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Exercise devices

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08/07/2014 > 25 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140221158 - Static cycling machine: A static cycling machine includes a base assembly. A front post support structure is arranged on the base assembly. A front post assembly is arranged on the front post support structure and is angled forward with respect to a support substrate, the front post assembly being adjustable in length and... Agent:

20140221159 - Force feedback starting blocks: A force feedback starting block and system for using it. The technology includes starting blocks with sensors for pressure, a step sensor for determining where the runner's first step out of the starting blocks occurs, a laser ruler, and a beam break for determining when a runner crosses a finish... Agent:

20140221160 - Sensor device and system for fitness equipment: Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a sensor devices and corresponding systems for various fitness equipments to determine information corresponding to one or more activities of a user utilizing the equipments. The information may include speed, pressure, stride, and one or more other activities of the user. In an embodiment,... Agent: Paofit Holdings Pte. Ltd.

20140221161 - Head-wearable training tool and method: A head-wearable training tool used for functional neck musculature training to help lower the risk and reduce the number of sport-related concussions. The head-wearable training tool is weighted in a manner to have a substantially identical weight to that of and identified sport (e.g., football) helmet. An associated method involves... Agent: Cornell University

20140221162 - Trampoline enclosure net: A trampoline includes a trampoline bed secured to a frame. The trampoline bed is made of trampoline bed material. An enclosure includes an enclosure net made of enclosure net material, a net hem formed on the enclosure net, a plurality of net hem openings formed on the net hem, and... Agent:

20140221163 - Pull-up bar with hand and finger holds: An exercise apparatus includes a doorway engaging portion configured to releasably secure the exercise apparatus in a doorway and distribute a weight of a user of the exercise apparatus through a frame of the doorway. The exercise apparatus also includes a finger hold mounted to the doorway engaging portion, the... Agent: Stamina Products, Inc.

20140221164 - Exercise device: An exercise device includes a central case with a first end and a second end, the first and second end having an outer threaded portion, a friction case clutch configured as a cylinder with a first threaded end and a second open end, and a set of handles. The first... Agent: Siniora Group International Inc.

20140221166 - Elliptical trainer: An elliptical trainer includes a base, a pair of foot-oriented elliptical mechanisms, and a pair of hand-oriented elliptical mechanisms. The base is anteriorly provided with a frame having a first axle and a second axle. The first and second axles are parallel and spaced apart by a distance. The foot-oriented... Agent: Dyaco International Inc.

20140221165 - Oblong orbital exercising machine having adjustable trace of movement: An oblong orbital exercising machine includes a main frame, an upright post mounted on the main frame, two swinging handles connected with the upright post, a cycle movement mechanism mounted on the main frame, two shafts secured on the cycle movement mechanism, two adjusting units mounted on the shafts, two... Agent:

20140221167 - Tilting and folding device for a treadmill: A tilting and folding device of a treadmill includes a base and a track bed is pivotably connected to the base by an arm, a support device and an actuator. The arm is pivotably connected between the base and the track bed. The actuator is pivotably connected between the base... Agent: Strength Master Fitness Tech Co., Ltd.

20140221168 - Flywheel device for an exercise bike: A flywheel device for an exercise bike includes a frame body, a pedal unit and a reinforced glass flywheel. The pedal unit and the reinforced glass flywheel are assembled to the frame body. The frame body has a driving member connected with the pedal unit and the reinforced glass flywheel.... Agent:

20140221169 - Stand-up paddleboard exercise assembly: A stand-up paddleboard exercise assembly having a paddle member with a proximal end and a distal end and a support assembly with an upper support surface with a left edge and a right edge, a frame separating the upper support surface from a ground surface, a following arm having a... Agent:

20140221170 - Multi-functional weighted exercise assisting device: A multi-functional weighted exercise assisting device has a housing, a weight mounted in the housing, a first illuminating assembly mounted on one end of the housing, and an additional assembly mounted on the other end of the housing. The additional assembly may be a second illuminating assembly or a rope... Agent:

20140221171 - Free standing training bag with tripod base: A free standing training bag comprising a base with three legs and an upper body mounted atop the base, where the upper body has at least one striking surface suitable for use in martial arts training. Both the upper body and the base may be padded, allowing the free standing... Agent: Century, LLC

20140221172 - Free standing training bag with tripod base: A free standing training bag comprising a base with three legs and an upper body mounted atop the base, where the upper body has at least one striking surface suitable for use in martial arts training. Both the upper body and the base may be padded, allowing the free standing... Agent:

20140221173 - Exercise weight lifting bar: Exercise apparatus is provided including a support portion and one or more gripping means movably mounted directly or indirectly on said support portion. Resistance means are provided on and/or associated with the gripping means and/or the support portion to provide a resistance against which or relative to which a user... Agent:

20140221175 - Dumbbell glide apparatus with weight adjusting key: A dumbbell apparatus which is adapted with a series of weight plates, the number of which can be safely and reliably adjusted with a single simple motion. The apparatus comprises a cradle for storing and deploying the apparatus, weight plates, and a handle apparatus which has two spline bolts which... Agent:

20140221174 - Weight training device with tire weights: A weight training device with tire weights has a gripping handle, two inner retaining panels separately mounted on the gripping handle, two outer retaining panels each respectively mounted beside a corresponding one of the inner retaining panels, and multiple tire weights mounted and held between each outer retaining panel and... Agent:

20140221176 - Portable neck exercise device: A portable neck exercising device comprising an adjustable frame that can be securely and removably positioned between two sides of a door frame, a set of pulleys attached to the frame, a head band, and flexible tensioning bands attached to the head band, threaded through the pulleys, and removably connected... Agent:

20140221177 - Exercise apparatus and methods for making the same: An exercise apparatus may include an elongated tube disposed between a pair of handles. The elongated tube may be stretchable and flexible, making the exercise apparatus ideal for use in resistance training, amongst other sports and activities. The elongated tube may be attached to each handle by a grommet, a... Agent: Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc.

20140221178 - Quick exchange handle: The resistance band system of the disclosure includes one or more resistance bands, and a pair of handles which secure the ends of the one or more resistance bands. Each handle locks onto one of the ends of each resistance band. The handle is adapted to grip the resistance band... Agent: Exemplar Design, LLC

20140221179 - Rope pulling exercise apparatus with variable resistance: A rope pulling exercise apparatus with variable resistance has a main supporting frame, a rotary cylinder assembly pivotally mounted on the main supporting frame, a rotary wheel pivotally mounted on the main supporting frame, a driving device and a resistance generating device. The rotary cylinder assembly has a pull-rope wrapped... Agent:

20140221181 - Exercise and wellness monitoring method and system: A method, executed by a computer, of treating or preventing musculo-skeletal pain in a person, including: generating identification data representing sources of musculo-skeletal pain, said sources being associated with structures in the musculo-skeletal system; and determining, based on said identification data, and providing exercise data representing one or more exercises... Agent:

20140221180 - Removable rubber pole sleeve: A removable rubber pole sleeve comprising of an elastomer tube and optional security strap that slides onto metal pole-based exercise apparatus for the benefit of increased grip and adhesion when using metal pole-based exercise apparatus for pole dancing, pole fitness, and all other pole-based exercise. Removable rubber pole sleeve is... Agent:

20140221182 - Multi-functional exercise platform: A multi-functional exercise platform has a step board with two grips, a balance seat mounted on a lower surface of the step board, a pair of first supports detachably mounted on the lower surface of the step board, and a pair of second supports respectively mounted detachably on the pair... Agent:

07/31/2014 > 25 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140206503 - Medical rehab lift system and method with horizontal and vertical force sensing and motion control: A body-weight support system is disclosed, including an improved lift system and method. The system enables not only the support of patients undergoing rehab therapies, but including exercise modes that are both customizable and dynamic in nature, as well as a track system, wherein the system is capable of providing... Agent: Gorbel, Inc.

20140206504 - Intelligent heavy bag system: An intelligent heavy bag system having a sensor system and an illumination system adapted to provide performance feedback to a user.... Agent:

20140206505 - Trampoline park frame: A support frame for the multiple jumping surfaces making up a trampoline park utilizes multiple trampoline support grid arrays, each consisting of support cable segments supported by a rectangular array of individual support columns. Each cable segment is attached to a separate pair of support columns within the array. Cross-brace... Agent:

20140206506 - Switching mechanism for a pedal exerciser: A pedal exerciser includes a shaft rotatably mounted to a shaft coupling portion of a base. Two pedal rods are mounted on two ends of the shaft. A non-automatic mechanism is mounted to the base and releasably coupled to the shaft. An automatic mechanism is mounted to the base and... Agent:

20140206507 - Adjustable exercise machine: Stationary exercise machines having adjustable incline systems are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, for example, an elliptical exercise machine includes a system for adjusting the inclination of foot support guide tracks. The incline adjustment system can include a lift member that operates between the guide tracks and the floor on... Agent: Dyaco International, Inc.

