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Exercise devices

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12/04/2014 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140357450 - Exercise devices and methods of operation thereof: An exercise device including a frame having a proximal end and a distal end is presented, the frame further includes a first opening and a second opening, a first handle assembly configured to be coupled to the frame via the first opening, and a second handle assembly configured to be... Agent:

20140357451 - Modular knockdown climbing volumes, kits and method of assembly: A modular climbing volume has an enclosed space, and can be attached to a climbing wall or frame. The volume has at least two panels, one of which is a mounting panel for removeably securing the climbing volume to the climbing wall or frame. The at least two panels each... Agent:

20140357452 - Exercise device: An exercise device is provided which, when it is properly seated in a door frame further seats the device while avoiding any damage to the wall surfaces and/or door frame. Further, the device requires no fixed installation or hardware which would damage woodwork, wall surfaces, etc. The device includes a... Agent:

20140357453 - Distal phalangergonic finger device: A finger weight that is functional. A normal sized, weighted sphere is attached to an end of a cylinder-shaped body. The weighted sphere and body has a hard particulate material to provide a resistance transfer through the body. A flattened surface and groove are provided in both the implement and... Agent:

20140357454 - Exercise device: An improved structure for an exercise device having dual pedals wherein each pedal operates in a rotary manner in a vertical plane parallel to the bilateral axis of the user with each of the user's feet disposed, respectively, on a different one of the dual pedals.... Agent:

20140357455 - Boxing game machine: A boxing game machine includes a punch bag, a frame, a rocker, a catch, a latch and a spring. The rocker is pivotally connected to the frame between an idle position and an active position. The punch bag is secured to an end of the rocker. The catch is secured... Agent:

20140357456 - Training device: A device for training the body of a user (1) includes a mechanism (2) with levers (3) arranged to be operated by no more than two limbs of the user. The levers are linked to a flywheel configuration (4) such that the flywheel configuration is actuated/driven by periodic push and/or... Agent:

20140357457 - Portable fitness apparatus: Portable mobile fitness apparatus for the performance of a training exercise by a person. The fitness apparatus has a disc-shaped resistance apparatus having a winding device inside a housing. With the winding device, a line can be wound onto a winding element. The winding device is coupled by means of... Agent: Intelect B.v.

20140357458 - Exercise device: An exercise device is provided. The exercise device comprises a base that forms a ring, and at least one connection point. A resistance band is connected to the connection point, and an anchor. The base may be moved in varying directions against resistance from the resistance band to provide exercise... Agent:

20140357460 - Exercise device for push ups: An apparatus for push-ups is provided that includes a base comprised of one or more sockets, a pin, friction material supporting at least one rotatable handle with a hand support and friction cap having one or more resistance bands with eye hooks capable of being connected to a harness eye... Agent:

20140357459 - Push-up exercise device: A pair of identical exercise devices that provides for a pair of hand grips that slide reciprocally in independent axial alignment about their individual devices configured to provide a user with muscular exercise when the user applies force to the hand grips. Each individual exercise device includes a resistance member... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140349817 - Stepping exerciser: A stepping exerciser includes a lower main body and an upper main body. The lower main body includes a bottom board. The bottom board has a lower resilient portion extending upward. The upper main body includes a top board. The top board has an upper resilient portion extending downward. The... Agent:

20140349818 - Novel exercise and sporting apparatus: A novel exercise and sporting apparatus with improved safety features is disclosed. In preferred embodiments, the apparatus comprises: a first resilient arched member having two opposite end zones, and being configured to securely engage with a foot receiving member; a second resilient arched member having two opposite end zones, and... Agent:

20140349819 - Adjustable off-set weighted exercise method and apparatus: Disclosed is an adjustable weighted exercise apparatus which in one implementation may include a base frame assembly attachable to a strap assembly for connection to a user, the base frame assembly including a base frame; a weight support member connected to the base frame and disposed to maintain a weight... Agent:

20140349820 - Adjustable dumbbell system: An adjustable dumbbell system includes a handle including a grip, two hanging rods at two ends of the grip and multiple through holes at each hanging rod, multiple weights, each weight defining an elongated top slot and a bottom opening and having a scissor hook mounted therein, the scissor hook... Agent: Beto Engineering And Marketing Co., Ltd.

20140349821 - Exercise system and kit: An exercise system or kit that includes separate components that can be used together during a workout. In one embodiment, the exercise system includes a cylindrical body, an elongated bar, and one or more resistance bands. The elongated bar may be a one-piece bar or a multi-piece bar. The cylindrical... Agent: B And A Health And Fitness, LLC

20140349822 - Walkbuddy: The WalkBuddy is the world's answer to a total fitness work out. Simple simultaneous movement while holding the WalkBuddy and walking, running, sitting or standing you can achieve an improvement in posture, muscle tone, reduce inches from your body and increase heart rate causing fat burning results. Shaped like a... Agent:

20140349823 - Push-up bar assembly: The present invention is a gimbled push-up bar assembly mounted upon a rotatable hinge, thereby providing instability in three dimensions for which a user will have to compensate in use. The bar may be locked into two dimensions by the use of a lock pin, or may freely move in... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140342877 - Therapeutic exercise method and therapeutic exercise apparatus: The proposed apparatus and method relate to restorative sports medicine and patient rehabilitation with neurological motoric disorders. A patient is positioned in equilibrium by suspension devices for patient's body parts. The suspension devices are moved by actuating mechanisms with an electro-pneumatic drive and actuating components, controlled by a programmed computer,... Agent:

20140342878 - Exercise system for shifting an optimum length of peak muscle tension: The present disclosure relates generally to exercise equipment for enabling a user to vary the effective muscle tension during the course of the performance of an exercise and, more particularly, to an exercise system for shifting an optimum length of peak muscle tension. In some embodiments, the system is an... Agent:

20140342879 - Accessory for gymnastic exercises: The present invention concerns a gymnastic accessory including a twisting ring with an external ring and an internal ring, wherein the two rings are concentrically connected and rotatable in relation to each other about a common axis, wherein the external ring typically includes two connecting devices that are arranged symmetrically... Agent: Pe Redskaber A/s

20140342880 - In-ground trampoline pad system: An in-ground trampoline including a frame, trampoline mat, a plurality of springs and a protective pad. The protective pad incorporates a permeable material to allow for the passage of air through the protective pad. The in-ground trampoline system may also include a retaining wall which may comprise self-locking panels. In... Agent:

20140342881 - Foot stretcher: A foot stretcher assembly for stretching a foot includes a foot stretcher and a handle removably secured with the foot stretcher. The foot stretcher includes a sole that is flexible in response to receiving a foot. The foot stretcher assembly can also include a securing feature to maintain the foot... Agent:

20140342882 - Waist exercise device: A waist exercise device has an annular rail, a slide base slidably mounted on the annular rail, and a balance weight connected to the slide base via a rope. A user wears the waist exercise device on his waist and twists his waist and moves his hips to fling the... Agent:

20140342883 - Full body resistance strength and cardiovascular mobile exercise device: Disclosed is a strength and cardiovascular full-body workout device. It is mobile and compact through its extendable and retractable main body and is suitable for diverse users through multiple strength levels. It is a low-impact system that can be altered with various tube resistances, catering to multiple muscles, exercises, and... Agent:

20140342884 - Range of motion flexibility device and method of use: A stretching device comprises a wearable body harness with an adjustable central hold arranged around the upper body connected with an adjustable extension strap configured to engage a foot at a distal end. The extension strap is slidably connected to the central strap to move along the length of the... Agent:

20140342885 - Exercise device: A exercise ball device can include a ball and one or more panels supported by the ball. The ball can be substantially rigid and the at least one panel can be soft or resiliently deformable. The exercise ball can include a belt for guiding and positioning the one or more... Agent: Coulter Ventures LLC D/b/a Rogue Fitness

20140342886 - Muscle stretching and massaging apparatus: A muscle stretching and massaging apparatus enables stretching of the calf at varying levels of intensity and massaging of muscles of the leg while those muscles are in a relaxed state. A support frame provides a stable base for the apparatus and means for receiving and supporting a lateral roller... Agent:

20140342887 - Exercise apparatus: Exercise apparatus (10, 110) comprises a generally spheroidal main part (12, 112) having a weight providing portion (14, 114). The main part defines first and second receiving formations (16, 18, 117, 118) to receive a part of a limb of a user, wherein the weight of the main part is... Agent:

20140342888 - Portable chest exercise pad: A portable chest exercise pad for exercise has a convex pad having upper and lower tapered ends, a flat bottom surface extending between the upper and lower tapered ends, a convex top surface separated from the bottom surface, the convex top surface having an apex between opposing upper and lower... Agent:

11/13/2014 > 23 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140336003 - System and methods for measuring propulsive force during ambulation and providing real-time feedback: The invention measures propulsive force of an ambulating subject to provide real-time feedback, which may be used for clinical assessment or rehabilitation/training such as that related to walking ability, or any other form of ambulation. Subjects with propulsive deficits have a considerable and underutilized propulsive reserve available during level ambulation.... Agent:

20140336004 - Exercise device: An example exercise device includes an arm structure configured to pivot in response to a movement of at least a portion of a head of a user. An example method of exercising includes moving a portion of a head to pivot a weight arm that resists the moving.... Agent:

20140336005 - Trampoline rod: In a trampoline in which a plurality of support rods connect between the frame and the mat of the trampoline to hold the mat in tension, the support rods comprise an integral skirt which surrounds and encases at least an upper end length of the support rod and optionally the... Agent:

20140336009 - Dual deck exercise device: An exercise device employing side-by-side pivotally supported moving surfaces. In one example, an exercise device employs a first pivotable treadle assembly including a first moving surface, a first foot platform extending outwardly from a side of the first treadle assembly, and a second pivotable treadle assembly including a second moving... Agent: Nautilus, Inc.

