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Facsimile and static presentation processing September class, title,number 09/11

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09/29/2011 > 83 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories. class, title,number

20110235061 - Method for preparing a mail item including an envelope: A method for preparing a mail item including an envelope from two rectangular sheets (1,2) of different sizes in a printer (3) and a folding machine (4) coupled after the printer. The method uses a file (5) containing envelope information and letter information to be printed and, controlled by the... Agent: Mail Systems Oy

20110235060 - Screened hardcopy reproduction apparatus compensation data calculation: A method of calculating compensation data for compensating for spatial print engine non-uniformity of an image applied by a print engine to a receiver. A test target has two test areas of different output densities, each with a single output pixel level. A relationship between output density and output pixel... Agent:

20110235059 - Screened hardcopy reproduction apparatus with compensation: Screened hardcopy reproduction apparatus for applying toner to a receiver using a print engine that may not apply toner uniformly, so the toner applied to the receiver has a non-uniformity. A controller receives an input pixel level and a corresponding input pixel location; a tone-reproduction unit calculates an output pixel... Agent:

20110235075 - Decoloring apparatus: According to one embodiment, an decoloring apparatus includes: an decoloring processing unit configured to apply decoloring processing decoloring a color of an decolorable colorant; a sheet conveying unit configured to convey a sheet and cause the sheet to pass through the decoloring processing unit; an image reading unit arranged further... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110235081 - Data processing system and image forming apparatus: A data processing system includes a memory in which a set value based on a compliance requirement is stored for each of plural operating functions provided in an image forming apparatus, and a controller which outputs correspondence data indicating correspondence between the plural operating functions and the set value based... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110235079 - Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and computer readable medium storing program: An image forming apparatus includes a print engine that forms an image on an image formation material, and an image data generating unit that generates bitmap image data of the image. The image data generating unit includes plural reconfigurable processing circuits that are capable of performing any of first image... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110235080 - Image processing apparatus and image forming apparatus: Disclosed is an image processing apparatus including: a control section including a plurality of computing sections, each of the plurality of computing sections to perform language analyzing processing to perform language analysis on PDL data to generate a display list of an object, drawing processing to rasterize an object of... Agent: Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.

20110235077 - Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and computer readable medium storing program: An image processing apparatus includes a first dynamic reconfigurable processor, a second dynamic reconfigurable processor, and a controller. The first dynamic reconfigurable processor is assigned to a first group of image processing operations that are executed regardless of whether or not correction data from a printer is used. The second... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110235078 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer readable medium storing program: An image processing apparatus includes a reconfigurable processing unit that performs first image processing on first image data and that performs second image processing on second image data after completing the first image processing on the first image data, and a controller that controls the reconfigurable processing unit. The controller... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110235082 - Multifunction apparatus: A configuration for an image reading device, an image forming device or a multifunction apparatus may include systems and arrangements for routing electrical flexible flat cables to reduce potential damage and noise. The positioning and connection points between various other components including reading portions, hinge members, a control circuit board... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110235076 - Processing apparatus, processing system, processing control method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium: A processing apparatus includes a processing unit and a first registration unit. The processing unit executes a requested process. The first registration unit registers therein first identification information which identifies another device, in advance. If a request for the process is received from said another device, the processing unit complies... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110235086 - Image forming apparatus and image output apparatus: The invented image forming apparatus includes an image data production condition production section for producing an image data production condition, an image data output condition production section for producing an image data output condition, and an image data management section for obtaining the image data production condition and the image... Agent: Oki Data Corporation

20110235083 - Image forming apparatus and power supply control method for an image forming apparatus: Provided is an image forming apparatus, including: a system control section that performs control of the apparatus; a functional block that forms a part of the image forming apparatus; and a power control section that is communicably connected to the system control section, that controls power supply to the system... Agent: Kyocera Mita Corporation

20110235084 - Image forming apparatus comprising pattern adding function: An image forming apparatus includes: a storage unit including unique information identify to an apparatus main unit; a setting unit including setting information of the apparatus main unit instead of the unique information; a pattern addition unit that adds an addition pattern based on a unique pattern generated from the... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110235087 - Multifunctional peripheral: A multi functional peripheral device could change between a logout state in which a predetermined process could not be performed and a login state which the predetermined process could be performed. The multi functional peripheral comprises a display unit provided with a screen arranged to display the state of the... Agent: Murata Machinery, Ltd.

