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10/02/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140290108 - Integrated bipod tension stabilization rifle sling: A firearm sling apparatus has a firearm connection section for attachment to a forward portion of a firearm and having a body connection section for attachment to the body of a firearm user. A releasable latching connector establishes releasable connection of the firearm connection section and the body connection section... Agent:

20140290109 - Methods and systems for enhancing firearm safety through wireless network monitoring: A firearm includes a firing mechanism and a sensor. The sensor is configured for wireless communication over s short range RF network with a hub worn or carried by a user of the firearm. The hub includes a subscriber identity module configured to communicate with a server over a signaling... Agent:

20140290110 - Methods and systems for enhancing firearm safety through wireless network monitoring: A firearm includes a firing mechanism and a sensor device. The sensor device includes a subscriber identity module configured to communicate with a server over a signaling channel of a wireless communications network. The Sensor device is configured to enable/disable the firing mechanism in accordance with instructions received by the... Agent:

20140290111 - Cleaning and polishing tool for firearm bolts: Firearm bolt tail cleaning device has a device body and a plurality of cleaning arms arranged radially about a centerline and defining a cleaning slot configured to accept a bolt tail. The cleaning device slidably and rotatably interfaces with the bolt tail at inner wall portions of the plurality of... Agent:

20140290112 - Firearm multi-purpose tool: A multi-purpose firearm servicing tool has an elongated tool body having a first end portion and a second end portion. A gas tube clamp is provided at a position between the first and second end portions of the elongated tool body. Opposing tube clamp surfaces of the gas tube clamp... Agent:

20140290113 - Rifle scope having elevation and windage ocular display: A rifle scope that includes an optical train defining an optical axis having a pointing direction. The optical train has an erector tube pivotably mounted in the scope housing and having a front end. The scope also includes an elevation and windage angle adjustment assembly, including a user input; an... Agent: Kruger Optical, Inc.

20140290114 - Rifle scope having elevation and windage angle adjustment and measurement assembly: A rifle scope, comprising: a scope housing and an optical train, supported in the scope housing and defining an optical axis having a pointing direction. Also, a pointing angle adjustment electrical user input device includes a first button having a first position that does not cause the pointing angle to... Agent: Kruger Optical, Inc.

09/25/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140283426 - Body contoured handgun: A handgun curved to correspond more closely with the contours of a person's body, achieving a comfortable fit when the handgun is worn for any appreciable amount of time on the person's body. The handgun housing is inclusive of a top portion, an intermediate portion, and a grip portion, which... Agent: Taurus International Manufacturing Inc.

20140283427 - Magazine and firearm with positional adjustment of magazine spring: A firearm magazine housing contains a spring to forcibly urge a follower with ammunition rounds stacked thereon toward an open end of the housing, thereby to facilitate delivery of the ammunition rounds into the firing chamber of a firearm. By a positional adjustment of the spring, the urging force that... Agent:

20140283428 - Adjustable cheek rest: An adjustable cheek rest for a rifle is formed with a top member, a lower member, a cushion pad and a plurality of accessories. This cheek rest is adjustably and removably affixed to a stock of the rifle. Both the top member and the lower member are in symmetrical shape... Agent:

20140283429 - Precision aiming system for a weapon: A system for precision aiming of a weapon that has a rail, aligned with a centerline of its barrel, with a bus for supplying power to, and providing communication between, a plurality of modular system components that are mounted and precisely aligned in an array on the rail. A core... Agent:

20140283431 - Firearm laser sight alignment assembly: The present disclosure relates to a firearm which may include a frame with a first outer wall, and a second outer wall opposite the first outer wall. A laser module may be disposed between the first and second outer walls. An alignment pin may be in communication with the first... Agent: Lasermax, Inc.

20140283430 - Target marking system: A method of controlling a target marking system includes emitting a beam with a beam source associated with a target marker. The method also includes sensing movement of the target marker, and modifying operation of the beam source based on the sensed movement. Such modification changes a characteristic of the... Agent: Lasermax, Inc.

