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Fire escape, ladder, or scaffold

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02/05/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150034416 - Lumbar wear-pad: Apparatus and associated methods relate to a flexible lumbar wear-pad having an external low-friction high-wear-resistance surface, the lumbar wear-pad configured to be replaceably coupled to the lower back region of a belted fall-protection safety harness. In various embodiments, the lumbar wear-pad may cover a length of the webbing over the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150034417 - Lift safety system: A lift safety system that prevents the lifting of a support platform from a support base until all of the support legs for the support base are supporting a minimum amount of weight to ensure stability of the lift. The support base includes a plurality of legs that extend outwardly... Agent: Reechcraft, Inc.

20150034418 - Platform safety enclosure: A safety enclosure for a platform comprises a support frame having a laterally extending inner portion, a laterally extending outer portion and a pair of transversely extending side portions defined at laterally opposing ends of the support frame. A handrail system extends laterally along the outer portion and transversely along... Agent:

20150034419 - Adjustable platform assembly for attaching to tree: An adjustable platform assembly attaches to a tree to provide a hunting dog perch or a seat for a hunter. The assembly includes a tree hugging subassembly having first and second padded tree engaging members connected together by a hinge, and strap fasteners connected to outer side edges of the... Agent:

20150034420 - Scaffold deck system with bracket-supported partial length planks for creating an opening to accommodate obstacles: A scaffold including a pair of scaffold frames has a scaffold platform supported by the frames, which is defined by a series of planks and includes an opening. The opening is formed by a pair of transverse support members that extend between the pair of planks at a location between... Agent:

20150034421 - Scaffold deck system with a float bar support for creating an opening to accommodate obstacles: A scaffold including a pair of scaffold frames has a scaffold platform supported by the frames, which is defined by a series of planks and includes an opening. The opening is formed by a pair of transverse support members that extend between the pair of planks at a location between... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150027809 - Safety harness system for a two piece climbing tree stand: A safety system for a two piece tree climbing stand incudes a safety cable that is secured to the climbing cable of the tree stand so as not to interfere with the two pieces of the stand as the tree stand is maneuvered up a tree. An elongated resilient sleeve... Agent:

20150027808 - Warning and message delivery and logging system utilizable in a fall arresting and prevention device and method of same: A fall arresting/prevention safety protection device for aerial lifts that delivers notifications and warnings to individuals who are subject to accidental falls or other safety hazards when performing construction or the like or when operating elevating construction machinery such as aerial lift work platforms, bucket trucks and similar type elevating... Agent:

20150027810 - Multifunctional ladder: A combined stepladder and work platform assembly is provided. The assembly comprises a top frame having two side rails and footplate, a back frame pivotally attached to the back side of the top frame and having two side rails, and a front frame pivotally attached to the front side of... Agent:

20150027811 - Maintenance assembly adaptable within gas turbine engine: The maintenance assembly, for workers to perform maintenance activities within a gas turbine engine, is capable of being arranged within a cavity, generally around a combustor, accessible from a manhole of the gas turbine engine. The maintenance assembly includes a platform, and an inflatable member cooperatively configured to the platform.... Agent:

20150027812 - Building roof safety assembly having a barrier and ladder restraint: A safety assembly is provided for placement on a roof of a building, near an edge of the roof, having a ladder restraint, an upstanding barrier, and a counterweight. The ladder restraint has an opening to receive a ladder that provides access to the roof. The opening is sized to... Agent: Nsafe Engineering Inc.

20150027813 - Adjustable deer stand support system: An adjustable deer stand support system for that supports various types of deer stands having different widths. The adjustable deer stand support system generally includes a stand support arm having a support member and a first pair of adjustable support units adjustably positioned upon the support member. Each of the... Agent: Excel Plastics, LLC

01/22/2015 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150021118 - Assistant harness: An assistant harness is provided to help attendants such as caregivers and first responders move patients or victims in a supportive, safe, and dignified manner. The harness has a belt that wraps around a patient's waist, with a first end having a primary buckle and the second end being engaged... Agent:

20150021119 - Self-launching movable scaffolding system: A self-launching movable scaffolding system comprising: a main girder which transfers loads to supports; a front nose which transfers load of the system to support during launching; a rear nose which transfers load to a rear support during casting and launching, which is equipped with a rail system; hanger trusses... Agent: Nrs Consulting Co., Ltd.

01/15/2015 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150014092 - Fall detection device for lifeline; lifeline installation equipped with said device; associated fall detection method: A fall detection device for a lifeline, intended to be mounted on an energy absorber which includes a static portion and a mobile portion secured together, wherein the mobile portion is shifted in the event of a force higher than a force threshold value and actuates an absorber. The fall... Agent:

20150014093 - Hydraulic control valve, dual-cylinder extension system and aerial work engineering machine: A hydraulic control valve, a dual-cylinder extension system and an aerial work engineering machine. The control valve comprises a flow distributing and collecting valve, and control valve body is provided with a first oil opening, a second oil opening and a third oil opening. A first oil opening, a second... Agent: Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

20150014094 - Ladder accessory holder extension: The invention is an accessory holder that may be attached to the leg of a support structure such as a ladder or scaffold. The accessory holder may have an attachment member for attaching the accessory holder the leg of a support structure. The accessory holder may have an extension member... Agent:

20150014095 - Magnetic anchor system for suspension work equipment, method of remotely attaching a suspended work platform to a work structure, and a system and device for same: A magnetic anchor system, method, and device for attaching a rigging line to an elevated work structure. A transport vehicle may be used to position and attach at least one magnetic anchor to the elevated work structure, while being operated by a user at a safe location. Upon attachment of... Agent:

20150014096 - High capacity vertical member for use with modular scaffolding: A vertical member of a modular scaffolding system includes a securing rosette provided in an upper section having a reduced diameter to provide a pre-determined modular connection. The vertical member includes an elongate intermediate section forming the majority of the vertical member of a first diameter greater than the reduced... Agent:

20150014097 - Descending escape equipment: A descending escape equipment comprises a descending device and a decelerating device. The descending device includes a shaft member which is wound around by two rope members in directions opposite to each other, so that while the shaft member is rotated to release one of the rope members, the other... Agent:

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