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Exercise devices

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09/04/2014 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140248996 - Exercise recordation method and system: An exercise reporting and maintenance system contains a device including a memory with a management application installed thereon. The application is configured to process a sensor signal including a total weight and movement speed, analyze the sensor signal by inputting the total weight and the movement speed into a monitoring... Agent: Cellco Partnership (d/b/a Verizon Wireless)

20140248997 - Trampoline enclosure with a self closing door: A trampoline enclosure formed from a material such as a netting has a door opening for entry into and exit from the trampoline enclosure and a fold down door panel with at least one resilient member acting to bias the door panel to return the door panel to a closed... Agent: Board & Batten International Inc.

20140249000 - Exercise assemblies having crank members with limited rotation: An exercise assembly has a frame, a pair of elongated foot pedal members, a pair of elongated coupler arms, a pair of crank members, a pair of elongated rocker arms, and a front cross-shaft. The pair of foot pedal members are each movable along user-defined paths of different dimensions. Each... Agent: Brunswick Corporation

20140248998 - Exercise assemblies having foot pedal members that are movable along user defined paths: An exercise assembly comprises a frame and elongated foot pedal members that are each movable along user-defined paths of differing dimensions. Each foot pedal member has a from portion and a rear portion. Footpads are disposed on the rear portion of one of the pair of foot pedal members. Elongated... Agent: Brunswick Corporation

20140248999 - Exercise assemblies having linear motion synchronizing mechanism: An exercise assembly comprises elongated first and second rocker arms that pivot with respect to each other in a scissors-like motion about a first pivot axis. A slider has a slider body that slides along a linear axis extending through and perpendicular to the first pivot axis. A linkage pivotally... Agent: Brunswick Corporation

20140249001 - Dynamic free weights: The invention consists in a set of dynamic-free-weights with a theta shape ranging from 3 lbs to 20 lbs. The shape and weights are optimal to perform dynamic-functional movements safely and efficiently, the appearance of the set is refreshing, colorful and innovating.... Agent:

20140249002 - Liquid-containing weighted device suitable for use in fitness, training, conditioning and/or rehabilitation: Liquid-containing weighted device usable on land and/or in water and suitable for use in fitness, training, conditioning and/or rehabilitation. According to one embodiment, the device may include a closed receptacle, at least a portion of which may be transparent or translucent to permit a user to view its contents. The... Agent:

20140249003 - Water resistance upper body reciprocating exerciser: An upper body reciprocating exerciser includes a frame having a post. A cam is connected to the post and has a guide slot which is cooperated with a piston rod of a cylinder. An enclosed loop pipe is connected to outside of the cylinder and includes two sets of a... Agent: Southern Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

20140249004 - Exercise aid: An exercise device is disclosed which is more effective and efficient than the traditional sit-up, but does not include the inherent negative side effects. Moreover, the present invention is intuitive to use, will have increased efficiency, and can be used in a variety of ways. The exercise device is made... Agent:

08/28/2014 > 23 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140243154 - Client device implementing middleware to link between heterogeneous exergame equipment and variable game contents and management method thereof: The present disclosure relates to an exergame exercise equipment which can link contents which give fun, such as a game, with an exercise equipment to physical-interactively enjoy the game and exercise, and provides a client device, which implements a middleware that connects various hardware configurations of the exergame exercise equipment... Agent: Toyota Jidoshia Kabushiki Kaisha

20140243153 - Systems for simultaneously contracting body core muscles and a computerised instructional unit for facilitating same: An exercise apparatus for exercising muscles of a user comprising a main body, an abdominal crunch exercise member pivotally attached to the main body, the abdominal crunch member configured to engage an upper body area of a user, an abdominal contact member attached to the main body, the abdominal contact... Agent: Core 36 LLC

20140243155 - Trampoline or the like with enclosure: A fence surrounds a trampoline and extends above the rebounding surface, reducing the risk of injury. Shock absorption is aided in the preferred embodiment by a support system of independent poles, linked at their tops by a flexible strap or line. An impact anywhere on the fence causes the posts... Agent: Jumpsport, Inc.