09/18/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140259841 - Firearm safety system: A firearm safety system and method is described herein. The system may include a tracking system, a smart firearm and/or a smart magazine, and a smart tracking unit. The tracking system is in communication with satellites that monitor specific locations, a smart firearm and a portable electronic device. The tracking... Agent:

20140259842 - Elastomeric extractor member: A biasing member for a bolt assembly of a firearm is described herein. The biasing member comprises a body having a first portion configured to engage and seat within a biasing member receiving indentation of an arm of the extractor, and a second portion configured to engage and seat within... Agent:

20140259843 - Firearm extraction system: An extraction system for extracting a cartridge from a firing chamber of a firearm includes an extractor mounted within the firearm bolt which has a bolt head with a plurality of lugs proximate a bolt face, a cartridge recess extending axially inward from the bolt face, and an extractor aperture... Agent:

20140259844 - Firearm magazine having nose-dive-control spring: A cartridge magazine for housing a plurality of stacked cartridges and successively dispensing and guiding the uppermost one of the stacked cartridges from the magazine forward toward an inclined ramp leading to a chamber of a barrel of a firearm, the magazine comprising a housing portion and a nose-dive control... Agent:

20140259845 - Firearm trigger reset assist apparatus and method: Pump-action and semi-automatic firearms are well known in the art. Common to all of these types of firearms is their dependency on a user's ability to continually pull the trigger in a rapid manner when a high rate of fire is desired. Because human fatigue reduces an amount of time... Agent:

20140259846 - Firearm with ambidextrous safety: A firearm has ambidextrously actuatable safety levers with the connection between the levers being effected within the frame and offset from the frame centerline to mitigate lost motion between the levers and prevent yielding of the shaft connecting them. The levers have raised surface portions which are hidden behind a... Agent: Smith & Wesson Corp.

20140259847 - Integrated firearm safety system: The invention relates to a new firearm safety system and kit comprising at least one firearm monitoring system and at least one integrated safety element. A method for a safe use of a firearm is further disclosed.... Agent:

20140259848 - Adjustable stock for a firearm: An adjustable stock and cheek rest assembly for a firearm includes a buffer tube extending rearwardly from the firearm at an angle relative to the firearm receiver. A stock is slidably mounted on the buffer tube, and a cheek rest is disposed in overlying relationship to the stock. A cheek... Agent: Advanced Technology International Usa, LLC

20140259849 - Butt plate with monopod: A butt plate for a gun, in particular a long gun, with an intermediate piece to be attached to the rear side of a butt of the gun facing toward the shooter and with a plate made of a recoil-damping material, which is attachable to the side of the intermediate... Agent:

20140259850 - Receiver spur for a firearm: A receiver spur adapted to be mounted behind the trigger and the trigger guard of a firearm such as the AR-15. The spur is configured to substantially conformingly abut the surface of the receiver immediately behind the trigger guard and is secured to the receiver.... Agent:

20140259851 - Retractable gun stand: A gun stand comprising a base for supporting a gun and a ribbon of stiff material including a coiled portion and an uncoiled portion (e.g., having a curved lateral cross-sectional shape). A lock mechanism (e.g., movable between an engaged position and a released position) can be used to inhibit movement... Agent: Non-typical, Inc.

20140259852 - Plug capture device: A device comprising an elongated body having at least one aperture through the body, said aperture silhouetting a barrel bushing for a model 1911 handgun by being shaped in substantially the same shape as a barrel bushing, but slightly larger so it fits snugly and allows the device to operate... Agent: Present Arms, Inc.

