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Exercise devices

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11/13/2014 > 23 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140336003 - System and methods for measuring propulsive force during ambulation and providing real-time feedback: The invention measures propulsive force of an ambulating subject to provide real-time feedback, which may be used for clinical assessment or rehabilitation/training such as that related to walking ability, or any other form of ambulation. Subjects with propulsive deficits have a considerable and underutilized propulsive reserve available during level ambulation.... Agent:

20140336004 - Exercise device: An example exercise device includes an arm structure configured to pivot in response to a movement of at least a portion of a head of a user. An example method of exercising includes moving a portion of a head to pivot a weight arm that resists the moving.... Agent:

20140336005 - Trampoline rod: In a trampoline in which a plurality of support rods connect between the frame and the mat of the trampoline to hold the mat in tension, the support rods comprise an integral skirt which surrounds and encases at least an upper end length of the support rod and optionally the... Agent:

20140336009 - Dual deck exercise device: An exercise device employing side-by-side pivotally supported moving surfaces. In one example, an exercise device employs a first pivotable treadle assembly including a first moving surface, a first foot platform extending outwardly from a side of the first treadle assembly, and a second pivotable treadle assembly including a second moving... Agent: Nautilus, Inc.

20140336006 - Elliptical exercise device: An elliptical exercise device includes a frame supporting guide links which provide for horizontal motion of associated foot support links. A mechanical coupling couples the foot support links to the crank system and intermediate links connect the crank system to the guide links such that a foot receiving area of... Agent:

20140336007 - Elliptical exercise device: An elliptical exercise device includes a frame supporting guide links which provide for a horizontal component of motion of associated foot support links. A mechanical coupling couples the foot support links to a crank system and intermediate links couple the crank system to the guide links such that a foot... Agent:

20140336008 - Exercise apparatuses and methods of using the same: An exercise apparatus includes a pair of step-up apparatuses wearable on feet of a user. Each step-up apparatus is configurable between an expanded configuration and a compressed configuration to simulate a selected motion when the user wearing the pair of step-up apparatuses travels by foot. One of the step-up apparatuses... Agent:

20140336010 - Single belt omni directional treadmill: A treadmill having a belt assembly allows a user to walk or run in any direction. A single helically wound belt over a flattened torus is powered by two independent drive systems. The drive systems are controlled by a combination of infrared cameras and a physical harness system.... Agent:

20140336011 - Rowing simulator: A rowing apparatus having: a frame; a seat slidably mounted on said frame; an outrigger for receiving oars; at least one drive mechanism coupled to said outrigger to translate a force applied to said oars to a flywheel having resistance means for providing variable resistance; said rowing apparatus having a... Agent: Basix International Inc.

20140336012 - Achilles stretching devices and methods performed therewith: Therapeutic devices and methods stretching the Achilles tendon. Each device includes base and wedge portions. The wedge portion has heel and toe ends, inside-foot and outside-foot edges, and an upper surface that includes a planar surface portion that lies in a wedge plane and an arcuate surface portion defined by... Agent:

20140336013 - Balance arm. a device and a method for training foot and leg muscles and for prevention of partial dystrophy of the left leg.: e

20140336014 - Martial arts training devices and methods: A training system enables improved training outcomes and reduced trainer injuries. An exemplary system includes a handle, a striking target, and a flexible linkage coupling the handle and target. The system may be swung to provide an offensive or defensive target for a trainee. Because the trainee strikes the striking... Agent: Punch Chucks LLC

20140336015 - Related to, exercise equipment: Exercise equipment can be used in a wide range of settings by a wide range of users of varying strengths and abilities to gain strength, fitness and mobility using an internally variable resistance.... Agent:

20140336016 - Single construct adjustable training rope: A long training rope designed to utilize trees (limbs, multiple limbs & tree truck but not exclusively) to anchor invention and user. Comprising of single constructed piece, attachments are not necessary for equipment to adjust to different lengths. A specialized knot allows for completely adjustable lengths. Multiple grips including a... Agent:

20140336017 - Exercise device: An example apparatus for a user in a wheelchair includes an exercise device providing an exercise area configured to receive a wheelchair. A primary handle is moveable by a first user in the wheelchair from a first position to a second position. A resistance assembly opposes movement of the at... Agent:

20140336018 - Fitness equipment unit: A fitness equipment unit comprises a member rotatable about an axis and a source of resistance against rotation of the member. Rotation of the member is facilitated by pulling on a first end of the line while the other end of the line is stationary, pulling on a second end... Agent: Precor Incorporated

20140336019 - Exercise bar: An exercise bar having a cross sectional shape in the form of an octagon, and composed of a longitudinal body with stabilizer ends attached to the ends thereof. The longitudinal body has a central axis constant through its length, and can be manufactured with materials such as hard woods, plastic,... Agent:

20140336020 - Toning garment with integrated damper: Disclosed is a muscle toning garment with force dampening resistance elements, which may be fluid filled rotary dampers. The garment provides resistance training throughout an angular range of motion. The garment may be low profile, and worn by a wearer as a primary garment or beneath conventional clothing. Toning may... Agent:

20140336021 - Exercise device: A exercise device, for example, and exercise ball device. The exercise device includes a frame and at least one panel or multiple panels.... Agent: Coulter Ventures LLC D/b/a Rogue Fitness

20140336022 - Exercise device: A exercise roller device including a center roller portion provided with shaped end roller portions, and the center roller portion provided with a centered circumferential groove. A method of making the exercise roller device.... Agent: Coulter Ventures LLC D/b/a Rogue Fitness

20140336025 - Full-body board sports training device: A board-based training device is provided. The board-based training device can comprise at least one piece having an underlying unbalanced surface. The unbalanced surface can be shaped to be unstable when placed on a ground. The piece can further have a support surface for supporting a deck. The training device... Agent:

20140336024 - Movable kneeling pad assembly for an abdominal exercise device: A movable kneeling pad assembly for an abdominal exercise device has a main pad and a wheel seat. The main pad has at least one kneeling recess formed in an upper surface of the main pad. The wheel seat is mounted on a lower surface of the main pad and... Agent:

20140336023 - Support device used during exercise: A support device used during exercise that an individual places behind the neck during exercise, providing proper neck support and body alignment. The device provides support for the upper thoracic spine while performing abdominal exercise, and may be used to exercise the neck itself and provide a form of spinal... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140329644 - Free-standing fitness device: The present invention relates to an improved fitness device; specifically, the present invention relates to a stationary fitness machine designed to strengthen multiple muscle groups including the abdominal, chest, intercoastal, latissimus dorsi, rhomboid, deltoid, bicep, forearm, oblique and gluteus maximus muscles using a unique, advanced, combined pull-up, fly movement.... Agent:

20140329645 - Exerciser: An exercise equipment including a support, a first footboard and a second footboard for supporting the feet of the user, arranged alongside one another and able to slide along the support according to a substantially rectilinear direction (A), and articulated connection elements for connecting the first footboard to the second... Agent:

20140329646 - Martial arts striking target system: A target board for martial art practice may include a flexible striking portion to be struck by a first user, a handle portion connected to the flexible striking portion to be held by a second user and a hollow cylinder which extends through the handle portion.... Agent:

20140329647 - Apparatus for use in exercise, rehabilitation and other movements in water: An exercise device for use when a person is in a pool or other water body. A central boom extends from attachment to a sidewalk around the pool, and extends to a wishbone member that forms a furcated member mounted to the central boom. The wishbone has lateral members that... Agent:

20140329648 - Range of motion exercise therapy band: A range of motion therapy apparatus and kit according to the present invention includes an elongate body member having a flexible construction and generally tubular configuration defining an open space, the body member having an open proximal end and a closed distal end opposite the proximal end. The apparatus and... Agent:

20140329649 - Rehabilitation flexor: The present disclosure describes a rehabilitation flexor having a center piece and two twisting assemblies. The center piece may include a top section, a bottom section, and a curved section longitudedly connected to form a continuous body partially surrounding a leg recess, which is configured to accommodate a human leg... Agent:

20140329650 - Load distributing grip handle: Grip handles for coupling to a resistance force provided by exercise equipment, resistance bands, or the user's own bodyweight. Each grip handle is defined by an increasing outer surface circumference along the length of the handle to form a generally conical shaped handhold attached to a rigid or flexible member.... Agent: Dynepic, LLC

20140329651 - Total body exercise device: An exercise device having a hemispherical handle, an internal support, and a foot support for performing a variety of push-up type exercises. The hemispherical handle is designed to provide optimum support and comfort to the user. The internal support is attached to the handle in a way that permits the... Agent: Rocket Innovations, LLC

20140329652 - Whole body exercise device: A whole body exercise device comprises an upper body exercise part which comprises an upper body support which supports the upper human body, a mat fixing plate which is disposed at an upper surface of the upper body support, a link which is disposed at one side of a lower... Agent:

20140329653 - Balance training aid: A training aid for use with a suspended and tensioned line, a dynamic suspended line, one or more ropes or a slackline for improving the human proprioceptive system, athletic performance, athletic speed, athletic agility, athletic vertical leap, athletic eye/hand coordination, spatial awareness, left/right brain organization and increasing the muscular development... Agent: Slackbow LLC

10/30/2014 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140323270 - Sprint trainer aid: Disclosed is a sprinter training aid which pulls the sprinter forward in an over speed condition, for the purpose of exercise the muscles which pull the leg forward when running, such the hip flexor muscles. Two devices can be used, one pulling the sprinter forward and one pulling the sprinter... Agent:

20140323271 - Exercise devices with force sensors: An exemplary exercise device includes a handheld force sensor with complementary male and female connectors extending from opposite sides thereof. The force sensor senses pulling and/or pushing forces exerted between the opposing sides. The male connector may be resistant to travel through the female connector except in limited orientations. The... Agent: Kayo Technology, Inc.

20140323272 - Trampoline: A trampoline comprises a trampoline sheet or mat supported around its periphery from a circumextending support structure by spring couplings, preferably a plurality of helical springs, under tension. The trampoline is provided with a net enclosure in which a generally circumextending net is mounted by respective sheaths on a plurality... Agent:

20140323274 - Climbing hold assembly having load dissipative effect: A climbing hold assembly is able to greatly reduce the compressive forces experienced in securing a climbing hold to a panel or sheet of polycarbonate or thermoplastic material. A region of a load dissipation element formed in the underside of the load dissipation element is in communication with a region... Agent:

20140323273 - Inflatable structure for physical exercise in water: The inflatable structure comprises means for accessing the inflatable structure, which are configured to allow a person the access from the water to the inflatable structure, said access means being operatively connected to a lower portion of the inflatable structure, said access means extending along a plane substantially orthogonal to... Agent:

20140323275 - Exercise system: An exercise device is provided. The exercise device may include a mounting mechanism, a telescoping tube assembly and at least one strapping mechanism. The telescoping tube assembly may be extended and/or retracted to removably secure the exercise device within a frame, so that an operator may perform body-weight supported exercise... Agent:

20140323276 - Athletic training device: A training device that includes a base member having opposed sides that are for grasping by the hands of a user, a cross bar supported over the base member, a support post mounted from the base member at a lower end of the support post and for supporting the cross... Agent:

20140323277 - Exercise bench with rotating torso support: An exercising apparatus is disclosed having a padded support for a user's hips and all, or a portion of, the user's torso. The padded support is positioned on either a fixed-length, or an adjustable support at approximately hip height and it is angled upward from the floor on which the... Agent:

20140323278 - Standing traction device: An exercise apparatus includes an adjustable support frame configured be adjusted to raise or lower a waist portion thereof to accommodate users of different heights standing adjacent thereto on a support surface. The exercise apparatus also includes a pivotal upper body support constructed and arranged to pivot relative to the... Agent: Stamina Products, Inc.

