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Envelopes, wrappers, and paperboard boxes

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11/13/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140332584 - Clamshell carton with tear strip: A carton includes a top portion and a bottom portion. Each portion includes a front wall, a rear wall, and opposing side walls extending therebetween. The top portion and bottom portion include respective top and bottom surfaces. The rear walls of the top and bottom portions are hingedly connected to... Agent:

20140332585 - Blank and methods of constructing a food holder from the blank: A food holder for retaining a food product is provided. The food holder is formed from a continuous blank of the sheet material. The food holder includes a top tray including a center panel, a side panel, and an end panel coupled together along a plurality of fold lines. The... Agent:

20140332586 - Round trip envelope: A round trip envelope with front and back faces for writing the outgoing and return addresses, and which enables sealing for both of outgoing mail and return mail sealing flap, which can prevent erroneous postmarking of a stamp. An outgoing stamp affixing area and address writing area are on the... Agent: Song Co., Ltd.

11/06/2014 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20140326782 - Stackable open topped box with indented side edges: A stackable open topped box and a blank from which it is folded are provided in which a fluted sheet material is cut and sulcated to form a box The flutes extend parallel to the side walls of the box and up the height of the end walls. Each side... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140319201 - Display cardboard folded package with periphery sealed edges: A package for a product includes a single sheet having one side with an image of the product printed on it, and blank on the opposing side. The sheet is foldable into a shell having a rear opening, and the shell is sized to receive the product through the opening.... Agent:

20140319202 - Paper tube for winding materials: An improved paper tube is described. The paper tube has a core with an adhesive on the core. A pierced protrusion layer comprising pierced protrusions is wound on the core and adhered to the core by the adhesive wherein the adhesive at least partially fills the pierced protrusions. A surface... Agent:

20140319203 - Foldable carrier packaging: A foldable and flexible carrier which may include a polymeric form that is foldable to provide a carrier having sufficient strength to securely hold and carry items while maintaining position about the items and which can be assembled without fastening hardware.... Agent:

20140319204 - Eye shield lens dispenser tray: The present invention provides a dispenser tray for eye shield tenses made from a single blank of material. The dispenser tray and blank each include a top panel, a front panel, a first side panel, a second side panel and a bottom panel.... Agent: Menasha Corporation

20140319205 - Gravity feed eye shield lens tower: The present invention provides a gravity fed dispenser. The gravity fed dispenser includes a tower portion including a front wall, a back wall, a top wall, a bottom wall, and a pair of side walls, and an insert portion located within the tower portion, the insert portion including a front... Agent: Menasha Corporation

10/23/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140312103 - Planar composite with layers of plastic of different vicat softening temperatures: The present invention generally relates to a sheetlike composite (3) comprising a layer configuration with at least the following layers: i. a first layer of thermoplastic KSu (13); ii. a carrier layer (4); iii. a barrier layer (5); iv. a second layer of thermoplastic KSw (7); wherein the sheetlike composite... Agent: Sig Technology Ag

20140312104 - Food isolator with quick-release perforation: Disclosed herein is a food isolator packaging material. The food isolator packaging includes a first section and a second section, the first section including a plurality of deposit areas each having a perforation. A first food layer is deposited on a first deposit area of the plurality of deposit areas... Agent:

20140312105 - Packaging for plumbing fixtures: A box for a plumbing fixture includes first and second side panels, an end panel, and first and second corner panels, which are interconnected at parallel joints. In a first configuration, the box is collapsed and generally planar, the first side panel being folded at a central crease closer to... Agent:

20140312106 - Packing box having dish structure: Disclosed herein is a packing box having a dish structure and, more particularly, a packing box having a dish structure allowing the box to be deformed for use as a dish. The packing box includes a polygonal bottom portion (100), a sidewall portion (200) extending from an edge of the... Agent:

20140312107 - Handle for paper board article: at least one handle, each handle comprising a flexible strip forming a collapsible loop having a continuous curvature along the full length of the loop that extends through the length of the longitudinally-elongated opening in the container, wherein first and second portions of the flexible strip are adhesively affixed to... Agent: H.b. Fuller Company

20140312108 - Storage box with venting option: A storage box has a container with circumferential sidewall and upper rim. A cover is removably connected to the container. The cover, when placed in a closure position on the container, is resting on the rim. In the closure position, the cover is positioned on the container in a sealing... Agent: Okt Germany Gmbh

20140312109 - Carton and method of making same: Disclosed is a carton and a method for forming the carton from a single construction. A sheet of material is processed to form a blank with apertures. The blank is folded to form panels that make up the walls and lid of the carton. A rack is formed with slots... Agent:

20140312110 - Stackable open topped box: A stackable open topped box is provided in which the box is made of a folded blank of fluted sheet material. At least a part of a ledge panel is attached to an upper edge of a relevant wall so as to project over a pillar formation in a corner... Agent:

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