20140259853 - Dual field optical aiming system for projectile weapons: A system for aiming a projectile weapon includes a telescopic sight for use with a second sighting device, such as a reflex sight or other non-magnifying sight. The telescopic sight has an eye point spaced apart rearwardly from its eyepiece and positioned at a vertical plane containing a line of... Agent:

20140259854 - Systems and methods for a scope mount assembly: A scope mount assembly for removeably attaching a scope to a firearm is disclosed herein. The firearm may include a rail assembly. The scope mount assembly may include a base member and at least one ring extending from the base member. The at least one ring may be configured to... Agent: Keng's Firearms Specialty, Inc.

20140259855 - Firearm aiming device and attachment mechanism therefor: A firearm aiming device and attachment mechanism is an aiming device or gun sight for firearms and an attachment mechanism therefor. The aiming device and attachment mechanism are particularly useful for aiming/using hand-held guns, such as pistols and revolvers or short range rifles. In accordance with embodiments of one aspect... Agent:

20140259856 - Rear sight for firearm: A rear sight comprises a base member and a top member. The base member comprises a fitting portion and a base member bearing surface. The fitting portion of the base member is attachable to a firearm. The top member comprises a rear sight alignment portion and a top member bearing... Agent: I.p. Holding Group I, LLC

09/11/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140250750 - Apparatus and methods for tracking ammunition supply in a magazine: A magazine is disclosed including a storage tube and a biasing member positioned within the storage tube. A strip engages the follower and extends toward a distal end of the storage tube. A display member is coupled to the strip and is viewable through the storage tube. The display member... Agent:

20140250751 - Shotgun ammunition conversion system: A shotgun ammunition conversion system has a detachable magazine well having a sleeve defining a rectangular passage adapted to removably receive an ammunition magazine, a boss extending forward of the sleeve and at a level above at least a portion of the sleeve, the boss being adapted to be received... Agent:

20140250752 - Firearm magazine: A magazine for a firearm may include a cavity that is shaped to prevent the tip of the bullets in the cartridges from contacting the magazine when the firearm recoils. The magazine may also be configured so that the cartridges in the magazine exit the cavity at least approximately in... Agent: Browning

20140250753 - Electronic safety and control device for firearms: An electronic safety and control device for firearms, applicable to guns or rifles has an electronic board with a microchip of wireless communication with a computerized remote control center, and with a GPS location system. An electronic locking/unlocking system is associated with the safety lock and the hammer of the... Agent:

20140250754 - Ergonomic handgun, pistol, revolver: This invention pertains to, but is not limited to handguns and non-lethal weapons, and could include hand-held tools and other devices. The ERGONOMIC HANDGUN concealed handgun frame modification allows more discreet carry of firearms by conforming to human body contours. These firearms can include, but are not limited to semi-autos,... Agent:

20140250755 - Firearm grip sleeve with retention feature: A firearm grip sleeve with retention feature has a body including a central bore and a meeting element. The mating element is connected to a mating feature on the frame of a firearm. The mating element is connected to a mating feature on the frame of a firearm. The mating... Agent:

20140250756 - Recoil reduction firearm stock assembly: A recoil reduction stock assembly for a shoulder-fired firearm is described that includes a rear stock section housing a recoil reduction mechanism attachable to firearms with different receiver rear faces by using a front stock section having a rear face attachable to the rear stock section front face and a... Agent:

20140250757 - Sighting apparatus for use with a firearm that discharges ammunition having multiple projectiles: A weapon system comprises a firearm configured for discharging ammunition having multiple projectiles and a sighting apparatus integral with the firearm. The sighting apparatus outputs a beam of light having a generally round shape. The sighting apparatus is oriented such that a centerline longitudinal axis of a barrel of the... Agent: Blaze Optics LLC

20140250758 - Firearm sight and method for occluding vision of shooter's non-aiming eye: The invention encompasses firearm sights configured to eliminate the effect of parallax a shooter would otherwise experience when aiming a firearm at a target. The firearm sight utilizes a rear sight vane and at least one occluder positioned so that the occluder interferes with or substantially blocks a shooter's line... Agent:

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