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05/28/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150143730 - Muzzle-loading firearm with a mono block and retaining nut: An improved muzzle-loading firearm with a removable, threadless breech plug retained by a breech plug retaining collar, and a barrel retaining nut for simplifying manufacture, cleaning, preventing fouling and over-pressure situations, and minimizing alignment issues during assembly of the firearm. The removable, threadless breech plug also allows for straightforward interchangeability... Agent: Lhr Sporting Arms, LLC

20150143731 - Trigger assembly and system including a blocking mechanism: A trigger assembly includes a trigger shoe configured to disengage a sear to release a firing mechanism in response to force applied by a user. The trigger assembly further includes a blocking mechanism configured to selectively prevent the release of the firing mechanism in response to a control signal.... Agent: Trackingpoint, Inc.

20150143732 - System and method of aligning an accessory aimpoint to an aimpoint of a device: A system and method of aligning an accessory aimpoint to an aimpoint of a device are disclosed. In one embodiment, an aimpoint that can be viewed through a weapon sight is projected from a device mounted on a weapon. Further, an accessory aimpoint is projected on the weapon sight by... Agent:

20150143733 - Rifle scope having a housing made in part of composite material and in part of metal: A method of producing a rifle scope having a body made in part of composite material. The method utilizes a composite material tubular housing element, having a rear and having an outer diameter and a metal eyepiece adapter in form of a tube having an inner diameter matching the outer... Agent: Kruger Optical, Inc.

20150143734 - Artificial gun mounting accessory: An improved artificial accessory device for mounting on to a gun rail integration system of a weapon having a weighted housing, a thumb screw positioned on a bottom portion of the improved light structure, a threaded hole through which the thumb screw passes through into a small platform, a recoil... Agent:

05/21/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150135571 - Firearm safety mechanisms and methods: A firearm safety mechanism of the present disclosure has a cylindrical body adapted for insertion into a barrel of a firearm. Further, the safety mechanism has a threaded bore on a first end of the cylindrical body for receiving an insertion tool and a second end for engaging at least... Agent:

20150135572 - Rifle handguard system with integrated barrel nut: A handguard system for use on a rifle having a barrel and a receiver, the hand guard system includes a barrel nut having an inner surface with a threaded portion adapted to threadably engage the receiver for securing the barrel to the receiver and an outer surface, and a tubular... Agent:

20150135573 - Hybrid upper receiver for a rifle: A combination metal/polymer upper receiver for use in a rifle, with the upper receiver attachable to a lower receiver and to a barrel. The upper receiver comprises a polymeric upper receiver housing defining a chamber. The polymeric upper receiver housing is adapted to engage with mounting features on the lower... Agent: American Tactical Imports, Inc.

20150135576 - Accessory mounting hand guard for firearm: Hand guards for firearms and related methods are provided. In one example, a hand guard for a firearm includes an elongated tubular housing having a lumen extending between opposite ends thereof. A hand guard mounting assembly is coupled concentrically to a rear end portion of the housing. The mounting assembly... Agent:

20150135575 - Firearm accessory mounting assembly: An assembly is described for use in attaching accessories to a firearm having a barrel with a threaded distal end. The assembly includes a coupler with opposed, inwardly curved side plates that together form a cylindrical bore for receiving the firearm barrel attachable behind the threaded distal end, the side... Agent:

20150135574 - Method and apparatus for mounting on a picatinny rail system: A mounting system for mounting accessories onto a Picatinny rail system distinguished in that the mounting system comprises of mounting base which lies at or below the level of the rails and a mounting base clamp wherein the base clamp has a hole for a screw to be inserted which... Agent:

20150135577 - Bipod leg mounting body and bipod comprising same: A bipod kit for a firearm has a bipod leg mounting body and a firearm structural component. The bipod leg mounting body has a substantially round central passage defining an interior side surface thereof and has two leg mounting structures on an exterior side surface thereof generally opposite the interior... Agent:

20150135578 - Rifle scope handwheel kit: A kit for fitting a handwheel to a focussing control of a rifle scope is used to enlarge a focussing ring of the control, without having to remove the focussing ring from the control. The handwheel is secured by a headed bolt to a projecting stub shaft. The handwheel has... Agent:

20150135579 - Sliding archery sight: An adjustable mechanism for an archery sight is characterized by a unique elevation and tension adjustment assemblies which allow a user to quickly and easily set the sight for optimum performance. The mechanism includes an elevation base having an elevation rail and carriage assembly connected therewith for sliding movement along... Agent:

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