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07/10/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140190051 - Shooter aim detection and warning system: Subject matter disclosed herein relates to an apparatus, device, or method for detecting aim or pointing direction of a firearm, the method comprising detecting a sound signature of a gunshot from the firearm; sensing an aim direction of the firearm substantially at the time of detecting the sound signature of... Agent:

20140190052 - Shotgun magazine receiver assembly: b

20140190053 - Light-weight firing control housing for revolver: A revolver with light-weight firing control housing includes a cylinder frame supporting a rotatable cylinder defining a plurality of cartridge-receiving chambers and a firing control housing made of a non-metallic material. The firing control housing attaches to the cylinder frame and supports firing control mechanism components, such as a trigger... Agent: Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc

20140190055 - Interchangeable buttstock system for rifles: A modular buttstock system for firearms includes user replaceable and interchangeable buttstock modules. The modules include a comb portion and butt portion which ma be provided in a variety of configurations, sizes, and materials. The modules and firearm buttstock each include complementary configured mourning portions and a mounting system designed... Agent:

20140190057 - Light weight stiffened gun stock: A light weight stiffened gun stock is disclosed herein. The gun stock utilizes structural members oriented in a grid pattern resulting in a high strength-to-weight ratio. The grid pattern can be an isogrid, orthogrid, hoop-grid pattern, or a combination thereof. The structural members define the form of the gunstock, and... Agent:

20140190056 - Stock assembly and recoil system for a firearm: A stock and recoil system for a firearm includes a lower receiver, a bolt carrier, and a stock assembly. The bolt carrier is reciprocally movable along an axis within an upper receiver carried by the lower receiver and includes a tubular rearward end defining a cavity with a rearwardly directed... Agent:

20140190054 - Tactical support device: A tactical support device comprising a universal butt stock clip and plate member is provided for securing and maneuvering a rifle or long gun. The clip member is attached along the rear portion of a long gun and includes an elongated rod having a rounded end termination. The rounded end... Agent:

20140190058 - Firearm with shell holder: Shell holders for firearms have a body including a plurality of bores, a plurality of elastomeric elements, each associated with a different selected one of the bores, each elastomeric element having a protruding portion that protrudes a selected distance into the bore, a plurality of movable adjustment elements, each connected... Agent:

20140190059 - Firearm stock with folding bipod: The firearm stock has a body including a forend. The bottom of the forend has an elongate slot. A bipod having a plurality of legs is pivotally attached at one end of the legs to the bottom of the forend. The bipod has an unfolded position in which an opposing... Agent:

20140190060 - Single-hand adjustable bipod rifle support: Some embodiments provide a support apparatus that is set-up and operated by one hand of an operator to stabilize the for-end of a barrel section of an item used to engage in an activity. The apparatus is a one hand-operated support pod that stabilizes the for-end of the rifle barrel.... Agent:

20140190061 - Device for attachment to a profiled rail: A device for selective affixation to a profiled rail is generally provided. The device generally includes a body and a clamp assembly operatively supported thereby. The body has an upper portion characterized by first and second opposing and spaced apart sidewall segments. The first sidewall segment has a profiled rail... Agent: Rm Equipment, Inc.

20140190062 - Scope mount: A scope mount for a firearm is disclosed. The scope mount may include a first ring component covering a first portion of an upper half of a scope body, and a second ring component covering a second portion of the upper half of the scope body. The scope mount may... Agent: Talley Mfg., Inc.

20140190063 - Mount light for firearm: A mount light for a firearm includes a lighting apparatus and a rail mounting arrangement, which includes a plurality of side panels, an actuation switch, a locking member and a resilient element. The side panels are extended from the mounting side of the lighting apparatus to form a receiving channel... Agent:

07/03/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140182179 - Location-based small arms control system: An apparatus includes a trigger mechanism and a controller coupled to the trigger mechanism. The controller is configured to disable the trigger mechanism when the apparatus is within a gun-restricted zone.... Agent:

20140182180 - Electromechanical trigger guard protective enclosure: The electromechanical trigger guard protective enclosure is a safety device intended to prevent access to the trigger of any firearm with an accessory rail. The present invention has a keypad, which activates the drive mechanism. The drive mechanism either covers the trigger or slides open revealing the trigger for use.... Agent: Gun Guardian, LLC

20140182181 - Forearm-gripping stabilizing attachment for a handgun: A forearm-gripping stabilizing attachment for a handgun that has a support structure extending rearwardly from the rear end of the handgun is provided. The forearm-gripping stabilizing attachment includes a body having a passage longitudinally extending therein. The support structure of the handgun is telescopically receivable by the passage to secure... Agent:

20140182182 - Vertical foregrip: A foregrip for a firearm may comprise a mounting device configured to attach to a mounting rail of a firearm and a grip body. The grip body may include a top portion configured to be removably attached to the mounting device and a lateral side portion configured to be gripped... Agent: Tuf, LLC

20140182185 - Gun rest systems: A gun rest system comprises a gun support member comprising a gun support coupling apparatus having a first arm and a second arm, a first leg frame coupled to the first arm, and a second leg frame coupled to the second arm. The gun rest system may be moveable between... Agent:

20140182184 - Gun support apparatus: Gun support apparatus for supporting a gun or components of a gun for assembly, servicing, cleaning, or other gunsmithing operations. A vise may include one or more gun supports for supporting a gun. A gun support may include a magazine well insert receivable in a magazine well of a gun.... Agent: Battenfield Technologies, Inc.

20140182183 - Shooting rests with adjustable height for supporting firearms: Shooting rests having elevation adjustment assemblies are disclosed herein. One embodiment of the disclosure, for example, is directed to a shooting rest for supporting a firearm having a buttstock spaced apart from a forestock. The shooting rest includes a first base portion carrying a first support for supporting the buttstock... Agent: Battenfeld Technologies, Inc.

