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04/10/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140096426 - Firearm choke tube: A firearm choke tube includes a cylindrical body, a choke interrupted thread section, and a locking tab. The choke interrupted thread section is positioned on an outer surface of the cylindrical body and configured to threadably engage an interrupted thread section of a barrel of a firearm to limit longitudinal... Agent: Browning

20140096427 - Malfunction training dummy round: The present invention is an instrument for simulating malfunctions in firearms during live fire training which could not previously be simulated during live fire training. In some exemplary embodiments the invention approximately matches the external dimensions of an ammunition cartridge with the addition of novel features described herein which modify... Agent:

20140096428 - Dot-sighting device: A dot-sighting device includes a light source, a beam splitter and a reflective element. The light source emits light. The beam splitter includes a surface that reflects at least a portion of a first light component of the light and transmits at least a portion of a second light component.... Agent:

20140096429 - System for mounting an accessory to a firearm: Methods and apparatus for mounting accessories to firearms are described. A base includes a first alignment feature and a clamp that rigidly secures the base to the firearm. An actuator includes an accessory mount and a second alignment feature that engages with the first alignment feature to enable a substantially... Agent:

20140096430 - Gun sight with single point reference: The present disclosure provides a gun sight system that utilizes vernier acuity to provide a single point of sight for aiming that requires little or no visual and mental estimation such that the respective firearm can be quickly, easily and accurately aimed at a still or moving target. The sight... Agent: I.p. Holding Group I, LLC.

20140096431 - Sight: A sight includes a body and an adjusting dial. The body has a surface and a depression disposed on the surface. The adjusting dial is disposed on the surface of the body. The depression extends from an edge of the body to the adjusting dial.... Agent: Sintai Optical (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140096432 - Firearm sight: A sight for use on a firearm includes a frame member mountable to a firearm and having a pair of spaced apart posts extending therefrom, a support member extending transversely between the pair of posts and selectively rotatable with respect thereto, and a sight element. The sight element is carried... Agent:

04/03/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140090283 - Bolt carrier and bolt for gas operated firearms: An improved bolt and bolt carrier with integral gas key having an extension nozzle threadedly secured and pinned to the gas key for use with a direct gas operated firearm is provided. The extension nozzle is designed to receive a portion of the host firearms gas operating system. The firing... Agent:

20140090285 - Muzzleloader and propellant system: A muzzle-loader bullet system includes a pre-packaged propellant charge and primer for providing efficient loading and unloading of the muzzleloader. The muzzleloader accepts in the breech end the propellant containment vessel that abuts against a constriction portion with a reduced diameter portion. The propellant containment vessel having an end portion... Agent:

20140090284 - Muzzleloader systems: Muzzleloader systems include a pre-packaged propellant charge and primer for providing efficient loading and unloading of the muzzleloader. The breech end accepts the propellant and means are provided to prevent breech loading of the projectile. A propellant cartridge conforms to a constriction portion to minimize ullage. A projectile is inserted... Agent:

20140090286 - Firearm accessory spacers and mounts and methods for forming the same: Embodiments described herein provide spacers and mounts for firearm accessories, as well as methods for mounting firearm accessories. In some embodiments, a spacer is provided. The spacer has a lower surface configured as a concave profile of a M-16 base mounting structure and an upper surface configured as a convex... Agent:

03/27/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140082981 - Bolt action muzzle loading firearm: A muzzle loading firearm includes a barrel, a receiver, and a breech plug located at the breech end of the barrel. An insert integral with or attached to the breech plug provides sealing engagement against an opening in a cartridge case. The breech plug and insert together define a bore... Agent:

20140082982 - Gap seal for gun: A gun or other projectile launching device includes a frame, and a barrel, including a bore therethrough, held in position by the frame. A cylinder is rotatable attached to the frame in close proximity to an inner end portion of the barrel, the cylinder having multiple chambers and configured to... Agent:

20140082983 - Adjustable grip extender for a firearm: An adjustable grip extender for a firearm, comprising: a) an elevating mechanism, including a moveable portion on top and a fixed portion on bottom with respect to the adjustable grip, wherein both portions are pivotally connected in such a way that said moveable portion can be moved angularly with respect... Agent:

20140082984 - Speed loader for large caliber multi-shot weapon: Apparatus and methods are provided for fast loading a plurality of cartridges into a magazine for holding cartridges, such as the magazine of a large caliber multi-shot weapon. In various embodiments, the apparatus includes a cartridge receptacle disposed between a retention wheel and a knob. The knob is rotatably attached... Agent:

20140082985 - Firearm accessory clamp mount having rotatable locking lever and lower adjustment nut: An adjustable accessory mounting mechanism for firearms has an accessory mount rail having clamp surfaces. A mount base member has a clamp structure in retaining engagement with the clamp surfaces and supports a clamp plate member for rotary clamping engagement with the accessory mount rail. A clamp retainer screw extends... Agent:

20140082986 - Firearm lubricant and methods for using: Embodiments of the invention thus provide an improved lubricant, methods for applying such a lubricant to a cartridge or other surface, and a container for the lubricant. In embodiments of the invention, the lubricant includes hydrophobic component and a hydrophilic component.... Agent:

20140082987 - Stabilizing shooting rest apparatus and method: Disclosed herein is a stabilizing shooting rest that includes a base attachable to the belt of a wearer. The stabilizing shooting rest further includes a telescopic elongated member having a proximate end attached to the base and extending to a distal end, the telescopic elongated member attaching to the base... Agent:

20140082988 - Stabilizing shooting rest apparatus and method: Disclosed herein is a stabilizing shooting rest that includes a base attachable to the belt of a wearer. The stabilizing shooting rest further includes a telescopic elongated member having a proximate end attached to the base and extending to a distal end, the telescopic elongated member attaching to the base... Agent:

20140082989 - Gun bore cleaning device: A device for cleaning a bore of a firearm. One or more bore-cleaning bodies may include a core and a fabric cover, and a central member used to compress the core longitudinally and expand it radially to apply radial force pressing the fabric cover against the interior bore surface. A... Agent:

20140082990 - Heat sink rail system: A method and apparatus providing for a rail system which further acts to cool a firearm. Wherein said cooling process acts by the passage of air through fins of the apparatus. Whereby said method and apparatus provides for a cooling mechanism which does not inhibit the firearm from attaching accessories.... Agent:

20140082991 - Accessory device for attachment to a firearm: An accessory device for attachment to a firearm may include a device body having a light source and a biasing member extending from the device body through an aperture of a rail clip. The biasing member has a distal end shaped for insertion into a firearm slot, and the device... Agent: Specialized Tactical Systems

03/20/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140075799 - Firearm configuration for reducing recoil: Disclosed is a firearm configuration for a handgun. The firearm configuration is designed to reduce the recoil forces encountered by a user upon firing the weapon. Recoil forces are reduced by lowering the firearm's center of mass and by aligning a recoiling mass with the user's arm and trigger finger.... Agent:

20140075800 - Flash redirecting recoil compensator: A flash redirecting recoil compensator for a firearm includes a compensator body that provides a platform for the rest of the components. The compensator body attaches with a firearm in order to reduce recoil force and redirect the muzzle flash away from the site of the shooter. An attachment chamber... Agent:

20140075801 - Recoil damping device for portable firearms: A recoil damping device for portable firearms, including a casing in which a recoil damping means is inserted; the damping means includes a fixed part, which is integral with the casing, and a movable part able to slide along a substantially axial direction inside the casing; the damping means is... Agent: Benelli Armi S.p.a.

20140075798 - Spring enhanced buffer for a firearm: A buffer for a firearm having a sleeve member having an open end and a closed end. A set of weights having a combined predefined mass are contained within the sleeve member. A bumper secures and seals the open end of the sleeve. A spring is positioned between two of... Agent: Abrams Airborne Inc.

20140075803 - Apparatus, system, and method for a firearm conversion kit: An apparatus is disclosed for a firearm conversion kit. The apparatus includes left and right hand portions configured to form furniture of a firearm having a trigger, a remote trigger coupled with a platform, the platform extending into a slot in at least one of the left and right hand... Agent:

20140075802 - Firearm having anti-play buffers: A rifle having a receiver formed of upper and lower receiver portions attached to one another has one or more elastic bodies positioned between facing surfaces of the upper and lower receiver portions. The elastic bodies reduce play or lost motion between the upper and lower receiver portions for improved... Agent: Smith & Wesson Corp.

20140075804 - Modular upper receiver and firearm with modular upper receiver: A modular rail system for an upper receiver of a firearm is provided, the modular rail system having: a bottom portion configured to be removably secured to the upper receiver, wherein the bottom portion has an integrally formed bottom rail and a forward portion located forward of a top rail... Agent:

20140075806 - Breech bolt for firearm: A firearm including a receiver, a barrel, a breech bolt assembly, and a trigger assembly. The bolt assembly has a bolt including a body portion, a lug portion, and a firing pin bore. The lug portion includes outward extending lugs, a cartridge recess, and an off-center hole. The bolt assembly... Agent: Sharps Rifle Company, Inc.

