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Error detection/correction and fault detection/recovery

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01/22/2015 > 42 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20150026506 - Error detecting apparatus for gate driver, display apparatus having the same and method of detecting error of gate driver: Exemplary embodiments of present invention relate to an error detecting apparatus for a gate driver improving a reliability of a display apparatus, a display apparatus having the error detecting apparatus, and a method of detecting an error of the gate driver using the error detecting apparatus. An exemplary embodiment discloses... Agent:

20150026508 - Moving objects in a primary computer based on memory errors in a secondary computer: In an embodiment, a partition is executed at a primary server, wherein the partition accesses a first memory location at a first memory block address at the primary server. If a first corresponding memory location at a secondary server has an error, wherein the first corresponding memory location at the... Agent:

20150026507 - Transport control server, network system and transport control method: It is intended to shorten the time required for a path recalculation and a path switching upon occurrence of a failure. A path generation unit of a transport control server (TCS) S-1 generates the normal path information in accordance with the topology information of a network and the resource information... Agent:

20150026510 - Dynamic buffer size switching for burst errors encountered while reading a magnetic tape: In one embodiment, a system for dynamically allocating a ring buffer includes a processor and logic integrated with and/or executable by the processor, the logic being configured to divide a ring buffer into a first portion and a second portion after detecting an error condition in data read from a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150026509 - Storage device having a data stream converter: According to one embodiment, a storage device has a plurality of memory modules and a memory controller. The memory controller has a first unit configured to receive data to be stored in the memory modules from a host device as a write data stream and transmit data read from the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150026512 - Integrated circuit and memory device: A memory device includes a boot-up control unit configured to control a start of boot-up operation by starting the boot-up operation when an initialization signal is activated, and ignore the initialization signal after a complete signal is activated, a nonvolatile memory unit configured to store repair data, and output the... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150026511 - Partitionable data bus: A method and a system are provided for partitioning a system data bus. The method can include partitioning off a portion of a system data bus that includes one or more faulty bits to form a partitioned data bus. Further, the method includes transferring data over the partitioned data bus... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20150026513 - Memory buffer having accessible information after a program-fail: A memory device, and a method of operating same, utilize a memory buffer associated with a memory array to maintain information to be available subsequent to a program-fail event associated with the memory array.... Agent:

20150026514 - Raid 10 reads optimized for solid state drives: A mechanism is provided in a data processing system. The mechanism determines a maximum queue depth of a queue for each solid state drive in a plurality of solid state drives. A given data block is mirrored between a group of solid state drives within the plurality of solid state... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150026515 - Mobile data center: A portable and mobile deployable data center (DDC) is disclosed, which includes various components that enables the DDC to have multiple functions including, computing, data storage and retrieval, communications and routing. A DDC includes a rugged case that suitable for harsh environments, an interconnection mechanism, a plurality of hot swappable... Agent:

20150026516 - Auxiliary power supply and user device including the same: A user device is provided. The device includes a main power supply, and an auxiliary power supply. The main power supply provides a main power. The auxiliary power supply cuts off the main power according to a power level of the main power supply and provides an auxiliary power upon... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150026517 - Allocation of replica-sets in a storage cluster: A data storage system may be configured to allocate replica-sets in a balanced manner and mark some of these balanced replica-sets as being spares. As one or more drives or machines fail, the data storage system may move all copies of an affected replica-set to a marked spare replica-set and... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20150026518 - System and method for data disaster recovery: A system includes a production computer machine that includes an operating system and a driver stack. The driver stack includes a file system layer, a recovery driver, a storage layer, a driver layer, a bus driver layer, and a storage device. The system also includes a backup computer processor coupled... Agent:

20150026520 - Debugging circuit: A debugging circuit comprises a debugging interface, a switch unit coupled to the debugging interface, a controller coupled to the switch unit, a platform controller hub (PCH), and a central processing unit (CPU). The PCH and the CPU are coupled to the switch unit. The debugging interface is coupled between... Agent:

20150026519 - Serial attached small computer system interface expander and debugging method: A serial attached Small Computer System Interface (SAS) expander comprises a SAS expander chip which comprises a first debug port and a second debug port, a controlling chip which is in communication with the first debug port through a first serial port, in communication with the second debug port through... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150026521 - Operation management apparatus, operation management method, and program: In the invariant analysis, a fault cause is judged correctly. A correlation model storing unit (112) of an operation management apparatus (100) stores a correlation model including one or more correlation functions each of which indicates a correlation between two metrics different each other among a plurality of metrics in... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150026523 - Debugging method and computer program product: A method for debugging a computer program is proposed. The method comprises: running at least part of said computer program on a computer, thereby prompting said computer to execute a sequence of instructions and to generate a trace corresponding to said executed sequence of instructions; and, when said program has... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20150026522 - Systems and methods for mobile application a/b testing: Techniques for electing winning treatments in connection with A/B testing of mobile applications are described. According to various embodiments, the activation of a version of a mobile application installed on a mobile device may be detected. A database storing winning treatment information describing one or more winning treatments for one... Agent:

20150026524 - Test cases generation for different test types: A method and system for generating test cases of different types for testing an application. A functional flow of the application is created. The test cases are generated, based on at least one test case generation rule and additional test information corresponding to different stages of the functional flow with... Agent:

20150026525 - Server controlled adaptive back off for overload protection using internal error counts: Embodiments of the present invention relate to server controlled adaptive back off for overload protection. The server controls a back off period for each request, which indicates a retry time of when a request should be resent to the server. This back off approach relies on the server since the... Agent: Synchronoss Technologies, Inc.

