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Fire escape, ladder, or scaffold

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10/02/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140291070 - Public building and school evacuation system: A building evacuation system designed for the occupants of a building to escape pursuit or peril, such as fire, violence, natural catastrophe, or other emergency utilizing a deployed emergency exit incorporated into a building's exterior wall, such as a hinged latched window having an emergency exit deployment actuator mounted near... Agent:

20140291071 - Deployable fire escape with multiple alternating ramps: A deployable fire escape with multiple alternating ramps allows a user to evacuate a building without needing the use of their lower body by walking or climbing. A plurality of alternating ramps are supported by a scissor mechanism that is engaged within guide channels of two fixed guide rails. The... Agent:

20140291072 - Ladder leveler apparatus: A ladder includes a leveler engages a bottom of each side rail for 1) causing extendable legs to move to a level ground-engaging position, 2) causing the legs to lock when both legs engage the ground, and 3) causing the extendable legs to move to a centered/retracted position when lifted... Agent: Jershon, Inc.

20140291073 - Adjustable bracket for a tree stand: An adjustable bracket for a tree stand having a mounting plate and a first bracket member and a second bracket member. The mounting plate has a mounting plate locking ring. A threaded shaft which terminates in a brace is extended through the mounting plate locking ring. The mounting plate is... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140284140 - Telescopic ladder and locking mechanism thereof: A locking mechanism for selectively securing and unsecuring the linkage of individual ladder sections of a telescopic ladder. The locking mechanism is shifted into a locked position by pivoting a lever toward a first rotational trajectory, urging a track follower in a first direction along a guiding track, and linearly... Agent:

20140284141 - Traveller for the construction of engineering works: The invention relates to a traveller (1) for the construction of engineering works, comprising two structures, namely: a securing structure (2) for securing to the already built engineering work, and a working structure (3) on which construction of the work advances. The traveller is characterised in that the securing structure... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 15 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140262608 - Self-locking webbing connectable device attachment plate: Apparatus and associated methods relate to a safety interface device that securely attaches to a length of webbing, while simultaneously providing a plurality of non-intersecting apertures to couple to a corresponding plurality of safety devices. In some embodiments, the safety interface device may be retrofitted to a closed webbing on... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140262609 - Rope descent device and method: A rope descent device and method capable of maintaining a fast but safe descent rate of a user carrying a heavy load or equipment.... Agent:

20140262611 - Systems for assisted braking belay with a cam-clutch mechanism: One embodiment of the present invention relates to an assisted braking belay system with a housing, camming mechanism, and clutch mechanism. The housing may include a substantially enclosed rope channel through which a rope may extend to the climber. The camming mechanism is moveably coupled to the housing and configured... Agent: Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd.

20140262610 - Systems for assisted braking belay with a lever disengagement mechanism: One embodiment of the present invention relates to an assisted braking belay system with a housing, a camming mechanism, and a lever mechanism with a lever disengagement mechanism. The housing may include a substantially enclosed rope channel through which a rope may extend to the climber. The camming mechanism is... Agent: Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd.

20140262612 - Modular ladder providing for utility conveyance: A modular ladder includes interconnectable segments that have utility conduit sections fixed thereto. The conduit sections interconnect to form a utility conduit when the ladder is assembled, thereby allowing safe use of a utility at any ladder height, without the inherent risks and inconvenience of providing a separate conduit. The... Agent:

20140262613 - Ladder corner roller: A mechanism directed to the art of rolling ladders is provided. A swivel roller capable of being attached to a rolling ladder to enable the rolling ladder to traverse an interior corner. The swivel roller has a mounting bracket with a hinged member and first and second wheels for supporting... Agent: Custom Service Hardware, Inc.

20140262614 - Aircraft emergency escape slide container and method of changing an aircraft emergency escape slide: An emergency escape slide container includes a first portion having a first end wall and a first side wall, the first side wall and the first end wall defining a first storage space that is sized and shaped to receive an emergency escape slide. The first side wall also includes... Agent: United Air Lines, Inc.

