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08/07/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140215876 - Method and accessory device to improve performances of ballistic throwers: Disclosed is a accessory device for a ballistic thrower that can be handgun or a gun or other object throwing device that is meant to improve the quality of the action and the comfort and safety of the operator. It is made of accessory devices that stabilize the operation of... Agent:

20140215878 - Ammunition magazine: The present invention is an ammunition magazine, preferably made of a reinforced polymer, utilizing a structurally enhancing ridge, angular guide rails and a follower made to interface with said guide rails to reduce wobble. The preferred embodiment also features a protective cover that distributes forces from the spring to more... Agent: Magpul Industries Corp

20140215877 - High capacity magazine with multiple springs: A high capacity box magazine is provided. A plurality of nested followers may be adapted to nest one within another and a plurality of springs may be configured to nest one within another to facilitate the advancement of cartridges within the box magazine to a firearm. A spring cup or... Agent: Armwest, LLC

20140215879 - Method for loading a weapon in line with the rate of fire: A revolver cylinder is rotated at least approximately at a speed that corresponds to the normal rate of fire of a weapon. When a predetermined loading step is reached, the trigger of the weapon is controlled such that fire can be opened essentially without delay. The weapon is fired without... Agent: Rheinmetall Air Defence Ag

20140215880 - Firearm having magazine safety and take-down mechanism: A firearm has a magazine safety and a take-down mechanism. The magazine safety operates in conjunction with a trigger bar and a disconnect bar. The magazine safety has a safety arm which moves the disconnect bar out of engagement with the trigger bar when a magazine is inserted. This permits... Agent: Smith & Wesson Corp.

20140215881 - Secure smartphone-operated gun trigger lock: A battery-powered trigger-locking device, which is configured to be disposed on a gun with a trigger for firing, includes a data receiver, a data memory and a logic device for determining whether data received by the receiver is the same, or substantially the same, as data stored in the memory.... Agent:

20140215882 - Secure smartphone-operated gun trigger lock: A gun trigger-looking device which is configured to be manually installed on a gun with a trigger-blocking member disposed behind the trigger to prevent the gun from being fired. The device includes a data receiver, a data memory and a logic device for determining whether data received by the receiver... Agent:

20140215883 - Secure smartphone-operated gun lock with means for overriding release of the lock: A gun locking and unlocking device, which may be configured to be disposed adjacent the trigger of a gun to alternatively prevent or enable firing, includes a data receiver, a data memory and a logic device for determining whether data received by the receiver is the same, or substantially the... Agent:

20140215884 - Utility foregrips for use with firearms, and related methods: A foregrip for a firearm may comprise a mounting device configured to attach to a mounting rail of a firearm and a grip body. The grip body may include a top portion configured to be removably attached to the mounting device and a lateral side portion configured to be gripped... Agent: Tuf, LLC

20140215885 - Evidence collecting and recording apparatus for a gun: A battery-powered electronic evidence-collecting device on the gun that transmits to a smartphone or other device carried by the peace officer for recording and forwarding the evidence to a central station. The evidence collecting and recording apparatus is activated by the removal of the gun from its holster.... Agent:

20140215886 - Ammunition magazine retention and drawing device: A device for aiding in the retention and drawing of ammunition magazines is disclosed. This invention does two things that previous ammunition magazine draw devices do not do. First, this invention is designed so that when an individual uses the invention to draw a magazine from its pouch, the magazine... Agent:

20140215887 - Mounting platform: An elongated mounting platform has Picatinny rails on the surface of its opposing elongated sides, opposing elongated edges, and opposing ends. Rails can be continuous or discontinuous along each surface. The mounting platform serves to support Picatinny accessories that are not being used in association with a firearm.... Agent:

20140215889 - Portable gun rest: A portable gun rest made substantially from a block of polymer foam material, featuring magnets attached to at least one surface opposite said groove to enable the gun rest to be removably attached to a metal surface.... Agent: Impero Enterprises Pty Ltd

20140215888 - Shooting rest including an inclined rail assembly: A shooting rest includes a pod arrangement and a rail assembly. The pod arrangement can be a monopod, bipod or tripod. The rail assembly is connected to the pod arrangement. The rail assembly includes a rail, a shuttle and a rest. The rail has an end which is connected to... Agent: Eberlestock Usa, LLC

07/31/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140202056 - Light emitting firearm magazine indicator: An apparatus known as a self-illuminating light-emitting firearm magazine indicator, or simply, light-emitting magazine indicator, (LEMI), is described here forth. The light-emitting firearm magazine indicator makes use of a self-illuminating device. The device and/or materials could comprise: radioactive gaseous isotopes, self-illuminating paint or any other substance that contains self-luminous properties.... Agent:

20140202057 - Gun recoil suppressor and method of use: In an embodiment of the present invention, a firearm recoil suppressor comprises a boot for receiving the butt-stock, at least one means for suppressing the recoil, a base, and a base fixture device. In one embodiment, the suppressing means comprises at least one hydraulic shock absorber, such as a piston... Agent:

20140202058 - Automatic gun safety devices based on positioning systems: A gun safety device on a gun automatically prevents the gun from firing when it is inside a registered area, which includes: a positioning device for determining the geographic position of a gun; a data processing device for identifying whether the gun is located within a registered area by comparing... Agent:

20140202059 - Sight: The invention relates to a sighting device having an optical reversing system (12) and a target mark as well as a ballistics computer for computing data that is relevant in terms of ballistics, the reversing system (12) being adjustable mechanically and the target mark being adjustable electronically and at least... Agent: Swarovski-optik Kg.