20150026526 - Techniques for testing enclosure management controller using backplane initiator: One aspect of the present disclosure relates to a backplane initiator for testing enclosure management controller. The backplane initiator includes: an initiator board and an initiator control application. The initiator board includes initiator controller, at least one SGPIO interface, at least one SMBus interface, and a first communication interface. The... Agent:

20150026527 - Data transmission method, device and system: A data transmission method, device and system to improve reliability of a data link. When the sender side detects erroneous data, the erroneous data is discarded and a data retransmission request is sent to the sender side to ensure correctness of received data and improve reliability of the data link;... Agent:

20150026528 - Controller based memory evaluation: A memory system or flash card may include a controller. Improved testing and memory evaluation may be achieved by utilizing the memory's controller rather than an external tester. User defined test algorithms may be run from the controller to characterize, evaluate and test memory (e.g. NAND memory) or test other... Agent:

20150026529 - Semiconductor device and method of evaluating semiconductor device: A semiconductor device includes a plurality of memory cell array units and a test circuit unit. The test circuit unit includes a test data generating unit configured to generate a test data piece per test cycle including a writing period and a retrieving period; an expected value register configured to... Agent:

20150026530 - Controller based memory evaluation: A memory system or flash card may include a controller. Improved testing and memory evaluation may be achieved by utilizing the memory's controller rather than an external tester. User defined test algorithms may be run from the controller to characterize, evaluate and test memory (e.g. NAND memory) or test other... Agent: Sandisk Technologies Inc.

20150026532 - Method and apparatus for providing clock signals for a scan chain: An integrated circuit device includes a plurality of flip flops configured into a scan chain. The plurality of flip flops includes at least flip flop of a first type and at least one flip flop of a second type. A method includes generating a first scan clock signal for loading... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20150026531 - Power supply monitor for detecting faults during scan testing: Some embodiments of a power supply monitor include a measurement circuit to measure a voltage provided to the power supply monitor, a comparator to compare the voltage to a predetermined voltage threshold, and an interface to provide, during a scan test of a processing device including the power supply monitor,... Agent:

20150026534 - Interposer instrumentation method and apparatus: The disclosure describes a novel method and apparatus for improving interposers to include embedded monitoring instruments for real time monitoring digital signals, analog signals, voltage signals and temperature sensors located in the interposer. An embedded monitor trigger unit controls the starting and stopping of the real time monitoring operations. The... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150026533 - Wafer scale testing using a 2 signal jtag interface: Testing of die on wafer is achieved by; (1) providing a tester with the capability of externally communicating JTAG test signals using simultaneously bidirectional transceiver circuitry, (2) providing die on wafer with the capability of externally communicating JTAG test signals using simultaneously bidirectional transceiver circuity, and (3) providing a connectivity... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150026535 - Apparatus and method for generating interleaver index: Disclosed is an apparatus and a method for generating an internal interleaver index of a turbo encoder in parallel. There are effects of reducing the time spent for generating total indexes by generating indexes for a plurality of bits in parallel and improving the resource efficiency and the performance in... Agent: Innowireless Co., Ltd.

20150026536 - Data decoder with trapping set flip bit mapper: A low density parity check decoder includes a variable node processor operable to generate variable node to check node messages and to calculate perceived values based on check node to variable node messages, a check node processor operable to generate the check node to variable node message vectors and to... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150026537 - Memory device with over-refresh and method thereof: A method for over-refreshing a memory device comprises in a refreshing cycle, refreshing normal cells and a weak cell, and additionally refreshing the weak cell at least once.... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.

20150026538 - Storage control device, storage device, information processing system and storage control method: An error detection-correction unit reads system information for operating a system from a first memory and performs error detection-correction processing. A control unit supplies the system information to a host computer in a case where the error detection-correction processing is successful. In addition, the control unit reads a backup of... Agent:

20150026539 - Utilizing a local area network memory and a dispersed storage network memory to access data: A method begins by a processing module encoding data based on a decode threshold parameter and a pillar width parameter to produce a set of encoded data slices and selecting a local area network (LAN) pillar width value of encoded data slices of the set of encoded data slices for... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20150026540 - Flash device and operating method thereof: A flash device is provided. A flash memory includes a plurality of pages. A controller coupled to the flash memory includes an operating unit, an error correction code (ECC) decoder and a processing unit. The operating unit receives a plurality of bytes of the page which are from the flash... Agent: Silicon Motion, Inc.

20150026541 - Iterative decoding for cascaded ldpc and tcm coding: At a receiver side, to enhance the performance of concatenated LDPC and TCM coding, an iterative decoding between TCM decoder and LDPC decoder enables improvement in the reliability of received LLRs of each symbol after each iteration. A SOVA output of the TCM is used for LDPC decoding, and then... Agent:

20150026544 - Method and apparatus for ldpc transmission over a channel bonded link: A particular overall architecture for transmission over a bonded channel system consisting of two interconnected MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) 2.0 SoCs (Systems on a Chip) and a method and apparatus for the case of a “bonded” channel network. With a bonded channel network, the data is divided into two... Agent:

20150026543 - Method and device for decoding polar codes: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and a device for decoding Polar codes. A reliable subset is extracted from an information bit set of the Polar codes, where reliability of information bits in the reliable subset is higher than reliability of other information bits. The method includes: obtaining... Agent:

20150026542 - Method, device and system for packet transmission over ip networks: In a method for packet transmission over IP networks redundant IP packet streams are generated by an IP transmitter (32) and transmitted using separate network paths (34) to one or more IP receivers (36). At each IP receiver (36) duplicate IP packets are overwritten to form a single combined packet... Agent: Appear Tv As

20150026546 - Belief propagation processor: A processor includes a first memory module for storing a first set of storage values each representing a respective input, and a second memory module for storing a second set of storage values in analog form. An analog module is coupled to the first and the second memory modules. The... Agent:

20150026545 - System and method for generating constellation-based information coding using physical noisy pseudo-random sources: A method and system are provided for a symbol-oriented approach that addresses information recovery from manufacturing variations (MVs) readings in a high noise environment. The multi-bits-per-symbol approach, which is in accordance with the various aspects of the present invention, is in contrast with how manufacturing-variation-derived bits are normally treated in... Agent:

20150026547 - Reliable data transmission with reduced bit error rate: A data transmission system includes at least one transmission line. A sender is configured to send data frames to the at least one transmission line and a recipient is configured to receive the data frames from the at least one transmission line. The sender and the recipient are both configured... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 40 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20150019902 - Openflow controller master-slave initialization protocol: A method for network controller initialization that includes identifying a controller connected to a network as a primary controller that manages switches in the network. One or more other controllers connected to the network are identified as secondary controllers. A failover priority table is created. The failover table indicates an... Agent:

20150019900 - Tolerating failures using concurrency in a cluster: A system, and computer program product for tolerating failures using concurrency in a cluster are provided in the illustrative embodiments. A failure is detected in a first computing node serving an application in a cluster. A subset of actions is selected from a set of actions, the set of actions... Agent:

