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20150146225 - Electronic device: The present invention provides an electronic device that includes: a main body; an information processing device housed in the main body, the front face of a housing of the information processing device being installed on the back side of a panel of the main body; and a duct that leads... Agent: Ricoh Company, Limited

20150146229 - Image forming apparatus: An image forming apparatus includes an operating section accepting an operation by a user, a receiving section receiving data for a print job from an externally connected instrument, an image forming section starting an image forming based on a print job if the operating section accepts an operation to start... Agent:

20150146226 - Image forming apparatus, display method for an operation screen, and computer program: An image forming apparatus includes a display and a touch panel, and is provided with a normal mode in which processing is performed every time operation is performed with the touch panel and a play back mode in which processing is performed on the basis of recording of the operation,... Agent: Konica Minolta Inc.

20150146224 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: In a case where an image and another image are integrated into one file, brightness, dynamic ranges, etc., of the images are different from each other. Consequently, an image processing apparatus obtains first image information indicative of characteristics of a first image obtained from a first device and second image... Agent:

20150146228 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method, and recording medium storing image processing program: A novel image processing apparatus that provides effective digitized audio while ensuring audio clarity and outputs image data adding the digitized audio is provided. The image processing apparatus includes an audio recording unit that stores audio data based on input audio in an audio storage device, a data editing unit... Agent:

20150146227 - Image processing apparatus, and function executed method and function executed program in the apparatus: An image processing apparatus includes: a user identification unit that identifies a user of the apparatus; a registration determination unit that determines whether the settings required for using a function of the apparatus are registered in a user registration unit when a user issues an instruction to execute the function,... Agent: Konica Minolta Inc.

20150146223 - Power supply control device and image processing apparatus: A power supply control device includes a first power supply unit, a second power supply unit, and a mode controller. The first power supply unit receives electric power supplied from a commercial power source. The second power supply unit receives electric power supplied from an accumulative power source. The mode... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20150146231 - Computer device and method for isolating untrusted content: A computer system and method are provided to intercept a task from a primary user account 121 prior to execution of the task by the computer device 200, where the task relates to an untrusted content. A task isolation environment 350 is provisioned for executing the task, including programmatically creating... Agent:

20150146236 - Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and recording medium that facilitate management of blank sheets for preventing leakage of confidential information: An image forming apparatus includes an image-log creation unit, a document blank sheet page skip scan function setting unit, a blank sheet page image registration setting unit, and a blank sheet page image image-log output setting unit. The image-log creation unit creates an image of an image-log from image attribute... Agent:

20150146235 - Image forming apparatus, method for controlling the same, and storage medium: An image forming apparatus operable at least in a first power state and a second power state includes a control unit configured to update firmware, and a power source control unit configured to stop supplying power to the control unit in the first power state if a power source switch... Agent:

20150146234 - Image forming device, image forming system and image forming method: An image forming device includes: an image forming unit configured to form an image based on a job including image data and ticket information; a storage unit configured to store a stored job; an operation display unit configured to be operated and display; and a control unit configured to control... Agent: Konica Minolta Inc.

20150146233 - Image processing system and image processing method: An image processing system includes a server device and an image processing device connected to the server device via a network. The image processing device includes a reading unit that reads out a document to obtain document information; and a print unit that prints the document information. The server device... Agent:

20150146232 - Image reading system, image reading apparatus, information processing apparatus, method for controlling them, and storage medium: In the present image reading system, an information processing apparatus notifies any image reading apparatus on a network of connection information, and permits transmission of image data only in a case where the image reading apparatus notified of the connection information accesses the information processing apparatus. The image reading apparatus... Agent:

20150146230 - Management apparatus, information processing apparatus, distribution apparatus, management system, management method, and non-transitory computer readable medium: A management apparatus includes a device-information acquiring unit that acquires device identification information for identifying a user-designated device from multiple devices; a processing-status-information acquiring unit that acquires processing status information of each device; a commanded-processing-information acquiring unit that acquires commanded processing information related to a content of processing to be... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20150146238 - Power saving control method and apparatus employing the same: An apparatus and method for saving power in an office machine having a display panel are provided. The method comprises setting the apparatus in an operation standby mode, detecting whether an error exists in the apparatus and turning on the display panel to display the error thereon when the error... Agent:

20150146237 - Simulation apparatus, simulation system, and simulation method that ensure use of general-purpose pc: A simulation apparatus includes a status-transition-frequency input, a job status unit, a job-status simulating unit, an error-occurrence-rate input unit, and a device alert unit. The status-transition-frequency input unit receives an input of a status transition frequency of a job executable by a device. The job status unit simulates a status... Agent:

20150146239 - Comparing planned and actual asset locations: A computing device display shows an actual location of an imaging device as configured in a computing system environment. An acceptance zone about a planned location of the imaging device visually conveys to a user whether or not the imaging device exists within a predetermined distance. If not, service level... Agent: Lexmark International, Inc.