20110235085 - Printer with anonymous printer registration in a cloud-based print service: A printer may include a registration requester configured to receive an initiation request from a user to initiate a registration of the printer, and further configured to send a registration request to a cloud print service over a network. The printer may include a claim facilitator configured to receive a... Agent: Google Inc.

20110235090 - Apparatus and method for print job redirection: An apparatus and method for print job redirection is disclosed. The method can include providing print job forwarding preference options. The print job forwarding preference options can include options for print job preferences based on printing device capabilities. The method can include receiving print job forwarding preferences at a printing... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110235095 - Communication terminal and computer readable medium: A communication terminal that includes a first communication unit that is coupled to an IP (Internet Protocol) network and conducts a facsimile transmission through the IP network; a second communication unit that is coupled to a public telephone network and conducts a facsimile transmission through the public telephone network; a... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110235108 - Device management system, management apparatus, device management method, and program: A device management system of the present invention, in which a device which is allowed to shift to a power saving mode and a management apparatus which manages the device are connected to a network, allows the management apparatus to recognize power consumption statuses of devices without making any periodic... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110235121 - Digital multiple apparatus: In a digital multiple apparatus, at least two different jobs are processed by at least two job processing units, and while job processing by one job processing unit, if there is an interruption by job processing by the other job processing unit, an end time of the job processing by... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110235104 - Electronics device capable of wireless communication, electronics device system, and wireless communication method: An electronics device, which is connected to a host apparatus via a wireless communication, includes a communication section configured to perform a wireless communication, and a communication control section configured to, if a start-up timing of the electronics device is earlier than any start-up timing of at least one electronics... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110235109 - Image display control device and image forming apparatus including the same: A control unit includes a touch panel display capable of presenting preview representation of a multiple number of document images on a panel display. The touch panel display includes a function by which, when the paper is subjected to a binding process after printing document images on the paper, the... Agent:

20110235105 - Image forming apparatus and computer readable recording medium: Disclosed is an image forming apparatus which generates print data based on control data for page print inputted from an external device and which forms an image based on the print data. The image forming apparatus includes a control unit having a plurality of arithmetic processing units, and an image... Agent: Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.

20110235102 - Image forming apparatus, image forming method and computer-readable medium: An image forming apparatus includes an image forming unit and a control unit. The image forming unit forms an image on a print medium. The control unit controls the image forming unit so as to divide an image larger than the print medium into pieces and to form the image... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110235100 - Image forming apparatus, information processing apparatus, computer readable medium and image forming system: An image forming apparatus includes: a deciding unit that decides whether in-monitoring assertion information representing is recorded in the information storing unit by another image forming apparatus or not; a recording unit that generates new in-monitoring assertion information; an acquiring unit that acquires information to be an image forming target;... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110235114 - Image forming apparatus, print processing system, print processing method, and computer-readable recording medium storing program: The image forming apparatus includes an information acquisition section that acquires job information at least including information for identifying target print jobs to be displayed in a list and setting information for designating settings of print processes included in the target print jobs in order to display a list of... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110235117 - Image forming system and image forming apparatus settings search method using ws-discovery: An image forming apparatus stores a settings keyword, receives a Probe message including a search keyword from a client apparatus via a network, retrieves the search keyword from the Probe message, determines whether or not the search keyword from the Probe message matches the stored settings keyword, and transmits a... Agent: Kyocera Mita Corporation

