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Exercise devices

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01/22/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150024906 - Systems and methods for improving motor function with assisted exercise: One embodiment of the present invention includes a system and method for alleviating symptoms of a medical disorder of a patient by forced exercise. The system includes an exercise machine having movable portions that move in response to a first contribution by a patient and in response a second contribution... Agent:

20150024907 - Pull-up bar: An apparatus for exercising the upper body, including a frame and handles. The frame is formed with a bar and a connection assembly. Two handles slide in their respective half of the bar using rollers, or bearings. The handles may also swing, or swivel for a greater range of motion.... Agent: Exemplar Design, LLC

20150024908 - Weight holding device: A weight holding device includes a strap and a strap-separating component attached to the strap. The strap-separating component maintains a separation between two portions of said strap when a weight is suspended from said weight holding device. An optional handgrip may be included.... Agent:

20150024909 - Exercise device: An exercise device includes an arrangement of components to strengthen muscles in a physical body of an individual. In particular, the exercise device can be used to perform exercised to strengthen at least abdominal muscles.... Agent:

20150024910 - Portable elastic resistance device for exercising the skeletal muscles: The invention consists of a flexible hexagonal array composed of rigid plastic rings, sized and shaped for convenient gripping with the hands, and or pinning against floor or wall by other body parts (feet, knees, elbows, trunk, bead, etc.) each connected to 3 to 6 lengths of bungee, or equivalent... Agent:

20150024911 - Stability bar system: A stability bar system is disclosed for use in exercising and muscle toning. The system provides an unstable base to engage core muscles while performing exercises. The bar has a central attachment point, and multiple off-center attachment points on which to attach resistance tubing, bands, cables, or straps. The body... Agent: Exemplar Design, LLC

20150024912 - Omnidirectional exercise device and system: An omnidirectional exercise device including a platform having a top surface and a bottom surface with the top surface extending generally in a first plane. At least one omnidirectional movement assembly is secured relative to the bottom surface such that the platform is supported for omnidirectional movement. A hand securement... Agent:

20150024913 - Neck support apparatus for abdominal exercises: A neck support apparatus for performing abdominal exercises without causing or exacerbating neck discomfort. The neck support apparatus comprises an hourglass shaped body having three distinct sections and a removable handle portion. The body includes an upper portion adapted to receive and support the back of a user's head, a... Agent:

20150024914 - Exercise machine carriage system: An exercise machine carriage system which allows for a wide range of exercises while maintaining improved balance and control for the exerciser. The exercise machine generally includes a stationary frame and a carriage adapted to slide along at least one track on the frame. The carriage may include at least... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150018173 - Ellipse exerciser with inclination adjustment unit: An ellipse exerciser includes a base, a rail frame having two rails, an ellipse unit having two pedals and two roller units, and an adjustment unit having a bottom part and a support frame. The roller units are moved along the rails of the rail frame. The bottom part has... Agent:

20150018174 - Multi-mount heavy bag with: sculpted body side, extended head like appendage, contours and developed striking areas.: A multi-mount heavy bag designed for a single user for striking with the intent of developing and conditioning users muscles and skill with at least one unique sculpted body side having contoured features and developed striking areas with at least one forward extended head like appendage that creates for the... Agent:

20150018175 - Fitness hoop having variable impact force: An exercise device including a hoop made primarily of two elements, a softer inner element and a more rigid outer element. The inner element of the hoop has a plurality of shock absorbing compression chambers projecting inwardly and formed on an inner diameter thereof. The plurality of chambers each have... Agent: Innersvingen As

20150018176 - Exercise device: An exercise device is disclosed that is designed to roll. It has an indentation that is adapted to receive a user's spine and two cushioned areas that is adapted to receive the areas of the users back around the spine. The device may be made from several pieces which may... Agent:

20150018177 - Standing-up trainer: A standing-up trainer, in particular for use in rehabilitation for mobilizing persons having limited mobility. In order to adjust a seat base between a sitting position and a standing position, a positioning unit that is adjustable by a drive is provided, and at least one securing device for securing the... Agent:

20150018178 - Agility and strength improvement apparatus: An exercise balance board is described, containing a platform for a user supported by a resilient, air-filled partial sphere. It contains features which allow users of any size or fitness level to properly exercise muscle groups. The balance board allows a user to exercise upper and lower muscle extremity groups... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150011361 - Rehabilitation device and method: A device for joint rehabilitation after injury or surgery and a method of use are described and taught. The device automatically senses and manipulates performance parameters to optimize the rehabilitation process in response to user performance. In particular, device sets the pedal throw and other variables automatically to be in... Agent:

20150011362 - Method and system for virtual hiking: A virtual biking system and a virtual hiking method by which a user can bike indoors while simulating actually being outdoors are provided. The virtual hiking system includes a Personal Computer (PC) configured to display a simulation screen, a motion platform configured to move corresponding to a state of a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150011363 - Respiratory muscle endurance training device and method for the use thereof: A respiratory muscle endurance training device (RMET) includes a chamber and a patient interface. In one implementation, one or both of a CO2 sensor or a temperature sensor can be coupled to the chamber or patient interface to provide the user or caregiver with indicia about the CO2 level in,... Agent: Trudell Medical International

