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Exercise devices

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10/02/2014 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140296033 - Exercise credit exchange system and method: A system and method for securely measuring and tracking exercise performed by individuals and energy generated by human powered devices is provided. An amount of exercise and/or energy generated is quantified and converted to reward points usable in a rewards incentive program. Exercise performed and/or energy generated on exercise equipment... Agent:

20140296034 - Detection apparatus of a traning machine: A detection apparatus of a training machine has a shifting device, four sensors and a controller. The shifting device is mounted on an exercise device along a circular motion trace divided into four segments. The four sensors are respectively mounted on the body and correspond to the four segments. The... Agent:

20140296035 - Simple harmonic motion exercise device: Disclosed is a simple harmonic motion exercise device including: a base having a front stand, a rear stand and an oblique stand; a handle module with a transverse gear; two longitudinal gear linkage rods, each having a longitudinal gear installed at the top; two pedal linkage rods, each having a... Agent:

20140296036 - Variable stride exercise device: An adaptive exercise device includes a frame which supports swing arms which provide for horizontal motion of associated foot links. A crank system provides for vertical motion of the foot links and is movable relative to the frame. The vertical and horizontal motions of the foot links are mechanically decoupled... Agent:

20140296037 - Portable universal gym system: A portable universal gym is compact and easily stowed in a portable case. The framework is designed to breakdown into easily stowable components. When assembled, the framework may be secured to a stable device, such as, by way of example, the trailer hitch of a typical truck or similar vehicle,... Agent:

20140296038 - Progressive resistance system for an exercise device: A progressive resistance device is provided having a cylinder having an outer wall which defines an inner chamber. The cylinder is carried on an axle and is rotatable thereabout. An eccentric axle surrounds the axle and is rotatable relative the axle. A magnet carrier partially encircles the eccentric axle and... Agent: Sportcrafters, Inc.

20140296039 - Walker apparatus: A walker apparatus includes a framework having upstanding front and rear support members connecting upper and lower sections. The upper section is mounted atop upper ends of respective front and rear support members. The upper section includes a pair of side members each having opposed front and rear ends coupled... Agent:

20140296040 - Motorized weightlifting rack: A weightlifting rack includes a tower with a pair of arms terminating in catches to support a weighted bar. An actuator powered by an electric motor is connected to the arms to adjust the vertical position of the arms to accommodate different height weightlifters. After the bar is lifted from... Agent: Conner Athletic Products, Inc.

20140296041 - Weight apparatus including weight adjustment arrangement: A weight apparatus includes a bar including a handle, an anchorage rotatably mounted to an end of the handle, the handle and the anchorage having an axially extending opening, a pinion gear rotatably mounted in the axially extending opening, a rod slidably disposed inside the axially extending opening and having... Agent:

20140296042 - Core exercising machine: A collapsible exercise machine for strengthening the core muscles (transverse abdominal, internal obliques, external obliques, rectus abdominis, and erector spinae) includes a frame mounted on a base on which a user sits and manipulates an upstanding lever arm. A seat is convertible between two differently-angled positions for back extension or... Agent:

20140296043 - Antigravity spinal exerciser: The invention provides an exerciser for use in activating deep posture and antigravity muscles in the body. The exerciser (1) comprises a headpiece (2) having at least: a first member (6) which fits around the head of a wearer in a transverse plane above the ears when the headpiece is... Agent: Gravity Fitness Australia Pty Ltd

20140296044 - Method and apparatus for extremity rehabilitation: A lower extremity mobilizer for use in rehabilitation is provided. A seat is slidably maintained upon a base, with a foot support brace being provided at an end of the base to receive the foot of a leg provided for arthrokinematic treatment. A cord and pulley system is provided between... Agent:

20140296045 - Exercise apparatus: An exercise apparatus for exercising with an infant, the exercise apparatus including: an infant retaining portion for retaining the infant; and a linking portion extending from the infant retaining portion, the linking portion configured to link the infant retaining portion to a user, wherein the linking portion permits the user,... Agent: Smiling Sling Pty Limited

