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02/05/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150033608 - Automatic magazine ejector for firearm: The present invention provides an automatic magazine ejector for a firearm. The invention provides a magazine ejection device for a firearm having a receiver, a magazine, wherein the magazine has an engaged state and a disengaged state of operation, comprising: a trigger housing having first and second opposing sides, a... Agent:

20150033607 - Laterally curved pistol magazine: Example cartridge magazines for use within a curved handle of certain pistols have a laterally curved housing so that the pistols and magazines can fit comfortably along a user's body. Such curved pistols and magazines are particularly suited for carrying within a shirt or pants pocket. A curved pistol loaded... Agent: Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc.

20150033609 - Device for mounting and securing a handgun: A mounting and securing device for a handgun having a grip, a trigger, and a trigger guard. The device can include a mounting base including a means for affixing the base to a structure, a lock post extending from the mounting base having an annular groove proximate the distal end;... Agent:

01/29/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150027019 - Firearm cartridge, percussion nipple and forming tool therefor: The firearm cartridge has an upper chamber adapted to house gunpowder and a bullet, a lower pocket adapted to house a primer, and a flash hole extending there between. The lower pocket has a ledge disposed generally perpendicularly to the flash hole. The flash hole is formed with a perimeter... Agent:

20150027020 - Firearm safety assembly including a lever detent spring: A two-position firearm safety assembly is disclosed. The assembly includes a lever detent spring and a first lever, both of which are pivotally coupled to a firearm frame. The assembly can also include a second lever and a link connecting the two levers. The detent spring is in contact with... Agent: Sig Sauer, Inc.

20150027021 - Stock attachment riser: A weapon accessory includes an attachment portion that is attachable to a stock of a weapon. The weapon accessory includes a rest portion that allows a user to position the stock above the user's shoulder. The weapon accessory also includes a recoil portion that is configured to transfer a recoil... Agent:

20150027022 - Machine to manufacture gun barrels and method of using: A machine for reaming a bore in a tubular member that includes a support block connected to a track, a holder connected to the support block, a reamer adapted to pass through at least a portion of the bore, a reamer drive for rotating the reamer, and a position drive... Agent:

20150027023 - Speed reloader for bolt action fixed rifle: A loading apparatus for use with a firearm, which may be most suited for use with a bolt-action rifle having an internal magazine. The loading apparatus comprises an arcuate shaped body having a coextensive track, flap member, and access slot, and a guidance element, all of which combine to provide... Agent:

20150027024 - Firearm accessory rail and method of attachment: An accessory rail and method for attaching the accessory rail to a firearm is described. An accessory rail includes a first block and second block positioned respectively at a rear end and forward end of the accessory rail. The first block is configured to engage a first receiving area of... Agent:

20150027025 - Surface mount holster: The present invention is a molded holster with the purpose of mounting to a flat surface. The Surface Mount Holster provides a secure mounting location for a hand gun when the user cannot or does not want the hand gun in a holster attached to a belt or clothing, or... Agent:

20150027026 - Pointing devices, apparatus, systems and methods for high shock environments: Devices, apparatus, systems and methods for providing accurate linear and angular positioning with a payload mounted to a beam having freely moveable ends. The payload can be a laser pointer mounted on a firearm, which maintains the initial precise pointing during and after exposure in high G shock and vibration... Agent:

20150027027 - Firearm lead sight: A firearm lead sight that is attached to the barrel of a firearm for assisting a shooter in leading a moving target. The firearm lead sight includes a mount, a first sight assembly, and a second sight assembly. A mount plate and a barrel grip form the mount and are... Agent:

01/22/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150020423 - Firearm having a dual cam, cock on close bolt action and a low creep sear and step trigger assembly: A bolt action firearm that cocks the firing pin upon closing the bolt and includes a cam pin with dual heads for a high velocity rimfire cartridge. In one embodiment, actuating the main spring while closing the bolt, instead of while opening the bolt, more uniformly distributes the physical energy... Agent:

20150020424 - Arm with tilting barrel group: An arm (1) comprises a main body (5), a tilting barrel group (2) fitted to the main body (5) and a locking device (10). The locking device (10) is acting between the main body (5) and the barrel group (2) and manually operable between a locked position, in which the... Agent:

20150020425 - Separable magazine follower: The present invention teaches about a separable magazine follower situated into a magazine body. The magazine follower includes a magazine follower body and exchangeable magazine follower plate. The upper surface of the plate tooth can engage a slide stop lever tooth after the last round is fired from the magazine,... Agent:

20150020426 - Firearm trigger: The bow portion of a firearm trigger is provided with a gripping surface disposed ordinarily for direct contact with a user's finger. The gripping surface receives pressure applied by the user to activate the trigger. A resilient coating overlies at least the gripping surface for direct contact with the user's... Agent:

20150020427 - Apparatus and method for powering and networking a rail of a firearm: A method, apparatus and system for networking accessories to a firearm or weapon wherein the accessories are conductively powered from the rail and data is transferred between the accessories and the rail via conductive coupling. In one embodiment, a weapon is provided, the weapon having: an upper receiver; a lower... Agent:

20150020428 - Plug capture device: A device comprising an elongated body having at least one aperture through the body, said aperture silhouetting a barrel bushing for a model 1911 handgun. The device fits snugly and allows the device to operate as a bushing wrench. The aperture may have a longer dimension, said longer dimension substantially... Agent: Present Arms, Inc.

20150020429 - Rail extension device: A rail extension device for a belt fed machine gun includes a first and a second section of rail for mounting auxiliary devices, the second section being rotatable relative to the first section to prevent a collision between an auxiliary device mounted on the second section of rail and the... Agent:

20150020430 - Ballistic effect compensating reticle and aim compensation method with leveling reference and spin-drift compensated wind dots: A ballistic effect compensating reticle 300 and aim compensation method for rifle sights or projectile weapon aiming systems includes a multiple point elevation and windage aim point field (e.g., 350) including a primary aiming mark (e.g., 358) aligned horizontally with left and right leveling reference lines (e.g., 370L, 370R) which... Agent:

20150020431 - Apparatus and method for calculating aiming point information: The present invention relates to target acquisition and related devices, and more particularly to telescopic gunsights and associated equipment used to achieve shooting accuracy at, for example, close ranges, medium ranges and extreme ranges at stationary and moving targets.... Agent:

01/15/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150013201 - Rifle dry-fire apparatus and method: A rifle lower receiver has a trigger well and a magazine well. A hammer is disposed in the trigger well and configured to pivot from a first hammer position to a second hammer position in response to moving a trigger from a first trigger position to a second trigger position.... Agent:

20150013202 - Open ignition breech plug and conversion system and method for muzzle-loading firearm: An open ignition breech plug for a muzzle-loading firearm. The open ignition breech plug includes an internal body portion for removable installation into the breech end of a barrel of the muzzle-loader, and an external body portion comprising a gripping surface, a nipple for receiving an ignition source such as... Agent: Blackpowder Products, Inc.

20150013203 - Under folding stock assembly for the ruger® 10/22 takedown® autoloading rifle: An under folding firearm stock assembly includes an elongated main body having a longitudinal channel and a firing mechanism opening. A stock and butt stock are positioned along the back of the main body, and a pivot assembly transitions the stock between an open and closed position. The barreled front... Agent:

20150013204 - Gun standoff device: A gun standoff device may include an elongated body having crenulations at a first end and an attachment mechanism at a second end. The crenulations at the first end may provide a plurality of radially disposed teeth about the circumference of the first end. The attachment mechanism may allow attachment... Agent:

20150013205 - Multi-purpose portable magnetic mounting device: A mounting device for securing and supporting at least one metallic object is provided. The mounting device may include a housing providing at least one cavity area for receiving and storing at least one first magnetic mounting element. The housing may form two opposing supporting surfaces defining a recess that... Agent:

20150013207 - Dovetail sights and tactical rail adapter: A sight mounting adapter is provided. The sight mounting adapter may include a rear sight block and a front sight block. Each of the rear sight block and the front sight block includes a top end including an upper dovetail channel and a bottom end including a lower 90 degree... Agent:

20150013206 - Ranging methods for inclined shooting of projectile weapons: A method for shooting a projectile weapon involves determining the inclination of a line of sight from a vantage point to a target and a line-of-sight range to the target, then predicting a trajectory parameter at the line-of-sight range, for a preselected projectile. Using the trajectory parameter, an equivalent horizontal... Agent: Leupold & Stevens, Inc.

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