20150011364 - Bicycle trainer: Provided is a bicycle trainer that provides a riding sensation such as that when actually riding a bicycle outdoors. The bicycle trainer is for training by using a detachably installed bicycle (21) and is provided with the following: a main body (3) placed on the floor; a support shaft (5)... Agent:

20150011365 - Body hardening machine: The present invention concerns a machine for martial arts training that simulates sparring with a live partner and provides a safe tool for body hardening. The machine is a vertical alignment of three independently rotatable alpha bodies having arms and a weighted base, where each alpha body rotates when met... Agent:

20150011366 - Adjustable swivel mount device for heavy punching bag: A swivel joint system for hanging a heavy punching bag from an overhead support has a swivel joint defining at least first and second perpendicular pivot axes and a hanging shaft having a lower end pivotally connected to the universal joint for rotation about the first pivot axis and an... Agent: Hoist Fitness Systems, Inc.

20150011367 - Bench press neck guard: A portable lifesaving device that prevents a falling weight bar from injuring the neck while a weightlifter performs a bench press, including, two rods forming a “V” shape guard that rests horizontally over the neck (chest height) and is supported by two pillars at one end and by the chest... Agent:

20150011368 - Magnetic pulley resistance exerciser: A wearable exercise pulley comprising: an electrically conducting disc rotatable about an axis of the disc perpendicular to the plane of the disc; a cable coiled around the axis, which when pulled to uncoil the cable from around the axis causes the disc to rotate; at least one magnet that... Agent:

20150011369 - Integrated convertible exercise device: A convertible exercise device configured to provide a full body workout, the exercise device comprising: a base, wherein the base is further comprised of an upper unit and a lower unit underneath and complementary to the upper unit, and a first accessory plate releasably secured to the base at the... Agent:

20150011370 - Exercise device: A glute ham developer (GHD) exercise device including a vertical post and horizontal beam. The exercise device can be a stand alone exercise device, or can include a connector for connecting the exercise device to another exercise device or exercise station.... Agent: Coulter Ventures LLC D/b/a Rogue Fitness

01/01/2015 > 11 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150005137 - Energy storing device and method of using the same including a football and a jumprope: A jump rope includes a first handle and a second handle. A rope connects the first handle and the second handle. The first handle defines a cavity. A generation module is disposed in the cavity and is fixed relative to the handle. The generation module includes a bearing, an electric... Agent:

20150005138 - Rehabilitation device, control method, and recording medium: A rehabilitation device includes: an operation unit operated by a patient under rehabilitation; an operation amount detection unit that detects an operation amount of the operation unit; a driving unit that applies torque to the operation unit; a control unit that controls driving of the driving unit; and a movement... Agent:

20150005139 - Exercise slide board: An exercise slide board is disclosed having a main board, a pair of backstops and a floor grip device. The main board has a top surface and a bottom surface. The top surface is smooth and low friction to allow a user wearing low-friction footwear to easily slide across the... Agent:

20150005140 - Exercise apparatus system: A versatile exercise apparatus and system is provided. A cylindrical apparatus having first and second surfaces of either planar or arcuate configuration is configured with plural polygonal openings useable for manipulation of the apparatus or as openings into which various modules may be set to increase the activity versatility of... Agent:

20150005141 - Resistance band training system: A resistance band training system comprising a set of resistance bands, where the set includes a resistance band with two attachment ends, one for a static structure and the other for a user to grasp; an elongated resistance band, where the elongated resistance band includes a pair of straps that... Agent:

20150005142 - Portable, doorframe-mountable exercise apparatus and method of use: The present invention relates generally to an exercising apparatus, and more particularly portable, doorframe-mountable exercise apparatus. The present invention comprises a doorframe-mountable exercise apparatus comprising an attachment system; a cross bar attachment element; expandable connectors comprising opposing attachment element; openings; and attachment element. The present invention also comprises a method... Agent:

20150005143 - Resistance exerciser hand grip and cord anchoring device: Disclosed is a new and improved hand grip, cord and cord anchoring device for a resistance exerciser. The device is designed to meet current trends requiring frequent cord installation, changing of cord position and cord removal from the exerciser. A combination of hardware that facilitates installation of the cords axially... Agent: Omni Health And Fitness Group Ltd.

20150005144 - Sport throw training device: A method for training athletes in the art of throwing projectiles using an apparatus comprising a throwing implement attached to the first end of a grounded elastic cord by a hook on which the throwing implement is slideable and rotatable. The throwing implement. may be a handle which contains a... Agent:

20150005145 - Mat with handprints to do pushups: An exercise mat system comprises an exercise mat including a top surface and a bottom surface and a plurality of sets of handprints. The plurality of sets of handprints are positioned on the top surface of the exercise mat, wherein the handprints in each set are spaced apart from each... Agent:

20150005146 - Exercise equipment: An exercise equipment comprising: a column body that is hollow and has a plurality of engaging ribs protruding at outer surface of the column body. One end of the column body has a U-shaped handle that has two through holes on both sides of the column body corresponding to the... Agent: Ever Gym Enterprises Co., Ltd.

20150005147 - Neck protector: An exercise assistance apparatus including a u shaped module comprised of a plurality sides of varying widths, heights and lengths. The module is adapted and configured to receive and support the head, shoulders and cervical spine of an individual. The module includes a base connected to the plurality of sides.... Agent:

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