10/23/2014 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140315689 - Exercise machine: The invention relates to an exercise device comprising a biasing element intended to be moved by the force of a user, an electric actuator (1) comprising a mobile part, the biasing element being connected to the mobile part and the biasing element being able to move the mobile part, a... Agent:

20140315688 - Visual display and method of displaying an exercise routine: A visual display is coupled to an exercise machine. The exercise routine progress of the user is graphically displayed as one or more shapes, each having a perimeter and an identifiably different interior portion. As the routine progresses, the appearance of a part of the interior portion gradually changes, which... Agent: Equator FitnessIPHoldings Inc.

20140315690 - Instructional displays and methods for an exercise machine: A device for motivating a user of an exercise machine while working out indoors. The device includes an exercise machine, a display connected to the exercise machine, a processor, and a sensor. The processor dynamically creates a workout in response to initialization information. The workout includes a plurality of segments,... Agent: Core Industries, LLC

20140315691 - Trampoline balance pad assembly: A method to quickly attach or remove an accessory which will transform a conventional mini trampoline apparatus into a more balanced and controlled unit to achieve better physical results while exercising as well as create less strain on sore or painful joints.... Agent:

20140315692 - Up and down reciprocation treading lesiure exercise apparatus: An up and down restoration treading leisure exercise apparatus comprises a rack body, a rear wheel shaft gear, a braking component, an unidirectional flywheel, a spindle component, a chain wheel, a driving belt and a transmission belt. The spindle component is disposed to the rack body. The shaft core of... Agent: Hsin Lung Accessories Co., Ltd.

20140315693 - Training aid for pedal powered apparatus: A removable training aid for a human powered vehicle of the kind in which a pair of opposed cranks are provided which rotate relative to a common axis, the aid providing an audible or tactile indication in use that a rider is rotating the pedals by applying an incorrect pedalling... Agent: Randle Engineering Solutions Ltd

20140315694 - Foot exercise device: An exercise device that includes a main base and a pair of resistance members. The main base rests on a support surface. The pair of resistance members are replaceably attached to the main base to allow the device to be portable, are length adjustably attached to the main base to... Agent:

20140315695 - Body stretching assembly: A body stretching assembly is provided. The assembly comprises a pulley, a plurality of body attachment straps, and a rope. The pulley comprises a securing end and a wheeled end, wherein the securing end includes a frame having a proximal aperture, a protrusion, and a pair of distal legs with... Agent:

20140315696 - Variable rate full body exercise system: A housing (14) has a geometric periphery. A chamber is formed within the housing. A spring (26) is coupled within the chamber. The spring is fabricated of a composite material. The composite material includes a binder with axially aligned fibers. A handle (60) is provided exterior of the housing. A... Agent:

20140315697 - Physical exercise device: The invention relates to a physical exercise device which is to be entirely supported by the user and which is usable while walking or jogging. The device according to the invention is characterized in that it includes: for exercising the upper body, a belt (1), two side handles (2), and... Agent:

20140315698 - Exercise device and associated methods: An exercise device comprises a pair of outer handles and an inner, central disk, rotatable relative to the handles. The disk includes at least a pair of orifices formed therein or therethrough. At least one tether or cord extends between the handles and through the orifices in the central disk.... Agent:

20140315699 - Apparatus for activating particular muscles: An apparatus for activating particular muscles: a) a belt with two ends , mountable on the torso region of an individual wearer, the belt having a rear portion for traversing a lower back of the individual wearer; b) a pair of shoulder straps connected to the belt wherein each of... Agent:

20140315700 - Exercise device: An exercise device is disclosed for use in performing pushups, the exercise device including an elongate hand support structure adjacent an elongate foot support structure. A top end of the hand support structure is attached to a corresponding top end of the foot support structure, and at least a bottom... Agent:

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