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09/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140237862 - Self-driven ice resurfacing machine and method for use: A self-driven device to resurface an ice rink. The device includes a rotating brush to sweep the ice anterior to a blade used to the scrape the ice. Collected snow is moved into a hot water tank where it is melted and moved to a warm water tank for redeposit... Agent:

20140237863 - Runway snowblower: A snowblower assembly for removing snow from a paved surface, such as roadways and airport runways. The snowblower assembly includes a snowblower assembly that defines an open interior that encloses a pair of rotating side augers and a rotating impeller. The snowblower housing includes a lower leading edge that is... Agent: Wausau Equipment Company, Inc.

20140237864 - Snowthrower impeller assembly with rigid cutting implement: An impeller assembly for a snowthrower includes a driven shaft configured to rotate about an axis, a flexible impeller paddle coupled to the driven shaft for rotation about the axis, and a rigid cutting implement coupled to the driven shaft for rotation about the axis. The flexible impeller paddle is... Agent: Briggs & Stratton Corporation

20140237865 - Method and apparatus for installing cutting edges on v-blade plow: For a V-plow having a pair of blades hinged together along inboard ends of the blades at a hinge, a gauge on a lower end of the hinge having a spacer, the spacer having a thickness in a direction generally transverse to a longitudinal axis of the V-plow corresponding to... Agent: Douglas Dynamics, L.L.C.

20140237866 - Apparatus for adapating a hoe bucket for depth control: A kit for modifying a digging bucket for controlling the depth cut, including an elongated member operationally connectable to a hoe bucket defining a cutting edge, an actuator operationally connectable to the elongated member, an electronic controller operationally connectable to the actuator, and a position sensor operationally connectable to the... Agent:

20140237867 - Spring-loaded sod cutter for vibratory plow: A sod cutting blade pivotally supported on a plow assembly frame such that the sod cutting blade is able to pivot and pass over an obstruction when encountered during a plowing operation. The plow assembly has a spring that is used to bias the sod cutter into the ground.... Agent: The Charles Machine Works, Inc.

20140237868 - Load estimator for scraper: A load estimator is disclosed for use with a scraper. The load estimator may have a first sensor configured to generate a first signal indicative of a performance parameter of the scraper, a second sensor configured to generate a second signal indicative of a hydraulic pressure associated with a bowl... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140237869 - Excavator bucket and earth moving machine: The present disclosure relates to an excavator bucket for an earth moving machine comprising an interior bucket space formed by a curved rear wall and a pair of opposed sidewalls wherein the bucket comprises a bucket box arranged onto the rear wall, in particular arranged on the outer surface of... Agent:

08/21/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140230287 - Method of recovering a deposit from the sea bed: A method of recovering a deposit from the sea bed using a surface vessel (20) untethered from the sea bed and first and second suction vehicles (27; 30) which traverse the sea bed to suck up the deposit and are each connected to the surface vessel by a respective flexible... Agent:

20140230288 - Implement with linkage assembly and work assembly wherein work assembly has dynamic skid shoe and a scraping edge: An implement including a work assembly for clearing materials on a ground, the work assembly including an edge and at least one dynamic skid shoe. The implement may have a pair of dynamic skid shoes. The dynamic skid shoe includes a surface contact component for contacting a street surface, a... Agent: Glenridge, Inc.

20140230289 - Snow removal device: A shovel device designed for pulling along a surface to remove accumulated snow. The preferred device includes a substantially vertical blade having a curved surface, a pair of wheels, and a handle. The blade further includes an attachment collar, one on each surface of the blade. The handle is releasably... Agent:

20140230290 - Plow with pivoting blade wing: A plow assembly for attachment to a vehicle having a longitudinal axis comprises a plow blade having first and second ends, a first plow wing pivotally mounted to the first end of the plow blade, and a plow support adapted to be operably mounted to the vehicle. The first plow... Agent: Douglas Dynamics, L.L.C.

20140230291 - Augmented hydraulic thumb kinematic member length: An implement system for a machine having a stick member with a nose end and a mounting bracket is disclosed. The implement system includes a thumb pivotally connected to the nose end of the stick member, and a thumb actuator operatively connected between the mounting bracket of the stick member... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140230293 - Excavation bucket: A member for assembly with other members in an assembled condition to form an excavation bucket, the member forming at least part of one of the walls of the bucket when in its assembled condition, the member comprising a body having a forward edge; a rearward edge; opposite inner and... Agent: Bradken Resources Pty Limited

20140230292 - Staggered edge excavator buckets: A staggered edge bucket excavation tool has a body formed by side-leading edge plates, a back sheet, and a plate with a front leading edge spanning a region of the bucket between edge plates. The tool defines a volume for receiving material excavated from a hard packed substrate. Two or... Agent:

08/14/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140223784 - Bucket tooth locking pin: A system to attaching a tooth to a bucket shank comprises a ring seat in the shank having a cam. A locking ring having a corresponding cam is seated in the seat and has an interior channel bounded by shoulders. A locking pin of a dissimilar material to the ring... Agent: Quality Chain Canada Ulc

20140223785 - Mechanical system comprising a device for connection between a wearing part and the support thereof, heavy-construction machine bucket, and method for implementing said system: A mechanical system (1) includes a support (10), a tooth (20) and a device (30) for interconnecting the two components. The device (30) includes a key (50), a nut (60) and an elastic sheath (40) provided with a wall that is adjustable by deformation in a housing (14) of the... Agent: Safe Metal

20140223786 - Retention device, system for retention between a female component and a male component, and female and male component for excavator machines and the like: The invention relates to a retaining device, a retaining system between a female part and a male part, and a female part and male part to assure the retention between a wear element or tooth and an adaptor element or tooth bar used in excavators and the like. The female... Agent: Metalogenia, S.a.

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