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Exercise devices

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02/05/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150038297 - Power generating manually operated treadmill: The present invention relates to a manually operated treadmill adapted to generate electrical power comprising a treadmill frame, a running belt supported upon the treadmill frame and adapted for manual rotation, and an electrical power generator mechanically interconnected to the running belt and adapted to convert the manual rotational motion... Agent: Woodway Usa, Inc.

20150038298 - Head and neck exercise apparatuses: A head and neck exercise apparatus may include a member operatively arranged with a valve mechanism with a threshold pressure. The apparatus may further include an acoustic apparatus, membrane, chromogenic material, or moveable element that may be configured to respond when the pressure within the member is greater in magnitude... Agent: Berendo Scientific, LLC

20150038299 - Head and neck exercise methods: Methods for instructing a user to perform head and neck exercises with head and neck apparatuses are disclosed. The apparatus may include a member operatively arranged with a valve mechanism with a threshold pressure. The apparatus may further include an acoustic apparatus, membrane, chromogenic material, or moveable element that may... Agent: Berendo Scientific, LLC

20150038300 - Universal fitness apparatus: An exercise apparatus having: a frame having a vertical support; at least one articulating arm mount affixed to the vertical support; a first articulating arm connected to the at least one articulating arm mount; a second articulating arm connected to the at least one articulating arm mount, the second articulating... Agent: 2369048 Ontario Inc.

20150038301 - Core exercise apparatus and methods: A dual-mode exercise apparatus may include an articulating arm assembly coupled through a joint to a support assembly. In an illustrative embodiment, the arm assembly may include a seat centrally mounted above a ball-and-socket joint and a stabilizer member for the hands and/or feet of the user. In a first... Agent: Nordic Capital Partners LLC

20150038302 - Weightlifting barbell: A weightlifting barbell includes a steel shaft and sleeves constructed of engineered plastic (e.g., POM, Teflon®, Nylon, UHMW, and the like). The engineered-plastic sleeve is relatively light weight and provides impact strength suitable for executing weightlifting exercises.... Agent:

20150038303 - Kinetic dumbbell: A kinetic dumbbell includes offset weighted ends keyed to a single axle and a grip residing over the axle and between the weighted ends. The axle and weighted ends are free to rotate with respect to the grip. The weighted ends include slots accepting weights to adjust an offset weight... Agent:

20150038304 - Multi-purpose exercise bench with versatile resistance accessory: A multi-purpose exercise bench having a versatile resistance accessory configurable for use to provide weight-training resistance in a variety of exercises is provided. A multi-purpose exercise bench comprises: an elongated frame configured to rest on a flat floor in a stable manner; a lower seat portion supported on the frame;... Agent:

20150038305 - Surfboard replicating balance board system: A balance board adapted for riding rail-to-rail, preferably so that at least a portion of a rider's feet will be placed on the board over the elongated roller. The balance board includes an elongated, planar board having a length that exceeds a width. The balance board further includes two pair... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150031505 - Hybrid electric weight device: A hybrid electric weight device applying to exercise equipment, comprising: a frame body, a load mechanism having a main shaft, a motor torque member and a spring member, a force mechanism having at least a set of rods, load cells and handles, an acceleration processing board having an acceleration sensor... Agent: Chia Hua Fitness Co., Ltd.

20150031506 - Respiratory muscle endurance training device and method for the use thereof: A respiratory muscle endurance training device (RMET) includes a chamber and a patient interface. In one implementation, one or both of a CO, sensor or a temperature sensor can be coupled to the chamber or patient interface to provide the user or caregiver with indicia about the CO, level in,... Agent: Trudell Medical International

20150031507 - Device suitable for rehabilitation and use thereof: A system for extending a finger of a hand comprises structural elements configured to be inserted into a flexed finger and capable of providing a controllable force to extend the finger. In some embodiments, structural elements comprise a cam connected to a spacer, the spacer connected to a first strut,... Agent: Dynasplint Systems, Inc.

20150031508 - Multifaceted linear training device: The present invention, the Multifaceted Linear Training Device, is a pliable exercise device that allows the user to perform various resistance exercises. This exercise invention consists of a resilient pliable outer shell, a supple padded inner sheath, and a flexible weighted inner mass with a multitude of fastening straps and... Agent:

20150031509 - Weight training barbell system: A weight training barbell system provides modifiable barbells that facilitate the attachment of plate weights, various elastic straps, inelastic bands, handles, grips, and connectors, in a compact space saving design. The weight training barbell system incorporates various features that allow it to perform specialized exercises that provide same or greater... Agent:

20150031510 - Gyroscopic apparatuses and methods of using same: A gyroscopic exercise apparatus, comprising: at least one control-moment gyroscope; at least one motion sensor for sensing movement of the apparatus; at least one spindle motor for providing rotation to a rotor of the gyroscope; and, at least one reversible motor for providing rotation to at least one gimbal of... Agent:

20150031511 - System for resistance training: A portable athletic training system which permits a user to perform resistance exercises while stationary or in motion comprising a form fitting torso wrap, at least one wrist wrap, at least one ankle wrap, and at least one elastic cord removably connected between to a loop to perform resistance exercises.... Agent:

20150031512 - Door-mounted portable exercise apparatus: A door-mounted portable exercise apparatus having a non-elastic adjustable strap that extends vertically around a door. An attached connector maintains the adjustable strap in a snug position around the door. A first anchor and a second anchor are secured to the adjustable strap by a re-enforcing strap near the top... Agent:

20150031513 - Auxiliary device for exercising abdominal muscles: There is provided an auxiliary device for abdominal muscle exercise, and more particularly, to an auxiliary device for abdominal muscle exercise having a simple shape in which two supports are connected to each other by a board for easily exercising and strengthening the body. To achieve the objects of the... Agent:

20150031514 - Multipurpose exercise apparatus: An exercise apparatus for cooperating with an exercise ball during performance of core exercises thereon. The exercise apparatus comprises: (i) an exercise platform comprising a framework defining a first opening approximate its proximal end for receiving therein a first padded exercise mat and a second opening approximate its distal end... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150024906 - Systems and methods for improving motor function with assisted exercise: One embodiment of the present invention includes a system and method for alleviating symptoms of a medical disorder of a patient by forced exercise. The system includes an exercise machine having movable portions that move in response to a first contribution by a patient and in response a second contribution... Agent:

20150024907 - Pull-up bar: An apparatus for exercising the upper body, including a frame and handles. The frame is formed with a bar and a connection assembly. Two handles slide in their respective half of the bar using rollers, or bearings. The handles may also swing, or swivel for a greater range of motion.... Agent: Exemplar Design, LLC

20150024908 - Weight holding device: A weight holding device includes a strap and a strap-separating component attached to the strap. The strap-separating component maintains a separation between two portions of said strap when a weight is suspended from said weight holding device. An optional handgrip may be included.... Agent:

20150024909 - Exercise device: An exercise device includes an arrangement of components to strengthen muscles in a physical body of an individual. In particular, the exercise device can be used to perform exercised to strengthen at least abdominal muscles.... Agent:

20150024910 - Portable elastic resistance device for exercising the skeletal muscles: The invention consists of a flexible hexagonal array composed of rigid plastic rings, sized and shaped for convenient gripping with the hands, and or pinning against floor or wall by other body parts (feet, knees, elbows, trunk, bead, etc.) each connected to 3 to 6 lengths of bungee, or equivalent... Agent:

20150024911 - Stability bar system: A stability bar system is disclosed for use in exercising and muscle toning. The system provides an unstable base to engage core muscles while performing exercises. The bar has a central attachment point, and multiple off-center attachment points on which to attach resistance tubing, bands, cables, or straps. The body... Agent: Exemplar Design, LLC

20150024912 - Omnidirectional exercise device and system: An omnidirectional exercise device including a platform having a top surface and a bottom surface with the top surface extending generally in a first plane. At least one omnidirectional movement assembly is secured relative to the bottom surface such that the platform is supported for omnidirectional movement. A hand securement... Agent:

20150024913 - Neck support apparatus for abdominal exercises: A neck support apparatus for performing abdominal exercises without causing or exacerbating neck discomfort. The neck support apparatus comprises an hourglass shaped body having three distinct sections and a removable handle portion. The body includes an upper portion adapted to receive and support the back of a user's head, a... Agent:

20150024914 - Exercise machine carriage system: An exercise machine carriage system which allows for a wide range of exercises while maintaining improved balance and control for the exerciser. The exercise machine generally includes a stationary frame and a carriage adapted to slide along at least one track on the frame. The carriage may include at least... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150018173 - Ellipse exerciser with inclination adjustment unit: An ellipse exerciser includes a base, a rail frame having two rails, an ellipse unit having two pedals and two roller units, and an adjustment unit having a bottom part and a support frame. The roller units are moved along the rails of the rail frame. The bottom part has... Agent:

20150018174 - Multi-mount heavy bag with: sculpted body side, extended head like appendage, contours and developed striking areas.: A multi-mount heavy bag designed for a single user for striking with the intent of developing and conditioning users muscles and skill with at least one unique sculpted body side having contoured features and developed striking areas with at least one forward extended head like appendage that creates for the... Agent:

20150018175 - Fitness hoop having variable impact force: An exercise device including a hoop made primarily of two elements, a softer inner element and a more rigid outer element. The inner element of the hoop has a plurality of shock absorbing compression chambers projecting inwardly and formed on an inner diameter thereof. The plurality of chambers each have... Agent: Innersvingen As

20150018176 - Exercise device: An exercise device is disclosed that is designed to roll. It has an indentation that is adapted to receive a user's spine and two cushioned areas that is adapted to receive the areas of the users back around the spine. The device may be made from several pieces which may... Agent:

20150018177 - Standing-up trainer: A standing-up trainer, in particular for use in rehabilitation for mobilizing persons having limited mobility. In order to adjust a seat base between a sitting position and a standing position, a positioning unit that is adjustable by a drive is provided, and at least one securing device for securing the... Agent:

20150018178 - Agility and strength improvement apparatus: An exercise balance board is described, containing a platform for a user supported by a resilient, air-filled partial sphere. It contains features which allow users of any size or fitness level to properly exercise muscle groups. The balance board allows a user to exercise upper and lower muscle extremity groups... Agent:

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