20150019901 - Tolerating failures using concurrency in a cluster: A method is provided in the illustrative embodiments. A failure is detected in a first computing node serving an application in a cluster. A subset of actions is selected from a set of actions, the set of actions configured to transfer the serving of the application from the first computing... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150019903 - Isolating a pci host bridge in response to an error event: Instead of disabling PCI communication between system resources in a host computing device and I/O devices when a PCI Host Bridge (PHB) is unable to function, the host computing device may include a redundant PCI communication path for maintaining communication between the system resources and the I/O devices after a... Agent:

20150019904 - Data processing system and operating method thereof: Provided is an operating method of a data processing system which includes a data storage device and a host device. The operating method includes reading data at the data storage device based on a request from the host device, and performing an error correction code (ECC) decoding operation on the... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150019905 - Stale data detection in marked channel for scrub: Embodiments relate to stale data detection in a marked channel for a scrub. An aspect includes bringing the marked channel online, wherein the computer comprises a plurality of memory channels comprising the marked channel and a remaining plurality of unmarked channels. Another aspect includes performing a scrub read of an... Agent:

20150019906 - Transparent and lightweight recovery from hardware memory errors: Systems and methods are disclosed that allow for transparently recovering from an uncorrected multi-bit error of arbitrary length located at a memory address. Storing one or more parity pages, for a set of pages in system memory, such that a page in the set of pages may be reconstructed using... Agent: Vmware, Inc.

20150019907 - Dynamic accessing of execution elements through modification of issue rules: Embodiments of the invention relate to dynamically routing instructions to execution units based on detected errors in the execution units. An aspect of the invention includes a computer system including a processor having an instruction issue unit and a plurality of execution units. The processor is configured to detect an... Agent:

20150019908 - Providing non-volatile memory for suspend-to-random access memory: A mechanism for providing non-volatile memory for suspend-to-RAM in a computer system. A method includes searching for a checkpoint message in a memory upon receipt of notification of restoring of power in a system. The checkpoint message is a confirmation of storing of state of a storage device prior to... Agent:

20150019909 - Speculative recovery using storage snapshot in a clustered database: A system, and computer program product for recovery in a database are provided in the illustrative embodiments. A failure is detected in a first computing node, the first computing node serving the database in a cluster of computing nodes. A snapshot is created of data of the database. A subset... Agent:

20150019910 - Method of handling an email messaging campaign: A computer-implemented method of handling a current email messaging campaign to be broadcast to increase a deliverability parameter regarding a percentage of the campaign which has been successfully delivered is described. The email messaging campaign comprises a plurality of email messages with the same message content and a plurality of... Agent:

20150019911 - Adaptive quiesce for efficient cross-host consistent cdp checkpoints: A disaster recovery system, including a target datastore for replicating data written to source datastores, and a checkpoint engine (i) for transmitting, at multiple times, quiesce commands to a plurality of host computers, each quiesce command including a timeout period that is adjusted at each of the multiple times, (ii)... Agent:

20150019912 - Error prediction with partial feedback: A method for performing data processing through a pipeline of components includes receiving a set of training observations, each including partial user feedback relating to error in data output by the pipeline for respective input data. Some pipeline components commit errors for at least some of the input data, contributing... Agent:

20150019914 - Base protocol layer testing device: Embodiments relate to testing of a computing system using a base protocol layer testing device. An aspect includes, based on determining, by the base protocol layer testing device, that a current test comprises a test of a base protocol layer of the computing system, enabling a low level test assist... Agent:

20150019913 - Random event capturing mechanism for application systems: A device may receive a first alert from a first technology layer of an information technology system. The first alert may be associated with an occurrence of a first event within the first technology layer. The device may receive a second alert from a second, different technology layer of the... Agent:

20150019915 - Systems and methods of analyzing a software component: A particular method includes initiating, at an analyzer, execution of a software component at a first computing device. The first computing device includes hardware components and sensors. The sensors are external to the hardware components. A first hardware component of the hardware components is coupled to a second hardware component... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150019916 - System and method for identifying problems on a network: Aspects of the invention may involve systems, methods, and computer readable medium. In an embodiment, a telecommunications network may contain telecommunications probes capable of generating detailed records describing network events. The telecommunications probes may be coupled to computer processors and/or memory. The memory may store detailed records created by the... Agent: Empirix Inc.

20150019917 - Method of, and apparatus for, adaptive sampling: A method of sampling sensor data from a computing system is presented. The computing system includes a plurality of components and a sensor network for monitoring the computing system. The sensor network includes primary sensor nodes operable to obtain primary parameter data from a measurement of a primary parameter of... Agent: Xyratex Technology Limited

20150019918 - Method and apparatus for reducing read latency: A method and an apparatus for reducing a read latency are provided. The method includes: when one or more flash chips corresponding to a read command are in a busy state, setting data read from the one or more flash chips in a busy state to wrong data; obtaining, according... Agent:

20150019919 - Storage control device and control device for detecting abnormality of signal line: A controller module (CM) includes buffers that feed back signals output using respective signal lines used for mutual communication with other CM, and a first detecting unit and a second detecting unit that detect abnormality such that the levels of the signals output using the signal lines do not change... Agent:

20150019920 - Connectivity fault notification: Connectivity fault notification is provided by generating an alarm indication signal at a device that is logically adjacent to the fault, and forwarding the alarm indication signal upward through various levels to at least one client level entity. The alarm indication signal may be suppressed at any level for a... Agent:

20150019921 - Method of encoding data: Techniques for encoding data are described herein. The method includes receiving a block payload at a physical layer to be transmitted via a data bus. The method includes establishing a block header comprising an arrangement of bits, the block header defining two block header types, wherein a hamming distance between... Agent:

20150019922 - Techniques for adaptive moving read references for memory cell read error recovery: Examples are given for generating or providing a moving read reference (MRR) table for recovering from a read error of non-volatile memory included in a storage device. In some examples, priorities may be adaptively assigned to entries included in the MRR table. The entries may be ordered for use based... Agent:

20150019925 - Data storage device and flash memory control method: An identification technique for physically damaged blocks of a flash memory of a data storage device. In the data storage device, a controller coupled to the flash memory writes data into the flash memory with at least one time stamp corresponding to the data. The time stamp is taken into... Agent:

20150019924 - Fault bits scrambling memory and method thereof: A fault bits scrambling memory and method thereof relate to a memory including at least one memory bank. The memory bank includes a memory module, a scrambling-logic unit, a self-testing unit and a scrambling code generating unit. The memory module includes a plurality of pages. Each page has a plurality... Agent: National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

20150019923 - Network devices with multiple fully isolated and independently resettable direct memory access channels and methods thereof: A method, computer readable medium, and system independently managing network applications within a network traffic management device communicating with networked clients and servers include monitoring with a network device a plurality of applications communicating over a plurality of direct memory access (DMA) channels established across a bus. The network device... Agent: F5 Networks, Inc.