20140296046 - Machine for doing an angled push up exercise: An exercise device for doing angled pushups is disclosed having two or more upper and lower panels joined together by a connecting structure which also enables them to fold, elevated foot supports incorporated into the upper panels, and a structure incorporated into the panels enabling the device to be maneuvered.... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 22 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140287875 - Stationary exercise equipment power generator: An exercise apparatus is mechanically engaged with an electrical current producer so that exercise by a person using the apparatus produces output power which is used at the time of exercising or saved for later use. A motor provides additional drive force by rotating a rotor engaged with the apparatus,... Agent: E Gen, LLC

20140287876 - Continuously variable resistance exercise system: An exercise system adapted to provide a truly interactive level of exercise with timed exercise intervals that are shown to be optimal in various physiological studies. An example of this invention provides the following unique features: (1) electronically controlled, continuously variable resistance in the positive stroke that responds to the... Agent:

20140287877 - Seated inversion chair and method of treating migraine headaches: An inversion chair and the method of treatment are provided to assist a user in the treatment and prevention of migraine headaches by increasing and altering the blood flow within the head. The inversion chair includes a frame having a first and a second side connected to each other by... Agent:

20140287878 - Sports training ladder: A sports training agility ladder is usable in a flat ladder position with the ladder rungs on or close to the ground. The ladder may also be moved into and used in a hurdle position where a bridge or center section of each rung is raised up off of the... Agent:

20140287879 - Trampoline assembly and related methods: A system includes a mini trampoline assembly for use in conjunction with an active learning session(s) system. The assembly includes a frame with one or more segments, a stretchable platform, and optionally a dress skirt for the trampoline.... Agent:

20140287880 - Hinge or the like for folding rebounder: A portable exercise system has a foldable perimeter frame comprising at least two elongated frame members that are joined by hinges. The hinges are joined to ends of the frame members, which ends are generally tubular. Each hinge has a cap-like body having an interior surface that defines a cavity... Agent:

20140287881 - \"multi-purpose exercise device\": A multi-purpose exercise device includes a first side assembly having a first side assembly short side with an angled first side assembly front foot, a first side assembly long side with an angled first side assembly back foot, and a first elbow provided between the first side assembly short side... Agent: Praetorian Fitness Products, Inc.

20140287882 - Therapeutic gloves: The invention provides an assistive apparatus which enables a wearer to enjoy greater control when opening or closing their hands and fingers. The Therapeutic Glove is a fitted sheath with individual sections for one's thumb and fingers. The base of the glove comprises a reinforced and stretchy elastic wristband and... Agent:

20140287883 - Compact stationary bicycle: A compact stationary bicycle is configured to fit beneath a desk. The compact stationary bicycle has a silent drive assembly, configured to be driven by a user. A casing is mechanically coupled to the silent drive assembly. An attachment assembly is mechanically coupled to the casing and configured to attach... Agent:

20140287884 - Paddle exercise apparatus: A paddle exercise apparatus includes a rod, a handle, and a weight member. The a rod includes first and second ends and is configured for grasping by a first hand of a user at a location between the first and second ends. The handle is positioned at the first end... Agent: Icon Health & Fitness, Inc.

20140287885 - Isometric exercise apparatus and storage rack therefor: The present invention relates generally to exercise equipment and more specifically, to an isometric exercise apparatus and a storage rack therefor. The isometric exercise apparatus includes a frame which has a base and a sidewall joined to the base. The base has an exercise platform for supporting a user's body.... Agent:

20140287886 - Protector for exercise bar: An example protector for an exercise bar includes a housing made of a pliable material. The example protector also includes an attachment to secure the housing substantially in a center of an exercise bar.... Agent:

20140287887 - Portable exercise device providing constant force output: The exemplary embodiments herein provide an exercise device having a frame, comprising a first and a second arm, a first end of each arm meeting in fixed angular relationship at a vertex and a second end of each arm extending away from the vertex; a lever arm, having a first... Agent:

20140287888 - Bench halo: A portable bench press safety device for preventing injury to ones head, face or neck which can be easily attached and removed without the need for tools from weight lifting benches of various sizes and dimensions.... Agent:

20140287889 - Barbell: A bar bell comprises a plate-accepting bar that extends longitudinally between two end regions at which weight plates can be mounted, a longitudinally-extending handle positioned above the plate-accepting bar and supported by the barbell, a pair of barbell-supporting brackets positioned at respective end regions of the plate-accepting bar to stably... Agent: Ace Specialty Manufacturing Company, Inc.

