according to the embodiments disclosed herein include a body section having a generally cylindrical wall with opposed ends defining an interior surface, parasitized eggs of a living biological pest control agent (e.g., an endoparasitic insect) adhered to the interior... Agent: Embraer S.a.

20150128483 - Multi-component system for treating enclosed environments: Described herein is a heating system where air is drawn into a system where hot gas is injected into it. The air is then discharged at a regulated temperature into an environment through ductwork to heat environments to elevated temperatures and employing functional modules to further condition the air to... Agent: Supplier Support International, Inc.

05/07/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150121743 - Dynamic flow live bait holder: Disclosed is a live bait keeper having a cornerless interior and dynamic flow of ambient water through it for freshening the water and protecting bait against harm when the holder is in water. The holder has a hollow, disc-shaped keeper body having forward and aft ends and cornerless interior space.... Agent:

20150121744 - Capturing apparatus and related methods: A capturing apparatus and related methods of use and manufacture. A capturing apparatus is used to humanely and effectively capture objects using a capturing structure having an upper portion, a lower portion, a proximal end, and a distal end. A valve is coupled to the capturing structure to prevent the... Agent:

20150121745 - Bedbug detection, monitoring and control techniques: One nonlimiting variation of a detection arrangement includes one or more sensors each structured to detect at least one biochemical substance indicative of biochemistry of one or more target insect species and provide a corresponding sensor signal, a controller responsive to the sensor signal of each of the one or... Agent:

20150121746 - Mosquito exterminator based on infection/contamination by a float provided with a powdered coating: A description is given of an exterminator (1) for insects, in particular mosquitoes, comprising: a) a container (2) which is open on the upper side and which is to be filled with a water-containing fluid, having an inner wall with a smooth surface descending steeply towards the water, b) a... Agent: In2care Holding B.v.

04/30/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150113852 - Fishing net and method of manufacturing same: A fishing net includes a hoop formed of a section of tubing bent to a loop-like configuration, the hoop defining a net opening. An elongate handle is secured to the hoop at a proximal portion thereof, and a net bag is supported on the hoop. The hoop is formed with... Agent:

20150113853 - Fish strike detection methods and apparatus: Systems and methods for detecting fishing conditions are disclosed. An example system includes a housing having a first portion connected to a second portion to create a watertight seal. The example housing encloses, for example, sensors configured to measure force applied to the housing and a processor to determine acceleration... Agent:

20150113854 - Foldable frame for transporting fishing equipment: Foldable frame devices designed to transport fishing equipment and assorted items while functioning as a table and which are capable of being stored in confined spaces are disclosed. In an aspect, a foldable frame device may be carried by a user. The foldable frame device includes a rotating flat surface... Agent:

20150113855 - Method of fumigation of burrowing vermin tunnels: A method for the extermination of burrowing vermin is disclosed. The method employs a smoke generating fluid formed of castor oil or castor oil in a mix with secondary components. The fluid is heated to a smoking temperature and the smoke is mixed with a pressurized airflow to communicate the... Agent:

20150113856 - Grain pest control apparatus and method: A grain pest control apparatus includes an input unit adapted to accept input of grain; a heating unit adapted to heat the grain supplied from the input unit; and a removal unit adapted to remove heat from the grain heated by the heating unit, wherein the removal unit includes a... Agent:

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