20150019926 - Manufacturing testing for ldpc codes: An amount of time and an error rate function are received, where the error rate function defines a relationship between a number of iterations associated with iterative decoding and an error rate. A testing error rate is determined based at least in part on the amount of time. The number... Agent:

20150019927 - Test system and device: An aspect of the present invention is to provide a test system for detecting whether a continuity fault condition, e.g., a short or open condition, exists in the path between a tester and chips on a wafer during a wafer level burn-in testing. According to one embodiment of the present... Agent: Elite Semiconductor Memory Technology Inc.

20150019929 - Alternate signaling mechanism using clock and data: Control events may be signaled to a target system having a plurality of components coupled to a scan path by using the clock and data signals of the scan path. While the clock signal is held a high logic level, two or more edge transitions are detected on the data... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150019928 - Semiconductor test system and method: A test controller applies test stimulus signals to the input pads of plural die on a wafer in parallel. The test controller also applies encoded test response signals to the output pads of the plural die in parallel. The encoded test response signals are decoded on the die and compared... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150019930 - Apparatus and method for designing quantum code: Provided is an apparatus for designing a quantum code, which includes an analyzing unit for analyzing at least one quantum error generated in a quantum error channel as at least one binary error by using a standard form codeword stabilized quantum (CWS) code, a code generating unit for generating a... Agent: Korea University Research And Business Foundation

20150019931 - Error correcting decoding apparatus for decoding low-density parity-check codes: A decoder 5 applies decode processing to N input data in parallel to generate K decode data. An S/P converter 6 outputs N input data applied in series to decoder 5 through first lines L1-L64 dividedly over several times. A P/S converter 7 receives through second lines R1-R60 the K... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20150019933 - Memory controller, storage device, and memory control method: A memory controller includes a control unit configured to determine a storage location on a nonvolatile memory every unit data having a constant data length to be written into the nonvolatile memory, a plurality of parity storage units, an access control unit configured to select one parity storage unit on... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150019932 - Storage device, crc generation device, and crc generation method: According to one embodiment, storage device, a CRC generator device and a CRC generation method includes A storage device includes: a storage unit 1, a data reading unit 2, and a CRC generation device 3. The CRC generation device 3 includes a CRC generation unit 31 generates a first CRC... Agent:

20150019934 - Data storage device, operating method thereof, and data processing system including the same: A data storage device and a method of operating the same. The method of operating the data storage device may include reading a first data group, detecting errors contained in the first data group and correcting the errors of the first data group, if the errors detected from the first... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150019935 - Early data delivery prior to error detection completion: A computer implemented method for early data delivery prior to error detection completion in a memory system includes receiving a frame of a multi-frame data block at a memory control unit interface. A controller writes the frame to a buffer control block in a memory controller nest domain. The frame... Agent:

20150019936 - Error detection method and a system including one or more memory device: In accordance with various embodiments, a memory device and method of error detection and correction are disclosed. A memory device may include an input for receiving a command packet including an error detection code to facilitate command error detection. The memory device may include an error manager configured to detect,... Agent:

20150019937 - Erasure coding and replication in storage clusters: A cluster receives a request to store an object using replication or erasure coding. The cluster writes the object using erasure coding. A manifest is written that includes an indication of erasure coding and a unique identifier for each segment. The cluster returns a unique identifier of the manifest. The... Agent:

20150019938 - In-line packet processing: A method and apparatus for in-line processing a data packet while routing the packet through a router in a system transmitting data packets between a source and a destination over a network including the router. The method includes receiving the data packet and pre-processing layer header data for the data... Agent:

20150019939 - Device and method for improved lost frame concealment: A method and system are described herein that employ a lost frame concealment technique for processing data frames received during transmission over a communications channel. The lost frame concealment technique involves determining whether a current data frame is a bad frame, performing source decoding on the current data frame with... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 31 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150012774 - Information processing apparatus and method for controlling information processing apparatus: An information processing apparatus includes a reception unit configured to receive data using a plurality of lanes, a degeneration control unit configured, when a failure occurs in one of the lanes, to degenerate a predetermined number of lanes including a lane in which the failure has occurred and to cause... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150012775 - Redundant array of independent disks (raid) system backup management: Disclosed herein are RAID backup management systems and methods. According to an aspect, a method may include identifying portions of data in each of multiple storage units of a RAID system. The method may also include backing up data in the identified portions to a hot spare. Further, the method... Agent:

20150012776 - Using rdma for fast system recovery in virtualized environments: A method, system and computer program product are disclosed for recovery in a virtualized environment using remote direct memory access (RDMA). In one embodiment, the method comprises operating a virtual computer system on a physical computer system, and the virtual system maintains in a memory area a record of a... Agent:

20150012777 - Data processing apparatus and data processing method: A data processing apparatus includes a storage unit configured to store plural data processing programs and a corresponding error processing program for when an error occurs with a first data processing program; and a processor configured to record to memory before executing the first data processing program, information of the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150012778 - Multi-class heterogeneous clients in a clustered filesystem: A cluster of computer system nodes connected by a storage area network include two classes of nodes. The first class of nodes can act as clients or servers, while the other nodes can only be clients. The client-only nodes require much less functionality and can be more easily supported by... Agent:

20150012779 - Method for fault recognition in a system of systems: A method for fault recognition in a distributed real-time computer system comprising fault containment units (FCUs), which has a global timebase, wherein the fault containment units communicate by means of messages via at least one message distribution unit, wherein a commitment time is associated with a message formed by a... Agent: Fts Computertechnik Gmbh