20140287890 - Exercise weight plate with integral retaining mechanism.: A a robust weight plate of a size similar to industry-standard components integrated with a retaining mechanism capable of engaging an industry-standard weight bar to form a barbell or a dumbbell assembly.... Agent:

20140287891 - Exercise device: An exercise device including a body and a handle extending from and offset from the body where the handle includes two different pairs of angled gripping portions.... Agent:

20140287892 - Exercise apparatus: The present invention provides an exercise apparatus comprising a main frame, a carriage movable relative to the main frame, a user engagement member, and an arm, the user engagement member linked to the arm, the arm in turn linked to the main frame, wherein the linkage between the arm and... Agent:

20140287893 - Support device for performing floor exercise: An exercise support having a base with a top surface, a bottom surface, a first end and a second end. Preferably, the base is curved to form generally an S-shape. Attached to the bottom surface is a support member. A narrowed or head section is formed at the second end... Agent:

20140287894 - Board exercise device: A board exercise device that includes a pair of planar boards having a top surfacing with a perimeter and an outer edge, the built-in attachment bars are coupled to the perimeter of the pair of planar boards and include an attachment aperture and a stem portion and one or more... Agent:

20140287895 - Apparatus, in particular for balance training, having at least one movable platform: An apparatus has at least one first connecting element and at least one second connecting element which connect the counterforce unit to the at least one platform, the at least one first connecting element and the at least one second connecting element being arranged on the at least one platform... Agent: Astrium Gmbh

20140287896 - Apparatus, in particular for balance training, having at least one movable platform: An apparatus for balance training and/or fine motor skills training, having at least one movable platform which can be moved in an oscillating manner in at least two dimensions, having at least one counterforce unit which is provided to oppose a force for producing a deflection of the movable platform... Agent: Astrium Gmbh

09/18/2014 > 63 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20140274563 - Exercise cell, ketosis/weight loss inducing exercise machine (kwiem), ketosis inducing apparatus (kia): A unique concept of exercise and weight loss that takes place in a new invention utility, namely the exercise cells or the Ketone Inducing Apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus consists of four exercise cells to simulate four different exercise categories in extreme environments, namely walk/run/hike in a cold mountain environment,... Agent:

20140274564 - Devices, systems and methods for interaction in a virtual environment: The present disclosure provides a systems devices and methods for an exercise gaming platform particularly suited for multiple users. The exercise gaming platform has a variable resistance exercise device operatively coupled to a virtual reality environment rendered by a computer such that user exercise motion on the variable resistance exercise... Agent:

20140274565 - Rehabilitation device and method: A device for joint rehabilitation after injury or surgery and a method of use are described and taught. The device automatically senses and manipulates performance parameters to optimize the rehabilitation process in response to user performance. In particular, device sets the pedal throw and other variables automatically to be in... Agent:

20140274567 - Adaptable exercise system and method: A system and method for correlating a video content presentation rate with an exercise machine operation rate is disclosed. A preferred embodiment of the apparatus is an interactive video system that adapts easily to use with a wide range of gym equipment utilizing a video presentation device that includes an... Agent:

20140274566 - Programmable system and process for monitored and assisted weight lifting during rehabilitation or training exercise: A system and process that selectively provides lifting assistance during the concentric phase and possibly during the eccentric phase during lifting of weights for rehabilitation or training, the system being programmable to provide a variety of exercise programs dedicated to a particular user, and the system monitoring the progress of... Agent:

20140274568 - Combination spirometer and pep breathing exerciser: A combination spirometer and PEP breathing exercise device is described. The device includes a spirometer with a volumetric air chamber having an atmospheric opening, an exhaust port, and an indicator of inhalation rate or volume; a breathing tube having a proximal end in communication with the exhaust port, a distal... Agent:

20140274569 - Fitness equipment: The disclosed fitness equipment allows a user to target different muscle groups using tri-planar coordination of movement, which was previously difficult (if not impossible) to achieve using conventional suspension training equipment. This is done by providing a resistance between suspension training straps, namely, by mechanically coupling an elastic band between... Agent:

20140274570 - Torsion spring trampoline: A torsion spring trampoline has a frame having a horizontal frame member and vertical members. The trampoline also has a trampoline bed that users can jump on. A plurality of torsion springs connect the trampoline bed to the frame. The torsion springs have a coil allowing bending of the torsion... Agent:

20140274571 - Workout device: The device is composed of a structure that comprises four inter-hinged modules (1-2-3-4), which enables multiple mounting possibilities thereof. Each module is formed of two essentially straight lateral bars (15-15′) that incorporate a pair of inwardly curved sections (17), which act as links between the two bars, through the complementary... Agent:

20140274572 - Resistance training device and method of use thereof: A resistance training device comprising a mounting device, the mounting device configured to removably mount onto a game table, a resistance article configured to be operably attached to a game table rod that extends into a game space of the game table, the resistance article having a thickness that tapers... Agent: First Principles, Inc.

