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Thermal measuring and testing

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04/16/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150103861 - Testing apparatus and method: A system and method for predicting wallboard fire performance in a standard test includes procuring a sample of the wallboard for testing, and mounting the sample into a fixture so that one side of the sample is exposed to a heat source. A cavity is created between the sample and... Agent: United States Gypsum Company

20150103862 - Electrical component remote temperature monitoring system and method: The present techniques generally relate to a system and methods for remotely monitoring the interior of a closed electrical enclosure for localized heating (e.g., hot spots). In general, the monitoring system includes features designed to detect one or more hot spots within a dim or dark environment, determine the location... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20150103863 - Total air temperature sensors: A total air temperature probe includes a probe body extending from a probe base to an opposed probe tip along a longitudinal axis defining a leading edge and opposed trailing edge, an interior flow passage aligned with longitudinal axis defined in probe body with an inlet defined on probe tip... Agent: Rosemount Aerospace Inc.

20150103864 - Total air temperature sensors: A total air temperature sensor includes a probe head, a strut, and a turbulence inducing surface. The probe head has an airflow inlet and an airflow outlet. The strut defines a leading edge and an opposed trailing edge extending along a longitudinal axis, and connects between the probe head and... Agent: Rosemount Aerospace Inc.

20150103865 - Optical writing device, image forming apparatus, and temperature calculation method: An optical writing device having; a plurality of light-emitting points; a photodiode configured to output a signal which represents a quantity of incident light from a predetermined light-emitting point selected from the plurality of light-emitting points; and a calculation section for calculating a temperature of the photodiode based on a... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20150103866 - Digital temperature estimators (dtes) disposed in integrated circuits (ics) for estimating temperature within the ics, and related systems and methods: Embodiments disclosed in the detailed description include digital temperature estimators (DTEs) disposed in integrated circuits (ICs) for estimating temperature within the ICs. Related systems and methods are also disclosed. In one embodiment, the DTEs can be used to estimate temperatures in an IC by implementing a temperature estimation model (TEM).... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150103867 - Methods and apparatus for detecting ice formation on aircraft: In one aspect, methods of detecting ice formation on an aircraft are described herein. In some implementations, a method of detecting ice formation on an aircraft comprises disposing an ice detector on an exterior surface of the aircraft, the ice detector comprising a probe surface and a pyroelectric material layer... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150103868 - Small highly accurate battery temperature monitoring circuit: A battery temperature monitoring circuit, which has a cold comparator and a hot comparator, achieves high accuracy in a small cell size by utilizing a cold current optimized for the cold comparator and a cold reference voltage, and a hot current optimized for the hot comparator and a hot reference... Agent:

20150103869 - Methods and apparatus for determining fluid characteristics: Methods and apparatus for determining fluid characteristics are disclosed herein. An example apparatus includes a housing including an electrically insulating pane thermally insulated from the housing. The pane has an exterior surface to be disposed in a fluid and an interior surface to be isolated from the fluid. The example... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150098485 - Device for generating a high temperature gradient in a sample comprising optical monitoring means: An assembly comprising a sample and a device for generating a high temperature gradient in said sample comprises: a chamber inside which the sample is placed; a resistor passing through the sample; first inductive means at the periphery of the chamber, for creating an electromagnetic field; and second inductive means... Agent:

20150098486 - Assembly for measuring temperature of materials flowing through tubing in a well system: An assembly for measuring a temperature of a fluid flowing through a tubing section is provided. The assembly can include the tubing section that can include a reduced-width portion. The reduced-width portion can traverse a circumference of the tubing section. The assembly can also include a temperature measurement component in... Agent:

20150098487 - Magnetostrictive dual temperature and position sensor: A method of determining position and a temperature is disclosed. A test pulse is propagated along a longitudinal axis of a magnetostrictive rod having a plurality of longitudinally-spaced reflective features. Reflections of the ultrasonic test pulse are received from the reflective features and from a cursor coupled with the magnetostrictive... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150098488 - Systems and methods for monitoring temperature using a magnetostrictive probe: Systems and methods for monitoring temperature distribution in downhole equipment using magnetostrictive probes. In one embodiment, an ESP motor has a stator with a rotor and shaft rotatably positioned within the stator. Magnetostrictive sensors are positioned within the motor. Each magnetostrictive sensor has a transducer, a probe, and electronic circuitry... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150098489 - Semiconductor devices including electrodes for temperature measurement: A semiconductor device includes: a semiconductor substrate; a plurality of conductive lines formed on the semiconductor substrate; and an electrode for temperature measurement. The electrode is connected to the plurality of conductive lines. An electronic device includes a semiconductor device and has a temperature sensing function. The semiconductor device includes:... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150092809 - Systems and methods for on-board diagnostics of a particulate matter filter: An apparatus, system, and method are provided for determining a health value of a catalyzed diesel particulate filter using a midbed temperature of the catalyzed diesel particulate filter and a reference temperature.... Agent: Cummins Inc.

