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Fabric (woven, knitted, or nonwoven textile or cloth, etc.)

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08/07/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140220839 - Out-of-autoclave curing system: A method for bonding two parts together in accordance with an embodiment of the disclosure can include providing first and second parts, placing a light curable adhesive between the first and second parts, and irradiating the light curable adhesive using a modified fiber optic filament disposed between the first and... Agent: The Florida International University Board Of Trustees

20140220840 - Fluid-resistant textile fabrics and methods: Coating compositions which include a blend of a fluorochemical and a particulate additive comprising a bimodal size distribution of inorganic nanoparticles are provided. The bimodal distribution of inorganic nanoparticles may include a quantity of smaller nanoparticles having an average size distribution of between about 1 to about 15 nm, and... Agent: Luna Innovations Incorporated

20140220841 - Novel composite materials and methods for manufacturing same: Novel composite materials are provided consisting of a substrate based on fibers of natural, mineral or vegetable origin, and of a mixture formed from a matrix of water-based resin and an expanding agent. The nature and the proportions of the various elements constituting these novel composite materials is also provided.... Agent: Roxel France

20140220842 - Process for the treatment of synthetic textiles with cationic biocides: A process for the treatment of a synthetic textile (T) with a cationic biocide (B) and at least one anionic polymer (P) which comprises the step of treating the synthetic textile with an aqueous composition containing the cationic biocide (B) in a concentration (c1) and containing the anionic polymer (P)... Agent: Basf Se

20140220843 - Hydrophobic adhesive with absorbent fibers: The disclosed hydrophobic adhesive composition comprises a hydrophobic adhesive matrix and water absorbent fibers dispersed throughout the adhesive matrix to provide water management capabilities to the adhesive composition. The disclosed adhesive composition can adhered to a variety of surfaces, such as skin, and will easily remove from the surface. Therefore,... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140220844 - Prepregs and laminates having homogeneous dielectric properties: Resin compositions including one or more base resins and one or more high dielectric constant materials wherein the one or more high dielectric constant materials are present in the resin composition in an amount sufficient to impart the resin composition with a cured Dk that matches the Dk of the... Agent: Isola Usa Corp.

20140220845 - Multilayer woven fabric with electrical protection characteristics: A multilayer woven textile with improved performance characteristics is disclosed. The multilayer woven textile may include a spun yarn having conductive staple fibers and non-conductive staple fibers. The spun yarn may be woven in a multilayer weave pattern.... Agent:

20140220846 - Non-kinking self-wrapping woven sleeve and method of construction thereof: A wrappable textile sleeve and method of construction thereof is provided. The wrappable textile sleeve includes an elongate wall extending along a longitudinal axis between opposite ends with lengthwise extending edges extending parallel or substantially parallel with the longitudinal axis between the opposite ends. The wall is woven from lengthwise... Agent: Federal-mogul Powertrain, Inc.

07/31/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140206248 - Impact dissipating fabric: An impact dissipating fabric system includes a first non-woven fabric layer, and a second non-woven fabric layer disposed on one another and coupled together using a lamination film or a resin. In an alternative embodiment, a woven fabric layer may be disposed on either one or both non-woven fabric layers.... Agent: Matscitechno Licensing Company

20140206249 - Elastomer-enhanced fabrics, articles of manufacture including such fabrics, and methods of making same: An elastomer-enhanced fabric includes one or more fiber strands, and an elastomeric material carried by the one or more fiber strands. The elastomeric material may comprise an elastomeric polymer and a plasticizer. The elastomeric material does not entirely fill all spaces between the one or more fiber strands, such that... Agent: Edizone, LLC

20140206250 - Adhesive composition: An adhesive composition containing a latex of highly saturated nitrile rubber (A) which has α,β-ethylenically unsaturated nitrile monomer units 10 to 55 wt %, conjugated diene monomer units 25 to 89 wt %, and α,β-ethylenically unsaturated dicarboxylic acid monoester monomer units 1 to 20 wt % and has an iodine... Agent: Zeon Corporation

20140206251 - Surface modifying agents, modified materials and methods: The present invention relates to surface modifying agents for polymeric and/or textile materials, methods of making and/or using a surface modifying agent to modify and functionalize polymeric and/or textile materials, and/or methods of using surface modified or functionalized polymeric and textile materials, and/or products using or incorporating surface modified or... Agent: Celgard, LLC

07/17/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140199904 - Electrically conductive porous material assemblies and methods of making the same: Disclosed are exemplary embodiments of electrically conductive porous material assemblies. Also disclosed are exemplary methods of making or producing electrically conductive porous material assemblies. In an exemplary embodiment, an electrically conductive porous material assembly generally includes an electrically conductive porous material and a first layer of electrically conductive porous fabric.... Agent: Laird Technologies, Inc.

20140199905 - Bulletproof fabric and method for producing the same: Disclosed are a bulletproof fabric and a method for producing the same that exhibit improved anti-traumaproperty and minimize deterioration in bulletproofness even after use under harsh conditions for a long period of time. The bulletproof fabric includes a fabric comprising at least one high-strength fiber selected from the group consisting... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20140199906 - Cyanate-based resins with reduced viscosity and duromers produced therefrom with improved impact resistance: s

20140199907 - Hot melt adhesive for disposable products: The present invention provides a hot melt adhesive suitable for use in disposable products, which can be applied at a high speed and provides excellent in adhesion in a wet state and low-temperature coating, with little odor. The hot melt adhesive for disposable products comprises: (A) a propylene homopolymer having... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140199908 - Hot melt adhesive: The present invention provides hot melt adhesives for disposable products. The hot melt adhesives may be applied at high-speed and at low temperature ranges. The hot melt adhesives also provide excellent adhesion to polyethylene and a nonwoven fabric. The hot melt adhesive comprises (A) a thermoplastic block copolymer, which is... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140199909 - Silicone-organic resin composite laminate and manufacturing method thereof, and light-emitting semiconductor apparatus using the same: The invention provides a silicone-organic resin composite laminate comprises a laminate in which an organic resin layer containing an inorganic fiber cloth into which a thermosetting organic resin has been impregnated, and a silicone resin layer containing an inorganic fiber cloth into which a curable silicone resin has been impregnated,... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

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