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Exercise devices

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07/10/2014 > 19 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140194248 - Method of controlling an exercise apparatus: A method for controlling an exercise apparatus via a control interface of an exercise apparatus, including steps of controlling a touch screen to display an information field, and then monitoring the touch screen to detect whether a touch has occurred on the surface of the touch screen and whether the... Agent: Johnson Health Tech Co., Ltd.

20140194249 - Speed and/or agility training devices and systems and methods of use thereof: Disclosed herein are training devices useful for improving the agility and/or speed of a trainee, systems comprising same, and methods of improving a trainee's agility and/or speed. In one embodiment a training device comprises a first sensor operatively associated with a control mechanism, wherein the control mechanism is optionally configured... Agent:

20140194250 - Remote adaptive motor resistance training exercise apparatus and method of use thereof: The invention comprises a method and/or an apparatus using a computer configured exercise system equipped with an electric motor to provide physical resistance to user motion in conjunction with means for sharing exercise system related data and/or user performance data with a secondary user, such as a medical professional, a... Agent:

20140194251 - Adaptive motor resistance video game exercise apparatus and method of use thereof: The invention comprises a method and/or an apparatus using computer configured exercise equipment and an electric motor provided physical resistance in conjunction with a game system, such as a video game system, where the exercise system provides real physical resistance to a user interface. Results of user interaction with the... Agent:

20140194252 - Exercise device: The exercise device of the present invention includes a chamber having an opening through which a user can enter or exit the chamber, a seal member for closing the opening of the chamber in an airtight manner, a pressure control unit for pressurizing the inside of the chamber, and exercise... Agent: Showa Denki Co., Ltd.

20140194255 - Fitness apparatus: A fitness apparatus includes a chassis, two linkages, two handlebars, two cranks and two joint bars. Each of the linkage includes a first linking-up part and second linking-up part transversally. The first linking-up parts are pivotably attached to the cranks for revolution of the cranks relatively to the chassis. Each... Agent: Dyaco International Inc.

20140194253 - Pedal motion path adjustable elliptical trainer: A pedal motion path adjustable elliptical trainer includes a base frame , a support mechanism including a rail holder pivoted to the base frame, a support member and two sliding rails, a rotating mechanism set mounted at the left and right sides of the base frame and movable along a... Agent: Dyaco International Inc.

20140194254 - Pedal motion path adjustable elliptical trainer: A pedal motion path adjustable elliptical trainer includes a base frame, a rotating mechanism assembly, a lifting mechanism, a sliding mechanism and a control mechanism. The lifting mechanism is biasable relative to the base frame, including a rail holder, a support member and two sliding rails. The rotating mechanism assembly... Agent: Dyaco International Inc.

20140194256 - Workout device with foot-oriented elliptical loop: A workout device with a foot-oriented elliptical loop is provided and bilaterally equipped with a transmission rod, a first link rod, a driving rod, a second link rod, a swing arm, and a supporting rod. The transmission portions are pivotally coupled to cranks to enable the cranks to undergo revolution.... Agent: Dyaco International Inc.

20140194257 - Furniture for generating green energy: The application provides items of furniture having a seating portion (2), a table surface (3) and a set of two pedals (4) allowing the user to pedal from a sitting position on the seating portion, whereby this set of pedals are connected to a generator.... Agent: Wewatt

20140194258 - Progressive multi-purpose exercise device: The present invention is a progressive multi-purpose exercise device, which can be configured as 1) an exercise ball (no handles), 2) kettle bell (1-handle), 3) medicine ball (2-opposing handles), 4) a kettle bell-2 (2-handles at 90-degrees) and/or 5) a rope-attached ball with stretch cord and/or rope. For illustration purpose, it... Agent:

20140194259 - Exerthighzer: The ExerThighzer is an apparatus for securing a dumbbell to a person's leg to enable the wearer to exercise the muscles of the leg by performing various leg exercises. The apparatus has the complete ability to strengthen the entire thigh by allowing a full contraction and extension of the quadriceps... Agent:

20140194260 - Method of using an exercise device having an adjustable incline: An exercise device includes a vertical support member or tower; an adjustable incline having a first end and a second end, the first end of the adjustable incline adjustably supported by, and vertically movable with respect to, the vertical support member for adjusting the incline of the adjustable incline; a... Agent: Total Gym Global Corporation

20140194263 - Adjustable assembly for exercise apparatus: Exercise apparatus and method with selectively variable stabilization enabling a user to progressively increase his/her core body muscular strength. In various embodiments, the exercise apparatus includes a resistance cabling system providing a user defined line of motion, and a partial stabilizer pad being adjustably positionable offset from the line of... Agent: Cybex International, Inc.