20150146247 - Display input apparatus, image forming apparatus having the same, and method for controlling the display input apparatus: Upon accepting a region dividing operation, a display input apparatus sets a line, which passes through a predetermined region, as a first reference line; sets an end edge of the predetermined region, which is opposite to the first reference line, as a second reference line; obtains a ratio for input... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20150146241 - Electronic apparatus, method of supporting wireless connection, image forming apparatus, and method of wireless connection: A method of supporting wireless connection of an electronic apparatus includes searching an image forming apparatus that is not connected to a wireless network, when the image forming apparatus is searched, releasing a link with an Access Point (AP) and forming a link with the searched image forming apparatus, and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150146240 - Group printing method and system: A group printing method and a group printing system are provided. The group printing system includes a control point, an intermediary printing device, and plural digital media printers. The group printing method includes following steps. The control point and the intermediary printing device issue device search broadcasts. The intermediary printing... Agent: Primax Electronics Ltd.

20150146251 - Image forming apparatus: An image forming apparatus includes an image forming unit configured to form an image on a sheet, a wireless board for a wireless communication, a discharge tray having a placement surface on which the sheet having an image formed thereon is placed, and a wall part provided at one end-side... Agent:

20150146252 - Image forming apparatus capable of reducing power consumption, control method therefor, and storage medium: An image forming apparatus that uses a Web application and is capable of performing image processing without delay and reducing power consumption. The image forming apparatus communicates with a Web server. A scanner unit reads an image, and a printing unit prints the image. Power is supplied to at least... Agent:

20150146253 - Image forming apparatus having user group management function and control method therefor, and storage medium: An image forming apparatus which can reduce an amount of setting work of an administrator in the image forming apparatus provided with databases for respectively managing a department and a group. A recording unit records the number of printed sheets on a basis of a first group to which a... Agent:

20150146255 - Image forming apparatus that enhances operability on screen displayed as split screens: An image forming apparatus includes a display unit and a split screen processor. The display unit includes a display area on a first screen, splits the display area on the first screen to display a third screen on one split display area, and displays a second screen on another split... Agent:

20150146250 - Image forming system, image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and method for controlling the same: A printer apparatus performs notification of an execution instruction for second calibration to a print server based on a result of first calibration, stores time information on the notification, and transmits the time information to the print server in response to a request from the print server. The print server... Agent:

20150146254 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method that ensures effective search: An image processing apparatus includes an image processing unit, a text information accepting unit, a stamp processing unit, and an image data editing unit. The image processing unit reads image data on an original document. The text information accepting unit accepts an input of text information from a user after... Agent:

20150146244 - Image processing apparatus, image processing system, and computer-readable medium: An image processing apparatus includes a storage storing attribute information of the apparatus, a receiving unit receiving an instruction to perform image processing from a terminal, a checking unit, a request unit, an acquiring unit, an extracting unit, and a notification unit. The checking unit checks the image processing condition... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20150146242 - Image processing device and image processing system: A control unit in an MFP determines whether a connection request from a communication device carried by a user has been received. If the control unit determines that the connection request has been received, then the control unit issues network identification information and transmits it to the communication device. When... Agent:

20150146249 - Image processing system, image processing method, and storage medium: An image processing system that prevents erroneous job execution without significantly decreasing the usability includes receiving a request relating to a job, accepting a job execution instruction, and executing the job in response to acceptance of the execution instruction. If a plurality of requests relating to jobs is received, information... Agent:

20150146248 - Information processing apparatus: An information processing apparatus includes: a memory that stores destination information; an operation part that receives an operation; a for-display destination information generation part that generates for-display destination information based on the destination information; and a display part that displays the for-display destination information. The operation part receives a display... Agent:

20150146258 - Information processing apparatus, recording medium, and control method: An information processing apparatus ignores a second setting in a despooling process and generates a print command based on a first setting even if a change from the first setting to the second setting is received.... Agent:

20150146246 - Information processing apparatus, system, method, and storage medium: There is provided an information processing apparatus capable of communicating with an apparatus capable of supplying image data via a network, and for providing a cloud-type printing service. The information processing apparatus includes: a unit configured to determine whether a mark indicating that an image can be added is included... Agent:

20150146245 - Information processing device, and method and computer-readable medium therefor: An information processing device including a communication unit configured to communicate with an external device on an Internet, the external device being configured to generate a single print job based on a single file received from the information processing device and provide the generated print job to a printer, and... Agent:

20150146243 - Multifunction peripheral, multifunction peripheral control system, and multifunction peripheral management method: In a case of a first function of carrying out a cooperative processing in accordance with an instruction from a user of a multifunction peripheral (10), the user is set as an execution user. In a case of a second function of carrying out a cooperative processing in accordance with... Agent:

20150146257 - Peripheral device control system and method: A method used in first and second information processing apparatuses in communication with an image forming apparatus. The method includes a transfer step of transferring print setting information for controlling the image forming apparatus from the image forming apparatus to the second information processing apparatus, an acquisition step of acquiring... Agent:

20150146256 - System and method for handling multi-function printers and applications at a facsimile server: Embodiments disclosed herein disclose methods and systems utilizing a fax server. The method may include configuring at least one setting for a multifunction printer (MFP) at the fax server. The method may further include receiving a document. The method may further include determining the at least one setting associated with... Agent:

20150146259 - Image forming apparatus and image processing system: An image forming apparatus includes a saving type storing section, an image data saving section, and a text data saving section. The saving type storing section is configured to store a saving type for image data of a read original document. The image data saving section is configured to save... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20150146260 - Image forming apparatus, method for controlling image forming apparatus, and storage medium: An image forming apparatus that reads an image of a document to perform image processing allows a page number to be printed at a user-desired position when an image, on which particular removal processing is performed, is to be printed. A method for controlling the image forming apparatus includes setting... Agent:

20150146220 - Image forming apparatus, text data embedding method, and recording medium: An image forming apparatus includes: a scanner that obtains an image file by document scanning; a character recognition processor that obtains a text string from each line of text by performing character recognition; a text string splitter that splits each the text string into a plurality of short text strings... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20150146219 - Portable terminal capable of displaying image, control method therefor, and storage medium storing control program therefor: A portable terminal that is capable of enlarging and displaying an image with sufficient image quality. An obtaining unit obtains an image having resolution. An instruction unit instructs to enlarge and display the image obtained by the obtaining unit. A display unit enlarges and displays the image obtained by the... Agent:

20150146222 - Apparatus, system, and method for calibration of a media processing device: A method, apparatus, and system for calibration of a media processing device are provided. The method may include providing a calibration sub-routine where the calibration sub-routine includes a plurality of calibration operations to be performed in sequence. The method may further include associating an audible note with each calibration operation... Agent:

20150146221 - Media processing device with enhanced media processing efficiency and connectivity features: Apparatuses, methods, and computer program products are perform features associated with a USB Host port on a media processing device. An apparatus is provided comprising at least one processor and at least one memory including computer program instructions, the at least one memory and the computer program instructions being configured... Agent:

20150146261 - Connected component analysis with multi-thresholding to segment halftones: Methods and systems receive an input image into a computerized device, create different binary images by applying different threshold measures to the input image using the computerized device, and identify components of a first binary image of the binary images using the computerized device. Such methods and systems also compare... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150146262 - Embedding information in paper forms: This disclosure provides methods and systems of embedding and extracting information in a printed document. According to one exemplary embodiment, a method is provided wherein information is encoded by one or more partial or complete gaps in a line associated with a form, and the line gaps are patterned to... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150146263 - Conversion device, information processing device, and image processing device: A conversion device may be configured to communicate with an image processing device, a first information processing device, and a second information processing device. The conversion device may receive first data, and store the received first data in a memory. The conversion device may send conversion device access information to... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150146264 - Apparatus, method for controlling apparatus, and storage medium: An apparatus includes an obtaining unit configured to obtain first image data obtained by reading, performed by a reading unit, a chart on which an image has not been formed by an image forming unit and second image data obtained by reading, performed by the reading unit, a chart formed... Agent:

20150146265 - Method and apparatus for recognizing document: A method of recognizing characters in a plurality of documents includes capturing a preview image of a plurality of document, cropping each of the plurality of documents in the captured preview image into respective document images, recognizing characters on each of the plurality of the document images, and generating a... Agent:

20150146266 - Document reading device and image forming apparatus: A document reading device includes a document reading section, an image memory, and an image processing section. The image processing section is configured to retrieve an image of an original document from the image memory and process the image. The image processing section includes: a mark recognizing section configured to... Agent:

20150146267 - Systems and methods for enhanced object detection: Systems and methods for enhanced object detection are provided in this disclosure. One embodiment of a method includes providing front side illumination of an object, capturing a first image of the object, and providing backside illumination of the object. Some embodiments include capturing a second image of the object, and... Agent: Blink Technologies, Inc.