20150092810 - Wrapped-product quality control and packing methods, and wrapped-product quality control and packing devices: A wrapped-product quality control method and a wrapped-product packing method include providing a wrapped product including a product in a wrapper; supplying the wrapped product on a measuring background in a capture range of an infrared-sensitive imaging device, the product having a product temperature different from a measuring background temperature... Agent: Blueprint Holding B.v.

20150092811 - Nanoparticles-based taggant systems and methods: Coding systems may include an object and a taggant linked to the object, the taggant comprising one or more types of phase change nanoparticles, each type of phase change nanoparticles having a phase change temperature different from a phase change temperature of other types of phase change nanoparticles, wherein, when... Agent:

20150092812 - Apparatus and method for measuring thermoelectric device: Provided is an apparatus for measuring a thermoelectric device. The apparatus includes a high temperature heater controlling a temperature of a first side of a sample, a low temperature heater controlling a temperature of a second side of the sample, a fine control heater controlling the temperature of the first... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150092813 - System and process for calibrating pyrometers in thermal processing chambers: A method and system for calibrating temperature measurement devices, such as pyrometers, in thermal processing chambers are disclosed. According to the present invention, the system includes a calibrating light source that emits light energy onto a substrate contained in the thermal processing chamber. A light detector then detects the amount... Agent:

20150092814 - Method of examining a substrate and corresponding device: A method of examining a substrate is provided. The method may include: generating a temperature gradient along a surface of the substrate; detecting a heat radiation emitted from the substrate; and determining as to whether the substrate is damaged based on the detected heat radiation.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150092815 - Temperature monitoring device for workflow monitoring system: A temperature monitoring device that can automatically collect temperature data and wirelessly interface with a workflow management system. The device is provided in a portable housing and incorporates one or more temperature sensors, such as a physical probe, infrared sensor, or RFID transceiver, along with an interface for wirelessly communicating... Agent: Par Technology Corporation

20150092816 - Method for the isobaric transfer of a fluid from a deposit and device for implementing such a method: t

20150092817 - Apparatuses for non-invasively sensing internal temperature: A transducer for noninvasively determining an internal temperature of a location of interest in a body of a subject may be configured to receive native temperature signals originating from the location of interest without substantially receiving interfering signals. Such a transducer may include one or more shielding features for preventing... Agent:

20150092818 - Apparatus and method for monitoring a reactor surface: Apparatus for monitoring a reactor surface with a sensor cable, which is during operation at least partially arranged in the region of the reactor surface, has at least two optical fibers (1, 2) arranged in the sensor cable, has at least one laser light source whose light is coupled at... Agent:

20150092819 - Sensor signal output circuit and method for adjusting it: A sensor signal output circuit includes: a buffer amplifier which amplifies an output of a temperature sensor; an operational amplifier which amplifies an output of the buffer amplifier; an oscillator which generates a triangular wave signal; and a comparator which compares the triangular wave signal with an output of the... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20150092820 - Metal nitride film for thermistor, process for producing same, and thermistor sensor of film type: Provided are a metal nitride film for a thermistor, which has an excellent bending resistance and can be directly deposited on a film or the like without firing, a method for producing the same, and a film type thermistor sensor. The metal nitride film for a thermistor, which consists of... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150085894 - Method for diagnosing fault within a fuel vapor system: A method for diagnosing a fault within a evaporative emission control system of an automotive vehicle. The method monitors the carbon canister temperature during a system leak test. The leak test here is undertaken with the engine running, and engine vacuum is employed to evacuate the EVAP system. If the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC.

20150085895 - Lamp assembly for a thermographic nondestructive evaluation system: A thermographic nondestructive evaluation system includes a lamp assembly having a lamp. The lamp is configured to be positioned within an internal cavity of a target object and to emit an energy pulse toward an interior surface of the internal cavity. The lamp includes at least one curved portion, the... Agent: General Electric Company

20150085896 - Method and equipment for measuring the heat flow through constructions: Method and equipment for measuring the heat flow (J) through a construction (K) having a thickness (D), where a temperature difference (ΔT) is formed transversely through the thickness of the construction. According to the invention, at least two temperature sensors (G1, G2) are placed against a first surface (S1) and... Agent: Stiftelsen Arcada

20150085897 - Infrared sensor: An infrared sensor includes a thermopile connected in series with an ambient temperature compensation resistance temperature detector (RTD) and four electrical leads. The thermopile produces a voltage as a function of temperature of a point of interest, while the RTD varies in resistance as a function of ambient temperature. Two... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20150085898 - Temperature sensor: Provided is a temperature sensor which does not easily cause a crack in a Ti—Al—N-based thermistor material layer when the film is bent, can be directly deposited on a film or the like without firing, and has a high reliability with a high heat resistance. The temperature sensor includes an... Agent:

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