20140194262 - Electronic exercise monitor with human facsimile and audible feedback: An interactive electronic exercise software program and mobile electronic device application with audible feedback resides in a human facsimile apparatus used as a dance partner during aerobic exercises. The interactive software program creates the illusion of working out with a friend, companion or personal trainer, providing interactive visual and auditory... Agent:

20140194261 - Full body exercise machine: A full body exercise apparatus and method allowing for a full body workout utilizing all major muscle groups. The apparatus generally consists of a plurality of ropes allowing the user to pull the handles providing for arm resistance as well as leg and core resistance in a downward and upward... Agent:

20140194264 - Reformer exercise apparatus footbar support assembly: A reformer exercise apparatus is disclosed that has a generally rectangular frame. The rail portions of the frame each have an upright outer wall and a hidden outwardly open slot therein. A foot bar support assembly movably carried by each of the outwardly open slots supports the foot bar. Each... Agent: Balanced Body, Inc.

20140194265 - Dual-mode pushup exercise device: An exercise device employed to increase the level of difficulty of the standard pushup, while increasing strength, endurance, and flexibility. The device may include a flat, circular plate formed with a dome on one side and a low-friction pad affixed to the other side. The device has two modes of... Agent:

20140194266 - Stretching machine: Certain embodiments are directed to a machine that stabilizes the lumbar spine in anatomic position while stretching the hamstrings, tensor fascia lata, and lliotibial (IT) band.... Agent: The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

07/03/2014 > 14 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140187384 - Exercise apparatus and methods: An exercise apparatus including a video display. In certain embodiments the apparatus includes an integrated platform. Memory within the apparatus contains a library of instructional exercise programs, such as yoga, Pilates, body toning and stretching routines. The apparatus may also connect to a network, such as the Internet to stream... Agent: Yoga Today LLC

20140187383 - Integrated exercise workspace: An integrated exercise workspace (100) comprises an exercise device (110), a work surface (120), and elbow supports (130a, 130b). The exercise device (110) is operable by a lower extremity of a user. The work surface (120) is supported at a work surface position (122) relative to the exercise device (110)... Agent:

20140187385 - Hand exercise device: A hand exercise device comprising a base with a generally planar surface, and at least one string held at a substantial angle of inclination with respect to the planar surface of the base. The hand exercise device can be adapted to perform hand exercises that involve applying a pushing force... Agent:

20140187386 - Multi-positioned angled step and risers: An adjustable stepping structure for aerobic exercise is disclosed having a platform and a plurality of support elements. The support elements include a downwardly arcuate notch or channel for receiving a sidewall or endwall of the platform, allowing the platform to be arranged in multiple angled orientations.... Agent:

20140187387 - Stair exerciser apparatus: The present invention relates to a stair exercise device for simulating stair climbing, the device having a plurality of steps which are activated by the weight of a person walking up them. A stationary platform at the base of the stair exercise device sends a signal to a controller to... Agent: Johnson Health Tech Co., Ltd.

20140187388 - Ankle strengthening exercise device: An ankle strengthening exercise device is disclosed. The device is intuitive and simple to use by a patient even without professional medical supervision since the device indicates a specific movement of a foot by pivoting an ankle of the patient. In particular, the device may have an extension member that... Agent:

20140187389 - Stretching device for therapy: A stretching device for therapy contains a base including a inclined foot platform axially connected with a rear end thereof and tilting backward, a frame for the inclined foot platform having a horizontal support to abut against or be connected to an upright member extending upwardly from the front end... Agent:

20140187390 - Incremental weight and selector: An exercise apparatus comprises an incremental weight system. The incremental weight system comprises an incremental weight and an incremental weight selector. The incremental weight selector is liftable by a weight lift and has a lever movable between a lowered position and a raised position to actuate the selector between an... Agent: Precor Incorporated

20140187391 - Bench press combining full body safety bars and gliding bar holder arms: A bench press and a power rack system having a combination of moving uprights to hold a barbell and safety arms to prevent dropping of the barbell on the user's body. The moving uprights being in the same plane as the safety arms and move inside them to provide maximum... Agent:

20140187392 - Multi-handled weighted fitness device: A multi-handled weighted fitness device. The device is a free weight comprised of a rectangular frame connected by a pair of opposing Y-shaped weighted members. The rectangular frame is comprised of four cylindrical side members that can be variously gripped by a user. The size of the opposing Y-shaped weighted... Agent:

20140187393 - Completely flexible expander-type device consisting of at least two gripping elements, preferably 4, 6 or 8 elements: A completely flexible expander device including at least two gripping elements, each of a material of a resilient strip, either a single strip folded onto itself in the lengthwise direction L thereof, or two vertically adjacent strips having a length L. The at least two gripping elements are connected to... Agent: Sveltus Sas

20140187394 - Exercise device: An exercise device may include a main body defining an arch-shaped structure, at least one movable support mechanism coupled to the main body and configured to support the exercise device on a support surface, and at least one gripping mechanism coupled to the main body. The main body may be... Agent: Nautilus, Inc.

20140187395 - Exercise device and methods for using the exercise device: An exercise device may include one or more leg assemblies operatively joined to a user engagement component. The leg assemblies may position the user engagement component at an initial or rest position, which may be a predetermined distance above a support surface. The leg assemblies may be configured to allow... Agent: Nautilus, Inc.

20140187396 - Reformer exercise apparatus: A reformer exercise apparatus is disclosed that has a generally rectangular frame. The rail portions of the frame each have an upright outer wall, an integral downwardly slanted inner wall and a hidden outwardly open slot therein between the outer and inner walls. A foot bar support assembly movably carried... Agent: Balanced Body, Inc.

06/26/2014 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140179490 - Method of controlling a device allowing a user to walk or run on the spot in an arbitrary direction and device therefor: The invention concerns a method for controlling a device (1) allowing a user (25) to walk or run on the spot in an arbitrary direction and a device (1) therefor. The device (1) comprises a stationary central platform (9) surrounded by a convex polygon shaped deck (6) in level therewith,... Agent: Mse Omnifinity Ab

20140179491 - Universal exercise guidance system: An apparatus obtains an exercise route of workouts associated with a person for achieving a fitness objective, determines parameters for first workout option of a first type to replace a second workout option of a second different type such that the first workout option is interchangeable with the second workout... Agent: Precor Incorporated

20140179492 - Adjustable rebound device and exercise machine including adjustable rebound device: An adjustable rebound device may include a support platform and a warping assembly to adjust a rebound resistance of the support platform. The warping assembly may include a plurality of mounting assemblies coupled to the support platform and a rebound adjustment assembly coupled to at least one of the mounting... Agent:

20140179493 - Therapeutic walking trainer: A therapeutic walking trainer for improving the ability to walk, in particular for re-learning the ability to walk, with an upper frame, which has a torso-free body holder and provides forward support, and with a lower frame, which is connected to the upper frame by means of at least one... Agent: Medica-medizintechnik Gmbh

20140179494 - Hand-held exercise weight: An exercise weight includes a weight member, a handle member spaced apart from and substantially surrounding the weight member, and at least one attachment member joining the weight member to the handle member so that the weight member is located inside the handle member. The exercise weight has a relatively... Agent:

20140179495 - Contra-equipoise muscel destabiilzing roller exercise apparatus and method: A method to exercise the muscles acting on the thoracolumbar fascia of an individual utilizes a manually held apparatus which is manipulated to roll a ball in the apparatus to change continuously the balance of the apparatus to destabilize muscles in the body of an individual utilizing the apparatus.... Agent:

20140179496 - Musculature training device: A musculature training device is disclosed. The musculature training device includes an attaching member, a fixing-and-adjusting member coupled to the attaching member, and an elastic member connected to the fixing-and-adjusting member, wherein the fixing-and-adjusting member sets an initial length of the elastic member. When a user move his/her body or... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20140179497 - Neutral bias resistance device: Disclosed is a neutral bias, dynamic constant resistance exercise device. The device provides resistance training throughout an angular range of motion. The device may be low profile, and worn by a wearer, such as beneath conventional clothing. Exercise of selective joints or motion of the body may thereby be accomplished... Agent: Tau Orthopedics, LLC

20140179498 - Abdominal track exercise device: An abdominal exercise device includes a straight, round track having a front end and a back end, and a sliding base movable along the track between the front end and the back end. The sliding base includes a housing disposed around the track, and a plurality of sheaves disposed in... Agent:

20140179499 - Exercise device and method of use: An exercise device for stretching a user's muscles is disclosed. The exercise device includes a pliable substantially non-resilient cord having a length between a first end and a second end, and a plurality of ball shaped handles positioned along the length of the pliable substantially non-resilient cord. Each of the... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140171266 - System and method for controlling a bicycle trainer: A system and method for controlling an exercise device are provided herein. The system includes a memory having computer-executable instructions and at least one processor to execute the computer-executable instructions to wirelessly connect the exercise device, receive a training mode, receive at least one variable for determining a power set... Agent: Wahoo Fitness, LLC

20140171267 - Systems and methods for improving motor function with assisted exercise: One embodiment of the present invention includes a system and method for alleviating symptoms of a medical disorder of a patient by forced exercise. The system includes an exercise machine having movable portions that move in response to a first contribution by a patient and in response a second contribution... Agent: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

20140171268 - Unit for measuring parameters of swimmer: Provided is a device for measuring parameters of a swimmer. The device includes a motive force sensor configured to measure a motive force associated with the swimmer, wherein the motive force is generated by the swimmer moving in a water reservoir, a processing unit configured to process measurements received from... Agent:

20140171269 - Device and method for limiting travel in an exercise device, and an exercise device including such a limiting device: A method and/or a device may limit a distance traveled by a treadle assembly in an exercise device. For example, the distance traveled by the treadle assembly may be limited by limiting a distance that a resistance element operably coupled to the treadle assembly may travel. An exercise apparatus may... Agent: Nautilus, Inc.

20140171270 - Device for training swimmers and performing physiotherapeutic exercises: Provided are a device for training swimmers and performing physiotherapeutic exercises, a method for assembling a device for training swimmers and performing physiotherapeutic exercises, a unit for measuring parameters of a swimmer, and a method for assembling a unit for measuring parameters of a swimmer. The device for training swimmers... Agent:

20140171271 - Track start block for swimming: A starting block for swimming equipped with a single curved surface to facilitate track starts while reducing the trip hazard of such a surface. This allows for safer mounting from rear and side steps and removes undesirable gaps in the top surface of the starting block. A pliable embodiment of... Agent: Colorado Time Systems

20140171272 - Bicycle trainer: A bicycle trainer including folding legs and a vertically adjustable frame member supporting an axle and cassette where a rider mounts the rear frame, such as dropouts, of a conventional bicycle with the rear wheel removed. The trainer includes a flywheel with a magnetic brake assembly controlled through an open... Agent: Wahoo Fitness LLC

20140171273 - Lower abdominal exercise apparatus with freestanding knee-raise stand: The current invention is an exercise apparatus that relates to the field of exercise. The apparatus is a freestanding machine with the primary purpose of exercising the lower abdominal muscles, although other muscle groups may be exercised secondarily. The primary muscles targeted include the rectus abdominis and the tendinous inscriptions.... Agent:

20140171274 - Reformer exercise apparatus arm cord retraction assembly: A reformer exercise apparatus is disclosed that has a generally rectangular frame. The rail portions of the frame each have an upright outer wall and a hidden outwardly open slot therein. A foot bar support assembly movably carried by each of the outwardly open slots supports the foot bar. Each... Agent: Balanced Body, Inc.

20140171275 - Bench press exercise training apparatus: An exercise apparatus primarily used as a training device for bench press type exercises. The apparatus comprises a series of arm straps having an elastic component disposed therebetween. The arm straps include a pair of upper arm straps and a pair of forearm straps, which are attached together with an... Agent:

20140171276 - Training device: A training device includes a belt for attachment about the waist of a user. The belt includes a first end and a second end. The training device also includes a plurality of resilient straps positioned between the belt and a first foot engaging platform and a second foot engaging platform.... Agent:

20140171277 - Abdominal exerciser with oscillatory massage device: An abdominal exerciser with an oscillatory massage device includes a main frame for a user to hold thereon and a threaded shaft disposed in the main frame. The distal end of threaded shaft is pivotally connected with an abdominal pad seat which includes a soft pad at a distal end... Agent:

20140171278 - Push up device: A push up device includes a support device including a base for positioning on the floor, side supports and a top. A control device at the top includes a push up counter, a timer, and/or an audio signaling device. The support device includes adjustable arms which adjust the relative height... Agent: The Prophet Corporation

20140171279 - Roller barre: The present disclosure provides an exercise device comprising a base that is attached onto an exercise machine and a rolling rod, which is cradled into the base. The apparatus can be attached either into the jumpboard connection located near the footbar or into the shoulder rests depending on the reformer... Agent: Absolutely Fitness, LLC

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