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Fabric (woven, knitted, or nonwoven textile or cloth, etc.)

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11/13/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140335750 - Flexible composite systems: A system for providing improved flexible-composite materials, equipment, and manufacturing processes including improved flexible composite materials that include scrim reinforcements.... Agent:

20140335751 - Dyed textiles and method of producing the same: Slasher machines and rope dyeing machines are the main dyeing machine that is used to continuously dye yarn fabrics for denim using indigo dyes. In denim dyeing, indigo (blue color VAT) and some sulfur dyes are mixed together to achieve blue/black/brown color denim fabrics. This invention is the achievement of... Agent:

20140335752 - Hybrid composite structure: This invention is a hybrid composite structure comprising: a laminate including two plies of fabric wherein the fabric includes a composite yarn; a first polyolefin yarn included in the composite yarn having about 80% crystallinity according to WAXS measuring techniques; a second yarn physically combined with the first polyolefin yarn... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140329426 - Glitter film backing for adhesive tapes and methods of making the same: Film-based articles useful, for example, as the backing of an adhesive tape. The film-based article includes a film layer and a plurality of glitter particles. The glitter particles are disposed within the film layer and each has a melting point of not less than 135° C. In some embodiments, the... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140329427 - Infrared welding process for bonding portions of a vehicle interior assembly: A method of manufacturing a vehicle interior assembly. The method includes attaching a scrim to a polyurethane substrate. The method also includes disposing a polypropylene material directly on the scrim. The method includes applying infrared energy to the polypropylene material to bond the polypropylene material to the scrim.... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20140329428 - Dissolvable fibrous web structure article comprising active agents: The personal care compositions of the present invention are in the form of an Article comprising a dissolvable fibrous web structure. The fibers of the dissolvable fibrous web structure comprise a surfactant; a water soluble polymeric structurant; and a plasticizer. Additionally the ratio of the water soluble water soluble polymeric... Agent:

20140329429 - Fiber reinforced structural element: A fiber reinforced structural element comprising a thermoplastic fiber reinforced member, a non-thermoplastic fiber reinforced member, and a multi-layer woven tie layer. The thermoplastic fiber reinforced member contains at least one layer of thermoplastic fibers and the non-thermoplastic fiber reinforced member contains at least one layer of non-thermoplastic fibers. The... Agent: Milliken & Company

20140329430 - Low defect nanotube application solutions and fabrics and methods for making same: The present disclosure provides methods for removing defects nanotube application solutions and providing low defect, highly uniform nanotube fabrics. In one aspect, a degassing process is performed on a suspension of nanotubes to remove air bubbles present in the solution. In another aspect, a continuous flow centrifugation (CFC) process is... Agent: Nantero Inc.

10/30/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140323001 - Pseudothermoplastic, self-crosslinking composites: In the present process, reversibly crosslinking composites or storage-stable prepregs are produced by means of a hetero Diels-Alder reactions (HDA,) for example of PMMA polymers. At slightly elevated temperature, these prepregs can be reversibly decrosslinked again by a retro hetero Diels-Alder reaction so that they become moldable. The back-reaction to... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20140323002 - Non-fluorinated water-based superhydrophobic surfaces: A superhydrophobic surface includes a substrate treated with a non-fluorinated composition, the composition including a hydrophobic component free of fluorine; a filler particle; and water, wherein the composition is at a pH greater than 7, and wherein the hydrophobic component is in an aqueous dispersion. The superhydrophobic surface alternatively includes... Agent:

20140323003 - Bicomponent fibers and methods for making them: The present invention relates to bicomponent polymer fibers, and to processes for forming those fibers. Bicomponent polymer fibers are described, having a core comprising a core polymer and a sheath comprising a sheath polymer, wherein the sheath polymer is a polyolefin having an Mw less than about 65,000 g/mol. The... Agent:

20140323004 - Fiber-reinforced resin molded article and interior material for vehicle using the same: A fiber-reinforced resin molded article 10 of the present invention includes fiber sheets 1, 3 and a resin foam sheet 2 attached to each other. The fiber sheets 1, 3 are respectively disposed on principal planes on both sides of the resin foam sheet 2, and at least one of... Agent: Kurashiki Boseki Kabushikabushikaisha

20140323005 - Surface coating and fuser member: Described is a fuser member having a substrate and a surface layer disposed on the substrate. The surface layer includes a non-woven polymer fiber matrix having dispersed throughout a siloxyfluorocarbon (SFC) networked polymer and a fluorinated polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

10/23/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140315457 - 3d woven fiber structure, a fiber preform obtained from such a fiber structure, and a composite material part including such a preform: A fiber preform is formed by a fiber structure woven by three-dimensional weaving with a plurality of layers of warp yarns interlinked by weft yarns of a plurality of layers of weft yarns, the fiber preform having a first portion and a second portion that extend one another in the... Agent: Snecma

20140315458 - Method of treating ceramic fibers by phosphating: A method of treating silicon carbide fibers comprises phosphating heat treatment in a reactive gas so as to form a coating around each fiber for protection against oxidation. The coating comprises a surface layer of silicon pyrophosphate crystals and at least one underlying bilayer system comprising a layer of a... Agent:

20140315459 - Chitosan films with reduced shrinkage and laminates made therefrom: Inclusion of a needle structured clay or the plate structured clay sodium montmorillonite in a chitosan film was found to reduce shrinkage of the film. The clay is processed into a substantially dispersed form. Laminates fabricated from this chitosan film including dispersed clay can be used in make a variety... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140315460 - Carbon fiber and method for producing same: The present invention relates to a method for producing a carbon fiber that can be suitably used as a transparent conductive material for forming transparent flexible conductive films and the like, more particularly, to a method for producing a carbon fiber having an outermost surface composed of edges of graphenes,... Agent: Incubation Alliance, Inc.

20140315461 - Cellulosic fiber with hydrophobic properties and high softness and process for production thereof: The invention refers to hydrophobic cellulose fibers which are biodegradable, extra soft and water repellent. Nonwovens comprising the inventive cellulosic fibers show also higher softness. Said fibers add bulk, better drape ability and hydrophobicity to nonwoven fabrics which are biodegradable if made only from Cellulosic fibers.... Agent:

20140315462 - Fibers formed from aromatic polyester and polyether copolymer: e

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