20140274573 - Exercise apparatus: An exercise apparatus includes a frame, two crank units, two reciprocating members, two swing arms, two linkages and two carrying arms. A predetermined portion oriented between the top and bottom ends of each linkage is pivotally coupled to the corresponding crank unit and is moved along a circular path. The... Agent: Johnson Health Tech Co., Ltd.

20140274574 - Exercise apparatus comprising adjustable foot pads and related methods: An exercise apparatus may comprise a frame, and first and second foot support members each comprising a central region mechanically constrained to follow an ovoid path. The exercise apparatus may further comprise first and second foot pads coupled to the respective first and second foot support members, and configured for... Agent: Icon Health & Fitness, Inc.

20140274575 - Exercise machine: Described herein are embodiments of stationary exercise machines having reciprocating foot and/or hand members, such as foot pedals that move in a closed loop path. Some embodiments can include reciprocating foot pedals that cause a user's feet to move along a closed loop path that is substantially inclined, such that... Agent:

20140274577 - Apparatus, system, and method for dual tread treadmill improvements: A dual treadle treadmill. The dual treadle treadmill includes a frame, a first treadle, a second treadle, a clutch axle, and a tensioning mechanism. The first treadle and the second treadle are each pivotally coupled with the frame and each have a moving surface. The clutch axle includes an axle,... Agent:

20140274576 - Apparatus, system, and method for providing resistance in a dual tread treadmill: A dual treadle treadmill. The dual treadle treadmill includes a frame, a first treadle, a second treadle, and a generator. The first treadle and the second treadle are each pivotally coupled with the frame and each have a moving surface. The generator is operably associated with the first treadle such... Agent:

20140274578 - Motorless treadmill with large flywheel: A motorless exercise treadmill has a flywheel of 7 to 10 inches radius, weighing 40 to 60 pounds. The flywheel provides a fluid motion for the belt when the brake system is engaged and smooth transition through increasing or decreasing speeds. Inclination of the treadmill is fixed at 9 to... Agent: Global Fitness Products, LLC

20140274579 - Treadmills with adjustable decks and related methods: A treadmill may comprise a base and a deck comprising a treadbelt. A front of the deck may be rotatably coupled to the base, and the deck may be rotatable between an operating position and a storage position. A front deck height adjustment mechanism may be located at a front... Agent: Icon Health & Fitness, Inc.

20140274581 - Fitness device: A fitness device includes a body, a pedaling unit, a rotating unit, a seat unit, and at least one coupling unit. The coupling unit is pivotally mounted to the base and is coaxially aligned with the axle. The coupling unit is engaged with the rotating unit such that the rotating... Agent: Rexon Industrial Corp., Ltd.

20140274580 - High knees exercise apparatus: A high knees exercise apparatus is disclosed. The high knees exercise apparatus includes a base, two actuator members, and two pedals. The base includes a supporting member and a pivot portion. The pivot portion has a pivot axis. The actuator members are pivotally connected to two sides of the pivot... Agent: Preventive Medical Health Care Co., Ltd.

20140274582 - Training equipment with alternative assembly modules: A training device with alternative modules includes a main frame assembly, a front wheel assembly, a saddle, a pair of handbars and plurality of modular rear frame assemblies. The main frame assembly serves for mounting other components. This plurality of modular rear frame assemblies comprising a balance training rear frame... Agent: Kinderbike, Ltd

20140274583 - Systems and methods for a hill training apparatus for a bicycle trainer: Disclosed herein are systems and methods for a hill training apparatus for a bicycle trainer. The systems and methods disclosed herein enable cyclists to simulate hill resistance, incline, decline, and body positioning while riding on a bicycle trainer for improved training purposes.... Agent: Pro-climb, LLC