20110235103 - Image processing apparatus and control method thereof: When operation screen data sent from a Web server can be received, an image processing apparatus displays an operation screen based on the operation screen data on an operation unit. On the other hand, when operation screen data cannot be received due to a communication error, the image processing apparatus... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110235099 - Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and computer readable medium storing program: An image processing apparatus includes a receiving unit, a recognition unit, a calculation unit, a determination unit, and a controller. The receiving unit receives a print job. The recognition unit recognizes hardware information regarding the image processing apparatus. The calculation unit calculates a time required for image processing of the... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110235094 - Image processing apparatus, image forming system and non-transitory computer readable medium: An image processing apparatus including: an assignment portion that, when a plurality of dynamic reconfigurable processors (DRPs) execute image processes by a pipeline process mode based on a print job, assigns identification numbers identifying the DRPs to the DRPs based on the number of DRPs; a first change portion that... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110235098 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable storage medium: An image processing apparatus includes: a receiving unit that receives job data of plural pages; plural RIP processors that interpret and expand the job data into raster images; and an allocating unit that allocates the plural pages of the job data to the plural RIP processors for RIP processing, the... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110235112 - Image scanning device, image forming apparatus, and image scanning method: An image scanning device includes an image sensor obtaining an analog image signal; a variable gain amplifier amplifying the analog image signal; an analog-to-digital converter converting the amplified analog image signal into digital image data; a highest value detection unit detecting the highest value in the digital image data; and... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20110235119 - Image-forming apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium: An image-forming apparatus includes a reception unit adapted to receive setting information that defines designation of a storage area and a process to be executed, a setting unit adapted to set the process to be executed for the designated storage area based on analysis of the setting information, an access... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110235106 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium: When a user accesses a server from an image forming apparatus for document printing, it is ensured that the user can operate on a print operation screen corresponding to a portlet without involving significant labor. An image forming apparatus 1004 is managed by a printer portlet server 1003, and the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110235111 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium: An information processing apparatus includes a receiving unit and a provision unit. The receiving unit receives a display instruction regarding information about data whose printing is reserved from a device. The provision unit provides the device with a screen for displaying a reservation job including a print button for instructing... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110235097 - Information processing device, printer, information processing method, and recording medium: An information processing device of the present invention has: a receiving section that receives a print job transmitted by a sender; a printing executing section that, when a print job received at the receiving section is a print job to which authentication information is not added, executes printing immediately, and,... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110235088 - Intelligent print options for search engine results: Systems and methods presented herein provide for intelligent print options to a user selecting web content of search results provided by a search engine. For example, the user may choose to perform a search through a search engine by entering search criteria within a webpage of the search engine. The... Agent:

20110235091 - Method implemented in print shops for selecting and exchanging job groups between application programs using portable storage devices: A method for pre-configuring a portable storage device for use in transporting print jobs in a print shop, and a method for using the pre-configured portable storage device to export and import print jobs between different devices in the print shop. The portable storage device is pre-configured to contain multiple... Agent: Konica Minolta Systems Laboratory, Inc.

20110235093 - Method implemented in print shops for selecting and exchanging job groups between application programs using portable storage devices: A method implemented in a print shop management system which allows operators to conveniently transport groups of print jobs between different devices and programs of the print shop, such as a MIS system, prepress devices, printers, finishing devices, etc. When exporting print jobs from a print job management program (the... Agent: Konica Minolta Systems Laboratory, Inc.

