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Exercise devices

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04/10/2014 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140100083 - Exercise machine for muscle speed and explosiveness: As shown in FIG. 1 the exercise machine of the preferred embodiments includes a mechanical force input interface 1 designed to interface with a user 5 and allow the user 5 to input force 4 into the exercise machine; a force resistor 2 that functions to resist force input into... Agent:

20140100084 - Apparatus and method to improve toddler's steps and mobility: An apparatus which can be operated in one of two modes. The apparatus has a plurality of legs, a processor, at least one electronic motor controlled by the processor, a plurality of mechanical gears coupled to the at least one electronic motor, the plurality of mechanical gears are configured to... Agent: Trackthings LLC

20140100085 - Training device with hanging seat: According to an embodiment of this invention, a training device is disclosed and comprises a conveyor belt, a frame set, and a hanging seat. The conveyor belt is used for a user walks on it in place for physical medicine or rehabilitation. The frame set is arranged around the conveyor... Agent: Dyaco International Inc.

20140100086 - Calf stretching device: A calf stretching device that helps to increase flexibility, improve posture, and promote rehabilitation of lower leg injuries. The device generally includes a wedge-shaped central ramp having two contiguous sections of different lengths joined end-to-end to define a triangular ramp. The long section is defined by two planar surfaces inclined... Agent:

20140100087 - Stretching device: Disclosed herein is a stretching device which makes it possible for a user to stretch muscles such as the calf muscles and Achilles tendons. The foothold unit (10) includes a base plate (12), and an inclined foothold (11) disposed above the base plate at a position spaced apart from the... Agent:

20140100088 - Multi-dimensional abdomen exercise machine: An exercise machine applicable for strengthening a user's abdominal muscles is described. The exercise machine can include a track frame having a higher end and a lower end. Kneeling assemblies may be mounted on parallel gliding rails of the track frame to receive the knees from a user to make... Agent:

20140100089 - Adaptive split carriage exercise reformer: The disclosure provides apparatus and methods of use pertaining to an adaptive, multi-functional exercise device. In one embodiment, the exercise device includes a split carriage formed of separate carriage platforms that may optionally be used in a unified mode, in which the carriage platforms move in unison, or in a... Agent: Reform 180, Inc.

20140100090 - Weight-adjustable surface gliding apparatus and methods for multipurpose fitness: An exercise apparatus for surface-based gliding is provided. The gliding apparatus includes a handle structure including a handle-bar having two handle-ends respectively mounted on two end-base structures and a disk structure having a weight member clamped to a base member. The disk structure is removably coupled to the handle structure... Agent: Energeia Fitness, LLC

20140100091 - Multi-dimensional abdomen exercise machine: An exercise machine applicable for strengthening a user's abdominal muscles is described. The exercise machine can include a track frame having a higher end and a lower end. Kneeling assemblies may be mounted on parallel gliding rails of the track frame to receive the knees from a user to make... Agent:

20140100092 - Strengthening and rehabilitation exercise apparatus: A strengthening and rehabilitation exercise apparatus includes a hip joint strengthening and rehabilitation exercise apparatus for strengthening a pelvis, an abdominal region, and a waist through exercise of a lower body symmetrically interlocking with a weight while fixing an upper body in a prone position, a hip joint strengthening and... Agent:

20140100093 - Total-body exerciser: A total-body exerciser comprises: an upper-body exercising unit; a buttocks exercising unit; and an ankle exercising unit. The upper-body exercising unit comprises: an upper-body support for supporting the upper body; an upper-body supporting guide rail formed on the bottom surface of the upper-body support and enabling the upper-body support to... Agent:

04/03/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140094345 - Active robotic gait-training system and method: The robotic gait training system contains the femoral support unit, the hip joint support unit and the lower leg support unit. Also, The robotic gait training system has further comprising: a support fixing toe tip, located on the lower part of the lower leg support unit and fixed the strap... Agent: Yonsei University Wonju Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

20140094346 - Jawline device: The present invention provides an effective way to strengthen the muscles of the jaw. In general, a device according to the present invention is a device constructed of plastic and resistance rubber to be inserted in the mouth to strengthen the muscles of the jaw to improve the shape of... Agent:

20140094347 - Exercise bar and pull-up apparatus: An exercise apparatus is provided including a board and a pull-up bar integrated with a detachable barbell and dumbbell. The apparatus may be used for body weight exercise, such as pull-ups, when the mount is installed in a doorway or other suitable location. The detachable barbell and dumbbell functionality may... Agent:

20140094348 - Self-adjusting skewer clamp for a bicycle trainer: A self-adjusting bolt action skewer clamp for a bicycle trainer includes a hollow, outer support member and an inner engagement member located inside the support member. The support member has a helical slot with a pocket at one end. The inner engagement member is attached to a handle via a... Agent: Saris Cycling Group, Inc.

