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Fire escape, ladder, or scaffold

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05/14/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150129356 - Roof safety device: A roof safety device includes a fixed arm having a generally arched portion and a first cross-beam, a hook-slide slidably cooperating with the arched portion of the fixed arm. The hook-slide also includes a second cross-beam. The roof safety device includes a means for removably locking the hook-slide into fixed... Agent:

20150129357 - Guided type fall arrester - body control system: A fall arrester (10) including a body (20), a pawl (18) mounted to the body (20) for movement between a disengaged position and an engaging position wherein the pawl (18) engages a catching stop (16) in a guide rail (12), a first connecting element (41) operably connected to the pawl... Agent:

20150129358 - Ladder safety device, systems and methods of arresting falls from ladders: A ladder system is provided. The system includes an extendable ladder and a ladder safety device. The extendable ladder includes at least a first section and a second section. The ladder safety device includes a first guide rail secured to the first section, a second guide rail secured to the... Agent:

20150129359 - Self-climbing scaffold system in construction works of buildings and self-climbing method: A self-climbing scaffold system that includes rails and shoes fixed to concrete sections of a building that are adapted for guiding the rail in a climbing direction Z. The system further includes a guide element pivotally coupled to the rail, the guide element having at least a first guide surface... Agent: Ulma C Y E, S. Coop

20150129360 - Safety rail: A safety rail that can be used in connection with ladder stands is disclosed. The safety rail can be used for the safe installation and/or take down of a ladder stand, and only one user is needed to install and/or take down the ladder stand when using the safety rail... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150122579 - Elevated platform system including restraining systems and vision system: An elevated platform system comprises a platform, a vision system configured to detect a number of people on the platform, and a plurality of restraining systems onboard the platform. Each restraining system includes a passive RFID tag secured to the platform and a reader configured to perform near field detection... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150122580 - Automatic foldable ladder: A foldable ladder for providing access to an opening including: a first motorized drive mechanism for moving a cover for the opening between a closed position and an open position; a second motorized drive mechanism coupled to a plurality of foldable ladder portions for moving the ladder portions between a... Agent:

20150122581 - Folding utility ramp with steps: A portable utility ramp that folds onto a collapsible set of steps, allowing a user to walk an in-line two-wheeled vehicle, such as a motorcycle, up or down the ramp. The inclined ramp is positionable between a ground surface and the receiving bed of a truck or trailer, with the... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150114752 - Securing device: A securing device includes a base body having a guide element, a receiving body, which has a longitudinal axis, a housing, which is fastened movably on the base body and a securing element having a first securing bolt. The receiving body is disposed on the base body so that the... Agent:

20150114753 - Body belt having added d-rings/attachment for retrofitting existing body belts: A body belt for use by linemen and others engaged in operations on poles or similar structures having a secondary set of D-rings, typically disposed slightly rearward of the primary D-rings on the belt or an auxiliary belt or attachment above or below the primary D-ring of the belt. The... Agent: Buckingham Manufacturing Company, Inc.

20150114754 - Folding and self-erecting ladder: A folding, self-erecting ladder for use in the marine environment comprises two rigid side rails with holes for holding rungs. Bungee cord is thread through the rungs and rails to tension the rails toward each other top hold the rungs in the rail holes. The ladder can be folded by... Agent:

20150114755 - Marine ladder: A marine ladder comprising a pair of laterally spaced step support members having a plurality of steps secured therebetween; said steps positioned between a lower portion and an upper portion of said step support members; an attachment member to secure said ladder to a platform; an adjustable support leg extending... Agent:

04/25/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.
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