20140075805 - Firearm barrel having cartridge chamber preparation facilitating effiecient cartridge case extraction and protection against premature bolt failure: To permit ease and efficiency for the extraction of spent cartridge cases from the cartridge chamber of a firearm barrel within a wide range of temperature conditions, the internal tapered surface of the body region of a cartridge chamber is prepared by establishing circumferentially spaced longitudinal straight or curved regions... Agent:

20140075807 - Firearm bolt: Disclosed is a firearm bolt that may optionally incorporate one or more ejectors that are located closer to the extractor. The disclosed firearm bolt may also optionally position the ejector(s) outside of a central portion of a cartridge that experience high compression forces when the cartridge is fired.... Agent:

20140075809 - Gun with automatic loading of cartridges: s

20140075808 - Magazine with detachable feed lip element: Magazines with detachable feed lip elements have a tubular body having a lower end and an upper end that defines an elongated passage that receives a spring and a detachable feed element positioned on top of the upper end of the passage that has feed lips that retain cartridges in... Agent:

20140075810 - Universal ak-47 and variant bolt hold open follower: A universal cartridge follower for a firearm magazine comprising a cartridge receiving surface and side walls extending from the cartridge receiving surface. The cartridge receiving surface is operationally configured to intercept a firearm bolt. The side walls extend from the cartridge receiving surface and have opposing first surfaces defining a... Agent:

20140075811 - Open chamber mechanism: Aspects described herein relate to an open chamber gun mechanism comprising a frame and a cylinder assembly that forms an open chamber positioned for rotation within the frame, said open chamber including an insert positioned within the open chamber, the insert forming an expandable region between the open chamber and... Agent: Open Chamber Systems, LLC

20140075812 - Ar-15 type bullpup converted firearm and method of assembly thereof: A bullpup assembly for converting an AR-15 type firearm having an AR-15 stock in unmodified assembly into a bullpup configuration. The bullpup assembly includes a frame body coupleable with the body of the firearm, the frame comprising a bullpup trigger, and the frame being configured to replace the AR-15 stock,... Agent: Ballista Tactical Systems Inc.

20140075813 - Reset assist mechanism: A reset apparatus for use in a firearm, comprising: a compression spring; a biasing member has a first end and a distal end wherein the compression spring is attached proximate to the first end of the biasing member; a notch disposed on the biasing member for cooperation with a trigger... Agent: Apex Tactical Specialties, Inc.

20140075814 - Firearm: A firearm having a gas piston system includes a bolt carrier, an adjustable gas piston block located forward on the firearm and an over-the-barrel spring and guide rod arrangement, all of which is housed and contained in a top rail that runs the length of the firearm and that maintains... Agent: Rock River Arms, Inc.

20140075815 - Buttstock assembly: A modular firearm comprising an adjustable modular buttstock assembly. The buttstock assembly can include a frame with a central opening. A comb assembly having a cheek piece and a butt plate assembly having a recoil pad each can be mounted to the frame by an adjustment apparatus. Each adjustment apparatus... Agent:

20140075816 - Firearm having gas piston system: A firearm having a gas piston system includes a bolt carrier, an adjustable gas piston block located forward on the firearm and an over-the-barrel spring and guide rod arrangement, all of which is housed and contained in a top rail that runs the length of the firearm and that maintains... Agent: Rock River Arms, Inc.

20140075817 - Barrel nut assembly and method to attach a barrel to a firearm using such assembly: A firearm barrel nut assembly including a barrel nut, generally cylindrical in shape with a threaded central bore, and an externally threaded locknut which is used in conjunction with the barrel nut to secure a barrel to a firearm upper receiver. The barrel nut has an integral bushing on its... Agent:

20140075818 - Barrel extension: The present invention relates to barrel extensions for firearms that have been converted to fire different, most likely lower, caliber ammunition than the firearms were originally designed to accommodate. The present invention in several embodiments is a barrel extension designed to supplement or replace the barrels and/or barrel extensions of... Agent: E.r. Shaw, Inc.

20140075819 - Firearm stabilization apparatus: The present disclosure provides a firearm stabilization apparatus having (1) a main body further having a stopped dado which forms a depression on a front surface of the main body; a first magnet positioned within the depression; a slot along a edge of the main body; and a second magnet... Agent: Asymmetric Technologies, LLC

20140075820 - Firearm gun-sight: The present invention relates to a gun-sight system and a method for using the gun-sight and in particular, to such a gun-sight which is calibrated without maneuvering a mechanical bore-sight mechanism.... Agent: Ipu Industries Ltd

20140075821 - Touch display screen used for adjusting and determining the reticle of an electronic firearm sight: A touch display screen used for adjusting and determining the reticle of an electronic firearm sight, includes: a display; a touch screen installed in front of the display; and a display driver. The touch display screen is connected with a processor, the processor in turn is connected with a memory;... Agent:

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