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12/18/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140366417 - Magazine shell of a universal magazine of multiple caliber compatibility for firearms: Various embodiments of a magazine for a firearm are described. In one aspect, a magazine for a firearm may include a magazine shell having a first end, a second end opposite the first end, and a plurality of sidewalls between the first end and the second end. The first end... Agent:

20140366418 - Trigger mechanism: A trigger mechanism includes a hammer, and a trigger disconnector assembly including a trigger body having a trigger nose, and a disconnector having a disconnector hook. A reset lever is mounted for movement between open and closed positions. The trigger disconnector assembly is in mechanical communication with the reset lever.... Agent:

20140366419 - Firearm locking assembly: A firearm locking assembly combines a firearm and a locked safety assembly and is configured to allow owner and deny non-owner use. The assembly allows owner unencumbered use without an alarm sounding. The assembly allows owner very fast unlocking without the use of anything external, except the owner's hands. Motion... Agent:

20140366422 - Firearm safety system: A firearm safety system as well as a method associated with the firearm safety system capable of preventing a firearm from firing is described. By incorporating a control module into firearms, the presence by the firearm may be detected by a detecting device receiving signals sent by the control module.... Agent:

20140366421 - System and methods for firearm safety enhancement: The present invention relates to system and methods for providing enhanced firearm safety by utilizing an electronic firearm locking device present in the firearm, in communication with a mobile application of a wireless mobile communication device and a remote firearm management server that provides five levels of safety for selective... Agent:

20140366420 - Wireless safety trigger system and trigger assembly: A wireless network assembly incorporates a system that may involve an adapted trigger and wireless safety trigger assembly within firearms to add safety features; The scope and ideals include but are not limited to its intent to replace current triggers from manufactures and also be a separately sold weapons accessory;... Agent:

20140366423 - Adjustable shooting rail device: An adjustable shooting rail device retrofittable to a conventional hunting stand or hunting blind. The device includes an adjustment mechanism having an actuator that is pivotally secured between a shooting rail and a vertical member of the hunting stand. The device further includes a pair of support collars pivotally coupling... Agent:

20140366424 - Sight level for firearm: Disclosed herein are several embodiments of a level indicator for a firearm that is configured to be repositioned from a home position, generally above the barrel of the firearm, to an extended position, generally above and to the side of the barrel of the firearm. Several different mounting apparatuses are... Agent:

20140366425 - Sight: A sight includes a power-changed unit and a bullet impact correction unit. The power-changed unit includes an outer barrel, a rotary frame disposed around the outer barrel, a frame screw disposed in the rotary frame, and a resilient member disposed between the outer barrel and the frame screw. The bullet... Agent: Sintai Optical (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

12/11/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140360070 - Dart gun: A dart gun for medicating or tranquilizing animals, which includes a barrel and a breech plug, the barrel including a bore defining a longitudinal axis extending from a muzzle end to a breech end, and the breech end including a breech plug chamber and a notch. The breech plug is... Agent: Blackpowder Products, Inc.

20140360071 - Firearm and a method for loading a firearm: A firearm 10 having a selectively movable slide portion 12 which includes at least one serrated radius or shoulder edge 14, 16 and which allows the firearm 10 to be selectively cycled by engaging the at least one serrated edge 14, 16 with a surface, such as table edge 32,... Agent:

20140360072 - Precision guided firearm including an optical scope configured to determine timing of discharge: A precision guided firearm (PGF) includes a trigger assembly and an optical device coupled to the trigger assembly. The optical device is to predict a time when an aim point of the PGF is less than a programmable threshold distance from a selected location on a target and to control... Agent:

20140360073 - Methods and systems for enhancing firearm safety through wireless network monitoring: A firearm includes a firing mechanism and a sensor device. The sensor device includes a subscriber identity module configured to communicate with a server over a signaling channel of a wireless communications network. The Sensor device is configured to enable/disable the firing mechanism in accordance with instructions received by the... Agent: Gunnegate, LLC

20140360074 - Buttstock assembly: A modular firearm comprising an adjustable modular buttstock assembly. The buttstock assembly can include a frame with a central opening. A comb assembly having a cheek piece and a butt plate assembly having a recoil pad each can be mounted to the frame by an adjustment apparatus. Each adjustment apparatus... Agent:

20140360075 - Recoil pad mold: A recoil pad having a pad in which the elastomer contains a plurality of pockets having one or more pocket characteristics adjustable over the entirety or portions of the pad to achieve recoil pad characteristics which can be incrementally variably matched to the recoil energy characteristics and recoil energy transfer... Agent: North Pass, Ltd.