20140206508 - Training device: A training device includes a sack into which weights may be inserted, and a tether. A method using a training device includes attaching the device to a person's leg, placing the sack on the ground, moving forward along the ground, and pulling the sack along the ground.... Agent:

20140206509 - Weighted exercise device providing multiple grips: Weighted and stackable exercise device includes a body defining a hollow cavity opening at a first edge thereof. The body has a side wall having at least one cut-out. An outwardly projecting rim is arranged on the tubular portion of the body. A handle is arranged in the cavity. The... Agent:

20140206510 - Dumbbell: A dumbbell with a selectable number of weight disks includes a handle with pins projectable in opposing directions, a base assembly for accommodating two sets of weight disks standing upright, and having through-going openings. Neighbouring weight disks have mutually cooperating connecting arrangements which axially interconnect the weight disks but which... Agent:

20140206511 - Prone workout assisting instrument: An assisting instrument allows a person to effectively train his/her inner unit by movements in twisting directions or one leg raises, and allows the twisting movements in a prone posture. A first body part is comprised of a rectangular parallelepiped part and an integrated semicircle pillar section. When the assisting... Agent:

20140206512 - Adductor and abductor exercise device: An exercise device that enables a user to exercise the adductor and abductor muscles. The exercise device may include a base with at least one base channel and a slant board with at least one slant board channel. The exercise device may further include at least one rolling cylinder configured... Agent:

07/17/2014 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140200115 - Wrist training ball and information display and detecting module thereof: A wrist training ball includes a housing, a rotating body rotatably disposed in the housing, a magnetic component and an information display and detecting module. The magnetic component, disposed at the rotating body, spins with the rotating body. The information display and detecting module, disposed at the housing, includes a... Agent: Nano-second Technology Co., Ltd.

20140200116 - Real time feedback swim training system and method based on instantaneous speed: A swim training system and method includes a signal delivery sub-system configured to deliver signals to the swimmer and a machine vision sub-system with a detector and a target marker to be worn by a swimmer. The detector is configured to detect the target marker. A controller is configured to... Agent: Alex Aquatics

20140200117 - Moveable bar catch with support: A gym system is described. The gym system includes multiple vertical support members, each support member comprising a set of locking receptacles, and a moveable bar catch having a tubular body adapted to slide along at least one vertical support member, and a pivoting locking feature comprising a protuberance adapted... Agent: Tuffstuff Fitness Equipment, Inc.

20140200118 - Weighted body suit: A weighted body suit for exercise purposes comprising: a pair of sleeves; a pair of pants legs; a zipper; ankle level weight attachments; pants leg weight attachments; a detachable waist weight; and a chest and shoulder weight harness. The waist weight may include a belt connector to enable attachment and... Agent:

20140200119 - Barbell assembly having impact absorbing weights and swivel end: A barbell assembly includes a bar and a weight subassembly adjacent each end of the bar. Each weight subassembly includes a wheel with a predetermined pattern of through holes and an inflatable component around the periphery of the wheel. A hub defines a flange having a plurality of through holes... Agent:

20140200120 - Modular resistance force system: A modular resistance force system includes an axle configured to be rotatable around a rotational axis and one or more resistance mechanisms. Each of the one or more resistance mechanisms includes a resistance element disposed about a portion of the axle, a resistance element housing configured to house the resistance... Agent:

20140200121 - Detachable component muscle toning garment: Disclosed is a muscle toning garment with detachable, interchangeable resistance elements. The garment provides resistance training throughout an angular range of motion. The garment may be low profile, and worn by a wearer as a primary garment or beneath conventional clothing. Toning may thereby be accomplished throughout the wearer's normal... Agent: Tau Orthopedics, LLC

20140200122 - Mobile training device: The present invention relates to a mobile training device having bi-directional, variable resistive forces for training a baseball swing and other sports involving weight transfer and hip rotation.... Agent: Tamh Enterprises Ltd.

20140200123 - Exercise apparatus including a dip bar: An exercise apparatus that includes a plurality of dip bars arranged in a non-parallel orientation and supported on an elongated self-supporting stand, which is supported on a base. The self-supporting stand may include a plurality of elongated supports that are spaced from one another. The support and the dip bars... Agent:

20140200125 - Bed exercise apparatus: An exercise apparatus that may be used in a bed, primarily for stretching and resistance exercises. The exercise apparatus may be configured with a lower frame and an upper frame. The lower frame is disposed between and connected to a bed frame and a headboard. The upper frame is connected... Agent:

20140200124 - Physical therapy device and methods for use thereof: The present application relates to a physical therapy device to strengthen and prevent atrophy in muscles for use while seated in a chair or a wheelchair or while lying in a bed. The physical therapy device includes a back rest; right and left upper arm rests coupled to the back... Agent:

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