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Fire escape, ladder, or scaffold

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08/07/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140216848 - Modular roof mounted staging bracket: An apparatus for supporting workers and materials above-grade on both the eave and gable ends of a structure is disclosed. The apparatus can be combined with one or more additional staging apparatuses to create a staging system for the support of persons or materials while work is being done on... Agent:

20140216849 - Coupling assembly for walkway in paving machine: A walkway assembly for a paving machine is provided. The paving machine includes a centering plate attached to a stairway, and a coupling assembly which couples the centering plate to a main walkway of the walkway assembly. The coupling assembly includes a bracket assembly, a first member, and a second... Agent: Caterpillar Paving Products Inc.

20140216850 - Mount system: A mount system includes two different friction enhancing surfaces that attach to at least one leg of a support structure and form a stable surface area for inhibiting movement by the leg. A mount joins with a terminal end of the leg. The mount includes a first surface having at... Agent:

20140216851 - Storage ladder: The present invention relates to a ladder with a design such that storage is incorporated into the ladder body, most notably the rails, by providing for a storage area for tools and other things, which will be incorporated into the manufacture of the ladder. An alternative version is a storage... Agent:

07/31/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140202790 - Temporary fall protection: A method of handling fall protection systems (2) in association with towers, pylons and masts includes climbing a tower (5), securing a guide channel (10) to a top portion (6) of the tower, extending a fall protection guide line (20) through the guide channel, connecting a first end (3) of... Agent: Fallskyddspecialisterna I Heby Ab

20140202791 - Rapid escape exit for high building: The present invention discloses a rapid escape exit for a high building. The rapid escape exit is applied to an evacuation process. A transit point is set in each floor by accurately calculating according to an equation of Ashwan evacuation rule: A=B+M, wherein A is a floor level from which... Agent:

20140202792 - Lift for all terrain vehicles: The lift for all terrain vehicles has a plurality of telescoping box-shaped frame members, each frame member having top and bottom rectangles made of square tubing, the rectangles being spaced apart by posts at each of the corners. The inner telescoping box-shaped member has a standing platform mounted on the... Agent:

20140202793 - Adjustable ladders and related components: Adjustable ladders may include a pair of side rails having a plurality of rungs extending therebetween, and a pair of adjustable legs associated with the side rails. A pair of swing arms may include a first end pivotally coupled with a side rail, or a bracket associated with the side... Agent: Wing Enterprises, Incorporated

20140202794 - Tree stand: j

20140202795 - Tree stand: A pipe-support system including a pipe-support frame structure having plural, substantially horizontal, pipe-support levels supported by columns including a distribution of side columns uniformly spaced along at least one side of the frame structure, and featuring selectively graduated, support-level-indifferent, lateral-connectivity access for quickly available, removeable, outrigger gravity attachment to the... Agent: Conxtech, Inc.

20140202796 - Rotatable tree stand: The present invention is a 180° rotatable tree stand that has an embodiment that allows the tree stand to be manually manipulated to control the rotation. Another embodiment has the rotation operated and controlled by electric motors and controls in the seat. Another embodiment allows the user to use a... Agent:

07/17/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140196983 - Equipment for moving people in height in non horizontal surfaces with vertical and horizontal translation: The present invention relates to equipment intended to moving people in height in non-horizontal surfaces, allowing their translation vertically and horizontally, comprising a chute with a docking and fixing system, engine for the horizontal displacement engine for the vertical displacement, suspension cable for the harness of the operator, wireless control... Agent:

20140196984 - Safety apparatus on a rope with indicator for indicating the state of closing of the flange-plates: A safety apparatus on a rope, including a first flange-plate, an operable second flange-plate, and a mechanical indicator collaborating when the swivelling movement takes place with both the first pivot-pin and a latch to indicate that the second flange-plate is in the closed and latched position, or in an unlatched... Agent:

20140196985 - Fall arrest safety apparatus on a rope with clamping function: A fall arrest safety apparatus on a rope comprising a rotary roller mounted on a pivoting arm with speed detection, and a control selector of a ratchet. The latter is able to occupy a released inactive position enabling the roller to rotate in both directions of rotation in a first... Agent: Zedel

20140196986 - Inflatable evacuation slide: An inflatable evacuation slide includes a base, one or more top tubes, a first lateral side, including a series of alternately upright and inverted generally triangular inflatable frames, each frame being coupled to neighboring frames in the series, a first common side of the base and at least one of... Agent:

20140196987 - Device for positioning a rope access technician in relation to a blade of a wind turbine: A device for positioning a rope access technician next to a blade of a wind turbine, including a rigid spine, one or more clamp assemblies with each clamp assembly connected to the rigid spine and each clamp assembly capable of clamping to a blade of a wind turbine, and a... Agent: Rope Partner, Inc.

20140196988 - Tree climbing device and stand: This invention relates to a tree climbing device including a number of frame sections and a pair of platform sections pivotally and slidably secured to the frame sections. The frame sections can be secured to a tree or other vertical structure and the platform sections can be sequentially vertically slid... Agent:

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