20110235116 - Methods and apparatus for automatic hostname generation: Methods and apparatus for automatic generation of a hostname for a network printer embedded in or associated with a gaming machine are provided. An identification number is received at the printer from the gaming machine. The printer can then generate a unique Hostname for the printer by modifying the identification... Agent: Transact Technologies Incorporated

20110235107 - Operation apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same: To provide an operation apparatus and image forming apparatus which can adequately notify users of status information of other apparatuses connected to the operation apparatus. The operation apparatus has: status information acquiring means 503 for acquiring status information of a multi-functional printer 100 associated with a specific tab item from... Agent: Kyocera Mita Corporation

20110235110 - Operation console, electronic device and image processing apparatus provided with the operation console, and method of displaying information on the operation console: On a touch-panel display of an image forming apparatus, which is divided to five areas, that is, a system area, a function selection area, a preview area, an action panel area and a task trigger area, pieces of information are displayed. Even if an operational mode is switched, the same... Agent:

20110235115 - Print control device, print control method, printing system and recording medium: The present invention provides a printer control device that includes a storage device, a printer searching section, a print preview creation section and a display control section. The printer searching section searches for printers connected to a network, acquires pieces of print setup information on print setups set in extracted... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110235096 - Print job data management device, printing apparatus, print job data management method and print job data management program storage medium: A print job data management device includes a storage section that stores a print job, a reception section that receives a print job transmitted by a sender, a print execution section, and an extraction section. The print execution section executes printing immediately when the received print job is a first... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110235113 - Printer and terminal device: A printer may supply print instruction screen data to a terminal device. The terminal device may supply selection information to the printer in a case where an instruction button in the print instruction screen is selected by a user. The printer may make, in a case where the selection information... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110235101 - Printing control device, image forming system and computer readable medium storing program: A printing control device includes units that: distribute received image data page by page, perform image processing for converting the image data distributed by page into print data, and control output in accordance with a plurality of image output sections, and control the output processing of each of the plurality... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110235118 - Printing method using a dual-engine printing system: Methods for printing using a dual-engine printing system are disclosed herein. An exemplary dual-engine printing system includes a first print engine, a second print engine, and a print media source including a continuous web or separate sheets of print media. Multiple first pairs of images each including a first image... Agent:

20110235089 - Profile and template based dynamic portable user workflow: A printing device receives a user profile from a computerized device. The user profile comprises at least one template and the template comprises selections of menu options offered by the printing device. The method stores the user profile within a computer readable storage medium of the printing device. The user... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110235120 - Remote e-mail printing: An information providing server has information on plural printers. The information providing server provides a user of a portable terminal with the information on the plural printers by sending the information on the plural printers to the portable terminal. The portable terminal sends an e-mail to which a file to... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20110235092 - Systems and methods for print job scheduling: Methods disclosed facilitate the scheduling of print jobs. In some embodiments, the retrieval of remote files that are targets of print requests can be deferred. Print requests may be specified using JDF and/or JMF. A print queue holds entries corresponding to the remote target files and each queue entry is... Agent:

20110235122 - Apparatus, systems, and methods for dynamic language customization: Methods disclosed facilitate the dynamic addition of language support for peripherals. In some embodiments, peripherals may read in language strings in a previously unsupported language from a data file and populate memory locations with the strings. The memory locations may be logically addressed using an index value associated with the... Agent:

20110235124 - Image forming apparatus, computer-readable recording medium storing job history management program code, and job history management method in the image forming apparatus: An image forming apparatus includes a history storage unit, a history writing unit, and a history reading unit. The history storage unit is configured to store a job history that shows a history of a job. The history writing unit is configured to divide that job history into a plurality... Agent: Kyocera Mita Corporation

20110235123 - Printer: A printer includes a connection port that connects an external storage device to the printer, a command input unit that inputs coded information or text-form information, and a processor that executes a command corresponding to coded information or text-form information inputted in the command input unit by using data stored... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110235063 - Image processing apparatus: An image processing apparatus causes a printing executing section to perform a printing process using color-materials, the image processing apparatus includes: a first processing unit that performs a first image-processing by processing original image data in order to generate first processed image data; and a supplying unit, wherein the first... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110235062 - Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and storage medium storing program: An image processing apparatus is provided. A density conversion component converts a density of a transparent color material so that a total amount of a plurality of color materials is smaller than a predetermined first amount when it is determined that the total amount of the plurality of color materials... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110235064 - Printing control apparatus, printing control method, and storage medium: A printing control apparatus determines a size of a recording medium based on an instruction to print an image of a predetermined size in the recording medium. A control unit causes application software to generate data to be printed having a size corresponding to the number of pages and the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110235065 - Apparatus and method for printing within a print zone on the surface of a skewed object moving in a given direction of travel: A printing apparatus for printing within a predefined print zone on a selected surface of a skewed object moving in a given direction of travel includes a bracket, at least two sensors at known positions adjacent to the passing object detecting the leading edge of a given surface, a positioning... Agent:

20110235066 - Apparatus and method for generating stereoscopic viewing image based on three-dimensional medical image, and a computer readable recording medium on which is recorded a program for the same: A stereoscopic viewing image generation unit generates, using a three-dimensional medical image representing a subject as input, a stereoscopic viewing image for stereoscopic output of the subject based on a given image generation condition, and a non-stereoscopic viewing image generation unit generates a non-stereoscopic viewing image for non-stereoscopic output equivalent... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110235067 - Method and system for generating nametags: A method for generating a nametag is provided. A database having stored therein data associated with a wearer of the nametag and a computer connected to the database is provided. Further, data indicative of a predetermined nametag template are provided. Using a processor of the computer the data indicative of... Agent:

20110235069 - Inkjet printer: An object is to shorten the printing time of an inkjet printer capable of forming a plurality of ink layers on a medium. An inkjet printer (100) includes an ink head unit (102) for ejecting ink toward a medium (M); a moving mechanism (130) for moving the ink head unit... Agent: Roland Dg Corporation

20110235068 - Method for improving printing quality and related printing system: A method for improving printing quality is disclosed. The method includes an application device transmitting an original image including a plurality of printing pixels to a driving device, the driving device setting the plurality of printing pixels as a plurality of first printing dots, the driving device detecting an edge... Agent:

20110235070 - Data processing system, data processing method, and image forming apparatus: The data processing apparatus according to the present invention has the image data preparation unit that prepares various kinds of image data deriving from document data depending on various purposes of the document data; and the image synthesis instructing unit that instructs images to be synthesized based on the image... Agent: Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.

20110235074 - Image forming apparatus (sheet processing apparatus having speed control function): According to one embodiment, an image forming apparatus including an image visualizing section configured to visualize image data with a visualizing agent to obtain a visible image, an image moving section configured to move the visible image obtained by the image visualizing section to a sheet medium, a productivity setting... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110235071 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: An image processing apparatus and an image processing method are provided which, when forming an image using a plurality of different sizes of dots, can produce a satisfactory image free from problematical levels of density unevenness, graininess and insufficient density with any of these dot sizes. To this end, when... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110235072 - Image processing device, image processing method, and image processing program storage medium: An image processing device includes print processors for different colors, plural first conversion sections provided for each of the print processors, a second conversion section, and a controller. Each of the print processors performs printing of a corresponding color onto a recording medium. Each of the first conversion sections converts... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110235073 - Method for gray balance correction of a printing process: In printing processes, even when a process calibration under predefined printing conditions is used, it is possible for deviations in the gray balance to occur. Attempts have been made to correct the deviations, for example by changing the layer thickness of the printing inks in the printing process, but that... Agent: Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Ag

20110235125 - Printing apparatus, correction value calculating method, and storage medium: A correction value calculating method includes: printing a pattern based on an instruction gray scale value indicating a predetermined density; acquiring a read gray scale value, which is a result obtained when a scanner reads the pattern, for each line area; calculating a first correction value, which is a correction... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110235127 - Halftone image generation, device, halftone image generation method, and computer-readable storage medium for computer program: A halftone image generation device is provided that, by partially selecting and blending a first halftone image obtained by halftone processing a specific image using a first method and a second halftone image obtained by halftone processing the specific image using a second method different from the first method, generates... Agent: Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.