20140182186 - Video camera gun barrel mounting and programming system: This invention relates to the mounting and programming of a camera for the capturing of the images of a target, and/or the shooter, at the time around the discharge of a gun, bow, or shooting device. More particularly, the present invention relates to the process of mounting a digital video... Agent:

20140182187 - Software-extensible gun scope and method: An apparatus includes a digital optical scope including software-extensible functionality. The digital optical scope includes a display, an interface configured to receive data including software modules, and an optical sensor configured to capture video data associated with a view area. The digital optical scope further includes a processor coupled to... Agent: Trackingpoint, Inc.

06/26/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140173959 - Methods and systems for detecting a gun and/or bullet within one's vicinity via an electronic device: A projectile is presented including a casing, a propellant, and a primer configured to ignite the propellant. The projectile also includes an electronic beacon incorporated within the casing of the projectile, the electronic beacon configured to emit at least one signal to be received by at least one electronic device... Agent:

20140173960 - Methods and systems for detecting a gun and/or bullet within one's vicinity via an electronic device and connecting to a social network: A loaded weapon notification system is presented including a weapon having a frame, a barrel connected to the frame, and a magazine mechanically cooperating with the frame and at least one projectile configured to be stored within the magazine of the weapon. The loaded weapon notification system further includes an... Agent:

20140173961 - Methods and system for controlling the use of firearms: According to certain aspects, a system for controlling use of firearms can include location circuitry and communications circuitry. The location circuitry may be configured to determine a location of a firearm. The communications circuitry may be configured to communicate information relating to the location of the firearm to a remote... Agent:

20140173962 - Methods and system for controlling the use of firearms: According to certain aspects, a system for controlling use of firearms can include a circuitry coupled to a firearm and in communication with a Global Positioning System (GPS) unit. The circuitry may be configured to: determine, using the GPS unit, coordinates of a current location of the firearm; transmit the... Agent:

20140173963 - Firearm recoil modifying device: A firearm recoil modifying device includes a cylindrical body having a rearward end, a forward end, and a longitudinal axis extending therebetween. An adapter having a central aperture aligned with the longitudinal axis is coupled to the rearward end of the cylindrical body. An end cap is coupled to the... Agent:

20140173964 - Weapon firing simulator: A bullet-free training magazine designed to simulate real firing sounds and sights. The magazine is part of a magazine assembly which includes a magazine adaptor, a push to fire (PTF) trigger shaped to fit over a regular weapon trigger and to a fire flashlight. The PTF trigger and the fire... Agent: Bagira Systems Ltd.

20140173965 - Patridge sights and related methods: Disclosed is an improved open sight that may be operated as a Patridge sight and point-on-point sight.... Agent:

06/19/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140165438 - Matched muzzle brake-weight system for firearms: A matched muzzle brake and weight system mountable on a firearm barrel is disclosed. In certain embodiments, the muzzle brake and weight are configured to have the same predetermined weight and center of gravity so that the point of aim of the firearm remains substantially unchanged when a user deploys... Agent: Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc.

20140165439 - Magazine lock and breech block: A magazine lock for a firearm includes a magazine well and a magazine latch. The lock includes a tube nut positioned within a housing. The tube nut is connected to the magazine latch of the firearm. When tightened down, the tube nut prevents the magazine latch from releasing a magazine... Agent:

20140165440 - Trigger for firearms with removable magazine: A metal trigger for a firearm has a trigger body. A magazine receptacle is disposed in the trigger body and adapted to receive a removable cartridge magazine. A magazine securing lever is disposed on the trigger body. The trigger body has a feed ramp positioned at a slant at a... Agent: Styria Arms - Michael W. Mayerl

20140165441 - Handgun: This invention relates to a handgun comprising a weapon frame with a grip and a break-barrel unit (11) that can be tilted forward and that is comprised of at least two barrels. A firearm as per the invention provides for a bifunctional or multifunctional hammer unit, comprising at least two... Agent:

20140165442 - Slide takedown system and method for firearm: A firearm with slide takedown mechanism and method for use is disclosed. In one embodiment, the firearm includes a frame, barrel, trigger and a reciprocating slide. A takedown lever is pivotably mounted to the firearm and engageable with the slide. In a first blocking position, the takedown lever engages and... Agent: Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc.

20140165443 - Recoil reducer: The present invention relates to a recoil reducer for a firearm. The recoil reducer includes a means to reduce the energy transmitted from the firearm via the use of a soft viscoelastic gel, which is surrounded by means to further reduce the energy transmitted, above that provided solely by the... Agent:

20140165444 - Firearm with barrel cinching clamp: Firearms with barrel cinching clamps have a receiver having a forward portion defining an internally threaded bore, a barrel having a threaded end removably received in the bore, at least a selected portion of the forward portion being split by a gap, the selected portion having connection elements on opposite... Agent:

20140165445 - Support apparatus: A support apparatus includes a main element supported by lanyard. The main element includes one or more channels for supporting an object such as a firearm in a substantially vertical position. The support apparatus may include a hook or other fastener for removably coupling to a vehicle or other fixed... Agent:

20140165446 - Firearm sight: A sight for a firearm is provided. The sight is structured to fit within a channel defined within the firearm. In some examples, the channel is defined within the slide of a semi automatic handgun. The sight includes a base that fits within the channel, and a visual index portion... Agent: Penn United Technologies, Inc.

20140165447 - Optical device configured to determine a prey score of antlered prey: An optical apparatus includes an optical sensor configured to capture a digital image of an animal within a view area, a processor coupled to the optical sensor, and a memory coupled to the processor. The memory is configured to store instructions that, when executed, cause the processor to determine a... Agent:

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