20140094349 - Reverse resistance unit mount for a bicycle trainer: A bicycle trainer includes a reverse resistance unit mounting arrangement that is configured to increase traction between a bicycle wheel and a resistance unit upon an increase in the speed of rotation of the wheel. The reverse resistance unit mounting arrangement is configured to mount the resistance unit in a... Agent: Saris Cycling Group, Inc.

20140094350 - Punching bag support apparatus: This disclosure describes an apparatus and methods to support a punching bag, or a punching bag and rebound platform, within a doorway or other architectural opening. Mounting the apparatus does not involve modifying or altering the supporting architectural structures and surfaces (e.g., with screws, brackets, adhesives, etc.). Clamps are instrumental... Agent:

20140094351 - Resistance brace: A resistance brace includes a pair of hinged arms having plates cooperating with one another to define a first and second pivots point separated from one another by a distance. A pair of splints having limb-attachment portions and geared ends engaged with one another and pivotably coupled with the plates... Agent:

20140094352 - Fitness device: The present invention provides methods and systems for a fitness device that includes a frame having a horizontal portion and a vertical portion that are hingedly connected, a back engaged to the vertical portion of the frame, a seat engaged to the horizontal portion of the frame, and two pairs... Agent:

03/27/2014 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140087919 - Form assembly for a jump pit: A form assembly and method is provided for use in making a jump pit having a cover. The form assembly comprises at least one frame member structured to form a ledge for receiving the cover and a removable form member removably secured to the frame member. The method comprises providing... Agent:

20140087920 - Foldable parallel bar apparatus: A foldable parallel bar apparatus includes generally U-shaped first and second end frames and a set of handrails connected to and extending between the first and second end frames, wherein the handrails are foldable so as to move the first and second end frames closer to one another thereby compacting... Agent: U.s. Department Of Veterans Affairs

20140087921 - Device for cooperative hand function trainings in rehabilitation and corresponding method: The invention is directed to a device to train bilateral, cooperative hand functions of a subject with housing means, handle means comprising two exchangeable handles (1), namely a left handle and a right handle, shaft means comprising multiple shafts and couplings for coupling said shafts (2), clutching means comprising variable... Agent:

20140087922 - Treadmill with integrated walking rehabilitation device: A treadmill for providing walking rehabilitation to a rehabilitee is provided. The treadmill includes a base including a belt, a motor interconnected with the belt, and a walking rehabilitation device interconnected with the base. The motor causes the belt to rotate in a first direction. The walking rehabilitation device includes... Agent: Woodway Usa, Inc.

20140087923 - Exercise device: A user mountable stationary exercise device comprising, a base and a frame pivotally supported by the base such that the frame can pivot relative to the base about a pivot axis. The device also comprises a user actuated pedal arrangement supported by the frame and operatively connected to drive a... Agent:

20140087924 - Method and apparatus for cycling training: A method and apparatus are provided for facilitating single-leg cycling training. The apparatus comprises a pair of legs connected to form a self-supporting structure that can be variably positioned relative to the rotational path of the pedals of a cycling device. One of the legs comprises a foot support configured... Agent:

20140087925 - Exercise device: A multi-use exercise device includes a shaft extending between ground-engaging support structures with a pair of arms rotatable around the shaft into a plurality of various angular positions relative to the ground providing a plurality of different exercises with a plurality of different levels of difficulty. The exercise device can... Agent:

20140087926 - Muscle training and exercise apparatus and method for players: An athletic training apparatus to assist a coach training muscle coordination of a player. An adjustable, delayed resistance, burst release, extension coil operatively couples to a first cable harness and a second cable harness. The first cable harness detachably couples to a coach and feedbacks real-time physical movements of the... Agent:

20140087927 - Balance board exercise apparatus: A fitness apparatus for exercising with stretchable and resilient resistance bands includes a body member having a base and a rocker portion extending away from the base, the rocker portion having a generally convex configuration. The fitness apparatus includes a lid member having a generally planar configuration removably coupled to... Agent:

20140087928 - Body weight trainer and methods of using the same: A body weight trainer fitness device allows for the strengthening and normalization of functional movement patterns for those who are not otherwise able. The device accomplishes this with the use of resilient strength bands which are provided in the form of heavy duty rubber bands of varying widths. The bands... Agent:

20140087929 - Motion muscle relaxer: An exercise apparatus is provided to support the user in a bent-leg position and thereby guide the user through a series of swiveling, pitching, and rolling motions to stretch and align the user's back and spine. In one embodiment, the exercise assembly includes a base member, a leg support member... Agent: Jobar International, Inc.

