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Exercise devices

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05/21/2015 > 25 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150141199 - Exercising apparatus: An apparatus is disclosed for enabling an operator to exercise comprising a frame having a body, a base and a top. A load is positioned on the frame for providing a resistive force. A press is positioned on the frame for displacement by the operator. A linkage joins the load... Agent:

20150141200 - Recumbent exercise machines and associated systems and methods: The present disclosure is directed to recumbent exercise machines and associated systems and methods. In one embodiment, for example, a recumbent exercise apparatus can include a seat, two linear guide tracks forward of the seat, and two pedal assemblies movably coupled to corresponding linear guide tracks positioned forward of the... Agent:

20150141201 - Computer-aided physiotherapeutic stair and gait system: A computer-aided physiotherapeutic stair & gait system has a set of at least three horizontal tread surfaces and an associated drive system for adjusting a rise height between adjacent of the tread surfaces to form a set of stairs with uniform pitch for a range of different rise heights. A... Agent: Dpe Medical Ltd

20150141202 - Performance monitoring systems and methods: We have disclosed systems and methods for portable performance monitoring of an individual during a physical activity. The systems and methods may include an input device configured to receive position data. The systems and methods may also include a processor configured to determine location information for the fitness activity based... Agent:

20150141203 - System and method for optimizing sports performance and an improved means for coaching children in recreational sports: Method and a system for providing a skill training and reward program is provided. The method comprises steps for registering a player for particular sport or skill, associating a coach or other sponsor with that user, permitting the creation of one or more challenges that are intended to improve the... Agent:

20150141204 - Self-standing weighted pole system: A self-standing weighted pole system for providing convenient stabilization and additional weight for an exerciser. The self-standing weighted pole system generally includes an elongated pole having a lower end and an upper end, and a base attached to the lower end of the pole. The base includes an outer end... Agent: Spx Fitness, Inc.

20150141205 - Challenge course for children: A challenge course for having a height from the platform to the track that allows a child or person about 3 feet or 4 feet tall to grab a lanyard and control a tracking member being displaced in a track. The obstacle having sizes and distances that prevent children's feet... Agent:

20150141206 - Athletic glove with hand-exercising features: A glove includes a plurality of finger enclosures. Each of the finger enclosures is for accommodating a respective finger of the wearer's hand. The glove also includes a plurality of resistance elements. Each of the resistance elements is attached to a respective one of the finger enclosures. The resistance elements... Agent:

20150141208 - Elliptical exerciser: An exerciser includes a body and an adjustment wheel. The body has two flywheels and two foot support links. The two flywheels each have a sliding portion which radially connected thereto so as to guide the two foot support links to alternatively move along a supporting travel and a crossing... Agent: Kun Shan University

20150141209 - Elliptical exerciser: An elliptical exerciser includes a body having two foot support links and two rotation members. The rotation members are rotated about their respective rotation pivots to drive the foot support links to move along a supporting travel and a crossing travel to complete a closed pedal trajectory. The timing adjustment... Agent: Kun Shan University

20150141207 - Rowing stepper exercise apparatus: The present invention relates to an exercise apparatus operated in a seated position where foot operated pedals and arm operated handles follow linear paths. More particularly, the present invention relates to an exercise apparatus having separately supported pedals for the feet and arm exercise coordinated with motion of the feet.... Agent:

20150141210 - Swimming resistance trainer: A swimmer's resistance trainer having a base frame comprising two long slide rail sides and two short bench mount sides attached to each other to form a generally rectangular form, a bench rail attached to the two short sides using a vertical mount that extends between an end of the... Agent:

20150141211 - Foot exercise device: A foot exercise device includes at least one attachment means for a foot and a sole that forms a closed accommodation space having one or more compressible chambers to accommodate a particulate material or a fluid. The surface of the sole reaches beyond the foot surface circumferentially around the sides.... Agent:

20150141212 - Wheel chair with leg exercising device: A wheel chair includes two pedals, two transmission devices, two clutch members and two control units. Each transmission device includes a driving unit, a clutch unit and a rear wheel driving unit. Each of the clutch units includes an intermediate disk and a driving disk which is co-rotatably connected with... Agent:

20150141213 - Weighted sleeve: The present invention provides a weighted sleeve containing granular weighted material that may be worn on one's hand, wrist, and/or forearm to weight one's hand and limit or curtail hand shaking symptoms and to compress the hand, wrist, and/or forearm as to temporarily alleviate pain and improve blood circulation.... Agent:

20150141214 - Multi-functional barbell: An apparatus includes a weightlifting bar. The apparatus further includes a set of cams each having an opening and a weight loading bar protruding therefrom and being substantially perpendicular to the cam, wherein each of the set of cams is suspending from the weightlifting bar. A linear bearing slidably engages... Agent:

20150141215 - Hand adapter for resistance band: The present invention relates to exercise equipment and more particularly to a hand adapter for use with a resistance band, wherein the hand adapter provides an unobstructed gripping surface and transfers the band's resistive forces through the user's metacarpals, wrist, and forearm in a linear, compressive force which stabilizes the... Agent:

20150141217 - Exercise device including elastic closed loop resistance tension band: A training device includes a continuous elastic loop having attached thereon at least one of a hand grip or a foot cradle, a non-scissoring sleeve slidably wrapped around a first portion of the continuous elastic loop, and an anchoring portion non-slidably connected to the non-scissoring sleeve. The elastic loop provides... Agent:

20150141216 - Resistance training apparatus: A resistance training apparatus provides an elastic member for use in exercise strength training and fitness conditioning. The resistance training apparatus beneficially provides a user with a more consistent and even resistance tension throughout an exercise movement. The resistance training apparatus also provides for a greater training effect on an... Agent:

20150141218 - Combination exercise machine for performing pilates and barre workouts: An apparatus for performing a plurality of both Pilates and Barre exercises is described. The apparatus comprises a first component comprising a top wall defining an upper surface, a bottom wall defining a bottom surface, a plurality of side walls interconnected to provide a partially enclosed structure. Each of the... Agent:

20150141219 - Configurable and storable exercise equipment: The present disclosure relates to exercise equipment that includes a base platform having an upper surface with at least one socket for attaching at least one vertical pole, at least one vertical pole having a configurable length, at least one fastener for attaching a resistance band, and a horizontal bar... Agent:

20150141220 - Exercise ball: An exercise ball having a transparent water level indicating system is disclosed. The exercise ball has a liquid impermeable shell which creates an interior chamber and forms a covering surface for the exercise ball. The interior chamber is filled with a fluid such as water through a valve provided on... Agent:

20150141221 - Abdominal exercise device with torso and leg support: An abdominal exercise device comprising a body support to support an upper body of a user, where the body support includes a back rest made up of cushioned partitions; a pair of handles attached to the back rest; a track extending from an end of the body support, where the... Agent:

20150141222 - Adjustable platform for physical therapy: A therapeutic platform to facilitate increased functioning of the trunk and upper extremities of a subject includes a means for measuring and documenting specific height and angle adjustments thereby permitting reliable repeatability of platform position. The platform includes a top with fold out legs that telescope for top height adjustment,... Agent:

20150141223 - Exercise/training machine: An exercise/training device (10), which is particularly suitable for providing a workout for surfers but which also can be used as a general exercise device includes a platform (14) on which a user may kneel, sit, lie, stand or the like in use. The platform (14) is mounted on a... Agent: Tonus Sport Pty Ltd

05/14/2015 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150133268 - Continuously movable surface with at least two belts: An apparatus with a continuously movable surface with at least two belts includes a platform with a front end and a rear end, and a first front pulley mounted inside the platform adjacent to is mounted inside the platform adjacent to the front the front end of the platform. A... Agent:

20150133269 - Jaw and facial muscle exercising device: A jaw exercise device includes a generally arcuate central elastomer plate with generally planar surfaces in opposed relationship. The planar surfaces have a plurality of protuberances depending therefrom; each protuberance being generally cylindrical in shape with each having an axis oriented to be perpendicular to the generally planar surface from... Agent:

20150133270 - Gymnastic tool, apparatus and method to carry it out: A gymnastic tool (1) is formed by at least two impermeable external walls (2, 3) which are each concave shaped and provided with respective edges (4,5). The at least two impermeable walls (2, 3) are mutually fixed together by a connector (6), the gymnastic tool having at least one inner... Agent:

20150133271 - Exercise device: An exercise device, including a support, an axle mounted on the support, and at least one roller or wheel mounted on the axle.... Agent: Coulter Ventures LLC D/b/a Rogue Fitness