20140336006 - Elliptical exercise device: An elliptical exercise device includes a frame supporting guide links which provide for horizontal motion of associated foot support links. A mechanical coupling couples the foot support links to the crank system and intermediate links connect the crank system to the guide links such that a foot receiving area of... Agent:

20140336007 - Elliptical exercise device: An elliptical exercise device includes a frame supporting guide links which provide for a horizontal component of motion of associated foot support links. A mechanical coupling couples the foot support links to a crank system and intermediate links couple the crank system to the guide links such that a foot... Agent:

20140336008 - Exercise apparatuses and methods of using the same: An exercise apparatus includes a pair of step-up apparatuses wearable on feet of a user. Each step-up apparatus is configurable between an expanded configuration and a compressed configuration to simulate a selected motion when the user wearing the pair of step-up apparatuses travels by foot. One of the step-up apparatuses... Agent:

20140336010 - Single belt omni directional treadmill: A treadmill having a belt assembly allows a user to walk or run in any direction. A single helically wound belt over a flattened torus is powered by two independent drive systems. The drive systems are controlled by a combination of infrared cameras and a physical harness system.... Agent:

20140336011 - Rowing simulator: A rowing apparatus having: a frame; a seat slidably mounted on said frame; an outrigger for receiving oars; at least one drive mechanism coupled to said outrigger to translate a force applied to said oars to a flywheel having resistance means for providing variable resistance; said rowing apparatus having a... Agent: Basix International Inc.

20140336012 - Achilles stretching devices and methods performed therewith: Therapeutic devices and methods stretching the Achilles tendon. Each device includes base and wedge portions. The wedge portion has heel and toe ends, inside-foot and outside-foot edges, and an upper surface that includes a planar surface portion that lies in a wedge plane and an arcuate surface portion defined by... Agent:

20140336013 - Balance arm. a device and a method for training foot and leg muscles and for prevention of partial dystrophy of the left leg.: e

20140336014 - Martial arts training devices and methods: A training system enables improved training outcomes and reduced trainer injuries. An exemplary system includes a handle, a striking target, and a flexible linkage coupling the handle and target. The system may be swung to provide an offensive or defensive target for a trainee. Because the trainee strikes the striking... Agent: Punch Chucks LLC

20140336015 - Related to, exercise equipment: Exercise equipment can be used in a wide range of settings by a wide range of users of varying strengths and abilities to gain strength, fitness and mobility using an internally variable resistance.... Agent:

20140336016 - Single construct adjustable training rope: A long training rope designed to utilize trees (limbs, multiple limbs & tree truck but not exclusively) to anchor invention and user. Comprising of single constructed piece, attachments are not necessary for equipment to adjust to different lengths. A specialized knot allows for completely adjustable lengths. Multiple grips including a... Agent:

20140336017 - Exercise device: An example apparatus for a user in a wheelchair includes an exercise device providing an exercise area configured to receive a wheelchair. A primary handle is moveable by a first user in the wheelchair from a first position to a second position. A resistance assembly opposes movement of the at... Agent:

20140336018 - Fitness equipment unit: A fitness equipment unit comprises a member rotatable about an axis and a source of resistance against rotation of the member. Rotation of the member is facilitated by pulling on a first end of the line while the other end of the line is stationary, pulling on a second end... Agent: Precor Incorporated

20140336019 - Exercise bar: An exercise bar having a cross sectional shape in the form of an octagon, and composed of a longitudinal body with stabilizer ends attached to the ends thereof. The longitudinal body has a central axis constant through its length, and can be manufactured with materials such as hard woods, plastic,... Agent:

20140336020 - Toning garment with integrated damper: Disclosed is a muscle toning garment with force dampening resistance elements, which may be fluid filled rotary dampers. The garment provides resistance training throughout an angular range of motion. The garment may be low profile, and worn by a wearer as a primary garment or beneath conventional clothing. Toning may... Agent:

20140336021 - Exercise device: A exercise device, for example, and exercise ball device. The exercise device includes a frame and at least one panel or multiple panels.... Agent: Coulter Ventures LLC D/b/a Rogue Fitness

20140336022 - Exercise device: A exercise roller device including a center roller portion provided with shaped end roller portions, and the center roller portion provided with a centered circumferential groove. A method of making the exercise roller device.... Agent: Coulter Ventures LLC D/b/a Rogue Fitness

20140336025 - Full-body board sports training device: A board-based training device is provided. The board-based training device can comprise at least one piece having an underlying unbalanced surface. The unbalanced surface can be shaped to be unstable when placed on a ground. The piece can further have a support surface for supporting a deck. The training device... Agent:

20140336024 - Movable kneeling pad assembly for an abdominal exercise device: A movable kneeling pad assembly for an abdominal exercise device has a main pad and a wheel seat. The main pad has at least one kneeling recess formed in an upper surface of the main pad. The wheel seat is mounted on a lower surface of the main pad and... Agent:

20140336023 - Support device used during exercise: A support device used during exercise that an individual places behind the neck during exercise, providing proper neck support and body alignment. The device provides support for the upper thoracic spine while performing abdominal exercise, and may be used to exercise the neck itself and provide a form of spinal... Agent:

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