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04/16/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150101228 - Live-round prevention with magazine modification: The present invention is a modified magazine adapted to prevent live ammunition from being loaded therein and subsequently chambered into and discharged from a firearm. The magazine includes a restriction plate positioned within a cavity of the magazine and securely coupled to an interior surface of a front wall of... Agent:

20150101229 - Automated fire control device: The invention triggers the release of a round, multi-round burst, rocket, missile, or other projectile(s) when enabled by the operator, and when the target passes through the point of impact (or desired/computed proximity thereto), relieving the operator of the split second judgment in timing the release and/or cessation of such... Agent:

20150101230 - Lower receiver for firearms: A lower receiver for a firearm is disclosed that includes a trigger and hammer assemblies receiving section and a magazine well section, a raised bolt catch mount and a trigger access opening defined between the sections. The bolt catch mount includes an opening for insertion of a bolt catch mounting... Agent: Curtis Arms, LLC

20150101231 - Live-round prevention with built-in blank firing adapter: The invention relates to safety components/modifications for a firearm barrel for preventing discharge of live ammunition from the firearm. The invention includes one embodiment of a modified barrel including a rod member transversely positioned within a portion of the bore of the barrel adjacent to the chamber to prevent chambering... Agent:

20150101232 - Quad rail rotation device: Rifles, such as the AR-15, can be equipped with four connected rectangular plates, referred to as a “Quad Rail.” The purpose of the quad rail is to accommodate shooter's accessories such as high powered scope, night or infrared scope, battery(ies), laser pointer, optical range finder, and single hand grip or... Agent:

20150101233 - Weapon stabilizer / hanger: A weapon stabilizer that is easily installed at a hunting location for stabilization of a weapon. The Prusik knot forms a loop that depends from the support arm of the weapon stabilizer and suspends the weapon for stable firing. The weapon stabilizer has a multitude of embodiments for ways to... Agent:

20150101234 - Control system for directing power to a laser assembly: An assembly (10) for providing an assembly output beam comprises a laser assembly (12), a power source (14), and a system controller (16). The power source (14) is electrically coupled to the laser assembly (12). The system controller (16) directs power from the power source (14) to the laser assembly... Agent:

04/09/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150096212 - Slide stop retention mechanism: To prevent inertial forces from inadvertently releasing the slide of a semi-automatic pistol into battery, a slide stop retention mechanism is mounted on the frame. A finger extends from the mechanism and pivots under the force of a biasing spring into engagement with the slide stop when the slide is... Agent:

20150096213 - Top loading shotgun: A shell feeding system for a top loading shotgun in one embodiment includes a barrel, receiver, and a magazine. The magazine includes a cavity configured to receive a plurality of ammunition shells in stacked end-to-end relationship. The magazine is positioned above the barrel and extends forward from the receiver. Shell... Agent:

20150096214 - Magazine system for increasing the capacity of a firearm: A magazine system for increasing the cartridge storage capacity of a firearm is disclosed. The magazine system may be a magazine that includes a housing that has a capacity for ammunition and a spring mechanism housed within the housing. Additionally, the magazine system may include a connection mechanism that is... Agent:

20150096215 - Fore-end grip for a firearm: A fore-end grip is provided for a firearm. The firearm has a barrel, and the fore-end grip is configured to at least partially surround the barrel. The fore-end grip includes at least one finger channel and at least one thumb channel. The finger channel and the thumb channel are configured... Agent:

20150096216 - Portable bench: A shooting bench is configured to be portable and stable. The shooting bench includes a tabletop mechanically coupled to three leg assembly sockets wherein each assembly socket contains an angled cavity that is angled at 10 to 30 degrees from perpendicular to the tabletop. A catch assembly, a cradle assembly... Agent:

20150096217 - Pointing devices, apparatus, systems and methods for high shock environments: Devices, apparatus, systems and methods for providing accurate linear and angular positioning with a payload mounted to a beam having freely moveable ends. The payload can be a laser pointer mounted on a firearm, which maintains the initial precise pointing during and after exposure in high G shock and vibration... Agent:

04/02/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150089854 - Pump action rifle and action lock mechanism: An action lock for a Modern Sporting Rifle pump action firearm is pivotably mounted within the lower receiver of the rifle and has a stop surface that engages a contact surface on the bolt carrier when the bolt carrier is in battery. A cam on the hammer or the trigger... Agent: Smith & Wesson Corp.

20150089855 - Removable shotgun magazine: A magazine assembly for a firearm in One embodiment includes an outer magazine housing configured for attachment to a firearm and a magazine removably insertable into the housing. The magazine includes an axially extending internal cavity configured to hold a plurality of ammunition shells in stacked end-to-end relationship. In one... Agent:

20150089856 - Firearm barrel plug: A training/safety plug for use in firearms is provided. In one implementation, the plug comprises a chamber end and a shaft extending away from the chamber end. The chamber end is adapted to fit within a chamber of a designated firearm, the chamber end has a cross-sectional dimension sufficient to... Agent:

03/26/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150082678 - Drop-in fixed magazine: Drop-in fixed magazines have a tubular body defining an elongated passage and having a lower end and an upper end, the body having an exterior surface that closely fits the profile of the magazine well, and the body including protrusions of the upper end extending laterally beyond the profile. The... Agent: California Business Environments, Inc.

20150082679 - Firearm barrel sleeves and barrel grips: Firearm barrel sleeves and barrel grips configured to fit upon gun barrels are made of heat insulating material and have internal splines and externals ribs or flanges which extend from a cylindrical body and provide gripping function, heat transfer and air flow.... Agent:

20150082680 - Image deflector for gun sights: Optical apparatus in which a beam deflector is used to reposition the sight beam from a reflex sight. In one example, an optical apparatus includes a reflex sight configured to produce a collimated reflex sight beam directed along an optical axis, and a beam deflector coupled to an output of... Agent: Raytheon Canada Limited

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