20150012780 - Error injection into the leaf functions of call graphs: A computer identifies a target for an injection of an error. The computer monitors the call graph, of a program being tested, for instances of the target. The computer identifies an instance of the target in the call graph. The computer determines if the instance of the target satisfies two... Agent:

20150012781 - Power supply diagnostic strategy: A power supply diagnostic strategy for discrete power supply diagnostic states is independent of the underlying memory structure. The values used in the associated algorithm are selected to ensure that random linked failures will be detected. This applies to planar memory structures with 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, and... Agent: Trw Automotive U.s. LLC

20150012782 - Non-intrusive monitoring and control of integrated circuits: An application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) is provided. The ASIC includes a group of non-configurable circuits customized for performing operations for a particular use. The ASIC also includes a set of reconfigurable circuits for configurably performing a set of operations based on configuration data. The ASIC also includes a configuration and... Agent: Tabula, Inc.

20150012783 - Techniques for radio link problem and recovery detection in a wireless communication system: A technique for radio link detection in a wireless communication system includes estimating a first error rate of an indicator channel. In this case, the indicator channel includes an indication of a number of symbols in a control channel. A second error rate of the control channel is also estimated.... Agent:

20150012784 - Mapping of random defects in a memory device: A memory device includes a memory array with random defective memory cells. The memory array is organized into rows and columns with a row and column identifying a memory location of a memory cell of the memory array. The memory device includes a row address device and a column address... Agent:

20150012785 - Advanced programming verification schemes for analog memory cells: A method for data storage includes receiving in a memory device data for storage in a group of analog memory cells. The data is stored in the group by performing a Program and Verify (P&V) process, which applies to the memory cells in the group a sequence of programming pulses... Agent: Anobit Technologies

20150012786 - Optimizing fuserom usage for memory repair: A memory repair system in an integrated circuit (IC) that optimizes the fuseROM used for memory repair. The IC includes a plurality of memory wrappers. Each memory wrapper includes a memory block with a fuse register and a bypass register. The bypass register have a bypass data that indicates a... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150012787 - Testing of non-volatile memory arrays: A method of testing non-volatile memory arrays. A first test stage including at least a first stage read uses a first step size for setting current for BCC testing and/or voltage for VT testing for reading at least some memory cells. A second test stage including at least one second... Agent:

20150012788 - Optimization of a storage system containing ecc and scramble engines: A method for selecting the scrambling and descrambling data transmitted in a storage system containing ECC and scramble engines with a seed table is disclosed and the steps comprises: encoding a data sent from a HOST interface by an ECC encoding engine and transmitting the data to a LFSR scramble... Agent:

20150012789 - Optimized jtag interface: An optimized JTAG interface is used to access JTAG Tap Domains within an integrated circuit. The interface requires fewer pins than the conventional JTAG interface and is thus more applicable than conventional JTAG interfaces on an integrated circuit where the availability of pins is limited. The interface may be used... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150012790 - Scan testing system, method and apparatus: Test circuits located on semiconductor die enable a tester to test a plurality of die/ICs in parallel by inputting both stimulus and response patterns to the plurality of die/ICs. The response patterns from the tester are input to the test circuits along with the output response of the die/IC to... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150012791 - Parallel test device and method: A parallel test device and method are disclosed, which relates to a technology for performing a multi-bit parallel test by compressing data. The parallel test device includes: a pad unit through which data input/output (I/O) operations are achieved; a plurality of input buffers configured to activate write data received from... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150012792 - Method and apparatus for providing a transmission control protocol minimum retransmission timer: Also disclosed is an apparatus for reducing spurious retransmissions in a transmission control protocol (TCP) environment. The apparatus can include a processor. The processor can be configured to: establish an interval; set a retransmission timeout (RTO) to remain constant during the interval; use a maximum of all round trip time... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150012793 - Method for transmitting and receiving data in wireless access system and apparatus for same: Disclosed are a method for transmitting and receiving data in a wireless access system supporting relay nodes, and an apparatus for same. In particular, the present invention comprises the steps of: sending a request for a retransmission to an adjacent second terminal, in case the recovery of data from a... Agent: Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University

20150012794 - Managing non-volatile media using multiple error correcting codes: Apparatuses, systems, and methods are disclosed for managing non-volatile a medium. A method includes determining whether a first error correcting code (ECC) code word of a non-volatile storage device is correctable using a first error correcting code. A method includes determining whether a second ECC code word is correctable using... Agent: Fusion-io, Inc.

20150012795 - Error correction decoder and error correction decoding method: According to one embodiment, an error correction decoder includes a storage unit and parity check circuit. The storage unit stores first reliability information corresponding to a hard decision result of each of a plurality of bits which form an ECC (Error Correction Code) frame defined by a parity check matrix,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150012796 - Accelerated erasure coding system and method: An accelerated erasure coding system includes a processing core for executing computer instructions and accessing data from a main memory, and a non-volatile storage medium for storing the computer instructions. The processing core, storage medium, and computer instructions are configured to implement an erasure coding system, which includes: a data... Agent: Streamscale, Inc.

20150012797 - Storing data in a distributed storage network: A method begins by a dispersed storage (DS) processing module mapping a set of data partitions to a set of storage regions. For each data partition, the method continues with the DS processing module segmenting the data partition into a plurality of data segments and designating a first data segment.... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20150012798 - Utilizing local memory and dispersed storage memory to access encoded data slices: A method begins by a processing module establishing a dispersed storage (DS) error coding function based on a number of local memories associated with the computing device, wherein a decode threshold number of the DS error coding function corresponds to the number of local memories. The method continues with the... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20150012799 - Data protecting method, memory storage device, and memory controller: A data protecting method, a memory storage device, and a memory controller are provided for a rewritable non-volatile memory module. The data protecting method includes: generating a first error correcting code by using data stored in first memory cells of a plurality of memory cells. The first memory cells are... Agent: Phison Electronics Corp.

