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05/14/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150128467 - Forend for a pump action firearm: A forend for use with a pump action firearm having a barrel with a magazine tube arranged adjacent and parallel thereto. The pump action firearm further includes an action slide assembly slidably receiving the magazine tube and the action slide assembly has a distal end and an action slide cap... Agent: Magpul Industries Corporation

20150128468 - Bolt spring clip assembly for a firearm: A firearm bolt spring clip assembly is provided. The assembly includes a bolt member, an extractor and an ejector. The extractor is removably coupled to the bolt member, positioned in an extractor cavity located in the bolt member. The extractor may comprise a dove tail end, a groove, a leaf... Agent:

20150128469 - Apparatus for coupling accessories to firearms and methods for forming the same: Embodiments provided herein describe apparatuses and methods for coupling an accessory to a firearm. The apparatus includes a body having a first portion and a second portion. The first portion of the body has an opening formed thereon. The body further includes a cavity formed therein. The cavity is in... Agent:

20150128470 - Rail cover for a firearm: A rail cover for use on a handcover having a rail. The rail cover includes a body having opposing side edges, a top surface and a bottom surface. Parallel sidewalls depend from the bottom surface to define a socket therebetween for slidably engaging the rail of the handguard. A snap... Agent:

20150128471 - Iron sight centered windage wheel: A firearm sight including a base coupled to a firearm receiver. The base includes a body having opposed side defining a void therebetween. A sight housing having an end coupled to the base and an opposing end carrying a sight structure. The end coupled to the base is bifurcated with... Agent:

20150128472 - Scope: A scope for a rifle provides a wide field of view and safe eye relief. The scope includes an objective lens group and an ocular lens group, one lens of the ocular lens group being at least 10% greater in diameter than the first lens of the objective lens groups.... Agent: Supas Ltd

05/07/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150121735 - Anti-walk pin assembly for a lower receiver: An anti-walk pin assembly for securing a fire control group having a trigger, disconnector and hammer within a firearm. A lower receiver defines a fire control group receptacle for housing fire control group components. The lower receiver has trigger pin receiving openings each defining a trigger pin support surface. A... Agent:

20150121734 - Extendable slide member for pistol slide: An extendable slide member on a pistol slide action, providing leverage and a gripping base for a user to pull back or “rack” the slide along guides on a pistol frame, in a longitudinal motion relative to the pistol frame. The slide member facilitating racking the slide when in an... Agent: Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc.

20150121736 - Ammunition magazine and resilient member: A magazine for storing and feeding ammunition cartridges to a small arms weapon which comprises a casing, a floor plate, a follower, and a magazine spring inside the casing. The magazine spring may comprise a first end connected to the follower, a second end connected to the floor plate, and... Agent:

20150121737 - Firearm handgrip with tool component: A handgrip for a firearm is disclosed. The handgrip features a tool, in particular a melee component, stowed within a portion of the handgrip, the remaining portion of the melee component forming a finger guard. A latch is provided to hold the melee component in the stowed position. The interface... Agent:

20150121738 - Firearm with replaceable grip: A firearm with replaceable grip in one embodiment includes a grip frame, a grip, and a rotary camlock mechanism configured to lock and unlock the grip from the grip frame. The camlock mechanism may be rotated between locked and unlocked positions preventing or enabling removal of the grip from the... Agent:

20150121739 - Shotgun simulator: A shotgun sound simulator comprises an donated enclosed tube defining a combustion chamber into which an ignitable mixture can be combusted. The tube also includes at least one baffle and an open end having a smaller diameter than the tube. The open end permits ignited gases to escape. By controlling... Agent:

20150121741 - Adjustable firearm support: Adjustable firearm supports including a forward grip and associated methods of manufacturing and using the supports are disclosed. In an embodiment, an adjustable firearm support is provided, which comprises: an adjustment assembly configured to attach to a firearm; and a support body extending from the adjustment assembly, the support body... Agent:

20150121740 - Leg supported gun rest: A leg supported gun rest comprising a base, where the base extends across a lap of a user; a pair of rounded ends on the base, where the pair of rounded ends wrap around the user's legs; a support attached to a top of the base; and a U-shaped rest... Agent:

20150121742 - Special tool device for easy disassembly and reassembly for cleaning an automatic pistol such as a ruger: A tool device for easy cleaning of an automatic Pistol such as a Ruger Mark Series. It relates to a method and tool for disassembling and reassembling automatic pistol components including removing a mainspring assembly, bolt, spring assembly, barrel and grips. It is useful for cleaning, inspection and replacement of... Agent:

04/30/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150113847 - Counting device: Counting device designed to determine the number of shots and cartridges in a weapon, which comprises an activator sensor (11) that supplies an activation signal to a processor (12) in response to a mechanical impulse; the processor (12) in turn supplies a counting-initiation signal to a counting sensor (13) that... Agent:

20150113848 - Pump-action firearm with bolt carrier locking mechanism and folding butt stock: A firearm comprising a barrel, a handguard disposed around the barrel; a manually operated pump-action reload mechanism, the pump-action reload mechanism comprising a hand-held actuation arrangement and a fore-end body, the fore-end body disposed around the barrel between the handguard and the barrel, and the hand-held actuation arrangement coupled to... Agent:

20150113849 - Apparatus, method and system for a ballistically launched delivery device: An apparatus and method of launching and retrieving a ballistically launched delivery device. A replaceable bullet trap with an axial cavity may be inserted into a launch delivery tube. The launch delivery tube may be attached to a ballistic muzzle. A projectile may be fired from the ballistic muzzle through... Agent: Cardinal Scientific, Inc.

20150113850 - Non-marring gun hook: The present disclosure provides a device for supporting and displaying a handgun. In various embodiments, the device comprises a moisture barrier back plate, a pair of opposing looped fingers extending from the back plate, and at least one retention hook extending from a top portion of the back plate. Each... Agent:

20150113851 - Realtime memorialization firearm attachment: A firearm accessory that includes a body that is demountably attached to a firearm, the body containing: a camera; a microphone; a memory chip; a micro-controller operable to record a user's firearm activity into the memory chip as captured by the camera and the microphone; and, a trigger-switch mechanism demountably... Agent:

04/25/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
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