07/17/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140196336 - Recoil pads including gas chambers, firearms including such recoil pads, and related methods: A recoil pad for a firearm includes at least one gas chamber, and at least one access port to the gas chamber. The access port retains gas pressure within the gas chamber, and also allows pressurization and depressurization of the gas chamber. In additional embodiments, a recoil pad encloses two... Agent:

20140196337 - Handgun with a locking device: The present invention relates to a gun (1) with a barrel (4) which proximally delimits a firing chamber (6), and a slide (8) translatable between a forward configuration in which it closes the firing chamber (6), and a rearward configuration in which it is distanced from the barrel (4) to... Agent: Arsenal Firearms Finance Limited

20140196338 - Hinge pin connector: Improvements and modifications in the rifle and submachine gun platforms to improve accuracy, improve user functionality, simplify and improve the machining and manufacturing and assembly process are presented. Specifically, the disclosure describes a hinge pin connection system for an access door, a retention mechanism that eliminates freedom of movement for... Agent: Sig Sauer, Inc.

20140196339 - Extractor for self-loading firearm: An extractor for a self-loading firearm is mountable on a breech block and is formed of a body having a hook at one end. The body is pivotally mounted via a pivot pin. A surface is positioned between the pivot pin and the hook. The surface is divided into at... Agent: Smith & Wesson Corp.

20140196340 - Detachable firearm magazine springs formed from wire having non-round cross section: Springs formed from non-round wire stock for a detachable magazine for a firearm are disclosed. A detachable magazine may have a body having a base, an ammunition follower positioned within the body, and a spring formed from wire having a non-round cross-section positioned between the body and the follower. The... Agent:

20140196341 - Trigger assembly with a device to prevent accidental firearm discharge when dropped: A trigger assembly prevents the rifle from being damaged and improves the user safety by preventing unintentional firing (rifle's falling down to the ground, hitting any place, etc.) as long as a trigger lever is not pulled by the user.... Agent:

20140196343 - Adjustable cheek rest: A locking adjustable cheek rest comprising an upper U-shaped portion and a lower portion located on the stock of a rifle or other firearm. The U-shaped portion is biased against the lower portion, such that the walls of the U-shaped upper portion press against the lower portion, thereby locking the... Agent: Sig Sauer, Inc.

20140196342 - Modular firearm forend: In one embodiment, a forend for a firearm includes an adapter module configured to mount below a barrel and in front of a receiver of a specific model of a firearm, such as a shotgun, and a universal firearm accessory module coupled to one or more surfaces of the adapter... Agent: Surefire, LLC

20140196346 - Foldable stock assembly: A folding stock assembly for a firearm includes a butt stock portion; a receiver interface portion; and a bidirectional hinge assembly configured to allow the butt stock portion to bidirectionally pivot with respect to the receiver interface portion.... Agent: Sig Sauer, Inc.

20140196345 - Foldable stock retention assembly: A folding stock assembly for a firearm includes: a butt stock portion; a receiver interface portion; and a hinge assembly configured to allow the butt stock portion to pivot with respect to the receiver interface portion. The butt stock portion includes a bolt retention receptacle configured to releasably receive a... Agent: Sig Sauer, Inc.

20140196344 - Under-fold firearm stock assembly: An under-fold firearm stock assembly includes an elongated main body having a longitudinal channel and a firing mechanism opening. A stock and butt stock are positioned along the back of the main body, and a pivot assembly transitions the stock between an open and closed position.... Agent:

20140196347 - Systems and methods for multiple component firearm receiver: Systems and methods for firearm receivers are described. Systems may include a receiver body, a tail; and a connection for coupling the receiver body to the tail. The receiver body and the tail may be made from different materials. A receiver system coupling apparatus may include one or more protrusions... Agent:

20140196348 - Modular system for mounting firearm accessories and method for attaching firearm accessory to firearm: A modular system for mounting firearm accessories and a method for attaching a firearm accessory to a firearm are provided. In one example, the modular system includes a first mounting member capable of receiving a firearm accessory, the first mounting member having a channel and a stopping means in the... Agent:

20140196349 - Selectively releasable flashlight attachment device for handgun: This releasable flashlight attachment device can be placed and removed on/from the frame of a firearm without the user's hand passing in front of the barrel. It includes: (1) a bottom portion with a receiver section that engages an integral rail portion of a handgun and an adjacent nesting area... Agent:

20140196350 - Shell mitt shell catcher: The disclosed apparatus provides a relatively light weight, adaptable spent shell catcher that is useable in a variety of shooting environments, for a variety of firearms, and for a variety of shooting positions.... Agent:

20140196351 - Low profile auto-locking pinch/turn adjustment knob: A compact adjustment knob for an optical, mechanical, or electronic device includes a spindle supported on the device for rotation about an axis to control a setting of the device, and a releasable automatically locking lock mechanism supported on the spindle for rotation therewith. The lock mechanism includes at least... Agent: Leupold & Stevens, Inc.

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