20140243156 - Universal support platform for exercise bicycles and exercise system with virtual reality synchronicity: A platform assembly includes a lower box, which is supported at the corners on inflatable feet, and a platform which is tiltable relative to the lower box by a lifter mechanism inside the box. The platform assembly is universally usable to support exercise equipment, in particular exercise bicycles such as... Agent: Virturide LLC

20140243157 - Elliptical trainer with variable track: An elliptical trainer with a variable track is disclosed. The elliptical trainer has a base, a left and a right linkage, a transmission and a left and a right adjusting assembly. The linkages are connected to an upright posts extending upward from the base, respectively. Each of the linkages includes... Agent: Dyaco International Inc.

20140243158 - Crank for exercise equipment which helps prevent injuries on a rider's ankle during an unexpected drop in speed and assists in avoiding stress on the knees of a rider during exercising: An exercise equipment with an improved connecting bar connecting an exercise foot retaining device to a resistance, wherein a first longitudinal pedal bar is connected to a first bent longitudinal pedal connector bar and a second longitudinal pedal bar connected to a second bent longitudinal pedal connector bar, the bent... Agent: Hupa International Inc.

20140243159 - Exercise machine: An exercise machine for exercising at least one limb, in particular for use in rehabilitation and/or fitness, with a supporting frame and a generator of circular motion, which can be rotated on a rotary shaft associated with the supporting frame, and a limb support for resting and/or supporting at least... Agent: Medica Medizintechnik Gmbh

20140243160 - Total body exercise equipment: This invention relates to total body exercise equipment. The exercise equipment includes a first crankshaft to which first crank arms having grips and a first sprocket are installed and a second crankshaft to which second crank arms having pedals, a second sprocket and a third sprocket are installed. A driven... Agent:

20140243161 - Lunge exercise device and methods of use: A manually-operated lunge exercise device and methods of performing a lunge exercise using the same. The provided device may comprise at least one guide bar, at least one track operably connected to the guide bar, one or more wheels, and a plate. The plate is slidably engageable with the track... Agent: Schaefer's Machining, Inc.

20140243162 - Ski simulator or snowboard simulator, set for games or for training comprising the simulator and a method of training with its usage: The ski or snowboard simulator composed of a base, on which there is placed a trolley travelling parallelly along the longer sides of the base with the sockets for feet of training person that are able to rotate around the longitudinal axis, characterized in that there is connected the rail... Agent:

20140243163 - Gravity return rowing exercise device: A rowing exercise device in which the return force for the rowing handle is provided by the force of gravity rather than an elastic cable. The rowing machine includes a stationary base and a moveable frame, which rotates or slides upwardly relative to the moveable frame when a pulling force... Agent:

20140243164 - Jump rope: This disclosure relates to an improved jump rope. In one embodiment, an improved jump rope comprises a pair of tubular handles and a cord. Each of the tubular handles can comprise a void on a top portion, and the void can house a fastening mechanism. The jump rope can further... Agent:

20140243165 - Slip and counter fight simulation / workout machine: A slip and counter fight simulation apparatus has a plurality of arms that move in random/programmable fashion, directing jabs, hooks and upper-cut punches at an individual to thereby promote physical fitness, and provide fight training and/or fight simulations. The fight simulation apparatus comprises at least two substantially parallel opposing side... Agent:

20140243166 - Exercise weight structure: A method of producing an exercise weight structure comprises mixing a particulate material with a binder material and moulding the resulting mixture to an appropriate shape. An outer skin for the exercise weight structure is firstly formed of a resilient material, and forms a mould into which an inner weight... Agent: Escape Enviro Limited

20140243167 - Embedded shelf for improving grip on exercise equipment with a single gripping member: Weight lifters have perpetually tried to find ways to improve their grip when performing heavier lifts. This invention discloses an embedded shelf that is securely fastened directly to the weight equipment. This embedded shelf allows a lifter to still perform heavy lifts without any safety concerns due to potential loss... Agent:

20140243168 - Nested weight plates for barbells and dumbbells: A weight plate system for a barbell or dumbbell includes a first plate adapted to be mounted directly on the bar of a barbell or dumbbell, with the plate having an outer perimeter spaced outwardly from the bar when mounted thereon. A second plate includes a center hole adapted for... Agent:

20140243169 - Embedded shelf on exercise equipment with individual gripping members for each hand: Weight lifters have perpetually tried to find ways to improve their grip when performing heavier lifts. This invention discloses an embedded shelf that is securely fastened directly to the weight equipment. This embedded shelf allows a lifter to still perform heavy lifts without any safety concerns due to potential loss... Agent:

20140243170 - Sports swinging exercise resistance device: A sport swinging resistance exercise device is described that is designed for providing air resistance when swinging elongated sports equipment. An athlete can change the amount of air resistance by either using a different air resistance vane, or a resistance vane with variable opening features. An alignment marker for a... Agent:

20140243171 - Integrated flywheel set for exercise equipment: An integrated flywheel set for exercise equipment includes a base plate, a flywheel that is coaxial with the base plate and such arranged that an accommodating space is formed between the flywheel and the base plate, a magnetic damper unit that is deposited on the base plate and received in... Agent: Dyaco International Inc.

20140243172 - Exercise device for enhancing muscle memory and strength: A harness includes a plurality of loops mounted on its front and back at various locations. The harness includes straps that drape over the shoulders of the wearer and a belt allowing the harness to be secured about the waist of the wearer. A plurality of elastic cords are attached... Agent:

20140243173 - Abdominal exercise apparatus: An abdominal workout assist device is disclosed. An elongated member and an attachment means are provided, and a support member is attached therebetween. The attachment means connects to the base of a door with the elongated member connected in parallel to the support member. In operation, the user inserts the... Agent:

20140243175 - Fitness chair: A fitness device includes a chair body carrying a rotating wheel, and parallel support frame bars fixedly mounted at the bottom side of the chair body, each support frame bar defining a first base frame bar portion and a second base frame bar portion that are longitudinally connected in a... Agent:

20140243174 - Foldable exercise apparatus: A foldable exercise apparatus having a rigid frame back wall with hinged rigid frame side walls with one of the side walls having a hinged cross brace that is fastenable to the opposing side wall. Also provided is a collapsible bench attachable to the exercise apparatus in its folded state.... Agent:

08/21/2014 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140235408 - Vibratory exercise apparatus having electricity generating function: Provided is a vibratory exercise apparatus having a frame and a handle, including: upper and lower plates formed to be spaced apart from each other at a predetermined interval; a vibrator disposed on a center of the lower plate, having upper and lower vibration plates and installed to be vibrated... Agent:

20140235409 - System for monitoring fitness performance: A workout system for monitoring fitness and generating a workout summary is disclosed. The system includes a workout module that integrates with weight lifting equipment. The workout module includes one or more motion detectors that detect repetitions and/or tempo of weights lifted or displaced and a computer that logs and... Agent:

20140235410 - Treadmill: Disclosed is a treadmill which comprises: a main frame; a treadmill belt which is installed inside said main frame, and rotates in connection with the rotation of a support roller through an operation of a driving unit; and a pair of left and right support decks which are placed in... Agent:

20140235411 - Exercise machine for use with lower body negative pressure box: A compact, portable, lightweight, easily transportable leg press exercise apparatus to simulate both exercise and the daily activity of sitting in a microgravity environment. The exercise portion of the apparatus creates stress on the lower extremities by supplying a variable resistance to a reciprocating foot pedal by way of a... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20140235412 - Exercise machine for use with lower body negative pressure box: A compact, portable, lightweight, easily transportable leg press exercise apparatus to simulate both exercise and the daily activity of sitting in a microgravity environment. The exercise portion of the apparatus creates stress on the lower extremities by supplying a variable resistance to a reciprocating foot pedal by way of a... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20140235413 - Suspension trainer: A suspension trainer having a user support and a cover disposed around at least a portion of the user support. A first attachment element is connected to a first end of the suspension trainer accessory and a second attachment element is connected to a second end of the suspension trainer.... Agent:

08/14/2014 > 17 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140228173 - Systems and methods for target training including synchronized music: Systems and methods for target training including synchronized music for providing training of a user, and the system includes an arena. The arena includes a plurality of towers, the towers located within the arena, the plurality of towers each having a plurality of lighted targets. The system includes a computing... Agent: Makoto Usa, Inc.

