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Eugene V. Solodovnik patents

Recent patents with Eugene V. Solodovnik listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

Eugene V. Solodovnik - Related organizations: The Boeing Company patents

Stable electrical power system with regulated transformer rectifier unit

05/26/16 - 20160149404 - A method and apparatus for providing power stably for direct current loads. A regulated transformer rectifier unit is controlled to provide regulated direct current power for the direct current loads at an output of the regulated transformer rectifier unit from alternating current power provided by an alternating current power source
Inventors: Kamiar J. Karimi, Mark Eugene Liffring, Evelyn Marie Matheson, Sheverria Antony Aikens, Eugene V. Solodovnik, Mehdy Barekatein

Regulated transformer rectifier unit for aircraft systems

05/26/16 - 20160144974 - A method and apparatus for providing regulated direct current power for a direct current load on an aircraft. A regulated transformer rectifier unit on an aircraft comprises a plurality of converter modules connected in parallel between an input and an output. Each converter module in the plurality of converter modules
Inventors: Evelyn Marie Matheson, Kamiar J. Karimi, Mehdy Barekatein, Eugene V. Solodovnik, Sheverria Antony Aikens, Mark Eugene Liffring

Programmable alternating current (ac) load having regenerative and dissipative modes

05/05/16 - 20160126731 - A programmable AC load in communication with an equipment under test (EUT) is disclosed. The EUT generates an equipment under test voltage. The programmable alternating current (AC) load includes an active load profiler (ALP), a grid-connecter inverter, and an operational mode selector. The operational mode selector is in communication with
Inventors: Dazhong Gu, Dariusz Czarkowski, Francisco De Leon, Kamiar J. Karimi, Eugene V. Solodovnik, Shengyi Liu

Parallel modular converter architecture

03/31/16 - 20160094039 - A system and method for providing power to a vehicle is disclosed. The system can include a plurality of parallel module converter modules (“modules”) each capable of supplying a predetermined electrical load. The plurality of parallel module converter modules can be networked to form a parallel module converter (“converter”) for
Inventors: Adam J. Winstanley, Eugene V. Solodovnik, Kamiar J. Karimi, Shengyi Liu, Lijun Gao, Matthew J. Krolak

Symmetrical step-up and step-down autotransformer delta topology

01/14/16 - 20160012960 - A multi-phase autotransformer (10) is disclosed. The exemplary transformer includes primary windings PWA, PWB, PWC) and secondary windings (SWA1-SWA4, SWB1-SWB4, SWC1-SWC4). The primary windings are connected in a delta configuration and to a three-phase input voltage source. Each secondary winding is electrically connected to a primary winding but is magnetically
Inventors: Jian Huang, Eugene V. Solodovnik, Kamiar J. Karimi

Design of electromagnetic interference filters for power converter applications

01/07/16 - 20160004810 - Methods, computer-readable storage mediums and systems provide for designing a motor drive power system including switching mode power conversion equipment. According to aspects of the disclosure, a resonant point is shifted to a shifted resonant point by changing impedance of at least one of a feeder or a motor. An
Inventors: Eugene V. Solodovnik, Kamiar J. Karimi

Method and system for controlling synchronous machine as generator/starter

08/27/15 - 20150244303 - A synchronous brushless machine having a single exciter field stator winding. The single exciter field stator winding is energized by a high frequency alternating current to provide a single excitation field to magnetically couple with the exciter field armature winding in both the starter mode and the generator mode. With
Inventors: Lijun Gao, Shengyi Liu, Matthew J. Krolak, Eugene V. Solodovnik, Kamiar J. Karimi

Parallel transistor circuit controller

01/22/15 - 20150022245 - A method for controlling a circuit control system. Currents are sensed at outputs of transistors in the circuit control system. Levels are identified for the currents. A number of characteristics of the transistors are controlled while the currents flow out of the transistors such that the currents flowing out of
Inventors: Lijun Gao, Shengyi Liu, Eugene V. Solodovnik, Kamiar J. Karimi

Electrical power system stability

01/15/15 - 20150019175 - A method and apparatus for establishing a validated stable design for a stable electrical power system. An initial design for an electrical power system is established. The initial design for the electrical power system satisfies design requirements. The initial design for the electrical power system is simulated for a plurality
Inventors: Kamiar J. Karimi, Eugene V. Solodovnik, Zachary R. Lewis, Jeffrey Joseph White

Resetting a motor controller for power system protection

10/09/14 - 20140303800 - An apparatus and method for resetting a motor controller. It is determined whether a tripping of the motor controller is accompanied by an undesired condition elsewhere in a power system wherein an alternating current bus receives alternating current power from a generator, a power converter converts the alternating current power
Inventors: Eugene V. Solodovnik, Jeffrey J. White

Power system protection

06/13/13 - 20130147412 - An apparatus and method for protecting a power system comprising a generator providing power to an alternating current bus, a power converter for converting alternating current power on the alternating current bus to direct current power on a direct current bus, and a direct current load powered by the direct
Inventors: Eugene V. Solodovnik, Jeffrey J. White

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