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Fire escape, ladder, or scaffold

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07/10/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140190766 - Tubular access ladder and method: An access ladder includes a plurality of sections connected together to telescope between an extended position and a retracted position that has an increasing reactive force to counterbalance the weight of the sections as they extend. A method for accessing a room with a ladder connected to a ceiling including... Agent:

20140190767 - Modular tree stand: A tree stand for removable attachment to a tree comprising: a support bar having an upper end and a lower end with a length therebetween; an upper jaw coupled to the upper end of the support bar and a lower jaw coupled to the lower end of the support bar,... Agent: Advanced Treestand Investments, LLC

20140190768 - Stepladders and related methods: Stepladders and related methods of using and manufacturing stepladders are provided. In one embodiment, a stepladder is provided that comprises a top cap, a first assembly and a second assembly. The first assembly has a pair of spaced apart rails pivotally coupled with the top cap. The second assembly includes... Agent: Wing Enterprises, Incorporated

20140190769 - Stepladder with latch stud and method: A stepladder includes a front section having a first front leg and a second front leg. The stepladder includes a step attached to the first front leg and the second front leg. The stepladder includes a latch engaged with the step. The stepladder includes a rear section having a first... Agent: Werner Co.

20140190770 - Height rescue apparatus: There is provided a height rescue apparatus comprising a safety line (1) which is attached at (3) to a flexible elongate element (2) which has a lower tensile strength than the safety line 1 which is wound on a drum (9) which is part of a speed control means. A... Agent: Fallsafe Limited

07/03/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140182968 - Manually portable structural apparatus: Manually portable structural apparatus comprising a rigid structural element configured to be releasably coupled to at least one other like rigid structural element. A bearer element having a substantially planar upper face extends between first and second elongate side beams, which each have a first connector arrangement at a first... Agent: Sigma Composites Limited

20140182969 - Hunting equipment: A platform is provided with a ladder to allow the user to easily ascend to the platform. A pair of stabilizing arms and jaws provides lateral stability to the ladder. A climbing stick has a pair of vertical posts attached between the front and rear walls of steps to provide... Agent:

20140182970 - Easyup: p

20140182971 - Boat lift step assembly: A step assembly for attachment to a boat lift frame to allow for easy entry and exit from a boat secured on a boat lift. The assembly comprises a platform connected to a vertical member. The vertical member is fastened to a beam of the boat lift frame. The platform... Agent:

06/26/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140174850 - Safety and descender device: It is described a belay, of static or dynamic type, and descender, of self-blocking type and not, device for securing one or more ropes comprising a main body composed of at least two or more flat plates constrained one to another according to planes preferably parallel, or slightly tilted, by... Agent: Aludesign S.p.a.

20140174851 - Stair system for oilfield tank: A mobile oilfield storage tank includes a wall and a stair system securely coupled to the wall. The stair system a platform suitable for use as a walkway and a platform extension pivotally engaged with the platform. The platform extension pivots from a folded position to an extended position and... Agent:

20140174852 - Step apparatus for heavy construction equipment and tree harvester having leveling system: A step apparatus for heavy construction equipment and tree harvester having a leveling system for controlling a horizontal level of a cab and an upper frame is provided, which includes a step protector including a main body fixedly installed on one side of an upper frame, a step guide hole... Agent: Volvo Construction Equipment Holding Sweden Ab

20140174853 - Ladder safety device: A ladder safety device is usable for holding and stabilizing a ladder in a safe and stable manner while being used, by way of securing a ladder relative to continuous horizontal guttering at the edge of a building. The device locks to the gutter by way of locking jaws and... Agent:

20140174854 - Platform assembly mobile within a cylindrical structure: The invention concerns an assembly comprising a platform assembly (100) intended to receive passengers and a cylindrical structure (200), the platform assembly being mobile within the cylindrical structure. The assembly has very high stability as well as offering the passengers strong sensations of being raised up in the open air,... Agent: Aerogroupe

06/19/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140166395 - Load balancing descending device: A load balancing descending device for controlling the descent of a user descending on a rope carrying a load is provided. The rope has a decreasing rope free end as the user descends. The load balancing descending device comprises a first plate and a second plate. A first pin is... Agent: Great Trango Holdings, Inc.

20140166396 - Conduits and methods for use with marine evacuation systems: Conduits and methods for use evacuating a facility include a first end positioned at the facility, a second end movable between the facility and a remote location, at least one elongate member engaged with the body of the conduit and the facility, and at least one stabilization member engaged with... Agent:

20140166397 - Ladder stabilization clamp: A ladder stabilization clamp consisting of a structure attachment assembly having adjustable upper and lower jaws, a ladder attachment assembly having an adjustable ladder clamp and an adjustable base to change the overall length of the ladder stabilization clamp. The ladder stabilization clamp is used to secure any type of... Agent:

20140166398 - Stabilized hunting stand: The present invention provides a stabilizer for a hunting stand, which is suitable for use with a ladder stand or a freestanding hunting stand. The stabilizer incorporates two upright members, longitudinal rungs, and a female threaded member joined to the base section of each upright. The stabilizer levels the stand... Agent:

20140166399 - Stepless ladder assembly and methods of utilizing same: A stepless ladder is provided that may comprise a frame adapted to support the weight of a user, a track attached to a portion of the frame, an escalating member attached to the track, the escalating member for supporting the weight of the user, and an escalating means adapted to... Agent:

20140166400 - Tree stand: A cable-securement member secured to a platform includes a longitudinal passage extending through open first and second longitudinal ends and is sized and shaped for allowing the cable to move through the longitudinal passage from the first longitudinal end to the second longitudinal end. The longitudinal passage has a curved... Agent:

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