20140360076 - Bullpup stock kit for a rifle: The present invention provides for a stock kit that converts a conventional rifle, such as an SKS, into bullpup configuration. The preferred embodiment of the provided stock kit does not require any permanent modification be made to the host firearm. The stock kit also provides for a rotatable handguard, trigger... Agent:

20140360077 - Powered tactical rail (aka picatinny rail) system and method of using the same: A tactical rail incorporating integral conductive elements positioned in rail channels or grooves wherein the conductive elements are powered by a single battery. Accessory mounts incorporate conductive elements positioned to contact the conductive elements in the rail grooves thus receiving electric current from the conductive elements and delivering the same... Agent:

20140360078 - Firearm with a vertically filming camera: Assembly consisting of a firearm, in particular a hunting gun, and an image capturing device, for example a camera or a mobile phone, in particular a smartphone, fixed to the firearm, characterised in that the securing of the image capturing device to the firearm is performed such that the sighting... Agent:

20140360079 - Tactical rail engaging assembly: A tactical rail engaging assembly may include a securing base having opposed first and second lateral walls connected to opposed first and second end walls. A rail-receiving channel may be formed through a surface of the securing base. At least one button may be formed through at least one of... Agent:

20140360080 - Shooting rest assembly: A shooting rest assembly is engageable with a stand for supporting a weapon in the stand. The shooting rest assembly includes a base having at least one clamp for coupling to the stand. A platform is rotatably coupled to the base and has a platform frame and a telescoping member... Agent:

20140360081 - Precision guided firearm with hybrid sensor fire control: A precision guided firearm (PGF) includes a trigger assembly and an optical device coupled to the trigger assembly. The optical device includes an optical sensor configured to capture video of a view area and includes at least one motion sensor. The optical device is configured to process video frames of... Agent:

20140360082 - Sight and dust cap thereof: A sight includes an objective barrel and a dust cap connected to the objective barrel. The dust cap includes a main body, a cover, a first flexible element, and a second flexible element, The cover is connected to the main body. The first flexible element is connected to the main... Agent: Sintai Optical (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140360083 - Apparatus and method for aiming point calculation: The present invention relates to target acquisition and related devices, and more particularly to telescopic gunsights and associated equipment used to achieve shooting accuracy at, for example, close ranges, medium ranges and extreme ranges at stationary and moving targets.... Agent:

12/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140352187 - Pistol with barrel locking device: A method of locking a barrel of a firearm with respect to a barrel slide is provided. The method including the steps of: movably mounting a barrel slide to a housing of the firearm; movably mounting a barrel to the barrel slide; movably mounting a pair of locking bodies in... Agent:

20140352188 - Caseless projectile and launching system: A launcher system includes a launcher having a barrel adapted to receive a projectile and a charge of propellant and a velocity variator configured to shift relative to barrel to selectively vary a launch velocity of projectile from launcher. The velocity variator may be constituted by a collar selectively controlling... Agent:

20140352189 - Ammunition magazine: The present invention is an ammunition magazine, preferably made of a reinforced polymer, utilizing a structurally enhancing ridge, angular guide rails and a follower made to interface with said guide rails to reduce wobble. The preferred embodiment also features a protective cover that distributes forces from the spring to more... Agent:

20140352190 - Folding firearm: Folding firearms have a first portion including a shoulder stock having a free end butt surface and a trigger assembly including a trigger lever, a second portion including a frame defining a bolt passage, a bolt received in the bolt passage, and a barrel connected to the frame, and the... Agent:

20140352191 - Redesigned ar-15 upper receiver: A redesigned upper receiver for the AR-15 upper receiver has a cylindrical housing, a barrel mount, and a stock mounting point. The barrel mount and the stock mounting point are positioned on opposite ends of the cylindrical housing. The AR-15 gun barrel is connected to the barrel mount. The charge... Agent:

20140352192 - Uniform rectilinear gun: This invention is a precision weapon that utilises solely as a projectile, a precision-ball made out of a suitable material namely solid C260 brass. It employs a smoothbore precision-barrel with a metal toothed rack/rail affixed along the northern hemisphere of the muzzle of the barrel that effectively converts some of... Agent:

20140352193 - Gun rest for game blind: A gun rest includes a support assembly adapted to hook over a window sill and brace against a wall of a game blind. A universal joint on the support assembly provides a mount for a gun support to hold a long firearm. In one embodiment, the gun support includes spaced... Agent:

11/27/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140345179 - Rifle forend with integrated barrel nut: An embodiment presents a rifle including an upper receiver, a barrel assembly connected to the upper receiver and a forend with an integrated barrel nut. The integrated barrel nut is connected to the barrel assembly such that the forend is directly connected to and aligned with the upper receiver. Another... Agent:

20140345180 - Insertion tube for firing sub-caliber ammunition bodies and weapon comprising an insertion tube: An insertion tube (1) for firing sub-caliber ammunition bodies (20) using a high caliber weapon (10) is inserted into the loading chamber (11) of the weapon (10). The tube wall (2) of the insertion tube (1) has penetrating recesses (3) for compensating pressure differences between the inside of the insertion... Agent:

20140345181 - Mounting apparatus for night vision system: An improved weapon mount system for night vision system includes a cage-like structure receiving the body of a night vision system, such as a night vision monocular. A mounting shoe is attached to the base and cage halves secure the body of the night vision system. The mounting shoe of... Agent: Wilcox Industries Corp.

20140345182 - Muzzle loading ramrod: A ramrod for a muzzleloader is provided. The ramrod includes a shaft having a knob releasably coupled to one end thereof, the knob having a rounded end and a tapered end that oppose one another. The knob may have a central bore therein, and the shaft may be inserted into... Agent:

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