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Fishing, trapping, and vermin destroying

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08/07/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140215890 - Turkey decoy: Disclosed herein is a tom turkey decoy that includes a three-dimensional body having a substantial volume. The three-dimensional body is dwarfed and has a diminished size when compared to a body of a normal sized live mature tom turkey. A neck extends from the three-dimensional body, the neck being of... Agent: Hudson Valley Resources, LLC

20140215891 - Floatable, universally mountable fishing rod holder: The floatable, universally mountable fishing rod holder has base incorporating a rod holder for holding the handle of a fishing rod, a floatable portion for floating the fishing rod holder should the fishing rod holder fall into water so it can be recovered, and a plurality of mountings for mounting... Agent:

20140215892 - Hook setting trigger: A hook setting trigger is a device that automatically sets a fishing hook. The hook setting trigger utilizes a fisherman's existing or preferred fishing rod set up. The hook setting trigger is additionally able to adjust the sensitivity of the trigger. The hook setting trigger accomplishes this through the use... Agent:

20140215893 - Fishing device: A fishing device, for use with a reel and rod combination having fishing line with attached terminal tackle, includes a base, an indicator device, a trigger mechanism, and a tine device. The base has a hole and slot configuration to allow a fishing line to feed through the base. The... Agent:

20140215894 - Fishing lure accessory for similating fish strike motion: A lure accessory, operable in connection with a fishing rod and reel and with any of a wide variety of fishing lures, to create a simulated fish strike motion in the lure. The lure accessory includes a generally flat oval enclosure that incorporates a helical flat escapement spring fixed to... Agent:

20140215895 - Fishing hook: A fishing hook includes a J-shaped body extending from an eyelet at a first end to a hook at a second end. A corkscrew-shaped portion is positioned intermediately between the first end and the second end. A locking arm is joined by a hinge to the fishing hook. The locking... Agent: Off The Hook, LLC

20140215896 - Self-locking, spring-loaded snare: The invention is a snare threaded through a compression spring delivered to the animal via a two-jaw animal trap. The snare consists of steel or other resilient cable, a snare lock and other wire rope devices sufficient for making a snare, flexible tube, a spring retention washer, “J” clip, and... Agent:

20140215897 - Apparatus to block pest mobility and locomotion: An apparatus (10) that blocks the mobility and/or locomotion of insects by ensnaring the appendages of insects in a fiber (20) pattern.... Agent:

20140215898 - Anti-ant device: An anti-ant device includes an object having a recess defined in the underside thereof and a support extends from the underside of the object and located at the center of the recess. An anti-ant member is located in the recess and mounted to outside of the support. When ants climb... Agent:

20140215899 - Air directing assembly for a beekeeping smoker assembly: Improved air directing assemblies are provided. More particularly, the present disclosure provides improved air directing assemblies for use with beekeeping smoker assemblies or the like. The present disclosure provides for an air directing assembly that provides or blows a constant, continuous and/or directed stream of air into and/or to a... Agent:

20140215901 - Bed bug control devices, systems and methods using heat and volatile insecticides: Devices, apparatus, systems and methods of volatizing insecticide-impregnated strips, such as a dichlorvos resin strip, using heat that can treat a closed and sealed space unit such as a room or building for bed bugs and other undesirable insects. At least one volatile impregnated strip can be positioned in a... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20140215900 - Yellow jacket bait house: A bait house for bringing yellow jackets into proximity to a pesticide which is brought back to the nest. The bait house includes a pair of opposing side panels. The bait house also includes an entrance formed in at least one of the side panels. The entrance is configured to... Agent:

20140215902 - Pest-smashing devices: A note pad is attached to a device having a weapon-shaped handle and a base. Kinetic force is applied through the device to stun or crush a target pest between a top sheet of the note pad and a wall or floor. The top sheet does not have previously applied... Agent:

07/31/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140202060 - Method and apparatus for joining a fishing line to another fishing component, for adjusting the buoyancy of fishing components, and for cutting a fishing line: Method and apparatus for joining a fishing line to another fishing component, for adjusting the buoyancy of fishing components, and for cutting a fishing line.... Agent:

20140202061 - A trawl door or paravane with remote control adjustment: A trawl door, deflector, vane or paravane (40) constructed with adjustable panels (22, 23, 24) and driving units (25) for control the water flow through the spreading device during towing through the water with remote control where driving units (25) are used to adjust the position of the panels control... Agent:

20140202062 - Fishing rod holder with fishing motion capability: A fishing rod holder having a spring base, rod receiver, at least one rod receiver arm and a first spring. The spring base being mountable to a secure mount. The rod receiver including a top and bottom, and an open area within the rod receiver at the top to receive... Agent:

20140202063 - Fish mouth opening tool: A fishing tool is inserted into a fish's mouth to keep the mouth open while dislodging a fish hook therefrom. The fishing tool includes serrated arm teeth that can be opened when the handles are moved together. A clamping arch, with teeth, can keep the serrated arm teeth in an... Agent:

20140202064 - Fish tool: The embodiments of the Fishing Tool are comprised of a front and rear element secured together at a common pivot point. Each element is comprised of a handle and an arm. In the embodiments each arm is comprised of a tip end that is formed at an angle from the... Agent:

20140202065 - Foot snare triggering device: The foot snare triggering device of the present invention is designed to be used with a foot snare, and comprises a trigger plate assembly, having a tension adjustment means which allows the trigger plate assembly to pivotally yield to vertical pressure. A trigger mechanism has a trigger end set within... Agent:

20140202066 - Carpenter bee trap device: A trap device for a carpenter bee. A first lure comprises an entry hole defined through an enclosure. A second lure comprises a tunnel extending from the entry hole into the interior. A third lure comprises a means for allowing natural sunlight to penetrate into the interior such that a... Agent: Laurel Highlands Living, LLC

20140202067 - Effigy and repellent: An assembly for abating animals can include an effigy of a terrestrial carnivoran; a nerve irritant; and an absorbent material disposed within the effigy from which the nerve irritant can diffuse.... Agent:

07/17/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140196352 - Fishing tip pole: A fishing tip pole that includes a base fishing rod that includes a first end, a fishing line run along the base fishing rod and into a body of water and a flag attached to the first end of the base fishing rod. The fishing tip pole also includes a... Agent:

20140196353 - Fishing lure with blade arrangement: A fishing lure has a body with an eye on a rear end portion. A blade is coupled to the eye by way of rings. The blade has two lateral portions, which are non-planar to one another and join together along a ridge. The ring component allows the blade to... Agent:

20140196354 - Fishing lure: A fishing lure includes a shape that resembles an insect having a head that is formed by a weight, a main body formed by a colorful fabric, a plurality of elongated legs radiating outward from the main body, and an elongated fishing hook having a first end that is in... Agent:

20140196355 - Knotless fishing line apparatus and method for use: f

20140196356 - Mole trap and method of operation therefor: A mole trap includes a molded housing with first and second portions. One of the portions includes two molded posts. A trigger and release plate are each pivotally mounted on one of the two posts, and are substantially encased within the housing. The trap may include a first shaft connected... Agent: Senoret Chemical Company

20140196357 - Burrowing rodent stick: A burrowing rodent extermination device comprising a stick form poison bait (10) in a dispenser. (22) The dispenser (22) has an elongated tubular body (23) with a foot (21) disposed to slide thereon for setting ground penetration depth. The bait stick (10) is gravity fed into a rodent tunnel (24)... Agent:

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