20140274584 - Flat row exercise machine: A flat row exercise machine is disclosed. The machine includes a base structure, a pair of front and rear vertical frame members fixed to the base structure and extending upwardly therefrom, and a horizontal member fixed between the pair of rear vertical frame members. The machine also includes a pair... Agent:

20140274586 - Enhancer: This device (1) comprises two lengths of substantially inextensible material (2) and (3) that can act on the chest of the wearer. These will improve the endurance, exercise tolerance and lung function of the user. The two lengths of substantially inextensible material may be contained in a garment comprising one... Agent:

20140274585 - Foot exercise machine: A foot exercise machine has a base, a rotation disk, a linkage rod, a pedal, two elastic ropes, two elastic strips and two elastic pulling strings. The foot exercise machine having simple structure and light weight. The manufacturing cost of the foot exercise machine is lower so it is more... Agent:

20140274587 - Punching bag and suspension system: A punching bag and suspension system is a boxing training device that is orientated horizontally, which permits the punching bag to move vertically, horizontally, diagonally, as well as a 360 degree range of motion. The punching bag has a plastic or metal cylindrical tube running through its core. The tube... Agent:

20140274588 - Body hardening & conditioning: The present invention generally relates to a device and method for using the same that simulates sparring with a live partner. More specifically, the device operates as a striking pad and/or defensive maneuvering tool to safely harden a user's body. The device strikes a user at targeted nerve areas on... Agent:

20140274589 - Lower extremity exercise wedge: A lower extremity exercise device for performing strengthening exercises for the calf muscles, as well as for performing static or dynamic stretching of the calf muscles. The device is preferably configured to have a generally wedge-shape positionable upon a flat surface. The wedge defines an upper, inclined platform surface for... Agent:

20140274590 - Training machine for strength training and rehabilitation: A training machine for strength training and rehabilitation comprising pull or press means (10, 11) which are arranged to lift or lower a weight body (30) via connection means and driving means (27) provided to be moved in a continuous cycle by means of a first, by the user intended... Agent:

20140274591 - Spring loaded weight stack selector pin: A portable spring loaded selector pin device comprising of an automatic release mechanism for use in performing intense weight lifting exercises involving reduced weight lifting sequences on weight lifting machines having weight stacks comprising of a plurality of weight plates. One or more spring loaded selector pin devices may be... Agent:

20140274592 - Gym machine for dip exercises and twist workout: A gym machine for dip exercises in combination with body twist, includes frame members, a seat, a weight stack, elements for supporting the weight stack movably on the frame members, moving elements for moving the weight stack in response to a performance by the user, a chain element connected to... Agent:

20140274593 - Resistance push-up apparatus: A resistance push-up apparatus having a harness to be worn by a user and having hooks to attach the harness to a set of free weights. The push-up apparatus allowing the user to lift his or her own weight plus the extra free weights connected to the harness during the... Agent:

20140274594 - Self and manually adjustable exercise device: A self and manually adjustable exercise device includes a pair of shoulder portions attached to each other. Each shoulder portion forms a respective loop around and engages with a respective shoulder region of a human torso. Each shoulder portion includes a respective belt portion that forms the respective loop, and... Agent:

20140274595 - Weightlifting bar system: An example weightlifting bar system includes a bar shaft, and a sleeve on at least one end of the bar shaft. A first bearing and race assembly supporting the sleeve in a first position and at least a second bearing and race assembly supporting the sleeve in a second position,... Agent:

20140274596 - Exercise dumbbells: An exercise dumbbell includes a handle member and weights positioned at opposite ends of the handle member. An additional weight forms a box about the handle member and the end weights. At least one weight selector is movably mounted on the handle member to selectively engage the end weights. At... Agent:

20140274598 - Dumbbell:

20140274597 - Selectorized dumbbell having an upper selector and weights formed by laterally spaced weight plates joined by thin connecting walls: A selectorized dumbbell has a plurality of nested weights which each have a box-shaped configuration comprising spaced left and right weight plates joined by planar, substantially imperforate, front and rear walls. The front and rear walls of the nested weights are very thin in comparison to the weight plates, extend... Agent: Powerblock Holdings, Inc.