20140228175 - Tension systems and methods of use: Machines, apparatuses, systems and methods for providing adjustable tension to a cable system using a pivotally mounted leverage mechanism that employs an adjustably positionable weight. Embodiments are used in exercise and other muscle strengthening devices, and may include an electronic control system for monitoring, recording a user's progress, and for... Agent: The Personal Trainer, Inc.

20140228174 - Training machine with automatic control of a gravitational load: c

20140228176 - Trampoline: A trampoline comprises a mat, a frame, and a plurality of support rods connecting between the frame and the mat to hold the mat in tension above the frame, the support rods extending or bowing outwards from the frame and curving upwards from the frame towards the mat. Each of... Agent:

20140228177 - Rung wall ascender: A rung wall ascender including a support frame and a rung ladder transport mechanism positioned at a variable angle relative to the support frame. The rung ladder transport mechanism includes a chain arranged as a loop with rung ladders attached to the chain so as to maintain a ladder-like configuration... Agent: Brewer's Ledge Inc.

20140228178 - Devices and methods for strengthening the thenar muscles: Described here are devices and methods for strengthening the thenar muscles of the hand. Generally, a device comprises a base shaped to be held in the hand, a thumb rest having a hinge attached to the base such that one end of the thumb rest can be pivoted relative to... Agent:

20140228179 - Gravity resistance total body workout machine: The components of this invention are an enclosed cycling mechanism with pedals extended from the housing, situated upon a support structure and combined with a separate forward-extending adjustable extension supporting hand-grips and arm-cushions, the overall mechanism requiring that the user's body be supported by the arms during cycling in each... Agent:

20140228180 - Multi-function jump rope and resistance band: An exercise band adapted for use in multiple exercise types, such as speed-endurance exercise and strength training. The exercise band includes bi-modal handles that arrange for ease of use in either jump rope mode or resistance band mode. The handle(s) may be arranged in multiple ways to allow for various... Agent:

20140228181 - Exercise device and method of use: An exercise device comprising; a platform, a first limb attachment means, a first extendable cord attached to the first limb attachment means, the first extendable cord being at least partially located within the platform, and a tensioning means within the platform, wherein the tensioning means can be adjusted to alter... Agent:

20140228182 - Exercise devices: An adjustable load mechanism for an exercise device, the adjustable load mechanism including: at least one load point for application of force by a user, and a first load source comprising a tension assembly including an elastic portion, wherein the tension assembly is connected directly or indirectly to the at... Agent:

20140228183 - Elastic flat band: An elasic flat band exercise device has two spherically-shaped handles, each approximately the size of a golf ball or slightly larger, with a channel extending through the center of each handle. An elongated elastic flat band extends between the handles. One end section of the flat band is threaded snugly... Agent:

20140228184 - Exercise apparatus: The present disclosure relates to an exercise apparatus for supporting a range of resistance exercises, including exercises for providing bi-directional resistance to both the upper and lower body over a wide range of positions. The exercise apparatus includes a base having a platform disposed thereon. An at least one elongated... Agent: Vitalika Inc.

20140228185 - Exercise device: The subject matter described herein relates to an exercise device used to strengthen muscles of at least the core of the body of a user. The exercise device includes a base that allows a user to lay, sit, lie, kneel, stand, or stay in any desirable position. The exercise device... Agent:

20140228186 - Knee rehabilitation assistance device: A device for exercising leg muscles, ligaments, and tendons attendant to movement of a human knee following knee replacement surgery or during rehabilitation following knee injury is provided. The user lies supine on a flat surface and braces the back of his or her upper thigh against the device's leg... Agent:

20140228187 - Apparatus for exercise and balance training: The present application is directed to a balance board upon which a user may exercise, conduct balance training and do tricks. The balance board comprises a body member with at least two separate balancing surfaces extending from the lower surface with a discontinuity between each separate balancing surface. A first... Agent:

20140228188 - Yoga framework assistant: An apparatus and system is disclosed for assisting people with Yoga related postures and exercises in the space above the yoga mat. The apparatus includes one or more Resting Pads (includes a bar and handles under the top pad) that are used in the space above the Yoga Mat (the... Agent:

20140228189 - Exercise device: An exercise device which comprises a base with a generally vertically extending member extending upwardly therefrom, the vertically extending member having a plurality of retaining positions to receive a foot retaining member, the retaining position being such that the height of the foot retaining member from the base can be... Agent:

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