20140087930 - Therapeutic platform: The present invention relates to a therapeutic platform that can be used to strengthen the core and secondary muscle groups via a variety of exercises which incorporate or centrally use the platform, while also providing a portable, lightweight and convenient platform, which includes storage for items used or associated with... Agent:

20140087931 - Waist and hip developer: A waist and hip developer includes a track curving smoothly upwardly toward two distal ends thereof and having two stop members respectively located at two distal ends thereof, foot members affixed to the track for supporting the track on the floor steadily, a slide slidably coupled to the track with... Agent:

03/20/2014 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140080674 - Trampoline swingset suspension: A trampoline swingset suspension includes a trampoline frame having at least three legs. A trampoline bed is suspended from the trampoline frame. Springs connect between the trampoline bed and the trampoline frame to provide resilient restoring force for a user. The trampoline enclosure frame includes a plurality of vertical trampoline... Agent:

20140080677 - Exercise device with treadles: An exercise device employing side-by-side pivotally supported moving surfaces. In one particular example, an exercise device employs a first belt deployed about a front roller and a rear roller and an adjacent second belt deployed about a front roller and a rear roller. The rear of the belts in the... Agent: Nautilus, Inc.

20140080675 - Stride adjustment mechanism: In an elliptical step exercise apparatus a dynamic link mechanism can be used to vary the stride length of the machine. A control system can also be used to vary stride length as a function of various exercise and operating parameters such as speed and direction as well as varying... Agent: Brunswick Corporation

20140080676 - Treadle assembly having spring leafs for an exercise apparatus: A treadle assembly having spring leafs for an exercise apparatus comprising a treadle and two metal spring leaves fitted to a treadle-connecting rod of an exercise apparatus. The treadle-connecting rod is provided with a recessed portion in which a pair of shaft tubes are fixed to the center of the... Agent:

20140080678 - Foldable exercising working device: A foldable exercising-working device includes a frame having a base with two support tubes extending from the base. A work board has its underside pivotably connected to the connection portions on the support tubes. The work board is pivotable relative to the connection portions. An exercising unit is located below... Agent: Strength Master Fitness Tech Co., Ltd.

20140080679 - Manual treadmill and methods of operating the same: A manually operated treadmill and methods of using the same are provided. The treadmill includes a treadmill frame having a front end and a rear end opposite the front end, a front shaft rotatably coupled to the treadmill frame at the front end, a rear shaft rotatably coupled to the... Agent: Woodway Usa, Inc.

20140080680 - Jump rope handle and method of assembling same: An improved jump rope handle and method of assembling the same. The jump rope handle includes a head. The head includes a channel, a set hole perpendicular to the channel, and a set mechanism adjustably insertable into the set hole. The jump rope handle further includes a grip. The grip... Agent: Coulter Ventures, LLC

20140080681 - Martial arts training device: A martial arts training device includes a target for attachment to a punching bag. The target is a hollow shell containing a filler material. The shell is fixed to a strap that includes a mechanism for securing the strap around a punching bag.... Agent:

20140080682 - Portable door mounted speed bag: An apparatus designed to horizontally suspend a speed bag frame and striking bag without permanent attachment to a wall or a ceiling. The apparatus consists of a support bar which can be mounted horizontally within any doorframe. The speed bag frame is affixed to the support bar via several knobs,... Agent:

20140080683 - Aquatic kettlebell device and use thereof: The present invention teaches a kettlebell-type device adapted for use in an aquatic environment, wherein a hollow body is made of a material that cannot damage the lining of a swimming pool; a handle of sufficient length as to allow a user to grip said handle with two hands; and... Agent:

20140080684 - Chest press machine: A chest press machine having a pair of converging exercise arms rotating around an arm pivot axle. Subsequent circular motion causes user's elbow extension to decelerate through the stroke. The direction of resulting force at start position is normal to direction of the resulting force at end position. A sweep... Agent:

20140080685 - Multifunctional exercise machines: A multifunctional exercise machine includes carriages associated with resistance. Cable arm assemblies are mounted on the machine for use in performing desired exercises using the carriages and/or resistance. At least one of the cable arm assemblies is rotatable in a generally horizontal plane and includes arm segments, where one arm... Agent: Bodyforce Inc.

20140080686 - Convertible single and dual exercise hand weights: Disclosed is a convertible single and dual exercise hand weight that allows an exerciser who uses hand weights to work out with a unique weight device that can be used as either a single item in a dumbbell configuration to stress one hand and arm at a time, or to... Agent:

20140080687 - Resistance-based exercise device: A resistance-based exercise device is disclosed. The device may include a bar with one or more grips; a first connector at a first end of the bar; a second connector at a second end of the bar; an adjustable elongated member attached at one end to the first connector and... Agent:

20140080688 - Multifunctional fitness apparatus: A multifunctional fitness apparatus contains: a base including a rolling disc and a rotating disc; a first guide rail set; a seat connected with the base and including two connecting shafts; a second guide rail set and a third guide rail set connecting with the two shafts axially; a first... Agent:

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