20140274599 - Rope pulling exercise apparatus: A rope pulling exercise apparatus includes an exercise base, a rope base, a pivot base, a pivot-base pulley and a rope. The rope base along an exercise direction has a first end and a second end, and the first end is connected to the exercise base. The pivot base is... Agent:

20140274600 - Strength training apparatus with flywheel and related methods: Embodiments of a strength training apparatus and related methods are provided. In one embodiment, the strength training apparatus includes a base member and a tower structure coupled with the base member. At least one arm is pivotally coupled with the tower structure. A flywheel and a cable and pulley system... Agent: Icon Health & Fitness, Inc.

20140274601 - Exercise device: An exercise device includes a first elastic material portion having a first face and a second face disposed opposite the first face, a second elastic material portion having a third face and a fourth face disposed opposite the third face, and a plurality of joining regions, wherein the second face... Agent: Hygenic Intangible Property Holding Company LLC

20140274602 - Portable collaborative exercise device: The present invention discloses an exercise device that is simultaneously mutually beneficial for exercising partners with one exercising by providing a continuously changing resistance and resistance-vector while simultaneously the other exercising by providing a continuously adapting (or altering) counteracting force and counteracting force-vector to the continuously changing resistance and resistance... Agent:

20140274603 - Exercise device: An exercise device is provided. The exercise device has an upper bar and lower bar pivotally joined together by a spring housing. The bars resist movement towards each other by the force of a spring within the spring housing. The exercise device is configured to be mounted under a chair... Agent:

20140274606 - Exercise equipment assembly for overhead resistance: An exemplary embodiment of exercise equipment assembly of the present disclosure utilize a suspension apparatus provide resistance used in various exercise routines. The suspension apparatus is located parallel to and affixed at or below a ceiling of an exercise room such that the apparatus can provide a plurality of attachment... Agent: Chaise23 Corp.

20140274604 - System and method for adjusting length of a cord: A device for adjusting a length of a cord is disclosed. The device may include a body portion having a channel defined by first and second opposed walls shaped to receive a cord. Each of the first wall and the second wall may include at least one notch shaped to... Agent:

20140274605 - Upper extremity training apparatus: An apparatus for training the upper extremities is taught and claimed. The invention comprises a paddle subassembly adapted to slidingly engage with a mount subassembly. A user interacts with the apparatus by pulling on a climbing hold located on the paddle subassembly. The paddle subassembly offers increasing resistance to the... Agent:

20140274607 - Strength training and stretching system: A strength training and stretching system may include a primary arcuated member extending from a lower portion of the strength training and stretching system to an upper portion of the strength training and stretching system, and a plurality of cleats disposed on the primary arcuated member at a plurality of... Agent:

20140274608 - Belt-based system for strengthening muscles: Systems and methods are presented for performing exercises to strengthen, e.g., the transversus abdominis and related muscles. The systems and methods may involve one or more independent belts, allowing a full range of continuous motion. The systems and methods may further use a resistance-control mechanism that allows a user to... Agent:

20140274609 - High knees exercise apparatus: A high knees exercise apparatus includes a base, a driving mechanism, a linkage mechanism and two magnetic resistance. The driving mechanism is located on the base and includes two driving member which is driven swung along arc path. The linkage mechanism is for leading the driving members swung reversely in... Agent: Preventive Medical Health Care Co., Ltd.

20140274610 - All-in-one training device, cardiovascular and strength training and conditioning apparatus: An All-In-One Training Device, Cardiovascular and Strength training/conditioning apparatus for mixed martial arts, martial arts, cross fit, boxing, sports/athletic training, and rehabilitation therapies. The device is designed to efficiently combine cross training exercises of varying training methods to allow for training, conditioning, and strength training in a wide variety of... Agent:

20140274613 - Apparatuses, systems, and methods for improvement of physical fitness: The present application includes various embodiments of apparatuses, systems, kits, and methods for physical exercise of a user. Some embodiments, for example, include an apparatus comprising: a strap having a first end, a second end, a length between the first end and the second end, the strap having an elastic... Agent: 12novem Industries, LLC

20140274614 - Deformable grip pad with bistable spring bands and methods of use: A grip pad with bistable spring bands embedded therein is provided for snapping onto a bar to improve a user's grip of the bar. The grip pad is configured with specialized material such as neoprene with textured patterns on both top and bottom sides of the grip pad so that... Agent:

20140274615 - Joint rehabilitation strap and method of using the same: The present invention is directed to a rehabilitation strap including a pair of handles and a strap of adjustable length and a method of using the same. The method includes rehabilitation exercises that an individual may practice after a joint replacement procedure.... Agent: Peathry, LLC

20140274611 - Recoil exercise ball and methods of use: A recoil exercise ball includes an elastic material defining an inflatable chamber within the elastic material, a nozzle in the elastic material forming a nozzle opening to provide access to the inflatable chamber, and a pair of ergonomic hand grips extending from the elastic material. The ergonomic hand grips preferably... Agent:

20140274612 - Undulating rope exercise apparatus and system: An exercise system includes a foot harness and an undulation rope that can be connected to the foot harness. The foot harness includes a back rigid section, two side rigid sections, and a front rigid section. A harness coupling is fixed to at least one of the rigid sections. One... Agent:

20140274616 - Abdomen exercise machine: An exercise machine applicable for strengthening a user's abdominal muscles is described. The exercise machine can include a base frame having a seat pad, a front leg and a rear leg to provide ground support. A mounting assembly a front pivot joint and a rear pivot joint may be rotably... Agent:

20140274617 - Abdomen exercise machine: An exercise machine applicable for strengthening a user's abdominal muscles is described. The exercise machine can include a base frame having a seat pad, a front leg and a rear leg. The seat pad can be elevated with the front leg and rear legs to provide round support. A mounting... Agent:

20140274618 - Abdomen exercise machine: An exercise machine applicable for strengthening a user's abdominal muscles is described. The exercise machine can include a base frame to provide ground support, a mounting assembly rotably mounted over the base frame, a backrest assembly movably coupled to the mounting assembly via one or more pivot joints for swivel... Agent:

20140274619 - Core exercise device: The present invention is core exercise device that allows lateral movement during a core exercise such as a sit-up, leg lift, or crunch in order to activate, exercise, and strengthen core muscles.... Agent:

20140274620 - Weighted push-up exercise machine: A weighted push-up exercise machine is disclosed. The machine includes a lever arm having a proximate end coupled pivotally to a base. The lever arm is configured to provide a resistance against vertical movement of a distal end of the lever arm. In addition, the distal end of the lever... Agent:

20140274623 - Bench attachment intended to eliminate the need for a partner while performing medicine ball crunches on a declined exercise bench: This invention is an exercise apparatus that relates to the field of exercise. The apparatus is easily attached to an exercise bench and eliminates the need to have an exercise partner present when attempting to maximize the resistance of medicine ball crunches on a declined exercise bench. The apparatus contains... Agent:

20140274622 - Exercise device, connector and methods of use thereof: A connector for coupling an exercise device to a five-leg chair includes a plate having a wheel hole, and an exercise device coupler. The coupler may include a plurality of wheel holes. The exercise device coupler may include pin slots.... Agent: Duodesk LLC

20140274621 - Rehabilitation or exercising chair device: An exercising chair device includes a chair member having a seat element, two handles pivotally attached to the upper and front side portions of the chair member and each having a shaft for engaging with an ankle portion of the user, two levers pivotally attached to the handle and each... Agent:

20140274624 - Method and device for gravity like simulation of natural balance movements: We present a tool that can enhance the concept of BWS training by allowing natural APAs to occur mediolaterally. While in a supine position in a 90 degree tilted environment built around a modified hospital bed, subjects wear a backpack frame that is freely moving on air-hearings, as a puck... Agent:

20140274625 - Tilting inversion exerciser having lock device: A tilting inversion exerciser includes a supporting stand for supporting a table plate and having two upwardly extended columns, a barrel disposed on an upper portion of one of the columns and having an inclined groove, a supporting table attached to the upper portions of the columns and having an... Agent:

09/11/2014 > 32 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140256511 - Equipment, system and method for improving exercise efficiency in a cardio-fitness machine: Equipment and processes to guide users in the experience of rhythmic exercise. Playback of an audio signal, such as a musical phrase, that has known rhythmic structure (e.g., beat pattern) is accompanied, by non-audio sensory cues such as a light signal or tactical signal (vibration) to mark rhythmic events in... Agent:

20140256512 - Exercise promotion, measurement, and monitoring system: An exercise system comprising: an exercise cycle comprising a crank, wherein the crank is configured to be rotated by a user; and a sensing unit coupled to the exercise cycle, wherein the sensing unit is configured to sense information related to at least one crank measurement and to transmit the... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140256513 - Upper body exercise and flywheel enhanced dual deck treadmills: An exercise device includes a frame, a first treadle assembly supporting a first moving surface, and a second treadle assembly supporting a second moving surface. The first treadle assembly is pivotally coupled with the frame, and the second treadle assembly is pivotally coupled with the frame. The exercise device further... Agent: Nautilus, Inc.