20110235126 - Printing device and printing method: For each of a plurality of reference colors located at prescribed coordinates in a first color space (e.g., the RGB color space), there are associated, on an individual pixel row basis, correction vectors indicating correction amounts in the first color space. For each pixel datum of image data of first... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110235128 - Creating and processing a mark-able document: The invention enables creating a mark-able document for a user to mark, and recognizing and processing the user-marked mark-able document to generate an accurate user-readable result that has broad application. The application program used to create, process, and generate a printed output based on the processing includes an array of... Agent:

20110235129 - Image forming apparatus: An image forming apparatus includes: a storing section, an image forming section to form a measurement image to output a measurement chart, and a control section for inputting density information indicating densities at positions of the measurement image, to calculate a correction value corresponding to each position based on the... Agent: Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.

20110235130 - Operation setting device and image forming apparatus provided with the same: An operation unit is provided with a touch panel display which includes a touch panel, a display panel, and a control portion which causes the display panel to display an operation screen so as to allow the touch panel to provide an operation instruction. The control portion is provided with... Agent:

20110235134 - Control device, laser projection device, recording method, computer program, and recording medium: A control device includes a shape information storage storing shape information to be plotted, a stroke generation unit generating first and second stroke data having transmission start and end coordinates of first and second strokes, a scanning start time computation unit determining scanning start time of the second stroke by... Agent:

20110235133 - Image forming apparatus: A power saving mode includes a plurality of levels that are different in recovery time to a normal mode and in power consumption of a main body system. The plurality of levels are set to correspond to remaining heat temperature of a fixing device so that the recovery time to... Agent: Kyocera Mita Corporation

20110235135 - Image forming apparatus, control method for image forming apparatus, and storage medium: An image forming apparatus stores image data generated from a document scanned by a scanner on a removable medium. When storage on the removable medium is not completed, part of the image data that has been stored by that time is deleted from the removable medium.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110235131 - Image reading device and image forming apparatus including the same: A position adjustment mechanism (90) includes a rack (91) fixed onto an upper surface of a second hinge member (87), a worm gear 93 that meshes with the rack (91), a handle (95) that rotates the worm gear (93), and a lever (97) that presses the second hinge member (87)... Agent: Kyocera Mita Corporation

20110235132 - Optical scanning device and image forming device: An optical scanning device includes a light source that emits first and second light beams, and an optical splitter to which the first and second light beams deflected by an optical deflector are incident. Principal rays of the first and second light beams incident to the optical splitter are nonparallel... Agent:

20110235136 - Illumination apparatus, image reading apparatus, and image forming apparatus: An illumination apparatus includes a light source that generates light used for reading an image and a light guide body which extends in a predetermined direction and onto which the light from the light source is incident. The light guide body includes a pair of first faces that reflect the... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110235137 - Document conveying device, image reading device including the document conveying device, and image forming apparatus: Provided is a document conveying device, including: a conveyance guide member which is capable of being opened upward and closed with respect to a contact glass, disposed facing the contact glass along a conveying direction of a document, and guides the document to an upper surface of the contact glass;... Agent: Kyocera Mita Corporation

20110235138 - Image reading apparatus: An image reading apparatus including: a feeding device; a first reading unit that scans an image of a first surface of the document fed by the feeding device; a second reading unit that scans an image of a second surface of the document fed by the feeding device, wherein the... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110235139 - Image reading apparatus: In an image reading apparatus, cables may be used to connect reading units (e.g., scanning devices) to a controller or control circuit board configured to execute certain instructions and perform various functions. The cables may be routed between the reading units and the controller so as to reduce and/or eliminate... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110235140 - Image reading apparatus: An image reading apparatus may include a cable for connecting a reading device to a controller configured to perform functions and execute instructions. To prevent breakage and stress on the cable, the cable may be fixed to a guide component. For example, the cable may be fixed to the guide... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110235141 - Spot color matching mechanism: An apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes a color image recording device to measure a spot color on a medium and a color matching module to determine a perceptual color difference between the measured spot color and a reproduction color as a function of color values in a color space... Agent:

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