20150012800 - Systems and methods for correlation based data alignment: A data processing system is disclosed including a data detector, a data decoder and an alignment detector. The data detector is operable to apply a data detection algorithm to generate detected values for a data sector. The data decoder is operable to apply a data decode algorithm to a decoder... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150012801 - Method of detecting and correcting errors with bch and ldpc engines for flash storage systems: A method of detecting and correcting errors with BCH and LDPC engines for flash storage systems is provided and the steps of the method comprise: deciding the number i of sub-channels CH1˜CHi divided from the data channel depending on requirement; deriving the width selection of each sub-channel CHi; checking if... Agent:

20150012802 - Write operations for defect management in nonvolatile memory: Data that is stored in a higher error rate format in a nonvolatile memory is backed up in a lower error rate format. Data to be stored may be transferred once to on-chip data latches where it is maintained while it is programmed in both the high error rate format... Agent: Sandisk Technologies Inc.

20150012803 - Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data in communication/ broadcasting system: An apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data in a wireless communication is provided. The method includes Low Density Parity Check (LDPC)-encoding LDPC information bits to generate a codeword, determining a number (Npunc) of bits to be punctured in parity bits of the codeword, determining a number (Npunc—group) of... Agent:

20150012804 - Transmitting apparatus, encoding method thereof, receiving apparatus, and decoding method thereof: Apparatuses and methods for encoding, transmitting, receiving and decoding signal frames are provided. A transmitting apparatus includes: a frame encoder configured to perform Reed Solomon (RS) encoding on a plurality of frames in a vertical direction, wherein the frame encoder divides the plurality of frames into a plurality of groups,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

01/01/2015 > 58 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20150006946 - Aggregated delivery of tunnel fault messages on common ethernet segments: In one embodiment, a device in a computer network determines one or more tunnels affected by a downstream fault in the computer network, and determines one or more common Ethernet segments of the device used by the affected tunnels. As such, the device generates, for each of the one or... Agent:

20150006947 - Dynamic redistribution of percent allocated calls during outages: Work assignment methods and systems are provided that dynamically redistribute a percent allocation of contacts after an outage at a contact center. In general, a work assignment mechanism, upon receiving information that a contact center is removed from a system of available contact centers, dynamically recalculates a percentage allocation of... Agent:

20150006948 - Information processing method, computer-readable recording medium, and information processing system: An information processing method includes executing a processing corresponding to a first request of a terminal apparatus using a first information processing apparatus, when a fault occurs in the first information processing apparatus, transmitting an apparatus information that identifies the first information processing apparatus from a second information processing apparatus... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150006949 - Maintaining computer system operability: Maintaining operability of a network-connected data processing apparatus is provided. In response to a requirement for failover from a first resource to a second resource, one or more processors tests an availability of the second resource, wherein the first and second resources are redundant resources of a network-connected data processing... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150006950 - Quick failover of blade server: Failover process for switching from a “failing” blade server to a “replacing” blade server. This process includes the following steps: (i) booting a replacing blade server to a set of operating system(s) including a first operating system; and (ii) subsequent to the booting of the replacing blade server, sending command... Agent:

20150006951 - Quick failover of blade server: Failover process for switching from a “failing” blade server to a “replacing” blade server. This process includes the following steps: (i) booting a replacing blade server to a set of operating system(s) including a first operating system; and (ii) subsequent to the booting of the replacing blade server, sending command... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150006952 - Rebuilding data while reading data in a dispersed storage network: A method begins by a dispersed storage (DS) processing sending representations of a read-rebuild inquiry request to storage units and receiving a decode threshold number of encoded data slices in response. The method continues with the DS processing module receiving a remaining number of slice status responses regarding a remaining... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20150006954 - System and method for responding to failure of a hardware locus at a communication installation: A method for responding to a failure of hardware locus of at a communication installation having a plurality of control apparatuses for controlling a plurality of processes distributed among a plurality of hardware loci, the hardware loci including at least one spare hardware locus, includes the steps of: (a) Shifting... Agent:

20150006953 - System and method of a hardware shadow for a network element: A method and apparatus of a device that uses a hardware shadow for a central processing unit failover is described. In an exemplary embodiment, a device receives a signal that the active central processing unit has failed, where the active central processing unit controls the processing functions of the network... Agent:

20150006958 - Method and system for providing high availability to distributed computer applications: Method, system, apparatus and/or computer program for achieving transparent integration of high-availability services for distributed application programs. Loss-less migration of sub-programs from their respective primary nodes to backup nodes is performed transparently to a client which is connected to the primary node. Migration is performed by high-availability services which are... Agent:

20150006957 - Method and system for storing documents: Embodiments of systems and methods for storing documents in a cloud storage system comprising a cloud processor and a plurality of storage components are disclosed. Particularly, certain embodiments comprise, at the cloud processor, providing at least one storage component attribute for each of the plurality of storage components, the at... Agent:

20150006956 - Parity based method for reconstructing a data subset wherein said subset belongs to multiple parity sets: Method and apparatus for protecting data comprising dividing data into a plurality of data subsets. Generating parity data for each data subset and another data subset of the plurality of data subsets. Generating parity data for each data subset and a second other data subset of the plurality of data... Agent: Qando Service Inc.

20150006955 - Unobtrusive failover in clustered network-attached storage: A mechanism is provided in a data processing system for unobtrusive failover in a clustered file system. A node in the clustered file system periodically monitors publicized resource events from a cluster manager in the clustered file system for a triggering event that triggers a grace period. Responsive to detecting... Agent:

20150006959 - Packet loss anticipation and preemptive retransmission for low latency media applications: In many low latency media applications it is important to transmit media data packets from a media source to one or more media destinations as promptly as possible, while also ensuring that all media data packets that may be lost due to transmission errors are retransmitted and received correctly at... Agent:

20150006961 - Capturing trace information using annotated trace output: A computer identifies a first trace output, generated during a first execution of a first program, that is annotated with an indication of a first pattern of logged events and one or more second programs that identify additional logged events. The computer identifies the first pattern of logged events in... Agent:

20150006960 - Operations management apparatus, operations management method and program thereof: An operations management apparatus, includes a correlation model storing unit which stores a correlation model including one or more correlation functions each of which indicates a correlation between pieces of sequence information out of a plural types of sequence information, for each of plural monitored objects and a correlation destruction... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150006963 - Memory dump optimization in a system: Reducing memory dump data size by: (i) receiving a memory dump data including a set of stack(s), including at least a first stack which includes a current stack portion; (ii) removing from the memory dump data a first removed data portion that comes from a portion of the first stack... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150006962 - Memory dump without error containment loss: A viral condition is identified in a system that causes input/output operations to be restricted during the viral condition. Crash dump data is enabled to be written to a particular region of volatile memory during the viral condition. Further, extraction of the crash dump data to fixed memory is initiated... Agent:

20150006964 - Failure interval determination: For failure interval determination, a determination module determines a failure interval for transactions in a transaction queue based on a number of processed transactions. A transaction timeout module fails a first transaction in response to the first transaction not processing within the failure interval.... Agent:

20150006965 - Breaking program execution on events: Systems and methods for breaking program execution on events are described. One of the systems includes an event subsystem for receiving the signaling events generated by one or more associated peripheral devices. The system also includes a command module which is coupled between the event subsystem and a debug module,... Agent:

20150006966 - Cloud-based test execution: In some implementations, a testing service receives a test execution request for executing test operations on a test target. The testing service may map the test execution request to a particular type of supported test framework from among a plurality of types of supported test frameworks. The testing service may... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20150006967 - Using persistant memory regions within memory devices to collect serial presence detect and performance data: An approach to determine a power-on-hour offset for a memory device that is newly-installed into a computer system is provided, which subtracts a current power-on-hour count of the memory device from a current power-on-hour value of a power supply that supplies operative power to the memory device within the computer... Agent:

20150006968 - Protecting information processing system secrets from debug attacks: Embodiments of an invention for protecting information processing system secrets from debug attacks are disclosed. In one embodiment, a processor includes storage, a debug unit, and a test access port. The debug unit is to receive a policy from a debug aggregator. The policy is based on a value of... Agent:

20150006970 - System for debugging dma system data transfer: Systems and methods for generating DMA transaction trace records are described. One example system includes a controller that includes a trace module. The trace module receives transfer requests for direct memory access channels, receives timestamps indicative of a transfer request time, generates trace records, wherein each trace record includes a... Agent:

20150006969 - Tracing events in an autonomous event system: Systems and methods for generating event trace records are described. One example system includes an event subsystem that receives signaling events generated by one or more associated peripheral devices. The system includes a trace module which is coupled to the event subsystem. The trace module receives the signaling events, samples... Agent:

20150006971 - Apparatus and method for controlling the reliability stress rate on a processor: An apparatus and method for tracking stress on a processor and responsively controlling operating conditions. For example, one embodiment of a processor comprises: stress tracking logic to determine stress experienced by one or more portions of the processor based on current operating conditions of the one or more portions of... Agent:

20150006972 - Method for detecting anomalies in a time series data with trajectory and stochastic components: A method detects anomalies in time series data by comparing universal features extracted from testing time series data with the universal features acquired from training time series data to determine a score. The universal features characterize trajectory components of the time series data and stochastic components of the time series... Agent:

20150006973 - Enhanced error detection with behavior profiles: Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for detecting errors within a system by using behavior profiles are presented. At a first time, user requests may be received and serviced. The serviced user requests may be logged. Based on the logged user requests, profiles may be determined. At a second time, user... Agent:

20150006974 - Information processing technique for supporting data setting: An information processing method for supporting data setting include: extracting a first feature value for each of plural parameters from first data that is data after at least one parameter value, which is included in second data that includes, for each of plural setting targets, each parameter value for each... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150006977 - Single and double chip spare: Techniques are provided for overcoming failures in a memory. One portion of the memory may operate in a single chip spare mode. Upon detection of an error in a single chip in the portion of the memory, a region of the portion of the memory may be converted to operate... Agent:

20150006975 - Word line defect detection and handling for a data storage device: A data storage device includes a non-volatile memory and a controller. The non-volatile memory includes a word line coupled to a plurality of storage elements. A method includes detecting a condition associated with a defect in the word line. A first subset of the plurality of storage elements and a... Agent:

20150006976 - Word line defect detection and handling for a data storage device: A data storage device includes a non-volatile memory that includes a three-dimensional (3D) memory and circuitry associated with operation of memory cells of the 3D memory. The non-volatile memory includes a word line coupled to a plurality of storage elements. A method includes detecting a condition associated with a defect... Agent: Sandisk Technologies Inc.

20150006978 - Processor system: A memory 225 stores the log information of respective cores 116 to 118. If an abnormality occurs in any core, each core writes the log information, being stored in the memory 225, thereof into a backup storage device 126. Thus, the log information of cores other than the core in... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150006979 - Providing an error log to a mobile device: Techniques for providing an error log include establishing, by a hub computing system, a connection with a back-end computing system, the back-end computing system executing a first computer-implemented programming language; receiving, at the hub computing system, a request for an error log from an Open Data Protocol (OData) application that... Agent: Sap Ag

20150006980 - Circuits for dynamically adaptive bit-leveling by sweep sampling with automatic jitter avoidance: A circuit and method for implementing a adaptive bit-leveling function in an integrated circuit interface is disclosed. During a calibration operation, a pre-loaded data bit pattern is continuously sent from a sending device and is continuously read from an external bus by a receiving device. A programmable delay line both... Agent: Uniquify, Inc.

20150006981 - Manufacturing testing for ldpc codes: A storage system includes a channel detector, an LDPC decoder, and an erasure block. The channel detector is configured to receive data corresponding to data read from a storage and output an LLR signal. The LDPC decoder is configured to receive the LLR signal and output a feedback signal to... Agent:

20150006982 - Systems and methods for low cost and low power network troubleshooting: An apparatus for network testing receives data from a test network, validates, via a physical layer controller (PHY), a link to the test network based on the received data. A rate of the received data is throttled from the test network to a lower rate in response to a first... Agent:

20150006984 - Managing non-volatile media: Apparatuses, systems, and methods are disclosed to manage non-volatile media. A method includes determining a configuration parameter for a set of storage cells of a non-volatile recording medium. A method includes reading data from a set of storage cells using a determined configuration parameter. A method includes adjusting a configuration... Agent:

20150006983 - Read voltage setting method, and control circuit, and memory storage apparatus using the same: A read voltage setting method for a rewritable non-volatile memory module is provided. The method includes: reading test data stored in memory cells of a word line to obtain a corresponding critical voltage distribution and identifying a default read voltage corresponding to the word line based on the corresponding critical... Agent: Phison Electronics Corp.

