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11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331535 - Lower receiver for a firearm: A lower receiver for a modular firearm can include a first receiver portion that is removably attachable to a second receiver portion to form the lower receiver. An inner surface of the first receiver portion and an inner surface of the second receiver portion can together define a magazine cavity... Agent:

20140331536 - Yoke and cylinder retaining mechanism: A revolver has a spring biased rod that extends from the cylinder, the rod having a tip that engages a portion of the frame to retain the cylinder within the aperture of the frame during firing. The rod is movable out of engagement with the frame portion to release the... Agent:

20140331537 - Reset assist mechanism: A reset apparatus for use in a firearm, comprising: a compression spring; a biasing member has a first end and a distal end wherein the compression spring is attached proximate to the first end of the biasing member; a notch disposed on the biasing member for cooperation with a trigger... Agent:

20140331538 - Firearm modification accessory: A bottom hand grip for a firearm, such as AK-47 type rifle is mountable on the rifle in place of a bottom forend. The bottom hand grip engages a front end of the receiver assembly and is further supported by an attachment bolt passing through its bottom plate. Double-walled body... Agent:

20140331539 - Under-fold firearm stock assembly: An under-fold firearm stock assembly includes a main body having a longitudinal channel and a firing mechanism opening, a forearm stock having an elongated quick release lever opening, and a shoulder stock that is pivotally secured along the back of the main body via a pivot assembly.... Agent:

20140331540 - Mount for firearms: A mount comprising a connecting portion attachable to a firearm, a first member connected to the connecting portion to be rotatable about a first axis, a second member connected to the first member to be rotatable about a second axis substantially perpendicular to the first axis, and an attachment system... Agent:

20140331541 - Quick detachable firearm accessory mount: Improvements in a quick detachable firearm accessory mount. That uses a dovetail lock that is wedged with a spring to increase the locking force on the dovetail. The quick detachable firearm accessory mount is quickly installed and removed by pressing onto a button, tilting and lifting the quick detachable firearm... Agent:

11/06/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140325885 - Apparatus for supporting firearm, firearm assembly, and method of reducing shock of firing: There is provided a firearm assembly including: a base; a firearm coupling unit configured to move forward or backward with respect to the base; an elastic support unit configured to elastically support the firearm coupling unit; and a firearm mounted on the firearm coupling unit and including: a bolt assembly... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20140325886 - Universal magazine latch mechanism for firearm: A universal magazine latch mechanism operable to retain and release a magazine from a firearm. In one embodiment, the mechanism may include a frame defining a magazine well configured to insertably receive a magazine holding a plurality of cartridges, a rear catch lever pivotably mounted to a rear wall of... Agent: Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc.

20140325887 - System and method for breaking and cocking a single shot firearm: A system and method for breaking and cocking a single shot firearm by moving a piece of the firearm's trigger guard.... Agent:

20140325888 - Artwork display frame and related methods: Frames for displaying 3D and/or user-selected pieces of artwork and related methods. Some frames comprise frame and rail engagement portions. The frame portions display the artwork and further comprise bodies defining curvilinear cross-sections and display areas on exterior surfaces of the bodies. The rail-engagement portions can couple to the frame... Agent: America Grip, LLC

20140325889 - Adhesive and bolt-on type gun grip, gun equipment and accessory systems: Weapon and gun accessories and grip devices and systems for attachment by adhesive or fasteners to various gun parts and components including gun rails.... Agent:

10/30/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140317979 - Pulse recoiling system: A pulse recoiling system located over the barrel portion of a sub-cal weapon. The pulse recoiling system is located above the barrel of the weapon and includes a shortened and modified bolt, a threaded operating rod which screws into the bolt transfer block, and a static buffer housing that contains... Agent:

20140317980 - Time-delay magazine catch: A method and apparatus for intentionally slowing the speed at which detachable ammunition magazines can be interchanged in a firearm receiver. A magazine catch assembly includes a latch adapted to engage a recess of a standard magazine in the magazine well. An input pad receives an input signal from a... Agent:

20140317981 - Unitary sear housing block: A firearm includes a frame having at least one interior receptacle defined by opposed interior walls and having opposed guide rails extending from the opposed interior walls, and at least one modular housing disposed in the receptacle and accommodating at least one operational component of the firearm. The modular housing... Agent:

20140317982 - Firearm comprising a slide-stock locking bolt: f

20140317983 - Rimfire type firearms having centerfire firearm components and related methods: Firearms include some components originally configured for use with centerfire cartridge ammunition, such as a lower portion, and other components configured for use with rimfire cartridges, such as an upper portion and magazine. The firearm is thus configured for firing rimfire cartridge ammunition, although some components of the firearm may... Agent:

20140317984 - Selectable kinetic energy of projectiles: Projectiles with sealed propellant are described herein. In one embodiment of the invention, a projectile includes a body having a nose portion and a tail portion, a plurality of propellant charges contained within the body, a plurality of selectable initiators contained within the body for ignition of respective propellant charges,... Agent:

20140317985 - Firearm magazine loader: A firearm magazine loader. The magazine loader includes an ammunition holder adapted for receiving and holding ammunition from a tray in the same arrayed configuration in which the ammunition was held in the tray. The magazine loader includes a holder adapted for holding ammunition in an array including multiple columns... Agent: Battenfeld Technologies, Inc.

20140317987 - Clamp assembly for scope and camera phone mount for a weapon: A clamp assembly for a scope and camera phone mount is disclosed. In particular, a clamp assembly for a camera phone attachment to a scope of a weapon is provided including a spacer block having a first end coupleable to a camera phone mount and having a recess with first... Agent:

20140317986 - Shotgun shell or low velocity grenade dispenser and reloader system: A shotgun shell or low velocity grenade dispenser and reloader system that can quickly and efficiently dispense a shell without requiring the focus of the operator. The dispenser can be attached to the operator's belt, leg, forearm, or a weapon. Alternatively the dispenser may be left unattached. The dispenser delivers... Agent:

20140317988 - Weapon-mountable non-lethal optical security device: Provided is weapon-mountable laser distractor having an enclosure (100) with a top surface and bottom surface connected to each other by two side surfaces, a from surface and a rear surface. The top surface includes an articulated mounting adapter (150), the bottom surface includes controls (201), the front surface includes... Agent:

20140317989 - Light intensified fiber optic sight: A method and apparatus providing for the enhancement of the brightness of a fiber optic sight. Whereby the fiber optic sight is enhanced by way of any number of lenses used to focus ambient light onto the fiber optic cable.... Agent:

10/23/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140311003 - Firearm magazine with round counting circuit: A device for displaying the number of rounds remaining in a firearm magazine is disclosed. The device may include a digital counter with a voltage source. A voltage may flow from the from the digital counter, through a magazine connection, and to a follower conductor in the magazine. The follower... Agent:

20140311004 - Manually operated firearm system: A bolt control device for causing the bolt of a firearm to be held in a retained position after each round is fired, the bolt control device capable of being manipulated by the user to also release and return the bolt to a firing position so that the firearm may... Agent:

20140311005 - Straight pull bolt action system: A straight pull bolt action system for use with a firearm includes a bolt, an action bar, a locking pin and a locking lug. The locking lug front end is pivotally moveable between an up position and a down position, the bolt and action bar are longitudinally moveable between forward... Agent: Saeilo Enterprises, Inc.

20140311007 - Firearm trigger: The present disclosure relates to firearm triggers comprising engagement profiles. In various embodiments, a trigger mechanism may include a trigger component and/or trigger shank have a first profile and a second profile. The location of the second profile relative to an operator may be a second of the shape of... Agent:

20140311006 - Trigger mechanism: The invention relates to the field of gun technology. The trigger mechanism comprises a body, a spring-loaded sear, a trigger with a spring, and adjustment screws, including a screw for adjusting the triggering and a screw for adjusting the triggering motion. The trigger mechanism additionally comprises a screw for adjusting... Agent:

20140311008 - Devices, systems, and methods for loading a magazine: A magazine loader for loading cartridges into a magazine is provided. The magazine loader may include a base member configured for positioning on an open end of the magazine, a first cartridge support member extending from the base member, and a second cartridge support member extending from the base member.... Agent:

20140311009 - Light source and firearm magazine holder clamp: A wrist clamp having an integral and/or removable light source and attached magazine bracket is provided. The wrist clamp includes an outside surface and an inside surface. The wrist clamp is formed to fit around and secure to the wrist of a user so that the inside surface is adjacent... Agent:

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