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09/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140237876 - Method and apparatus for managing ammunition dispensing from a magazine using a flexible projectile control bar: A double-magazine (“Dmag”) able to house projectile ammunition for a projectile launcher having a first ammunition channel, a second ammunition channel, and a flexible projectile control bar (“FPCB”) is disclosed. In one embodiment, the first ammunition channel contains a first set or column of projectiles and the second ammunition channel... Agent: Real Action Paintball, Inc.

20140237877 - Combination safety round and multi-tool: A combination firearm safety round that is configured to have tool features compatible for performing maintenance on the firearm. The safety round includes a cylindrical body portion having a small diameter extension having a substantially fiat distal end, such that the extension is suitable as a tool for field stripping... Agent: Safe Tech, Inc.

20140237878 - Lower receiver for firearm: A lower receiver assembly for a firearm is configured to be detachable coupled to a pistol grip and a feed ramp. The lower receiver assembly includes a lower receiver configured to accommodate an upper receiver, a barrel assembly and a magazine. The pistol grip is detachably coupled to the lower... Agent:

20140237879 - Firearm with rectangular barrel having non-smooth interior surface: A firearm is provided that includes a receiver, a stock, an elongated barrel and a muzzle. The barrel extends from the receiver to the muzzle and has a rectangular internal bore extending from the receiver to the muzzle. The internal bore has two short sides and two long sides. A... Agent:

20140237880 - Cam lever mount: Cam lever mounts, devices, systems and methods with pivotable/foldable levers for attaching grips, sights, flashlights to picatinny rails on firearms. A moveable mount having one side with an upper and lower shroud covers has a space therebetween. A lever pivotally attached in the space moves from open to closed positions... Agent:

20140237881 - Firearm suppressor mounting device: A firearm suppressor mounting device has a device body, a clamping element connected to the device body, a muzzle element adapted for connection to the muzzle, the muzzle element defining a first threaded portion, and the device body having a second threaded portion matable with the first threaded portion, such... Agent:

20140237882 - Stabilization shooting platform: The present invention provides a shooting stabilization support apparatus with a saddle adapted to receive and support a variety of firearms. The saddle is supported by a hinge block or support mount and connected to a swivel mount allowing the saddle to freely and completely rotate in the horizontal and... Agent: Kopfjager Industries, LLC

20140237883 - Attachment firing apparatus: An attachment firing apparatus, in particular a grenade launcher, for mounting on the barrel of a firearm, having an anchoring part that can be fixedly mounted on the firearm and having a support part that can be detachably connected to the anchoring part via a coupling, a launch tube in... Agent: Steyr Mannlicher Gmbh

20140237884 - Reflex sight: An optical sight is provided and may include a housing and a wedged, doublet objective lens supported by the housing. The wedged, doublet objective lens may include a first lens having a first amount of wedge and a second lens having a second amount of wedge different than the first... Agent: Trijicon, Inc.

08/21/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140230296 - Safety device of a gun and method for using safety device: A safety device of a gun includes elements for determining the geographical location of the gun and the shooting direction, elements for receiving via a short range radio link from a gun user's mobile phone a safety area map related to the current location and location data of moving or... Agent:

20140230297 - Firearm: An AR-style firearm includes a specially designed lower receiver, a specially designed upper receiver mounted to the lower receiver, a pistol hand grip mounted to the lower receiver, a handguard mounted around a barrel, a specially designed magazine well formed in the lower receiver that is configured to receive an... Agent: Rock River Arms, Inc.

20140230298 - Extruded firearm receiver and method: A firearm receiver formed out of an extruded body. The receiver can be a lower receiver adapted for use in a modular rifle having both an upper receiver securable to a barrel and a lower receiver housing a trigger assembly. The receiver includes a bore extending completely through the receiver... Agent:

20140230299 - Side lock action firearm: A side lock action firearm has a frame with an attached side lock action. The frame includes a rearwardly protruding portion including a mating feature. A stock including a mating element is removably connected to the frame when the mating element is engaged with the mating feature. The mating feature... Agent: Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company

20140230300 - Automatic trigger guard for firearms: This Safety Device, which is intended for the safety of children, private citizen and law enforcement personnel, is a retrofit able Trigger Guard Assembly, which is attached to any existing handgun or firearm under the muzzle in front of the trigger guard, to prevent accidental or unauthorized discharge. The mechanism... Agent:

20140230301 - Safety system and method for remotely disabling a weapon: A weapon including a first portion of a disarming protection circuit integrated into a removable magazine clip. The first portion of the disarming protection circuit is integrated into the magazine clip and includes, a high voltage source, a receiver for receiving a signal from a transmitter and an output. A... Agent:

20140230302 - Single release speed loader: A single release speed loader for firearms includes a light weight, elongated cylindrical body with a closure device at the bottom. Firearm cartridges are stacked inside the body and are prevented from sliding out of the elongated body by a closure at an end thereof. When the closure is removed,... Agent: Ward Kraft, Inc.

