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Envelopes, wrappers, and paperboard boxes

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12/04/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140353363 - Customizable preformed decorative wrapper: Disclosed is a customizable, preformed decorative wrapper. The device includes a wrapper with a central region and a plurality of sections extending radially outward therefrom. In one embodiment, additional sections may be removably attached to one or more free ends on the central region, wherein the additional sections may be... Agent:

20140353364 - Bag in box container: An improved paperboard structure to hold a fluid filled bag or plastic carton is provided.... Agent:

20140353365 - Packing unit: A packing unit includes an inner case made of cardboard to contain a good on an upper side, including a base panel having two pairs of opposing sides and two side panels to be folded up along one of the two pairs of opposing sides, and an outer case made... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20140353366 - Quick lock flaps for paperboard packaging: A blank for forming a container, including a first major panel, a second major panel, a first minor panel connected between the first and second major panel, a first slotted flap connected at a top edge of the first minor panel including a central region having first and second slots,... Agent: Accurate Box Company, Inc.

20140353367 - Clamshell carton with locking tab: A carton assembled from a foldable blank including a base having a bottom panel and a plurality of walls and a lid having a top panel and a plurality of walls. The carton may include a tab extending from one of the plurality of walls of the base. The lid... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140346217 - Multi-page presentation and storage folder and method of use: A multi-page presentation folder is described that is capable of securing and displaying one or more sheets of material, such as sheets of music. One or more sheets may be secured and displayed via each panel of the multi-page presentation folder. In various embodiments, for a given number of page... Agent: Muzicscape LLC

20140346218 - Three-pronged box flap closure device: A three-pronged box flap closure device is provided for securing together three box flaps of a moving box or carton without the use of adhesive tape or overlapping the box flaps to secure the same together. One or more closure devices are contemplated for each box end, wherein each closure... Agent:

20140346219 - Blank, sleeve and packaging system: A package made from sheet material made from a plurality of panels, including a first panel on an external face of the package and adhesively attached to another panel. A corner on an outside surface of the first panel is provided with a nearby perforation or line of weakness to... Agent:

20140346220 - Fastening mechanism for a carton: A locking device for a carton comprising a first part and a second part complementary to the first part, the first part comprising a first panel (12) having an aperture for receiving the second part, the second part comprising a tab (22) coupled to a second panel, the tab having... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140339292 - Collapsible container and blanks for constructing the same: A container configured to be selectively moved between a substantially flat configuration and a deployed configuration is provided. The container includes a plurality of side walls formed from a first blank and a bottom wall formed from a second blank. Each side wall has an end flap extending from a... Agent:

20140339293 - Integrated carton lid designs: A plurality of cartons, preferably fabricated from paper, paperboard and/or corrugated paperboard, and particularly of tray or wrapper-style construction, are provided, having integral lid constructions, and outer overlap panels, operably associated with the at least one top panel, to enable articulation of the carton into a substantially completed structure, without... Agent:

20140339294 - Ice cream container and method of manufacturing same: Embodiments of the present invention provide cartons that they are designed and shaped to hold product, such as ice cream, that are made from a single, one-piece blank. The one-piece blank can be folded by the food product manufacturer on-site to create a container or carton, without having to be... Agent: Rock-tenn Shared Services, LLC

11/13/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140332584 - Clamshell carton with tear strip: A carton includes a top portion and a bottom portion. Each portion includes a front wall, a rear wall, and opposing side walls extending therebetween. The top portion and bottom portion include respective top and bottom surfaces. The rear walls of the top and bottom portions are hingedly connected to... Agent:

20140332585 - Blank and methods of constructing a food holder from the blank: A food holder for retaining a food product is provided. The food holder is formed from a continuous blank of the sheet material. The food holder includes a top tray including a center panel, a side panel, and an end panel coupled together along a plurality of fold lines. The... Agent:

20140332586 - Round trip envelope: A round trip envelope with front and back faces for writing the outgoing and return addresses, and which enables sealing for both of outgoing mail and return mail sealing flap, which can prevent erroneous postmarking of a stamp. An outgoing stamp affixing area and address writing area are on the... Agent: Song Co., Ltd.

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