20150133272 - Light weight portable bicycle rollers: A bicycle rollers device, having a frame that includes a rear mounting assembly for two rear rollers; a front mounting assembly for a front roller; support elements, for supporting the frame above a surface, upon which the support elements are set to rest; and a central bridge connecting the front... Agent:

20150133273 - Apparatus and method to stretch upper and lower extremities: An arm and/or leg stretching apparatus and method where one end of a steel (or other rigid material) cable can be connected to a post, tree or to anything that it can be wrapped around, and the other end fits a cuff that can be placed around the wrist or... Agent:

20150133274 - Weight lifting and selector pin assembly: A permanently affixed and travelling selector pin, car and weight plate selection mechanism for use with physical fitness equipment is disclosed including a segmented track and/or cut out cavern within the plate body for the car to travel within in either vertically or horizontally in order to select a different... Agent:

20150133275 - Handheld weighted exercising apparatus: An exercise apparatus comprising a housing for substantially enclosing a hand of a user, an opening within the housing for receiving a hand of the user, a handle within the housing, a plurality of vents in the housing, which is weighted and balanced whereby in use the user grips the... Agent: Mitz Fitness Limited

20150133276 - Strength training and stretching system and resistance band assembly for use therewith: A fitness station and resistance band assembly and a method of using the same. The station includes a base; a support extending upwardly from the base; a first arm extending outwardly from the support; and a plurality of attachment members provided on one or more of the base, the support... Agent: Arqex Outdoor Fitness Systems, LLC

20150133277 - Air straps: A fitness device for fully suspending a user in air includes at least four holds, at least four strap segments, and at least one attachment member. Each hold is configured to allow a user to interface with a hand or a foot. The four holds are configured to allow a... Agent: Velex Corp.

20150133278 - Mountable exercise apparatus: An exercise apparatus that is mountable to a substrate, having a channel, a belt, and at least one buckle. The buckle has a bottom portion that is adapted to fit within the channel such that the buckle can move along the channel and resist moving in either perpendicular direction. The... Agent: Kayo Technology, Inc.

20150133280 - Exercise apparatus: An exercise apparatus (10) comprising a first rigid member (12) having a first surface (18) that rests on the ground in use and a second rigid member (14) having a first surface (18) on which a person can be supported. At least one resilient member (16) is provided to extend... Agent:

20150133279 - Exercise device: Exercise device (1) comprising an exercise ball (10) and a cover (20) for housing and completely surrounding this ball (10); the cover being designed to couple, in use, in a substantially form-fitting manner to the outer surface of the shell (11) of the exercise ball (10) and being provided with... Agent: Technogym S.p.a.

05/07/2015 > 17 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150126332 - Exercising apparatus: An exercise apparatus includes a frame and a load mechanism disposed on the frame. The load mechanism has a plurality of selectable weights with each of the selectable weights having an associated indicator device. A press is mechanically coupled to the load mechanism to displace a load based on a... Agent: Koko Fitness, Inc.

20150126333 - Virtual competition environment: One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for facilitating a virtual competition environment. One or more users may register for access to the virtual competition environment in order to compete in various types of activities, such as workout activities, dance activities, real-world activities, and/or virtual activities. A user may... Agent: Halcyonic, LLC

20150126334 - Exercise ring with false grip assistance: The present disclosure relates to an exercise training ring for use in sports such as cross-fit and gymnastics. The training ring is an annular ring of rigid material having a uniform cross-section around at least part of the ring circumference, and inner and outer annular support surfaces which are flat... Agent:

20150126335 - Height adjustable pull-up bar apparatus: A removably mountable, height adjustable pull-up bar allows the device to be rapidly mounted at a number of different heights to the pair of vertical support members. The pull-up bar interconnects a pair of brackets, the top end of each bracket containing a pin which slides into apertures on the... Agent:

20150126336 - Flattened treadmill: An embodiment of this invention discloses a flattened treadmill comprising a conveyer belt and two decorating bars respectively arranged at a side of the conveyer belt. The conveyer belt and the decorating bars have the same elevation resulting in the flattened treadmill. In another embodiment, the flattened treadmill further comprising... Agent:

20150126337 - Lateral foot sliding mechanism: This invention relates to a lateral foot sliding mechanism in the field of sport activities, training devices, and more particularly exercise machines, especially adapted to lower extremities. The lateral foot sliding mechanism includes a low platform (1) with a profiled groove (5) in the mid along the platform (1), in... Agent:

20150126338 - Foot-therapy and toe-aligning device: Described is an exercise tool. More particularly, it is a therapy and exercise tool specifically devised as a foot-therapy and toe-aligning device to align, separate, and stretch toes. The foot-therapy and toe-aligning device comprises a frame with a plurality of posts connected with the frame. The device is formed of... Agent:

20150126339 - Martial arts trainer: A martial arts training device has a frame including a vertical post, and an impact absorbent material formed over the vertical post. The impact absorbent material is provided with an exterior striking surface. The vertical post supports the impact absorbent material to form a primary striking target. An upper armature... Agent:

20150126340 - Surface stabilized safety enhanced free-weights: Surface stabilized safety enhanced free-weights and exercise methods that offer the benefits of free-weight resistance training, bodyweight exercises, and body positioning exercises with increased effectiveness, versatility, and safety.... Agent:

20150126341 - Device for strengthening pelvic floor musculature in women: A hinged vaginal strengthening device has three points of resistance along its length, which correspond with the three layers of pelvic musculature. The device is inserted into a vagina and compressed by the pelvic floor musculature, in accordance with various regimens to achieve goals such as decreasing vaginal gap or... Agent:

20150126342 - Resistance band assembly and a method of varying a resistive force applied thereby: A method of varying a resistive force applied by exercise equipment including providing a resistance band assembly for providing resistive force during the performance of an exercise. The resistance band assembly includes a housing having a first end, a second end, and a longitudinal axis extending therebetween. A bore is... Agent: Arqex Outdoor Fitness Systems, LLC

20150126343 - Resistance band-based strengthening and training apparatus: The invention disclosed herein provides an apparatus, system and method for enhancing exercise effectiveness via resistance wraps. It is emphasized that this abstract is provided to comply with the rules requiring an abstract that will allow a searcher or other reader to quickly ascertain the subject matter of the technical... Agent:

20150126344 - Self-locomotion training systems and methods: Embodiments allow the application of a settable and/or a programmable resistance to a trainee's leg Drive Phase and/or Recovery Phase while walking or running over extended or infinite distances. Multiple mechanical or electrical feedback loops or combinations of both to monitor the applied resistance to the Trainee by the tether... Agent:

20150126346 - Attachment assembly for an exercise device and an exercise device incorporating the same: An attachment assembly for an exercise device and a method of using the same. The device includes a first end and a second end; a first J-hook defining a portion of the second end; and a second J-hook defining a portion of the second end; wherein the first and second... Agent: Arqex Outdoor Fitness Systems, LLC

20150126347 - Insert for use with a resistance band assembly and a method of using the same: An exercise device including a housing with first and second ends and a longitudinal axis extending therebetween. A bore is defined in the housing and a disc member is located within the bore. The disc member includes a side surface extending between first and second surfaces, said side surface being... Agent: Arqex Outdoor Fitness Systems, LLC

20150126345 - Variable resistance band assembly and method of using the same: A variable resistance band assembly may include a first end and a second end spaced apart from the first end. Additionally, a first disc is proximate the first end defining a plurality of holes arranged in a pattern extending through the first disc, and a second disc is stacked adjacent... Agent: Arqex Outdoor Fitness Systems, LLC

20150126348 - Fitness training station: A fitness station for performing exercises using resistance devices; The station includes a base anchorable to a horizontal surface; a support extending upwardly from the base; a first arm extending outwardly from the support a distance vertically above the base; a second arm extending outwardly from the support a distance... Agent: Arqex Outdoor Fitness Systems, LLC

04/30/2015 > 17 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150119197 - Portable sensing module for a fitness equipment and a data transmission process for using the portable sensing module: A portable sensing module for a fitness equipment includes a sensing unit, a center control unit, a storage unit, a wireless transceiver and a connecting unit and is capable of collecting static data of the fitness equipment and dynamic data indicating the status of the user. The sensing module connects... Agent:

20150119198 - System and method for providing a training load schedule for peak performance positioning: A system for providing a training load schedule for peak performance positioning includes an apparatus for providing a training load schedule for peak performance positioning. The apparatus includes an initial load schedule module that provides an initial load schedule. The apparatus also includes a fatigue level module that detects a... Agent: Jaybird LLC

20150119199 - Rope clamp system: Rope clamps and methods for attaching rope clamps to climbing structures are provided. Rope clamps illustratively comprises a clamp portion configured to be attached to a climbing structure, wherein the clamp portion comprises a clamp body, a cover, a rope path and a fastener. The clamp body is configured to... Agent: Landscape Structures Inc.