20140230303 - Convertible knife/fore grip for a firearm: A device is convertible between a knife and a fore grip of a firearm. The device has a grip body operatively connected to a blade, and an attachment member connecting the grip body to a longitudinally extending rail of a firearm. The blade converts between an extended position when the... Agent:

20140230304 - Sight pushing apparatus: A sight pushing apparatus for use in adjusting a gun slide sight element includes a block member having exterior side, front, rear, top, and bottom walls. The block member defines an interior area having an upper cavity extending between the opposed front and rear walls and a lower cavity extending... Agent:

20140230305 - Mount assembly for interchanging optical sights: Implementations of a mount assembly for interchanging optical sights on a pistol are provided. In some implementations, the mount assembly comprises an adaptor plate and a pistol slide having an adaptor interface. In some implementations, the adaptor interface of the pistol slide is configured to receive an adaptor plate therein.... Agent:

20140230306 - Firearm with a telescopic sight mounted thereon: Assembly forming a firearm comprising a firearm, in particular a hunting gun, comprising means for the attachment of a telescopic sight, and a telescopic sight fixed onto the weapon by fixing means, the sight comprising at least one turret, the at least one turret comprising a screw thread or a... Agent: Sarl Patrick Arachequesne

08/14/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140223789 - Cartridges and modifications for m16/ar15 rifle: Embodiments of the present invention relate generally to cartridges and modifications for an M16/AR15 rifle. In one embodiment, a modified M16/AR15 rifle or carbine includes a bolt having a maximum outside diameter greater than that of a standard M16/AR15 bolt; and a bolt extractor pivoted to the bolt. The bolt... Agent:

20140223791 - Apparatus and method for reloading firearm magazines: An automatic or semi-automatic magazine reloading firearm is described that includes a magazine track that stores one or more reserve magazines. After ejecting an active magazine from the active magazine well, a reload arrangement can be activated to move a reserve magazine from the magazine track into the active magazine... Agent: Firearm Technologies LLC

20140223790 - Non-detachable magazine: A non-detachable magazine configured to be used for new manufacture of firearms or configured to replace a detachable magazine of an existing firearm is disclosed. The magazine may be pivotally mounted on a firearm using a hinge pin, allowing the feed end of the magazine to enter and retreat from... Agent: Sig Sauer, Inc.

20140223792 - Rapid loading magazine with reusable magnetic loading strip: An apparatus and system for loading a firearm magazine by loading all cartridges at once. According to embodiments of the present disclosure, a firearm magazine has a cartridge guide that can be locked such that the loading spring is locked in a compressed position. A loading strip that is preloaded... Agent:

20140223793 - Tactical firearm systems & methods of manufacturing same: Tactical firearm systems and methods of manufacturing tactical firearm systems are discussed herein. In some embodiments, a tactical weapons platform can comprise a forend assembly adapted to house a portion of a barrel; a receiver assembly detachably coupled to the forend assembly and adapted to interface with a bolt action;... Agent: Ashbury International Group, Inc.

20140223794 - Hand guard mounting mechanism: A firearm comprising a receiver including a threaded end with the receiver extending along an axis and a hand guard having an exterior surface and defining a hand guard bore along the axis with the exterior surface terminating at a mating surface disposed about the threaded end. The firearm additionally... Agent: Adcor Industries, Inc.

20140223795 - Removable device for relieving the compression stress on a cocked firing-pin spring of a firearm: The device in this patent application will be called an “impact jag”. Similar in size to a bullet, the jag will be a short cylindrical device that can be threaded onto any and all firearms cleaning rods. The unthreaded end of the device will have a flat, blunt surface to... Agent:

20140223796 - Pocket bow and gun rest: A rest for a bow or gun, useful when a hunter is in a standing position. The rest comprises a generally U-shaped body sized and shaped to fit in a front or side pant pocket, and to be worn comfortably throughout a hunt or shooting session. The rest has a... Agent:

20140223797 - Aiming sight with a multi-focal collimator: An aiming sight for a firearm. The aiming sight includes: a mounting unit; a light gathering fiber; and a parallax multi-focal lens. When aimed at a target, the aiming sight displays to the shooter a complex light signal having a central dot and a peripheral corona around the dot.... Agent:

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