20150006985 - Data sector sync mark with multiple patterns: A data storage device may be configured with at least one data sector sync mark. Various embodiments are generally directed to a data sector having a sync mark and stored on a data storage medium with the sync mark having either a first or second patterns and a sync circuit... Agent:

20150006986 - Three-dimensional processing system having at least one layer with circuitry dedicated to scan testing and system state checkpointing of other system layers: Three-dimensional processing systems are provided having one or more layers with circuitry that is dedicated to scanning and testing of other system layers, and which enables dynamic checkpointing, fast context switching and fast recovery of system state. For example, a semiconductor device includes a first chip and a second chip,... Agent:

20150006987 - Compressed scan chain diagnosis by internal chain observation, processes, circuits, devices and systems: Electronic scan circuitry includes a decompressor (510), a plurality of scan chains (520.i) fed by the decompressor (510), a scan circuit (502, 504) coupled to the plurality of scan chains (520.i) to scan them in and out, a masking circuit (590) fed by the scan chains (520.i), and a scannable... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150006988 - Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving status report in a mobile communication system: Methods and apparatuses are provided for transmitting a status report by a receiving device in a mobile communication system. A first layer, supporting an ARQ, receives a packet from a transmitting device through a second layer lower than the first layer. The first layer, supporting the ARQ, determines whether the... Agent:

20150006989 - Parity check matrix creation method, encoding apparatus, and recording/reproduction apparatus: According to an embodiment, in a parity check matrix creation method, all N column vectors in the mask matrix are different. A submatrix having M rows×L columns obtained by arbitrarily extracting L continuous columns from the mask matrix includes B1 first correction rows and Bi ith correction rows. The B1... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150006990 - Encoding methods and systems for binary product codes: A data encoding circuit and a corresponding method is provided. The data encoding circuit includes a first data formatter in communication with an encoder section. The first data formatter is configured to receive blocks of source data in serial and output parallel two dimensional source data. The encoder receives the... Agent:

20150006991 - Graceful degradation-forward error correction method and apparatus for performing same: Disclosed are a graceful degradation-forward error correction method and an apparatus for performing same. A graceful degradation-forward error correction method determines an encoding unit data group constituted by a predetermined number of time intervals for a data stream input in a time-sequential manner, determines a reference data group to be... Agent:

20150006992 - Method and decoder for processing decoding: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and a decoder for processing decoding. The method includes: acquiring a combined generator matrix Gcom of a Turbo code generator matrix Gturbo and a cyclic redundancy check CRC generator matrix Gcrc, and acquiring a log likelihood ratio sequence outputted by a Turbo... Agent:

20150006993 - Embedded ecc address mapping: Apparatus, systems, and methods to embed ECC data with cacheline data in a memory page are described. In one embodiment, an electronic device comprises a processor and a memory control logic to receive a request to read or write data to a memory device, wherein the data is mapped to... Agent:

20150006994 - Semiconductor memory device with multiple sub-memory cell arrays and memory system including same: A semiconductor memory device includes; a memory cell array comprising a first sub-memory cell array storing first data having a first characteristic and a second sub-memory cell array storing second data having a second characteristic different from the first characteristic, a first peripheral circuit operatively associated with only the first... Agent:

20150006995 - Nonvolatile memory and semiconductor device including the same: A nonvolatile memory includes a plurality of memory sets, wherein each of the memory sets includes a first memory cell suitable for storing a validity signal indicating data validity of the corresponding memory set, and second memory cells suitable for storing multi-bit data or one or more-bit defect information.... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150006996 - Storing directory metadata in a dispersed storage network: A method begins by a processing module dispersed storage error encoding data to produce encoded data slices and updating directory metadata regarding storing the data in a dispersed storage network (DSN) memory to produce updated directory metadata. The method continues with the processing module dispersed storage error encoding the updated... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20150006997 - Method of writing to a spin torque magnetic random access memory: A method includes destructively reading bits of a spin torque magnetic random access memory and immediately writing back the original or inverted values. A detection of the majority state of the write back bits and a conditional inversion of write back bits are employed to reduce the number of write... Agent: Everspin Technologies, Inc.

20150006999 - Flash memory apparatus, memory controller and method for controlling flash memory: A flash memory apparatus, a memory controller and a method for controlling a flash memory are provided. The memory controller includes a damaged-column manager, an error checking and correcting decoder (ECC decoder) and a damaged-column decision circuit. The damaged-column manager logs a damaged-column address information in the flash memory. The... Agent: Asolid Technology Co., Ltd.

20150006998 - Memory scrub management: A method, computer-readable storage media, and a system are provided for managing a scrub. The method may include detecting a trigger for the scrub. The trigger may be based upon a metric of a memory unit. The method may further include scrubbing the memory unit based upon the detection of... Agent:

20150007000 - Additional error correction apparatus and method: An encoder provides (2t−1) redundant symbols in a sequence of n coded symbols, and a decoder corrects up to t erroneous symbols in the sequence of n coded symbols corrupted by a plurality of symbol errors. The decoder uses an improved decoding method, the method solving a plurality of matrix... Agent:

20150007001 - Apparatus and method for error correction and error detection: A circuitry comprising a syndrome generator configured to generate a syndrome based on a parity check matrix and a binary word comprising a first set of bits and a second set of bits is provided. For the first set of bits an error correction of correctable bit errors within the... Agent:

20150007002 - Frequency signal generator, a frequency modulated continuous wave radar system and a method for generating a frequency signal: A frequency signal generator includes a controllable oscillator unit, a frequency control unit and an error detection unit. The controllable oscillator unit generates and provides a frequency signal. The frequency control unit generates a frequency control signal and the controllable oscillator unit varies a frequency of the frequency signal based... Agent:

20150007003 - Methods, systems, and computer readable media for multi-packet cyclic redundancy check engine: Methods, systems, and computer readable media for a multi-packet CRC engine are disclosed. According to one aspect, the subject matter described herein includes a system for a multi-packet CRC engine. The system includes an input module for receiving set of bits associated with at least one data packet and identifying... Agent:

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