20150119200 - Glove: A glove including a dorsal panel having a finger region. The dorsal panel includes an array of four finger regions and each finger region having at least two weights coupled thereto in a longitudinally spaced relationship to each other. The dorsal panel includes a thumb region spaced and orientated away... Agent:

20150119201 - Elliptical exercise machine with adjustable stride length: An elliptical exercise machine with adjustable stride length includes a frame, a driving unit, an adjustment unit, and a coupling unit. The driving unit includes two pedals, a pair of handlebars and a pair of wheels. The handlebars and the wheels are correspondingly and respectively mounted to the frame. A... Agent: Rexon Industrial Corp., Ltd.

20150119202 - Exercise device with braking system: A selectively inclining hiking exercise apparatus supports a user ambulating thereon. The selectively inclining hiking exercise apparatus includes a support base and a treadbase that selectively inclines with respect to the support base. The treadbase includes a motor for driving an endless belt upon which the user ambulates. The treadbase... Agent: Icon Health & Fitness, Inc.

20150119203 - Dynamic fit unit: An optimal bicycle frame size based on operational characteristics provided by a rider when riding a dynamic fit unit is determined. A best-fit bicycle frame size that is a closest match to the optimal frame size is determined. At least one of the optimal X,Y location of the bicycle's handlebar... Agent: Dorel Hungary Kft Luxembourg Branch

20150119204 - Ski exersize apparatus: A foot pad for a ski exercise apparatus has a heel retainer plate across a width of the foot pad proximate one end of a length of the foot pad, the heel retainer plate spaced above a floor level of the foot pad, and a toe stop spanning the width... Agent:

20150119205 - Dorsiflexion apparatus: An apparatus comprising a base, support and resistive band to provide consumers a method for conditioning, preventing or rehabilitating injuries from running, sports and fitness activities.... Agent:

20150119206 - Exercise jump rope: Apparatus and methods for an exercise jump rope are disclosed herein. According to one aspect, the exercise jump rope comprises a cable assembly including a cable, a first and a second end attachment at a first end and a second end of the cable, respectively, and a first and a... Agent:

20150119207 - Martial art training tool that emits light when hit: Thus, when the martial art training tool is used, trainees or players can immediately check a punch or kick during training or game, which makes it possible to increase concentration. Furthermore, since the martial art training tool can be used for a long time by replacing the light emitting sensor... Agent:

20150119209 - Exercise device: In general, an exercise device includes a handle having a first end and a second end. A curved member is coupled to the first end of the handle. A movable member is coupled to the curved member, with the movable member configured to travel along a length of the curved... Agent:

20150119208 - System for converting a water bottle into an ergonomically correct free weight and process for doing the same: A conversion system can be used for converting a water bottle into an ergonomically correct free weight. The conversion system includes an upper loop that is configured to encircle the water bottle. A handle portion is joined to the upper loop and configured to accommodate a palm of hand and... Agent:

20150119210 - Safety device for lifting and supporting barbells: The present invention is a safety device and method of use that comprises a generally round eccentric disk having a peripheral edge and central rotation axis. The generally round eccentric disk has a barbell access slot extending from the peripheral edge to a seat. A cam lobe is formed with... Agent:

20150119211 - Batter assist power trainer device called a wind trainer: A practice device for use with a bat in batting sports to instruct a batter on proper swing technique and form. It is a batter assist power trainer for sports exercise. This relates to an exercise method and apparatus for improving performance in sports that include swinging of a device... Agent:

20150119212 - Exercise bar: An exercise bar having five linear segments wherein the segments are in bent relationship to each other that allow the user to accomplish a twist-like motion. The bar is symmetrical about a central vertical axis. The first and fifth segments of the bar are the hand-grips. The second and fourth... Agent:

20150119213 - Removable shoulder stop assembly with locking mechanism: A removable locking shoulder stop assembly for use on a reformer exercise apparatus is disclosed that includes a flat rectangular lock plate fastenable to the platform adjacent the head rest on the carriage platform. The lock plate has a first locating member and a keyway spaced from the first locating... Agent:

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