20140256514 - Watersport resistance training device: A watersport resistance training device includes an elongated inelastic strap having an anchor an anchor unit disposed along a first end, and a ski handle assembly disposed along a second end. A plurality of rings is disposed along the middle section of the inelastic strap, and one or more watersport... Agent:

20140256515 - Weight training device and method of use: A weight training device comprising a hollow tubular body. A plurality of handle wells disposed in the hollow tubular body. A plurality of handles disposed in the handle wells, wherein the plurality of handles comprise axially-oriented handles and circumferentially-oriented handles, and wherein the axially-oriented handles are diametrically opposed to the... Agent: Rogue Wave Industries, LLC

20140256516 - Muscular evaluation and exercise device: An apparatus for the development of upper body parts and muscles is disclosed. The apparatus includes a base on which is mounted a seat supported above the base and a forearm pad disposed forward of the seat and supported above the base. A pivoted lever is pivoted at a first... Agent:

20140256517 - Weight training device: An improved weight training device is configured to allow horizontal, vertical and rotational movement while ensuring safety. The improved weight training device includes a barbell that is immediately adjacent to two swivel bearing assemblies. The barbell is configured to slide through the two swivel bearing assemblies. A horizontal guide bar... Agent:

20140256518 - Firearm stability training device and method: A firearm stability training device includes an adapter which receives a barrel or, in the case where the firearm is a handgun, receives an operator's wrist. A flexible coupler is removably attached to the adapter on one end, and a weight is suspended from the opposite end. Motion of the... Agent:

20140256519 - Multifunction exercise belt: An exercise belt is provided. A plurality of loops attached along the length of the exercise belt. The present invention may further include a strap. The strap includes a first end that is releasably attachable to each of the plurality of loops, and a second end that is releasably attachable... Agent:

20140256520 - Locking mechanism: A locking mechanism for a shaft provides secure frictional engagement to the shaft while manually operable to be removed from the shaft. There is a first cylinder allowable to slide freely on the shaft. One or more holes retaining one or more balls allow a projection of the balls into... Agent: Atlas Barbell, LLC

20140256521 - Locking mechanism: A locking mechanism for a shaft provides secure frictional engagement to the shaft while manually operable to be removed from the shaft. There is a first cylinder allowable to slide freely on the shaft. One or more holes retaining one or more balls allow a projection of the balls into... Agent: Atlas Barbell, LLC

20140256522 - Functional training device: A versatile, functional training device of substantially elliptical shape and comprising a fluid weight that employs principles of unstable resistance as a means of increasing balance, stability, overall strength, core strength and proprioception while increasing lean muscle mass and burning calories. During operation, a user moves the device through a... Agent: Mobius Enterprises, LLC

20140256523 - Device for exercising the muscles of the human body: An exercise device for exercising the muscles of the human body generally includes a tension cable having a distal end and a proximal end, a harness disposed at the distal end of the tension cable, and a body support, wherein the tension cable is slidably disposed within an opening in... Agent:

20140256524 - Fitness board: A fitness board, including: a fitness board body, the fitness board body including a center and a margin; a first cavity; a second cavity; and a flow regulating mechanism. The first cavity is disposed inside the center of the fitness board body. The second cavity is disposed inside the fitness... Agent:

20140256525 - Training mat, arrangement of training mats, use of one or more training mats: A training mat (1) comprising an integrally expanded plastics material, in particular consisting of a polyurethane, with a support surface (2), a standing surface (3) and a plurality of side surfaces (4, 4′, 4″, 4′″), wherein a cross-sectional surface (5) perpendicular to the support surface (2) is configured approximately in... Agent:

20140256526 - Exercise machine: The present invention provides an exercise machine comprising a base, a platform having an upper side adapted in use to support a user and an underside, a support column supporting the platform in a position spaced apart from the base wherein the platform is secured to the support column such... Agent:

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