20140262615 - Bracket assembly: A bracket assembly for supporting a ladder positioned substantially orthogonal to a wall. The bracket assembly includes a body portion for engagement with one or more parts of the ladder, to support the ladder and to at least partially locate the ladder in a predetermined position relative to the wall.... Agent:

20140262617 - Ladder: A free-standing ladder includes a pair of rails connected to one another by rungs or steps. A ladder foot is located on at least a first end of each rail. The ladder may be erected in such a way that it bears on the ground with a contact area of... Agent: Hailo-werk Rudolf Loh Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140262616 - Ladder and equipment leash system and method: A system for retaining a leash or other equipment or implement to a structure, such as a building, includes a clamp, a spool connected to the clamp, a leash wrapped on the spool, the leash has a first end connected to the spool and a second end extendable from the... Agent:

20140262618 - Stair safety apparatus: A stair safety apparatus includes a wrist with an elastic cord attachë at one end to said band. A bar member attached by one end to a second end of the elastic cord. The bar member is of a length sufficient to allow the bar member to become wedged between... Agent:

20140262619 - Modular platform: We provide a platform (10) comprising a deck element (14) having a load-bearing member (18) secured to at least one support beam (16) of the deck element (14), and a plurality of first connection arrangements, and a plurality of deck support members (30) each having a second connection arrangement, wherein... Agent:

20140262620 - Ladder type tree stand: The present application is directed towards tree stand systems. The system includes a ladder section and a stand section.... Agent:

20140262621 - Step ladder: A folding step ladder includes a climbing part pivotally connected to a supporting part. Each foot of the ladder has a first part and a second part. The first part has first connecting structures to connect to one of the side members of the step ladder, and second connecting structures... Agent:

20140262622 - Safety device: The present invention is directed to a safety device for use in a single rope technique arrangement. The device includes a clamping mechanism including a plurality of clamping segments interconnected by a flexible spine arrangement. A release mechanism is coupled to the clamping mechanism. A reduction mechanism is coupled to... Agent: Thompson Tree Tool, LLC

09/11/2014 > 20 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140251724 - Fall-arrest anchors and systems and methods relating thereto: A fall-arrest anchor comprising a single, elongated member having a breaking strength more than 5,000 lb (22.5 kN). The single, elongated member comprises a first anchor portion sized and configured for attachment to a building and a second worker-attachment portion sized and configured for attachment to a worker's lifeline. The... Agent:

20140251725 - Quick release connector for fall protection: A quick release buckle includes a main body portion including a top housing portion and a bottom housing portion. A t-bar element removably connects within the main body portion. A pair of locking pawls removably connect with an extension portion of the t-bar element. A locking wheel device is configured... Agent:

20140251723 - Shower safety system: A shower safety system, which prevents or reduces the chance of injury in case of a sudden loss of ability to stand upright, comprises a harness to be worn by a user when he/she showers. The harness is anchored to the wall of the shower or other fixture, via a... Agent:

20140251722 - View pack for shock absorbing lanyard: A shock absorbing view pack is permanently attached with a material cover. A first inspection window is connected to the shock absorbing view pack. The first inspection window for inspecting an absorption portion of a lanyard disposed within the shock absorbing view pack.... Agent: Alexander Andrew, Inc. Dba Falltech

20140251726 - Internally supported power track: A boom assembly for a lift device includes a plurality of telescoping boom sections. The plurality of telescoping boom sections include a base boom section, a mid boom section, and a fly boom section. The plurality of telescoping boom sections define an inner volume. The boom assembly also includes a... Agent:

20140251727 - Tree step: A tree step includes (i) a metal or metal alloy core, the core including a threaded section, a first bend proximate the threaded section, an offset section extending from the first bend to a second bend, and a step section extending from the second bend; and (ii) a plastic coating... Agent:

20140251728 - Elevator and escalator tool: A tool for use with elevators and escalators, having two or more slidably connected assemblies, is provided. The assemblies have rails connected together and arranged in a parallel orientation. Support members are connected to the rails and a plurality of treads is attached to the support members. The treads are... Agent:

20140251729 - Flip ladder with tray and method: A climbing apparatus that rests on a surface includes a flip ladder that can move between a straight configuration and a stepladder configuration. The apparatus includes a tray having a plane attached to the flip ladder that moves with the flip ladder between the straight configuration where the tray plane... Agent: Werner Co.

20140251730 - Deck panel, load platform, clamp and tensioner: A decking panel is provided having first and second ends and fasteners at each end for releasably clipping the panel to a pair of support or catenary wires. The fasteners comprise hooks for supporting the panel on the wires and at least one finger for resisting lift of the panel... Agent:

20140251731 - Energy absorber and fall arrest system safety device: A safety device for use in a fall arrest or fall safety system includes an energy absorber to absorb energy in the event of a fall or other impulse event. The energy absorber is a resilient element (such as a tolerance ring) providing an interference fit between a first component... Agent:

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