20150146268 - Optical scanner integrated with substrate method of making and method of using the same: An optical scanner includes a substrate, and a tunable laser on the substrate, wherein the tunable laser is configured to emit light, and to sweep a wavelength of the emitted light through a waveband. The optical scanner further includes a grating over a top surface of the substrate, the grating... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

05/21/2015 > 43 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150138578 - Printing apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium: There is provided a technique that enables a user to use a post-processing apparatus without giving a mode changing instruction after execution of a print job including post-processing by the post-processing apparatus has ended in a printing apparatus. Specifically, during execution of a print job in which the execution of... Agent:

20150138580 - Centralized controller serving multiple document processing devices: Methods and systems establish dynamic profiles for each of many document processing devices, based on current device connection specifications, current device drivers, current device capabilities, and current device workflow functions using a centralized connection device. These methods and systems provide device menu options from the centralized connection device to graphic... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150138582 - Image forming apparatus, method for controlling the same and storage medium: In a communication system, an image forming apparatus provides screen data for displaying a setting screen (remote UI) through which the settings of the image forming apparatus can be changed to a client PC via a network. Further, in the case where a change in the image forming apparatus is... Agent:

20150138583 - Image processing apparatus and control method therefor, and storage medium: An image processing apparatus that is capable of calculating an appropriate replacement guide value of a part even in a case where the image processing apparatus operates under different operating modes. The image processing apparatus is capable of operating in a plurality of operating modes of different image forming speeds... Agent:

20150138581 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method and non-transitory computer readable information recording medium: An information processing unit determines, when receiving information through a reading process from a recording medium, whether a user identified by the information has transition authority for a transition from an energy saving mode to a normal mode of carrying out information processing; sends a transition request for carrying out... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150138579 - Maintenance method and maintenance apparatus for information processing apparatus: In accordance with one embodiment, a maintenance method for an information processing apparatus includes acquiring setting value information of setting items of a specific information processing apparatus to be maintained; selecting the information processing apparatuses belonging to a preset group and calculating a superior apparatus with the lowest fault rate... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150138590 - Image forming apparatus, image forming system, and image forming method: There is provided an image forming apparatus that can form an image by ensuring security and that can reduce a waiting time for image forming. The image forming apparatus includes a communication processing unit that receives an image forming request through a predetermined communication network and that controls reception of... Agent:

20150138586 - Image forming apparatus, method for controlling the same, and storage medium storing program: On detection of the occurrence of an error, an image forming apparatus compares a location of an operator that is indicated by a procedure for recovering from the error with a sensed location of the operator, and issues a warning in a case where the location of the operator that... Agent:

20150138588 - Image processing apparatus, information processing apparatus, method for controlling image processing apparatus, method for controlling information processing apparatus, and storage medium: An image processing apparatus including an image forming unit configured to form an image includes a storage unit configured to store a reference feature quantity acquired using a result of measuring a first chart by a measurement device, a first acquisition unit configured to acquire a first feature quantity using... Agent:

20150138589 - Information processing apparatus, method for controlling the same, and storage medium: An information processing apparatus displays a print setting screen based on configuration setting information of a selected device type. The printing setting information set via the print setting screen is used along with print data to generate a print job that is sent to a selected printer.... Agent:

20150138585 - Printing management system, printing management method, and image forming apparatus: A printing management system comprises a count value calculation unit configured to, when a request for printing data of the specific user is received, read out the printing data and calculate a count value based on a number of sheets to fog printed in the printing data, a determination unit... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150138587 - Printing system, terminal apparatus, and printer: A printing system includes a printer and a terminal device. The terminal device is provided to be able to communicate with the printer and transmits a job relating to print processing for a file which can be supported by the printer. The terminal device includes a controller determining whether or... Agent:

20150138584 - Systems and methods for detecting customer cost/contract avoidance in operation of image forming devices: A system and method are provided for methods for automatically detecting certain incidents in which customers attempt to circumvent costs associated with their managed service contracts for operations of image forming devices. Current monitoring capacities associated with fielded image forming devices are expanded to provide device manufacturers or suppliers with... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150138595 - Ar display device, ar display control device, print condition setting system, print system, print setting display method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium: Disclosed is an AR display device including: a display unit configured to display an augmented reality space in which an image is overlapped with a reality space; a camera configured to shoot the reality space corresponding to the augmented reality space; a setting information obtaining unit configured to obtain setting... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20150138596 - Image forming apparatus, information processing apparatus and control method thereof, and storage medium storing a program: An image forming apparatus and an information processing apparatus, and control methods thereof, store information of jobs that have been input, and display, in a display unit, a list of the stored jobs in an order in which the jobs are to be executed. Then, in the displayed job list,... Agent:

20150138593 - Image forming apparatus, method for controlling image forming apparatus, and program: An image forming apparatus including a main control unit and a communication unit includes a receiving unit configured to receive a packet via a network when the main control unit and the communication unit are in a power saving state, a first canceling unit configured to cancel the power saving... Agent:

20150138600 - Image processing apparatus, and computer readable medium for communicating with the same: An image processing apparatus is provided that includes a first communication device, a second communication device, an informing device, and a controller configured to control the first communication device to establish first communication with an information processing terminal device that is within a predetermined communicable distance from the first communication... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150138592 - Information management system, and printer: A information management system 1 has a printer 3 that prints a receipt based on transaction information related to a product sale; a receipt database 7 that stores transaction information relationally to a unique ID 52; an member service server 6 that registers unique IDs 52 in the receipt database... Agent:

20150138598 - Information processing apparatus, control method, and recording medium for updating the transmission result of a multi-address transmission: If instruction information for a multi-address transmission for performing a FAX transmission to a plurality of destinations is transmitted, and if an acquired transmission result indicates failure of the FAX transmission to at least one of the destinations, a transmission result indicating failure of the multi-address transmission is displayed. After... Agent:

20150138591 - Method for customizable user specified order for printing personalized assessments: A system and method for customizing assessment print order when using an educator support system that generates personalized documents. The system/method includes generating a plurality of personalized documents to be printed, each document including a recipient identifier indicating a unique recipient to which the document will be distributed after printing,... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150138597 - Mobile terminal, image forming apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium storing a program: Setting information of a function to be executed by a target device is set and stored in a mobile terminal including a contactless-type wireless communication unit, and when contactless-type wireless communication is established with the target device, the stored setting information is sent to the target device by the contactless-type... Agent:

20150138599 - Network system, interface board, method of controlling printing on an network system, and program: A client terminal includes a web page acquisition unit that acquires from a web application server a web page embedding a print control script that operates on a web browser and controls printing related to the web page, a display unit that displays the acquired web page as a displayed... Agent:

20150138594 - Output management device, output management system, and output manangement method: An output management device including: an acquiring unit that acquires a list of output data; a storage unit that stores sharing information of the data storage device; a first judgment unit that judges a state of a first output control device; a second judgment unit that judges the state of... Agent: Ricoh Company, Limited

20150138601 - System, method and computer program product for multi-tenant facsimile server: In embodiments disclosed herein disclose methods and systems for providing a multitenant facsimile server. The computer instructions may be executable to maintain a set of entity information, wherein the entity information defines a plurality of tenants, and maintain a database configured to store transmitted and received fax documents corresponding to... Agent:

20150138602 - Imposing apparatus, imposing method, and non-transitory storage medium: An imposing apparatus determines at least one pair of line components included in positioning marks based on the positional relationship between particular line components in a page region, and estimates marking positions for the positioning marks based on the shape of the pair of line components. The imposing apparatus acquires... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150138570 - Display processing apparatus and display processing method: A display processing apparatus includes a first display controller that displays a background image in a display unit; and a second display controller that displays a print image in the display unit. The second display controller changes a magnification of the print image so that the print image has a... Agent:

20150138574 - Color conversion table creation method, non-transitory computer readable recording medium stored with color conversion table creation program, and color conversion table creating apparatus: Provided is a color conversion table creation method for creating a color conversion table for an image forming apparatus which forms an image by performing, on an input color value with total use amount of color material exceeding set amount, a process for reducing the total use amount of color... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20150138573 - Color erasing apparatus and control method of the color erasing apparatus: A color erasing apparatus includes a conveyance member to convey a sheet on which an image is formed of a color erasable coloring material, a color erasing part to erase a color of the coloring material of the image formed on the sheet conveyed by the conveyance member, a control... Agent:

20150138577 - Image processing apparatus, image data transmission method, program, and storage medium: An image processing apparatus that can transmit an image outputted after the execution of a workflow as well as an attribute information file including attribute information suitable for an external system as a transmission destination to the external system. An attribute information management unit manages attributes required by the external... Agent:

20150138575 - Print control apparatus, print control method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium: A print control apparatus includes a receiving unit which receives print data containing gloss-control-plane image data indicating gloss control values for identifying a type of surface effect and a region where the surface effect is to be applied, a storage unit which stores information containing multiple total-amount control modes and... Agent:

20150138572 - Printing system and method of operation: According to one example, there is provided a printing system. The printing system comprises a support having a plurality of spaced apertures and a colour sensor moveable to measure light from each aperture. The printing system further comprises a controller to control the colour sensor to measure characteristics of light... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20150138571 - Printing with target color data: In one embodiment, a processor-readable medium stores code representing instructions that when executed by a processor cause the processor to print a print job, and determine target color data for each sheet of the print job while printing the job. The instructions further cause the processor to continually save the... Agent:

20150138576 - Profile creation method, non-transitory computer readable recording medium stored with profile creation program, and profile creating apparatus: Provided is a profile creation method for creating a color conversion profile for an image forming apparatus which forms an image by performing, on an input color value having total use amount of color material exceeding set amount, a process for reducing the total use amount, by interpolating lattice points... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20150138604 - Information processing system having image forming apparatus capable of controlling print data obtainment timing, control method therefor, and storage medium: An information processing system that is capable of efficiently obtaining print data to perform printing without obtaining unnecessary print data from a server on a network with useless timing and continuously spooling it. The server generates attribute information including positional information on individual pages of print data. An image forming... Agent:

20150138603 - Printer driver device, printer, and printer system: A printer driver device includes: an ink-based maximum tone level determination unit configured to determine maximum tone levels for respective types of ink for raster data on an image generated by a layout setting section, based on contents of a print setting information of the image; and a data volume... Agent: Riso Kagaku Corporation

20150138606 - Image processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and program: An image processing apparatus includes a deciding unit configured to decide an attribute of each pixel contained in a bitmap from received print commands for printing a plurality of objects, a determination unit configured to determine whether each pixel of the generated bitmap is an edge pixel or not, and... Agent:

20150138607 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium stored with information processing program: An information processing apparatus calculates a number of times of color conversion performed for an object included in an original document data as a first number of color conversions as the; generates tag bits including attribute information for each pixel of raster data and calculates a number of pixels that... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20150138605 - Systems and methods for adding commercial content to printouts: Systems, devices and methods are provided which relate to detecting a print command on a client computer, the print command reflecting an interest to print content of an electronic document, accessible by a client computer, as a hard copy printout. One method includes analyzing the electronic document content to determine... Agent:

20150138608 - System and method for printing a hidden and secure barcode: The present invention relates to systems and methods for printing a hidden and secure barcodes and, more particularly, to digital printers structured, configured, and/or programmed to print a set of unique non-standard symbols for the purpose of representing a data string based on a barcode standard that can be hidden... Agent: Ctpg Operating, LLC

20150138609 - Portable device scanner support with contour correction and automatic copying: Systems and methods use a supporting arm having a first end and a second end, and a program of scanning instructions readable by a computerized processor. The first end of the supporting arm is connected to a secondary device. The second end of the supporting arm holds a portable device... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150138610 - Device and method for correcting document image and scanner: Embodiments of the present invention provide a device and method for correcting a document image and a scanner. Wherein the device includes: an extracting unit configured to extract boundaries in a first direction of the document image and extract lines in the first direction according to a content of the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150138611 - Document handler using dual height calibration target for automatic calibration: The present application discloses methods and systems for calibrating a scanning system. The scanning system comprises a light-transmissive platen defining a top surface and a bottom surface, a controller, a document handler, and a scanner bar for recording image data from documents at various document heights. In one embodiment, the... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150138612 - Image reading apparatus, image forming apparatus: An image reading apparatus includes a document sheet cover, a pressing portion, and a light irradiating portion. The document sheet cover is openable and closable with respect to a document sheet mounting surface. The pressing portion is provided in a recess formed in a counter surface of the document sheet... Agent:

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Thank you for viewing Facsimile and static presentation processing patents on the FreshPatents.com website. These are patent applications which have been filed in the United States. There are a variety ways to browse Facsimile and static presentation processing patent applications on our website including browsing by date, agent, inventor, and industry. If you are interested in receiving occasional emails regarding Facsimile and static presentation processing patents we recommend signing up for free keyword monitoring by email.

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